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.JNWit, M"
pw? iMsseMsii?- dfiHS3535PWPKir iKl
i,- .... K - ... .J . J. .1 ." .. . .. - - l. . . ,.31
n. and jins. cifAnt.EMAaNn Townn,
of 1315 tioiust street, wilt bIvo n largo
at lliclr liome on Thursday, December i,
Introduce their daughter, Miss Clcrtrude
Wef. There wilt he no recelvlnn party.
Mr ahtt Mrs Antonio Yznaga Stewart, of
1006 jpruco street, have Issued invitations for
a dinner, to bo Si on Thursday nlsht, Novem
ber 12, in honor of Miss Margaret Berwlnd,
nughtir of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Augustus
Pfr. and Mrs 1'aut Clayton, of Havcrford,
av a. dinner uance last night ai ins .Merion
olf Club In honor of their debutante dai?li-
ff, Miss Maiy 13. Claiton, who was Intro-
ueed at a too on October JS. Anions the
ebutantcs and younger dancing men who at-
;ndcd the dnnca last nlftht were Miss Kath-
Ino Zimmerman Ogdcn, Miss Hubcrta Totter,
illss Charlotte HardliiB Brown, Miss Hnnsell
'rench L'urle, Miss Lltlte Crlsdelil, Miss ttlsa
cath. Mtss Jean Newbold Thompson, Miss
Allco Chapman Thompson, Miss IMItli Nevlllo
.Smylhc, Miss Mary Tyson Dencklc, MIsb Mar
garet Berwlnd, Miss Husan U. InRcisoll, MIbs
Isabella O. "Wnnnmnkor, Miss Mary Brown
Vnrbtrlon, Miss Lucia Alice Warden, Miss
IMlth B. Ellison, Miss Mary Stuart Wents,
Miss Francos T Hloughton, Miss Virginia
(Roberta, Miss Edith H. Bally, Thomas Hart,
William H DuBairy, Thomas Mclvnlght Tin
etter. J. Hamilton Chester, Snowdc'n Samuel,
Sidney Clarke, T. H, Butler Smyths, John F,
jj. Keen, Towell Fonton, John W. Mcars, John
yLr. prnyton, Albert 13. Kennedy, Jr., Edward
..owls, Malcolm S. Hucy, William Lawrence
launders, Joseph Moulton, 13dward Baldy Wat-
i on, Jr., Fhlller Leo, L. Brooke Hdwards, Alden
,e, Ghrlskey Watson, Lothron Lee, Rowland
J!J Mellon, John B. Shobcr, 2d, George Barker,
irlw-vla XT. Burdlck and Walton Clarke.
Jr. and Mrs, Logan M. Bullitt and Mlsa
vian Christian Bullitt, who h.ivo been In
ndort since the war broke out. arrived yes-
VirrtdV In KftW Vnrlc nnd nrn nt nreaellt at
Jj( , ... .-- --
oIr home In Torresdalc. Mlsa Bullitt wilt bo
v.Viong' the season's debutantes,
j&he marriage of Miss Margaret Moore Itlker,
jughter of the late Sir. and Mrs. Ttlchard
J'lker. of New York, and Henry Pratt McICean,
of this city, will take place at the homo of
lrs. Samuel lllkor, 27 Bast 69th street, Now
forlc, on December 2.
j Miss Elizabeth Dallas Scott, who had been
Isltlng Major and Mrs. W. Sanders Scott nt
Media, has returned to her home at 60 West
tSth street. New York.
j Mr and Mrs. David S. B Chew, Mlsa Evelyn
Jhow and David S. B. Chow, Jr., will open
ihelr town house at 10 South 21st street about
the middle of November. Miss Chow is ono of
fhls season's debutantes who will be enter
tained extensively. She will make her debut
'on December 2.
Miss Cornelia Carter Leldy left yesterday for
'Boston to spend a week.
JIrs. Robert W. Downing and Miss Roberta
B. Downing, of 1624 Locust street, spent the
Week-end at Niagara Falls.
I Mr. and Mrs. Ogden D. Wilkinson and their
' daughters. Miss Sarah Wilkinson and Miss
(Illaaboth "Wilkinson, who havo been abroad
since the outbreak of war, arrived In New York
f Jjjv the Lusltanla, which docked Saturday, and
i have returned to their home, 2010 Walnut
Mrs. Garrott A. Brownbacl: will give the first
' of her at homes Thursday afternoon after 4
o'clock nt her home, 124 South Van Felt street.
Mrs. Brownback's mother, Mrs. L. G. C. Hun
ter, and Mrs. William B. Van Lennep will
preside at the tea table, and Mrs. Thomas Smith
Kelly will assist the hostess to receive. Mrs.
Brownbaok will receive next Thursday and
'those following during November.
Fhlllp S. P. Randolpn and sons and Miss
Hannah Randolph have closed Wlldflcld Farm,
their place at Narragansett Pier, and opened
'their house nt Lakowood.
OVERnnooK The Ladles' Committee of the
vrrb'rook Golf Club announces that on the
BJght of Tuesday, November 10, Mrs. Francis
r cmberton Dade's prize play, entitled "In That
ark : Hour," will bo given by the Plays and
Iflvtra flntv TtiBF nr .!, (hritA .liotnnt nt-a
"T ' . -- '"- " .-...-
1 the play, n Man, a Woman ana a Servant,
and theso will be acted by Joseph A. Deerlng.
Mrs. Francis Pemberton Dade and Henry L.
Fee- Dancing will follow the play.
rioter November club event will be the
'JXhankSt.Ivlns dance on the night of the 2(th
when thero will be exhibition dancing by pro
feutonals. Tables may be reserved before and
after each of theae two events.
The Ladles' Committee, of which Mrs. George
H. Strawbrldge Is chairman, also announces
that the Saturday evening dances will be dls-
ontJnued during this month.
MEHION-rMlsr Etta Carson, of Glen Riddle,
tVa.. fa visiting Mr. and Mrs. Karle Llndgren,
at their home, corner Hazelhurst and Forest
Mr. and Mrs. Sydney Thayer will chaperone
a party to Andover, Mass., November 13, to
attend the Andover-Exeter football game. The
guests will be Miss Margaretta D, Myers, Miss
Sarah H. Meyers, Mlsa Eleanor S. Gamble and
their daughter, Miss Emily Markoe Thayer.
HAVERFOnD A dunce will be given at the
Merlon Cricket Club on November IS by Mr.
and Mrs, Henry Paul Bally, of Ardmore, (n
honor of their niece, Miss May AVood Bally,
it Strafford,
Fayette Plumb has returned to his home on
button road after a visit In Atlantic City.
yA ' WAYNE Mr. and Mrs. Frederick H, Treat en-
tertalned Herbert V, Day, of Peoria, HI,, lose
1 Ma and Mrs. Henry Conkle, who have been
t (on their wedding trip, hare returned to their
i-V" , ....
t r. una jurvi upii a, uau jmvo a nuuio
cue ts Mr. B. R. MacPherson and Mrs. W. T.
Tarbell, of Cambridge, Mate.
Mj. and Jr. John Vhlte Geary started on
Sunday morning on a motor trip through New
Hngland, stopping at Groton, N. It, to visit
their aons, who are In school there. They will
h gone about a week.
.Mr. and Mrs. Samuel K. Reeves entertained
a house party over Sunday at their home In
tfce Whltemarsh Valley.
'Mrs. Francis S. Mellheany. of Mermaid lane,
UU joday for New York, where she will spend
several days.
iirV a W. CUrlr, Jr.. of Moreland tad Cher
ee avtautf. K at preheat vlltltig fread in
2fw Yk State. ,
A dtttthtful reiptton wm given Saturday
nlabt at the home of Mr. and Mm. Joseph B,
Ktiig, Boy.r trt, Memt Airy, la h
of ttea Mtb sjujivemajry of tb4r 4jjiyg Tba
hoM. wbtcfa U a CrteitAMHt V4 jrt(Htty
Photo hy Rrani Studio.
Miss Tower is the daughter of Mr. anil Mrs.
Charlemagne Tower. Slip will be introduced to
society nt a reception in the early part of Decem
ber. themums and autumn leaves. Klllarney roses
wero seen In every room, while the supper
table was banked with orchids and ferns. Tiny
favors, with the 23th anniversary crest, were
In tho receiving party were Mr. nnd Mrs.
Joseph B. King, Mrs. Howard Ketcham, Miss
Kotcham, Mrs. Harold M. Ward. Among tho
other guests were Mr. nnd Mrs. Fred Taylor,
Miss Taylor, Mr. and Mrs. William C, Stoever,
Mr. nnd Mrs. W. Frederick Monroe, Dr. and
Mrs. Frank Wlstcr Thomas, Mr. nnd Mr.
Charles M. Camm.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Burton MiiBtin, of "West
John&on street, accompanied by Mrs. William
S.. Lloyd, motored to Wernersvllle yesterday.
Mr?. Henry Mustln, wife of Lieutenant Com
mander Henry C. Mustln, will spend several
weeks with her mother, Mrs. William S. Lloyd.
Lleutonant Mustln Is at present abroad on tho
Mediterranean Sea aboard the U. S. S. North
Mr. and Mrs. J. Henry Hcntz, of 231 West
Tutpehoclten street, lmo Issued Invitations
for a dans.int to be given Saturday, Novem
ber 21, In honor of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Hcntz.
Mrs. Walter Hcntz will be remembered as
Miss Helen Dunn before her marriage last
spring. Tho cards of Miss Olga Hammctt and
J. Henry Hcntz, 3d, are Inclosed.
Mr. and Mrs. William Hendre Lloyd are oc
cupying their home, 111 West Hortter street.
Mr 8. Lloyd was Miss Lillian Allison before her
marrlugo In June.
Mrs. Harris Wnrlhman, of 21 Pelham road,
will enteitaln nt luncheon tomorrow. The
guests will be tho members of the rending club
of which she is a member. The club also
sews for the Red Cross Society.
Mr. and Mrs. James TIsdale, of E631 Mc
Mnhon avenue, entertained Informally nt din
ner Sunday night at the Whltemarsh Country
Miss Josephine Dodge spent the week-end In
Annapolis, Md., attending the first hop of the
season Saturday night.
Mrs. Henry D. Stevens nnd Mrs. C. P. Jar
den, of Jenklntown, have organized a dancing
class for the younger set which takes place
every other Thursday evening nt 8 o'clock at
the Old York Road Country Club. Some of
the members Include Miss Miriam Williams,
Miss Dorothy Bacon, Miss Helen Parmer, Mlsa
Sue Craig, Miss Grace Frlck, Miss Alice Perry,
Miss Vera Springer, Miss Miriam Schultz, Miss
Edith Larzolere. tho Misses Gunthorpe, Floyd
Kcser, Roy J. MoKee, Edwin D. Stevens, Carol
Jarden, Ltndley II Larzetere, Robert Roden,
John MacBean, Norman MacBean, Charles
Parmer, Charles Kindt, Joseph Jones, David
Fell and Clarence Miller.
The Woman's Club of Wyncote, of which
.Mrs. Victor J. Mulford Is president, will hold
Its second meeting at the residence of Mrs.
Frank P. Webb on Florence avenue, Jenkln
town, tomorrow afternoon at 3:30 o'clock. An
Informal talk on "Suffrage" will be given by
Mrs. Helen Hoy dreeley, LUD,
Miss Clementine M. Pent, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. Howard F. Pent, of Jenklntown, en
tertained Mlsa Katharine Rogers, of 2'0l fit.
James place, over the week-end.
The marriage of Miss Marlon La Roche and
William F. Carson took place at the home of
the bride. Oak Lane road, on Saturday even
ing at 7 o'olock. The wedding was to hayj
been held In the Oak Lane Baptist Church,
put owing to the serious Illness of the brlde'a
father, William T. La Roche, the Invitations
were recalled and only the Immediate families
of the couple were present. The ceremony wbb
performed by the Rev. W. S. Catlett, of the
Oak Lane Baptist Church, assisted by the Rev.
Charles Wesley Burns, pastor of the First
Methodist Episcopal Church, Germantown.
The bride was attended by Miss M. Florence
Carson aa maid of honor. Miss Irene I,
Brown and Miss Gertrude E. Waldo were
bridesmaids. Walter C, Carson was best man
and John La Roche, John T. Carson, Harold
V, Carson and Robert J. Carson were ushers.
Mrs. Charlea Mercer Hicks, of 48d nnd Chest
nut streets, entertained the members of her
bridge club at luncheon on Tuesday, Among
the guests were Mrs. T, M. Dougherty, Mrs.
Bdward Rodler, Mrs. Edgar Coons, Mrs. E. B.
Ryan, Mrs. C. Norton, Mrs. Louis Haeuptner
and Mrs. C. C. Fraser.
Mrs. Addison A. Christian, of 4612 Walnut
street, and her daughters, Mrs. William Temple
Smith, of Greensboro, Md., and Miss Mary K.
Christian, have returned from Burlington, N, J.
Mr. and Mrs. Lee B. Wolf and family have
moved from 4090 Fine street and taken apart
ments at the Royal for the winter.
Mr. and Mrs. Horace Furman, of 4801 Spring
Garden street, gave a dinner followed by a.
dance on Saturday veals; at their country
place naar Jenklatown.
Mr. and Mrs. Rlehard H. Fatte. of Stone
Wgh Court, announce tb marriage, of their
daughter. Miss BHcabets. Fattwi, ta George
Vtoket White, of gaJtsbury, Md-. os Wednes
day. QtW N.
gave n. dinner followed by n theatre party on
Friday evening, tn honor of her son's 21st birth
day, Laurence A. Thomas.
Paul A. C Potter Is convalesolng nt his home,
64ES Pino street, following an operation.
Mrs. Robert McCrearj'i of B0."2 Walnut street,
Bn ft luncheon followed by auction brlilgo yes
terdny for tho members of her enrd club, having
na her guest of honor Mrs. Vincent Ward, of
New York". Others present wero Mrs. Clareneo
Howett, Mrs Harry Kuhn, Mrs W. Class. Mrs.
Charles McCue, Jr., Mrs. J. Walter Cregnr. Mm.
Louis a Giecn, Mrs. John Roberts, Mrs. James
Thompson, Mrs. George N. Fleming and Mrs.
LI ml Mnjon Baker.
Miss Beatrice Banks SScltncr will entertain
the members of her bridge club this afternoon
at her home, 5102 Springfield avenue. TIiIb will
be the first meeting of the season and tho
guests will Include Mrs Georgo Derbj shire.
Mrs. J Bertram Hcrvey, Mrs. Horace MeFet
lklge, Mrs Thomas Kessler, Mrs Edward Wind,
Mrs. J Augustus Boers, Miss llertyo Wlnslow,
Miss Marlon Murray, Miss Gertrude Kelly and
Miss Ella Motion.
Mr and Mrs. James J. Faster will entcrHtn this
evening In honor of tho ninth birthday of their
son, Edwin Faster, nt their home, 1803 Moore
street. Huge bouquets of pink roses wilt bo
used for decorations, and tho little guests will
rccolo dainty pink baskets ns fovors. They
will Include Miss Elizabeth McCnbe, Miss Lo
rotta McCabe, Miss Agnes McCnbe, Miss Anna
Ahem, Miss Dorothy Ryan, Miss Margaret
McCabe, Miss Rosalie llynn. Miss Dorothy
Keegan, Miss Margaret Hamcn, Miss Maria
McAnny, Miss Knthrn Battou, Miss Mnrgaret
Collins, Norman France, Joseph Burko, Francis
Ahem, Allison Klrkpntrlck, Oeorgo Bloomtlold,
Charles Bloomfleld, Thomns Mceney, Francis
Haymon, Henry On ens and John Henry
Miss Allco McKeown, of Delaware City, who
hns been the guest of Mr. and Mrs. P. Havcrty
for tho past week, returned to her homo yes
terdny. Miss Mary Haverty nnd Miss Julia
Haverty entertained informally In her honor on
Monday evening. Their guosts wero Miss Fran
ces Joyce, Miss Elizabeth Palmer, Miss Cath
erine Dawson, Miss Mary O'Neill, Miss Marian
Carlln, Joseph Templeton, Josoph McDonald,
Harold Wagner, John O'Neill, John McElnce
and Hugh Robinson.
Miss Marin Duffy entertained Informally last
evening In honor of her guest, Mtss Eleanor
Mclsslc, of New York. Her guests were Miss
Dolllo McAvoy, Miss Agnes Comber, Alfred
Cunningham, Richard Carter and Edward
Mr. nnd Mrs. James McKlnncy entertained
Informally on Hnllouccn nt their home. 2037
Moore street. The affnlr was a maciiuerado
party, and their guests wero Mr. nnd Mrs.
Thomas Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Thompson,
Mr. and Mrs. George Miller, Mr. nnd Mrs. Elmer
Owens, Miss Janet Fhlllpson, JIIss Geucvlcvo
Thompson, Miss Caroline Owens, Miss Margaret
Owens, Thomas Smith and Jnmcs McKlnney.
Miss Mary Boyer entertained at a costume
supper and dance nt her home, 2523 North 31st
street, on Saturday ovenlng. Autumn leaes
and tlowerB were used for decorations. Among
tho guests, nil of whom weio masked, wero Miss
Agnes Flood, Mlsa Laura Shontz, Henry Flood,
Harry Carey and William McCausland.
Miss Laura Shontz, of 1011 North 10th street,
will entertain tho members of her Bible class
connected with tho Union Church, nt 20th and
Diamond streets, on Thursday afternoon nt nn
Informal luncheon. Her guests will be Miss
Irene Bencnon, prcsldont; Miss Mary Glass, Miss
Eleanor Park, Miss Edith Stelnhnuer, Miss Mil
dred Jones, Miss Violet Connell nnd Miss Cath
erine Dovlne.
Thomas Russell Hill, of 1835 Master street,
entertained nbout 20 of his young friends nt a
masquerade party on Saturday ovenlng.
Miss Bertha Rosenthal, of 2822 North 26th
street, was hostess to the members of the
Mayer Sulzberger Club Sundny night nt n very
attractive Halloween party. The officers, Irvln
Suransky, Sidney Hlrsch, Samuel Bott and Sid
ney Rosenthal, nro making arrangements for a
dance to bo glvon In November.
Mr. and Mrs. William II. Nagle, of 1537 West
Erlo avenue, gave a dinner on Friday night
for their daughter. Miss Lillian Beckman Nagle,
H. William Bllletter and their bridal party.
Miss Olive Fulton Gemml, of 1323 West Erie
avenue, who will be ono of this week's brides,
was tho guest of honor at a luncheon nnd
shower given by Miss Dorothy Raby on Satur
day, at her home, 39 Carpenter street, German
town. Oiher guests were MIbs Stjirgaret Hunt,
Mlsa Esther King, Miss Edith Handy, Miss
Margaret Aull, Miss Sarah Evans, Miss Anna
Herr, Miss Josephine Pilling, Miss Abble
O'Lcary, Miss Ruth Sample, Miss Esther New
comer, Miss Roberta Crawford and Miss Mary
Mrs. Lena O. Davis, of 32M North 17th street,
gno a Halloween fete last Saturday night In
honor of her daughter, Miss Elsie Oliver DaWs.
A number of characteristic costumes were worn.
Miss Davis as a gypsy maid was most attract
ive. Those present were Miss Anna Creo, Miss
Helen Grant, Mies Mildred Grant, Miss Lucy
Houston, Mlsa Claire Kemmerer, .Mlsa Belle
Sheehan, Miss Leonora O'Donnell, Mlss Caro
line Gleeson, Miss Miriam Wanner and Mtss
Mae Jacob!; Robert Jennings, Lieutenant
Charles Kopp, U, S. A.; Rex White, the Rev.
John Greenhalgh, Martin Collins, Frank
O'Roarke, Oscar Clark, Frank Tltlow. Hamilton
Lister, Harold Rice, Harry Steltz and Stewart
Robinson, of Princeton.
Owen Phlloway, of 2035 West Ontario street,
entertained a number of friends at a mas
querade dance on Saturday night.
Miss Delia Meitner, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
Morttz Melther, of 376 Lyceum avenue, Rox
borough, and Dr. Bmll J. Goldrlng, of 172S
North 8th street, will be married at 6 o'clock
tonight at the home of the bride's parents.
The Rev, Simon J. Englander, of the Hun
garian Synagogue, Eth and GaskllJ streets, will
perform the ceremony. The bride's father will
give her In marriage and she will wear a
beautiful gown of white crepe de chine,
trimmed with duchess lace. She will carry a
shower bouquet of orchtds and lilies of the
valley. There will be no attendants at the
quiet service, but It will be followed by a targe
reception. Dr, and Mrs. Goldrlng will spend
thtlr honeymoon at Niagara Falls and In Can
ada. Upon their return they will live at 17
North 8th street, where they will be at home
after November VS.
Mrs. Edward Atherholt. of West Sd street;
Mrs. Harry Gotf, of West th street, and Mrs.
John Hall, of Prospect Park, are spending a
week as the guest of their sister, Mrs. John
Turner, at Hd4oa Heights,
Mrs. Jane Turner, of Bast )Mh street, U
entertatelBg ber sister, Mrs. Oathasioe Ans
trong, 4f MiddletowB.
Miss Marie Hunt, of West 8d steL U ytsJUBg
frUotts iB Nw York.
nt Ridley Park from Washington, D. C where
she was the gueat of friends for two weeks.
Mre. Sue Stewart, of Eddystone, Is entertain
ing Mrs. B. 13. Wallace, of Washington, D. C,
Mr. nnd Mrs. W. A. Holman, of East Maple
avenue, Merchnntvllle, have been entertaining
Mr. and Mrs. Sydney Locke, of Hartford,
Miss Suo Sheots entertained a Halloween
pnrty Snturdny at her home, 427 Pcnn street
A ilnnco will be given nt tho Woodbury Coun
try Club November 7. Tho following are mem
bers of the commlllca In charge: Miss Greta
Garrison, Miss Evelyn Bnrto, Miss Viola H.ia
tlnli nnd .Miss Mario Mlchcner.
Mrs. William Holllnger, of Merchnntvllle, Is
visiting relatives near Boston, Mnss.
Mrs. H. 1 Gillette Entertained Members of
Matinee Musical Club Today.
Mrs. Hnlbcrt Powers Gillette, of Hamilton
Court, entertained nt luncheon nt 12:30 today
at tho Roosevelt, the ofTlccrs of the Matlnte
Mimical Club, ns well as tho members of tho
hospitality commltteo of that organization.
Mrs. Gillette Is chairman of tho hospitality
commltteo. At the luncheon today the deco
rations, ns far ns possible, will carry out the
Idea of tho club colors. They nre crenm and
brown, nnd consequently there will bo line
opportunity to uso autumn leaves. Yottow
chrysanthemums will bo prominent In tho floral
schome. At each plite, with the autumn-leaf
placo card, thoro will bo a spray of leaves, n
few creamy button balls nnd a knot of ribbons
of tho club colors. Members of tho commltteo
will wear these nt the concert later In the
day, nnd nt the reception following the concert
It Is expected that .Mrs. WnssllI Lops nnd Mrs.
Percy Dunn Aldrlch will preside nt the tea
Those who hivo accepted Invitations to at
tend tho luncheon nro Mrs. Percy Dunn Al
drlch. Mrs. Arthur E. Brown, Mrs. Edward
Butterworth, Mrs. William Marvin Butler,
Mrs. Frank Chapman, Mrs. Lester Dykeman,
Miss Emlllo Frlcke, Mrs. Edwin Garrlgues,
Mrs. William C. Gray, Mrs. Meredith T. Jones,
Mrs. WnssllI Leps, Mrs. Howard McCalley,
Mrs. Norton 7.. Paul, Mrs. Enola Schuyler,
Mrs. Frank Sllllman, Mrs. Joseph Stopp. Mrs.
Blanche L. Steele. Mrs. Oscar Thomson, Mrs.
Charles H. Thompson, of tho committee, and
Mrs. Frederick W. Abbott, Mrs. Samuel W.
Cooper, Mrs. Edward Philip Llnch, Mrs.
Charles Chalmers Collins, Mrs. George W. Ed
mends, Mrs. AVnltcr Wlllnrd, Mrs. Henry L.
McCIoy, Mrs. George W. Wagner, JIIss Elli
Tinnccs Dnnco nnd JIIss Marie G. Loughney.
Dance for Benefit of the Red Cross Society Will
He Largely Attended Tonight.
A large number of residents of Gormantown
and Chestnut Hill will attend tho dunce which
will bo given tonight at Pelham Couit, near
Carpenter station, for tho benefit of tho Ameri
can Red Cross Society Tho large rooms of the
court will be tastefully decorated with corn
husks, autumn leaves and various Halloween
Among thoso who will entertain nt dinner
before tho dance nre Mr. nnd Mrs Baltzar L.
do JIiuc, .Mr. nnd Mrs. Churchill Williams, Jlr.
nnd Jlra. T. B. II. Stenhouse, Mr. nnd Jlrs.
Frederick Swopc, Jlr. and Mrs. Harold M. Sill
nnd Jlr. and Jlrs. Sidney Rambo.
Among thoso who will attend the dance will
bu Jlr. nnd Jlrs. Edwin I. Atlce. Jtr. nnd Mrs.
Charles Robert Alexander, Jlr. nnd Jlrs. Theo
dore Brown. Jlr. nnd JlrJ. Priestley Button,
Mr. nnd JIis. Arthur It Brocklo, Jtr. and Jlrs.
S. JIcKcnn Bayard, Jlr. and Jlrs. It. JI. Boyle,
Jlr. and Jtra. Joseph Bunting, Jlr. and Mrs.
J. A. P. Crlsfleld, Jlrs. A. Sidney Carpenter,
Jlr and Jlrs. Joseph Sill Clark, Jlr. and Jlrs.
Herbert L. Clark, Jlr. nnd Jlrs. Daniel Car
stnlrs, Jlr. and Jlrs Edward S. Dunn, Jtr.
nnd Mrs. Houston Dunn, Jlr. nnd Mrs. Thomas
E. Dunn. Jlr. and Jlrs. Kern Dodge, Mr. and
Jlrs. Harvoy Dougherty, Jlr. and Jlrs. Ed
ward S, W. Farnum, Mr. nnd Jlrs. Bruce Ford,
Jlr. and Mrs. AVIIliam It George. Jlr. and Mrs.
Frank B Uummey, Jtr. and Jlrs. George B.
Harris, Jtr. and Jlrs. Caspor Hncker, Jlr. and
Jlrs. Edward Hacker, Jrr. nnd Mrs. Albert A.
Jackson, Jlr. nnd Jlrs. O. B. Judson, Jlr. and
Jlrs. Shlppen Lewis, Jlr. and Mrs. E. Rltten
house Millar, Jlr. and Jlrs. Louis C. Madeira,
Jtr. nnd Jlrs. Baltzar de Mare, Jtr. and Jlrs.
William McLean, Jlr. and Mrs. Cushman New
hall, Jtr. nnd Jlrs. Frank L. Patterson, Mr.
and Jlrs. Francis R. Packard, Jlr. and Jlrs.
Harlan Page, Jtr. and Jlrs. Francis B. Reeves,
Jr.. Jlr. and Jlrs. Edward T. Royce, Mr. and
Jlrs. Blight Robinson, Jlr. nnd Jlrs. Harold
JI. Sill, Jlr. and Jlrs. H. F. C Stlkeman. Mr.
and Jlrs. James Starr. Jlr. and Jlrs. Thomas
B. Stenhouse, Jlr. and Jlrs. II. T. Sayre, Mr.
nnd Mrs. Welsh Strawbrldge, Jlr. and Mrs.
William J. Turner, Mr. nnd Mrs. Roland L.
Taylor, Jlr. and Jlrs. Sidney Rambo, Jlr. and
Jlrs. Charles Wlster, Jlr. and Jlrs. Alexander
W. Wlster. Jr. Jlr. and Mrs. James AVIster.
Jlr. and .Mrs. Churchill Williams, Jlr. and Mrs.
Charles Stewart WurtB, Mr. and Jlrs. Joseph
Wayne, Jr., Jlr and Mrs. Joseph L. Woolston,
Jlr. and Jlrs. Joseph Wagner, Jlr. and Mrs.
Marshall S. Wlnpenny. Jlr. and Jlrs. George
B. Wurder, Jlr. and Mrs. William G. War
den, Jlr. nnd Jlrs. Charles A. Zleglcr, JIIss
May Earle, JIIss Dorothea Emlen, Miss Flor
ence Fetherston, Mtss Heberton, Miss Mitchell,
JIIss Satly Wagner, George Purvtance, Clar
ence C. Brinton, Charlea Cowperthwalte, Welsh
Harrison, Joseph Haines, Edwin Austin Wa
ters, Jr., and George D. S. Jtorrell.
Mils vTanamaker and Mits Warburlon "Will De
Introduced at a Large Tea Today.
The largest debutante affair today will be the
tea which Mr. and Mrs. Barclay It Warbur
ton will give at the homo of Mrs. Warburton's
parents, Mr. and Sirs. John Wanamaker, 2033
Walnut street, to present their daughter, Miss
Mary Brown Warburton, and their niece. Miss
Marie Louise Wanamaker to soolety. The
whole lower floor of the handsome house will
be thrown open to the guests. The reception
room Is beautifully decorated with palms, ferns
and potted plants and the flowers which have
been sent to the debutantes All every corner
of the rooms. Miss Wanamaker and Miss
Warburton will be gowned in dainty frocks
of chiffon and lace over taffeta.
Jn the evening Mr. and Mrs. William W.
Fitter, of 1600 Walnut street, will entertain
at the theatre In honor of Mtss Margaret
II. Burton, daughter of Mr. and Mr. George
Burtoa. and the guests will afterwards attend
a supper at the BelUvus-Stratford.
Mr. Hwury Uobart JJroo. will give a luacJu
taa at ta Am Club la hotter ef Mte He
HcXlchasl. who is a, defeutast of lev mlsqh,
but tk sWMto wtU b Us watt Of the
dsbuUaus ww Iwve bA InvUas) to attend
g, liubee fr W MeMlebasl nest Thursday
m( JliHflHSGlHfF
In a "I'air of Sixes," now playing ctlhoAdelphi.
Celebrated Composer Scores Another
Success in "The Debutante" Book
Thin of Plot, But Production Lavishly
Clothed and Excellently Cast.
Victor Herbert's music Is most remnrltable,
perhaps, for Its orchestration. Technically It
I j mai-clously composed and orchestrated with
the felicitous skill of the master genius Her
bert's wnltea nro always Incomparable, haunt
ing, hypnotizing, with a magically melodic qual
ity; his songs aro often dreams. Herbert Is,
too, a musician with a sense of humor.
Luxuriously staged, with scenic settings pen
dulous with mammoth roses, with a choius of
.stunning, almost Parisian-looking girls, gowned
with ornate magnlflcenco, replete with cffecUvo
dancm, waltzes and songs, nnd with Hnzel
Dawn, Just roseately lovely, as star, Jtr. Her
bert's nuw operetta, "Tho Debutante," opened
last night nt the Garrlck Theatre. "The Debu
tante" rnnks with Jlr. Herbert's former notablo
successes, and while tho hand of the composer
Is at all times recognizable, his new work la,
marked by original departures In composition,
nnd testifies to Jlr. Herbert's amazing versa
tility and fertility.
Inconsequential as to plot, the book, written
by those uninspired and becomlng-wcnrlsomo
librettists, the Smith Brothers Harry B. and
Robert B., not yet Incorporated serves merely
to string together a series of Incidents and
sltuntlons and to give the principals the cues
for singing nnd dancing to tho music. "Tho
Debutante" Is one of the most delightfully di
verting, enthrnlllngly entertaining and melodl
cally pleasing musical comedies of recent years,
and one of tho most notable productions of tho
present Bcason.
There take part In "The Debutante" Elaine,
tho daughter of Sir Francis Vane, charmingly
Interpreted by Hazel Dawn; Godfrey Frazer,
the stock humorous American captain of In
dustry, laughably enacted by William Dan
forth; Philip, his son, In love with Klalne, sup
posedly a bounding American youth, rawther
too English, youh know, by Alan Jludlo; Jlrs.
Zenobla Bunker, an English suffragette, and
her husband Ezra, composer of cubist grand
opera. Maude Odelt, as the vigorous suffra
gette, proves a corking character actress, and
Will West, ns her husband, puts across the
greatest amount of fun In the piece.
Miss Dawn r.cts her part as Ingenuously, as
unaffectedly, as naturally as when she played
"The Pink Lady." While Mlsa Dawn lacks all
that artifice which becomes art, she Is all the
more insinuatingly captivating therefor. She
Is n subjugatlngly beautiful, rosy, golden
haired Elaine, and her rose -colored gowns aro
simply gorgeous. Alan JIudle, as the young
American, might make a more convincing hero
If he learned the art of make-up and appeared
with at least the simulation of such good looks
a capture women's hearts.
Of the many delightful songs In the show,
Miss Dawn scored hits with "Professor Cupid,"
"The Lovo of Lorell," In which Robert G.
Pltkln-a ripping lieutenant of the navy and
Jtr. Mudlo Joined, and "Call Around Again."
Sylvia Jason, Mr. Pitkin and Jlr. JIudle evoked
the greatest number of encores with "The
Baker's Boy and ithe Chimney Sweep," a
catchy song, excellently accompanied by a
novet dance. Jtr. Herbert's musical humor
reached Its high spot In "The Cubist Opera,"
a screaming farce sung by Will West and
William Danforth. "Orand opera," declared
Will West; "Is tragedy set to music. The
music Is nil on the stage the tragedy Is In the
OpQ 0 A. M. to 10 P, U.
HUVivn iinn
niv I Tflllvpn
mat. today Within the Law
mat!nt& ? oc mgHTS. arc, soc. ts. ii
R,etvct cUl Wlr o4 Sai rem (K, atag
Bit Vu4vUle Ilarnh Bhewl DliacU Ritx ft c
Adrie iUtcble . M114rt4 Asa Cbqoo An All-Sur Ml
"The Little Theatre" M &
"The Kivals" "VSSSSJT .V
l'epulr si jmm tiMj nm w aiy
fVRANIl Urp.Bagfit
Te4sy..U.TfLWO . A
j it rttfi-
LONao adXi ytpt.
Uukw Tula
ADELPHI-"A Pair of Sixes," farce by Edward
Peple. Two business partners shoot ft cdld
hand, the winner to retain tho business, the
loser to become his body servant for ft year.
Jlnude Kburno Inimitably funny as n. slaveyi
uROAD-"The Song of Songs," new play by
Hdwnrd Sheldon, based on Herman Suder
mnnn's novl, Rovlew page 6.
FOHIIKST "Sorl," charming operetta, with
Mlzzl Hajos and Irene Powlowska. Review
OAIlltICK-,'The Debutante," new musical
comedy, with book by II. 11. nnd R. B. Smith
and music by Victor Herbert. Starring H&sett
Dawn Revlow below.
KKITHS-Blancho Ring In n. musical sketch.'
"Oh, Papa," and Adele Ritchie, Review
pa go C.
LITTLC THBATRtS-Hevlva! of Sheridan's
"The Rhals." Review pngo 6.
LYRIC-"Ths Whirl of tho World," tho Now
1 ork Winter Garden jpectaclo, Willie Howard
tickles the funny convolution of your brain;
Kugcne, IiIb brother, catches with songs.
WALNUT-Return of ."Within the Law." He
Mew page C. t
A Linguistic Treat at the Forrest With an Odd
anu uciiglillul Prima Donnn
Whether you dance It or see It or Just try
to prouounco It, the "Hazazaa" Is a vastly
satisfactory affair. And so Is all of the new
operetta nt tho Forrest But beforo you can
show your real feelings about It you need n
lesson In pronunciation. For "Sari" Is "Sha
ree" nnd a great many other names nro ns
linguistically twisted. As for tho whole cnter
tnlnment, you may sifoly ptonounco It a hit.
Sari herself had tempornmont, tho tempera
ment of a Catling gun. So she bossed her
Jealous old father and her Jealous old brother,
and the girl they were both In lovo with, and
oven the gypsy music which they likewise
fought over. Naturally enough, sho objected
to tho old man's expedition to Paris to play
for tho King of Basllla, and solaced her sor
row over his failure nnd tho son's triumph In
muslo nnd love with the prospect of getting
dad safo back In gypsyland. And also with, in
cnguglng young Count that sho picked upsiiv
tlie way. t ,
All of which shows that thero Is Just nbout
as much of the Jlcrry AVidow-Prlnco Danllo '
stuff In "Sari" nn there Is of tnngo. It has
no Jlaxlms nnd no Imitation Vernon Castles.
Instead of clowning. It supplies humor made
out of human beings nnd their dispositions.'
There is cen n llttlo pathos In it.
Add music, lovely, hawltchlng, toe-cntchlng,
llp-puckerlng music, music with the proper
touch of Hungarian rhythm, tho warmth, of
Vlcnna, quite n llttlo humorous by-play, 'Jind
a rich, full orchestration that makes the best
of our operettlsts look like Broadway ifong
smlthn. Jlr. Kalmann'B contribution plus nn'
exceptional orchestra makes a large share of
"Sari's" attractiveness.
But never forget JIIss Hajos. After all, she
is the uniquo fact In tho entertainment nt the
Forre3t. There Is a. good "book" and better
music. There Is even nn excellent supporting
company. But the. llttlo woman who plays'
and dances nnd sings Sari Into nn amusing and
original character Sari, who was only n side
light In the original Viennese libretto Is the
noteworthy element. She has a voice which
Is not unusual In young Europeans. She. euv
dance like nil Amorlcans. But, most of nil,
she can be funny. She can invent charnctcr.
(Other Theatrical and Musical Ecvictvit
on Pane 5.) , A.
GARRICK gffi Today ?t E& ftifi
Victor Herbert Will Direct the
Orchestra Tonight
Dcok and I.yrlca by Harry II. anil It. R. Smith
FORREST 5 Today E5.$5
"A Mualcal DellsM a Musical Gem." N. Y, TVorW-
The International Operetta Triumph
As Presented All Lat Beaton In Neir York
Notable Ct Brilliant Enembl
Bpeclst Orchestra
Tonight Until Midnight
Election Returns b&q"
11:30 TO 11:30
NOTICE Election Returni Will Be Read From
Stage During Tonlght'e Prformnc,
Story of the Rosary
OPENS at the LYRIC. Nov. 9th
"Homo of World's Greatest 1'hato.Btaya"
AFTERNOONS. 1 to S "PRTrilC! 10 4 13c
EVENINGS. T to 11 A. J.LJJi3 J0. 19 Ha
vS "The Littlest Kebel"
& "The Spoilers" vnS"'
WKCK X'boto-DrAtji
With William Farnum anJ Kathlyn "WlllUm
DDAAn This Next Week. Errs at 8:13
JJXVUiVi-' iaUnMW..t. Afcat. mt2tl3
AK.n the SoNG 0F SONGS
' By Wart BtwMM. Author at "Rm-
(Bm4 Hermann Sudwjnano's MMt)
PepularPrU WedM4ay MalUw.. B Bmn. U
Palace Theatre " TKS. .
Flrat FrtaeaUttou. BKATR1Z MlCHBJjWi U
"A Pair of Sixes" ' !!S&,,
HOTOCB--KxiUoa Kalursj WM B Kurt Ttoat
Bttt Prt TWMS" """W
run TOOAir AJ0 VOl
, )
I '
yUvCM4 ui nu vh of ? mnw ,
Mr. Mry A, TtUMJWS, of it Lswst tmtj
HnA.il W wU bu rtri)4 tf bc fewM

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