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of Mr, mid Mts, Clmrlcs C. Sn.vn.ire, Jr.,
f unucr'n lane, CliMtnut Hill, In prominent
inonjr this venr's debutnntcs. Tonight ir.
nil Mr), acorsc Wllllnc. Jr., ulll cntcrtnln nt
.lie Incut e, followed by a supper In her honor.
tlss SnvrtRo wns Intiodiieeil nt n. ten Riven by
or pniont on November 20, nt their home.
Mrs. titutiuol Chew will Blve n dinner ilnnee
titer in tho 3enson In honor of MIbi Mary
2elj'n Chew The dftte linn not yet been de-
Ided upon
Mr. nnd Mrs. Hovinid Shrevc noberU, of 4ZW
fcprtlco street, nnnouneo the encasement of
their dituyhtcr. Miss Kelyn-Hobort, nnd A ni
ter Buwden Onllowny, of this city. No dnto
lini been act for the wedding.
Thero will bo n mlted foursome golf tournn
nient at ihc Old York road Country Club today,
tin prorretls of which will fro to the Uclfilnn
relief fund. Piny will continue throughout the
dtiy, Tho committee In charge Includes Mrs
0. Henry Stetson, Mis. J. 8. niy, Miss Esther
AVnss, l)r Milton K. Nlettcr, K. Clnrcncc Miller,
James II Turner, S. H. Klch and 11. H. Slllfer
Miss lit th Eisenhower will entertain Friday
nfternoon November 20, In honor of Miss
Florffiee Wchnrds. The guests will play bridge.
Those who will attend will bo Mrs. John Urom
1, Mis. Leslie Davis. Mrs. Stanley Cox, Miss
Ilelcne Anbury, Miss Madeleine Asbury, Miss
Slnrgutrltp AVatklns, Jlla Helen Gormley, Ml3
Kutilco Wllllnm, Miss Dallach ttlcbards, Miss
Edith Wilson. MIb.i Dorothy Wilson, Mies Elca
not Klood, Miss Heatrlce Flood, MIfs Helen
Dando, Miss Helen Iluchnnan, Miss Dorothy
Broil;, Miss Edith Cochrane, MIm Dorothy
Cochrane, Miss Mildred Cnverly, Miss Joseph
Ino Ifn) den, Silos Mildred Uaugher, Miss Ixiulsa
McKnlo, Miss Mnrtha Collins, Miss rhllls
itti..i. t cnH ni..iDii Ml Mllrlrril .Tack.
r ,v MID1I, miaa .m, viiiioo, ....un
II Ml, rci.-unnr Kntplinm. Miss Jean UcHgary,
Jllbs Evelyn Harrington nnd MIm Helen Camp
bell. Mr. and .Mrs. William K. Maker, of Coulter
atroct, entertained hist evening with a thoatto
party, followed by a supper at the Heilovuc
Stratfoid, In honor oT their houso guest, M!s3
Elcnnor Mitchell, of Huntingdon, Pa. The other
gilds wcio Miss Esther Taylor, Miss Alice
Chambers. Walter K. Noble, William Teller
Grant nnd nirhard T. Chsborn.
Thb dunce which Mr. and Mrs Barclay H.
Warburton will give nt I-ndenhurst, tho home
of Mr. and Mrs. John Wnnainakef. on Friday
niglit, November 20, will bo In honor of their
Jliece, Miss Mnile Louise Wnnamakcr. A num
bui ot persons from out of town, friends of Mr.
nnd Mra. Hodman Wnnamakcr, will attend the
JrMrs. Prudci it H. Decker, of Bristol, haa sent
Out cards for a luncheon to meet Mri. Hubert
Bcntley, Saturday. November 21. Covers will
bo laid for CO guests.
At tne theatre party, which Miss Blspham anJ
Miss Marie Blspham will give for their niece.
JUss Eleanore Ulspham, on Wednesday, Novem
ber IS, the guests will Include Miss Barbara
Blspham, Mlhs Eleanor Judd Bonn, Miss
Eleanor Bournonvlllo Watt, Miss Margaret E.
Alice, Miss Kathorlnc Seeler and Miss Chris
tine Holm. M'ss Blspham will entertain her
guests at ten at the Bellevuc-Stratfoid after
v the matinee, where Mrs. Samuel Blspham and
.miss uiura -uippnmu win jum iuu j,uiw
Mrs. Edward Jungerlch Smith and Mrs.
JoMph Baldwin Hutchinson have gone to Lan
caster to attend the wedding of Mlts Caroline
Beatcs Franklin and Stanley MacDonnld Smith,
which takes plaa today.
The ofticeis of the Three Arts Club, of tho
city of Philadelphia, will hold the regular
monthly business meeting this afternoon In
their clubrooms. 1522 Chestnut street, at 3
o'clock Many Important questions of vital In
terest to the welfare of tho club will be dis
cussed, ninong which will bo the obtaining of
a clubhouse.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Charles E. Coxe will entertain
1.1 .. .i 1 ...til Jnl 4U nn...
ft at dinner this evening at their home In Mal
vk vern.
Mr. and Mrs. George W. Kendtlck will give
a delightful children's party this afternoon at
Fennnere, their home In Villnnova.
Mra. E. Frederick Oates, president of the
Philadelphia Chapter of the United Daughters
nf Hip Pnnf,Miv. 1tft thin nltv Tllpnrlnv In
y " '"- " " - "
if attend the annual convention in Savannah,
Ga., this week, of the United Daughters of
the Confederacy.
Friends of Mrs. Charles Francis Bnchmnn
will be sorry to learn that she has been quite
111 nt her home, 2013 Locust street.
Mr. nnd Mrs. J. Conyngham Stevens and their
family, of Sunnyslde, Jtydal, have moved Into
the Lambert house on York road, Arlington,
vhlch they will occupy for several months
while "Sunnyslde," which was recently dam
aged by Are, Is repaired.
The first meeting of the children's dancing
class, organized by Sirs. Frederick W. Morris,
Jr., of Wyncote, will take place nt tho Hunting
don Vnltey Country Club nt Noble, on Thurs
day afternoon, November 10, fror- 3 until 8
A bridge and "305" party was held yester
day, under the auspices of the Womnn's Club,
ot Wyncote, at the parish house of All Hallow?
Church at 2:30 o'clock. The proceeds ot the nt
fair will go to the Bed Cross Society for the
relief of the Belgian sutTerer.
Mr ind Mrs. Louis Benelte, who have been
itorlng In the South for several weeks, re-
urned to their home on Chelten avenue the
latter part of the week.
Mr and Mrs, A. Raymond Baff, of nth street
and. Oak lane, have been, spending several
weeks In New York.
There will be a muslcnle given in the resi
dence of Mrs. W. C. Haddock, of 10M BDth nve
rpe. Oak Lane, on November ti. The patron
eases are Mrs. Oscar Staber, Mrs. M. L. Holmes,
Mrs. W. II Shelley.
The artists who will participate In the affair
a.e MUs Camelia Thaae.had,lt, JollnUti JH
I-.athaip6 Leldy. harpist; Mre. George W.
Steward toprano. Miss Jean Kugler, eontralto;
Mrs. Davton Shelley, accompanist,
MIm Mabel Kehr Donnelly, 0f em North Jlh
stjt. entertained at dinner yesterday eve
nimc. Her guests were Mr. and Mra. George
PaUJi. of VIneland, N. J.; Mr. and Mra. W.
W Donnelly. Mr. and Mrs. pAnUj jwer, SUM
Grace Donnelly and Norman Fare.
Mr and Mrs. William Latta Hawaii have to-
ued insituttons for dlaaw Saturday uiubt In
njuur ui mm, rrapk JUtooutM, of Ua44mflc4l,
N J Ti.e uilr guMts will b Mr. aad Mr.
lederivli $tert, Mrs. Cbw. Dr. aul Ht.
j.. h., Ooeke Hlret, Willow Latta Xshhu "awl
. . fc.luULh Kaaapu.
Miss, tielaii May u4 Mrs. FnuUt OUUbfta
. i i ufciiw a brbtft tu ki givo w the Au-
"" rjwwUy, 'uvuibr 17, ta, jto-
riiolu hy Marrcau
Mrs. Bowes, who wns married ycstcnliiy, was
iNliss Evaliue Ilumplircys, of ChiihIcii.
cceds to be given for the poor of Kensington.
Mis. Itobcrt Ferry, of Stokley street nnd
Queen lane, will cntcrtnln n paity ot young
people nt tho Army and Nnvy game, followed
by n dinner to which several midshipmen will
be Invited.
Miss 51. Myrtle Leeds, daughter of Lincoln E.
Ieei1, of 123 Enst Pomona street, wns mnrtled
laist night to John Whiting, ion of Jnmei Whit
ing, nt htr home. The ceremony wns performed
by the Itov. Charles Lesley Burns, of the Firwt
Methodist Episcopal Church. After T trip
through the South lr. nnd Mrs. Whiting will
llvo nt 11!) Washington lane, where they will be
at homo nfter December 15.
Mrs. William l?idre Lloyd, or lit West Hort
ter sticct, is III in n Boeton hospital with an at
Inck of iippcndlcitls. Mrs. Lloyd accompanied
her liuehaud to Boston on n business trip; she
also expected to visit Mm. Walter Alvln Carl,
who i.tf Ml.s Sue Klngsley Bowcn, of Gcr-
nuintown. Mr. nnd Mrs. George Qrler Allison.
Mrs. Lloyd's parents, have gone to Boston.
Mrs. Lloyd wns atlas Lillian Allison before her
mnrrlngu In June.
Mis. Edward Fell- Lukcns will entertain the
members of her bridge club Monday, Novem
ber 23 at her home, 147 West School House
lane, Germanto;yn. Her guests will bo Mrs.
Henry Itogcr.s Swope, Mrs. Walter Wnlls, MrB.
Alexander M. De Haven, Mr3. David O. Enton,
Mrs. Humbold Gnrber, Mrs. Charles Mendc,
Mrs. Lydln Curtis, Mrs. J. It. ' C. McAllister,
Mrs. Henry Bnlnbrldgc, Mrs. Edward Newton
Hang and Miss Anna Sorrlll.
NAItllEItTH The Narbeith Assembly, which
will give a series of dances this winter In Elm
Hall, will hold its ne.t and second dance Fri
day, November 20.
M-s. Edwm P. Dolil will entertain the Nar
berth Card Club tomorrow afternoon at her
home, on Chestnut avenue. Tho members are
Mrs. Justice Morgan, MrB. Frank E. Bland, Mrs.
Guyon W. Gruy, Mrs. William Henderson, Mrs.
Curl II Melzger, Mrs. Fredeilck A. Brown, Mrs.
Edwnrd C. Stokes nnd Mrs. Dold, the hostess.
The l'rlci.ils of .Mr. and Jlrs. A. Perry Heifer
will be glad to hear that their little daughter,
Mtee Lillian Itcdlfer, has returned home from
the Hahnemann Hospital, whero she lecently
underwent an operation for appendicitis and Is
convalescing nicely.
WY1WEWOOD Much Interest Is beliiK taken In
the forming of the new Wynnewood Tennis
Club. The little Hathaway Schoolhnyse lias
ocen selected as the new clubhouse, nnd the
tennis courts are now being made ready lor tho
spring and summer use.
Sllss Jlnry ainlloy, of Neiy York, who spent
the summer and autumn as the ifuest of Mr.
nnd Mrs. Walter J. Snyder, expects to return
home this week.
The second meeting of the Fortnlghtlv Club
will be field Friday afternoon, November 20. at
tho home of airs. AVnlter Bassett Smith, on
Manor rood. The club, which was started three
years ago, Is 'Interested in the study of various
hUturlc and literary aubjects, and catli winter
It gives one musical evening. This year the
members are studying American udiois. Those
who belong to the Fortnightly Club are alias
Cordelia Woodle, aira. A. Terry Ilcdlfer. Mra.
A. L. .Tacoby, airs. F. H. HarJ, Ir., airs. A.
It. Blood, Airs, John Gllroy, Mrs Lester W.
Njckcraon, Jlra. Frank Stone, Mra J. C Cook,
airs. Augustus J, Loos, alias Barbara Shands,
Misa Ida Redlfcr, alios Bird Itoberts and alias
A fortnightly dancing class, which has been
organized to meet Thursdays In Wast Phila
delphia, Includes among Its members Mr, and
airs. Alexander at. Da Haven, air. and Mrs,
Edward Fell Lukens, air. and Srs. Edward
Newton ITaas, air, and Mrs. James L. Dillon,
Dr. and Mra, Theodore D. Casto, 3Ir. and airs.
Henry Rogers Swope, air. and Mra. J. Louis
Kates. Mr. and Mrs- Edward G. Nixen, Mr.
and airs. Harrison N. Dlaaal, air. and airs.
Hurry Thompson, air. and Mrs. William F.
Breltenbaugh and Mr. and Mrs. Harold Parks.
Cards have been Uaued by Mia. Milton aiyera,
aira. Joseph Ouatlf Hajoes an4 Mrs, Frederlek
Wilmer Pitt far a bridge to be given Friday,
November ST, at the home ot Mrs. Haines, 31$
8Mth list street.
trieHdc ot Mlas Mary MaCowaii will be tatty
to learn that she is 111 at Xh Uonw of her
parent, air. AftU Mra. Swwanuel Brnwa Me
Cowan, m Stuue atrost. MIm Laura Me
Cw. who lujurad bar ankle whU 9rcl&
for Um "Count ot Tubs," the- ptey fw
eliartty to b givan at tn BUviwytratferd
in Oseaniber, la fctUJ cenlbiad to tfao bouss
Mtas Mrr Ker CUrUtlan. dniulHai ufMr
Ad Mm AWuoo
A CbHallanttf 4-liiVNljBsr',,wa' J
nut street, will leave this wcei for Allentown,
to spend a fortnight nil tho guest of Mrs. Md
ward Hue. Miss Christian nnd Miss Dorothy
Hue will return to this city for the Pcnn-Cor-nell
game on Thanksgiving Day, nnd will be
Jclned by Miss line's brother, Charles Hue,
n student nt Cornell.
Sirs. Henry ltogers Swope Is entertaining
her sister, Mrs. Ambler, of PI, Louis, ns her
guest, (r. nnd Mrs. Swope will entertain their
bridge ctub Saturday night nt their home, 4D2G
Cedar avenue.
Mis, T. Nelson Spencer, ot 40M Cedar nvc
r.ue. will be hostess nt the meeting of her card
club next Monday afternoon.
Lieutenant William Lee Pryor, United Stales
Nnvj, and Mra. Prjor will cnlcrtnln this even
ing nt a small tho dnniant nt their home, 2326
Sooth 21st sticct, In the Glrnrd EMnte. Tho
nfTnlr Is in honor of Miss Catherine Knight, n
sister of Mrs. Pryor, who li at present her
guest. Among the guests, all of whom are
from the younger set, will bo Mlsi Helen Gil
lette. Miss Edith Gillette, Mlsi Marjory Ed
wards, Miss Jtnrgaret Smith, Miss Elizabeth E.
Mawvcll, of Huston, and Ensign George Mar
vel, U. S. N.i of the Connecticut; Ensign
1'outK U. S. N., of the Connecticut; Ensign
English, V. H. N.. of the Alabama, and Messrs.
Jullnn Fleming, Pcnrro F. Wllmer, 11 M.
Edwaids, Brjco niynn nnd John IJlynu.
The members of St. Patrick's Drnnintli Club
gae a piny and dance last evening in nld of
! the Church of St. Francis do Sales nt Lennl,
, I'.i The nfTalr wns under the pationagc ot
, Mis. Prnnci J. Fnrrell, Mrs. Wllllnm Logan,
i Mrs. Finucls McMnhon, Mrs. Charles BoiUInc,
Mrs. John Caulcy nnd Mrs. M. D.irhj. The
compnny presented the "Wrong Mr. Brown,"
nnd tiiose participating, nil of whom lire well
l.noiMi In South Philadelphia nmatour theatri
cal circles, weio Miss Mnry It. Dunlevy, Miss
Kntliiyn Kelly. Miss Margaret V. Keniney,
Jlls Knthcrinc Sullivan and James Bradley,
James J. Hlrkey, Thomas S. Kennedy, Thomas
Glenn nnd Wllllnm Long.
The wedding of Miss Estcllo Gcrstley, daugh
ter of Mr. nnd Mrs. Joseph Gcrstley, of 2334
North Hrond stieet, nnd Louis A. Hlnshclmor,
of Bnltlmoic, Mil., will tnko place on Monday
night, December 7, at tho St, James. Tho Itov.
Dr. Joseph Krauskopf, of the Konesoth Isrncl
Congregation, will perform tho ceremony.
The Alpha and Beta Chapters of the Chi PI
Soiorlty will hold nn auction sale for charity
rt tho homo of Miss Hilda B. Jcrferlcs. ot
Niirberth, on Saturday afteinoon. Among those
who will be In charge are Miss Leah H. Con
away, president; Mlsi Helen T. Gourley, secre
tary and trcnsuiei; Mlas Marlr.ltn ll Naylor,
Miss Dorothy M. Shrigley, Miss Margaret
Belcher, Miss Mnbel Mars nnd Miss Laura M.
Mutton, all ot the Alpha Chapter; Mlsi Evelyn
Harris, president; Miss Knthryu McDowell,
ticasurcr, and Miss Linda Kirk, secretary of
tho Beta Chapter.
Miss Sarah A. K. Martin and MM Edith L.
Mnrtln entertained nt cards last evening at
their home. 1700 Jefferson street. Among their
guests were Miss Estclle Lawson, Harry
Weal or, A. Mellor Slbbet and Llnwood Hlrch.
Mr. and Mrs. George W. Dals, of Ridge and
Wlcnid avenues: Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Ken-
worthVi of Green lane, nnd Mr. and Mrs. Harry
Morris, of Bala, returned yesteidny from sev
eral daja' visit In New York following nn auto
mobile trip to that city. They were tho
guests of air. nnd airs, Harry Holmes, of North
Broad street.
airs. Wnlter Wright, of Connrroc street, gave
a luncheon yesterday for the members of the
Hoxlyn Sowing Club. Her guests Included airs.
Walter Rowland, ailss Evu Rowland, airs.
Walter Wright, Jr.. airs. Charles Strusc and
aim. Charles Rowland.
Miss Cordelia Biihllc Will be Presented at
a Daueant Today,
One of the largest teas of the season will
be given this afternoon by air. nnd airs. A,
J. Drexel Blddle, nt the Bellcvue-Stratford
Rose Gardens, to introduce their attractive
daughter, illss Cordelia Blddlo. The large
north garden Is decorated with great palms
and ferns, nnd certnlnly no debutante yet has
received more flowers than ailss Blddle every
kind ot exquisite and rare bloom, from tha
iolet and tiny sweetheart roBe, to the groat
Miowball chrysanthemum and stately Ameri
can beauty.
aira. Riddle's gown la a combination of satin,
velvet and lace, and the bodice la finished with
tulle folds, ailss Blddle wears an extremely
dainty frock of sntln and silver shot lace, made
with a long basque girdle and frilly oversklrt.
airs. Blddle will hnve assisting her In receiv
ing airs. Alexander Van Rensselaer, 3Irs.
George W. C. Drexel, Mis. Edward T. Stotcs
bury, airs. Samuel K. Reeves, airs. Isaac Tat
nail Starr, airs. Daniel L. Hutchinson, airs.
Charles B. Penrose, airs. J. Harrison Smith,
airs. C. Charlton Henry. Mrs. George Dallas
Dixon. Mrs. Alexander Brlnton Coxe, airs,
William Cadwalnder, Mrs. Robert Kelso Cas
t,att, airs. Henry Williams Blddle. Mrs. William
Ellis Scull, airs. Henry Brlnton Coxe, airs.
Charles Piatt, Jr., Sirs. William Thaw, 3d, of
New York; Mrs. Alexander Williams Blddle
nnd airs. James Francis Sullivan, ailss Blddle
will be assisted by the following young ladles:
ailss alary Duke, of New York; Miss Ellen
You, of New York; ailis Charlotte Brown,
alias Ruth Coxe, ailss Jlargot Scull, ailss
Katharine Aahburst Bowie, ailss Inez Dray
ton, ailss Pauline Dlsston, Miss aiargaret Ber
wind, Miss aiarle Louise Wanamaker. ailss
alary Brown Warburtoh, Miss Elizabeth
Wider, SIlss Jean Thompson and iliss Eliza
beth Thompson.
A thentrp party and supper for the receiving
ikirty and additional men guests will follow
the dansant.
A second tea and dansant, which will take
place this afternoon, will be given by air. ana
Mrs. Charles Gibbons Davis, at the German
town Cricket Club, aianheim.
Irs. Davis and her daughter will receive
ttielr guests near the entrance 'to the ballroom.
MIm Davis will wear an exquisite gown of
while satin with an overdress of tulle. A
number ot the season's buds will recajve with
Mlaa Davis. They will Inalude Miss Elizabeth
H, WUteY. Miss Charlotte Harding Brawn.
Mia Ruth Maun, Mlaa Marjorle H. aiann. Miss
Christine Clark, Miss aiarjorle Taylor, Mlsa
Emma A. Darr, Mlsa Helena 8. Robinson, Miss
Mary & OtoytoR, Miss Huberta Potter. Mlsa
Katharine Tenuey, MUs Jean M. Llllle, Miss
AUea pennlston Laughlin. pt Pittsburgh.
airs. Henry Hobart Brown will give a
Uutant luneneon at the Acorn Club In honor
ot Mlsa Hone McMichael, was whl be intro
duced at a dansant on Pacamnar J. About
3i debutantes will attend Ue kinaftaon today.
In the evening Mr. and. Mrs. Antonio
Yanaga Stewart, ot tm Same street will Ba
tksiaui u.i dinner in honor at Mias Margatti
daughter of
Mr and JAM. Henry
Miss Gnrolinc Franklin Is Married to
S. AlacDonaltl Smith Today Cupid
Tins Other Followers.
The marriage of Miss Caroline Bentes Frank
tin, daughter of Henry S. Franklin, nnd Stan
ley MacDonnld Smith tool: place today nt noon
In St. Jnmes' Episcopal Church, Lancaster. The
bride wns nttlred In white satin nnd Inco nnd
her veil wns trimmed with lace nnd orange
blossoms. Her father gave her In marrlngc. air.
Smith wns attended by hlj brother Wllllnm
Howard Smith, ns best man, nnd the ushers
were Henry Pepper Norrls, of this city, nnd
rr.inlvlln Bailsman, of Lancaster, air. Smith
Is tho son of Mrs. I.. Hcber Smith, of this city.
The wedding wns nn extremely quiet nffnlr.
Only the famlllcj and a very few Intimate
frlcnsil were present. After n wedding trip Mr.
nlul Mrs. Smith will live In Lancaster,
ntHMIT tt.F.N
Tho marriage of Miss atlldred Allen, daughter
of air, nnd Mrs. George C. Allen, to Warren
A. Burnett will tnko place tonight nt 7 o'clock
nt the home of tho 'bride's parents, 63S7 Over
brook nvcnilc. The ceremony will be per
formed by the Rev. II. Alfred Boggs, pastor of
the Pilnccton Piesbytcrlnn Church. Tho bride,
who will bo given In marriage by her father.
n III bo gowned In lustrous white satin, cllcd
In lnco, with n court train. Her veil wilt be
of tulle, surmounted by n coronet of ornnge
l)Iosoms, nnd she will carry white chrysanthe
mums. The maltl of honor "111 bo Miss May Allen, a
sister ot tho bride. She will wear n gown of
pnlo pink sntln, nnd will carry pink chrysan
themums. Clnrcncc jr. Burnett, n brother of tho bride
groom, will net ns best man. Following the
ceremony n snnll icceptlon will be held, after
which air. nnd airs. Burnett will lenvo for
their wedding Journej. They will live In Lex
ington, Ky.
wiiirn KFOLKV
, A very Interesting wedding will tnko plnce In
'Tlogn tonight, when Miss Edith M. Fegley,
(laughter of air. and airs. Thomas J. Fegley,
of H2.1 AVest Ontnrlo street, will be given in
matrlnge by her fnther to Clarence B. White,
of 1121 West Erie nveiiuc. Tho ceremony wilt
be performed nt r,:S0 o'clock nt tho homo of
the bride's pnrrnts by tho Rev. Albert Henry,
of the First Presbytoilnn Church of Kensing
ton, assisted by the Rev. Dr. Chnrlcs 13. Dunn,
pastor of the Tlogn Prcsbyterlnn Chinch, Tjoga
and ISth streets.
A gown of soft white sntln and princess lace,
benutlful In Ito long straight lines, and mado
nlth n court train, will be worn by the bride.
Her tulle veil, edged with lncc, will bo ar
ranged with n enp nnd orange blossoms to hold
It In place, nnd tho bouquet will be n shower
of orchids and lilies of the vnllcy. There will
be two attendants, aiis3 ainrgery Baum, in aid
of honor, and Helen Crnmp, the Mower girl.
The former will wenr a charming frock of
white lace, with a touch of pnlo blue trimming.
Her (lowers will bo pink roses. Little ailss
Cinmp's white lace frock will bo trimmed with
pink ribbons She will carry' a dainty basket
of pink losebuds.
Jlr. White will hae John P. Fegley". the
bride's brother, for best man. The ceremony
will be followed by n reception from S to 10
o'clock. Upon their return from nn extended
Journey air. nnd airs. White will bo nt home
nfter February 1 nt G315 Noith ISth street, Oak
ailss Catharine Anklns, daughter of the Rev.
J. Wesley and airs. Anklns, of 3031 North tth
street, and Woolston H. Foster, of Wlsslnomlng,
were married Inst night in the Faith Tnbcr
nacle, M street above Lehigh avenue, of which
the bride's fnther Is pastor. Tho ceremony
was performed by the Rev. Ellwood Roberts,
of the Church of tho Brethren, Allentown. ailss
Anklns was given In marriage by her' fnther,
and attended by ailss Frances Griffon ns mnld
of honor. George Grlffen was the bridegroom's
best mnn. air. nnd airs. Foster, on their re
turn from their wedding journey, will occupy
their new home on Enst Allegheny nvenue.
Dr. Laura Carnell Guest nf Honor at Bitten,
house Function,
A delightfully appointed testimonial luncheon
was given this nfternoon nt the Rlttenhouse In
honor ot Dr. Laura Carnell, denn ot tho Tem
ple University, In celcbrntlon of the completion
by her of 21 yenrs of service at the college. The
fuewts were received by tho officers, airs.
Waller Shumway, airs. Tercy SI. Chandler, aUs,
T, Lewis Thomas and airs. Walter Hancock. The
reception room was bnuked with palms' nnd
flowers and druped with a largo American (lag.
In front of which a miniature fountain played.
Among the Interesting guests were airs.
Rudolph Illankcnburg, airs. I. 11. O'Hara, Dean
Mail an Holly, of llrjn ainwr College; Mis:
Elizabeth Klrkbrlde, president of the College'
Club; -Mn,. B. F. Richardson, president of the
Pnllomuslan Club; airs. S. P. Snowden ailtchell,
airs. Geuige W. Edwnrda, Sirs. Edwin C. Grlce,
ailss Abby Sutherland, airs. Edith Pierce and
Mrs. aiumford.
The luncheon wns served In the main banquet
room, with the tables arranged to form a halt
wheel, radiating from the speaker's table. The
room wan hung with autumn leaves from alary
land and chrysanthemums, and the centre
pieces were pink rosebuds. Covers were laid
for 130 guests.
During the course of the affair Doctor Car
nell was presented with n huge bunch of gar
denias and orchids, in the centre of which was
concealed a handsome bracelet watch.
The speakers of the afternoon, who were In
troduced by airs. Wnlter Hancock, were aira.
H. S. Prentiss Nichols, president of the Century
Club, who spoke on "Woman's Work 'in Club
Life"; atUs Henrietta aieteer, dean of Swarth
more College, "Woman's Work in Educational
Institutions"; Dr. Eleanor Jones, "Opportunity
Open-to Women Graduates In Medicine"; MUs
Winifred Robinson, dean of the new Delaware
State College tor Women, "Harmony Between
Arnolds Peachlmrs and Vocational Training."
air. and aira. Leopold Sohmld, of 380 North
Sith street, announce the marriage of their
daughter. Bertha. C, to John Henry Beokman
last Saturday, Mr. and airs. Beckman will be
at home after November S3 nt 4S12 North 11th
street, Logan.
airs. C. A. Sehaufier, of IMS Hunting. Park
avenue, entertained the members ot her sewing
eirelo last evening. Her guests were Mra.
Hampton G. Silsox, aira. Jeatph Comely. Mrs.
Joseph May. MUs Kathryn Haebarla. Mlas
Cnriatlna Dtrk, Mis Hmma L Batty, Mlsa
LydU Mitchell. Mlas Alma Uulck and Mtec
Clara V. Hwlty.
The Is'leatown Brnneti ot te Needlework.
guild nld it RAM annual axblnUion yaateaoay
at Z o'clock in AH aatata' Lnthaaa CtMrefe,
Garaantown avenue and Cayufo trat
Speakers tram tna dJKecest branca lft a4
rcs the waeitnf.
In "The Beautiful Adventure" coming to llic Broad. Mrs. WliifTcn will mukc her last appearance
after 50 years on the stage.
Future Promising for American
AVIiilo young American drnmatlsts lack tech
nique, their work, nccordlng to Wlnthrop Ames,
of tho Little Theatre, New York, reveals n rich
fertility of original Idcns. Technique can be
learned, but Ideas cannot. Therefore air Ames
I conildem the future promising for tile devel
opment of native playwrights.
In the $10,000 play contest conducted by.aih
f Ames 2030 manuscripts were submitted. Of this
number 1JW were written by women, which
shows that tho writing of plays is pursued by
women as much ni by men. Of the 12 manu
H'llpts selected for final consideration, six weie
written by women. Three ot these were, by
New Yorkers, three camo from' Chicago, two
from Boston, two from California, one from
Washington, D. C, and one from Seattle.
"This shows that plays are being written
throughout the country," said air. Ames. "The
gicator number were modern In theme, nrtd the
majority were plays about criminals." . ,
Only n small portion of the manuscripts were
correctly written, but, considered gcnernlly,
lcvcnled oilglnallty of plot and Ideas. In dis
cussing tho preparation for play writing, air.
Ames said a serious study of successful dramas
fio'm the theatre 'Is better than nctunl work on
the stngo. To be successful, a dramatist must
understand the development of action toward
n proper climax, nnd, most .Importnnt of all,
the play of suspense which makes an audience
hold its breath until the denouement;
The prize wns won, as nlrcndy announced, by
ailss Alice Brown. Her play. -."Chllilicn of
Earth," will, bo produced 'about Thanksgiving,
with Herbert Kelccy and Etlle Shannon head
ing tho cast.
David Belasco will present at . the, Broad
Street Theatre, beginning November SO, Frances
Starr In Henri Bernstein's lntest play. "The
Lew Fields is to pet before the camera, ap
pearing In "Old Dutch." one of the familiar
successes, having; been -engaged by the Worlu
rilm Corporation," Associated with air. Fields
in the Vmovles" me ailss Vivian Martin, now
appearing with him In "The High Cost of Lov
ing," nnd George Ha'sel.
The production of "Hindle Wakes," a delight
fully witty presentation of tho feminist ques
tion, will bo followed November 30 pt the
Little Theatre by "Joy," by John Gulsworthy.
The step from "straight" drama to motion
pictures nnd back again Is very brief those
Ballet and Symphony Orchestra
Program of IJxctpitcuial Inlereai, Including a iew,
llclern Itallroorn Solrs.
Stan Nou Ticket Offic. 1100 Chtntnut
1'rlcn SOc lo $3. J'hont Walnut TMI3
Proclaimed by every npapT crltte lo b a dm
inatlc uiaturplece cuttcteJ by one o the moi abla
casta tier asenibletl.
A r A TTTA1"V Nt MonJaj. Tu4ay, Wtd.
AUALUaiyJ. I MatlntM, J SO. NUjtu. 8:80
Murv4ui Mellon Plviuras ot Auluwl UN
"rlctl&c to T6c HU Now at H.ppf.
B" -m ti'TTTTTT'R Tb4i,re- 'nw w
, 1, iVilXXL OritbirNdetw .-UI-W ahoul
TTVVDT'n,CirP '-a1 3 wak.. Kvni at 8:1
ltUHivEjDJ. auiu wa ua u un:
nAMcfe THAT MXJ11HT O A. K 1
yaanjar PHw WmlimiUr Manoaa tuat nta im
iky'S ,J6ix uoaoa": Sio.
TKOlfK: BtttlCH ft
l!X!. waatfcjrs
Tnaay. 8:1.
L-- - -"', '
ADi:Lnn-"A Pair of Sixes." farce by Ed.
Word Pcpte. Two business partners shoot a
cold hand, the u Inner to retain the business,
tlio loser to become his body-servnnt fop n
year, aiaude Kburne Inimitably funny as a
slavey. ' ' .
IIItOAD "Tho Song of Songs," new play by
Kdwjird Sheldon. An episodic adaptation of
Heimnnn Sudermann's novel detailing a girl's -iiuest
ot love. In which Irene Fcnwlck proves
herself a capably great actress.
roitltirsT "Sail." cliaimlng operetta, with
.ailr.zl Hajos nnd Ireno Powlowsha. ailzzl
Hajos, as Sari, nn Hungarian girl, transported
to Paris. Is Inlmltubl). coyly funny and Just
captivating ailss I'owlow'ska sings operatic
ally and charmingly. .,
QAIIHICK "The Debutante," new musical
comedy, with book by H. It. and It. B. Smith
and music by Victor Herbert. A trite plot,
enlivened by bits of insinuating music. With
Hazel Dawn as roseate na ever.
KL'ITH'S Celebrntlon of the 12th anniversary
of this popular vaudeville house, with Jesse 1
Lasky's tnblold musical comedy, "The Society
Buds." .
LiTTLK THCATltn-nxcellent revival' ot "The
Itivals" In original form as wrltton by Sheri
dan, admirably ncted.
LYRIC "The Story o'f the. Rosary " Elab- .
oratcly staged melodrnma, 'which will weary
solno In tho first act and thrill others to the
last, appreciation being a .matter of taste.
AVALNUT "Within the Law." Catherine
Tower convincingly portra.vs Mary Turner,
who. ' is unjustly sentenced to prison, but
finally tilumphs.
dtys. Edith Taliaferro, last seen In "Tlppina
tho Winner," will appear in a forthcoming mo
tion. picture production for tho Jesse L. Lnaliy
Feature Play Company. Dustlu Farnum, Wini
fred Kingston and Marguerite Clark will all
journey to tho coast together, each being1
hooked for appearance in. a picture. Elsla
Janis'wlll also appeqr on the screen.
ltiso to it:30
tl.000.000 Tljcatro iVOO Stating Capacity '
Miss MAE FRANCIS FoirjOthqr3
Short Intermlng rhoto-riars and Burpee Featur.
11 A. II TO 11 P. M..
Prices 10c and !0e .
niiocfnnf Qf OPERA I Home of World'a
VjIIcbtllUL OU HOUSE Cirealttt rhotoplaya
Afti.. 1 to..".. lU and 15c. EvfJ., 7 to 11, 10. 13. .
ArcotnpanleJ ly Wurlltwr Orsan and a
Dally Change ot Flrt-mn Comwly l'lcmro
BROAD Last 3 Evgs. fflg
TUB Song of Songs ASfekllg.DoN
With ANN ML'ltPOCK ad Original f. V. Cut
tSSffSS November 16th
Sutwrrlption Departnwnt. 1109 CtiMtnilt St.
U AM. to 11 P4I
Double Dill I
nmAMTtiV lc OirUlKIIl. XIUUU
OXliNUlJA ir,y.tur. Co4y. 'Tfct
TllMATHH I x Thlfa 8rin,"
Nwt ffwt- -Tyrone Powr In'ArtolCirtey''
' A Iatu that cure the areusk." 3ul letia
"A cream-" Ler.
The Story tor Rosary
palace ThRtra & 1W , u.
"Life's Shdp Window" viJr
UTTLE itfeTfeWlir
rtAT) XttfV ke" " "' : '

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