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H I.I M lM..WAili.m)li
t.EIt'EIt wilt entertain at dinner In honor
of Miss Jean Bullitt, daughter of Mr. nnd Mrs.
Logan M. Bullitt, on Thursday night December
31, before the. dance which will bo given by
Mr, and Mrs. Henry Drlnlon Coxe for their
daughter, Miss' Ruth Coxe, at tho Bellevue
Stratford. The wedding of Miss Marls I... Walsh and
Louis C. Madeira, 3d, will take placo very quiet
ly on Friday afternoon, December , 11, at 4
o'clock, at the home of Miss Welsh's parents,
Mr. nnd Mrs. Henry T. Dixon. Miss WcIbIi will
bo attended by her sister. Miss Emily I.
Welsh, and Percy C. Madeira, Jr., will be his
brother's best man.
Miss Welsh Is tho daughter of the late Samuel
Welsh ntid a nleco of Mrs. Archibald Thomson
nnd Mrs. William Twells Tiers. Mr. Madeira Is
the son of 1'crcy C. Madeira. His mother, who
died a number of years ago, was Miss Marie V.
Marie, of New York.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Winter Bally left today
for New York with their daughter, Miss Molly
Wood Bally, who will receive at tho tea which
Mrs, Robert Sturglo will give to Introduce her
daughter, Miss Henrietta Sturgls. '
The third day of tho fair which Is being held
t 213 South Broad street for tho benefit of St.
Vincent's Aid, opened this morning. Tho lunch
eons have been very well attended each day,
and Judging from the crowded rooms and many
people in attendance tho babies at St. Vincent's
will be well looked after for another year. This
afternoon all tho articles that are left over will
bo auctioned off at 4 o'clock.
Tho marriage of Miss Harriet G. Adcr to
Thpmas Watson will take place Tuesday, De
cember S, at tho home of the bride's sister, Mrs.
Froderlck B. Emblck, on Devon road, Devon.
The ceremony will be porformed by Monslgnor
Novln F. Fisher, of St. John the Evangelist's
Church, 13th street, noar Chestnut street, at
noon. The bride's only attendant will be her
sister, Airs, Emblck, and Air. Watson will have
his brother, William Watson, as best man.
The Austro-Hungarlan Ambassador, Con
stants Thcodor Dumba, will nrrlvo In this
city today to attend tho concert which will bo
given at tho Metropolitan Opera Houso for tho
benefit of the destitute women and children of
tho war zones. After the concert Mr. and Mrs.
Walter S. Thomson will entertain at aupper
In honor of the Ambassador at tho Itltz-Carl-ton.
Their guests will Include Mayor Rudolph
Blankenburg and Sirs. Blankenburg, Mr. and
Mrs. Edward T. Stotesbury, Mr. and Mrs. Har
old Yarnal), Mr. and Mrs. Arturo do Heeren,
Mr. and Sirs. Andrew Wheeler, Mr. and Mrs.
Barclay Warburton, Dr. and lira. Arthur Ger
hard, tho Austrian Consul, Gcorg von Gravlclc,
and Mrs. von Gravlclc, and tho German Con
sul, Arthur Mudra, and Mrs. Mudra.
Mrs. W. W. Walton, of 133 South ISth street,
will entertain tomorrow afternoon at a bridge
party nnd luncheonj
Miss Barbara Allen Spencer, of Danville, Va.,
is the guest of Mr. and Mrs. F. D. Dlmmlck.
Miss Elolse Orme, of Washington, D. C, Is
the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Caleb Milne and
Miss Marguerite Milne at 2029 Walnut street.
Mr. and Mrs. G. C. Seldcl, of tho Hotel Wal
ton, nnd Mr. and Mrs. Albert Baltz, of 28H
Glrard avenue, gave an Informal dinner Thurs
day evening at Bookbinder's. Covers were laid
for ISO. Among those present were Mr. nnd
Mrs. Samuel W. Ulan, Mr. and Mrs. John
U. Bradley, Mr. and Mrs. George Holllhan,
Mr, and Mrs. Edwin H. Vare, Sir. and Sirs.
William S. Vare, Sir. and Sirs. Emll Mlchel
bach. Sir. and Mrs, Rudolph Sosna, Sir. and
Mrs. Charles Berger, Sir. and Sirs. Frank
Cohans', Sir, and Sirs. Frederick Rollman, Mr.
and JMrs. Franz Ehrllch, Sir. and Sirs. Frank
Rothacker, Sir. and Sirs. William Torchlana,
.Mr. and Mrs. Edward Katlre, Sir. and Mrs.
G. II. Clamar, Mr. and Mrs. C. Grelsel, Ir.
. and Sirs. Harry Poisons, Mr, and Sirs. Ferdi
nand Frltsch, Sir. and Sirs. David Fltzslm
mons. Doctor and Sirs. Waechter, Mr. and Mrs.
William H. Goll, Gustavus Welzel, Bernard
Fischer, Mrs. Emma Ladner, Mrs. Alary A.
Each year those of us who are fortunate
enough to own country estates remain In the
country later and later to enjoy the outdoor
life, putting oft opening the town house until
winter la really upon us, when the hustle and
bustle of the busy streets, the hum of many
motors and the lights and life of the hotels
become an irresistible magnet.
Dr. and Sirs. Charles Bingham Penrose, who
have been occupying thetc home at Devon, will
not open their town house, 1720 Spruce street,
until shortly before Christmas. Sir, and Mrs.
George Mason Chichester nave decided to re
main at St. Mary's Farm, their place at Ard
rnor, all winter, while. Mr. and Mrs. James
King Clarke, of Ardmore, will leave for Palm
Beach shortly after the holidays, Mr, and Mrs.
George D, Rosengarten, who spent the autumn
at their farm near Malvern, have gone to
Hlbernia, Fla., to spend a fortnight. They -will
return, to their apartment at 135, South 18th
street to spend Christmas.
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Ashton will remain
at their Wynnewood home until late In the
month, while Mrs. Charles II. Howell and her
family have only this week opened their town
hous'e, 1523 Walnut street.
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Stockton White, Jr.,'
returned to their homelS01 De Lancey place,
this week and Mr. and Sirs. George Wharton.
Pepper and their family, who have been spend-;
log the fall at Devon, opened their house, 1730;
Pine street
MEBIO.N Tho Woman's Committee qf tbi
Merlon Ctvlo A-Bsoolatloa, -which consists of the
following prominent Merlon woman: Mrs. Nor
man Ellison, chairman; Sirs, Edward W. Bok
Mr. Gideon Boerleks, Mrs. William P. Oet,
Mrs. George D. B. Darby ajwl Mrs. Predertelt W.
Rockwell, have got tosithw, and with the
hip of the other fit ww wwtw of the
(9oclUot etabUUd a Wertoa Braaefl of tl:
8mergeey Aid, to mt avry tter Monday at '
tUe basw of . dlKrnt sjtttigbffc
The ttrl UtB- & Monday morning at
Ue bojoo of Mm. tMward W, Sok. was a. most
Mtt&uatMtie one. Sewing iimmAUx -were Uuia
mluj aJl neroiug u4 iUNtcUe busily plied aa
th member la.lk.ed over thaw pUiia of suj
ply.ut ImmkUsm aud otne lHCWwry iujptua
arutss tor tfe wa4iMi
it'.; u fy IMMWlaA M4 ttfc HMMtar .
left the Bolt rcsldenco with a bundle of work
to be finished and ready to turn In nt tho next
meeting, to be held nt tho homo of Sirs. Will.
Inm I'. Gest, Monday morning, December 14,
Apart from tho work that each member hns
pledged to make herself, It Is the intention of
tho Merlon Branch that each one shall give out
a certain portion of the sewing to some of the
city's unemployed women, bo that while Buffer
ing Is being alleviated abroad those In need
hero may nlso profit.
"Our Wild Anlmnl Neighbors," nn illustrated
lecture by the well-known naturalist, Ernest
Harold Baynos, will be presented by the Wyn
coto llirit Club nnd Jenklntown Club nnd Bead
ing Room nt tho Jenklntown Club Halt, York
nnd Greenwood avenues, on Slonday evening,
December 7, nt S o'clock.
The proceeds will go to the Emergency Aid
Committee for tho war sufferers. Tho lecture
will bo Illustrated with 100 wonderful lantern
slldCB of wild animals, which Sir. Baynos has
studied and tamed, Including bear, fox, skunks,
raccoons and others.
Sir. Baynes Is recognized as ono of the lead
ing authorities on animal life, his delightful
lectures being known all over the country,
and aro exceptionally entertaining nnd Instruc
tive. In the summer of 1913 Mr, Baynes acted In
the "Bird Alr.sk Sanctuary," given In Cornish,
N, H In which two of President Wilson's
daughters took part, and which was repeated
last winter In Now York. Tho officers of tho
Bird Club, which was organized last spring by
Air. Baynes. are: Louis Whcelock, president;
Sirs. W. B. Noble, vice presidont: Ernest Corts,
treasurer: Airs. Allan Wnllle, corresponding
secretary, and AIlss Esther Heacock, record
ing secretary. Tho board of directors includes
Dclos E. Culver, Academy of Natural Sciences;
Airs. II. S. Eckles, Senator Joseph Heacock,
AIlss Nellie Wyman nnd Airs. Kerr.
AIlss Katharine Donoghue, of 2237 Thompson
street, and tho Alisscs Amy nnd Helen Hen
drlclc, of 120 West Logan street, nre spending
tho week-end as tho guests of Sir. and Sirs.
Thomas ' Hendrlck, of Lansdalc.
Airs. John Dunn, Jr., of 5123 Wayne avenue,
nnd AIlss Emlllo Fricke, of 131 West Upsal
street, will discontinue their musical teas until
after tho holidays. Tho next tea will be given
at AIlss Frlcke's home early In January.
Airs. Arthur Hood, of 243 West Rtttenhouso
street, will entertain nt luncheon Tuesday, De
cember S.
A NUMBER of debutante affairs will be held
.today. There will be two teas In the city
and one in New York, which will interest per
sons here.
Sir. nnd Mrs. Edward F. Beale will intro
duce their daughter, SIlss Hope Truxton Beale,
at a tea, which they will give at their home, 120
South 22d street. Sirs. Bealo and her daughter
will be assisted in receiving by various mem
bers of their lmmcdlato families and a few of
the season's debutantes.
A second tea of interest will be that given
by Dr. and Sirs. B. Walter Starr to intrbduco
their daughter, AIlss Alaris Louise Starr, at
their home, 117 South 17th street. Mrs. Starr
and her daughter will be assisted In receiving
by Silas Elizabeth Cummlngs, Miss Marguerite
Burton, SIlss Virginia Wetherlll. Miss Eliza
beth Yardley, Miss Lucille Llpplncott, SIlss
Eleanor Wunder, Miss Elizabeth Buchanan,
SIlss . Florence Rue, Miss Marguerite Hollo
peter and -.SIlss Slarie James, of Doylestown.
Sirs. G, H. Sleeker will preside at the tea table,
and Mrs. Henry Marshall will receive with the
Following the tea a dinner and theatre party
will be given, at which the additional guests
will e W. Atlee Burpee, Jr David Burpee,
Robert Wetherlll, Joseph Royal, John Baus
man, Morris Herkness, John Bell Huhn,
Frances Rue, Frank Rogers, Thomas Cathcart
and Dr. R. Walter Starr, Jr.
Miss Henrietta Howard Sturgls, who has been
spending the fall months with her grandmother,
Mrs. H. II. G, Sharpies, at Laburnums, Chel
ten Hills, will be introduced in New York today
at the Colony Club at a tea which will be given
by her mother, Mrs, Robert Sturgls. SIlss Susan
B. Ingersoll, Miss Ruth Coxe, Miss Hilda Tunis
and Miss Molly Wood Baily, four debutantes of
this city, have gone, to New York to receive
with MIjs Sturgls.
In the evening William W, Atterbury will
give a dinner-dance at tHe Merion Golf Club
in honor of Miss Jean Morris Llllie and Miss
Katharine Tenney. The rooms will be deco
rated with palms and chrysanthemums, and the
guests will be seated at small tables.
A number of the debutantes will attend the
dancing class Which is chaperoned by Mrs. Ed
ward Troth at the Gerraantown Cricket Club,
and which will hold Its first meeting tonight,'
SIlss Elisabeth MacCuen Smith will entertain
a( dinner before the meeting of the class in
honor of Miss Christine Rehru
The guests will be Miss Rebecca Duhrlng, Miss
Mary V, Fox, Miss Mary a Boyd, Miss Mary
Ballard, Miss Josephine Dodge, Miss Beatrice
BngUsh, Miss Bjealne Bngtifh, Miss Gladys
Dent. New Yorkj Frederic y Ballard, Theodora
Freed, Edward O, Troth, Charles L Taylor,
Joseph Shoemaker. James Monroe, Woodson
Monroe, Charles "W. Wharton. Joseph 8. L.
Whartos. Jr.. X Stanley Hutibut, Gustavus
Fleteae, Richard P, pay. Alan Smith, Rowland
Lo, Bdward Hatfman.
Mr. awJ Mrs, Snuii Prie Wethertli will give
a tfeeatn party ft bettor of Miss Ada, Lambert
WtthtriM this wag aba. The cvut) will
be from the debutante set.
! P. WUMass B, WW and Un. We, oj J
Seutb a tri, entertained last svln at a
brM party, followed by supir. Tfci jrueau
wt Mr. m4 Hn. Gw$ M"iaMifi Mr,
o4 ML, li CU, Mr. a.t Mwt. mgh f,
ii wm sj
Miss Locb is a prominent pianist of this city.
She played at the meeting of tho Philadelphia
Music; Club this week.
Morris, Sir. and Sirs. E. J. Roland and Mr. and
Sirs. Frank B. Stockley.
Sirs. Francis de Sales O'Reilly is visiting her
mother, Airs. Frank Elliot, of 4337 Spruce street,
for a month. Alany entertainments will be
given In her honor. Cards have been received
from Sirs. O'Bellly nnd SIlss Florence Elliot for
bridge on Tuesday afternoon, December 22.
srr. and Sirs. Joseph Donnelly, of 719 South
57th street, are receiving congratulations on
the birth of a son. Sirs. Donnelly will bo re
membered as SIlss cJnncll, of South Philadel
phia. Dr. and Airs. Michael A. Burns, of 900 North
48th street, gave a "COO" party at their homo
last evening, for tho benefit of the new Mercy
Sir. and Mrs. James Hlndie gave a dinner and
card party last night at their home, 4153 Alan
nyunk avenue. Pink roses and ferns formed
very attractive decorations. Their guests wero
Air. and Sirs. Thomas Henntnger, Air. and Airs.
Arthur Malnwarlng, Miss Ray Sumner, Miss
Anna DuGan, AIlss Iva DuGan, Mies Marian
Stone, Dr. Frederick Myers, Alfred Henniger,
Itaymond Henniger, Calvin Haln and S. A.
Air. and Mrs. Charles Weln, of East VaInut
lane, will entertain at cards tonight at their
home. Their guests will be Mr. and Mrs. Ru
dolph Struse, Mr. and Mrs, John O. Struse, Sir.
and Airs. Frank Weger, Mr, and Airs. William
Wilson, SIlss Emma Rehfuss and W. Martin.
Five hundred will be played and will be fol
lowed by a supper.
Billy Ledger;
COMPLETELY hypnotized by the symmetry
of her sllkep-clad ankles as she boarded,
with some difficulty, the Walnut street car, I
did not at first recognize her; not, In fact, until
we collided in reaching for the same strap.
Her face was clouded and the usually quite
maddening dimples had for the moment dis
appeared. "Oh, it's you, is )tt" she frowned; "I supposed
you were one of the customary crowd of males
who hold back and wait to watch us poor
women struggling with our narrow skirts and
those awful car steps. There was a time when
the men elbowed us out of the way during the
afternoon strap-hangers' rush, but nowadays
they all hold, oht so politely back, cloaking
their crocodile thoughts beneath the convention
of entirely assumed politeness."
With the customary hyena-like Joy expressed
wherj one hears of anybody being "stuck," they
are telling the story among the clubs of a trip
recently taken by a prominent middle-aged
Philadelphia gentleman to New York. It seems
that he is by no means of the sporty, bld
)iaded row, bright light type, but, on the con
trary, the sort we have been brought; up to
regard as of. the "old school" and, therefore,
scarcely up to date, Jlence. when he volun
teered to take two young debutante nieces to
the Big Burg on a sort of tour of inspection
ho did not quite realize what he was In. for.
Their first desire upon arriving was to tUU
a famous dancing establishment, where one of
the originators of the ultra-modern terpalchor
an art had established himself on a rmet. lux
urious sale. Having risen from a hotel bel-hop
to his present exalted position, he is now owe of
Kw York's Idols, or ideals, whichever ye
please, and he is. therefore, very expensjfo,
Otr iwtaophisttBated hero, havi&ff in mind the
eld-IMblsned 4aneiAg teaabera of 39 years as,
MMtd hi) two youthful proUgea to the geWen
portal- Me was swwrated from six perfectly
good doUars bfor be was permitted to paia
through than- Tb little parly wwa ton
ushered into an elaborately deaor&tad. taajgoja
and taar rdr4 the usual tea. asd raafilnt
Ite aa by a ftsxotli: Ngro. agearated ajt aem.
tiiiti mnmwMI&c a was blwii a appoint 1
MISS MA1UE LOUISE STARR rholo by Engcn. O'Connor
Miss Starr is the daughter ofDr. nnd Mrs. 13. Walter Starr, of 117 South 17th street. She will mako
her dchut this afternoon at a tea.
n'nd Louis Philippe, camo to their table nnd,
bowing low. Inquired If any ono would caro to
dnnco with the celebrated owner of the estab
lishment. All three were surprised at such condescension,
nnd as tho girbj wero wild to bo nblo to return
to Philadelphia and boast of having actually
danced with so famous a personage; they
promptly accepted the Invitation.
Tlmo passed. He danced divinely, first with
ono nnd then with tho other. After each num
ber he would politely Inquire whether they
would caro for another and, overcome by tho
kindness nnd good nature, they wero only too
delighted. Finally tho shades of evening began
to fall and uncle suggested moving on. Ho
called for his check.
It came It came, In fact, to exactly $65.50,
Itemized as follows:
2VS ' hours with Sir. Squlrman Wrnssel
& 25 $62.60
Tea , 3.00
Total J65.50
Uncle didn't have the money with him, but he
humbly Inquired If they would accept a check
nnd, 'after a little matter of Identification, the
management graciously condescended. Needless
to state, tho llttlo New York outing was cut a
trifle shorter than had at first been Intended.
AIlss Salome Allen, of 4637 Frnnkford avenue,
who is corresponding secretary of a chapter of
the Daughters of the American Revolution, was
among the guests at an oyster luncheon given
at the home of Sirs. Slontgomery, in Gorman
town, Thursday afternoon. Airs. Slontgomery Is
regent of ttio chapter; SRss Katherine Rowen,
treasurer; SIlss Emily Spear, recording secre
tary; AIlss Florence White, registrar, and Airs.
Slaura Slannlng, historian. Alembers and friends
were Invited. The dining room was beautifully
decorated with flowers and ferns.
The Frnnkford Symphony Orchestra gave its
concert Thursday evening in the chapel of the
Central Methodist Episcopal Church. The
"Rosamund" overture, tho "Ballet" from "Wil
liam Tell," Beethoven's "Fifth Symphony" and
Nevln's "Un Glorno in Venezla" were the selec
tions by tho orchestra, which consists of 40
musicians. Miss Elsie Baker, of New York, as
sisted, and Carl Clemens was the conductor.
There was a large, appreciative audience, and
the concert proved a great success. Dr. Wm.
Jefferson Guernsey, of 4310 Frankford avenue,
is the president.
Sirs. A, Brown, of 2100 South 10th street, will
entertain at a theatre party this evening in
honor of her guests, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Heller,
of Kansas City, Mo, The guests will have sup
per afterward. They will be Mrs. I. Splvac,
AIIS3 Gertrude Brown, Miss Elizabeth Brown, P.
Miner and Louis Brawn.
Mrs. George W, Young will entertain the
members of her card club at luncheon and
bridge this afternoon at her home, 2316 South
Broad street. Her guests will include Mrs.
Frank B. Stockley, Mrs. Jullett Kames, Mrs.
Storey, Mrs. James AtcCann, Mrs. G. T, Rich
ards, Mrs. Arthur Guy, Mrs. George Datesman,
Mrs. Samuel Alcorn and Sirs. James Alcorn.
Sir. and Mrs. George Shlsler. of 2313 South
Broad street, entertained last evening at
their home at a "BOO" party, Supper was
served after the game. Their guests were Mr.
and Mrs. Thomas Simons, Mr, and Mrs. George
Knerr, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Keefer, Mr, and
Mrs. David McCoach, Jr., Sir. and Mrs. Frank
Wolfe, Mr. and Mrs, Samuel Foster and Sir. and
Sirs. Frank B, Stockley,
Miss EUx Mae Young, whose engagement was
announced last month, was the gueat of honor
this afternoon at a dinner gtven by Miss Nellie
Haemn, of Markham, Pa.
Mrs. J. 8. Fillmore gave a delightful little
tea yesterday at her home. Mil South Zjst
street, in the Glrard Estate, to meet Miss Mar
guerite Mallory. of Baston, Pa.
Mrs. James J. Connell, of 3ttl South Uth
street, who has been the guest of her sister,
Mrs. Thomas Shore, la Bfaeeandeah, Pa., has
returned to her heme.
MUs Btixhth Waueo and her father, Dr.
WtttlasB. J. Watsw, have just rturoed, to tfeejr
home, XU Swtfa oad strt, having s&At the
last W days at Atlantic OJty-
Mrs. J. T- Fiuuur, of taut South Met street,
in the Girard Satat. gava a deligittciit tea this
aftat-uoaa ia boner ( Mrs. Joaej?b Harrinan,
of thj Qif&fi 8stata, About Si su wane
Diocesan Fair at Horticultural Hall to Continue
Today and Tomorrow.
A veritable, midway, minus tho hawking
usually a dominant and most annoying feature
of tho typical midway, was visited, can be vls
Mtcd and. It Is hoped, will bo visited right here
in tho heart of town, where one can do Christ
mas shopping or afternoon tealng, all In tho
pleosantcst surroundings. This spot Is to be
found In tho ballroom of Horticultural Hall
from 2 o'clock this afternoon until 10 o'clock
tonight, likewise tomorrow. The cause of It
all Is the lack of funds of St. Alartha's Settle
ment House, nt 8th street and Snyder avenue,
and tho willing hand has been lent by the Epis
copal Diocese of Pennsylvania, who. In splto of
wars nnd rumors of wars, havo come to the aid
of this charity most nobly.
Alost of tho Episcopal churches in tho city
nre represented In some way, and booths have
been erected and decorated with most gratifying
In one corner Is a delightful little nursery
filled with dolls of alt ages and nationalities.
After making a purchase one takes Dolly
across to the Aillllnery Shop, where the very
latost Alade-ln-Amerlca Idea Is exploited and
where Dolly selects a fetching bonnet to perch
n-top her elaborately colffed head. Another
very clover idea is the Automat, where 10 cents
secures the privilege of pressing the button to
see what will happen next. From there one
goes the rounds of cake and candy, chlnaware,
fancy work booths and fortune telling, with the
oblqultous "movie" as a wind-up.
A bevy of attractlvo girls as aids, in costume,
some attired in quaint creton frocks, with large
picture hats framing their pretty faces, others
garbed as nurses and still others as Fronch
maids, these last acting as lemonade venders,
add much to tho scene. Among thqse taking
part are SIlss Cornelia Leldy, SIlss Cordelia
Blddle, AIlss Katherine Herman Kremer, AIlss
Edwina Elklns Bruner, AIlss Ruth Coxe, Miss
Angela de C. Forney, AIlss Ceclle Howell, Miss .
Frances Clark, Silas Susan Bruce, SIlss Joseph
ine Cooke, AIlss Alargaret Dunlap, AIlss Gabrlela
Tilghman, SIlss Edith Smith, Miss Marie Louisa
Wanamaker, Miss Paulino Disston, SIlss Phoebe
Adams, Miss Slary Brown Warburton, SIlss
Alargaret Fox, SIlss Ella Brock, SIlss Alva Ser
geant, AIlss Roberta Downing, Miss Corlnne
Freeman, AIlss Huberta Potter, Miss Elizabeth
Wlster, AIlss Alargaret Atlee, AIlss Isabel
Stoughton, Miss Frances Stoughton, Miss
Christine Rehn, SIlss Slarjorle Taylor and Miss
tosephlne Dodgo.
This afternoon a musical tea wilt be given
under tho auspices of members of the Church
of St, Luke and the Epiphany, who have charge
of the tearoom. Mrs. Dorothy Johnstone Base
ler will play, ably assisted by several well
known musicians. Tomorrow afternoon, like
yesterday, will be given over to children, and
toys and balloons a-plenty will be on sale. Sad
to relate, yesterday afternoon many of the lat
ter shortly found their way to the celling, where
they floated willy-willy, unheeding the wistful
upward gaze of their late owners.
X dance will be held In the foyer tomorrow
night. The committee In charge Includes Mrs.
Charles Stewart Wurts, Mrs. George Emlen
Starr. Mrs. Baltzar E. L. de Mare, Mrs. Edward
S. W. Fornum, Miss Gertrude Leldy and Miss
Clarissa Townley Chase.
The principal social event of. this week was
the fashion fete given last night at the New
Century Club for the benefit of the West End
Reading Room. Costumes of the present time,
dresses both beautiful and artistic, as well as
striking and odd, were exhibited on the stage
of the New Century Club. A living review
was given of dresses ranging from the Empire
period to the creations of Faquin, Caliot and
Fremet. The committee in charge consisted of
Mrs. Cazenove G. Kee, Jr., Mrs. John Percy
Nlelds, Mrs: George A. Blliott, Mrs. Frank 8.
Qarrett, Alias Bmlly P. Btssell and Miss Ka(h
trtna Dunham, Dancing followed the fashion
Mrs. Job H. Jackseti and Miss Blliabeth
Jaakson gave the first of their at homes yes-
leraay iuicjkuuu, utu "in y"ftvinuQ meca on
tbe flret Thursday Is January, FeDruagy and
March.. They were assisted in reaelvUu; yes
Urday by Misa Harriet Wtlv. oi Buffalo,
N. Y.
Mft, Mary A Bfcwn. w of r. M. J.
Bmws, tetiy daa. ax&tcta U dJx of
bar $tasc of gfrsnaftoy, located at MM Kfcsls
toa tvttu, aad xUr to private Ufa at M stew
Lehigh avenua, the bona of th ite doctor.
Jaca bfu, ef KeAatoftos. ha Just tiMa4
frtm ta .t WWimI , J.
A WEDDING of interest tdofe place In Kel
XX slngton Thursday evening, when Miss Mar-5
garet Cubbter was married io Richard Bache. A.
descendant of Benjamin Franklin and a noted
musical director, of Philadelphia. The couple
were married nt 6:30 o'clock at the parsonage of
St. John's Episcopal Church by the Rev. Waldo
mar Jansen. After the ceremony e. large recep
Hon was held at the homo of tho bride, 86?
Ruth street.
Tho bride, who was given In marriage by
tier father, George Cubbler, wore a gown of
white satin with a duchess lace tunic. Her
veil was arranged with lilies of the valley ami
she carried a shower bouquet of lilies of tho
valley and orchids. AIlss Cubbler had as maid
of honor AIlss Dorothy Swalby nnd Harry
Ward acted as best man. There were l&
guests present. After nn extended honeymoon M
inp inrougn tne Northern States Mr. and Mrs.
jjiu.! win iraiao at hm r, or in eza street, 4
Overbrook section, and wilt be at home tt4f
their friends after January 1, 1315.
Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Kreuger, of 1211 West
Erie avenue, entertained tho members of their
pinochle club last evening, when their giiesla
were Mr. and Mrs. James Gladding, Sir. and
Airs. George Geggcnholmer, Sir, and Mrs. W. R.
Eastburn, Mr. nnd Sirs. Joseph Stewart and
Mr. and Mrs. Grant Clark.
Mrs. William J, Gcrhab, Jr., will entertain at
"600," followed by a bufTot luncheon, tomorrow
afternoon, at her home, 3406 North 19th street.
Her guests will be Airs. Danlct Jaeger, Mrs. X
Y, DIctz Fry, Sirs. John Spleltmrger, Mrs. John
A. C. Stull, AIlss Clara Rlstlne, Miss Ethel
Humphreys, Miss Flora Alader, AIlss Alabel K.
Donnelly nnd AIlss Sara Kennedy.
Airs. James AlcCambrldge, of 1711 Erie avenue,
will entertain at "300" this afternoon.
Mrs. Theodore Lodercr, of 1831 West Eria
avenue, is entertaining AIlss Bessie Well, of
Mr. and Airs. William Stewart are occupying I
l.At. .n. 1nm,, IW1 tXn-kU 10,1. . f I
,is. .. .iw.iiG, ,i, ..wb, .via. aiiwi.
Tonight Tomorrow $0
COc, 76c, 1 at Heppe's. 23a at Academy
rlmo4-nii4- 3f OPERA I Homo of World's
OflBSCIlUb OU HOUSE Greatest Photoplays
Af t. 1 to 5. 10c & 15c. Kvcs., T to 11. 10c, 15. 2.
Twice rially. Afternoons 2:30. Evenlnrt 8iS0,
Preceded by Dally Change Flnt-Uun Pictures.
FORREST Last2Evgs.TIo1?rUro J
gga 50c to ?1.50 2&$i
In Ball Room of Bellevue-Stratford
Thursday Evening, December 10th
Reserved Seats $2
Including Dancing
Orders by mall (with remittance) to Atlas If. Harrt
will b nied prior to public al.
iVLfilllJlrXll TONIGHT AT StlB
Li X SxL-l TONIGHT AT 8 :I5 BlflRP
"lrraiitttbla mualcal comedy." Telegraph.
Sllrriao Expo 0 VICB, CRIUB ami fBUPTATIQU
EndoraeU by PRESS. CIEROY end P0B14Q
Br Special Requea'
Daniel Frohman Pra. jbU
datl. Middleton. Conductor. Mr. Herts. SeafcaJ
Cnesinus ninv v rtm. ww.
Mat. Tomorrow T.Afjm O T C '
SOc, ooc, loo I - v w , u a. u
EVENINGS. , ...... ............ .380. BOc,
r,axi vs t . .n imum vi jTarcara,
Co.; uourcnty ejiuir, uurr na jtop.
Ctftua ntnmo uioer, aaa vnavr umj
SitXl WW JtWUJi.. I.ftO fi4Ul
lint Eottt
3il6. TftSIL
luitnuflbB: ? UTtfg
EnuiZ mh oawrraa ui w
'ESK Bin
i; "
fms, -W .
ropuuur a-rw mwwiaii mu
i a
n a pmfTK" W
Uiiivinuii Ma.itas
Popular Prica wjfcadiy i
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