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'raw at Broads Two
Musical Comedies Shown.
Tho filonk and suit firm fc-f Potash and
Petlmutter displayed Ha wares at the
Onrrloh last night anil to Judfle from the
Way buyers (of seals) look to the three-
drarnatle Suit the firm will do n
Brf business. Abo Potoih and Morris
nUtter (It Isn't pronounced "Jtaw-
a" once during the entire play) de
serve AllcnrR. TIlfi atrinl; Int ktttiMtl
Is fully up to the samples nmt adver
tised by JIontaRue Glass In tho Satur
day Kvenlns Post. Whoever designed
the three-piece suit shown Inst night
and hie hamo is not on tho bill of lAdlns
-did Well. He cut the suit to fit the
mythical figures, brought to life with
nmaalng characterization by A, 11.
Woods' company.
Tho piny made out of the Olasa stories
!s cohesive, connective and therefore
tomprolienslvo. It scintillates with
laUghr; breezes along so tiatu rally and
smlllrtKly and goVid-nnturcdly that
ritrinacment nnd satisfaction go hand In
hand. It Is true that neither Ibsen nor
, Ilrleujc could have written "Potash and
Pcrlmutter." It Is equnlty true that the
Glass play Is Infinitely human not high
brow, perchnnco but appealing to the
average, everyday being.
Tho characters of Potueli nnd I'crlmut
ter and nuth, their designer, are su
perbly drawn. They stand revealed ns
In life uncouth, yes; lacking education,
yes. But with nil their faults wo ennnot
help loving them but not still. Their
humor Is clean, Inugh-prodUclng. It may
as well be said now that there Is noth
ing In tho play, from the rlso of tho cur
tain until It descends all too soon, to
which even tho most rabid .Tew coulu
take exception. Barring perhaps Boris
Andrleff, the persecuted Ilusslnn. tho
characters ring true. He is too good to
be truo too oily.
Tho episodes of the play abound In
chuckles, smiles, laughi nnd roars. They
gallop along from ono r'dlculous climax
and antl-cllmax to nncVthcr. But withal
there. Is an evor-prcscnt undercurrent of
that misused term, heart-lntcreat. Ituth
Goldman, the designer, who was never
referred to its a "designing woman"
though the temptation must have been al
most Irresistible Is a charmingly woman
ly crontlon tho oort of girt nil men would
llko for their wives nnd would envy In
the posiesslon of others. Carolyn LUJa.
was delightful In tho role, sharing with
Julian Rose, as Potash, nnd Julius Tnn
nen, as Terlmutter, tho honors of tho
Of tho others In tho cast It may bo
said that, with ono or two exceptions, thev
were worthy of the three stars. Italoh
J. Herbert, as Andrleff, was n bit too
unctuous, Leo Donnelly, ns Moznrt Itabl
ner, breezy) Maurice Barrett, ns Harks
Paslnsky, good.
The wenk spots In tho cast were Blnnche
Almee, ns Irma Potash, tho young daugh
ter of tho firm, and Helen Salinger, ns
Mrs. Potash Tho former never struck
tho Hebraic keynote. Mies Salinger, who
bears a startling rcsemblnnco to Mme.
Bchumann-Helnk, missed tho accent ab
solutely and seemed not a bit nt home
In her role.
But Potash and Perlmutter Is n firm
well worth patronizing the play Is bet
ter even than the stories on which It Is
built Go and see for yourself.
One More Self-Impersonttion at the
v Broad, But Not in a "Drew Piny."
Charles Frohman's statistician hns been
wofutly slack. Otherwise he might have
turned the Ocean City Yacht Club's bunt
Ingsnt tho Broad last night Into n com
' mcmoratlon of John Drew's BOOOth or
thereabouts nppearnnco In his masterly
Impersonation of John Drew. Just why
reviewers, and even a few spectators,
grow tired of such a faultless perform
ance Isn't very clear. Perhaps top per
fect a work of art Is bound to cloy, and
even the moat polished und nmuslng of
crosses between a society jumping jack
and a good-natured parrot must wear
out Its charm. Lnst night the genuine
article was on view, as usual, and when
Mr, Drew turned his broadcloth back to
the audlenco, the customary cry, "Some
tailor!" went up.
But If Drew was Draw, the piny was
not. Darlo Nlccodeml and Michael Mor
ton present Mr. Drew as n "drunk"
through one act, as a largely reformed
but Indiscreetly amorous guardian
through another, and finally as a man
who falls In love with his estranged wife
whllo pursuing his Intended mistress. The
result Is neither so harmlessly amusing
its Mr. Drew's usual pieces nor so atlmu
' latlng to tho Intellect as other actors'
There were compensations, however.
In tho first act, a really expert little
gin actress, Helen Hayes Brown, gavo
a delightful Impersonation of the orphan
that Mr. Drew finds thrust upon him.
In the second Martha Hedman played
, til same young lady, grown to woman
Jiood apd beloved, rather Improperly, by
the same semi-grass widower, and play
' ett her with delightful nuancos of com
,dy. She was Just as appealing. Just as
lovably beautiful as any of our native
Ingenues, yet she gave tho part tho
touches of human comedy that make
real impersonation. The third act. In
vhleh the young lady flew to the pro
tection of Mr. Drew's wife In the coun
try, gave every one a last and unexpect
ed glimpse of the other pleasant factor
In a. not very pleasant evening, Ferdi
nand Gottschalk In one of his expert im
personations of inconsequential caddish-
h iux
-.IfTnten the play la a "Drew play" no
4 ' poiiy oan object to Mr. Drew iMlng himself.
''When it u a tuur-neartea anu unsuccess
ful attempt at pathos and drama and
such, as well as a most vehement and
equally unsuccessful attempt at comedy,
the unfortunate aetor stands out a
Gibraltar of sameness. And you realize
alt too sharply haw very amusing and
charming he could be it he had some
thing worth the effort.
Cusical Comedy, With May de
Sousa, at the Fgrrejt Theatre.
rte anyone speeka of "the queen of
lis Wfivl" one thinks of wee Mary
FisHftird. out if one has HW "The
QtHMfti of the Movies," Tfcamas W. Ity
) muaical comedy which opened at the
Torrwat (act night, fee will thereafter think
if May De Santa- 70r Mlsa D Sohim is
SBunetnerty nape some ana wvacuusiy
Wttve ail any mute iioerii culd be
Moreover, she sings some of the base
1 WMW bai for a long while In Phila-
Aelrtda. I
"'itu Vut ii uf tho Movies" la Laoert on I
t& Herman Kjrtwdy, "Die Kinu Kotnl-
JJBW by Jull .s. frr.iu,J and nuitfe oko- j
fjjpT"l","r' The plot U based on th
4$ttn lit an etieatrii. rilillloimUc, no ka-
,MMM ot .iUifkui fusJ o suppress th
ttiuf i-i. tur Ceil Gill, known as
& Wu uf tht Movie ' effectively
l im.it r.A Ijj muni L bmu. unUercifc tu
Sii4fu nenMtU on mil Undu the aupw
uuattJ pcoftnnec him ia Uuhti ia a
wmui'M way. of conrM. fmlos as a
pi" tot tnwt taai W J
l-l ;-:" v SM m r10
5. jgrr- 5 x "Jti,miFSmt 5s - -3-J --ww-JS-j - 2 - jjJIEV-- - "--r --- '-c 'r'gg'tr'Slgf-Ttli
ejti . - ,.e i iimiiifc saiiMiiTnBi aMiiMPMaMiwaaiiinTiBWMBMafaariiiprBraiiraaiwiiiTniaiMBirBBnimriTBiTrTiii i TmaaminnFrTiii m a ii'n 'mw
- :-"'. . ' '''"'.''-l-sr - " .....: , ...: - "-'-"t' ; '"ff-'iifi MJJmWIriflHMWmmWrTmnW
AOBl.rBt-"A FMr of ftlww ter SW"
Peels A drMwtle fun lWl.rt lftW! '
un tnr nare nnrnnn.
prodigal irmbandi" fcr t)rlo
Mlctiart Morton, ttsmiig John
FortitRT - The yuen of ili Movies," rrroal-
cl comedy, with May De BOTM Hsvrew
WW .
OARHtOK- IViUnh and rorlrmitrer " drenml
nation of Montague Glass' famom stone.
KJStTH'S- K.Mio Toy and lh Seven MUM
Fort: Wilis, licit wsentd in. a repttletrs
. LT' songs arui niersincu diii
i,itti.h tiibatur-' mneie .
aslw HongMon First proxlartkm In thla
y of play which created a tensRlloh in
dro A girl harm- been MmproiMMM,
r to marrr
thus rlMllanalBK
im ah
am asmrlfn tho I:
! ef (ho
tjf flic "High Jlnka, mueP-al cmer. with
splendidly acted
book r otto llauernerh and tnwslc by nu
dolptf Frlml, atarrlnit Btella, Mayhc'
Frlml, Martin Btella, Slayhew. Review
WAL.XrT ttetum of that popular
i Old I'lWneatMid," tiT IJenman
vm I'nTincstei
Itavlaw blow
professor Into a love-matttng situation
which !srnost comp.iimlslng especially as
a moving-picture machine Is nperatlng on
the subject. As n result of tho evidence
thus secured th efforts to suppress mov
ing pictures save one nre discontinued.
Frank Moulnn Inimitably portrays tho
maker of artificial foodi and serves as
a living warning against nuy Indulgence
In seld foods or antl-movie campaigns
Stella Hoban proves a contrastingly
charming member of tho Clutterbuck
family, nnd Is wildly loved by Bobby
Lopp. Bobby Is not tho member of "nn
old Philadelphia family" or an "old
Knickerbocker family," but gracious,
dear-an "old Jfew England family "
Frank Crumlt excellently portrays a
stuttering moving picture director, und
Charles Mitchell nn old school comedian.
"Tho Queen of the Movies" hns proven
n great success In other titles, notnbly
Boston, and on tho road. It Is genuinely
Plitnrtnlnlnir. elaborate V. even beautifully
staged and tho chorus Is tnntalblngly bc
wltchlns. In this comedv nro Bomc strik
ing musical hits, notably the UrnTilian
mnxlxo dnnce, "Oh. Cecelia," and "when
the Moon Slyly Winks In the Night "
Tho danco Is the thing. It matters not
w bother tho lines mean anything, or
whether the music Is catchy or original,
Just sprlnklo about liberally a lot of de
lirious steps, nnd the modern audlenco Is
This txns evident Inst night at the open
Irig of "High Jinks" at the I-.yrlc Theatre,
when, nl tho end of tho second net, tho
enmnnnv ns n whole Indulged In nn exhi
bition of limb-swinging such ns has not
been seen In UiIb city In many n day.
Tho curtnln dropped Just low enough for
the desired effect to bo produced.
The music of "High Jinks" Is beguiling
ly engaging. Tho "Bubblo Pong" It a
gem, nnd Is charmingly sung by Adelo
Ardsley who takes the part of Florence,
daughter of Madame Bnbelnls.
The aforesaid madamo and her husband
hnd been separated for mnny years, when
Doctor Thorno turned up and proposed a
trip to a Ficnch bathing resort with tho
dnurrhter Florence. At tho critical
Juncture tho missing husband nppcars nnd
engnges In a flirting diversion with his
wife. Neither recognizes tho other nt
first, nnd when they do there is at once
a clearing of tho atmosphere, and
Rabelais, his wife and daughter nre all
reunited. Then Docttfr Thorno returns
properly to the bosom of his own family.
Tho humor of tho episode nt tho scn
shoro resort revolves about tho Incident
thnt "Doctor Thorno pays all expense1!.'
Until hr husband turns up, Madame
Bnbelnls regards tho characteristics of
Doctr Thorno as thoso nll-deslrablo In
a man.
Stella Mayhew, as Adelaldo Fontaine, Is
altogether charming, nnd Dorothy Wolfe,
ns Mndnme Robelali, nnd Paul Porcasl,
as M Jacques Rabelais, are easily the
dominant nrtlsts In the cast. Philip Ryley,
ns Dr. Robert Thorne, camo In last night
for his merited share of acclaim. Ex
cepting for these, tho cast Is ordinary,
but tho chorus Is nbovo tho average.
Somebody once said thnt a really great
comedian llko the nlght-bloomlng cercus
buds onco In a century. This, ns mod
ern history proves, Is not exactly cor
rect. But that seven should bo born
within a score of years, and In tho same
family. Is something out of the ordinary,
Now, nddlo Toy is conceded to bo ono of
tho greatest comedians of America. But
what of tho "Seven Little Foys?" With
their talented "pop" as they familiarly
call him Eddie Foy's offspring mado
their debut In Philadelphia yesterday at
Keith's thcatro. And all pioved them
selves, from tho latest wco addition to
the famllv, who reaches about to "pop's"
knee, to bo real comedians. The next-to-tho-oldest
Foy is a second edition of
"pop" in gait and Inherent comicality of
It Is dlfllcult to become enthusiastic
over vaudeville bills, for vaudeville Is
llko a woman with a past. Vaudeville hns
been uplifted, but It Is as difficult to take
It seriously as a lady who has left homo
and baby to campaign i'or votes or so
cialism. Nevertheless, In a literary wny,
ono must clnp one's hands for tho enter
tainment offeied by Manager Jordan at
Keith's this week. To bo sure, Carl Byal
nnd Dora Early are relics of "vuudeville's
low-brow days, but then, being Just me
diocre, they offer a contrast to James C.
Morton nnd Ralph Austin and tho
others with but one oxceptlon on tho
ichedule Morton and Austin aro the fun
niest team who have appeared In Phila
delphia thla season. They aro the male
Eva Tan?uays of vaudeville, and their
acrobatic stunts nro truly marvelous
How human bolngs can alight on their
heads without Inlllctln? pert-unal assault
upon themselves Is ono of the mysteries
of the profession. We spoke cf an excep
tion Wllla Holt Wakefield's present ap
pearance Is announced us her last. Such
ar. Intention on part of Mls: Wakclleld
shows a quality of Intelligence vhlch
provokes admiration, even If her piano
recitations don't. One only wonders that
this event was delayed so long.
Seven little dogs come out before the
audlenco and tango, turkey trot nnd en
gage In amazing clown performances.
They are called "Jacftb's Comedians."
Take your children to see them If you
J ''.
tmrnou w!
Nlccwtfcmt tid
have children. To behold tho marvelous
nnlmals of our childhood fairy talcs In
"real life" was n thing wo never ex
pected to sco well, hero they arc, and
these dogs nro even moro human nnd fun
nier thnn Bro'r Rabbit and tho Immortal
Besides tho living reproduction of
famous works of art by Hcnrletto Do
Korrls nnd n rompnnv of 15 models from
tho Academy of Sculpture, Paris who In
sooth give the moit excellent exnmplo of
this sort of thing In years there aro Jack
Ilyan and Harry Tlorney, song writer nnd
composer most engaging personalities;
Lorraine nnd Dudloy In a sketch, "Tho
Way to a Mnn's Hcnrt" shown to bo
gastronomic, and Bobby North. Bobby
North tns born, not for vaudeville, but
for pawnbroklng. His face recalls tho
hopeful sign of threo golden balls sus
pended In the air on Sixth avenue, Isle of
Opening of Opera Season Will Be n
Notnble Artistic Event.
Tho opera chosen for opening the Phil
adelphia season tonight is Puccini's
"Tosca " and tho two prlnclpnl parts
have been assigned to singers who hnvo
made for themselves notnblo reputations
In thoso parts. Geraldlno Fnrrar, after
an extraordinary reception In Now York,
In Carmen, will sing Tosca. Tho Now
York critics agree that Miss Farrar's
singing nnd acting are even moro excel
lent this year than before. Antonio
Scotti, who shares with Bcnaud tho
honor of being "a perfect Scarpln," will
sing that part. Caaradosil has beon as
signed to Giovanni Mnrtlnclll, the tenor,
whoso work brought him early recogni
tion In his recent first nppearance with
tho Metropolitan. The entlro cast la as
Tnca Geraldlno Farrar
Ecarpla Antonio Scotti
Cntaradossl (Hovannl Marttnelli
Ancclo Olullo IIobI
Sacrlstnn Taolo 'Ananlan
Hpolotta Aneelo Uadn.
Sclarrono Bernard Bogus
jailor Vincenio Itoschlgllan
Shepherd Bophla llraslau
Conductor, Arturo Toscanlnl.
Philadelphia accorded Its customary
generous welcome to Donman Thompson's
"Tho Old Homestead," which was pre
sented by a capable company nt tho Wal
nut Street Theatre last night Several
persons who have been playing the same
purts In tho pleeo for mnny yenrs ap
peared In the cast and added In a great
measure to tho success of the play.
There Is probably no stage production
which creeps Into the hearts of Philadel
phia audiences as does "The Old Home
stead." It Is for this reason tho houso
was crowded last night, and It Is safe
to say nt least half of the audlenco had
seen tho piece many times before.
Edward Tj. Snader, aB the familiar
"down-east" farmer, Joshua Whltcomb,
easily found fnvor with the audience by
the capable manner In which he portrayed
the lovable character of "Uncle Josh."
Jfrs. Maggie Breycr, as Aunt Matilda,
ncted with a grace and motherly charm
which captivated every person.
Horry S Boblnson nnd Charles H.
Clatlce, who Interpreted the characters
of Cy Prlmo and Seth Perkins, were al
ways In high favor. Without these two
venerable actors no production of "The
Old Homestead" would be complete. They
liavo played the piece for so mnny years
they are a part of it. and In consequence
their work Is of the best.
The other members of the company
acted In a manner creditable to the char
acters they Interpreted.
The old Now England story will never
grow too old for Blncere appreciation. The
double quartet, which Is always a feature
of the piece, easily sang Its way Into the
hearts of the nudlenco.
District Attorney Hears Murderer
Was Freed After Deal.
District Attorney Whitman Is Investi
gating the circumstances attendant upon
the granting of a pardon on November
7, 1912, by ex-Qovernor Dlx to Albert T,
Patrick, serving a life sentence at Sing
Sing for the murder of William Marsh
The Investigation was begun after two
affidavits had been filed with the District
Attorney concerning published statements
to the effect that Joseph Walker, Jr., a
Walt street banker, had offered to obtain
Patrick's pardon If John T. Mllltken, of
St. Louis, Patrick's brother-in-law, would
Join Mm In a mining deal.
The affidavits filed were made by Georgs
T. Goodrloh and wife, Mrs Anna S Good
rich, and related their version of what
took place at a meeting here among them
selves and Mr. Mllllken on March X, 1911
Former Governor Dix, who Is In this
city, said today that he had pardoned
Patrick solely for the sake of Patrlak's
New Jersey Republicans Select At
lantic County Man.
TRBNTON, Nov. . Carleton BL God
frey, of AUaatio County, was this after
noon choe Sneaker tor the next House
of AMewhiy by the Republican cu.wuj.
John ft Kates, of Caisden. his aret
rival. (Mined 39 votes and Assemblyman
Dalyrytnple, of Passaic, received four.
William N. Bunyoa, of Union, will be
the next majority leader and Uptu &
JeJferie. of Atlantic) County, was -
taw mm ftlarig.
WM J iimwMMmmm mm m
wax 1 tsy I If WJmmi&WWWts-1w4&in). KfJi w&Vl I
Tho Pavlown Ballet, Inc., mado Its ap
pearance at the Metropolitan Opera Houbc
last night A frivolous person might as
sume that tho letters "Inc." stood for
"Incorporated." Legally this may bo
true. Thoso whd saw last night's per
formance wilt swear that tho letters stand
for "Incomparable," and they will be
right. At U o'clock, throwing all thoughts
of commuting ttalns, street cars and
matins to tho wlndB, the spectators forgot
themselves far enough to demand a rope
tltluhi of the "Gavotte Pavlowa." A quar
ter of nn hour Inter they demanded an
encore of the famous "IJacchanalo." Tho
houso was crowded, tho spectators highly
appreciative, end tho ballet was perfect.
Something of nn Innovation wns tho
appearance of the members of tho com
pany In evening dress albeit not moUerii,
clothes. The dnncos In this costume were
of today, and many hearts heat faster
at tho prospect of being ablo to danco
ns M. Clustlno dances or Mile. Svlrsknla.
But tho linest things In tho program were
thofoo dances In which artificiality Is car
ried to Its perfect oxtrcmo. Where no
emotion, but grace ttlone enters. Such
was tho "Puppen-Fco" nnd somo of tho
divertissements. But to pick perfections
out of perfection Is qulto useless.
German Captnin Oots Back Home ns
AMSTERDAM, Nov. 21 -Captain Aye,
of tho auxiliary cruiser Knlser Wllhelm
dcr Grosse, which was sunk off the west
coast of Africa by a British cruiser In
the latter part of August, has been deco
rated with the Iron Cross of tho ilrst
class. In a statement to tho Berlin Tnge
blatt. Captain Aye says he managed to
return to Germany as a stoker on a neu
tral vessel.
A dispatch from LnB Palmas, Canary
Islands, on November 12. said that ten
ofllccrs from tho Kaiser WJlhelm dor
Grosse, who were on parole, had escaped
In n Dutch steamship. They wero dis
guised as firemen. The men had beon
lodged on n German steamship moored
at Las Palmas.
Annual Convention of College Fra
ternity ppens Here on Friday.
Tho nnminl conirress of tho Chi Phi
Fraternity will be held at tho Bcllevue-tJ,
Stratford on Friday and Saturday of
this week. Some 75 delegates from the
chapters of this fraternity In the prin
cipal colleges of this country will at
tend. The Chi Phi Circle of Philadelphia -will
give a smoker to the delegates on Thurs
day evening at the Belle vue-Stratford:
the session of the congress will be held
on Friday And Saturday, and on Friday
night the fraternity will hold Its annual
memorial service followed by a dinner.
The Bpcnkers for the banquojlon Friday
night Includo Franklin K. Lnnc, Secro
tarv of tho Interior; J. George Brecht,
secretary, board of education; C. B.
Helserman, general counsel Pennsylvania
lines wrat of Pittsburgh; Charles i. Hill,
vice president and general manager of
tho Cooper nines Company, New York
city, and Clark Howell, Jr.. of Atlanta,
New System of Teaching Will Be
Demonstrated by de Montiliu.
A complete demonstration of eurhyth
mies, as taught at the Model School at
Bryn Mawr College, will be J given next
Tuesday evening at the William Penn
High School by M. Placldo dl Montiliu,
his wife and Mile, Odler, all of Bryn
Mawr. Mr. Montiliu is the American
representative for Jaques Dalcroze, the
Swiss composer who originated the sys
tem of eurythmlcs.
The system was designed, by the origi
nator to create, with the aid of rhythm,
a regular current of communication be
tween the brain and the body and to
develop the pupil's attention and will
power by eliminating all but the most
essential movements. The demonstration
will be under the auspices dt Xbt Phila
delphia Music Teachers' Association, tha
Philadelphia Teachers Association and
the Physical Department or the university
of Pennsylvania,
11 a.m. to 3 p.m.
1024-26 Chestnut St
Herman war relief benefit by Irish Societies,
Academy of Muilc, 8 p. in.
Opera, "Lo Tosca," Metropolitan Opera
ltpute; 3 p. m,
Banquet, Pennsyltanla Collexo of Optome
trists, llellovueStmtfordi T p m
ItHllroatl faro protcat mretlngt, Jenklntown,
Folcroft and Lanadowne; ft p. m.
Opening of boutli Philadelphia. Branch, Freo
Library, 2407 South llroad street; 8 p. m.
iianquei, iian jmpnnement League, Scot
tish Kits Italli 0,30 p
Went I'hllaritlDhta. Modioli Association
tennouso Jtotoij u p. in.
Special meeting. Academy of Natural Sci
ences. 1DGU Jtaco streot) 8 p. m.
Endowment bamnr, Samaritan lloapttal
Nuraea' Homo; 10 a m. to 10 p. m.
Weat Philadelphia W, C. T. TJ., Walnut
Street Presbyterian Church, 40th and Walnut
streets; 7.30 p. m
Mutlc&te In aid of Abtngton Memorial Hoe
pltnl, Ueochwood College, Jenklntown; 8 p. m.
Toed and Grain IVaiers, llourio.
Mualcale, Wayne Avenue Ilaptlut Church.
Wnyno avenno and Queen Lnno: 8 jj. m.
Courts Will Pass on Act Which Has
Tied Up New York Subway Work.
NEW YORK, Nov. 2I.-Membcra of tho
Public Service Commission and represen
tatives of tho subway contractors and
labor unions of this city have agreed to
test the constitutionality of tho law for
bidding employment of alien labor In tho
building of the city's new subways. The
contractors say they cannot obtain enough
American citizens, but John GUI, busi
ness agent of the Bricklayers' Union, has
arranged with tho municipal employment
bureau to Issue an "appeal" for citizen
All Americans now out of Jobs who
want work at (3 for an eight-hour day
nro requosted to register at tho employ
ment bureau. Gill says thore aro at
least 23,000 Idlo American citizens ready
to do any kind of honest work for living
84,000,000 WILIi CONTEST ON
Claim Will Be Made That Stilson
Hutchina Wns Insano.
WASHINGTON, Nov. 24.-Wlth tho Jury
complete, the right over the 4,000,000 es
tate of Stilson Hutchlns was on in bitter
earnest today. Plans for attorneys for
Ieo Hutchlns, the objecting beneiiclary,
called today for nn nttaok on. the mentai
condition of the late Mr, Hutchlns, and a
claim that he was unduly Influenced In
disposing of his estate.
The widow and ono bop, Walter 8., re
ceived 33 per cent, each on the hugo es
tate, while Lee Hutchlns, a second Bon,
was left 20 per cent., and a granddaughter
10 per cent
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24. 1014.
M. A. Hudson, of This City,
Tells Chairman Prouty
Business Men of Country
Agree in Favoring Rail
road Rate Advance.
WASHINGTON, Nov. 21. A report dt
a. personal Investigation of manufacturing
conditions made by M. A. Hudson, of
Philadelphia, in a tour of tho country,
Is made In n communication to Charles A.
-Prrfuty, chairman of the Interstate Com
merce Commission.
Mr. Hudson, who Is vice president of tho
J. E. Loncrgan Company, manufacturers
of boiler, steam nnd gas engine specialties,
211-16 Baco street, Philadelphia, declares
that the railroads should bo permitted to
advance their freight rates, as an Im
portant factor In Insuring a revival of
the machinery business, which, ho says, Is
at Its lcAvcat ebb in a quarter of a cen
tury. Mr. Hudson's letter fallows:
November Iff, 1911
Hon. Charles A. Prouty, Interstate
Commerce Commission, Washington,
D. C.
Dear Sir: It Is with great Interest
that I have read your address before
the National Association of Hallway
Commissioners In regard to the Im
portance of ascertaining the valuo of
all public carriers properties, and I
concur with you In your opinion, but,
whllo this extensive Investigation Is
under way, I certainly think that the
railroads ns a whole ought to receive
tho ndvanccd freight rates necessary
for thorn to progress.
I am a comparatively small manufac
turer, a Democrat, and voted for Wil
son. But enough of politics.
I returned n short time ngo from
qulto an oxtonslve trip over the coun
try, and to a mnn every manufacturer
when interviewed, nearly all of whom
wero In englno specialties or kindred
lines, woro most decidedly of tho
opinion that what general buslnest
needed moro than nnythlng else was
tho Increase In freight, rates given to
tho railroads, and I know they woro
Wo rend about prosperity In tho
newspapers this may bo, nnd In all
probability is truo In somo lines of en
deavorbut In machinery and kindred
lines the state of business Is the most
deplorable I havo seen In 25 years'
business experience. I will give you a
few facts and figures which can be
easily proven:
No. of No. of hours
Workmen Workmen today
Competitor on year ago. today, per wk.
1 nw York 02O 82 2.'.
a Pittsburgh luuu
3 noaton, Ilrldgeport 400
4 JJoaton .100
Oureelves 1.0
oo .10
1B0 an
80 4U
80 40
rteirulnr weeK m hours.
I could go on and nnmo a vry large
number who are In tho same boat or
worse off than tho cases mentioned.
Consider, for Instance, tho pitiable
plight of one of our large locomotive
works, who aro working only from
eight to sixteen hours per week with
less than 20 per cent, of their force.
You may be thoroughly acquainted
with alt thess facts, but as a humble
manufacturer, I thought I would bring
them to your attention, If by any
WHri II r Rliifi m
fm ILf yH
will be shown in this, city
for the first time today
at our local Sales Room.
Thornton-Fuller Automobile Co.
- , 2041-43 Market Street
PhiladeJpMa ,
i J W-U'i w
& T... f ..
- -2. -. r sire -y ., - fi.:r -
T"rr .. t,Mt the tl
chance rod ytouia no
has been made, in oine ftt
rrV?honftda W "n
C Topmost ob.dl.nt r&80M.
Bisks Kise in B.port of rlsruh.'
nnd Dresden's Benewed A"1"'
waters has win cijjl ; J'
marine Insurance to r Ise on J0nftUrg
South Atlantic and Bout! , Pclflo
A week ago """"-' "-;..i trins to the
6 per cent on wmOnriWJ'J
west coast of South AfaMVUan
cent, by way of the,s.trr"55r.dvttnced 2
route. Today the rales har dvnc
per cent. Seven per cent. Is a""
the voyage by W 7
Canal and 10 per cent W way
'a tail, of tho current rates subject to
Immcdlato change follows. JpM)(
England and Scotland
(weat coaat) nnd ,. '
Ireland t J 1
Europe, between ., t
Ilatre ana Gibraltar IV '
England and Scotland
ffioncoft!,.,.""?: 1
Ditto T .'
Adriatic ? ,.
Norway, not south .
Btavanger . 3 "
Denmark, Norway
Sweden, not boyond ,
Malmo 1 "I
Stockholm ., ?,, ,,
Holland 1 ? 'j
South Africa ........ H 1
Auatrln and New Zea
land Via Suez or Cape of -
Good Hope I "j
Vlh ranamiv ....... '1, S
Via raclflo Coaat.. V, 1 -
Via Un. Kingdom.. VA " ''
India, via Buoj or ,
Cnpo of Good Il0DO ' 1 n
Via Suez or Cape of ,,,
Good Hopo ...... J 14
Via Panama Canal. 1 -
Via Pacific Coast... X
Via Un. Kingdom., l'i - 3
rhlna, Japan & Java
Via Sues r,r Cnpo of
Good Hopo t l',i fi
Via Panama Canal. 1 2
Via raclflo Coaat... i 1 g.
Via Un. Kingdom., l'i 2 Hii
Via Rotterdam .... 2H 3
Cuba and I'orto Itlco,
Jamalcn nnd other
Wcat Iridlca (except
Urltiah) U ' H
Brltlah Weat Indies
(except Jamaica),
Cent. America and
Caribbean aeiports. H 54 1
Eaat coaat Central
American ports .... Yt t 1
West eoast Central
American porta .... J4 1 g
Drntll H W 2!i
River rhtte ........ i 3
eat coaat of S. Amcr.
Via Magellan ..... 2 2 10
Via Panama Canat. 114 IM T
Outward, t Inward.
'""'"- ".v..l..'-.J.1
flEtt & s

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