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Much Improvement Will Be
Necessary in Order to
Make Good Showing
Against Dartmouth.
Francis B. Warner Deserves
Much Credit News and
Trenton Defeated in Hot
Contest Last Night by Phil
adelphians Score Was 29
to 22.
- Comment From Clubs
This Vicinity.
SHive?S? I "aSoWi: I I t
mSnjo mu Co I V I Pot ow s few rccords - ,
Vrt eo&TS a VoTbwel A3j I cijimct- - 1 U t WHY .
trt Fo. necortoi; i U jaS-.SJ I " I AV' I l" I
7?!OTi'rS)NJUST irArV75Jk H ) "? t ftl -L V 0
The work of tho Hnndtcnn Committee
ef the Golf Association of Philadelphia,
is an exeecdlnnty illfflcutt task, but thin
1'ear'a committee, of which Francis 11.
"Warner, Philadelphia Crlcltot Club, Is
chnlrrrtnn, has done Its work well. This
was proven when tho midsummer handi
cap event, played In July at St. DaMtl's,
ended In a five-cornered tic for low net
neorc. It wasn't so much the tie as the
vary Inn; handicaps held by the men In
the tic that made It remarkable.
Tho five men, with their stroke allow
ances, were II. W. Pcrrln. Met ion, :i ;
Cecil B. Calvert. Aronlmlnk. 5j Frank
JL Mahan, St. David's, n ; W. Kembte
Tarrow, Merlon. 12, and Philip I Cor
don, Plymouth, tB. When live men with
handicaps rnnp;lnK from 3 to IS got Into
tie for low score It proves conclusively
that the handicapping has been well
Tho Idea of a handicap toui uumeiit Is
to give the man, no matter how high or
low his allowance may be, who plaja a
little better than his regular game a
chance to win. Occasionally a murmur
of discontent is heard when n high
handicap player wins a prize, but as ho
has done nothing more or less than
achieved what the tournament was held
for, the murmur should not be coun
tenanced for an Instant. In nine cases
out of ten tho handicap Is Just, for it
just happened on that day that tho
player was going better than ever be
fore, and the chances are It will bo
many a day beforo he docs as well
ii gain.
The only time that a plaer's handicap
hould be lowered Is when It Is found
that he or she Is coming In with net
cores welt Into the COs. That means that
elrtce the allowance was given tho player
lias shown marked Improvement, and
then the handicap should be reduced ac
cording to tho average scores. But han
dicaps should not be lowered on tho
allowing in a single event.
While on the subject of handicapping
It might be well to mention tho good
work done by the North Hills Country
Club Committee, headed by W. W. Dud
ley. In a handicap event held there last
Eaturdny three men with handicaps of
SI. 29 and SO were tied for first place,
with net scores of 73. Four men with
handicaps of 14, 14, 22 and 36 were next
in line with 75, and three men with 19, 19
nnd 22 had net scores of 76. Four othei
scores under SO were mado by golfers with
handicaps of 23. 20, 24 and 30. Tho man
In the event with tho lowest handicap.
n. 9, was way off his game, and tho best
net he could show for the day's play was
87. The North Hills golfers are to be
congratulated upon having such an ablo
handicap committee.
C. M. Beard, ex-Champion
of Ohio, Has Joined Local
: Racquet Colony He Is a
i Valuable Asset.
Members of the Indoor Tennis Club
have received notices from Hosmar W.
Hanna, secretary, of the first meeting
to be held at the offices. 1201 Chestnut
treet, "Wednesday afternoon at 3 o'clock.
Thin will be the "get together" meeting
of the tennis stars, and an elaborate,
program will be mapped out for the
winter oeoson.
Tho club Is limited to "a. small mem
bership. It Is likely that C. M. Beard,
the former Ohio State champion, will be
Included In the list, as he has Joined the
local tennis colony. Beard Is a tour
nament player of note, having com
peted in many of tho New York and New
Jersey meetings during the blot few
jtars. Last summer he took part in
tho Plymouth Country Club tournament
Ht Norrlatown.
Dr. Philip U. Hawk, tlia present Indoor
tannls champion, has not played since early
August. Ho Is anxious to start work on the
Indoor courts and, will get ready to defend
Ills title. The Indoor championship event Is
tinted to members at the club, and Is usually
held early In February.
The Indoor Club will be the centre o( Inter
est from row until the spring of 11)13, when
vnotber outdoor tenids season will open.
The coered courts at the Commercial Museum
grounds are much In demand and those affil
iated with the Indoor organization make snort
use of them. r two months I he racquet
wMders will engage. In practice and then
-will come the annual championship tourna
ment, which carries with It the indoor tennis
title, of Philadelphia and vicinity.
Y. Nov. 10. In order to live
". pi;nt.l. af. "?. no regular
cld at the Cornell camp yes-
the varsity men
wrmattea was held
terder. but last evening the entire squad was
called together by tha coaches and listened
lo reports of the men who had seen Penn and
All(J5. W .b M.,uuf,
STATE COLLEGE. Pa.. Nov 10-Th Penn
(Hal football coaches were very much dls-
atniea over ide wen oi me team against
showlns made by the team
uu aaiuraay. as a result of the
ne-op Is Inmlnent
SWARTIlMOnft Pa. Nov 10.-U wM a
Tew stiff and, battered Swartbmora sduad
wbTih answered Coach Glen's call for yes
tlr afterooou a practlee on Whlttler Field
jyf of the men showed the effect of their
Q8c trip to Linohburg and the hard battle
3$fth thfy put up sialnst Washington and
Tj,t Ust Saturday Hunter, Bndleott and Sic
Ossrfn were stiff and sore, although tbey bid
tW tones broken.
ON -Nov. W. TU football seaaea la
nslaod will wind up In a blase of glory
USay. November ? irtun 1st CarlTtle
ftultiU team will uit aa all-far
oaA Un A BUIUi Of BM OUtMi fanumm
SV Giac SVff r Nwmuiu. ive
-.r -. ."-r..T--r-" '
1 go uv is nwi usw sjin iv
ana uuwiruub s, wai sssvrny.
It tw caaclmd by Perey ite
W JJA VKN. Coaa.. ka-. lft, -Ouabu irie
' iTTUiOWVM P WfiS m Ig-IBBHia
tnsursn, J" awwr. IBs
CiUiiMOX JtAft ? Wf
Sgf ivw
WM t 1
J" t- 11.1, ' ? rH .i.. .. - .jat& r u i - i rf. -ffi . giaift.t&ir?rsf..1. .i. - . .- senses
Ht-n-fjlp Slq"A5a.Ba&ILI. ,, .aMaMfWIKaitaiMaJggTJlJ- -, rifl.T.S. nf i XmUQS fSTTH.yW'fc'irih Aift.nsrirfril i ---'s-;ggF. m"MmMmMMrWW"" m-&-itfimmr &i- !
wvtammtTnmmwMrmmmmwHKmwmamimmM, ii'i iiWHMliHH Winn h MimWimmmV WW!) . A' HM.W11 '! " )iBagjglfSglJlrW?JS'"a5 - - E
Working like n well-ulletl Machine. Hie D"
Xerl quintet of Hie Western llnsketball League
Jumped Into second place when It handed n
defeat to the Trcntott rive last night In the
lair nf tho licngnls. winning by a score of
20 to 2J.
D1J SUlttt.
td. t'1,0. A Pl.
PognMy. forward M i 2
Dark, forward it I 1 '
Kennan, (.onlro 1! ' '
Nenmnn, gunhl .'I " "
Klnknlde, gtlurd jj
Totals il t 6 2U
P.O. Fl.O. A. I'll-,.
Hough, forward 11 12 1 l-j
rniiiikK forward !' ,'. ,,
Coupcr. forward 0 u " r,
tletslngor. centre ' ' ,;
Hclg, guard 1 0 1
Kane, guird N j "
Totals S 12 '
Club Standing
Clubs. Won. '" .'V.Vri
Cumlin 2 ' ''W
Dc Ncrl '-' 1'V,
Trenton , ' r ,,Vt
Orc stock 0 - -luu
sciikduu: ron wcck.
Wcdncs lav's (Same,
drcvetock at Oamdctt.
Thursilvs's f'ntne.
. Itcndlng nt .Ini cr.
I'rldnj'a Oahlc. ,
Trenton at Ore stock.
Saturdn' tlnmcs.
Jasper nt tc Ncrl
Camden nt Heading.
Do Ncrl, iili, Trenton, i.'.
Id. I I. . .
Player, team position. n. l. o.A.r
Togarty, Do Ncrl. forward.... .'I lit .It
Scirs, lloiullng, guard 2 4 SI 1 '
tltnugh, Trenton, forward.. . j '
Kummcr, Jasper, forward - 'I -- - Jp,
Adams, Canultn, forward. .. - .1 " '-
Kane. Trenton, guard I li " --
Wilson. Oreitock. guard 2 a 1J J, !''
'letilnger, Trenton, centre I .1 11 ' '
hugerman, Oroj stock, forward. - J 4 1 in
Dolln t'nmrten. icntre "- i 0 - 14
Steele, Camdin. torn aril - ' J J-
Nenman. l)e Nerl. guanl ... .1 n J-
KlnUnlde. Pc Nerl, guard. ... :t 0 1-
llacgi-rty. HrndltiR. rentro .... 2 fi (I 1 10
Morrl'. Itindlng. guard 8 .1 0 1 10
Kckhnrdt, Jasper, gunnl ... 2 4 0 1 8
ritrgcrnld Jasper, guard 2 S 0 1) l
nrtrk nn Krf forward .'1 .1 II 1 It
Kecran. Do Nerl, centre. ... 3 :i 0 2 0
Cm. Ortjstock, cen. . g'd.. 2 .1 0 0 ft
Itrown Camden, guard S 3 0 2 II
CnMinnugh, Japer, centre... 2 .T 0 0 0
Hiady, Jasper, guird 2 2 II II 4
Caihtmn. ilrevstock. forward.. 2 2 0 1 1
Ill-new. lionclltic. forward 8 2 0 2 I
Cooper. Trenton, guard 2 1 0 0 2
turron. ."iniaen guani. .... i "
0"Ionnell, Heiidlng. centre.... 2 10 12
rmncklc, Trenton, forwnrd.... ."11012
MeWllllams. flroj stock, gunrd. 2 0 0 0 0
Prnst. Trenton, forward 1 o 0 0 II
Uelg, Trenton, guard 2 t o t 2
llllsnn. iiroyatqrK, centre i " u
Uogclo, mailing, forward 1 U 0 0 0
rid. n As- opp'ts
Onals. O'ls. (Vis sluts. P'ts. P'ts
De Nerl ... .1 2H III is VI .7
Trenton ... .1 2.1 14 " 80 0
Cnmden . . 2 20 211 N OH 111
Heading .... 2 17 :tl II A3 Ki
Jasper ... 2 1R 22 4 TkS lit
Orcvrtock .. 2 11 17 3 43 5
Gamblers Said to Be Attempting Ap
proach, of Wolverine Players.
ANN 'Aniion, Mlth.. Nov JO.-The student
body of tho University of Michigan was wildly
excited rsterlal' ultcrnoon when Athletic
Director Ilartelmo announced that he had
received a letter notlfjlng him that an at
tempt would be mado to 'approach" Johnny
Maulbctsch, left halfbark, and Tommy llug
liltt, quarterback, on the varsity football
team, beforo Saturday's big same with Cor
,T.AN'CSTlin. Pa.. Nov 10 rranklln and
Marshall's team returned from Ithaca In good
shane. but Coach Muvser let the men off es
trnlay with a talk, pointing out whero they
might have done belter In the battle with
Cornell. The team lias no moro gnmes sched
ule I before Thanksgiving day when thn big
annual battle with Gettysburg comes off
Tonight's Card Will Be
Good One Also Excel
lent List of Bouts at the
Fairmount A. C.
With three six-round tights and a ten
round wlndup. Manager "Lew" Bailey
will present a clever bill to the patrons
of the Palace Athletic Club, Norrlatown,
tonight The main event will be between
two llttleijjfris in "Jimmy" Murphy,, of
this cuy7and "Eddie" McAndrews, 0f
Manayunk. The complete program fol
lows; Main liout, ten rounds "Eddie" Mc
Andrews, Manayunk, vs, "Jimmy" Mur
phy, Philadelphia, n
Third bout "young" Ketohel. Mana
yunk vs. "Joe" O'Keefe, Philadelphia.
Second bout "Kid" Gardner, Tioga, vs,
"Tommy" Jamison, Philadelphia .
First bout Harvey Campbell, Consho
hocken, vs. "Kid" Held, Uridgeport.
A double wlndup will be) the feature
of Marcus "Williams' presentation to his
patrons at the Fairmount Athletic Club
tonight "Marty" Kane and "Mike" Daly
will perform In the last half, and Jack
Farrell and Kid Haney. Kensington, In
the Arst. The full program is as follows:
Double wlndup "Marty" Kane, 17th
Ward, and "Mike" Daly, llth Ward,
"Jaek" Farrell, 17th Ward, and Kid
Hanoy, Kensington.
Bfwt-wtudup "Mickey" Tralnor. South
war it, vs. "Jo' Pbtfan, lh Ward. Seo
OBd bout-" Willie" Bsyie, Richmond, vs.
"JokBBir" Hoty, Keoslngton. F1rt bout
"Joe" Rivers, iHh Ward, vs. "Tammy"
Britt, 1W Wsrd.
TUAvef v v-. 'wwy (w (jiijua
X Akron, was m ctetiRu.t t untuiw &
PfiV MB tstf
Miire West are
aU Hi
Iffi HjBMafc. ef laaVM. ws of to keirdest
vT C awT h6ard that r;
r, I " 1 TUNC .TO" TO-- ne.. I MfWUR THQUIarlT J s-
W l.r. Got" Tmnt aoosjji jj, V sfZTjx ,'X 5 op cord a hZ-r-zzs?
Phoenix Driver Sends Car Over El
Paso Course in Record Time,
t IIOIl.VIX. Ariz , Nov. W.-Hugh Miller, of
llile cits, jesterdav won the El Paso-I'liocnlx
road race nf Ml miles In 14 hourB .11 mln
utes. reducing last ear's time moro than two
hours .1 '1 Hutchlns, Alamo fiordo. . M..
Man aecoiul In 1.1 .87, and C. W. Tucker, Lt
l'aii'. third. In 1(1 til.
Miller's average vvns 117 miles per hour.
Iho finals of tho 107th amateur boxing tour
nament last night, at tho Athletic Club of
1 hllndclnhla. brought together four good boys.
Thu 14."-pound bout between Silvester O' Don
ne nnd .loo ( arltn was a hard Itgnt. nvriin
winning the decision bv his clever use of a
left Jab. A six-round exhibition bout between
Oeorgo tllackburn, who was defeated In tho
semlllnals on Saturday after elht rounds of
hard fighting, anil Tommy Sharpc. who before
turning professional won manv prizes In the
amateur tournaments, went tho limit.
In tho 13.1-vouiid class. Mike Vincent stopped
Charles Law ion. l-avvson started off like
winner, but gron i urrslfvss and Vincent drop
ped him with a hard blow to tho stomach.
Third Weekly Race to Be
Held From West Branch
Y. M. C. A. Other
Track News.
Tho third weekly "All-for glory" 2-mile
street race will be held tonight from the
West Branch Y. M. C. A. headquarters,
oM and Sanaom streets, at 8 o'clock.
Local training athletes are Invited to take
part. No entry fee is required. The race
Is sanctioned.
A "good fellowship" gathering of the
members and friends of tho Veteran Ath
letts Association of Philadelphia, has
been scheduled Thursdav night, No
vember 19, at the Bingham Hotel.
The association numbers more than 250
men, most of whom were prominently
Identified with amateur athletics prior
to 1893 and many of them at that time
the foremost athletes In the United
States. The committee In charge consists
of Walter Gilbert, chairman; James H.
Sterrett. secretary; William J. Herrmann,
H. Walter Schllchter, Howard M. Ambler
and Herman P. Wolf. Permission to
bring friends ns guests has been granted,
and arrangements will only be made to
bet covers for those who send notice to
Secretary James II. Sterrett. 037 San
som street, by Monday, November 16.
A number of local athletes will take
part In the national Indoor track and
field championships, December 31,
Central Leafrue Holds Its Annual
Meeting at Omaha.
OMAHA. Neb.. Nov. 10. Indications ara that
ths National Association of Professional Haso
ball Clubs, In convention hers, will declare for
rema'nlng under tho national agreement. The
Ctntral League, composed of Ohio and Indiana
clubs already has pledged Itself to that-pollcy.
The Central League began Its annual meet
ing yesterday, and beside re-electing President
Louis Hetlbrooer. of Fort Wayne. Ind.. adopted
a resolution pledging the leagues support to
organlzxl baseball. The resolution also de
clared that baseball peace should come on
terms dictated by the organliatlon.
PITTSDUnOH. Pa., Nov. 10.-H is reported
here that the University of Pittsburgh livs con
tracted with (lltnn H. Warner, football coach
of the Carlisle Indian School, to coach the
Pittsburgh football warn for 10 years, at an
annual salary of J70O0.
Warner will leave Carlisle at Christmas, ac
cording; to this report, which says that Pitts
burgh has engaged hln because of dissatisfac
tion with Joe Duff, the former Princeton star.
CARLISLE, Pa. Nov 10. The Carlisle In
dian football squad divided practise honors
yesterday afternoon wltu the annual Indian
cross-couRtrr , run The football men. how
ever, nave seldom bad such a. full afternoon's
work Coach Warner and bis assistants. Lone
star. I.uho and Mofllllls. took each sraotlce
eleven through the principal funasmtafala and
Included a lS-Blnuti period ef backlog the
heavy football it.
SOUTH 3BTHLKHBM. Pa. Nov. ltt-The
Lshjgh team came through the hard Peon
Hair ge-MV wiiwim niruiiw. saw every rtgU'
tar was m tog. The practice started yt
im tvfc u iMsvtttv sutiieu yes-
taroay anaiasoa. scrimmage was emitted aaa
Buiet at the varsity awo were eicvtsed after
running through signals for a short time to
Umber up
NUPOI,ia. Md ,
w. ifl.-HjLd casxa
fsMswasl aaEn Tfflftj TJiiiTiF Si
Personal Touches in Sports
Supporters of the Princeton eleven blame tho
oatnen for the toor showlnir mado by the
Tigers on Saturday ngnlnst Harvard. They
havo the wrong
Connie Jlaclt Is being censured by the prca
and by many fans for cutting down the effi
ciency of the Athletics by letting a number
of stars go. Hut If the men who nre doing
the criticising were In the place nf Mntk they
would do tho same thing, except possibly In
a more niillrnl way. Suppose, for Instnnce.
you owned n plant calculated to bo worth
iSOO.ono. At leant you would want to muko
a profit of J30.000 for the year, which would
be 0 per cent, on the Investment. Instead of
making this profit, the books of tho American
League Club of Philadelphia show n deficit
of something like 112.000. or JlK.uno less than
enough to pay fl per cent, on the Athletic
plant. And this occurred during n season
when the team won tho pennant nnd bad the
previous venr won Imth the pennant nnd tho
world's championship, can ou hlamo Made
nnd tho other owners for wnntlng to cut
downs? If ou do jour aro unjust.
Joo Pogarty. tho vcteinn foreword of the Do
Nerl basketball team. In tho cog around which
thit five In built, nnd to htm mun bo given
the bulk nf tho credit for what the team Is
doing today nnd what tt has done In the past.
Fogarty In ono of the most thorough students
of the cago game In the country nnd one of
Its greatest oiinncnts. Although he Isn't as
fast an ho used to be. ho Is stttl. thanks to
wonderful knowledge of tho gumo and his
keen eve. untarnished by tho frequent use of
nlcohollon. nblo to bo a star among men ten
vtnra his Junior. It Is to bo hoped that
Fogarty has many good years ahem! of him,
both as a plajcr and a developer of basketball
In nearly every branch of sport now there Is
Many Eager Huntsmen Left
Here Last Night for Up
state Woods, Where Game
Is Plentiful.
Deer sbootlnB beiran today at dawn In
Pennsylvania and hunters were out In
large numbors after the fleetfooted ani
mals. Hundreds of sportsmen left the
city last night for distant covers and
woods upstate, where deer shooting is
permitted. Many clubs formed parties to
camp out In the open until the season
closes, on November K
Hunters are only pe-.MUed to has
bucks with horns projecting two Inches
above the hair, and the catch Is only
one to each sportsman. Here is where
the entertainment In the woods comes In
for its fullness of purpose. Huntsmen
are very fond of the venison and relish
It with a ravenous appetite.
Sixteen days are open for deer shooting.
The season Is closed In the following
counties: Chester, Jefferson, Forest,
Clarion, Warren, Somerset.Fayette, West
moreland and Cambria.
According to reports that have reached
the State Game Commission, deer are
plentiful. In some districts they are re
ported as making raids on farmers' fields,
while other stories say that In the Juniata
Valley they run along the roads.
He to one of tie jclit basket
haH play locJ!y, w& hut eftaa
Htti? m iefwerd,
an effort being mndo to stngo special con
tents for the benefit of tho Burrerlnc llcl
gluns. This worthy cntiso lin been taken up
with crcdltnblo alacrity by Philadelphia golf
ers, and other devotees of tho links aro fol
lowing suit It la now proponed to have the
football champions of tho Enst nnd vct
play a pot-Bcnon gnmc, tho receipts from
which to bo applied to tho Hclglan rullof
fund If this gamo could bo plnvcd In tno
Vnlo bowl It would not a profit close to tho
-i(i,000 mark Aside from tho worthy munc
Involved, such a fray would bo highly Inter
etlng to tho fnotbJll followers throughout the
countrj, regardless of which teams finally won
tho right to play. At present It appears that
Harvard would get tho honor In tho Last,
although this ennnot bo definitely determined
until lifter tho 1'nlo-IIarvard and Prlnccton
Valo games.
Should Princeton bo fortunate enough to de
feat Ynh' and the Tils In turn trim Harvard,
tho resulting triple tic would moke It neces
sary to cast lots for tho Eastern winner. How
over, tho I'hames nro that Harvard will win
tho (hnmplnnshlp bv a good margin over the
rival sons nf Kll. If this hnppons. tho Crimson
eleven will he regarded as undisputed cn.im
plons, regardless of tho result of the lalo
Prlnceton mlx-up next Saturdav. In tho tvest
tho champions arc Rtlll svmbollzed by tho let
ter X Chicago, Wisconsin and Illinois nro in
the running for highest honors In tho Middle
West section, nnd nnlv after the final battles
of tho reason can the champion eleven be de
termined. It then.
At any rate, whatever teamn win tho lnurels
In tholr rcpectlvo sections, they should ba
willing to spond n little extra tlmo In train
ing to make n universal championship gamo
pnrdhle, to say nothing of assisting a people
who have been thrown Into a doplorubto con
dition of poverty through no fault of their
Local Representative Will
Play Last Year's Cham
pion in Interstate Billiard
League Match.
Members of the sport-loving fraternity
will again iiave tho opportunity to wit
ness Pierre Maupome, the local represen
tative In the Interstate Three Cushion
Billiard League, in action when he meets
August Kelckhefer, of Milwaukee, last
year's champion of the Interstate League,
Wednesday evening, November 11, at
Alllnger's Billiard Academy. Maupome
played Hugh Heel, of Toledo, last week,
winning the match by making a sensa
tional live-cushion bank Bhot In the 93d
inning, scoring BO points. He expects to
ngain carry off the honors for Philadel
phia In the coming event.
Not long ago Maupome's run of IS Jn
a practice game at St. Louis attracted
widespread interest in billiard circles, and
a little later Kelckhefer's run of 17 In an
exhibition match at Mllwnukee electrified
billiard enthusiasts throughout the coun
try. A phenomenal performance Is In store
for the local followers of the three
cushion style of gamo when these two
wizards meet In competition.
HANOVEIt. K. H Nov, 10.-Desplte what
was a glorious victory from the under&rkd.
uates' viewpoint over, the Tufti team Stur
day thero was no undue or unnatural Jubila
tion among the members nf hB tv.V.......
...no ..... .... .V. " -"..T.! "i"l
fu.va ll, o
Iclpatlng a
frame. Neither are
et-up la tho work
pre. but they plan
Because or tne lis to O score.
toe most strenuous week's practice of tin
ason. feeling that it will be an entirely
....... . . ...........f ,
PRINCETON. N. J.. Nov, 10.-Prnceton re
celved the returning Tiger football eleven Ust
night with a demonstration almost equal to
that accorded to a winning team, and so
started the motion of the wheels that are to
grind out order from the chaos of the whip,
ped and discouraged Tiger.
Even the rest of two days In lno, Mass..
has left the Tiger team a pretty well battered
aggregation, but Injuries amounted onlr to
bruises and stiffness that Kease Fllipatrlck
expects to euro before next Saturday, when
the Princeton men will play toelr second came
la the new stadium. M
EtSTON. Pa.. Nov 10.-
v ia-Por the first time
;. able to start Se
with .th saow team that
the Saturday before. Not
this year Coach Crow
tractlce on Monday v
tranea me game on toe Saturday before. Nat
s. ra&n uaa ssriouslv lnlura.1 In iT.i.- r:
Muhlenberg, and not another man has wi
down with tb typhoid fever or the symptoms
Harry: Atk the fellows
"Jack" Dillon, Indianapolis Boxer,
Wins in Second Round nt Olympln.
'Jack" Dillon made an auspicious debut
at a llght-hcnv weight fighter at the Olympla
Athletic Association last night by knocking
out "Young" 'Welncrt, of Newark, in tho
second round of a battle scheduled to go six.
Welncrt proved to be a great boxer, and up
to tho tlmo Ulllon landed that crushing right
to the head had tho better of tho righting.
Toward tho close of the second round, after
Dillon hid been tantalized by Welnert's left
Jabs, the former waded In and with rights
and left practically smothered his opponent
with blows. A right overhand punch back of
mi' cur jiiuvcu iteinens unuomg. lor lie was
down for tho count of nine. Dillon followed
men's undoing,
t nt nln. T1
UD this lldvnntaiie. havinr fnnti.,1 hlAt,(
had Welnert helpless over the ropes when tho
bell rang. .The bout was mercifully Btoppod
here, for Welnert was dead to tho world so
fur as strength vvas concerned.
"Johnnv" Duffy deserved tho decision over
"Frankle" Nutter, while "lllckey"- Donley
won from Leo Tracey. "Joe" Heffermnn out
boxed ' Pete" Malone, nnd In tho first bout
"Young Mlckev" Donovan whipped "rrnnkle"
McManus to the proverbial fruzzle.
The Car for All Weather
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Its economy extends also to its cost of operation;
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operation and excessive in fuel and tire charge.
With top up, the Chalmers "Light Six
Coupelet is as luxuriously comfortable as a per
manently closed coupe. The windshield is built
integral with the front of the body.
With glasses raised, the doors are identically
like those on the regular types of enclosed cars.
The doors are flush fitting and with the glass
windows set down deeply into the doors make the
car both weather and draft-proof. At the same
time, the Coupelet body is considerably lighter
in weight than most permanent coupe types.
This Chalmers model has a style seldom
found in even the highest priced xars. Its tap
ered motor bonnet, genuine molded oval fenders
streamline body, clear running boards, flush fit
ting doors, and rich, dignified trimmings, give
an appearance of class that bespeaks both
efficiency and comfort.
Take your first opportunity to
come in and see this "Light Six"
'l,0 ,r,... .....$tsoo
'"' f1"fan, 3750
f aif ZiatpacJ r. O, a.
fHinris. atwunn M&
wagy. HWI.IIII u .- , . aMPaSMMttBiMMaw., U IfllK
rennsjlvanla's footbnll team today faces
nbout as big a crisis as nny team that
ever wore the Hed nnd Blue. Completely
overwhelmed by Michigan and bruised
in body, tho Quakers havo but threo
woiklnr days In which to prepare for
Dartmouth, nn eleven which most of the
critics think Is even stronger than Mich
igan. If the qiinkers do not play In
finitely better ngnlnst Dartmouth on Sat
urday than they did against Mlchlgnn,
they will bo forlunalo to escape being
utterly crushed.
Their only hopo llei In the assumption
that the fnlluic ngalnst Michigan was
duo to Inability to break up Michigan's
long forwnrd passes, a weakness which
certainly can he corrected There Is a.
measure of truth In this, for even Coach
Yost himself was astonished at tho caso
with which thorfe long passes were mado
and the demoralization they wrought in
the Pcnnsjlvunla sccondnry defense. Had
Pennsylvania been ablo to furnish oven
nn average defense for these plays, Mich
igan would hardly have scored moro than
two touchdowns.
In Dartmouth, Pcnnsvlvnnla will meet a.
team which Is stronger Minn tho ono that
woro the Qrcen a venr ngo. Therefore, If
Dartmouth plavs up to form on Saturday
and Pennsylvania doesn't Improve about 10U
icr cent, it is naru to ceo now a iicu ana
Hue victory can ue iookcu ior.
jubi now green una i'enus)ivania eleven in
was shown by the wny tho backflcld acted
when Michigan began to heave forward
passes. Tho Quakers were outguessed re
peatedly. It Michigan wanted to throw a.
forward pais tho Quaker backs would' be pulled
up to tho line, nnd if they played back for
such passes then Maulbctsch would hurl him
self like a projectile into their line.
In this retpect the gnmo bore doe re
semblance to that between Pennsylvania and
Dartmouth a jeir ago In that game Dart
mouth scored two touchdowns on forwnrd
Eosica on which the Pennsylvania ends and
acks were drawn out of position, and Dart
mouth mado two runs for touchdowns for
more than halt tho length of the Held. Michi
gan did the same thing, only getting three
touchdowns In this manner. As the 1013 game
proceeded the Pennsylvania secondary defense
solved Dartmouth's forward passes, and the
gains stopped
Considering tho case with which Michigan
gained by the forward pass, tho football ex
perts arc Interested In a discussion waged a.
scar ngo by Percy I). Ilnughton, tho Har
vard coach, and Harry Williams, the old Yale
player, now coaching tho Vnlvcrslty of Min
nesota. Harvard has never taken the for
wnrd pass seriously as nit offensive play and
has studied It principally to prepare a de
fense for It Ilaughton Insisted that a ltva
bnckfleld could absolutely kill tho forward
pais, and the success of Harvard ngalnst It
supports his contention. Williams, oh-tho other
hand, claimed that thoro was no defense pos
sible ngnlnst tho play, perfectly executed.
M1I.WAUKKH. W'.i.. Nov,
10. - Preddlo.
of tho world.
-iv.iah llrhtwelcht chumnlon
.. sn. nrmw
was held to a
uiiM hMri to a draw In n fiercely fought ten-
round contest here last night Under the law
a referee's decision could not be given, but It
was the opinion of the nowapaper experts that
m. -.. ll'lilia 4 VlAPAII ISllllft An ttlAfl 4 fa a llartlalnit
Ly his whirl Inrt finleh.
Dttlt Quality Jirsl
11 il r ' h ,- n -vr
i- :.

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