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VOL. I-NO. 71
Cert slant, 1014, i ine rctuo Lxtxin Conr.Ni.
Germans, However, Report
Repulse of Counter At
tack at Same Point on
Flanders Front.
French Begin Now Advance in
Alsace, Where Battlo for Pos
session . of Muelhauson and
Altkirch 13 Raging.
The nrincioal fiBlitiue in West
Flanders is now centreing in the vi
cinity of Yprcs, where both Allies and
Germans have made attacks, appar
ently without achieving any con
spicuous success. The Paris War
Office's, official statement issued this
afternoon declares that German infan
try attacks in that region have been
repulsed, while the report of the Ger
man General Staff, issued in Berlin,
declares that attempted advances by
the Allies have been thrown back.
Paris reports little activity else
where on the line, except in the Ar
Bonne, where attacks by the German
infantry have failed to gain ground.
Unofficial reports from Berne,
Switzerland, confirmed by dispatches
from Berlin, show that on the ex
treme French right, in Alsace, a battle
of considerable proportions-is in prog
ress, the French having developed a
new offensive toward Mulhausen and
Strengthening of the German lines
in, Poland and Resumption of the of
fensive, particularly against the Ger
man centre at Lodz, stand out as the
salient features of the Poland cam
paign. 'Both Kaiser's and Czar's War
Offices agree that fighting has been
furious at several points along the
line, and each side arrogates such
advantage as exists to itself. North
of Lodz the Germans have been forced
back, but at the centre their re-form,
ed line holds firm, while the perilous
line, at Czenstbchowa,' jias been .re
lieved by strong reinforcements. In
the L'owicz region the Czar's vigorous
operations have forced the. enemy to
manifest a counter offensive.
By a surprise attack Hungarian
troops routed the Russians who en-,
tered Hungary from eastern Galicia.
According to the official Vienna state
ment, 15,000 prisoners were taken,
petrograd reports possession of a
number of the Carpathian" passes.
It is reported 120,000 Turkish troops
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Ottoman Gains Indicated in Trans
Caucasian Campaign.
BERLIN. Dec 1.
RuHjIa. Is reported to bo sending more
reinforcements to Transcaucasia to fight
me Turks, Having ueen taken by sur j
prise by the organization and equipment
of the Turkish army. A Russian military
paper Is quoted as Baying that Russia
has lost 33,000 officers in killed, wounded
and captured since the war began.
England Is massing an enormous 'army
of units In Egypt, according to a press
dispatch to a German news agency from
Constantinople. This states that Portugal
Intends to enter the war by sending an
army to reinforce the British-Egyptian
army. V
Athens reports the landing of SUMO
Canadian -volunteers In Egypt In addi
tion to the heavy contingent of Aus.
trallan apd New Zealand troops disem
barked there a few days. ago. X
Orders for Vehicles and Digging Im
plements Placed Here.
CHICAGO, Dec. 4. Two hundred three
ton and, 100 five-ton trucks have been'
ordered from local manufacturers "for
the. British and Russian Governments.
A, great quantity of ahoyels, buckets,
pick and. other Implements suitable for
trench-digging have alio been' ordered
by Great Britain, the total of both orders
aggregating j:,500,000.
France Protests Against Detention of
Ambassadorial Attaches,
PARIS, Dec. i The, French Govern
ment has protested to Berlin through the
Spanish Ambassador that Germans, are
detaining as prisoners of war members
of the French Ambassadorial, service in
stead, of sending them bask In accordance
with thy ruka of the Geneva, Convention,
Hi i -iTHrTf BTij naL?' iWl II
fr PkilaJtflftkm and view'tit
K iju.dy to4ay u,ith nt ekuiy t tern
Book Publisher and His Associate
Accused of Obstructing Justice.
Two Philadelphia law book publishers
took tho alternative of facing conspiracy
charges In court today rather than havo
tho daughter of ono of them appear for
a hearing on a statutory charge before
a Magistrate, where only the complaint
would ho heard and she WoUld have no
opportunity to defend herself,
Tho wen are George T, Blsel, presi
dent Of tlin acorgn T. Blsel Company,
721 b'nnsotn street, and Cyrus M. Dixon,
vice president of the eo'inpany. Disci's
daughter, Mrs. Florcnco H. rilffoul, wns
arrested in .Wllllamsport Inst week on a
statutory charge preferred hy her hus
band, Arthur 10. Clifford, formerly an
ottlclal of the hook publishing firm.
Blsel .admitted In Quarter Sessions
Court today heforo Judge Uarrntt that
he know tho whereabouts of his daugh
ter nnd offered to produco her In tho
protection of tho Qiinrier ScbsIohb Court.
As the mutter Is still In tho jurisdiction
of Magistrate Harris, before whom Mrs.
Clifford was to havo had a further hear
ing last Monday, Judgo Barratt could
do nothing but comply with tho demand
of John II. K. Scott, attorney for tho
complainant, and hold Blsel nnd Dixon
In $600 ball each for court On n chargo
of conspiracy to obstruct Justice. Dixon
anld he knew nothing of tho whereabouts
of Mrs. Clifford, hut was held because
Clifford said he had made n statement,
to tlie effect tho woman had been sent
to a foreign country.
Judgo Barrntt made clear to Blsel that
he was transgressing tho law It ho re
fuged to produce tho woman beforo a
magistrate or in any way nldcd her to
keep out of the jurisdiction. He refused
r to avail himself of this advice, declar
ing he would not have his daughter sub
mit to a one-sided hearing before a mag
istrate. Itc admitted that tho only Jus
tification he had to offer for his refusal
to produce the womnn was that as her
father he would not stand Idly by and
permit her character to bo besmirched.
Ball for the woman at 'Wllllamsport was
furnished by Dr. N. R. Hubbard, a dcntlBt,
nnd when she failed to appear at the hear
ing beforo Magistrate Harris, tho latter
ordered the 300 bond forfeited.
Doctor Hubbard, who also was sum
moned to court today, was exoneratod on
his declaration that there was no agree
ment, explicit or Implied, that ho was to
be reimbursed for his loss by tho for
feiture of tho ball bond, no said he nat
urally expected Blsel would compensate
him If tho bond wero sued out. The
dentist was discharged, the testimony not
connecting him with any arrangement for
the removal of Mrs. Clifford from tho
jurisdiction of the court.
Secret Manuals Show Co-operation
Between Two Governments.
A statement frcm tho Foreign Office1
today declares:
"German troops In the war theatre have
discovered secret manuals of the British
General Staff containing detailed Informa
tion on Belgian railway rolling stock and
details as ,to .bllloUng.TJh.ejo, rnamiats
.!..-.,. ..;1.'V..'."KTS' .....It.a.i mill, K
gUUlU Ulll IIU.VU MCH fcv ...t.. ...u
active assistance ofthe Belgian Govern
ment, which supplied dotalled infefrmd
tlon. "This Is further evidence that England
and Belgium believed long ago that there
would be English military action In Bel
Due de Montpensier Sails for Eng
land to. Offer Services.
NEW YORK. Dec. i.
When the Lnsltanla sails tomorrow the
Duo de1 Montpentler will bo among her
passengers. He Is bound foe- England
to offer his services to the British Gov
ernment In the present war; France hav
ing refused his offer to serve In any
capacity. The Duke is a brother of the
Duo d'Orleahs, who claims the throne of
France, and It Is strictly against French
law for any member of n former royal
house to, serve the State In the military
or naval branches.
The chief o& the Duke's personal staff
Is Captain' Henry E. Morton, Royal Naval
.Reserves and. former captain of the
Bieamsuip .uonKoua, u. uik x-ui-iuii juici.
Philadelphia Benefits by Decision of
Commerce Commission.
-WASHINGTON? Dec. 4. The Interstate
Commerce Commission today suspended
until June 13 proposed Increases In rates
over the Pittsburgh and Lake Erie Rail
road on bituminous coal from points on
the railroad's line to Wilmington, Del,;
Philadelphia and Baltimore, Sid,, on traf
fic destined to certain points "beyond."
The Commission also suspended pro
posed Increases In rates on clean rice on
railroads operating from Austin and other
points In Texas to Atlanta, Ga., and other
Southeastern cities.
Proposed increases In rates on brewers'
rice, from New Orleans to Dallas, Fort
"Worth and San Antonio, were suspended
until June 13.
Asks Commerce Commission to Order
Repayment of 1007.
Agents of thp Pennsylvania. Bait Manu
facturing Ctfmpany, of Philadelphia, tes
tified today a( the Federal Building be
fore J. Elgar Smith, examiner for the
Interstate Commerce Commission, in sup
port cf ilu company's plea that the rail
rdad be ordered to make repayment of
?UXr to the oompan.
The salt company alleges that In
adequate shipping facilities provided by
the railroad at the Natrona, Fa., salt
plant caused a loss. The railroad com
pany filed a counter-claim of JtSOO for
The p. B. MarUn Company, meat nack
rs, asked that tfie Penisjrjyanla be eom
petbd to equip Its refrigerator ears with
hooks and lacks.
Used Lining of Coat for Purpose in
Abington .Police Station,
A nose mad from the lifting of his
cost was found in the eW f P. J. Wal
ter, a MoKiaiey. Pa.. ywHh, i bfore
ha u taken from the Abtaston Bailee
utftttae U the NarrUtawn JjiiT
I - ISfthA SIAVBB DJ B B MT.4 rf.Mslum Will ...
bbUb bIMMbib nuts- iwu'-, Ma.4au,l ItWU
the Iron bars uf. the cell window, about
eight feet frm the flow. Waiters
teemed agitated when taken from the
Tha prisoaer sea committed ta defuli
..if j-k ball b- Magistrate WhUains for
j !'.- . '.'l.-i . it a bouse to M-.K;iils.
Many of the men who arrived from Vera Cruz were not allowed to go ashore till this morning. That
they felt good about gaining solid earth beneath their feet on home soil once more is evidenced by the
photograph. A friendly scuffle is taking place as a derrick lands baggage from the transport.
Camden Somnambulist,
Former Soldier, Wounds
-Woman With Rifle First
Mistaken for Burglar.
A Camden somnambulist fired a shot
from a rllle In his sleep early this morn
ing, and the bullet struck his wlfo in
the right foot. She Is at Cooper Hospital.
The man Is John Hoffman, of .(05 Arling
ton street.
Shortly after 2 o'clock this morning.
Oli Emma Hoffman was awakened by
a shot in her room. When she opened her
eyes In the darkened room sho saw the
form of a man standing In a shadow, a
few feet from the bed, with rlflo In hand.
She failed to recognize him as her hus
band and first mistook the man for a
Mrs. Hoffman tried to wake her hus
band, hut he was not in bed and then
she screamed for help.
"Halt," shcuted the man, as he stood
In tho darkness a few feet away. "Ad
vance, and give the countersign." When
Mrs, Hoffman heard the volce,,sho recog
nized It as that of her husband.
She limped from her bed. with a rlflo
ball In her foot and crawled along the
floor to the side of her husband, fear
ing every second that he would fire an
other shot and perhaps kill her. When
sho reached his side she wrenched the
rifle from his hands and Hoffman wan
aroused from his sleep.
When his wife Informed him that he
had shot her, Hoffman was Ignorant as
to what had happened and would noti be
lieve it until ha saw the blood flowing
from his wife's foot. He then ran out
of tho house and called for an ambu
lance. When the ambulance raced up to the
house, two policemen Jumped from tha
steps of the vehicle and ran Into the house
with, the physicians. Upon learning that
Hoffman had shot his wife they were
prepared to take him Into custody, but
his wife explained that he ''often walked
In his Bleep" and assured the police that
tha entire affair was an accident, Satis
fled with this explanation, the police left
the house and the Injured woman was
hurried, to the hospital,
According! to the police. Hoffman, who
is 38 years old, was a former soldier In
the United States army and served In
the Philippine Islands. The rllle. with
which he shot his wife, he explained, he
always keeps back of the door In his bed
room for protection. He told; the police
that he dreamt last night that he was
stU In tlje army, but coul dnot rejnsro
ber when he got out of bed or when he
flred the shot which injured his wife.
Asks 6J5000 for Alleged Alienation
of Husband's Affection.
Sut was brought in Cow of Common
fleas No- by Annie Leff agaiitat Clara
Bennick to recover tUXXl damages for the
alleged atteaatlon of the affeetions of tli
plalntlK'a husband, Benjamin Leff. The
plaintiff rssldVs at SM Wood street
Judge Martin allowed a capias for the
arrest of the defendant and fixed her
ball at Q0i The wife Is represented hy
H. AaroBson,
Failure to obtain work was the reason
for the srfcide of Harry Ascamosy. of
318 Carjwwfer street, wfc was found hang,
ing frwn a gas Jt in Ws room by bis
mother today- The body M at the Jew
ish Morgue, 410 Christian street.
Atcaruuay became despondent when fee
found, it Impossible tu get employment.
This jniwruJos he failed to reijieod ta
knocks f his door He was pronounced
dead at Mount Slua.i Hospital.
IMWyKA, IftUiktttI IteietiSja 0&tde.
Tin ctummej! mm -.
Jury Pails to Obtain Evidence War
ranting Their Detention.
Two men arrested as witnesses In
connection with tho death of Joseph Sln
gallia, CO years old, 137 Ellsworth street,
who was found dead ot gas poisoning In
his homo on November 28, wero dis
charged by Chief Deputy Coroner Ar
thur Sellers today at tho inquest Into
the death of Slngnllla. Tho Coroner's
Jury failed to ngreo whether they should
be held to await the action of the Grand
Jury. Tho men,. who wero discharged,
hvwere -Frank - Ezlaxoor- and '. -Joseph- 3r
Krailer. ' .
Witnesses testified that 'Slngallla was
overcome by gas while In bed. Ezluzas
admitted ho came Into tho gas-flllod
loom In which tho dead man lay and
went to bed without detecting the odor
of gas. , Kinder also slept In the house
on tho night that Slngallla died, and
both men wero nrrested ns witnesses
by tho police.
Torn and Disheveled Young
Man Snatches Her From
Death, But No Person
Lends a Hand.
Thousands ot persons watches a young
man calmly face death this afternoon,
saw him, torn and disheveled, make his
way through dense smoke and flames to
rescue a girl from the second story ot
a burning house. No ladder was used
in the rescue and, although thousands ot
persons cheered the gallant hero, not one
moved to help him. The house was
buthed to the ground.
A squad of bluecoats fro mthe Front
and Westmoreland streets station stood
by during the whole proceeding, but did
not move one finger to aid. They ap
peared as helpless as Engine Company
No. 2, Firemen watched the rescue
with interest. They arrived on the scene
nearly two hours too late. Yet, with all,
they did their duty, and all had a good
time. j
Thse few wlerd acts occurred at the
house, known as the ''Old IJpplncott Man
sion," corner of O street and Erie ave
nue. It was once haunted. It is said. The
fall trees that stand only a few hundred
feet away whisper all kinds of strange
tales. The nearest house Is many blocks
At all events, the home was "doomed."
The city ordered It torn down to make
plaee for the externum of Brie, avenue.
The I.ub(n Motion Plature Company ob
tained permission from the city to burn
the house to the ground and at the same
time take a realistic picture film which
will be called the "Black Sheep." Thereby
hangs te lafe,
Georgf Wi TjrwIlUger was In charge.
M)ss Qrjal HSwley was the heroins and
Bart Msteglf. as the nero, carried her
thrown tb flames. Kempton Green was
the -Task sheen.
The showvfor it was a real show was
slated for U m.. but was delayed b
cuiuse the nremaji dW not arrive to start
the Are, Ttoy.fead a good exense; tbsy
had been djjgyed lighting a Are at Sth
and CwabeilM streets. The tire was
started In "th kitchen-
snn si
VaiiiatssXa Eeported Sent to Ogpsisa
tV juries.
BBRUN. See. .-"Athens reports
state that Sngtaiui has landed . Ca.
nadUo veiufttean H KsH. - a Wtt
sat iMued here today 4elars.
Frederick Mace Arrested as
Colleagues Prepare to Do
rlrrri "Homage Accuser
Lives in This City.
Frederick Mace, a "movie" producer and
former Philadelphia dentist, appeared at
tho West Sldo pollco co'urt In New York
today to answer a charge of wlfo abandon
ment proferrcd by Mrs. Mace, who lives
on Hunting Park avenue, and who Is said
to ue a "member of tho original Kloradora
Sextette. Tho "movie" man must explain
to tho co'urt why ho should not be haled
beforo the courts In this city.
A dinner was to lavo been given at the)
Waldorf-Astoria lust night, with Mace as
tho guest of honor. A number of Ills con
temporaries were bent on telling him what
an excellent producer he was and how
much they valued him personally.
Detectives spoiled the well paid plan
hy arresting Maco an hour or so be
foro the dinner was to be given, and
shortly aftrr he arrived at his apartments
In the Hotel Bristol from the Yonkers"
studio of his company. Under the cir
cumstances tho "movie" man was con
siderably annoyed, but the minions of the
law wero obdurate, and there was nothing
for him to do but to visit police head
quarters. There Mace got in touch with
his lawyer. A telephone message to Dis
trict Attorney Wbltraan got his consent
to ball of $1000. More telephoning brought
Judge llosalsky, and at 3 o.'clock this
morning the detained guest of honor was
released. The dinner was cold and the
diners had departed.
Tho lawyer for the unfortunate "movie"
producer says that he Is one of the high
est priced men In the business, which he
entered after many years spent in this
city as a dentist, where he is, said to
be well known. He had but recently re
turned from Russia after staging the
"Threads ot pestlny," In which Evelyn
Nesblt Thaw Is the star.
Mrs. Mace Is known on the stage as
Gertrude Wallace, and at one time played
In leading companies, her friends say.
That was before Mace became a "movie"
Polyclinic Puts Two Wards Under
piphtherla ta the Polyclinic Hospital,
Uth and Lombard streets, has caused a
rigid quarantine to be placed on two
wards In the Institution.
The first case was discovered Monday
In the children's ward, from which It
spread to the men's ward, Both of
these wards were Immediately quaran
tined and physicians at tKe hospital took
cultures from every person In the build
ing. Eleven nurses who showed traces ot
the disease were taken tu ,the:MunIoipal
Hospital, where four are now being
treated. Miss Mary Hokwta, head nurse
of the men's ward, has the most severe
case. The other nurses returned to the
Polyclinic Hospital today.
Every precaution to prevent tha disease
from gaijilng a flrn foothold In the hos
pital has been taken and the physleians
regard the situation as being 'well In
hand, The few patients who are aSfeeted
have mild cases.
New York Weather Bureau Brpeats
Heavy Northeast Blow.
NHW YORK. -LThe tetwt wWfce
hweai Uim th fsitwtos seerta wait
ing today -
"Hoist northeast storm wamiugs. Cae
Utsry to Cap Cod- tUairbaac over
Tennessee roovutg aorttt. Strung north
east and east w4s, juo-aol, lucKssiaj
Injuries Suffered in Accident at Ma
sonic Temple Fatal.
.lames t, Wilson, 77 years old, a retired
police sergeant, for more than 40 years
connected with the pollco department,
died today at his home. 4332 Aspen street,
as a result of Internal Injuries. Ifo at
tended a meeting of Oriental Lodge, No.
"S3, F. and A, M last month at Masonla
Temple. Upon leaving the building he
wns struck by a heavy swinging door. He
never recovered from the shock.
Sergeant Wilson was jv veteran of the
Civil War, nnd served with a regiment of
Pennsylvania volunteers. Itc was attach
ed to tho Lancaster avenue and S9th street
station since the close ot the war. He
Wis made houso sergeant on January 3,
1SSS, and held that position until Septem
ber 1, 1013. when he was placed On the
pension list.
Three children survive him, Walter, and
Harry Wilson, nnd Mrs. J. II. Snyder.
His wife died 12 years ago, The funeral
will be held next Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Darlington,
Divorced 16 Years Ago,
Brought Together by
Murder of Their Girl.
Frederick W. Darlington, president of
a rubber company nt 660 North Broad
street, and his former wife, Mrs.
Georgiana M. Darlington, have been re
united by tho death of their daughter
In San Francisco and wero married for
the second tlm,e last Monday in that
city. They wero divorced 1G years ago.
News of the marrlago was received hero
today In .1 dispatch from tho West.
Mr. Darlington left Philadelphia several
days agol on hearing of the mur
der of his eldest daughter. She was
shot and killed by an Insane Mexican
on a lonely ranch about 40 miles from
Snn Francisco. Tho Mexican had been
employed on the place and attacked her
while other ranchmen wero nway. After
the shooting he attempted to escape but
finding himself surrounded, ho committed
The body was taken to San Francisco
for burial and when Mr. Darlington
reached there ho met tho wife from whom
he had, been divorced for 18 years. He
had not seen her In almost as long a time.
Slnco separating from her husband Mrrf.
Darlington has become an accomplished
musician in Boston.
After the' funeral both Mr. and Mrs.
JJarttngton' remalrfed"lri'"'S4n"'Franctscp
'for several days. They saw much of 'each
other and last Monday were quietly re
married.1 " " '
It Is probable that Mr. Darlington will
bring his wife to Philadelphia with him.
for It was stated nt the ofllcea of his
company here today that no was on his
way home. He Is expected In Philadel
phia early next week. Mr. Darlington
has an apartment at the Burlington.
Juniper and Spruce streets.
Miners and Operators Fail to Agree
on Compromise.
CLEVELAND, Dec. 4, There will be no
peace In the Ohio coal region, The strike
will go on. This was the result of tho
conference of' miners' delegates from Sub
District No, 8 and Ohio operators which
broke up suddenly and adjourned sine die
today without any agreement being
There will be no Christmas In the East
ern Ohlol coal fields this year. Starvation
stalks In the Belmont County hills.
Twenty thousand children there will be
lucky to have enough to eat and more
fortunate If they have clothing to keep
their bodies warm. Similar conditions
affect SOOO women and 13,000 men.
These statements were made today in
the conference of representatives of the
miners and operators trying to settle tho
strike begun eight months ago.
The miners want 47 cents a ton for their
mining. The operators offer 4l. cents.
Strikers reported that many families ot
eight were existing on less than J3 a
week. Shipments of food and clothing to
the strike region from Ohio cities during
the past few weeks have alleviated the
distress very little, miners' representatives
Governor Cox has suggested that .000
discarded militia uniforms be sent by
the State. This will probably be done.
Cards have been sent to every church
In Ohio asking that dally prayer be of.
fered for settlement ot the strike.
Pennsylvania to Continue Under Ban,
Says Secretary Houston,
WASHINGTON, Dec .-Amendments
modifying the foot and mouth disease
quarantine in the States ot Michigan,
Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Kentucky,
signed by Secretary ot Agriculture Hous
ton, were Into effect today. ,
The amendments lift the quarantine on
the northern peninsula ot Michigan and
on the States of Pennsylvania and Ken
tucky, with, the exception of the following
counties In Pennsylvania;
ta Master
A boWIou of the Union Stock Yardr,
Chicago, has also been set aside Xg re
ceive shipments of live stock from points
outside of the quarantined arsa, and Js a
npted .fre the. quarantine deuM
umiftst its rest at .uina.1,
Hi iisjisiseiipsjssBr
gouthingtaa, Saw Will Wst 'Aejrt
Thsn Fwh-i. Pupite This Ye-tr.
SOUTHIKOTOK. Cen.. Ofe. ..-.'
puslie school taaebem of this town voted
UMisdsaousI tods- nut to accept jty
OtusMan areata - anj turuw "nJ
MMS. BeiSus tMSJiad , SM
K i., b9ih h-.s ..jifriMV W
sjlswd u inl
w Ales tea
Transit Director Says Cos
tello's Frankford Scheme
Would Tie City's Hands
in Fight for High-speed
System. "
Would End Chances of a Coin-
peting Chestnut Street Sub
way if P. R. T. Refuses to
Agree to Co-operate.
TrunMt Director A. Merrltt Taylor this
afternoon branded the proposed elevated
railroad to Frankford, Independent of his
subway-elevated plans, as an "unthink
able betrayal of a public trust."
The Director said such an elevated
would not only tie tho halids of the city
In Its fight for better transit conditions,
but would removo nil chancer ot con
structing a compctltlvo eubway under
Chestnut street In the event that the
Philadelphia Rapid Transit Company re
fused to agree to the-transit plans.
The ordinance providing for tho Frank
ford elevated road wns Introduced In
Common Council yesterday by Peter E.
Costello, of the -41st Ward. It provides
for the Immediate construction of a two
track elevated railway on Front Street to
Kensington avenue, to Frankford avenue,
to nhawn street, and Ignores the plans
of Director Taylor.
Commenting on tho ordinance this after
noon Director , Taylor said;
"According to tho newspapers, an ordl- ,
nance, was introduced' In Councils yes
terday offering a franchise to the Phila
delphia Rapid Transit Company which,
will enable that company to construct an
elevated railway over Front street,
Kensington avenue and Frankford avenue.
"The terms of this ordinance as pub
lished disregard the plans which hate
been developed by the Department of
City Transit for the establishment of a
complete high-speed system In the city
in a way which will connect up every
Important section with ovcry other Im
portant section for one 5-cent fare.
.".Th,e, citizens- qf .t5hUaaelphla shpuld
realise. that a program for transit de
velopment has been .arranged between
tho officials of tho Philadelphia Rapid .
Transit Company and the Department cf
City Transit; It was published on 2Uay
27, 114.
"Tho formal adoption of this program
by tho companies has been delayed, and
It has been stated by an oillclal of, the
Concluded on Pace Two Jf
Girl Seriously Injured While Speed
ing1 to Mother's Bedside.
BUFFALO, Dec. i. Two women and
one man are dying, while six other per
sons are more or less seriously hurt as
the result of automobile collisions here
While rushing a friend to catch a train
for Detroit, where her mother la danger
ously III, an autbmoblle driven by Robert
Osborne collided head-on with a trolley
car In Kenmore. Marie Stein. 13 years
old, of Detroit, suffered a fractured skull,
and possibly Internal Injuries. Sne was
removed to the Homeopathic Hospital in
an unconscious condition, Five others
were Injured,
Three women were Injured at Williams
vllle when an automobile ran into a party
of nve horseback riders on tho TOUtams
vllle plko.
Delawareans Unable to Officially
Protest Increased Bates,
WILMINGTON. Del., Dec 4.Agita
tlon In other States to prevent the rail
roads putting Into effect Increased fares
may lead to a move at the coming ses
sion of the Legislature for a State Utility
Commuters have taken no action on the
Increased fares for the reason there u
nd body in Delawaro that lias corur'4
over the matter ana no one 10 -whoui iu
make a prqtest, It Is pointed out t&at
Maryland. New Jersey ana. rennsyivaa
have utility oommissionBi wun wuj
powers anil whatever actiorkis taken cm
the Increased fare proposlttaa wui ha
to come from those States Afrom. the
Interstate Commerce Commissim
There Is a Public Utility Cojamisstofl
In Wilmington, but U has nopowrs off
side the city limits and no control ow
West Philadelphia Business Men
Adopt Plan Against :Loss4w.
West Phttadelphla merchants oui.i j
a defense program for the purpose or ,,
ventlug !os through unscruiwtuus ae-i
era, at a njeetteg ot the West Muia.i
ubU Business Mew's Asaotiatton, in Mve-
COBjnwiiee tm - -- -- -for
eaeh customer, and the irtan piroaistM
for a regnlar reortUS by (. d?sr
the ctwuniuaity of the awegjrt f sv-f
niHshasad eh r4l f
Ta visreji J WM - -
. i. u.ilnnil, -fri TIT -- Ik KlJiJ. S. 2
! IKZ tiilnS (terd
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ta. tha-BSBtfs!
lhii:l ill icjS
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"jjgigf.a is ?
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