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Volume of Business Re
stricted Only by Scant Of
I ferings; New Low Record
i for Reichsmarks Cables.
Increased strength was sliown In all so
cui,ty inail.ets, with tho volume of busl-
' hens lostrlctcd onl.u by the scant offerings.
Unjera wore to be found at advanced
I Jirlces, with tho Standard Oil Issues the
most prominent feature.
Prairie Oil, which had ranged for some
5ays from 310 to 515, sold this morning nt
IU3 Anglo-American at J3i and Standard
1 Oil of New Jersey at SCO. These Issues
) indicate th" general range of Standard OH
Blocks, winch havo gained 2 to IS points
rtvlthln tho past few days.
Inquiries for bonds wera met every
where. Pennsylvania Js of IMS wera In
' I demand nt !18 nnu more wouiti do paia,
Uurllngtou Joint 4s were quoted 91 bid,
' nl alffiti
tho low-priced Issuea havo
,' Inovi'd un.
j' inOVt'U up, AiOCK isiniiu luillliciu-l in ie-
l' ..-... 1 .1 . a, ......... rt w.9 linn,,, ilnnnslf
f 'ivlth a rise from WV to K's, nnd there
j was a steady demand for Colorado lndus-
trial Cs at 70. New Yorlc city notes of
1817 sold at the new high prlco of 103',.
I and nre now on n t.GO busts.
Hnndlers of money Btato that there was
I n further breaking thiough the 6 per
I cent, rato In Now York, n number of
time lonns being made at 6?i. Call money
1 Is In fairly largo amounts at i per cent.
. Members of tho Now York Stock Kx
I change Governing Committee Insist that
. the Exchange cannot reopen until call
'money facilities ate extended by the
' banks, while banking representatives
, take tho ground that call money nccom
' jnodatlon cannot bo freely extended un
less thero Is a return of present loans,
frhls means nrnctlcatly that the first
ijmovo must bo taken by tho Stock Ex
f v. tehange. which would permit salc3 of
knocks pledged as collateral, tho paying
(off of old loans and tho providing of
pneann It. that way of supplying now
,cnll money In normal volume.
Ttclchsmarks cables sold nt tV.i, n new
iow record. The par of nclchsmarks Is
5.2. Sterling exchange was quiet, with
'jn.n...l I fllVl .....1 IWl.lBa nf .1 Cltl'
In tho Now York open market tho tono
for listed stocks was strong. Features
wera bids for Pennsylvania at 102: Read
ing, at 134V4; United States Steel common,
nt -14b, Union Pncllic, nt 109&. Southern
Paclf1 sold nt 794 nnd Amalgamated
nt 43. Few offers around these prices
could bo found and as n result business
was small.
Another 3tcp in tho gradual broadening
ot security trading came today In tho
announcement of the resumption of auc
tion salc3 ot securities- by one of the
chief firms conducting thnt branch of
business in New York. This snle, which
Is to be hold tomorrow, Includes 13 shares
of Thelpa, Dodge & Co. stock, which sold
on July 20 at 196. This sale was adver
tised without the sanction of the New
York Stock Exchange.
Tho Special Committee of Five of tho
(Philadelphia Stock Exchange announced
,odny that nftcr Wednesday of this week
pembers may make transactions In all
municipal bonds without nny rcstrlctlpjrt,
md without reli'ortin5"any" transaction ,to
(ho committee.
) New York banks lost to tho subtreasUry
lyesterdny $2,232,000 and since 1'rlday have
10Sl 1I,1H,U-V,
' There has been deposited" to date $37.-
W.000 Ilock Island bonds with tho Pro-
ectlvo Committee In New York. In Hoi
land $7,200,000 has been deposited, making
the total 345.147,000.
An additional 3,C.54,0OO emergency cur
rency has been retired by New York
banks, which makes a total ot $33,121,370
turned In since tho movement began.
Exports of general merchandise! from
New Xoru yesterday totaled $4,180,530. a
Secreaso of Jl.J0O.ES3 compared with Sat
rriav. TmnnrtH wrn 1? U 97a an 1n
'crease of JI.372,160.
I The gross earnings of tho. "Keystone
Telephone Company In October were 1110,
0. an Increase of $4164: net $55,072, In-.
Tease $3S46. Ten months,' btoss J1.101,tJ6,
ncreasa $31,144; net $353,655. Increase $43,317.
Che net surplus at the end of tho terr
nonths' period was $1$9,738, Increase $JTi232.
The Noteholders' Committee of the H. B.
NClaflln Company has received deposits of
more man jw.vw.uw out of the $31,600,000
par vmue or me notes outstanding, Thus
tho adoption of the noteholders' plan Is
(Virtually assured.
I The Crex Carpet Company passed tho
i ieml-annujadlvldend of Z per cent., which
i was due at this time.
! Thero was withdrawn $2,100,000 gold coin
from tho New YorH Subtreasury for shlp
, ment to Canada.
I October srross...... ST.072.asa
.9 rur months', groMie.428,010
I SeptemUr gross , . , , . 2.M47,732
, wt eisMe
J Thrca month' gross. , 8, 060, Kid
' Net 5 1IW Tilrt
1 ! I SBL km v it it- -JL-: , So.?2f 'lim
Htnlsmhsr nrue vaw IRAfi AAA !
it '(UM u,f , wt,, ,i
1,81 ITS
w -tl ..,,..,
M,' Jeplembsr ,opr. rv, $8.723, 3T8
1J 7(lLlliK tUWUIim ,.
rfi from July 1, opr. ri
l, no;, 493
)prattns Ineom , ...
, Increase.
i Nortnsru tsx Electric Com:
n.lrl Ci n n; rT.VXi"' ,""
1 to stock of record
i " .- 2 ii :v v fje w
Thompson Starrott Company, regular semi.
u iirck ul rBLfiro navtmur ?n
ann'jal i per cent, on preferred, payable No
vMnber U to stock of record Novemfisr f.
ll-p7rnf.-from-y,venu. 'JSTU 8""iMfflr
Bsnt from land .ealja on .common, payable
ViM? 1 !iock "' "r4 December 1?
Ua"fayT;c,ckSlc.,iSbVr f V Tjfail
NB1V TORKV Jfov. 10.-BIJTTBn-Markt
Brm; receipt. tB3l packagen; creamery extra.
Rtlc hlsher scoring. 3AUe' Htit -t.'iirfl
B4b.j Imitation cre4mory. 23H834We. " w
I SOOB Market Hrm; receipts, 11,534 casea:
two. extra, firsts. 3T0Mc. ; "liUh,te.rad
49c ; special marks, SSc.
Branch Bank Opened In Argentina.
NEW YORK, Nov. 10,-Th NitlnnJ
iCity Bank, of New Yorlc. onened Ii.
t 'ranch bank In Bucnoa Airca this morn
0J-. The, hUtuUon ! under tha man.
fmot o joftn H Alten, tormtt Btn
Sr of tho Bank ot Haiti. It Is tha
nm branch ol an Amaricno bank to b
:ofnaS In a. forelgu country.
t ladiur cwmn w ik mt
xara siaa! . -
J Cll J clWM
urn? . ganaftafae m sXast
W mm.
1 l&..fBcS
2 i
Syracuse, N, Y., Officials "Want to
Sell Municipal Isucs Privately.
SYRACUSE, N. Y., Nov. lo.-Mayor
Will and City Comptroller Conan hara
started a movement to change tho laws
governing the sale of bands Issued by
cities of the second class In this Htato.
The ofllclals want the legislation, amended
to make It possible to dispose ot bonds
when the market Is light, as It Is nl pres
ent, tltlca. Schenectady, Troy, Albany
and Yonkcrs wilt be asked to co-operate.
Tho plan Is to authorize the private
sate ot bonds In ptace of calling for bids.
The law provides that If there are no
bidders the securities shall be readver
tlsed. Mayor Will says the city should be In
the same position as a commercial house,
where the directors In times of money
stringency could authorize tho Issuance
of notes for the amount of the bond Is
sue, and when the market Is relieved tho
bonds could be sold.
, 1V1IEAT. Ittcelpts, flO.TfW hush.: market
rirtllncd He but closed sternly, with n Inlr
exiort Inquiry. Quotation-: cur loin, In -x-pyrt
olfvatcr No. 2 id, smt nnd November,
yUHSfl-l UV,. No. L rol Western. Sl.UiXj'B
1.2V4; No. l Northern Iftilutn. tl.Uo91.2U.
t'tSHN, Iierclptd. 4000 bush. ; market
steady, with a lair tornl trade demand. Quo
tations: Car lots for locnl trade, as to locn
tlon No. a yellow. sSftSSUe ; steamer yellow.
OATH. Receipt. C4.3R4 bush.: demand
fair nnd nrlcon nclt maintained. Quotation:
No. 2 while. Mfl.Mtic . Ktnndard white, MW
Mttc: No. !l white, Jif.-.'4c.
Vl.OUIt, Itcceluts, 10M Mils.. 3,34a,80
lba In pack; trnile Ulvt and morUet .Imrcly
atendy. In sympathy- with decline In wheat.
Uudtntlnn, per WO lbi. In woo.1 Winter,
clrar, Sl.T.'.Wl.HO' do.. Btrnlght. tMt SSi do.,
patent, tr.rw, r,.r; lana. straight, Juto
lieks. S.',.'J01l.-,.4n: do., patent, lutp sacks.
It 4D85.4.V sprlnir, first clear. S.tOBS.n: iln ,
stralKht, fn.n."iV.oti: do., pntent, tS.TOS.'i.R.'i
iiu'orne nranas, imu.o,i;
lI fa
rltr mllU.
an,, ranex patent, ?fMi
patent, iimu.,10: cltv mills,
reirular crndee Winter, clear, J4.7.1ffl.I0: do
toes inter, clear,
rrti.VSAi do patent.
ti.ilirht. xri..i tin., nntent. S.V.TOff .,. ,."V.
UYK fl.OUIt. In smnll supply nnd firmly
new. we
uote nearby and Weotcm in wood
t $3.I5J.SO.
we nut
Quiet and without chance. Quotations City
ie. in nets, mnoiei nnu air-t
dre,l, 29ff:i0c.:
. 20fl30c.: -ty
Heatcrn neer. in sets, smoked,
benf. knurktes nnrl trnilcrH. un
nmokcil nnd air-
dried, ;iOB.1tc. : Western beef, knucklas nnd
tenders, smoked, .10r:lle. : beef hams, $.'H',St.'IN;
pork, family, $(12; hame, S. I. cured,
loosa. 14C14HP,: do., rklnncd. loote. HtrUc:
do. dj., smoked, lSfflSMo.: other hams,
smked, cltv enrcd. as to brand and average,
IMSBlilc: hams, smoked. Western cured, IfiH
ftlfic : do., boiled, boneless. 2n2tr.: picnic
hhoutdera. fl I' cured, loose, llililSc : do.,
smoked. lny1.T,4c- bellies. In plcklo, nccnrdlng
to average, loose, lmffln'ie.: breakfast bacon,
ns to brand and nvernxa. city cured, lOflSOe.;
breakfast bacon. Wi-stern cured. ll'fflSOc : lard,
Wmtein, reflned. tierces, lirUQIlct do. do. do.,
tubs. 1MMIc. ; lard, pure city, kettle ren
dered. In tierces. 101Tltc.: tard. puro city,
kcllte rendered. In tubs, ltftUUc
Values steadllv maintained, but there was
little tradlnr. Ilenncrs' llt prices: Standard
nrnmilated, n.OSc.: tine fcmnulatcd. Se. : pow
derrd, n.JOe confectioners A, 4.00c.; soft
Krudes, 4.lSfM.75c.
IlCTTEIt. Hecelpts were llcht nnd the
market ruled firm, with a fair demand for
deslrablo stock. Quotations: Western, fresh,
snlld-nucked. creamery, fancv sooclals. fl7c:
extra, a.V. : exira llrsts. 3'lft.llc; firsts. 30fl
Sic: seconds. wnBSc. : Indlc-pucked. 21C2c,
aa to nuallty nearby prints, fancy, flsc. ; do.,
m erase extra, .ISfld'c. ; do., firsts. .128.14c;
do., seconds, .lomic. Special fancy brands
of prints Jabbing at 42fi44c.
i:(l(iS. Fins new-laid eg-g-B were scarce
and 30c. pur case or lc. ir doscn higher,
tirdcr a BpnJ demand. Quotations: In free
cases, nearby, extras, CTKMSc. per doi.; nearby
firsts. $JO..10 per standard case; nearby current
receipts. J0.(WB!.WI per standard case; Western
extra, firsts, 4IO.BO per case; do., firsts, ta.emy
n.po per case, do.,' seconds. fT.30tTi.SO per
rasa: refrigerator eRgs, 21Ti'J7c. per dos., as
to quality. Candled and rccratcd fresh bbks
woro Jobbed out nt 42Mlc. per doz., us to
CIUinSK In small supply and steadily held
wltli irauu fair. Quotations. New xurx, mil
crenm, choice, 15Hc. ; do. do., fair to Rood,
mi-ijloc. ; do,, part skims. fUTl.lc,
LIVE. Quiet and weak, with moderate but
umplo orfbrlnrt.., Quotations: 'Fowls. 12J?14c,;
old roosters. lOflllc: sprltiR ehlcl ons, accord
tne to quality, 11014c. ; tUrkcvs. ls20c ;
ducks, i:K14c; se, Wtfl4c; sulneas. young,
wctihing 2 lbs. and oer aploce, per pair, "Oc.j
do.. wdEhlns lWtTl! lbs. apiece, per pair,
0nti05c.: do., wrieUInic 1 lb. apiece, nor pair,
30c.: old, per pair, 00c: pigeons, per pair,
mtKSSKD. Demand fair for fln deslr-able-elsed
stock and values firm, but unat
tractive stock dull and weak. Quotations:
Kresh-kllled poultry Turkeis, fine, large,
bprtng-. 22ivnc : do., No. 1, old, 2XJ2lr.: do.,
ordinary. lSffSOc.; fowls, per lb. Selected
heavy, 17c.: exceptional lots hither: do.,
welRhini? VtfVS lbs. npiec, ldc. ; an., weigh
Inc 4 llxs. apiece, 14fYI3c. j rio.. nelKhlne 3V4
lbs. apiece, 1.1c,; do., wslxhlng 3 lbs. and
" broiling' chickens, nearby, weighing 1WOS lbs.
apiece, tw--c.; oroiang cnieKens, nearny, rair
over aplere,
in fqq'i, iwiinc,; cmcaenB, western, t ids. ami
'. .10'
I'iltlCo.: do do.,
3$ lbs
fa lSWQMc; do. do.. 2UIT3 lbs. apiece 12W
a i
ortuunr cnicKonn. i raicrn
apiece, ITe.: broiling- chickens, westei
to rood, lSgntc.t nquabs. 'per dox.,
nelEhlng 11 to 12 lbs. per dos.. iVJ
. tl.NXfl)
wmte, weignins 10 in ids.
n.TV white. welKhlntr A lbs.
per doi., S.l.l()fl
per dor.. $2.!WV$
2.7S: whtto. welshlnr 7 lbs.pr doi., 1202,2,1:
white, wtlghlnr OflMi ib, per dot, si.jjgi
1.XS.T; dark and No. S, SOcJrM.lO.
The roarTctt generally steady with moderate
offerings and a, lair demand. Quotations:
Annies, per bbl Jonathan, X3fC.1.SO; King,
2.K0(f(l3; Illush, 3.niia: Bald
2.S0: OreenlnB. It.T.IMS.riO; 1
.'2.sn(f?'3; Pippin. Il.7G02.33: Ti
Jl.T5(tt2; other ro1 tlnj varli
.autuia; iiiusn. j.iiijij iiainwin, ft i. met)
wtn iinpfriai,
etles Sl.TAfi:
.i..h. 1C9.1 Kn. i.
apples, par buah.-baskit
1.7; apples. Western. rr box.
annles. Delaware nnd Pennsylvania
per nam-
per, SSSNOc; quinces, per bbl., J23.50)
lemons, .per bor. 3t4; orantesJaorldu, per
box. tl.SOaZ.iKi; irapofrult. Worliln. per
box. l,BO2.2.li pineapples, rr ctatr Porto
nico. tl.23tM.23; Florida, Jl2.SO: cmnberrles.
Capo Coil, early baek, per bbl,, f1.B0!M; cran
lurrlts, Cup Cod, u!r black, per crats. 1
1.40; cranberries. Jersey, pr ernt. flOlS;
peaches. New Yorlc and Pennsylvania, per
hatket Iargo. white or yellow, uoc.fljl; me-
uiu. -rs'j-x'j. -'r.'.. ;; ".- v. j-.".. ".
No, 2, tZ.SQUii Hsurr Pose. Illf.l.fO: ahei;
aon. s-in xteurre uiAiraeau. d.wvra.aoi
Beurro d Anjou, J?.2Mrt.3J; Duehes. i2,2.lT
Concord, per 20-lb, basket. 3010c,
r 'iu. uoiaii, 1 1 u i u
Triule" fair nt lue generally firm with
sweet potato a abode stronger. Quotation!:
White, potatoes, per bush, Pennsylvania, !
Mc.i New York, JsaUJc,; white potatoes, Jer
ssy, per basket, tan-tie.; sweet potatoes. Et
ern Shore, per bf. No. gj. m. j jy.
sweets. Jersey, per bbl. No. 1, $I82.(!o: ffo.
2. l.SotJ; sweets. Jersey, per psskA' (v(
60e. Onions, per bush., 404j4sa,i do., choice,
per 100-lb. bag, 1; do., medium, per 10Q.b,
bag, 70J9Oc. Cabbage, domestic, per ton, if
Q8; do.. Danlth, per ton. loyia Cauliflower
New York, per crate, (MHJ-OuV. Celery, New
York, per bunch, 10Q30c. Mushrooms, per
fireTosses drop
Total in October Was 028,050 Below
Same Month. Last Tear.
Losses 'by fire In tha United states and
Canada In October were 1D2S,C60 less than
during tha same month of the previous
year and for tha ten months ot thla
year they are fl,77,0 below tha aame
period of 1511
Tha Journal of Commerce gives tha
losses In October oa H,0OI.TW. compared
with tl4,S3J,TW in October, ms, and JU.i
eci.usyj m me aame montn ot ij. The
10 month' loaaea were tlS0.7U.4o0, com
pared with 183,tS3,3O0 for tho game period
In' WJ and J19U83.SCO in 1911. There wan
a total of 247 Area In various parte of
tha 'country In October, causlns a log
in each case of 110,000 or over.
Tonnage of Sttel Corporation in Octq
ber Lowest Sines June, 1011,
NW YORK. Nov. .-? United
States Steel Corporation, lq report to
day, placed ita unfilled orders on U bobk
aa of October U last at t,it.W tone,
against ,7lff.M7 tooa op, September &
and 4,513,787 tone on October Jl, 1IJ.
The Oot" t9nEe t tite walW, re
port4 Cor any IsontU thU year ni U
tba uoJUit atttwrtt o waftUt! wjiwi
tMt f corwwa,Ua has had oh b.aaU
':.... -: : :-- ..- .- .. u. 5- .. . .. a - - . smmwam
?:"! r t "iirJTj f1 Tj"Ljri l'?(fei.i'aiJMii4nlMHlBW8MIHsW nifiHiKii - .-;'&-.-...' iHsf IssTlltl' TH1IIMP 1 ,sBmii' mi i iiijTi.Jwair-iaiawMJT iiyisssasshjy-j,Y..--jssM:jyjSBws--.-- ' :'ii...i.','.? .5..: .. - .
Grain Market Opens Easier
Today Trade in Wheat
Limited Corn Declines
on Selling.
CHICAGO. Nov. 10. -Wheat opened
easier today, with traders selling. There
was fairly good buying on the slight de
cline. Trade was limited.
The export busffioss tho last 21 hours
In all positions was placed at 2,000,CO0
bushels. Receipts nt spring wheat points
were smaller, but tho movement on the
whole continues heavy, nnd stocks arc
accumulating rapidly.
The report on winter wheat area fu
tures will hot be available until next
month, but tho State reports generally
show the acreage will bo considerably
larger than that of a year ago.
Liverpool reported a better demand for
spot wheat, with prices Ud. to 2d. higher,
hut this was offset by the fact that somo
grades could bo bought nt a decline of
3d. The news from Argentina was less
bullish, The French Government Is pro
viding seed to farmers where needed and
Is releasing farm workers from the army.
Ciop news from Ilussln continues good.
Itcports from Germany say the Invasion
of Jtussla resulted In damage to Immense
quantities of agricultural produce. Tho
visible supply of whent In Uurope Is 64,
852,000 bushels, against 67,012.000 bushels
last week nnd 81,000,000 bushels last yeaf.
Corn declined on locnl commission sell
ing. Thero wero somo resting buying
commission orders at tho lower prices,
Yesterday's Government report on corn
was considered about a stand-off. Tho
cables from Liverpool wero easier because
of larger nrrlvals and a quieter demand.
Oats wore quiet and easier, with pit
traders nnd commission houses mainly on
the buying side. Many of tho latter,
however, had resting orders In tho mar
ket to sell.
Leading futures ranged no follows:
; r,oon. Yes.
Open. High. Low. close.
December 1.17 it
l.ld'4 ll.IT
May 1.2.1H 1.21
Corn (new delivery)
December inn m
May T2'4 72!0
December ."0 no
Mny r.1 ,V)?s
1.E1 H.2.1.
Nnember 11.20 10.2S
January 10..17 10..17
10.20 11.2.-,
10..1S lO.IT
May n0.l
January 10.32 10.32 10.32 tlO.35
May 10.07 JO.07 10.02 flO.t?.
Junuary in. SO 10.50 10.2S I0.W)
May 1083 1U S2 10.K5 lu.8.1
illd. tAjkcd.
Recent Demands on Re
sources, However, Pre
vent Contributions From
Reaching $10,000,000,
City's Quota.
Philadelphia Is dolriff its share toward
rnlslnjr the Jl33.ooo,000 pool for tho relief
of the cotton situation. Although the
city will bo unablo to contribute tho full
quota of $10,000,000 nsslipved to It, Phila
delphia is today making a showing aa
good na that of the other cities of the
country, said Lovl L. Rue, president of
the Philadelphia National Bank and
chairman of the local committee In
charge of the fund.
, "Philadelphia always has done Its
share," said Mr. Rue, "and will do so
In thlB caso. Under the circumstances,
one cannot expect the city to raise an
other largo fund after the recent drain
to which the banks have been subjected.
Contributions continue to come In and
the situation looks very good."
The amount which banks of the city
have sucscrlbed to date was not made
public. No time Is set for the comple
tion of the fund, although It Is said that
unless the total amount of the national
pool was raised subscriptions may be
The Philadelphia and Stnte national
banks, which are members of the Fed
era! neservo Rank of Philadelphia, and
which weie asked to contribute, have
been jinable to subscribe the sums re
quested because of tho large funds re
cently raised. Philadelphia banks pledged
3,000,000 to the jioo.ooo.ooo gold fund for
the relief of the foreign exchange situa
tion, nnd on November i subscribed im.
wards of tGOO.OOO aa part of their first
Instalment to the capital stock of the
Federal Reserve Bank,
The recent demands will be partly
counterbalanced by the reduction of the
reserve requirements on November J,
when the Federal Reserve Ranks are
opened. This will release 5),000,OOQ
throughout the country, according to
Comptroller of the Currency Williams,
Other cities also show a reluctance to
subscribe to the cotton loan, Boston's
quota of 110 000,000 is far from, being com
pleted, the New England bankers benr
opposed to the cotton pool. It is said, on
tha ground It Is a violation of tha Sher
man anti-trust law, Richmond, with ft
quota of f 1,000,000, and other smaller cities
have already pledged their shares, but In
moat of the cities bankers are, more con
servative In subscribing than are Phila
delphia banking Institutions,
Net Surplus Increased 18,114 in
Two Weeks,
NEW YORK, Nov. I0.-The fortnightly
bulletin of the American Railway Afsoi
elation showed that on November 1 thero
was a net surplus of Idle cars on tho
lints of tho United States and Canada
of i7y.W compared with liUWi or Ootober
IE, sn Increase of 18,114. The gross ur.
plus was m.138 against 164.342 while the
f ros shortage changed from S3&) to W.
In the twa weeks tho net surplus of
box cars decreased from W.1J7 to SJ.tes,
but the coal ear surplus lumpod from
44.855 to 67,346 and the flat car surplus til
creased from 10.! to 1J.MJ.
two vavos, ma QAun
verrttRs tor sswd ts. fe .-
JiiULi " .vtiw ". 9 aitiiMMfi
u Sm win mtntrq mn
kits hotxter, vT(ita The !-
Offer Extended by Philadelphia Com
pany to Common Shareholders.
Stockholders of the Philadelphia Com
pany, who hold 10 shares and under bt
the company's common stock, are receiv
ing n notice from the company offering
to buy tho common dividend scrip which
was Iflsticd on November 2, providing th
scrip Is surrendered Immediately.
The notice Is signed by C. J. Braun, Jr.,
tho company's secretary, nnd rends as
"In order to avoid Inconvenience and
expense, both to yourself and to the com
pany, wo have arranged to obtain funds
from an outside source, with which to
purchase Its common stock dividend scrip
Issued November 2, 19H, to the holders
of 10 shares and under, provided the said
scrip Is surrendered Immediately.
"Accordingly, If you nre willing to sell
your scrip at the par value, thereof,
(flat), kindly endorse your certificate In
blank form, have your signature thereto
witnessed and mall the certificate to the
undersigned in the stamped nelfaddresscd
envelope enclosed, whereupon wo will
forwnid you check In payment, therefor.
This offer Is subject to withdrawal with
out notice."
Sun and Tides
Eun rises
0-40 a. in. Sun sets 4 61 p.m.
High water.
Low nater. .
n.l'i a.m. I High water. 7.41 p.m.
l.nt a.m. Lou- water.. 1:.V) p.m.
iu:i:tY ISLAND.
High water. 3-.1Sa.tn. I High natrr. 4:t0i.m.
Low ater.. 10.01 n.m. Low uater. .10:S0 p,m.
High water. 12'43 a.m. I High nter. l:nrt p.m.
Low water.. (1.24 n.m. Low water.. 7:21 p.m.
Vessels Arriving Today
Str. Merlon rtr.), Liverpool. Ill cabin, lid
stocrnco passengers and merchanrtlno, Ameri
can Line. Docked Washington avenue nharf
nt 7-no a. tn.
air. Manzanlllo (Cuban), Puerto Mexico via
New York.
Htr. Manchester Kxchanfto (Dr.), Manches
ter, merchandise, Charles M. Taylor's Rons.
Str. Joseph iMneo (Nor.), Tort Antonio,
fruit. Cunco importing; Company.
flehr. Van Aliens Houghton, Hoston, ballast,
A, I). Cummins & Co.
Vessels Sailing Today
Str. Cotswold nanito (Ilr.), Dlange, Mon
treal, Charles M. Taylor's Sona.
Htr: Auchendalo (Fir.), Cowan, Newport
News, J. A. McCarthy.
8tr. Grecian, PRe. ftostnn, Merchants and
Miners' Transportation Company.
Str. Anthony lroes, Jr., llrlstow, Dnltl
more, Krlrsson Line. . ,
fichr. Margaret M. Ford, Webster. Mama
nlllo, A. O. Cummins & Co.
Steamships to Arrive
Name. From. J?a'e' n
Taormlna Oenoa Nov.
Name. J'rom, Sailed.
rinililu Copenhagen ....Oct. ij
Dania Cnpcnhaeen Oct. 17
Onklands firanKa Ilordenux !?!,,
Nen Sweden Oothenbur ....Oct. 1"
Tornr I.nlea Oct. 21
Trlukctt Ban Francisco.. Oct. SI
Ariro Cilstnbnl Oct. J
VlrBlnfan IIIlo fit. 12
Anntt-ldvk Itnthrrdani Oct. 12
Henry Tenger Ttom ......... .Oct. 21
liesperos , ,1'nrt Natal ''i3
Adriatic Newcastlo. N. II. Oct. W
Moninldsle Iluelva Oct. 30
Start 1'olnt Ixmdon Qet. JJ
Missouri London Oct. .11
Virginia , Lcith Oct. nt
Livonia :. Hull Oct. 31
Djorcxln Gothenburg ...Nov. 1
Vlnland Mexico Nov. ..
Dnlllngton Santiago Nov. ..
America rtrrren Nov. 4
Manchester Miller Manchester ....Nov. 0
Tccsdale Jamaica Nov, 8
Steamships to Leave
Name. For.
Nov. a
Carthairinlan Olsirow
Liverpool Nov. 14
West Point
Conlston Water.
Virginia ,.
New pHvcden....
London ...
London ...
...Nov. 11
...Nov. 17
...Nov. 10
...Nov. 14
...Nov. 14
...Nov, IS
...Nov. -...Nov.
...Nov. 21
...Nov. II
...Nov. 23
Linda Fell.
Manchester Exchange.. Manchester
Ftandford Tuborc
Missouri Ixindon ....
njornvln Chrlstlanla
Start Point London ....
Chlltem Range Lelth
Steamships to Arrive
Name. From, Docked.
United Slate ChrLstlansand ...5a.m.
Stampalla , Genoa 8 a.m.
Orduna Liverpool Noon
Steamships Due Tomorrow
Kmblrecos .,
Manltow ...
.Piraeus ...
. London . . .
..Oct. 1A
..Oct. a I
..Oct, 20
Steamships to Leave
..Nov. 18
..Nov. 10
..Nov. il
..Nov. 12
Potsdam ,
I j plane!
.. .Rotterdam
..Ilergsn ....
, . Liverpool ,
Movements of Vessels
Str. Danla (Dan.), from
Kirkwall, arrived at Copenhagen November 7,
arrived at lilhral
titr. Kuropa (itai.j, nw .vorx for Nasles.
Btr. Teesdsle iBr.). for Phlladelphh
from Jamaica November 8.
it liicrnitar Novemtier D.
arrived nt Liverpool Noxember 7.
utr. rniiaaeipnm tAiner.j. from New Tor.
ur, new -nra tAmer.i, ror jfew
Htr. Minnehaha Jlh-.i. from Nw York. ar.
rlveil at London November 0,
Btr. Manchester Miller (llr ), from rhlla
detphla, arrived at Manchester November K.
Sir, Manchester Marinsr Ilr.), for rhlla.
delphia, steamed from Manchester November (t.
Sir riavle (llr.k for .New York, steamed
from Manchester November a
Str, Itotterdam (Dutch), from New York,
armed at Itotterdam November 7.
Str. Adriatic. Mir.), for Philadelphia, steamed
from Newcastle, N. !.. October 20.
fitr. Henry Tenser man.), for Philadelphia,
ateamert from Troon October 23,
Htr. tlobert M. Thompson, from Phlladel
phis, arrived at Charleston and steamed for
Tampa and New Orleans November l.
Str. A. A, JXaverp- for Philadelphia, via
Charleston, steamed from Port Kd Novem
ber 0,
tr. URrecnep. i-iiueuripfiia. or Tampa,
rnssed Hand Key ,V.V) a. m. November D.
Str. nulfoll. towing by. Hhenanro. Phila
delphia for Port Arthur, was 71) miles north
nf 'Car Hatterajf at noon November O.
Btr. Paraguay Phlladtlphla for Sabine Pa
was 120 miles southwest of Jllamon.) Shi
llsntsnin ai noon naivmprr v. (
Htr. Persian Philadelphia for Jacksonville,
was 40 miles north.net ot Martin' Industry
llsrht at 7 p. m, November 9.
Behr. Mafcolm Jpaxter. Jr . from Phlladtl
rhla. arrived si nostnn November 0,
1 rKhr. Charles H, Khnek. Philadelphia for
Blrtdeport, arrived at Hvannle November 0,
Rhr. Emily A. Hot, Philadelphia for D4d
port. arrlvtoT at llvsnnls November 0.
Sehr. palsy Psrlln Otorietpwn. M.. for
Wilmington, Pel., sailed from vineyard Haven
N'nvember 0.
Bchr Wawenock. Bulllvan, Me,, for Phils,
delphia, salli4 from Vlnijrsrd Haven Novra.
bee p.
Behr. Ttonald . fBr.l Windsor, N. 8.. for
Phlladtlphla, called from Ylmyard Haven No
vember p.
IJmlied tonnage restricts the business la the
steam, market where the demand for transat
lantic carriers is heavy. Rates ar strong with
promise of advancing. The sail market con
tinues dull.
aienbridfr. (Pr.), Montreal to pteke4 ports
t'nlted Kingdom, grain, 23,000 QUgrten, 3s.
0d.. November.
(Henellrfe (Ur-, same,
IllrkUa.lt (Dr.), same to Marseilles or Genoa,
30,000 quarters, S., November,
Cameron (Dr ), Halllmore to Avonraouth,
cialn, 10,009 quarters, heavy and 22,000 pU.
basis Si. 0.1. on heavy. December,
nun if jiaaaon inar.i, nam more a tteapaiaa-
vten ports, grain, 14.000 quarters, November.
ares luen.j stiif w
:rnui (Din.), same. lt.C
Mjt APJSSP Jjuarters.
Hefredale Br.). Quif t Mrsellle;
000 auarters,
Marseilles, rratn.
24.000 quarters, . JtHid., apUva oat, Os.
snu. nveroper and jeiuper,
lUrlyn fJJr.). M.tsxi quarter, same 4o War
sellle. aeasa or Plrasus, ts., November.
Heseland (Br). Oulf to Marseilles, Clenoa er
NapJee, grain, 3O.0OQ quarter. Bn,, November.
UoUtnrto (llr ), same to llrcein. Valen
cia er Tarragona. 90,000 quarter. 1. lOHd,
SiT'Jr.). 2MH tons, at John. N. B.. la a
FrMeti Atlaatie srt hay tad oats, lump um.
feXBd. Nevefiaaer and SBibr.
' riomanu irw. ). jsbt teas, ana ar (wo
eotiwij 47s. ), November.
,ltBu fHtA. IBeH Uu uau
estoa to
ver&oe ee
Cajo mun
cwent I
fclur. WW4J. teJ BftUtKMf U Ckials,
mk itvat tr
Formation of Association in
New York With 200
Shares Is Proposed Ten
cent Charge for Each Con
tract Cleared.
NJ5W YORK, Nov. 10,-Thp board of
managers of the New York Cotton Hx
change will submit to the members of
tho exchange nt n meeting tomorrow
plans for the formation of a Cotton
Clcnrlnp House Association. The plans
have already been agreed on by tho board
of managers.
The plan provides for Incorporation,
with KiO almres of a pnr value of $10 each,
nnd Is open for membership to any mem
ber of the exchange clearing contracts
who will buy one share In the corporation
anil deposit a certllled check for $15,00)
In order to crcnto n fund to secure prompt
payment of clnlms nrlslng from n fnlluro
of n clearing association member and for
the general purposes of tho association.
Fees will bo charged according to this
plun of 10 cents for each contract cleared,
and ench member shall mnlntnln ns orig
inal margin upon his net Interest $3 n bale
on C0.000 Imlet or loss, 11 n bale on an
Interest In excels of 50,000 and not more
than 100,000 bnic, and $3 a bale on
100,000 bales or more.
Additional margins may be cated by
tho directors of the proposed association
If It Is deemed advisable, nnd an original
mnrglp of CO cents a bale on each month
will bo required on straddle accounts. If
the plan meets tho approval of members
some days will bo required to put It Into
operation, but It Is not considered neces
sary that the plan should bo In work
able shape when business Is resumed.
A delegation of exchnngo members,
headed by President Cone, will go to
Washington to nttend the hearings sched
uled for Thursday on tho rules and regu
lations to b Issued by the Treasury and
Agricultural Departments In connection
with tho new cotton futures law.
The Conference Committee announced
thnt there will be another ballot In
liquidation of the international Interest
beforo the market reopens, involving 17,300
balps of December, at ptlces ranging
from 3.50c. down to 7.5lc, nm members
were nsked to notify the committee ot
the extent to which they would partici
Record Harvests Estimated as Worth
Five Billions.
WASHINGTON, Nov. 10,-The Important
farm crops of the United States this
year are worth ,068,742,000, or JUOI.000,000
more than the value of tho same crops
last year, notwithstanding a loss of J118,
000,000 sustained by cotton planters ns a
result of the Kuropean war.
Preliminary estimates of tho important
farm crops announced by the Department
of Agrlculturo and statistics of the aver
age prices paid to producers on Novem
ber 1 Indicate this year's wheat and corn
crops are the most valuable ever grown
In the United States, that the wheat and
apple crops are record harvests, that the
potato crop Is tho second largest over
raised and that grain prices aro advanc
ing. Tho hug-o wheat crop nnd the increased
price of that cereal, the large corn and
apple crops and the Increased price of
oats, 'barley and rye more than offset
the big loss In tho value of the cotton
Tho values of the Important cropB,
based on the average prices paid to pro
ducers on November I and their valued
last year, follow:
1DI. 101.1
llyo ,..,
Ilucktvbeat ....
8eet potatoes.
Apples ........
..tl,Ks.vmj,ooo n 7-tl),O'JI,0O0
13,(1 SO.000
oa-vido.uu" OS, WM.dUU
5.10, 7 1.000
8S0 .Iris.noo
Rates Quoted in European
Trades Are From 1 0 to 50
Per Cent. Above THose
Prevailing Last Year.
Freight rates In the steamship market
are now considerably above normal and
gradually climbing higher. In some
cases tho rates quoted for the Kuropean
trades are from 10 to SO per cent, hlsher
than at the same period of last year.
Commandeering of vessels for war serv
ice by tha French and British Govern
ments, the complete tie-up of all German
lines and the abnormal food shipments
abroad aro the principal causes for the
The following; table shows the move
mnts of the rates for July. September
and the current month and November of
Utt year;
Nov. 0, Sept. 3, July 1, Nov. 0,
rjraln .....
Cotton . . . .
xvi. iifjt. lute, lui.f.
... tM :Wa3,l 2Ud 2Ud
. . . SO. 04 iJt Od Its 64 ITe Od
. . . auc .l'C -w sac
pacK nour
Measurement -oo,ls VOs 04 17s 04 17a 64 10 04
Oram ..,., B
'"'.'.'.'. SiJa'Sd Sifsud 2Os0d 20 Od
Sua 20a' 20c SOo
Cotton . .
Back flour
Baek flour 24e 20c 10c Ha
Measurement roods 20 04 IT 64 IBs 04 ISa 04
Oraln. UMd 3i4a3Ud lUd 84
Provisions 30s 04 20s 04 20s 04 10 04
Cotton ...
Sack flour 23e 21c llo lie
fcteasurcmtnt rood 20s 04 Its 64 17 64 is 04
Oraln 84 24 84
Provlsleas 33 64 84 SO 04 St) 04
Sack flour , 30c 22c 18o 18c
Measurement goad 23 04 11 64 17 64 MOc
Oraln 4s 04 264 204 334
rruvHions ....... w sue su tw
Oetten 60 21c 2e 4o
etc neur ...... oc ac ise
ilea.ur.nmit rood 18 ,3 12t,c
Full cargo rate hav been advancing
as steadily aa the regular line rates. The
demand for transatlantic carrier Is
heavy. Hecular tinea have been corn
Belled to charter vataeU to replaee those
taken over by tho various Governments.
Oraln steamship are now sotting a &
rate against a ? M- rate a yar ao and
a Js. rate bafore the war- It Is likely
thai the rato will advance to 7s. in tha
next tvw wki.
The upward tendency of the rates is
cartels to aJ?t the anlpmapu of cet
tav Thaw ! Mk Uwutry fr caiton
carriwa. wjsb trVsarg asidng hljfa rtsa.
World's Greatest Pacer Will
be Seen in Action at
Wawasct Driving Park
Against Time.
WIL.MINOTON-, Del., Nov, 9.-Flvo
rnces will be held at Wnwaset Driving
Pork on Saturday next when Directum
I will endeavor to brenk the world's
record of 2:02)i on a half mile track,
which record Is his own. Tho horses
entered ore expected to be among the
best In the country aa a number of local
trainers who have good Btrlngs of
horses will be back from the grand cir
cuit In time for tho horses to take part
In these races.
It Is expected the attendance will bo
Unusually large nB the National Grango
will be In session hero at the tlmo and a
largo number of the inembcrB aro In
terested In the development of horses.
Directum I will bo brought hero tomor
row and placed In a special etabto nt
the trnck.
The track Itself will bo placed In tho
besl possible condition nnd It Is promised
that the exhibition given will bo tho
finest which has over been witnessed In
Wilmington. Tho program for tho races
which will be the last matinee of tho
season Is now being prepared.
Game With Victor Indicates
Deterioration i n Ranks.
News Notes Gathered
From All Leagues.
That tho Hibernians have deteriorated
to n huge extent was proved on Satur
day when they wero beaten by Victor In
on American Leaguo game at Third street
and Lehigh avenue by threo goals to one.
That the Victors deserved their victory
there is no gainsaying for they were a
long way the better team all round. The
Irishmen played Charlie Danks at left
fullback. Now Charllo Danks has been
a very fine player, but even he cannot
go on for ever. He Is a long way over
40 and for his no ho Is a wonder, but it
Is doubtful If he Is now quick enough on
his feet for a really fast game. Uy losing
on Saturday the Hibernians probably lost
what chanco they had of stjurlng tho
championship, that Is unless they
strengthen their team very soon.
iJlsslou did not over exert themselves In
their American Ieaguo Bamo with l"alls. and
contented themselves with winning by two
goals to none. Wright, tho Falls' goalkeeper,
raved his side from a heavier defeat by somo
xcry smart Boat keeping. On the other hand,
Ncm had abiolutely nothing to do in the DIs
ston (roal. Practically throughout tho gnmo
the pUy was In tho rails' half of the field
and the losors certainly deserved credit for the
stout defense they offered to the Dlrston at
Harry A. Fryckberg Is j
Standing Sponsor for Sport
and Seeks Contests With
Other Cage Quintets.
Harry A. Fryckberir. one of Philadel
phia's best nll-around track nnd field nth
lotcs and winner of the 230-yard dash and
running; broad Jump at tho recent Police
Department games, has Inaugurated a
plan to create Interest In basketball
among the Quaker City's finest. Just at
this time the plan Is to organize a crack
squad and play Independent games. Later.
If the policemen show enough Interest,
a league will be formed.
Fryckberg, who lives at 6053 Spruce
street, West Philadelphia, Is eager to
arrange contests with the leading local
quintets. Games are to he played on
Tuesday and Saturday nights.
So far the men who aro Interested In
the project are Edward J. Carroll, Will
iam I- Harnard, James Downing, ltuther
ford Warren, Joseph Denning, Joseph B.
Cavanaugh, Charles Weaver, Charles
Schall and Harry A. Fryckberg.
Saving Fund Society
Nos. 700 to 710 Walnut Street
of Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania,
Cash on hand ...,,..... ,,.,.....,....$ 2,221,721,36
Due from Banks and Bankers........... ..,,..,....... 4,432,094-30
Investment Securities owned, viz;
Public Loans .,,..., $112,502,800.54
Mortgages ,..,,.,...,.,, 13,503.831.61 126,186.632.15
Real Estate .,...,......,........," l!J,utafct8l
$1 32,995,447.81
Surplus Fund ,, ,.,,.,,.,....,, $ 'Mlff
Undivided profits, less expenses and taxes paid ,,...... ,iiM
Deposits , t U708,4t7,6i'
1 i tn liirw siA -2
Harry Fisher Had Big
Squad Out Yesterday for
Initial Practice Basket
ball News and Comment,,
When a coach of an Intercollegiate bas
ketball team begins practice with more
veterans than ho had at the end of the
previous season and the old aggregation
was title winner, his prospects for a suc
cessful season are brilliant. Therefore,
no one can blame Harry Fisher, coach pf
the Columbia University basketball
teams, when ho declares that the Blue
and White quintet Is sure to win the third
nnd flnal leg on tho Eastern collegiate
basketball trophy this season,
When the cnue men reported to Draduate
Manager nnd Coach Fliher In the Blue arid
White gj-mnaMum yesterday, 7 men with a
minimum of 2 ears' experience on a varsity
squad, and one with a year's service ns var
sity rrntre were In togs tossing the bail
thrmiKh the net. Captain ltenson and Charlie
I-ce have been members or the Columbia quin
tet for 3 jears. Walter IJwjer and '"Kd"
llurghnrd liave been for two years on lllue
and White nves, while H. Jaques, who cap
tured tho team In 11)12, has 2 yeors, with an
Inlermlfslon of one year. If any one of the
five men fall to show the form which Is ex
peeled ot them. Coach Fisher has several
men who hao played on college teams In
different sections nf tho country, to draw from.
The most prominent addition to the squad Is
kckhard Cilder. a forward from the St. Law
ronee fnlverslty team, of ft iears ago. Ha
will probably take the nlaeo nf "r)an" Vu,
tun. tho only member of the team which tied
Cornell for first plare last season, who Is
lost through graduation Another man who re
ported for the team was Walker, from Ohle
University, where ho played torward. Ilurg
hard, who placed substitute centre for the
mat it j earn ana neipeu to nr
and While up to the top, was ou
With the exception of Dwser.
last two j ears and helped to hrlnir the ftlue
i. in
ox uwj er,
start the si
uwjer. the men nre
In cco'l condition to start the season wlih a
of training;, according- to Fisher.
Dwyer'a incapacity Is only temporary,
Dwjcr of his latuables, whereupon he hooked
over a. rleht hnniler on tt,n thfiv1 tah, (..mu.
inunruay nignt a rootpaa tried to
r. .,'
Ing him cold. Put In doing so Dwyer had so
much et?nm In the punch thai ho broke hi
thumb. Fisher expects his crack guard to be
In uniform before December 4. when tho Co
lumbia opens the season against nutgtrs.
Coach Fisher expects to see the team so
through the season without a defeat. U re
mains to be seen If his prediction comes true.
North Penn Trotting Asso
ciation Will Hold Meeting
at Belmont Track Many
Entries Received.
The horse racing season will draw to a
close tomorrow In this section of the
country when the North Penn Trotting
Association will hold Its final racq
meeting of the Benson nt the Belmont
track near Narberth. Twenty-six entries
hnve been received for the live races.
Class A will bring together Edgalr-N.
by Bellman, Miss Del, by Delmarch.
Princewood; Joe Boltman, Iceman and
Baron Lee. All of tho aboro horsca arc
fast 2:18 trotters, and as thero Is keen
rivalry existing between their owners u
close contest Is predicted.
Seven trotters and pacora, the cream
of the flood Drivers and North Penn ng
srccatlontf, will face tho starter in class
C mixed. Among thpm arc Bonnie L..
winner of the Horso Dealers' J1000 sweep
stake at Belmont two years ago; Hokes
Margaret and Wlckhnm. After the races
tho members of the North Penn Associa
tion will take part in their nnnual ban
quet. The entries for the races follow:
Class A. trot Iilpar N.. b. r., by Bellman,
IV. Scliarter; Sllta leli. bile. m.. by Delmarch.
A. Urown: I'rlnrcwnod. a. g. J. Toy; Joo
Men mn n, d. k ny iieiimun. v. ainrKie: te
mon. t, g.. and Ilaron Lee, b. g., Joseph
Cl.irs P. trot flrotto. s. s , P. McOonlgle;
Klectrls Dillon, b. m.. J. Itlndrrman: Jane
11., h. m.. J. WhlttuKcr, Sarnltn, h. m., P.
Flemlncs J. M D . b r-.. a. Winkle.
Class ('. mixed Ikxinle I,., e. g.. J. Toy;
Hnkea' Marsaret, b. m., by Hokes. Jr., K.
I'a-ighlln. Vftrkhnm. c. K.. by Cordova. J.
Kline: Ideal McKlnnev, b. m . K. Bllle; Edna
Owhjho, b. m.. D. Haggyi Trlncei Cochato.
p. m., A. Entwlilstlc: Uarg Uord, b, g., J.
'dais D. trot-Precious. . b. s... T. Whltej
Fred M.i b P.. Doctor Itoxboroush: Pot tloast,
b. k. '. McCutcheon: Iidy Copper, blk. m
U. warn". riranKer, hik. k.. j. duiho. ,
Clajis i:, pace Hint, b K , J. S.''
Kasas, s. e.. U, Seal; Abokpcn, blk, rrt It.
Illness Causes Penn Trainer to Give
TJp His Position.
Pat Dwyer. who has been acting In the
capacity of athletic trainer at the "Uni
versity of Pennsylvania this season, haa
resigned. For some time Mike Murphy's
successor has been suffering from malaria
and now feels that he Is unablo to give
tho athletes the proper attention.
T. T. Hare, chairman of the football
committee at Penn, reluctantly accepted
Dwyer's resignation.
Since he has been training the Red
and Blue athletes Dwyer has become very
popular with all of the men, and It Is -sincerely
regretted by the student body
that ho Is forced to give up his place.
at the close of business, Nov, 2, J?l,4,j j
$132,995,447,8 t
- B.

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