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"Yost Has Greatest Team
Ever" Brings Forth Merry
Ha! Ha! From Evening
Ledger Writer.
Famous writer who is "covering"
Harvard-Michigan football game for
the Evening Ledger.
!I ST. THOMAS, Canada, Oct. 2D. "Tho
greatest football team ever developed In
the West ' Is on ltn way to Cambridge.
"The greatest football team over dc-
doped In tho West" Is what this year's
Michigan bunch was called In a Itoston
paper which was circulating nromid Ann
Arbor before Yost and his younff men
left there yesterday.
That tho Boston writer was perfectly
accurate In so styllns the Wolverines Is
tho firm conviction of everybody except
the entire population of the United States
and Canada. This piece In tho paper,
which later on stated that Michigan was
"outclassed" by Syracuse last Satur
day, that Harvard should beat Michigan
by at least two touchdowns without
showing anything but old stylo footfall,
and that Maulbetsch was a heavy half
back, had ono good effect. It made Yost
laugh and kept him In good humor alt
day when otherwise he might have been
a disagreeable traveling companion.
Whether tho Michigan team Is the
wests greatest or, not. It is, as pre
viously hinted, on Its way to Cambridge
or rather to Auburndale, where It will
be housed until Saturday afternoon. Tho
departure from Ann Arbor was attended
by the usual send-off ceremonies, the
Undent body doing all In Its power to
simulate confidence In tho team's ability
to lick Harvard, a confidence which docs
not exist. Tho football players probably
were cheered by tho display of enthusi
asm, but at the same tlmo knew per
fectly well that the rooters wcro trying
to hide their real feeling, which Is one
of hopelessness.
Since the Syracuse game almost every
Michigan man, except the members of
the team, has given up. If tho students
knew how the athletes themselves felt
they might bo ablo to shake off pome
of their gloom, for the footballlsts really
think they havo an even chanco to down
the Crimson, provided, of course, that
the regulars lust through the greater
part of the game.
The varsity squad, listed yesterday,
plus Mr. Millard, was on the train (int
Issued out of Ann Arbor at 2:42 o'clock,
to the accompaniment of Michigan
cheers. The bunch was In chargo of
Yost, the assistant coach, Hugh White;
Farrell. the trainer; Muehlhead, the as
sistant trainer; Jack Leonard, tho man
ager, and Dean M. T. Cooloy.
Director Bartelmo nnd tho scrub will
follow tomorrow on the students' upeclnl.
Tomorrow's tialn will consist of ono car
of nlumnl from Chicago, ono of students
and the scrub from Ann Arbor, two of
sraduates from Detroit, ono each of
al'imnl now resident of Grand Rnplds and
Toledo, nnd one containing the university
Land. The hind has II members, anil as
they are slaved to travel In one Pullman
It Is expected that somo of them will have
to sleep in the horns or on the bass drum.
The train reaches Aubnrndnlo tomor
row morning, as I may havo stated once
or twine before. Tho students' special
will arrive at Boston on Friday, and on
that night there will bo a Michigan
snnker at the Copley Tlaza Hotel. The
speakers for that occasion nre Denn Coo
ej' Bill Day nnd J. P. Murfln. Bill Day
Is prohaoly the best known Michigan
moter In the i-ountry. He Is an ex-Judgo
and a won of Justico Day, of the Supremo
To the astonishment of the varsity
squad, orders were Issued for a final sig
nal practice nn Ferry Field this morning
nil the players were at It until they had
tr le t0 make ,ho ,raln- Ilut we nro
uff, finally, nnd there's no chance to nrae-
a lice again until tomorrow.
or more than one reason I nm glad
to have been In Ann Arhor-but for ono
"Mwrtiiulur. After this when somebody
"J" ,lle ,tl9 embarrassing question,
What was your college?" I can answer
Mil.1 "wc"t thrus!i the University of
Shchlgan. For I did that very thing this
morning with the genial secretary, Shir
'y Smith, as guide.
HtM ,!;"" "?skStbal' Leas has com
?s.on "J11'",'-8 '' opening of Hie
HARRISBURO, Pa Oct, 29. Qov.
ernor John K. Tener, president of the
National Leaguo, did a bit of kind,
nes last week which has Just be.
come known In Harrlsburg golf clr.
The Governor play golf al the Har.
rlsburg Country Club whenever his
official duties Will permit, and a lad
named George Heck always caddies
for Hla Excellency. During the last
several months the caddy has been
suffering with n falling eyelid, and
one day not long ago "Dig John"
Tener noticed the youngster's affile-'
tlon. So last Friday the Governor
bought his caddy a new suit of
clothes and personally took him to
the Jefferson Hospital, Philadelphia,
to have the eye treated.
One Hundred Entries Ex
pected to Be Listed Ex
hibition Will Be Held on
Roof of Bcllevuc-Stratford
The Alrcdalo Torrlcr Club, of l'hlladeU
phla, Is to stage tho banner doc show on
November 21. It will bo n four-point spe
cialty ono under American Kennel Club
Jurisdiction on tho roof of tho Bellovue
Stratford Hotel.
It Is estimated by tho secretary that at
least 100 dogs will ho on hand. Kntrles
close November 0. Knlries havo thus far
been received from New York, Boston
and Chicago.
Harold Ober, of Now York city, Is to
Judge. George V, Foley has tho task of
superintending tho show. Hntrles should
bo forwarded nt once cither to Superin
tendent Foley or tho club secretary. H.
M. Donovan, 1103 Commonwealth Build
ing, Philadelphia.
November 2S will nnd tho Kensington
Kennel Club In the show limelight again,
and tho affair will be held this tlmo nt
Kensington avenua and Cumberland
The Interstate Colllo Club will hold n
meeting next Monday evening in tho Iteal
Kstato Trust Building. Nominations of
olllcers will bo tho principal business
' llfCN. i Mfl K TsKpIHIM lisssssssssssB i
53psssssssssi fflj
At a meeting of tho National League
of Basketball 'Clubs, held In Trenton,
the St. Agatha live, of West Philadel
phia, was added to tho circuit, malting
it now complete. There is a chance that
the Germantown Y. M. C. A. will bo
added, making tho clubs of tho leaguo
as follows: Now Brunswick, Trenton,
Burlington, Germantown. St. Agatha and
OAMiSHUHCl. III.. Oct. 29 -Frit Walker,
nmomoblle raco mechanician, died In a. hospital
hero from injuries received last Thursday,
when Jnck (label's mnchlne turned over dur
Inu n lou-mllo race here. Walker's real namu
Ii said to have been Von Wolkenstcln.
Coach Richardson Expects to Beat
Old Rivals.
Mlllvlllo High School will clnsh torn or- !
row with their ancient rivals, Brldgcton
High School. Last year tho scoro was
7 to 7. t
Coach Blchardson says: "I expect our I
line, though they nre rather light, to stop
the heavy Brldgctnn line. In Errlckson,
Hlley, Whontly and Andreas t have u
hnrd-hitting and heavy backtlold. They
arc all veterans nnd will be hard to stop.
It will be a good game." '
At tho P. It. It. Y. M. C. A. athletic
Meld, on November 3, the annual Intor
department football game will bo played.
Tho auditors of miscellaneous accounts
and tho'auditors of passenger trulllc will
bo tho contending teams. Tho game will
begin at 10:30 in the morning.
In tho third match game of tho Um
pire bllllaid tournament played yester
day, Griswald defeated Davis. Tonight
C. Wanner, Sr., will meet C. Wanner,
Jr., at tho Kmpiro billiard rooms, No. "I
South lltli street. Phil Adamson will
act as referee.
Abani S.'"kwl '"1 4lubla aenue.
"4 AmS. ftiV.n'if" ;oi'i;reU. f.".r ,lle occasion.
4lthoT.8.;V.nlt' or h0 Athletics, will low
!.-" U
dropMd Tn i " OI lIi9 BKr ciui nvru
Ttt (O niakft rrinm ins i.,. mi..
III ttJ St. Ann's va.
iUatieth'i vs. North
""-- v.
tth .n fl.JrJn,' " 'lrou of arMiiKln gamM
OrOnnA.4 w : " " l" '
cmSK; '? J?'ako rt,on 'or w
k?a1Eera'.I1, f .tlle Delaware Club
lth .11 ...Jn.' " ,)''iruu of orMiixIng game
O'Brui Via i. ..'yna '""" AiWrews II. A,
", 518 Heal Ktato Trust Dulldlnsr.
snlMd. Mcrcy hakUll uam lias or
nM u?J ,he "" an.l uutwv ! boik
tylni J, ,2.Y ".' vc having a hall an.1
WilMr Wi" "r Kaim-s aMrew J. J.
tIManT.i-""" '""' ur ,e'"
McST. fr'-nard A have opn dai
i rtiv an'J basketball teams In and around
oTLTf iify ""I m a fair eurant Ad-
!trL Pkii . "" manae-ar 5(8 Priibrt.m
'' VJj.h,S Ile" Phon WouJland 3Itft
SuS"'1 7 an 8pm
.r ' A A is Mp
College Gridiron Gleanings
oev s
r --, '
! p 1113
Crimson nnd Gold Prepares for To
morrow's Contest.
Coach Howell, of the Central High
School football team, Is driving his men
hard In preparation for their game with
St. Joseph's Collego tomorrow, at Hous
ton Field. There was some talk of can
celing tho game because tho collegians
wero not satisfied with the guarantee
offered, but a satisfactory agreement was
Tho Crimson and Gold men aro being
drilled especially In tho breaking up of
a forward pass, as It was by using this
play continually that Williamson made
possible their only score. Since Northeast
Is reputed to be very proficient In this
department of the game. Doctor Howell
wants his men to bo very well prepared
for It when tho two schools meet In their
championship game.
Central High supporters are much
pleased at tho showing of Thomas and
Voss. Tho former did not do so well In
the first games, but In tho Williamson
contest tore through the opposing line for
repeated gains. Voss Is a new man who
Is attracting attention through his kick
ing ability.
Alfred De Oro, the champion of the
world at threecuhlon carom bil
liards, broke All world's records last
night at hit favorite ome In the 81st
Inning of hit championship match
with George W. Moore at Doyle's 42d
ttreet, New York, billiard academy.
The veteran Cuban player clicked off
a total of 13 Joints In thlt Inning, bet.
terlnn the former record of 11, made
by himself In 8t. Louie In 1911, In a
match for the championship agalntt
Tom Huetlon.
De Oro flnlthed the first block of
B0 points In the 61st frame, while
the best Moore could do was to gather
a total of 28 points In CO Innings.
The men will continue play tonight
and will finish the match tomorrow
Delegates From 23 Clubs
Affiliated With Delaware
River Racing Association
to Meet Tonight.
Delegates from tho 23 clubs Militated
with the Delawaro Itlver Yacht rtaclng
Association and those from tho IS clubs
making up tho South Jersey Yacht Club
Racing Association will leavo this after
noon for Now York to attend the annual
meeting of the American Power Boat As
sociation nt tho Waldorf-Astoria, and,
occordlng to tho rumors which have been
floating nround this city for tho last two
weeks, there will be somo surprises
It has been reported by certain officials
that tho headquarters of tho American
Power Boat Association will bo moved to
thlps city, but, according to tho yachts
men from the shores of South Jersey,
they will try to keep the mother associa
tion In tho city of New York for the best
Interest of motorboat racing. One reason
ndvanced Is thnt the Long Island Yacht
rtaclng Association, which has more than
a dozen clubs, has Intended to Join the
A. P. B. A.
Governor Tener States That Majors
Are Satisfied.
NEW YOIUC, Oct. 21. President John
IC. Tener. of the National league, said
tho older malor organization was not
seeking "peace" with the Federal Leaguo
and had taken no cognizance of tho re
cent Federal gathering here.
"1 understand that some of the owners
In the National League havo talked with
Federal League ownerH aB to what might
talto place should organized baseball rec
ognize tho Federal League, but I am
sure that these discussions havo been
only from a business standpoint that
each may understand just what could be
expected of the other, it did not mean
peace by a long way?."
Jnl-rHu team desirea
ne for tha month of No-
nlstats ireferrcJ. AdVHi
''Ur V, V"1 home for th month of No
3. I,..: iMl'lMay nlchf t rwf.rr. I ArllrMi
K nton jpjV " keaslagtoa avenu"', gr cU
"Tho best team that Cornell has had in
years" was the characterization of one
Pennsylvania man to the Quaker coach
ing staff after he had seen tho Ithacans
run through the Carlisle Indians by tho
scoro of 21-0 and again swamp Brown
2S-7. This means that Doctor Sharpo's
cloven has aroused deep respect In tho
Pennsylvania camp In spite of tho In
glorious opening, when two games wero
lost on successive Saturdays.
Tho opinion Is getting more and moro
general that Cornell Is going to bo a
ntlghty dangerous foo on Thankslving
Hay. There Isn't tho slightest doubt about
.tho strength of tho Ithacans right now.
They aro playing the running, rushing
game, varied with fomard pasies, and
they haven't begun to reach their top
There Is ono danger Cornell runs, and
that is that tho schedule of remaining
games Is not a strong one. There Is
only ono strong opponent before Penn
sylvania. That Is Michigan, whose team
is met at Ithaca on November II. Thero
aro two ,ensy jameH before Michigan Is
met. On Saturday Cornell's opponent la
Holy Cross, and- the week following
Franklin and Marshall goes to Ithaou.
Neither team should furnish much op
position for Cornell. In spite of tho fact
that Frankllng and Marshall beat Penn
sylvania. Mention hns heen made in theso columns
liefore that Cornell's 1IU f-che.lulo wna not
proiwrly eriiilunled. Willi the exception of the
Michigan and Cornell camH nt the end of
the season tho first three tiueka rontalne.l the
hardest euni?s In other words Cornell htiM
not l,een pormlttfd to prow grnilunlly stronger
with ench smcesslve game. t may he that
tho easy games which Cornell is now pin) Ins
may hrlng the team' up to tho Michigan nn.1
Pennsylvania games In tho very test nf
ph steal condlilon. ltut hard games, provided
they don't result In Injuries, aro the heat
kind of prnctlee. One thing is certain and
that Is that Pennsylvania won't ho over
conlMent of heatln? Cornell this ear.
This Pennsylvania eleven comlnuev to he
an enigma to its roaches In that It doesn't
show consistent offensive strength Fron.
tackle to taekle the team nverages 2un pounds
or more. The ends are light, hut the tmik
fleld has nn average amount of weight and
speed. And yet In five games the team has
soured enautly fit points, or an average of
less than 0 points per game, it Is douhtful
If such a record could he found of another
I'nnlvanla team In the last '.'0 ears. In
tho old dljs Quaker teams used to score this
many points In ono of tho preliminary games
it Is evident that tho team hasn't found It
self et. hut the followers nf the lied and Illue
are hoping the team gels Into Its stride pretty
soon. In the practices the team seems to put
lots of tight Into the play, hut ther has boen
something lacking in every game to Hate.
Home of the coaches think the difficulty la
thai the eleven contains so many green men.
As a matter of fact thero are In the present
line-up only two men who wero regulars last
year. They are Captain Journeay at centra
and Harris at tackle. It takes lots of time
to round out a team of this tj-pe and possibly
the Quaker rooters will he rewarded by om
sterling football In November.
It Is fo lie hoped that Pennsylvania can
start the regular backfleld. Including Vree
land, against Swarthmore. It is not that
Kuarthmore Is eipected ta be so strong, but
the team certainly needs the sort of con
fidence that conies from having scor4 touch
downs, and It would be a good thing for the
team's sulrii against Michigan to play Its
hardest In this game. Possibly Kwarthmor
will see that I'ennlvunla does that.
CAMIIRirwiR, Mass.. Oct. 20. The Harvard
varsliy football team, which has been coddled
along for weeks, got baik Into the game yes
terday and there was n long session of old
fashioned football behind the scrt practice
gates, on Soldier' Field. With the eiceptlun
of Wallace, the centre tush, and Trumbull,
the right tackle, all the men got Into the thick
of tlve work and all came out without any
sign of having hurt themselves. Wallun
who Is nursing a bad ankle. w replaced by
lligelow. now first substitute centre as well
as guard and tackUt. and Klklu. one of the
sond sir Ins men. going In at tackle In Trum
bull's place. Ilardwkk remafiuxl at md and
Kraocke iomluue.1 lu tu UacksVM. TU4
varsity worked for a. fens tfuve on Its own
often, gathering up spel and bouig luujhty
well tugether.
rUlNVKTW." N J Oct SO -V l-ard pra -tt
'e. devoted to keeping u the offin e knpt
tre Tiger simad on tho nU 1 '" yitvr t iy
afternoon, and It wn oul wtin d-irka s
comi.elled It that tho coaches allowed tho
men to stop. Cddlo Hnrt vva not allowed
to do much until tho closo of tho drill, but
when he finally begun ho put plenty of Ufo
In the men nnd the old fighting spirit rcturnod.
For half nil hour tho regular mlrd It with
tho freshmen nnd were only able to score
ono touchdown.
Kddlf Hart coached a llttlo during tho drill,
and after It had tho men In tho signal prac
tice. Ilu devoted hla efforts to the linemen,
and their charging hui Improved by leapt and
bounds. Charging low, fnt nnd aa a team
aro tho principles that Hart is Instilling.
WEST POINT. N. Y.. Oct. SO. The big
team showed moro snap to ItH work yesterday
with the advent of cool weatlnr. Two touch
downs wero run up against the scrubs and a
third one a lost after Coffin, of the varsity
hnckfleld. fumbled when tncklod under the
scrub goal posts. Fumbling- made Its reap
pearance ut rather too frequent Intervals ull
through tho wurk-out, Coffin und O'Haro of
fending In punlculur. Tho scrlmmago was n.
liar.! one. All the regulars were back In their
places except McKwnn, who haa not yyot re
ported for dun. Ollnhant only lasted five
minutes, when his bad knee got another Jolt
and he wus obliged to give way to Coffin,
ANNAPOLIS, Md., Oct. 211. The Navy
coaches appear to he developing two backflelds.
one suitable for the smashing, llno-breaklng
game and the other moio adapted to the fast
running game. To make up the former, big
X'lilllng wus brought back from the scrul
whero he has U-en for tho lust week, nnd
with niodgett. H. Harrison and Miles, made
up a backfleld which averages about 1HU
pounds. Later. Collins and Alexander, two of
the fustest men In tho squad, were at the
halves for soma time.
NEW HAVEN, Conn., Oct. 59. "Foggy"
Alnsworth and Harry Legore, who have boen
out uf tho Yule line-up since last Saturday's
game, returned yesterday afternoon full of
dash. They were given their old placjsi In the
backfleld and will form Btrong links In the
tftnln of vnle's attack against Colgate nexi
Saturday. Legore proved thnt ho has lost
nune of his dropklcklng skill by lifting a Me'd
goal from tho fiu-jard line. Alnsworth shone
In the end runs,
CAIILISLE. Ta.. Oct. SO. The Carlisle In
dlans football squad was Kept up tn Its stiff
pace of work at fundamentals In practice. As
In Ihe past few days, the In.llun coaches
specialized on exercise at handling the hat,
und kicking. At the subsequent signal practice
tho re.li.klns tried a wide variety nf open
plays. Forward passing Improved markedly
and Carlisle will probably be strong In this
department against Syracuse ut lluffalo on
ITHACA. N. V., Oct. 2U.-A number of Cor
noil vurslty plt'rs who hail not been In
tho line-up beforu this week were sent Into
tho scrimmage )eftenlny by Head Coach
Fharpu. Hesplte the strengthening of tho first
team, however, the seiond i-leven scored a,
touchdown Tho aarelty scored twice Shelton
Cllearn, Sliuler. Hallcy and Munslck wero
kept out of scrimmage, although participating
in lgnal drill.
SOl'TII HKTHLEHRmT Pa.. Oct. 2f.-rhlgh
will tollovv he had of Mime of the larger
collegos. and for the benefit of the spectators
th player will bo numbered iti thu remaining
games. In View of tho hard tames remaining
on tho schedule. Coorh Kuady I giving hla
varsity cripnle a good rest this week and de
voting his time to developing reliable substi
tutes, for each position. There will probably
be several new fait In tho lluo-up that
meets Johns Hopkins on Caturdai. '
HAVKItKOnn, Ovt. 89. For the second
time this season Dutch Summer brought tils
Vlllanova eleven to the Haverford gridiron
eterday afternoon Much valuable practice
both In cHense and defsnse, I the result of
lhee visits. Both teams managed tn carry
out some of their plays with a fair amount nf
success, though none was carried to com
pletion on account of Doc Ilenneti's whtstle
CHBSTRrt, Oct. SO. Hard work and pi nty
of It has been tho order of the coach in i r.
paring the Pennsylvania. Military Collene t.-am
for the KUiiie with t'rslnus. to be played a
Colle;evlllv on Satunlai. Tho team U In n .
fettlo for the fray and hoias to give a tu j
account et ttn'U In tha I'rslnus game
ALLKNTOWN. Pa.. Oct. 3u.-Wltb the .v
ceutlou of a 10-miuute srlminae MuM,
berg 3 practice yesterday aftern on was
vitvd to signal drill mil rvhaarslng a no
play Ci-tch tleorge Mc-Coe. was In the term
wage at halfback, ami Ike way he wlggi
pat the snub wa little short of the plain
vvUitU KUd htm oil AIl-Aiucrlain ulaier it.
EASTOX. Pa. Oct. Su-Coanh Crowell tw
thi l-afiyitt varsity and scrub through a
vigrJiiH - rlinmagc on M trcb field yost riai
t. iu mi, is, In view of the utao J, J Ml team
frtaie vcii'g'. which la so n'-ar tt but!. worth.
Five Bouts Are Programed to Arouse
Great Interest.
"Muggsy" Taylor's offering for tonight
at tho old Uroadway Athletic Club. 15th
street and Washington avenue. Is one of
the best of tho season. Ills attraction In
the main event will be ".Sammy" Trlnkle,
of California, and "Jimmy" r"ryor, of this
The complete bill is as follows:
Wind-up "Jimmy" Pryor, of Philadel
phia, vs. ".Sammy" Trlnkle, of California.
Semlwlnd-up "Paddy" McCracken vs.
"Jimmy" Carson, both of Dock streot.
Third bout "Young" O'Brien, of South
wark, vs. "Patsey" Moore, of Gray's
Second bout "Lew" Hunter, of South
work, and "Mike" Meyers, of Southwark.
First bout "Eddlo" Hatiey und "Char
ley" Chuuey,
Ai the blic show held ut the Broadway
Sporting Club, of Urooklyn, recently, the re
ceipts were 3UH. "Kid" Williams, the
bniuamwelgbt champion, who was the star of
tho show, received u. guaruutee of SlOOo.
while) his opponent, "Dutch" Hrandt, got 400.
"Mlko" Olbbons eurned $300.
"Harney" Ford has changed his mind about
going to lluffalo for tho winter and ha de
cided tu remain here. He hus taken "Young"
Ooldlo, a fast Pittsburgh featherweight, undei
hla ovlnr.
CIIICAUO. Oct. SO.-Charley While started
training today for hla bout with Freddie elsh.
lightweight champion, at Milwaukee November
0. Itather than hove the bout called off. hlte
last night waived the weight question, accept
ing Welsh's terms of 135 pounds at 1! o'clock
TOLEDO, O. Oct. ;T) Featherweight Cham
pion Johnny Kllbane. of Cleveland, has been
matched to meet I 'rankle Daley, a Latrobe, t'a
lightweight, before the Hoyal Sport Club, o?
litis clt), on December 11, It was announced
KALAMAZOO. Mich, Oct. 29. Women only
will bo admitted ni a local theatre on the utt
ernoun of November IS, when Joo Mauriot. of
New Orleans, and Hal Hiewart. of Fort Wayne.
Ind , lightweight pugilists, put on a four-round
boxing bout Tho "Indies' matlneo" will ba
staged by tvvn siortlng writers, to prove that
boxing Is really a nice parlor game. No ad
mittance fee will be charged.
Personal Touches in Sports
Club of the metropolitan district have de
clared against the proposed amendment of the
.. . u which will permit a university stu
dent to enter In open competition between June
I nnd October 1 In tho dlstrlut In which his
f?L"tlJ'.lofa,el' Tho maln objection appears
to bo that tho clubs believe that the larger col
!'. .'" ,ur" ou' athletes who will win the
majority of prizes, at least no other reason Is
given, and that one must be nssumed. This is
an exceedingly narrow view to take of such a
question. Kvery one who has ever been con
nected with any form of athletics knows that
competition Is the best developer. If the col
le?lans are better than club men. the result
will bo to raise the standard of the club men.
lake the game of tennis. No men in a re
mote section of the cuuntry was ever devel
oped to high tournument standards bv beating
every one in his section. Mclaughlin had
mans brilliant plnyera to contest with on the
coast, but It was not until he had bee'i beaten
a number of times In the East that he brought
his game to It high present level. In the same
way track und Held athlcth-s are Improved.
There Is no more reason why any amateur
should not improve his stylo of running and
Jumpbag by contesting with a professional than
there Is for a golfer to forego the benefit of
having a professional teach him the finer
points of the game
Critics aro universally predicting a victory
forllBrrd over Michigan, which U a ralrlv
good Indication that the Wolverines will win.
There Is no reason why the long list of ath
letic upsets should stop at the Harvard .Sta
dium, when It refused to sop at Fenway I'ark
only n few mile away from tho Crlnuon'a
grlulron. On th other hand, upret have been
occurlng with such cionotonous regularity dur-
...n y e"i .amitnui a jiarvura victory
would bu strictly In" order because It would
upset the upset list.
Tennis publications have begun their annual
"atove league" work. Tho latest question to
bo brought up by the experts U that of runk
Ing the players Then, to particularize, they
bring up tho matter of tho first ranking player.
Authorities dlfTer on this subject, some think
ing that Maurice JO. MoLoughlln should ba
Plared ut the top. while other believe that
11. Norrlu William, 3d. Philadelphia, bv vlr
tuo of his victory at Newport over McLaughlin
should be entitled to wear the crown. One pub
lication hia printed a number of exirt opin
ion along this line, and the majority are in
favor of having Williams' name placed oppo
site figiira 1 when the ranking committee
moke Its yearly report Aa there Is room fi
argument lu giving either of theso wonderful
players the tlrst rank, we suggest that a a
"Philadelphia product," Williams be plared
at tho head of the column In other word, lit
Philadelphia, rather than sifety, be first.
"Is a Joke tighter.
year old.
Tho "news" Is about one
About 473.2S1 new mombers have Joined
the Alibi Club fver since the llraves did
wh.it they did and the Athletic didn't do
Connie Mack, however, hasn't attempted to
explain how it happened. But give him
time to lecollect his scattered thoughts and
his equilibrium.
Member of the baseball team representing
the purchasing department of the Pennsylvania
Itatlroad, wero lust night presented with the
D. F. Newhall memorial cup al .1 membership
reception held In the P. It. It. building al -list
street and titmlnler avenue.
The John N. Purvlunco tuimorlal nip was
presented to the pltiver of the tiudltur dis
bursement deimrtuieni.
The purchasing department won the chatu-
Elonthlp In Division A. while the auditor dls
ursemem department carried off the honors
In Division 11.
noSTON. Oct. W.-TIib International sondar
yacht races, which were to have been batted
at Kiel between Herman ant Amorlcun vuchts
next Juno, havo been laureled by tho Knlser
llcher Yacht Cliib. of ICIel. owing to unset
tled condition In Kurvipe. according to a letter
received by Henry TagKard. secietary of the
Eastern Yacht Club Tho racrtran list '
threw vachts waa relucted In August.
NEW YOHIC. Oct. SB.- Alfred De Oro d
feated llcnrge Moore. .".0 to tJS, In the first
game of their three- ushton billiard match at
Doie's Academy last night. The game went
t!3 Innings. Do Oro's high run was 13, new
world's record for a title match. Thrt con
test Is to extend over three nights. SO points
being played nightly- De Oro Is fighting for
permanent potsesslon of the Jordan Lambert
Clarence H. Gelst Not Able -'
to Jrlay Again 1 his bea
son Gossip of the Links.
. y
v rA
-i 'fie
' rt
. -Jf
Tfs.t.i..a. J- 4 1. H..I..IIM. -, it.. nWA
Clarence H. Gelst, chairman of the Golf "" ""
Committee of tho Whltemarsh Valley . N
Country Club nnd president of tho Sea- . , Frij
view Golf Club, of Absecon, N. J., ha' '
been conflneil to his home In Overbrook, w '"
Bprloualy 111 with tho srlp. He will not . f
piny Kolf asaln this season. His friends jt .
will be ulatl to know that ho Is slowly , -
Improving. "
Mr. Gelst Is one of tho most prominent '-"(j!
Kolfnrs In tho city. As donor of the
Clarence IT. Gelst Cup, which Is annually
competed for at tho Whltemarsh Club
the President's Cup, Sea view; tho Gelst
Cup, for tho annual Palm Ileach Golf
Club tournament, ho has put up morn
trophies for competition than any other
player In this scotlon.
Gelst is tho man behind tho Seavlew
Golf Club, the now organization at Abse
con, Is". J., nnd by expending moro than
JJ30.000 ho mnde tho links near Atlantic!
City po.islble.
' IX
' frf'l
l"3 1
K.J 2
Francis 1L Warnor, chairman of th9,1:J, t
Philadelphia Cricket Club Golf Commit- .!,.!
tee. Is making excellent headway In tho ,."11
ri, w in.. , , . .. "e " 1
"iiii V"" iveiu ikichu vvhh Bincci wiiicn -.
nssured thr p.rlrltnr ctnh nlmw. nf ho'' ,'t,
use of their grounds for somo tlmo to !r.t?;'J
rntriA. nrramramaiilii u-m- Mn.l. nf ... rTV " ,M
to stiffen and lmnrove tho linkn. "'r" " ,
Donald lloss, the Essex County Club ic'nJ
proieFsionai, maao the suggestions for nl- '-'''"
terlng the course, and they aro being fol- av
lovvpil nut he W n Tfnfnli ,..v, i. .. T tfH
Intending tho work. In snenklnir nf th j.?
changes, Mr. Warner said: "IJeforo wo "!
got through we will mako alteration nn " IKlS
all the greens. It depends very much upon"",,r,n
me weutner wnen tins work will be com- vs J
pleted. If we havo flno weather the work .'tn d 1
win progress rapidly." ,-niff
"Wo havo acquired now Dronertv. nnd fiitnv
aro now building nil tho greens so thtoy -Wi
don t fall away from you. The pits will , ,to i
ue large anu uroau. wtion wo finish tho--i,Jrtfl
work thero won't ho .. . n,i "'
------ '. . .UUIDQ ,.. till. .- Ml .
flOCtlOn Of tho nonntrvtn tminli If Tf Viqu -
hnnn nlnnnitH f .l i- i... -lMVtf2
.. r " "" v me viineiy oc j,
tho holes: we are dplng away with a
great deal of nnrnltoi ninv n,i .m i,,, .Aifi
no cross play.' At ono hole tn now rrnxx""r:t!l I
at the 12th and 11th,' but wo will do away,',,' w f
VV1LI1 lllUt,
Only club tournaments and events ar
tho week-end attraction for tho Philadel
phia Crickat Club golfers at present. Lost " ' 3
Saturday afternoon a best hall of part- "
tiers and four-ball matches were played,'
and ns usual the St. Martin's course was)'" "
crtl iPt
' vnVf
- I
uianaKOTxnis. in ureeic runner or ."vsw York. Tt ,- - ri..A.A.i .u c....it.
has begun another successful season. I., ! i"Z ""'..."'?" . '"',T..'" ,". .r"b.'." ,a"L"!
year ha ran several race, in Philadelphia., com- I a J'noon and 'uM toTds .n tho evVnin K
TORONTO. Ont , Oct. 20 --Melbourne In.
man. enelish hllllard chnmnion. nnd WIIHa
llnrn. world's balkilne lltUhnldar. bemn their final mutchns will ba nlaiori nn l-r;,i., ,
series of mixed slvlo matches here yesterday The Countri- Club cf Likewni im' i
Clement B. Web&tfy, Jr., tho nlversltv
golf captain, carried, pff many'honors last
season In tournament compotltlon. but ho
still has ono feat to accomplish. Maurice
.jones, or tne i-pankBord Countrv Club;"
beat him in the play for the club tltle-.
this year. Last season Webster beat ,
JoneB 1 up :s. holes, nnd this year Jone.
come Dacn strong, winning 2 up and 1 tr, $
play. Ho was up at the 9th. ISth. 27th ,
and 36th holes. Tho Frankford golfers.. .-
are now playing their fall tournament.
The Aronlmlnk Golf flub Is now issuing " e
n oooKiet containing the names and ad
dresses of members nnd other Impor
tant data. This is invaluable for th$
ri.uiu& vie iiiruiuurt ami every C1UD in tno - i
ntfv nml t.lnlnli,. ul.....f.l nn. - i. AW- Af
-.... .,.. .i.in, niiuiiiii nt-c- lu 11 Lime
tho booklet, containing the names, ad- -
dresses, golf rules and regulations and
other important farts for the use of mem-' t"
hr.. Is up to date In every detail. ""
Howard W Perrlti, president of tho rrl, x,f!
Pine Valley Golr Club, will not find tlmo
to compete In the golf tournament to ho
held by the Atlantic- City Country Club ,
this season. He has boen very active thW
neasoii in running off the women's ama
teur and open ih'unplon.shlps, and liarfnor." "'"
Und as much time for practice as usual.
Then. too. Mr. Penin Is nrtlvts in the af
fairs of the Pine Vnllfv Golf Club, whera
the phiyers villi g.ither for winter golf '-t-iww
. , irfv ,
Unusual Women's Competition Will ., urii
Me i enturo of Affair. .. -
Sumething diffnent than iinii.il In ilii '
way of women's golf iimietltion will ",,J
l run off nvf-r the links of the I'ountvr '"''J
Clitb of I.altcvvood on N'ovmnhnr - !- iS
otid 13. It will be u personal liiviid- "
tlon tournament lasting over a permit .""'V'""
of three days. For several year tltei .
hnvo been practically no affairs of nm " "
kind outside of the chamnlonahlns In iiin "T
There will be three flights, whether six
teen or eight In each depending upon tli. .
iiifiiiMct- vi Biuriers. i tie nrai ciav viii ,-t
given over to a iiuallfimc rnumi' uf hkI -,f.,l
teon holes, tt side attraction In tho way.
of uu apprnachliiir nnd imtt.ng t '.. - ''!'
Ing arranged for the afternoon. On Thurs
day tin- first and scuiilinal round.' ivill i.i
run off, with the decisive contests In ml
divisions on v rmuy. in the event uf i ,
teens fci-ins ariangrd tne srniitlnal ai.J
uencA i
Tommy Murphy, ono of tha best llBhtvveirhts
In the world, who has fousht und beaten every
one of mite In his lais, has been nn.utud by
JacH .MrilulKun u meet I'at llradley, the lad
who alnuy make xoud In the seml-wlnduD
Mlko Mazle. of New York, meet Duke Bovver
of Kensington.
As a guard
Ing In first on more than ono occasion despite
n sever" mi iiuictii, uiw ui in reasons rnr
the contlnuel success of this athlete Is hla
sturdy physical make-up. He Is strong enough
to keep up ft hot pace over a ion course and
then make a brilliant dash at the finish If
pushed. It U to be hoped that (llnnakopnlls
will appear here In some, of tha numerous rutin
which will bo held this season
Although nuIness Manager Shettsllne. of th
rhlllles, enjoys one of tho sunniest dispositions
Imaginable, hi exuberance of spirit sometimes
has an unexpected effect on his listeners. Tha
other day "Shetts" was helns pleasant, aa
usual and remarked- "Well. It won't ba lone
until the baseball season Is her ae-aln." Tha
Phllly office fores In tha Stock Exchange '
Uulldlng suffered u mental collapse.
Which reminds us that as far oe any one
knows, President Haker hasn't been around to '
the I'enn Theatre to see Charley pooln In his
famous act.
A Western football team uses a, combination
at Utters and nine figures far signal V
facetious opponent hearing tha quarterback
call "U-0." uhoutcd. "Get low, boys, lt' j,
submarine, piav.
If the Braves' rampahm of 1.014 cm be
termed "burning up the leaau." rieveJand't
race would be best pictured by a pair of Ice
R. II. Crcet. the r-aclnc bay eeldipg owned
bv Senator Jamea I McNIrhsl, was the en
"ntlun In the ilrand Circuit mclne reason lust
lused. This greAt thonw.hbrad. a novice.
i.-..ved to be the fastet t-yeur-old ever raced.
.Sir I -im thlnktne of taklnx up coif snd
-uld like to know It !net!ts. What do.' a
i teach you- ANXIOUS BBADRlt.
Fred" 'tarke reelgned as manager of the
I'lra'es. He will take a. new Job next spring
ihai of m-manlng the Pirates for the
msteenth" succtve season.
I'lrng Clarke and heaving Heuue Waitn r
r the scrap heap always have beeo pvpu'ar
a intct sports 1'bey promise to be mow i-op-'ar
than ever tbl year.
Ounboat Smith." remarks a contecniiorarv
man's best run in the afternoon was H1U end
tti nteht li.'i. Iloppi-' highest score In Ih3
afternoon was 30. while in the evening hi
best run was 40.
Si'HANTOX. Pa. Oct ill n -hi- ..riiinw
1-1 I balkllne contest of tha rhaniplnii Ililllard
Players' I.tOKtte here last night KoJI Varoada
lieut Ilirry I'lin. -piu to m Ywmada mat
the high averuge of i'i I-1S. whll inline
average was U. Tamada outclassed his op
Donent. lamurlne Ihd honir in ull ,bmn,.
ments. In the seventh inning Taroada hd a !
nit;n run nr uu. ano nis next ceat run was at
Clint's bet effort waa 5-t.
tited the competitors to make use of th4 -course
the Juy previous to the tourna-. .
ment and entries will ilose with the clerk."'
al tha club un Tm-uduy, November 10. Tula "
will be the llrat tlnie the women solfci? "
haa been entertained at L-iknwn.ui ,....) '
it will mark the hm competition of the
reason, a priwlse usually going to l.aka,
wuod for It open tournament.
HALTIMOnB. Oct SO. George Sutton d
fe,i.ed Jake Schaofer 10O to IS3 In a Cham
pion Billiard Players league lit balkline
match last night.
Sutton had an uv erase of 10 1-22 and u
high run of 32. while Sohaefer everag -1
T U-20 and totaled 20 without a miss
Lafayette Sopliomores Win
BASTO.V. Pa . l.ct. SS -The .mngat '
la.faette College Intrclass footba'l
game, which takes place on this bi i.-.
Ii tween the freshmen and sophomore, wun -won
bv the lattei lg to 0 The varsity
sciuad went through a long scritumagft '
tuday. Couch Ciovvell madf no radical
i n.inges in tne line-up
- rt
CinfAUU. Oct 29 Chirlea Morln ..f this
city, last night defeated Har i'oolr. .,f u
dntnapoll. SO to 21. In 74 innings. In an In
terstate Tnree-i'usbton Ililllard League tunic h
i "
rd on the Muhlenberg foot- ONAL A. C. fJ&V,
ho hxs proved his sterling 8itlRfSi Si71tR .5 ,?,
i ,.. -cittx vs. i-,i-i- iiuiiir;
Four other (Star Bout Four Other Star Bout
Kverv motorist knows about these
t-l stull, 1 Lather , , . iht
pr.ite i the ir- iurn g th ulnt. r
-ird give n n .-k 1 lusui in. e as wr II
He h4i JU't rxKi-d tt lurg
t k -jf i him in ihe v irl.ius pop
u ir tun h ii. t .all r,l li
us quote on equipping iour
-rr ir
nti i iicii t u . -
217 North Broad Street J
The Travel ftuieau will cive
vou slice ial data on the exposi
tion, mute with the llnest
ke'enic altiactiun. tram sched
ule nnd cuiitieviiutui I'ullinuii
and buttt uccumiiiotlutioii . even
tc!i v uu the iieiedfeuiy ex
ki,j,- for the trip. Including
hotel rate en route and along
coaat T
Call at the
Travel llurvuu
- r-.v
- i"
- t
" t
I 'l

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