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- - . ... " " ' ' "" " i
Chester Armory Is to Seat
Over 600 Automobilists
and Their Friends Gay
Time Is Assured.
"Home-run Hank" Is Cry
Now Heard in Baseball
World Boston's Star Is
Real Hero.
Fairmount Club in the Citl
Has a Good Show and
I !
i r
BOSTON, Oct. 13 "Tlic king Is dead
long' live the king" we thrill no more At
Baker's iinme; no longer do his prnlses
ling ns "master hitter of the game",
ajiothrr monarch rclBns Instead and
stalks triumphant to the throne, tho
crown of sunt Is on his head Hank
Gowtlv rules, unmatched, alone'
For when thiotish ages wo look back j
on stais whose fame has traveled far, not
one could hit it tloicer whack or give tho
Chore a harder Jar a home run slammed
outside the lot, two doubles walloped to
the stands, todav made (Jody king of i
swat a willow sceptre In his hands'
And this new star In halldom, who fills
the world with awe, was once In heav ,
thraldom to Mr John McOravv. '
But John, with eyesight .loudv and
vision rather dim. could not "see' Mr
Gowdy and so he trailed him ilf smiles
of glee you'd Raze upon, Just mention
Gowdy's name to John).
And here tho muse Is put to shame
alio can't, she can't describe this same.
It was won and lost and lost nnd won,
some several times ere tho game was won
lind from two o'clock till the sun lnd
ot our Iiands were shaking, our brows
svero wet, as for twelve mad Innings we
eat In thrall to tho thrills and chills of
that game of ball.
And the Braves won out by a brand of
wit, a strength of soul and a nervo and
Ktit which probably never will be sur
passed In all the years that The Game
shall last.
In the tenth the were "whipped," thov
were "down and out." when two men
scored on Baker's clout, nnd we- sUhed
"stjod night" In the gathering glonm, and
reached for our hats and started home
But hark what's that? there's ,i thud
a. crash as Gowdy swings for a home
run smash. Then a hit or two, when
the need Is great, and Moran comes Hot
ting across the plate, and the rooters
throw their hats nsldc foi the tenth la
c'r and the score Is tied
Then at last. In the twelfth, comes the
looked-for break Joe Bush throws wild
with the came at stake, and the run
comes In as the looters roar and the
Braves have conquered b 5 to 4!
NEW YORK, Oct 13 -St Mao's Hos
pital, In Brooklyn, was kept In more or
loss of an uproar jesterdav afternoon by
Red Smith, of the Boston Braes. Smith
vr.-u taken to the hospital after his leg
Tfaa broken at Ebbet3 Held, last Tues
day. Almost the entire force of emploes
nas on duty In and about Smith's room '
hlle the came between the Braves and
the Athletics was In proRress at Boston '
At times the patient showed such strong
Indications of bounding out of bed that
mveral of the "strons-arm" squad of
orderlies ranged themsches In position
lor an effective tackle. i
EMMITTSBURG, Md . Oct. 13 -William
& EnKlish, a member of the senior class
at Mounb St. Slary's College, was Injured
In a ame of football on the collece
campus yesterday and died an hour later
without rftBalninp: consciousness. He did
aot belon? to the varslU squad, but en
tered Into the pame as the result of i
challenge ronde by two elevens from the
eentor class
Personal Touches in Sport
(By W. A. McG)
Howdy, Mister Gowdy. with your biffing bludgeon black,
We hate to see you swing it, but we're slad to see you back.
We wish you all the best of luck, but hope you break an arm.
Both legs, your neck and skull, but trust you do not conic to harm,
Truly, you're unruly with that battle club of yours,
Sending little baseballs on such airy, lengthy tours;
Can't you lean less heavily, just to Rive us hope?
If you do not halt a bit, you'll fracture all the dope.
Tell us, were you jealous of the fame F. Baker sot,
Clouting of the horsehidc till it flew out of the lot?
You've been inconsiderate, you have had a gall,
You should now be satisfied; do not hog it all.
Plain Henry It. Cy's right name Is. If an official scorer ever decided ft close
That Cy part isn't really his. the fam'ly Play so as to please the batter and the
Bib,, shows. But no one ..11. him Henry jylrV-S gJ&&S
R. So we'e no right to go that far. tho batter is pulling for his hits, and every
Bood St. Tatrick knows. In Pomeroy. pttclwr la pulling to havo the blame
Ohio. Cy grew up till he was six feet shifted on his team-mates by having them
high then tacked on une tnch more. He
flrst played pro In nlneteen-one. In New
York State at Ilton he figured in a score.
He shifted 'round till nineteen-nve when
lk. .... a1ztwvr,A hln. i llua .nAIIIfll
ujui v.uu.- ...., ,.,. ...... o. ... v.. -Mr,.,
to pitch real ball His sal'ry whip he
howed the Browns, but all he drew was i
Uughi and frowns St. Iiuee wouldn't
fall. Then itlnneap' an' Indianap' each '
gave a to out to the chap an' St. Paul
workid him. too Next Boston gave his
slants a whirl. Then Montreal fans
-watched him twirl an' Mack thought he
-would do.
So Cy in nineteen-hundred-nlne was on
Athletic.' flrln' line an' didn't do so bad.
H worked for Matk three yearis or eo
an' then went back to small time dough I
because hi. work got sad He tried one I
comtbaek as a Bed But Tinker found
hi. arm was dead and got hi. money I
back. Cy". pltchin' still for ol' K. C
In thirteen jeara o" tra'lln' he sure cov
ered some more track. Copyrighted by
A. M. Corrlgan.
AH hope of ultimate success for the Ath
letic. In the world's kerles with Boston
has not died In the breasts of Athletic
follower, here Thos who were up on
the "dope" knew full well that precedent
did not forbid a four-Btralght spurt by
the Mackmen in the series in 1908 when
Pittibursh seemingly had the series w ji
from the Boston Americans, the latter
came through with four straight victories
and won out Four stiaight were won oy
the Cubs from Detroit in IW7. but in that
eerie, the Tigers had not taken a game
The contending club, in that sear opened
trUh a three-three tie which seemed to
sap the life out of the Detrolters. a. they
then proceeded to make history by fail
In; to ln . game In the .tries. Then,
too, back in the drk age. of baseball.
Pop Anson's Chicago boy. took three
straight game, from St Louis only to be
beaten out In the four straight games
A dispatch from Engtewood state, that
la the Athletic meet held there the scor
er, and. athlete, differed on the .ubject
of .coring That may be a new item In
Uu. branch, el athletics, ut In, baseball,
f i .i fi&LV Vv HF Br Jim . i
a: . ... iy .f'A fmJ Jfr K LA war mmi.'m -; v v
Misss ja'c- vmv v- - "v. rzc&Mr ' r ,o'WS'" . v . .5e?asi;
iay r . "w " srjsf ,!r''Kwsar
VWVW. . 1 V4JJ2S. .ut ' - tww . il .mv .- '- CU a 1i V'iWmKi
This great ball team of Philadelphia was quite as celebrated as the 1914 champions. All of the players have not been identified in this picture, maybe
some of the old-timers will recognize them. Seated, left to right, are M. McGeary, catcher; "Al" J. Reach, second base. Second row W. Fisler, first
base; J. Senscnderfer, center field; Captain McBride; Crane, position unknown, and John McMullen, pitcher. In the thiijd row "Pop" Anson, with arm
akimbo, is the only one recognized. "Pop" played third base. Others who might be in the picture are L. Meyerle, J. Radcliffe, E. Cuthbert, G. Heubel,
G. Bcchtel and Tom Pratt. There is a vast difference in the appearances of the Athletics then and today.
Veteran Sutton Victorious,
400 to 321, in First Leg of
1 200-point Contest Play
This Afternoon.
George Sutton will meet "Young Jake"
Schaefer In the llnal -100 point U 1 balk
lino billiard match tonisht at Alllnger's
Academy, 1007 Market stteet. In what
should piovo to be one of the most Inter
esting new-game matches of tho year.
The plav is being held under the auspices
of the Champion Billiard Players' League,
and 1200 points. Is tho goal bet. Both men
lie experts at the 111 billiard pastime,
and as they are now in good form excep
tionally lino work is due.
This afternoon -(00 points will be played,
making tho second leg of the contest. The
final VO points are to be played tunight.
In tho opening 100-polnl touiid last night
Oeorge Sutton, the veteran billiard player,
show fit splendid control and defeated his
jonnger opponent. Schaefer, 40O to 3S1.
The tabulation b Innings follows.
sutton-3. i(i. o ; is, -is n 21 4. it s. ,
o . .n. . to, to i ."i (i. "p. no, o fi. 4.
ToihI )i Arrasi 14 .".'-JT. HlKh run l.
4 anil '-o
chuefiT-I. 12 'J?, SI 2. 2 in. 0 s 14 ",s.
a i 0 ". 0 , l n 4',, i 22 0, T. S .'.. l
12 Totnl. SJ1. Average, 12. High runs, 33,
3S and 45
u-.-.mf,4 wiin n error instead oi a nit
Heiic.-, the official scorer in a bweball
gam. is much better off If he ket-os
severely away from the player.
It ftaq lintianal htit vtrtf i.tlli.n .u
- .. n ..... ... ft liirik
jounny tivors snouia nave "pulled a bone
in veterda's same But It was ultra-
startling that ha admitted It.
The crowd at the Polo Grounds shoned
its interest In the city series by allow
in? the same to be finished between the
Uiants and Yankees without knowing it
They were uatohln? the detail of the
Kme In Boston
New Tork o-jrsmen are loth to give up
their work on the river, and yesterday
the New York Bowing Association held
its fall regatta. Good time was made
considering the lateness of the season.
"Jimmy" Rice has been creating rjult
a bit of gossip among the college oars,
men by his aggresleneis at Columbia
Not so many days ago he announced his
intention of promoting a closed retrritt.-i
and now Columbia men and others are
of the belief that such a plan will work
wonders with team Interests.
"Al" McCoy Is to fight "Willie" Lewis
In New York tonight Some of the local
fans will smile when they read this, for
they are convinced McCoy doesn't know
what the word "fight" means Anyhow,
Mac la to "go on ' with Lewis McCoy
i-as never been taken srlout,y as mid
dleweight champion, even though he did
manage to knock out George Chip, of
Pittsburgh He doesn't measure up to
the standard of champion, and it will be
hard for any one to convince u. that
ho is.
Harvard's football injury list Is Increas
ing Pen nock now has water on the
knee and Sweetter hurt hi. ankle Jn
practice. It seem, misfortune never come
According to a tor printed In New
ork paper. to4a. th Arm ami Nay
are at odds and the failure of the foot
ball game to materialize may mean sen
sational developments. We are not ur-
Gridiron Gleanings From Leading Colleges
One of the principal rensims win Tenii
sjlvjiila didn't scoic a single point
asrainst I.afajctto on t?aturdn was that
Matthews couldn't drop kick, and lha
coaches didn't know th.xt they had a man
In the back field who could plate kick
even better thin Dick Mai shall could drop
I kick last jenr. The man who has been
hiding his light under a bushel is none
other than Viculaud. wno In his tirst cf
foit at playing halfback wnp eclipsed In
biillloncy only by fullback Tucker. Vrcc
land is entirely too modest to tell of his
exploits in tho goal kicking line, but his
record which the writer has du up speaks
loudly for him.
Two years ao Vrceland was a fresh
man ut Muhlenburg College where ho
played In the back Held. Duilng that
season he scoied 61 points. Of this total
he scored 21 points with goals from touch
downs, missing but a cingle such trial all
teasun. lie scored I" points In addition
with nine goals from placement during
tho season. Ho kicked one goal from
placement In cory gumo on the schedule,
and In one game he scoicd twice. Among
the teams against which he scored In
tills manner were Lafajctte, Lehigh and
Vieeland has done no kicking on Frank
lin Field. Last spring ho broke his light
leg plnjlns baseball, nnd haB been sav
ing himself this fall. Fortunately ho
kicks with his left foot, so that the In
Juiy ho sustained won't affect his kick
ing. The chances aie that the Quaker
coaches will give Vreeland a chance In
practice this week. Nothing delights
Head Coach George Brooko more than
to tlnd a man with this tort of talent, and
since Matthews has shown himself to be
undvpendable as a drop kkker tho
coaches are llkelj to test Vreeland in tills
"Bull" McClenry, the old State Col
lege tackle, has been of much assistance
to Coach Hedges in lounding out the
Germantown Academy team this season.
"Bull" has been out nearly every day
on the Manhelm gridiron, working with
the line candidates, thus allowing Hedges
to spend all his time with the ends nnd
backfleld men A new acquisition ill
tho person of Kitisei reported for a
lino berth last week, and is expecwd
to fill the vacancy In the line left open
by the withdrawal of liumill from the
squad. Kaiser Is exactly six foet in
height and tips the beam at 15 pounds.
The footbnll situation out at West Phil
adelphia is lmprolng to soma rMent. but
the team has a long way to go befor
It can hope to hold the speedy Northeast
and Central High elevens In the big
James next month. Quarterback Kills
practically won the reit-nt Chester High
battle, and he looks more and more like
an all-schol3stlc choice evei tune out
WaKenknlglit, of course, Is badl mised
for he was tho best man at the quarter
hack position in the local schools last
year, but It is doubtful if Cuai'i Mulfnrd
could get a better man for the position
than Ellis right now The foimer Is ex.
perted to get bneb in the game some tune
next month, and In this event will more
than llktlv he shifted to a halfba. k in
order to utilize his work in the open field.
The local schools have not shown much
Interest in cross-country running thus
far riven f'entrnl High, thr pa.- in
this branch of sport has been taking
things easy, while some of the other
schools appear to be at a standstill Doe
tor O'Brien has had his eo,uad out on
Houston Field every day for a Ilsrht Jog,
but none of the candidates has had an
opportunity a yet to try the difficult
Lemon Hill course In FaJrmount Park
This Paturday will see the opening of
the hill and dale season, when a race
for novices will be staged, and following
th's the teams wilt get down to work in
The regulars of the Northeast High
football squad wre given a rest tester
day after the hard game against William
son Trade School on Saturday. Captain
Webb was on the field In spite of ln
Juries received in the game. Hardin,
likewise injured In Saturdays game, has
also recovered Through nheer necessity
Wilson was switched from end to half,
back on Saturday and made good at his
new position As ntdpath and Brelt
haupt are now taking care of the wing
positions, Wilson may win a permanent
place In the backfleld
Coach Johnson was pleased with the
team's clever use of the forward pass
Webb and He-uer did some accurate toss
ing and Rldpath and Brelthaupt held on
to the oval every time It came their way.
Captain Dunn's Northeast soccer men
are fast rounding into shape and it looks
a. if Northeast will aln be in the run
ning for the championship. Three team
are practicing dally I'alt. a new nun
from the Dlsston Grammar School, 1.
showing surprising form Parkerman and
White are also plamg well McCoraas
of last year's team iz usable toilay be-
causf. of parental objections. The llrst
gumo will take place on November 3,
against Monlstoun High, at Northeast
U imi t IlKclj tint t I'ennsjl. .lino, will make
anj iliinjLs in tlm line-up lor the Si Kuiue
uniiss Ur.ij starts at halfback In place of
A.ortet. In cer other position the team which
plajerl nsHlnat l..ifnjolle anc a good exhibi
tion nnJ tho men lnJIWduallj ind as a team
rmicUJeil man of the mistakes of prcloii
Kime-is. All tutu hic to do mm Is to main
tain thj pace thfj h.ie set If any man Ins
(low n there will u a lot of men righting for
till J. '2IIIU1I,
. It's n pretlj haiJ matter to estimate tho
'strength that the Navj, the Indians and
-innriniimre win present to the Quakers. The
Nmj has been at work cer slnco the last
wPn In AUKUst, when ircllmlnary practice
started, but the team lias jdajed onlj two
gnme 'I he Middles oprned the scison with
Georgetown and won rather eisll). On Satur
da the fell lcfire the jirowetj of the Cnl
cr!ts ..f Pittsburgh. As the Middles beat
I'lttshurgh a enr nsro this recrsal of form
Indicates that the midshipmen are not up to
their Hill record. The have loot a lot of their
ll'l I regular", and if l'ennslanln keeps on
Itr.proUng the lied and Blue Is likely to bo
It Is too bad that tho authorities of tha
Kmal Academ hae refused permlsdon to the
bod) of midshipmen to attend this same If
tho Anm-.Naj game Is aetuall ailed oft It
would seem onl fair tn the Middles to let
them come up In a body to see their team
plaj They won t have n. chance to leae tho
city nitaln this fall.
If tha Harvard team doesn't lose Its nerve,
now that Ilrlekley Is In the hospital recover
ing from an operation for appendleltls. the
Crimson maj have a backfleld very little infe
rior to that of lat ear. Ilrlcklo) made his
rnputatlon as a drop kicker, but because he
was so expert he made It impossible for Mahan
to prove his worth. I,ast voir whenever nrlck-
i ej wis kept out or tne game .vinnan Old tne
J drop kirklng. and lie rarc! failed to rcore H
this manner. In one Kaine kicking two such
goals That he didn't score oftener was due to
tho faet that the Crimson had inon depend
enco In Tlrlcklej Hut. given the chance. Malum
I will do almist as well, not to nivntlon Hard
wick, who kh'kcd ono such un.-il on Saturday
when both Drleklev and Mahin were out. and
. MeKlnlock who did It the week before. Hrli'k
lev was a wonderful player, but Harvard will
I still havo a. backfleld which will stir both
' I'rlnceton and Yale to env.
ANNAPOLIS Oet It Though the Midship-
' n en beean vesterdav their special prepara
tion foi the pme ngslnet the l'nlveriltv of
Pennvlvanla In Philadelphia, regarded as tho
big fi on the Navy team's schedule now
tint tho rinv game is off less than an hour
could bo uee.i, as the football men were ro
nutred to attend tho regular Monday drill. It
is hoped, however, to havo hard scrimmages
on at least three davs thla week. Alexander,
I who iilaed su h a etronx game aealnst Pitts.
I lurch sat irdav during tho short ilme ho was
In the Kime. was In the resular backfleld dur
ing signals and it looks as if ho had a stranu
bold on tho position
I ITHAf'A Oct. IS Although the major por
tlon of the Cornell football squads studied
i foottalt thenrv and tactics In a lecture room
je-trrdav Wan Heed had a number of the
taikles puar- and centres out on tho field
for individual nrnrtl- tin li 1 nnTlntu ft
get the strongest line on the field as soon as
BERG One of the best guards seen In ac
tion for Muhlenberg, is Hollenbach's
record so far this year, ;
kp'r ' 'lX$o!By)$ ttSWK!4g-BKBSBBSSSjT. i!w
potslblp. dllogly, Munslck, Cool. Anderson
nnd ISilloj no Inr ha c the i-all on the posi
tions from tackle to tackle, but Iled I pet
ting Rood results out of Tllley and S-nvdcr,
guards, nnd Jameson, Jewett nrd Kutts,
tackle", and a uunibor of other inea arc show
ing promise,
NKH' HAVUN, Oct. Li. Vale besan making
ready for Notre Dame jesterday. Coach Trank
lllnkej put the varsity throiiKh a long secret
sisnal drill, which Included nlmost every plaj
and formation the llluc eleven has. 'I he scrubs
showtd tho veterans some now formations. In
juries kept several veterans nut of tho llne-i'p
Conroy took Oakes' plate at 1 left guard. Wnl
den repliicd J Micldnn tit right guard ard
Iletts took the position of right tackle which
li Sheldon Ins filled during the enforced ab
sence of Von Holt, who will be out for two
weeks let with a broken wrist,
WEST POINT. Oet 13 -Not much tn the
wav of real work could have bien nicompllsh
ed jesterday even If the coaches hid si willed,
tor so man) of the Ami) men are decorating
tho side lines a-s a result of tho hard game
against Rutgers last Haturday that to form a
varsity team for scrimmaging would have been
well nigh Impossible Such men as were avail
able wero limbered up In a orlvlng signal drill
and tho whole squad listened to Head Coach
Daly and his assistants for an hour In the
gvmnaslum, where the faults of Saturday's
play were dwelt upon at great length
ANN AP-MOn. Mich , Oct 13.-Cnptaln
rta.vnsford, of the Michigan team, wired his
svmpatjiv today to Captain Ilrlekley, of Har
vard, Tost lost Craig, one oIl-'Amerlcan half
back, while Haughtnn now has lost llrlckle),
the other universal choice for the all-star cost.
Harvard still has the edge In veterans, wlih
Logan, Mahan and Ilarrtwlck In tho back Hold
against Hughltt and Oalt for Michigan.
CAMBRIDGE. Mass., Oct 1.1 -Harvard's
first string football r,av era those that aro left
attended tho world's series gamo today, but
the substitutes and tho scrubs put In a hard
session in tho morning. To help matters a
little, the announcement was made that Stan
ley Penno k the veteran right guard, has
water on the knee and will be out for two
weeks, vihlle Sneetaer. one of tho most nrom-
i ing of the tackles, sprained his ankle and per-
rars puneo a tenuon. narawicK, me naunacK.
Is battered up, and though he -will play again
Saturday lie Is not in shapo to do much work
before that time.
PntNCKTON. Oct. It. In spite of tho stiff
game on Saturdav. the Princeton nlavern wero
! rut through u short scrimmage esterday It
was a most encouraging practice The forward
passes worked well and three touchdowns wero
seored llrectlv on them. The scrubs were the
opponent ol the tint team, which ionlstl of
nbout an equal number of flrst and second
string men, Thov offered a fair defense, but
wero handicapped on the offense by tho fum
bling of their backs.
One of the most surprising results on Satur
day wis tho drawn game between Bethlehem
and Victor In the American League at Beth
lehem. Each side scored two goals and at
half time Bethlehem held a load of two geals
to none and deserved It. The Victor team
pU)d a great game In the second half and
practically hemmed the steelworkers In their
own half of tho ground Tha Ttoblntons, New
ton. lii)nor, Brlgham and Scott proved them
selves a wonderful forward line, and the Beth
lehem defense was sure rut to it to prevent
them from scoring moro than two goals.
As an all-round sportsman C B Webster.
Jr., would be hard to beat. He plajed fjr
tho Cnlverslts of Pennsjlvanla at cricket,
captained the golt team and now captains tlw
ooccer team. He took up soccer only last ear
and soon developed Into a really good full-
I back He will undoubtedly Improve steadll),
and the club he eleelo to play for after he
graduates from Penn will Indeed bo lucky.
I It Is reallj a pity that with tho breaking
up of th Pennsslvnnla I-eague the namo Ta
eony should have disappeared from among tha
list of soccer clubs Tncony had a long and
honorable career, and of all tho local teams
It was the nnl one that ever won the Anic--Ican
up, Taeony Is now known a nitston.
' snd that tho new club may uphold the tra
ditions of tho old was proved on Saturday,
irtien it defeated Bangers with the greatest
ease by 12 reals to none.
I '
It was really a foregono conclusion that Mrs
C tl Vanderbeck would win tho women's In
dividual championship of the Philadelphia
Cricket Club for. while thera aro many good
pla)era numbered among the members of that
organization, there aro nuns who can iiulie
rome up to the form ehonn by the winner this
last season Mies f'atherlne Itavls the runner
ui pin .veil excellent!) In tho final round, but
the i-hsmplon woe at the top of hur game, and
lbs nntch ended with Miss Davis 0 down and
5 to play Mrs anderbcck went out in it.
and the four holes of the Inward Journey were
mail In 10 strokes In tho final of the second
eight Miss Marian Nsjlor defeated Mrs. F. W. i
1 Morns, T up ana o to pta
Tho Ovorbrook Golf Club has ono of tho best
and sportiest nlne-holo courses tn the vhtnltv
of this city It Is vsry conveniently located I
ana requires dui a suori itme iq reacn Tho
courso Is constructed over very rolling ground.
and this tend to nut a. tiremlum on ftrruriltlv
placed shots In addition, there ere plenty of
anlflctal and netural hazards, and the course
has a playing length of about MOO yards for
ma luu niunq ui in noie. ine average ob
server who Inspects tho courso casually and
remarks that It stems rather easy Is likely
to bo badly fooled when bo conies to play
over It.
Tho annual fall tournament at Princeton
brought out rosny first-class players and gave
Cuptaln Church an opportunity to site up tho
prospective candidates. Columbia lrniTnitv
' Is also conducting a fall tournament Tennis
at mo university or 1'ennsyivanta Is also
boomlnr tho courts at .11th and Chestnut
street.! being much In demand. The tied and
niuo sti.denta would do well In following
Princeton's example In holding a fall tourna
October ! Women's handicap medal
play at tha North Hills Country Club
October 17 Four-ball handicaps at
the Philadelphia Cricket Club.
October 17 Third round, match play,
president's cup, at the Stenton Countr
October 17 Handicap mdal play at
the Bprlnghaven Country Club.
October 17 Right-handed v left
handed team match at North Hills
Country Club.
Chpslci Is to ho the Mecca of some COO
nutomohlllsts nnd their fi lends lomonow
night, the occasion belnir tin unntml bnn
quct of the Dclawaru Ci.uiily Automobile
Club. Invitations have been scut out, and
tho committee s llnal report Is most en
cournBlng. I'lnlca have been lnld foi !!,
and there Is every Indication Hint tho 1111
nfTnli will bo the most huccifaTuI iver
utogt. tunned
Jotcpli 11 Weeks, tho pictlilclit of tho
' utguiilutloit, baa left no aIoiio unturned
Hint would In in the committee.1 nicparu
n hlgltwntei baiieiuet. I'ndei hln personal
direction man gicat things have been ac
complished In the past.
Tills urgnnlrntlan Is uno eif the largest
In tho United States nutl Is very Inlluenllul
In main was. It has done a Ki'at deal
of souil work for its members and for inn-
tortsts ut In' -to ir vve.ll. The organization
Is pinctlcally it hnhi in jenis, but it full
grown iniiti In miinbtTb. Its rise Is nn
PMinipIo of what might lie done bj otliur
count) section.
I'hi Delaware I'ounti Automobile Club
i.s nut one seeking political strength, nml
as a mutter of fntt duis not go in for
politics nt nil, vet Its hnnel is felt when It
cornea to motor subjects.
At the banquet tomorrow night the most
prominent speakers of this section will bo
In evidence, nnd n number of Phlladel
phlnns are going nlong to enjoy the tuut
In store nt the Chester nrmory.
The war In Europe has wlepd out en
tirely nil traces of what wnB fenred In
some circles vvns io be it great war be
tween four nml sl-cyllnder automobiles.
What was epected tti be somewhat of a
ppliltcd struggle died aboriiliicr, nnd there
docs not seem to be nnv dllllculty In sell
ing fours nnd sixes alongside each either
on the smile Moor lntetrst venires now
on the experiment which nnr manufac
turer Is making with nn elght-cj Under
automobile. The Sclontlflc American, ono
of the sieatest uuthotltles in the world
on mechanics nnd mechanical pilnclples,
In n recent odltorlnl sns that the eliht
cylinder mi should innke a place for Itself
In tho hearts of the American motoring
public, nml that tho present experiment
of the darliiK manufacturer i.s sure to bo
followed by many others. AH the good
points of tho .six nro to be huel in the
eight, nnd It has been found that skill
In tho manufacture oX the latter has nindo
a car that Is finer In every way than the
cars of fewer cylinders that have re
sulted In the evolution from tho "ono
lungor." ROD AND GUN
Upland gamo hunters can hardly wait
fcr tho opening of the season Thursday
when the real Joys of the full months will
be theirs. Guns which have remained In
their customary places since tho end of
last season's sunning period havo been
tnken down nnd put In first-class condi
tion for tho expected shooting. The
pheasants may be shot on that date, nnd
Hungailan quail, plover and grouse may
also be killed.
noports from nil sections of the State
tend to Intllcato that great sport will be
ciijiiycti iiii-i year ns game is plentiful.
Amendments to tho Denartmrnt of Agrlcul
l'.lr; ' .r"njl""' f?r protection of mlgratorj
birds hecjnie effective October 1
The effect or ono of the changes Is to permit
nn the Missouri and the urpei waters of the
Mississippi the shooting of all mlgratorj pa.ne
Kl.A.for,w,inii ,h"e' ftn "P seison from
October 1, 11)14, to January 1, IMS, After
the Inlter dato the prohibition will be In force
again. Other amendments deal principally
with the closed season for vater fowl In tha
various localities. o
The new regulations provide for a clnrod
season In sono No. 1 for all witrr fowl frmi
December lfi to September 1 next following
Exceptions to the rule prescribo the open
season as follows
In Massachusetts and Ithodo Island, begin
ning January 1 and October 1. f'onnectlcut
New York, Pennsylvania, Idaho. Oregon and
w ashlnirton, between Innuarj 1 and Octo
hei I, New Terser between February 1 and
November 1, Minnesota, North Dakota nnd
Wisconsin, between December 1 and Sentem.
ter T.
For "nr No. 2 the closed seaaon is between
January 11 nnl October 1, with the follon-Ino-
Delaware. Mars land. District of Columbia
Virginia. North Carvllna, Alabama, Mlsls
slppl nnd Ixiulsiana, between Februsrs 1 an l
November 1 Florida. Georgia and Pouth Car
olina, between February lfi and November 20
Kansas, Mlstouri and nklahnnn, between
February t and September 1ft, Texas. Arlrona
and California, between February 1 and Octo.
ber 15,
nVTTK. Mont.. Oet. tn The open season
for big game besan in Montana last week and
will continue until November Kit It Is in
nounccd that thero nre more hunters out after
deer, elk. mountain sheep and goats than ever
before The season for prairie rhh'ken, grouse,
pheasants partridges and sage hens has also
opened and will continue until October ,10 The
smaller game has attraitet many other
The Montana law protects inoose, buffalo
huon. larlbou. antel'rc. quill and Imported
pheasants, as they are rcare in this State
and an effort Is being nndo to Increase the
number. The law also limits the number of
deer to one hunter tn thrne, while onlv ono
elk mountain sheep or goat mat be killed by
a hunter during the season. There Is plent
nf big gamo this season, scenting to Rame
V arden De Hart and his deputies, who have
been in this city recentl.
Carbon blsiilrnld snd strvchnlne mixed with
heavy oats has been effective In exterminating
fiOIVIO prairie dogs In ths Cochetom and Dlk
national forests In Colorado and In ihe Tu
saan and Conlno forests In Arizona bin-e
the Department of crl iilture orenel wfir
acainst the rodents Th cost rf the work
about 1 12 COO s .ald i.v he l,i,t a trill com
pared with the value of Ihe fcrriBe lUslrov,,!
b tho animals The hides f Hie prairie ilnss
are practhallv worthle In this nuntry, ac
cording to the Department American .ml
English furriers obtain better skins from Si
beria for five cents a piece, and jlovemakers
say that the skins are tou small to be work I
up econom!rall As a result, the Department
eas, no market for the skins has been fount
Wild dueki to the number of Wits, w-ere
brought Into New Orleans during the huntlnsj
season of 1IU'I-H, according tn the Conserva
tion Commission of Iulslana. In addition
Ibere wero 2t67 geese, JI.ViS, coots and fO,o,2
Cheer for Braves, Then for Athletics,
and Finally Braves Again.
NJTW TtmK. Oct 13 -The fickleness
of baseball crowds was Illustrated In
Times Square yesterday when another
record breaking throng of fans watched
the reproduction of the third game for the
world's championship between the Boston
Hraves and the Philadelphia Athletics on
a scoreboard For nine Innings, eluring
which time the rival teams engaged In
a struggle that was filled with thrills,
the. spectators showed a decided par
tiality for the National league cham
pions, but when the riilladelphlans went
into the lead In tho tenth inning with
two runs the majority of the vast crowd
forgot their loyalty to the Hraves and
cheered the Athletics In the second
half of the tenth tha Boston players, led
b Cloud), again tied the score and the
sentiment underwent another rapid
change, and Hoston was returned to Its
former position of favorite This feeling
was in eWdence until the end or the
Lew Bailey at Norris
lown Also Plans a Treat.
Marcus Williams advertises no alleM
clminpleitis for his show tonight at lh
fall mount AthlMlo Club, but every 0 '
of the six- houta he has arranged look!
like good figlitliiB. "Charlie" Hear and
.-.v....,, ....tr, notii of tho 20th
tt'titd, will box tho ilnnl bout. They nut
nt this cluli several weeks ago and nut
up Mutational light, "unij-. Cou,
of tho tJ S . Connecticut will tack.1,
"Tommy" Ctmnion. of Tioso. i on,
of thtt other bnttta, and the rest 0 th
pioKrnni will l.rli.K together Ford Mting.,
of Baltimore!, mid "LMdle" Dunn of' tho
Shanahan Clttlj; "Johnny" MoAvoy or
the 47tlt Ward, and "Salloi" Davis o
the Connecticut; Preston Smith nnd "Ed
die" Dtirf, of the 20th Ward, and "Young"
rielciier and "Johnny" Hnnulon, of Ken.
sIllRlull. v'n
"Lew" Bailey's Palace Athletic Club
at Nrlstown will probably again b.
crowded tonight If n excellent bill .
draw fight fan.. For his main bout o
ten rounds. "Lew" has signed up "Sam
m." Trlnklc. tho clever California light,
weight, and "Tommy" Carey, of this city.
Trlnkle nnd Carey should mako one of
tho cleverest contests yet staged at this
popular club. T-no Manajrunk boys,
"Ilmim" McAndrcws and "Battling"
Hudson, will meet In tho seml-wlnd-up
fin.t Mm tt. a ... .. "
. :. , , ' 'J".1 nl,h nn nelvantoge of cleht
pOUlldH In wolghl. "jve- llorrell f nil. .P."
ve i to l,i t... ,.-,",".-r. :. "" lueni
.. ... ... c,.,, ,,tliiB ue-e oiow was a left
book, which norrcll Invariably failed to sviti
iVi'V"1!? Ft"rt lhc h-ok from any ansie
and llnirrll sirmcel to bt In Its way cveri
. .. '. K" '"'"' round uans sent In a
; night lert whli h stnggcml Horrcll and then
fnllnued with a left hook which sent the
loml reeling across tho ring. Horrcll quickly
recovered, lovvover. and turned desperately to
turn the tide of .lefc.tt, but It was of no avail.
In the fifth round Cans caught norrcll fluili
on tho chin with a right that would have
rn.Hii mo n-iiiio men nau. nn ordinary maa
received th Mow.
In the tPinl-vvlndup FrHnk T-ogan, of this
nij linn vnc anvaniage or iinipn l;rne. t
Arhmlngo Loenn welahed lltt nnumit ni
Krne scnlcd ino. Up to tha end of the fourth
round tho lout was fairly even, but after
ii in i.ngin iorgri to tne rront and tho last
two rounds wero his ' Preddv ' Itclly trails
n ileaiierntc effort to win from ' Ynunir Jack"
O'ltrien In one punch, hut O'tlrlcn was too
never nnu unvajs riutiicu out ot narnrs way
O'ltrien gave a masterly display of science
nnd footwork nnd had Kelly guessing at all
time. "Hll!" nevans, of tvilkes-nnrre, sur
prUbd the knowing ones bj his good wort
with thi clever "Kid" Goodman, of Nev
York, who mndo such a good Impres-lon tuo
weeks ngo with "llmmv" Murras nevam
was entitled tn a shido nt tho end In th
opeinlng bout "Willie" Mondv of Port Pilch.
moml. had too much oxnerlence for "Johnnv"
Hums nl the Kimn district, nnd won at ths
end or tne mmii lniin.i.
' rtllly' Mci'nrnev the vv ell-Known Philadel
phia ti.iv. who discovered the Into I.uther Me.
Certy, has nssumed lhc management of Carl
Morris, the Oklnhomi henvj weight, nnd li
trvlng to n i ran cc a imtch with "Jess" Wil
li nl In n 20-rnund lmut McCnrney has been
trlng for nemo time to get tho management
of Morris. 1 tit it was not until esterdsv that
tho big Oklfihttnan shtiied up with tho clevvr
tTnles "Al" McCoy dev clops another sudden
earn of Illness, he will meet "Willie" l.evrli.
of Non s.ork in a ten-round bout before the
firoailvv ly r-portlne Club, of Ilrooklsn, tnnlfht.
"Itohbv" Itevnolds. of Ihls eltv. who has df.
v cloned Into ono of the best llehtw-elrhti
around here has been sei ured by AlalthmaKer
Tom" MrArdle nf the Fairmount Athletlo
tiiin. or New lork, to meet "nick retcrs la
a ten-round bout leforo his rluh on October 24.
In an Article Believes Every
True-hearted One Would
Give Up Gun Forever to
Aid in Propagation.
Joseph Kalbfus. secretary of the Hoard
ot Game Commissioners of Pennsshania,
U the author of the following Interests
article In tha bulletin printed by the
American fJamn Protective Association
negnrding the reported nesting (
ducks in Pymatuning Hwamp, about which
the bulletin Innulres. I would say. I "
lleve that more or less ducks of various
kinds, especially black ducks and wood
ducks, with some ordinary mallards hav
been hatching In this swamp since lh
discovery nf Ponnsj Ivanla. tho nuinotr
gradually growing' less up to the begin
ning of ihli. year. I am not posted regard
ing the number of ducks that may be no
making that section their abiding place,
but I am satisfied that the protection
given through the national law controlling
migratory birds will cuuse many of the"
birds to stop in this place, and It will
again become, as In former times, a nottl
breeding place for this species of game.
"I note what is Bald In several letter
from our ofllce regarding tho success ol
the effort to scture an appropriation M
the enforcement of the migratory MN
law, and I most hcurtll congratulaM
jour organisation for the bplendld worn
done In tecurlng this end If tha com
mltlte that has in charge the draftiwj
of regulations controlling the enforcement
of this law is only halfway fair
seems to me there should be no trout J
anjwhero In the United States over I"
pro-visions As I said in Wilmington
few weeks ago. I do not believe the"
Is a true sportsman In Pennsylvania km
is not willing to put up his gun forevei
If he is shown that such action is new
L.. ........ n.. .nanla, rt Wild DlrUS,
, .V"1,." l" "ouls w " bo between
pmi .9 ?,Ctfu , of '""lelphla. an
PI 1 Collns, of North Tenn; -young''
.Mctnilniitl. 0f Mannjiinlc. nnd "Jimmf-
iiuvvui, tne lighting- midget.
lt,M. r Kl ' ""'scncraled and out hit by
ro '""",'"' nns. of -Ve York city, be'
fore a srrfc .-rowd at the 01mpla A
ast night, Tho bout was a hard on ..'i
mills lllilHVCi Vlhllt lllll
itrj lu iiieeciTo nuy iw. .
but we could not sea the Justice or "a00
In saving that Pennsylvania and oinw
fatates should r.ot kill certain birds at a",
while certain other sections were 6ta
an open season for such birds
TOPtV. THinSDAY onl F.ltvV
TheWilliami Board g$& pE3

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