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r" " -a-W.- g,..
itt.Vli.JN.llNG hElKtlnU lllJ.LAJLii;jLrFHlAf VVEI)JMJiJSDAY D KO ill MiiJiili 9, 1U14.
gTtfr M-.rt. eewigBfcA
. I
k :
Thurvja in pursuance of tha autlmrlty
wated fii them ny in fourth flection of in Act
tjAnMy approved May 131)1. 1857, they do
hereby ,(N.iet and appropriate for park nur
re in for ths health nd enjoyment of
jh people' forever a certain tract of ground
Wr l fe Thirty-fifth Ward, and bounded
and descrlbeM a follows: Beginning- at a
rfllijt t th Intersection of Hie northwest aid
ef O street and the northeast aide of Ionr
street. (IV-ncr north ST degree 40 minutes 8S
eorrd east seventy-flv 75) feet four and
rlVe-etghlhs US) Inches to the wont sHl of
Oxford avenue, sixty feet wide: thence along
the nl ld of Oxford nvjmie north 4 d
. BfH al minute 63 second west eltty-elglit
(W) feet ven I J) InrMa to n olnt; them
telth (a degrees 84 minutes 80 second west
!ihten (18) feet seven-eighth ftt) inch to
tVtlnt; lhrn.ce tinrlh S7 degrees 58 mlnut. tl
md west twenty-eight (IS) feet ten (10)
Inches' td a point, thence norlli to degree 2ft
rntnute 4(1 svonds, went twenty-six (Id) feet
Bin and tits-eighth rosy Inclie" to a point
thence south 37 degrees 3 minutes 49 second
west eigniy-ono ion reel eleven ana one-nsir
11M) Incite to A point In tb northeast elds
or ionT srr'iei. amy leei wine: menee; stone:
the Mid northeast side of Loney atreet, south
88 degrees in minute 7 seconds east one hun
dred and four 1101) feet four and three
ejtiarter ft) Inches to the first mentioned
enlrt and place of beginning.
8itlon S. Tha City Solicitor la hereby di
rected to fil In tho Court of quarter Besslona
a petition on uvnaii oi 1119 i.uy selling lorin
the ground herein appropriated to the and that
Slid Court ahull nt-polnt. a Jury to atsesa tha
images aa provided hy law.
Approval! inia a aay oi weeem per, a vt
. App
N. 777.
Mayor of Philadelphia,
frlatlnr an Irregularly shaped pleea of tround
oundad by Waatmlnster arenua, rifty
aayontli atreet, Itaverfortl street and Fifty,
ala-hth street. In tha Thirty-fourth Ward, as
R playground and open publlo place for tha
aalth and enloyment of tha people
flection 1. The Select and Common- Councils
f tha City or Philadelphia do ordain, That
rry virtue and In pursuance of the Authority
testid In them by tha fourth aectlon of an
Act of Assembly approved May 10th, 1R.17,
they do hereby aalcct and appropriate for play
cround Durpnsea and for the health and en
joymint of the people forever", an Irrcjrularly
"MWW: wi "" siiimicu in ine ! niny
wara, neicnoeii a rollona: Bealnnlnc
llU!"! ,,T "wuMiid flte hundred and aerenly
(rro dollars, from Item IT (h), uniform for
ninw. on thousand tlOOO) dnllara; from Item
21 ). salaries, three hundred and fifty
dollars from Item 24, .salaries, three nun-
rw I.MRV ulnars, rroin item xr, eaisries,
elaht hundred and flrty rani) dollars; from
Item Sm salaries, seven thousand four hun
dred and seventy 174701 dollara, from Item HI
(loan), erection of brtdsjes, one thousand seven
hurdred and eight) -one 11781) dollars and
f"fly-r)ve 40) centa. Ueparbment of Supplies
(BMectrleal) From Item 35, fuel, ate. one
thousand two hundred (I2P0) dollars, Depart
ment of Public Works- From Item 1, print
ing, etc., three hundred (300) dollars. City
Commissioners- From Item 0 (a), Salaries, five
thousand en hundred (5700) ilollares from
Item (e). (ravelins; eapenws, eto., thre hun
dred and twenty (.ISO) dollara; from Item (1
CI), uniforms, four hundred and elahty C4M)
dollars: from Hem A (el. travellno- exoenees.
two thousand three hundred and twsnty-seven
(K12T) dollars and (Ifty-four (.T4) cn(s. clerks
of Counclta. rrom Item S (e), Intemstlonal
Convention on Home Kducatlon, five thousand
(WOO) dollars, rtecelver of Taxes Front Item
a (d). prlntlnr. poll books, tax receipt boolca,
eto , two hundred and ninety-five (203) dol
lara and fifty (SO) centa. lleglstsr of Wills:
From Item 3 e, miscellaneous, three hundred
(.100), dollara: from Hem 4 (b), blank forma,
ets., two hundred (20D) dollara. Sheriff: From
Item 1 (d), Juries, four hundred (400) dollars:
from Item 3 (h), costs, five hundred (SOO) dot
ars. Coroner: From Item 1 (e), chemical
anilyser. etc.. eight hundred (SUO) dollars.
Board of necreatlon: From Item 1 fa), sal
atlee, two thousand five hundred C2RO0) dollara,
Mw rrom Hem 1 (a), salaries, six thousand
(0000) dollarr, to the following:
oiubctoivb offtcfi
and equipment,
gerald. fl.TO: Themas Foster, IMOi ntrfy
FtanMIn, 111 TO, Bdward Mrmer. f3.83: Hor
ace Fesmlre. Ift.OT, FredKrlck Frank, JJ.70',
reler Finn, I.1.0S, (ieoras Gibson, .ft.SO,
t'hnrles aallagher. 15.20. Joieph Oers, llo.Wi
Ofhrer Orlmm, I4.WI, Jerfy (Jeonnottl, i7.C0!
iiiikkii virrii, ejv. a m . dsviii aiacount ewi"i
Charles llannuni, ti.fO; John llamon, $.(0i
John Holton, fl.vd, Kmmett Hammond, fs.fX);
Clayton Hill, $(.80; William Isaacs. 17,73;
Charles, Jackson, It.llOj William Kennedy,
3 70i Ahdrew Knox, liffOj Frank Kinsley,
4 Wj Michael Keonane, .W.Mj Chorles
Klelnt. 1.J!0; Thomas Kennedy, 17 80: James
Keys, f.1.75; Charles Klett, 0.M: Herbert
Kronts, B.C0; Mlchstl Keafse, H.ttU William
IiR-son, j.20: rranK Lawrence, l.80i Fdward
l.ynh, sJt,20i James Laxelle, W.35j Wesley
.ans, i.-j,48j Martin Iyford, I8.18, William
MrRean, 12,0.1. Joseph Mellon, 8.0i Thomia
McFarland, 14.80: Arthur Mdlholland, 17.181
13.03, James Cltara,
at Flftr-elg
thence along
tterr. 4, Maintenance
Item 0 (a), Ilorsewataring stations, etc.,
five hundred dollars . .,
Bureau of Police.
Item 4 (M, IloreeshoelnR
Item l (d). Postage and advertising.,.
Item 0 (a). Maintenance and repairs to
niilo patrol and wagons, bicycles and
.motor cycles ,,,
Item 0 (d), nepslrs to furnlturo ... ...
Item 0 (0, llepalrs to police and pntrol
Item o (b). Communication services.
'.ftlIltll Bnn W.atMln.la. ah..a
ong AVektmlnsler avsnite xm real itl
Inches to FIflv-seventh street, thence north-
"ii.-iuijr niviiK ijiiy-nvnun sirecK n less
PA Inchaa to a point thenca westwardly
panlloKnn a line, parallel with Callnwhlll
atrset 7H feet, Dk inches to a point, thence
northwestwardly parallel on n lino with Fifty
seventh atreet 114 feet 214 Inches to a point,
thenca northeastwardly IT1 feet 1H, Inohee to a
point In the south side of Ilaverford street
'.w..r20lnt b,l"ir Tl feet OS Inches west
of Fifty-seventh atreet), thence northwest'
wardly along Ilaverford atreet 120 feet to n
otnt thence , aouthwestwardly 8t) feet 8'x
Inches to a point, thence tvestwardlv on a line
parallel irlth Callnwhlll atreet 20(1 feet ill
Inches.' to a point In the east line of Fifty
elyhtli street, thence southwardly 280 feet 10',i
Inches to Westminster avenue and place of be
ginning. Section 2. 'The City Solicitor Is hersbr di
rected to Jlle In the Cdurt of Quarter Sessions
a Petition on behalf of th Cltv tffnv rnrtli
the grnund herein appropriated to tho end that
said Court shall appoint a Jury to assess the
damacee as provided by lsw,
ADproved Oils 2 day of December, A. B.
, , -'.. RUDOLPH BkANKrcNnuna,
.. No: T7g. Mayor of Philadelphia,
Item 0 (C). To nav bills of nnllremen In a
curing evidence, aa follows: Tftlnard Agnew,
110 40) Chsa. Allen, tonoi Tlieodoro Hoer,
3.f0 Jacob Blattau, in no: Oscar Brown,
!-j!I iVm- Belslmw, $8.18; John Barrett,
M.POI Dorrancu Boox, 4,00 Walter Hranwell,
15.031 Frank Burke, il.OJi CJiss. Baker, jjois
amsn, at.or; ueo. iiauswitie, z wj
Bunting, ?R.B3i John Outran
hft riat,mM SI
Wm. Barry, s.0,20: Oeorae Bens. S(133! Wm,
nr. S.VR3! John Oirrsn. 1AVO kn rnl-
lshsn, 111.00; John l Corry, JH.ao; Harry
Cope, M.W: Michael Croka, tl.tl.1) Walter
.', james Diegg. f.wj: .lonn cttrion,
Itobert Mitchell. l llnvM J(olIeth. t
Thomas McFarland. 18.03: William Myers,
u.s.i jsmea niuigrew. s.-.4u: William ic
Corkle, II 78; Joseph Mctllnn, B.6.1: Michael
Mi earthy, 15.70; James Maneelr. 13.76; John
Mahony, M.RO; Thomaa McCulfougli. 3.20;
Wlttlam MihmiV a. ItO H-hnmaa XfcrViwetl.
&. .. . - -:--."-.v. "..':-'w'- --.. ....-.. ...,
i.ii9i ianiei unctti,
13.20; I-onanl O-ftea
matak, 03; William Pensyl, 12.031 Thomas
Pendenast, 93; chsrles Palma, 13.20;
ThomasOultley, 7; Frank Qulnn, 7,80
James nichsrdrnn, ICBSi Alexander Blchle,
flIS: Harry Itlcli, 11.08; Robert Ilellly. 16.00;
Harry Itobson, n.Mi Oarrett Bedmond, 11,18.
Hugh Hellly, a.03; Frank Bhoads, Jl.BO;
Phllo Itoseboro, $3.03: Officer Reddlngi I4i
Bayard Smith, $1.70; Andrew 8ullan, 14.20:
Ferd. Sapplnglon, II; Ixjuls sibrs, i.4S;
Lodls sibrs, 110.20; Orover Stoekar, 13.50;
William .sclby, 0.23 arank Schneider, 14.55;
Ueorge Splllman, X.1,70; Frederick Shecklen,
11.13; Robert Teat, 43.40; William Tyson,
li.OO, .loeepli Troyano, 13.03; Howard Tom-
nsun. ,;; iiarry TUCKer, a(,io: uaviu thus,
13.43 Frank Tlemsn, i:l.41t Oeorge Whit--wo-th,
S; Itobert Williams, 10.03: Andrew
Walker, 5.35i Albert Walter, I4.0.1I Michael
Wootten, 8.25; August , Wagner. I2; Henry
Woodrttdd, 11.10: Chss. Allen, 13 85 Ed. Aa
new, 111.20; Andrew Bender, 15.80: T, Black,
12.03- Chaa. Beckman, U.80; Wm. Barrr,
o.Bi)j T, Boyer, ,60: Wm. Bunting, I3.56j
0..r Brown. 3.75: cieo. Bens, IS.fVli Wm.
Belshaw 17.00; Jacob Blattau, I2.S.1- John
llirrett. law: Walter- Branwell, 13.30; D.
Boos, II 24 chsa. Baker, H.SOt Iiarry Cope,
16 03; Walter Cook, 1.1.53! John Clifton, I4.0O;
John Corry, 18.5.1,' Vincent Cuneff, 12.60; John
(.runs, "i dniiies uiras, 9i UlRllliew uiarK,
.-u; joy.
lars from ft.BOO lo f 1,800 per an
mint each from July 1st, at ordered
by Board of Judges, and so as to
provide for the following positions
from November 1st; Court officers,
IT at the rate of 13,000 per annum
each; assistant probation officer at
the rata of 11,600 per annum! clerks,
8 at thl rats of 11,200 per annum
each; clerks, 8 at the rate of 1 1, OX)
per annum each; clerks, 3 at tha
rate of IPOQ per annum each: as
sistant special agent at the rats of
lt,ooo per annum; probation officers,
fi it the rata of 11,200 per annnm
each; probation officers, 14 at the
rat of 900 per annum each: aten
ographens, S at the rate of 00Q
each! Interpreter, 3 at the rate o'
il.COO per annum each; Janitors,
at the rat of f?20 per annum
each, and to provide for 4 proba
tion officers, 3 stenographers and 1
dork at the rate or looo per annum
each, and of 1 Interpreter at ths
rate of 11,500 per annum, from Oc
tober 15ih to November 1st: and to
pay salary of Mae MaeFarland, aa
probation officer, for 0 days In May,
114.53; of Henrietta S. Addlngton.
Rgent. 8 days In May, 118.33, and
of Cora V. flchuman, stenographer,
0 daya In June, 115, fourteen thou
sand three hundred and ninely-ieven .. ..
dollar and twenty rente U,89 7.20
Hem 5 (10. Jurors' fees, etc., fifteen
l.n.,--nJt Ih A tiMV4M,( anrf SIIV-
nine dollars and thirty-seven cants. 18,359.37
Item S fe. witness fees, etc., one
tnousana nve nunarea aouara
Item 8 (h). Mlsccllaneoua expenses.
Municipal Court, fire thousand dol-
Item 7 Vc, To pay Blll'a' Inoufrtd for
tho Municipal Court aa follows: Wil
liam II, Hcnklna Company, furniture
and atatlonery. H03.C0; IV. A. Cox.
pneumatld typewriter keys, 18: Royal
Typswrlter Company, (ypewrller
desk, 122.50: T. Alexander Berry,
Installing exhaust fan, 1116: II, U
savoy, furnishing keys and repairs,
12.60: Clem Towel Supply Company,
towels, 18.00: Shoemaker Busch,
Installing and furnishing disinfect
antn 12491 Patrick, Carter A Wllk
ih. ivmmnv. rtitnhhtittona and cord.
- ...- ... -t.1 . .. J T -a), tlatttt
I'snn ji.ieDiii aim ,-!,-. vum-
ihn Creeden, fl.W;
opening of Ardlelgh and Woodlawn atreeta,
Section 1. The Select and Common Councils
of the ,city of Philadelphia do ordain, That
the Department of Publlo Works be authorised
and dliected to notify the owners of property
ever and through which the following atreots
will Pass, that at the expiration of three
months from the date of said notice said
fT'S1 w'" be required for publlo use; Ard
IJlBb .street, from Price to Haines street:
Woodlawn street, from Sprsguo to Ardlelgli
!"' . .Provided, however. That, the bed of
the. said Ardlelgh street be first dedicated by
the- owner thereof before the ordinance shall
go Into effect.
. S.tc,J?n 3 The Mayor of the City Is hereby
authoMjea and directed to enter aecurlty on
behalf of the city of Philadelphia for the pay-Went-fif
any damages which may be assessed
by treason of the opening of said atreeta. Upon
the nilng of said bond and at the expiration
PL-Jlw said three montha the Director of the
DejSurtroent of Public Works shall forthwith
proceed to open said streets.
Approved the Kd day of December. A. D,
rnnlr. tl Off, Tin... rl---. t M
Jt.es; John Csrr. l.80i lforry Cave, IS: Mat
thew Clark, IB.O.-,; John Creeden, 5.60; Daniel
t-rnnrii, i .,o; josepn uervin, .: Joseph ucr
yln. (.40; Bobert Dunbar, 14.23: Joseph Doug
lass, 15.80: D. Davis. IG.lB! Will. Daly, I4.2.1:
Jacob Daufman, H.08: Jacob Daufman, I'l.oi;
Aiulrew paut. 17; Andrew Kmanuel. 14.05;
Wm. Rshcr, 17.73: Thos. Earnest. 1.1 15: Snm-
ul Ford. 13.15: Horace Fesmlre. f-MO: Bd
warn i-armer, i.tia;
i'oier nun,
Chas. Orlmm, 14.43; Jerry Oconiiotil. JS.23;
..w, iiuiiuii, t.j; .nnn uersi. sitt.-u; I lias,
Uallaalier, 2 73: Bnlph Gold. 5.13: Wm. Olta
son, lOO.,; Wm. flrcen, I0.5O; Chas. llannuni,
Sf.gT: Clayton Mill. 14.80: Emmett Hammond,
M.20; (leo. Henna, $4; Heyward Hngan, S5.U5:
John Haley. 0.1B: Bobert Test. 15.10: Daild
Titus. 82 Wm. Tyson, IS.60: Frank Tleman.
'; JPjepn irovano, o.i; ivmiam IffaacB,
rmcr, 81.05: Harry Franklin. Iin.jo;
in. 8J.B6! Thomaa Foster, ltl.10' Fred
ank, J2.20: Edward Farrell, 13.10;
17.15: J)hn curran.
llarrv Cair 17.14 llatilel DArnah linn
Jacob Daurtman, 11,(13; Bobert Dunbar, 11.75;
Andrew Daut, 17; Joseph Dentin, I2.80; E.
Iavls, 111 20: Fan Dean, 16.72: Wm, Ebald,
10.30: Thomas Karncxt, 87.25; Andrew Kman
uel, 111.25: Wllllim Esher, IS; John Bwlng,
1.83: Edward Farmer, 13.03; Peter Finn,
r-'.lll Thomas Foster, 10.03; Thoma Flts
gerald. 12.40; Samuel Ford, l.00(- lMward Far
rell, 81.407 Frederick Frank. 11.55; Harry
rrn..Kiin. tn..--u: Horace fesmire. su.s.-,;
Oeorge l.ltson, 3 63; John Oers, 110.45;
Chas. Gallagher, 12.70; Itobt. Orllley, 18.20;
i;n I nil Gold, U80: lUlak (lold, 13.50;; Chas.
Clrlmin, 3.55; Harry Ureeliy, 3.i; William
ntftiBnn- XO IlftV U'llihm 11...- MIM, T. -.
"-L.:.. 'i-s.- ;i-'-:"'".'.:. ,,. T.-"."-.'. -y11'
ironnr.iii, i..i-; uincer uuilliora, S.IO; (,iav-
mui jiui, onv; i-Aiiinieii usmmona,
Cl'us. llnnnum. $(.20; Italpli Haeson,
lonn iiumoii, a 10; uonn iioiton. I
18J Clav
I. I2.0S;
n. 3.7d;
onu iiunion, s-.ju; onn iiauon, si,- win.
enacs, 87.00', Chas.. Jackson, 13.50: Michael
(esrsr, fil.25: Chas. Klett, I7.6D; James Keys,
0: Herbert Krnntr. I8.1:(: Michael Keohane,
14.10; Thoma" Kenned;
. flpgmn sir. ill
J u; jiicnaei iveonane, M.iu; Herbert
10,13; Wm. Kennedy. r,,r,0: Charles
13.115! Chss. Klett, 10.85: Michael
15.15: Thos. Keneedv. ST.SOf .Innte
No., 779.
Msyor of I'hlladelpbla
, Pennsylvania Railroad Company to construct
and maintain a conduit to carry electric
wire under and across Woodblno aienue, at
HUty-ecrond street.
Section 1. The Select and Common Councils
V of, the City of Philadelphia do ordain. That
authority be and (a hereby granted the Penn
sylvania Railroad Company to construct and
maintain "a conduit to carry electric wires
under and across Woodbine avenue at Slxty
Jfoond atreet, as shown on plan on tile In
the- Department of Publlo Works, Bureau of
Surveys. Tho said conduit shall bo laid under
the supervision of the Department of Public
or ka (Hoard of Highway Supervisors), and
be used exclusively by the said company In
. he, conduct of Its own business. Betoro ex
erclslnj any privileges under the authority of
this Ordinance tha auM PannavLaiila llall.nn
Company shall enter Into an agreement In form
satisfactory to Iho City Solicitor, protecting
the City from all damage by reaaon of the
conatrut.tlun and maintenance of said conduit.
and to remove same a( any time upon the
passage of an ordinance or resolution of Coun
Sif ,!.,tht fe .Provided. That tho "sum of
".J!' W1 dollar shall (list be paid Into the
City, Treasury by the Pennsylvania Railroad
Company to -coyer the cost of publication
Approved the 27th. day of No ember, A. D.
No. 780.
TTT? raTsT.T5tr nr iWT.'riVT)tTirt
wewwa-a aa as uawi art-Wai J W l-la
Mayor of Philadelphia.
atructlon of a branch sewer In Prlco street,
from Ardlelgh street to Sprague atreet.
Bectlon 1. The Select and Common Councils
of the City of Philadelphia do ordain, That the
Department of Publlo Work be authorized to
enter Into a contract for the conat ruction of a
ewer In Price atreet, from Ardlelgh atreet to
Eprague atreet.
Section 2. That the Director of the Depart
. rnent of Public Worka ahall advarttae, accord
lag to law, announcing that bids will be re
ceived for the sewer above authorized, and he
Shalt allot It to the lowest responsible bidder,
and 'It shall be a condition of thp said con
tract that tha contractor ahall accept the sum
assessed upon the lines of sale! sewer In man
ner and form authorised by existing ordinance,
and-any excess over and above the said as
sessrasnt. In addition to that provided for by
ordinance, shall be charged to Item No, 151,
or any other Item for the construction of
branch sewers. In the appropriation to the
Department of PuLlla Works (Bureau of Sur
rey). '' Section S. That the Director of the Depart
ment of Publlo Works la authorized to pay for
Inspections, bortoga and expense Incidental to
the work at constructing aald branch aener
from the Item for the construction of branch
-aiosrs. 1
Approved ths 27th day of November, A. D,
""UK Se
S&SB:. 'Sit
vsKm 'arass
iSs-A .,' J3 ('
'HaV-' V SMS?
twSt;; " pWHrW
ra aeitltaa
niriR asSjiGsai
" 'Vsi mIisb.
Wffc tars.
wi r
Mayor of Philadelphia.,
iransiers in in annual appropriations 10
the IDepartmenta of Publlo Safety. XHibllo
Wt. lniblio llsalth and CbarlUes, Wharves,
DocS and Ferris, Supplies, Board of Recrea
tion, my Commissioners, City Controller.
. Clerks of Councils. Coroner. l.aw, Couimla
siooera of Fatrmount Park. Proihonotary, Its
sslter of Taxes, Rsglstsr of Wills. Sberlrf and
Olty Treasurer, for the year 1D1I
. dcctlort 1. The Select and Common Coumlla
'f the City of Philadelphia do prdaln. That
tha (Ity Controller be authorised to make the
tollotrlnr transfer In the annual approprla
tlons to the various Departmtnta for the year
ll(, via.:
Department of Public Safety, Director's Of
fice I FVom Item 3. transportation, etc, Sve
hundred (500) dollars. Bureau of Police. From
Item 8, salaries, thirty-two thousand eight
hundred and forty-six ($2.8481 dollar and
ila-tHy-savse (8T) ctcts. From Ham 8, sal
aries, three thousand (8000) dollara; from Item
7u (loan), removal of ashes, one thousand bV9T
hundred flTD0 dollars. Bureau of Fir. From
ltetn 18, to f)C up property at Bomarton, two
theattDd f.va. hundred (2500) dollars. Depart
msbVbC Publlo Works, Director- Offlca: From
Its 1. valari, alx hundred (800) dollars,
mruu of water. From Itarn 1. salaries, on
ttyimand two hundred (1200) dollars, from
Item 3, ullrtu, six hundred (eXM) dollars,
fls)si Item (I, salaries, two thousand seven
hundred (27001 dollars, from Item. 8, salarlsa,
eight hundred (SOU) dollars, from Item 0 ic),
haulltir asft-ts, seven hundred (700) dollar .
from Item to, salsrlss. ten thousand (10,000)
dollar from Item 13 (b), tounoattooa Cor
ealmntf. three thousand oaa hundred and
euty-Igbt (B178 dollar and twenty-nix.
eai; rrn xiem l tcj. laawa uoD
y. el.:., six hundred and Bfiy-nv (55)
aaa aixtr-two- (OKI ceaia: rrom. llem is
salaries, two thousaqd sight hundrad
aouara; irosn 4isat io, salaries, nv
ed (8001 dollar, from Item 10) (loan).
ittao of uueen i-n niters, ten tnou
IB.GO0) dollar. Bureau of City Proserty
Ilea 17. repair to macadam roads, on
nd flv hundred 1300) dollara.
A of Surveys: Frorn Xtein T. salarlsa.
tbousaiid aeinw huadred and sixty (87W)
: rro tiesBMW, 10 $j ciaun or aticnaet
ittt jsbc thous4vd suae auB4xe4 and
(wi.i aopsare. aaa iBiny lev) cents,
i BH lt3al. eaBBstrtuitlAn a imn
jjUat, Ii xhouisod five hundred (Saw;
Wtfeeu of Oa srsai Jtesn 1 aal-
itt t)wiaiid Arc auMdsed (lt00 dol-
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aram i sarei. issim
u;a caw faasjs ana tortsr-juu
frass ttasu i. ssuarss. it wwoj'
laaa (It) ioilars "ity-Jive
Andrew Knox,
0.43; Frank KlrIley, ld.80! James Iizolle,
3.t)5: Martin l.vfnnf. a.-(.4il! Wm. r.nwann.
lil.TOi Wesley 1.5 an s. 83.M. IMward Inch.
Sld.20; Frank 7,"wrenre, 85; Wm. Maliony,
6.75: Arthur Mulliollsmt. 83.0.: Josrnli Mellon,
0, David McBeth. 8I2.S0: Thos. SlaDowelt,
5; Chss. MacCorkle. I3.C0: Tho. McFarland,
7,70; James -Mulirnw. yo.45; Wm, McKean,
1.30: William Myers. $5.0.',: John Mahony, 0:
Jamea Mnneely, 10.03; Thomaa McCullough,
87.S3; Mlcliael Mcrarthy, 17.25! John No
lan. 86.25: Daniel O'Neill. ?1.1.1: jamea O'Hara,
II.4S; Joseph Oleynlzeak. 5.t5; Cliarles Pal
mer. 11.10; Thomaa Pendegast, 87.HO; John
Pyle. 18.40; William Tenayl. 13.10! Wm. Pat
terson, J3; Frank Qulnn, 87.00; 11)08. Qulg
ley, 8f3.i; Harry Rich, 17.21; Alex. Ritchie.
17: Hugh Belli). 17.40! Jas. Richardson. s:
John Bedding. 1.1.16; Harry Itobson, 18.2.1;
Frank Ilhoade. 12.01: (larr-it tledmnnd, 8.1.40;
j-nno jwseiiorow, .t.n; ltooi. iceitty, an.wo;
Andrew Sullivan. Sii Lewis Slbre, 10.75:
Orover Sloeker. $0.80: W. Shappcl. : Oeorge
Splllman, IS.43; Oeorge Stinger, J2.S2; I'-red-erlclt
Schehlen. $1.80; William Selhv, 85.05:
Jaa. Sullivan. 80: Harry Tucker. 10.83: Albert
Walter, fl; Bobert Wllllims, 80: Michael
Wootten, IS: Andrew Walker, J5.:so: Urorgo
Whltworth. S: Kdward Acnew, I13.t0; Chas.
Allen 86.73: chaa. Beckman, J 1.43: Walter
Bransvcll. 1.1.73: Join Barrett, 18.50; diss.
Baker. 14.6.1: Dorrnnce Boos. 8.1.171! Frank
Burl:, 83 75; Wm. Buntlnt.. .,"i0: Oscar
Brown, 18.15, This. Boyer, 8i.2f): Jacob Blat
tan. 85.10: Oeorge Benr. 85.85: Wm. Belslmw,
8iJ!0; William Barry. d.0O: John Crook. 12.20!
John Currnn, s.".S0i John Creeden, 85.10; John
Carr. 81.83; Harry Cave, 87.07; Harry Cope.
85.1.3; Walter conk, 84.02; John Clifton 81.81;
James Clegg. 18.75: John Corry. 87.15: William
Callahan, 82. ": Matthew Clark. 10.60: Daniel
Dornarh, 83.23: D. Davis. 80X0; Robert Dun
1'.H'S4: v11""; Dau.'.- n: Joeph DerMn,
K-19; I?.".?J!,, Douglass, fl fill: Jacob Daufman.
87 01 : William Ksher. 87.00; A. Kmanuet
tin.03: Thomas Karnest. J3.23: Thomas
Fitzgerald, Sl.lti; Peter Finn, 82.5.S: Hsrry
Franklin. 813.10: Thomas Fnater. Sinn. r.'t.a.l.
erlck rrank. 82.B.1; Edward rarmer. xj.aij
Horace Fesmlre, Id 03; 1-Mwnrd Farrell, 8(1.20:
Samuel Ford. 83.03; Oeorge Olb-on. 86.40:
Cbas. (.-tam. 83.0,1; Balnh Oold. I.1.C0: Chas!
Oallaiiliw. J3JS: John Oers, 810.0.1; William
Oreen, fa: Jerry Oeonnottl, 87.15: William
(Reason. 80.05; John llolton. 82.10; Cut) ton.
Hill, 83.80; Emmett Hammond. 84; Chas. Han
num. 83.5.1' Jam-s Heam, 3t50; John Haley,
f?'..,,JCwJ,r'1 Boean. 5 00: Samuel Haines,
81.17: William Isaacs, 87.00; A. Johnston.
818 83; Chss. Jackson. fl.75; Jamea Keya.
IB 18; William Kennedy, 85.00; Thoma Ken
nedy, J7.SO; Cha. Klett. 8R.30; chas.
Klelntz, 13.110. Andrew Knox. I3.R0; Prsnk
Kinsley, 18.40: Herbert Kronts. 10.03; Ml
rhael Kearae. I5.U.1; Michael Keohane. 82.8.1;
v iiuaiii ianuii, ,u.i.i: esiey jjyons, n.n;
Flward Lynch, 10: Frank Lawrence, 8.ML1:
Mnrtln Lyford. 18.95: James Izelle. 85.55:
Thomas McFarland, 14.00; William McKean
1.1.83; Arthur Mulholland, 0.03; Michael Mc-
i.anuv. ,- ingmni airuuuougn, S(,iU; JO'
seph McQInn 2,2o; William Mnhony, 80.40
ianis;s) iiiuiicTij , ej-kf.
Tiiomas Aicrariand,
SO.lis! Jamts Mulffn
f?.?.".: IMVIU Moll(li. n..O: Chan- MeHnrkt,
p' Thomas McIowfU. I.C0: Wtllfftm Myers,
o-isa-v, etuiiii siuutii, o,wd; i.aniei irraflll. ',nS
-v, jiuiu iunnany, en so:
7iiui Joseph Melton,
Iff. ST .Inaenli tlninn
ram Item 8. seistut. to UscNiaaad IvaCl
&aA mad twa&ty-sliaa matt) doalars. frasa I
fi. () ftorseahiasf. oaar (aosjaaad e-aht hun
4d ilMW) dllars fruai Ilesn 11 (el), ses-sz
,;J;ri care ..(. motor wyel. 9i buBdied (5w
Aiawt Kan: litui 13. aalsrua, tarets thsu-
1 saves anqreq Ktvut oanarg: rrvsa iteea
te) tat U rati. tig at Sanaa Oaroea
jmsaea inmisana i mf uuu aouar
iff. asuaslsa. on tnuuaaaa o& m
Mud &flv .;t!Sjk dtlius ir&m ItdOi 31 as
'i au.ilrcd ml taat alx (M iulUia.
mam it i "s.riw or jtajroage, er. ,
luuiiv) a.i. i sax .toaasea oa izi -
S1US SlSl) odra m-i jm , ,rg TTv!A
Ifm 4 i Bbtts l-m-UHfg fcc vji U)u
tmfbi alUI u.i -ii teui r..us ,(i24i
,.;j.M J a j jui -'-. 'j'p i' ' i" i
Ss-J-C CVmuko Tt l-. s.fcu t iftaiU ULJS I
kiidrd awd fcij i6Si tlt Hmnn
u ISibjlss laestltsV (Httl CBaritua awaaai
Jr ,ti. i.1aa Fssai MHOE I aaisruesk t&iit:
-.. . . j j ;.d Ahr '&i eUljan. !im k- 4.
ea -H -s tsmtf ,
'( ftsis itsasi SsTv I
-iuos. ijuiKirv. ei: iiiigu neuy, au.sa; Harry
llnbson, n.8.l: John lidding, 13.60: Frank
Klioids, 12.0.1 1'tillo Itoieuoroiv. 8J.CS: Gar
rett Redmond, 13.5.1, Alex Ritchie, IU.7.1;
James Jtlcharueon, ed.lS: Robert Ilellly, 3.n0;
Harry Rich, 80-0: (Irovar atoeker, 53.20:
Oeorge Spllman. 18.50: William Selby, J3.r-fl!
FredtrKU Hchre.klrn, 82.43: Louis Slbre. IK.3.1;
Jamea Sullivan. It; Andrew Hiillituu. 87.10:
Howard Tunilinron. I2.14, William TysonJ
17.53; Frank Tleman. KI.07! Itobert Test,
in.20- Harry Tucker, 80.S.I. Davis Titus, 85.20;
Joseph 'rrpyaiio, 5.25; Alhert Waller. 85.7.1;
Jobr Williams. IMS; .Oeorge Whltworth.
IT.5J; Michael Wnolteii. 18.15: Andrew Walker.
16 43. laard J. Aguew, 112.15; William
Asher, M: Chas Allen. 13.23: Frank Burke.
1-H2' iVIllism Harry. 13,15. Andrew Bender,
i;'I9! IViZ'.' RUwau. 14.80. Theodore Boyer,
87.43. IVIIIIsm Brown. U'Jl. William Beli
shaw. 14, Oscsr Brown, 87.20. William Bunt
ing, IJ.05: Oeorss J. Benz, 18.25: John E.
Barrett, M.15, Chsrles Beckman, 84.51: Chas,
Baker, 83.76. Walter Branwell, .102; Dor
" Bj. 82.45. John Clifton ?103; Waller
tfnlt, 85.CO: John N. Carr. 83.56; Harr) Cave.
8.38; Harry, J. Cope, 4.10. Jamea Clegg,
e.2.1; John L Corry. 17.10; John J. Creadon,
5.2V John crook. W.10, John. C Curran 15;
latthew Clark. .is. Joseph Darvln. 13.70;
Andrew Daut, IT. Jacob Daufman, 5,89; Rob
rt, Dunbar. 18.04. D M. Davis, 13.60; Jo
iS?R. D01ill!r l'-3i Daniel Dornach. (4.00;
William Eaher'. 87; William Ebald, 11.781 An
drew J. Kmanuel, 110.30; Samuel Ford. 1.80;
...... c aamirv, f-iu; sTeasrica rranx.
iUr ? .Flnoi. 1iRj Edward Farmer. 12.10;
Edward Farrell. 17.03. Thomaa Fttzrerald.
IJ.02! Marry u Franklin, 812.15: William
filsason, 87.0.1; Georg. oTbson, I3j Charles
Orlmm, 84.80, John P. Oars. 111.10; Albert
HrTbr,?iW,-rhrl, J- Oallagher, Ii78j
Ralph Oold, 1185; Marry Oraeby, 84, JIarry
(Jreeby, 8S.S0. Jerry Oeannottl. 13.75, WII
Jram Oreen. i.B3. Ralph Haason, it.29; Cha.
y. Ilannum. 1J0 Emmati Hammond, IS.B3;
Clayton Iflll. 84 70, Havward Began. 5.iO;
John t. Itolton, 83.39, William Issaia. 87 85;
irlaa R Jackson J&35. Charlea Klatt,
14.70; Herbert P. Krontz. i81, Thomaa Ken
ue.ly, 87.00. Jamea D. Keys, J6.12. Michael
Kearse. I3.S8, Michael Keohane. .io. Itank
P. Kinsley, 10.46 Andrew J Knox. ID; John
J. KrumnieL 2 13, Charla KlaUtz. 11.00.
Edward J , Lynch, S70. William wson.
8A.SO1 Martin Lyford, I8.0, Wesley nLyoa.
83 M. James Isll, $5.85, Joseph V. Mel
lea. I5.M, John Mahony, It). 70; Jams
Uanel, 14.80. Joasph McOlrui. 86 00: Thomas
J McCulIougb, 8T.50 Mlchset McCarthy, 17.60;
A. Mulholland. 17 30, William Mahony, 15.20;
Thomaa McFarland. 17 45, Charlea MacCorkle.
4.20. -rhos. McDowell. &.M: Darts MoBeth,
f.5, Wlrtlam Myers, U 45. Tlwa McFarUnd,
IS'19' FL,ua MoKean, t Jamaa Mull raw.
tJM; John B Nolan. 83.05; James O'Asura.
85.13; Daniel W O-NelllT 19.05. Jsaaph Olay
zacuk, lilkl; Thos. Pandtgast, 8T.B0; Charles
Peoavl, 82 84: Frank Qulnn JiiS; Thowaa
OuUfey, U-Si, Jkn Redding. b3o. Oarrett
navauig MIS, Alg tutcOle, III.
Raillt, HOlo, lUrry Rabeon. 87 40;
rwMBufuw, as , sTaut noaaaa. z.wi
KkaarjUaa. U OS, W. B.
arr Rich, last Jumaa B.
IS. W 18L Shanul S3. Prad-
si r&ifts- m&$i?Tiuz.
tiirt Tst. H. tulsvlck 1UU&.
u wm Tywp. uavitj tuu,
wKmmkmmBk. wo'
Albsif Tl'StiT. ,5 20. Michael Wc-altae.
lairi VA. d.ld
RcV.TMUams. 87 H.
Our) AfflST 84 (a).
Georaa JlSB. .4JS' fit
car IlleHMB. 8t m Tl
i lr Is, Baker. JptTa. ,
Whit worth.
Agaew. in.
was, aumsssg.
ebJWJsau. xjj
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KfX'if sv-s, -J ItWF 4JPHBKW
ts tu$mMw
lLam Ears StM
W'"i KtaaweU 83 Charlea
Walies Cwk MM. '"ha
usta cailalua 8J to
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'i$uk 8.1 Ittinn i.ij
4 Tl JKitans- JJ m sxin twjn
lSTB, ItanitS l'".u :.L. -; Hi l-joh I'cr.lu.
p 74 triBigjD KtoaMT H Aadre EwmI
lu'li fciha Vwtnt $tl 'liun Uaiiitxi.
E, Vailu. e- f T Hi Uanael Fiifik
pit, Mwaa sraneil, a.6 Thomas flii
1MW aua
II 73 Jaiil
3j u .'iiuii
3 fc, Hrry iv5 HM
85 15 Ai.Jrew
UW D Dail.
Thomas Kennedy, 18.10! William Ken
nedy, 13,85: Chas. Klelntz. 14.23; Frank Kins
ley, at, ,,,; Anorvw jtnox. 3.&u; jsmes Lazella,
H.7.T Martin. Lyford. 13.20: Edward Lynch;
0 75; )'"rank Laarenco. IH.C0: Weslev Lyons,
80.16; Wm. Lawson, 88.00; Wm. McCorkle,
5.10: Jamea Mulgrew. I1.B0: Wm. McKenan..
I2.m: Thos. McFarland, 14.45: David McBsth,
il2.ro: Tliosi. MrCulIotlgh, 17.00: Joseph Mc
'Olnn. in; James Maneely. 10 03; John Mahony,
10.7.1; w llliam Jlahony. fl.n.l: A. mulholland.
14.50; Joseph Mellon. IB! Ofdcer Myers, 14.80:
Thos. McDowell, Jvi.R0, L. 0Reagon. II r Jo
seph Olevnlicak. 13.73: Daniel O'Neill, 110.60;
Jas. O'Hara, 11.82: Wm. Patterson, 83.(t3;
Thcs. Pondegaet, 17,05: Chas. Pnlma, 85.HO;
William Pensyl. 13; Thos. Qulgley, 31.20:
Harry Robson, 83.75; Oarrett Redmond. 35.20:
Alex. Ritchie. Id.70; Phllo Roaeborow, 82.60;
John Redding. 13.15: Harry1 Rich, 8H.S13; Rob
ert Ilellly, M.C0: James Richardson, 0; Frank
Rhoads . 1.20! Hugh Ilellly, 10.03: deo.8plll
msn, 15.55: Frederick Sl.ecklen, 12.00; Frsnk
Schneider. Il.u: William Selby, a.irj; Chas.
smith, 81.50: Bayard Smith, 8'J.tio: Louis
Hlbre. 812.10: Davli' Titus, li.io; Joseph
Troyano. 13. 5: Howard aomilnson. 81.77:
Hsrry Tucker, 80 Bl; Robert Test. 85 55: Will
V?."l V'.?."' ,.w'10i . JS!eDh Vanhorn. 83.8J;
Michael Wootten. 8 30: Andrew Walker.
Jt.wi, Henry Woodruff, 19.17; Albert Walter.
J3.o,lt oeo. Whltworth. 14.0.1; Bobt. Williams
84 Jamea Oenoe, 53.02: F, BchraUliuhti, a.sa
811.50; total, three thousand eight hundred
and twent)-elght (8818) dollara and ninety-two
IVJ) canta.
Provided. That one warrant In favor of Wal
ter Ollbett, Chief Clerk, may be drawn and
counteralsned upon the presentation of proper
nffldavita and voucher.
Item 0 (d). Transportation and ex- ,
penses of special officers during Oc
tobsr. No ember and December, one
thousand two hundred dollars.... 81.200.00
Item 0 (a). Transportation and ex-
panses or actecuve mviilon, fir
hundred dollar ...
Item 21. Transportation, etc., two
hundred dollar
Item 23, llepalrs and maintenance of
automobiles, two hundred dollars...
Item 25 (a). Repairs and malms
nance far automobile, two hundred
Item 26, Uniforms for police sur
geons, . to pay bill or Joseph N.
Snsllenburg (1013), ons bundrsd and
one dollara
Bureau of Flra.
Item D. Shoeing and pasturing ani
mals; two thousand dollars I2.C00.00
nam it tai, ,,ci,b hhu iiiiiiaiensnca
to automobiles, five hundred dollars
Item 11 (b). Repairs to apparatus
and rebuilding apparatus, one thou
aand flvo hundred dollars...
Item 11 (c). Repair to harness, fifty
Bureau of Correction.
Item 0 (c). Repair to buildings, two
hundred and thirty dollars
Building Inspection,
Item 3 (a). Postage and printing, two
hundred and fifty dollars....
Item 4. Horse keep and automobile
maintenance, one tnouaand and thlr-ty-threa
dollar and thirty-three
cinu .......................
Bureau of Steam Engine and Boiler Inspection
Horn 3. Special, three hundred and
alxty-alght dollara and ninety-one
centa IJeaOl
Electrical Bureau,
Item 3 (a). Transportation, five hun
drad dollar I500.CO
Bureau of Surveys.
Item 8 (b). Hire, storage and care of
horaes. vehicles and automobiles,
two thousand dollars 82 000 00
Item S (c). Cleaning oftlcea, two hun
dred dollar 200.00
Bureau of Water. w
Item 20. Salaries, sight hundred dol
lara 1800.00
Jltm 35, To pay claim for damages
by reason of break In water main
from Hoxborougb ressrvolr, on July
4, 1013. as follows; Jossph Myar.
ninety-eight (88) dollara; John De
Kyue, nlnety-nve (5 dollara and
seventy-five (78) cents; Emily E.
and Caroline Hippie, six hundred
and ntty.thrcs ((113) dollara and
nfty-elx (6B) centa. eight hundred
and forty-aavsn dollara and thirty
one centa , 817.31
n.m , JiHru of Highways.
llsm 2 (a), Tranaporlatlon. meals,
communication ssrvlcea and ad) er
asing, ono thousand dollars 81.O0O.0o
Hero 4 (s). Repair to automobiles,
Ihree hundred dollars . 300.00
llsm 14 (s) For repaying Oermsn
town avenue, from Montgomery aie
".".. '2 ,)ork "r"t. nineteen thou-
."hd dollara 19.000.00
Item (a). Hire of teama for haul-
,.,n,r' Jbrea hundred doUars SOO.OO
Ing, two thousand dollars 3.000.(0
n. a , , Bufl olirallh.
!Q . (.eJ- .7 iu1d dental dlspens
ry t tbMsthts W Baldwin Vub.
In al.a.l al a . a ..."
- ,. r"l 'Ili" nunarsa aousr
furnishing keys and making
repairs. 82.501 O. vVlnneberger d
sons, desk, 8.0; J.. B. Soule, on-
graving minutes, jju; ov; . iwj
chool, board of children, 8-310: In
dividual Drinking Cup Complny,
furnishing dispenser and cups, 114;
Uses. Welsh A Co., law books, libra
ry labels, et., 11.077; Webster A.
Xtelcher, expert services, handwrit
ing, 1100: Thomaa J. aartland, haut
inV 83.60: Jackson Vacuum Cleaner
Ha., li i w.uja aousr..... etuu.w
S'-. " ' f pay salary or ueorgs
S!i.I0f' Assistant Nutssncs Inspso
Yix '"m January let to October
i lhJ V lh r ? 11.100, eight
.: i .'"r- "na asvsniy-iwp aouara
and Jhlrty-ona cants
. i? ft Auio-cell eoulpmsnt. Hos
pital for Contagious Dlssases (loan),
J2 hundrad snd nlnstyrone doUara
s,"1 eighty-six cent , ...
Iteni J3. Auto-call equipment. Hos
pital .or Contagious Diseases, one
bundrsd and twenty-aeven dollars
and fourteen cents..'
Item 34. Tu nay bill of Waltar. Snv-
u C?. emergency repair to laun
dry, Hospital for Contagious Dis
eases, one thousand nln hun
dred and thirty -Ave dollar. 1,833
.... Bureau of Charities.
Item 8. Repairs. Jc. three hundred
dollar ;. 13M
Item 11 (a) Removal of ashes, seven
, hundred dollar ,. 100
Item 33 (a), eanltary floortsg, dv
dred dollara ;.."..... 600
Item. 60. Auto-eatl equipment (loan).
alx hundred and thirty dollar rBO
Item al Removal of boilers (loan),
one thousand nv hundred dollsrs.. 1,500
T aS AlltllaaSl
Item ll ib). Teasporary amployss to
operate Qiy ice BaatS, three thou-
sand dollar $8,000
(DIsaotjMrs Orflea.l
Iteat 1. So aa la usvlda for a chief
sau or
Company, repairs, 12; Lit Brotnera,
fnm ture and aupplles. 'u.J
?..,.. .a TTav A Ron. sllerat an o
rooms, etc.. 10.758; Albert Ander-
man, elatlojerv and supplies.
8118.10; M. J. Heavy, fitting up
rooms. II.310.OI; John Wansmaker.
lanllof' aupplles, 110.0.1; William
i". Hoaklns Xfompany, furniture and
furnishings. 84.S40.ti5 (loan), seven
teen thousand six hundred and nine
tJ'Jdri dollar and thirty-one cents 17.DI.31
Kern 13 (a). Telephone, four hundred
and tntrty-alx dollar and nlno cents 435.00
"en. .10. Printing, asseasora. lists
eight mousnuu . .....-.. -w.
Item 30 fa).'" HnuVlng ballot boxes,
meala. etc.. two hundred and fifty-
titii" M.'supp-iiv.: Vtktionir : yte:
(general election), three hundred
Item 35. "Equipment, furnishing, eta,
two thousand flvo hundred dollar..
Item CO (b). Care of boys and girls
crmlttea to, Olen Mills Sclools,
eight thousand dollsrs
Item 88 (f). -Children committed to
industrial s:hools, etc., thirteen
thousand dollara
Item RO (k). State Asylum, etc.. Far
view (deficiency of 1013), ninety
ItJm 80. ' 'to ' p'aV' bin ' 'as' ' foflows:
IMward Darby & Sons Company,
Inc., metal lockers, 1120.00; M. J.
Heavy, furniture, furnishings, etc.,
1125 (for room 507, tipstaves), eight
hundred and fifty-one dollars and
sixty cent r..
Hem 2 (h). Advertising and publish
ing' loans: To pay bills of the "In
? Hirer," 8600; "Publlo1 Ledger,"
770.40, and the "Press." 1572, for
advertising loan ordinance, two
thousand one hundred and thirty-
two ooiiara ana tony cgiua. ....... ,
uri'x LuniHuifi,ii,ii.
Item 3 fa). Stationery and office sup
plies, fire hundred dollars..
Item 5. Printing the annual report of
me city controller ana preparing tue
annual statement for the Finance
Committee, five hundred dollars.... ,500
Item 3 (). Transportation of persons,
one hundred and fifty dollar. ...... 1160
Item 3 (a). Stationery and office supv
piles, two hundred dollsrs 200
Item 8 (b). Coal for Morgue, one hun
dred and thirty dollara 130
Item 3 (t). Post-mortem material,
etc., two hundred and fifty dollars,. 250
Kern i. Burial expenses for Polter'e
Field, six hundred dollara 500
Item 1 (a). To pay salary -of Mai
Aron far compensation as Assistant
city Boucuor auring ino moniu oi
January, 1013, one hundred dollars. $100
Item 1 (c). Prothonotarys costs.
Magistrates' costs and expenses of
City cases, five hundred dollars..,. COO
Item 1 (d). Expert service, five
thousand dollara 0,000
Item 4. Law books, five hundred dol
lars ,...,,... ...... ....,... 800
Item 8. Supplies, stationery, printing,
postage and miscellaneous, five hun
dred dollars 8500
Item 5 (b). Labor, skilled and un
skilled, thirteen! thousand two hun
dred snd ninety dollars 13,200
Item 3 (a). Communication service,
one hundred nnd fifty dollsrs '$150
Item 5. Furniture and furnishings
two thousand five hundred dollsrs.. 2,500
Item S (d). To py bill of Albert An-
derman for books, blanks and eta-
tlnneryr two hundred and ninety-Ova
dollara and fifty cents.... $293.50
Item 13 (c). Refund to St. Timothy's
Hotpltsl for sswer laid In front of
building. 8250,50, nnd to John Bob",
erts, amount overpaid for- personal
taxes, $20; total, two hundred and
seventy-nin dollars and fltty-slx
cants ., ,. 270.66
Item 3 (b). Blank forms and sta
tionary, five hundred dollars,,,...,, 500
Item 3 (f). Preparation and advertla
Ing Sheriff's Proclamation, ntne
hundred dollars $000
CITY TIUSA8tJltr.n. '
Item 1 (b). Salaries and wages for
extra help, one hundred dollars .... $100
Item 3 (c). Communication service,
four hundred dollars 400
Item 2 (d). Printing, engraving and
binding, one hundred and fitly dol
lars ..,..; 150
Item 3 if), Bpeclsl and miscellaneous
services, one hundred dollars 100
Item 3 (a), Jtatlonery, two hundred
dollars 200
Item 3 (b). Cleaning and toilet sup
plies, fifty dollars T. 50
Item 2 (c). Special and miscellaneous
supplies, tno hundred dollars 300
Itsm 4 (I). Plrsmen'a Pension Fund.
three thousand eight hundred and
ninety dollars and twenty-eight
rents ,.....' ;J,SW2S
, Approved the 37th day of November, A, D,
Mayor of Philadelphia.
thorlzed lo.mploy labor, hlr team and
equipment for repairs of streets and roads,
and pay for same out of unexpended balancea
In Items 20 .(loan). 31 (loan). (3 (losn), 110
(losn) and 182 (loan) In the appropriation to
b .Department of Pabllo Works, Bureau of
Resolved, That the Clerk of Council be
directed to presnt this resolution lo the Mayor
for hla approval or disapproval.
Approved the Jth any of November, A. .
No. 769. . Mayor of Philadelphia.
pertment of Public Works to Issue permits'
for breaking streets during tho months of
December, 1I4 January and February. lOBli
and directing the clerks of Councils to
present this resolution to the Mayor for his
approved or disapproval.
Resolved, By the Select and Common Coun
cils of tho City of Philadelphia, Tnal all ordi
nances which forbid or prevent the Depart
ment bt Pllhlli, Wnlra 1mm laanlna- rurmlll A
permitting; the doing of work In any atreeta
in inn .Jiiy During me winter moniiw iironi
the first day of, December, 1B14, to the first
day of March, 1915, following, or, nny other
day or date) be, and the same are hereby aus
pended and declared to be Inoperative, at the
Judgment and discretion of the Mayor and the
Director of the Department of Publlo Works,
during the winter months, to the end that the
Department of rublle Works, as far as possi
ble, permit th carrying, on or continuance
of all classea of work In said Department
-which may give employment lo our people.
Resolved, That th Clerks of Councils he di
rected to present this resolution to the Mayor
for hi approval or disapproval. "
Approved the f)th day of November, A. D.
No. 76D. Mayor of Philadelphia.
paving of Fox St., from Twenty-second St. to
lll.ah.nv at-a.
Section 1. The Select and Common Council
of th City of Philadelphia do ordain. That the
uirector or me ijepanmeni or mono vvoraa
be authorlred add directed to enter Into a con
tract with competent pavers for the paving
of Fox atreet, from Twenty-second street to
Allegheny avenue, with the best quality of
refined natural asphalt, with vitrified brick
flutters. The City cost of said work to ba
nken from the Item for Intersection In the ap
propriation to th Department of Publlo Work
(Bureau of Hlghwaya). The condition of the
contract shall he that the contractor shall col
lect ths cost of said paving from th owners
of nroporty respectively fronting on said atroet,
snd shall enter Into an obligation Willi the
City to keep said atreet In good repair for five
year after the paying la nnlahedt Provided.
That ssld street shall bo first dedicated or
property opened, and that the Director of the
Depaitmcnt of Publlo Works shall advertise
for proposal for paving said street and award
the contract to the lowest responsible bidder,
and that the owners of property fronting en
ssld street shall not be charged more than ths
contract price. All ordinances or parte of or
dlnancea Inconsistent herewith be, and the
same are, nereDy repeaiea.
Approved the 12th day of November, A, D,
No. 7.0. Mayor of Philadelphia.
Item I ft). Paving Intersection-, twen
ty.flve thousand Jjellar . . . , ... .. ?S'ir
Item 6 (b). Labor, skilled and unskilled,
fifty-one thousand seven hundred and
ten dollars .,'T,1,0
Approved th 10th day of November. A. ".
No, 77,1.
Mayor of rhlisdefphla.
grading of Fox atreet. Holmesburg nvenue,
Drexel road and Cobb's Creek Parkway.
8octlon 1. Tho 8elect and Common Councils
pf the City of Philadelphia do ordain, That the
Department of Public Works be authorized to
enter Into contracts for grading the following
streets to the established grade of the City,
with the necessary drains, etc., vis.: Fox
atreet, from Twenty-iecond street to Allegheny
avenue; Holmesburg avenue, from fltato road
to the Delawnre River: Drexel road, from
Fifty-second to Flfty-thlrd atreet: Cobb'a
Creek Parkway, from Webster to Catharine
street. The cost of snld work to ba taken from
the Item for grading In the appropriation to
the Department of Public Work (Bureau of
Highways). In all cases whero ths material
required lo excavate or fill any legally opened
atreet within six blocks of the streets herein
suthorlzed to be graded can be Interchange-
amy uenu. me JJirrgiur ol in jjepartmem or
Public Works shall advertise for and award
the contract, so tlutt the some shall be m
bcdled in ons and the same contract: Pro
vided, That the grading shall be advertised
for and the contracts award to the lowest re
sponsible bidder.
All ordinance or parts of ordinances lncon
slstent herewith be, and the sams ara hereby
. a j, co.au
No.- 771.
Plan Addison, Rodman. , Filbert, Oerner,
Gladstone. Olenvlew. Itoseberry. Hemberger,
Magnalla, Marston, Mayfleld..Deu8!asi. Wel-
jens and Wlshart atresia: Hazel and 8y-
broofc avenues and Cross lane. ,.
Section. The Select and Common Council
Of the City of Philadelphia do ordain: That
the Department of Public Worka (Board of
Surveyors) be anlhortzed to place on the City
Pl-in Addison nd Rodman street, each: of the
width of forty feet, from Fifty-eighth to Fitly;
ninth street; Filbert street, of the width of
fifty feet, from Fifty-second street to a point
two hundred nnd sixty-four feet nine and on;
quarter Inches westward. Uesner street, pf
the width of forty feet, from Slxty-Mtth to
sixty-sixth street; Gladstone and Boseberry
streets,, each of the width of rorly feet, irom
Third (o Fourth street; Olenvlew street, of
the width of forty feet, from Algard avenue
to Frankford avenues Hemberger street, of
the width of forty feet, from Llpplncott to
Clearfield street! Masnoll street, of the width
ef fifty feet, from Waahlngton lane to Tulpe
hotken atreet! Marston strest, of the width of
forty feet, from Cambria street to. Chalmers
avenue! Mayrleld atreet, of the width of forty
feet, from Sixth to Marshall street! Douglass
street, as now built upon, of the width of
thirty feet, from Arch tn Cuthbert street!
Wellens street, of the width of fifty feet, from
Front to Msscher street! Wlshart street, of
the width of forty feet, from Front to A street;
Hsrel avsnue, of the width of forty feet, from
Fifty-eighth to llfty-nlnth street: Baybrook
avnnUe, of th width of forty feet, from Sixty
filth to Slxty-alxth street! Cross lane, of ths
width of forty feet, from Mermaid lane to
T.tnpnln TV-tvat TrnvMi1. That hefore said
atreeta, except Filbert street, ahall bo placed
on the plan the owners of property within
ins lines tnsreot snail witnm one- year iro.n
the approval of thla ordinance, dedicate tl
beds of the earns to th City on the lines
and grades aa conr.rmed by the Board of
Surveyors, or ehsll Indemnity the City against
all damages or clalma for damages which may
arise from placing aald atresia on the plan
and their aubaequent opening to the confirmed
Unas and grades: And provided, That before
said Filbert atreet shall be plsced on the plan
satisfactory ovldence ahall be furnished within
one yesr from the approval of this ordinance,
that said street has been open and In con
tinuous publlo Use for a period of at least
twenty-ono years: And provided. That, the
provisions of the ordinance of April 8, 1RDO,
relating to atreeta extending In a straight lino
shsll not apply to Cross lane.
All ordinances or parte of ordinances Incon
sistent herewith be and the same ara hereby
Approved the 28th day of November, A. D.
. No. 788. Mayor of Philadelphia.
American uunams.
MAN for all-round work at burbn tt"
same when necessary, atat tf'SiiHI.,
nc and wages wanted mo board furnlenea).
Address A 210. Ledger gfflo
SALESMAN wanted, experienced Itt wool nolle,
etc A 220, Ledger Office,
BUPEniNTHNDBNT-Man l.rt 'SL.f.'a'JSS
textile mill who en flgur prices, understand s
mansglng Jacquard lmVavg, ttteroujhly
competent to take full Wmrge ,froT" 0l.ii?
work to manufaetored gqode; state f1 l"
aryl first-class referenc only considered.
Bchadewald Mills, 3dndItuntlntdom
StTPEniNTBNDKNT for ihon onslstlntt
five cylinder and 10 Cordons! must be good
compositor nnd be nble to O. K. form !
pressroom. 70 Ilonsrd it, Dstrolt.
TVANTED-Voucher, payroll, cost and rIr.r.'rtsT
board clerks: must b experienced; position
outside of city; state fully, experience, .'"
ences and salary expected. P 718, Ledier
rWANTED Man familiar with the wiilt metal
bualnes for shipping department; one thor
oughly familiar with tho business, to go out
of the rltyt good opportunity for right party,
A 201, Ledger Office. , .
WANTED Bright sslesman, acquainted wltS
users of fruit syrup In large quantities:
those capable of closing good contracts on a
commission basis only apply. Address M
(121. T.artaer nMrm.
WANTFD Bright young man. not over 25,
unquestioned character and Integrity, pleas
ing personality, quick at figures, with expe
rience in a nstlonal bank: best reference
requlred. A 322, ledger Office.
WANTED, by stock and bond house, member
Philadelphia and New Tork Stock Exchanges,
p. 1Z. bkpr. nnd asat. cashier: answer In
handwriting, giving ago, expertenco and ref-ereni-e;
strictly confidential. A 223. Led. Off.
WANTED Registered Oerman-spenklng phar
macist, slnrle. hnneal anil anhar. Ann!, In r
Koompel, 830 S. Webster nve., Scranton, Ta.
WANTED Young man for office work In an
investment nouse; reference. A 221, Led otf.
WHITE MAN AND WIFE wanted to do entlr
work of house at Walllngford, Pa.; wife
good cook, man to take care of horse; per
sonal reference. Apply 1024 Arch St., be
tween 11 nnd 1 Wednesday.
opening of Oxford avenne. to Its full width,
from the south side of D strest to Pine road.
Section 1, The Select and Common Councils
of the City of Philadelphia do ordain. That the
Department of Public Works be authorized and
directed to notify the owner.l of property over
and through which Oxford avenue, to Its full
width, from tho south shin of D street to Pine
road, will paas. that at ths expiration of three
months from the date of said notice said street
will be required for publlo use.
Section 3. The Mayor of the City Is hereby
authorized and directed (o enter security on be
half of the City of Philadelphia for the pay
rnent of, any damages which may be assessed
Vi' r-?.,on V th opening of said street. Upon
the mine of aald bond, nnd at the expiration
of the aald three months; th Director of ths
Department of Publlo Works ahall forthwith
proceed to open said atreet.
Approved the 17th day of November, A. D.
J0' TH' Moyor of Philadelphia.
Approved th 10th day of November, A. D.
Mayor of Philadelphia.
revision of the lines and grades of a portion
&.c,vY, riV ". !! and to place upon the
City Plan Pastorlus Park.
Occtlcn 1. Th Select and Common Council
of th City of Philadelphia do ordain. That
the Department of Publla Work (Board of
Surveycra) be and la hereby authorized to re
viae the lines and trades of that portion of
City Plan No. 140. bounded by Germantown
avenue. Willow Grove avenue. Seminole ave
nue and Orajer's lane, and to plac upon the
City Plan, at th Intersection of Lincoln ave
nue end Hartwell lane. Paatoriua Park, and
auch park places as may be nacessary to com-
Approved the Oth day of Novembsr. A. D.
No. 773.
Btinrvr.mT nr.ivi.-inTimnrt
Mayor of Philadelphia.
tnsoMtmr la
frem MCrV4r 1st, two Ui24rsd
lt T MMltWsL
shall W L414
vast OtaW
for wmS
sola, out
Wlf X F.
oa Inspector.
tvunlefelnis atvd
sasy, aanmuaUag to Had.
tot, six jtujMsftt, dollars .
Bern 8. Fuai, laeluJUig UsvimlaitUig
NNk. tn WtMsael 4 wHEtin
Itsaa M. Fursvttvue, hurilUo. bad- '
Mg. wam JJri wrt
o.aau VTuutaer4oBrs
Urn; 3 stattwiss. raasisiar oaaar,
et u& t,iKMieqs.a vs-o Isuadna om
lfS 11.8W
iafwifi' stEi-'aatAS:
) Ilea: 1 W. feaavsaanr ealpior,
I t Ua4asa Bva biMJi-ad dvOan. taVtW
? f J"rilvif tM '
saijtMMg f 4v te'-trnre-
Schuler to erect and maintain a clock on the
aldewalk In front of hla property, 453 Frank
ford avenue.
Section 1. The Select and Common Council!
of the City of Philadelphia do ordain: That
aarmlsslon ba and Is hereby granted to Frank
I. Schuler to erect and JSalntaln a clock on
the sidewalk In front of hla properly, 45J
Frankford avsnus. Th dial of aald clock not
to excead three feet In diameter with base not
exceeding two feet, and shall M erected under
the supervision and to ths satisfaction of th
Department or Publlo Works, and ahall have
no advertisement other than the name thereon,
and shall.be removed at any time upon the
ViFVUP ,n. ordinance to that effect. Pro
vided. That sold Frsnk a. Sohulsr first pay the
sum of nity (50) dollsrs Into ths City Treasury
for th publication ot thl ordinance.
Approed the Sdjlayof December. A. D. 19H.
Mayor of Philadelphia.
July d, 1
No. ISi).
w orujuane approved. July o, IS
ajns -wm paving or Fifty
3Iotfmn to Tlwl strset.
Sietleii 1 Tli Select on
of the City of Philadelphia do ordain: That so
much of ordlnan aporoved July 8, 114, au
thorising ths pavliig of A. Albanu. Allison and
L.5r f'W- . authorizes th paving or
iiH7-wn streei, irom llorruan to Tpola
"ivsssivi i?x s. .". .'r j
ninriwiwu eaiui weij u( aqani mr .
No. no.
atreet. from
'elect and Common Councils
adeluhla do ordain: That so
appronrlatlan to th Department of Publlo
Health and Charities. Supplies and City Com
missioners for the year 1014. out of money rs-
leasra oy mo (.ommissionera of the Sinking
?".nf aJ5..,to 4.he. DePrtmenta of Publlo
Safety. Publlo Worka and Commissioners of
Falrmount Park, out of monsy restored to
tha general fund by ordinance approved July
Section 1. The Select snd Common Councils
of the City ot Phllsdelphla do ordain. That
out of money. released by the Commissioner of
the Sinking Fund the sum of four hundred ami
aaven thousand one hundred and forty (107.140)
dollara and sixty-three (03) cent Is hereby
appropriated to the Department of Publla
Health and. Charities, Sujnpllea and City Com.
mlsstoners for the year 1014, as follows:
Item 3 (c, Miscellaneous, two hundred
Item 3. Supplies, miscellaneous, two
hundred dollars ....-..
Item 12. Abatement of nuisances, one
thousard dollara r ,
Item 15 (b). Wages Hospital for Con
tagious uiaeases, niieen tnousand dol
lars 15,000
Item 18 (c). Alterations and repairs to
steam Unas. Hospital for Contagious
Diseases, twelve thousand dollsrs..,., 12,000
Itsm 3 (b). Special and ralscellsneoua
services, one thousand dollars $1,000
Item 13 (b). Repairs to roofs. Including
new spouting, -ono hundred dollars.... 100
lEim -a. (Of.,, Aiisnuaius- payroll, ten
Item 41. ICeeD of Insane In State lnstl.
tutloru, seventeen thousand, dollars... 17,000
Rem 20 (b). Completion of power plant
for Philadelphia Home for the Indigent
at Holincsburg, one hundred thousand
dollsrs I lOO.OOa
Item 20 (c). For power plant at Phila
delphia Institution for Feeble. Minded
at Bvberry, eighty thouaaud dollar'.. 80,000
Itsm 20 (d). For steam and electrla
ducts, cable, etc., Philadelphia Insti
tution for Fesble-SIInded at Byberry,
forty thousand dollara.,... .,40,000
Item 20 (e). For aewage disposal plant,
Philadelphia Institution for Feeble
Minded at Byberry, thirty thousand
dollara . 30,000
Itsm 20 (f). For completion of sewers,
draining buildings snd s-rounds. Phila
delphia institution for Feeble-Minded
Tins STTLE TYPE (or like this)
One Insertion 6o per line
Three Insertions Ins week.... 12!o per line
fiJXfn consecuttre insertions... 10a perlln
10CO line contract (dally ad- ' ""'""
o.Yert.,J,,nJ $o perllne
ffltuatlon wanted, three lnserv v"r"um
tlon In a week s-. loo perlln
THIS SIZE TYPE (or like this)
.u2n.",,5? ,n J!." classifications except Help
and Situations Wanted. Lost and Found. Per
sonals, Boarding and Rooms.
Ons Insertion "Oo perllne
Three Insertions In, a week.... 1714opr'n
?JJn..conMCU,lv Insert ons... 13o perllne
1C00 line contract (dally ad-
ii'-t.1..,."y ...'12Me par Una
agate Unas to ths Inch,
DEATH NOTICES-elther paper-
10 line one tlm roc
Three Insertions ....... I. . "III. T":.."iloi
In Effect Decemier t, ltl
for Insertion In both the morning and evening
oaptra of same day: .,
above. '"" CaU per "n" el t0 nXtM llvn
CnABpE. ,
wmJn. riff5 ,lor8. n'r our nome that
win accept Ledger wont ads at office ratesT
AUTOMOBI11E repairing and driving taught by
experta; special attention given to carburetor
and magneto details: a road lesson every Vlay
and license guaranteed! day nnd evening
courses: easy terms. Call, write or phon
XZy'rPS." ,iK,A- Huntingdon Anto School,
2413-15 E. Huntingdon.
In tho largest repair shops In this city.
A practical course In driving nnd repairing
. , , . , PAYMENTS
We Instruct In our shops, working with our
mechanics, 8 hours dally. 4 hours evening.
Sea our big shop classes nowiworklng re
P.'i!y!l.c"r"' D"y C"1 evening blesses.
FOnD USED CAR CO., 020-31 N. Broad St.
I 5IADE 150.000 In flvo vears with a am. 11
mall order business; began with $5. Send
for free booklet. Tells how. Heacock, 00S,
Ixickport, N. Y.
positions secured; open dally and Mondoy.
Wed.. Frl. evgs. Mott School, 1503 Santom.
. G R II E N E W A L D S
isxecutlve office positions, tech. nnd
Eosltlonsi high-class employment exclusively
ooks and blanks gratis. 250 S. 11th st.
ANT IlIGit-UIt.tDK ..nm-cr til ltsl-
tlon can be quickly nnd sat s i tunl
filled by the Commercial Ittcl'tn l.j.
5". fc. .euger v-enirai. .vitss (lean,
tho employment specialist. In ihii,e.
... Bu.iva.iuua Ull llie O
experienced youni; no-ran (V
ot office positions.
. i.iiieint
BOOKKEEPER-Thoroughly experienced, de
sires position where ability will count; com
petent to take entire charge; possesses execu
tive ability and will make good If given a
trial 'in a responsible position. E 837,
ger Central.
CANVASSER8 wanted. . ex
ajiisMuim wanted., exp. prof.: ssl n
com. K.ystons Bklrt Co.. I52lf Columbia av".''
mtTTmiitiveie. - "."
wiiuuu.Dia ior one child. 2 vet aid
SiV.1 i.SsaJ? "..0'Le"d,.f,,rThSi:
nVcMon11..',. ...delphia
A. 3f. Roaawlg. 033 S. lith aL.
Apply at once.
COOK1NO and downatalra work Experienced
t,.i' ill ".iKiul." 1" "ermantown: good
w?ce"' . Room 230. Ledger Illdg.. 8th and
-- . --. -.v. ,u,r iiius,. oil
. Chestnut, before 11 o'clock Tliursclsy.
iS."'!,"!!1'' .rt lr nn.r.1
JjeMdowne' Sv-'a." v-"" ,"u """""". "3
IIOUSEWORK in .mall f,my Qerroan praf.l
8P.nd refa. required. Call Room 230. Led!
ear ji.ua.. rnnwn a ana p. m. Wednesday.
Prot.j Tef. required, t. 704. Ledger Office!
at Byberry. fifteen thousand dollara... 13,000
Hem 10.
dollars 7 $2,000
Itsm ID',-,.
For entitoiln. two thousand
o f hi
a lad.
137th day ofNovmUr. A.D. 1311.
flayer cur Philadelphia.
tha, aMewa'
reectMiTg la erect and rualiuala a clock oa
raewant jn iront of bia property on tha
akle Fltty-aecood atreet. dftseo feet
nsrth of Okaocallor atreet.
beaaion 1. The Select and Caramon Council.
M ta aw ei Pbilid.lpaU o erdain: TSat
"Ifa ww iuu ta OVraaiw wwm
to tract and atalobtlB
sMsi .be and la hereby giaatad ta David
vaiDwin aatos
nSMsrtv aa t
fliteea feat north of
sldewsli u
eacsved flu
ii Hi
g t
b front jf hla pro.
askl a!
Jc on th
th tSaVstr
y-aMcaod ktrut flttiiatm t north at
fftfsMt Th dial ai ixatd eliVck tint tn
M fMt ta dUoacttu- wb Ui tvt -
LBMlf DaTBatX1 fain i-tiaa unu tiiaMsariB
iiti rntuvd at tuy una udou tbi
Dew so nutx wki. rro-
m9 ia t-tty -Mmwtr
m. 7i.
a-wuw eroaia te a
a .
r assets tn
wnawi r ruwia wsau to Wjy UWr
" taws, w (uipsaeot, xoy repairs to
Street ud rcd ajuTiy t aaaae eisi ot
rtptn4d hatiuiuea la certala ruam ffeaa
RgjEtr Baiiau ct aSaVays ! 43
jEasseaVsay late liii aiTliiy fsiwilsna "rrr-lh
gv 4 tt)2g$s4giwm wiS
plK e.rvat ; Wsnll, b 8.
Coal for llnnia fnr tha In
digent at llolmeabura. ltva thousand
.dollar $5,000
Item 18. Meat and flsn, fifteen thou
sand dollars 18,000
Item 20. Groceries, ten thousand dollars 10,000
Item 22. Dry goods, etc., three thousand
dollars S.OOO
Item 24. Vaccine virus, drugs, etc. five
thousand dollar 5,000
llsm 26. Fsed and bedding for horses,
etc.. two thousand dollars 2,000
Itsm 8. Books and forms for 1915, eight
iiuiuwjui dollar ......
Item S3. Fusl. Including Illuminating
oils and gaass, three thousand dollar $8000
Item 18. Fuel, Including Illuminating
and burning oil and gasas, one thou
sand dollara $1,000
Item 17. Flour, groceries, meats etc.,
twelve thousand dollar $12,000
Item 10, (b). Lumber, cement, brick
and chsr materials and supplies,
tools and equipments 1st repairs to"all
classea of streets and roads, four thou
sand dollar $1,000
Item 10 c). Lumber, cement, etc., for
repair to bridge, sewers and Inlets,
two thousand dv hundred dollars.. 2,600
Item 20. Stationery, printing, cs, draft-
area aonsr
iiuuouwuuK-Wblt girl. Prot.. for house:
work, small fam., Qtn, F 240, Led. Central
iTO USEWpiiKpVhite, girl waritedinapaT
merit; aleen home. L 702. TjiJuar onS. '
Ctrl wantaiS In n .......
t..t a. .,;,. r:" "" '" -.
BOOKKEEPER Toung woman, competent,,
knovyleuge of typewriting, accurate and trust-
tvorthy, desires sn opportunity to prove her-i
.,. y ,u una eoeibiiia launiui. ninrenr ns-
slstant: qualified ref.; answer all week. A
135. Ledger Office.
BOOKKEEPER, thoroughly experlehced, wltlil
nu.iviuu Kiiowiougo oi sienoKrapity; can tauei
cn.t.n wniiio m mjoif. y- i-ta. itiger central.
BOOKKEEPER, assistant, high school and!
..cup Bmu.i ,u enor. i mi, ea. cent
BOOKKEEPER and stenogrspher: 5 yeari?
experience: Al references. E 041. Led. Cent.
CHAMUERWORK and waiting-Young German I
i-rotesiani, expu.; best rers. u 700. Led. Off.
COLLECTION, correspondent and manager: ex
perlenccd business woman possessing sale
ability; familiar with advertising buslneas;
can work Inside or outside. E 850, Led. Cent
'COMPANION, traveling; young business wom
an of experience and refinement will act aa
social secretary (stenographer), companion:
nn, e S..I w.0 u.H.n.lt.llI... .rt a., -J .. -'
,m. ..m ... n,,miaiui)r. & u.W A.CU. .CHl.
downstairs work or heusewarkt small
.... . . ..... l ...T-: --. . --
nny, reicrsuca, i,eii pnone Wyoming X330.
add. No. 2, Ledger Br 10th and Cayuga
COOK Competent English Protestant desire
. position! geod references. 1520 Falrmount av.
COOK, colored, flrat-class, wishes position:
Via-, Hf.H.. , Ta.a. 1,4. ..-...- -. "
.. . ...... w. j.. oua,, io.ii iwilliruil St.
COOIC or housekeeper; Prot.: adult family; no
washing: suburbs. 2301 W. Firth st.
COOIC. first-class, with child 5 years: city or
country. M. 745. Ledger Central.
COOKVoung white Protestant! ha 5 years?
prlvat reference. Telephone walnut 1713.
COOK Capable, experienced woman wish
yw-.nm. ,,, v4.ya.tn uniliy. 1. lua. Led.
COOK Reliable up-State woman; competent.
reference. L, 701, Ledger Office. """"
COOK OR IIOUSEWORK-No washing, ex.
urinueq xangusn tTOteatsnt. L 707. Led Off.
CUOK.INO and downstairs work: Ger. " Prot ;
coropeveiu ana experienced. M 735. Led Off.
LADY OF responsibility, education and re"
flnement. ibout 30j with fair ahar ot business
Plutys V.ttxi Jor Permanent, poal lion with
old-estaoltshed house, where best city cre
dentials rsthar than business experience will
be considered; one willing lo work herd and
follow Instructions; houra 0 to 4 dally; sal.
ary 121 weakly- A 136. Ledger Office.
SALESWOMAN to call on the small dry good,
stores In Philadelphia and vicinity to aall
notions on commission; state axe, experience.
any. and references. Address It 6257 1-edger
$70 month: Philadelphia examlnatlonajloon
aauiVtauuaauuUB. JIV. SJSPK. flO VV HOClV
Ingand engineering supplies, flvo hun-,
iisr ..
Bubbsr goods, packing anj Ju
i, on thousand dollar,... .
sjiecincai, taooraiory ana
Item 23.
iiero, i
cleaning supplies, etc,, one thousand
datlara r LOOO
lieaa S4. iisrawBir. soois, iusaoer, eve.,
OB thousand dollars 1.000
Item 0 (b). Jurora' fee, sin thousand
sla hunared and forty mltvt and
sixty-three casta 9,19.53
Sactlsn 2- That live aiuu or one hundrad and
evaty-five thausaad (178.000) dgliata raered
?uru.'WC'd& iH. ,&rtSlh
uttt o. eniarv, . m uwtssaaa a.
tana ..
sum a (b). Wags, fw hujitoajaiu tsa
S hua-
Hew 9 Laborers, repairing
oraa aaa tairiy amvaxs
I Iteaxi 13 (b). Wages. Sv hun4reJ and
I BRy dollars . ... ...
item 10 (). wag, msic ibusb ew-
lar ....
Ham 19 to). Wag, additional construe -
tlBO gaBg. IW9 IIW.a,aaa a)i) auaatam
itu U li TrVi A.t t:.M-sisi k'l
item & w Wfr sftty- ihtoi-
saJW atitJ3
ACCOUNT ATraaulraa aarvlcaa'ot young gen.
tleman, knowledge ot D. E bookkeeping: ao
curacy and punctuality easan'l; replying please
tat exp. salary sxpectad and ref.; parfpoal.
tlon & good proapeo'e future. A21SI Led. t)rf
CXW!?1 "of neat appearance on a apian,
did free offer; hustlers csn make 125 to 150
weekly. Apply a to 10:80 a. m 132 Arch.
WAitu sisuran wanica on upholstery work
SifflrnTffi JBra.1?-- HStaS&
25SB& jmsSFWi taSttfAS
titnlty to reailtaa ambltlM. PTU
company oaa teo Ihrta such man Hi2
elty aalasmsa of wlpl admtlaedM!
P 70ft LzrptMtl OPFI08
COOKING, chamberworlc or houaeworkrna
washing: colored woman: raf t. ms ri3'ir
DRESSMAKEll wanta engagemants-SnTTcrr
out, good fitter, 1939 Montrose: Dlck-MUatw
EXPERIENCED colored dressmaker. 'xit
cutler and nttert advance styles, sQaetand
jvenlnr gown; Ullored suits; .ltllons
. term reasonable. Phone Baring lira w
uunwmu iiuuauvvoiiit in small famllv
. cltyt references. 1503 B. jrievai." iS?'"'
QIinSiFil?JiL'1ilre JwaHlonTn
.wjj,yn., ml.
GOOD plain cook want position with nHv.'.
or call! ' (b0T Uhlu WI-
aONrERNESa-ProtastaBt. Gerrna" SSEeh.
aj- Jf avavn 1T. tUv
N. Y-
HOU8EKEEPEIR (working), x?-d,Wb!trpret.
ffi.ra "r:s,ai'.Kft.otth:
--- ' ----t vsa m.i wf,s, eSXOO aUutir
anstftx iHaUi ittsUDtr a saiw a k
Dttre U ooc. tn 90$
8&JfSS ?LB!?
acoualBlad with lis, tb.i.-.'-! -
" iw. 5Uj Sai.i iiar tsir'.ss.
MM " -wtr
barttaaariy to
"a'vOTgar 'ii?Krs$fc
the Household Resjatry Burea snd ftoor
ledger Building, th and Cheatnut nr5i!
upon or Ulephon. Miss Baal " chirgeP
iiyuocKuiiiv uermsn woman
good eeek.
workt Iv-eat PJilla. preferred. A 200. lirns
MOTHER'a HfcfLPER - CbrnpTtint" woman
"0W "Urex chsjsVon!;" r twoISS
dreo; referencea A Hi. Leda.V Otnc
mni8E. practical, wlshs engagernanu "forma
ressopafie." Phone O.rmEirigj.-tV UrmM
'"""". jrHicai, wisnas care of lnvlid -nervoua
catlent r Tir. "i2v "1 c
- - - aaav, u. MMmZilWWT- IIT 1 r-at
I;,...rk i ' "ur- auowiaag of boakkeeo
ug and business mathoda p , Lid. Off
rtXMt t i tif Ta a.' "" i J1- -
UBUAUUS OOWfta Toman ta took riii,.
ioSJn wh'srf 1Sm??tl?,ln Pnint;
tnmsAU 'ir tut4KWAY
lie s esasarw .tUfytMam, lea) tVi
SaJd -iOHArd ,. ....... .
I1W.0W) I
.. z.--z-jzr-z7r-"i ?" "f 5-vvrif incf nr
Jivla month lu u. u 3i iSSSnrfrl?
Latent. klllaAUUta iwUiirBt APJ2K? f
'tz. r-"?r - iswutyui arsk .i!,, ..
uBTL.T'tW.. Tia-tevt, ilvTwiiiTu.
.rzz.f. .US?""". 'm. nod iaa.:
TiZrr!!2".V!.c-r- mi' xi. rVT
-., -. .ei.nu.ajs. jr lfe t-dJjet
Wfereur- AM;: ffi' ''
wu5ma?s?;i-vuu ff ,.
arSUt Lu ... r' " "r"83
V 114 taf
&eJ on 4;talia3
V&USQ Otil.e;
f u'
V i.1, -ivri.
sj i,j j f
, (.Bie. , n,.
9 & LfjiJjal-eSj
&& r a, s Sf'WSFlRL
SUB. A III ll iftl ffTWaasss-lM

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