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qVi'cc Given to Great
frHrfiriw nf Vnsitnr nr
-JKnow Your City Better1'
h place lo 'swat Ihe fly' l where
i hrefils mid not wherfc h barks."
This ndvlcn tmu elvsn (o mora than
ItiMfWsftna Who today ultindtd the
Liffflaw Tour cfltv Batter" exhibit which
HVb"Annt held In th pavilion of the City
liii courtyard
The subject of flies today ntlrnciM.i ine
ftMcutttm of many women who visited the
exhibit Slnny of the women took fcl6ntf
literature which contain a doten "don'te."
Some of tho "don't" ore;
Don't tolerate tile.
Don't allow them In your house
Don't allot them on your premise.
ton't allow garbage, rubbish or manure
to nccinaulate on your lot
Uon't eat where file are rouna
Don't forget the screens.
E&ti'l buy food whore flies arc allowed
According lo tho fly expert, often 550.000
iwrina have coma from a single flv while
he tvsa wall&wlne In liquid food. They
also carry many more germs Inside their
Bodfen. with which they may pollute- food.
Slikness and death, according to the
"Know Tour City Better" exhibit, nro
tract d directly to tho Aftency of tho fly.
Files are known to be carriers of disease
germs, tha experts declare.
Tlia remedy suggested at the exhibit
is a'creen "windows and doors. The ex
pert Advise that, If the whole house
c&nH be screened, the kitchen and the
dlnfntr room should have a screen.
"Kill every fly that enters the slik
room," the literature reads.
Wolf Terror!' "Work Will Be Pre
sented At Academy of Music.
"Mew Lfe," by Wolf Ferrari, wilt be
slven by the Choral Society In conjunc
tion' with the Philadelphia Orchestra at
the Academy or Music tonight as u bene
fit concert for the Emergency Aid Com
mlttee. The proceeds will be used for tho
relief of persons rendered destitute by the
2r in Europe. Prices will range from
75 cents to Jl.to.
Horatio Gpnnell, who has sung In "New
X,l:e" more than any man In America:
May Fafcley, the soprano, and a boy choir
of more than 100 voices, will help to make
the nffalr a grand success.
The patronesses are:
Mrs. Alexander J. Cassatt. Mr. n. t.
Stotesbury. Sirs. J, WltUs Martin, Sirs. C.
C. Jlarrlson, Mrs. Cornelius Stevenson,
Mrs. "Norman Jackson, Mrs. Edward H.
Kowland. Miss Henrietta Ely, Mrs. Bar
Clay H. Warburton. Mrs. George Gordon
Meade Large. Sirs. William J. Clothier.
Mrs. Edward K. Browning. Mrs. George
Qulntard Hortvitz, Mrs. Howard Pan
coast. Mrs. Percy Madeira, Mrs. Norman
McLean, Mrs. John Fell, 3Irs. J. Curtis
Patterson. Mrs. John Deaver, Mrs. Ralph
Townsend. Mrs. Walter Thomson, Mrs.
William K. Scull, Mrs. E. K. Price. Mrs.
George W. Pepper. Mrs. Samuel Bell, Jr.,
Mrs; George McFadden and Mrs. Mauran
i .
Keittnga at Several Places In the
City and Suburbs.
"The Klng-An Enthroned High Priest"
wsJ the subject of a lecture given In the
Arch Street Presbyterian Church this
afternoon by the Itav. Dr. C. I. Scofleld.
president of the Philadelphia School of
thft Bible, as one of a series the lecturer
has-been giving In that church during the
progress of the second Philadelphia Bible
Conference The Rev. Max Werthelmer
spoke at the noonday meeting at 610
Chestnut street, and the meeting at Id)
Chestnut street nu addressed by the
Iter. Lewis Sperry Chafer, of Northfleld.
Speakers for tonight's meetings of the
conference, are announced as follows:
Frsnkford Baptist Church. Paul and
Unity streets, the Rev. L. S. Chafer; First
Baptist, Germantown, the Rev. George L.
Alrloh; Fourth Reformed, Roxborough,
the Rev. Dr. George Pentecost; St Paui's
Reformed Episcopal, Broad and Venango
streets, the Rev. Dr. Charles Blanchard;
Bethlehem Presbyterian. Broad and Dla
mpnd streetB. the Rev, P. W. Phllpott;
Arch Street Presbyterian, 18th and Arch
streets. Robert MCMurdo, Ebenezer Meth
odist Episcopal. Wd and Parrish streets.
theRev. Max Werthelmer; Union Meth
odist Episcopal. Wilmington, Del., the
Rev. George Guille; Centenary Methodist
Episcopal, Bth and Cooper streets, Cam
den, N, J., speaker to be chosen.
School for Nurses Will Becelve Gifts
" for the Needy.
Money, coal, groceries, blankets; In
fact anything that Is useful In a. family,
will be welcome today at the Mercy Ho
pltat and School for Nurses, at 17th and
Fltiwater streets. Today la donation day
at that institution. Donations will be
received at the Nurses' Home, next door
to the hospital.
"Let us share our Thanksgiving bless
Jnjrs by rememberitur the sick and needy,"
the appeal from the hospital reads. It is
signed by J. Imogen Howard, president
of Women's Auxiliary; Emma J. Burn
Laura, J. Banton, Mary L, Murdah. Mary
Recourse, Helen Bay ton and Charlotte
Presbyterians Asked to Join In
Keeping Up Attendances.
Because of the thousands of members
6f the Presbyterian Church placed on the
suspended lists each year, the ReV. Dr
William P Fulton, superintendent of city
missions for the Philadelphia Presbytery,
and k member of the Permanent Com
mittee on Evangelism of the General As
sembly, today began sending pamphlets
to pastors and chllrtlh workers through
out the country urging them lo apply fol
low-up methods to bring about a decrease
In the number annually placed on the
"suspended roll."
During- th last five years there were
more than a quarter of a million mom'
bers put on the suspended lists, an aver
age of more than 60,000 persons a jear.
And because of tills, the General Assent
bty asked the Permanent Committee on
Evangelism to co-operate with a special
Committee on Christian Life end Work
to try to solve the problem of keeping the
men and women in the church.
Reports received from churches In all
parts of the country show- that the mem
bers largely leave tho churches, or be
come indifferent about attending, In tho
cities generally, while there Is little de
sertion from the country congregations.
It also Indicates the moving of families
from one place to another, and tho float
Ing population of the people without fixed
homes has much to do with the growth
of the suspended lists.
The pamphlets urge th Importance of
the pastors and church workers keeping
closer watch on the members nnd fol
lowing them up when they leave one
community, to see that they are Affiliated
with other churches In their new home
in the small stove last night Severs!
thncs during the night she attended the
Are In some unaccountable manner the
stove collapsed
Iter husband found her body when he
returned home this morning from the
Peneovd Iron Works, where he Is em
ployed He notified the police, and Special
Policemen Slbre and Gutllford responded.
Doctor L. F. Luberg, of S2d street and
Girard avenue, surgeon of tho 23d Dis
trict, pronounced the woman dead.
Lindsay has no money to bury his
wife lie has lost track of the woman's
family and is looking for her relatives.
nfflrpr rl.tsr Mi nKiii f
dn, 4M rsrrllh
llnston Cemetery
t Intermtht at Ar-
iI.yr-'Oit November 1, JOR . niCHA
HL1AS In his RM rear, at fiTi Ute resMei
"Crntra " New Hepe. ra.. KunerM trtv
.. T ... L - A K ' '
paiuraay, t ur p
Two Art-loving Families United In
Roblnson-Benta Nuptials.
Two musical families were united by
marriage at noon today, when Miss Eliza
beth M. Bentz, 44H Walnut Lane, German
town, became the bride of Clarence P.
Robinson, formerly of Salem, N. J., nnd
now living In Rlchwood, W. Va. The
ceremony was performed in Old Christ
Church, 2d and Market streets. The Rev.
Dr. Washburn officiated.
Only relatives and a few Intimate
friends were Invited. The brldo was at
tended by her sister. Miss Catherine
Bentz. The bride, who Is well known as
nn art. student, was recently awarded a
special scholarship of tho Academy of
the Fine Arts. She Is a musician of un
usual talent. Her brother. William Bentz,
Is a well-known orgnnlst.
Mr. Robinson met his bride more than
five j cars ago. With a niutunl fondness
for music and art, their friendship soon
ripened Into love. The couple will upend
their honeymoon In Florida, nnd make
their home In Rlchwood. W. Va., where
Mr. Rotlnson Is employed by the Cherry
River Paper Company.
Dr. William R Bullock, 91 years old,
the oldest members of the College of
Physicians, died last night at the home
of his son, Dr. John O. Bullock, of MM
Greene street, Germantown.
Doctor Bullock, born In Wilmington,
Del., was ah alumnn tt irAv.fn. ri.
lege. He was graduated from the medical
school of the Unlvdrslty of Pennsylvania
In 1SI7, During the Civil War he was
surgeon of the United States Government
Hospital at Wilmington. He was one
of the Incorporators of the Delaware
Hospital and consulting physician emer
itus of that Institution at tho time of
his death. For a number of cars Doctor
nullock served as president of the Board
i fLduc.a.Hon of Wlmlngton and director
of the Wilmington Saving Fund Society.
Besides hli son. four grandchildren and
iwu Rreai-granachliurcn survive. His
funeral will take placo Saturday morn
ing at U o'clock.
tntrmnt in-Irate.
IUre emit flowers
ronn. EUZAnBTit rono. tm miver t
OtIKKH. on Nevember t, 1ft! 1, THOMAS
J. OHEKN Funeral services on Friday, tt 3
S, m , At lflth snit Arch ats. Intermtnt St
di Fellows' Cemeterr.
HANSEN. On November 18, 1014, JEN8,
hiiabsnd Of Emms ltanten rnneral on Sun
Air, at 2 p. m., from realdence, rt2.l Fnyitar
ave. Interment private, Fernwood Ceme
HAnms, JAME3 HAnniS. EOS South HA
HUNnY. LEA J HENTtV. suddenly. In
Bonton, on Novenber 13, 1014. Interment at
NVllminfton, Del
lir.HKFHT, Nesr MAsonvllle, N. .t., on No
vemberjA. 1M4. HARRY. W.. huabund of
Etnle Hfrbert nd ton of Peter A. Snd
Chtltn Herbert Funeral on Sunday, No
ember M t 8 p m . frrmi his parents'
r.aidenee near MatanWlla, N. J, Interment
at i.utnpran vmeitrj
HOFFMAN bonis HOtfFMAN. 435 Earl-
itmovfXv. EMiLT hollowat, hss
N. BStli st
HOWARD. On Tueadan In St Luke'a Hot
Vital, New York etty, JONES WALLACE, son
of the late Dr. John II and Marjuret Jonn
Itonard and nephew or Franklin I Jone of
Philadelphia, In hit 2-id ear Interment In
Pltttbtirsh, Friday noon.
l!CRM5On November 1rt,lBU. ClfAnLES
i. aan of William Leonird and 8a rail P.
Hurley, SKed 87 ear. of West Colllnsanood,
H, i, fielathes ai.il frlenda of the family
aro retpectfully Invited to attend funeral,
J navy inurnn B, iuvcnii.cr -v, hi u
o;clock, from his Mrrnu' rIlno. Wwt
nuictitiT giouiciii
N. J.,
.. cii. TAhn'.. fTniiinffswrHa
o'clock, tnterment Calary Cemetery,
at 10
"Wtltoni for JProvldenca Initltution
try io Collect It in Kvo Daya.
Mora than $5,O0Q has been raised by the
workers In the campaign for B,0d for
tha Providence General Hospital; in the,
nv remaining days of the campaign
f4,eCK roust be raised
"Twenty wouasna goimra in n Qy.
if now tha slogan of the committee. The
my will be. psed to erect the first
ytesr of thai lermanent building of the
-ii?i. Trbi?a irtll occupy a larga lot
ft wUahlckon avenue and Lincoln drive.
"'i "" I" " ' '' '
CoBtriptlUoaB for (JensastoTra lastly
tutioa "Will B Seselyed Tomorrow
Tomorrow "wlU bo Donation Day at
tike OartaRtwn Hospital, and members
f the Ladles' Auxiliary are sending out
maranls far eoiilributlofls of mosey, gro-
4fm or useful Artistes.
ARC win pa given unqer vho su9
a of the auxllkuw VrUUy Bight at
2fctitfcm OMeket Club for tha pen
mf t bosaitai. Cr of tae im
&wt UrT Chaj&a P. Keith. C6ir,
i: Sr. Mubetk Abbott, jweratary.
F- 1 31 s -L J - r r
P ,n ihiim, ii ii i. i n n
3tgpas4 4 T tor Sd Cross Aid
T Itoei t Bthleat. Ctrttura will giv
t twwateai aa4 t tomwrow afterwcoa
it ivtw ttutih jus. 8fr a4 J vainer
mtrnt. bat ft Un K4 Csmm ork
- fCwjf Tfc iiHt weU t aski4
9 ii nuA aissiit t mUy um
m-mt m. ai&m Wm. mmmi a.
James J. irulltl.lT.rt Pleasant t . and Carolina
c. Nareie. 4sm N. Broad tt
Ernett J. Herrr. .v;i Arch et and Emma. U
McManua, 4.V) clie'tnut at.
Theodore Jaeckel, atnvanirer, Norway, and
Molct rtlOtnO), 1822 U)cut at
Harry, W. Haul, 8084 E. Hatxard at , and Mary
O. McCauley. ion F. iierkt ft.
Rjimond C. Galhrnlth. 411.1 Hedge tt , and
Helen C. Conner. 8nio Jattr at.
William O Heuw. 4111 N ir.th St., and Elite
Nixon, 12 . Rejnloiir at.
"Sf?. 5- Wr,K!)J':!SIs.f- ,Jtt' nd Anna
M. McKenna. 8647 S 17th at.
aeorg. M. IlMton. W4 S. 11th at . and Maria
. E. hrown. S04 S. 11th at.
rtatnanici n. Moraan. 030 Lombard at .
Maria Adama. 1110 Kater tt.
Jllermnn Urban. S83 N. Lowrenco at..
I I'rltda nuiaendorf. 4th and Cherry it.
Warrrn K. Calhoun. 8082 Chelten ne.
Ireno II, Cotlman, 0.12rt N. 2U it
n?,rlo,K'..w.'?,'.,!e''-Jlno7 Je'ferton it..
Marlon T Ifrllv. Rnn7 .TffM..rt .
Loon r. TVItkowkl. 1713 Summer at., and Cora
LacVonita. Mount Carmet, Pa,
John n. Townet, Jr., Columlmc O , and Dertha.
M. Uhltney. 803 Jeffewon it,
Qeorso Khedfoek. League Ialand, and Maa
Bteveneon, 1S1N B S3d at.
i. Howell Mulford.MSS Cheater ave., and
Marv r. Ramaay, 1184 S. 40ih at. '
Frederick A. aroaa, 8087 N. 10th at., and
Blancho O. Smith. 1D2H Jefferson at.
rrjnk O. Mitchell. 7BO 8. 18th tt and Lillle
. C. Arnte. 8231 Montroao at.
llllam A. Phlllnp. 2ntl Jaiper at., and Mary
E. McParlan. sill K. Hancock at.
WUIUm J. nemlntr. 848.'. s. 18th at., and Lou-
He Sehrelber. 1017 Ttltner at.
"Y'y CmUiton. 3SIB N. Mnrahall St., and
Allce E. Havena. 3410 N. 47th at.
Charlti i P. Jackron. 1342 S. 84th at., and Ell.
nore looer. BU7 Cedar ae.
Thomas W. Wagner. 1143.1 N. 3d at., and Mabel
Dauer. 2l N. Howard at.
Cheater Warren. 440 Kralns ave., and Bessie
Chettnut. Colllnsadale, Pa,
Xavld Bratburd, 40 N. Franklin at., and Lil
lle Towniend. 443 N. Franklin at,
Charles II. Sink, 8210 8. 3d at., and Alice M.
fcchrank. 8214 6. Croakry at..
noser J. McKeown. 117 Edsewood it., and
Loutaa Mueller. 028 N. Sartaln at.
olti,erel0h.n J'fManer C. M.. assistant
rector of the Immaculate Conception
Church. Germantown. died last nlRht at
the rectory, Price and Ardlelgh streets.
He had been n sufferer from bronchial
troublo for three years. Father Mahor,
who was 40 years old, received his early
education In tho parochial schools of
Germantown He was graduated' from
St. Vincents Seminary, nnd soon after
ward was ordained In the Overbrook
Seminary by the late Archbishop Ityan
Ho later became Instructor In theology
at the Niagara University, Niagara, N
Y, His father nnd mother, a brother,
James F. Mnhcr. nnd sister. Miss Mary
Maher. survive. Divine offering at 0:30
and High Mass at 10.30 Saturday morn
Inar will be celebrnted at the Immaculnto
Conception Church. Father M. J. Illsr
Elns. C. M., rector of the church, will
conduct the services.
J. Alfred Allen, an optician for many
years and n well Known resident of
Mnnayunk, died yesterday afternoon at
his home, 156 Kmms avenue, of Iirlght's
disease. He was 60 years old. Mr. Allen,
who was born In Indiana, Imd been -In
the wholesale drug business In St. Paul,
Minn., prior to settling; In this city. Ho
leaves a widow, who before her marriage,
v,as Miss Augusta Seccr, daughter of the
late Colonel Joseph Seger, of Pottsvllle.
Arrangements for the funeral aro being
mude by relatives.
Mrs. Margaret Leo Cole, wife of Morris
A. Cole, nnd for many cars the organist
and musical director of tho Church of
the Immaculate Conception, Camden, died
yesterday at her home, 2J Church road,
Merclmntvlllc, after a long Illness She
Is survived by her husband and two
daughters, Mildred and Ethel Cole, Her
funeral will take place on Saturday morn
ing from St. Peter's Catholic Church,
Coal Gas Responsible for Death In
Uptown Boarding House.
Mrs, Mary Lindsay, SI years old, was
asphyxiated by coal fumes In her home,
1S33 Ridge avenue, this morning. Occupy
ing the front room of the first floor In a
boarding house alone, she made a fire
ALLEN. On November 8, 1014, J. AL
FltKD, huaband of Auruata Alien. Due
notice of the funeral will b given, from
hit late residence, 15$ Krams ave., aiona
unk. BOHNICK On November 18. 1014, MART
CATHARINE BOBNICK. daughter of Dora
and the late Anthony Bomlek. Funeral on
Monday, at 8 30 a m., from her mother a
rtaldeno, 131 ritznater at. Solemn Matt
of Ittiulem at St Philip's Church at 10
a. m. Interment Holy Croia Cemetery.
BULLOCK. On November 18. 1014. WILL
IAM It. BUI.LOCK. M, D. In the Olat jcar
of his are. funeral acrvltea at the rraldence
of hla ann. John O Bullock. (1413 Greene at ,
Germantown, Saturday rnnrnlnjr, 11 o'clock.
Servlcaa at the chapel of tha Wilmington
and Brandywlne Cemetery, Wllmlncton, at
3 o'clock.
ton at.
William it
COI.K. On November 18. 1914. MABOARET
VEK, "lfe of Morrla A. Cole. Funeral on
fcaturaay, at 8JO a. m , from 23 Church
road. Mercbantttlle. N. J, High Maaa at
fet, reter'a church at 10 a m. Interment
Calvary Cemetery
COSOVKR. On Tuesday evening;, November
17. 1014. at Trlnccton. N J., HELEN
FIKLD. widow of Francla Steena C'onover,
In her 52d jear. Funeral sirtfeta at Trinity
Church, Princeton. N J,, on Friday, Novem
ber 20, at 3 p m
CRA1Q On November 17. 1014, RE
BECCA STEWART, wife of the lata Robert
J. Craig Relatives and frlenda of the fam
ily are respectfully Invited to attend the fu
neral services; nn Saturday afternoon, at 8 30
preeliely, at the residence of her eon. Dr.
Earl B. Craig, ST15 N. Park ae. Interment
DENMB. On No ember IT, 1014. ZACHA
RIAH T., huaband of Clara C. (nee
Pennypacker). Relattvea and frltndt, alto
all organisations of which he waa a mem
ber, are Invited to attend the funeral serv
ices, on Friday, at 2 p, m at hit Ute ret!-
JERABEK, 'On November IT, 1014. JO
8EPHIB. wtfo of rharlee Jcrabek (nco Plr.
kel). Funeral on Friday, at 3 p. m from
1814 Poplar it. Interment Northwood Cemo-
KEEN. On November 18, 1014. .TAMEH fl.
KEEN In th SMh year of hit ago Bel
itlvea and Irlenda are Itixltedtn attend the
funeral, aervlcca, on Friday. l 2V o'clocK,
at hit late retldcnce, r.(0 South 48d tt.
KEEOAN-On November in, 1014, MART
A KEEOAN (nee Enrlaht). wife of lohn
Keexan runernl nn Paiurday, nt fi:30 a.
in', from 5M10 E Dailnliln St. Solemn Hlh
Man at the Church of. the Holy Name, at 10
a. m Interment at New Cathedral Ceme
tery, LADLEV. On November 18, 1014, FLOR
ENCE MAIIbL, daughter of the late Ramuel
r and Jane Lndley. Funeral aerhces on
Friday, at 8 30 p m , at 03R1 Jerferson lt
Oermantown, Interment private
MARTIN, On November 18. 1014. KATH
ARINE, daughter of tho late John LaMar
Martin nnd Anna E. Ford. Relatives nnd
frlenda are Invited to Attend the funeral
unices, on Friday afternoon nl 2 o'clock,
nt the reildence of her titter, 33' Kent rd ,
Cinwid Interment private. Carriages will
be In waiting at Cynnyrt Ptatlou to meet
train leaving Broad Street Station at 1.18
MAI Kit. On November 17, 1014, JOHN
OKOHUi:. husband of the late Catherine
Maier. Funeral on Trlday. at S'30 a. m
from I0M W Baltimore. ne , Ijintdowne,
VX tiih Mam nt neoulem at St. Charles'
Church, Krllyillle, at 10 a. m. Interment
at St Onirics' Cemetery.
MAYER. On November 18. 1014. SOPHIA
MAVEB, wife of Henry Mayer, Sr. Funeral
on Sunday, it ! p, in, from her late reil
dence, 1884 Weai Butler at. Interment
private, at Mount Teace Cemetery,
JlcCAl'FRKY. November in, 1014. MARY,
wlfo of the late 0en McCaffrey, formerly
of 13.'8 3 Wnter st Funeral, Friday, at S
a. m . from 8310 S 3d it. Solemn Man of
Requiem nt the Church of the faired Heart,
at 0 10 n. in precisely. Intel ment Holy
froia Cenieterv. ..
Statu rd.
MOORE. In Norrlatown, Pa , on November
in. 11114, WILLIAM HENRY MOORE, .hut
hanrt nf nilcabetli S. Moore (neo Zoll). Fu.
nernl lorvlrra at lilt late residence, T2S Haws
ave., on Friday, at 1 p tn Interment prl-
borouah st.
MEYLR. .1041 N 3d at
OBMONIJ. At Beverly. N. J., on November
18. 1014. MAROAI'ET A, widow of Lewis
C Osmond. Funeral services on Saturday, at
2 Pji m , at her dauchter'a residence, Mra.
Curio L. Mulfonl. 4111 Cooper at., Beverly,
N. J Interment private
PICKEIIINtl. Suddenly, on November 17,
43 jears. Relatives and frlenda are Invited
to attend the funeral services, on Friday.
80th Inst,, at 11 a. m , at his late residence.
8087 Locust tt. Interment private. Kindly
omit flow era
REA MAROARET REA. 1820 North 18th
REYNOLDS On November 18, 1014. JOHN.
huthand of the late Jana Reynold!. Funeral
nn Saturday, at 8 a. m , from 8S South
Pjcamore at,, Clifton Heights. Delaware
County, Pa High Mass at St. Charles
Church. Cnkvlew, at 10 a. m Interment at
St Charles Cemetery.
RIF.ONKR. On November 18. 1014, HOW.
ARD Y.. Jiusband of Annie nnd aon of the
late Frederick C. and Mary Rlegner. In the
69 1 h year of hla ere. Residence. 17.18 Dia
mond at. D'le notice of the funeral will be
SCIIKIBEr.IITJT. On November 11, 1014,
nard), Funeral on Friday, at 8 30 a. m .
from 8M2 West Oxford at. Requiem Mast
at St. Ludnlrr'a Church, at 0.30 a m. In
terment private, at Holy Redeemer Cemetery.
RION. LILLIAN SION. 821 Pine street
SCOTT. On November 18. 1014, MARY B..
wife of Oeorge I Bcott and daughter of
David and the late Emma Webitcr. Funeral
from 7050 Oxford ave , Fox Chase, Phila
delphia. STACK. On November IB. 101 1, MABOA
RET STACK Funeral on Friday, at 8 30
a. m.. from 3267 Eaat Clearfield at. Solemn
Requiem Mats at the Church of the Nativity,
at io a m Interment St. Ann's Cemetery.
BTTJART. On November 18, 1014. ED
WARD, huaband of Mary Stuart, Due notice
nt the funeral will bo given, from the resi
dence ef his brother, Jos-ph Stuart, 2480
Lombard at.
North Orlanna at
TRUMPr. On October 15. 1014. CHAR
LOTTE B. (nee Nudd), widow of Charles
Trumpp. Funeral services at her lata resi
dence, 1088 Fontaln at., on Saturday, at 3
P. m. Interment private, at Mt. Peace Ceme
tery. VEIT. On November 18, 1014, LEWIS TAJD
WIO. husband of Barbara M. Velt Funeral
services on Saturday, nt 12 o'clock noon,
at Ida late residence, 8S4S North Marshall
at. Interment private.
Marshall at.
VAIDE. On November 17, 1011. SARAH
LYNN WAIDE. Funeral services on Friday,
at O 30 a. m., at 8047 Moore et.
WALLACE. On November 18. 1014, at the
Presbyterian Home for Widows and Single
Women. 5Sth at. above Woodland ave.,
NANCY, widow of Joseph Wallace. Funeral
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Interment at Mount Morlah Cemetery,
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Advertising appeal to the people of
Philadelphia and all ofPemWlvamato
speed the sailing of the Food Ship Om
to the starving Belgians.
U. S. : "Pm thankful Vve got it to give
Cartoon by Courtesy of Collier's.
Let us be grateful to a Merciful Providence
that we are in America ,
that we are at peace with all the world
that Belgium's fate is not ours
that we shall have something (even ever so little) to
sit down to on Thanksgiving Day.
For there are hundreds of thousands in
Belgium who will have nothing, while we are
at plenty unless we send her food.
Let us give thanks in the good old way of
our fathers with gratitude to our Maker and
good will to our fellows.
But let us also , "
Give Thanks in Deeds of
Mercy as Well as in Words of
Belgium is starving.
Think of it a whole nation dying for need of bread!
Would you turn aside from a single man whom you
knew to be weak unto death or hunger?
Rather would you not share with him- your last
We all of us are on this earth but a few short years
if we are fortunate, three score years and ten.
In that short space of time a helping hand for
those who need our help is the least we can do.
It will be a pleasant thing to remember, when
memories are precious, that a starving nation appealed -to
us not in vain that we gave our tithes. ' " " '
Next year or in the years to come you, having given, .
will cherish the thought, "I helped." , '
The Thanksgiving Ship f
must have her cargo of mercy. Hunger will not 'wait:" so
there must be no delay in her setting out. '-
Send your tithe little or muc today. '
The Food Ship "Orn" is expected at her pier on
Saturday; she should sail next Tuesday or Wednesday
Send checks to the Philadelphia National Bank, made
out to the bank, and marked "For Belgian Food Shin "
or bring your contribution to the headquarters in the
Lincoln Building. '
Benjamin O. Welts .... Philadelphia Press
HtB J' Collier Evening Telegraph
. Ah P. Hanson . . , , . Philadelphia Record
James Btverson, Jr. . , . Philadelphia Inquirer
B, A. Van Valkenburg .... Nbrth American
Cyrus H, K. Curtis . . . . Evening Ledger
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