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.Conccintfhtion of Their Attack Upon Organized Ball Has
i, Been Along the Pitching Line Pithy Notes of
I! Comment on Various Subjects.
A' mart on thltd, ivllh two men out,
j Two runs would win tlio grim;
iCould he but rrtike a homo-run clout,
(Deathless would be his fnme,
'' He gave his gilmy rants a hltcli,
j And spat upon his nanus)
' Ul cap he gave n nervous twitch
Anil faced the howling stands,
"Three balls!" a bellow of ilollghtt
"Two strikes!" the umpire said,
lie knocked the next one out of Bight
And then felt out of bed.
t : :t
, Organised baseball will very likely show
a greatly weakened front by the first of
, fhd i-enr. since the Federals are doing
. ' jthelf shopping early. Although the out
Jaws liavo picked up good players when
1 ver the opportunity has been presented,
the most prominent feature of their cam
paign has been the concentration of their
nttnik on the rival pitching corps. The
result la evident by tho rcmarknble nriay
of slab artlstn now in tho possession of
the Ollmore circuit
Among the star twlrlers under contract
to tho Federal League clubs are the fol
lowing: Walter Johnson, "Eddlo" Plank,
"Rube" Marqunrd, "Chief" Mender.
i Russell Ford, Claude Hendrlx, Fred
Kalltenberg, A. It. Johnson, "Tom"
Beaton, Krnpp, Adams, Camnltz, Cut
lop, Quinn, Laflttc, Packnrd, Suggs,
Kuetzer, Brown, Uallcy, Mullln,
Groom, Crandall, Brennan. Moore,
Billiard. Bluojackct, AVIIIct, Moron
and others df equal prominence.
Doubtless tho Federal Leaguers flguro
that a club Is as strong as Its pitchers.
With such material for the box, thero
bould not be great difficulty building up
well-balanced teams. There Is no appar
ent reason why the newcomers should not
furnish a. high-class brand of baseball In
" AH Is not yet made public by the Fed
eral moguls, nnd many a surprise will
likely be sprung on tho baseball public be
fore the opening ball Is sounded next
prlng. It Is true there are no moro "Wal
ter Johnsons, but there are othervplaycrs
who are nearly as prominent.
No matter what tho ultlmato outcome of
, tho entangled Athletics' situation may be,
the Federal League will no doubt see
several lengthy rays of hope In the local
basoball muddle. It has been the Inten
tion of the "Outlaws" to put a club In
this cltj4 since they began active opera
tions over a Vear ago. But so far they
have been unable to see where they
would be able to live financially. Now
Philadelphia looks brighter to them far
brighter In fact than they had ever dared
hope. 'If the Athletics team remains hero
Under the present management, which
Cpnnle Mack has repeatedly nssured tho
public It would, then tho Federals ore fig
uring that the loss In popularity of the
three-time world's champions will give
At. m 41... .rnlrtan innnHltnllv tn ntpn In
nd bet patronage.
Unquestionably this la tho best time
that tho Federals could have chosen for
ruch n, step. While tho real thinking fan
cannot help admit that Connie Mack has
done what every other man with foresight
would have done, there are thousands who
can only see the fnct that Mack has al
lowed some of his stars to get away: that
tho team In 1815 wilt not be what It 1ms
been for tho last 10 years. This theory,
while entirely wrong. Is nevertheless one
which many have adopted. The result
Is? Oil, the Federals will get a largo
group of fans who wero formerly dyed-ln-the'
wool Mack followers.
Thus far not even a Now Tork rumor
Tiaa corns across to the effect that Mryck
would trade John Shlbe, nor has nny one
nut Von Ohl Into the Athletics" presi
dential chair. Verily, the dreamers are-
overlooklng a host of opportunities.
Students may come and students may go,
But Brooke talk goes on forever.
hls Is the only one for today, so don't
'"Father, what Is "undue Influence?"
That, Little .One, la the state of mind
occasioned by playing one winner that
makes a fellow willing to back 10 losers In
'Thank you. father"
J, Edward Grillo, of the Washington
Btar, about hits the nail on the head
when he says:
t Connie Mack Is not to be blamed
It he has decided to break up his
, ! famous pennant-winning nggrega-
j.tlon. If a club cannot make money
i X with. a. team which romps home
, -with the flag, what Is the good of
i having It? The chances are that
, when Mack starts to rebuild a team
, with recruits that Interest will bo
revived In the team. Last year
, It was taken for granted that the
j. Athletics would win. The result
, was that only a smalt portion of
1 the fans went to the park to see
the games, the greater number be
ing satisfied with reading about the
game In the papers or watching
, some downtown scoreboard. The
J fans simply were tired of seeing
' the team win, and if next season
Mad; has some new faces and It
, becomes a question as to where the
, team will finish there may be a re
vival of Interest, which Is very
t Tnucfc needed.
Bomo of the loca.1 fans have already
ton record by saying that they
not patronize tbe Athletics next
tf all the stars are gone. On the
hand, others have- made. It very
hat with young blood on the Mack
VJfMR tbelr intereit in the team will re-
::; :::
About cut verbose and eloquent as an
stMeial communique rem the war xoqe
was 9eeretary Heydler'a announuetuent of
tfe operation of the National Leaguers,
-Trt "STBUght their three days' secret
fumjon ta an end yesterday after
l0h. Secretary Heydler was asked for
wot, and this is what he said. "We
Save nothing, definite to report" Later.
wfc he was approached, be did say that
tti 'Hwieral League was not even mn-
Jt was snubbed completely. The
ml asj not definitely acted upon.
was, tk DiayMs' contrast affair
.fmUmtd out. Both of these matters
tpt over until a later date, pre
WMIffly tbe February mwIob.
::: f.i
jtffkln the question ties artMs; "Wba
it & au uUur and when dea b
Vlwlato ntKh a Imf Chariaa, Houghton.
m KMCark, N. J, holder of the Intar
dtutastte one-wUe curd, ha btta d-
4Jn4 ft profMnat because lie was play
t iu xmm vmmwf r-iayrouna
auAinw it i rwwiy me opiaion M
pilr that UoiigMOB U no vooie at
tlua wims o aii stanea
for ontt, Jt Htm about as
to decuwa a. Bewspatwrman
wrti atblexfs artiolM a prMes-
MOmsO. Tha dMNUMiSaatKW of Houghton
n,n suwir isn t fair
Mhtth&r Kouffhtoa is a profamtoasJ or
i:jt -!?! -t- jtera.ljtd t a oUig f
J UMhUUn A5w.Ss,U, A A V
sy-fr-ni -tvvAto dal -,
ii MiH1 jt i'M tiU-ti
1' rbiis&, itf .... !l.;i afMuJ
fc ikaJutmm ti $fwis $,mj,
4ftkMh! jj W ttl liaui. U
.mmjgmzmLm -mwm . j
sntntlvo and a tie would result If
Houghton Was declared out of the race.
Houghton was ruled out of tho Columbia
run tho Saturday before tho American
men was run here, nnd It seems to us tho
locnl olllclals should have taken up tho
matter then. Instead of permitting tho
youngster to stnrt, win tho race and then
threaten to tako the glory away from him.
, HI til
Basketball fans or Camden, that Is, a
few of thorn, do not seem to rcnllzo that
tho only way for tho Eastern Lenguo to
remain on Its present piano Is through co
operation. In the Do Ncrl-Camden game
Played recently some of tho spectators
beenmo sov obstreperous that they should
havo been removed by tho police, Ono
sportsman In tho gnllery nt Alpha Halt hit
"J6C' Fogarty, Do Nnrl's veteran for
ward, with a tobacco can Just as he was
about to try for a foul goal. Tho can hit
the player on the head, nnd while It did
not seriously Injure him. It might hno
dono so. Such conduct Is not very gentle
manly. Furhermore, many of tho specta
tors throw newspapers Into tho cage,
hooted, Jeered and otherwlso exprossed
their dissatisfaction over tho success of
tho Do Norl team against tho Camden
:!! ::: i .
They say that on the subject of his lato
conference with Charles Wccghman.
Garry Hcirmnnn Is keeping mUm. It la
further understood this U not tho first
tlmo Garry has been known to keep
that commodity. Hence his dry wit.
When asked If It were true that his son
Karl would manago tho Athletics noxt
season, Counlo Mack said or rather ho
would havo If ho had not hung up tho
::: :::
Latest reports from tho war theatre de
clare that the Germans havo driven a
wedgo Into tho Allies' right wing. Noxt
summer some Federal League clubs will
wish Chief Bender had been the target
Instead of the Allies,
.Seven more daiB nnd an exodus of pro
moters, managers and fighters, not unllko
tho drift of the Forty-niners, though In
an opposlta direction, will tako place from
California. On December 18, according to
the latest announcement, the antt-boxlng
law In that Stato will go Into effect and
woo to him who dares to stago n boxing
contrbt. It's on 111 wind, however, thnt
blows nobody good, nnd very truo In this
case. The Eastern spectators havb often
wished to seo tho clever coast pugilists
In action Now wo are pretty sure of wit
nessing theso stars of the ring and we
aro thankful.
If the Greatest Good for
, Game Is to Be Had, Meet
ings Should Be Held Be
fore Legislature Convenes.
Secretary Joseph Kalbfus, of the Penn
sylvania State Gamo Commission, sub
mits the third of a series of articles for
Uvenino Ledger readers!
"In the last Legljlaturo thcro were' 41 Mils
lntroducad relating 'to game. I nolle that
more than one-halt q( th next Legislature
will b new men, earneit and conscientious
iS fVJ Vr- ut '"Pressed with the Idea
that the thoJiht prevalllnr m tn aecMon
of the State from whim wey rray ome la
the pnper and only one, and muat iirevall.
1hl la almply human nature, haa been nnd
always Will he. Thesa men bnnw nntUlnn
of former battles or tho reaiona why their
predecenors decided a they did regarding
theaa matters, and I am writing now In thS
hopa- that aportamen may gel together before
!. !'.eeJ,Ulture meets, b(v and take, as they
huuld do, and arrle at conclusions thit will
not only produca plcaaure for lha present, bus
that will rerpetuau those pleaiures thiough
coming yeara. ,
Hportaraen are only human, and are po.
K'1 Sf Jdei .thaL ar? ratly regarding
tha methpda beat adapted to aeiura desired
ends In the matter of game protection. There
arp manv dlfferencea of opinion, although I
believe i that but Jew will dispute the assertion
that tha sale of game and spring ahootlng
means extermination Regarding peaaons and
. .SB ,!m.,t th"f ?" .marled opinions! many
of thoao Interested In these matters write to
the Uama Commission, and we have thought
It might be well to draft a bill and present
it aa a suggestion to aportamen embodying
these thoughts, compromised and smoothed aa
it appears necessary to satisfy tho arlrt
sections of the rommonneallh. giving our
re..ons for such action
"We had SO3 0M hunters In Fennshanla
U,J .y',"r wh. P'1? a resident hunter's llconsa
and bellote that fully 100,000 men hunted with
out aecurlnr a license, the landowner, the
tenant and their families, under tha provisions
of law, and tho llmltud numher who hunted In
violation of law, making fully JOO.000 hunters,
soma experts, some not but altogether con
stituting a (erce for destruction that makes
3n wonder how any living thing In the ahape
tt game escapes and how It Is we have game
at all. I am satisfied that It our local birds
are to bo perpetuated ahootlnr should not b
permitted for a longer rerlod than one month
in .this Bute. They cannot stand a longer
' If we had 400,000 hunters In this State last
5ear, and a general average ot 110 was ex
pended by each man, and 1 belleva when one
xmlars the cost ot guus, ammunition, clothes,
lost time and money ai.ti.elly expended In
travel, that this amount yer man la a fair
aiersge. we have Si.orio.00il expanded In ona
season in this State to destroy what nature and
tha Oitas Ouumlfslon. wis expected to return
through the use of less than J10.000 for tha
am time. Jt la apparently Just as hard to
make good brick today without straw aa It was
in the olden tunas, and tho (Jam Commission
produce rutted greuaa from wildcats,
Ta. hawks, owls, craws or athAr i,miln.
which, la my opinion destroy many times ovei
the auantltr- of same taken by man.
ii seeHta iu lue ueeesazry, iBererore.
duce the season during which nonmlgratory
birds may be legally killed one month and to
make the time ot the open season (air alike to
North and South aiul Kxtt awl West Ox that
Uovo. for he rfiontti of November, a time when
the lea. will have fallen over most ot tbe
StstA tkhon the weather will ha nun. .il.hu
for Irainpj than earlier In the season, wbep tha
H, an. aooe all the;, at a time when tbe
:e4ls are ueuaUy wet from fall raiaa and ttS
I 0 tf M;a
f f V Ti -Lr TlTesa sSl ' V l VsMsM V&Uitt. lsaew Ja- -TTwFnTJsaft I J IQl 4fW T Al VEtI 3s K3 1W COCOA
I iJCT. ....I ii . i ii-JfrTrV, 'io gin ... i. x . ii .i ii FrtMF7v'--i' "'i-saWi 'i ra! lLI" " i "Bn' y "" f"4
w ms3BPrz?m rw '... v&v sur mi vm 31kllisrTMWi, m. rs wi "azypiift
-TUS: HC-s JstsltBnW i-llBWi islHWl Irlfc i " ""' ' "' L '" ir"y""' ' i iM 4 TIm i Fn'iiiBi ""' " ,'MMMr' '"'''fW' A mttmmmmmiiumwim Mw i: M m cImM m I
1M 4HP 1jfF sVBP I '" iii iHP' sssk 3Pt jgrK fgiKJ JffsFf J teiLsfc k
- CAVift JL CRBAT Hm ANB H VWhls IWiR WhW AifU !-ffli ON H15 T3X - COlpl w
im. M- 1 s je. i iiu n inei ssjssi U h
mm-e- :Mimw.mbim&M
iAtiMl8yiL fe -TBm ,- ..ss,. w., aHse&ii ,m ka. . ...-tHias friihijfffWMliTrrifriraiTf nim -TWr-nLn TmiMtiF- JSheMMzs Mr" &im sL&mM&hJfm
. .
Christy JInthewson, the Giants' star
pitcher, says a greater number of per
sons would ttct tho benefits from golf
If they had n moro concrete Idea of
how to bo about taking up tho game.
Tho ordinary convert becomes ono be
cause some friend dovoted to golf nshs
him out to tho links Then ho likes
the tasto and begins to piny on public
links. If ho 1b fortunate enough to llvo
near any.
Tho average beginner -will strain to
become a good driver first. That, to
my notion, la tho wrong end at which
to start, although I went nt It myself
from this direction. The explanation
of thlB probably Is that It feels so good
to make a long drive,
But n messed up drive, can be re
covered and made up for, while n
missed putt or u bad approach has
lost ninny a match. Theiofore, I
would recommend to the beginner that
he practice tho short game as much
as possible the approach and putting.
Bout One of Most Sensational Ever
Seen at Broadway A. C.
Tho liveliest contest seen at the Broadway
Athletic Club this season naa 'staged by Man
ager Herman Tajlor last night, when Louisi
ana and "Willie" Mack boxed alx hard, gruel
ing rounds, which ended In n lctory for
Louisiana" by a slight margin Mack made
u gamo effort and the pace was n hot one
from surt to finish. He forced tho fighting In
tho first round and had "Louisiana" covering
up In the third session Mack floored "Laulsl
era" with a hard blow right to the Jtw. but
"Louisiana" was up In a second and after his
Mack was bleeding from tha mouth and nose
ln tho fourth round, and In the fifth he alowed
up perceptibly, but In the last session he came
back at "Louisiana" and forced the lighting
again. In ubout the middle of the round he
electrWed tha crowd by again sending
"Louisiana" to the floor with a hard punch to
the Jaw. "Louisiana" was up at once and
rushed Murk to a atandttlt Xlnu unB -..,
Luhen the final bell rang, and he was tired and
In the aemtwlnd-up "Willie" Couliton. of
tho battleihlp Connecticut, lost to "Johnny"
Mullen, nf OakWew, In alx rough-nnd. tumble
rounds. In which llttlo science was displayed
"Willie" Itenon defeated "Pat" Conway In
the third prellralnarj. and in the second the
referee stopped the bout In the third round to
sate "Hauling" Illce from the terrific punches
of "Johnny" Lincoln, and In the other bout
'Seattla Kid" won
Kin- won rrom "young sam"NLana
ford, Langrcrd put up a game
"Seattle" was the better man.
Blgr Battle Tomorrow for independ
ent Football Teams.
Swing A. A. and Vlncoma Club win meet
tomorrow at the attau bridge & Clothier Atn.
etlo Field to decide the Independent football
champlonahln of Philadelphia, Neither team
has been defeated by any local team this sea.
son .On October IT these two teams played a
scoreless tie game "
The officials will be Doctor Howell. Central
High, referee. VJack" Kelly, Vesper II. c
umpire; Williams, Carlisle, head TlnesmanT
Tha plana for the spring training trip of tha
Phllllea hate been changed by the new rule
that a ttatlonat League teanv cannot start
trnlnlim until March 1 Instead or leatlng
from New York hy steamship on February 23
tha Phllllea will teats here on February SO.
Manager Mack, of the Athletics, haa ar
ranged to play six rawes with the Brooklyn
team next spring Pour of these games wm
take place in Florida, and two la Brooklyn
On March 23 and 17 the Athletics will -play at
llaytona, Fla , and on April 2 and 3 Brook
lyn 1 play in the Athietlca' training flild
at Jacksonville On April 13 and 1 the teams
will play at Bbbets Field to Brooklyn.
CAWBBIDaE, Mass.. Dee. 11 Arrange
ments are under way to hate West Point re
turn to the Harvard football schedule next
fall, according to an unofficial statement yes
terday ef plans ej the ethletlu authorities at
CambrWre. Change, which are being coo.
skiered, it Is understood. Involve the) dropping
tit Tufts and Washington and JeSfrsen The
Unlveully of Michigan and Peno cHate are
ejfeenrea Ui return to the stadium next year
T three teal games en the sebeduls, with
PiIhssHsb, 8owa and Tale, are regarded as
-ui .1 -., ilSBBJ
- . - . - TTasasaSgA. JJ . . I
' 1 . - 7Pbv a mK .V jk oK,, - v 1 j ' If . " " '
. , .jii.m,,!! rVi vXg1!! I'.MtJcit " f vvr.v-4VL' slliB, X. '-- ' ness? at iitt - wsa s r.ZLir2eirc9iJBW ee, ""''. ' 'L ' " "iim.
OF. f27 MOJT OF TtfF TM d-J SAlVtf J
Famous Eastern League Vet
eran Will Play Basketball
No More Camden Plays
Greystock Five Tonight.
"With the passing of. "I,cft" Walter
Brady, the Eastern Basketball League
loses ono of Its most nroflclent veterans.
iThe name of Brady is known throughout
uio unst, ana is always llnKea Insepara
bly with tho great winter Indoor game.
Sonio time ago Brady decided that he
would quit basketball If ho could get a
position on the police force of James
town, N. Y. Ho went to that llttlo city,
took tho examinations, and It has Just
been announced that he was successful.
Ho was second Inthe competitive contest
for a position.
Tonight the Camden team comes across
tho Delaware to meet Greystock. at
Cooper Battalion Hall. Tho result of this
will not affect tfie standing of the clubs
materially; that Is. there will be no
change In the upper half of the league
standing, De Ncrl has a firm hold on
first place, and it will .take several de
feats for the Musical Funders. combined
with several consecutive victories for anjj
outer one team, to cause a cnange at tne
top of the league. x Tonight's game will
begin at 0 o'clock.
Jasper defeated Heading In an Kastern
League basketball game at .Vonrarell Hall last
night, .12 to 2d. TJie Jewels it ere unable 'to
shake off their upstate rltala In tho first half,
the score ot tho Intertal standing 12 to lit In
favor of the locals, but they manaced to draw
away on the resumption ot plsj. Score:
p.a. Fia.
. .1 It
Kummer, forward .,
Fitzgerald, forwards
Cavanaufii, centre 1
Kckhardt. guard 1
Klrkpatrlck, guard ...,,,. 3
Totals ... , 0
ri.a. a. rts.
0 10
0 10
n i
0 0 2
it 0 19
0 0 0
Beggs, forward ,,.
BoggU, forward ...
0Donnell, forward
Haggerty. centra ..
Sears, guard ......
Morris, guard
Foula committed Readlnsr. 23. Jaaner. 21
Ileferee llrennan. Time SO-mlnuta haltes,
Eastern-League Standing
w. upr. tv. j,. p.c.
. 8 3 .72T Camden .... B A ,435
. fl i .800 Trenton ...47 .Sill
. Q 8 .900 Oreystock ..3 8 .EJJ
De Nerl
Tonight Camden at Oreystock.
Saturday night Trenton at Ua Nerl, Orey
stock at heading
Morton Beys' Club defeated Spartan by 31
to 23.
McClellan Juniors won a 2T-10 game from
the Rockaway Stars """
In the Central Philadelphia league Recrea
tion beat Hilton 2T to 18.
In a Northeast League game, Frankford beat
lona, 21 to II,
In the Northwest League. St. John beat
Btrauaa 4T,to la.
In a Philadelphia Amateur League game.
Broskdal beat Junior 27 to 21 An two extra
Western Electric outscored Mount Caruiel by
41 to 2T, end Strayer's trimmed University
House by IS to 12, In the National League
At s meeting of the board of directors of
the Veteran Athletes of Philadelphia, held at
the boms ef the president Judge Bunas C.
Benalwell, 3211 Baring street, last njgbt. It
was decided to hold the annual banquet et the
EsaoelltiMl on the evening of Wedaeefsr. Jan
uary 87. at a plaee to ee telaetsd by a cea
mittee appalntfd by President QoaBlwelt.
Tournaments in England and
America Usually Held at
Same Time, Hence Visits
Are Few and Far Between
It will undoubtedly be several years be
fore there will bo nny Interchange of
courtesies between this country nnd Eng
land, so far as tho important golf events
ore concerned. Interest Is alwas better
sustained In our two national champion
ships, the amateur and open, when ono or
moro of England's best are competing,
nnd tho same Is true of the British cham
pionships when Americans are entered.
To tell the truth, tho perennial visits of
British cracks hao dono much for golf
In this country. '
The first and only American to v. In the
British amateur was Walter J. Travis,
who won It In 1101, Travis nas the first
man to hold both American and British
amateur championships. In 100) Harry
Vardon, up to then four times holder of
the British open title, won the American
open meeting, and with It the honor of
being the first Englishman to win In this
country. Harold H. Hilton, In 1903, took
the American amateur crown to Britain,
and became the.second man to win hnii!
amateur championships. In 1903 snn
Dorothy Campbell. British chnmnim. ,...
the women's national nt tho Merlon
Cricket Club, ntjd became the first woman
to win both titles. Miss Campbell, who
Is now Mrs. J, V. nurd, won again a
few years later, and last year Miss
Gladys. Itavenscroft. of England, won atl
Wilmington. Tluis-lt wilt be seenhat to
date Britain has by far the better of the
In a Philadelphia rocket Billiard L.,.
malch, held before a large croid last nifh?
In the Luzerne lllll ard Parlors. Weston m
tin defeated Max Leon. loV to V. "h? i-S
tvaa closely contested until the ninth InnlmV
when the score stood 0J for Leon and R,fi
Martin. The 'latter then'rnader ?Jn of 10
end 'score ' ' Ch "" ma,I"'ned ?o th.
Alanine i
11 4 8 14 in -to n ,n .. .
Total, 103 High runs, U. -
wen u la M tu u u H 1 Q 3 1 n
07. High run, 13. "
. Total.
Calvin Demarest defeated Oeoree Button nnn
to 8U. In a Champion Billiard riay,ra'L.'aS22
match at Lansing last night AveraaXf KS
hlrh run." lloiuml In Tn. o?.:. "?. and
anaing last nignt Avarafflm ?...,
Demarest, 0, 78 1 auUoaV$
Sdward Helm, of this city, defeated t....
t,n nf hiu.n rin ji " '"l? . Jesse
in. ..!.,. Th,.;.fi.,.n.. "mV...". eir'nnl
matcli n Cletejand last night.
Martin Malay,
m mi, w wviruic, defeated w ti
en, of this city, to to 4s In an fnter.t.t.
ee-'Oush on Bllll. rd League m"ch at' JJul'
last night. In 80 Innings.
,f r5l""fk ?'! W
Lobert Still TTrfnIfrned
'Ilonua;: Lobert. of the Phillies, will rn.t
President Baker either today or early nf
f'S".". 41" ovK KC0Ctrl,lt 'or n"t season.
Lobert la h only mbmber of the PhUlila who
given (fie rCTilea first bid on his services.
Nell and Latzo Draw
The. l'0lle Pepartment basketball team
woija W tP arrans? a contest for Satur
day night out of town. Address Harry
.'irfncnsi j9
IJiWiiee street, or 3K City
1 I llll ,. III. I ,
32i--' '"
M7V 6sr f fVOS
Should It confe to pass that Walter
Johnson Is permitted by the courts to
play for the Federal League next sea
son, he ttlll drtfw pay at the rate of
about Jj for every ball he pitches.
Johnson, It Is declared on the best ot
authority, Is to receive tlS.OOO per sea
son, In addition to which ho was
allppod a little matter of $6000 In re
turn for his graclousness In Ignoring
tho option agreement, for signing
which he drew down J2500 from the
Washington Club.
The pitcher who possesses ordinari
ly good control seldom pitches to the
batter moro than 90 times In p. regular
game, Forty games Is a good season's
work. Hence, If Johnson really docs
got that J16.000 per, and If he has re
ceived tho $C000 bonus, he will be
drawing down J3000 a month. In his
40 games, figuring 90 balls to each
game, he will use his great right arm
3600 times. Thlrty-alx huhdred, divided
into 18,000 goes Ave times, and that
means that Johnson will get Jo per
1- r
Philadelphia Loses Pine Performer In
JohaW, Converse.
John W. Converse, First Troop, Philadelphia
City Cavalry, regarded us, one of the best al(.
around polo playera eter developed In this
city, haa been obliged to give up the game and
ttlll dispose of his entire stable ef ponies.
.iiKK.K,J,n:.",ra ? AT' "K"!"' "-.kl?B-
.uw..v ?..., w jinauc .au(ornia witn the
other caatern polo players, he finds that h.
must yield to the urgent demands of his
friends to enter the foreign diplomatic service,
lie has uImojs been a great traveler, has the
faculty of making friends quickly and keeping
them, and those who have sought him, out are
unit In saying he la eminently fitted for the
mM,nif'in'l.n,f'..K,nel Pub al " monthly
meetlner last nlcht iriri it. r.n..,i..
?fnr.'.'r 'be coming year! President. James
....., i""".'"1- l "resident., James
nj ?-.' vereldent. Joseph Urotherlckj
nd I vice president, Charles Rldsdale; aecre
, ueorge Cotton; treasurer, Frank K. PlJr-
..nil., iifc ive uresiae
tary. c
en, ti-ueiere. Annur urewerton, ThomaslForv
shatv and II. Uo,d Hughes. The following
wtirioh0r!n ". B?nSh Sh0w Committee,
William Cummlngs, John Patterson, a D.
5"jUh. Ernest Hardttlck. Harry Rawcs
Arthur Hlllea. Samuel Kennedy, A. O. Quell
and Joseph Miller.
Meredith Wins Special Hace
ELIZABETH, N. J, Dee, 11. Ted Mere,
dlih, of the Meadowbriok a A, of PhllideN
phla. one of the Olympic heroes, wis the
victor of the 600-yard special race which was
the feature of the Elisabeth Y. JL C. A. games
?L)-,,.riC,lU5n' S! ,n rtln A. C.V followed
the "I'enn nyer" over the line The victor's
t me was 1 minute 18 seconds which la excen.
tlonaliy fast. coaslderng tho alse of the tract
Mack Not In Confab
Connie Mack, manager ot tha Athletics, em
Irreach Lick Springs, Ind.. to confer will
rreeiuent isan, Jonnson, of the American
League. Colonel Huppert. who li-aald "o be
ft'.lproip,!llvB purchaser of the New York
of the Chicago White Box. ' "'
Crowd Hisses McVey and John.son
NEW YORK. De. lL-Sam MoVey won a
Vi? ,,n.d unlnterestlaabattU from Battling
Jim Johnson at the tFlrmount A. & last
night. The men fought m lauly during the
and then MoVey woke up just enough to wn.
MisTtle and McCoy Draw
JJOTTOVILLBs P . Deo. 11 Blllle Mlskle
et'BX, Paul, and Al MsCoy fought ft, roundi
KtijffiWir . JrlUv
-result was a draw.
Annua) Golf Meeting
;r- nmz'T
aod elceilsa
nets a
liwiiiiq or fisa unit
nyMs tbjb seeVeulyf
g. .the
W at
, J
Affairs in Ban Johnson's (p3
cuit Overshadowed DoiroS
in Tener's Organization
New York Meeting
The recent baseball KotlicMnjr ln,X5
York, which Included the omcls.1 ritSS
Ings of the Nfttlonal League, the Natlonjfl
commission ana ui uuuiuuiai conco'jruj
of nearly every diamona mogui of profi
lncnce In the country, marked the lnltU.il
step of a temporary nujimtnent, N0n
until the sale of the wow York Amertfl
cans has been consummated and .the!
much talked of Athlcttes-Ynnkee dcai;jgt!l
tied for the season of 1915 will brBanGelJ
baseball begin to run smoothly agalnljlj
Its regular channel.
While neither tho National League norl
tho National Commission mectlne vrul
In Itself nroducttve ot highly important!
matters, there were several iiplioavalj'inl
the baseball firmament which will harel
an Important bearing; on tho future jof!
basebal I. In the lirst place, tne saierot
Eddie Collins by Connie Mack teethe
Chicago American Leaguo club will ouifej
an' equalisation of strcnKth In the JunloS
organization which couia not nave
by the trade or sale of any other threy
players, 1
With (hi. eiTrnntlnn nf Ihn remnrWahle
strcnBth of the Athletics during the past!
two campaigns, the American League.
clubs have been, na far as the first dlvl-1
slon teams were concerned, almost "n'sl
par In all-around efficiency. The great!
pitching staff of the White Sox last seajj
son was not cnouch to mako Comlskey'al
clan a contender, but With Eiltlle Colllnsl
In the line-up the story of 1915 la destined"
to bo different. Collins win -win man
games for tho Whlto Sox by his timely
hitting,, where last year tho gamo waJ
lost because of tho failure of the white
Sox team to put over the lone run needodj
tn win. Time and again lienz. Kussell.1
Clcottc. l-'aber and Scott allowed thtlrl
nnnnn.ntn n HrllrnloM.tlv small number.tjfj
hits, but wero beaten out by 1 to 0 or
2 to 1. Collins' presence In tho batting org
der will Just make tho difference betweenl
losing games of this type and wlnnlnj
On the other hand, the largo numbed
of games n which tho tide of defeat wail
swung to victory by Collins' batting '651
the Athietlca' team will cause a correfl
spondlng shortage In Connie Mack'jl
"won" column. Furthermore. Eddie
Plank and Chief Bender did enough M
!lef work last year, winning games brl
their masterly pitching, to make their b3
cenco felt far more keenly than the av3
erage fan will believe. Time and asalnl
a youngster received credit for a game!
which one of these veterans virtually!
won. Theso little facts were overlooked
nine times out of ten by the spectators
uut next season, wnen tne sterling cnier-i
tnln and clover left-hander are absent
and the bat of Eddie Collins Is swjngln?!
fot the" Chicago club, the combined!
strength of that powerful trio will brt
seen cieariy,
Not only wilt the absence of BenderM
ana i-ianK make a difference in tne
American League this year, but the facy
mat waiter Johnson, tho terror of.thel
YOUniTflterfl. Will Via . Mn ,... ,trtvf,iBJ
the ball across the plato with caUpul JJ
larce, will reduce tho general effectl''!
neSS Of tllA rtllnhlnf- ly. ,lta Am,rli.,n
League many per cent. This will mean.t.ll
that batters will have better nverage,uJs 1
than formerly: that youngsters will make -
Koga Wno wore cumpletely discouraged plrfig
their inability to cope with these wlzarfgWi?
i ...a uiuuiiu, uiiu mat nnniiy tnere.w(up'
not be any one tenfn whch will ba'f cared jg.
OS the Athletics have hen In thn naat and
as tho Washington club was feared when'
...y miisiuj iruuer was scneauteu ,w
n irn v '
One of (he remarkable features of the
New York Catherine- wn thnt In nlt of
the fact that It was1 supposed to befl
meeting of the National League, the
uuiuks ot ma parent body "were com
pieteiy overshadowed by tho America:
League's affairs. It In trim thnt n. num.
ber of deals were spoken of before thj
magnates began to scatter after the close:
of the meeting ye'sterdnv. nt the same
time there was. really very little done htfy
uie moguis at tnclr annual session, or at,
least there was 'little given but after the
executive session had ended.
Carroll Brown, who was with the Ath- 3
leiica tor tnree years, but who was sow
to the Now Yot k, Yankees last summer. Is
In Philadelphia. "Brownie" has fought ,
nsnnsome nome in wllUes-Barre. wnere
he will reside In the future.
Next week EdJIe Collins will aecom;
panv Jack Dunn (a North Carolina on a
quall-huntlng expedition. The following
week, Mr. and Mrs, Collins will 6- to the
Adirondack with a party of friends to
take part In the winter sports.
hahness house aosgip
i.8!cn .."". lhB suecesa of the Hay State
dlteusaed by come of the towns. ,?
Kink Couohman, winner of the Chamber of-
.,..,v huh, now naa a rnarx ot s (.
h..f'".1! wa buTyy driver this year, a
he was in the money lntOSracj,
. r- PUIInga certainly U gathering- a. great
Jll . wiwuiBeipe lor nis Virginia tami. ii
was the blggeat'buyer In this line at the Na'
-i , " -rsa - aea tui eats, ms tn"
York sale, and added ta hie hand Hnle Wilt.
lUronesa Virginia, Roterta Olngen. Clarle
lldulngton. Caracas, Detsy Ulngen. Ituth To-ld
and a number of- others to be mated wlta
The Harvester, 2-01.,
Talk nbaut hurried tratnlnr
VfeUai. TTurta
took a record of 2:10 Just efg
ght weeks from
tbe day aha, first trotte
rotted in 3 $3
Flower Direct, that iieat TVfnni T t tha
Blue Jtlbbon meetlor. la said to be in fine
f1".-,1011 w11 "" whn t bell tWs
NEW TPWC. Deo. ii. John Bvera
captain of the viorl4 championship
graves, la n a, critical condition, but has
a. "fighting chance," aecprdlnB to Dr.
John Jlerrity.' the aUeudltiB pSynletetv
fHvera tiaa been sick f three dasw a
the dlatel fiwuerset. and suffering fe3
Two-Mlfe Auto Speedway
KHbie to Box HQttflk
"Jofcnmr KlJeWue, the world's featfier
welfht ehawploa, bag been signed ly
Manager. Harry JSdwards to box "wmie
Houofc In th fJtur bout at the OlymBia
A A suit Monday.
3To yuiyis for Coache
TKBiut .HAUm. lad . DeL
wa oi Hoie Fotrtecisale
11 1S MitldsLM.
I&tUut Mtf-
y patefd. . ruuletlea lj
jettc eeevaaea, except footbelY far oete ieirA
Uek of 4ei-oa wae given sj -.tit vaueeft tkf
Nstknal A. C. f-
e "
n. fr,.7rriwVBy www
'" ."" s"t-l fVE OTA BVtX
1 ' II III I l' I
ciiloAtm nee. it.-OonufU for tu -Mejarn
and elBBius stloStaf

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