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Crack Local Organization's
Members Are Resting Pre
paratory to Their Dual and
Closed Winter Games.
Mercury Athletic Club members will bo
Interested to know that the nttractlvo
dual Indoor track nntl nold meets and
closed affairs will ngaln be featured dur
Inn the fnll and winter of 1014 and 1915.
The Mercury members are now enjoying
u rest after tho outdoor activities, but
wilt soon start their Indoor training for
the coming events.
neprescntatlves of the .Middle Atlantic
Association of the Amateur Athletic
Union wilt have a lot of business to con
duct at the annual meeting of the Na
tional Amateur Athletic Union In N'ew
Tmk tho third Monday In November
Many Important questions which are
puzzling the local ofllclals will bo
straightened out.
Hrry Frjekbfr. the local police sthletf,
lias about regained hl confidence. A Bulled
tendon presented Harry from showing hla best
form In tho Jumps nnd runs the past sum
mor. trjehberc Is to take part In the pollco
tames next rrlda and Saturdaj.
NEW YORK. Oct. tf-Xcn York athletes
made n clean sweep of tho prizes at the games
of the Mount Carmcl Council, Catholic De
nevolent lnrjue, and Madonna Council,
Knights of C'olumliua, jrstcnlny, at Mackoj
Park, Englenood, N .1. Tho etents nere held
In connection with tho Columbus Day cele
bration. Tlirco or tho races went to rcp
reaentatlvaa of colorod athletic organization!,
oil of whom mado good time In their r
epcctlvo stents.
Peter J. Wright, Salem-Creaccnt A. C who
won the century and furlong dashes at the
rmall clubs' championship laat Saturday, start
ing: from scratch, won tho lOO-inrd handicap
by several feet from O. V. La hose. Knights
of Bt. Anthony, who was on the BVJ.yard mark.
Thomas 1. Harris. Smart Bet A. C another
colored runner, finished first In the six-mile
road race, with a handicap of 4 minutes SO
seconds. This eient resulted In an unsatis
factory finish, nnd tho Registration Commit
teo has boen requested to atralghten the mat
ter out. Tending the decision of tho com
mittee the point trophy his been withheld.
The troublo arose mer the scoring, nnd aeeral
runners assorted they had coered more laps
thin they wero credited with.
Howard Sency, the Qrunx Church Home
middle-distance runner, scored an cnj lc
tory In tho .100-yard run, covering tho dis
tance from th -IH-ynrd mark In tho fast tlm
of 3.1 1-1 seconds The one-mile handicap
proed easy for W. J. Hamfleld, Knights of
Ft Anthony, and the Balem-Crescent A. C.
quartet sprung a surprise on the teams from
thui KnlghtR of Bt. Anthony and Bronx Church
House by easily winning tho ISOO-ynrd relay
Masked Men Attack John Kuskl and
Bob Him of 30.
Tho third hold-up In as many days oc
curred on tho lot of the circus grounds,
at 10th street and Hunting Park avenue,
early this morning, when three masked
men attacked and robbed John Kuskl, 30
j ears old, of 2052 Newcomb street. They
stole $30 and his watch and chain.
The pollco of tho Nlcetown station have
had numerous complaints from persons
who were stopped and asked for money
on this lot, which Is used as a shortcut
to Krle avonue.
Harry Smith, 23 years old, of 1630 Hunt
ing Park avenue, was arrested by Ser
geant McCllntock, of the Nlcetown sta
tion, early todny, charged with being one
of the gang thnCTleld Kuskl up. Ho was
hold without ball by Mnglstrato IVrls
ley for a further hearing.
Woman Storekeeper Declares She
Caught Them Committing Bobbery.
Tho theft of money nnd cigarettes from
the cigar store of Delia Poulson, 2145
Susauchanna avenue, led to the nrrest of
two boys who aro held tn tho House of
Detention awaiting a hearing. They are
JoBeph Smith, M06 Trenton avenue, and
Edward rtlley, 26W Collins street.
Mrs. Poulson says tho boys entered tho
store when she was In a back room.
She returned In time to see them malt
ing off with tho contents of a cash
register and several packages of cigar
ettes. She summoned Special Officers
Cook and Dunbar, of tho Trenton avenue
and Dauphin street police station, who
captured tho boys.
ATHENS, Oct. 13.-The Turkish Gov
ernment has expelled 1500 Greeks from
the Kreglt shore of tl.e sea of Marmora
with the explanation that this region Is
to be fortified.
Kelly Wins at Pocket Billiards
In a game of pocket billiards plaed
last night, at ISM Market street, Josh
Kelly defeated Mack Levy by 100 to 74.
Kelly's high run was 34 against 23 for
No matter how the United States National
Lawn Tennis Association Itanklne Committee
may decide to rank the tournament stars this
ear, there will ensue the usual lUely discus
sion as to the relative place awarded the
plaers In tho first ten, and rhllarielplilane are
particularly Interested, because this city has
a claim to threo of the ten positions atallable
Ulchard Norrls WlllUms, id. William J,
Clothier and Wallace F Johnson have un
doubtedly earned tbelr right to the Ant-ten
Th most remarkable Jump In tennis rating
made by any ot the Eastern players was that
by George M. Chunh who was listed In the
second ten, or Class 1 111 to SO), In the IU13
rating Church la sure of a place In tho high
er class Another tilajer looms up tn the West
with a record which will nlaco him among the
eipert lie U Itobrt Mndley Mum), the
Calltornlin. who must be given recognition this
time Tho question arises, "wtiu will step
down to maks room for these pla)ers?"
The Hanking Committee has a stupendous
task on lu hands In ranking soma 1000 plajers
on tho national list for 10U Two Utters hats
been mailed out to tho plajero requesting
them to All out the blanks and proparo data
for the committee. Frederick C Inman for
mer Metropolitan t Hamilton Walter Merrill
ii.it nA Walter L. rata have the Dleasunt
task of ranking tho experts this ear. Inman
holding the post us
II us luairuimi, ati4 r.iv pb
secretary ot tne
Not only do tennis players In reneral wonder
ho will make room for church and Murrey,
but they aik whether WlllUms or McLougnlln
will be placed In No 1 position Prior to tho
Intercollegiate Championship Tournament at
Merlon, William was a favorite for At ranking
oter McUoughlln. with man) New Yorkers
as well as Phlladelphlans Since the Harvard
raDtaln k defeat In tho ilmmplotuhlp singles
match with the Princeton star, there U a
tendency ta gl McLoughlln the place he
has held for the last. three years. In spite
of the lctory scored b) Williams oer the
former national champion at Newport
This question could Involve almost endives
discussion and comparison of records Tennis
platers will differ In their opinion as to the
ItUtlvo worth ot Williams and Mclaughlin
j ear In and year out The big upset of the
fall season ai the brilliant victory scored by
I'burch over tho International star, and In con
sequence of this win the Princeton outh may
step up to fourth or fifth plac. In the national
ranking list
The offclal ranking will soon be made known,
as player vtere requested to have all their
tlanka filled out and In the hands ot the com
mittee by September 25. Th writer has re
viewed the season of tournaments and, bearing
iu mind th&t lato season results will carry
more weight with the Hanking Committee than
eirly season tournaments, ha picked a "first
tia ' as follow.
1. Maurice E. McLoughlln, Oaklsnd, Cal.
-. Iilchard Norrls William. !J. Philadelphia.
3 George M Church, Tonally. N. J
William J Clothier, Philadelphia.
' ItoUrt Undley Murra. Palo Alto, Cal.
1 Georg P Gardner, Jr Boston. Mass.
7 w M Johnston tan Krandsco. cl
8 WpJtaca F Johnson. Philadelphia Pa
9 Nathaniel W Kites, Boston Mass
10. ThsoUora Roosevelt Pell. New Xork
T'e above, ranking show that Phila-lclphia
1-a tho 1-asc and abares h"rrr lth tbe
Weit ia tavlBj to best of (be Uwu tionLs
Masses Will Receive Lessons In Anti
Cruelty October 25.
Plans were practically completed late
this Afternoon for the celebration of
"Humane Sunday" throughout Pennsylva
nia on October ts, at a meeting of repre
sentatives of various humane organisa
tions held In the headquarters of tho
Women's Pcnnsyhnnfa Society for the
Prevention of Cruelly to Animals, 36
South 18th street.
Two additional societies sent representa
tives to the meeting, and this brought the
number of organizations participating on
tho committee up to 11. The two ad
ditional organizations were the Philadel
phia Housing Commission nnd the Penn
sylvania Society for the Prevention of
Cruelty to Animals. Frank B. Iluther
ford, superintendent for the latter or
ganization, presided.
Reports made by subcommittees Indi
cated that the clergy aro taking kindly
to the movement, and that many of them
will preach "humane" lessons of nntl
cruolty to the masses.
Pitcher "Polly" Perritt and
Catcher "Ivy" Wingo, of
St. Louis, Admit They
Have Deserted.
ST. LOUIS, Oct. U.-Pltcher "Polly"
Perritt and Catcher Ivy Wlngo, of the
Cardinals, today admitted that they had
deserted tho Cardinals and would appear
with tho Federal League teams next
Perritt said he had signed a three-year
contract with tho Pittsburgh Federals,
receiving a ?3500 bonus, whllo Wlngo ad
mitted that ho had hurtled to the Buf
falo club, receiving $3000 bonus and a
salary of $6000 for threo seasons.
The players said they had given Man
ager Hugglns an opportunity to bid for
their services for next season, but he
delayed loo long, and they aniliated them
selvos with tho outlaws. Hugglns de
clares the players double-crossed him and
that they could have received as much
fiom the Cardinals as they are said to
have signed for with the Federals.
Woman Does Upstairs to Dress and
Thief Bobs Home.
A false call to the Pennsylvania Hos
pital, where sho had been Informed her
husband was taken nftcr nn accident,
caused Mrs. Josephine Rolanklnakl, 111
West Allen street, to get rendy to go to
her husband's side nnd permitted her In
former to rob her house while sho was
upstnlrs dressing.
A stranger called at the Allen street
house nnd asked to seo Mrs. Rolaskln
akl. He said ho wns an orderly from
the hospital, sent to tell of her hus
band's accident.
Whllo the woman was dressing, she
left the stranger alone downstairs. Ho
Immediately helped himself to everything
lying around loose.
When the thief's victim returned homo
she found her husband waiting for his
Police Think Prisoner Is Man
Wanted for Slick Thefts.
Charles Kraup, 15th nnd Cumberland
streets, wns held In $1510 ball for court
today by Magistrate Emely at tho Park
and Lehigh avenues station on several
charges of larceny.
Kraup was arrested on a charge pre
ferred by Mrs. Louise Curnock. 2467 North
Park avenue, who said he came to her
home for a room, and when she went o
answer the door boll tried to steal some
Jewelry. The pollco say Kraup has been
working this game for a year, getting
rid of the stolen property by exchanges
with Jewelers.
Autolsts Arrested for Speeding
Two nutomablllsts from this city wero
arrested In Camden yesterday and fined
for speeding by Recorder Stackhouse.
They are D. Parker Mumma, 6731 De
Lancey street, fined 20, and Paul Smith,
6330 Do Lancey street, fined (10.
stars. In number of players to qualify Phila
delphia has three. California, three: lloston
two, Tonally, N J., ono, and Now York city,
one Next year Philadelphia will havo even a
better ranking, for Joseph J Armstrong, of
St. Paul, Minn., who last year was rated In
class 2, will uphold local honors on the courts
FO) a tlmo It looked as If Wallace Johnson
would not qualify for the "first ten." but his
showing In the late tournaments gave him a
claim to a place among the leaders, especially
as he qualified a a semtflnallat In the all
comtra" event at Newport.
Princeton University has a tennis star who
will bear watching. Those who predict that
Harvard will mvecp the courts next eason,
with Williams, the national champion, and
Iilchard Ilarte, the Huntingdon Vallev Country
Club star, will da well to watch the Tigers In
thtlr work on the court True, William and
Ilarte won tho Intercollegiate double title and
form a strong pair, but 1015 may bring a few
mora surprises.
Princeton' new star Is Leonard Heekmon
the New York south who entered Princeton as
the Intertcliolastlc champion Ho Is a, marvel
on tho courts and he caused the first upset In
the fall tournament by defeating A M Kidder
the brilliant Princeton player who figured In
so many of the big Kastern and Middle West
tournaments during the past season. In two
out of three set. 3-d, 7-5, 8-6. Meekman
should be a valuable addition to the Tiger
team next season.
Modern Society Dance Contest
at the
40th and Market Streets
Every Night This Week
Win One of the Silver Cups
Corner 38th and Market Streets
Beginners and Dancers' Class
in the Modern Dances
Tuesday & Friday, $i Per Month
Polite Assemblies, Mon. and Sat.
Grand Opening of
23 South 40th
Wednesday Evening, October 2j
bitter than the average person consult
Arm-Bruit. Chestnut St . 1113
Strictly private lessons In up-to-the-minute
dance. Classe taught anywhere.
' " thlTmodehn dances
Private Lesson & Classes Taught Anywhere.
Studio. ITS Manhelm, Bt. Pn , Ota. IBM.
Andrew W. Smith's Trotter
Sets NeW Record for Two-year-olds
When It Lands
$4080 Purse at Lexington.
TjUXINOTOX, Ky Oct. 13
Prelum, by Directum Spier; l'rolntcas,
bred by David M. Look, nnd owned by
Andrew W. Smith, of New York, BCt n
record jesterday ns the winner of a BtnUe
valued at JIOSO, the richest purse over
won by a 2-yenr-old on the harness turf,
na well aa ono of the most Intorcitlng
events of tho season.
11 wns tho "Turkey Trot Sweepstakes,"
In which four yearlngs were named last
year at $1000 each, play or pay, winner
to take nil. Three of tho four entries
were carded for the event yesterday, tho
fourth, Harvett, by .Tho Harvester,
named originally by Dr. Charles Tan
ner, being the absentee. The third, how
ever, Prlncldn, named by A. 11. Coxc,
Pnolll, Pa., failed to answer the call un
account of not being In proper form,
Polly Overton, bred nnd owned by L..
O. Winston, Kingston, N. Y nnd driven
by Tommy Murphy, was the choice at
JT0 to $10, with good selling, ns" nearly
every breeder and horseman was Inter
ested In the unique event.
The Smith entry proved best of tho
pair, as she waa In tho lead all tho time,
although they raced close to each other In
both heats. In the second heat Prolma
trotted her first hnlf In 1.07H, and whllo
'the clip was very fast, yet Polly Overton
hung on all the way to the wire and only
lost tho heat by half a longth.
In the Lexington Stake, an old classic
for two-year-olds, the Allot! farm entry
llacclll, was drawn, as before tho raco he
was sold to Dr. Tanner, acting for tho
Pastime Stable of Cleveland. Speculators
fancied the chancca of tho Dromero Farm
entry. General French, that won a heat
In the Junior division of tho Kentucky
Futurity, but he proved no match for
Chester Laroll's Henry Todd, that not
only won (list, third and fourth money,
but sot a new world's record at 2 ll"i
for a two-yenr-old trotting gelding, the
former record being held Jointly by Con
Courage and Judge Jonea In 2.12?i.
Physicians and Nurses in Snmnritan
Hospital Alarmed by Blaze.
Twelve cofllns were dpxtrojeil In a lire
at the undertaking establishment of Tit
low Brothers, 3127-29 North Broad street,
late Inst night. The flro interrupted a
banquet that was going on In tho build
ing, nnd for a tlmr- caused uneasiness
among the authorities at the Samaritan
Hospital near by.
Tho blaze stattcd In tho rear of the
second floor, which Is used ns a work
shop. A dozen cofllns were stored hero.
As the smoko found Its way Into the
room whore tho banquet waa being held,
men left tho table nnd attempted to
right tho flro, but It bad already too good
a start.
An alarm brought several fir,' companies
and tht sound of the flro bells caused ex
citement among tho physicians nnd nursei
at the Samnrltan Hospital, who at first
thought the fire was closo by.
When tlicy learned that the fire wns In
the undertaking establishment they went
through tho watds and assured patlmtn
there was no danger. Tho loss will
amount to tlOoO.
Manufacturers Ask Judgment In
$240,000 Damage Suit.
WASHINGTON, Oct. 13. Counsel for
D. 13. Lowe & Co., of Danburv, Conn,
asked tho Supreme Court today for early
disposition of the company's suit against
200 members of the Hatters' Union for
1M0.OOO damages under tho anti-trust law
for damageB Incurred in the famous Dan
bury hat (.trlke Damages asked aro for
treble the original amount.
Thirty-four of the original deforciants In
tho suit havo died since 1905, the dato ot
tho beginning of tho proceedings
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cent m advance, the
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KfTr rV.-nm n isnin i isinrr i-(ii'- ,. . . . , mtmlt,
Uat tad, Charged With Being Bun
away, Says Ho Is Fan.
A fat boy closely resembling the well
known Joo Banks, a heio, who was first
to buy baseball tlckela at Olmbcls; ap
peared at the House of Detention today.
Ho Is Joseph Bnlalty, 14 years old, 1630
Heed street, and ho was arrested charged
with being a runaway.
At the House of Detention his mother
sniffed with an air of doubt this morn
ing when her son said lie was the erst
while famous Joo Banks, and that ho had
sold his place for $15 to a fan, Joe
didn't have the money. Ho said tho pur
chaser would pay him later. Judge Gor
man sent him home.
The Joo Banks In line said he lived In
Hound Table Conference at the
Thomas Durham School.
Opportunities for the advancement of
tho Negro In tho Industrial world were
discussed this afternoon at a round table
conferenco of educators and others In
terested In tho Negro's welfare, nt the
Thomns Durham School 16th and Lombard
M. A. Manly, a contractor, spoke on
the subject fiom the practical side, while
William B Buck, of the Seybert Institute,
spoke on the. value of prlvato education.
J. It, P Brock, principal of the Durham
school, delivered an address on Public
Education, and Dr. II. It. M. Landls, of
the Phlpps Institute, pointed out the
necessity of good housing conditions.
Pope Offers Important Post to Car
dinal Qasparri.
BOMB, Oct. 13. Pope Benedict today of
fored tho papal Secretaryship of Stato to
Cardlnnl I'letro Gasparrl, titular bishop
of Cesarl dl Palestine. The Cardinal Is
loath to accept tho high honor and has
not yet returned his answer. Cardinal
Forrata's recent death from appendicitis
loft tho ofllco of papal Secretary of State
Cardinal Gasparrl Is ono of the youngest
of the members of the Sacred College,
being only 62 ycaro of ago. Ho waa
elevated to tho cardlnalato In September
S. 1907.
Continuous Line of Patrons All Day
at Remedial Company's Offices.
The many applications for aid at tho
ofllce of the Remedial Loan Company, In
tho Umpire Building, Indlcnto that the
project has met with populnr npproval
Fiom 8:30 o'clock this morning until late
this afternoon there was a continuous
lino of patrons.
Most of those who npplled said that
their financial plight was duo to presont
business conditions In the country. Mnny
told pathetic stories. Frank Smith Ben
son, treasurer of tho company, iars the
The only applicants refused were those
who dodged usual questions and whose
general demeanor aroused distrust. ,
Discussion Prevented by Absence of
Doctor Sun.
Prominent Chinese from nil parts of
thn countrj. who wore to havo met to
dn at tho Far Hast restauiant, 907 Itnce
street, for a discussion of tho affairs of
the Chinese nation, were considerably dis
appointed by an announcement that the
meeting would not bo held until later In
thn wek.
The gtthorlng of the Chinese fiom this
clt, Now York, Baltimore and Washing
ton wns postponed beenuso Doctor Sun,
leader of the party, Is with General Wong
In Washington on n secret mission It
is said thov would like to meet President
AVIlson. Onc thoy accomplish this they
want to celebrate with a bnnquet.
Domestic troubles, according to tho po
lice impelled Mrs. Klla Gorman, 1S2S
Klnsey street, to end her life this morn
ing by drinking poison. She w:as discov
ered unconscious by her brother, William
Walton, nt 9 o'clock, and hurried to tho
Frankford Hospital, where physicians
pronounced her dead.
Provides a charm of comfort and
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Waa First Used In Series Between.
Boston nnd Pittsburgh in 1003.
BOSTON, Mm., Oct, 13.-"Tessle," the
battle song of lloston rooters which has
been revived for the games between thn
Urnves and Athletics, unit became fa
mous In 1903, when the Boston Red Sox
and Pittsburgh Pirates played for the
world's championship.
Boston lost the first three games to tho
Pirates and tha Boston rooters began
singing "Testis" constantly in cheering
on their team When the fans weren't
singing the band played It. It got on
the nerves of the Pittsburgh players to
such nn ektent that they did every thing
possible to stop the singing. Thpy finally
went to pieces nnd Boston won tho series
Here nre the Words of the chorus to
Tfle. ou make me feel bo bndly
Why don't you turn around?
Tessie, you make mo feel to tmdly
Babe, my heart weighs about a pound,
"rou know I cannot llvo without jou
"Yott know, bab, I neter doubt you
Tessie you are the only, only, only one.
$20,000 LOT BOUGHT
Dwelling' Operation to Follow Trans
fer at 52d St. and Chester Ave.
The lot at the northeast corner of 62d
street and Chester avenue wns conveyed
today by John Glidea to Harrison N.
lllesul for a nominal sum and a mottgnge
pf $0,000 Tho lot Is 157 feet 6 Inches by
02 feet nntl tho nssessed vnlU9 J20.0W.
It will be used for a dwelling opeiatlon
Store Opens 8:80 A. M.
lrw - .
.AiTiiriiB wv: i'umif nir is
JSliSSJmiUvmlwi M4V2i5 -
!liSifflfe?S5Trn InJSyffll
i.itpii wv: i'umif nir is in.vn i r. t ".iirmm
1 11.01,, IN JISMIHIIJ, BR;!.-' H ..., !i $
I 111
The Grand
i nam, t- -in ju iiu in i ?n ij i-c irsr a
consist in never making mistakes but in never making
the same mistake twice." Which seems to be perfectly
good sense.
It's especially good sense as applied to the matter of
the large woman's corsets. If a large woman makes a
mistake In choosing a corset to suit her once, she really
ought not to make it a second time, for the simple reason
that so many excellent corsets are to be had which are
designed expressly for her.
One is the L. R. "IHousefce" 's Comfort". It is
built in such a way as to give pe. t freedom of action
and at the same time support the body. The material is
strong coutil, with double boning and extra heavy clasp.
In shape, this model is plenty good enough to have one's
best tailored suit fitted over it. Price, $3.
The L. R. "Housework" is cut
arms, and is strong, welfl-shaped
price is $11.50.
Another L. R. model for plujnp women who are
short is moderately high in the bust, and has g medium
length skirt, Price, $t
(Corset Salon, Third Floor, QhsstHUt)
13, XOlE.
Charged With Buying Goods Alleged
to Have Been Stolen.
Milk alleged to havo boen stolen from
the Pennsylvania Itallroad freight sta
tion at 31st nnd Chestnut streets led
to the arrest of Howard J. Mowrer and
Leonard P. Robb, West Philadelphia
milk dealers, on a chargo of receiving
stolen goods.
According to the police, Mowrer ad
mits buying the milk from Wlllard Ward
and Roland Smith, who wero previously
charged with the thefts, and reselling
It to Itobb. All were held under $500
ball thin morning by Magistrate Hoyle
In the Mth street and Lancaster ave
nue police station.
Man Hissed In Court When Arraigned
on Murder Charge.
Hisses and slurs greeted Edward Smith,
who killed his mother on September 12,
when he was brought Into Central Police
Court this afternoon. Smith went Into
the cellar of his home, 166 West Atlantic
street, procured nn nx, and struck Ills
mother on the head
Mnglstiatp Itenshaw held Smith with
out ball for the action of the Coroner.
His mothei died In tho Episcopal Hos
pital roveral days ago, after threo weeks
of Buffeting.
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Organ Plays Tomorrow at
said the old-time Josh
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For Large Women
Waiter Substitutes Frying Pan When
He Finds Cartridges Are Blanks.
A little business misunderstanding be
tween John ltobert Jenkins and Oeorga
Howard Rrlggs developed todny when ths
former started to "shoot up" the latter
cafe, at SIS South 17th street. Both men
are Negroes. Jenkins was employed as ft
waiter by Brlggs, and, according to
Brlggs, he used to help himself to left
over roast chicken, pigs' feet and porlf
Brlggs discharged Jenkins and says h
then received thre-ntcnlng letters from tho
exu alter. He ndmltfrd owing Jenkins
monev, but said what the latter took out
of tho refrigerator at night "more than
amplified any financial deficiency."
Jenkins called with a revolver. Brlggs
Jumped under a table nt the first few
shotn, but Jenkins pulled him out and
shot him In the back. But Brlggs didn't
drop dead. He slmpty stared at Jenkins)
nnd looked amazed. Then It dawned upon
Jenkins that ho was using blank cart
ridges Ho threw the revolver away nnd
picked up a frjlng pan
After he had smashed enough things to
gnttfv bis tomppi. he wns arrested by
Pollremin Borton, of the 12th nnd Pine
tints latlon Magistrate Haggerty held
Jenkins in I5M) ball for court.
Store Closes 5:30 P. M.
9, 11 and 5:15
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