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Only Their "Regularity" Nominee Has Spoken From
Saved Tener From Defeat, the Pulpit Against Liquor,
and Machine Politicians Congressman W. D. B.
Tells Financiers and Manu- Sharp Protest Brings Speed1
(.!... t. T Iniln In Rrirvrt. Arlinn in Kwninn n it i
iat.lUlCIS tJ VllllVi 111 JMHig- . '"" --iiig yi, iQnJ
ing About
inu n ri..u
j v. ii 11 i wv.;leucr
Seized Off Orkney Islands!
Admit Situation Is the, Ainey Pays Tribute to
"f if !V
i i .
-i j t.
It if 3 ft
r ? ii
r? s ,
1 I
i ;
Same Nov.
South Philadelphia Leaders
Need Not Desert Party to Oust
Man Who Betrayed Them, ad
Their Suppporters Can Ignore ,
Vote for Senator. !
Th blan of f-r in th ftbubis
cn pr in Pnri,!vMs vfl'h .,
Nijvomlyr J will r dfit
or th Jt'on ' ' ' F"r foe. r
day rests In th -jii o' ? cWiatot
Bdwln If Vr i rrr emai W ;
lam P Vif 1 fs,.. h'fh l e
eretly admitted , u lr,f' !4r
thtrilv. In '-',j,v v p-o ed
th r-omparatfv ' r. ; lvl' r
In 'iii Ti"r w iltj mi .(! 'I-
bad It n- h.'n ' - i-p t
wards ".r?-l,ed . I1 v. 't I.-' i jo
ins; th . ,t 'n ! i. I'lp'.t ti' t ' .
of th 'and, Ja? d T"r R' i ' -can.
22 :. l!.-r Ktor Jr."'
Grim Iremi'rntic ;'2i; KxWudl-.g '
12 wards ir, bi'h th Vera coa'ro is
to moat marred, Trr "ll uld hi
ben scord
The comparative rar.fc tfj tnee !J
ward not "untd was T.'if, ";
Erry. TT'rZa. r;rim, JK.4.0
Tfi 12 tr'irit Vaf ar'i lf.- T-r"
2.t22 r,fn furry U.2SS and ';r.m ZS
To pt th flj-" In aBo'hr wa. hn
th oRt.ial "un ra'h'l I'hllat' ; m .
T'.r.r r."iil UirX 'ta 'n th Rt u I
can tl-k? I- ' "Jf tha b mlifht ri-iK
with V.'tr Aril hn 'h V, t d- ccn
tro!!" ly M'NlrhM nl t", lfi'I:rdnt
fCirr-n hnfJ t,n rorjnt-) th KTUbll'ia.n
tl-kt a rliil vo'.r b'hln-1 th K
afn ti'Jft
In h'rt '.overnor Tnr "i"tl
trj" tb" rna'jrlt lvn n rh Varo-z-on-trolI'J
I'olitl'lrrns wh hav xtj'ilo' tV lua
tlon fAr-ful arr that pra ti'al!y th
nam'j nuat n ' '(tain t'laj ai in IS!'
Ptnrcp laJnr an atoflutj trtln 'jf 1
rn.fjaritl.-r) in 'Nro- r.iin'lii in Pnnay!
tinU Tn-R ar All8hn5 I.an'r
anrl PhllaJMr-hla
In A'Kn '''unt th ffpuliiiran
Jondrrf thrilii admit that rnro
fun poll onl onthird of th majorlt
that Ii h (tli.fi to I'trr Jnjm-ii'ih
fom p-li't that th- 'wrt win n t
sJvp f' nr'" a majorit'. fa In x-i .f
W. anJ thla I- jipit 'rf th' fa'.t tha'
thr Armmtritt and th Mn-'" fa'tlo-!!
orf unltM for th flrat tlm in ,fhT'
Th Ilr.uhlran ote for Tnr In AH -
sheny ''ount in 1I0 waa 4T,IT
In Phlla'l' Iplna the Penr" vol" in th
m. .irii.,i h u.vi.1,,.1 ,...u.i4..,
Iclleve wi'l lr nrartlrally e'riallxed by
th. r.nn..irir,r, i... in ni. ....n. ...j.
A'rordlniflv ir folioar. that the d-fet .1
I'pnroK can b made rertaln ' lh
Varcs, ho. by awineinc the Soith Phita-
o.phia vot' atatnat th man who 1"
char?'d 'tN b'trln them In 131). can
trreatl !! the advrrse Pnroi vot'
Tlier la no nd that the Varea order
their men to Mipport ConjfreiiJ'rrn'in Pal
mer, for all ajfre tht it la hardly con-
rHVAhl thftt the K.tlth PhllA.lelr.hf ft.
publlears voiild ever nupport a Demo-
crt Th c -nple wlthboldlnir of tliir
voti from I'nro how er political
leaders a w 1 spell hla defeat
With Penrose at their mro, will the
Vai r.rvmlr that jt was Penrose
himself who destrojed th hn'en of
William S Vare helrii; elected Mitjor of
Philadelphia in 1311? Thla i th iu, on
which each idlltlcian is asking th other
Th lntn hlttrr.e. in th hartM of
thoae lo.i! to h V'area a' tn blow
which Penrose da!t William H aro 1
an opn ' ret
Whl. in i-o!ltl'! cfea t Ui admitted
that th nrn are the iront examp.a
Of "resfuUf P.ep'jhii'ana. tili It la rfrlnt
ed "Ut thit th- need h no ' irreirtjlar.
lty" on trir ,,rt to defeat pnro.
Simply withholdinif their vupport It if
fcrjrued wil' f- im ien
It la not .orwid. r I pror.ahle trat either those, wno oeliuV. mixht n.ih. rlnt be
ef the are- 111 rrak s,n oren .J. lara- ca'n th y ha.e 'lth, honor and th
lion a.ilnt I'.rror.. I ut what th. ' rt ' prwer to eas, 'Wornhip at m ahrlne or
word pasr.e.1 on j. t I r ,e .. , , , ;. . fJ ,P joo MIlfM ha monoy and it
Will he Is now tr aur te. t of endlefs ' ,r,n buy vote It has mon, beraut it
conj. ture ,f.r.ii upon sinful fi.trrprlB'a for lt
nr-.in "n-n.--T.". I ' 1'P '" dpndH upon commer'ialled
PENROSE PERSISTENT FOE '- them.n the. hrewer. tho broihal.
or- .r-r-.l-r- ,,.,.- l ri Iptl l oftlclals, al thOSfc Who W'THhip
OF MERIT SYSTEM IN STATE ,h' '""hty doll.r and th red flr and
, j hr.iSM iMndH of rKrlltical story. Tonight
Ti...r, . t.iii... ti , I tho on that eln wornhip fire Th'ro is
... j.w.. .-... .vH..Uwvr uwhkh
Show Hostility to Civil Service,
"Senator lvnr h m hcm in na
tional aff.ilra a i Irite.J proUKonmt of
ilvl! aarvlc. regulnti. UA jJu, ,n tllh
(itate. where ), has the opportunity ,,t
nuvocaiinjt lexiaiatioii whi. h would lirr.it
tho nosalhllitv of Miicn .. ,...,. i.. u. '
rxlaU In the htat iba Departnwi.i ,
ho reftwea to lift hand It ia he n
Who holds civil aertl... reform letl.i.. i
tlon bark "
Tho fiiregolnu is tha opinion of ihe
Civil hervtf fteforrn Asao. i.iton. as con
tslned In th report of ti nnn'x-iutv r
which has ben lvii out aiioouni inu th
lesulta of I h iUrU.-if rnn.t.y .ilrfci.,j
til Iriflslatlve c.tri'tldates thro uhout thi
Klate .(inceMiltiu thilr attitude toward
rlrll srvk reform leu in at (on
Tho gltUmwi said I U If) of tha ITS
Republican legislative jrididaten oppom
the merit system, and the report at
tributes the Republliari disapproval or
a civil nervli larsjcl) to tha mfluetic of
hewtor Prnros Tha report alao i
In parf
"Ttiere I no form of political favor
itism that i'iiiirti with th poil s
lem as a power In th onstru' tlon o'
n political mathlrui t la not etranifi:
I hat the Itfrpubllran Ktl I'omnatte.
w)j It undertook tb drafli'iK of a
platform lridr ih doinlnotl.n of -rn,
U'NI'hol I row and Vwra. rpul
uInI t he proposition of Kti civil
Wrrvice '
Celleetor of Port A(Jvie Against
Supporting Liquor Csntlltlatea.
A tU'tor for lor al option In th' Htittl;
wu predu ti last niaht b ictor of
1b lort William II Heriy. In an ed
dr bafot th. M'Mlal Srvh Forum of
tb Eplacopul Church of th Holt
AHflfttlM. 21t ami ChrlatUo atrswt 'ol
lfitir lUrry topi of tiiv ravarfaa brought
hy liquor and atl thai uu umiu wh'i
iui.ira to anieiH texrt to the um of
alcohol In 'ti luelou ilr Meirt said
Vota a-jliut th. i.i ll.iil.h til
aJoOliket' at nil rtlim Vol wh ii
)UU Bnd t " '! lit- tr tn tht Il'iuor
men opi'.c r f r 1 I i. I trier
bout the andilif t j ir's ii' wi ky
niin lit n roliu Th rnly w Wcb
ui 4ie-it the sal )-t kecjyr la t" vote
C4tnt us candUlAtcs. i tat uf
f Mttiri O ftnjmoettih har- :
fojgh' tn q ltrt T1
'-'i r,fori ty tt't'tnv to th
tt;r, of lh t" ."kft jrub
fi' rhif
It tvone.' ' - ' a"
-r,mv-',t' f"ai
irr.' -)
'nl '
" I 'I
J f (jfm )
! i'
' I '
' I'u I a? ra ''ru '
( j. ra t r pin'if
, 4itlr thr "i ,',
it-, ft
I Rhat fc ht
id m f('snif to a .
D 'tor Bni-nra jth
' lntr" f
f'Oida' .' r
'I 'lfiet rco.-
hrfv a
e tio'i-'iartl.n" imvemnt to i
a pfj-i Witt a-rfivJrren t!
.on l It,rr,lstr,ix At'
M r.-r"Ury of elmllar
in rirn'3i hanna County
i r in
F' ".t.r av ovrhlmi(ig voti
fr . rr . o ih ")fS"d amndmeft.
i am a- that Doctor Rrumbaugh'
f no" or. . 'lu'xtion Invoked is ;i
h' ! nl no on havlnir the spirit of
fsir;e tould b lrellnd to iuetlO"i It
it i
not giiThlU known that Doctor j to b re?ltrd on oooVls of the 3th Dl
a.tij I a prarhr Although h ' vision of the Vth Ward Dator his fam-
' rot a ordain'! clentjman. h ha au-
thoit- tj o-'up5 aj pulpit In th'
'"h Ph f tV Hrnhren b virtue of li'
uri'ja "3 j"attoral attainment
T i r-"ior H an )ttrrnly rar on
in t t '-io niration ifmber of nat 1
roTi on 't.lr'i' li'juof and an n p
p.r'nt of dririf he haa friuentiy ;oktri
ara.nt the j. .or hi i In ' afh-n ' Ms
, Sron. r.aiion. ae wl) ai thoee of "h r
j SiiaHnif at th Kensth Itrael Pn
ft',v,i. Ht'ih 1 trt an.I Montsomen
t a-iw . b re'rd to re"(atlon ret
trs a .f r"-e-u rrans of eomba
t intf dr.n)"-r.n Th fa:t are blnrf
i usd iv frler.oi of Dortor Brumbaus1! t
' prove th I ejt of 'he local optio j
( plank tn'ludd in his p-aonal pla'form.
i wri(lTi bfor ti pri-nar
As1 f jaeriotird'n' o "ih'iOls, D'tor
, Bn rf. K'.Yi f Jfl ! n".er ti ;.JS't
W Ml"m r-i ' i ;r 't th' lo atl'.n
of ar-oom x1 to e' h' 1 bul 4 n?i j
-n'vr th' f'oa-'l of K'l'.'a'''-. fo.T '
alf 'jrn' "f-hoo th' jprr'r .-
i urs"l '"ft ' """nrr. i" r ; 'ar .
I pa H '-1" ,- i 'I' '-''',' ;'..'? '
Proportion 3 to 1 In Rival Demonstra-
tioM at Coatosvllle.
COATnSVII.I.E Pa. Oct 2.' -T'nlt'!
f"11' f'-"itor Rola Pnroe 1-ft h'r
todav "r r'.ut- to fttrob rtnd '!rni
i b '"- "-"tmor'-land r'ounty. aftr hlni; j
i th vl'tim of the moat aiffnlflcant demon- j
&tralon aKainnt rim amce the start of
Ms campatsn
Th demon'iatlon was all t'"' more
effectlv becau" no names were men
tioned It Is het vidni!d by the fact
that while ! persona heard Pnro i
I Pk Ust nteht at th- Opera Hous,
threa times1 that number listened to a
stlrrinp denun'iation of th Il'iuor traffic
m the Tabernacle, three blocks away, at
too same time
Th speaker at th anti-saloon rail) wa
the ftv Geors W'rod Anderson, the
evangel!' Si band of music or torch
lllfht parade was necest-ary to draw to
i th Trnacle a thronv three times the
i ! of that whlth listened to Penr'se
whoae appearance at the opera, House
w an pr ' ede.J by a prad
There, has been only one, hattlo," de
clared Mr Andrson. ' In th history of
th world, the battle of mlcht a sal est
right Thar are many on th aid ut
,), somebody to wield a lash, and
m.-.nv weak enou.'n to irinae. Thtt sl'Jo
ia nu-nkroua be turn it baa the price to
Iy and there ar iilwaja man) vtho ar
w.lllriB to be bought
Hy the a, s rnfc of )ou obje't to re-
vl si rr'etltiBs on u'.ojrjt of tr noi".
but d'.o t ev r lt in. ct h one of yi
f '" h" mm-hed b. Hud tlat brass
,''"1 l"ni""1 ,,,lk ',"' ,r'" r'"" al uf
f"1"'1' Th I"!lti"-t.s are Imitating
Br. Parkin Declares for Nominee on
leoral Qptton Issue.
Te lev Ijr I-ran P Parkin, district
'lfrintendetit of tb i'hl'tt'lelphla Meth
od Ih I'onfereni , rias puhllcly Indorsed
Ut Martin i. Hrumbuirh tha tandJ- J
qaift for uuveifior w hi iriajr nc (iftp-Hweo
ijjm lo tati.l four-"'iitire n tha JOtRl
option 'iimtion in Pennsylvania
lr,rvr Miklti repudiates the. action
UlM-n b th Phll4lpbla-f amdan lleth-
Mtlit pre hr' mer linsj at VSal Hall
on ctobr 1 whirri Glfford Jln hot was
mi (. wr. Minora rimrjoi was
Iii4.rsd for fnlted ! . fccnator and
VtttK-. ' M'' ormlik for Governor
Tl. vote at this ifiMtlns. ietrtor Parkin
!. i.w... W4 "virtually oiigaiory, if not
I nil' roi," lre litrtfe number of tb
iiiuiit4:r wha toted r from Mew Jer-
mul noi iron l'i i.nlvanla "Vti
j-ii of mlildKl teinprua man" h
trinid too M' Cormick indorsement
An ulpndrjt Itepublb an. Iioitor
Parkin nays he has not voted a straight
II. Wet for ovw 9t iuittu ti alx. makes
It plata thai n. of bli mpatiiy Is
for Srnator peuroae lit Ibbi regard ha
' t as onlv dln( what I have reason
to know asasy hundreds of Mothoillut
pieachcra ml many more tluMusada of
oir Uyssein will do la ttu. coming elec
tion vot Ua lioilor Brumbaugh, the
"hrnti;in educatm .iiui tjti'm.(n but
miatih the uaiii. of ver aaeoiMte on
IiIh ri'k.t ttl ise r r.l will iiot hear
fill u.v. nlmation
lio loi 1 jrMin (Jj it n oi ii ai'ret
that Bishop Jo.pph F Iicrrj has inti
mated to f i lends that the indorsement of
'ertaln candidate bv he Methodi '
prf'o.. heii mtetlDjf was ua unwise pro-
Th Thomas V Evans Museum
j .
'.fa V 11?eJ V TJ - trtr
Board Decrees.
A dlr to mk. eur 'Ihi first vote
led Driarso jf iJraine. o' S N'orti Ruby
trt to rS'e- in two ward This
action iwt it t-ad of ainlh for him
the rlKht of fraTiehl'e. for th R-t-atln
f"mmleionr uxla on cm
(.lalnt rt :h Commlfee of TO struck the
vosinc man n ram from eafh booK in
whlf'h It ai -ntercd
Drains, who would have void on a?
at th cominst lection. caud his nam'
Uy movd to a house in the lit! Divldon
t of tins Hth V.'ard. Hero Drain rzl-
' trd asaln. thinklni: h Mould rot be
prmltted to cast his ballot at th polling
piac nar his formr horn
Rumor of a; rests to b ma3 as a r
fult jf activity on th part of th 'om
mltte of ceventy. In onnctloo wltn a!
i'ced rs'jtratlon fraud, today !I111 th
'orrloors of '"it Hall. whr svrai
hundrd witness" were waltin?
befrr" th O,mmlsion
For the last fw da; a thr ha v.e'n
gossij. to the K.ct that '.ra! 'im-po-tant
penons, poiitical!. r in
dani;r cf arrst. and that a hoIsa
clean-up of certain districts was l'Vl
to follow So far nothing has corn of
it, but toda th talk is ssna! and
in consqufcn' th" xcltment avout th
ofllces of th Commission was propor
tionately Intena
Thr Krat Jam of pfraons ralld to
t'tlfy continues In th corr'dors Wit-
r.i complain tnat thc or hins; k'pt
f ro n th'lr work whn not needed, and
hat cass In which thy are Intr-sted
ar lthr not called or dlspned with
In iom other a
The '"ommlssioners ar harir.s striVe
out ca" fiom th Mth to th JHh Wards.
inclusive, toda
!: port" of ,tr'las strik-ojts and
withdrawals wre mad public this morn
nlnif Tf'r wr l(' of th former and
31 of th latter
140.000, Including "Near Havana," counties on Saturday nii?ht, Doctor Brum
Sold at Cent and a Half Each. baush will return to Philadelphia and re-
iff hirdr'd and fort thousand clears
wer disposed of toda at an avrasr
rost of 1-j 'nts ea"h at an auction of
bankrupt stock hId on th premises
of Wl.Ilam V f'oml iC Son. auctioneers,
at V South Jd street The stock exposed
for sale consisted of 21 .ots, Including
marv of the hat known brands of th
domestic artl I From the first bidding
vas b-lsk, and excitm'.nt was at fvr
pitch when Morrla Isenstln. a retail
draler. of fouth 3d street, arrid off
the first lot of 'fCA ' loni'-fill'r perfe'ton"
at tl Vi per 1'jO The highest prices, how
ever, were leached by I Spector, of 501
Sou'h 24 street, v.ho paid the record
pri' of II TO per V) for h. lot consmirtK
of 2WO portliuiarly d'-adlj nnr Havanas
-tim:.li 'lars wer handed out with
lavish hand, hut even this did not ''eter
the 'D'l of some i'i dealers from
j anxlo'Jfl rivaling '8"h other In their
attempts to olitain th stock Those who
ar in th huslness i-i tnat tms was
one of the m'St au"esful sajea of the
last few months
Many Proposals Submitted for Work
on Glenwood Avenue.
Bid for the construction of a ste' and
'oncreto highway hridjre on th line of
Oil n wood aver.u. ov r four tracks of the
Richmond branch of the Reading Rail
wa), were op'md todav oj f'hlef W'b
ster, of tho Survey Bureau.
Th structure will be T'r teet long. TO feet
wide rd will provide a new avenue for
street travel In an industrial sctlon of
the ct
The bids were Richard Walsh. J28,:5,
K I. Leeds, 131 TA, mrican Puving and
fonhtructloii r-ompnny. J0.2M, W E.
iW WtnS?.C!!. W"
-:.. . r? .. J,r. !itJ. :SP'ni tr;,- .
M and J II ilclfugh. ;33 ISO, Jams Jo I
Graw & Co . iVi.iVi Thomas R Honder
aon. S!.J, Jame Klly. 3S m, Francis
J l!o,t. iZtii'.. John MiMenamj. I Mfl;
f arl R cramp, IS! Vt
Ask for Improvement of
That Section.
A delegation of 2't members from the
r'Hiti organized Port Richmond Uus.
nesa Menu Improvement tssociatlon, in
cluding mr bants In tho Silli and 42th
Wards, cttll'd on nlrertor ooke, of the
Department of Public Works, today to
' ' UM Improvements
In tha northeast
.rnifiii ... inn ...
Thay cprced gratification at the el'm-
inatlon nf rillroad grade crotHlns and
anionj other r'Uint nsUe that Rich
m 'wd street be better lighted between
I.ihlsh aud Alle.-htti) avenues
'illlurs of the new organization are
I.r V 0 Beuil. pnsldont, F J an.
B j w uUep v,c0 preBijents. R
p.,, HerretBry, and A. Riepeekl.
Entries for West Philadelphia Busi
ness Men's Carnival.
One hundred and seven babies have
been entered for the babies' parade of
the West Philadelphia BuaineKS Men's
Association tarnlval The parade will be
held on the fourth day of the big car
nival, which begins next Monday night
A proposed feature of the carnival,
vvhlih is attracting interest. Is the pub
Itr wedding which will take place on
Halloween, the final night, If a, couple
cm be found to consent to be married
In putik The committee In charge has
offered to furnish three looms complete!
for su h a ojpe
The popularltt contests are waxing
hotter and hotter The most popular girl
will be crowned u. en of the Carnival
by Mayor Blankenburg Saturday night i
and will be given a diamond ring A
go d watch is the pilxe for the nvst pop
ular boy, who will b crowned; ring.
and Dental Institute as it appears after the removal of the scaffotding.
Graduate School Already Occupies j
Quarters In' Magnificent Structure, i
Th' new Thomas W Evans SIusum J
and Dntal Institut of th t"nlcflt
of Prnsv!anla at 40th and 3ppjc
Mret3 wtll b radv for cccupancv bv ,
th Dental School of the 1"nlvrslty by
Febriary 1 nx'. when th econd trm i
of the icholastl" ar belns '
Th sca'foldln? on the exterior of th
bulldlns? and much nf that In the In
terior has already bn taken down and
the Gradual Pchool of th dental de
partrant lnstalld.
The structur has been r'-ctd at n
cost of XXft.'tfl and has taken thus far
two ;cars to build In compliance with
th demand mad In Do'tor Evans' will
when h donated !i money for th
ichool it has feci mad infr"or to non
It th world, and It is 'Xf't'd the fame
of the inptitutlon -v il at'ract f'relgn
tudn's to th citv
Republican Candidate
Governor Assures Anthra
cite Workers of His Interest
in Just Labor Laws.
Dr Martin G Brumbaugh Republican
nomlr.ee for Governor, left hre this
moraine to make hl3 final appal to tho
votr In Wctern Pcnnsvlvania. Con
cluding his campaign In th western
main In thla section, sp'aklng ever-night
until the evo of 'lection
Last nfght Doctor Brumbaugh spoke to
th hard coil workers at Pottsvillc He
laid particular stress on the necessity of
laws to protect worklngmen whll em
ployed at th'lr various occupations and to
r(.ompnse them for the Injuries r'
oelved in th shops, factories and mines
The necessity for laws to protect the
homes of residents in the mining districts
from cave-Ins, he also emphasized.
Child labor laws also received a good
part of the spHker'e attention In this
regard ho said.
"I have had practical experience with
child labor problems all mv life, and
nearTv orf,JfhVfe1M.r"r.
work under law In I'ennsvlvania. and I
wish to declare to you tonight that our
child labor laws need revision in order
that the hours may be reduced to a
minimum, that th child, when not at
work, shall return to school, oven if
he has reached the ago of 16, and that
thre shall hi a much closer relation
than now exists between the school and
tho Industry of a community In order
that the transition fiom school to work
shall be gradual and not abrupt "
Doctor Brumbaugh warned hla hearers
that If elected Governor he would In
sist that fvry man on the salary rolls
of the Commonwealth give full service
and perform his work honehtly and
"e 0t thB CnptUre(l MCn MaJ' B the
Notorious "Ilcddv" Tate.
Notorious "rteddy" Tate.
Vigilance o.i th rart of 'it) Iietectlve
Richard I)o)I enabled police of Now
London, Conn . to capture six alleged
burglars, one of whom Is thought to he
I tho notorious "Iteddj" Tate, an expert
I safe cracker, of this city, paroled last
I May from Norristovvn Jail
The six men uor arrested while riding
In a motorcar, the license number "f
which had been furnished leveral months
ago to polite in nil parts of the rountrt
b) iJetMtlva rolc.., who discovered the
car undergoing repairs In a stable near
a house at 139 Ktlles street, where Tate
was eald to live
The sis men were raptured In New
Ioudon after sufea In live department
stores on th main street of .Springfield,
Ma . had been blown open early cs
terdny morning and several thousand
dollars In cash taken One of the men
gave hla name as Raymond E Tate and
because of the llrense number of tha
motorcar In which he and the others were
riding and nhbh was recognized h
pol!emn who arrested them, he ts
thought ti he "Rfddy" Tate His com
panions are Albert Persenal, Joseph
(irady. Leonard E Maynard. Bruncllo
McMullen and Mike riovlln
Word received at detective headquar
ters today verified the story of how Oe
tettlvo Doyle flret ran across the motor
car bearing a New Jersey license tag No
25l' It was tn this machine the six
were riding when arrested
After Tate's parole last My he gnve
an address at the Stiles street house De
tective Doyle, nfter watrhlng the place
for seveial days, saw ro blgns of Tate,
but learned an automobile was secretly
being repaired In a stable close by He
locnted the car and saw It bore Ihe license
tag No W N J
Investigation revealed a license corre
sponding to that number had orlgtnall)
been Issued at Trenton to J Parker Gil
lespie of .Sliver Springs N J . but had
later been transferred to David Hend
ri. ks 1339 Miles street Detective Dole
promptly wired tins Information to police
ail over the country
Lieutenants of Petectlves Tate and
Wood say Tate, the safecracker. Is an
o'd offender and has a police record since
he was 15 years c-ld. Il U now an.
Important Towns Retaken
North of Carpathians as
Francis Joseph's Troops
Move Toward Poland.
Ad.inces of th rl;ht wing of th Aus-tro-Hjnsarlan
army are reported to have
, result In th retaking of th Important
town of Seie'h, in southeastern Buko-
, wlna, according to an ofBciil communlca-
I. on rceive.j this afternoon in Phlladel
phla bv Georr von Grivlclc, Austro
Hunsarlan Consul Gerral, from the For-
1 ign Office in Vienna. Koeroesmezo, also
in Bukowlna. was recaptured from th
' R KSlans In this advance of tho Austrian
arm. ac-ordlng to this sam report.
wh'h states that the Russians have mad
frequent and violent attacks a: Maglera,
but have been unable to rtake this
i P0'"1, uhleh was -vrested from thm sev
eral aavs ago.
Prisoners say that the artillery fire of
the Austrlans has had terrific effect, on
account of accurate aim.
The operations against the Servians are
said to be progressing favorably The
ustrian advance Is steady
The official statement Is as follows.
'Battle In ml'idl Gallcla lias become
mcr violent Our armls are gaining
toward th eat At Maglra th at
tacks of the n'mv hav- been in vain
Our troops earned important fhvrow.
northeast o' Przemjsl. Many Russians
among them a general taken prisoner
Ace riling to these prionrs our aitlllerj
J has haQ 'adly effect causing havoc In
IH-H iniiAa ruuiu ul 3irnAj inerP Iff
no nev development of importance
Koros.Ti'zoe and Sereth retaken b us.
"The nws of alleged victories of the
Servians spread in their press ar pure
Inventions. In our operations against the
Servians evervthing goes on without a
"Attacks by French cruisers In the
Adriatic have been repeated, but In each
Instance have done llttl damage Their
attacks have Den practli ally failures."
Manufacturers and Employes Deny a
, Lckut in T Contemplated.
Denial of the repoit t at .vunens gar
ment manufacturers are contemplating
lockout of their emplotes. following tho
pea'e agre'ment igrtd r'centlv brtween
rcpresentitives of the emplovers find tho
union, was made today bv Morris Bern
stein, president of the Manufacturers' As
soclitlon Max Amdur, head of the Garment
Workers' Fnion, Issued the following
"Rumors nf a contemplated lockout on
the part of the manufacturers, following
the agreement signed reccntl), are
rldhulous The agreement provides that
there shall be no strike or lockout during
the period In which It Is In force Thcr'i
will be misunderstandings here and there
In the shops or among the employes, but
there are means provided In the agree
ment to straighten such differences peace
fully. "There nr two clerks, one representing
thr manufacturers nnd the other thf em
plojes, whose bulsness it Is to settle such
Surges If they' fall, th
taken b. for a grievance b
matters are
board, composed
of representatives of hoth sides As a
list resort the question In dispute Is taken
before Director Porter, who acts as an
impartial arbitrator and whose Judgment
Is final "
Forrester Jaques, Retired Boston
Merchant, Comes Here to Wed,
Forrest' r Janucs. a native nf Mel
bourne, ustralla, nnd a retired merchant
of Hoston, Mass . came hero today to
marr Mrs Jennie Kerr Smith, of Ped
bsm. Mass The nrldegroom Is 69 years
old and his brlde-to-bo I?
Mr Jaqurs and Mrs Smith have each
hten married The hrlde's first husband
died 10 years ago Mr Jaques has been
a widower two ears
Strangled Infant Found In Laurel
LACRKl. Pel. Oct Zi Unusual ex
citement prevails over the finding of a
12-pound male child under a residence
here this morning The Infant was nude
and had been strangled Arrests arc euro
to follow.
New Fire Engine Gratifying1 Success
The new auto fire engine of the Swarth
more Volunteer Fire Pipartmcnt was
used today for the first time In extin
guishing tlames which swept the Manning
stable, Chester road below Va1 avenue,
Swarthmore. With the aid of the new
engine, built at a cost of W, the lire
men subdued the flames in a short time
Car Collides With Wagon
A half-hour tie up of traffic occurred
during the rush hours this morning on
Itldge avenue at 16th street, when a
southbound trollcj of the Manaunk line
cratlicd into a delivery wagon One pas.
sender was slightly Injured
A nuxkro hotel with quiet air of domestlclt
and a homelike e-tmcaphere.
That th war In Earop ha opnfl the
'fannI for extensive rnmree betwein
the 1"MUi Ptafs and t"rti?ua- Ii dmon
sfated In a papr by Jose Rlchim. Con-
ii General tt tnr atxS commercial
cent .' the Government of Uruguay. In
o-h.h h urpe financiers and raanufac
tu'rs to combine In establishing an In-
-st in th Latin-American republic.
Mr Rkhllnc etprtssefl belief that
ia-ice and commerce paralll each
Mh- Success in boomlnc trade between
th l'nit.l Stat and South America lies
In th extension of credit.
Materials manufactured In this country,
but which frutruay ha been reclvln?
from Europe are much nded ther nof
that war has irtit a stop to the South
American nation s transatlantic trade
Urucuav's abunJarce of meat, raw wool
and cattle hides would be as welcome
n uir coumrj.
Mr Rlchllnr shows that the shortas
In wool, which th rnitd States will
feel because of the war. maks the es-
ri.ii.t.n.Ai .' tMil. trith triisrimv more
rt.i,a.. v..i.t.A ft ,hat ttatlnn lm
uenw.-b uvvuu . ...... ...--.... .
mente ntifnn, nt this raw material
' Fruguay bus abroad. h says, "nl-
mot every manufactured eoodi which
I agricultural Implements., hardware, class-
I ware, habertlasherv woolen and cotton
wis- uim i oii' H'--"-"- .. ..-.,.
I roods, dry goods. papr. etc. as well as
such raw products or partly manufac
tured poods as lumber, coal. Iron, steel,
cemnt. oils, sugar, hams, etc
i !. a W . Viiitln.aa rv dts nf
th. Fnlted Stated ho have announce-i '
themselves In former opportunities and ,
In the present one Is put to a severe ,
test If the want the South American .
trad In my opinion, they will succecu
b? tn "adoption of the onlv possible,
man of success or will fall by th fait-
ure of adopting these mean. They are
the extension of credit to which Euron
has rightfullv and deservedly accustomed
the South American nations i which credit
has already become a second nature to
their trad sstmt. and th limitation
of profits of the North American manu
facturers and financiers to th lowest ,
pos'lble expression In their Initial trans- j
actions " I
rixp'ricne has told u that commerc I
and finance move on parallel lines If
British factories have succcineu in piac-
Ing In I'ruguav rail and railway ma-
terlals to th score of millions of dol-
la-s. it I" due only to the fact that there
hnve alwav been British capitalists at
hand to finance these rallwavs Let
American bankers also do their shar In
order to promote closer trade relations
in our continent
"The three main eports of Fruzuav
are meit. ra v vool and cattle hlde Th
present complication In Continental Eu
rope will nermit an Important amount of
the wool crop to be exported to the ,
Fnlted States at convenient prices for
American mills Uruguav sells abroad I
about 5.ttT worth of wool evert ear
If the mcrican mills would ncnulre this
vear. sav l0 )' of Uruguay raw wool
and turn it into finished products, they
have a good chance to sell again to Uru
guav one-third and i erhsps one-ha'f of
th" transfo-med product
,, , . .. ... t,i,
Supplies Distributed Impartially
Among- Warring Nations.
was-HIN-GTON. Oct 52 -Tha hnsnital
shin, the Red Cros. has completed the
first of its errands of mercy, the Amcrl-
inn Red Cross officials were advised bv
wireler today It Is expected to dok at
New York on .-atuiday.
Th Rid Cross landed 15T surgeons and
i urses Advices reaching the Red Cross
headquarters from the ship were that the
supplies had been dlstrihtited falrlv
among the belligerent nations The nnlv
nation that could not be r'ach'd was
'ervla, but supplies, together with a hos
pital squad were dispatched there on
board a Greek steamer
It is understood that another contin
gent of surgeons nnd nurses will h sent
abroad Stores and supplies. It Is kno.vn.
now arc being collected
zzzzzzzz rtmszi
11 1 I ! 1 I I dz 0 i
What's the
Prospect for the
next two months ?
Probably you're keeping a curve line
record of your sales, Mr. Merchant and
probably, too, it shows that you've got to
hustle to pull through the year with your
usual safe margin.
Have you thrust your Bell Telephone
into the gap? Are you talking about
yourself your goods and your prices
by telephone? Keep the trade posted;
don't overlook a single prospective buyer.
Keep their telephone bells ringing!
The way to get business is to go after
it hard. And the quickest, easiest and
most economical way of going after it is
by Bell Telephone
WA5M1NGTO.V. On a -The Amerivj
Link teimhlp. the John D Rockefeller
has bon allowed to proceed on her .S
t.t fAaM...!.. ... I. . fl
. ...a iiiiviiiiaiiujj, .uii'iwing a protest ffl
j thp Britleh Foreign ome bj the Staltf
Depar'mnt, was conveyed to the Whlt3
House today by Sir Cecil Sprine-lli
British Ambassador Th Rocke(,nel
was 'elztd off th Orkn Islands by J
Lsrnrn cniiir.
Th Ambascidor exMalncl ih ......?
- turi
of the vessel off the Orkn'v Hlands by
saylns that Its papers dlKMosd the flcj
that the cargo of fuel oil was destine!
sor no Known person, hut was 'nn order."
fhls Irresularlty. the Envo declared 'J
the commander of th British warshlrT
to take the vessel into nort nntit .uJ
question of her destination coyid b cxfl
, pi,ina satlsfactorilj .
, rt
1 lr-" n.isn, it is understood detained
tne vessel Because they feared th cargi
. ihi..i
.. -M'.ana.
.IftM nf ,hA f'h.. I ...
.... w. .,,.- ,. i-ao'- jiiia jei neen
I celved cither from the commander 0f
the Vessel 0r through diplomatic channel!
. .. r7-ii , hfnrmul r,t , nw
; '''"' '' , """""" "
th OtSlcim protest When h
called at thai
Stat" Department to discuss the matter!
of seizures. i
It Is understood from official sourcu!
that the great and unusual bulk of fuel'
ell shipments from the Fnlted States, to
Danish ports during th ,t ..k. Mi:
thos schedul'd for the coming wetir,
WU e-ter largely Into the cntrivcrsy '
ConflnnatIoa of ,h. apprBn(.n5lon '
"' " "'!
Grea, Britain that fuel shlpmen-s fromj
the United State tn Dcnmirk arc In-j
tended ultimately for German ue ,
fuel and for balloon, motorenrs and sub
marines, was obtained from the British"
Embassy today.
An official of t-e emhass., said there
was little douht that th sclzuies of.
American tuei carryirg sTlps d ring the
fast week have been tlu to thl fear.
The shipments were twlc the ordinary
amount, and a proportion itelv larce Ehp
ment is scheduled for the coming week.
He nlso ndmitted that the change of
registry would not be th onlv ground
advanced by Great Britain for the hold.
ing of ships fl.ving the Ame-ican flag
bound for Denmark with cargoes of fuel
oil. Th ports to which these j-hi, s were
destined are eloe to the Kiel Canal,
making It casv for Germinv to obtain
mese very necessarv supplies, ne pointed
No action has been taken vet regarding
tn cases or tne urindiiia and th pia-
tuna, tanK steamships wvh h1-j were
j r-nfJidnte for &.,,. w,,i .
Two Speeches Each Day.
WILMINGTON, Del, Oct :.' - t i
meeting tonlsht. Thomas W Miller S:
retary o' State and RepuM'cin c,1niidala
for fonsress, will begin the Megc:
schedule of speeches ever arrtrgel fin
candidate in Delaware He will make a
speech each afternoon and evening ex-
I cept Sundaj. until the c-impalsn clisej.
It is not epectd that tnv of ti other
can,HdatM for t:lMS wlll fnllow ,,
pace set by Mr Miller, altho igh J Hall
' Anderson, the Progressiv i andiCst will
I make a large number of sp
Sicssman Brockson
wh i a m ildate
for re-cifction ! ke.it n Washington
pa-t of ii s t me in 1 will not be oMe to
follow Miller
rrnvldeii a charm cf comfort anil
ea.a amidst characteristic environ
ment that has established It u aa
I3al teahore home
Directly on the ocean front.
Capacity eoo
wai.teu .1. nrznT.

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