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clfarc Workers Charge
Councils With Responsi
bility for Evil Conditions.
t Rabbi Krauskopf s Views.
eaeftrch activities In Juvenile delln-
ency show that about 60 pr cent, of
ft children arraigned In tho Juvenile
fourt come from tad environment. These
tlldren live In houses ot the slums. Noted
hyalclnna on hygiene call theso houses
'death nulls."
Exberlenced welfare workers who hao
tudled housing conditions In Phllndel-
hlft declared ioday Councils can relievo
ho present appalling conditions.
The act creating a Division of Housing
and Sanitation In tho Department of
lealth nnd Charities, was passed oy mo
.eslalature July 22, 1911 It was signed
y 3oernor Tener. This act, with an
pproprlatlon of W13.710, would have
eloed to maintain a more careful watch
on landlord .of Insanitary houses.
Whether the present existing conditions
will continue to prevail Is for tho Com
mittee on rinance of Council, of which
John P. Connelly Is chairman, to decide.
All efforts by more than 63 agencies
composed of representative women and
men of Philadelphia to have Councils
grant the appropriations have failed.
necords on file with the Philadelphia
Housing Commission show that children
from 10 of the 13 alleys In tho heart of
the alums were arrested In 1910. Among
the 119$ persons In those alleys, 021 arrests
were made In three jears. Ninety per
cent, of the Juvenile offenders camo di
rectly from the "death vaults." Their
arrests were chiefly duo to bad environ
ment. Crime- among the children of Philadel
phia will continue Just so long as Insanl
tnry houses exist, was the statement
made today by the nev. ,Dr. Joseph
Krauslcopf. pastor of the Keneseth Israel
Temple, Broad street above Columbia
Doctor Krauskopf Is oho of the leading
rabbis of this country. He Is a member
of the Philadelphia Housing Commission
and one of the score of representative
citizens who Is urging Councils to grant
the appropriations needed.
It Is the opinion of Doctor Krauskopf
that tho mental activities of thousands
of children who play, eat, sleep and llvo
In the Blum quarters are impaired
through tho presont conditions. He also
declared that It Philadelphia didn't have
insanitary houses In tho slums the
calendar of the Juvenllo Court would
not be as large as It Is today.
"It la the duty of every self-respecting
citizen of Philadelphia to glvo his
upport toward tho act passed by the
Legislature last year," said Doctor
The act, with which I happen to be
faXilliar, was drawn for the purpose of
Uerlnfr conditions In certain parts ot
Is city. The act wasn't drawn to In
ure tho Interests of the property owner.
Wo wanted to be fair with both sides.
If tho act were enforced today many
The Thanksgiving Ship Must
She will leave on time; there is no question about that.
But there is a question, and it is a question for every
Philadelphian to answer
Shall She Sail With a Full Cargo
or With a Partial Cargo ?
The "Thelma" left this port loaded down with food. The
relief fund was oversubscribed in a few days. It was magnificent!
Then, with the surplus from the first appeal and cheered
by the city's noble response, this second ship was procured. It
seemed that two shiploads of food was little enough for Phila
delphia to send.
And goodness knows it is little enough, in the face of
Belgium's destitution. It is the very least we can do. Will we
do that much?
We Must Not Let the "Orn" Sail
With a Short Cargo
Think what it would mean for Philadelphia's Thanks
giving Ship to arrive on the other side short so much as a pound
of beans!
V Cynis H. K. Curtis .
.w; ; Cyrus H. K Curtis
HHp i -4 -w
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HB0apH fr "MaaiaaaaaaaaaHaaaBBBaaBWBoBa
B8E JTf JfmMtHK WaaaaaaaWaaaaBaaBBBBaBBH WWpirs "'aHBaaaK
A 111 1WIMI aa aaaaaaaaaaajaaiaaj aaj aiaaiaaBaaaaaajaaaaaaajaaaaiaaiaMaaaaajaaaaaj a nil s mmsm?K-J
..aBBBBBBBBBBBa&'a'' ssji
W!Pw9M'K&'j$ Wee
HBjaafaK? vtjJylVsMHi KS7"
Improvements would bo made on tho
hundreds of filthy houses.
"Why members of Councils should con
tinue to Ignore this act I can't under
stand. If members of Councils In whose
power It Is were only to devote a little
of their time in reading tho new law
they would see that the enforcement ot
tlio act would result in better neaitn ana
hyglcno among many women, men, chil
dren and little babies. I know what tho
conditions are In the stum quarter lie
causo I have visited that section."
"In mv opinion, one of the chief
reasons for many children being ar-
rested and arraigned in the Juvenile
Court Is duo to their bad environment.
The children who live In tho houses
where tho plumbing Is faulty, where there
aro broken windows nnd poor ventilation
are not In the best of health.
"Instructors of schools declaro that chil
dren In poor health flnfl It Is hard to keep
their minds on their studies or to mem
orize what tho teacher tells them. The
children don't feel well. They havo no
appetite for food.
"What Is tho result?
"An army of sickly children, poorly fed,
with no ambition, go dally to their class
rooms. After school they wander home
In the rlcket, dirty tenements Natu
rally, thoy don't want to sit Inside of tho
dust-coverrd rooms. The children want
fresh air. They wnnder out to tho alleys,
where tho sun shines once In a great
"Tho children while In tho alles do
not read good books. As a matter of fact,
thoy don't know what to read. Tho bad
environment brings them Into contact with
grown-up persons, who often aro of ques
tionable reputation. This is when the
child, as a rule, begins to Iolata the
laws of tho Commonwealth.
"The result Is that arrest follows Then
comes tho scene In the Children's Court.
Often they nre sent to somo Institution.
SomctlmeB they are reprimanded and dis
charged. However, when discharges fol
low where does the child of the slum go?
"Hack to the filthy, poorly ventilated
houses. Ho sees tho old surroundings
There Is no placo for him to go except
Inside of tho rickety kitchen or Into the
narrow, fenced alloy."
Among tho representative citizens who
aro In favor of better housing condi
tions and the granting of the J213.719 ap
propriations nre Director George W. Nor
rls, of tho Department ot Docks and -Perries,
Charles U Borle. Jr. Mrs Russell
Duanc, Dr. IT. R. M Landls, Bernard J
Newman, secretary of tho Philadelphia
Benjamin G. Wells
John J, Collier .
Housing Commission, who has worked
hard for months In trying to cbnvlnea
Councils thatfeata not Was a good one;
Doctor Bedrosautrt, Walter B Fogg.
Bishop Thomas J Garland and many
"Only Councils can change the present
condition," said Mr Newman today,
"We are prepared to go before Cftunclls
ami answer any question about the" new
act. Wo can prove with figures and sta
tistics why Philadelphia's houses In the
slums require Improvement."
Hundreds of persons today viewed
pictures of Insanitary houses located in
tho slums which nre on exhibition In tho
window of 931 Chestnut street The
pictures were taken under tho auspices
of the Philadelphia Housing Commis
sion. In the centre of the window Is an edi
torial entitled "Hand ofj Esau," publish
ed In the EviSnino Ledger on October
SR, 1914 which describe how Councils, for
more than n ear, has been Ignoring tho
appropriations asked.
Tho pictures aro attracting consider
able attention. Among thoo who viewed
tho pictures today were women shoppers,
merchants, ministers, phjslclans, law
yers, laborers and visitors In this city.
Some of the persons were suprlscd to
so that conditions such as pictured by
the camora actually exlslted In tho 20th
century In this city
Wife Owns All Presents Sent by Hus-
band, Court Rules.
SPRINGFIELD, Mo., Nov. 23 -Gifts
from husband to wife are the-wlfe'a per
sonal property when they nre delivered
to the house occupied by both, the Court
of Appeals held In an opinion in the suit
of Mrs. Susan A. Aylor, respondent,
against Ben C Ajlor, a wealthy mine
On being Uhorced Mrs, Aylor replev
ied certain household goods given to her
by Aylor He contested, but lost the suit
nnd appealed; The Judgment of the lower
court Is affirmed.
Funeral of Mrs. C. A, Sparks.
The funeral of Mrs Sparks, widow of
Charles A. Sparks, sugar refiner, of this
city, who died Saturday after a brief
MncsK, will tako place tomorrow at 12
o'clock from her lato residence, 325 Cooper
street, Camden. Mrs Sparks, who was
advanced In jears, hail been taken 111
soon nftcr returning from her summer
homo hi Atlantic City. She wbb well
UncVun In Philadelphia. TJuce daughters
survive, Mrs. Charles Elmer Smith, Mrs
Walter P. Douglas and Mis Amelia
Sparks, and a son. Edward K. Sparks.
Tho following divorces were announced as
being- granted by Court ot Common I'lcaii No.
C today
fleorKO F. iBrlstow from Mary E Brlstonr.
Kllzabetli Relchard from William J. Relch
ard. 3. Cornelius Patterson from Alma Louise Pet
tcrsen 'Amanda it. McCusker from James B. Mc
Cusker. Laura, I'MHli Lauzo from Charles I.euze. Jr.
Irene I. Roberta from Ed n aril Roberts.
Klorcnca O Voelkcr from Frank A. Voelker.
Kettle Schwartz from Joseph Bchwarti.
Draco U. Crowther from Samuel Crowther.
Lena L'psteln from Herman Epstein
I.oul-0 V. nodxera from James n. Itodge.rs,
OeorKO If. Irwin from Annlo C. Irwin
Vlncont C. Dlttmar from Carrie P. Dlttmtr
Hazel O. PuUerman from William E. Pul-
Louis Lchrman from Mayme Lehrman.
I'.lJle SI. Weliner from Ilobert a Welmer.
Mar I"ranco from John M. rranco
Harry L. I'lnkney from Wary Plnkney.
nobecca Schneider from Joseph Schneider.
John J. Moran from Minnie Moron.
Ida I Dcrklnshaw from Herbert T nerkln
shatt Carrlo Kmjelhardt from 'William Ensclhnrdt.
Cdwln A Trlat from Anna K. Trlst
DeWltt C. Trazler from Mary O. lYazler
Iff Bt Bi Sk rn w B m B
tne jjeigians- iser
. . Public Ledger
. . Evening Ledger
. Philadelphia Press
. . Evening Telegraph
Bell Telephones: Filbert 2456 and
Arrests Made Aftef One of Accused
Is Found Unconscious.
WILMINGTON, Del , Nov. 83,-In the
arrests today of Arthur Bauman, George
L Evans Homer Lane, Horace Ball,
Samuel Hlnger and Everett Bell, the
police believe they have- taken the gang
which the last week has stolen nnd dam
aged five automobiles. All the accused
are youths. There Is one charge against
Evans, two rach against Bauman and
Ball, three each against Lane and Hlnger,
and four against Bell. Ei Davis and De
borah Wood, girls living at Kennett
Square, Pa., were held under $100 ball
each as witnesses.
It Is charged that Bauman and others
Inst night took tho automobile of Dr. S
C. Rumford, and, after a Joy-ride, wreck
ed the machine on tho Kennett turnpike
Bauman, who was rendered unconscious,
was picked up by another automobile,
brought to this city and arrested, rive
machine were stolen last week, damaged
nnd then abandoned
New York Lawyer Was Brother of
Mrs. Lincoln Eyre, of This City.
NEW YORK, Nov. 2J.-Haro1d Osgood
lllnncy, who led a strangely dual exist
ence as patent lawyer and a man whose
cccentrlo exploits kept him almost con
stantly before tho public eye, died last
night at tho home of relatives In Mt
Vernon. Ho was 7 yearn old Mrs Lin
coln Eyre, of Philadelphia, Is his sister
Ills death is supposed to have been
caused by an overdose of headache tab
lets taken Saturday night. Yesterday,
he suddenly collapsed unci died when his
heart failed to respond to stimulants
Alienists had pronounced Blnney one
of the most temarkable Individuals they
ever examined He was a brilliant law
yer, a chemist, a physicist, a mechanical
and an electrical engineer. He was de
voted to nutomobllo speeding and was
frequently arrested for dashes on Broad
way, having been roleased November 4
fiom Blackwell's Island, where he had
been for two weeks becauso ho refused
to deposit $1000 as a guarantee, that ho
would not violate the speed law.
On one occasion Blnney became Infatu
ated with the Idea of Joining clubs, and
became a member of one after another,
until ho tired of the novelty. Aeroplanes
attracted his attention and he went In
for them In his usual manner, buying
two at a time. Ho flew them for a while,
but abandoned them for yachts
His first wife was Miss Miles, ot Phila
delphia. After being divorced In 1910, he
turned up In California, where It iwns
rumored that ho was about to marry
again. Instead ho returned to this city,
where he married Miss Etlse Martin, a
singer. In March, 1913 A trip to Europe
followed, but Mrs. Blnney was unable to
overlook the eccentricities of her hus
band and returned alone. Two daughters
by his first wlfo survlvo him.
Robert Stokes, 75 years old, a veteran
of the Civil War and for many years
connected with the United Oas Improve
ment Company, died Saturday at his
home, 7027 Gray's avenue. He had been
111 for Borne time. Ho served In the Civil
War with the 72d Regiment, Pennsylvania
Volunteers Ho was a member of the
Philadelphia Brigade, Old Guards, 2d Reg
iment, nnd Post No. 18. G. A R. The
funeral will tako' place Wednesday after
noon, at 2 30 o'clock, from his late resi
The Rev Dr Charles N. Spauldlng, 79
years old, a retired clergyman, died late
Saturday night at the Episcopal Hospital,
following n attack of heart dleeae. lie
suffered ft general breakdown thred years
Ago, when he was compelled to resign ns
pastor of the Protestant Episcopal Church
of St. Simeon Tho funeral services will
bo held tomorrow afternoon, at S o'clock,
In the Protestant Episcopal Church of
St Simeon, nt 6th street and Lehigh nve
nue, Rev George 3. Valentn, rector of
the church, will conduct the services,
assisted by tho Rev Thomas MeKee.
Byron Eugeno Hno, proprietor ot the
Rlvcrtide Hotel; Forked River, N .T tiled
late Saturday afternoon at his apartments
In the hotel, following a brief Illness. Ho
wns 77 years old. Mr. Eno held largo In
terests In Bovernt Philadelphia, hrftels nnd
was a director of tho Ocean County Trust
Company, at Toms River, N. J. Ho wns
a member of tho Barnegat Lodge, No. 150,
F. and A. M. The funeral will be held on
Wednesday afternoon
Mrs. Henry Mayer Wethcrlll, of Ger
mnntown. a leading member of St. Mi
chael's Church, High nnd Morton street").
died last night at her home, 2115 East
Penn street Sho was lit her Mth year.
Two daughters, Mrs Christopher Wether
Ill and Mrs Faul Lajus Tlets. and four
grandchildren survive Tho funeral will
be held from her lato rcsldenco Wednes
day nfternoon at 3 o'clock.
BORDENTOWN, N. J., Nov. 23.-John
H. Ayres, who had been a. contractor nnd
builder In Philadelphia, died Buddenly at
his homo here last evening. Ho was CO
years old.
HKNbON. Suddenly, at Hniiilllnn ller
muda, on November 17, ItlM, MAtlEI. MUlt
IlAY I1ENSON, wlfo of John C llenson. Duo
notice o' tho funeral will ha given
llKltUMli:ii. On Novomhor 20, 1014,
land of the late Hoflna ncrltnccr (nee Km
let). In his Sit ti year ttelitlvrn nnd friends,
l;n Herman Lodg No US, 1'. and A. M.i
Kemlngton n A rhaptf". 'o. !UJ Mnry
Commander, Nn tn k T Lu Lii Temple,
A. A ON. M. S . dlroctors or Intonrlty
lllle Insuiance, Trust and S&fo Deposit Com
pany, Cannslatter Volkfost Voreln. sSchuet
ren voreln Philadelphia quartet Cluli and
all other societies of which he was n mem.
nrr. are Invited to nttond the funeral serv
ices on Tuesday nt i o'rlock. at htq lato
residence, SOTS North Hancock st Interment
ptliate. at Herman Lutheran Cemetery
llOi:im. Suddenly, nt Ills lato residence.
1741 North Park nvo , on Jiovember SI. 11)14,
noIlEItT E eon or the Into William nnd
Agnes Doners broiI 70 soars llio relatives
nnd friends of tho fnmlly arc respectfully In
vited to ntteud tho funeral eervlccs on Tues
day afternoon at U o clock precisely, at
Bchuyler's Droad and Diamond sts Inter
ment private. Auto funeral
imANDKNHTElN. On November 22. ION
WILLIAM P, husband of Catharine M.
llrandensteln funeral on Wednesday, No
vmber 23, at 1! p m. from 2312 pHlethorji
st Interment prlale, nt Orecn Mount Ceme
tery IHJI I V. On November 22. 1014 ANTHONY
DL-KIT, husband ' barah Duffy funeral
on Thursday, at S 30 a. in . from his Into
residence, Burtnont nc Oik View, Deln
waro Countv. Pa. Solomn Mass or Requiem
nt at Charles' rhurch, Kellyvllte, nt 10 it.
nt. Interment St Charles Cemetery. No
DUNPHY. On November 22 1014 PinitCn
husband of tho into Bridget Dunphj Kuneral
on W rdnesdny, nt 8 1 n. in trcmi CIO Hudd
st . West Philadelphia .Solemn Hequlcm
Slnss nt St gntha s riiurih at 10 a m
Interment Holy Cross Cemetery
I'.NO -On November 21 1014. T1YP.ON Y.XS
(lU.N'n. husband ot tho late Mary Iteheccn
Lno (me Hosklns) In his 77th year. Holn
tlvea and friends also members or the Dame
rat, No l.'O, F and A M. Lodge directors
of Ocean County Trust Comptny, of Toms
Hlvcr N 1 , aro Invited to attend tho
funernl on Wedncsdai, November 23, at 2
o'rlock, from his lato residence. Porltcd
Itlver, Ocean County, N J. Interment pri
vate. FOR1IKS On November 21. J014 Ann
LAIDU C, wife of Andrew I'orbos. Delntlves
nnd friends ot tho fnmlly aro Invited to in
tend tho funeral services, nt her lato resi
dence, R823 Qutncy st . Clermantown, on Tues
day, tho 24th Inst , nt 2 p nt precisely
Trains leave Droad Mtrcet Station at 1 14
and 1 25 for Carpenter Station Interment
JXMMOIIK. At Hrldpeboro, N T. on No
vember 22. C!l OnQB D. KKNIMOUK
Tuneral on Wednesday, at 1 p. m , from
Sad With Mi
"May Heaven bless the Americans for their kindness !" is
the cry of Belgians everywhere. "Belgium will never forget."
It is good to feel that we are helping that we can help.
It would be a sad thing to remember that we did anything short
of our best.
Other cities and towns have joined with Philadelphia in
. filling the Thanksgiving Ship, but there is not yet enough.
Who Can Be Deaf to the Appeal
of a Starving People ?
Hundreds of thousands of Philadelphians have not re
sponded. Not because they are ungenerous, but because in their
warm and comfortable homes, with all the good food they can
eat, they do not realize that across the sea women and children
are (Jying by the hundreds.
Some one has said that joy is the greatest thing in the
world; but only the stricken know it. Probably most of us
have not seen enough of misery to understand the desperate
need of little Belgium.
But if this fact can only be driven home to us that a few
cents will save a life, none of us will sit down to a Thanksgiving
dinner with the pennies in our pocket.
M. F. Hanson . ... Philadelphia Record
James Elverson,Jr. . Philadelphia Inquirer
E. A. Van Valkenbttrg . North American
W L. McLean . , . Evening Bulletin
Filbert 2457
tb residence of Ms nephew. It P Gaskllt,
Main at , BrMgwboTO NT
OAMIJLIV On November 20. 1914. SAItAtl
8 , wife of Robert 11 Gamble Funeral serv
ices on Tuesday, st 2 p m nt HB4 Booth
20th it. Interment at Mt Morlah Cemetery
HAM,. On Novomher 21. 1014 .MARY
SPltAaUFJ, fife of the late BMward I) Hall.
Relatives and friends are Invited to attend
tho funeral services, on TueHv afternoon,
November 24, nt 2 o'clock preclMr. ,rrem
the resldonce of her eon-ln law, Mr William
B. dray, OSS Bouth St. IVrnard st , West
Philadelphia Interment private, at West
minster Cemetery Boston and New York
parors pleaea copv
HAIiniSONV On November SI, 1014. KLTAS
o , husband of Rmma Harbison (nee Ctirre
den) nnd son ot Isabella and tb lato Ttobert
Harbison Relatives and friends aro Invited
to attend tho funoral services on Tuesday,
November 31. at 1 40 o clock precisely, at
his lato residence 4n4,West Duncnnnon ave.,
nincy Interment private, at North Cedar
Hill remetery. Remains may be viewed on
Mnndnv evening ,
HASLKTT. On November 17, 1914. rrtANK
C, liubnnd of Mary HnHett. and son of
Mary A. and the late William Hnslett Duo
tiotlco of the funernl will be Riven, from his
Into residence, 123S Bast Palmtr st
HIIIItr.HD. On Seventh I)av, Rleventh
Month, 21st ANNA M HlnnKnD, Wlfo of
Joshua K Illbberd, In her 71st year, Itela
tltes nnd friends aro InTlted to attend tho
funeral, on Third-Day, Eleventh Mnn'h,
24th, at 1-30 p m, from her late residence,
l'aoll. Pa Interment private
JAMU1. Of diphtheria, on November 20.
1IU4, OKonOH II, youngest rhlld of Albert
nnd Eltnlra Walter James Tuneral strictly
jfiliVKOn November 10, 1014 CLINTON
I. son of Ida V Urlan and tho late William
C John Tuneral services on W ednesday,
at 2 V m. nt rrlmos nve and Hook roa 1,
Folcroft, Delaware County, Pa Interment
private, nt Mount 5Mon Cemetery.
Kl'HN. On lyovemtier 22 1914. MAltOA
HUT KtlHN nged S-, yenr' Relatives and
friends of tho family are Invited to attend
tho funeral serv Ices nt 2 o'clock, on Wednes
day afternoon nt tho residence of her eon
lolin Kuhn, 1201 Mellon st (12th aim Fair
mount ave) Interment nt Nortluvood Cemc
terv I.r.DDON. On November 20 1014. V.IA'.A
HETH A . widow of Porryman Leddon (nee
Htoy ) Funeral services on Tuesday, at 2
p. m , at 4000 York avc. Interment private,
nt K of V Cemetery
l.r.Klll. On November 22, 1014, nt Easton
Pa H V.LB I.EIOH, son of OcorRo o and
Wlllet'a Lelrh. aged 2 mortha Interment
Westminster cemotery, on Tuesday, at 4 30
p m
l.dfirn. On November 20 1014, CECHLIA
I.OOUC (neo Dougherty) wlfo of John Loguo,
nt tho resldencn of her husband, 1M2 Man
Ion st , nbovo Wharton st Duo notlco of the
funeral will bo given.
l,H)NN.-Oii November 20 10H, THOMAS
A husband nf Kllzaboth Lyons Funeral on
Monday at 8 10 a. m . from 1.CIS Houth 40th
st High Muss of Requiem at Bt Francis do
Males Church, at 10 a. in. Intcnnnnt strictly
MncAHAN'. On November 10. 1014. TAMC1
1) , son o( tho late Jamea D and Hannah
MacArnn Hervlces nnd Interment private
MAGNA MRC At his residence. Uerwyn,
Pa., on November 10. 1014, RICHARD S.
MACNAMHK Duo notlco ot the funeral
will be given
MASStN'TON." On November 22, IBM. ED
WARDS MAKS1NTON. husband of Ida L.
Musslnton Funeral notice will be given,
from 111" elter'n residence 010 Enisnorth St.
MrCOUMlf'K. On November 10. 1014. AN
DREW McCORMICK, husband of Sfary Mc
cormick Funeral on Tuesday, at S HO a m ,
from 2S2S i:ast Lehigh nve. Solemn Requiem
Moss nt St Anne's Church, nt 10 n m In
terment ti Holy ,'leoulchre Cometery
Ml:lti:i)ITH. In West Chester, on eleventh
Month 22d 11114. ULIZADKTI1 D MERE
DITH, In tho POthyoar of her ngc. Relatives
nnd friends of tho family aro Invited to at
tend tho funeral from Downtngtovvn lYIends'
Meeting House, on Fourth-day, Eleventh
Month JSIh Meet nt 1 p m. An opportunity
will bo given to view the remains at tho
Harcley, West Chestor nt 10 10 a m. Car
riages will meet the 1 V) trolloy from "West
Chester nt East Downtngtovvn and tho 12 43
train from Philadelphia, reaching Downlng
timn nt 2 II p m
MILLER. -Suddenly, on November 22. 1014,
EMANUEL L.. son of tho lato Henry O.
nnd Catharine Miller. In his 00th vear. Rela
tives and friends, also Welcome Lodge, No
221). I O O r, nnd Veteran Odd lellowa'
Asm , are invited to attend tho funoral serv
ices on Tuesday, November 24, 1014, at 2
o'clock, from his lato residence. 1217 North
12th st Interment Westminster Cemetery.
MII.LKR. On November 22. 1014, EMAN
UEL L. son of tho lito Henry O and Kath
i rlne Miller Funeral services on Tuesday.
November 21 1H14, nt J p m from 1237
North 12th st Interment Westminster Ccmo
cry MUItnnOK On November 22. 1014, MAR
tlUERITn MURDOCH", daughter of Mar
ruerlto iMcNulty nnd the lato William Mur
ilock and granddaughter of lredcrlck nnd
Elizabeth Dmnlncer Funeral on Wednesday,
nt 11 n m , from parents' residence, 1120
South Broad st. hcrvlco at St Luke's Epis
copal (""lurch. 13th nbovo Pino St.. at 12 30
precisely. Interment private. Fernwood
MURPHY. -On November 22, 1014. at hoi
lato residence, 181 Master st , ANNIB MUR
PHY Duo notlco or tho funoral will bo
1'AIIMV. On November 20, 1014, IDA A,
t Can
Wlfo ef TheeJor c. Pafl Punsovl serjj
leos 6B Tuesday, at 1 p. m at ll Mfiri
at Interment private
tVltm. At his late residence 204 North)
Camae t MORItin M PAUL Funtral itr
lew on Tuesday, at IV a m preelaoiz, M
Hehuylera, lJroad and Diamond t. Inter
rnnt private.
MBHCIV-On November 4J, 10U, ANNA
MARY riBRCTl. aged 82 years, wlfo of
Jefferson 8. Plerca and danghter of John
and Salilo Bennet Funeral without farthtf
notlco on Wednesday, Novembor 2 tUJt
p m from Hulmevllfe. Rocks Oonntr, Pa
Interment Reeelvflood. Cemetery
KAM8PACHKIL Ort November SO, 1914, al
his Parents' residence, 2340 South 17th at ,
RAXfOND J , son of Clauds W. and Ceotllo
II Ramspachor fnw Dvibler). Da notlc
nf the funeral wlil b given
SCHROEDER. Suddenly, on tho 20th Inst.
J5LI7.ADETH. wlfo of Frank Behroeder. Rtla
tlves and friends are Invited to attend th
funeral services, on Tuesday afternoon, at ft
o clock, at her lato residence, istw North
Ettlng at. Interment at West Laurel Hill
i emetery. Remains can be viewed Monday
BIIOLENnunO. On November 20, 1914.
ELLA M , widow of William II. Hhelenberg.
Duo notice of fureral will bo given, froml
tho residence B340 North 12th at,, Logan
nn Sunday, November 22, at his homo, 2
East 38th at., New York city. Funeral prl
vato, at hla residence, Wednesday, at 3 p m.
Kindly omit flowers
SMITH On November 20, 1014, THOMAS
n. SMITH, son of John II and tho late ICat
Smith nnd grandson ef the late Adorn anil
Susa Lep Funeral nn Wednesday, at 2
p m from lr40 North Alder st. Inter
ment private, at Greenwood (IC ef P.) 0m
SMITH, Suddenlr, en November 20, 3914,
SARAH A., widow of Frederick B. Smith.
Funeral servlcea on Tuesday, at 1 p m.. av
f!780 North Rouvier st. Interment strictly
private, at Northwood Cemotery.
SMITH. On November 22. 1014, FRANK A
SMITH, aged 71 vear. Funeral service on
w rdnesday, at 2 p m , at hla lato residence,
Ralley Road, Tendon, Delaware County, Pa.
Interment eVouth. Laurel Hill Cemetery.
SPARKS-On November 21, 1014, AMELIA
riOSi, wife ot the late Charles A SDtrks,
Relatives nnd friends aro Invited to attend
tho funeral services, on Tuesday, November
21, nt 12 o'clock noon, at her lats residence,
32"! Cooper St., Camden, N. J. Interment
private, at Laurel Hill Cemetery. PhlladeU
phla. Carriages will bo In watting at Cam-,
den ferry.
8PALD1NC,. Suddenly, on Saturday. No
vember 21. 1914. at tho Episcopal tloipltt),
Philadelphia, Pa the Rov. CHARLES N.
8PALIUNO. D D., in the 70th year of hla
nge Funernl services at tho Church of St.
Simeon, Philadelphia, at 2 o'clock. Tuesday
November 24. Interment private.
SIOKER. Suddenly, on November 21, 1014.
RORERT RTOIvE, aged 7 years. Hefa
tlves and friend of tho family, aloo Ivsnhoo
I-odge, No. 44w, F, and A. M.i survivor or
the 72d Regiment. Pennsylvania. Volunteers:
Philadelphia Urlgade, Old Ouard. Ssconil
Regiment: Post 18, U, A. R., and employe
of tho U..O. I Co, aro Invited to attend,
tho funeral, on. Wednesday afternoon, at smi
o'clock precisely, from hla lato resident.
7027 nny'j nve. Interment at Mount Morlait
THOMPSON. Suddenly, on November 1,
1014, ELIZAUET1I A., wife ot William
Thompson and daughter ot th lato 'William
It nnd Elizabeth Morris. Funeral servteoa
on Tuesday, at 2 p. m.. nt ."047 North tfx
st. Interment at North Cedar Hill Cmiry,
TOIIEY. On November 22. 1014, FRANK
T) , husband of Sarah A- Toboy. Funeral on
Wednosday. at 8.30 a. m., from 1242 South,
inth st. Solemn Mass of Requiem at St.
Teresa's Church, at 10 a, m. Interment Holy
Cross Cemetery.
TILEK. At Richmond Vo., on Novomhor
LER, wlfo of John Tyler, Jr. Interment pri
vate. WAIIILE. On November IB. 1914, HELENA
MAUEL WAIDLE Funoral on Tuesday, at
7 30 a m from Prlmos Delawar County.
Pa High Mas at tho Holy Spirit Church.
Sharon Hill. Delaware County, at 0 a, ttu
Interment nt St. Charles' Cemetery.
WETZEL. Suddenly, at Wllkei-TIarre. Pa.,
November 18, 1014. JOHN L.t husband of
Katie I'ost-r Wetzel. Duo notlco ot th
funeral will bo given, from his lito resi
dence lMn North Judson st.
WILKINSON. On NovemUr 22. 1014.
LBANDDH, husband of Mary Wilkinson. In
his 7flth year. Funeral on Wednesday, at 3
n m, from KO Washington st.,. Camden,
N J Interment private, Harlsigh Com
tor v.
WILSON. On November 20. 1914. ED
WARD WILSON, husband of Julia Wilson.
Funeral, on Wednesday, at 2 p, rn., from 14S
League st. Interment Mt, Morlah Cemetery.
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