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Stubborn Fighting Ends
in Victory at Strategic
Point, East of Mlawa.
German Flank Protect
ed by Occupation and
Way Opened for Quick
Flew Movement From East
, Prussia Sweeping. Tpward
' Objective Berlin Re
' gards Lodz Capture as
Turning Point in. Second
, ' German . Invasion of Po
land. ,s
The German force driving toward
Warsaw from East Prussia has cap
tured Trzasmysz, a strategic town
north of the Vistula and on the line
of ' communication between Mlawa
and .Warsaw. '
Gains of from 200 to 600 yards
along the French centre are (reported
today in the official communique is
sued from the War Office. Along
the Aisne and in the Champagne re
gion artillery duels continue, with the
advantage resting with the French,
while in the Argonne continued prog
ress is reported::. -
Berlin declares' that' the French
.region 01 me. Argonne, Dut denies
that, any rogresi has ben made.
Unofficial reports in Paris announce
the capture of a section of railway
line aver which supplies for the army
of the German Cr.own Prince have
beeii transported. v
Persistent German attacks within
40 miles of Warsaw are admitted by
Petrograd, which avers, however, that
the German battle line of 50 miles' ex
tent was held back in its advance.
The new battle opened in the vicinity
of Mlawa, whence .the Kaiser is aim
ing a new drive on Warsaw, continues,
but not so vigorously. Berlin sets
great store on the capture of Lodz, the
importance of which is discounted
by the Russians. From Petrograd
reticence and Vienna declarations, it
Is apparent that the 'investment of
Cracow is not yet completed; in fact,
the Czar is at a standstill vin this
operation. German reinforcements in
uancia and a renewed Austro-German
offensive in southern Poland mark "a
Concluded tax Face rour
The extensive case of th blues that the
elements seem to have been suffering
ttnder for-the list Ave days refuses to re
pond to treatment and the heavens to.
day are still In & big black eulk. nam,
hall, snow and general cloudiness deierva
n Inning. It's true, after those days and
days of sunlight and sood wathr nt h
pist few month. "Nevertheless, there la
u particular ncea lor getting spiteful
about It
Humanity, however, I optlrn!stio by na
lure, and there Is no better evidence of
this than when they have to undergo
such a .dose of weather aa at present It's
fcart,to. be pleaean whip onea feet are
wet a4 one oan't apeak, above a wblsptr,.
But enough la enough. '
For Philqdtlphus agd vicinity
lfnM0ttld tonight and Friday tuftK
frobifMy figkCipbemr nmt nokmuoh
change- in imperature; gtntlt varU
Hia ioinit. ' ,
OtNMrratiaaa at Philadelphia.'
8 A. U.
iloimoBj timimun . .
atianimjeayrtyre ftfl 4tna
Amm,9 t ttf Dy
Wju., Hi, Man
MM ii 1 1 ' IIBiiiiHiMiiWlMinBUllhiW IIWLWMWMIrllMlili wl'i' i lii i ili lili 'il W Hli mli IfllexeMiwI i i ,-::h VaBnHBkS
mmmSm-n Vimkmmw:: v ' - lmiHHH
lBNsrm-ttiJdatmmmimimmmMbmmm .zT-imk. N UB9HsmeH -
HHweBWHaBgBHaaaaaHePWe'ns i K t'1 T '.. Is aiisMtPilfff' TflaBSfiMaMKM
laWmfiiti JHIlBilMiHrliBlllirlllWIraTWflilWl "' ' ' '-- i3lrMWffiBiBfcTriTitii iMBWPt rwlBHMmrrt'al
m&SmBSBSBBBXKKKKKHSmaKKBKiisMUg' t- . ': "-" .aieneinng JessssseMHBWBMMeJSMSeiK- srsn
The day of yesterday passed quietly
In Belgium as well as In the region
of Arras, where tho enemy made no
attempt nt a resumption of offensive
operations. Farther to tho south. In
the region of Lo Quesnoy and around
Sandechy, we made advances varying
from 200 to 600'metres. Our Rains were
maintained and strengthened. In tho
region of, the Alsno and Champagne
there has been no change. The Ger
man artillery, over which we gained
the advantage during tho last few
days, yesterday evidenced.- Increased
activity, but was again mastered by
our heavy guns.
Our artillery In the environs of
niielms lias forced tho. Germans to
evacuate several tranches;' This evac
uation, took place under the fire of
our infantry.
In the region of Eerthes the enemy,
by means of two counter attacks, at
tempted to retake tho trenches which
they hid lost on the Sth. TThey were
The ground .taken by us Is firmly
In all the Argonne our .progress con
tinues. We haveitaken new .trenches,
repulsed with complete success six
counter attacks and have strengthened
the positions gained from the enemy.
In the heights of the Ueuse there
have been artillery duels. In which wo
have maintained, despite- the greater
activity .of the enemy's batteries, a
marked advantage. In the forest of
Le Pretre .we have taken. new trenches.
There la nothing" to report on the rest
at the front as far as the Bwlsa fron
tier. GERMAN.
In the district of Houaln the French
yesterday confined themselves to heavx
artillery fire. There have been re4
newed French attacks In the eastern
region of, the Argonne forest at Rocrol
and at Coureuljles, but they have made
no progress.
East of the Masurian lakes only, ar
tillery encounters, ate taking place.
In northern Poland pur. columns, ad
vancing on the iright. bank; of. the
Vistula, took Prxasnys by storm- Six
hundred prisoners and .-some machine
guns, were captured.
The attack along the. Vistula River
Is being continued.
In" Southern Poland all attacks made
byUha Russians have, been repulsed.
The failure of the French attacks In
the Argonne' region was due- to the
heavy fire of our artillery. The enemy
sufferedsevere loss.
Teaterday three of the enemy's avla
tqr? dropped about ten bombs on the
open tqwn of Freiburg, whleh is et
situated within 'the range yf opera
tion!. No damage, was done.
The pomb-lb,row8g; Incident to tnen
tloned in order to show again that the
ejiemy's bwnbs ftava attaskSi ait, open
tttwn not within ins range of opera
, On December 8 the fighting Iq the
reglpn of tliawa was less energetic
On the left bank of the Vistula, on
the evening of December J, the Oer
umnM eoBiuencsd an jergtlo ad vanes
along the atire frost Rom llw to
Olovno (near Lawtcs). Ttesy ' made
reals4 praltt ttaJ la dtftu
eohiM. TU ftusatau . tU4 by
ssasaMfgbU wMttt swjt tha Oenuan
Hair inllrtasl -mrrriimM leBne'i an fkk
jay. Th, OetBtaiH wre rstfuUwd
On tte juam day uhu $$utiBs
betwesa Lorics sjm mm was without
tMtttt for th anoaa.
ytSSitlBg coaUttuas with tii situatioo
uncluuiged la the tHotrkaw ;lou-
ttoulh at Crsxow, with b.ttl UU In
yioj'o.. the figjAtisg is fctiag prssfcl
tth gikl pcsUtr.., Tnc .'itruiiuia
ile,-i-i Uu- lia: to brmlt th
Riuiiw. net, t-ut thus izkniitK-ji tw
1 " "'-,yCTr'J'tll,8'tjWjf'' jiJ''jIZSy V"
. . . 7K.V -NJ'r 9 X& ,ST"-9 f'J rjEuZFT 3STT ' ' '. ' ' . .v ' i
1'hoto, by Underwood A Underwood,
The upper picture shows the famous phonograph disk laboratories In flames. Below is the burning
main office of the inventor and staff. Out of 22 buildings composing the West Orange plant only three
were Jeft standing. The intense heat made the task of the firemen difficult and their efforts were further
hampered by low water pressure.
Electrical Wizard Undis
mayed by . $5,000,000
Fire Loss, Sends Quick
'Reply. to Condolence.
In response to a -telegram of con
dolence, Thomas A. Edtsoh, the Inventor, :
whose i5.000,COO plant at' 'East Orange, N.
J., was swept by Are, addressed the fol
lowing message to the -Jovian League
here today: '
"Thanks. We-have 'started to rebuild
Applause greeted the reading of thla
telegram at tnt luncheon of the league
In the Adelphla Iletel. '
This morning, , Washington Devsreux
Offered the sympathy of the league to
the noted Inventor for his loss. The
answer from, Mr. Bdlaon was dated from
the sosae of the Are.
bmoJderlng.rulftS mark the spot where
the gteat plant stood yesterday. Out of
3t separate bqlldlRga hut three are stand
Ink, One of these Is the famous1 red
brink, private Uixjratcfry ef the eleotrtcal
wliard, where so many inventions have
bssii perfected.
- It escaped unscathed from the Are
wh)h raged ell all sides from about -j;30
ywltnUy evening until midnight last
jiigUt. The less ki estimated at M.9MJW
Wtth iMUMBce of .we,6). There U a
"Ue taoir" nwUs(i ut of the Gmpasy's
Ttw bfiAl f mm Mag hJt bA fouad
la the rsi of. 0 Aim Inyiatten btUa
lu and oi aaa astd a girt are itftotlti.
as Qitastug.
WUUaitt Txlr iot his Ufa la jb at
temp to save some of th vaiuahU
troyriy la ths Uupctioa buitdiog. Us
uuede4 fat gettiug eut a number of
artMd and thea toads one last trio
whtnh ytcvt to b his undoing Hi
Sjody ws EmuhJ LUM wi-ruicg in ths
Splurge on $55,000 in Stolen
Papers Would Have Been
Real if They Had Been
, Signed,
The prido of John Smith In his meteorlo
career through the restuarants of Chlna
,town as a prince of spendthrift took a
-sudden drop today when he learned that
the motive for his plunge was a mis
take, Brolth, who is M, years old and
lives' at 113 Bast Allegheny avenue, is
being held for a further hearing at the
11th and Winter streets station.
Tbe man was caught with a tin box
containing bonds dt an apparent face
-value of iop.000. When he was arraigned
before Magistrate Tracy this morning, the
official recalled that two days ago Smith
.waa before hlta as a vagrant. No. one
noticed that the bundle or suppoteaiy
valuable papers carried by Smith were
worth, exactly what it cost for the paper
and the bsautlful engraving.
It was not until 'tha firm that owns the
bends refused to become excited over
their loss and recovery that the pollse
became suspicious. Then & further ex
amination of the - documents was made
And was discovered 'they were not signed.
When Smith was told, -his satisfied smile
Tb prisoner, who will be known for
years io ths Ce)MsJ quarter as "the
M- spender." gave the plain nane of
John Saalth. He said be. waa W yearn
old and fits heM Is at US Bast Alle
gheny avenue.
The deeUfpsaU were stolen yesUfday
from an Adams Express Company wagon
lit Clever street sear Cbsstnut. between
1Kb fc4 13th Thsy are i ttr ueat
xngetiable seWr rnpntruction boads of
Lerne County aztd were tela abippsd
by It U rreams Co.. bankers, to
that covuniy.
Smith lkf tuio a Race street restau
rant lu !iJi ;i:ht vih a Ua box w-
f '"INC tti bvnds tatdsr his aiiu o4
r ,ft9WU4. -''
Railroads Plead First in
Hearing by State Public
Service Commission on
Commuters' Protest,
A mass of figures and statistics to show
that the Pennsylvania Itallroad Is at
present earing less than 3 per cent, on
its total paaseriger Investment and argu
ments intended to prove that the net
operating Income of all the railroads had
decreased far below normal during I9ti
was the burden of the defense presented
by the railroads before the Pennsylvania
Public Service Commission today In their
attempt to Justify the proposed Inesase
In passenger tariffs.
,The entire morning session was oaetipied
In taking tho testimony of P. J.' Fell,
chime statistician of accounts far the
Pennsylvania, who was examined by II.
W. Blckley, assistant general cewnajl far
the railroad. At 1:W o'oloek this after
noon, after a recess of an hour, the com
mission reconvened t hear the testimony
of other f ehnsyivania a metals.
Former Governor EamUel W. PeABy
packer, who is presiding at the hearing
in the absence of Pxuak M. WaWmee,
acting chairman of the sjemmlsstss, re
marked at tha cBBsittatew ef the warming
sesslsaUat nothing had eeen nreseMed as
yet ta eew why there should be an ia
erease in rates. Mr- Blckley assured
Mr. Pnnaypackar that this would b
shosw, at Um ptonif Una.
In accordance with tha sjnonnchsnt
sand at tSM preUmlnary hearing two
weeks axe that th railroads would have
to betkf Ute b-srda of pfonf. the reprsr
aacUv of the eUiam 'S
$50,000 TO RELIEVE"
Measure Names Department
of Health and Emergency
Aid Committee as Distrib
utors of Fund.
The measure that will provide IW.000 for
relief of, the city's unemployed was .passed
by Councils today as an. amendment to
a ponding transfer bill,
The transfer bill, Including the amend
ment, will go with the transfer bill to
Mayor Blankenburg for his signature
tomorrow morning, making the $50,000
available at once.
The bill In which the relief fund was
Incorporated as an amendment Is one
transfering funds from the Departments
of Public Works, Public Bafetyand City
Transit It was called by Chairman Con
nelly, of tho Finance Committee.
The text of the amendment making the
appropriation set forth:
Toward the relief of the unemployed
poor of the city of Philadelphia, 150,000,
the said amount to be expended for such
purpose by the Department of Public
Health and Charities through the Emer
gency Aid Committee and bo paid by the
City Treasurer on warrants drawn by
the Director of said department and
countersigned by the City Controller."
It Is also provided In the amendment
that any balance remaining In the ap
propriation at the end of the year shall
not merge with the general fund, but
shall continue as a relief appropriation.
There was no opposition to the amend
ment, which was Immediately adopted by
Common Council and sent to the Select
Chamber, where similar approving action
was taken.
Other Council Proceedings Page Two
Seventeen Injured When Train Goes J
Over Embankment,
JOFUN, Mo., Dc 10. Seventeen per
sons were injured, feur of them fatally,
When a St Louis and Sjyi JFransUoo pas
senger train was derailed four miles east
of Joplln early -to4.y
All the coaches went dawn a Shfeot
.'tip p.,.. ,i i m ' ' I-" ' w
.Thieves- Tl .Six ' gaxiarjsi', From
Wlstar on Third YlsTt,
ror the third time within a few weeks
thieves visited the WUtar statiea oa
the Rsadjiig. Harty this wornlng they
foresd a rear wngwv. 4 wfcsa ttay
left tmk with tfewa six canary btrds.
the pets ef H. WeOHt. rbe Stella wU.
The thisvw gaigftd tMrajMS U"
station by rofciag a re wMww. They
ratted the ca4y aad eir eowRfer; hut
got o money. They then pfee tha
six birds tn uae Urge cge aad cairt4
FUuig W Sat& tn V. S. Trjttfy
WtMUHIftVH, tktc ML-Jks F. Mo
Cue. 16 yeJ old. ef Braokaia, D C,
ill killed today when fe lopped ovr
statr rsJUtte! Ul the 'f resur BulMtxg c.j
JilSBgrl four mttm V tie tiiii .3-
Nurnberg and Dresden,
Fleeing From Fight oft
Fafkland Islands
Where Three Warships
Were Sunk by British,
Now Rumored Over
hauled and Wrecked.
2000 Men and Officers Be
lieved Lost in Greatest Sea
Fight of War Admiral
von Spee, Victor of Chili
Battle, Reported Drowned
With Crew of Flagship.
A report has reached here that the
German cruisers Dresden and Nurnberg,
which escaped when the Scharnhorst,
Gnelsenau and Leipzig were sunk oft the
Falkland Islands, novo been overtaken
and sent to the bottom. This follows
the great .naval victory on Tuesday,
when the three German warships were
wrecked and probably S000 men and oN
fleers lost.
It was a miscalculation of the Ger
mans as to tho route the British would
tnke. coupled with rare- strategy by the
English, that resulted In the battle.
The Germans' tried to avoid a light
with the British fleet. Admiral von Spee
was endeavoring to get out Into the open
Atlantic. When he misjudged the direc
tion by which the British fleet would ap
proach, however, lie was forced to give
In addition to sinking the three Ger
man fcrulaers, the British fleet captured
and sank live German merchant vessels
In the same vicinity in which the battle
The latest statement Issued by the
LUritlih-Admiralty. made . nomention -of
the- British UeefH "reported success In
overtaking and sinking the Nurnberg
and Dresden. According to the last offi
cial word, Vice Admiral Sturdee was pur
suing the two German vessels. It Is
reasonable to assume that Admiral Stur
dee would report the sinking of the
Nurnberg nnd Dresden to the Admiralty
promptly and that the Admiralty would
make the news public at once. .
IONDON, Dec. 1
British warships, which sank three Ger
man cruisers oft the Falkland Islands In
Concluded on Face Four
.Emperor's Condition Believed to Be
Serious. .
LONDON. Dec 10,-Kalser Wllhelm
was racked by a severe coughing spell
early today and was relieved only after
the court physicians and the Empress,
who was summoned to his bedside, had
administered to him for nearly an hour,
according to reports reaching here by
way of Amsterdam.
It Is now accepted In London that the
condition of the Kaiser Is serious. It Is
evident that the strictest censorship Is
being exercised by the German Govern
ment. Reports of his Majesty's illness
have coma from numerous points. His
ailments are variously described as in
fluenza, bronchitis, pneumonia and ner
vous prostration,
Another report of the Kaiser's condi
tion says:
"He is angry at his physician for
keeping him in bed and vents his wrath
upon the Empress, who is hla devoted
nurse. A telephone wire leads from the
pick room to .field headquarters, and he
rages because he Is not allowed to use
this as frequently as he wishes.
"Special prayers are being offered for
the complete recovery of the Kaiser."
LONDON. Pec 10. The rumor that the
Kaiser is dead persists today, despite the
dlspatehes from Berlin through The
Hague and Amsterdam, purporting to b
official bulletins, which state that hi
condition Is unchanged.
The order' of the Kaiser to ths Prus
sian Guards to 'take Calais by Decem
ber 10 or die In the attempt" is recalled
in connection with the rumors. That
many of the famous guards aetualty did
perish In their efforts to push through ta
the Channel coast Is pointed out
adVWtlsM'in IM WW" Jas er I
the PuWto Lsdsw er twurtett
rial Wffi Ikdad fir SO dava. rlMS liftls
l UttiSHt
sa alw U ea at ;se Mto Oft, erfc to
ehtstsut its. Xwt aa4 Faua4 adTrtU
awols essT uft at y of tho dru )r
igtn&rc$ acs
a wmhhi imc w
vim sawuers ewte-10-out
aw. w-' .
tlckMt e t rwmc
uo. eoataishui tw mmi-
9 M laU Li 1.:'
m . .
i ..- lvn, tag cue
j.. -ism KM(rf
jji. .v tmanaeinn.
ViSW-'tVV s sw 9 -:- :- fc""-
rJ w . -- -. " "
litsrr fci.uiii iwjvisut t w4,i' 4
mitwrUr Rnwcli Sa'Jl JM
Tt a-.
ifisa: Pi; s-d
i a-'j sv -
t t
i f!betat M. gst
Sun store aw v
QNuA) a
' tMtftyif
f mantra ear Vast
Tr.d.r.lsSTi ess.siwsw4 teiosr.

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