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"''"WTOlP-'-M' "P WpiPfByflwy
ttcforrt U left an orphan at dn tarlv ag.
Htr father u kilted In a eoM wise he has
discovered. Half an hour after learning
0 th death of htr husband Zudora'
tnothera tight rope ualkef with a rtr
cut li seised ivilh a icrtigo, oft ani
I fcll'ed.
Zudora nnd thr fortune from l mln.
ecMch prows to t u-ortn iln.60,o, at
left In the ouurdtansMp at Frank Kerne,
n circus man, Zurtom' molser' rlr.
Zudora, giving promise of great beauty.
reaches the aae of la. The untie, who
lias set himself up as a Hindu myalle and
Is known as llassant All. decides in hie
freed that Zudora must die otter eh can
ha.t a chance to corns into possession of
her money, so that (I Mel is left to him.
the nest of kin, ana h vreialls upon the
pirt to teats her money In his hands ihres
yrars longer and sau nothing to any one
rfboiil the fortune, Hassan AH sees an
obstacle fa his scheme In the person or
John fllorm, a voung, lawyer, for itaom
Mudorat has taken a fancy, ana he com'
mands the girl to put the man out of hf
enlniL Storm eomes to ask ttassam Alt
for th hand of his niece. At .Irst the
crystal gaser tell! not listen in ilia pro
total, but r.udora Insists that If she can
net marry Storm she will marry no one,
"Will, veil." save llassam At' "it you
take such a stand, I'll compromise. Solve
tni next twenty eases ant you can marry
him; tail in a single case and iou must
renounce him." ,
zudora, using the knowledge gained
from years of association with her uncle,
unravels n haflUna tnvstern and mint her
first case a rate In which John Btorm is
saved from being conttcted at a murder
instigated hu Itnssam AH hmselt.
Twn week later a creierf of Hindus,
ttad In Oriental costumes, call unon Has
earn AH and, through their leader, ak
that he sotve the mystery of the "Sleeping
House." Theu inform him that their rr
Ugieus exercises or interfered soith hu a
"pod of steep" who eomes quickly and un
eswgres, All agrees to pa svlth IJietrt. "I
must go. too " exclaim Zudora.
, Clod in oriental costumes and Mind-
folded, Hatsam and Zudora are driven to
he "Steeping House." There theu find In
a maott4)teen( room a large tiumoer of men
and women tying about In slumber.
Among them is an exceptionally beautiful
troman, iclio seas the ruler and princess of
thm tcetril Tianrf. llassam suddentu finds
mmseil oeeomitifl arotcav ana anient' sit
away, leaving Zudora alone itilh I
John Btorm, Zudora's lover, traces her
to the "Sleeping House." He finds her
alumbcrliio' and awakens her. in so doing
he arouses the Ir.matea of the house and
ts made jjrljoiicr.
Upon awakening Zudora is told thai
Wabofc Shan, a crafty JSast indlail Prince,
had carried off an Indian Princess ana
brouoM Iter to America. They had not ae
yet been marrlrd, because every time the
Cferemonj was ormm everiboffy ittenl tot
sleep. Zudora teas given a string of pearls
to oolic the mystery.
The Sleeping, House Mystery.
ZUDORA would have liked very
much to acquaint her lover with her
whereabouts. Her uncle's ijisappear
ance puzzled her. But perhaps he had
already begun hjs investigations. The
night passed uneventfully. Those who
lept did so naturally. Zudora, how
ever, wandered in and out among the
curious alcoves and quaint balconies,
She peered behind the grotesque
tatues, into the fountain. Whenever
the ceremony began, sleep came. This
fact kept ringing through her mind.
She just must solve it. It would be
another stcn toward her lover hud
-happiriess. One thing she ascertained
S 9 ft.t... t.BM nn.4 l,l0 ..,a il, Art
KV. lk4.& UJk, U11U (Ills WUS, bilk. .V(b
was more or less carelessly guarded.
She might have to take to her heel..
And all the while, in the steel dun
geon below, Storm saw the walls i!
lowly and relentlessly contract. He
had beaten upon the unfeeling steel
until his knuckles bled; he had.
houted until his lungs hurt. And
mailer and, smaller grew his prison.
He recalled a certain tale by Poe, and
' , touched the metal from time to time
to see if it were growing hot. But it
was evident that he was to be crushed
only, not incinerated.
Morning came. The feast of the
night before was resumed. Nautcli
girls danced; musicians played the sad
and wailing music of the East. Zu
dora had quietly wet her handkerchief
in the basin of the fountain; and at
?the moment the ceremony begun, held
iV.the wet cambric to her nose. Slje
. showed her foresight in this; for
A. 'ihortly after the music began the peo-
- pie in the octagonal room fell to nod-
'- dtog, and from nodding into peaceful
leep. Even with the aid of the dairip-
; ened handkerchief Zudora could not
I , irholly escape the subtle and amazing
narcotic. She struggled blindly to-
ijrard the exit. How she managed to
teach the street was something she
ou!d never remember.
She was mighty glad to get back
to New York again, for she had been
.13,000 miles away in spirit if not in
ibfi. oiiii, sue Qticrrninea to return
nd solve the riddle. She had already
formed a campaign. M'hat simple,
fools these Orientals were fn some
" Hajsam AH concealed his astonish
ment. Yet, something deep down in
Ws soul told himf that she would re
turn unhurt. '
'But how did you escape, uncle?"
"They wanted you," he said glibly.
, t fThey blindfolded 'mej ugain and sent
jite aoout my uusfness. twhat did you
Imn?" '
"Enough to determine me to c
what I can do. Of course, it f a
toloisal trick of some gprt; but it
would not be wise t4 suggwt that.
,It must be proved."
My child, this, is altogether a
trange busmen. THm! Orientals
are quick to distrust. If they finAyQu4
i gone wiiert they vtakg p is uuit
L tllrelv thu will in en t-lll .... "
rve made up my wind.''
Then she ran upstairs. Slit waj
anxious to send a message to Storm
fcf the earner plgaoii. She yftpu a
tktt note uttJi4ag tke sittuUeu and
bird. Storm's Usjmt
fljar fcsffpsj
kir rec-
the bird sd Hatsmlly
read the met
ooi ssrwpiftt on
swage aa4 isfaimed
was iwfl
lhtn tbmt hi h.4 '
the back of thi
ktr nter' e
left tfct home
nste th nifitf be-
" i
fr Mi in4 m
reiwneei Th.
- ' --.t
ttorn ct the
mediately set out for Storm's apart
ments; Inlt the housekeeper could add
nothing further tltatt that Mr. Storm
had sent a pifteon to Iter and it had
come back with the note
Zudora returned home and quizzed
her uncle; hut, of course, he piously
denied having seen Storm. 'Surrepti
tiously she pljcd the Hindu servant.
The man secretly worshiped the
younff Memsahlb, and by and by she
got the facts from him, Sot She had
not only to solve the mystery of the
sleeping house, but to save her lover
also. He would be without a mission
in that fantastic house and it was quite
likely that he would be made to suffer
for his audacity.
Bravely she set out for the Iiiisr
of Nabok Shan and boldly she de
manded admittance. The sen ant at
the door recognized her, but it took
a bribe to open the dopr wide enough
for her to slip through.
(Continued tomorrow.)
Tho steamship Mlnnowaska, as the made
fast to her dock In Now York last Wednes
day, proved to be a reproduction, with cer
tain glaring modernisms, of the good ship
"Ark," which Captain Noah lost control
ot In the cosmic ocean In some Indefinite
period before the Christian era. Kach
ship carried the most wonderful collection
of wild animals In exlstenca at their
respective time of salllnc the principal
difference belnff In the motive power ot
the vessels and In the fact that Captain
Noah's animals were untrained, non-per-formlnjc
stock, while the Bostqck animals
are alt ljlRhly skilled performers.
Conditions have been'serlous with the
Bostock actors. The British Government
dispossessed them from their bljr amphi
theatre known as "White City" tin Lon
don to make room for Belgian refugees.
Thus they themselves become refugees,
ao Harry E. Tudor, who has managed
the Interests of Bostock for many years,
came post hasto to America to see what
could be done oer hero to keep the
trdupe Intact.
David Horsley, head of the Centaur
Film Company, conceived thp Idea of mak.
ing movie actors of them. Tho purchase,
which la said to ham Involved 1100,000,
was (julckly settled, and the whole troupe, 1
Uhout lis In number, wag crowded into
iron-uarrea stateroom on the 'Minna
vvaaka, bound for old Xew York
A mpvlnff -picture muchlne veas on the
pier to "can" the antlca iOf the animals
as they, r ere transferred from the shlpi
io its oaeKace cars, wnicn wnitea nlonc-
sldo on railroad 'floats, tho dctora had
been on ti very Ihrht d,lot to "reduce th
possibilities of seasickness during the
voyage, and their ravenous1 attacks upon
the a rent slabs of beef which served as
tholr feast of welcome to America fur
nished some most unusual material for
bis BUI Itelnhart. the cameraman, to
work 6n.
Cleopatra, the Alexandrian elephant,,
who Is tiovv almost nq famous aaher name
sake of Old Nile, recused to be coaxed
down the Gangway, although a special
flooring had been built to accommodate
ner unusual avoirdupois, a rope was
finally adjusted around her Queenly neck,
the rope then being: passed through a
block mid tackle and stretched by a team
of horses down the pier. But this
Cleopatra p.royed to "be as stubborn as
lier royal predecessor, and braced her
htad fiat on the gangway between her
front feet to resist the captive march.
Just at that Instant some one on the
ship gently prodded her In her mot ele
vated section. Thla sudden and unex
pected Indlgnltyi caused her to execute a
double somersault which landed her In
a sitting posture at the front of the plank.
Cleopatra. expressed her displeasure In
a sound which sent the gaping crowd
vaucum. .jii tn mictions.
The entire too. In charge of Harry
Tudor and 13 trainers, was reshlpped by
rail to Ixs Angeles, where Horaley rark
Will oon be opened up for their accom
modation In conjunctlpn with' the new
Centaur studios, where Mr. Horaley wjll
produce single and multiple reel animal
features of new nnd wonderful concep
ton. r
Billiards Is a. difficult game and one In
which taw women excel. But in Irene
Hunt and Francella BIllliiBton, Reliance
Mutual nm stare, the game has two de
voltes -who are far beyond the dilettante
stage. Miss Hunt Is a bit the cleverer of
the twq, but. though the- rlrla nlav to.
gether dally. Miss Bllllngton's victories
are almost as many as Miss Hunt's.
Not Jong ago they met Willie Hoppe,
and he watched them play. He offered to
take ihem on together, he to equal their
combined scores in a, Iundred-polpt
match. He Just managed to beat them.
His hundredth point was made when the
Misses Hunt and Blilington had totaled
Thl content whetted the appetite of
1 twin rtvpps ana u w. urjmtti. the inu-.
tual dlreetor-ln-chlef. for a billard tour
ney among the Majestic and Reliance act
resses In the Lo Angeles atudloe. The
camea; were duly scheduled, and vvtjen
they liad reached the flnala It waa found
that Mls Hunt and Ma Blllington were
bracketed for the qhamptpnabip match.
It then i deejded a play this tie 'oft
in thq best two of three game Mlsa
Blllington won the lUst by a M to IS score.
Miss Hunt gat the second by a 60 to 4T
score, and thn to evenly were they
Hiateliad It was deeded tp raal$e tfaa de
MlSa" garnt a hundred.pont contest This
Jllis unt won by the- narrow margin of
two points.
Thi Edison players are telling thU story
of Miriam NesWtt. Togejhsr with 3er
trude MpCoy. Mabel TrHaaeile. lltsal
LfM awl Viola Pana, Miw .'biu'as
M?4 W wire by" a. Chteaeo sa pr to
whfeh ah of the stars hare made so
papula-- Th doU was to be called Miss
Miriam hesbltt, should rtaUy rsprfseot,
as u4 BocstUe, the acirej hsraalf
ai waa to be void to fetseaU the poor
hn Lady gtiuUlr llti Kubltt .au.
far a. "U" a mtfter eaaka human lKI-
i. a fet higti Swathia a. ni.
- . !. ivi ib sveaa aiui face
'a "S1 snm. ?? " l
w sJlov4 t fu knlsiu and torm a,
tuUJJwreiuid tor the ak.al.ton
" Jls" ' -rutt t
Il!ktUIa IS IU. ivur. .J U. u
KKHr. - LirS 2.1 "' "'"
an. . .w w H, IB1M Bfl mu 1
w,an id titaqpaf ; uit-
I received the doll was en It wi to
( The Frunoug Player liave Adder! Mi
other valuable nssot to the Paramount
program by announcing; the engagement
of the celebrated and popular star, Joint
Mason who will be presented In the
world renowned dramn. "Jim the Pen
man," the heart gripping storv of tho
forffer hty sins for love, nnd hoe
after-life la one of remorse and dramatic
retribution. Mr Mason tv III, ofxcoure,
' plaj the title role, Jim Unison, the man
whoso clever pen works ao much Jinrm
i even to hi moat denrly loved and .Ahlon
finally writes with hla heart'a bipod his
own punishment.
AtKt.rit!-,,TodBV by tieorjt llrcao'hurft
and Abraham Schomer A wile excellent!)
plajed hr Ethel Vaten.lbe, teeka luxury hy
thn r&tleat wtj" and ta killed b her hua
oand. IinpAO-'Tha Secret.'; by Henri nernaleln,
Adapted by D&Wd Delaaro. A aludy of tern'
Inlno Jralouayr In which Oabrlelle Jannelot,
n lieralne, aeeke to deitroy peonle'a happl
ntaa. Francea Blarr proxe henelt an
Rctreis ot (xceptlonal lalenta In an unpleas
ant role
FonniST Nw Tork Hippodrome production
of "Pinafore." Tb tnoat elaborately alad
production or th Ollbert nnd Sullhan claaalc,
OAnrtlCK "I'otaih and rerlmutter," a drama
tliatton of the famoua atorlea of MontaiMa
Olaae. One of ih moit capitally amuatnt
jrte m yrara numan. nppeaunv 10 nn.
Attiiuti'iiauami i
tfn& f,ni a. ''torture
calf with hla uaual eaae. Mlaa Wnn. Mng
.rimrminsiy. In addtlon an excellent Mil.
UlTTI.K rllEATnE-"The Silver Dox." hv
John Oalaworthy. A line, moving- human
drama, ihowlng the bltterneaa of one man a
. Ufa and tho fatuity ot another's. Kxcellently
,i,vnlc'-"HI(jh .Ilnka." musical rnmedy. with
book by Otto Hauerhach and niuele bv Hu-
aeipn Frimi ftarrlne Bteua aisjnaw. j
relllcklnar evening's enlettalnment, full of fun
and aonr. ,
WAUNtTT "The Wlnnlni nt Harbarn Worth."
dramallratlon of Harold Holl Wrlsht'a popu
lar novel. '
Flashes From "Stars"
Frances Starr, who plajs the leadlrtc
role In Henri Bernstein's "The Secret"
at the Broad Street Theatre, had her
Hrst Introduction to the Jos of country
life last summer nt Pine Lake, in south
ern Wisconsin. Miss Stnrr'H love for tho
out-of-door life is as real nnd deep as her
ambition li big. She Is mi excellent
swimmer, but her renl out-of-door hobby
and the ono, In which she takes the
greatest delight is mountain-climbing.
True, she wns not able to Indulge In this
'favorite pastime the past summer, but
nevertheless she formed some very de
cided ideas on the subject. For ono
thing. Miss Starr says, that it Is this
out-of-door test that reveals a man's
character and stamps him an worthy or
unworthy, ns the case may be, to cope
not only with tho ordinary problems of
life, but to qualify for the more exacting
role of husband.
"If ever I marry," Miss Stair says,
"the man must be something more than
a 'porch success.' That's our name for
them nt Lake George, where t usually
spend my summers. Men Hock ,to the
sum.mer hotels every enr oung men
who can dance divinely and flirt artlstl
callj, and who know all tho parlor nc
complements. Hut befoie we admit them
whole heartcdly to the Inner circle, we
tsko them mountain-climbing.
"There Is nothing like being with peo
ple out-of-dodrs, whether it Is mount.iln
climbti.g or camping out fn the woods, to
find out what kind of folks they really
nre. Therp Is nothing that will bring out
the yellow streak. If there is one, more
quickly. It Is hard to explain Just what
happens or how it happens, but it hap-
"Pinafore" Forrest.
Ptns, The man who Is meiely a 'porch
success simply loses out under the test
of primitive conditions."
Henry Kolker and the other members
of thp company which Oliver Morosco
has engaged to support him In the new
play, "Our Children,," will rehearse In
Chicago. The, play Is 'to have Its premiere
at the Princess Theatre ln that city
Christmas week. The story Is one of
domestic life In thla country. Mr. Kolker
acts the role of a German-American who
has been successful In business, but loses
his fortune through the Indulgence of his
son. The piece was given a preliminary
production ln Los Angeles earlier In the
season in the cast are Russ Whytal,
Christine Norman, Loralna Hullng, ,Au.
gusta Burmeater, Charles Ruggles,
Frariklyn Underwood, J K. Hutchinson
and Daniel Hall.
Vaudeville Is waiting for the new dano
Ing act nqw bejiig staged by Mrs. E. B.
Alsop, the'bride of the. octogenarian mill
ionaire manufacturer of Washington, D.
a, who, after providing J3000 for the
production, now threatens to prevent hie
wife from entering the two-a-day. Mean
while Mrs. Alsop is rehearsing day and
night new society dances, assisted by
Anthony J. Tarantlno, of Rector's, and
Douglass Luckhurat, of the Hotel Plaza,
New York, who wilt be her partner
when ihe makes her debut, Ned Way
burn has been engaged to supervise the
"What's DotagTonight?"
J 9&.L
ih Kite Uall. 8 o'cloc Vrta.
Laetura. "The Cue of Belgium, the Hv.
Dr. MgeFadyea, Jlaverford College. 8 oUock
Bail-The Ainu BentOdal Anoclailon of tht
ov ..u..fr uu wppauntun (aotenr of the Tbaa-
m.W$ iMa-te0.
jfaUeralt at PaBsyIvaaIa debate ulaU
Vtlf Ill. Ualvtrslty ot Pa3ylvlal , t
tej t"iBV4 ""' sJH eX Pbf-
"w 3J t. BkUU B4Wa CUaaaa. MM
1'tS & wftusrs
'Uk Wc.
Obartsr Ecteol. M
riSf i?SUs,t- u
iaT .. msmm
twiw'-iw Oattwmt i W
iiws mwi mtet-i
WsiSBrs S reaBBBsa
t3HH !&ewl
final rehearsals Mrs Atsop la 71, tall,
btorid and llsaome Aa Flfl Hill, the belle
of Atlanta, da , she won the heart of the
SO-ycnr-old E, B. Atiop, of Washington,
and after a short courtship thoy were
mat Med Shortly after the honeymoon
the) pair aepnraMd, and Mrs Alsop la now
ashing the courts for an annulment of
her marriage on the ground that she was
a minor when It was contracted,
Harry Coroon Clarke and Mrs. Clarke
(Margaret Dale Owen) have teturned to
this country (ter n long r'Pgngement In
the Antipodes and a considerable stay In
London Mi L'larkr tailed on Ambas
rodor I'ngf In London before his de
fjarlurp In .the- InteroH of his niece, Miss
Orace Zarlng.daughter of Charles Zafllig,
a farmer attache of the Dlsttlct Attor
ney's olMce. New Voik, who, though a
lied Cross nilreo, wns arretted and held
on suspicion of being a Uermati spy Mr.
Page prtmlsed to rescue Miss Earing
ftom the elutches ot the London po
lice. Ham t.auder will appear In a new
comedv shortly after the first of thq year.
Tho orlginnl tltlo of the comedy wai
"The Heating of the Hooa," rt rofcrence
to the Scotch custom of n hoiisewnrrnlnff
by the bridegroom nnd his friends n the
eve of a wedding. The bride, by custom,
Is not permitted to bo present, Lnuder re
eentlv changed the title to "Twenty Years
Ago." He plans to act tho role of the
bildegrootn, of course, with song.
''Secret Springs," n. new play by Kate
Jordan, which she lias adapted from a
magazine story of the. tame name, will
be produced by II II. Frazee on Decem
ber 2S after a try-out performance In
Wilkes-llarre on Christmas Day. Lou
Tellegen, who came to this country first
with Sarih Bernhardt, and who last year
was a featured member of the cast of A
"Maria Itnsa." has been engaged for thn
leading role.
Tn rn)r rmnr TninoiiT !
iu uivcrHnbc lUHiuni
"The Commuters" Will Be Acted In
Belle vue-St tat ford Ballroom.
Students of tho William I'enn Charter
School will produce "The Commuters"
in tho ballroom of the Bcllevuc-Stratford
Hotel hls evening. The piece Is a farce
In four acts, nnd Is under the general
direction of Dr. C. A. Strong, master of
Kngllsh and public speaking, and tho
management of Frank if. Patterson, 3d.
Tho patronesses and boxholdera are as
Charles I Allen
Joaeph 'X' Mannlnir
Jnneilfl Ashbmolf J 1 Mannlnr. Ji'
William H. Ashbroot KJunril E. .Momlmll
Eamoude II Atiitln Jatnea &I. lK)nsacia
Wilfred Banrrolt
John M, Lonsucre
D. weBster nen
lte)noics li. iinivvn
DaMJ f. II. Chew
Waller Cope
Voorhcea Urayton
Itovvlatid C. Kvani
Clinonl II. Farr
Charles H (llbbon
Urlltln (Irlbbcl
(leorse n. llr:rU
Jamea V Holland
l.ucy H II. tliillaiwl
Kdward Iloklnaon Jr
Annur v. ueisa
Itoland H. Morrla
Albert W. Morton
William It. Nlcholaoa
W. raul O'Nalll
Maurke Oalheimer
Alonzo U. I'artona
Henry II I'atton
levari Ilandolpli
llenjimln K. I'.eath
I'harlea J. nhoada
ntonlo Y Btenau
i.iorrfe II un iJuirn
vvuiiam it unwell
C Itanlov lltitlbut
lllchnrd M. Jonta
Maurtre Joy
Jacuea 1 Vauclaln
llariovv C. ooiheva
(.harlea II. Wood
Qraliama Wood
Wliunm t:. kiiowkv
Charlton Yarnall
C Vt nlson McKiehsn Harold K Varnall
Thla week mv the first claaa to ba held In
Ihe nevt denial school at -tilth and Spruce
ttreeta. It was Or. Nathaniel Rllderaieeve's
rluea In bucleilolozy. The formal opening of
th new school will take plate In the latter
part of Januarj.
Th cnglneerlnt department will give its first
annual ahoiv December 18 VtJhere There's a
Wilt There'n a Way" la the title of tha produc
tion, a two-act mualcal comedy The libretto
vvni written by YV It Jesa Following the per
formancn n ilance will ha given with mualc
furnished by the Studenta' Orcheatra.
For tha third time In, the Watery of rowing.
I'ciiii will meet Vlo in a race achrduled for
April 2. llah the varelty and Junior crews
will row the Yale crews over the mile and a
half cnurae on the Schuylkill.
"I. t'lrclo Franca Is" will give Its annual
Freiub j.lxv at tha llellevua-htratford. He
heareala under the direction of Er61 White are
under way
The JIaak and Wig C'lub'a preliminary ahew
vrlll he pieaemed next week, "Tha Dowry
L'nclr," a inlislral comedy In one aot. la tha
pies in bq produced. .Monday and Tueaday eaat
A v- III appear and on the following two nights
piv wl'l !' rendrd bv caat II. Thoae
that ahaw tho most ability In theae perform
aiura will bo allotted and combined for. tna
final ehow, to bs given Saturday night.
W O. Miller, burear, reports tha sum of
IIH8 S3 was collected at the Unlveratty for
tha nelglan Hellef Fund.
Tha Architectural Society announcaa tha
election or the following to tha society; (S W,
Ilaumelater. 1S: J c. Ilurchlnal. MS; B. P.
FInnegan, MS; J. M. Oreeti. MO; J. Thompaon, '
eecon'l jear apectal, J. II Wopley. M0; II. O.
eager. MiS,
Thlrly.flve memhera of the New York 8tata
Club living In Srracuae. fllnghamton and
Auburn, are planning to have a apeclat car on
(ha trip home during the Chrlstmaa vacation.
Freafdent Mathewa. af the aophomore claas,
haa appointed, tho following tq Bene on a com
mittee for the bowl fight which will take place
ahortly after the holidays: II, N. de 8anno,
J. C. Dixon. W II. Frelhofar. C. E. Oela, I.
llardwlg, F. 8. Ilaaerot, C, It. Jonea, c. 1
Mrntlry. E. II. Morris. A. Prlnsla, a. 1:.
Iloblnette, F. C, Hoyer and A. Wohl, chair
man Fennaylrsnla archllecta again won honors In
the dei'Ulop of the Jvdxea of tho Whitney snd
Lloyd 'Warren prlxe conleat announced J eater.
nav in ivpw i)'K Clljr cntiiii ., aicu, oc
tho Junior claas.
was awardod tho firat nrlxa
of SM, II. U Meecowiti. of Columbia Unl
araltr. received secoml prize Floyd Morgan.
J A. n. Thompson and.w, II. Rabanold were
nihi Pnnaltanlana ulm received mantlnna
Over M dealgiia were aiibmlttad In the com-'
petition trow acnooia ana coueiea sit ovar tna
aountry Tha problem waa "An Automobile
Factory." and tha ronteetante wars limited to
three days' time In which Io complete th
J Frank Dunmore, 50 yeara old, for
many years proprietor of the Stockyard
Hotel, 13th and Itace streets, died sud
denly last night In hla apartments at the
hotel of heart disease Mr Dunmore was
a member of the Excelsior Lodge, No. 491,
Studio, 1820 CHESTNUT ST.. can ba ranted
for select private daneea Phone, Bprma 34Te
r take e. Strictly private Laaaoo Coaaalt
Anu.Bruat,. Cbaatnut St.. U19.
SPECIALIST ta yp-to-tne-mtnut daoeae.
ROPBPII SHALftlt (Seek Peace)
Servtees Saturday, 19 a m.
S B. Coraer Bread sod Mt Vernon Sta
JIaary BerWowlla, Alt nvalaoma!
Botb Beset
Private Lessons c'vU sarvte. eaortbaai,
Ulaa Maaea. 613 Lafayette Bidg 8thCot.
I -
F and A. M ; th St. John's Chapter,
No. 232, F and A. M.j the Bt. John's
Commandery. P nnd A. M( and the
Jappa Council of Lti Lu Temple. He Is
survived by his widow and a brother,
Member of General Sherman's Staff
and President of Shoe Firm.
Colonel Andrew George Wood, presi
dent of the shoe manufacturing firm bf
Croxton Wood A Co., nnd a veteran of
ficer of the Civil War, died last night nt
the German Hospital, having failed to
tally front Ihe effects of an operation he
had undergone several dajB ago. He was
born In Ohio 71 years ago,
Colonel Wood was a member of Gen
eral Sherman' staff during the war, and
rommanded the 31st Ohio Negligent of
Votunteeia. which was a part ot the
Army of the Tennessee
Colonel Wood founded the shoe firm 4S
eari ago. shortly after his arrival In
Philadelphia. Aa a member of the Phila
delphia Shoe Association, he arbitrated
many differences between shoe mnnufac
ttireiei nnd their employes, He was a
member of the Union League for many
yearn. The Wood home Is at "W8 North
63d attest, Overbrook. He Is sUnlved by
live daughters. The funeral services will
be held Saturda) aftornon at 2 O'clock
from tho rooms of Oliver H. Hair, ISM
Chestnut street.
Captain Marcus Balnbridge Buford, for
merly an otllcer In the United States navy,
died nt hla home In Paris, Franco, on
Mondaj. He was In hln 70th year.
Captain Buford was born 111 Louisville,
Ky nnd waa nppolntcd to the Naval
Academy from that State In October,
1H1. lie waa graduated In 186S, nnd was
a lieutenant commander when he resigned
from the navy on January 1, 188H. He
was appointed lieutenant commander In
tho olunteer navy during tho Spanish
American Wai. nnd for a time vap In
charge of the transports taking troops
from Tampa. Fla . to f'ubn, .when agnln
ho was transfer! ed tp the transport serv
ice between Sau Francisco and MnnlU
Thn Rev James Haughton, rector
emeritus of thn Episcopal Church of the
Redeemer, nt Bryn Mavvr. died lato yes
terday at the Hahnemann Hospital, fol
lowing a protracted Illness. He was rec
tor of tho Bryn Mawr church for many
ycais, and took nn actlvo Interest In civic
ns well as church activities. His home
wns in raoll, Pa. He leaves awldow and
several children.
WASHINGTON', Dec. 11 Robert Wil
liams, of Chombersburg, Pa first Dep
uty Commissioner of Internal Revenue,
died at his homo here yesterday of pneu
monia. ' He was 7t yenrs old and had
been in the Government service 18 jears.
He served ln the revenue offices nt New
York, New Orleans, St. Louis and other
cities throughout the United States. Mr.
Williams was a voloran ofTlcd' of the
Civil War, sorving an a colonel of volun
teers ln the Union army
DAVENPORT, la., Dec. 11. MonslRnor
Antlo Nlermann. 83 years old, pastor of
St. Joseph's 'Catholic Church In Daven
port since 1859. died yesterdny. He was
the oldest priest ln the Davenport dio
cese. He 'waa elevated to the rank of
Monsisnor at the celebration of his golden
Jubilee, March 29. 1909.
ACKEItSIANN. On December 10. ION,
EMSCAHUTH, wife of William H Acker
mann, lftuu North 20th at. Due notice of the
funeral will be given.
ASIAN. On December P, 1814, AMBROSE
AMAN. Ilalatlvea and frlenda are Invited
to attend tha funeral on Saturday momlnr,
at 8J0 o'clock, from hla lato reildence. T4Ju
Sprague at., Mt Airy. Solemn Itequlem
Mesa at Holy Croat Church, at 10 a. m.
Interment private Pleaae omit flower).
AHHIBON. Suddenly, on December 8, 1014.
thumas it, AJtmuupi. nuioano oi me iatc
Ilebaeca II. Arrlaon (nee Cooniba).
eervicaa on i-aiuraay. at
at zza
North J2d at.. Camden. N
private-. Evergreen Cemetery ,
JIKNZING. On December 10, 1014. T'!!-
L1AH. huaband of Mario Ilenxlng,
Due notice
or the lunerai wm vt given, ir
rom hla late
reildence. ::a tjqutlt ltn etc
niNNS. At Oermantown. on December 10,
1014. LOUISE HOWARD, will ot Walter A.
Illnni. Due notice of tho funeral will be
no-rev On December 0. 1014. ELIZABETH
C, beloved wlfo of Edward Holt and daugh
ter ot JCathrlna Shelter and tha late William
Ilundnagle. aged 23 jeara. nelatlvea and
frlenda are Invited to attend the funeral aerv
Icee, on Saturday evening, at 8 o'clock, at
htr lata realdenca, 4180 Ogden at. Interment
at lilllitde Cemetery on Sunday morning,
leaving rfaiaeqca at io pciock. . .
nrtEAOV.-rOn December 0. 1014, MART A.,
utilm at the lata Jamea flreasy. Ralatlvea
and frlenda-are Invited to attend funeral on
Saturday morning, at 8,30. from her lata
reataence, 1I3T weat Thompson at. Solemn
nemilam Maaa at the Church of tha Qfiu. at
10 o'clock. Interment at Holy Croaa Ceme
tery. DltOOUB On December 10. 1914. EUZAr
I1BTU CROOKS, widow of Herbert Ilrooka.
J"uneral aervlcea on Saturday, December IS,
at t p. m, at her late reeldence. 101? North
Bid at. Interment private.
CAltN. On December 10. 1014, ALICE
I1LVLEII CAUN. daughter of Amanda. C. and
the lata Abraham II, earn. Funeral on Mon
day, at 2 p. pi., from her mother raaldence.
Fort Waahlngton, Pa. Interment private.
OA1UI. On December 8, 1014. ELLEN W
wire of Alfred C. Carr. Funeral on Satur
day, at a 30 a. m., from her late reeldence,
215 East Aahmrad at., Oermantown Hleh
Um at Bt, Francla of Aaalal Church, at 10
a. m Interment private, at Holy Sepulchr
CONtVAY. On December 8, 1014. MARY,
widow of Michael Conwav. Funeral on Sat
urday, at 6.80 a, in., from 2S24 Ituth at.
Illih Maaa at tlia Church ot tha Visitation.
at IO a m. Interment at Bt, Dominic's
i attatt,
PhratnittSt Opera illama of World's
WlCSinul Jt'Ioiil Oreateat Pholoplaya
Af ts , Uo S, 10 He. Erga., f to 11, I0,ts,e
Twice Dally, Aftrrnoona. St JO. Erea., 880,
Preceded by dally change drat run picture.
40th and JIarket sta. I-v
""lT X17a KenalagtoQ Ave.
"The Beader of Mlada?' Keyatone. Olhera.
"Hello, Mabel" Keystone. Others.
4rviJ Kenalnglon Allegheny Ave.
lUljeas and th Cook" parta. Others.
"Th District Attorney'a Jlrotber," J part.
' -JU ejroox- Bweetbeart, ' I part.
Ctnll of the Vaae. Keyatone. Othera.
gtJ.OO tot ts Nana Accepted for Thl Tbcafr
T Kenalugton - I'hltli Ave
"The Old llute PUyr." "Lela the Hat."
"TUiml. fer th Lcbaler "
CI.VUK. On December T. IBM, t Norfolk,
va , nonnnT Jf.. non erf, th late Hooert J.
and Jean Thompson Clyde. Interment pri
vate, at cedar Clrme Cemetery olouettter,
r, J
IMP, ROM On December ., 11. WILLIAM
t: W DAUSO.f, huaband of Annie Dawson
funeral aervlren on Raturday, ot 5 p in ,
at wsw North Water at, Interment at Oreen
Mount Cemetery
UK l.RO. JMNNIB DE LEO, 1421 South
juniper tt
UIKt-FKNIMCHKIt On Dtcember 9. IBM,
neral rervlces on Saturday, at 3 p m.. at hla
Into residence, B3IB, Turner at Interment pri
vate, at Olenwood rtmelery
IHH'fiHKtlTYr On December 8. 19U KtlZ
AHET1I, beloved wife of Jeffrey P Dougherty,
ttelatlvea and frlenda are Invited to attend
Ihe funeral, en Friday morning, al S SO
o'clock, from her late reeldence. HMO Market
at .solemn Htqulem Maea at 8t, Jamea'
Church at to o'clock. Interment at Holy
Croaa Cemetery . ,
DHOXI.KII. On December , 1I4. AN
THONY JOHN, beloved son of Michael nnd
Anna Droxler. Funeral on Saturday, at 7 So
S. m., from H01 Routh Mat at. Solemn Maaa
f Itequlem at St. Francis de Sales Church,
at r m. Interment at St, Mary'l Came
trr, ItoTborough.
EMIRIt, Suddenl). on December 8, 18H. It,
T.. husband of Mottle II Rider. Funrral
services on Saturday, 'nt 2 p m., at 12tu
u ( iiiiciiiiviit 'f g f eaiTT .
Sudilenlr. at Dlrmlna-ham. N. J.
nn Tiw.trit. Mnlh Ofh. SRid JnltM II.
KV'ANft. aged M tear Itelatlvca and friend)
sr Invited to attend th funeral, from th
reeldence ot hi father-in-law, llenlamln D
Haines, Rancocaa, N. J., on. Seventh-day,
Twelfth Month, at 2 p. m, Aulomoblles will
hieet trains Inavlng Market St Kerry. Phila
delphia, st ISiSO p. mi snd Palnberton st
12-82 at Masonvllte. N. J.
PI.KTR1IP.IIh-on December 0. 1014, HELEN
A., daughter of the late John J. and Puian
II Fletcher Olxon. Fi'ral on Saturday, at
SjlO n. m , from lier 1st rraldence. SOT Soulh
Hancock at. Angel Stats at SI. Philip's
church at 10 a in. Interment at Holy Croes
ntlllL - WILLIAM PltUlt, HIS Torlc ave.
FtrREYH-On December 8. 1014. MART A
ruiiKi, aaugnter or Francia t. ana Annie
. I'urey me uurneyi
Funeral on Satur-
i n u n. ni.. ir
rnm her naranta' real.
denre. X0 Sorlrig Oarden at, High Mail
ot iicqtiitm at u Agatna a vnurcn. at ao
n. m. Interment at Old Cathedral Cemetery.
OI.KNN. On December 10, 1014, ROSfc,
widow of Nlcholaa P. Glenn and daughter
of the late Patrick and Mary Onrmley.
Funeral on Monday, at R'itO a. m., from her
laie residence, 1623 south 8th at Requiem
High Maaa at Church of the Annunciation at
10 a m precleely. Interment Holy Croaa
tlREENV On December lo. 1014. MART A.,
wife of Harry A. Oreen Funeral on Wednea
!. from her late reeldence, 240 W'atklna
t. Maaa of Requiem at thn Church of Ihe
sacred Heart at B:.1o p. m precleely. Inter
ment Holy Crosa Cemetery.
IlltO ARK. On December A. 1011. ANNA
MAitiA, daughter or Micnaei ana Mary
Oroark and granodaughler of Mary and the
jatQ tjcorge ana Annie stennrt, 1'un.rai on
Saturday, at 1 p m , from 120 Kllaworh
at. Interment at Holv Croe Cemetery.
IIACOirroN On, December 10. 1014. the
REV. JAMES HAUOHTOr.". Due notice of
th funeral ulll h slven.
lIArSKNKCIIT. Suddenlv, on December fl,
1014. ANNIE EL1AI1ETII. wife of Theodore
PJ. .1, Hauaknecnt nce Ilrookai, , Funeral on
Saturday, at 1 v m., from 2714 North Ssth
at. Interment at Mt. Peace Cemetery.
1IEANEY. On December 7. 1014. BESSI&
daughter nt Ju.la Bnd the late 1'ttrlck
Heanov. Funeral on Saturday, nt R.30 a, m.,
from SCilt Shcdaker at , Uermanlovvn. Solemn
Maes of Itequlem nt St. Vincent's Church, at
10 a, m Interment at Holy Sepulchre Ceme
tery. IIKLMHTKAD. At Ft. Leavenworth, Kan
sai. on December T, 1014, JOSEPH J., eon
or Samuel and Margaret Helmatcad. In tvl-e
l!flth j ear. Relatlvea Rnd friends nre Invited
to attend tho funeral, on Saturday, at 7 .10 a.
in., from his mother's residence. 3102 Sanaom
atreel, Philadelphia, Maaa at St. James'
Church, at I) a. m. Interment at Old Cathe
dral Cemetery.
HEM ITT. On December 10. 1014. MART,
widow of John Hewitt. Funeral aervlcea on
Monday, nt I .,10 p ni at her late residence,
034 North rionaall at Interment N'orthwood
HOFFMAN. On December 0. 1014, MA-
tii.ua ii daughter late noma J. and
Hirah II. I In rr man Relatlvea snd friend
are rerpecifull
' Invited to attend the funeral.
i'ii oavuiony. mi p. in., iruni ner late reel
-.. -..'.... Z. .. i . ' M. .-i- !".-
u oav.
Ni and Media ata.
Interment pr-
he tnnrnlne nf Tlermeher O.
lllll. Dr. LOUIS JACK. In the S.ld Mr (
hla age. Funeral aervlcea will be held at hla
late reeldence. Manchester ave., Moylan. Pel
aware County! I'a, on Saturda), December
12, at It a, ml Train leaves Rroad St. Station
at uito a in., Interment private. Kindly
omit flowers '
KEHR. On December 10, 1014, at the Weet
Philadelphia Hoapltal for Women, SARAlt
E. KE1IR. Funeral aervlcea an Saturday,
precleely at lp.ni, at the ihapel ot Andrew
J. Hair & Son, 10th and Arch ata. Interment
MIddlatown. I'n.
KOCIIr-On Decemher 0, 1014, ELIZABETH,
widovvJ of Oeorga Koch, Funeral services on
Saturday, at 2 p. in., at the reeldence of her
aon-ln-law. Otto Telchman.' H1J North loth
t Interment at Odd Fellowa" Cemetery.
KOHLEK. On -December 10, 1BH.
CHARLES H .. huaband of the lata Sonhla
Kohler, Funeral aervlcea on Sunday, at 2130
p. m . at file lata realdence, 03O North ,13th
at. Interment Oreen Mount Cemetery. '
MANN. BRIDGET MANN, 840 North 27th
MrCANDI.ESS. On December 0, 1014. MAR
GARET C, vvife of Lealla A. McCandleaa.
Relatlvea and friends are Invited to attend
the funeral, on Saturday morning, at at.10
o'clock, from her late reeldence, 4412 Pine
at Solemn Requiem Maaa at Bt. Francis de
Sain Church ' '" "'clock. Interment pri
vate. Pleaae omit flovvera.
MeCOIICllH-rQn December 10. 1014. ELIZA
BETH McCOUCII. widow of Robert McCouch.
aged 60 yeara. Funeral on -Monday, it 3
p. m.. from the realdenca of her daughter,
Jlre. Hannah Vanzant. 3020 Manayunk ave.,
"I'm fixing Dolly up to give
some other little girl a Merry
fimas. What are you going to
give, mother?"
Over a thousand Utile boys ancKgirls are giving up
their very own toys so that thousands of other
poorer kiddies in Philadelphia will really know what
it is to have a Merry Xmas.
These youngsters , started this idea themselves
organized the Public Ledger Santa Claus Club-
and made up their minds Santa wouldn't forget a.
single kiddie in town,
They Need Your Help
The boys and girls who organized this Santa
ask you trrownups to help them, A quarter
make some child hannV on
you join this good movement ? Give us toys, a barre
of apples, warm clpthing, candy, a doU or a dollar;
anything and everything will help!
Ledger autQ$"wjU call anywhere at jjny time yow
for anything you hgve. These autos, Chfistwij
morning, will distribute the good things to Mvr
sands of poor children. Write when wecn call, m
send your goat to the
, t 688 Cttgjiit-3trtft
Make checks payable to tke, United Secar) Life
iweuranee b4 Trust tcjmmmt-t Trtaaurer FuWu,
Ledfr Si Claus- Futlftt ::
WasMitchMT, , B4rlces In nt, Simathr'i
Prtteattnt Episcopal Church, at 8 p. m In
terment Laverlngton Cemetery.
"SPtRt-I December jo itu. MAItt
MeNAnn widow of John Mcfiabb, of CaMer
bank, piaeaove. Scotland ftmerst en Men.
5ly' 1 '? "..,m J ren West Btffl
M' Heaulem Hleh Mass at SI vr6Hjes?s
I'hurch, at 10 a tn Interment Holy tiros
iaijjiKi.i on Derember . 3PM. MAltY,
rjf".;fllllam Mitchell. Funeral tervlfei
I- On Derember . HU. MAhY.
on Saturday, a'
tJJ m at -her lit rl
North Front al Interment prt
kland t emeterr
Miicc, wvi
M5!J?c-0n..u.,'"nf'. ion. t fct jo.
"aSS, JtVJiM' JOSBPlf A . ' htistattd. et
tVJ?U.F JiEK1 '""""' o' riaUtmer-. Mfl.
ISLITLV atrleuy private
CHARf.ES V PETERS, aged PQ Jearf Uela
if" and friends are Invited to attend the
' dn Seventh-day Satunlay, ISth.
at the rsrlors of clement A Uoodnult, IT2S
P.'I3lU"v,v.i ,0." m- Interment al Cn.
rprd Friends' Rurylng .Ireund. et 12 ft) ?ar
Jf ilt tnet frsiln leaving tlroad St Sta.
tier i at 11 -on at Concordv Me Station
I.. Manayunlt
llRiS;.f'.iiCEJJ0B1R' S2s Nrlh 0th t.
.', ,v vssanfl I flmnvrr
- V,:'-'- "l'".'t J-uiirroi rvicra. at lair
residence. B4U Woodatock at., Saturday, t3
0 clock Interment mt Vap,ku, H..MIf...
S?.,,J,'il,!ANX79n..0;ml,r 10,1014,WIL-tl-sfi'M""A
nCHMNOMAN, wife of llenry
Bchllngman. Funfral.aervlc, Monday after
ffnV, i i0 o'eloek ereefssjy. at
iJS Ni...h "' .'"terment In Hllle uV Cme-
...IXJSl? funeral car
JHIELtiV, in hla 3Mh ear Funeral aerv
lcea on Saturday, at 2 p. m. precisely, at th
reeldence of Mra. Sarah North. Ufa Souta
?.V.'l "' fnierment private.
SMW),Jl,l!'-.0n. Dedemher 0 jojl.
JJA.5,Y E, wife of the late? Charles II 6hJ.
mI?,n'. .H.n".ral. rv Ices on Monday at 3
vol?" w Fr,nklln t- Interment prl-
RIiI,?.trAn,jTj9,i Dmber 0. 1014. LOVI.
SSi1"1-..0' Ul. u,l .Catherine Rhepnafd Inee
ferlf). Funeral aervlcea Saturday, 10 a. m .
"t. reeldence, 1S27 French at. Interment
Qwif.'..'!' ",n Mount Cemetery
lyth. 1014. CATir-ARINB W., wife of Jonn
M. Slieppard. Funeral from Frlenda' Meeting
,,,V..5;.V,Ivcrn' s f' m- Seventh Hay, 12th.
"JfJiilft?'. .0n December 10. 1014,
PATRICK J., .huebanrt of Mary J. Sheridan
Funeral on Monday, at a 30 a m.. fTolri hla
I"1" '"'"ence. 1.4-4 nouin .Markoo at solemn
JJaes of Requiem at St Francia de Sales
Church at 10 a. In Interment Holy Croas
BTEITZ." On December 0. 11)14. WILLIAM
J., huaband of Emelia Stella. Funeral serf-t.'.-
J" Saturday. Dec 12. at 2 So p. tn., at
2IB0 N. 17th at. Interment Mt. Peace Qssic-
sT,lSVAPTr-n December 9. 1014, ARCnt
BALD.huaband of Mary II. Stewart, Funeral
BRjurelir..vt 1 p. m from his 1st residence.
5.0'P H".1?.11?. . Interment private. North
Cefar Hill Cemetery.
STOUT. On Detember , loll LOVINA.
,uuw ni uinjAiiun eiout ince atoyeri. lu.
neral, on Saturday, at 7:30 o'clock, from 2211
N. Franklin at Requiem Maaa at Bt. Itonl-
faclua' Church.
Cathedral Cemetery.
BTOVERh Suddenly, on December 7 3014.
cea on Saturday. Dec. 12. at 2 o'clock-, at his
late realdence, .130 Dnrrance at,. Brlitot. Pa.,
without further notice. Interment Jlrlatol
BTItllMPFH-On December 10, 1014 WIL
LIAM F. STRUMPF. son of th lata WIlllaM
- ana aiari nirumpr. tincrai on Monday,
nt H:.10
m.. from Ihe realdence
it nir
brother. Henry Strumpf, 2014 Montrose rt.
Requiem Maaa at St. Charlea' Church, at 10
a. m. Interment Holy Uroaa Cemetery,
TAIFER. SAMUEL TAipER. 35 North Slat
TOItBERT. On Tueaday, December a, 1914,
MARIA C. TORBERT. wjdow of the late
Jamea L. Torbert. aged 83 years. Relatlvea
and frlenda are Invited to attend tha funeral,
on Saturday, December 12, at 3:30 o'clock,
from the realdenca qf Leroy Suber, 24 1 South
Chancellor at., Newtown, Pa Train for
Nawtown leaves Reading Terminal at 1 23
R. m. Interment at Nawtown Cemetery.
END. On December 0, 1014, FRANCE
VIOLET, daughter of Jamea D. Snd El!a
bejh M. Trend. In her 18th year. Belatires
nnd frlenda are Invited to attend th funeral
aervlcea, at the Church of St. Mertln'i-ln-the-Fle(f,
St. Martin's, Cheatnut Hill, on
Monday afternoon, at 1:80 o'clock.
WATEHIIOURB. On December 0, 16 11. Can
tain (IKOnUK W., huaband of Ihe late Cast
line Watnrhoua (nee Rlnear) Funeral eerv
Irea. on Sunday afternoon, at 1 o'clock, at
J2I1 W. York at. Interment private, lilllalda
Ccmaierj, Funeral car,
WIL8ON. On . December 8. 1014, MART
JANE, wife nt Thomaa Wtlaon and daughter
ot Joseph nnd Margaret Kerr, Funeral aerv
lcea, on Saturday, at 2i30 -o'clock, at tlOS li.
With at. Wth and Baltimore ave I Interment
Fernwood Cemetery.
WONDERLY On December 8 1014. BAM-
t'EI. E,, huaband of Emma C Wnndcrly me
Clark), aon ot the lata Franklin B. and
Roaalla -vvonderty. Funeral oq Saturday, at
2 p. ni.. from 2018 E. Tioga at. Interment pri
vate at North Cedar Hlircemetery
nilOI).-On December 10 1014. Colonel A.
QEORCIE WOOD, ln hla 72d year Relatlvea
ami friends, alan employee of Croxton. Weed
4t Co;; are Invited 10 attend tha funeral serv
re.on Saturday afternoon, at 2 o'clock, at
the apartments of Oliver H Bair, 1920 Cheat
nut at Interment private.
WUEST. On Decemher 10, 1014, LORENZ.
huaband ot Annie Wueat funeral aervlcea
on Sunday, December 1.1, ar 2 p. m.. at hi
lata realdence. 13 North 32d at.. Camden,
N. J. Interment at New Camden Centaury.
OpEIL ANNIE TODER, 3S08 Matlgyunlc
YfVtJNG. JAMES YOUNO. 2503 North Front
iw I
Xmas morning. Wo
K wi
"' 5tl t i;
5 leaflet.
'itSr iii. as cm 4ttfr iii unnwcKn
ssb i.Mi-(jat
,JSS3k. I
mm Utt euexit, rem.

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