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fBllen Adair Deals Willi the Grievance of the Long-Suffering Wife,
The wheels of married life must be well
tolled If they are to run with any sort
of smoothness. The majority of unhannv
mimlngoB arc caused by wnnt of thought
more than by want of heart.
Tho thoughtless husband Is to bo met
with everywhere Ho may be exceedingly
fond of his wife, but he Is thoughtless
regarding her, and she naturally resents
It. Hence vnrlous matrimonial upheavals
By thoughtlessness I do not mean nes
lent. That Is too strong a wordl Tho
thoughtless husband may be most atten
tive and dovoted to his wife. Ho may bo
always at her beck and call yet he doc?
not possess tho saving grace of tnct, and
'shows a lack of understanding sympathy.
Men do not rcallzo tho dldlculty of
liouBckccptng, for Instnnce. Tho average
man will bring guests homo to dinner
without giving his wlfo tho slightest
warning that ho Intends to do so. He
catmot understand why sho feels wor
ried and excited.
"Calm yourself. Mury!" ho will say;
"It doesn't really matter what wo liavo
to cat tonight! Jim Brown Is not par
ticular, and I'm so hungry that 1 could
eat anything!"
But "Mary" knows from past experi
ence long-suffering woman that "any
thing" will not do to set beforo tho un
expected guest! Sho rushes around tho
liouso and out to tho neatest store and
works herself Into a fever over the pro
raring of tho dinner.
In homos which boast of many servants,
this typo of thoughtless husband does
not work such havoo with his poor
wife's happiness, for tho heavy end of
j Hints ITrom a Sympathizer
Seldom can tho heart t lonely
If It seek a lonelier still:
SeU-forgettlnir, eeeklnc only
Emptier cups with love to till.
F. n. H.
"Are you going out this evening?"
Amy looks up from her book for ono
Instant, then she moodily shakes her
"Going out!" sho retorts. "No. "What's
tho good7 I h.avo nobody to go out
So Amy stays In. Sho misses tho fresh
ness of tho autumn evening. Sho
shuts herself up with her thoughts and
her grievances.
Everybody appears to be happy except
liorself. Everybody else seems to havo
a friend. With a bitter pang, sho notices
tho man who literally hangn upon every
word uttered by tho girl who Is clinging
to his arm.
"I Am So Lonely"
Oh, moro than onco you and I have felt
tho full meaning of that expression, "I
am so lonely," haven't we? Wo havo
suddenly discovered that wo are Just a
tiny unit, and that somehow or other wo
Just don't count
But, of course, this Isn't true, although
we may bo Inclined to think so nt times.
"Ve look at the Joyous faces around us,
nnd wo seem "shut out," as it were, from
the pleasures others enjoy.
The Cure
As a mnttcr of fnct, I am inclined to
think that tho loneliness Is sometimes a
blessing In disguise.
How greatly we shnll appreciate tho
real friend who will possibly turn up one
day better late than never! Tho being
who will see eyo to eyo with us, and yet
who will kindly sympathize with our
fallings, and who will lend a hand when
Xftfc are beset with difficulties.
r But It Is a serious matter from n
woman's point of view. I have known n
woman to marry more from the dread
sense of loneliness In the future than
from a feeling of love.
And this Is why, now we are on tho
subject, that I feel Inclined to sound a.
little note of warning. It Is bad enough
to spend a. day or a week with a person
who Jars ever so slightly upon ono,
but how would It be If It meant a llfo
.time together?
The best way to get out of the lonely
feeling Is first of all to get out of our
selves. The self-forgetting habit Is worth cul
tivating. It teaches us to keep our eyes
open to the needs of others, and it in
cidentally teaches us that. In nine cases
out of ten, we possessed blessings of
which we were In total ignorance until
we compared our lot with that of our
next-door neighbor!
The round-shouldered girl Is always
tw Wltn ub. Olio Yfaa nub ou vciy jiiuimuciib
until lately, when the "debutante slouch"
(whatever that is) and fashion book Illus
trations encouraged this attitude.
It la really too bad that our fine,
straight American girls should endanger
their health and ruin their appearances
for a mere passing fad. The hunched-up
shoulders and prominent abdomons of last
season were disgusting, and tickle fash
ion has changed her decree. This year
the straight, upright figure Is In style.
Tho Influence of the military fashions Is
snowing itself in a most commendable
But In some cases the problem of the
round-shouldered girl remains. Corsets,
braces and all such surgical arrange--ments
are of no use; the girl herself gets
tired of them very soon and throws them
'aside. She must be taught, first, to
""breathe properly; and second, to stand
For Instance, when wo breaths In, the
For the Needlewoman
li,Ath,i v.rv tiKvr Phrtstmas suiriros-
.tlon for the needlewoman Is the laundry
..14C. Of course, you've made Iota of
them, but surely noi like the "very new
est" ones. They used to be made over a
pair of embroidery hoops used as the
top opening, but now all the trouble of
gathering your material in to fit them is
inane. Toe' "very newest" laundry bags
open t the bottom.
' "These are made like the envelops com-
"binatiea. they close like an envelope on
tjte bottom. They oan be made very
prettily W lining wun a paie rose or oiua
bm4 sealleping the overlapping part with
deep buttonhole stitching. Large bt
tefihalea, natly worked, and shining
wtatte pearl buttons tsaka a ebamlng
AjWv The top Is tied with a new to
WeUb the lining. If yew want to make
$ has particularly attractive, a mono
gtasa worked lntde a eirel (In eoior to
Mtatah tfed bow and Unlng) U atunnisg,
U M hardly necessary to roiaaik on the
SMiwMitagM of the bag itself. All the
HM Mty of hauling large artleUs ef
Mft4 etorMng through a await opening
iHk feaMag around tat scnaM artistes is
juminr-r' Tk ba nainU can be
IMS61' umiHiad in a oond or o- In
' d of Bawdes- and Utna-eavlug
IjirWw tint wilt aureiy be appelated.
Te Imjj toe t&map round ud aumota, I
i tt goo w Or fchtt water wasft
ft. i tsturthajs tyW- Tiiea droj Uw
Pits la tWf.
tho benm falls on the servants, not upon
A husband who Is thoughtless In the
small domestic ways can he cured of It
If a judicious attitude Is maintained nt
tho outset by his wlfo. Sty sympathies
are all with her, and the remedy really
lies within her own hands, It sho but
knew It.
It Is qulto truo that many wives are
foolish In the methods .thoy ndopt to euro
this type of thoughtless husband. They
bemoan his shortcomings to nil and sun
dry, nnd at afternoon icceptlons, wom
en's clubs anil women's caul parties, onn
will son them lay the family skeleton
baro to the outside world.
"John Is tho most careless, thought
less creature that ever walked this
earth!" 1 hoard u wife exclaim tho other
day to a company of women. "Ho doesn't
understand howmuch I have to do! Illght
at my busiest time he wants me to go
out nutomnblllng with him, or off to tho
opera It leally Is Inconsiderate of him!"
Personally, I thought that this typo of
Inconsiderate husband was rather at
tractive than otherwise! Viewed In the
most erltlriil spirit he only showed a
llttlo want of thought and that wns
amply counterbalanced by his kindliness!
1 think llioso other women must havo
envied the llttlo grumbling wife, and ,in
their hearts wished that their husbands
were equally attentive!
No amount of nagging will cure tho
thoughtless husband. It will only double
the evil by serving to cslrango him alto
gether. The only euro lies In patlenco ond tho
llrm assertion of one's due rights. Tho
over-willing person only gets the loull.
load, and In the end Is never thanked
for It! IlLLKN' AHAtll
Around the Market
Present Prices of Vegetables
Vegetables promise to be very plentiful
for tho Thanksgiving dinner this year.
Waldorf celery sells nt 25 cents a bunoh.
Romalno salad, delightfully crisp, sells
at 10 cents a bunch.
Pumpkins vary In price according to
size, from 10 to 15 cents apiece.
Cranberries sell at 23 cents for two
Ileets nnd carrots are each 5 cents a
String beans aro still in tho market,
and sell at 15 cents a quurt.
Red cabbago sells at 5 cents a head.
Parsnips are in cents a quart.
Now peas aro still In the market, and
can bo had for 50 conts a halfpock.
Spinach sells at 25 cents a lialfpeck.
Lima beans, with tho shells on, sell at
35 cents a lialfpeck.
Shelled, they sell at 33 cents a box,
Pearl onions sell at IS cents a quurt.
Sweet potatoes aro very good Just now,
selling at 30 cents a lialfpeck.
Ideas in Idleness
A man who Is determined to succeed In
llfo will not let a woman tlo him down.
Trust goes hand-ln-hand with love.
There Is no real affection when these are
Tho great advantage of a small house
is that there Is no room for inconvenient
No amount of lovo and devotion can
overlook a sloppy woman seven days a
Tho true homo 1b the placo where a
man can bo himself, with all tho fallings
this Implies.
A man can sympathize with a whining
woman Just so long. When ho gets ac
customed to her, he's a brute.
The Suffrage Strength in
The suffrage struggle, it nppears, Is
nearly over in Denmark. The Govern
ment bill embodying franchise has been
twlco passed by the Folkcthlng, or Lower
House, nnd twlco rejected by tho Lands
thing, tho Conservative Upper House,
Now It is hoped that a compromise has
been arrived at by which the bill will
pass Immediately. As a dissolution oc
curs this year, the Danish women may
vote this spring.
When Making Coffee
Sprinkle a little salt on the coffee before
pouring on boiling water and the flavor
will be wonderfully Improved.
sides of tho body at the edge of the lower
ribs should push outward. Kew women
will find they can -o this, because their
clothes nre constraining. This Is a se
rious defect and the organs of tho chest
and lungs will be affected sooner or later.
This Is the Interior result: the exterior
result Is the slouching, inelegant figure.
To stand properly let the arms hang
naturally at the Bides, taking care that
the splno maintains a vertical position,
so that a line drawn from shoulder to
hip would bo straight up and down. Now
raise the chest, keeping tho chin close
to the neck and the abdomen retracted,
and your round shoulders will disappear.
This proves that the shoulders are willing
to do their part and are not the offenders
the offender la the girl herself.
If you are dealing with a round
shouldered girl, don't say anything to
her about her Bhoulders, but Induce her
to wear the proper clothes, allowing free
dom to the waist muscles, and to breathe
deeply. Then the problem of round
shoulders is solved forever.
Vegetable Soup
Two onions, one-half a small cabbage,
two ounces of dripping or margarine, one
pound of potatoes, salt and pepper, mac
aroni, flour or cornflour (a small quan
tity of either).
Melt the fat in the pan. Cut up the
onions very small and fry in the fat.
Prepare the potatoes and cabbage, out
them up very small and stir them In with
the onions. Add the flavoring and two
quarts of water. Simmer all gently -till
the vegetables are soft. If flour Is used
for thlokentng, mix It with a little cold
water, stir It Into the boiling soup and
continue stirring gently for 10 minute.
If macaroni la mad. It should be added
when the soup is about half done and
broken into small places and boiled till it
is quite soft, and the soup Is finished.
Soups make excellent meals to have
when times are hard, aa besides being
nourishing and snatalnlog they are very
fllUfig, and you'll nnd that the next course
ul coca ott mush more lightly It soup
is eaten flrst. Haricot beans, dried peas
and ieutlia are all very nourishing and
make delicious soup wHtvv either stock or
Baked BsBaaat
Cut bananas in salve, lengthways, and
put Uwn Into a baking dish; cover talckly
wttn sugar, flavor wtjfe aJniwUBog and a
40m. aM a ww little water, ao
ar ail tho iuUw of an wmm and bake
to a Vht brown. Thl may ! be
free cold, turn out an4 coveted with
& mi Ik
A f Nyaii'W '1 j Sit t? hfSkVti WB1 llfi
' jdf lSn m im. 1 W n AsBmi oB Mil
mm WL
,U ''' II'M
i 1 1 in
mLAwm ts'.wm
Around the Clubs
On Thursday, November 5, Sir. Wilfred
Schorr, secretary of tho Commercial Mu
Beum, will lecture at S p. m., on tho
Museum nnd Its use In tho city, State
and Its International interests.
In response to nn urgent request from
Its members the Phllomuslan Club has
Inaugurated a committee on philanthropy,
of which Mrs. George K. Scranton Is
chairman. This committee will meet
every Friday morning to bow for those
who are In need, whether they be from
our own city or abroad. The members
of tho Current Events Class have also
stnrted knitting for the Red Cross.
Tho Llternturo and Art Committee aro
happy to announce that tho noted Eng
lish humorist, Mr. Barry Pain, who Is
giving a brief lecture tour In this coun
try, will give a reading from his own
works. Mr. Pain is well liked as a lec
turer and reader, besides being a master
hand nt writing short stories, which
nre unfortunately not so well known here
ns In England. His style and skill placo
him In the front rank of living men of
letters. Following the club supper on
November 12 there will be readings by
JIIss Jeanette T. Broomell and selections
on tho clarinet by the well-known artist,
Paolo Lucuiim.
An open meeting for club members and
their friends will give an opportunity
to hear Mrs. Barrett, who was heard
at the meeting of the State Federation
recently. Mrs. Barrett Is well known
on account of her work as the head of
Across the Counter
Reductions have already commenced
In dress goods offered at staple prices
earlier In the season.
Broadtail coating, for Instance, that Is
now an established vogue, Is selling In
the Si-Inch width for 13 a yard.
Velour coating of good quality Is sell
ing In the same width at the same price
of 12.
These materials are especially suitable
for the extra coat that may be made at
There Is almost a run on plaids, and
to meet the demand, woolen plaid ma
terials, 54 Inches wide, are sold for fl
a yard.
The tartans in which the greens and
the blues predominate are very rich
looking and compete successfully with
plaids at a higher price.
The Roman stripes, first exploited In
ribbons and then in silks and wools, can
be bought in serge for 1.K a yard.
The color combinations are good and
a 64-Inch width at this price Is an ex
cellent value.
French crepe, In all the soft shades
that new dyeing processes have made so
attraotlve, can be bought in n 42-inch
width for 65 cents a yard,
French poplin Is another material that
makes the prettiest kind of house dresses.
With the addition of a little velvet or
satin or a bit of the season's fashionable
fur banding, an expensive-looking dress
can be made at little cost
Poplin in every conceivable shade Is
now sold In the 4t-inoh width for 75
cents a yard.
Camel's hair zlbellne, 43 Inches wide, is
selling for fl a yard. This Is in the dark
shades for suits.
Wida diagonal serge In the new shades
aostis fLSO a yard, M Inches In width.
There aro very good foreign broad
cloths that are priced at M a yard, 43
lnohea wide.
A Turkish Suffragist
Madam Reikis Chefket Hanuin, vice
praridant of the Monanunedan Sooiety for
tee Sofease of Women's Rlgnta. la the
are Turkish woman to Sy. 8k wont
for two hours' flight over Cobmxu-
tinople, scattering anU tor a national
aotm4aa fufad.
tho Florenco Crittenton Home, In Wash
ington, D. C.
On Wednesday, November 4, the stated
meeting of the New Century Club will
take place. A reception will take placo
at a quarter to 3. Mrs. J I. S. Prentiss
Nichols, the president of tho club, will
receive, assisted by Mrs. Thomas Rob
erts, Miss Laura Hell. Miss Helen M.
Randall, Sirs. Edward Wetherlll, Mrs.
Gcorgo Massey, Mrs. Robert N. Willson,
Mrs. J. P. Mumford, Miss Hochstrasser.
Miss RnnUall will read the report of
the meeting of the State Federation of
Women's Clubs held nt Pittsburgh In
October. After the meeting, tea nnd
music will follow.
On Tuesday, November 3, at 3 p. m.
Miss Elizabeth Johnson will ,ecturo on
the "Dunning System of Improved Music
Study for Beginners." This will bo made
particularly evident by demonstration.
Young children, "beginners" and pupils
for the spring term only will be present
to Illustrate Miss Johnson's method. All
who nre Interested In child training and
all mothers aro Invited.
A most Interesting program is ar
ranged for Tuesday, November 17, at 3
p. m. Mme. Bell-Ranske, of New York,
will lecture on "Peer Gynt." Solweg
will bo Impersonated by Miss Tulllk Bell
Ranslie, nn accomplished vocalist.
Thursday, November C, the piano quar
tets will resume practice at 11 a. m.
They will include Mrs. II. Jf. Fuller,
Dr. Gertrude Wolkcr. Miss noe Williams,
Miss Arllne Tryon, Mrs. J. C. Rolfe,
Mrs. J. M, Campbell, Mrs. Charles Reese
Wentr, Miss Helen Flelsher.
Pearl Barley Drink
Barley Is a nutiltlous grain, and makes
a very acceptable drink when nicely made.
Put about two ounces of barley into a
basin, and wash It In two waters, then
put the barley Into a quart of boiling
water nnd simmer It for about threo
h-iurs until the liquor is reduced f about
half. Should It require more water be
fore quite cooked, add It; stir often or
It may burn. Strain the liquid and put
to cool. When required It may be sweet
ened to taste. Mixed with milk (cream
is nicer), and many nurses add a glass
of wine, barley water may be sweet
ened and makes a nice warm drink. The
barley should not be thrown away as
many would do; It may be made Into
omelettes, or pies, or put Into soups. Bar
ley water does not keep long; It Is better
to make a little and otfen.
For the Baby
A dainty and usoful gift for the baby
consists of a big sheet of Turkish towel
ing of the very softest quality. This Is
large enough to spread over mother's or
nurse's lap when baby takes a bath. To
complete the set a bath towel and a
wash oloth Is added.
The three pieces are edged with a little
buttonholing of pale pink or blue, with
the baby's Initial, If he or she has one.
Some other models have a little flower
In the corner, or "Bady'a Bath" em
broidered across the centre. The set Is
charming, but very useful.
Schools for Mothers
There are now In London 800 schools
for mothers, against the 90 that were In
existence In 1910. The majority of these
are affiliated to the Central Aasoolatlon,
although they are not all worked on the
same lines.
Beef Stew
On ounce dripping, one larg carrot,
pepper and salt, oaethalf pound beef; n
balf Bound rice or sago, on pint of water.
M4t the dripping, out the neat Into
tMa slices and fry than in the melted
fat UH they are lost colored. Take out
the piece of meat. Cut the carrot Into
thin alieM, and, after th meat has bean
removed, stir the carrot la the fat which
remains In the pan Return th meat, add
the water. Wash the riie and pot it in
iM suon its ih view ixdcj tutbe bull.
bUutucr it vti cuilj lur uu liVUfe
The Almost Universal Dominance of
ihe Elaborate Costumes Now In
Vogue Gives the Very Simple Frock
a Charm of Distinction In Its
A few years ago the plain suit for
street wear was tho rulo nnd not the
exception. Serge, tnrcd or broadcloth,
II Whs tho cut and the fit that pioved
Ulo tnllor's cotrcllelice.
lhit now we have changed all that.
It Is not often that two suits nre seen
that aro cut after the some pnttern, and
a Raiment that fitted tho flgurc woutd
be archaic, nt least as far as the waist
Is concerned.
It Is possible that tho new materials
arc partly responsible for the elaborate
costumes that aro now In vogue. Not
only nro the colors much moie beautiful,
but tho weave and tho texture nro vastly
I in proved.
Perhaps It Is the quality of tho cloth,
the softness and the pliability that tempt
tho designers to exercise not only their
skill but also their Imagination.
It must bo n delight to handle tho ma
terials and to Mud tl'at they fnll Into
folds and draperies almost of their own
volition. It does seem like a wasted op-im-tuttlty
to cut 11 perfectly plain Hkht
and coat out of such .1 material as duve
tyno or of velours.
Tho rarity of tho very simple frock
gives It tho chnim of distinction. There
nre many women to whom plnln clothes
aro Infinitely more becoming than thoso
of elaborate cut or trimming. If thoy
nre wise they never loso sight of this
fact nnd keep within th law of the sil
houette of tho moment without depart
ing from their own fixed principles of
Tho little frock sketched today will
mnko Itn appeal to nil those who aro n.
llttlo wearied of tho fanciful nnd tho
ornnto. And, although elaborate nnd In
many Instances extremely artistic clothes
aro tho rule. It docs not follow that tho
plain suit, or the plain frock laclB tho
cachet of stylo. The models come from
tho great houses, perhaps tossed off In n
moment of relaxation by tho famous
Velveteen Is suggested for the frock
Illustrated. It would make a deml-sea-
son toilette sultnble for street wear be
fore really cold weather makes a coat
Tho fur banding of tho collnr, cuffs
and hem of tho skirt Is tho most at
tractive trimming and the most modish
that exists at the present mo-.ient. Pelts
aro treated so scientifically that tho In
expensive furs do not have a cheap look,
and certain kinds of skunk and the
short-haired black furs are within al
most any one's reach.
A pretty touch Is given to tho dress by
the white collnr. It Is made of corded
silk, ond looks extremely well outlined,
ns It Is here, by tho narrow fur trim
ming. Tho sheer white collar Is replaced with
growing frequency by tho collnr of whlto
silk or satin. The trend of fashion has
set In this direction, and tho silk collar
has many points In Its favor, bcsldos nov
elty, for winter wear. One, beyond dls- ;
pute. Is that silk seems more appropriate
In combination with heavy materials than
organdie or batiste.
Milady's Boudoir
One of tho most beautiful new ar
rangements for milady's boudoir Is the
Bcent dlffuser. To all outside appear
ances it Is a lovely porcelain boudoir
lamp. Tho exterior Is decorated with
charming Grecian dancing maidens, tho
epitome of grnco. A dull electric light
illuminates their nlry poseB. Then tho
Interested or even curious spectator no
tices a dainty scent about the room.
After Investigation she finds It can come
from nowhero but the mysterious lamp.
And therein lies tho secret. The electrlo
light heats milady's favorite extract,
placed In the Interior of the globe, caus
ing It to diffuse nil through the room. It
even goes all through tho liouso If It Is
strong enough Isn't that a pretty Ideal
Women Aviators of England
The number of women aviators Is strik
ing. Not only do we hear of titled and
fashionable airwomen like Miss Trehawke
DavlB and sundry peers' daughters, but of
women who go Into the practical business
of manufacture and upkeep. Mrs. Mau
rice Hawlett and her partner, M. Blon
dfau, have nn neroplane factory In Lon
don. She has recently sold four of her
mnchlnes to the Government, two fdr
the army and two for the navy.
The Explanation
The palm for bievlty In speech should
be awarded, according to a contemporary,
to a marine who testified about the ex
plosion of a gun on a war vessel an
explosion that had sent him to the hos
pital for name months.
"Pleaso give your version of the ex
plosion." he was asked.
"Well," he said, "I was standing be
side the gun; there was an awful racket,
and the doctor said, 'Sit up and take
this!' "
Madame Nordica
One of the last of the many kind deeds
of the lamented Madame Nordica was
paying for a headstone for George Mac
donald'a grave. George Macdonald was
a young American, who was touring the
world with the Columbia Park Boys. At
Thursday Island, Australia, last January
he fell 111 and died. Madame Nordica was
HI herself, but she took a sympathetic. In
terest In the lad's fate.
Women Dentists
There Is an urgent need for women den
tists In China. Chinese women suffer
greatly from their teeth and live secluded
lives; they do not care to go to Chinese
men dentists. A Chinese doctor of note
Is trying to Induce European women den
tists to come to China.
Bonny Scotland
Marie Corelll, in a letter to the Soots
man, denounces as a national crime the
Glasgow scheme to make waterways In
"Rob Roy's country,"
To Keep Cheese Fresh
If you would like to know how to keep
cheese fresh, hero Is an excellent
method: Wet a cloth in vinegar, wrap
ping It around, the cheese, then put it
into a caper bag and. keep It In e. cool
place. This will help the cheese to re
tain Its moisture and freshness and
keep It from molding.
A Uwful Hint
To improve the flavor of currants and
sultanas which are to bo used for cakes,
place then in a bowl, pour boning water
ovr taam and leave to soak all night
tho fruit swell to twioa its former U,
tint saonU be drained from the water
and dried in the oven before being A4
t tiui Ur lii-rdiw.
As Necessary in Ihc Kitchen as the Parlor
Author The New Housekeeping.
It seems almost nn anomaly that Just
as manufacturers nre perfecting labor
savers to eliminate tho heaviest house
hold drudgery this same task Is being
entirely given over to commercial special
lets. ' For Instance, tho bread-mixer ap
peared Just at the era when tnoro families
than ever before wcro taking advantage
of the commcrclnl bakery. In splto of
this tho bread-tnlxcr remains nt tho very
top of the housewife's list of labor savers
If she lives In a small town or bakes any
amount of bread herself.
How tedious nnd sometimes unpleas
ant Is the long task of mixing bread by
hand, simply because tho human hand
and nrm are not as perfect a lever nnd
pnddlo as are thoso of Ironl Whllo
many housowlvrs mnko tho most per
fect bread with their hands nlcne, ihero
Is every reason to cncouiago the uso
of mechanical mixers, especially when
moro than two or three loaves nro
needod. Several kinds of mixers nro
on tho market, all resembling one nn
othcr In consisting of n'pall with a re
volving beater which, when rotntol by
a handle, stirs or mixes tho bread dough
until It reaches the proper consistency.
One of the newest mixers has tho linn
die near the bottom, Ilko an Ico cicam
freezer. Instead of In tho top as In the
older models, nnd thoso who havo used
It claim It la easier to use oecnuso of
this Improved point of lovemge.
While beating up a cake by hand does
not seem a difficult task, when wo con
sider the wabbly bowl and real amount
of energy It takes to successfully beat
a large amount of batter, wo come to
tho cake mixer prepared to find in It an
energy saver. This Is Identical in prin
ciple with tho larger bread mixer, but
has a wlro dasher or paddle peculiarly
fitted to the lighter batter.
Wonders of Massage
The art of massage Is healing as well
as beautifying. It does not require a
professional's experience to learn the ele
ments of massage. A few hints will be
of value to any one.
First, put your patient In an easy, nat
ural position. Sit on a chair which raises
you above the level of the patient' and
allows perfect freedom for your arms and
Lightly grease the parts you Intend to
rub. If this Is overlooked a red, rough
skin will result Use almond oil on tho
body and a good cold cream on the face.
Make all movements upward. For in
stance, rub the spine from the base to
the neck.
Work your fingers as If you were work.
Ing dough. Plain rubbing means friction
pf the skin, which Is useles?. Knead
slowly and deeply, making your Angers
sink right down to the muscles. If your
movements are good and firm, no fatigue
should result.
An excellent movement for headache and
scalp treatment Is as follows:
Hold the head firmly on either side.
Just below the ears; raise the scalp gently
as far as It will come without hurting
Policewomen of Chicago
Jiu-Jltsu is to be taught to Chicago po
licewomen. JIu-Jltau Is aa effectual aa
any method of defense dependent on mus
cular weight, and demands the partic
ular finesse and skill that are to be found
as often In women as In men.
im.mi c&
The Travel Bureau will give
?ou special data on the expos)
Ion, routss with the finest
asenlo attractions, train sched
ules and connections. Pullman
and boat aeeosmodatlons even
tell you the neoewary ex
penses for the trip. Including
hotel rates ea route and along
Call at the
Travel Bureau
YI 0 1 T1UK & (
Another ml,xcr recently Bten Is mcrelj)
11 wetl-mnde stone Jug with a beater
fitting Into It In this way the contents
can bo wrlpped or beaten and then poured
directly from tho spout, which Is sof
much more convenient than taking up tho
batter In tablespoons only. It Is par
ticularly good for wnfiles and all grlddl
Whllo the beating of mayonnaise seems
also a small mntter, In many homes It
Is a frequent task. Gone nro tho good
old days of soup plnlo and silver fork.
The mechanical mnjonn.also mixer has
Jnken Its place. One such consists of a
small bowl nnd a separate dasher or
boater which can bo fastened with a
clomp to a support, such as tnblo or
ledge. In this way very slight pressure;
on tho crank turns the mixer, which thuf
prepares mayonnaise In a much shortci
tlmo than tho old-fashioned hand way.
Every ono knows how mussy It Is ta
whip cream In tho ordinary opon bowlv
A -"new eggbenter combination Is seem
which overcomes this difficulty. This If
a glass bowl with a tightly fitting glas'
lid. Into this Is fitted an eggboater s J
liar to tho Dover. Cream, eggs or othi '
liquid can bo whipped In this covered,
bowl without danger of tho contents
sputtering or splashing nbout.
In large Institutions and hotels all rolr
tureB nnd boaters, of course, are opcrat'
by power. It Is qulto wonderful to wat
a hotel mayonnaise mixer and to see t
clear-grained perfeot product turned o'
In a few moments because of the perfe
beating given by tho mechanically o
crated dasher. But It Is possible to at
proximate Institutional perfection by u
Ing somo of tho many stationary aL
Improved beaters In tho homo kitchen
(CopyrlKht, 11)14, by Mrs. Christine Frederick1.
tho patient. Lot It go gently down again
Repeat for live minutes.
Then hold the head Just above tho fore-
neuu ana at me nape or tho neck. Bals
thn nWIn In tltc anwt. ....... ,, ..
,." " " ""-- uj aim press in
Slletlv tnwnrri IIia nan,,. ,,... 1 1 -
If you were trying to bring the scalp1
m u. pcnit at 1110 top. Bring it down
nKaln Jtentlv. Rennnt tnr nvn minn,..
1. A movement that is splendid as a cun
ior mecpicssness ana Headache,
2. And, like tho ons shown in the sec-
nnd llt,tct,-i tlr.n nMi-,t -i--.. . - .,
-.... ........ .Mvwi, .-uiiaiaiuiir cnieny 01 1
gentle pressure of tho scalp.
i. 'inia is a splendid remedy for wrlnkl
and consists of a circular movement
the thumbs upon tho forehead.
Milady's Toilet Table
Falling hair is said to be the first si
of a run-down condition. It is also t!
result of carelessness.
The first step toward eliminating dand
run win be the first step toward stonnin
falling hair. A good cream, with aulnhti
in 11, is Denenciai ror this condition. Par
the hair In as many places as Is neces
mry 10 nave tne cream cover tho greate
-... w ma otiwi,. jjo mis aoout thr
times a week.
A shamDoo made nf nnv vnA ,. -
Is good for dry hair. Use the shampoS
comparf1' and Ua da"y an 0lntw
Precipitated sulphur". 1 draohm.
Salicylic acid..... M Y2
Oil of lavender. ... ."""'"'S rSS
Lanollne V 3 "'"2"
Women will malm th.i- W.iT ' .... u?cea
S? "22f te ! " 'VEVSK
... ......u,ca mbuiiy. a good, stiff bniili
can be used, hn nn . ' """JJ"
of air should be" aUowed Vor the hair 'and
good ventilation Is imperative '
Prevention of falling hair Is easier than
tho cure. Dc- not wear a close tiJnT
fitting toque continuously vS? i'
range that a change In hats will allow
more freedom to the hair. Massage wm
Increase the circulation. Looten the h?iJ
at night, place hot cloths on the scaln!
and then massage gently In all direction
tne hair?1 "US Ca8e' d "oV wet
Corretpondence of aeneral lntor7
to women readers will be printed
Pf- Such corre.pondenc, ehlutd
be addrei.ed to the Woman's Ed'tir
Evening Ledger. -"wri
Have You the Hair of I
a Musician? j
Bald or thin-haired musicians ara
l"rnnTlli5 "me may be said ,
actors. The reason is that constant
appearance before the public makes
constant care of appearance a habit
And constant care of hair insures a
heavy, attractive growth. In cleansing
"t." no.1 advisable to use I
makeshift, but always use a preparat
tion made for shampooing only Y,(
ctn !ni?y the best that " known fu
about three cents a shampoo by eVt
tug a package of canthrox hom yr
druggist; dissolve a teaspoonful in a
cup of hot water and your shampoo 13
rapidly with uniform color Dandruff
excess oil and dirt are dissolved "ml
entirely disappear. Your h. vull U
so fluffy that ft will look mtuh he"n
1 nan 11 w. in natre and so'n.. is ., n
also deligljt you, while the sir, .uJ
" iu me ueaun wUKh ....ji
oatr growth. (Av.
cser- -

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