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Li j U vXJlLi MX
VOL. I NO. 15
Walls' Demolition to IVIake
Way for Park Practically a
Confession to Faulty Con-,
"Safe Bet No Dynamite Will Be
Needed to Tear Them Apart,"
Veteran Building Wrecker Declares.
Senator Edwin H. Vare, ivhn con
structed the "near concrete nails' iti
League Island Park nt a co-t of more
than $230,000 to tho tap.ivei. vvhUh
-tMree noted engineer condemned has .11
lS last confessed his work wn faultv. H
his orders squads of laborers ) 1 a i tm
down practically the entlte stru Hi
Only small paits of the irniked "all
are still visible Expenditures for th
park thus far have been about Jl .iMVn
Laborers In the park frunl.lv admitted
todav that demolishing the wall wasn't
a difficult 1ob. Qe nuin ventured to de
clare the Job was the e.nlest he ha. I
encounteied 1n years, because of the
faulty material with which the stm tine
was built.
Less than four month" ago, after 1
board of expeits unsigned by Director
Cooke, of the Department of P ilill
Works, had submitted u leport which
stated that the walls were worthies"
because of many crack. t1sur- and
holes In them. Senator Vute made tli s of
fense: "Th wall Is a handsome structure ami
there Is nothinr wrong:"
lti face of conducive proof furnished bv
the epeit. composed of sin h nvn a
Frederick W Tax lor. of this cite (nt
merlv consultinR engineer of the Mulcnle
Steel I'ompatn. Richard L llumiilirn
president of the American i'mhuWi' 'r
etitute, and AlMi llazen. of the 'It 1 1 1 f
I'a.:en & Whipple consulting -ns;iners
of N'ew York. Vare Issued emphatic il
nlnK of thlr crave charges
Liter the Senator emploved a 1 ips of
ew.lneeis whose Identity lie refused to
make public The engineer v r de
tailed to make an inspection of th n nr
cnneiete walls. ' The report of tie -11-atnr
s private investigator w 1- nv. r
made public
The Sfnutor has made tmnv till"- in
hi" automobile down to Lugit- 1" and
since the work of racing the vml w i
becun. The demolition, which mam - -ldnfs
in South Philadelphia iW I 1 1 r
a disgrace to till" eitv. was h.uun Ut
From III" automobile, workman de.
dared today. Senator Vnre no doubt inn
an excellent chance ti vli w the ci.tiked
nails made of impurities. He also . ..nUi
sep the worthless walks from thut van
tage point.
I'i the group of workmen detilbd in
the pork this morning wa" n vefia.i
building wrecker and all-around labor.'i
This man. who has worked on man
municipal construction Jobs, frunklv de
clared that, owing to the poor Ria-l
used. It was ft suie bet that Unainite
wouldn't b- needed
"Th fellow who had th contract to
putting these things up I man those
walls certainly must have wn I. is blun
der by this time Any mun who has
eves and knows n thing or two about
rnniTPlp a HI iti' Ihnl fh.re Is ftnmp.
l' thing wrong with tis job Only a blind
I " -.. .. .),,..'. .All .1... .It.. MAMAS '
Senator Vare has the contract for pro
ceeding with t' work In the park. He
was given the contract last Jun. be
cause his bid of JSOO.'TOO was the lowest.
It was learned toady that one of the
first discoveries In laborers and others
detailed to t-ar down the walls was that
the structure mound the lagoons wn.1
Infective Tr f' t wa bUu pointed out
bv tho experts In their revelation
The three liiv-stlitors, who condemned
the strueture a a pb-ce of patchwoik,
also brought forth proof to show that for
concrete the contra, toi ued an unwafched
gravol, fairlv well graded, but full of im
purities, which tended to Impair tho final
ity of the eoncjete made from It. Another
Interesting fatuie of the investigators'
disclosures ni that the (travel contained
wood, lumps- of rlav. placed of coal and
some verv fire material, part of which
was organic matter
The walks also show signs of poor
workmanship Man: of them aa con
structed, by the Senator will have to be
rebuilt because they are defective.
Everything ! now being dpn by PI
rector Cooke to bring about the com
pletion of the pails which will lie Phila
delphia's future recreation ground for
children and adults It U expected the
park will b ready for use by nest sum
iner The nf contract awarded to Senator
Vare calls for tree plants, roadways,
pavement mini holes and also solid aide
walks, but not the kind he constructed
when the ' near concrete walls" ver
put up Lirass banks, better Halfta and
other Improvements will be constructed,
it is also planned to hve a uadint; pool
where girls aiu bois can have fuu in
the summer
following the disclomies made last
spring b the Invifciiuatora, the entire
muttei uas Utei refeired tq District
Attoiney Rotan for the purpose of at'
certaiulne wile the 1 cilmmul or civil pro
ceediuu eould be- instituted against
ihose who were responsible for the
scandal District Attorney ftouu re.
1 lied that he cuuldn t act because of tit
fclutute of liinUwtions
league Island Harlt for many years
has bveo a haven for Organisation con.
u actors and uthcia Actual construction
work was bricuti ander the adminlstra.
tiou of Uaoi Ahbridse In the four
Jiar from IbSU to 1UM f 1M H was a.
piopiiated in i-tishi items, including Jingo
a prise ii vumpelittve dci-Unji Of
thist amounts ttll.-H ws laid out
nutlter sum amount to J.VAGGA r.t a p.
piopiiuted in l A contiat't ttlth Sen
ator Vare was eutvred into for ll'M.uou,
A supplemental contract was ma4e la
AuBcu.t, WW, for $71 111, urn u .econd up
pl. lunlul i.o.itract on Jue 3S. l!Ul. fur
jmncni Lat 1 the aupplt mental con
ducts ner declared lilega: by the Su
jncii.e fourt. following an attack by a
lai iis c'lin mttee O'listanding con
I, , ( nu an lilUd ami work was sue-
B( I 1 1 III 111 I O I II. H .'
l. rt tl I.' 1 n vd'nfiistration came
ln-i f'wrt $.'! '.1 wis i" 1 1 .ut of
Wt"1! KT.Tr r- f t rf J '!) ?-.
IT"" y tT ror -rt ,-l r, r r r
of roo-e tbau t i"A f r "'-a ,
, 1
BB&&fco sj-aS..-....-. . ' - .?.lftf' fT&&&f' l.Jbsisag- ' V - '- few
-.. ses. .. . ' , ,'5si5irsiv5aS3BiiiiiiiwiiA . mmmtu-Mmi g&& ... z7zmnrr&zr2w&ii&aii., cii:m-rn-22
BusfjJSKar. "xsssivteii.six,,... . . ;:"?mmM!mLjmk. tm. f&y 'wt-sa.a,". - n -i v .-?ri Vs.:?z?xvezzj j ztm
Bw&rasfiS" jti&x&tetid&mf mmBmmm,mamJjf - vv- this photo taken m?y 94-spdgz h?s snce
TV& ".HlirStMs. sSkmrnmf mtBSSKKT "fwSfw" ds7PFe?ed
V 'SiPVK'.lS5w-eiJatov,aK . PHHHnisHHa.v i'Ww! -i
SSrVi&svSifsSRfc "s K nSSaK2H8lllBIMaWi9 vx.;Ap.Q'f fna J ? : '
safflEstiiga taig sspaaBaia stag ut re WMppn7?rm rtwTmmmmMi! Am y t t .wj . . ,.
mimmsmnnT.r. -rm KiB8ifaffiySSasSSa
mmjlliSllife MBraEHBrSBSBSSS
Mitrmv'i;tif;f seggfiSKOftiseKSE
?JSS?eSIAaiAS5 Ss-ffiSE5SSS3aS?.5S CSCW .ivid!S?58a-5iS
SY-rfe-ir &&l',5iHfci fesSiiS 'l1i-fliiFSml
fiSVi:-v43a-J- xJSrs- .,--. ii.'S-te4i8S.5Si:,f"rfy.t!Wi y.j-mr lutAifttnvirTT I.T y l.yuiu xxr y vly-vi.y r- s f- l A is r..i..s
- " 1JtwtViVr'rAFV.rfV'iriLt S.ff I VXy-TiX- 7rViJCyVCJ VTii. W f 1 1-17 fL- I J fVCShV I Z-yf SVf t V U- ISlJWSY
tjX.MK.FAi-tik!A -- -
-S?-J:S3SSl'T tW! -.
$' 3iV xvr5iS? V' r
Rooms Occupied by Police
Coveted by Municipal
Court Pending $2,000,000
Land Purchase.
Project Germinated Last April
vvnen uusier or state Fenci
bios From Armory Appeared
&?cc-A'. 7-sysk. t irs-y
All-night Man Hunt Re
sumed Today by Residents
of Buckingham Valley and
Stale Troopers.
Bloodhounds from the Eastern Peni
tentiary weie taken to Buckingham Vat
lev today In an attempt to run down
John Cope, who shot and killed his niece,
Florence Cope, 1 yenis old, last Mond'i)
night. District Attorney Calvin S. Royer
also went to the scenr of the traeed
today, and now l In personal charge of
the man hunt
riijued by the failure of their 33-hour
sanh. autboritiee of Bucks County and
atmed farmers today are systematically
beating the woods of Buckingham JSoun
tain anil dragging tli creeks ami streams
of the valleys.
The bloodhounds wer brought to the
scene eaily this morntng and Given the
scent from a piece of the clothing loft
behind by Cope when he plunged Into
the vvo.jii. halloas, coatl and without
shoe The beasts, tugging at thalr
lea.hes led the detective to the hen
bouse where t'ope hid until opnortunit
ptesenWd to continue his flight. Prom
there the animals led tho pursuers Into
the heavily wooded wrtlon Into which
Cope disappeared
The onlv new clue obtained so far tO
du is provided bv a farm hand on the
place adjoining the Clinton 'opu farm.
This man said he saw John Cope thn
nioi-niiu atun- the trasd.. walking to.
ward a clump of woods The news
aroused farmers to redouble efforts to
find 'ope.
The men who have been participating
In the search say that they do not bo.
iicve Coir has gone far from the scene
of tit snooting They believe he Is
still la the wood, dad only in shin and
trousers and that ha villi be captured
soon Mate troopers, who too; up the
chase yesterday, are (till at work on
the case.
Although avar foot of the country,
side .urro'inciiiuj lb home of Clinton Cope,
father of the murdered eil'. has been
gune over by the formtis. aimed vitli
khutgutis, rlHcs an4 revolvers. Cope's
trail lias not been found. It was pointed
out toda that it would he easy for
a man a ho knoas the country to evade
pursueis in the deep woods and gullies.
The posaes now hope Cope will fe driven
to seek sbeltei and surrender
Funeral service for the murdered girl
will lw hld Friday afternoon at 1 oM.jck
the rlij the cvjs lu hav, grid iated fr m
the ihiUu'lphit llui nt'i ''ollift The
s rv iii-s w I i at the h"m" cf her
'ithrr Th8 rtev J f) Kr-vvs"r of r -r
t Ov ' pf ' "' Jt B-jrlai w.H bo
Members Start Across Countty Todny,
But Reynard Gets Away.
lluutMunn and hunt? noniHii iiicmboia of
, i lie Wmtemarsh Vallej Hunt Club, had
their tlist spott ol the season eailv this
' nitirntiii.' With James O Iiper as mas-
tnr of hound, about 15 other members
started auos country after the hounds
shortly after the break of dav. The le-
turn was made beforo breakfast. While
the spott was thoroughlv enjoyed, the
, members hud little luck iib 'Master
Il v nnrd managed to lieep himself well
Ul der iovei
The regular sason of the Whitemarsh
Valle Hunt Club beslns after the races
next Saturdav, and hunts will continue
until December. According to the
scnedule they v 111 inn each Wednesday
and Snturdav and on holldav-s. Including
J Col imbus Dav, Klectlon Dav, Thanks-
I ivlii(? Dav and Christmas.
George Wharton Pepper Thinks Atro
cities Bound to Occur In Strife.
GeorJio Wharton Pepper, piominent
npiscolapixu la.vman. mi icithoitt; on
church law and an nttornev. expressed
the 'ipirlon tudnv that atrocities in war
fare vveiti th'ncs to be expected. Sir.
Pepper has followed the present war In
Kuropo with a great deal of Interest and
I has considered the numerous tales and
! jcports of the alleged atrocities perpe
trated In speaking or tnese unegea out
rages, he said:
"Atrocities aro considered by many as
unnecessary Incidents of war In my
estimation the commission of frightful
atrocities Is inevitable whenever masses
of nmn are for the time beln? turned Into
tigets by tho war spirit. So better de
scription of war than Sherman's has been
given. War I hell, and whenever hell Is
firned loose there will always be found
plenty of devils to tend the fires. We
should be less busy fHlnfT the blame for
these deviltries than In dolns all In our
power o relieve the victims "
New Yotk to Have Series
.Ni:V YORK. Sept. $0. Despite rumor
to the control y, It was announced yes
terday that the post-season teres be
tween tho New York National and AmerN
can leasua clubs would take place this
fall. Tne first game Is scheduled for
October . one day before the opening of
the world's serlet.
niks stick to one another Have jou
heard the stoiy that is on the rounds-I
heard it told at the hold last IilXht
j about Jenkins of somewhere, one old
Henr Jenkins, 3 newly wedded sub
urbanite, kissed his wife Boodby, tell
lutf Iter he would be at home at 6 o'clock
that evening Then ho got In his auto
and stnited for town.
Midnight arrived and no hubby She
could bear the suspense no longer, so,
arousing her father, she sent him to
the telegraph oitlce with six telegrams
to as many brother Hike living In the
clt. asking each if her husband was
Stopping there over night.
At dawn a farm wagon carrving a
farmer and friend husbund drove up to
the house 'iue broken down auto was
In tow Aliu st simultaneously came a
messen' r boj with a telegram, followed
a Intervals by live others All of them,
iVs H"t. is s-erding the I Irut with
ir A"- (O-v ) CbronMs.
G i r a r d College Orphan,
Seeking Adventure, Slept
Under the Stars Little
Pal Yet Missing.
Forlorn and shivering, hungry and tired,
a little boy who ran away from Glrard
College on Monday to seek adventure was
found early today huddled In the shadow
of the doorstep at 23th street and Mont
gomery avenue. Policeman Humphreys,
who saw the child, wrapped his coat
about him and took the boy to the 23th
and Oxford stieets station.
There the little runaway said he was
John Hand and admitted with a touch
of prldo the weight of 11 years resting
on his shoulders. He had scaled the
wall surrounding the college grounds with
Francis Crost, 13 years old, another In
mate of the Institution, and the two
determined to see "life." The other lad
la now being sought by tho police. Hand
said he left his companion asleep In
a vacant lot near the place he had been
The two boys had 49 cents between them
when they climbed over the wall. One
fourth of this was spent before they
were out of the college grounds a half
hour, when a lurid motion picture ad
vertisement which told of heroic deeds on
Western plains attracted the young ad
venturers Realizing that 30 cents would not keep
them In food very long, they satisfied
their future cravings for excitement by
merely looking at bll' boards Instead of
going In the "movies " At night they
slept In vacant lots.
When their small capital dwindled to
the point where strictest economy was
necessary, the children dropped pennies
In slot machines and munched peanut
thus obtained. Apparently they did not
realize the seriousness of their plight,
for when Policeman Humphreys put
young Hand on the Pergeanfa desk at
the stutlon houso the lad's enthusiasm for
more adventuie was not diminished He
was nnxloiid that his comrade should be
found, so the two might continue their
I.ast night. Hand said, he and Crost
decided to sleep In a vacant lot near 24th
street nnd Montgomerj avenue. They had
walked miles during the dav, ho said, and
were t'red Accordingly, with coats pulled
over their shouldert., the two slept beneath
the stais. Later Hand awoke furling cold
He crept to the shadow of the doorstep
to flntoh his sleep where the pollcemnn
found him.
2 A. M. Recital Brings the Police nnd
Pence Follows Discord.
Discoid has given way to harmony In
the ICenney family.
Although theie will be no mote enrly
morning concerts at tho ICenney home,
C23 Hockland street, Gertnnntown, the
neighbors are happy. The discord was
due to the musical ambitions of Walter
Kenney. Other members of his family did
not acree with Walter regarding his
musical capacities. They contended that
he struck what musicians call "blue"
notes. The neighbors agreed with them
and the whole region seemed to feel the
same color.
Difference of opinion between Walter
Kenney, ht relatives und the neighbors
was responsible for sending him to the
House of Coriectlon,
Kenney's musical Inspirations become
especially emphatic about 3 o'clock In
the morning, for that's when he plays
longest ami loudest. He attributes tills
to the eccentricities of genius. Kenney
attempted everything from ragtime to
Chopin's runeral March this morning,
but when this latter selection filled tho
air the musician's father and brother
tried to drag tho performer from tho
parlor organ. Kenney struck a few
notes nnd then a few relatives.
Two policemen took Kenney to the
Germantown police station, and when
Magistrate Pennock heard of Kcnnej'3
habits there was much sympathy lu his
gaze as he looked at the other battered
members of tho Konney family. But
there was no smpathy for Kenney, the
prisoner. "I'll give jou fivo dajs In tho
House of Correction," ho said.
Official Forecast
For Eastern Pennsylvania and New
Jersey Fair tonight nnd probably Thurs
day, not much change In temperature;
moderate west winds.
There has been a general decrease In
pressure during the Inst 24 hours, espe
cially In New England and the Middle
Atlantic Suites, and aa a result there has
been a change, to warmer weather in all
districts except the Upper Lako region
and the extreme Southeast. A disturb
ance that Is central this morning over
Connecticut has caused light showers In
New Yorl! Rtnte nnd most of New Eng
land The gulf storm has moved a little
farther northward, tho centre being south
of Pentacola, Fla , and tho r&sultant rain
area embrnclng practically all of the
eastern half of the cotton belt. Fair
weather hUB prevailed In other parts of
the country-
U. S. Weather Bureau Dulletiu
Otft-rvatlons made at S a. m. Eastern Hint.
but ILaln- Veloc-
Station. Sa.m. n't. fall, Wind Ity. Weather
Cleveland. O,. . N H I'.clouly
Denver. Col.. . 60 4s .14 SW U Clear
De Siolnn. U- jel SO .. Calm . Char
Detroit. MUD... SI W .. Jf 10 Clear
Dyluth. Minn 5- 4& .. N Clear
G.tlvton, Tx. e-S i.jj .. J, j luiuidv
Hitters. N. C . M Sil .. V 4 Cloudy
Negro Burglars Sentenced
Samuel Worthlngton, atlas Jones, a
fvegro, 13M Smrdle) street, arraigned for
a further hearing, was sentenced to six
months In the House of Correction toda
by Magistrate Morris. The police be
lieve he la responsible for numerous rob
beries which have occurred In the north
western! section cf the city. A complete
set of burglar's tools was found la hs
house. r
N Platte. Neb S4 5 K I 1' o
Oklahoma. Okla W St .. E S clear
Philadelphia . WW .. W 8 Clear
1'HLburnh. Pa . SS SS .. NV 10 Clear
Portland. Me . . 4B ii . N i Cloudy
Portland. Ore . su M . S t cloudy
It. liuls. Mo BO M NW 4 llVl
fit. Paul Minn 52 .".J K 6 t tear
Salt l-ake. Vtah BO M XB 4 Cloud
Salt Lake. Vtah BO .'.a SB 4 Cloudy
San Fran-lco. Bl 64 SVV 8 Clnudt
CS C.S 42 NB 8 f'lou1yJ
Wlanlpcf . 54 63 SB 14 cjtar
Pictures Entertain Show Pa
trons, Films Costing Him
$100 a Week Being Fur
nished Free by Candidate.
Senator Penrose la entertaining the
"movie fans" of Pennsylvania. He Is
paving the cost of keeping on the screens
of motion picture houses In ull parti, of
the State 30 prints of a 700-foot film,
which are now In their second wcik of
showing the senior Senator In vurlous
The films show him actually In Wash
ington, seated at his desk In 'Jls office
there, riding to the Capitol In a carriage,
and entering the Senate wing of the
Cnpltol, and they show him campaigning
at tho National Guard encampment at
Jit Gretna, and on tho stump In the
western part of the State.
Tho "Prosperity Film Exchange," which
is really only Martin Gaubcr, an employe
of the Mutual Film Corporation, of 502
Filbert stteet, has charge of the dis
tribution. Invitations to avail themselves of the
Penrose free-film service have been sent
to nil motion picture house managers'
who favor Penrose's candidacy, said
Gauber today.
They have passed their 2Mth perform
ance, ho said, nnd have been shown nil
tho way from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh
before audiences aggregating nearly
1,000,000 persons. They are on tho pro
grams of two or thrto theatres In Phila
delphia nnd ns many In Pittsburgh every
day, CJaubor said.
"What does It cost the managers to
show this film?" Gauber was asked.
"Nothing." he answered. "Senator
Penrose pays nil of the cost. When wo
send them upstate, though, the man
nrers huvo to pay express charges for
one way."
It Is costing Senntor Penrose more than
$100 a week for distribution, he said. The
films cost about 10 cents n foot to manu
facture. Penrose puld this bill, said
Gauber, and alto paid the expenses of
the camera man, who spent five days
with him In the western part of Penn
sylvania, nnd whom he took to Wash
ington with him In his automobile.
Gauber was atkcd: "Is that all It Is
costing Penrose?"
"Four men wanted $10 apiece In order
to get films for a show to support the
Penrose film," answered Gauber, "but
they finally took the Penrose film free."
Catop Woodvllle, the famous artist,
tells an nmuslng story connected with the
old Duke of Wellington. One night he was
dining with the Duke and Christopher
Sykes and In the smoking room after
dinner his royal highness, sitting In a
comfortable arm chair, dropped placidly
otf to sleep. The other two continued
their conversation for some time In a
low tone, punctuated by loud snore
from the Duke. Then Mr. Woodvllle
laughed at something the other said,
and the Duke awoke with a start
"Christopher." he asked, 'have I
Sykes replied suavly.
"I have had the honor to hear your
royal highness aleep well' Pearson's
Not content with their lnn.l.pmi,i,i.
plnns for $2,000 000 court buildings nt
21st and Rnco streets, ofllclals of the
Municipal Court, thrnuch the p
IMcNIchol-controlled Councils, will at-
tempt tho sclzuro of the cast cnrri,tn.
on the sixth floor nf ritv Trii ..
commodate them while tho cmhMn. V
pinns are being jammed through.
If tho State Fcnclblca nro ousted fmmv
their armory on Broad street below n .
nnd the Central police station takes that
ptnee, tno .Municipal court will get the
east corridor, nccordlng to those with
tholr eyes on tho court's plans.
PrcRlflpnt Jllilfrn nimrloa I. tit-..... .4
mlttcd tho truth of this to Emanuel
l'liitn, nttorncy ror the Fenclhlcs, when
T.- 11 Hi w(tin linrt linn.,1 tl.n vt.tmn.. ...,
- ....... ....w ...... ..u...u int. itimui, lUACU
him with It two weeks ago. Those
familiar with the situation say City
TTntlVq pnet enrrldnr Is rnvnlnil h, k.
Municipal Court aa a shelter until the
taie 01 mc lanu grao is uccitieu.
The court's plans to seize the sixth
floor corridor have a double slgnltlcnrce,
however. It developed today that the
Municipal Court nnd the Penrose-Mc-Nlchol
Councllmnnlc lenders had their
eyes oh n site for the Municipal Court
as long ago as Inst April, more than
n month before Mrs. Rlchatdson and
Mrs. Jurist thought of the Magdalea
Home property and passed on the Idea
to Judge Brown.
Thatvthc bacilli of a plan the size of
the land scheme appeared first In the
minds of Mis. Richardson and Mr.
Jurist has surprised those who knoT
the long-headed politician nnd his habit
of searching the horizon for the tra'n.
chance. Mrs. Richardson and Mrs. Jurlf
resent any suggestion that the though
of the land scheme was not original with
But there wns n plan to care for the
Municipal Court before Mis. Jurist and
Mrs. Richardson set It In motion. Coun
cllni'jii told Kmanucl Furth last April
that ho would do well not to press hU
fight against dislodging the Fenclbles.
They said ho ought to wait until the
Only last Saturday, when he read that
the Municipal Court planned a grab at
21st and Race streets, did he see why
he was advised to wait until fall Even
now. he believes, the Municipal Court
may want the sixth floor corridor at
City Hull until thero Is a better out
look for the lnnd-grnbblng scheme.
The Stnte Fenclbles" lease on tin
armory expired March I. Furth ap
pealed to the Joint Councllmanlc Com
mlttec on City Property nt a meeting
April 2 and secured a recommendation
for a renewal of the lease for two yean
Then he looked to Councils to act upo
the recommendation. But the recom
mendation remained burled In commit
tee. Thrnntrh Anrll T'lirtli went about ail
ing Councllmen to bring the renew!
matter Into the meeting.
Ho wns told that It would be better
to let the business lie quietly until fall
"You'll do better then." they told him
But meanwhile tho City Solicitor hai
begun an amicable ejectment action a
the Fenclbles' tenure In their armory wa'
growing more nnd more shaky.
Ttion rminnltn nrilnnrnpil without ad
ing on the lease for the Fenclbles. II
the City Solicitor's action wns enecuyi
the Fenclbles could no saveu irara ej".
ment only by tho nctlon of Councils r
nnivlnr- the. lpn.se.
Last Tluiisday Furth met John P Con
nelly, chairman of tho Councils' Flnanci
committee, lie asKeu wuen wu-
would do something about renewing in
lease. ,,
"Wo don't want your old armory,
finn al t
"Hut the City Solicitor's action
going to havo us out If you don't
something," Furth protested On tM
following Monday Judge F AmedM
Ilregy was to havo heard a second if
peal from Furtn ror tno ronciu".
"Well." Connelly told him. "you tj
tell DeMoll that I snld for him to Bio
up." DeMoll wns the Assistant tw
Solicitor In charge of the ejectment pro
ceedings, ,
"If I tell him that he'll think I'm rep
resenting myself." Furth objeciea.
"Well, then, send htm to me and i"
tell him," Connelly asserted.
-re ... . T-Ixr.ll nclrlnP hlRl l
see Connelly. But when he met DMjou
In court on Monday he learned that w
Assistant City Solicitor nnd Conneur
had not discussed tho ejectment
"Wo ,tnn't wnnt to be mixed UP In toil
kind of a thins," was DeMoll's expla"'
It was two weeks ago that Furth vyJ
to Judge Brown and learned from wrn
n.nt .1, xr,inioinni fnnrt had been Pea1'
nlns to Install Itself In the stxth floor
The conversation was heated at rWt
It ran like this, according to Furth.
"Now look here. Charlie, I know your
anxious to take that corridor for tM
court. 1'va heard It on good aiithoriW
and there's no use saying that ism
,d'a" . mil
"Well, look at the court btrt, J
Judge Brown, with an air of eVenlt.';
'.', prniv,i,i nnd every one Knows
We're crowded nnd every one "-"-,
"I'm not Interested In al '"" Hel,
docs except as a citizen." 'UnT.w
"but the building on Race street, a'
Broad, that Is being used now, f A; ,m
shop, would be very much better -police
thau the Fenclbles' mjii
Then ho explained that tho police
throw a bridge ncross from the d
the building on Race street, W" ncI.
to be a fire headquarters, to tneaV8ii.
blea' armory, which would then o ..
dble as a gymnasium for tne
This appealed to Judge BfHFurth.
being a good Idea, acoordlufc, " ,odg9
and talk grew less heated. TB fJxtu
Brown admitted freely that ljrt.
floor torrldor waa .ha aim of

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