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i.b-w1 'isffSiJAir-n
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" LI s
i j
(tuddonly jcstcrdny from New York for
Waving reporter n.!lo with lila gloved
hand, Judge Klurrl II (Snry, chnlrmii
of the Hoard of Directors of the Pnlled
Males Steel Corpoi ntlon. who hns been
iknonru'cl bv the Ooveriimenl piotiutri
lis the originator of pools and secret sn
llcntes. today icfused to make miv
"It wouldn't he proper for tue to cs
press nit. opinion on the outcome n
the Milt," he "tald.
Attention wna culled to ttlo fntruni
Behwn'i dinner in New York, which It-Uc'
rilmot until tUt light, tl was at lh
tllnner that tit- late J. I. Mortrttt, II l
said, lnndcd over .t,fMW) to Hi-hw .
to help to i rente tho "Sleet Trust," t'o
the sum of JS.flOn.m) Morgan received
Im.l: JiiUfKrW InstCe of tt week In Mod.
n ml sti 'jrllles, a pront of JNH.IMO 6W. Jti.Ue
CJni) n.JP present at tllftt re.ia.st.
"flint 3 n matter vvhlrh dntes lin. k
t'o far," taid Jtulpp Hniv with n ttnle
The inuic of battle which the titii
law crs ptnpose to v tee In the pett tow
' iln.vs ns.ilt'st Srec'al Arlstnnt Altomrv
Oenernl HI. Mtison vvns rt'nppeil out tn
. dnv Just nc tin hearlnit vtns resiuin'l
l.ffore Ji'dRrs Woolley, MulllfiBton, Hunt
and Mi Pher-mi In the fulled State "l
cult I'oint of App'nls.
Mr. tJlchli.run, who I n former Setr.
tary nf War, will take up the trlmtt i
Into 'nl.i i-f P-morrow.
The legal battle In belli! il tile '"
Trut," as nmppeil out today In
feretuc. nn n fnliiivvs,
After V,. V. Lindnbuiv, of Mv I"
computes hi argument, which rieclii
that Ihe "Steil Trust" hni done m
for silence and labor thfin n.v "tint i1
ilu.str., hn wltl be followed o) Hum 1
t'olton. of tlr ticiartnient 'if l.i'
Mr. Cotton, who Is nMistlnu Mr. IM.-ki
fcnn. I? ruimtid to spring severnl iri i-
lions vhii h have never before bei i pfuit-
id In nesp.ipct or nuu-itlii .
t-VUoultig Mr. t'olton t. . Un-d. .
Pltts'iurfjii, will speak In bchil' "f t i
"Steel Ttu'l" Thm '. A ibwim.
vho prot-.iblv knows nrsures .mil Hie ht
tor of roipora'lnnii lii-ttt-r tha t an; '.i
vet. will touch upon rort.tln tcai m.m or
tbv Kt-"! Itnluotrv. A W. Murrii' v. in
defend John D. Hookcfellor and h i n
I' H Kellnus another famo,i t it
lawyer, lll trv to prove the In' i.f.
if the llreat Northern Inteicsts 1 li
.losing iippml In bchair of thir ".'teel
Trust and the millionaire!' h.i lUui.
In the cieatcst sun evr Instituted naun-t
a corporairui o i"? " -
ifuli I Juhti " J' '"i '"
ridi I1 .luliti 11. J-nun in
Mr. kiio4. m inn nrsumnnt ror the
',ieat Votthern Intel estc. Ml! !-n In
tummlntj up. ..... .
The liovernmnt hn fulled to w"
tun uirouinlln.' clrtumBtnneefi such
to"ju3llf the romtut'ion that thl lovn I
was not entcied Into with the lesitlniat. .
parpose of reasonable forwardlm; iei
sonal interest and deeeloplns trade, or .
to fiivi rlre to any imnvw-p " ih
mmrtljn that It wns entered Into with
'the tn-.ent to do wron? to the Hnernl
public or Um't the rU'ht of IndMd
uals "
Mr. Lindoburj. In conilnulnB his
nrsurr-nt todas. dwelt upon pvery Ma
ture .-f the 'Steel Tiut '-rrnm tne nmo
that It -ens horn at n dinner until t'ncle
Unm Kinrted to send out "sumshoi'" in'n
after the law was Moinimi
The "orjanlz-itton wns but a natural
nnd normal development from e-tlstin::
trade and manufacturing conditions,"
i-a'd the white-hah-ed lawer as he faced
the four Judges today.
"It waa only notable becnuse of the
larqene" o' tho coneoptlon which un
derlay it. nnd tho couioko ehbltcil In
undertaLliiK to carry It out, but ability
li. think larse and encourase to execute
the thoUKht nre not condemned by law.
Indeed, the future piusporlty of our
countrv nnd Its stnndlnjr umonR the na
tion? mut dipend In larse measure upon
the enco.irujrcmont Riven to these attri
butes of the Ameiieun business man."
Driver Fined for Passing Car "Which
Had Stopped at Railroad Station.
An alleged violation of the automobile
laws, when he drove his oar past tho
.fur nlde of a street ear, which had
stopped at the Baltimore and Ohio Rail
road station, -'tth and I'hestnut streets,
toda resulted In th arrest of Charles
P. Vaughn, 53U cnorbrook avenue, pres
ident of Dusun, Hool & Co . Inc , JKV
North American street. He was ar
raigned in Central Station and fined 510
and costs
Mr. Vaushn was drtvlns east on Chest
nut street When a street car stopped
In front of the station he did not at
tempt to diive N-tween it and the bulld
itij, but chose the far side. Potlceman
JIunxen declared this to he a violation
of the automobile law and nrrested the
motorist. ,
During the hearing It developed the
car used by Mr. Vaughn born a license
tag issued to this brother, Ira Jir.
Vaushn explained to the court that six
cars woro owned Jointly by him and his
brother, and he took the tlrst ona which
was handy.
Ken and Women Bight to Witness
Mrs. Carman's Ordeal.
MINEOLA. V. T.. Oct. S. A riot at
Unded the opening- of the afternoon ses
sion of the murder trial of Mrs. Florence
Carman, when men and women fought
with each other to get Into tho court
Tootru Offlcere wern ordered to clear the eorrl
tlors and a scene of violence ensued,
Wen were thrown down stairs and women
also were roughly handled.
Father, Mother and Two Children
Complete Long Hike.
Carpenter and wife, their daughter. Miss
Mllla. aged 15 jears. and son, Horace,
aged 10. arrived here last niRhl after
having walked from Oakland. Cal. They
bear a message from the Loyal Moose of
Oakland to Mavor Illankenburg and the
Moose of Philadelphia.
The four left their Western home Just
four months ago yesterday, and expect
to walk into City Hall some time today
to deliver their message
j Man Who Stole Cloth Sentenced
Judge t-Jiu in ymimr 3mjjh oun
today sentenced Harry Kauifman, US
Koutb 2lst street to not less than one
year and eight months nor more than
three year In Hie Eastern Penitentiary
for stealing several yards of cloth from
Jaoob Ash, of 618 Vine street, on Sep
teraber 7. Kauffman withdrew hi plea
of not guilty after th Commonwealth
had produced Its evidence, and entered
a plea of guilty. He has seved several
previous sentences on like charges .
Problem of Sultan's Age
Since hi Majesty. Sultan Mebmed V.
Hhaa. i oorn on iu h oi anew-
iwaL MW. and last Saturda) wa the "i
n. in ik ti ,. .. .i . i.
Sow T3 year. , l.l S43 t e omrt -t -,
UntlnopL. These however are jun ,t
jss? . r. x:?z :. 2
rM sM-jr w -
RMJSTER tt Qa.lifisl Vol.
f'fj it4 $4-St
? I &,
fUr i-r "
' ''" ftJ!hs "
ii.c icj.otrjk. in book cf Prcc.nct N'o 1, Ksdfstorc Township. This
picture shovs bow an entire registration book, with the cover removed and
filled with phantom names, was roughly tied inside the regular book with a
piece of cord. The loose page is
struck 320 names oft this list.
T T II T I-" ' 1
i Lawyer 1 ells Jury Lvidence
' J
Will irove latal Shot
Was Fired by Person Not
Yet Identified. '
MINK'il.A. . I. nit S "Well prmi'
that a man muulercd Mrs l,r.uls
Bailey." With thesf words Ueorse M. l.ew. nf
couns ) for Mrs. Florence Ctirimn. tn
djv outlined the exact defense he would
irake to snva the beautiful wife of the
prlpnnr, nhvslrlnn from tho flectilc
i ' t
chair, lie admitted that he could not '
plve th identity of this man murderer
of Doctor Carman's patient, hut luscitcd
the ability of the defense to prove bv-
1 yond a doubt that the hand which shot
death through a window In Doctor Car
man's office was a man's.
Levy began his outline of tho defense
case shortly beforo noon. The piosecu
tlon had rested with rebuttal examina
tion of Frank Farrell. a wanderer. Judge
Kelby denied a motion to dismiss tho
case mailo l the defense on tho ground
of insufficient evidence.
The defense's first witness was a Negro
stenographer, who had taken down the
testimony of Cella Coloman. Mrs. Car
mun""i Negro maid, nt n prlvnto hearing
on July 13 The Colomnn girl's version
of events on the night of the murder,
as given then, differed materially from
tho story she told on the stand yester
day. Alis. Carman s entrance In couit this
morning wns dramatic. The members of
her farnllv had preceded her and took i
wreathfd in a forced smile. Phe showed
the effect of having spent possibly n.
wakeful night. Before she sat down
fcho kissed each member of her family,
her father last.
While waiting for the Judge to enter
she began discussing her case with her
attorney. She continued the animated
discussion while the names of the Jury
men were called. The accused woman
was evidently pleading to be allowed to
take the stand In her own defense.
When Mr. Graham rose to question
Farrell one who had listened to yester
day's xamlnatlon might have supposed
that only a few minutes' recess had been
"How did you describe the woman you
saw outside the Carman house the first
time?" asked the attorney.
1 ucscriueq imi- auoui me leei eigni
Inehf,a tell nnH nf rtnrfc mn!..lnn
answered tho witness
....,UU ..-. w- .M HH'I .1IUMI
"Did you ay sho woro a raincoat or
eravenntte?" continued Graham.
"Didn't you say she had on a fedora
or sloueh, hat?"
"Well. I might havo ald she had on
somothins that looked like a man's hat."
Farrell admitted.
Graham thon tried to pin Farrell down
to the fact that he had admitted that
much to Sheriff Pettlt in July, but tho
witness declared he lOiildn't ri member.
The trend of Mr Graham's examina
tion seemed to be to establish that the
witness was not looking for work when
he went from New York to Freeport on
June 30 The attorney Insinuated that
Farrell either went there with knowl
edge of what wns to take placo or that
he was not at the house at the time he
says he was
Rorreit tnmifleit he un nhniit tn fei
their seats In 11 circle Jun at the back , " '" """ ., iif,.f ",iu "" ut'lrn"il' ls '-' ner 01 u
cf the defendants chair. A silence fell Tarrell was umvoi t hy of bel of. .hlld born out of wedlock, does It not
over the little courtroom as the door In Mr?l rman woul, tlioiou npui ,,, j,,,, tlmt tho ,.,,,, h,lould get tno
the front of the room swung open an,, d UKr,,h nc de, - ch .J e -;.- flll, henetit ot tl.U nndlng.-
away from tho porch when ho saw a J ttrn enrolled 10 per cent af them, and
woman. j the necessary mimoer of names was x-
'Tho first view I hd of her was when ' ' eded by 30 Ojio. at a east of J300."
I heard the sound of breaking glass ; n Ww Voik State Mrs. Brown claimed
ana looked up and saw her at a window." ' an onormo.is inciease In suftraee sup
ha said "I didn t see any one come p-rteis Jn one count) where thero were
from the rear of the house. The woman I 5 recorded suffrogibts three years ago
was holding her left hand above her "be Bid ,h-cro were now l3a and out
head She made a move with her right I "f women canvassed In one town
hand and I think It was that hand that 5 signed in favor of suffrage.
she shoved through tho window Then '
I heard a shot 1 started to run and I
glanced over my shoulder I saw the
I woman fleeing As I was running I
heard the sound of another shot I'm
not sure that It was a shot lu my ex
citement I couldn't tell "
Graham e-id Farrell and the State
Immediately reeled Its ia.
.... , ......
"Not only do purple to stow tht
Mrs Carman U guUtleac." said Mr lv.
"but we will prove that the murder of
Mra. Blto wa cmmitt4 by a man
..... . , u.
wbose fatantlty w have ben nabl to
etabllb It i not pecesar undr the
lew lor u 10 iirov uiai nnotmr at-i
j the shooting in or.Ur f. ile.r Mis lr-
i .. ........- . .i.. ..
law for us lo prove that anothir did
Levy ,a.i .he dfe..-. . a.. -h..w .ha
m me -Uy ot the . m, , . a.m.e
?jst r, : -7 vr w
1 .-.- ,.
ryu. vniU.lu Dee
s( i
J.' V
part of the regular return. The court
KEttru. of (,V.IW V.wj mtt
w .
- ftlJilwy
-l. L.t.jSSif v?..iii.ai:c.. ,-.,
UrJ yyty . 1&mmA -m -t-
tei-'-jiUCi..-- . .ojt.
iKX2 Jjf . tea UL ,- .
Another photograph of the registration book of Redstone 3, showing how other pages were fastened to the
back cover of the book by means of small rivets. It also shows how no attempt was made to fill in all of the
columns in the book, as required by law, the person or persons who padded the lists having contented them
selves with writing in only the names, postofnee addresses and occupations of the phantoms.
she called downstairs and told ClUa-
beth to stop playing the pi.mo. Then
shu heard a peculiar sound and (die put
on a kimono and slippers and went to
the head of tho Malr.s. Sho wiW thu
backs of two women leaving the olllco.
Sho did not go down to tho nllicu ul
all. The docto. had previously told hoi
following the episode with the mil se that
If she ever entered tho ..trice again when
patients were theiu she would liuve to
leave. That was why she didn't g"
si- r .... .,,, .,..,1 liiitln.etlv tbat
Mr. Levy announced rtii.Ul.v tl at
Mrs. Cnrmnn would take the stand lalei
.i. .-.., ,, ...i.i ,i, .i.,f..so uoiild
In the trial. He said the defenbe would
show tnat sho did not know Mis nancy
,' ',i, ,i.
lor tue iiri
nnd i-nw the slain woman
time In the morgue. Mis- c"I""''",1,i,1'
ii.cii a buii ui u 1.1-im. ... "',"
nnd mis had no iperloncc with llrennns
nui-time In. .. nlll infd. VVIIS to COIltlllll
certain rumors which .he had heard and
llieu to C.MIIIOIU lui-iur ' 111 .!.. ......
this evidence. Sho planned to talk tho
matter over with her husband, but would
bring no nctlon for divorce 011 nccouut
of their daughter UlUaboth. Mis. Car
man would continue to live with him If
she obtained such evidence, but not ne
man nnd wife, bald .Mr. Levy.
Benedict W Cheesmuii, 11 Ncsiu
stmographer of New Yoik. who took
Celia Coleman's, statement on July 13
was the first witness for th- defence
Success Expected in Ohio, Nebraska,
Montana and Nevada.
VPIV vortK. Oct. 22 -Sutei'iS tin
1 ... . ,.. , . ...u.,.i, i,..
Woman SUII rilKH 1" Nliu ..-m..i- -.-..
tuna and Nevada In the November elec
tions was predict! d today by Mrs Riy
mond S ll.ovvti. president nf the Emidiu I
"" " . . .
DurVvn Hi. 1 i (J fTll A
Tho suffrage constitutional nmenomeni
U to be vi'led on In seven Stntes. but la
th Dakoliis and Missouri Mrs Urowfi
franklv mbnltted that the uuttonu was
not prnmlsii s In tho first two aho said
the provisions of tho State Constitutions
made an aniendmut almost an Impojbi
bllltv. while the Mtssourlans were
The highest tu pes of the suffragists
are baked r Ohio.
'Ohio sav us a Muai'ter of a million
Mitts two 'ears bi." said Mrs. Rrown,
"and we lost only by Eonf ST.CO This
vear the uuestlon was submitted by an
Initiative petition. The law requires a
petition of J per cent, of voters In a ter-
tain nronortlon of Lounties Our peti-
Benjamin Alexander Freed ot Assault
Charge Made by Tenant,
rtentnmin Alexander, a lawyer and real
,. hmttr. nf 1.126 Client nut street, was
acquitted toda before Judge Martin in
quarter Slon Court of a charge of
assault and batter) on Mrs Mar) I
"f th aml Vlne strfct8
.r. .cNander is the owner of the
propert) In which the proeiutn lived.
tat Fcbruarj lie " d im. uii
betutea thtiu when the nwner wishtil tj
an exaranatM.n of his property
,. Tia-,,!..,.,, R730 384 52 in Week
Clty "e8768 JU.JOl.o in ween
ric.Aii.a . r iti. iiIl irp.niir, linun.
ih Ut .no .Lvi es-gregated P'3M.
(..., d'.nng the same per.o,
r;e,v,- ,K ? . ;.;
v ico in. a l 1 1 T ii a iihii i vn iiiiiiu I tut i: iiiut t 1I...1 11 .. m 1 . 1.. . r 1
- " J
j.J Lrrt
,r '( 3&2i4nsi2i$'
iio Ikr f Wi-sA
. o
Judgc Dcclnrcs Illegitimates Should
,' Hayc pr Rlghts.
' ; '" Oc i. - I.egMat Ion giving
' . ",lt "nutu ll'' '' th, ' '"'V1 '" ''f'V ars
' ,' ",,me ""- f " rights of inheil-
, "' i "mmi-nded by Judge Joseph
' ' , ' "' H, -., r of lo me. c Re la-
lions, a liibtin.il that h.i.i attracted ut'
tcntlon thu wmld over, in his levliw of
the resultb of the thlid ear nf the court.
I ' "L niuiei 01 uil iiieguini.iii- cnilil
I mIPlx , iMn , ,, s,.lt0,
, ,., im.ii,. "if ...... ,i... iv..w .,
si"(l ldge I lillr. If it man detclvi-. a
The lathei of un Illegitimate child
gill mill n child Is hoi u, he may dls-
charge all his ohllgatluns by pnllig JIOH
,, ,.... ,, ,-,, .. .. ,, ,..f,
till 5.Vi Is'pnld. Or lu ma' avoid paying
b". 1,,, .. Ul 1 tltl', ", ,L ,1 Till I IIVI , , IC,
money Dy spending hlx months In jail,
, w, . . , JiullHaHv iletei mined
Veteran Police Officinl Has Been on
Foice Since 1874.
Captain (Jcorge W. Thompson, of tho
1st Police Division, today tendered his
icslgiiation t" Director l'oiter, to take
effect Deeuiiher 31 lll-heulth ciiiiM'd
Captain Thompson to rethe.
Two weeks ago the police olliclnl was
taktu ill at his dusk in City Hall and has
biuco been coullued to his bed.
Captain Thompbim has had u long nnd
dlstlugulhlicd cateur us a member of the
I Philadelphia polko force. Ho wius np-
pointed u iiatrolmaii In lb74 nnd resigned
three euis tutor. In July, 1877, he was
reappointed ami wns given H lli'Utoimiie
on April H. ISM.
Ten years later, during tho term of
Ma or Edwin S. Stuart, he wns mado
,..,. I,. ,.,,.1 ,.u.l,.n,.l In ...iiiminil II. o
- ,,,.... . -
West Philadelphia division.
Captain Thompson wus In charge of
the West Philadelphia police until two
tnrs ago, when he wus placed in com
mand of tho 1st Division.
The retiring pollco oflU-lal nlso served
with distinction during the Civil Wni.
Hu vi as a manni on dinir.il Fairagut s
flagship in the Untie of Mobile Hav and
was l..tc 1 giv.n 11,. s of seigeant
- -
, v t GE0aIrofT?oTepsw0h0 .
REGISTER itf "Qualified Voters raiding within' the Election
CWA - -.
i .
vMffH. itSr I -i V - t.
- - - - &ai
jft ' u . w t
"" tww
K ii. ' ' -
r44---rr ii
4&vtQxf14 r- --r--SKiBUKS..-- -
.. ?Tftj'&iiJZftZ'..-"--"'
& &
. lf ' ' C V
4; a r ysfl. 4ek
I'untlniird from I'ngc One
transposed and misspelled names have
been found.
They were nil written into the books by
peiboi.s "higher up," according to the
township assessors who have so far tes
tified. In many Instances, the names were
fiinnlulently placed In the books after
the assessors had made their returns to
the County Commissioners. Others were
written in by the assessors themselves,
entiled from lists furnished by tho town
ship ns-sessors. Still others, the district
assessors have testified, were written In
bv the township assessors over night.
In Precinct No. 3. Redstone township.
313 names wero stricken from the lis:.
The total vote polled In that district In
1012 was 221. When the May rcglbtratlon
was completed this jcar, the assessor in
Ills return showed 116 voters. The Sep
tember registration, which was returned
to tho County Commissioners' office nbout
September j, showed a total ot 734 voters.
Tho Democratic organisation in Fayette
Count , suspicious of the laige .May reg
istration, which they had discovered
whllu investigating school tax receipts,
was prcpatid to niako a completo check
lug of Itedstono township as soon as th.3
books vvcie returned in September. It
wus discovered that 17b names wero In
cluded in the latum of Harry Cribble,
assistant iibbessor of RedHtono 3, by some
person whoso handwriting did not cor
lespond with thut of Gribble,
(iribblc, whon iiuestloncd, stild that tho
names had been written In by Tony
Lynch, the IVnroso-Ciuw candidate for
the Legislature In tho First Legislative
jj8trct or j.'a)0ttu Count)
Gilbblc testifies further that Solomon
(!, Kicpps, assessor of the entlro voting
township ot Redstone, and a Crow lieu
tenant, had taken possession of the book
ov (.might and had written S0Q names
Into it.
When Gribble was put on the witness
stand while thu icglsliiitioii book of Red
stone .1 was being Investigated, he testi
fied that In addition to tho other pad
ding. II nages of names had been pasttd
Into the hook after he had returned it
to thu Count J Cnmmlssloneis- office
In Precliut vvo. I, Redstone, township,
V ' !,',
an entlio reglstraPon book of 2 pages, I released several .nor. of th.. Japanese ie
lontalnlng 2a mimes, was roughly tied .taliun in II. rlln nt the beglnnlnc ,,r ,!,
with u coid Inside the regular book. . war. ,i, .," , , '','..,? ". F. '? "
which was also filled with names fur-
i nisned uv ivrepps, ana maae a pari oi
the tegular return In this district 3J)
nanus weie struck off the 1st. the in-
acrinii Urrti hlnir thrnivn nut nnnflv hv
tti.iti.1,1 !, lvranne null innrfe .1 tinrt nf
JudBB U-rVbel amoassauor uerar.l i.ibltU that It was
Juube t-noei. m-cessaiy for him to feed the Japanese
JUDtli: Rl'LKS OUT ALIHNS. i t Ihe embassy, because the Gtrnmn res
It was when the registration book of ' ;a"'a'l,r,'"hp' J-'erve them. He has
.. , ...,. n. ,, ' '"en nsked on behalf of Japan to iciiew
Preiinct Number !. Jefferson Township, hU rfforls ,or ,he .elease of Japanese
was Investigated that the first Stute high, i still held In Kast Prusaln.
way employes were found to have been I -
registered. The men whoso names were,
in that book were not even working In
the county, but were employed on a new
road In the adjoining county of Washing
ton, across tho Mononguhela River. The
firm of Todd & Hakcr has this contract,
and the men working for them were ex
pected to bo brought over the river into
Fa)ctte County and voted fur Penrose
and Crow.
Raker was formetl) engineer of tho
borough of L'nlontowii, and T. Springer
Todd, the other member of the firm, is
said to bo ulreudy slatid as Crow's can
didate for sheriff of Fajetti County at
the general election In 1315 In Jefferson
Judge I'mbel struck 93 names of phantom
and alien foreigners irom toe list,
More Stuto highway laborers were , Otlklal d.nlal was received at the State
fcund leglstercd In the ,th Precinct of Department that fieneral Villa was nrus.
Redstone Township E. F Woodward, nt at the convention "ill, "how" K
assistant assessor In that district, testl- hU tioopors. picpaied to luck ubl.ui de
fied In court that after Krepps had added , mands. K up ,U Ue
tt names, he himself had added another
li of names on September 1 und : He n . ., T , ,
sc-ured them, he said, from the assistant '"solution Indorses Colorado Miners
mine foreman ot tlie Hrler Hill Coke
" ;;. aS? '??? r,J? " !'?J" ham,
I 2 iVSon aii hihw.?V
iML-jt. il! fi.
- --
. ... ,
mis picture Is of the registration
Book of Precinct No. 3, Redstone
Township, and shows how 11 pages of
phantom names were pasted in after
the book had been returned to the
Penrose-Crow-controlled County Com
missioners' office by the district as
sessor: 519 names were struck off this
list. The work of padding was so
clumsy that the page shown here was
pasted on the wrong side of the book,
as the ragged outside edge testifies,
The lines were drawn through the
names in obedience to a court order
to strike them from the list.
own voting district, had no right to vote
even If they had been working In tho
district for more than two months. He
said the laborers should go to their
permanent homes to vote, nnd cited the
cast of Senator Crow himself.
"Tho most prominent citizen of I'nlon
tovvn," said Judge I'mbel In his ruling,
"has been emplojed at Hnrrlsburg for
almost a quarter of a ccnturj, J.et ho
comes to his home In Unlontown to -vote
at every election."
Judge Umbel struck 133 names from that
list. C3 of the names wilttcn Into tho
books hy Ktepps and 72 names of Hi lor
Hill miners and State load cmplovcs. Jn
the other precinct Investigated, the Cth
In Lurerne township, three names vveio
stricken from the list.
The Roatil of Commissioner of Fnvetto
County, In whose olllce It has been shown
In court that full pages ot numes of
phantoms nnd unnaturalized forelgneis
have been ndded after the assessors have
made their returns. Is cnmpnrcd of John
S. Langlcv nnd Charles Nutt, both nctlve
men In the Penrose-Crow machine in
Fayette County, nnd E H MeClellnn, a
Democrat. MeClellnn and Judgc I'mbel
nre the onlv two Fayette County otllclals
who arc not PcnroscCiow lieutenants.
Since September 1 slv clerks have been
emplojed In the Commissioners' ofTlce to
prepare the voting lists, making It diffi
cult to tell by whom the fictitious names
were added uftei the books were returned
to the County Commissioners' office.
The only way In which the purging of
the registration lists In Fayette Countj
hns been opposed has heen through W
J. Sturgls, a member nf the law firm
of Rlppert, Still gls & Morrow. He has
been acting nt the counsel table, and has
opposed to purging by technical objec
tions. Ry whom he has been retained
to do this work has not become known.
John S. Morrow, the Junior member of
the firm. Is First Assistant District At
torney to S. Ray Shelbv, Senator Cion's
law partner.
Spends Day SpeechmnUing in Sena
tor Crow's Home County.
L'NIONTOWN. Pa., Oct. 22-Hr. Wll
Ham Draper Lewis today Invaded Fay
ette Count), the nome of William E.
Crow, chairman of the Republican State
Committee. In short speeches Doctor
Lewis told voteis who gathcied Hi a
number nf lowni, that it was their dutv
to cast their ballots against the Pm
roce machine.
Doctor Lewis spent the entire day In
tno country districts, coming to this
county from Johnstown. He hegnn his
spiechmalilng Jaunt through Fuvctte
County In ftelle Vernon. Arrangements
have bin niadi by the Washington
Democratic pally followers for a ineet
lii'l toalght
Restaurants Refube to Serve Mikndo's
Subjects Several Moie Released,
WASHINGTON', ll.t i; . ...
Jimmiest! Hmbassi lr.rim r, ,n ,iri . ,
i. '. .. . " - '"" .".. I '
0Use the Japanese who escoitcd ti
Swltierland by one of the secietarles of
,h(, American L'mbassvhi llcrlln
..!. . . :v ,ct"
State Department Officials Dispel
Reports on Vera Cruz Situation,
WASHINGTON tut ii -State Depait
ment officials toduv illdi ii'iliti , icpoits
that the Aguas Calientes lonventiou had
accepted conditions imposed by the
American Ooveinnunt befoic agreeing to
evacuate Vera Ciu.
Information to tills effect vvoulil have
been received, It was said, fiom SpeiLiI
Agent Cuiiovu. if such action had been
taken Ills daily repoits have shuwii, how.
ever, that only toutlnu business lu been
transacted since the delegates reconvened
mo uays ago.
SHKNANDnAH Pa ixt X Ihe thi.d
tw,;n vl h ,5t" """"'" L'"vd Ml,
!,.?" "' Amr"-U" " 'i..t, . ,e.e
r-vf " l -b"
Savannah Lawyer Succecdi
Mr. Taft Judge Staake,
of This City, on Nev
Executive Committee,
WASHtNOTON, Oct. 22.-pcter y
Meldrlm, of Savannah, Oa., a lender o
the Uar In the South, wns today dectej
president of the American liar As3oclt.
tlun succeeding ox-Presldcnt WIIIUb
Howard Toft.
Other officers elected were:
secretary tleorgo Whltclock, Ilnltlmow. n
Treasurer Frederick K. Wadhani, 0f 11
lisnv, N V
Hxecutlvo Committee William II llutg
of Bl Pojo, Texas; William H. Stnakc, o
I'hllndelphla, William V. Nlblack, of Chlc'ato
nnd John II. Voorhtes, of Sioux Falls, a. d'
ir"-electeil): Selden V. Sptncer, St Louh
William I. Il)num, nf Grconeboro, N. r. .i
I'hnnln Ilrnwn, of the UUtrlct of Columbia
This nfernoon the convention lomld.
red tho proposed admission of Neo
ivembers to membership. A vigorous tie
bate for nnd ngnlnst limiting the mem
bership to white persons was expected.
Tonight the convention will close with
Hie nnntinl dinner given In honor of the
supremo Court Justices,
Compulsoiy education, one of the de
unmix of the Constitution of the Argen
tine republic, and compulsory votlns
theic were the two points emphasized In
nil address by Romulo S. Nnon, Ambai
sndor from Argentina.
"The Argentine constitution," he sjald
"wns the product of hardships extendlni
over a long period, nnd It has, therefore
consecrated all tho soclnl Ideals which
agitated the Argentine spirit from the
moment tho Idea of our political emanci
pation was born."
The speaker drew attention to the modei
nrbltintlon treaty Hint Argentina drew In
1590 and maintained nnd defended befort
the Intel national tribunal nt The Hague
He snld Ills country wns the first to takt
the advanced step, and always had llvei'
up to Its Ideal of .settlement of dispute,
between nntlons without recourse to war
"And, gentlemen. 1 cherish the belief
perhaps in my pride ns nil Argentine," h
added, "that It Is the recognition of thi
moial conscience of my country, rather
than her enormous economic vitality, that
now nnd always has won for her the
esteem nnd respect of the clvlllici
After describing the factions atv'
duties of the officials of tlu Argcntln
Government under their constl 'Jtlon. Am
bnssndor Noon paid n high tribute to th'
Constitution of the United Stntes. Th
document, he ald, wns "for us an ci
nmple and n model of republican virtue'
and democratic Ideals"
Five Members of Team tc
Start for Maine to Wreal
Havoc Among Furrj
.Moused b) the reports of pctivt) or
the part of deer and moose In the State
of Maine, five members of the Athletic
Hnsebnll Club have mobilized and, armeC
to the teeth, will stmt for a point near
the Canadian frontier on Snturdny night
fohn Coombs, who lives In Maine ani!
knows all nbout it. Is captain of the
sound, with Jack Lapp ns first lieutenant
The privates In the ranks arc "Bob'
Sluiwkey, "Herb" Pennock and "Dannie'
Dnjs have been spent In purthasim
equipment, and the force will start for
the scene of nctlon fully accoutred wilt
guns, rides, tents, sleeping bags ana
camp kits.
Thoy will proceed llrst to Kcnnebunk
poit, Me., to spend one last night andJ
the comforts, of civilization III Johr
Coombs' home nnd lo obtain three able
bodied suldty. The) will carr) these
.l..rAi.iiirnl. nmrulf nu n nrCCaUtlOn
.'Jicciiute Ccombs Is a licensed Maine guldt
Thence they will march on the town
of Klneo, where they will embark ir
canoes ueioss Moosehcad Lake. The)
expect to cover 27) miles altogether J
caiicie. but antlcipnte no arduous paa
illlng. us they will shoot one sampk
rapid, rutir miles long. In 15 inlnutM
They vlll pitch camp eventuall) near
Pint Kent, which Is near the Canadian
lino and which Is also a long way from
Shlhe nd Fenway Parks.
Tho olllcl.il phntogrophei Is Jack Lapp
who expects, to bring back pictures vp
iilly lUusliatiiig the reckless expenditure
of shot and shell. Mis Lapp will cliap
eron the party as far us Kcnnebunkpon
I Pal lure purre maidens, nil ugest inll-'
IuikIiik Mattel. UII Dakota till. SI Ike"
lull. UII liollen Vale 111) i: e.t III', K
mar. UK, i arlone. 10.' Tamerlane, IU- "f
nine . VV hlti Metal Irl. l-il Huttrrtl) w
Itmlla PH. Itlvir KlnK, fi'l .. ..,1
r'CiOIHl nice, arlllili;. for , l-e.;r-yW'' W
up. I t-ll, mlles-OukriuiM. H2.KIOro.tll
Tu) I'n. I"1- ful .Vhliiiuu.le. las Ir IuJ
ner, U.S. SpellLnund. Ids. Napier. H. rri
l tiro iiKir. liw. Iiuko of sue ''"',
Prime Ahincl 10.1. Ii'il'r'ii. H)l. ,'u.TSm
Ilille. Iffl Miillk 101 'Woof l. W
JlaiiKi, l(, (is. .
Tlilr.l ra.e i m-f for .'-icar-olrt. !h, .
Minn- 101. Jim Savnee turi. -Miner MM
Hit; H.iliirliMiv imi. UIlllulon lie Aroa"
liui -'roiv ra.e Ot. High TUIe. - "
Will. !'- Knl HO , ...
Fourth ran- for .i-ear-olilj ana "I". 'yi
Iiik. huulliaii. J l-UI miles Amslp . ."
Tnom Hill, till Loihlel. 103 IU) o- Wfl
XOt Holi.lav, -III, hpearhiail. 100
Fifth rinc haiiilli-ap. all Bios. II lurloois
lluuseinal'l. 113, FiltiorKilr. UL bftlBf
bn.-icl u.t Tr.iin.l. lu'l, I'alntbrusb 01
s-lxth rare, ulllnn for .l-)ar-olds an P
milr-Sriulvtda. 10S, U'Ahelon I0.S Sonr
Vn'.le) 107. Iltaupere. KIT. Cnclc IJen 12J
r-trl I.lslil 10",. Noble Oran.1. 101 Itov"
Mcleor 10V ilermril. lO.t. rontefract. lJ
HinIki Row Kit. Hchnrab. tori. 'King W
turd 100. llaiT4 liudcr. P.O. i-onncn-ovrt
i ""
- loprvniiip Biiouaniu i-iauiiri
i liar Ira.k fast
Ni:V VORK. Oct. 22. Frank FarrtH
president of the Now York Yankes, to
day spiked tho rumor that he liitetw
selling the club. "I am In baseball w
stay." he said. "I um not going to
the club and an offer of 1500.000 wouwnt
tempt tue''
Another Job for Bresnahan
NLW YtJllK. Oct il -Roger Urea
liwn. formei manager of the St l"
C.iriluiuls and for the lust two years '"
the Chicago Cubs, miy lead the lirook
Fedeial League Club next ear. ac ordiwi
to tho litest rumor The Wards, own
pf Hi-j Pr-ik'yn dub, coull ret be w'
cated fday.

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