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6, 1914. -
Feared RIE
MP?"" ,flHB'-
lite rtrajf 5
evipUojW C
"pwf i
ConUnnfi! trem fnge On
arty movement toward the strong
holds protecting Berlin.
Russians have occupied the terri
tory from Lodz west of Warsaw,
thence to Kietcc, in the south) and
thence east to Sandomir, thus gain
ing control of southwestern Poland
nnd protecting further operations in
Galtcia. Tile Germans have stopped
their retreat on the west bank of the
Warthc Hiver, not many miles frdm
PAHIS, Nov. 6.
The hloody battle between the Germans
and the Allies In the region between Dlx
!mude nnd the Hlver I.vs In stilt unde
cided, nccordlng to the official announce
ment this nfternoon Neither of tho con
testants has been abto to bieak the dcitd
lock. Thi Germans ore now resorting ex
tensively to nrtlllery, nnd nre shi'Illng
Arrns, sn well as tho lines of the Allies
north of that town.
The offlclnl statement, devoted partlcu
Inrly to tho operations of Wednesday,
wan ns follows:
There was no npprcclnble ch..ngo
yesterday. On tho whole front the
combat continues, with the same
character as that on preceding days
between Dltmude and tho I.ys, with
neither sdvanca nor marlccd retreat
at any ono point. Violent cannonadlng
took placo at the north of Arras and
on that town without any result In
favor of tho enemy.
The German effort In Belgium and
tn the north of Franco continues. Tho
Germans seem to be making changes
in tho composition of their forces
which nre operating- In that region and
to be reinforcing their newly formed
reserve corps, which have been se
verely tried, by veteran troops to at
tempt a new offensive, or at least to
palliate the bloody repulses Inflicted
upon them.
Between the Sommc and tho Olne
and between the Olse and the Meuso
there huve been minor engagements.
We have concentrated our advance on
the village of Andechy.
To tho west of Itoyc a German
wagon train has been destroyed by
our artillery Are at long range.
BEm,IN, Nov. B.
Because of tho many rumors regard
ing the reported wounding of the Crown
.Prince and of other members of the
Imperial family, nn official statoment
was Issued today denying them. It was
asserted that all Its members nre In
the best of health nnd that the Crown
Prince Is with his army at tho front.
Although almost continually close to
or on the firing line. It Is declared he
is uninjured nnd his general health Is
excellent. ,
The official report of the War Offlco
dealing with the situation In tho West
declares that the Belgian-English assault
by way of Nleuport between the sea and
'inundated territory was repulsed with
enormous losses. Tho Allies had tho sup
port of warships. It Is stated, but were
unable to gain ground and were finally
driven back In confusion, leaving muuy
dead and wounded on the field
Ignorance of the exact openings of the
dykes caused the Belgians unintentionally
to violate the military principle, of Inun
dation as a means of safety. Strategic
plans provide for a depth which will
LONDON. Nov. 6.
Fired by the shells of the Allies' artil
lery, LlUe Is burning In several places.
Several villages nearby have been burned.
The fighting In that legion of northern
France continues night and day, but thus
far tho Germans have balked effotts to
drive them from Lille.
Defeated In their erforts to strike the
French coast by crossing the Yser Itlver,
the Germans are now concentrating their
strength for a drive between Arras and
Dlxmude. They are bringing their heavy
artillery Into that section, hoping that
the big guns will accomplish what massed
attacks of Infantry have thus far been
unable to effect.
Forty heavy guns from Essen have
already reached Alx-la-Chapelle, accord
ing to a dispatch from Amsterdam.
These aro to be taken to Arras. Sixty
armored automobiles with rapld-ftre guns
HAVRE, Nov. .
King Albert, commander of the Belgian
ermy, went In person to Fumes, near
Dunkirk, to congratulate the Turcos upon
their bravery In capturing Itemscappelle.
This was an Important success for the
Allies, because It prevented the Germans
from advancing on Furnea. The story
of. the capture of rtemscappelle was told
Jiero today for the first time In detail by
French officers Just arrived from the
"Belgians had teen holding the position,"
aid these officers, "but they were at
tacked, by overwhelming numbers and
forced t,o fall back. General Joffre
ordered that IUmeqappelle be retaken
at pit c-ot. French Infantry moved for
ward, attacking the town on two aides
under murderous, cannonade.
VThe Germans finally gave jway, but.
being reinforced, pressed forward
; rtook the town. By this time noth-
remained of Bemscapperle but the
"fgffta and piles of wreckage and dead
sfljddars. Again the Germans were driven
), but again they returned and reeap-
tured the place at the point of the bays
Mt. Twiee again the posltUm was takes
l4 lost. Darkness found the Germans
gtv'B Uit t,wa- Ttl wain "i
- J!b htwsw had been battered Into
JHifa oi stone and nwtar by the furfcus
' bmibrdnt- Setdtere tougbt amwg the
jut 9t deferts. using tbew pf Wwiy
After dark bad fslUe tbs Tweo
mm Mwa end UW1 to fall In, Tile
ilMHIMM W ?tvl U ! HJI'
Witb wiw yM the Africaa tW Jar
rd Tlw tarmati sound in . kt In,
w mmMjamMwCiaiMl ""illffllMlsiWlsiMWliBMijS .Sfcv.1-
- u--f- ,-.f. .'gj-ST" j. . it ill .M - " ,f --ni,,ifieftBiai ii ri)i(f1fflPisBtsilssBsMliili8
their frontier, and are attempting a
re-formation of the lines. The Petro
grad War Office expects a lasl stand
to be made here.
Austrian retreat is reported in
Galicia, where the Russians are push
ing heavy columns in the general di
rection of Cracow.
Vienna announces repulse of the
TJit. .Int. advance across the San.
which would mean that the Czar is
far fron, regaining lost ground in the
new move against Cracow.
In the region of Nntnpcel, to the
northeast of the forest of Alglo nnd
ncur llerry-Au-Bnc, we have rctalien
the Village of Saplgneul, which the
Germans captured after a terrific
In the Argonne, where our troops
rolled bnck the Oermnns by bayonet
charges, and In tho Woevre, new at
tacks by the enemy have been ro
pulsed. To the northeast nnd to tho cast
of the Grand Couronno of Nnncy, in
the region of the forcat of 1'orroy
nnd between Haccnrat and Blamont,
our advance posts have been attacked
by mixed forces, whose movements
have been wholly checked.
A great llueslan victory In Galicia
is olllclally announced,"
The objectlvo of the German forced
north of Arras Is believed to be Noyollcs
or some other place In the Immediate
vicinity Tho dlstanco In a direct lino
from Arras to Noyolles Is less than CO
miles. N'ojelle. Is ubout 10 miles north
cant of Abbeville and lies upon the main
railway line over which the supplies of
the Allied army of the north are trans
ported. If the line could be cut In the
vicinity of Noyelles, It would leave the
French, British nnd Belgians stationed
north and east of that point without
menns of getting provisions and ammuni
tion. That the Gormnns arc staking a great
deal on tho moemcnt nbovo Arrns Is
shown b tho heavy amount of blg
callbro ordnance which they have massed
In that vicinity. If they were compelled
to retreat suddenly by a euperlor force
of tho enemy, much of this heavy ar
tillery would Inevitably fall Into the
han8 of the Trench and British because
It could not be moved quickly.
make It Impossible to move artillery
and yet not deep enough to use boats.
Tho Belgians turned too much water
Into the Ysor territory and the Gormnns
will endeavor to benefit thereby. Mean
whllo the fighting In that section linn
Bcttled down Into an artillery duel In
which the Germans have the better of
It because of tho weight of their artil
lery. On the other portions of tho line the
fighting continues unchecked. In the
vicinity of Vpres the bnttle Is of the
most desperate character. Both sides
aro being constantly reinforced and the
fighting swings backward and forward
across a ten-mile ntretch of territory
simply littered with dead and wounded
of both nrmles.
Tho lighting between Lille and Armen
tlcrcs and In the vicinity of Arras is also
warmly contested.
The German general advance toward
the Belgian-French coast is said to be
progressing satisfactorily, with severe
lighting reported from Lille, Ypres and
Arras. The fighting In tho Vosges Is
stated to be progressing In deep snow,
with the Get mans holding their own at
all paints.
Along the Toul-Vcrdun lino the fighting
has again becomo an artillery duel with
both armies sticking close to the trenches.
have left Alx-la-Chapclle for the front,
tho same dispatch says.
A Times correspondent asserts that
ncrcc lighting nowr centres around Armen
tleres and on the frontier a shor distance
enst of Nleppe, a little town on the
Itlver Lys. He continues:
'Lille Is burning and battered. The
Allies have been In and out of the city
and our shells set the town alight at the
western end. If we cannot pound the
enemy out we must drive him toward
Flanders with flame and smoke.
"It Is reported that Emperor William
with his staff Is directing the whirlwind
campaign from Tournal, Belgium, with
Boulogne and Cnlals as the objective via
Hazenbrouck and St. Omer, where. If the
Germans can break through, thero Is a
clear rond to the coast. The battle here
will not be decided for several days."
rapidly fell back, evidently overestimating
me numoers opposing tnem. Ab a rcmiu
of the loss of Hcmscappelle, they had to
fall back across the Yser.
"The Turcos lost several hundred men,
but the German losses were much heav
ier, as they were pursued by the Africans,
who shot them down without mercy."
Husting Leads in Wisconsin
MILWAUKEE, Wis.. Nov. 6.-The beat
available returns early today showed
State Senator Paul O, Husting, Demo
crat, leading Governor Francis E, Mc-
uovem. iiepuoncan, in tne race for
United States Senator by 2105, with three
counties unheard from and It counties
Incomplete, The count was: Husting
1,5U; McGovem, 117,408.
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WiL-jC-rrgZZ, -1 4i jJSUJJlJUSJaO '.,..ju J" ' i. i w i m ',' ms ... I... . .-..... ',,. , ,-,-.,-, , ifrr'iT-' i li,; 1 i- ii ir'ffi 'li ' '' ' i' '"' '
Bullets in Back Penalty for
Failure to Win Through
Allies' Lines, Charge
"Eyewitness" Report.
in i
LONDON, Nov. 6.
Thnt German soldiers fighting In north
ern Frnnco wrie fired upon by fellow
troops when they gn.c way before the
attacks of the Allies Is the Information
secured from a, woilnd(d German pris
oner, according to nn ofllclnl statement
from the Government press hurenu to
day. The statement Is the Intest of tho
series of "evcnltness" narratives written
by a member of tho stnff of Field Mar- '
shal Sir John French nnd dcnla with the '
,, ... . ,. ... , ,,., ,
operations of the British expeditionary
That section of tho statement dealing
with the shooting of Gcrmnns by their
own men fellows:
"A wounded prisoner gave the attend
ing surgeon tho following Information
rclntlvo to Gorman methods of warfare:
'On October 10 my section wns ordered
forward for an attack. Our officers
warned us that. If we gavo way, we
would be fired upon from behind. This
tin eat was actually carried Into orfoct
when our terrible losses compelled us to
retire. M wound was Inflicted by a
German bullet."
The snmo prisoner told his captors that
ho hnd received no regular distribution
of food since he entered Frnnco."
Tl'e "cyo-wltncss' statement continues:
"In spite of the great losses which they
suffered in their attacks last week, the
Hermans have continued their offensive
toward the west almost continuously dur
ing the five clays from the 20th to the
30th of October. Opposite us It has grad
ually grown In Intensity and In extent
of application qb more men nnd guns
hnve been brought up nnd pushed Into
their right, and It has developed Into
the most bitterly contested battle which
has been fought In the western theatre
of tho war.
"Kdrccs have been massed from the
south, while nnothcr of tho new army
corps has definitely mndo Its debut be
fore us, and though attempts to hack, or
rather to blast nnd hack, a way through
us have been made In other directions,
they have for tho Inst few day been most
seriously concentrated upon the neighbor
hood of Yprcs.
"Whether the motive Inspiring tho pres
ent action of the Germans against that
place Is nn ambition to win through to
the port of Calais, m Is to be gathered
from articles In their newspapers!, or
whether the operation Is due to a desire
to drlio the allied forces out of the whole
of Belgium In order to complete tho con
quest of that countrj with a view to Its
annexation and to gain prestige with neu
trals. Is Immaterial.
"What concerns us more closely is
that they have been making and are still
pressing a desperate attempt to gain the
An attack began on Monday against
Nouvcchnppclle, a village held by the
Allies, and ground was gained by the
"On Tuesday tho Germans rather fo
cused their principal attention on our
right centre and right, and most des
perate fighting took placo for posses
sion of Neuvcchappelle. In spite of re
peated counter-nttacks by our troops, the
enemy during the day managed to hold
on to the northern part of the village,
which he had gained the day before
"Townrd evening we hnd gradually
regained part of the place by atep-by-step
fighting, when fresh hostile rein
forcements were brought up, and the en
tire village was captured by tho enemy.
"They made rcvcral assaults against
our whole front soutli of the Lys. but,
with tho exception of their success at
Neuvcchappelle, won no ndvantnge. The
combat for thnt place, as Is usually the
case with village fighting, was of n most
murderous description. It Is believed
thnt the enemy's losses In this quarter
of tho field generally were very great.
"An artillery officer, who was observing
their advance, reports that tho effect of
our rifle and gunfire on the Germans
was stupendous, and that they had to
throw bodies of their own men out of
their trenches as they came on In order
to obtain cover."
Fighting In the vicinity of Neuvechap
pelle continued all day and night
"The next day the centres of pressure
were for the most part our two flanks
south of the LyB.
"The really Important feature in this
day's operations occurred north of the
Lys and consisted of an onslaught In
great force made In the morning In the
direction of Ypres. After a heavy can
nonade the assault was driven home and
a portion of our front line was forced
back. By evening tho lost ground was
recovered and tn some places more than
recovered, with the exception of one part
to which the enemy clung.
"Our losses were heavy, but not so se
lero as those of the enemy, who at one
spot suffered enormously from tne con
centratea nre oi
our massed machine
ROME, Nov. t A special dispatch to
a local newspaper says that Count von
Bchwerln, a relative of the Kaiser, who
was wounded at the battle If the Marne,
has died from nis wounas.
LONDON, Nov. . The Earl of Dal-
houale, a reserve lieutenant, has been
wounded nt the front. He served In the
Boer war, and Is 3T years old.
For Wear
With Spats
this is quite the best-de-sigRed
slipper we have
ever shown. No ridges,
nothing to break the grace
ful line.
Besides which, it is very
new and very fashionable I
ViS H20 CJm
-.WUere egjy U btt J good ettMEh.1
Continued from Tare Ono
the suddenness of the Russian attack,
which disarranged all of the nrmy coun
cil's strategic plans. The Turks had ex
pected the nus.lnns would be caught
short of troops In Cnucnsla nnd had pre
pnred several columns with which to
Instead, however, tho Russians, without
waiting for formal declarations of wnr,
throw four flvlng columns across the bor
der Into Armenia.
Today tho strongest of these, after de-
clslvely defeating the Turkish border
guard, Is pushing rapidly forwnid townrd
Hrierum. A second column which took
Fort Bnyaxct after three hours of fight-
Inn Is also movlmr Into the Interior.
I Turkish troops, reduced to ' the heces
I slty of righting a defensive cnmpnlgn, nre
now reorganising their line nnd nre di
verting troopi originally Intended for
, operations ngnlnst the British In Kgypt
I toward Armenia. The Turkish nnny,
concentrated nt Knraldllese, Glndln and
i Arsnb, hns moved "back from thoso posl-
tlons to others, tho location of which Is
j not rovenled
i Tho bombardment of tho Dardanelles'
1 frrts by tho Anglo-French flcot ut long
range continues while one small maga-
zlno Is understood to have been exploded,
J'10 damage up to the present hns not
been great. Tho Turks are reserving
their fire nnd have responded with bnly
a few shots.
Ottoman Subjeotn Placed Under Strict
OTTAWA, Nov. 6.
Great Britain having declared war on
Turkey, the Canadian Government hns
decided. It was announced tonight, that
tesldents of Canada who wrro born In
the Ottoman Empire shall receive the
some trntmnnt fhe Dominion ncrnrrln 1
Germans and Autrlans.
Turks, Armenian and Syrians will be re
quired to register and to tako out resi
dential certificates; and whore registra
tion officers deem it advisable they will
bo detained In Internment camps as pris
oners of war. It Is expected that this will
addWery largely to the number of pris
oners who will be placed under guard In
Re-form Front Along Banks
of Worthe River to Oppose
Russian Advance Across
Silesian Frontier.
The Russian plnn of campaign, out
lined and partly carried out before the
wave of German soldiers poured over the
border to tho very gates of Waisaw, Is
under wny again. Chief resistance Is on
the Warthe. near the Silesian border,
where the German lines have re-formed
to offer battle.
Today's official statement Is as follows:
"On the left bank of tho A'istula tho
Russian army Is continuing a vigorous
offensive and li pursuing the retreating
"The crossing of tho River San by our
troops continues successfully. The Aus
trian" are retreating."
Along the left bank of the Vistula the
Russian advance Is pushing forward to
tho border. The army, which was rein
forced when Ivnngorod and Warsaw were
threatened, is operating toward the south
west, and hns occupied tho territory from
Lodz to Klelce and east to Sandomir.
South of Sandomir is the Russian force
that is operating against the Austrlans
In Galicia, and which has pressed for
ward across the River San, leaving the
Pr7cmysl fortress Invested, but still hold
ing out.
On the west side of the Warthe the
Germans are reforming for a last stand
before they are driven across tho border
Into their own territory. It Is not per
mitted to say where the Russian move
ment Is strongest, but It Is safe to de
clare that the foothold of the Russians
on East Prussian soil in the north will
be extended In the vicinity of the valley
of the Vistula, on which is the city of
In Galicia It Is announced that the
Austrlans continue to retreat. Heavy
Russian columns have already crossed
the San River and are pressing the Aus
trlans far back in the general direction
of Cracow.
Russians Fast Gaining Allies
It Is reported that large numbers of
Armenians In Bayatln, now occupied by
tho Russians, were arrested and many
killed by emissaries from Constantinople
on the eve of Turkey's entrance Into the
The war-like races of the Caucasus are
enthusiastic over the opportunity to Join
In the fighting which Is afforded by tho
outbreak of hostilities there. The
Armenians are eager to Join the ranks
of the Russians.
Pearls and Precious Slciie
Jewelry-distinctive, exclusive
from the very moderate to
the highest priced.
The Largest GgUQtion
Chestnut Street;
Emperor's Journey Through
Poland a Triumph Ger
mans Reported Retreating
All Along Battle Line.
Emperor Nicholas has arrived nt Wnr
snw hnd hns personnlly congratulated tho
Blbcrlan troops for their victory over tho
Ocrmnn forces thnt attempted to take
the Polish capital. Tho Cznr nnd Min
ister of Wnr Soukhomllnotr wero received
with enthusiasm nt Warsaw, to which
hundreds of residents who fled when the
Germans approached are now returning
The Journey of the Emperor nnd his
pnrty through Polnnd was one of tri
umph. At every point on the railroad
great crowds assembled and cheered for
the rulor nnd the Russian armies.
Immediately nftcr arriving at Warsaw,
tho Crnr reviewed tho Siberian corps that
had repulsed and driven back the Ger
man army. The Wnrsaw correspondent
of tho Novoe Vrcyma says that he mndo
the following address to tho troops:
"Your vnlor won for the Russian arms
one of the greatest victories that has evor
been achieved. The nation will remem
ber your valor forever, and when the his-
tory of tho war Is written It will bo made
Mini..n t... v. ..nr.l nf ft.A aiha.tnn
glorious by the record of tho Siberian
"The victory for which my Siberians
struck the first blow hns been made com
plete by tho help of God. Tho enemy Is
being driven from our holy soil."
It li officially announced here that the
German retreat on both East Prussia and
Polish fronts continues, nnd that tho
hcny pressure of tho pursuing Russians
hns prevented the Germans making a
Unofficial reports that dissension has
brokon out anion? the Germans and Aus
trian commanders caused little surprise
here today. It was pointed out when the
war began by the military experts that
the Austrian General Staff would refuse
to accept the domination of tho Ger
mans. Count Schwerin, n cousin of the Kaiser,
was among the German prisoners taken
In the fighting about Lodz. Ho hns died
fiom wounds thnt he received.
Emperor Said to Have Caused Arrest
of German Airmen.
KLVS1IING, Holland, Nov. 6.-The two
German officers killed at Thlelt when
British avlntorn dropped six bombs on
the building which Emperor William had
left only a few minutes beforo were mem
bers of the Kaiser's personal staff, ac
cording to reports received here today.
It Is said the Emperor bitterly re
proached the commander of the Gorman
aerial corps because his men had failed
to Intercept tho British aeroplanes, nnd
as a result three of the corps were de
moted and nrreBtod.
Fierce Bombnrdtaent of German Forts
TOKIO, Nov. 6.
It is officially announced that the Japa
nese and British forces are closing in for
the final assault on the German strong
hold of Tslng-Tao.
Flvo small German boats In the Bay of
Klao-Chau aro reported to have been
sunk by the bombs dropped from hydro
aeroplanes. Japanese naval aviators are dropping
bombs upon the fortifications, and besides
driving the Germans from their guns are
causing heavy damage to the main de
fenses The city itself Is how being bom
barded, with tho purpose of making a
ijulck and successful end to the siege that
has lasted two months.
The following Is the list of the Allies'
casualties before Tslng-Tao:
British, 2 killed nnd 8 wounded. Includ
ing two majors; Japanese, 22 killed and
878 wounded.
RusBla Gives Notice of Dangerous
Coast Zones.
WASHINGTON, Nov. 6.-Offlclal notice
was given by the Russian Government
to tho State Department today that a
zone from S3 degrees CO minutes north
latitude to cast of the 21st meridian has
been mined.
Entrance to the Gulfs of Riga and
Flsland and the vicinity of the Aland
Islands also are mined.
Since His Majesty, Sultan Mehemed
V. Reshad, was born on the 20th of
Shewwal, 1260, and last Saturday was
the 20th of Shewwal, 1332. It follows that
he Is now 72 years old. These, however,
are lunar ears, and by the solar reckon
ing, 68 lunar years are only 66 solar
years, so that Ills Majesty Is actually
not 70 years old till November 3 next.
Orient, Constantinople.
Dirigible to Carry Several Pieces of
Artillery, Is Beport.
LONDON, Nov. 6. The Dally Chronicle's
correspondent of Lake Constance, Ger
many, sends the following dispatch!
"Airships frequently cross tho lake.
Kfledcrlchshnfen Is the scene of tremen
dous activity. Count Ecppclln pays the
dirigible balloon factory a flying visit
ttvlco weekly.
"An Immense super-Zeppelin dirigible 1'
being rushed to completion In a floating
shed for a raid on Lodon before the end
of November this will be tho largest
Zeppelin yet constructed. It will mount
several pieces of artillery and have an
unprec-dentcd steaming radius.
"A sister nlrshlp Is being conxtructcd
In a hangar on shore. No visitors arc
allowed wltfiln several hundred yards of
the factory or the floating shed At least
six other Zeppelins nre being built at
Dusseldorf, Potsdam and Hamburg.
Kaiser's Forces, Harassed by
Forward-Sweeping Foe, in
Precipitate Retirement to
Second Defense Line.
The War Offlco declares that the Ger
mans are retreating precipitately Into
East Prussia with tho Russian nrmles
harassing them at every point. The cold
weather has apparently demoralized the
Germans, and many of them are reported
surrendering without a fight. At several
points tho Russians have already pene
trated the Prussian border, and some of
the reports Indicate that the German left
wing has been Isolated from tho main,
body of the troops.
Tho occupation of Lyck and the capture
of Mlawa, for many days the German base
of operations in tho north, have virtually
cleared all that part of Poland north of
the Vistula of the enemy.
The Wnr Office has given out the fol
lowing statement:
"Wo have continued our progress on
the Kast Prussian front.
"Tho Germans nre falling back along
tho whole front, keeping only their forti
fied position In the region of Wlrballen."
(Wlrballen Is In the extreme north
of tho German front, 30 miles west ct
north of Suwnlkl.)
Military oxperts here declare that the
Germans cannot hope to hold Enst
Prussia and they are expected eventually
to withdraw from there entirely, con
centrating on their secondary defense
line of forts.
This would mean a strong German re
sistance to Invasion on a lino of forti
fications bnsed on Graudenz, Thorn and
Posen, strongholds which protect Ber
lin beyond the Enst Prussian frontier.
Also Win Against Czar In Stry Val
ley, Vienna Says.
VIENNA, Nov. 6.
Many Russian prisoners aro being
taken by the Austrlans In Uallcla, ac
cording to nn official report from the
General Staff Issued here today. It Is
as follows:
"Operations In the northern theatre
of war are proceeding as planned, com
pletely undisturbed by tho enemy. South
of the mouth of the Wisloka, River the
Austrian troops have driven the Rus
sians, who had established themselves
on tho western bank of the San, from
nil their positions.
"The Austrlans captured more than
1000 prisoners nnd a number of machine
"The Russians could' not resist the
Austrian attack in tho Stry valley. Five
hundred Russians, one machine gun and
a quantity of material were captured
Two Ellerman Xiners Captured la
Smyrna Port.
LIVERPOOL, Nov. G.-Local shippers
received a report today that tho Ellerman
liners Asslout and City of Olrlos had been
selxed by tho Turks at Smyrna, Both are
British ships.
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Heavy Guns Placed in
Position, Causing Carts of
Wounded to Be Held Up
for Hours on Road.
LONDON, Nov. 6-Perclvnl Phillips,
correspondent of tho Dally Express on
tho Belgian frontier, telegraphs undei"
Wednesday's date:
"A new concentration on tho enemy's
front in western Flanders yesterday leads
to tho belief In Bruges and other points
In northern Belgium that the Kaiser Is
personally directing the operations. A
portion of tho 13th Corps moved south
to strengthen tho attack against Ypres.
Heavy howitzers wero placed In position
on tho Poelcapclle-Dadlzcolo line, al
though tho German right still extends
far south of Slype and nearly to West
ende. "Refugees who succeeded In reaching
tho frontier at Bluls yesterday from
Ontend say that few troops aTo left In
that part of tho coast. Naval head
quarters for the Zccbrugga operations
wero established at Llssowegho on Mon
day, but owing to a bomb attack by
aeroplanes of tho Allies Tuesday the
stnff evacuated tho place and Is now at
"Two facts of grcrtt significance are
repeatedly referred to by Belgian pbsorv
ers crossing the frontier, tho scarcity ot
ammunition for tho German artillery and
the utter fatigue of the troops which worn
sent to Thourout and Thlelt to rest after
tho constant nnd fruitless attacks ncross
the flooded area. The bivouacs aro now
surrounded at night by mounted field
pollco to prevent desertions.
"Tho fighting area Is becoming con
gested with wounded, owing to the con
tinued uso of the railways to bring up
fresh levies. The Germans appear to
have lost all feeling of humanity toward
their wounded, and In tho last few days
have been brutal almost beyond belief.
Carts containing mon torn by shtnpnol
and lacerated by bayonets have been hold
up for hours by the roadside without the
occupants hnvlng received surgical at
tention, because tho passage of the carts
would delay tho transfer of men and
"A resident of Thourout, who was Im
pressed as a stretcher benrer In Friday's
and Saturday's fighting behind tho Yser,
told me today that a long line of vehicles
benrlng wounded and working Its way
slowly townrd Thourout was stopped
frequently to permit tho escort to oxam
luo the wagons and remove tho dead.
Those who survive suffer terribly from
lack of medical comforts. Thourout,
Aertryckc, Ichteghem, Wardammo and
Oostcamp are crowded with wounded
waiting for conveyance to tho base hos
Dutch Villages Hear Heavy Can
nonading to Southwest,
THE HAGUE, Nov. C All day the
residents of Dutch coast villages have
heard an extremely severe cannonading.
Tho sound came from a southwesterly
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