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The Halloween fairies were giving a
part jr. Tliero was the pumpkin fairy, In
shimmering shining yellow; tho apple
fairy In russet nnd green, tho nut fairies
In golden browns, and many others Into
the bargain.
They wer giving their party In ,the
hollow of a great big oak tree. The
friendly fireflies had offered to furnish
the Illumination, and so many of thorn
came that there wasn't the least bit of
danger that their lights would all go out
at the same time, and If they had there
were several stow-worms that were more
than willing to shine steadily right
through the evening
Outside, on a low branch of the tree, a
Undly old owl mounted guard. If any
of the mischievous goblins or hobgoblins
ventured near he meant to warn the
fairies by calling out "To-whool to
whool" In plenty of time for them to
mako their oscapo
Locusts and katydids had been Invited
to supply tho music Thoy sang over
nnd over again to the delight of every
one present And for refreshments they
had little acorn cups Ailed with delicious
dew caught that very morning and tiny
ooJtes of honey made especially for the
occasion by tho bora who had their hives
nearby and who sent them with theli
The fairies made a fairy ring and
danced around It while the locusts and
katydids sang their best songs, and the
glow-worms and the fireflies made the
Inside of the big tree brilliant with their
yellow lights.
The youngest fairies served the refresh
ments, not forgetting a single llreflv or
glow-worm or locust or katydid, and tho
older fairies sat together on little chains
made of lovely pink and yellow toad
stools. The pumpkin fairy told of her busy,
busy tlmo, flying around and touching
MM I B 11 . u
The Origin of Halloween
The only mysterious festival left to
prosaic Americans Is Halloween. Its
origin is plainly Pagan, although the ro
mantic element has come to us from
England, Ireland and Scotland
Around the 1st of November the Druids
were supposed to hold their worship of
the sun god, thanking him for the har
vest. Huge sacrificial fires were TTghted
In his honor, and kept lighted for days
This Influence can still be seen in the
"bonfire night" In Ireland.
The Roman conquerors penetrated as
far as Britain, and from them comes the
custom of using nuts and apples on Hal
loween. On this night Soman, the lord
of death, was believed to call together
all the souls of the wicked. These were
condemned to Inhabit the bodies of
beasts for a year, and Halloween marks
their release.
This fact or belief perhaps, marks
the predominance of the mysterious ele
ment In Halloween frolics. It Is the
night when witches, elves and evl!
spirits walk abroad They sour the
cream, tie cats' talis together and per
form the thousand and one pranks
usually attributed to small boys
Robert Burns In his poem, "Halloween,"
gives us a good description of the ways
employed to penetrate the veil of the
future. Three nuts are placed on the
hearth. Each Is named after a. lover.
If one cracks, he will be unfaithful.
If one burns, ha will be faithful, etc.
llany maidens ate an npple slowly before
a. looking-glass. The face of her future
husband was supposed to peep over her
Children bom on Halloween are sup
posed to have the power to perceive and
communicate -with spirits. Sir Walter
Beott makes use of this in his romance,
"The Monastery."
Ordeal of tho Lighted Candle
A lighted candle
should be placed in
the middle of the
.room, and each guest
should be blindfolded
and told to Jump
over It Those who
clear it without ex
tinguishing the flame
I will have a happy
and prosperous year
ahead, but those who
fail in clear it. or
who lenock It over, will be very unlucky
for the next twelvemonth!
The Needle-threading Test
It is very hard to thread a needle when
seated on a round bottle laid lengthwise
on the floor. It will roll about In the
most surprising fashion The one who
succeeds in threading the needle first will
be the first to get married.
Around the Apple Tub
No Halloween par
ty is complete with
out the large tub
filled with cold wa
ter. Its surface
crowded with the
reddest of rosy
cheeked apples Borne
one should be se
lected as manager of
the sports, as guests.
In their excitement.
need to be regulated
and controlled, or
they may tumble
headlong into the tub'
A line should be formed, and each
should kneel in turn end bob or duck
their beads down Into the water, trying
to secure an apple with the Weih. Fre
quently the resisting apple has to be
pursued to the wwy bottom of the tub,
but this makes the game all the mora
exciting, although the clothes are apt to
get utterly soaked.
To prevent this, the wise hostess will
lay In a stock of water-proof bibs for the
girts. wY'ja the men shgjld remove col
Lars, tks and coats.
each eeparato pumpkin with her wnnd so
that It would grow big and golden, and of
n luscious flavor.
The grape nnd poach and pear and apple
fairies all had good reports to give of
all their fruit trees, and the llttlo nut
fairies said that they had not only pro
vided enough nuts for every child and
grown-up person for miles around, but
they had made sure of a supply for all
tho llttlo furrv, brlpht-eyed squirrels and
chlpmunM that would last nil winter
They were drinking each other's healths
In tho little ncorn cups of bramble dew
when suddenly To-whoo' called tho big
eld owl, and they alt caught their breaths
and stood perfectly still, oh, so terribly
To-whool To-whoo' sang the owl, and
each tlmo much louder than before.
Tho Inside of the tree trunks, that look
ed so pretty, festooned with fairy lcaes
and How era and grasses nnd mosses, sud
denly became pitch black Tho glow
worms stopped glowing and tho lights
of the flrouies all went out at the ery
eame Instant
Fairies and fireflies and glow-worms, lo
custs and katydids flew all mixed up to
gether, up and up, right up through tfce
tree trunk until they reached the top.
Then out they flew and away and away,
under tho cover of the leaves until they
were all safely home and ervery single
one of them tucked In bed
And the mischievous llttl sprites and
goblins and hobgoblins that had come
stealing up tho tree Just to frighten the
fairies found nothing nt alt.
They peered Into the big hollow of the
oak tree, but there were no friendly fire
flies and glow-worms to light It up for
them, so they turned away quite de
jected and maybo a little bit ashamed.
Tho wise old owl kept one eye cocked
open until the last one had vanished.
Then he ruffled up his feathers, tucked
his head under his wing and went to
sleep for the night.
Hallowe'en in Frolics
Pretty games belong to Halloween more
particularly than nny other time of the
year. Certainly, no other feast offers
such a variety of them Every country
lends it epecullar customs, for Halloween
is countless centuries old.
"Ships of Fate" Is perhaps the prettiest
and most romantic game of all Little
ships are made of half an English walnut
shell, -with little toothpick masts secured
to the bottom of the shell with candle
grease. The name of each guest Is
printed or written on each boat. A little
lighted candle Is placed In the stern
Place these In a tub of water and fan
gently. Much amusement follows the
gradual pairing off of the boats Tho
candle, of course, typifies good health
Whoever has the candle which burns tho
longest may expect a long and happy
life. The boats may bo Improved upon
In countless -ways and look very attractive
with the lights shining In the water.
A new version of the old custom of
bobbing for apples Is, perhaps, not so
exciting, but decidedly more reassuring
for the unfortunate victims who have to
go home on a cold night with wet cloth
ing. The apples are placed in a row,
using green, yellow and red ones al
ternately. The guests are supplies with
darts, or tiny bows and arrows. Shoot
ing a red apple signifies success In love,
a yellow one, money, and the green one
An old English custom Is that of hang
ing a stick parallel to the celling by a
strong cord. On one end of this Is stuck
a large lighted candle, on the other an
apple. The stick Is then spun around
rapidly, and the guests are supposed to
secure a bite of the apple The pleasure
of this game Is very doubtful.
Slarshmellow toasting, roasting chest
nuts, apples, pop-corn, new corn and
Buch things before the open Are are less
strenuous and still popular amusements
for Halloween.
The Boasting of Chestnuts
The true lovers' test Is found In the
roasting of chestnuts. A young man and
a girl should each place a chestnut on
the bars of the grate and carefully watch
their behavior. If they stay quietly side
by Bide, then the young couple who
placed them there will lead an easy,
peaceful life together But If, as Is fre
quently the case, the nuts hiss and steam,
then such behavior Indicates quarreling
between tho owners. Frequently one
chestnut will act In a wild manner, Jump
Irg away from the other and hlBslng
loudly, and this Indicates that the owner
has a bad temperl
The Halssin 1la.ee
Into a piece of string about a yard long
a raisin Is strung. Two people then take
each an end in their mouths and hastily
chew as much as possible. The one who
reaches the raisin first will be wedded
Recipe for Halloween
Peanut Candy
For a thick peanut candy boll together
a cupful of sugar, a cupful of molast.es
and two tablespoonfuls of butter ery
slowly for about half an hour Then
try In cold water and when It Is brittle
add a cupful of shelled peanuts Pour
Into well greased pans to the depth of
half an Inch When It begins to harden
cut Into squares with a buttersd knife.
A crisp peanut candy that is easily
made Is made by melting and browning
granulated sugar, being careful that it
does not burn, and then pouring It, when
it Is all melted and brown, over shelled
peanuts. When It is cold break It In
Barley Omelettes
Break two eggs Into a basin, remove
the specks and beat well (If at hand,
throw in a spoonful of minced parsley),
a dust of pepper and salt It for savory
one. If a swet one, add sugar Stir into
the beaten eggs enough boiled barley to
make It the thickness of a rich batter,
then form It Into thin cakes with floured
Angers Lay them Into a pan of heated
fat; turn or hold before a bright are
Minted onions may be added if ap
proved. The omelette should be lifted
w th a spoon or knife to prevent it stick
ing to the pan. which It will do if it is
a weil-used pan Take to table as sgon
as choked Jam or stewed fruit may be
used with this omelette.
Halloween Is a time of rejoicing and
festivity, and many delightful parties aie
given to celebrate it fittingly The prob
lem of entertaining the guests harasses
many a hostess, and for her assistance
tho following time-honored games are re
corded: First In tho list comes snapdragon. This
game Is a great favorite with the younger
folks, and even the elders will enjoy It.
About half a pint of brandy should be
put Into a dish and a match applied to
It. The moment It catches fire tho light
In the room should be put out, so that
the sole Uluminntlon comes from the blaz
ing brandy.
Handfuls of candled fruits, raisins,
sugared almonds are then flung In. and
the guests must try to snatch them out
of tho flames. This causes great excite
ment and much laughter, and Is sure to
make the party a success The girl or
man who manages to obtain the highest
amount of fruit, etc , from the flames
will meet her, or his, future mato within
a year!
Another delightful
game is played with
a mirror. The moon
should be shining
brightly, and the
guest must walk sev
everal paces back
ward In the moon
light, holding a looking-glass
In one hand
and gazing all the
time Into the looking-glass.
If the fol
lowing verse is re
peated, the face of
the guest's future
husband or wife, as
the case may be, will
appear In the glass:
"Round and round, O itars so falrl
Ye travel an1 eeareh cut eo where;
I Tray ou. sweet stars, row show to me
Thie night who my future husband (or
wlfoj will te!"
The Shadow Game
This is a splendid
game for Halloween
A sheet or tablecloth
KhnuM hfk Htratchecl
across the centre ofl'l
the room and a lamp
placed behind It on
u table. The lights
in the room are then
put out. and one
player fits at the side between the lamp
and the sheet The other players
must then pass In turn behind the one
sitting on the stool, their shadows being
thrown upon the sheet They make all
sorts of contortions and grimaces, wear
false noses and beards, etc, and the
man on the stool must try to guess their
identity This Is a rather difficult proposl.
tlon as the shadows seem strangely dis
torted and twisted
An Old English Halloween Custom
The girl or man who is anxious to Know
who her or his future companion for life
will be will steal out on the night of
Halloween quite alone, and will pluck a
hair out of the head and cast It away,
watching carefully In which direction the
breeze may blow it The future partner
will live in the direction In which the
hair blows To make the charm work,
the following verse should be recited
"I pluck this leek of hair off my head
Tu tell wboBie com the one I shall wed.
Fly. allken tulr, Oy all the world around
Until ou rwua the spot wlwre my truu lovt
U found."
Another game that will cause great In
terest among the guests is played in this
fashion: Take three dishes, rill one with
clear water, the tecond with wattr Into
which some black ink has been poured,
and leave the third dish empty One of,
the guests is then blindfolded and led
to the table where the three dlsheu are
laid The guest then dips his (or her) left
forefinger Into one of the dishes. If it
is the empty dish he Is fated to be a
bachelor all his life or, if the player
oe a lady, sho wid be an old maid If
tuo flnser Is dipped Into the Inky water
the player wll marry a widow of a
widower, but if the finger is dipped into
tho clear water, then the future partner
for llfo will be young, charming and
A ory amusing game Is played with
mashed potatoes. Into tho midst of the
mashed potatoes a dime, a ring and a
thimble should ba placed. The potatoes
are then eaten by the guests, nnd great
Is the excitement n to who will got the
articles burled In the mashed potatoes.
Tho one who gets tho ring will soon bo
married. The ono who gets tho thimble
will live alono all his or her llfo. The
discovery of the dime betokens tho re
ception of a legacy or the gaining of
A eplcndld way of entertaining the
guests Is the hiding of nuts or apples in
different places In the room. Several
people should then be blindfolded, and
they must hunt around for the hidden
articles Hostesses who valuo their fur
nlturo and ornaments, etc , wil start this
bolbtorous game at their own risk.
An amusing game Is tho trial by water.
The gueet must fill his mouth with water
and walk nround tho house without swnl
lowlng or losing a drop of It. The first
person met of the opposite sex will bo
his fate. The Idea Is to send two young
people out by different doors. If the
young people selected are at all friendly,
the fun will wax fast and furious, and as
they are sure to meet, this simple game
may bring matters to a crisis.
Apple-Paring Test
A third and most popular Halloween
game Is played with applesklns. The
npple should be pared, care being taken to
do so In one long, unbroken piece. The
paring should then be swung around the
head, flung over the left shoulder and
allowed to drop on the floor The letter
thus farmed will show the Initial of Uie
thrower's future mate for life.
The Fun of Forfeits
No Halloween party Is complete without
the forfeit toll. When a player Is fined
for the breach of some rule or for some
mistake In a game, or for being defeated
In some test, he must at once surrender
a piece of his private property, such as
a stud, or. In the case of a girl, a bracelet
ur biooch or something of the sort
A ready-witted person is then chosen to
play the part of the Justice. There Is
also a collector, who holds out the arti
cle forfeited, crying, "Who Is the owner
of this pretty thing?" The owner then
comes forward, kneels down at the feet
of Justice and Is told what he must do
to redeem the goods. The penalties are
varied and amusing:
"Leave the room with two legs and
come back with six " The way to do this
13 to go out Of the room and return carry
ing a chair
"Place one hand where the other cannot
pet at it." The way to do this is to grasp
the elbow.
The quick-witted Justice will Invent
many amusing penalties, and the game of
forfeits will proceed in a very lively
Fortune Telling on Halloween
One of the party
should dress up as a
witch or gipsy and
tell the fortunes of
the rest of the com
pany Another method Is
to write the for
tunes on small pieces
of white paper, us
ing milk Instead of
Ink. and when dry,
place the slips In
mn.v wolnn, el, Alia
V.l.f.J ... H..V..W.
JJ The shells can then
T7 be sealed up, all
captaole, and each guest now selects one
On opening the walnut shells, the paper
should be taken out and heated a little,
when the milk will turn slightly brown
and the writing be clearly revealed
Great surprise will be caused at thus see
jesT the fortune llteraiy grow Into vUnr
All Halloween
This is the nlcht o Hallowe'en,
When a" the wlchtln mlcht o seen;
Boms o them black, eome o them green,
Some o' them llko a turkey Dean.
Feast days and fast days, holidays and
festivals come and go, but Halloween
Is unique. It Is vested with the charm
of all that there Is of the mystical, the
strango and the weird and the super
natural. Evil spirits hold high carnival, witches
ride the air, goblins and hobgoblins,
fairies and elves appear boldly, and the
souls of the dead come forth from their
graves and roam the earth.
Even Us origin Is mysterious, pagan
and Christian with a .dash of the
mythological thrown In, perhaps. Long
ago a feast was held in honor of Pomona,
goddess of tho harvest. In England the
Druids held a harvest celebration nt this
time of year and built great bonfires
In high places in honor of the sun
that ripened their grain. In the Cath
olic calendar the Eve of All Saints
coincided with the pagan festival and
became Involved In the fantastic rites
of the earlier celebration.
It Is a night when It Is not safr to
be out in the dark and alone, a night
when any man or maiden has the right
and the might to invoke the spirit of
tho future spouse by strange spells and
Incantations. Faith In maslo Is all that
Is needed.
And It Is a night, flrs.t and last and
all tho time, when grown-up pooplo can
cast aside the affairs of state, the pomp
of circumstance, and be what thoy would
most like to be la all the world merry
hearted children.
And If we no longer really and truly
believe In the supernatural, there Is a
remembrance of the belief to serve the
purpose and a wish that la almost a
faith In Its power
In a word, Halloween Is romance, the
Never-Never Land that we are all seek
ing, Bometlmes unknowingly and some
times with the dusty highway of tho
commonplace stretching ahead of us In
terminably, and blinding our eyes.
The Rose Test, for Girls
Choose one for yourself and one for
jour lover.
This requires two roses with long stems.
American Beauties are splendid foi this
purpose You must try the test in soli
tude, preferably in your own room. Vou
must kneel down, fix your eyes on the
rose chosen for your lover, twine the
stems of the two flowers together and re
peat the following aloud:
"Twine, twine and
Let my love be
wholly thine.
If his heart be kind
and true,
Deeper grow his
rose's hue "
If your lover loves
jou truly, the rose
should grow deeper
in color.
The Mirror Test
You must stand
alone before a mir
ror and comb jour
hair by candlelight.
A single candle
snould re usea ior
this occasion You will then see In the
clflttn iha tnrtk nf vnur future Ufa com
Benj. B. Lewis
Excellent tcorfc reasonable prices.
1535 Chestnut Street
Take Elevator
In these days of apartment living one
may have to beg, borrow or steal a cel
lara modern cellar, of course, clean and
dry, with n cement floor but certainty
thero Is no place quite ltke It for a chil
dren's Hallowe'en party. The descent to
tho cellar of Itself puts ono In the proper
anticipatory spirit! tho usual lioxllko
stairway, dimply lighted, Is spooky just
of Itself.
A cellar, with grinning Jack o'Lan
terns, giving an orange glow for tho only
light; with autumn leaves and grasses
festooned from the walls nnd celling; with
witches, bats, cats nnd owls cut from
black paper In nllhouotto and pasted
against white walls, makes a picture In
tuno with the weird and mysterious
forces awake and abroad on this one
night of tho year.
A witch's caldron mndo of pasteboard,
covered with black paper and set on a
tripod, should bubble over with Hallow
con favors. A bona fide witch, dressed
with all the mummery of the part, should
preside and distribute crackers, rattles
and whistles to all bold enough to claim
There aro games ns old as the hills
that seem new overy year and never loso
their charm. Bobbing for apples Is one,
and a placo for a tub already filled with
water should be found somewhere In tho
picture. There should bo apples strung
from tho colling that can be secured only
by catching them with tho teeth. A
table laden with nuts and fruits must
Halloween Table Decoration
Halloween offers unlimited opportunities
for artistic tablo decorations. Autumn
harmonics prevail, tho color schemes
shown being chiefly orange, dcop reds
and browns. Of course, tho weird black
witches and white skeletons aro also In
ovldence. One very charming table had
a cloth mado of orange crepe paper, with
a border of wltchos and cats In black.
A good-sized houso made of black cropo
paper pasted over cardboard formed tho
centrepiece, and astrldo the roof sat a
very formidable looking wltoh. Her body
was made of a clothespin, with corn
tassel hair, a realistically painted faco,
and garments of shreddod orange and
black paper. Tho lights used were can
dles, and to got tho proper eerie atmos
phero shades were made of dark
grotesque faces, pumpkin heads and grin
ning cats. Apples nnd other fruits wero
ornamented by flags stuck In them, bear
ing a Bkull and cross-bones. Quests are
supplied with favors appropriate to tho
occasion. Orange and black caps, faintly
suggestlvo of the brownies, are vory pop
ular. Tho whole effect Is very realistic,
and from a hostess' point of view, vory
The "Walnut Treo
"Lat Ilallow Eve I nought a walnut tree.
In hopes my true love's face I might ee.
Three times I called, threa times I walked
Then In tho tree I saw my true love's face."
If you wish to see
the face of your fu
ture husband (or
wife) walk out In the
moonlight on Hal
loween to the near
est walnut treo, walk
around It three- times,
calling out, "Let him
that Is to be my
true lovo bring me
soma walnuts," and
you will see your
future husband (or
wife) gathering them
In the tree I
The Halloween Card Party
Auction Is the order of tho daj At
every hour of the day, and mostly every
hour of the night, a feverish bridge flend
mny be seen looking for Its mato. The
ever-popular tango is auction's only rival
for popularity. This brings us to tho point
of card players In general.
You have all mot the charming little
woman who has no thought on earth ex
cept "dear John" and the children
Ordinarily she Is most attractive, but In
the serious mntter of brldgo you rattier
lose your disposition when sho cheerfully
doubles "Just to see what will happen"
Such a partner is a grievous trial, but
aay, with Cervantes, "Patience and shuttle
the cards." To act annoyed at a partner's
Ignorance of the game Is out of place; to
criticize her play is Inexcusable.
As for the giggly person, who cheer
ftillj disregards alt her partner's signal
bids, looks bored while her opponents
play the dummy hand; in brief, who
doesn't try at all, nothing Is too terrible
She should either give cards up entirely
or pay attention. That Is only fair to the
other players
Scientific "brldgers" have been blamed
for their strict attention to the game This
Is a very good fault, Those who play o
game for tho love of It, and not for a
pair of fancy ghnes or a camisole, can
easily understand this. Nothing Is "so try
Ing In any game as tho amateur Ilrldge
etiquette Is a vei-y well defined thing und
should be carefully observed by all
On the whole. It Is the card player who
always had a good time, whether he wins
or loses; who takes defeat like success,
with a bmlle, who plays carefully and
wins occasionally: who is willing to help
the beginner, and who never, never criti
cizes, who is a favorite at bridge parties
Walnut Croquettes
One cup bread crumbs. 1 cup milk, a;
cup chopped walnuts, hi. teaspoon salt
Cook the milk and crumbs to a paste,
add walnuts, yolks of eggs and salt
Shape Into balls, dip Into beaten egg and
roll In crumbs. Fry In deep fat
To Advertisers
Send Copy in Early
If you would secure insertion in the early
mail edition of the Sunday Public Ledger have
your advertisements at the Main Office or
Ledger Central before 5 P. M. Saturdays.
Telephone your Want Ads to
Walnut or Main 3000
have at least one cake-mold mads of
In It there must be a ring for the first
ono t6 be married, a. thimble for th
Bplnater or old bachelor and a piece of
money for the lucky one. The flour li
sliced with a knlfo like an ordinary cake
and the person who makes a find with
the knife can hare It only by bltlne u
out with tho teeth.
Phllopcna with forfeits Invented by
tho children adds to the fun. Fortune,
telling with nuts and apples Is one of
the rites of tho evening not to be over
looked. A supper table, If thero It
supper, spread with a paper tablecloth
stamped with Halloween devices, and
with paper napkins Is much more attrac
tive than It could ba with ordinary linen.
Candlesticks can bo made from hollonej
cucumbers, and a pumpkin filled with
fruit seems right nnd fitting for the cen
terpiece. Placo cards can be bought or
made by fastening the Halloween stlcken
to orange or scarlet cards. The In vita,
tlons to the party should not be neglect,
ed; It takes so little Imagination to make
them amusing and Interesting.
A Halloween party without costumes
and masques is like an egg -without salt.
They aro easily mado or can bo bought
for a song. Spooks and sprites, gobllni
and ghosts, It doesn't matter what th
choice. It Is the dlsgulso that counts,
Bouvenlrs, and thero should be souvenirs
of tho party, to bo stowed away with
other treasures, can bo bought In the
Bhapo of n dlmlnutlvo lantern or candle,
stick, or n small slab of chocolate, with
ono of the sprites atendnnt on Halloween,
cither bearing It or being borne upon 11
The Needle Game
Each guest should bo given a needle and
a tiny piece of butter, so that the neaalt
may be greased. The needles are then
placed In a basin of water, each guest
watching his or her own needle care
fully. By tho low of magnetism and at
traction the needle will rush apart or
together, as the enso may be, and the
manner In which each needlo behaves will
betoken the actions and tho relationships
of the parties concerned in the game.
The Halloween Jinx
Yes, surely you know about lt-the
Halloween Jinx. It's only a theory, soma
people say, but nevertheless awful things
have been known to happen when you
mado tho Jinx mad.
You see, Halloween Is Buch a mysterious,
eerie old night that tho elves and goblins
and hobgoblins and whatnots all creep
from their holes and peer around Well,
If they should happen to see any kiddle
or grown up, either with a frown on'
A piercing shriek may be heard through
out the house, and by this the unhappy
"frowner" knows his fate. The "Jinx"
Is on you for another j'car.
So bo careful, kiddles, to smile and
frolic, so that the Halowcen Jinx won't
see you when he comes prowling around
Turkish Delight
Soak one ounce of gelatine over night
In a teacupful of water. Put one pound
and a half of loaf sugar In an enameled
saucepan, with a small teacupful of
water. Stand till the sugar dissolves,
then add the gelatine, the Juice of two
lemons and one teaspoonful of essence of
lemon. Stir till it boils, then allow to boll
for eight minutes. Itlnse twu dishes In
cold water, pour half of the mixture Into
each and color one half with cochineal.
Allow to stand over night, cut Into
squares and roll In Icing sugar.
At the 61irn of the - . ,
Golden Ostrich T ,nTPSt
Made From
Your Old
Ostrich Feathers
At Half the Cost of New
Best Work Lowest Prices
Feathers Curled on Your list
While You Walt
Frrnrh Feather bhon OUClJk
Mall Order Given I'rompt Attention
V ttT.'-!l-flt-i?ti

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