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vol,. i-:no. aa
rin laj)el.piii a, Tuesday, October 20, wu.
Cortntanr, 1014. st thi Tcstio Ledum Commnt
Largest Convention of Asso
ciation Ever Held Opens
Its Sessions at the Bellcvue-Stratford.
Good Roads and Legislation in
the Best Interests of the In
dustry Demanded Discuss
Storage Battery Car's Evolu
tion. Enthusiastic dlsciifjl-ms of th future
of the elertrlo vehicle marked tho second
day's session of the fifth annual conven
tion of the Electric Vehicle Association
of Amerlci In the clover room of the
BclleVue-Stratford Hotel today.
At the opening of th session announce
ment was made that the convention wn
the largest that the acsoclation had evr
held, nearly !" membra nttendlnc.
"The electric car will absoluMv and
unquestionably be the automobile of the
future, both for pleasure nnd buslno."
declared Frank W. Smith, piestdent of
the association.
"The statement made by Doctor Ptcin
meU ha fret all of us to thinking, nnd I
believe that It Is the opinion of ne,trt
every man here that with the coming of
the manufacture of electric cars on the
large scale and the wider distribution
of charting stations, which must come,
the electric ehlcle will come into mli
prominence that It Is onlv a matter of
time when the elect rlcall.v prupelled auto
mobile will predominate
"The cloctilc vehicle hai nlrendv proved
Its eMclenn dependability. slmplleltv nnd
epse of uperution
"The field fot c-xpnnslon l In the low-pri-ed
car, and i resent Indications a'e
that elllcient cars more nenrlv within the
reach of the average automobile owner
will be offered to the public "
T. I Jones. speaking on "A Wider Pl
Femination of Electric Vehicle Infoima
tlon," said that the reason why the eler
trlc automobile was not more genernllv
il.cd was the hUh price "The elntne
automobile of today." he said, "is con
sidered a luxury. Kishtv per cent of th
gnsoline cars cost less than fiwo where
as 55 per cent of the electrics cost over I
fCWO." I
In his addresi on "Educating the Pub-
lie to the Field and INe of Electric o
htcles," F. C. Henderschott said that th
pisent era of apparent inactivity In thi
field was du to the natural depression
that follows the introduction of a new
and novel business. Information concern
ing the actual work and capabilities of
the electric car wnen piop-rlv put be
fore the public will reawaken public in
terest nd prove a strong energetic stim
ulus for the Industry.
Legislation as a whole has been snt
lsfnctorv thin vear, according to I D
Wagoner, chairman of the Committee on
I.eslslation. The members expressed their
gratification oxer the nction of fire mar
shals in several sections of the counlrv
in allowing the electric iar to he placed
In the same garag with gasoline cars
Owing to the possibility of sparks from
the chnrging apparatus causing a fire
the dec-trie car in some places has been
barred from the gtrnces where gasoline
1i used. Bv properly guarding the charg
ing apparatus this objection has been
largely ovcrcc me
Addressee were made by William P.
Kennedy. W. -V. Maiiwnring. W. W Frew
man, George fl Kelly, II. P Dodge, and
the meetirg closed with II. II Doerhig's
address on "The Trend of Electrical
Vehicle Manufacture"
Women attending the convention toured
the suburbi and Fairmount Park In
electric automobiles and had luncheon at
thn Whltemarsh Valley Country Club.
A distinguished figure at the convention
today was Tred M. Kimball, manager of
the smoll motors department of the Gen
eral Electric Company Kimball bears
the reputation of having designed and
built the first storage-battery-drhen elec
tric vehicle In the I'nlted States. Ho was
sanguine oxer the future of the electric
"There Is a general Impression that the
electric vehicle Is necessarily one of com
paratively low speed," he said In re
ality It may be said that an electric
vehicle may be equipped to operate at a
speed substantially as high as a gasoline
car. In the present state of the art,
however, Jt Is Inadvisable to equip electric
vehicles for speeds much exceeding 18 or
15 miles an hour "
Thomas A. Edison, who was to attend
Wednesday's session, sent a telegram re
gretting that he would be unable to come
to Philadelphia.
Hourly Bulletins Leave No Other
Alternative for Decision.
Football enthusiasts hopes alternately
roe and fell todax with the hourly bul
letins from Washington and other sources
as to whether the Army and Navy foot
ball game would be plaed this year In
Those who hae been observing the
football situation within ths last week
suggested that John L.ind. who made a.
study of Mexico for the present Adminis
tration, be appointed b President Wil
ton to solve the problem
Secretary of the Navy Daniels issued
a statement last Monday that the nve
year plan had been accepted, and that
tile Army and N'avj football game would
be placed here this jear This statement
was confirmed at West Point.
I, Untenant Commander Jones, of the
Nav. surprised the football fans today
ly t statement that the game was off
When Secretary I'anlels' attention was
call4 to Lieutenant Commander Jones'
statement, he Mid
'Jones U In a position to Know "
Later an official of the N'aval Academy
AthUtlc Asoclatlon wtted the following
"io far as the Naval Academ Is i-un.
rcrntd, til xame It un and will be played
in Philadelphia."
ShuM Philadelphia be the scene of tha
kattlesround the game will be plaed on
FraBklln Field instead of Shi be Park.
which was named in earlier dlpatche
tram the front as an objective point.
Sbeeber Martin, ill North Orianm street.
Is at thw Itoosevelt Hospital todai in a
serious condition as the result of bing
stabbed with a ofdd knife b his wife,
according to the p. ' e The couple j iar
re led over abo t "" f the woman e ai
ings the arr-stvi and an ii3nvil
today for a hear nc.
MffMKm $ Marshall, Wm? u jFmmsBk - ''
VW :i t'km, ky who pNriiMpFPish ' zj M&. wlmk . .
Ww A things. Wsf l$Pr"fP rt
iHT :. , m s "m vmmy.i i
-V't & 5LNELYA k "- f ' v VEWcSf
l 'v 7 A i ftp J -t& ( V.H- WMwyuF
Used Gimlet in Operations
and Worked Daring Sys
tem, Police Say of Man
Now a Prisoner.
Detectives stlo a man taken into
custodv this mornins as "the boring
burRlar." Ills name Is John Doreslneky
nnd he used a Blmlet chiefly to enter
house&. Occasionally ho used a skeleton
The police say that, In view of evidence
found today, thn prleoner is responsible
for at least Z! robberies In all parts of
the city.
After robbing a few houses In one
neighborhood, according; to Special Po
liceman Reckman, Horeslnsky would
qulcklv shift the scene to a locality many
mllos from where he had been worklns
Bv thus operating he had thins almost
his own way. Hut Horeslnsky made ono
mistake That was sltclcinB to the gimlet
Word came to t'ltv Hall that in many
of the robberies entrance was forced by
boring a large hole, through which the
thief removed a bolt or broke an Inside
A number of persons were taken to tho
rooms of the "boring burglar" at Main
nnd Cotton streets, Manayunk, todny and
identified goodB of nil dencriptlon, which
were taken from homes in all parts of
tho city. Mean while Doieamsky rests in
a cell In City Hall, while the investlja
tion continues.
Among the houses robbed by the man,
according to the polpe. are the following
l!fl South Ith street, also UVi and IJU
South 4th, four houses from 1010 to 10M
North Sth street, 701 and "W Olrard ave
nue, 5JTJ Columbia avenue, northeast cor
ner 5th street and Olrard avenuo, three
houses In tne neighborhood of JOth street
and olumbla avenue and to houses In
The goods stolen were worth HMO
tlorestnsk was arrested as the result
of an investigation made by Special Pi
Ifemen Beckman ond Knnold, of tha
Front and Master streets station
Secretary Daniels Promises Improve
ments at League Island.
The work of completing the transport
for which a contract uas rccentlj
awarded to the Philadelphia navv nrl
will require the development of the yard.
according to Feeretary of the Navy
Congressman J Washington Logue
esterday called upon the Secretary on
behalf of the employes, of tho yard, who
hope to have all work on the transport
done In the navy yard.
Secretary Imnlels not only promised
work for the development of the yard, but
also said that r effort would tm
made to have the new transport th
product of Phi.adelphla uorkmanhlp in
even respect
AH Will Be Appointed "Sub" Car
rlers or Clerks,
Two hundred men who passed the civil
wrviee postal examinations In this city
in November, 11J, were notified of their
succsm today by Postmaster John A.
Thornton One hundrad of these are to
be clerks and 1W will be carriers
In both cases the men win start as
' tun at j taUrv of i', ruii p.r hour
Promotion to th. rank of clerk or car
rier vvi'l bring a. salary of JMrt a ear
tmh will .i'4' man allj Incrtaso to a
jjiaMnnun uf L'0
$00 Disappears From Beneath Ptllow
While He Lies 111.
Charles Lake, 2'3 Huntingdon htreet, is
being sought today by Special Policemen
Will.ams nnil Klett. of the Mh nnd York
streets station, on the charge of stealing
:'' fiom his uncle nnil benefactor. The
uncle Is Fin nk Lake, To yuus old, who
also lives nt the Huntingdon street ud
dtef5. Mnce the dentil of his wife two weeks
ago, the elder Lake has been so III he was
unable to leave his bed ISeneath his
pillow he had $13 left from Insurance
momv after paying funernl eienses, nnd
h- charges his nephew with stealing the
money while he was asleep.
The theft was not reported to the po
lice until last night. It Is said to hnve
occurred i.ome time early Sunday morn
ing. Charles Lake has been nursing his
uncle and when the younger man dis
appeared tho patient had no one to care
for him. It was some hcura before he
managed to attract the attention of
neighbors, who ore n.iw caring for him.
He Just Couldn't Stay Sober nnd
Eleventh Arrest Wns Inevitable.
Patrick Doughertv ran out his "ticket
of freedom" at tho 2d nnd Christian
streets station today, nnd Magistrate
Carson rent him to the House of Cor
rection for 30 clays. Dougherty says he
works on a farm at Chester. He has
been before the magistrate 10 times In
the last U days
When Doughertv appeared before Mag
istrate Caron the first tlmo tho latter
thought nothing of It nnd discharged
him with n warning to stay sober Aftor
the man had been arrested three or
four times. Magistrate Carson decided to
glo hlin a run for his freedom.
Accordingly, ho Issued a "freedom
ticket " He told Dougherty that when
It had been punched 10 times, once for
each arrest, he would have to go to the
House of Correction This morning the
10th punch mark was made In the ticket.
Onco Doughert tried to "slip one
over" on the magistrate by getting him
self arrested in the 4th street und Sn
der avenue district, but Alaglstrnte Car
son happened to be holding tho hearings
there that day and the scheme failed to
Councils Fail to Appropriate Money
for Improvements Authorized,
I P,lds were received today by Director
' Cooke, uf the Department of Public
Works, for making Improvements t
hlghways aggregating $1.S.H in cost
i Tho work comprises grading, pavin?
1 and repnvlnB streets with asphalt, wood
block. Belgian and vitrified blocks and
surfacing and resurfacing country roads
with asphalt.
Councils' unbusinesslike methods are
exemplified by the fact that JV).0OO of to
oav's paving contract cunnot bo awarded
Immediately, the mone U not available,
tounills authorized the paving, but ap
propriated no money with which to pa
fur the work.
The JT8.689 portion of the 125,tV total
for grading, repavlng and resurfacing
work will, however, be swarded within
a few das
"Remember, boys," said the master,
"that In the bright lexicon of youth
there I no such word an fall."
After a few moments a hoy raised
his luind.
' "Well, what Is it, my lad?" asked
the master
"I was m-re! going to suggeut." re
plied the joungster. "that if such la
the case It would be advisable to write
to the ilili-l.er uf that lexi- on and
I , all ili ii ' ' i to the omi3i'Jti
. V.H.
Suffragist Orators Tour City,
Making Speeches in Inter
est of the "Cause and Pro
posed Amendment."
Cheered and encouraged by the enthu
siasm with which they were received
yesterday, "flying squadrons" of suffra
gists started out todny on the second of
their six days' campaign, with renewed
They hope at the end of the week to
see substantial galnB chalked up to the
credit of the cause of votes for women
and tho suffrage amendment to the State
Today gaily decornted automobiles and
trucks again are dashing Into various
sections of Philadelphia carrying men
and women whose evident determination,
enthusiasm and sincerity back up their
Tho meetings today cover an area from
Columbia to Washington avenues. The
receptions tendered the squadrons are
cordial and the crowds nre everywhere
interested. While the speakers are mak
ing the addresses suffrage workers min
gle In tho crowds offering pledge cards
to be signed.
When tho work was all over yesterday
and there was time to count up It was
estimated that the total for the day
numbered more than COW converts and
those supporters of the "cnuse" who for
the first time had an opportunity to reg
ister themselves In support of the move
ment. In addition to the making of actual con
verts, the purpose of the present cam
paign Is to get a full list of those who
are already In fav)r of the movement in
order that the real strength of the suf- .
frago causo In Philadelphia may be
As an evidence of the drag-net nature I
of tho present effort, it even includes in
some sections a house-to.house canvass
and the distribution of literature- from
door to door. I
Tne schedule of today's meetings In- I
eludes noon meetings at Jlroad and i
Wnshlngton avenue and 15th and Wash
ington avenue, and a meeting at the
Schuylkill Arsenal, Ora's Ferry road and
Washington avenue at 1.30.
Inflicted Wound During What
Should Have Been Fond Embrace.
Nicholas Smith, of 810 Brandy wine
atreet. is minus u portion of an ear to
day as the result of a christening party i
Harry I.islp. of :onie sireei. near iviii
was held under IWOO bail for coutt by
Magistrate Umely for biting off thu car
of Smith ,
It happened during the christening of
Andrea Oultoaky, four months old, of 981
Noble street.
Smith w-as the guest of honor at the
christening of Andrea. He came early
and wished little Andrea so much success
with the artlval of every guest that he
forgot he and Llslp were not on good
He made no remonstrance when Llsip
embraced him. but he shouted for help
when he lost the tip of his er His
ues b-oke up the party and brought
tr.- i' Ii.-
Cigarette Causes Fire Which Almost
Has Serious Ending,
A lighted cigarette, dropped In bed by
Tony Corfo, 751 South Marvlne street,
nearly cost the man his life nnd created
Intense excitement among other persons
In the house. The place Is a boarding
house conducted by Joseph Scnotl.
Corfo, It Is said, returned to his board
ing house nt 2 o'clock this morning. II.)
carried a lighted cigarette In his hand,
and when he went to bed continue!
puffing. When he awakened Scnotl was
pulling at his feet. The bed was In
Seizing a rug from the floor Scnotl
wrapped It nbout Corfo and managed to
extinguish the flames before they had
seriously injured the man.
Meanwhile other boarders In the house,
smelling smoke, rushed from their rooms
In a panic.
Animals Saved From Suffocation
When Stable Is in Flames.
To savo 55 horses from being suffocated
by smoke early this morning in a flro
in a stable over tho garage of Henry
TCtick, Carlisle street and Montgomery
nvenue. the firemen led them up a run
wa to the third floor of the stable, not
attempting to take them down the burn
In; runwny to the street.
A blaze In the hay on the second floor
wns discovered by o garage employe. Be
fore tho arrival of the firemen the horse
runway to the street was n mass of
The firemen gained the second floor by
mrans of a stairway and. confident that
they could save the building, began the
'transfer of tho horses to the third floor.
The frightened animals were blindfolded
and taken to safety. Employes of the
gnrage pushed Into the street 11 motor
car:- that were In storage.
The cause of the fire Is supposed to
have been spontaneous combustion In the
has loft. The loss was about JHOOO.
Footwear Belonged to Young Woman
and Man is Held.
While examining a pair of tennis slip
pers In Fairmount Park, the meditations
of Frank Bourjohn. 3119 Dauphin street,
were Interrupted by Captain Duncan of
the Park Guards
llourjohn was wandering through the
Pari; yesterday when he found the slip
pers They weie on n bench and Bour
john sat down beside them. Two young
women were plajlng tennis nearby. Bour
john casually picked up the slippers to
examine them and stepped from under
a tree to get more light.
He took several steps. perhap, when
one of the young women playing tennis
whistled. Bourjohn did not know the
whistle was meant to attract his atten
tion, and kept on going to where the
light w-as better.
The whistle was repeated louder and
aptain Duncan, who was on an Inspec
tion tour of the Park, Jumped from his
automobile, arrested the startled Bour
jolui and restored the slippers.
At the hearing this morning the
voung women did not appear, but Cap
tain Duncan came to support a charge
of larceny. Bourjohn said that he was
onl having a little fun. Magistrate
Bo.vle held the young man under J10O
bal for court.
Marguerite Hertz, one of the latest
recruits of the new repertoire company
to be established In Philadelphia, is
spending her time Just now In study.
She finds much Interest In Ibsen.
Ibsen Is my latest love," she re
marked to a friend the other day.
"Oh, that s all right," returned the
lalnnil '(. i t At-n anm moi fl ! fitlnna
neer amount to anything". Boston I
A IMIIiX'.ttVl
Appraisal of Club's Former Presi
dent's Estate la Filed.
Personal properly of William 1! I.ocke,
former president of tho Philadelphia Na
tional hoTgue htbe'iall club, has been np
ptnlscd at JIS.SKMI, nccordlng to an In
ventoty f the estate filed at the office of
Keitlstcr of Wills today.
The npprnUal of the personal property
includes an Interest of $15,000 In the Phila
delphia baseball club.
Perional prop"rtv of Matilda S. Ebcr
hart has been nppralssd nt $19,189.81.
The W1I or Htiwin n. onnnnon, hub u.
I 3V!1 Powelton nvenue, disposing of nn
estate of $20.pqo, wns ncinuucn 10 pnii"
todav. Other wlll3 probnted are those of
Herman J. Tinhorn, 763 South th street,
J500ii, nnd Caroline Valet, 271S Cast Clear
field street. $2)00.
Haunts Detectivo Bureau nnd Won't
Let Detectives Slumber.
Leaning back In a chair half nslccp,
Detective Mahoney was startled at City
Hall today when a stranger put his head
In the window of the Detective Bureau
nnd murmured something that sounded
like: "I.o-ok at the ru-ubo."
The voice came from the courtyard,
and as there nre no aeroplanes or 5Cep
pelclns scouting In thnt neighborhood,
Mn'noney leaped from the chair. De
tective Timlin, who was dozing nearby,
also looked startled. "Did you ?"
asked Mnhonoy. .
"Yes, 1 did," said Timlin.
While they were pondering over It a
ptrullor looking creature with a white
head and a bluo bedy fluttered In on the
window sill and blinked nt them.
"It's a bird," shouted Mahoney.
"Of course It Is," said Timlin.'
Mahoney then picked the visitor up
nnd found It to be a pigeon. Tho pigeon
rubbed Its head ngnlnst Mahoney's sleeve
and cooed Then It yawned nnd shook
lis feathers out to show that It was glad
to be there.
Attached to one of the bird's legs was
a tag marked "19 X " Iteallzlng that the
plseon was a cnrrler, Mahoney gave It
a drink and then liberated It. But It
flew back ngnln. This time Timlin set
tho pigeon free. Again It came back.
It had a number of queer characteris
tics When drinking, for Instance, tho
bird, which has been christened "Tlllle,"
can perch on the end of n pitcher and
drink without falling In. She Is also
mysterious In her movements, so the de
tectives have decided to make her n
member of the "aeroplane squad."
Jupiter Will Proceed to Richmond
After Unloading Here.
The now electrically driven collier Jupi
ter Is unloading n cargo of scrap Iron nt
the Philadelphia Navy Yard today. After
this she will proceed to Port Richmond
to take on a cargo of coal for the I'nlted
States fleet stationed In Mexican waters.
On the way the collier will stop at
Annapolis, where sho will be Inspected
bv the cadets of the Naval Academy and
Government cnglnceis from Washington.
The vessel has attracted attention as
the first ship driven by electric power In
the rnlted States navy. Although the
collier's trip from San Francisco, bv way
of the Panama Canal, Is her maiden
ojage, the olllccrs declare the Jupiter
has piovcd to be a success In every re
spect. After the passage of the Jupiter through
tho new canal, ofllcors of the collier ex
pressed tho opinion that the Culebra Cut
would either have to be widened or a
new cut made In order that vessels going
In opposite directions might not Interfere
with each other They declare vessels
of tho present type would be unahle to
pass In the cut, and this, they believe,
will develop congestion nt either end of
the canal,
Despondency Caused George Scheldt
to Seek to Endife.
Despondency over his failure to get
work since the outbreak of the European
war, according to the police, caused
Geore Scheldt, 51 years old, 1021 Moyn
menslng avenue, to attempt suicide by
leaping Into tho Delaware River at the
foot of Fitzwater street. He was rescued
by Chief Patrick Murphy, of the light
house tender Iris, who plunged Into the
water and pulled him out. after he had
refused to hold to a lift belt which Pa
trolman Sullivan threw to him.
Scheldt wns seen on the wharf at 9.30
o'clock yesterdav morning. When he
reached the edge ho stood for a minute
looking at the water benenth him and
then calmly walked off the edge of the
pier. A number of persons standing
nearby heard the splash. Patrolman Sul
livan dived In nnd managed to bring the
man to safety.
He was taken to the Pennsylvania Hos
pltal In an ambulance nnd It Is said he
will recover. When asked why he had"
tiled to end his life Scheldt replied that
he was thrown out of work at the begin
ning of the war and had not been able to
get anything to do since.
Insurance Man's Office Furnishings
Bold for Kent During Absence,
"Have gone for a holiday, will return
September 23."
This was the sign D. M. Epstein. In.
surance agent. COS Chestnut street, posted
on his door when he left town some time
ago. Epstein has not jet returned and
when he does there will be a surprise
awaiting him . He will find a new ten
ant Installed In his ollice and his ofllce
furnishings will have been distribute I
among dealers of the city They are
Koine. BuuiB, suoe, naving oeen sold by
E M. Slemmer, constable, for a levy for
rent made by the Glrard Trust Com- '
pany. j
Epstein represented the Pittsburgh I.lfe
and Trust Company. iru title was
"director of agents." 1
Edmonds nnd Tope to Speak at Falls
of Schuylkill and, Tioga.
Franklin Spencer Edmonds, the Rev
Homer W. Tope- Charles E. Beury and
tho Rev. H N Chalfant will be the
speakers at local option mass-meetings
which the temperance forces of Falls of
kill and Tioga have arranged
The meeting will be held at tne Dev
ertaux Memorial Methodist EpIgcoDal
Church. 26th street and ah. c,.I.. .
-- - - - " ,siirii jive- '
ncie and at the Ticum n,..k. 1
Church, 10th and Tioga streets. Tburs- I
da mslt i
Many Charitably Inclined
Persons Forget That Little
Recipients of Gifts
Be Shivering.
Sponsors for Christmas Ship Ask
contributions of Warm Cloth.
Ing to Relievo Suffering of Un.
fortunate Children.
Sentiment and common sense are havlnt
a hard tussle In the breasts of tho donori
of Christmas gifts to the children of th
war zone. Judging from the latest con.
slgnmcnt of contributions which arrive!
at the Christmas ship pavilion In Cltr
Hall couttyard this morning.
Despite the efforts of the Child Fcder.
tlon to Impress the fact upon contrtbu
tors that the orphans will not be abU
to enjoy horns nnd dolls and picture
books when their little feet arc cold aril
their little bodies have not sufficient
clothing to protect them from the "cauld,
catild blasts," nevertheless tho toys cam
In a-plenty.
There were packages of trains and
eleds nnd there were packages of paper,
dolls, Jumping ropes, rubber animals,
horse reins and blocks, nnd all but a few
of them were marked with emphatic
underscoring: "For the children of the
Belgian refugees."
Among the more practical gifts wen
woolen tarn o'shanters, knitted shawls
dozens of mufflers and many pairs of
Letters to the Child Federation Indlcati
that the Interest In Philadelphia's Chrlit
mas ship Is moro than Stnte-wldn cm
clubs of New Jersey and Delavvaro have ,'
"cun i-unrcricu into temporary sewin
cltcUs and many Sunday school classes
arc wielding the needle nnd thread In
dustriously so as to have warm things
mudo up for the kiddles befoie October
23, the Inst day that contributions will
be received.
And If tho women from the nearby
States arc busily getting little gnrments
icncly, so nlso there Is scarcely a small
town In Pennsylvania which has not Its
quota sowing right merrily for the far
away children, who, were It not for their
efforts, would not have any Christmas
Joy this year From Gettysburg them
came a childish epistle from an 11-year-old
boy asking If thero was anything hi
could do to help.
Thus far $236.81 has been received In
money contributions. This the federa
tion will spend for clothing to bo dis
tributed to the various nations Impar
tially, unless there has been a request
to tho contrary.
Somewhere 12 little children are to be
mnde happy by a complete outfit provided
by Edward B5k, president of the Child
Federation. .Mr. Bok has sent leggings,
mittens, stockings, hats, sweaters and
several boxes of assorted toys nough to
(111 all the childish wants of bIx boys and
six girls.
Drives Car Backwards Up nnd Down
Hill In Park.
Drlvtnf fillinmnlillM Vtnitlriinvit In TTalp-
mount Park is not permitted. When a I!
mon drives nn auto backward down a if
nui in tne parK, it usually causes trouble,
but If he should turn around and at
tempt to drive backward up a hill. It's
enough to arouse tho Indignation of the
mo.st passive park guard This Is what
happened to a car driven by George M.
Cnivlllo. 1S02 North Park nvpnno
After ntlttlnsr his car through the 13
mnneuvre. Carvrile. who is a city build
ing Inspector, wns locked up In the guard
house. His only explanation was that
he had been having a good time Magis
trate Bole believed It and fined him
Foreign Mission Society Meets
The Women's Foreign Missionary
Society held its monthly meeting In thi
Wltherspoon Building this morning Ml"
Elizabeth Webster, of Mnuch Chunck.
vice president of the soeietv, presided.
Addresses were made by Mrs. Mary D.
I.atta, Miss Janet N. Scot and Mrs.
George F. Fitch, medical missionary ta
Official Forecast
Tor eastern Pennsylvania Fair to
night, slightly warmer In north and west
portions; Wednesday fair and warmeti
gentle to moderate winds becoming south.
For New Jersey Fair tonight and
Light rains occurred in the extrems
northeast lost night under the inftuenct
of a disturbance thnt Is moving off th
coast of Nova Scotia this morning Show
ers also occurred In Arkansas and
Louisiana and it Is ralnlnc this mornlnr
In the eastern portions of Oklahoma and I
lexas. talr weather prevails over the
remainder of the countrv The tempera
tures have risen somewhat In the Lake
region, the Ohio valley, and most of the
cotton belt, and are lower In the far
northwest In general there ta a slight
excess In the central valles and season
able conditions elsewhere.
U. S. Weather Bureau Bulletin
Cbservatton4 maile at S a m Eastern tins.
last Rain- Veloe
Siailmi Sam nt fall Wind itytVeailitf
bilene, Ta 611 M Calm O Clouif
Atlantic Clt. s M jfv 4 iloudj
llismartlc X. I. .IS is jew P cloulj
Iliwtun. Ma .it SO .02 vv fl i"1ar
Ituffllo X Y . 5il .12 SV 12 PrlouW
'hUao ill . . 5 M SW 12 P.IouJf
I'leveianl O S2 V2 Sri 12 "'lear
Denver, fol. . IC t s HP lciW
pea Moln. la 54 M KW 4 kit
Peirolt. Mleh . IW lt s s r loulf
Iiuluth Minn . 4S 4S v a tear
fitctitcin Tex "t 71 SF S P ItttV
Hattrrai N C . m M Nn S 1 1-ar
Helen?. Mom 3 II 02 SW l-ui?
Huniii P Pak. 41 4S sk 14 Ifar
Jacksonville . M l nr 6 c lear
Kan fit). Mo. M S SW 4 c-?ar
I.ouivllle. Ky . m v r in .-louly
Memphlf, Tenn. fia M is g g ci-uir
New Orleans . 70 10 E 4 Cloul
S"ew York St M NW fl lesr
N Platte Neb 40 JO s 4 'er
OklAhima. Oila s w V. I rtala
Philidflphia Sfl r.ft vv 4 near
Phrenlx. Aril !W ,W PF fl tear
Pltubureh. Ta N'K 4 r 'ft..
PortUin.1. Me . 4 12 fifl SW pilew
Portlanl Ore VI SI nj s I Clmi'
Que- ran to 18 so r I rioiH
ft r oui m ! m p p rWy
Pt Paul Minn S2 M SF P ,"'m""
Rait Take t"'ah w v SB R "r ,
Kan Fran-i o SS VI 02 W 4 rt-ar
PTnnton Pa 44 41 v 4 F-Jf
Tuiria 70 W NF 4 f "
u .-!, 1 n j5 4, ral-n o ''
n.anlrec 10 IS S ll ?-"

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