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0,250,000 BRITONS
Nation Needs More Men
Despite Patriotic Response
to Call to Colors, War
Minister -Announces.
LONDON. Nov. 10.
Great Drltnln hns 1,250.000 men In train
Jim tor tho war tn England alone, thin
number not Including those of the over
seas dominions Thla statement was mndo
by Lord Kltchcnor In his speech nl the
,' Lord Mayor's baimuot Inst night, nml
lie added that he would continue to call
jfor more men until the enemy had been
Confldenco In tho ultlmato success of
the allied nrms was expressed by Lord
Kitchener, who praised the tcrrltorlAls,
particularly the London Scottish and the
Knst Indians; spoko of the admiration
of tho British troops for "the glorious
French nrmy." and said: "Under the
direction of General Joffre, who Is not
only a great military lender, but a great
man, wo may confidently rely on the
ultimate success of tho allied forces In
tho western theatre of the war." ;
Ho praised tho brilliant leadership of
II Grand Duke Nicholas and also "tho
splendid deeds of the gallant Belgian
nrmy" and the gallantry of tho Jnpantso
forces Continuing, Lord Kitchener said:
( "Tho British Empire Is now lighting
.. -. I... V . . . .111...
v sr iib CAiaiunce k vnm ecij tinmen
w Understand this cardinal fact, fur only
f.r n n. cicar conception 01 mo vii ini-
nco of the Isbuc nt stake can come
groat national moral Impulse, wlth-
whlch the Government's War Min
ors, or even their navies, can do but
hie We have enormous advantages In
our resources of men and material, and
,Jn that wonderful spirit of ours, which
has never understood the mennlng of de
fent. All these ate great assets, but they
must be used Judiciously and effectively.
Ijn Arbuclde, Edwin Arden, Harry Lau
der, Charles ttlehmnn, Dorothy Donnel
ly, Itober ET!wi. Wilton Lnekaya and
William J. rtlnn, formerly Secret Ser
vice sleuth.
''fit. Elmo" has been movlcd. So have
"Tho Thief, "Tho Idler," "The Girl I
Left Hchlnd Me" and "Children of the
Ghetto "
Visitors at the Panama-Pacific Expo
sition In 1015 will linvo an opportunity of
viewing thousands o"f feet of dim por
traying mo work done by tho United
Woman's Suffrage Associa-
. 1 r I i" worn none iy me unitoa
tlOn tO Spread rropaganda '"" Government through Its nrlotn
1 1 t i departments nnd bureaus, for during tho
Through Movies Screen
Unites Man and
Film Finances.
' -A
'I havo no complaint to make what
ever about tho response to my nppeals
tor men. Tho progress In tho military
y training of those who already have en
listed Is most remarkable, and the coun
try may wall be proud of them, but I
ahall want m&ro men nnd still moro, until
the enemy is crushed.
"Armies ennnot bo called together as
With tho magician's wnnd, and In tho
process of fotmatlon thero may have
. been dlsconifoita, and Inconveniences In
eomo cases even downright suffering. I
cannot promise thnt these conditions wilt
iWholly cease, but I can give you overy
assurance that they have already greatly
diminished nnd everything that ndmlnls-
i tratlvo energy can do to bring them to
I an end assuredly will be done.
uur losses in me irencntvj navo Deen
severe, but such casualties are far from
deterring tho Ilrltlsh nation from seeing
the mnttor through. They will act rather
as nn Incentive to Urltlsh manhood to
nreDarn themselves to take the rdnees nf
,1 thoso who hove fallon."
In paying trlbuto to the leadership
t Sir John French, commander of tha
British expeditionary force, nnd his gen-
J) erals, and to the high efllclency and
ti' courage 01 mo nrmy, me nor xuinisicr
"I think that It has now been conceded
thnt the Ilrltlsh nrmy has proved Itself
to be not so contemptible nn engine of
war as some were disposed to consider
M. Taul Cambon, tho French Ambassa
dor to Englnnd, said the Allies did not
seek the domination of any other country.
They simply dealred to secure European
Child Welfare Conference
Offers Rewards for Im
provements in Health Con
ditions During Two
Months' Race.
ri o
Even Hedln Praises Kaiser Budget
of Berlin News.
31ERLIN, Nov. 10.
Copies of a poem, giving free voice to
German antagonism toward Englnnd, has
been written by Crown Prince Itupprccht
of Bavaria, and tho Wnr Office has or
dered that copies of It be distributed
among the soldiers. The refrain of the
poem la:
r"lV shall never cease hating England;
we have but ono hatred England."
It is believed that Emperor William Is
imlng to Berlin, as the rotsdnm palace
been prepared for occupancy.
fvon Hedln, the explorer who has just
Aturued here after a visit to the front
as the guest of the Knlser, expressed his
confidence that the Germans will be vic
torious everywhere.
"Emperor William Is a tower of strength
and he can stand the most unusual men
tal and physical exertions," sold the
explorer. "The Kaiser has a clear con
science, feeling that he did all possible
to prevent the wax."
Banjr of Guns In Early Morning An
nounces Rabbit Season,
New Jersey rabbits are having a busy
time today. Almost before It was light
enough to distinguished the rabbits from
tAo tufts of grass In the fields this morn
'4 the merry bang of he guns an
nounced the opening of tho hunting sea
son (or "eottontalls" In New Jersey.
The gunning season for deer and duck
opened several days ago, but It was not
until this morning that sportsmen might
shoot rabbits. The first flurry of snow
Is now being anxiously awaited in order
to track the rabbits. The cold spell which
began yesterday has led the hunters to
nope that they will see snow on tho
grounds before many days.
Tho absence of snow, however, is not
going tq Interfere wth the sport, the
hunters -say. With the dogs, which have
been waiting for months fur this morn
ing to come, and tho Instincts that leads
the gunner to tha hiding plaoe of the
'cottontail," tha busy season is on.
A contest to arouse mothers to the full
appreciation of their duty to 'better the
environment and physical health of
their children has been Inaugurated by
the Child Welfare Conferenco of tho
Temple University in tho now Temple
Lvceum, Broad and Brown streets. Social
workers generally have become Interested
In the project, which Is hoped will pave
tho way for better home conditions In the
tenement districts by means of an edu
cational campaign.
Tho contest will run over a period of
two months. Only Infants under 2 years
of nge nrc eligible as contestants. Three
prizes have been offered for their Im
provement, not only physically, but as to
environments also. Their nunrtcrs must
be mndo brighter and more healthful, and
other rules have been laid down.
Registration began yesterday nnd
will continue through Saturday, cover
ing tho same week of tho Child Federa
tion Conference, which 1b being held un
der tho auspices of the Temple Univer
sity's social workers. During the two
months of the contest the physician In
chnrgo will see each baby nt least once
a week. The nurses attached to tho dis
trict will also visit tho home once a
week nnd separate scores will be kept ns
to physical conditions and home sur
roundings. The second week of tho Child Federa
tion Conference was inaugurated at a
sen-ice held Monday evening at Broad and
Brown streets. Dr. Henry D. Jump, of
the federation, made an address on the
"High Hate of Infant Mortality In tho
City: Its Causes nnd Itemedles." Tho re
mainder of the week's program. Includ
ing today, Is:
Tuesday, November 10, 3 p. m. Dr.
Chnrli'H West, "Proper Feeding for the
Tuesday, November 10. 7:15 p. m. Miss
Katharine Lawrence. Practical demon
stration of cooking for children.
Wednesday, November 11, 3 p. m. Miss
Isabel M, Woodburn, "Proper Clothing
of tho Baby."
Wednesday, November 11, 7:45 p. m.
Miss Pelffer, "Time and Manner of Feed
ing and Bathing the Baby."
Thursday, November 13, 7:45 p. m.
William C. Carnell. "Care of Utensils."
Friday, November 13, 3 p, m. Dr. Carl
ton Itussell, "Care of Mothers' and Chil
dren's Teeth "
Friday, November 13, 7:15 p. m. Musical
Robert P. Hooper Advocates
National Highway System
Connecting All States and
Similar to Chain in France.
2)ig put Your Springs, Advises Forest
WASHINGTON, Nov .-Suggestions
on tow to develop water supplies on
grating lands are given In a statement
$43.y by tho United State Forest perv)ee.
"The daw from ordinary springs and
even seeps oan be Increased by digging
them out and curbing the sides with
cement, the water being carried In pipes
to cArenlutly situated troughs," the
Ulwut reads,
Swampy spot can often be made to
furnW) a water supply by cuuIbk m
I open caawitl from some sprits in the
luwue m isem. swmh euttina- uhi
i-hHnl awe tfce wain on awl 49itg
toe MrnsHS h awviave
Biutskr peiat dutaJda,"
"Wolf of Wnll Street" Spends An
other Day In Tombs.
NRW YORK. No'. 10,-Davld Lamar Is
still In the Tombs today. He was un
able to find the 130,000 security required
by Judge Rudkln In the Federal District
Court as ball for the three Indictments,
which have been found against him in
connection with the charge that be Im
personated falsely members of Congress
In telephoning to J, P. Morgan & Co.
and others.
Edward Lauterbach, who was indicted
wun nirn on tne third Indictment, which
charged conspiracy, was admitted by
Judge Foster in th,e Federal District
Court to JIOOO ball, which was furnished
by Nathan Straus. He pleaded not guilty.
Members of TJoston Theatre Opera
Company Strike Before Performance,
BOSTON. Nov. W.-OIembers of the dis
banded Boston Theatre Opera Cdmpany
are seeking to recover back salaries due
them: In a discord of hisses, catcalls and
boos, the troupe quit In a body at a per
formance given last night to Mayor Cur
ley and the Boston City plub to arctiss In.
terest in the opera. Before the curtain
went up 72200 was subscribed, by the
audience to pay back salaries. The mu
sicians demanded full payment of wages
before their performance started. The
Mayor and hla associate beeame angry
and told the audience to get their money
back at the box office.
ATLANTA, On., Nov. 10 -Delegates to
the fourth American Iload Congress, In
session today, are heartily In favor of
tho suggestion of Hohcrt P. Hooper, of
Philadelphia, ex-president of the Ameri
can Automobile Association, that Federal
aid be given n sstrm of highways con
necting every Stute and equal to that
of France.
Almost 5000 ndvocntcs of good roads arc
Attending tho congress All aio en
thusiastic over tho prospect of n well de
veloped chain of highways as outlined by
Mr. Hooper, who said.
"No complete nccount of the good roads
movement In Georgia or any other State
could be given without name mention of
tho p.trt played by nutomubllcH. As thin
means of transportation has ceased to
be the plaything of tho rich, has adapted
Itself to manifold uses nnd has been
brought within tho compnus of men In
moderate circumstances, It has proved a
moro nnd moro Important factor in rond
development. Whenever automobiles
come Into general use In a country, good
ronds nro suro to follow.
'Terhaps wo motorists at times become
unduly optimistic, "But I look forward
to the day when wo ahall have highways
connecting overy State the equal of those
to be found in Franco. Furthermore,
there will bo an exchange of road trav
elers between North nnd South that will
be beneficial nnd educational to both
sections of tho country.
"In no way can we become better ac
quainted than through the Intimate chan
nel of road travel, for then we truly dis
cover that we all are only human be
ings, Interdependent one upon the other
and equally Interested In tho general
welfare of our great country. The South
nnd the North then will be n new South
and North." .
Mr Hooper referred to the Indomitable
courage of the South, which section, ho
said, remains quite prosperous deoplta the
low price of cotton.
Ha explained that the American Auto,
mobile Association believes tho Govern
ment should help the Stnte on their most
important arteries of communication
since tho problem of good roads had be
come national In aspect.
Graveyard Vnndal Believed Insane
PATKP.SON, N. J.. Nov. 10.-An Insane
person Is-being sought today by the police
on suspicion of having destroyed monu
ments and headstones on 30 graves In the
Alrmount Cemetery in Rahwuy, N. J.
The monuments were tumbled off their
base and headstones pulled from the
graves and carted to another part of the
Ur Anna H. Shaw Is. the latest celebrity
to bo shown In n moving picture. She
was movlcd In "Your Girl and Mine," to
gether with Olive Wyndham, Kalherlnc
Knelred nnd Sidney Booth, there being
seven reels nil told. The piny Is sponsoicd
by Mrs Medlll McCormlc.lt, the executive
head of tho Woman's Suffrage Associa
tion, nnd deals with the propaganda.
That women arc not exclusive when It
comes to the presence of men In photo
play pictures Ii proved by tho fate of
tho Kxcluslve The.itro In Los Angeles
Originally an ordinary "movie" houae, it
was converted Into a ehovv plnco for
women and children, nml men accom
panied by women 1'ducntlonal features
were shown, and, when these failed to
draw, comedies were added. Then came
a mixed program, and, now, the old
order has been it stored and prospcilty
has returned to the house.
"Julius Cnesni." not Shakespeare's piny,
hut a version of the Ilomnu s lire, has
been pictured bj George Klelne. Tho
reels take ono nnd onc-hnlf hours to pro
ject on the screen. The production cost
8100 000 nnd 20,000 persons wcic employed
In the NarloiiB sccno. Antony Novelll
nppenrs as lmpcrl.il Cnesar.
Richard Harding Davis' "The Man Who
Could Not Lose," with Favorite Players
In the various roles, will soon be shown
here. Twelve hundred actors were cm
ployed in tho productions.
In 1911 Fred Robeson, a mlno supciln
tendent, was seriously hurt In nn explo
sion In n Scranton mine. He was tnken
to the nearest hospital. The same day
bin wife had started for n visit to her
parents In College City, O. On the train
she learned of her husband's Injuries nnd
was so overcome by the shock that her
mind beenmc affected. Sho was Interned
In nn nsylum.
On recovering. Robeson srnrched high
nnd low for his wife, but in vain. Then
ho moved to Richmond. Cnl., mourning
her ns (lend. Last week he went tn a
m'.vle house. The drat scene depleted
was a mine accident, showing an ex
plosion in realistic manner A woman In
tht rear of the theatre screamed and
fainted, RobeBon runhctl to her side and
fcund to his amazement and Joy that It
vn his wife.
And this Is not a rcennrlo cither!
Charlotte BrlBCoe, leading woman for
Lubln, Is a graduate of the npcnhl.ig
stage, where she plaed with Richard
Mansfield and won much credit Miss
Briscoe, who plas with Arthur John
son In "The Beloved Adventure." Is the
president of "Lottie Briscoe Clubs "
Sin? was chosen by a Jury of nrtlsts lnnt
year as ono of 30 representative Amer
ican girls.
Tho photoplay Industry Is on a sound
financial basis. Thero are weekly quota
tions of Its stocks,, the latest at hand
Dlil Askrrf.
American Film Mfe. Co.... IOS None offered
Ocncrnl Film Co r.2 SIM
Mutuil rilm Corp jircf CO nalj
MutUAl Him Corp. com . . il US
New York Motion Picture... .0 WVi
Thnnhoustr Film Corp K (Ml
Ttunliouser R ndlcate pre f . . . M Hi
Thjnliounfr Syndicate com . SO GO
(jik'Ii "e Film lrrf nml com I'M None offtred
That there Is enormous profit In films
Is shown by the fact that the bookings
of "Tho Million Dollar Mystery" are In
excess of $1,500,000.
Thore Is tome talk of a resumption of
dividends on Now York Motion Picture
Corporation, to take place the first of tho
year, but on a basis of 1 per cent, per
month Instead of 2 per cent., ns formerly
The net earnings on the Mutual Film
Corporation down to September 1 were
reported at a rate considerably more than
"9 per cent, on the common after pay
ment of tho preferred dividends
During the Inst week the directors of
the Mutual Film Corporation declared the
dividend of 1 per cent, per month on the
common stock for the months of Novem
ber, December nnd January.
Add to the list of those who havo suc
cumbed to the movie lure: Elsie Janls,
James K. Hackett, George Fawcett, Mac-
Studio of Modern Dances
U. ElUaMh W. Ited, Chaperon.
Spruce 8231.
Tha C, ElltvopJ Carpntar School, 1123 Cheit.
nut at. Experienced (nitructora Teach the
vary lateet atepa dally from to a. m nranchea
everywhere. Telephone. Filbert 4207.
or take a Strictly private I.on Conault
Arm-llruet, Cheetnut at., 1113.
SPECIALIST In up-to-the-minute dances,
rrovidea a charm of comfort and
eaae amliUt characteristic environ
ment that has establlahed It as an
Ideal aeaehore home.
Directly on tha ocean front.
Capacity 000
A modern hotel with quiet air ef domeittclty
and a homelike atmoephera.
CETtTMMERrnHhinx but gltva
iinct 1870 Ftrlyftur yiars tf
(initant imfrtvimtnt.
I.OS ANOELBS. Cal., Nov, tl)i-PQlle
today began investigating the robbery a
which Mrs, W. T. Powers, a wealthy iuur
1st from Washington, D. C, was drugged
and ,! worth of bar Jewelry stolen.
Mrs, Powers entered her apartments
after dark, and as she unlocked the door
a man grasped her by tfee throat Mrs.
Powers say she smtlled etier and mo
ra eut late lost eoRseteuines. The rob
ber tben stripped her ncre of several
iUmT. Half an Iwwr later Mrs. Powws
was found unconscious on the flaor Th
air arsus huvv with uiur i-h. i.v-
Wef to so i wtribl a tW tUsuueo bwxxb ia jur-
fPOWtfV SJettK,
Novelty Bandalette
THE Novelty Bandalette is one of our newest productions of
the desirable Elsinore quality, trimmed with a 54 inch wide
Bandalette of contrasting color, piping of contrasting color and
Tne new Roberta embroidery -all in perfect harmony, This
popular style, while a decided novelty, is by no means extreme,
Price 2.25 per Pair
Color Assortment White with Black trimming, Gun Metal with White
ttwwinr, Tens, Modes, Greje. Copenhagen, Pigskin, Gendarme, Bur
gundy, the New Brown, Wistaria and Navy.
F. Centemeki & Co.
1233 Chesfamt Street
Biaach Stee .
BU Fa bM. fr WajBtfi
tn. at. Louts
H gag r-taaueoc WwywniiMaWOssMJSaft rot feMfi II
last six months or more cameramen have
nceii sent to nil parts in search of views
that will not only bn nltmcme. but will
tend to act ns nn educntlon.il medium.
Porhnps tho moil Interesting of these
will bo the feature reels, sovernl thou
sand feet In length, which nro to ho
tnken In the Iturenu oi Hngravlng nnd
Printing, commonly kmmii ns Undo
Snm's money shop. An opportunity will
he glen the vlsltois nt tho fair to see
how nn npparently common piece of
white paper Is turned Into real tnonc)
nnd how another sheet of paper goes
through several processes nnd comet out
nt the end ni stamps, printed, glued nnd
perforated, ready to bo lined for the
transmission of letters, packages tllid
what not, through tho mnlls.
Wilmington Merchants
Decorate Their Stores
With Fruits and Vege
tables in Honor of Convention,
WILMINGTON, Del, Nov. 10 -In honor
of tho meeting of the Nallonnl fJmtigo,
t lilch opens this evening with a recep
tion tit the Hotel tlu I'oul, merchants
nro lifting a novel decoration. Ah tho
grangers feed the community, scores of I
Orange, Master O. W. P Oaunt. of the
New Jersey Stato Orange, and laMta
number of delegate, arrived today and
the hotels are now praetlcaly filled with
the delegates and ofllclals The Chamber
of Commerce today completed the task
of providing quartern for the visitors, nnd
a tho body had a list of 1500 rotmis at
its disposal there was no difficulty In
getting boad nnd lodging places for all
who came. i
The greater number of the visitors tfllt
not arrive tintll tomorrow. Friday Is
expected tn be one of the biggest das
of tho session for the reason thnt there
will bo special exercises for the mem
bers of the order In the liny house on
Friday evening Owing to the Inability to
secure the Playhouse except for the
mornings of the week, the degree which
so ninny people will come here to tnke
will be conferred In the morning. It Is
expected that 6000 visitors will be In Wil
mington on that dav. Except upon the
dnjS when special trips nro made there
will be two business sessions each day.
LONDON, Nov 10. The ooi respondent
of tho Dally Trlegiaph nt Bucharest re
ports that scvernl lltinslnn submarines tire
pursuing tho Ooeben nnd the Hie;lau
Hold I. W. W. leader for Disturbance
NEW YOIIK, Nov 10 -Alexander Berk-
tiiuii flirt 1 W W tnntlnr tultn tm.net nt-
store windows are decorated with food regtcd nfler tt celebration' Sunday night
pioducts. in a Second avenue cafe, was arraigned
The finest varieties of fruits and voge- before Magistrate Blmms today on a
i,.t.in. i.n.. i.. i i .,a ii. I charge of Interfering with an officer In
tables have been obtained, mid tho ex- I Um performallto of hl, (lulJ.. Ho wa,Ved
lilblts nro pruilng nttrattlvo to all tho , examination and was luld to nwalt ac
vlsltors to Wilmington. j tlon of the Uraud Jury. His ball bond of
Oliver Wilson, master of the Stale J1000 was continued.
Store Opens 8:30 A. M.
Store Closes 5:30 P. M.
Little Fots amd Fmur Coats
Plemity of tine pretty flflttDe novelty pieces
are Ibere whScIh womem ibimy eairflSest inn tlhie
sesisoini, amid wear to finnislh or eerkh their
cost an ones.
Plain Muidlsomi seal (sib eared mmiskrat) is
made imp io twemityf ive or oiore diff remit styles
of neckpieces, priced fromra $12.e5(01 to $70; amid a
great variety of mnumffs imicfliuidiinig a cotoms bell
shape, priced from $20 to $55
ttHmidsomi seal (sheared mimskrat) is com
binned with the fashionable fitch for afilajqMnner
of chokers, little collars and pointed scarfs for
$116oe50 to $40, and moffs at $25 to $60,
Ermine and Hoiidson seal (sheared mmisk
rat) are $112.50 to $35 for neck f ours, and $45 to
$60 for miuffs.
Other combinations among the novelties
are sheared mimskrat and the pretty dark
brown kolinsky; mole sometimes made up
with chiffon velvet and ornaments; mole with
skunk; sheared mmiskrat with monkey; er
mine and mole; ermine and caracuL
Then there are charming little sets of
skunk, kolinsky or black lynx, all combined
with draped chiffon velvet.
Hudson Seal (Sheared Mundkirail:) Coate
may be had as low as $75 for a three-quarter
length model, plain or trimmed with fitch.
Others with natural skunk collars are $85,
and perfectly plain coats, 50 inches long and
of beautiful quality, are $1125 each,
(Third Floor ' Ckostimt)
' V

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