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Will Not Call Extra Session
of Congress or Suggest ah
Extended Legislative Pro
gram. WASHINGTON, Nov. 6.-PresIdent Wll
Bon, desirous of giving business every
possible opportunity to develop tho boom
which ho feels certain Is coming, will not
call nn extra session of Congress, which
was his purposo In tho event of that body
passing to Republican control ns tho re
sult of Tuesday's elections. He does not
contomplnte writing more than an ex
tremely brief messago for presentation to
tho national lawmaking body when It re
assembles for the short session next
month, now that continued ascendency of
tho Democrats In tho House nnd undis
turbed control of tho Senate of the 61th
Congress are assured.
Neither does the President expect any
lengthy program of legislation to bo en
acted before Starch 4 next, whon the
f chort session adjourns. It can bo stated
on the highest authority thcro will bo no
extra session following that date, no mat
ter what legislation Is left unfinished.
Relieved of tho necessity of calling an
extra, session, Mr. Wlleon 1b planning
to "take It easy" for tho next month.
Ho will remain In Washington, but will
give his attention only to tho foreign
problems confronting tho Administration,
especially the complox questions of con
traband which havo arisen betweon tho
United States and Great Britain.
Tho Presldont doea not anticipate writ
ing more than an extremely brief mes
sage to present to Congress next Decern
b r.
Tho President, Postmaster General
Burleson and Secretary Tumulty again
today undertook a careful analysis of
Tuesday's election returns. Belated In
formation from many States continued to
pour In on tho Whlta House Among theso
was a dispatch from tho chairman of
tho Democratic State Committee of Ne
vada, claiming tho re-election of Senator
Francis G. Nowlands.
President WIlBon and his advisers ap
peared entirely cheerful over the situa
tion, and Secretary Tumulty declared tho
situation was altogether satisfactory. Tho
President believes that tho Administra
tion will bo found to have a working
majority of moro than 30 In tho House
when all tho returns have been received
The Republican Congressional cam
paign headquarters here today was noti
fied that the 15th Ohio District, which
had bpen conceded to the Democrats, had
elocted. W. C. Moonoy, Republican, to
Chairman Lockhart, of the Republican
State Committee of South Dakota, wired
tho committee that E. S. Johnson, Demo
crat, had defeated Representative C. H.
Burko for the United States Senatorship
from that State, and that Harry Gandy,
Democrat, had won over W. G. Rice,
Republican, for Congress.
No returns wero available from tho
districts In Kansas still In doubt. There
also was no news at Ropubllcan head
quarters on the senatorial contests In
Kansas, Colorado and Nevada,
Banker "Won't Deny Her Engagement
la Broken.
BOSTON, Nov. 5.Relatlves of Miss
Elsie Burr, daughter of I. I. Burr a
banker, who suddenly sailed for Europe
ns a Red Cross nurse to help care for
tho wounded In tho French nrmy. would
neither afllrm nor deny today that aha
went away because her engagement to
John Templeton Coolldge, Jr., South
African big game hunter and Harvard
man. had been broken.
"Will you deny that the engagement
Is broken'" he was asked.
"I will not deny It," he replied.
The announcement of the engagement
was made some time ago, and plans for
tho wedding had been virtually completed.
Society expected It to take place last
To Give Play for Hospital
"Tho Paper Chase," a farce, will be
presented tonight at tho Bellevue-Strat-ford
for tho benefit of St. Luke's Homeo
pathic Hospital, Broad and Wlngohock
ing streets. In the cose will bo Mrs.
Sophia F. Gcdes, Miss F. R. Scheetz. H.
O. Sheppard, Herbert L. Weir. S. A.
Love, Jr.; Miss E. C. Beotam, W. A.
Haskell, Miss Isabella Welser and II.
L. Fox.
ONCE upon a time, a beautiful
fairy queen lived in the centre of
a great dark forest. Through the
forest ran a brook and by this brook
was the fairy queen's home. Her pal
ace was made of the tail lily leaves
and the turrets and towers were made
of the tall white lily blooms that stuck
their heads out of the water and stood
high above the green leaves.
You would think that any fairy, liv
inp.in a home like that, would be per
fectly happy, but this fairy wasn't
she wasn t evert happy a little bit, be
cause she was always thinking of the
things she didn't have I And that's
no way to be happy no way at all I
When the soft cool breezes of night
came and whispered to her, instead of
listening to them and hearing their
message, she said grumblingly, "Oh, I
don't want to talk to you. go away I
i want to taiK to the morning breezes
When the cool rain drops splattered
on her forehead she never turned up
her face and drank in their freshness
as the other fairy queens did. She
shut herself up tight tn her palace and
fretted for the sunshine.
And then when the sunshine did
come, she was so hot and thirsty that
she grumbled and wished for rain I
Of course, that no way to be
The other fairies and all the fairy
queens were very patient with her for
a long time. She was really a beauti
ful fairy and before she got the bad
habit of unhappiness she was very
kind and good to them.
So they talked to her and tried to
make her happy.
"Goldy," they said her name was
Goldy), why don t you like the sun
shine aad the shadows, tke rain and
the cloud as you used tor"
"Becuwe I don't, OoWy anwrt4 I
r"P"VI w n
War Minister Zupelll, Objectionable
to Austria, Retained.
ROMD, Nov. B. The personnel of tho
now Italian Cabinet Is announced. Big
nor Salandra, the Premier, will retain
the portfolio of Minister of tho Interior
as well as the Premiership; Boron Bldney
Sonnlno, ex-Premier, becomes Minister
of Foreign Affairs, Paolo Carcano. Min
ister of the Treasury, and Vlttorlo E.
Orlando, Minister of Grace and Justice.
Slgnorl Carcano and Orlando wero
members of cx-Pj-emlcr Glollttl's Cabinet.
Tho other portfolios remain In tho samo
hands as In the last Cabinet
Premier Salandra held a long confer
ence last night with Baron Sonnlno and
Signorl Carcano and Orlando, but ho
statement was given out regarding tho
policies to be adopted by the new Min
istry. Baron Sidney Sonnlno, who enters tho
new Ministry sb Foreign Minister, Is pro
British In his sympathies. He Is recog
nized an one of tho strongest men In
General Kupclll was appointed Minister
of War following the recent resignation
of General Urandl. Ho Is considered par
ticularly objectionable to Austria, as he
In a native of Istrla.
Brewers' "Homo Bulo" Amendment
to Constitution Wins by 30,000.
CLEVELAND, Nov. B.-Not only did
Ohio vote down State-wide prohibition In
Tuesday's election, but tho nearly com
plete returns from nil counties today
showed that tho voters had gono a step
further In the expression of liberal views
and written Into the Constitution by a
majority of at least 30,000 the brewers'
homo rule amendment.
This amendment abolishes the Rose
County local option law, In effect six
years, and opens to saloons 45 counties
which hnd been Voted dry under tho
county option measure. This brings back
Into tho wet column half the State which
had been lost to the saloon Interests. Tho
unit of local option under the new amend
ment Is to tho city, village or townships.
Such municipalities or section") of them
which havo voted dry under municipal
option laws will remain dry, but towns
whose ealoons wero ousted by counties
voting ns a whole will be subject to tho
reopening of bars as soon as the Licen
sing Committee of tho State can mako
Chauffeur and Man Passenger Killed;
Woman Probably Fatally Hurt.
DATTON, O., Nov. B.-Edlson L. Rhino
hart, a chauffeur nnd John Papp, were
killed and Mrs. Mary Balorln probably
fatally Injured here this morning whon
a touring car toro through the coping of
tho bridge over Mad River nnd fell 35
feet. Papp and Mrs. Balorln were cross
ing the bridge on foot when tho auto
mobile, running at a. high rate of speed,
failed to make the turn and crashed
into them carrying them with the wrcck
ago of the bridge rail and wall Into the
bank of the river.
Man Was Wounded While Hunting
Deer Near Egg Harbor.
EGG HARBOR, N. J.. Nov. B. Frank
Shorp, tho young deer hunter who was
shot In the Weymouth woods on Tues
day morning, died In the Atlantic City
Hospital this morning following an op
eration. At tho ttmo of the accident Shorp
said he felt suro tho shot had been
fired by Charles Campbell, who was
standing about 30 yards away. Camp
bell was brought before Magistrate
Hauscr, but the latter, could not find
enough evidence to hold him.
President Wilson May Soon Become a
WILLIAMSTOWN, Mass., Nov. B.-The
calling of two trained nurses to the home
of Mr. and Mrs. Francis B. Sayre In
dicate that Presldont Wilson may soon
become a grandfather.
Mrs. Sayro was Miss Jessie Wilson, and
was married on November 23 last The
Sayres have lived here since the wed
ding, Mr. Sayre being assistant to Presi
dent Garfield, of Williams College.
Believe Wealthy Coal Man Met With
Poul Play.
NEW YORK, Nov. 5. Foul play Is sus
pected In the mysterious disappearance
of William R. Watson, 65 years old, presi
dent of the Colonial Coal Company. Po
lice were asked today to search for Wat
son, who was last seen Thursday after
noon, shortly after he had drawn J2000 In
cash from a bank.
"But this sunshine is so beautiful,"
the fairies said, coajdngly.
"Well you may think so all you
wish," replied Goldy tartly, "I want
rain just now and it don't rain. Oh
dear, I think it's a horrid world and
I'm so unhappy."
The fairies looked around at the
worm sne didn't like. The sun was
shining, the birds were singing, the
flowers blooming, and everybody but
Goldy seemed happy.
"It s no use," said the biggest queen
fairy, we can't make her happy no
body can make anybody happy. Each
one must make himself happy bv
happy thoughts." v" y
"But we don't like to see unhappy
fairies," said the other fairies all
You don't have to sethem." the
biggest fairy said. "Goldy shall not
live with us any more."
And with a wave of her magic wand
the biggest queen fairy made a wish.
Instantly Goldy was changed from a
fairy queen to a gold fish and was
swimming in the water at the fairies'
feet I
"".K '&, the basest fairy
queen, "she shall stav fnvPi"
And would you believe it? away
from the sunshine and the breezes
little Goldy became very happy) Per
haps because she saw fewer beauti
ful things she was happier with what
she had.
Anyway, she changed to her old
nappy self and went swimming gaily
down the brook.
And that is the reason why goH
fishes look so much like fairies they
really are fairies! Fairies who have
been changed to fish And they are
always happy and gay because they
have learned to enjoy everything they
see and have, without fretting for
something they can't have I
CepurtaM, til), Olara liffratn Judwn.
IVmmtom ThtWtrmttm Bud't
English Fleet Dodges Trap
Designed to Pick Off Pur
suing Warships, One by
That four German dreadnoughts and
four German orulscri took part In Tues
day's engagement oft tho east coast of
England Is confirmed by tho crew of
tho steam drifter Garrlglll. According
to tho skipper of the drifter tho German
ships appeared through the mist about 16
mile cast-northeast of Lowostoft nt 7
o'clock In tho morning. Tho firing at
tho British cruiser Hnlcyon lasted 15
Tho skipper also says that two British
submarines. In addition to tho D-5, which
was sunk by striking a mine, pursued the
Next to tho Turkish situation, the
nppenranco of German warships oft tho
const of Euglnnd Is causing most of tho
discussion in this country today. There
Is a disposition among naval men to be
lieve thnt no serious raid was Intended,
but that tho Germans hoped to Induce
British warships to follow them, and by
laying mines as they retired, to catch
some of tho bigger ships, as they did the
submarine D-5.
Telegraphing from Yarmouth regard
ing the raid made by tho German aquad
ron In tho North Sea, tho correspondent
of tho Times says:
"Tho light was so close to tho shore
some of the shells dropped within a mllo
of the beach, one exploding within a few
hundred yards of tho naval air station on
the south side of Yarmouth."
Invasion of Belgium Broke Treaty
With ITs, He Holds.
NEW YORK. Now 5.-Bcfore sailing for
Euiopo yesterday on the Lusltnnla, Rob
ert Bacon, ex-Secretary of Stnte, later
Ambassador to France and now partner
of J. P. Morgan, said:
"With the treaties between England,
France and Germany respecting Belgian
neutrality we havo no diplomatic connec
tion. But In Tho Hague Convention wo
have a real and Intimate concern. That
convention was signed bv tho United
States and slgnod nnd ratified by Ger
many, making It a treaty between Ger
many and the United States.
"In admittedly violating that conven
tion. Germany broke a treaty solemnly
made with the United States.
"Ahe Tho Hague conventions to becomo
'scrapB of paper' without protest from
this Government? If tho treaties made
at Tho Hague nre to be so lightly re
garded then why not all other treaties?
It Is our solemn duty to protest against
a violation of pledges formally enterod
into between this Government nnd any
other Government, nnd we assume a
heavy moral responsibility when we re
main silent."
Commander of Wrecked Stefansson
Ships Thinks Eight Men Perished.
OTTAWA. Ontario, Nov. 6. -Captain
Robert Bartlett, commander of th Kar
luk, tho Stefansbon polar exploring ship
wrecked In the Ice off Wrnngcl Island,
Siberia, arrived here today. He asserted
thoro was llttlo hope for tho safety of
the eight members of the ship's company
who left the Island In search of shelter
and food.
Ho also said Stefansson probably would
succeed In crossing the Ice of Coronation
Gulf to BankB Island, as originally plan
ned. Tho captain will leave here In a
few days for New York.
Steal $7000 In Jewels While They
Are Unconscious.
NGW YORK, Nov. S.-Detectlves here
are making a systematic search today for
two burglars who attacked and robhed
Mrs. Llbby Burns, 73 years old, and a
young companion, Silas Butler, In the
Burns home, M7 Lenox avenue, vnipninv
The men escaped with Jewelry valued at
J7000. Mrs. Burns Is the widow of n 6th
avenue restaurant keeper. She suffered
a broken right rib, a wound five Inches
long on the scalp and many bruises. She
Is In a serious condition. Miss Butler Is
suffering from bruises and a scalp wound.
The two men rushed Into the hall and
began assaulting the women with black
jacks. The victims were stunned, and
when they recovered consciousness they
discovered the Jewels had been stolen.
Daughters of Confederacy Will Un
veil It Saturday
ST. .uOUIS. Nov. 6. The annual Mis
souri State convention of the United
Daughters of the Confederacy opened
here today at the Planters' Hotel and will
continue three days. Addresses of welcome
by officers of the local chapters and re
sponses by the State officers marked the
opening. Chief among the activities of the
convention will be the unveiling and pre
sentation to St. Louis on Saturday of a
monument to the Confederate soldiers and
their cause.
Educational Authorities Will Address
7000 Wisconsin Instructors.
MILWAUKEE, Nov. B.-Jane Addams.
Prof. Hugo Muenaterberg, of Harvard;
President C. B. Van Hlsc. of Wisconsin
University; David N, Snedden, Commis
sioner of Education for Massachusetts,
and several other prominent educators
of the country are on the program to
speak before the teachers of Wisconsin
here during the three-day convention
which opened today. Nearly 7000 teachers
are here for the meeting.
22 S. 40th Street
Children's glass Sat. Afternoon
Studio of Modern Dances
Mr. Blbabeta W. Reed, Cbaperoaa,
Spruce 3231.
Private Lassoes 4 Oleosa Tausbt Anywhere.
Studio. ITS Maaaeus St Pb . Ota isSS
EH and S
QuttUont submitted la "Ledger Cen
trot," situated n tr Beat F.tlatt Trust
Building, at TtnaA and Chestnut streets.
uMII be ottswered In thit column.
Q. I would llko to know where the term
"Kuorllla" warfare originated or nns d
rlvod n H. E
A. The Spanish-Guerilla meaning "lit
tle war" was first applied to armed
peasants who worried the French Armies
during the Peninsular War, 1803-H.
Q How fnr In it from Darby to ,Crum
1- nno by trnlley. nnil nbout how long .nocjj It
tako to go there? J. H. T.
A. Crum Lynne Is nbout six miles from
Dm by by trolley and the trip takes nbout
23 minutes.
Q. How may one o to Tompklnsvlllo, Stat
en Islanl, New York? M. J O
A By tulng either Pennsjlvanla Rnll
rond or Philadelphia and Reading Rail
road to New York, thence St. George's
Ferry and the Statcn Island Rapid Tran
sit Company.
Q. Who constructed the t'elmont tunnel un
Her the East nter tn T-oni; tstand cm New
York, ami about how long did It tako'
A. The construction of tho Belmont
Tunnel wns started by the New York nnd
Long Island Rallrond, July 12, 190r. and
wns prnctlcnlly completed January 1, 1308
The tunnel Is commonly known as tho
stationary tunnel.
Q bout nlmt was tho cotton crop of ttio
United States for tho yenr mil" C. T. 11.
A. According to a atatoment furnliheil
by the New York Commercial nnd Finan
cial Chronicle the crop of 1115 wns 14,123,
902 bnlcs.
Q 'What la the faro from Willow Ornto to
Haston Ma IJojlestonn, and hew long; doe It
take to make tho trip? I- n It
: A. The faro from Willow Grove to
Caston via Dolcstown Is 70 cents ono
way, and time consumed will be approxi
mately 2 hours and 45 minutes.
Q. Will yon please tclt mo whit the birth
utonc is for the month of No ember"
A. According to the list as adopted
bv the Ameilcan Nntlonal "Retail Jow
eli'rs' Association, tho blrthstono for No
vember Is tho topaz.
Now "College" Opens Under Aus
pices of the Y. M. C. A.
CHICAGO. Nov. C And now Chlcngo
Is to have "high school janitors" tutored
men boasting degrees, diplomas and the
like, ns proof of graduation In the art of
"firing up when It's cold," sweeping
dtistlessly and doing It all noiselessly.
Chicago's college of janltorology was
opened up last night under the auspices
of the T. M. C. A. The curriculum has
already been determined every apart
ment dweller can guess It, but there are
a few professorships still open.
The Question of whether thcro shall bo
secret societies or Greek letter fraterni
ties Is ono which the school management
Is going to leave wholly In tho hands of
tho student body.
Arthur L. Ward, educational director
of the Y. M. C. A., Is on the trail of a
master In sweeping who can lead the
classes In broom drills designed to elim
inate the germ distribution from that
And not only will tho class pins worn
by the Janitors of the future mean uni
form heat In accordance with weather
and sanitary sweeping. Mrs. Tcnnnt may
gaze upon that pin and forget her fears
for the mahogany piano soon to be
Thero Is a class on tho "proper way to
handle furnlturo," and tho Instructor has
pledged himself to Instruct his pupils
against the general practlco of striving
to knock corners off walls and doors off
hinges when moving polished furnlturo
In tho course, which embodies "win
dow washing and scrubbing," there Is
also hope for forlorn tenants. The man
agement of the school lmB decided
against a policy of taking the class Into
different apartment houses for practical
Alms to Teach Morals and End Pub
lic Vice.
KANSAS CITY, Nov. 5.-Promotlon of
the single standard of morals, eradica
tion of white slavery, tho annihilation of
public vice, safe and snne Instruction In
sex hygiene and careful scientific study of
all the phases of the social purity move
ment was the aim of the World's Purity
Congress, which convened here today In
a four-days' session.
Discussions by prominent men and
women will cover all phases of these sub
jects In debates and arguments as well as
American Realty Company of Phila
delphia Buy New York Property.
NEW TOIIK. Nov. B.-The six-story
elevator apartment house at KO and 4S1
West 123d street has been bought by the
American Realty Company, of Phlladel
phla, from the Nason Bealty Company,
The latter concern acquired the prop
erty last August from Edward A. Kerbs,
who procured It the previous month dur
ing a foreclosure action against the Now
York Beal Estate Security Company on a
bid of J103.000. The American Realty Com
pany gave four vacant properties In At
lanta City In part payment.
Oregon's Immense Wheat Crop
SALEM. Ore., Now 5 Oregon's wheat
crop for the year ending October 1
amounted to 16,685,000 bushels, according
to figures announced today by State La
bor Commissioner Hon.
Tbe do luxe Hotel of Southern California
rtnrit Winter Climate lo the World.
"Winter rendtivoua for America's moit rep
resentative famllWi. 300 miles of boulevards
for motoric". Four splendid golf courses.
Frank T. Keatlnr, N. Y Representative
SS9 8th Av.MStu St.) Phone Murray Hill 3061.
Prorldes a chirm of comfort and
ease araldet charaoterUtla environ
ment that has established it a aa
Ideal seaehore home.
Directly on the ocean front.
Capacity COO.
X BtsOara tatal wHb quiet air or deaestlaHy
4 hosaaltke atmanEara,
i. jTWISomntiBMi, uv.
Kaiser, Unable to Win Be
fore, Now Faces Stupend
ous Task Against Added
Territorials, Says Expert.
NEW Tome, Nov. B.-The admission by
tho British War Ortlco that the London
Scottish Itcglmcnt Is now on the firing
line In Belgium means the Immense re
serve strength of the British Empire Is
coming Into effcctlvo uso. Tho London
Scottish Is tho first Territorial regiment
that has Joined tho British expeditionary
fcrco on tho Continent Tho Territorial
army of England corresponds to Amer
ica's National Guard.
When war began Lord Kitchener de
clined to rush the Territorials to tho Con
tinent, although tho need for men wns
gront. He decided that tho citizen army
Store Opens 8:30 A. M.
The Grand
amid Specially Priced
Of the suflits- a huiinidlred amd fifty omit of
our own stocks have Just Ibeemi repriced at
$2Bo Tlhere are probably twemityfive styles
nnn the lot broadcloths, serges, dnagonuals,
popMnns amd so oe; plane or trSmiinnied with
velvet airad f iuircloth ; browmis, greeinis, planum
shades, mavy amd bflacko All of these are
froinm a maun who makes more high thami low
priced slants amd ns accustomed accordnmigly
to torannng oint heaimtnfiuil work.
Oune ho midred sMits are specially priced at
$U5the work of a maim who specializes inn
the simpler thimigs amd cam be depended oo
to tinrira oat the most qtnality for the momiey0
Fifty aftenrnoomi amid eveiraiirng dresses
eewly redmced to $11.5. A groimp as full off
3 interest as it is miscelflaimeoiuisainid nnothimig
the matter with it but the fact that the
dresses have beemi here too lomig.
little rack in one of the Gray Salomis.
meed a stitch here amid some miew
there or a good pressing.
(First Floor, Central)
needed several months' continuous train
ing to davelop Its efllclenoy.
Tills stage in tho development of the
conflict has been regarded as a, decisive
one for the German hopes. If the Ger
man General Staff could not win a great
victory beforo tho reserve strength began
to Appear the advantage the Allies would
possess has seemed to be unmistakable.
No such victory has been gained, and
the first British Territorial regiment has
nrrlved at the front. Henceforth, pre
sumably, there will be a continuous In
crease of Great Britain's military strength
on tho Continent. Tho pressure of these
reinforcements should soon exert great
Influence on the Franco-Belgian cam
paign. The defeat of the three British cruisers
and a supply ship by Ave German cruisers
off the Chilian coast demonstrates the
hopelessness of n greatly Inferior force
attacking n superior Power at sea. It
shows how hazardous would bo an offer
of battle by tho German high seas fleet
safely resting In home harbors. The Ger
mnn preponderance In the Chilian battle
is not adequately represented by the pro
portion of five to three The German
heavy armanent aggregated 16 8.2-Inch
guns, 12 n.D-lnch guns nnd 30 4 1-Inch guns.
The British vessels had 2 9 2-Inch guns
nnd 32 8-Inch guns. With anything llko
equal efficiency this difference In arma
nent, particularly that between 16 8.2-Inch
rifle") nnd two 9 2-Inch guns, must havo
resulted In success for the Germans.
Chief credit for the victory Is in tho
naval strategy that brought It about.
How tho British squadron came to be In
Organ Plays Tomorrow at
and Dresses
nil i r -
stance, and why It tverrnlttod ltit,i
be Inveigled Into a fight with to nuperle
a force. In the necond claee. ara dli
turblng queries tor the British Admiral
Physician Pmlses Spreading ot 2&dt1
cal Announcement.
iBALTEMOIlB, Nov. .-With the Ut
ment that the mightiest of medicine is
the press, Dr. It K. Ulrshberr, President
of the American Association for Clinical
Research, opened the sixth annual con
vention of that organltatlon today. The
sessions will last for three days.
"The press, aa It is shown in the livv
Unco of the radium and the FriedmanN
fiasco, does more good when it spreads at
first hand all medical announcements',
good, bad and Indifferent, than when It
withholds news by virtue of a secret
agreement with some self-appointed medi
cal committee or society," Doctor Hlrsh
berg declared.
It's "Greater Blchmond" Now
RICHMOND, Vs., Nov. t-Thls capital
of tho "Old South" totfay became greater
Richmond. By annexation of adjacent
Henrico County land the city limits were
extended and the prefix of "Greater" will
hereafter be used by all boosting com
mercial organizations.
Store Closes 5:30 P. M.
9, 11 and 5:15
iss30ini a
iTaTTi - icii,Tir;T fiiiiii.J.1 1 m mi wataiaiis-n -Tirir im ,vr r
sueh Inferior tranrth. tn lha'
ia" M f-BB&t .. -, TDrmm

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