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Evening ledger Philadelphia", feiday, December if, 1814.
" . '! f ""r n-r tn if r
m --
Social Welfare Wprkers De
' clare Such a Solution Ap
plicable to Philadelphia's
Tenement Problems.
A,' "garden clly," such as was started
In Lone Island by the Itussell Sago Vawi-
, flotltfn, Is recommended by clvlo workers
hire as one of tlio solutions of tenement
bouse evils.
LoiifT Islnnd Is not tMo only place where
ftn attempt has been mado to reatlzo this
dream of liusW reformers. Cities li
Varlqiis parts of tho British Empire have
succeeded In making vast Improvements
In houslmr conditions. Whom rows of
windbwlees roSms and llttto narrow alleys
at one tlmo existed, now sanitary homes
BUttoundcd by flower-gardens aro to bo
ExpcJts on houslns condltlops doclaro
that municipalities abroad, )as well ns In
certain parts of this country, have shown
moro Interest In the welfare of those who
live In congested sections than Phllndcl-
One year and five months havo passed
awuy Btnco tho Legislature enacted a
law providing for tho now Division of
Housing ancV Sanitation This act was
signed by tho Governor. Councils' FJ
nanco Ctfmnilttoo has Ignored all requests
for appropriations. Tho new division, If
established, WQjUd liavo forced owners on
"tenement caves una iivum iuh ,..
Blve Its ocqupants better housing condl-
. Uon. declaro social workers.
Tho garden cities of England aro de
scribed by Frederic C. Howe, Immigra
tion Commissioner at Ellis Island, In a
pamphlet. Tho housing problem is one of
tho1 vital subjects which has been uncle
discussion for years In London, ho Bays.
Clr WlllUim II. Lover has his own Idea
about his employes and their righto, Sir
William Is quoted as followi . V,
"As a mattor of principle nllMvould ad
mit that ovcry diligent employe has a
moral and indlsputablo right to Jlvo In a
decent home, to possess tho opportunity
i to bring up his chlldr.cn In decent en
vironment, to enjoy tho best possible
facilities for the development of his own,
his wlfo's and his children's faculties, so
as to mako them healthy and .strong and
long lived. " .-
"Buulncss cannot bo carried on by
physically deficient employes any moro
than war can be successfully waged by
physically deficient soldiers. Business ef
flciency.Mhcrefore, demands better hous
ing conditions for employes, apart from
tho principle of tho employes' own un
questionable right to the same."
'Sir William found that tho loss of tlmo
C H I LsD R E rf'
IN THE cold Arctlo nnd Antarctic
' .regions' there aro many strange ani
muls, all different from tho ones wo
aco In our purt of tho world.
Tho Beals, tho Jlsft. and. tho Hying
creatures aro all very curious, but of
all, big and little, trio penguins are the
most fascinatingly funny,
What rfro penguins, aro you wonder
ing? Pengulps aro birds, but their wings'
' aro so queer and small that they c-an
hardly fly. Insteud of flying they -waddle,
around on their big wob feet and
only flutter their wings to libip them
j ',.-,,'iiti( then wth d push anifthovf, jostles
' ' , , thtti) into th icy ocean.
fin. little when they are in an extra big
'hurry. Penguins aro about SO Inches
"retail and have sleek black feathers on
Ti their backs and . aoft downy white
,jf ' feathers on their breasts'.
. You would, laugh to see a jrroup of
'' them' together. They, get very excited
as they chatter and' tail? with eager
'"ples and Ihey waddle around as
i inougn iney were very ia; oia mates
running t catch a, train. (if-yBu can
. imagine a. hundred very at ald.laiHe's
.-dressed in black dresses' with Ions
.,' white bibs, all running' frantically -In
.-(' every direction, you will just about
rl Imagine what a group of ope hundred
f"j'Jook llkp.)
IS. And you, never could bums how they
'jnake 'heir nests!
W' Out of straw? The Ideal There is
Sjgbo straw at.theQuth Pole.
1V8r. ut twfSSi fQ tfftl grow (here!
V Out of rok? Ysi .-Jteund, smooth
frocks, altout the shjgf gjiese or duck
eggs. Cioe dllWH t)X tlie'lcy ocean
hey searched fe smooth reeks' to build
, on. Then oaa ai a time the round
' smooth Stones they, find are nushod
Pp,; 1U and sheved Into placs. They rnake, a
i'-X' flrclB M fjrbugd'o;? rpjqks Just as
yj;s, you wouja uuua a pwe for a eamp
Uiue. xnai woman t sem use a vej?y
ieoit nesi, wouw jit But they think
jt ia just tne most proper Hind of a
.best Imaginable.
V When the circle qf stooes la iee aad
rownd, ad tka biseeat fMk are ua
f tfutiy auejii mi with aiu qmh, Uw
j niother ird lays two always twt--
Mrva in tte aest.
Tnto hijti real work begin. YNt
lia.v i.u iita. Iiu cmciully thaoe gg
k ti he uati.lii.ii Witt, Us iud
4 l.lti.iM Hi.) must b
v.a.sm. m cauftut
' tbdto
i tbu , or Skrec ;
fitMvtMl U
tij. TbJl, to, MjHf I
m&mt ' m
mm.i jwwfe
j.,.. w. -r IH .rtjr. ip- n-
through sickness was moro than 10 per
cent, of a year's work under ordinary
housing conditions; that the death rata
was moro than 25 In a thousand where
houses were crowded 50 to the acre.
tug Long island expeiumknt.
For some time tho Sage Foundation
hay'bien making n.. garden city, experi
ment at Forest Hills, Long Island. Land
was purchased which was later plotted
like n private estate by landscape artists
and architects upon which n suburban
community has been' built, with all sorts
of Improvements.
Out of he experiments mado a new
type of city has arisen. While this par
ticular example docs not provide homes
for tho very poor, It Is cited by social
workers as demonstrating what could be
done for them as well as for moro well-to-do
Dr. Lawicnce F. Flick, a leading au
thority on tuberculosis nnd one of the
founders of the Phlpps Institute, recently
declared that the ultimate solution of the
problenvof Philadelphia's appalling hous
ing renditions would bo tho purchase by
the sStnto or some philanthropic Institu
tion of property for the building of settle
The Increase In the death rate In Phlla-
dclphla for 11 months In 19U, as compared
with tho samo months of 1913, Is blamed
Upon Councils In n. statement Issued by
the Philadelphia Housing Commission.
"Tho greatest Increase In deaths," ac
cording to tho statement of the commis
sion, "has been among children leas than
10 years old. and cspoclaliynmong babies.
To nn expert it Is evident that this Is at
tributable to environmental and weather
conditions. Certain of tho communicable
diseases, known for their Intimate relation
wjth bad housing, have appreciably In
creased. "There aro at least 100,000 Insanitary
conditions In Philadelphia, It wo count
tho properties exposed to open Vowcrs and
yard vaults. It Is a truism that, when
you clear "away tho flltliyou reduce tho
number of such diseases and tho number
of deaths from them. Wo haVo practical
examples of that In .Havana, Panama, .the'
Philippines and our latest exnmple In
Vera Cruz."
Ex-President Will Testify at Hearing
on Government Bill.
AVASH1NC5TON, Dec. II. Hearings on
tho Phlllpplno bill granting a moro au
tonomous form of government and ulti
mate freedom for the Island will bo held
Monday, Wodncsday and Friday of next
week before the Senato Philippine Com-
mltU. I
The commltteo today outlined 'the
work and prepared a list of witnesses
who would be heard. Tho witnesses will
Include ex-President Taft. Secretary of
War Garrison, aenernl Mclntyro, chief
of tho Bureau of Insular Affairs: Secre
tary' to Governor Genoral HarrlBon; MrT
FergUBon; Vico Governor General Mar
tin, Mr. Brooks, editor of tho Marilta
Times; Dean C. Worcester, former mem
ber of tho Phlllpplno Commission; for
mer Governor Cameron Forbes, nnd Man
uel L. Quesznn, Resident Commissioner
from the Philippines.
at Home
on Just such choice morsels, swoop
down and gobblo them up.
Then there is oro more danger per
haps the greatest danger of all. Some
time's .a 'neighboring mother bird whoso
eggs' have been stolen will herself steal
tho eggs and carry them off to her own
nesl. Once they 'aro gone and care
fully tucked under somo other pen
guin's breast, how Is a poor mother
going to know where they are; or rec
ognize her own eggs even if she should
seo them? Tell me that! So she must
wat,ch carefully sand oven if she slips:
away from the nest for a mlnuto or
two, sho must keep her weather eye
out for danger, '
Sometimes before tho eggs are
hatched a snowstorm comes. Then the
mother bird sits very still until some
times' she is covered by two or' three
feet of soff snow. After tho storm la
all over, she begins working her cu
rious be,ak back and forth, up and
clown, until she burrows her way out
to the open nr.
After being so careful of tho eggs,
wouldn't you think the penguins would
make good mothers to the baby birds?
But quite the reverse Is true. As soon
as tho eggs are hatched, the mother
seems to-feel that her responsibility is
over. She leads her baby birds down
to the, edge of the water and then
with a push and shove, Jostles them
Into the icy ocean.
iNpw donjt feel too sorry for them.
They can always1 swim' with no teach
ing,, and how they do love the water!
Copyright, 13H, Clara Ingram JuiUon.
Toys to tparel Toys to spar I
What girl or hoy has toys to
spare J
i3-i; theml Bring theml Help
Old Santa I
Came to the Santa Claua Store
Hquae, 608 Chestnut street.
Corns' Boy si Come Girlal Be
sure to come.' There's a tree and
come and see what elset
mmmmmmmmm-mtmmmmmmmmmmimniiiiy mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmiit n
mmmlxwimMmiwwmntf :! w wrass
We Mention This to Drive Home a Big Fact;
We Are Not the Best Because, the Largest BUT the
Largest Because the Best.
Call Us Up at Once and Tell Us to Send gome of That
Coajl That's Cheapest-in-tlie.End,
Ckute Prka; Bgg 7,; State $7Ji Nut $f.5j Pen $S.fi
3C extw if carried
fMMf MM MAG mm
$2,000,000 IS VALUE
Two Rooms Hold $ 1 00,000
in Flower Bulbs
China and $60,000
Malaga Grapes.
"In that, room Mhcro aro flower bulbs
from Chlnta valued at more tliaiiJlOO.OOO.
They will be sold In the early spring to
owners of greenhouses nnd others who
raise raro flowers'
"And those aro grapes, are they not?"
"Ves, Malaga grapes. Tho consignment
In that room nlona Is worth JCO.00O."
This conversation tok placo this morn
ing In the basement of the Reading Ter
minal Market. The speakers wero Gcorgo
H. MeKay,-uperlntcndent of tho market,
and F, G. Wllklns, hend of a delegation
of market men from the Centre and Hay
Markets of Washington, which has come
to this city t,o -study tho Food Imposi
tion now being held under auspices of
the Heading Terminal Market IJu3lncrjB
Men's Association. -
Tho delegates made their way through
ns-fcibyrlntli of corridors, through which
ran great pipes burled three Inches deep
In Ice. They peered In vast vaults, somo
containing thousands of barrels of ap
ples,, others holding vegetables, and still
others devoted to meats.
i'Tho beauty of It all Is,"' said Mr. Mc
Kay, "that tho produco In this market
Is examined every day. Not only city
nnd State ofllclals make tho rounds, but
Federal Inspectors also como hero dally.
"If one of tho Inspectors should find
n pleco of meat lying on tho floor of onrt
of these refrigerating rooms tho owner,
would bo reprimanded, If It occurred
again tho man In all probability would
lose his license.
"Moro than JZ.COO.AOO worth of produce Is
storcdv beneath this market, but If the
railroads should suddenly stop shipping
to this city there would not be enough
food In Philadelphia to feed, the popu
latlon for three days. The produco. put
In here Is not 'storage' stuff. It Is put
here for short holdovers. For instance.
when there Is a big kill -rtf the slaughter
houses, the meat dealers stock up foi the
,uext four days, or oven a week, nnd only
In the caso of fruits and vegetables, which
so 'out of season, aro they stored for
hold-overs.' This practice, of course, Is
what makes it posslblo to buy chcrrleB
and strawberries In January.
'I was made superintendent of tlds mar
-kket 23 years ago," Mr. 'McKay continued.
I studied the refrigeration problem nnd
decided this was tho only means of pro
tecting tho farmer and Inducing him to
ship to this market. Bcforo that. If n
man shipped 1000 chickens to the market,
he sold perhaps WO on tho first day. Tho
rest spoiled overnight, and to cover theso
losses ho was obliged to charge a good
round flguro for his goods. Tlds man
now sells nll'of his produco and can afford
to sell It at a lower figure."
Itecelver .Kendrick Gives Note of
Penalties for Non-Payment.
Tlocolver of Taxes W. Froeland Ken
clrick has .Issued notices that all unpaid
city and school taxes for 1914 must benr
a penalty of 4 per cent. 'All 1911 taxes
remaining unpaid after December 31 en
ter the delinquent class nnd the names
of the delinquents will be publicly an
nounced by "advertisement.
Delinquent taxes may be paid after
January 21 next with additions of 5. per
cent, penalty,- the cost o,f advertising.
Interest at 6 per cent, per annum rata
until paid and a cumulative penalty of 1
pcT!8nt. a piontli continuing for seven
months. Then comes the tiling of a lien
against the property for which the taxes
are unpaid, which also carries Its share
of costs.
Taxpayers are urged by the Receiver
to procure bills at once and save them
selves Inconvenience and expense by mak
ing their payments prior to December 23.
Bills may bo obtained by messenger, mall
or by a call In person at tho tax office.
Amendment Offered Depriving Secre
tary of Discretion in Leasing. .
WASHINGTON, Dec. 11. At the hearing
today before tho Senate Public Lands
Committee rfh the bill proposing that the
Government shall lease water power sites
qu the public domain, Senators Clark, of
Wyoming, and Kmoot, of Utali, Insisted
'that the bill should bo amended so as
to make fixed charges for the leases. In
stead of pllowtng tho Secretary of the
Interior dlsereltlon In this matter as pro
vided In tho House bill. Senators ttobn
son, of , Arkansas, and Norrls, of Nebras
ka, ob'jected to such an amendment.
Clifford Plnchot will not appear until
next week, when a number of Governors
of Western States. Including those from
California, Colorado, Idaho and Utah, will
give their views on thf water power
"The Delights of Gelling Well"
Youcincombioethciioymntiof amanlcffQtrv
or botelwtlh ALL, tlw IKEA IMtN-lSttvia tt
ALi.Yichjr.'Kirlibad, Ntuhetm. or i!rroti tl
lalenltfor UollMl, M
byChtn&nlia. UetWj,
tat A ftqucst.
Aiirtu. CEO. f.ADAUS. U,f .. FwImuMcmm, V.
. 'i
1 w
fa 9r .:
Store Opens 8:30 A.
Tomorrow Brings to Wanamaker's
the Promised Christmas Sale of
jf "" s y
Suits and Coats at An
Average Half Price; : "-
Fashionable Garments at $5V.io:!:
In all the more-than-three-thousand
garments in this sale, there is not one piece
that is undesirable in point of style or qual
ity. And you may be the judge of its price!
So you see it is a very unusual collec
tion indeed a group of 3000 new and fash-.
ionable garments, many brought in specially ' ' .
for this occasion, some from our own stocks
altered in price to meet the newcomers, and ..,;
some of the finer, broken sizes from our own
cases, also lowered in price and put in with
them. " . -
The garments average half the usual
Every garment was made especially
and particularly for us.
The fabrics are new in fashion and of dependable qualities. -."' . ' I .'''.
And prices are so small that a young woman's mother and sister, 'and, grandmother,
might give her a frock and a suit and a coat, and pay just the price f or 'the three that they'd" ;
expect to pay for one piece! -
Plenty of Extra Salespeople Plenty of Quick and Helpful Service --,;
There Are Five Important Groups of
Some very fashionable coats are $20 and charming
little coats they are, too ! Their fashion is extremely new,
for they are of rich vclour or corduroy, patterned on lines
of the Empire, and have the somewhat full and ripply skirts
that are so smart. They haye tho new "muff" collars of
soft, pretty beaver or other furs, and are lined with rich
peau de cygnesand warmly interlined. They are just what
young women want for afternoon and evening use. Also at
this price .are coats of mixed tweeds with natural raccoon
collars all worth a great deal more.
More black wool plush coats are $15 Soft, warm fab
rics of unusual quality, made in a new style and finished
with the fashionable high collars of fur.
Evening Frocks and Dance Dresses
$10 for a collection of sample frocks for debutantes
charming little dresses of crepe meteor, taffeta and chiffon,
made in the new styles, with wee sleeves or shoulder straps
and in the fashionable colorings.
Other Dresses at $7,75 and $13.75
are of crepe de chine, crepe meteor and other pretty, glim
f A Special Group at $18.50
include .suits of corduroys, broadcloths, velveteens and .
gabardines, in the fashionable sand, tete de negre, Russian .
green,; blue, and black. Made in a new short-jacket model;
many are in short-waisted effects and most all are fur
., trimroA. They are very well tailored, beautifully lined.arid '
most) unjlBual at $Jt.DU,
. -
i0 s.Bd $16 ch tOK our
eoatu in brQwn. blue or gray, and 6 to 14 year skes. These -
rf most asaaptienal indeed at such prices. ; ; -
$6, $7.gQ and $10 for other coats Coats-of corduroy,
rl ';-
Fir -'7 ' '" ' ' "" ' ' T - i
1 inn a niii .m i. iuhmii imi rim r rrTrwr'Miir --ir -'1 "i "ir" ..o-tp --n. .....-. . -i -r. ,,,,, .. ..
S&. !w OUP" Jw!fc ' 'WM-'"Mml4llrmnfffll!WilllWWiig JiBSSi'ffFltt':i:1--iafiiS && t . 3B. it ; j A1 , -: '
"I a msj ulilli Mill liMMiiillllWinlWW IIHIIIM1 immti' Iiwii'P ii'ii'iiiii iflw 'Ti'i &, ,..
j "YTC T"--
smart wraps,
(' i
from the Time the Store Opens
Dresses Are Just As Wonderful
Unusual Collection of Suits
All these garmentsiare An
Children's Coats Have a Share,
. .
best custom made cninbiiiua t
i i j
kfK S u A v , :ll
.-. -,
r x
-'. a W0fls-vrv mm
.&' fl' ". iSVJ H
Wool plush and novelty coats at $18.50 are a group of.
samples, ones of a kind, and very distinctive looking wrapa.
They are in rich, dark colors, many fur trimmed, and are
suitable for dress occasions and afternoon, wear.
Practical, good-looking coats at $10 are of zibeline
tweeds and other good Winter fabrics, in brown, blue or
black. Many have fur collars; all are warm, attractive
coats, rare indeed at $10,
Novelty coats at $7.75 are most unusual, and ithey
come in brown, blue, black or tweed colorings. There are
many styles, all new and attractive. ' For general wear
motoring, school use and shopping these are exceptional.
mering silks, nnd. made with spangled tunics and bodice3,t
and most effective indeed. . ' -
Morning and Afternoon Dresses
,$5, $7.50 and $16 for sergesatin, serge-and-satin, silk
and crepe dresses in black,' blue and a few colors. The colors
are in good taste, new and attractive and the dresses, like,
the'other garments, average half price. j;
$10, $15, $20 and $25 for Other Suits " '
- .
NqveHy fabrics, broadcloth, gabardine, velveteen aj
corduroy In all the wanted colors and many new stylM.
xr-'' ? M . timma1 ah . moj !, i. .
Many.-wjB fur trimmed. .AH are made; with new ahort cofe
H'.ta20 year-isea,
V. . . ...
velveteen,, roaaQ)tn, gpuiMUa
gray;or - b?ostn,vand 6 te44 ywg?
fer sahool or-better wmbl
- go -vr ww
fw . IP 1 1 i " ii mummp
VQPMffB il:
Stove Closes G P. M
Yk 1
i PC?
and ymw m m NNMN
kjwk. Thw
-Z (limit W'i
"Tar inP
HS1 1 Jilliillpss'
- I lfinjiii
I ig lEBiipiif
: '' s ".rKBSSffi nBB
ia-av,- mESml affifr- n.cM
y"i m jm
B,'"4- ':SSSi mSgfwB
pm '.; sssffi. .kj.. v.-!ss,;:"i
y -r Z s &

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