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( Transactions (to Be Allowed
. ; at Minimum Prices Ur
gent Investment Demand in
SKort-term Note Market.
Trading In bonds at minimum prices
will be resumed on the floor of the Now
York Btock Exchange on Saturday. This
statement was made today by a member
of the special committee) which has de
cided on this step.
There Is much to be done. In the way of
mechanical work In order to facilitate
bo ild dealings. The space allotted for
toond dealing's Is already being enlarged.
Telephone boards are to be put In place
and counters for necessary clerical work
are now being put on the Broad street
' lde tit the Exchange, where the bond
crowd Is located.
. The decision to rcaumo bond dealings at
minimum prices has been adhered to In
eplte of the fact that a number of bond
dealers asserted that since reports of this
notion became current n. large volume of
oiling rfers has been received. The step
insets with the approval of Important
hanking Interests, and may be said to
liaVe been actually Inspired by tho lead
ins banks.
Anticipation of his bond trading has
been reflected In Increased dealings
"trough tho Stock, Exchange Clearing
House. The transactions there have
been so large In tho past week that the
SLer,nB Ho"s Commltteo has divided
itself Into subcommittees to handle dif
ferent lines of securities, and the clerks
there have been compelled to work far
into the night.
The New street curb market was ac
tive and strohg, as shown by the fol
iwlng bids: American Can, 2094: Sugar,
102 I American Telephone, 113; South
ern Pacific, S3U: United States Steel.
7; preferred, 104; Amalgamated Cop
per, 47; Northern Pacific, 86V4: Reading,
138 Atchison, SSH; New York Cen
tral, SOW; Central Leather, '30J4; Union
Paclflc, 112; Third Avenue, 33; Lehigh
Valley, 120, and Pennsylvania, 101U.
Tho short-term note market reflects urg
ent Investment demand. Lake Shore
notes, .which were sold a month ngo qn
a 6 per cent basis, are now on a 4K per
cent basis, and there has been sub
stantial Improvement In prices In all
other notes.
Steel business Is hi larger volume, but
Increased orders have been Induced by
price concessions, a feature always noted
In the flrst stage of Improvement In this
industry. Copper metal Is also stronger
and sold abovo 12 cents. There Is no
longer any selling pressure of copper
metal from Droducers. and trnrl In nntv
In good condition. Cotton held, with net
gains of 3 to 6 points, and tho dealings
In that staple Indicate an adjustment of
trading to existing conditions.
Sterling exchange was firm, demand,
41.83; cables, i.88.
vr5?:deeP.sltln6.$1.000.00O in gold Wlth,the
Assistant Treasurer of the UnltedStates
Jln this city, the Philadelphia National
Bank retired the balance of Its outstand
! Jng emergency circulation.
The American Smelting and Refining
Company has advanced the price of lead
CO points from $3.70 to $3.90.
The firm of Mellor. Petry & Canby will
dissolve tomorrow morning because of
the retirement of William M. Canby. The
business will be continued under the. Arm
name of Mellor & Petry.
New Tork. banks lost to the Sub
treasury yesterday $1,100,000 and since Fri
day have lost $8,178,000.
Providing that theStock-Exchange is
opened by next February, the. Arm of
George S. Fox & Sons, which 'has long
been established downtown, will move
Into new offices on the main floor of the
Commercial Trust Building.
The Bank of North America has re
tired $23,000 emergency currency.
Percy C. Maderla. of Maderla. Hill &
Co., is on a hunting trip in Northern
The minimum, rate of discount of the
Bank of England remained unchanged at
5 per cent, today.
Two more stock exchanges have taken
action to reopen for business on Monday.
General trading will be resumed by the
Chicago Btock Exchange in all listed and
unlisted stocks and bonds. The closing
prices of July 20 will be the minimum at
which trading will be permitted. Traders
Trill be allowed to deduct one dividend on
dividend-paying stocks. The New Orleans
Stock Exchange will be reopened for
trading In bonds.
The Baldwin Locomotive Wr'ts ,s De"
(ginning to ship an order of 20 small nar-!row-gauge
locomotives to France.
1014. Di
Second wesk November- $830,070 $181,(500
horn July 1 30,421.353 1,831.821
Second week November. . $321,892 J40.O77
From July 1 B,478.421 $50,003
Second week November. . $125,527 $23.9.18
Iom January 1. 0,030,075 252,60a
Bxnd wlc November. . $706,005 $8,922
frmi July 1... lB.030.Wii 053,733
Call Prices Higher Than Itfwt Night's
NEW TORK, Nov. 19. Trading: In cot
ton waa very quiet today, with call prlcea
one point lower to three point higher
than laat nleht'a flnaja. There, wh evi
dence of professional aeltlnr at the start,
hut apot houses continued to take the
Ions end, and this made bears cautious,
with the result that they restricted their
operations and the- market advanced In.
the Ant IS minutes to a net gain of from
2 to 6 points. Liverpool reported a quiet
and steady market.
Bemoval of the Emden Vttta Bhlpa
for This Sort.
With the removal of the German cruiser
Hmden as a menace Jn the Indian Ocean,
the American and Indian Steamship Com
Dny. of which Galley. Davis & Co., of
tills city, are scents, has rearranged Its
schedule for the resumption of the ser
vice between Calcutta and this port. This
jitwj was v ratifying to the Importers of
Jute. Kasks a4 other Far Bastern
ike steamship KlrkdaK, Unkmoor,
Beaahy, 0t Duastan. Haj-jagtis, Kassfto
said TwtfMi rttooe aa chjud to ie4
at Cte tWa TOBt. JO QQ t
dp i vmT mm m w
' a i i -i
Excess Charges on 09 Bnilroads Held
to Be Reasonable.
WASHINGTON, Nov. 19, Excess bag-sagej-ates
over the Atchison, Topeka nhd
Sartfe Fe and 68 other tallronds were
held by the Interstate Commerce Com
mission today to be reasonable. The
rates and charges for transportation of
baggage of excess valuo were found to be
Complaint of the rates throughout prac
tically the whole of the United States
was made by the National Baggage Com
mittee, a voluntary association, repre
senting hutncroiia commercial organiza
tions, traveling men and theatrical com
Baggage up to and Including 150 pounds,
belonging to nn adult passenger, tho
Commission declared, shall bo valued at
hot more than $100 In determining
charges for excess valuation. Sevonty
flve pounds nt a valuation of $60 Is flxed
for a child. For oxceBs over the weight
flxed above, the Commission held thnt a
valuation of 66 2-3 cents per pound should
be fixed by the railroads.
The hew valuation rates become ef
fective December' 31.
1V,,FAT,-nec?'Pll!' HT.163 bnahi There
?.! faJ.l;.?.xporJ '"1ulry and, the market rulod
steady. Milling demand was IlKht. Quotations:
Car lots. In export eletator No. 2 rod. spot
5!'2?X,mbjr' $1-H1."i No. 2 red Western,
f 28V? Northern Duluth, ?1.2.-.itf
COIIN. Hecelptx, 700O bush. Trade was
quiet at Unchanged prices, quotations: Car
Iota, for local trade, aa to locatlon-Nd. 2 yel
low, old, 8J8mc j steamer yellow, old, (MUtf
OATS Receipts, 44,1(10 bush. Thi mar
ket ruled stonily, with a moderate business.
Quotations: No. 2 whit, swiuum miniiint
white, IKMr53Hc: No. a white, KOSSttc
Y FI.OU.lt Itecelpts, aoo bold, and 1.080,000
ids. m bucks, ino marKct quivi ana wiinout
Important change. Quotations, per 100 lbs., In
wood: Winter, clear, H.T31M.0O; do., straight,
$SS5.2.-j do., (latent, S..V5.78: Kansas,
fctratght, Juto sacks, $3.2005.40; do., patent.
iute sacks, l3.40Hn.tKt; spring, nrst, clear, $3.10
rnanj do., straight, f.visufi HO; do., patent
3.70&3.UO: do., lavorltebrands, lunti.nu; city
mills, cholco and fancy patent, lifllM! city
mills, regular grades Winter, clear. $4.7iva
4.M)J do., straight, $303.23; do., patent, $3.30
Ill'E FLOUR. Wus In small auply and
steady, but quiet. We quote nearby and Wct
ern, In wood, at $3.3000.
Trade quiet and market without Important
chance, quotations! City beef. In sots, smoked
and atr-drled, HOSCIOc.s Western beef. In aets,
smoked, sngaoo.; city beer, knuckles and ten
dors, smoked and alr-drled, 3igilc.s Western
beef, knuckles and tenders, smoked, HOfi.llc.:
toef hams, $3038j pork, family, S2.VB20;
hams, 8. I cured, loose. 14014HC.: do., skin
ned, loose, 140144c: do,, do., smoked, 13ft
lSHrc.i other hams, smoked, city cured, as to
brand and nvorage. 1340111c! hams, smoked,
Western cured, 131ifl(c; do., boiled, bone
less, 20W21C.! picnic shoulders, S. P. cured,
loose, U?12c.; do., smoked, KWlIUic: bel
lies, In pickle, according to avoragc, loose.
HltHSlsc: breakfast bacon, as to brand and
average, city cured. lOtT-Oc; breakfast bacon.
Western cured, 104120c.: lard, Western, refined.
tierces, lOftfllc: do., do., do., tubs, lOiSllc.;
lard, puro city, kettle rendered, In tierces, W
UHlc: lard, puro city, kettle rendered, In tubs,
Quiet but firmly held. Refiners' list of
prices! Standard granulated, 3.13c; fine gran
ulated, 3.10c; powdered. 3.20c; confectioners'
A, 3c; soft grades, 4.25-3 t.SJc
BUTTER. Itecelpts of desirable stock
wero ngni ana ino marxet ruled steady, out
buyers were operating only for actual wants.
Quotations: western, fresh, solid-packed
cieamory. fancy epeclali, ;i7c: extra, .30c. ;
extra firsts, 33034c: firsts. 30831c; seconds.
203280. ; ladle-packed, 21S23c, as to quality;
nearby prints, fancy, 3Sc; do., do., average
extra, 3iVnfl7c; do., tints, 32933c; do., sec
onds. 30fl31c. Special fancy brands of prints
lobbing at 43645c.
EO08. Fine new-laid egfcs Vera scarce
and firm under a good demand. Quotations: In
fiee cases, nearby, extra, 40c per doa.i nearby
firsts, $10.80 per standard case: nearby" cur
rent .receipts. $0.00010.20 per Htandard case;
"Western and Southwestern extra, firsts, $10 SC
per case; do., firsts, fU.U03ll0.2(i per case; do.,
seconds, $7.2007.80 per case; Southern, JS.Jirtj
0 per case; refrigerator cbks. 21 J 27c. per doz.,
as to quality. Fancy selected candled fresh
eggs were jobbed out at 44S1RC.
CHEESE. Trade was quiet, but prices
ruled steady under moderate offerings. Quota
tions: New York, full-cream, carllor receipts,
choice, lS(210c.; do., do., current make,
choice, 15V4c; do., do., fair to good, 14H13c:
do., part skims. 8613c
LIVE. Choice stock sold fairly and
ruled firm under light offerings. Quotations:
Fowls, ,13015c: old roosters. lOIJllc: spring
chickens, according to quality, 13fflSc: tur
keys, 18920c; ducks, l.l&Me.; geese. 1.1814c.:
guineas, young, weighing 'f. lbs. nnd over
apiece, per pair. 73c; do., weighing lHKlli
lbs. apiece, per pair, 6.Vi70c; weighing 1 lb,
apiece, per pair, 50c: old, per pair, 50c; pig
eons, per pair, lRlflSc.
DltESSKI). The market ruled firm un
der light receipts and a fairly active demand
and fine heavy chickens were Ic. higher. Quotations-
Turkeys, fine, large, spring, 22623c;
No. 1, old. SOJKlc: ordinary. 18C2i)c: fowls,
per It,., selected heavy, 10c; do., weighing 4Vj
3 ltis. apiece, 18c: do., 4 lbs, apiece, 104j
17c: do.. HVt lbs, apiece, 146150.: do.. 3 lbs,
apiece, lie; old roosters, dry-picked. 14c;
broiling chickens, nearby, weighing lViS- lbs.
apiece, 20j!22c: broiling chickens, nearby, fair
to good. 10318c,; chickens. Western, 4 lbs. and
over apiece, 18c; do., do,, 1U4 lbs. apiece, tat,
lCc: do., do,, 24&.1 lbs. apiece. 14815c; broil
ing chickens, Western. HiUJS lbs. apiece, 17c:
broiling chickens. Western, fair to good, 12
14c; snuaba, nerdos., white, weighing 11 to 12
lbs. perdoz,, $.1.00J4.50; white, weighing o to
10 lbs. pec doz , 3.1ftfl3.75: white, weighing 8
IU 1U. ICfc UU iI,iiiiii,U, nilUi rrt;iKi)lli O
lbs. per rtoi.. $2.BOQ2.75r do., do., 7 lbs. per
doa., (2(12.23: Tdo., do., 184 lbs. pir doz.,
$1.2531. 63; dark and No. S. 50c.(r$l,10.
In moderate supply and demand, with little
loacrme vuppur auu urtn.ua, wun (mil
i In prices. Quotations: Apple, per bbl.
thtn, $31)3.50: King. (2 M03,25; Blush,
3.25; Baldwin. $f,75el2,B0: artenlnr.
cnantre in i
lt,IH74.0U, insui;n,um., ,huw,g, lupin.
Jl.73ft2.23: York Imperial, $1.7562; other cood
eating varieties, Jl.73-02.tk); medium. HT1.50;
i mnl m...., .. .- it Kieyt. ,.'
cawnr vstricLiev .iiru.w, iiili4u$ii. fiuw,
Cmb, Jirt-I.CrO; Crab apples, per buih. baiket.
Vi.DUi.io; appiea, v?oiini, per wii. iqi,ihi(
pple, Delaware ana Pennsylvania, per ham.
ler. MtV)o. Quinces, uer bbl.. 2iH.1.M).
box. Sl.RdfJ2.50. Qrapefrult, Florida, per box.
$1 rMI2:2.'l. I'lneapples. per crate Porto Itlco.
$1.253.25; Florida, $12 30. Cmnberrler, Capo
emons, per cox, tt9fi. uranKcs. i,oriua, per
Cod, Early Black, per bbl.. tanotfJ: do., do.,
do., per crate, lint 40; cranberries, Jersey, per
crate. Ilfirl.2.'!. Tears, New York, per bbl,
Beckel. W.tOQ.I: Reurre Bosc. fWMM; Khel
don. $4S3; lieurre Tlalrgeau. $2.B0ft3 50;
Beum d'Anjou. $2.2593.23; Duchess, $28,7;
Howell. t252.Wl other varieties, 23. Oranes,
New Tork Concord, per 8-lb. basket, 13015c;
de.. per 4.1b. basket. lOfJIIc. ; Niagara, per 4.
lb. basket, 8Sllc. ; Delawares, perl-lb. basket.
12)J15o.; grape. Concord, per 20-lb. basket.
Trade fair and values generally well sustain,
ed with sweet potatoea a shade stronger. Quo.
tatlons. White potatoes, per buih f"cnoy
vanta, BSSU2c ; New York, 45iGOo . white
potatoes, Jersey, per basket. Mfi-tOo. , sweet
potatoes. Eastern Shore, per bbl. No. 1, 11.25
61.75; No. 3. $1) sweets, Jersey, per bbl.
aey, per bis., 4065c. Onions, per bush., choice,
60365c t fair to good. 40Sc.; do., choice.
per luu-ra. Dig., iityi.iu; ap., raeatum, per
100-lb. beg. 85OOc.. do., seconds, ner 100-lb.
bar. BOOeoe. Cabbage, domestic, per ton, X7
IBS; do., Danish, per ton. IIO311. Cauliflower,
R"I?iJE!I c.f Z?"??- ,""u5&70'-
iu, p.r ,,'r' .,w,w! w.,,iw.wt iLrvitaa,
tier basket, $WW 60. Beans. Florida, per bas
tot, $lri-T5. do-. North Carolina, per bas
ket, Il.lsa'J.??. Celery. New Tork, per
bunch- 15$65c. Mushrooms, per 4-lb. Lasket,
firjl.cu. 1
ji'i'1'1' . ' ''''''rinnnifvnr!'?-!?
Cliutc Prices! Egg 57.60; Store $746) Nut IT.58; Pea 53.53
sac aaaea ii
Sun And Tides
6un rises n 40 m. Sun sets . . 441 P.m.
High water 2 SO a.m. I High water. 2:85 p. m,
Iow water.. 0-37 am, Ijow water.. 10:10p.m.
nbKDt J8fANt).
Hleh water 11:44a.m. I High ler. ..,sp.m.
Low nater.. :B a.m. tw water.. 6:87 p.rm
High water. 0:01 s.m. I lluh water. 0:43 p.m.
Low water.. 2:34a.m. I Low water.. atlOp.m.
Vessels Arriving T6day
Battleship Moreno, trial trip. New Tork
Shipbuilding Company. . . .
8tr, Quantlco, Jacksonville, eld., passengers
and merchandise, Merchant and Miners' Trans
portation Company. ...
Sir. ualllngton (Dr.), Santiago, iron ore. J.
A McCarthy. k-
Sir. Tuscan, noston. risengers end mer
chandise. Merchant and Miners' Transporta
tion Company. . . . ...
Btr. Shawmut, Jacksonville, merchandise,
Southern Steamship Company. .
Str. Isle of lona (Dr.), New Tork. ballast.
Munson Steamship Lin. ,
Str. American Transport ,(Ur.), Cruz Onnde,
Chill, Iron ore, J. A. McCarthy. . ,
Str. Florida, Port Arthur, cruds oil. Gulf
Petroleum Company. ... . ..
Str. Olemnay, Alwandretla. merchandise.
Galley, Davis A Co. , , ... .,
Str. Om, Cape Breton, plaster, Keystone
Piaster Company.
Vessels Sailing Todrty
Str. Brooklet (Dr.), Horn, St. Andrewi, Fla.,
.Strturne (Swe'd.J, Itaumgardt, Savannah. I
"'.C,8t"a,rr',PontC'(l1r.), Plnkham. London via
Halifax, Philadelphia Transatlantic Line.
Str. Anthony Oroies, Jr., Brlstow, Balll-
War.lA!.nd,M:loirllsK McKeague, Charle--ton.
A, D. Cummins & Co.
Steamships to Arrive
.Nov. 10
.Nov. 13
.Oct. 10
.Oct. 23
.Oct. SO
.Oct, at
.Oct. 31
Oct. 31
!,., t.l erpool ..
....... QnefnitoiMi ,.
OtkUnds Grange Ilordeaux ....
Virginian .............llllo ., ......
Hetieroa Port Natal ...
Monsnldal !,,,,0!a
Virginia It"hi 1
Hock Light ....Manchester ..
t.tvor.la, Uu",'"
Olullo Ceare Mcsilra. ......
Iiiorgvln tlothenburg ...
Vlnland M,rxlco
Prudenza ............ Hume
America ......-. ergen
John D. ltocki-fe1ler...Cotenhacen ...
William Ornskotdsvik .
TTinu ,......Hulta
Manchester Mariner.... Manchester ...
HJnroefJord .- ivVT."
Borgland fil -'
South Point LfS.i
nalllngton 2!2"?.SJn;i.V'
Columbian Sn. Francisco.
Tlela. t .i,''h!l .,
Neche ,...,.....Balnoa .
Port Antonio Tort Antonio..
Steamships to Leave
.Oct. 31
.Nov. 1
.Nov, 4
.Nov. 4
.Nov. n
,Nov. 8
.Nov. 7
. Nov. 7
Nov. 10
.Nov. 11
.Nov. 11
.Nov, 14
Nov. Id
Nov. IS
.Olasgow .
..Nov. 28
. .No.v.
''IrrlnH Copenhagen
llnda Fell .....Nanej .....
...Nov. 10
...Nov. ia
...Nov. 21
...Nov. 21
...Nov. 21
...Nov. 23
...Deo. 4
...Dec i
Manchester t;xcoange..Jiiancnesicr
Rtandforu . ,,.,...
rhlltern Bange.....
Manchester Miller..
South Point
...lnndon ....
... Chris tlanla
...Tendon ....
.. .I-elth .;..,.
....London ....
Steamships Arriving Today
Name. From. Sailed.
Cameronla ....Glasgow ..... ..Nov. 11
Adriatic Liverpool .......Nov. 11
Taormtna Genoa Nov. 4
Steamships Sue Tomorrow
Name. From. Sailed.
Kapoll Palermo Nov. 0
Sommelsdyk .Rotterdam Nov. 7
Steamships to Leave
Name. For. Date.
United States Conenharen ...Nov. 10
Hudson Bordeaux .Nov. 20
Pannonla ....Glasgow Nov. 21
Touralne t Havre Nov. 21
Transylvania Liverpool Nov. 21
New York Liverpool Nov. 21
Movements of Vessels
Str. Bplral (Nor.)... for. Philadelphia, steamed
from New York No ember 10. "
Str. nellta (Nor.), from Philadelphia, ar
rived at Troon November 18.
Str. Oreclan. Philadelphia, arrived at Bos
ton November IS.
Str. 7irca (Br.), from Philadelphia, arrived
at Brunswick, Oa November 18.
Str. Indian, from Philadelphia, arrived at
Jacksonville November 1R. .
Str. Oulfoll. for ITillartelpMa, steamed from
Tort Arthur November IS.
Str. Herman Fraach, Philadelphia for Sabine,
passed Sand Key at 2 p.. m. November 18.
Str. John D. Ttockefeller, Copenhagen for
New York or Philadelphia, was 411 miles east
of Sable Island at 7 p. m. November IS.
Str, Paraguay, Sabine Pass for Philadelphia,
was 70 miles eaat of Sabine bar at 5 p. m.
Str. J. M Cluffey, Philadelphia for Port Ar
thur, waa 2(15 miles east southeast of Sabine
bar at noon November 18.
Kchr Pendleton .Sisters, for, Philadelphia,
nailed from Hockland. Me., November 18.
Schr. Alicia B. Crosby, for Philadelphia,
ealled from Portland. Me., November 18.
Schr. Adrlatlo (nr.i. Newcastle. N. D for
Philadelphia, soiled from Vineyard Haven No
vember 18.
Inquiry for prompt transatlantic carriers of
grain, coal, cotton, general cargo and horses,
continues eteady In the steam market, with
rates proportionately steady. The tall market
'" ,uUt- STBAMSlirPS.
Ashburton (Br.), Atlantic Bangs to Genoa,
oats. 40.000 quarters grain. Ba.. November.
(Ronner boat), same, 30.000 quarters.
Iolo (Br.). Gulf to 'picked ports United
Kingdom, grain. 20,000 quarters, (Is., Novem
ber and December,
Rugbetan (Br,), same. SO 000 quarters, 4a.
Cd.. option Genoa. 5a. Od., December.
Volany (Br.). 292S tons transatlantic trade,
slx'month.. rl. 8s. 7v4d.. delivery United
Kingdom, rf delivery United Kingdom or
France, prompt.
Bohr. Frederic A. Doggan. 081 tons. Port
Bolivar to New York, lumber, private terms.
Schr. Tallarol (Ital.), 138S tons. Norfolk to
west coast Italy, coal, private-terms, prompt.
Connecticut Power Company, regular quar
terly $!-3 on preferred, payable December 1
to stock of record November 21,
New York Air Brake Company, regular quar
terly 14 per -cent., payable December 23 to
stock of record December 2.
nittenhouse Trust Company, regular esmt
annual 2 per rent., payable December 10 to
stock of record December S.
Oeneral Electric Company, regular quarterly
,,nayabla January 15 to stock of record No
V ember 28,
Through withdrawal f financial sup
port because of the policy of my paper,
Sunday Evening Journal
I need one or a group of men with
a smalt capital to finance the paper.
Success la assured by the sale of the
last Issue, of which
33,000 Copies Were Sold
between the hours of 3 P. U. and 10
P. U. The paper must appear next
Sunday. Investigation Invited at ones.
J. LAZAR, Editor
S3 8. 7th street. Market :SI.
Failure io Get Insurance May Cut
Off Germans Supply,
Unless Iho British Government de
clares specifically that shipments of cot
ton to Germany will not be Interfered
with, marine Insurance underwriters will
not place nn- risks on the commodity,
exporters of cotton have been endcayor
Inrf to have wnr risk policies written
among the leading; underwriters without
nvall. It Is believed that tho falluro to
get Insurance tvlll atop all exports of
cotton to Germany.
The steamship rJnrolyn, which has been
chartered to carry n full cartro of collon
from Savannah to Bremen, Is belnrj held
up because of the failure to obtain war
risk Insurance. Ono underwriter de
clared today that oven If England guar
anteed non-interference with the cargo It
was a question whether or not the In
surance could bo placed, as tho removal
of various nlds to havlRnllon and tho
placing of mints around German har
bors mado the risk extremely hazardous.
Railroads Claim They Aro Inadequate
to Meet Expense.
WASHINGTON. Nov. 19. Examiner
Carmalt, of the Interstate Commerce
Commission, continued hearings today
on the question of reasonable practices
rind rates on Iron ore shipments In car
loads from Lake Superior points to
points In Ohio, West Virginia and Penn
sylvania. '
Representatives of the Pittsburgh
Steel Company and tho Wheeling Steel
nnd Iron Company started to present
evidence, Bhowlne tho cost of transporta
tion from the Mcssnba range to the vari
ous points In tho States named.
Attorneys for tho railroads engaged In
this trafllc sought to establish the fact
that tho present revenues were Inade
quate to meet the expense of handling
the raw product.
As railroads operating In ofllclal classlfl.
cation territory notllled the Interstate
Commerce Commission today that the
proposed Increase, In rates on livestock
had been withdrawn, the commission dis
missed an order of .Investigation of these
proposed Increases.
Proposed Increases In class rates, rate
on beer, beer substitutes, agricultural
Implements and candy 011 railroads be
tween Shreveport, La., and Tnxarlcana,
Texas, approximately about 9 per cent,,
wero held by the Interstate Commerce
Commission to be Justified. The petition
of the railroads seeking to charge lower
rates on shipments carried under class
and commodity tariffs from, to and be
tween intermediate points was -denied.
Examiner P. W. Sweeney, of the Inter
state Commerce Commission, today con
ferred with representatives of tho various
pipe line companies relative to the fixing
of a uniform system of accounts. Tho
commission has prepared a tentative sys
tem of accounts for theso companies, and
Is was for tho purpose of receiving ad
ditional suggestions that the conference
was held.
Women's $3, $3.50$ -I AC
and $4 Shoes . . . . 47J
Samples of the Celebrated Tliomson-
Crooker Shoe Co.. Itoxbury Crosslnrjr,
All the new and up-to-date styles and
toe shapes In nil the wanted leathers.
Sires 3. i and 4. B and C.
No 9IalI or Phone Orders.
chZelustoZrs No Bill Until January 1st, 1915
All Purchases Made On and After Tomorrow (Novem
ber 20th) Will Be Charged on Pill Payable in January
This Is done specially to encourage early Christmas buying now. We urge that you take advantage of this special
offer nnd shop while stocks are complete and we repeat that nil purchases made by charpre customers tomor
row rriaa.y) ana aunng me remainder or ine montn 01 noveraucr win ue cnartrea on dui renaerea January
1st, 1916.
Double Yellow Trading Stamps to Morning Shoppers; Single Stamps in the Afternoon.
Two Leading
5:"P1Stirkof Suits &
We Have Marked Them
to a Half Less
Dressy Semi-Fitting Styles and Jaunty
Loose Cut Balmacaans.
These are single and double-breasted
effects In blue and black kerseys, rich
heather mixtures and English coatings,
also chinchillas. Prices run
$15 Values $gftQ
$18 Values..,.. $C yfi
$20 Values. ...$1 yg
$20 Values... ,$1 9(yg
$22.50 Values $g
$27,50 Values, $j QQ
'iliriiiiiiiiiiiiimuiiiiniiiiiniiiiiTHmiiiii ruiiiiniiiiiiniiiiiiiiiriiiiiiiniiiiniiiiii
Redrt?oSieo, Men's Furnishings
rrtces art
half or nearly, borne of
$1 and $1.50
Ttlmanr Shlvta
Some slightly soiled. All
colored. Plenty of good
invhaa No umiI or jft
$1.25 Flannel Night Shirts QQC
They resewbta Fruuh JUansj MaV of a nutertaJ w f "
called. sHsa cloth. A warm $$mx sameat; uuit baUotus aod
out ty fkia a Toijf, jA mW pte mmf MtUU.
fcs3HBBBt XjJKt'
Foreigners Among Pur
chasers of Contracts at Chi
cago 60,000,000 Bushels
Sold for Export Not
CHICAGO, Nor. 19. Wheat opened
weaker on a good deal of selling this
morning, but 6n the break there was
Bomo heavy buying and the market ral
lied. Forelgnois were among tho pur
chasers of contracts. The trado mado
bullish deduction of the statistical posi
tion, because of estimates that about
60.000,000 bushels had been sold for export
and not yet shipped.
Uroomhnll reported that American re
ceipts and Increasing stocks In tho United
States, coupled with tho fact that at
times American offers were pressed for
sale, wero tending to create conservatism
at Liverpool. Tho market was firm early
but reacted. Argentine prospects continue
excellent, generally speaking, and ship
pers of that country, have begun to offer
more freely nt prices suitable to English
buyers. It Is expected that shipments
from Argentine shortly will fill the gap
made by Canada. Argentlno exports this
week wero estimated at 80,000 bushels.
Kaln has hindered sowing in parts of
Franco, where wheat Is strong.
Corn was easier, with trade small, but
thero was freo buying on thcdecllno. Re
ceivers reported light malls, the country
consigning and selling very little fdr this
season of tho year, taking Into consid
eration the good weather for curing and
moving the crop. Shipments from Argen
tina for the week were estimated at -I.C79,-000
bushels. Tho market at Liverpool
turned ensler after early firmness on the
exportB from Argentina.
There was a fair commission demand
for oats, but the wants wero soon filled.
Tho tono was about Btjady.
leading futures ran&ed as follows:
,P.... .. Noon. Yes.
n - 'lt 9Pn- "'eh. Low. close.
December :.. MRU i.ia 1.15 fl.lSH
May 1.21 1.22?4 1.S1S l!s2iJ
Corn (new delivery)- " n n
December 67W B7S flK t7S
MV. 7lC 71W TlS J?li:
JCov ember
Jnnuary .
May ....
January .
May ....
.... row Ron 4n wiu
.... rats oil. raij t.v!
....10.0 10.S0 10.75 MO-Sl
....10.12 tUM2
....10.22 10.22
....10.02 tlO.OO
....10.2T 10.27 10.25 10.27
,.. 18.02 18.07 IS 62 fl,S7
19.05 10.10 10.05 110.00
iy ...
CHICAGO. Nov. 10. lions necetpts,
22.IKXJ: markets stronc: mixed and butclicrs,
J7W7.M: (rod heavy. tlJXun.Kli rough heavy,
li:.(i.lB7.2.-i; light. n.nof7.45: plss, 5WJ
7.30; bulk, 7.2U37.-I.'V CATTLE Receipts,
SS00; markets weak: beevea, $6.O5T10.flO; cows
and heifers. M.'WrO; stockers and feeders. 5
0T.1B: Texana. fT.40ras.25; calves, V.KPU.
SHEE3P Itocelpts. SOOO; markets steady: na
tive and Western. ,1.50g0; lambs, I5.7&9
Double Yellow Trading Stamps With Every 10c Purchase Until
Noon : After That, Until Closing Time, Single Stamps
Market Eighth Filbert Seventh
OlotHing; Manuf acturers
for Immediate Disposal at a
Than the Actual Worth
Swagger English Cut Styles and the
Best Conservative Fashions.
Materials include a wide selection of
the richest winter colorings and new
patterns in worsteds, cheviots, cassi
meres, serges, novelty striped and
checked woolens every thread pure
wool. Prices run
$15 Values
$20 Values ...$
$25 Values ...$ g
jj Boys' Suits, Overcoats,
$5.50 Values, $2, 3ft
$6.50 Values, $3.Q8
$8.50 Values, $4Qft
tn best mens jurntsning news vie can
Manchester and ClQ
kiatfs soft and SUA; white and
patterns and slse frets li to IS
Qnitr Mltd.
rtir mcw. mmwm &xr mtt 1
10, 1014.
A story of a boy leading a bayonet
charge Is told by Corporal Ishefwood,
D. C, 2d Manchester, , ono of ISO
wounded who recently arrived at Cardiff.
Ho said:
"On October roth the Germans were all
around us, nnd their fire enfiladed our
trenches. First our lieutenant wag
wounded, then tho sergeant, and we were
left without a single ofTlcer to command
the platoon. We wero wondering what to
do, when a private, a boy of 18, the baby
of the company, threw up his cap, and
with a ringing cbeer, yelled! "fix bay
onets, ladsl" Wo did, and charged the
advancing Germans The boy was in the
net of bayonettlng a German when the
latter shouted, "For God's sake, don't
stick mol" "It Is too late," replied the
youngster; "It Is through you."
One of the minor things that will re
main to mnrk this war Is a new Issue of
French coinage. The difference that will
mark tho coins struck during the tlmo
tho Invaders were In France Is very small,
but It Is rendered necessary by the fact
that tho French Mint has been removed
to Castelsarrasin, a picturesque, sleepy
little town near Toulouse. The alteration
will consist of changes In two little marks
of tho place of origin, placed one on
either ,slde of tho date, For the coins
struck In Paris theso signs have been a
tiny cornucopia nnd a torch. What tho
sign will be for the coins struck at Cas
telsarrasin Is not yet known.
A feature of the aerial part of the war
has been tho employment by both French
and German nlr corps of a new kind of
missile, a small steel arrow, which, when
dropped from a height, proves a peculiar
ly deadly weapon.
In recent fighting two soldiers of the
137th French Infantry Regiment captured
tho colors of the 28th Regiment of Ger
man Infantry, whose colonel was taken
prisoner. In recognition of this brilliant
feat of arms the colors of the 137th Infan
try have been decorated with tho Crown
of the Legion of Honor.
As to the singular Ideas of what con
stitutes neutrality that somo persons en
tertain, an Administration ofllclal at
Washington relates the following:
Two Irishmen were discussing the war.
One was extreme In his views, so his com
panion warned him that he ought to be
more moderate.
"Sure, and don't ye remember what the
President says about ye should not take
any sides In the war?" queried tho one.
"Faith, and Ol ant neutral," replied the
other: "I don't care what country whips
the Kulser."
And speaking of the neutrality subject.
"Pat" McKenna, suave usher outside
President Wilson's office door. Is self-appointed
censor of discussion among news
paper men on war topics. Sometimes the
debate waxes warm. But "Pat," always
loyal to his chief, puts a summary stop
to those arguments.
"No wnr talk around here," ho com
mands "The first thins you know you'll
bo getting past .the neutrality proclama
tion, and, besides'; you'll disturb the Presi
dent." A story of the heroism of the Belgian
Captain Nyssen, a well known sportsman
who now holds a command In a regiment
Reefers & Balmacaans j)
$10 Values..., $fi, fin
$12 Values,.., $7, fifl
C In
ever hope to prtnl.
K m'AiVw
"Wright's" $1.00 and CQr
$1.50 Underwear UI7t
Bath wool ribbed aod Sece-Uned sajr
maalavrirm. comtttrtAblt a4. Wkft
gTade. Lsu of wood aIim. kt tuaiior
arade. Lots of wood
PAQhs order fitid.
$3.50 Blanket Robes, $245
two-colored eJtecit let rich
JflBaP eilHl " Taj mw
ytuom - mrvnwm ywwwt
rt s VEP
Wr &i t W 3
.-,w..,,j. ..(; ni liTttr
of lancers, Is told by the Coto-es!pbnjJij!'J
of the Telegraaf at Sluls. , --&m
Atter the falj. of Antwerp, CaptaiH fs'ff
sen, with a forcer of 50 lancers, ceveren
the retreat of the Belgian army, He nnd
his men were attacked near St Laurent
by a force of B000 Germans, whose com
mander sent td Captain Nyssen ft "par
lemenlalre," commanding Nysserfs sur
render and Adding that he had dlsptieI
a big force of nrtlllery wliefo it coul'tt
coptrol the position of tho Belgians.
"TtM tho German commander that t do
not want his orders, 1 await his attack..
He has to deal with the soldiers of. fS
lAtgt," was the reply sent by Captalti
Nyssen, who continued to fight In hla
effort to secure the delay necessary for .J
the safety of the remainder of the arm, ;
until ho fetl wounded.
Meeting one of his former employes In
a naval uniform a London merchant
asked tho young man why he hadn't
Joined the army Instead,
"My mother wouldn't let me," replied
tho youth.
"What, a big hulking fellow like yoilj (
and you say your mother wouldn't let
"Yes," said the recruit, "bo I volun
teered for mine sweeping."
"But thnt Is far more dangerous than
fighting In the army," said the ex-employer,
"I know It," tho boy chuckled, "but
mother doesn't
A refugees' romance reached Its duly :
sentimental conclusion In tho wedding ai
Cardiff of Richard Duplereuic, n, barrister
of Brussels and Charlerol, and secretary '
to M. Jules Destree, Deputy for Charlerol,
and Mile. Renee Bcrthe Goebel, of Brus
sels, an art student and pupil of M. Dans,
the etcher.
There was a distinguished gathering at
the ceremony, Including the Lord Mayor
and Lady Mayoress, Professor Potder
man, of Llega; M. Jose de Kmedt, it. Flr
mln van Hecke, tho Flemish poet, and M.
SmedL a literary man. who had somo
thrilling experiences while a gunner In
the forts at Antwerp. The Pride, sirut
lnsly pretty, was attired In black.
Before the war broke out the couplo
had taken a house In Charlerol and had ' -.
furnished It, and their wedding was to
have been solemnized In September. When
the Germans entered Brussels M. Duple-"
reux endeavored to escape to Ghent but
was taken prisoner. During an engage
ment, however, he disguised himself -as a
wounded soldier and managed to reach
Ghent. Later ho got to Ostend And came
to England.
It was some time afterwards before
Mile. Goebel managed to elude the, Ger
man guards at Brussels. She disguised
herself as a dairy maid and succeeded Jn
getting out of the city, but was captured
a; Grammont and detnlned In a cell for a
short time. Here, however, she was
treated with great klndnesi.
On being released she made her way
with other refugees to Ostend and then
to London, where she learned for the first
time that her ftanceo was safe and stay
ing with Professor Jones, at Barry. Tho
bridegroom has attained some dlstlnotlon
as the author of the "History of Sculp
ture In Belgium."
Friday Bargains
50c and 75c Long 9Qr
niniroo JeVl
Women's -molsefte.
-long- and short white cha-
$20 Top $
Coats ....
For Misses & Little
IVe Illustrate One Model
In novelty diagonal
coatings; boucles and
pile fabrics of gray,
brown, black, blue and
light shades.
Seven - eighths length
models with novelty col
lar, some fastening with
frog. Guaranteed yarn
Uyed satin lining.
55c to 75c Drapery
Silks, yd., 33c
rtemnanta Rood lengths.
I'laln and figured. No mall
Or 'phone orders.
V i
$1.50 Fancy Chiffon
One yard wide. Come In prettiest
printed effects. Highly desirable and
fashionable for waists, dresses, linings;
Seamless Wilton Velvet
Rugs c
$25 Values, $14 45
Size 9x12 feet. . A't'
Made of the; flue woolen yarn and wo
ven in one aolld piece. IleauMfal
Oriental patterns and coloring;.
They are the product of a famous
Philadelphia mill noted for its excel
lent Royal Wilton Rubs, and only be
cause of a slight color shading can
we sell them at this low price.
$2.69 Kimonos, 98c
Figured flannelette. Empire models with
elastic. Others cloak style with satin
collar. Samples : all sizes.
$7.50 Frtmch Ivory A QO
Toilet Set .I7
Three pleoes; comb, brush and mirror.
Large fancy-lined box. Three initials
engraved free, FIRST FLOOR. SOUTH
Men's $1.00 Storm OQ
Rubbers avM
Same COO Pairs la AH Perfect In
Rvery Iteapect.
Tney are a special pur
chase of a reliable mak
er whose name we are
not permitted to men
tion. First quality , sizes
6 to II.
Oa sale
No Stall or Jthona Orders.
Men's 3,00 Coat if OK
Sweaters A ,
maroon, with poakats, A 3rall lot
high - grade Karwents.
Kb Stall or Phone Orders.
Heavily padded to psoveat
ruwmure; aeii-s.ajuaio.oie
nai, aiiB'
$IM Aluminum
Fryisr Pan ....
tli: heavy vmH aluminium; f.
1 dJiaaetar-
sfiBS Mil 19 reaejt mtr
"? '?
ihiu wnus, ssniwi wrs-
sswt sta HMew.
'e3w&Pk jpi

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