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VOL. I-NO. ?7
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Corn.iotir.10H, si xbb Vitua tioxm Coumnt.
w ITlrTlilTiT' im IPJLLi HIT
Austrians Check Russian
Advance in Hot En
gagement in West Ga
licia, Taking 10,000
Prisoners and Many
Guns Also Win in the
Defeat in Galicia and Ger
man Victories at ' Lodz,
Lowfcz andV Przasnysz
WillForce Withdrawal of
Invading Armies to 'With
stand Kaiser's Sweep on to
Petrograd,, Is Belief in
The' Russian Investment of Cracow
It about to be abandoned, according to
advices, from Vienna. The Austrian
army has' won decided successes in
Western Galicia, holding the prog
ress of the advancing Russian col
umns. In the West Galician battle, in de
fense of Cracow, the Austrian? al
ready have captured 10,000 prisoners
nnd numerous guns, while farther east
they have blocked the Russian move
ment across the Carpathians.
German capture of Lodz, .southwest
of Warsaw, and przasnysz, "north of
Warsaw, have not' only imperiled the
Polish capital, but have placed the
Russians ia aefensive'. positiorvjn I
order to -withstand a complete sweep i
jof Russia to ?etfograd by 'the vic
torious Germans. Vienna expects the
Immediate .diversion of the Czar's
armies invading Galicia to strengthen
the Poland battle line.
Petrograd admits the seriousness
of the situation in Galicia, where the.
Austro-Germans arc described as
making a supreme effort to break-the
Russian advance. Fighting south of
Cracow is developing into one of the
great battles of the war, under di
rection of the' German Staff, which has
Concluded on Fate Four
Well. those members of the community
who delight in round number should be
thoroughly satisfied. Just one full week
of disagreeable weather rounds out to
toy. Old 8ol permitted a glimpse of hint-
julf yesterday, but It was not a very sat
tsfactory performance. Just about aa sat
isfactory as a glimpse of one's girl
walking with, another fellow. But It was
lilca to know the old gentleman was still
Alive and well, and all kinds of hopes.
vn uw mat us woma make a pro-
iroeiou mi loony. All Kind Of hopes
cat then the weatherman gets out of bed
ifn the, wrong side and there is nothing
to. do but put the "cloud" cut atop o'
this. Anyway the kiddles don't care.
Christmas la coming.
For Philadelphia- and vietnityL
Partly cloudy tonight and Saturday;
slightly colder tonight; light to mod
erate northwest winds, v
For details t see page S. ,
Observations at Philadelphia
SuomeUr .................
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Miiftn'im tMOWTitr
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$8 4tnt
Almanac of '"the pay
tea (teeuiroarli..
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. J'JJP.ra.
5 A. --. - .-
...,....,. t:10a,Bj.
" Oil aim.
&OB,$Sa ,..,
Tha Tides
5 water (v
& a. en
Mat -tm (i
1jh4p ta '
K, .till
WIT ..... ?.
-ltt lrtL.- -ni,
The enemy showed Some activity In
Urn region of Tpres yesterday, lie
directed several attacks, against our
lines, three, of which Wero completely
repulsed. At only one point of the
front did the Germans succeed In
reaching ono of our trenches In the'
nrtt line.
For our part, wo havo continued to
advance In the direction of the enemy's
lines In the region of Arras and in
that of Juvlncourt.
tn the Argonne We hnvo pushed for
ward several of . our trenches and
rolled back two German attacks.
In the region of Vnrennes we have
.consolidated our gains of preceding
days. The German artillery Is show
ing great activity, but has been un
able to Inflict upon us any losses.
Conditions are the same on tho heights
of tho Mouse.
In the forest of La Pretro our ad
vances lire continued and maintained.
To the south of Thann wo havo cap
tured, (ho railroad .station of Aspach.
On tlio rest of the, front In tho Vosgca
there aro artillery' duels.
Two French attacks In the forest of
La Pretre and west of Pont-a-Moua-son
were repulsed.
There is no chango In, the situation
east of the Masurian' Lakes (East
' Our .attacks in Northern Poland
are ' progressing. .'
There Is no news from Southern
Poland. "
Up to tho present wo havo taken
10,000 Russian prisoners ' In western
Galicia,'. , '
Stubborn fighting ' continues, with
large forces engaged, on bottusldes.
In Poland, the Austro-Ccrman ar
mies aro steadily gaining tho'advan
tago over tho enemy, who havo been
driven back 23 miles.
Tho Russians attempted to land a
force at Gohla, south of Batum (on
tho Black Son) under protection of
gunfire from-thelr warships, but-tbey
were beaten off. .Ottoman troops cap
tured two, guns at "Vllajetwan, where
Russian attacks were repulsed. ..
The Austrian offensive campaign In
'SerVIa has collapsed In a disastrous
In the face of tho great, numerical
superiority of tho Austrians, the Ser
vians wero compelled to fall backward
for nearly a month. In order to retire
to a position where they, could give
battle under favorable, conditions.
Finally the Servl&is made a Btand
upon the slopes, of Mount Rudullc
where a battle began on December S,
and lasted flvo days. The fight, which
raged over a front about 60 miles
long, resulted in a complete rout for
the Austrians. True, our losses wero
heavy, but thoso of the enemy wero
enormous. '
Tho isth and 16th Army Corps,
forming the enemy's, right wing, were
cut to pieces. We captured .more than
100 officers, 20,000 privates, 70 cannon,
'CO mitrailleuses, one standard, an
enormous Quantity of nrovlslons. and
'amnuuUtlonandjauie.kinosoltatrrSqulp .
mrnt The enemy Is now In retreat
All along the line, with nur troops In
pursuit' We haye retaken VaUevq
.and Ushitza, capturing' many pris
oner's. I
Illness Due to Exposure, Official Re
port States.
, IX)NDON, Dec. 11.
The. condition of Kalser,Vllhelm was
Improved to BUch an extent today that
Jie was permitted to s)t up for a, few
hours, dispatches received here, via, The
Hague, state. '
BERLIN, Dec. 11.
The '.Kolsur'a- Illness is due entirely to
exposure while visiting his armies in the
Held. He has remained at the front al
most constantly since the war began, and
has visited the .battlefields under all con
ditions, whether 'good or bad. Those close
to'the court today declared that his re-
peaiea visits ana consequent exposure
during Inclement weather caused, him to
contract a cold, resulting in the present
catarrhal infection of the throat.
An official statement as to the Kaiser's
condition, issued today, states that Ills
Hajesty is considerably Improved. The
official announcement declares that the
catarrh has subsided. The Kaiser's tem
perature is normal, and'he was able today
to" receive reports from tho Chief of the
General Start. The improvement in his
Majesty's condition set in last night and
continued today.
The affection of the throat from which
the Kaiser is suffering necessarily causes
apprehension among hla subjects. In view
of the fact that it was cancer of the
throat that caused the death of his father,
the Emperor Frederick. Several years
ago the present ruler underwent an opera
tion for throat trouble.
i ii i i i
British Admiralty Has No Confirma
tion of Alleged Bald.
LONDON, Deo. 11.
The-mystry concerning the alleged at
tack bv nix Herman nhtnnrlnoa nn v-t....
Harbor yesterday morning and (he slnk-
iiis i one oi we vessels is greater to
day. Several things contribute to cast
doubt on the reports which were pub
lished In all nwrnlBg papej-g.
The Official News Bureau Is authprfty
for a statement that the, Admiralty has
po report on the alleged attack. The one
fast which is. indubitable U that W shots
Wre fired by the ' batteries. Tfiat tie
shots were directed at submarines sems
Incredible. It was still dark, and rata,
and fog must have obsagred vjiion oji
the water, beypnd a hundred yards oV
so, for any object aa small aa the in:
scope of a German SjUbJufnel .
11,1 ' iv-vmsiMMi
Called to Kalse' BedsJavysTit; p.
PARIS, Dee. It-lie Sean U ,.
sutes taat Ctwm mm nrl-rtpir iriv
uit at Matwy.
4. discs tcA trosa Fuu iatAv ..u
it was rrj thit tha ttwn fringe
MA talus! cootiuaui st ite Qriso lt90t
o th tstx rinr. The rfiirtsii can ia
.! In IfcdAfl ii im &mm Ina um
ta,iii- tj isj KU&seu bbalda.
The battered Dresden, which alone escaped the (juns of Admiral Sturdee's squadron, was reported today
as having reached' a haven at Santa Cruz, Argentina. Another account declares she has been lost. She is
a, sister of the famous Emden, Germany having only two ships of their class.
Vice Squad. Members Posed
. as Motormen and Declare
Sigmund Gave Them
Ticket-books to Sell.
A one-man lottery covered, by .two al
leged fake, beneficial soclotlcs, in which
tho promoter la said ' to' have cleared
JJO.OOO In tho. last four months, has been
smashed, according to Detective Cnarles
Loe, head of- tho .vice squad, In tho arrest
today of Frederick Sigmund, of 3131 .North
25lh street Sigmund was held In J1000 ball
for court by Magistrate Itenshaw.
i Two membors of tho vice squad, Kppley
and Bradley, 'arrested Sigmund at his
home on the charge of maintaining a lot
tery. -The detectives posed as motormen,
and say they wero given books of tickets
V sell by SlcmUnd. When they 'tried to
give him the money for1 the books ihev
ayi..hebeaj3rt BusplclousiandJreru'ssatte'
accept it, declaring he-Was no longer con
nected With the affair.
iThevtwo societies are the Keystone Club
ot. Pennsylvania and- the Continental" Club
of Pennsylvania! . -both limited. . Their
total memborshlp, according to Eee, la
about CO.000. The. members .ore scattered
all over Pennsylvania and fn many other-
eastern amies, iee says.
The first prize of the alleged lottery
was JG00O, and there were other smaller
prizes ranging atj low as (5. Slgmund's
method of operating, according to Lee,
was to Bell a .man a membership In .one
or the other of his cluba at 25 cents. Each
purchaser of .tho membership got a card
signifying: that. he had Joined. The card
'contained, a number.
Thore was nothing else on the tickets
to Indicate that the clubs were anything
.but what they purported to be, and Leo
declares that Sigmund has been doing a
thriving1 business on his scheme for the
last four months. The detective does not
bellevo that any prizes ever were. paid.
Kppley and Bradley confiscated at Slg
.mund'a house more than twenty of the
books' of tickets, according to Lee. They
also found a long sheet bearing hundreds
of names, with amounts after each name,
aa thouith they were prize winners. Even
'thetinamos, Lee believes, are fakes.
The ticket ot memDersmp in eacn ciud
promises to pay- to the family of the
member on his death IS "voluntarily."
Lee is continuing his investigation. Ef-r
forts will be made to rind out whether
the man used the mails, in which eyent
the case probably will be turned over to
Chief Postal Inspector Cortelyou.
The two vice squad men were to be
paid 20 per cent, commission on their
sales of tickets, they 'testified at the
hearlnr. Lee said Sigmund told them
when they returned with the money that
a man by the 'name of Schmidt they had
met at -his house on their first visit was
operating the two clubs, and then he had
dropped out.
Tourteea Victims of Measles Carried,
to Safety. In Camden.,
Six smatl giflsj and It boys were rescued
from the llary J.' Ball Nursery in Cam
den this morning "Tlin flames threatened
to destroy the .building;.
Fourteen of the ihiidren are sufferlnsror
recovering from light attacks of measles
Thsy wero sheltered until the flames were)
extinguished and then taken back into!
parts of the building not damaged by
the Are. "
Hva Qrey. scrubwoman, became'
alarrued at the smoke, -and, before she
could be prevented, lumped from a win
dow. She la suffering .from injuries to
her ankles and s in the Camden Uomeo-t
pathic iiospitsj.
L Breakfast had Just been?erv& in th
I Jmrsary when smoa tilled the rooms.
The smoke came by way of the weather,
boarding from the cellar,. where an over
heated heater ppe stflre to a number ot
article scattered about,
Tho attefldants-atrae,ormeditbe.chll-dren
into lies and ordered them to stand
beeida iu wJWtfws, -They, were-taken one
by sBSiteWwyaws to safety,
pr. -Hfama. jCThardson Is 'president of
the home arnqpt-la named in honor of
htr !. -
VUhb. &OQ 3ta and
$JWtt Qt of Wwk.
WffWOr. Sa Bee. it-Hre jo
ay 4eM?l tte '3av W. Jewlag
szs ulw a t QfttUh. u jwm,
owned operated y th i rtn'ii
Coal Compaay, atjiiiur a leww of mar
Tvttiiy-ayti cujiAit.1 mmm tatf buy at
Buenos Aires Hears Stur
dee's Fleet Paid Heavy
Toll for Victory Off Falk
land Islands.
Dresden Also Sunk by British,
According to Rumor Re
ported Having Sought Refuge
in Argentine Port of. Santa
Cruz. '
BUENOS AIItES, Pec. 11. German re
ports .received, here today Insist that .the
ipurqf the vessels: of, Admiral von Spee'a
squadron j oft the Falkland Islands lost
.at least three ships. ' -
They declared that the British losses
In the sea battle wero much greater than
have been officially reported, 'it Is ad
mitted that tho German losses tare 3000.
The German fleet, according to the
'latest version of the battle received here,
was caught between the allied squadrons
the British and the Japanese. The
GeKnansfought until the last (gun 'was
llenced. The Scharnhorst, Admiral von
'Spee'a flagship, continued firing until her
guns were completely submerged.
X. number of British wounded are now
being taken to' Montevideo.
The latest reports received here insist
that the Dresden, the last of the German
cruisers, has been sunk. She Is said 'to
have been sent to the bottom eight hours
after the Numbers.
Additional reports of tho engagement
received today Btate that the British
fleet Includes" the second cruiser squad-
fob attached to the home' fleet, composed
of the cruisers. Shannon, Achilles, Coch
rane and Natal. v
The cruiser Karlsruhe and the con
verted cruiser Kronprlnz Wilhelm, which
were reported in this vicinity, have fled.
The British fleet, according- to latest re
ports, has captured and sunk, the colliers
and supply ships which were serving,
these cruisers. The reports state there
were several of these supply ships,
which were left exposed and helpless
when the German cruisers fled. Their
crew's were taken off and made prisoners
by the British, and the vessels were
then sent to the bottom. If. these re
ports, received by wireless, are true, It
Is believed that the' Karlsruhe and Kron
prlnz Wilhelm, as well aa the Prinze
Eltel Frledrlch, will soon be rounded -up
by the British.
Deprived of their auxiliaries, the cruis
ers will soon be rendered helpless, ow
ing to a shortage of coal and supplies.
Confirmation of the reported British
losses from the Falkland Islands was
impossible this afternoon. The British
.have cut all means of communication
.front the Islands to the Continent,
In the absence of 'British reports oj
losses to their flett, it Is believed here
ttfat the German references to at least
thsxa vessels of the entruy having been
sunk may mean that the Japanese fleet
was actively engaged and that Japanese,
Instead of British, vessels were sent to
the bottom.
The Aohllles, Cochrane and Nsta. men
tioned as Included In the British fleet,
are 'sister ships. They have a displace
ment of ltfrSO teas, and an average speed
of a. 5 knots. Their, armament lnatndes
six 9.(-Intt guns, folic T-& lash guns, 31
3ipoundr. The Shannon la a cruiser of
H,60u-tons OUpiaeeineht. with knot
speed, and aa armament Including four
.J-inoh guns. 14 f.&-lnea giHw.' 1$ U-Bound-n.
All four ships carry wore than 100
men and were buCT in ym and 1?W.
The Qefiaun oruUer Dresden to reported
to ha$ tsJcwi vofugw la the Argtatiae
post ' Bt arui i . badly ds.sad
04ttk, acwdUir U a. wlrs4s mi-
resetvtd hero today, if tbia l true.
Mu Pre44ea probably wW be interned
tWe uu(l theUnd otVut WW-
Tafaidupaitsipf tfcehutt eXA4iiUal von
f's sua4roL. except possibly t
l"i-Uoe Uutel, yhlch haa bea ferte4 in
8oataa wattjs. Four w&reaiM sunk.
isa an (JiAio4 Ions ot ssa) tun && l
, -T
iQuestion of Slayer's Extra
dition as Criminal Argued
by Leading Legal Lights
Before Highest Tribunal.
WASHINGTON, Dec. 1L Attorneys for
Harry K, Thaw and the State of New
York today waged In tho United ' States
Supremo Court- tho final battle over the
extradition of the, ' slayer of . Stanford
White from New Hampshire to New
York to stand trial for conspiracy in 'his
cscapa from the Matteawan Insane
Thaw's legal battery consisted -of Phil
ander C. Knox, ex-United States Attorney
General nnd former Secretary of State,,
retained especially to expound tho con-
ernor vuiiam .a. a to no, or Pennsylvania,
nnd deort'o. F. Morris and Merrill Bhurt
leff, attorneys from New, Hampshire.
New York's demand that Thaw be ex
'tradlted and the reasons for it wero ex
plained by William TraVera Jerome, who
has beon Identified with the Thaw case
from the start.
The case Is before -the Supreme Court
on an appeal by the ptate of New York,
from a ruling of Federal Judge Aldrich,
of New Hampshire, sustaining Thaw.'s ap
plication for a writ of habeas corpus and
declaring Invalid the extradition process
resorted ttfby New York t6 assure Thaw's
removal from New Hampshire. The legal
question In the case concerns the validity
of these extradition proceedings.
Mr. Jerome argued that tho extradition
process was regular, that It infringed none
of Thaw's constitutional rights, and that
tho State of New York had shown clearly
the proposed extradition was for the pur
pose ot punishing a conspiracy.
He declared the Federal courts had no
right to enter into the motives ot a Btate
In. .extradition proceedings and expected
the. Supreme Court to reverse Judge Aid
.rich's .ruling.
, Mr. Knox asserted the extradition pa
pers on their face were invalid because
they did not show that Thaw was a fugi
tive from crime. Intead, they showed
that Thaw waa a fugitive from the custo
dial power of a State, a thing that could
not serve as the basis of extradition.
. Ex-Governor Stone Irrgued that, aa far
as the courts of New York were con
cerned, Thaw legally had been declared
insane, hence he cannot be extradited.
MoBt of Crew lost In Disaster That
Occurred In November.
The German armored cruiser Frledrlch
Karl ,1a reported to have been sunk in
the Baltlo Sea by a mine andi most, of
her crew drowned, according to an offi
cial statement issued at the French Min
istry of Marine today. The Frledrlch
Karl carried tSl officers and men.
TJ sinking of the 'Frledrlch' Karl Is
said to have occurred late in November.
- .... . .
The orulser . was . a sister ship, of the
Prim Adalbert' and was built In 1901, She
carried fftur e-lghtmjlh, guns. M n.var,Insh
guns, 13 tbree'lneh guas.'-four machine
guns and torpedo tubes. The vessel, was
ffl feet long, 61 feet wide. and registered
mi tons.
forecaster Bays Pheaomeaoa la Hot
Unusual at This Time of Year.
Thlek, black otouds, that darkened the
afreet "t the oJKy this afus$a and
eBpeHed hnsfosei neq t MgM. their
eioe4 hours earlier than usaX MM
majsy pedestrians soutryiag for cover la
tt X9attteM a sudden storm
Tfea wsather Airaeaster uld sa Jar sli
he cW determine tkere was HtU rate
in tae clouds, and tkat tte sniHlmt, was
caused prvbably b a cAaiuie la tka wind
troaa worth to northwest
Heavy cluuos frenwantty fUow auoa
coaoi tu the fail and later, iloomA
tug to Mr U1U. 114 ld lisr was
ukI hiixM tu iL i-uuherta smiauto, the
wlo4 tr ta w.ui.cii'.urt ui KtoMate &
lUn ttiirsu;.. u.a uMiti tke Ut-
German Auxiliary Cruiser Destroyed
Off Clillian Const.
VALPARAISO, Chill, Dec. 11.
A dispatch from Coronet sayn that a
merchant ship arrived In Concepclon Irtst
night reported It has Intercepted a wire
less messago stating that tho German
auxiliary cruiser Prlnz Eithcl Frledrlch
had been sunk by a Japanese warship.
The Chilian Admlrntty today reported
heavy cannonading yesterday off the
Island of Mochri, a possession of tlit
Government, lasting from 1:30 until 3'
o'clock. This was believed nt tho time
to bo tho German cruiser Prlnz Ettcl
Frledrlch chasing a British vessel. From
Puerto Saavedra, Chill, reports also came
today ot nn unidentified fleet operating
during the- night off that port. Their
searchlights could be seen, and two shots
wero heard.. -
It is now reported,-however, that Brit
ish vessels aro In' pursuit of tho Prlnz
Eltel Frledrlch. !
' TOiaO, Dec. 11.
The Jnpanese squadron, which wns
dispatched to Join the British In search
of tho German fleet under Admiral Count
Von Spec, is' ndw seeking tho German
converted cruised 1'rlnz Eltel XTIedricn
ott tho Pacific coast of 'South jAtacrlca.
Diamond Merchant Bobbed Near
House Where Ho Showed "Wares.
IRWIN, Pa., Dec. it-Attacked by two
men within ICO feet of tho house ho had
been visiting, S. E. Bramer, a diamond
merchant of Pittsburgh, was robbed of
410,000 In jewels early today. He had
'heen displaying the gems to A.C. Frlck,
ono of the town's wealthiest residents.
Only a few steps from tho Frlck. house
two men stepped from behind a tree. Ono
placed his hand over Bramcr's mouth
and the other tied a handkerchief over
his eyes. A moment later he was re
lieved of his gem case. The State police
and private detectives are working on
'the case, but hate as yet obtained no
Men Bravo Blinding i Smoke and
Flames to Beach. Sleepers.
A daring rescue was effected early this
morning when lire trapped Mr. and Mrs.
TInrrv ICravltz. both CO years old and
invalids, In their apartment above -the
Clfiur mura Hb ojo uqiuutiuunil uvciuu.
ICravitz,,lri'hIjxdtomnt, iejliolojirt .the,
stalrS and was severely injured.
The aged .couple have suffered for
many years from rheumatism. They live,
with their daughter, Mrs. Jacob Flnkel
steln, whose husband owns the cigar
store. Last night Mr. and MrB. Flnkel
steln werit to a dance, leaving the man
land woman alone. About 2 o'clock this
.morning Henry Kaiser, Jr., 21 years old,
1612 ae'rmantown avenue, saw smoke com
ing from b. second-story window. At the
tamo moment Flnkelsteln and his wife
arrived. The two men broke open the
front door and In the face ot blinding
smoke and flames made their way to
the rooms of Mr. and Mrs. Kravitz. Both
wero sleeping and Mrs. Kravlts was car
ried down the tear stairs to the home ot
a neighbor, Mr. Kravitz, In struggling
with his rescuers,, fell down the steps.
An ntnrm was sounded and. firemen
quenched the blaze after It' had dam
aged the Btoreana nouse to ueexient
of about HOOft . !
Policeman Wrapped Blankets Around
Victim to Extinguish riamer.
Oil, poured upon a smoldering ilre to
make It burn faster. Ignited the clothing
of Isaac, aovolsky, 20 years old, 235 North
2d street, today, and burned him so
severely he 1? not expected to recover.
Govolaky was preparing hla breakfast
and being late wished to make the fire
burn quicker. As he poured the oil over
the smoldering coals flames leaped about
him. He ran Into the street, screaming
from pain.
The patrol ot the 4 th and Ilace streets
station had been called to the neighbor
hood on another case, and when Sergeant
Krleg saw Goyolsky he snatched the
blankets from the horses and wrapped
them about the burning man. This prob
ably saved htm from being bumed to
death. Govolsky was then taken to Jef
ferson Hospital.
Plttsburgher Among' Three Victims
of Murderous Attack.
DQlfGLAS. Ariz., Dec. lL-Word was
received here today that It. E Dunn,
of Pittsburgh, Pa.; Thomas R. Franc.
.mtnitifl. nndn,. rf Ysii I cr) n . ttrA
'irtMi.1 rYrni ir..iiw ..
robbed and killed on Wednesday by
Mexican outlaws near Calabasas.
Supreme Court Decides Hustlng
Elected Senator Over MeGovern.
MADISON. Wis.. Dee. 11. -The State
Supreme Cour today deoided that Paul
O. Husttng, Democrat, had been eleeted
to the Vnlted States Senate over Gov
ernor F. H. MeQovern, Republican.
Firemen all to Says Wash.
Firemen, hampered by vflluwes of
smoke, made repeated attempt today to
enter the cellar of the hem at Jacob
SUyermiD, BU Snyder avenuj, to rcu
the, fatally t wash. The week's laundry,
hangiBg in the cellar to dry, was de
stroyed and a hole was burned in the
kltohen floor. A defective ash-sepanOAr
and a pile of kiadUag caused tae, ire. "
PrIdent flays Golf ia Sawa4R .
WASiUNGTOK, Dee. IV-Praeteni
Wttw went bejwwd Ms ow zejesy it
golteff enthuiUssa today when k auAe
a sound at t Knks la a sjsaU-sssW
saowstoTB. '
Man Gaofiit itd by mbrt
joko U. Braad. UH Mortui, us.
Cede, walls tearts Vchu a. trjil&u
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Comment When Committers
Show Company Increased
Stock, Added to Surplus
and Paid 6 Per Gent
Attempt Mado in Cross-oxamina-tiqn
to Prove Rallraad Con
spiracy, in Simultaneous Fart
Increases. .
The capital stock of the Pennsyl
vania Itallroad lias Increased from
Jl,CW,C0O.ta.J30O,000,O00 since .1911.
Tho company .has a surplus iund of
J23,COftOOO. into which J5,0OO,O0O was paid
between 19li and 13U.
Tfte company maintains subsidiary
.companies, whoso dividends' are a
precarious source of Income. Promi
nent' aiming these is the Susque
hanna Coal Company. -
Notwithstanding these conditions the
company Is able) to pay 6" per cent,
annual dividends.
Approximately 22,000,000 la tho esti
mated' return 'from the proposed pas
senger increase.
Tho proposed. E per cent freight In
crease is' expected .to yield J6.000.COO.
Comment of Acting Chairman Penny
packer: "Wcseem to be dealing, with
a delusion. This making. up by com
mutation Increases does not sedm a
wise suggestion."
Evidence so favorabla to th- mftton-
Hon that the railroads are not Justified
iin tnclr proposed increases In fares -as
to draw from Samuel W. Pennvnrin
significant comments supporting tho com
muters' side, and charges of colluslon.nnd
conspiracy ngolnst the Pennsylvania, the
Beading nnd tho Baltimore and Ohio
Itallroods in proposing simultaneous pas
.sengcr rate Increases, provided sensa
tions dt tho Pennsylvania Public knrm
Commission's hearing this afternoon.
Pennsylvania and eltadlng offlclaia
wero under cross-examination. That fc
.series of conferences between officials ot
oil three roads ww held In New Torlt
and Philadelphia, was admitted. , It. was
i also-' ttdmmed-tltat tlir?ki4nw
opinion Of the trofflc offlciallbf the thre
.uuo, uiuiuusn h was maintainea tnat
each road'indenendAntlv f II. An, a
X lengthy cross-examination of the
Pennsylvania officials brought out such
'"""t luvcmuuna or tne nnanctai
Pennypacker, who was presiding as
chairman of the commission, significantly
"Well. WO flm In htk ria11n. .li. ' -.
tuslon. This maklng-UD bv commutuMnn
increases does not seem a "wise sugges
By admissions of F. J. Fell', Jr., Btatls
tlclanf of tho accounting department of
the Pennsylvania Railroad, and H. J. Do
Long, assistant general passenger agent
for tho same company, mode during the
cross-examination, It was shown that the
Pennsylvania, since. 3911. had Increased
Its capital stock from $10,000,000 to 1500.
000,000; had , paid, tf.000,000 into a surplus
fund; nad supported subsidiary com
panies payingr uncertain dividends, and
at the same time had been able to pay a
regular annual 6 per cent dividend to its
stockholders on the increased stock.
That any increase in passenger tariffs
should be sought in face of these .figures
was bitterly opposed by- Ward Vn Pier
son and Harold S. Shertx, who were con
ducting the cross-examination. Frequent
Interruption by Mr. Pennypacker indi
cated that he, too, was not convinced, of
the necessity for the sweeping raises
planned by the Pennsylvania, Beading
and the Baltimore and Ohio Railroads.
J. F, Fell, Jr., and Edward 0. Oster
haus, chief rate clerk for the Reading
passenger department, were cross.exam
Ined by 'Attorneys Plerson and Shertx tn
their effort to bring out an admission Of
collusion and conspiracy in violation of '
the Sherman anti-trust act
Both officials admitted that various
meetings were held both here .anjl j tn
New York between tho rate offielaU of
all three companies, but neither- would
admit that the 'rate Increases of each
road Were submitted to the other-roads
before' they were .filed.
The morning hearing adjourned at I
I H ' I , I IL Ml I
Concluded on Ft T
Utd til the Bniox U4rar MUJ
CtBtm lK MUitW fw 90 days. TW l&Ti
a alw b ea at tlw Mala 0W fti uj
CUiui si. ."Lost al rua" s4Mti
swats Ala be wf i at say at tb lftt stena
rscslBS liet ads. cas b Ulj)ianJ
dSiia-U, LJilr CsalML 0U Wa&iut at
at, st. 6Ma 8imi
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rnwra w ww
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&sUk Tiistfc ft S3 J W MiziLSi.
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S5i.U watit ul Ivh iiialt) W A f
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