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600,000 RIFLES
Inventor Cables Brother He
"Has Something Good,"
"Which Is TaEen to Mean
Contract for Allies.
WILMINGTON, bel., Dec. 7.-Upon the
,, arrival of. Demetrius Sterglanopolous, the
Inventor 6f th military rifle which beam
his name, It la expected work will be
begun lit tlila city on nearly half a million
military rifles for the Allien, for which he
has the contract. lie wrote his brother
"William, who Is In charge of the small
plant Of tho company in this city, sJmo
time ago, that he had an opportunity to
secure tho contract for 300,000 rifles, but
ho has now cabled his brother, "I have
, eomethlnar good," which Is regarded as an
Indication that He has closed' n contract
for a. larger order than 300,000. It Is
understood that the number is half a
While the plant of the company In this
city Is small It Is understood that nr
, rangoments have been mada whereby the
greater poitlon of the rifles will bo made
at tho plant of tho Standard Arms Com
pany In this city, which Is now being fit
ted with machinery.
Tho Sterglanopolous company manufac
tures, a repeating 'rifle which has met
with considerable favor abroad, especially
from tho King of Greece. It h.iB been en
deavoring for some time to- secure a Blto
for n plant and several cities offered In
ducements, but a number of the stock
holders ars WllmlnRtonlnns nnd efTorta
ore being made tofkecp tho' plant In this
city. It will bo kept here at least for a
Work on tho new rifles Is expected to
glvo employment to a largo "number of
men nnd Is expected to result In both
the Sterglanopolous Company nnd tho
Standard Arms Company resuming busi
ness on a large scale.
It i Is also stated that a large order,
ono for 150,000 second-hand Sp'rlngfleld
rifles, has been ptaced with one concern
In this city, and that these rifles probably
.will bo brought hore. Improved In soma
respects nnd !hen shipped abroad. The
agent who negotiated tjio purchase told
tho local company that tho arms were
not Intended for war, but tho purchaser
"wanted them to drill with."
Following so close on the announcement
that tho Harlan & Holllngsworth Cor
poration had obtained the contract for tho
largest vessel ever built In Delaware and
that the contract for the erection of tho
projectllo plant of tho Bethlehem Steel
Company at New Castle would be awarded
In a few days, the prospect of a largo
order for rifles la taken ns an Indication
of returning prosperity for Wilmington.
School Children Cultivate Soil .for
Gain and Pleasure.
Philadelphia's school children are re
ducing the high cost of living by grow
ing vegetables In yards, on roofs, In
discarded bathtubs and qn the clt's
dumps, according to) the annual report of
Miss Caro Miller, TupeTvlllntt1 head of
s school garden Instruction.
Tho report tells how every available
bit of space Is being utilized by thou
sands of embryo trilckera In the produc
tion of nlmost everything that can be
grown. Accomplishments that would be
considered rare von among 'experienced
t farmers aro credited tp boys and girls.
mo oiaesi or wnom has not yet seen Ms
13th birthday.
The most expert gardeners gre,w pea
nuts and cotton, while youngsters of
more ordinary ability had bushels of
corn, .beans and potatoes to ohow as the
result! of their work. Many of the pupils
lived In homes where there are no 'yards
worth speaking of, but the persistent lit
tle agriculturists made use qf their roofs.
Several youngsters who were unable to
use either a roof or a yard placed soil
In old bathtubs that had been replaced
In their homes by more modern apparatus.
From this rich ground, obtained from the
vacant lots, enough produce was obtained
to feed several persons for an entire
; i aujiiuiui.
uaruons are conuuciea, unner me aus
pices of the Board of education In school
yards, on vacant lots and In space
donated for the use of the tiny tillers
of the soil by private philanthropists. To
the" many hundreds qf children who can
not be accommodated In these gardens
instruction is provided at home by teach
ers employed" by the School Board.
These young women working under the
direction of lilsa Miller, visit the homes
of the pupils periodically, teaching them
how to obtain insults from materials
that do not offer brilliant promise The
lesson of perseverance, Miss Miller says,
is In nd way better taught than In home
Bluejacket Sentenced to Three
Months for Assaulting Policeman.
Pleading guilty to aggravated assault
and battery on Policeman Bnell, of the
Uth and Winter streets station, William
Wenzel, a salld- pn the United States
steamship South Carolina, was sentenced
to, three months In the County Prison by
Judge Davis In Quarter Sessions Court
On November S4 Snell had arrested an
other sailor at 9th and Baca streets for
assaulting a Chinese Wenzel, who was
intoxicated, hit the policeman over the
htnd with a bottle while attempting to
rescue the other sailor.
' i iii
,IUs Ida Tarpell, the noted magazine
writer on woman and social toplos, will
lecture tonight, atv the Central Branch
of the Young Men's Christian Associa
tion. ll?l Arch street. Miss Tarbell will
discuss, her latest investigations, and re
searches of industrial conditions and
scientific management.
Mian TarbeH'a lecture has bn made
possible through the artangenuBts made
to R J Bntt. deaa. of the Philadel
phia. School of Commerce and Aecapnis.
Mrector Morrte L. Coake ajtd .Jiff
Maus Dodge, hsul of the Committee fit
Qt Hundred, will take part in the, dis
qwtlott which will follow the lecture,
Ml Tarbell will be UeTtjal()4 at 4Uf
IMt- prior to the leeture by Mr, Bodfe
u hbj home In Germantawn.
, '
Tells. Judge He Expressed FavorU-.
;. ism ta Escape Service.
lowr Plumper a. driver. UW NrU
Mb street at the time h was ootUUd to
Wear as juror in Quarter gsagioa
flpuit No 1 4ld hi would not convict
H oiu Mho was a member of the union
bjit itticlad tola nuttmeiit today b
lire Judge Uatgte-
fhuutoer toJd tb court m ttumfht n
W9UW be u,um4 rum rw upon SUCb
Uutaent, Jul UvU watssj)
ivatater U h tried to wvru out ucfe
W Hn.,l. K .. ..uud .. . ..j. ...n ..Ah. Main illiiilillilMMSMJSSMIIMIlilliyil lii BJMMSMMSiMlllia IN I
ii .-:r vr. zzz "r;:7..T.:r !m- b bi- a . . - . i-h whu -
f Vfeamu, u h trtwl V wU owl tdt - 81 '4tfl'-fL ' ' ?' .! JBt i ut RlfH ttiWH (ft. fc &, W fcr J J
i Mwi fcivlU. emuauubeJ- u iuru fee t V& . . - . .... . .. - . .- a,i-3.-a J -M .
First-hand Accounts of Land
and Sea Conflicts Told by
the Fighting Soldiers and
Sailors Themselves.
tThe rent tear con-Mnoitden o IA
prttent European tttMggte art the
men In Ms trenehe and the men en
the quarter deck. Professional terlt -ers
are net permitted nt the front.
All thev know Is tehat Itiev can glean
from the wounded occupants of am
bulances taken to the rear. The
Evening Ledger uiill print from time
to time the eniv intimate tide of the
ibar the reflections of soldiers and
sailor (n their tetter home. Oerman
tttttrt, when obtainable, at tisell at
Ihott of the Allies, wilt be printed.)
Germans. Mowed Sown in Streets
Letter from Private 11. P. itutlaney, of
tho Irish Guards, now In King's College
Jlotpital, to his tweethearti
We barricaded tho street by putlirtR
carts, doors, shutters across It, and then
dug up the pavement. We put two
Maxims In position nnd let the Germans
roll tip their masses within 20 yards Then
we let them have It right nnd left until
they could not advanco for their own
dead. It was a terrible sight. They must
have lost thousands. r
Speaking of tho advance from tho neigh
borhood of Paris, Mullaney said!
, Our own guns lidn't our advanco cov
ered, so we Wre at tho mercy of the
enemy- After some time our artillery
camo up and let them have it. I think
It was the Scots Greys who dashed up
and had the pleasure of capturing the
guns the Germans left behind. We were
alt filled with Joy at this success and to
know we were advancing. A number of
tho enemy got Into a house and fired
through tho windows and doors. Our boys
soon got tho measuro of them and lot
them hone It In style. The Germans tried
short dashes up the hill, Thoy only got
a few yards hcn they went down to riso
nd more. We took about SO prisoners.
Later wo got the order to 11 xbayoYicts
nnd charge tho guns, whilst a great
thunderstorm was raging. You should
hnvo seen tho Irish Guards, Third Cold
streamers and Second Grenadiers fly
down like an nvntauche, on the Kaiser's
crack regiment the Prussian Guards. It
was nil over In ten minutes. They abso
lutely stood dumfounded, with white faces
and knees trembling. I shouldn't like to
stand In front of that charge myself.
Our men were drenched to the jjkln, but
we didn't care; It only made up twice
as wild. Such dare-devil pluck I was
glad to see.
"Back for those guns," roared an of
ficer, ''or I'll have every one of you
slaughtered." The men didn't want tell
ing twice. We proceeded to lino up the
prisoners and collect the spoils, which
amounted to about 150 prisoners, six
Maxim guns and 33,000 rounds of ammu
nition. "They had snipers up In the trees to
pick off our offlcors. That day we. lost
threo captains and two wounded. I had
one bullet through my cop, and was pick
ing It up when 1 was wounded In the
leg, I got sight of my man up a tree
close by. I knew It was cither him or
mo for It, so I rolled behind some cover
and took accurate aim at him. When I
tired he camo crashing down through
the trees. I made n crutch of my ride
and got down to a schoolhouse.
Decampment at -4 o'clock. We march
toward Pnslseul. Today Is the great day.
We can nlready hear the thunder of
"t-.lnrion. The farther we march the more
'clearly we can hear, the music of the
artillery.- Tnero has been a mistake
made here; they should have sent nearer
thu bnttleneld yesterday. We readied
Pnslseul half dead with hunger and
utterly worn out. We received tremen
douB enthusiasm; the Inhabitants bring
us f6od to still our hunger. At noon the
Germans retire toward Malssln. We be
UeveMhls Is a victory! On the contrary,
however, they appear, to have made a
counter-attack, for the wounded stream
back in great numbers. Suddenly, about
6 o'clock, we see the artillery and cavalry
coming back. Every one OBks what la
happening. Then comes the command
for leaving the encampment and for r
What happens now Is fearful. All the
columns of the entire army corps, troops
of alt descriptions, flow down the road,
without order, without knowing whither
they dre going or why, Then all seemed
stunned and cannot understand how It
can be possible. Messengers of III tidings
flit to and fro, saying that whole -Infantry
regiments have been literally wiped
out; that the Eleventh Corps was com
pletely destroyed, and they say, too, that
the company which fights next to us Is
in flight..
In the middle of the night, in Icy cold,
foggy weaUier, we dig the trenches.
But It Is soon given up. There Is no
niore order or discipline. The General
Staff officers have completely Ipst their
heads. They have not looked out for
anything. We pass the night without
closing our eyes, for we think that we
may be sacrificed any minute. One feels
that the crash is coming. It la already
"each one for himself!" '
Young Men Quarrel and One Uses
Knife on Antagonist,
Frank Murray, SO years old, of 418 North
J Franklin street, was held in IS00 ball by
Magistrate ismeiy touay, on the charge
of aggravated assault preferred by Walter
Schwartz. Of 1210 PaiTlsh street. Schwartx
Is in the Woman's Homeopathic Hospital,
suffering from a stab wound In the neck.
According to the police, both men
alighted from a Uth street car last nb;ht
and quarreled,1 It la alleged that during
the quarrel Murray stabbed Schwartz,
BlDlf E CD.
TBrass Bronze 3Jass
- Plain Leather
D'ecprateyd Leather
assortment prcpsra 'una
trnponoa exclusively-1
this House.
Chestnut Street
Pen and Pencil Club's An
nual Entertainment Will
Offer Many Novel Feat
ures. Journalism and the stage will unite on
tho annual "Night In Bohemia" to bo held
under the nusplces of tho Pen and Pencil
Club at tho Bellevuc-Stratford next
Thuj-sday night. The otTalr will be given
In aid of the home relief section of the
Emergency Aid Committee.
Tho "Night In Bohemia" Is an annual
affair given by the newspaper men of
Philadelphia, and nlva3 nttracts great
attention because of the participation of
the leading theatrical stars present in
the city nt tho time. MnnJ now features
have be(sn ndded to this year's event,
which will bq characterized as distinct
from similar affairs given In previous
years by a dansant following the mu
sical and dramatic program.
Through the, courtesy of tho manage
ment of the Bellovue-Stratford tho Clover
Boom and the Bed Room have beon do
nated to the club for tho entire evening.
Anew feature of tho event will be a
cafe, of tho design to bo found on tho
sidewalks and boulevards of Continental
Europe, erected In tho Clover Boom of
the hotel. Tho most popular dancing
masters of the city will be in charge of
tho dancing.
The leading actors and actresses now
In the city will be present and will par
ticipate in the dramatic program. This
has been made possible through the cour
tesy of the theatre and troupe managers.
Hairy T, Jordan, general manager of all
Keith enterprises In Philadelphia, will be
In chargo of the stage and from Keith's
Theatre he will send suth headllners n
Bessie Wynn, Harry Houdlnl and Doctor
f O'Neill, as well as many other acts.
From tho "Potash ana rerimuuer
compnny at tho Garrlck will come Julian
flose. Julius Tannen and Leo Donnelly,
widely known as a Phlladelphlan himself.
Several stars from the "High Jinks"
company nt the Lyric will Include Stella
Mnyhew, Emma Francis, Ada Meade and
Adeli Ardslo,
Mrs. Beuloh Jay, of the Little Theatre,
has consented to stage an e,ntlre sketch,
entitled "Bphrlam nnd tho Winged
Bear," by Kenneth Goodman.
Another sketch In which the newspaper
men aro particularly Interested is that
written by W. Bnrran Lewis, himself a
Philadelphia journalist, which thiough
the courtesy of tho Lubln Manufacturing
Companv will be enncted by Bosetta
nrlce, Peter Lang, Jack Delson nnd
George Matthews,
Norman JefferWs, Bart Mcllugh. M. W.
Taylor and Fred Nlxon-Nlrdllnger will
also contribute nets.
Walter G. Wroe, the versatile dancing
master, will send his daughter, "The
Juvenile Qenee," and the "Wroesbuds"
Cutlo and Duty.
Acts from the Broadway Theatre, which
wlir Include the "Dance Revua of J911."
will also be sent.
Frits XJlrlch, whose reputation as a' vio
linist of note Is known to all rhlladel
phlans. will nppear In a musical comed,y,
"The Street Fiddler " Many other singers
and musicians of note have also consented
to be present, and a program of several
hours Is promised.
Nearly all the boxes In the ball room
have been sold. The following society
women have consented to act as patron
esses for the affair: f
Mrs. Mrs,--
A. J. CaasiU
C. C. Hsrrlion
K. T, stousbury
William K. Feull
William I, Mol.tan
Johifn, Fell
Mt van HtnMtlaer
J. Willi. Mvrtln
ill wvnin
llua Stavem
Oernillus 9lvenon
Jotir. C. (roqmt
Nnrm.n JaAVftAn
':r-:v "c: ,-z . ; . - .." .r-- "
William J. iMsmier ineoqore tnnznm
Barclay II. WarhMrten ueorc Q. !(
Aggregate Is $1,072,042.00 lor
Month of November.
Bills aggregating J1,072,!)I2.C Incurred
during November were approved toddy by
tho Flnnnco Commltteo of tho Board of
The total amount Includes salaries ot
teachers, Janitors of public schools, year
ly playgrounds nnd ofllce force, 6H.267.K);
supplies, $22,323.87; equipment, $23,319 D7;
pnyments on sltc purchased and school
buildings under construction, $205,814.70,
and an Item of $103,750, tho semiannual In
terest, due January 1, on the 1912 school
loan of $2,000,000 and on tho 1913 loan of
The report of School Treasurer William
McCoach shows a balance of tf, -133,415.41,
Including $I3.3$6 66 of uncollected school
orders with tho balance deposited n fol
lows: Central National Bank. $S0O,0o0;
Farmers' nnd Mechanics' National Bank,
$1,095,909.5.'!; Franklin National Bank, $760,
000; Market Street National Bank, $.".00,000;
Pennsylvania Company for Insurances on
Lives and Granting Annuities. $500,000;
Commercial Trust Company. $100,000; cash
In treasurer's hands. $32,600.80.
Brldesburg Church Charter Recorded
Because of tho failure In 185.1 of tho
Incorporators of the Brldesburg Methodist
Episcopal Church to have the charter
recorded, ri" petition was made In Common
Pleas Court No. 1 today for another
Incorporating certificate. John L. Burns,
as master, reported favorably on the re
quest. One of the changes from the
original constitution gives womcri of tho
church right to vote nt church elections.
Lounge and
"House Robes,
Bath Robes
For Christmas Gifts
ALL our House Coats
and Gowns are
tailor-made garments
and therefore fit well and
look well. The variety we
show is very extensive, em
bracing practically every
thing that is really desirable,
Iousc Goats, $5 to $25;
House Gowns, $10 to
Batk Robca, $3.50 to
S12. '
1424-1436 htut St.
Superintendent Robinson
Asks Co-operation of Pub
lic in Safeguarding Prop
erty. A list of Christmas "don'ts," for the
protection of tho public, tho Individual
nnd tho homo Against thieve!, burglars
and pickpockets during- the pre-Christmu
Benson, considered to bo n fruitful port
of the year for robberies, w-as Issued to
day by Superintendent of Police Hoblnson.
lie nppenls to the public to co-operate
with the police nnd detectives In reduc
ing robberies to a mlmlmum by following
the suggestions proposed by the depart
ment. Tho "don'ts"' are as follows;
On leaving your homo see that rear
doors nnd windows ns well ns tho front
entrances aro properly secured.
Don't place a card on your door or
window announcing the time of your re
turn! thleVes may not have time to wait
for you.
Don't carry your handbag by tho chain
The Christmas
Our Greatest Prepa
ration of Anv Year.
Low Trlcea Without
Shop on a
IT4!.!, 8ATB YOU
. lTLrl-r ol .SKrr.
-w vv aji jr aiiu jb.x v wi vv can c? Qjffc Suggestions
$1G.50 to $60
Bracelet $1 O.50 to $fC
Watches 10 u
Solid gold, expansion style, round
or tonneau shapo watches; plain
enKravcd or engine turned de
signs. Amorlcan or Swiss move
ment watch.
Men's $7 to $18.50 Stone-set
Rings, S4.98 to $15.98
i Slnnle- or three-stone rlnirs ruby.
. amethyst, topnz and bloodstone sct-
lings. 1'iain or cliaseu.
$8 to $30 Bracelets,
SG.75 to $25
Kound or nquaro; hand oncraved or
1 engine turned. All with safety
i guards. '
$2 to $3.50 Lingerie Clasps,
$1.50 to $2.98
Roman or English finish; plain or
onirravcd deslans. To hold under-
garments In place.
Special holiday sale unusual savings on nice qual
ities and dependable kinds.
Women's $1.25 and $1.50 $
Ingrajn and pure thread silk the
famous "Onyx, McCallum and Vanity
brands. These aro all black silk, with
lined tops, others have cotton soles and
ops with dainty coloring. Some in the
opular shoe-top shades.
Women's SI Silk Stockings, 75c
Inirrain. nure thread silk in black
ors, also black with self-embroidered insteps. Have
high spliced heels,.double soles and reinforced gar
ter tops.
Infants' 50c Silk Stockings . . -35c
Ribbed silk tho "Onyx brand." Have spliced
toe and heel. Come in sky, pink, white, black.
Sizes 4 to Gb. Threo pairs $1.
Misses' and Children's 35c
Ribbed silk lisle; have double toe, heel and knee.
Black, white and tan. Sizes. 5 to 10.
All Hosiery Put Up in Fancy Christmas Boxes,
The Host Important
Announce m e n t
Hade This Year
Crepe Meteors, Crepe de
Chine, Canton Crepe, Plain
and Brocaded Poplins.
Double Widths 35,
38 and 40 Inches icldc
$1.50 and $1.75
Tl.75 Plaid Silks, 98c
An Exceptional Value I Yard tVldo
Ueautlful, soft, rich quality In
handsome, patterns and coloring's.
Suitable for children's dresses,
women's waists, etc.
75c to $1 Foulards and
Fancy Silks, 49c
Pretty and exclusive styles in
fashionable colorings; also many
new multi-color effects. I'ure silk
Lengths intended for Gifts JKttt Be
Nicely Boxed
One-Half of the Housefurnishing
Section is Devoted to the Display ot
Highly Acceptable Christmas Gifts
Clearance o! $6 to 512 i nc
Chplce of polished copper or nickel,
ebony handles and knob.
''b.rfO for $9.50
Duntley Vacuum Cleaners
Tho first time that any AtgA-prade
Vac-Huw CJaiwr ever sold far so kttlol
A Vacuum Cleaner and Carpet
Sweeper Combined. Fully Guaran
teed. THIRD FXJ30R
Women's 65q to 85g RuWers,
stiapea to At all
mt s
MKh'S S TO 1 t(
Satm i lu M Slouu d ll'-ilin8.
awe -ru
$2,39 & $2.98
mi iKUi AJtcrtce
SltM to It
tfr strap, but loop the ehoJn or Alrnp
around your Wrist nnd keep your hand
over tho olaep which opens the bag.
Don't place your handbag or purse on A
store counter; it might not bo there when
you look for It. Keep It In your hand
or under your arm while in stores
Don't enter crowds on tho street or in
stores; pickpockets llko crowds.
Don't wear valuable jewelry when shop
ping. Don't carry more money Unn you 1)6
llevo jou will need and donjt'mnko a dis
play of the money you have.
Don't purchase jewelry on the street,
no matter how much of a bargain It ap
pears to be.
Don't fall to count the change given
you nnd don't fall to bo on tho look
out for counterfeit money When receiv
ing c linn ee.
Don't leavo your automobile or car
rlngo on tho street without a caretaker
wbo Is known to you, nnd don't "leava
any nrtlclo of value In the vehicle whllo
'you nro absent.
Don't pay for C. O, D. parcels until you
have examined tho contents nnd found
that the goods hnvo been ordered by you.
Don't leavo a messenger alone In a room
where ho has delivered goods, while you
go to another pnrt of tho house; let him
wait In tho vestlbttfe.
Don't deliver goods which have been
received by you to nny person who calls
nnd claims that a mistake -wns mada in
tho delivery, unless you first telephone
tho store and have the story verified.
Don't havo goods purchhrcd by you de
livered In care of others; order them de
livered to you In your home.
Don't pay nny attention to persons who
claim they found your pocketbook, unless
you aro suro you lost It, nnd don't glvo
BTonn ornxs si.to a. sr. axd closes at o p.
Double Yellow Trading Stamps With Every 10c Purchase Until
Noon : After That, Until Closing Time, Single Stamps
Men's & Women's $6 to $9
Watches, $5 & $7.50
Polished or fancy engraved gold
flllod cases guaranteed for 20
years. American movements,
Kunranteed for two years.
Women's size, 85. Men's size.
$4.50 to $30 La Vallieres,
$3.50 to $24.50
Pendants set with pearls or dia
monds, nlso pearls with other stones.
All on solid cold chains with soldered
Men's $7.50 to $25 Chains,
$4.98 to $22.50
$7 to $40 Tea Sets,
$5.50 to $35
Quadruple plated in polished
French gray or satin finish; plain
or fancy borders.
Makes a Most
Acceptable Gift
Women's $2.50 and $3 Shoes, $1 .98
All tho fashionable new leathers, including patent
coltskln, gun-metal calf and Rlazed kldskln, with dull
leather, gray or fawn cloth tops. Splendidly made ami
very uressy. Hizea
Men's $3.50 to $G Shoes, $2.60 '
Button, lace and lllucher. In all leathers. Sizes C
Jo 10 In lot, tip mall or phuue ordem.
jWSt, 1
nnd vnrinu err
Sizes 6
to 8..
Indian Moccasins, 98c, $1.25 and $1.49
Natural color leathers, trimmed with teads.
Hand-Kiitted Slippers
lambs'-wooI Insoles;
oiuen'H i,i,u laiue
(3 to S).
Handkerchiefs and Gloves
Two of the Most Popular Christmas Gifts
I Men's & Women's Initialed I I $1.50 Kid Gloves, $1 1
Womru'a have script Initials. Women's orie- and two-clasp;
Ilrsrulnrly BOc half dozen, 20c. over-seam and plaue sewn;
3len' have block initials and black, white and colors,
half-Inch hems. Regularly 73c i . ,
huir doici.. boc. I $2 Kid Gloves, $1.50
All In fancy Christmas boxes, Women's Finest French kid. plaue
MAW AliUUH and round seam, Paris point and
-- " flat backs. Blacky white and col-
50c Handkerchiefs, 25c or"-"" "
Women's pretty Swiss embroidered. $1.25 Cape UlOYeS, $1
pure linen, lace-trimmed, colored MUicV anil but P X M. sewn;
borders. Princess and point Venlse S tan, white and bjaclc.
lace corner handkerchiefs. C Charaolsette Gloves, 50c
-71. HnnrllrprMiipfs 'lflo ( Women's Two-clasp, with Bolton
DC nanaKerciUeiS, OUC S thumb. White and colors; wash
Women a beautiful Princess lace S Briie.
fo'rde"r7,iach ,n an UracUVB 75c Cowbov Gauntlets. 49c
' ' Children's With star and fringe,
Children's Handkerchiefs llnT5 Cane"Gloves SI
Initial and nursery rhyme kinds ( '- VC "iuvca, x
in fancy boxes. -3 box of three. C Men's P. X. M. sewn, best Amerl-
15c. can make.
..... , ,, . : ?&
Select it here, -where you have choice from all styles,
ranging in price from 115 to f 20Q, and any one of tbtn
Sent to Your Home on 30 Days Free Trial
" ' ' iii i i i m yi i ii
Tou can pay for It without any effort at all according
to our Club Plan.
Bring the Kiddies in to Shake Hand
With hQld Kriss"
lltfa lw In toyland, walUuij tu gret them & aupjl
alL Our dUplay of toys will 4JlBbt them, too, wkti
prleas ovr tba limit
SvilmtlBK hhuu l'i,
the Sub)Yay
ftum ui ..
Piuh. u-st, f.m
Autuwobllci, Hji,
Sbule the ChuijKb
.raise acta, gW
oil &uto. 4Kb nua
llitfiiuu Biaci at
Tor Stabl.
ttaltii. all hiiula.
...1 mtL.
M iujs- 9(.
t i.
C4w Kit BatsMu4C .
mMtU fwewrtfec. 1,
VtUUtui (vji, , v aiul
them n cli.Atice to steal yoilr pockelMo
when you open: your bap; to look fsr It.
Don't permit your messengers to de
liver packages ort tho street to J(rsdMf
who 6lnlm the goods aro for UtetnV ana
don't permit them to deliver sin? jmefc
ages nt houses which aro apparently
Don't make change for any ona iinlli
you secure possession of the note or coin
to be changed.
Don't deliver goods to express ngcnfj or
messengers until you make positive that
they aro tho persons 4iey represent thm
reives to be.
DWt permit your delivery -wagon to
remain unguarded on the street
If jou aro a man, don't carry your
pocketbook or wallet in your hip pocket,
carry It In the Inside pocket of your Yost
Don't allow any one to place iv newa
paper close to your face in a public con
veyance or elsewhere; such o. person- is
after your watch and chain or scarf pin
took out for persons who jostle you on
platforms of street or railway cars, they
ar after your money.
Tho detectives, special otllcerfl and unl
formed men of this bureau will do alt tliey
can to protect you from thieves and pick
pockets, but you must assist the police by
doing everything- possible to protect your
self and your valuables.
Chlldrcd Saved "Prom names
Two children wcro cnrrled from thelf
burning home at 111 South ISth street,
enrly this morning by their parents, Mr.
nnd Mrs. Korotkan. Koratknn keeps s.
drygoods store at the address. Flremert
extinguished tho flames easily. Th
damage was slight
Ask for Yellow
Trading; Stamps
They'll savo you dol
lars by securing frco
of chnrgo many an
article that you rieed
Donble Stamps In. the
Sterling Silver Toilet Ware and
$12 to
Like Cut, $9.98
to ?20 Stim, s.2.75 to
Men's HJjO
mm w.n
83 to 7 IIruli. Comb nml 3tlrro
Set. $4.00 to 3.73 With fU to 14
Cloth anil lint Jlruahra or Manicure
Piece. 90.08 to 12.50.
2 to s in lot.
Slippers for Dig and Little Folks
Men's Romeos, Everetts
and Operas
$1.50 Slippers - 98c
$2 Slippers .$1.49
$2.50 Slippers $1.98
Women's Felt Juliets
talurn 98 C 'values 51.49
and rur-trimmed.
Sizes 8H
89ciiu"t0 2 98c
to II,,
various colors and combinations. I
89c I
QOMasl"aei1 i value
to 2)
A Gift the Entire
Family Will Enjoy
u yry meh.
a.-9, t.n.
t.t t ijm.
WJ. MtJ H.
ate, -fcjuy MM ".1 mtm inU,
' I Sm.
I t'htuetr fc iUi ktt.a,
trow fv mpi.
t,a. &, .
akin UM AiUllB
WW WfMtntMi- J7flHnW7
l.fBa JCJB Vjr WJ
fciUW isH)iijub1J- m it iur v fee
A ... r " : - ' - ' ' ' l HHinnMB t.i . . . iu a & mm H viiyb .svin 11.1.K11 . m.. - xca& rey it.w i i - stm &
ojI4 tm a.H wtoM Ktif
In 1.1 num. ssiaiiuiiiiiuimiWinuiimM)iiLLiii 1 1 iiusiiii n.nn.ii)i'ii.i!inu.iimuM ' WIWIi'WJ" m, i f - t "" -M

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