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tffnSr HHiF
WWffwj'BSs' ujupy- h'rif!: rrwfw
"VlriEfJ YoU
cam coumt '&
The. victims
Jewels Defeated Dc Neri
Last Night by Score of 36
to 29 Notes of Last
Night's Contest.
Red and Blue Warriors Rest
in Detroit This Morning.
Practice in the Afternoon
on Mack's Field.
- - - -- - ' - " p ni.i - . i ''" 'i- ' i i - - mim i. "im '""" ' ' ' - ' i-ii ii .... i.. i ,, iii .nuimi i - - .i ...i- ,... - i . I.,,..,,,.. ., ..,. .i ,
r - , r ,
IT-men rue1 MlmT. 6pg four
V ui'0r.oUT x$M or" nE r' smK
COLD KXllII I r Vrt'X- ) jfTfr WiHlm.
V x r rTT (3 - yrfftWWi .
. W. K P.C.
Trenton 1 o l.roo
Camden 1 o l.too
Jpcr 1 l .wo
Oreystock 0 f) .(iOO
Do Ncrl Ii l .ooo
lUndlnz 0 1 .000
Camden nt Oreystock.
TOMonnows oames.
arcystock at Da Norl.
Trenton nt UtAdlnir.
Jasper. 30j Do Ncrl, 10.
tM. n.
Player, team ami position. O. O. O. A.rts.
Kummcr, Jasper, forward '! ft 22 5 34
Sears, Reading, euard... 1 1 20 I) 22
Fogarty, Do Nerl, forwanl 1 2 IT u 21
Hough, Trenton, forward. 10 2 2 20
Adams, Camden, forward. 1 2 12 1 IB
Kane, Tvcntcn. Kunrd.... 1 n 0 o 12
Steelo, Camden, forward. 1 IS 0 1 10
Eckhardt, .Jasper, guard.. 2 4 0 18
Flttgemld. Jasper, forward 2 .1 o 0 0
Cnvanauih, Jasper, centre 2 3 0 0 (I
Haggerty. Heading, cenlro 13 0 10
Dolan, Camden, centre... 1 3 0 2 (1
Klncaldo. Da Nerl. guard 12 0 0 4
Nowman, Do Nerl. guard 12 0 1
Drady, Jasper, guard 2 2 0 0 4
Ootilnger. Trenton, centro 1110 3
Itegga. Heading, forward. 110 0 2
Gelg, Trenton, guard 1 0 0 3 0
Ttogxlo, Reading, forward 10 0 0 0
Drown, Camden, guard.. 1 o 0 1 0
Morris, Heading, guard.. 1 0 0 M 0
Herron. Camden, guard.. 10 0 10
O'Donnell, Reading, for'd. 1 0 o o o
Franckel. Trenton, for'd. 10 0 0 0
Dark. Do Norl, forward. 10 0 2 0
Xenran, Do Nerl, contra. 10 0 0 0
Fd. FI.
G. O. O. rts.
Jasper S If) 22 r.S
Trenton 1 13 10 33
Camden 1 10 12 32
Heading 1 C 20 30
Da Nerl 1 0 IT 29
Tlio reconstructed basketball team of
Oreystock, of the Eastern Lengue, will
set Into action tonight against the Cam
den quintet, in their hall at 23d and Chris
tian streets, for tho fourth gamo On tho
schedule. Tho downtowners havo been
practicing for tho last three weeks,
and the combination which has been
working together should mako tho
Skeetvrs hustle tcf win, Sugcrman,
who played forward on tho Utlca team,
of tho New York State League, will be at
forward with "Itubc" Cashman, who was
purchased Horn Camden. Mike Wilson,
tho old war horBO will moro than likely
be found at tho Jump-up position, while
"Alex" JIcWHlloms nnd Cross will take
care of tho guards.
Tho Camden team will havo the same
line-up that defeated Reading on Wed
nesday. Steelo nnd Adams will bo at
forwards, with Dolln at centre and Brown
and Herron at guards.
Flajlng a fast game In the last Ave min
utes of play, tho Jasper tiulntet jumped Into
third plnrr In the Eastern Itasketbnll League
by defeating tho Do Nerl five last night on
the home floor 30 to 20.
The game summarized follows:
Fld.O. FI.G. A. Pta.
Kummer. forward .1 14 2 SO
Fitzgerald, forward 3 n o (1
C'avaiiaugli. centre 2 0 0 4
Brady, guard 1 0 0 2
Eckhardt, guard 2 0 1 4
Totals ."J 14
Fogarty, forward
IT 0 21
0 2 0
0 0 0
O O 4
0 14
uars, rorwaru ....
Kennan, centre ...
Klncatde, guard .
Newman, guard . .
Totals 0 IT
King Hmdy got hla usual two-pointer last
Bight, besides shutting out Dark.
Jasper leada the league In scoring, having
18 field goals and 22 fouls.
Kummcr leads the playcra In points, with
from tho floor and 22 from tho 15-foot mark.
Fogarty dropped In IT out of 25 fouls, be
sides getting two sleepers,
Harrlsh. who played on the Southern High
school team and was a member of tho second
Dutch quintet tn the American League last
year, lias been algnod up by Do Nerl. Ho waa
on tho floor last night getting in n llttlo
practice. Manager Dudley Intends to try him
out at centre. Vlebahn woro a Do Ncrl uni
form. The score waa tied five tlmoa last night.
Jasper tltd It at 0, going ahead when Do Nerl
pulled up even at 13. The Jewels got on even
terms at 14 and then at IT, leading tho first
half 10 .o IT. In the eecond half tho two
teams tlod at 22. then De Nerl took the lead.
Jasper Jumped ahead at 20 and were never
The Merrill team, which last season defeated
all challengers for the Independent tltla at
Musical Fund Hall, deslrca to arrango gamea
with flret-claaa teams having halls and offering
reasonable Inducements. Al M. Hernateln.
Starr Garden Park, Uth and Lombard streets.
Word has been received from Yale to
the effect that It is bringing down here
tomorrow for the Intercollegiate soccer
championship match with Pennsylvania
on Franklin Field the strongest team
It ha ever developed. A letter from
Manager Marache speaks In glowing
terms of the prospects for the coming
year. No less than seven men have been
, retained from lost year's eleven.
In addition to the soccer footrTatl match
on Franklin Field there will be a score
board giving full details of the Pennsyl-Tanla-Michlgan
gnme at Ann Arbor.
Between 23 and 30 boys participated In the
blmdnth.lv swimming met held In the tank
i me vvesi urancu i. j. i;. a., Oi'a and
gapmm streets, last night. Tha summary of
last sight's contests follows:
. 49-jard novice Won by Allen; seoond, WIN
lUroa, third, Hosborough. Time. 24 3-5.
Plunge for distance Won by Romlg, 60 feet:
euond, Drysmalla, 01 feet 0 Inches: third.
Or fare. 42 feet.
IGO-yard senior 'Won by Greeni second.
Pra-her. third. Allen. Time, 1:0T 2-5.
200-yard senior Won by Green; second,
.Crasher; third. Welter. Time. 2:44 1-5,
Fancy diving Won by Green; seeend, Wil
liams: third, llomlg
nhllarlaslnMx tIln(a rlt Hirst .-
out In elaborate style at tha annual banquet
bail by the Trtstate and Suburban TSnl
Lhiiik at Slosebicto Caslaa tut nliht. "The
.. 1. .hhnnU ttula i lh, ..,.,.. T
DfetteJ etaisa National Uan TenaU Aaaoela
1 Ulnr the goLf which the pUya In
tHa district slgnlHed thlr Intention of striv
lErMfora another aaaaon rolls around.
Williams Dereated Taylor
.'nJll.rlAlISPOIlT'. Pa.. Nov. 0-ljrr. xvii.
IUml of Bhaawkln. completely outaltased Jack
In a sU-routwl bout to fburner Arena
BQ8TOK. Mov. 6-TUlty.four hern of
HpiMS 1b th lx-day Wcyi race found
ttin fjiM tMdlnK tHM tlod at Wi bum
end two lap. The ceaaMaatteM whloii
aid hUlnc the laid tby KrJhl Ih
MM wkiriwtod sprtWl6 u OohUm Md
lMiJl Uwim and Drobch, and Mt
"'A tHaSjajMhgajiaf .,-. aflafftJfhfp,'rFirr ..Aif1t,TJlfBa irf,-a,t-TirjyHrrirvitfthr - naiia-laTfflW aglllaaaVir-ihr -Irf-ttir uait-flaah nf TifflTirTJi it jMaliffl ,' ir - I
lRIGHT ' lr , ) Mm m eub3 - ffi ycSr mt'mmmsr Hji
Your Partner's
Score -Beat
Finals Will Be Held in 115
pound Class; Other Events
of Interest Will Take
"Tommy" Kecnnn will continue his
amateur tournament tonlcht nt his Ken
sington Athletic Club, when ho wilt run
off tho flnala In tho 115-pound class, the
semifinals In tho 110-pound class and
start off nn ontry of more, than 60 In tho
liO-pound division.
Keenan tins 'made a ule; hit with his
amateur tournaments and lias discarded
professional fights, at least for tho time
Tho Broadway Bportlng Club, of New York
city, will stage two star 10-rouml houta to
morrow night. "Jack" Tolnnd, of Philadelphia,
will meet "Tommy" Moloney, of New Yort, In
tho main event. "Johnny" SanJera. of Mem
phi., will clash with ''Young;" Umbox, of
Brooklyn. In the aenilUnal, and "Charley"
Alberts, of Maipeth. will meet "Sailor" Wolf
In a special bout, which will follow the usual
"Mike" Gibbons has announced In New York
that he will post a forfeit of fSOOO tomorrow
with a roput&blo New York stakeholder to
meet the winner of the ChlP-Clabby contest,
which takes pac tonight at San FVanclsco,
tho money to bo m a aids bet If the contest
Boea 20 rounds or oor to a decision. Gibbons
expects tho winner of the coast battle will be
looked upon as tho tltleholder.
"Johnny" Dundee and his manager aro In
New York. The lightweight boxer will remain
thero for a row !nj preparatory to a return
trip as far as Milwaukee, where he will meet
either Cross or Rivera on No ember S3. Dun
dee has noier appeared In the latter city, lie
la seeral pounds heavier than he waa before
leaving; for the coast, where be fought "Willie"
"Al" McCoy, tho middleweight champion of
the world, and "Soldier" llartfleld, the rugged
Brooklyn boxer, havo been matched for a 10
round bout in Now York. The pair will light at
tho Broadway Sporting Club Tursdayh!ght.
Former Penn Football Star
Considered Now as One of
Country's Foremost
Kobert C, Folwell stands out today as
one of the most remarkable coaches In the
history of football. Ho went to Washing
ton and Jefferson College, where the en
rolment Is only 350, and built up a team
In 1913 that scored 317 points, that won
nine out ot ten Karnes and held the great
Tale eleven to a scoreless tie In the tenth
game. This year he is back with even a
more wonderful team.
He has a team that ripped the hide off
of the Yale eleven two weeks ago. the
same Tale team that was heralded far
and wide as the best Bit team In ten
years. Not only that, but Washington
and Jefferson tackled Harvard Just a
week, before in Harvard's own football
lot and played Harvard practically to a.
Although one ot tho oldest colleges
west (tt the Alleghenles it Is one of the
smallest. Its student enrolment this year
Is about 350. Last year It was about 'ISO.
Folwell Jast year and this year had to
make his selection from among men who
would pot be given a seoond thought by
the coaches ot other elevens. Tet Fol
well, handicapped by the laek of bulk and
brawn, did not become discouraged. His
men had brains, they had courage and
they were gams to the core.
The Washington and Jefferson baektitld
this year averages 5 feet 8 Inches In height
and 1W pounds In weight. Its line Is
lighter and shorter In average sUe than
any tUt-clas team in the country, ytt
that MO-pound backfleld tore the powerful
Ysle and Harvard line to shreds.
Will Help Boxing ia Illinois
ICAOO, Nov. e.-dw
years aa H ki
td M. Butty, ,
lor tilStg wffTC
ms ms wmmmaK. vr -: - uhmh rml wmi i La,i3 ' - iMHBeaBBBBBjvBBBBBBBBBBBB -x. Tmt
dmJfiy wMmcS? .7 mWIK " don't VTirff TwTlim nirfB
m&( HHJ s7 StWmmm 'er- n r
hzu J-W sOTwm GeT'EM Y Am
S-c ' y v rrfifn Mil ill I
t. ..l -i l- !..... - M i,. jr Afrnnii 11111 Xlllll
WnJter Trumbull, of the New York World,
writer of the wnrrlora of tho present In a man
ner that Is pleasing. Here's what ho snyo:
IVe h.'ue only admiration
And tho deepest cdulntlon
Tor the warriors of the present
Ami the unme R8 It Ih played;
Yet we often have reflected
What, Judiciously selected.
An eleven from the heroes
Of the past me might have made.
With what Joy that conch would cackle
Who had HiTculc.i at tackls
Next to Atlas, playing centre.
And (lollath. playing guard.
It would bit like drinking nectar
Tn ree fullbAckn such an Hector
Take tho signals from L'lyases
When wo needed but u yard.
Samson's work on tho defensive
Would have been most comprehensive;
Knds tike Hermes and Achilles,
There to take thB forward pass.
Would have meant a touchdown, whether
It was dry or rainy weather;
Ho It seems an awful pity
That they've long been under graaa.
Directum I made-a wonderful showing yes
terday at Klrkwood. Del., though tho great
thoroughbred did not break the world's pacing
record. However, when the conditions aro
taken into consideration, the l:nUH mark Is
remarkable. A u-mllo an hour gale was
blowing, and certainly waa not conduclvo
to the greatest possible speed.
"Connie" Mack la quoted as aaylne; that
he Is through with the "temperamental'1 stars
of the national pastime. Ultner "Connie" has
changed much within the past year or ho has
Just found out that home of his stars aro
We are forced to concede Michigan first place
In tho batting list 01 the "Lojalty I-eaguo."
When the Wolverines returned to Ann Arhor
from Harvard they were accorded ono of the
greatest ovations ever given to a footbaj.
team, despite the fact that tboy were .beaten
by the Crlmron, T to 0. On good authority It
was learned that out of the uuo-odd students
at the university only S3 were absent.
Ilio Carlisle Indians may lack Judgment In
arranging the football schedule, but therp Is
certainly no fault to rind with their temerity.
After alrindy having played a schedule which
would stagger many of the larger teams of
the lnnd, ami having a number of othor hard
gatnea on the Hat, the Indiana have dfcMcJ
to meet the Notre Dame eleven November II.
While Notre Dame did not ahow up to aib
vantage in the Yale game recently, they han
a strong eleven and will have their full
strength against the Indians unless thoy are
further handicapped by Injuries.
Gettyalurg. Pa., la In moumlnjr. The collece
football team wit beaten. '21 to S, by YntA
ham ind waivers have been asked on ''llldlo"
Best Bouts of Season Decided last
"lluggsy" Taylor'a ahow at the Broadway
Athletic Club last night was the beat of the
season. Every one waa full of action. In tho
wind-up "Al" Naah had a little the better ot
"Lew" Stinger In u bout which went tho
In tho very flrat round, Noah caught Stinger
flLsh on the Jaw and knocked Mil dawn, and
ho waa In bad ahapo when the bell rang. Stlna
er. however, recovered marvelously during tho
minute's rest and came to the centre for the
second round as fresh as ever. In this round
ha cut Naah'i eye with a hard right-hand
attng. In the third titlnger scored a clean
knock-down, but Naah waa up In an Instant
and nghtlng hard.
"Hay" Hamilton, of a ray's Ferry, and "Ed
die" Mullen, of Oakvlew. made a terrific bat
tle In the aemlwlnd.up with the honors golnr
to Hamilton. Mullen was knocked down three
times, but would not even take the count, and
at the end waa flghtlnr fast and furiously.
In the preliminaries. "Johnny" Russell
knocked out "llllly" Longdon In the nrst
round. "Young" O'Brien stopped "Andy"
Mitchell In the sixth round, and "Frankle"
Kelly defeated "Johnny" Morrow In six
Won 440-yard Dash in Good Time at
Central Branch,
In the weekly Handicap eventa for Central
Branch Y. M. C. A. swimmers, held 'at the
Ilroad und Arch streets pool last nliht. It. M,
llltter towered two Middle Atlantic Association
records. The big German waa on scratch In
the 410-yard race, and hla actual, time waa
0.4. beating the beat local record of 8:00 4-3,
made by Robert Dippy last winter In tba tler
mantawn Y. M. C. A. pool.
lUimond I'hl made the next fastest time for
tha 410 yards, bs doing 0:12 with a smooth,
regular and steady crawl stroke. Alpbonaus
Cox did 8.0 and Norman Clegs 6'3d.
A diving competition concluded the pro
gram. Harper Cummlnga won first honors, U.
Y. McCloaisy second, . P. Priest third and
Raymond Unl and Alpbonaus Cox tied tot
The football game between the German
town and Bplscopal academies scheduled
for today has been postponed on account
of the death of Captain Walter R. Cliff's
mother- Cliff Is leader pf the German
town eleven. It waa Inadvertently stated
in yesterday's paper that Captain Cliff
bad died.
SPOKANB. Wash.. Nov. (.-Boxers
from the Seattle AthUtio Club and the
Spokmne Athletic Club will try conclu
sions here tonight. Seise ef the best
amateur talent In the northwest is en
tered. ii 1 1 n ft n jh u-ajg wins utj
.!"', -irF&ate? I
pr tb All-A merle, ai w yW-Uetey,
kc alr t Si,
zii-jf; i i.' nr-rr.-rr.r -t. . . . . - '.t
College Gridiron Gleanings
There are only two football games on
tomorrow's schcdulo which wo may prop
erly label "biff." Giving; local Interests
precedence thoy are tho meeting between
Fcnnsylvnnla nnd Michigan at Ann Arbor
nnd Harvard nnd Princeton at Cam
bridge. All tho other big colleges have
Important Barnes, nnd If football history
continues ns It tins been this fall, thero
may be more upsets. At Ithaca Cornell
will try conclusions with Franklin ami
Mnrshall, the team which a month ago
defeated Pennsylvania 10 to 0. At New
Haven tho Ynle team trickles Brown, but
the Providence men have not been up to
their usual standard. Dartmouth may or
may not havo a. touch game with Tufts.
This year's Pennsylvania-Michigan
gnme takes on added Importance for n
number of reasons. Since Pennsylvania
and Harvard have stopped meeting on
tho gridiron the Quakers always relish
nn opportunity to compare strength with
the Crimson. A week ngo Harvard beat
Michigan by tho score of 7-0. So while
Pennsylvania hones to bent Michigan for
nnturul reasons, tho Quakers also hopo
to make n better showing ngalnst the
Wolverines than did Harvard.
To date Pennsylvania and Michigan
have met nine times. The Quakers havo
nnd tho better of the series, winning five
times, losing three times nnd being tied
once. The nrst game was ptnyeu in ikij.
No more games were played until 1006,
when Michigan took Harvard's plnce on
the Quaker schedule and has been played
ever since."
The record for the series follows:
1R09 Pennsylvania, 11; Michigan, 10.
110ft-I'ennsl.anla, IT; Michigan. 0.
mOT Pcnnsvl.anla, fl, Michigan. 0.
IIK18 l'ennaylvanla. 20; Michigan, O.
WOtt-Mtchlaan. 12. Pennsylvania. 6.
lliIO-4'ennsvlvanla. O; Michigan. O.
1011-Mlchlgan. 11; Pennsylvania, n
1012-Pennsylvanla. 2T. Michigan, Jl.
lbin Mlehlian, 13; Pennsylvania, 0.
1he moat encouraging thing about tho Penn
sylvania team right now la Ita condition. There
Isn't an Injured man on the squad, and,
whether It Is due to good luck or good man
agrment, the writer doca not recall u Penn
aylvanla. team which ever went. Into a cham
pionship game so free from Injuries. The
men have been given Juat enough work dur
ing the laat two weeks to get them on edge,
and It they don't make a good showlnr In
this game, thero Isn't much chance for them
again this season. ... . , .
Neither team knows what to expect from
the other. Pennsylvania, fxpecm Michigan to
reieat the same attack which was used against
Harvard, and Michigan looks for a maxe ot
forward paases and end runs from the Quaker;.
Iloth sides are likely to be surprised but It
neVd not ba ronaldered unusual If Pennal
winta'a drop ind place klckera figure In the
final score end possibly the rtault.
Assuming that Mahan and Pennock arc fit
to nlay for Harvard ngalnst Princeton, the
Tlaera are sure tn have their toughest game
of the season. The Prlmimn ofTense will be
greatly strengthened, and so will the defense.
which la tne mwu mww, ....-,. ..-Crlm-on
has had tho moat vulnerable defense
of any of the bit teams this year. With the
exc.ptlon of Michigan every strong team Har
vard hsa met this year has scored, and Michi
gan should have tallied, On. two other occa
sions Harvard hsa been outplaved. the teams
which accomplished this belmr Washington and
Jeff-rVorTand Penn State. Thla Is conclusive
t should be. The return of Pennock will
strengthen the line where It has been weakest.
There Is no strong likelihood that Franklin
and Marshall can beat Cornell tomorrow as
the Lancaster collegians did Pennsylvania, a
month ago. Itut even If Cornell should win by
a! decisive score, this would not mean that
Cornell Is now any stronger than Pennsylva
nia for the Quakers were far off form In that
game and made so many mistakes that
fi's a wonder they were not beaten worse than
thav were. Dut the recollection of that 10-0
score will certainly apur Cornell on.
Unless Prown baa taken a phenomenal brace
there lan't much chance that Ibe Providence
colleglana will trouble Yale tomorrow. Brown
was i beaten 8-1 by Cornell and played to a
0-0 score by Amherst. nd Amherst beaten
V week by Dartmouth 33-0. The Yalo eleven
haV ". tick so emphatically since the W.
and J disaster that the Ells should win de.
ctslvely tomorrow,
Tufts ought to be Just good practice for
nartmouth. This eleven baa had rather a
rough time of It since Ita defeat by Hananl.
losing Pun" 'h "' wl I?',J
week Just escaping a tl core with the Mas
aachusctts A. C,
Harvard Team Goes to B.ookllne
CAMDRIDOE. Maaa., Nov. a The entire
varsity squad of Harvard football playere win
hutlid away from Soldlera' Field at dusk laat
nightand taken out to tha IH-Allne Country
f-Iub whe-a mst ot tha time until tha be
ginning of tomorrow's football game with tk
TltJt will be spent. The team le in seed
shape, bu. has done some mighty hard werk
tbta week, and It Is figured that a real rest la
Coaches Drive Yale Eleven
NBW HAVPN. Oonn.. Nov . Thirty min
utes of IlM-drlvlng football sterday after
noon filled out Yale's preparation for tba
Brawn iiae end closed the severest work of
lme practice this aaasoa. 'Altbojugh sev
eral of the regulars have been kept from work
sJl tbVw'ek, the drill hsa been the loniMt
and severest slneetbo squad reported, and
Ibe re.s were driven to their Unit before
tSe curtain fell va. actual football.
Long Sarimmage for Ithacans
ITHACA. Ke. ,AJJ wek s final prac
tice oa Ike Cossetl ebll geld saw tba ver
sMjr i4 seruea beaked I a aulaawse leas
ajndBff now aLva for tha Mlcfalz
raj-a. but Bibfeia tha lauai did ttet at ftft
MtkMMt tM- on tke Jump Jo a lose tlssST
Prlutr-toa sv for Ce.twldge
PBIKCfTON. M. 4-. 4. .-A bU shact
: u wMamnniy
feMM-1 sejau
it Id
nnd snappy practice wnn hold hero yesterday
before tho exodu of the squad tonnl Iloston.
Tho coa.hoi ihangc-I their plans nt tho Hst
minute ns to tho lrn oIIiik schrdulo of th
men nnl the back? lusteatl nf lmvlng nt noon
remained ov.r to jako part In the final drill
with the rest of the muiid. They left last
night nt T:4. nnd took tho ll! o'clock trnln
from New York, practicing ns planned on
the IInri,-nl stadium this nftornoon. Tho
remainder of tho squad will lea. o thla morn
ing, traveling direct to Auburtidalo.
Ko Scrimmage nt Michigan
ANN AHIlOrt. Mich, Nov. 0 Coach Yost
.ent his varsity ngalnst Penn formations on
Ferry Field yesterday afternoon In tho last
stromtmin prnctlco beforo Saturday's gnme,
drilling his men throughout the long grind nn
a deftn-o for tho much-feared Quaker forward
Tho nbs.nco of scrlmmngo from tho prnctlco
program yesterday afternoon means that tho
Wol.crlnes will go Into tho Pennsylvania game
on Saturday without having had n scrlmnins"
slnco tho llnnnrd game. In fnct. thore has
not been a varsity scrlmmaco on Ferry Field
since beforo the battlo with the Michigan
Aggie... Tho games themselves lmvo furnished
the only real work for the regulars.
Nnvy Bendy for Fordham
ANNAPOLIS. Md., Nov. fl With tho hard
gamo against Fordham on Saturday In view.
the Navy team had a stiff scrlmmngo ycater
day afternoon, mid also found tlmo to work
on aomo new piays wnicn win oniy no used
agntnst West Point. Aa Fordham has never
played football against tho midshipmen bo
fnr, It Is particularly anxious to win Satur
day's gamo, but they must play with a some
what crippled team.
Penn Stnte Eleven in Shape
STATE COLLDT1E. Ta.. Nov. 0.-After a
flnnl secret practice held yesterday afternoon,
the Stnte College football team left early last
t.cnlng for South llcthlehem, where It will
meet Lehigh Saturday. Twenty-two men were
taken with tho team.
Conches Drill Swarthmoro
SWAItTHMOnE. Pa.. Nov. (1. Tho Swarth
moro team -. given Its last practice here
yestrrday afternoon before lea. lug for the
gamo with Washington and lu on Saturday.
The squad comprised "0 men, who left Phila
delphia at 10 o'clock last night for Lynch
burg, Va.
Students nt Haverford Prnctlco
HAVKRFOUD. Pa.. Nov. 0. With tho en
tire colleco on tho field to cheer them nn. tho
Havrrford toiin went through a snappy scrim
mage yenterday afternoon. Tho varsity did not
put It oer the scrub by very much and tho
play waa In the middle of the field a large
part of tho time.
Xehlgh Works With Ghost Ball
SOUTH I-ETHI.KIIEM. Pa., Nov. O.-After
It became too dark to see even the "ghost"
ball on Taylor Field. Coach Keady took hla
Lehigh warriors to tho game room of tho new
OmnaBlum and continued tba algnal drill by
electric light.
McEwan Not Likely to Play
WEST POINT. N. Y.. Nov. 0. Tho usual
dally clash between the varsity and scrub
lasted 13 minutes yesterday. The return to the
game of Neyland was a feature. McKwan, tho
big Mlnnosotan centre rush, went In the game
for Just a few minutes, when his old Injury
began troubling him and he wa. taken out
and Bradley finished tho work-out In the posi
tion. It Is very doubtful whether McKwan
will be able to get Into tomorrow's game
against Notre Dame.
No More Typhoid at Easton,
etto College are confident that the typhoid
epldemlo among the membera of the football
squad ba been checked, and although the
team I weakened by the loss of a half doien
players and Assistant Coach Wagonhurst. re.
lief la felt that It Is unlikely that any more
cases will develop
PRINCETON, N. J.. Nov. 6. Princeton eas.
lly won the cross-country race agalns Colum
bia, here yesterday by the score of 10 to .4.
Captain Morrison, of Princeton, finished sen
yards ahead of the field, running tbe tr-rnlle
cuurso In 33 minutes 41 S-B seconds. Princeton
had five out of the first six men to finish,
CHICAGO. Nov. 6. Edward M. Santry. who
a few yeara aro was known to followers of
the nrlxa ring aa one of tbe leading feather
weight boxers, haa been elected to tha Illi
nois Legislature from Chicago, according to
1st. st returns. He plans to favor a boxing
bill for Illinois.
NBW YORK, Nov. 8. Bxtenslve plans ara
under way at the Polo Ground to build a
new clubhouse, office and elevated station
at lMtta ureet. The old runway from the
pieaent station to tha Polo Ground baa beeu
tern down ind tbe station will be extended
up 8th avtaue to the entrance of the base
ball park,
NBW YORK, Nov. 8. Alfred G. Vanderbllt
ba returnaa """."r"'"" " neat
a a born- show exhibitor, bringing with bin
. rin.n hluj. rtbhaiLS. a ccaiDla of run. nn..
a check for ut about enough to pay the
uptuHi of transportation of hla string to m.
Louis, tbe check rpretlBg ' tbe money
NKW YORK, lioy t-TWe-Uy-nve
luv been received tor Ike XVU SBtroull-
cNocvg"!r lis Wsbi
today. a aUsa Kkwerts expects That at
laeat 3 aapte will be added to tbe pro-
piitshUHOH Kov 1-Mun 'Aekaaiand
vice preeldeet ut tbe -' KatknuU Uuo
Mttb.di"tKk?'L42 fciiSS, '
larwwSat Ot Ot'oStUM ySCSi btu-
Metropolitan Association
Alone Donates $5000 to
Those Impoverished by
Great War.
Many of the clubs In the Pennsylvania
Golf Association Joined In holdlne elec
tion day tournaments for the bono.lt of
the Helglum sufferers. The Kolfers In this,
section r.spondod, nnd perfect weather
onablcd them to enjoy tho holiday on the
Units. Jt will not be known for some
tlmo Just how much money was raised
In this mannor, but the golfers were lib
eral In their support of the movement.
Tho Metropolitan Golf Association
started tho ball rolling' In thnt district.
Fifty of the 68 clubs fell In line, nnd If
each club can offer tho committee pro
ceeds of even J10O for the fund, the one
association alono will be nblo to raise the
sum of $5000. It Is quite likely that this
amount will ba subscribed.
Only two clubs stated that they would
be unnblo to conduct such a tournnment.
One of those has closed down for the sea
son, while tho other has already held
such a competition.
TTie first tournament restricted to amateur
golfers alone wa. hold at the Itoynl Lherpool
nub. Hoyl.-kc. In tho winter of lssi-s., one
year previous to the first amateur championship,
and onlng to a controversy arising In regard to
the standing of several amateurs who had ac
cepted prize money when playing In open tour
namenta the time limit naa set In the present
ceflnatlon of nn amateur. Previous to this first
amateur tournnment, tho one annual tourna
ment held In Great Britain was open m botn
professionals and nmatcurs and the latter of
ten ueer hesitated about accepting the prlzo
money when being among tho leaders. Aa u,
matter of fact, the amounta were never great,
nnywny. Thla flrat strictly amateur tournament
waa won oy iacno ana it. t. nuicninson waa
runner-up. The following winter Hutchinson
won the first amateur championship at S:.
West Branch Y. M. C. A.
Runners Will Take Part
in Two-mile Event Other
Club Events.
"AU-for-glory" runners will report at
the "West Branch Youns Men's Christian
Association gymnasium, S2d street, to
night to take part In the second weekly
2-mtle event. The race is sanctioned by
the Middle Atlantic Association ot the
Amateur Athletic Union, and Is open to
all registered amateurs. No entry fee
Is required, as no prizes are given.
Kntry blanks for the first annual modi
fled marathon of the Fhllopatrian Club,
1111-13 Arch street, must be In the hands
of Joseph F. O'Donnell tomorrow night
Fifty prUes are offered to the athletes.
The run Is scheduled for November U, at
3 p. m. The committee Is as follows;
Henry Bergman, Jr., chairman; Dr. Oth
mar Barthmaler, Charles II, Connor and
Valtr I Campbell.
The first annual handloap street run
of the North FranVford Avenue Busi
ness Men's Association will be held No
vember as, at 8:16 p. m. Twenty-one In
dividual and two team prizes are orfored.
A gold watch goes to the winner.
Announcement has also been made of
the third annual handicap street run uf
the So-thwark Catholic Club Saturday,
December it, at S:30 p, m. Entries for
these races are to be posted with Peter
C. Carney, caxe of the Evening Bulletin.
Lang-ord and HcMahon Hatched
LOB AN-BUSS. Cal. Nov .- L-M-focd.
of -fcwtoe. and Tom McUahoe. ef Jfw
Castle. P.. fcai.ywUhu. are taste bed for
10 sou-da ban Koveubsr 10.
llth Catharine tita.
Jack M-Clullan. Mar.
National A. C,
Four otter str bouta -Four ottter star beuta
ioi.Mi wamxirt 1
JMk 1IH-0N -a. Vww CberUf WKJNUKT
irsoit snrr cojsisroiiDRNi.J
DETllOIT, Wlcli., Nov. S.-Penn'a -9H
football army Is In tho lair of tho "Wolver
ines, The lied nnd Blue warriors arrived
In Detroit nt 7:15 tills mornlna-. n nr
echedllle, and tho suit beamed down on
them In n way that mado them happy
nnd optimistic.
TtlO linvn tvrn t-n ... In Tf-.ii - '
--- --" ...w ....,,, .v. ,,v l VillVIUU
train Hotel In a Bpeclnl trollry car, hnd
men urcnKiasm Rervoti tliem and then
prepared to enjoy the flnnl day before tlio
bnttlo. This ltvil.li 1-n- r .1 !..,
linn been set nsltlo for tho team. There
incy nayo n large lounging room where
tlieV hrvlrl fnrmal a.,. lHfn.M.l st it
chats this morning.
(-f.nl.PN rtrnnlA t.lMt.-AH ..- tr-i
-- ----- "-"'- "'"""'" iiiu irnuacs
, used tho blackboard In explaining the
It-Iflt'ef eeelt-l llfl t.- e .
,...wo nmui win us uscu against Jllchl
Kitn tomorrow.
Thin afternoon tho Penn cloven will go
to Muck's Field, whero they wilt engago
ii n final signal drill. This evening the"
blackboard will be tho entertainment
Coach Brooko will wield tho chalk la.
diagramming the plays. '.
The trip from Philadelphia was un
eventful. Tho boys spent tho tlmo read- ""
ing and chatting with the variation of air :
hours blackboard talk by Coach Brooko
In tho aftornoon. All tho players were In
their berths at 10 o'clock nnd said they
enjoyed a good night's rest.
Coach Brooko is optimistic, but Is dolnip
little talking. "Wo shcmld bent Michigan;
if the team plays tho kind of football tho !
coaches have taught them, they will beat -
Michigan. That's Is nil I can say. Foot- "
ball Is a peculiar gamo nowadays, and n
wo cannot entirely overlook the unex- '
pectcd. But we havo tried our best to
teach tho boys to be on tho Job and not
permit tho Michigan team to aurprlso '
Detiolt pcoplo appear to believe that '
Michigan is going to win rather easily. '.
They think Hint 7-0 score ut Harvard last "
Saturday showed strength on tho part of' '
tho Mnlzc nnd Blue eleven. They wilt
even risk a few dollars on Michigan. And.
the opinion pf tho Mlchfgan rootera .
pleased the Bed nnd Bluo coaches.
"They nro lrtcasurlin; our strength on 1
our early games," Bald Coach Brooke.
"That's good. I want them fo underes
timate Penn's strength. At the same
time, of course, I do not wnnt our boys .
to bo overconfident. They must fight and
fight every minute to beat Michigan." '
Coach Vivian NIckalls, of the Penn ""
crews, was n lively member of the party.
He Is confident Penn will win nnd he "
sizes It up ns the beginning of a splen
did year for Red and Blue athletics.
"We must boat Michigan; then llckr
Dartmouth nnd Cornell," he said. "Then
I'll try to keep up the good work by
sweeping the Hudson nt Toughkeopsla'
next June."
Pat Dwyer, tho trainer, announced that" -every
member of tho Bed nnd Blue squad,
vns In good physical condition. Tho ,
Quakers nro going to need powcrfuT
tackles tomorrow, both on the nttack and
tho defense, and Dwyer saya that the. ,,
men aro in tip-top condition for the flghU.
---- "
Athletic Leader Has Burled Hatchet.
No Recognition of Federals. '
CHICAGO. III., Nov. G.-At the meeting
of the American League magnates held "
here yesterday Connie Mack, of tho Phlla-
delphia club, refused to make a format .
chargo ngalnst Hughle Jennings, of De- '
trolt, who wns uueused of giving out tho
news of waivers being asked on Plankv
Bender and Coombs. Mack said he had
burled the hatchet after communicating-
with Jennings. The charge that Clark
Griffith, of "Washington, had Informed tha '
Boston Braves of tho Athletics' "weak- .;
ness," thus contributing to the defeat o
his own colleagues, was not taken seri
ously. -
Except that some of the clubs had as ;
many as 40 men on their payrolls and, '
could not dispose of them because of the
fear of tho Federal League, there waa
no reason found to warrant recognition ot '
the Federals, tho club owners said. Plana
for distribution of extra players omontf "
the minor leagues In a way to assure "
their not being signed by the Federals (
will be left to President Johnson nnd tho
minor league owners at the Omaha,
Lively Amateur Affair Held at .",
1620 Arch Street. . -:
Tha Athletlo Club of Philadelphia commenesd
Ita 107th am.lt rur boxing tournament at the
clubhouse. liBil Arch street, laat nlfht before .
a big- crowd of memlmrs, with tbe foUowlmr
11.1-pound clasa Harry Carr defeated "Hal ' "
Sweurcrt. "Jack" MayrlcW made "Tomis"
Ilamble quit In tba first round, "Tommy"
Ityan made "Kid" Rebecca milt In the first
round. "Young" Sneior knocked out "Itay"
McCloskoy tn to rounds. "Willis" Roland
Sained the daclalon over "Joe" l"ave. "Jimmy
ones got the decision over "FranWle" Maber. ,
12K-pouni class "Jehnny" Thomas knocked
out "Eddla" Daley In three rounds. "Mike''
Vincent mads "Jimmy" Baker quit in tha flrat
round. "Willi" Huner got the decision over
J. Melloy "Jimmy" Freda knocked out "Qua"
Anderton In the third round. Oeorge Black,
burn knocked out "Charley'' Kealy In the third
round. "Billy" Murray got the declileR ewer ,
James Murphy. . ,
13S.pound claae "Joe" Cross In waa given the
decision over James Carey, "Sam" C'rawfard
made 'Willie" Oreen quit tn tba second rouftJ, ,
"Lee" Oubeck sot tha judge' decision, oxteg
George Shlred after boxing an eitra round.
Tha final bouts will ba contested tomefte '
The Travel Bureau will give
you special (Ule. on toe expoet-
tlon. routes wllB
eeealo atUaoUe",
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ules and cenaHetlees, PmUima
and boat Rprywaiiodstton) ejwsi
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peiuea (of tbe trip, btelvdfu
hotel rate e roeXe aja4 aiestt
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