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i m . -- srcar
MKS WAL-TEH MA8BIJY and Mr. and Mrs.
Edward George Trasel, Jr., havo Issued
earda for n.n ht hdme on New Year's Day at trie
Bake House, Torres Jn'le, at 1 o'clock.
Kiss Christine Chambers will entertain tonight
fceforc tho Alexander Brown Coxa ball.
Miss Jean C. Bullitt trill be euest of honor at
luncheon which will be given bV Mrs. James
Francis Sullivan on Monday, December 21.
Louis C. Madeira, 3d, trhoae marriage to Mis.
Marls I Welsh r114 take place today, enter
talnecl hla usfcors a.t the Huntingdon Valley
Country OlublT Hit. gueats Included liarry I-.
rennet, Horatio it. Morris, Percy C. Madeira,
Jr., Edward W. Madeira, S". Leonard Sibley, Kd
jnuud ThAjrer, lAureuc lUttler, Joseph Van
felt, Charles V. Davis, B. Brannan Heath, 2d,
Vnillam B, Stroud, Howard 3. Kneedler, Jr.,
Herbert Church, Henrtques Crawford, Stockton
Tawns&nd, Charles Haath Bannard, Jr., Orls
eom Battle, Saunders I. Meade, J. Kdwln
Meredith, B. Lb Roy Mercer and W. Boulton
Mr. Joseph Priestley Button will entertain.
Ht luneheon at tho Bellevue-9tratford tomor
row, followed by a matinee theatre parly, In
lienor of her daughter. Miss Marian Hutching
son Button. Her guests will bo Miss Margarelta
Foltz, Miss Cortnno Freeman, Miss Jlarjory
Taylor, MJss Gortrudo Pancoast, Miss Margaret
Hamate, Miss Margaret Dent, Miss Josephine
lee. Miss Stances Scott, Miss Eleanor Davis
and Miss Katharine Boblnson. Mrs. Button will
give a, secon luncheon and theatre party on
Saturday of r.ext we ok.
Drr and Mrs. "Wilbur Paddock Klapp will glvo
a box party at the opera Tuesday, December 22,
In honor of Mr. and Mrs; Harvey Klapp Lines,
f Now York. Doctor and Mrs. Klapp will en
tertain at a theatre party Tuesday of next
week for Miss Mary Stuart Wurts, debutante
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Stewart
Wurts. There will be 42 guests, and following
tho performance Doctor and Mrs. Klapp will
give a supper at the nitz-Carlton.
Edward Chllds Carpenter, of 1512 Locust
treat. Is spending several days In New York.
Mr and Mrs Joseph Haines and their daugh
ter. Miss Helen Hnlnes, have closed their house,
Joehelln, at Sotnerton, Pa., and taken apart
tcents at the Bellevue-Stratford for the win
ter. Mr. and Mrs. Norman Grey have closed their
place at Wopdbury. N. J., and taken a house
at 1533 Tine street for the winter.
For the benefit of the young wage-camera
Who make their humo at the Catholic Guild,
many of whom arc facing a vylntcr of half work.
or nhsolute unemployment, a Pan-American
Chtlstmassnle, which opened yesterday, will bo
I held also this afternoon at the Guild, 1311
.Green sticet. Secral sections have been ar-
ranged, a Ked Cross table, a French-Canadian
Doolh. an Indian and Pacific exhibit. Cuban
J 'and Mexican display, a Louisiana table, a
I New Kngland country store and a Southern
plantation kitchen. There will be an Infinite
vailety of Christmas offerings, many of which
cannot be purchased In the stores, and alt to
be sold at reasonable prices for the benefit of
the ypuns bread-winners who have no homes
of their own and who live at the Guild, which
Is under the direction of the Sisters of St.
E. Burgess Warren and his daughter, Mrs.
Alfred It Allan, of 2013 Spruce street, enter
tained In their box at the Charily Ball last
Mrs. Jlenry S. Grove, who has been vlsltlpg
friends In Nv Haven, returned to her home,
MS West Tulpchocken street? yesterday.
MflWVIi-Mrs. Robeit Stewart, 'Jr., enter
tained Informally at luncheon today at her
home, Montgomery and Pembroke roads. Her
guests were Mrs. William D. Turjier, Mrs, G.
A. Coburn,and Mrs. M. Barnat.
,Mr. and Mrs. James S, Alcorn, of Bry,n Mawr
I avenue, are spending the winter with Mrs.
Alcorn's parents, Mr, and Mrs1. Horace Yard-
llsy, 1912 North Park avenue.
JIEIIION-Mrs. William S. Baker will entertain
her card club at bridge this' afternoon. The
ame will be followed by a buffet luncheon.
Hpl tlllf -U.fll tlA Hilar. T'.. nl..1J til-- -.7-.
-!-. pi. ,., wo ,,a urn wauu, iMISJ Aiar(Q
Cladd, Miss May Campbell, Miss Elizabeth
Clark, Miss Caroline Bruner, Miss Charlotte
wrennecKe. sirs David Archibald, Mrs Harry
LjwIs, Mrs. Leonard It. Wettzel, Mrs. F.
Beneset, Mrs. Hugh Larrlck, Mrs. Oscar
Schmidt, Miss Mary Evans, Mrs Clayton Stilx.
Mrs. C. Crombarger. Mrs. I.elrhlnn Kt.m.r
Mrif. Clayton Dlnxee, Mrs. Itobert Beattv and
Mrs, John O'CgnnelJ. '
Mr. and Mrs Norman Brucn Arm.i,...
formerly of Merlon, are spending the winter In
Ashland. Fa. '
Mr. and Mrs. Karl E. LlndEren will m.mi
! Christmas and the holidays with Mrs; Llnd.
siren's mother. Mrs. Eamuil nhivi.. . .'
jfaoms In Glen Jtlddle.
NAItJJEmil -The Narberth Asssmhlv-will alv.
its nejrt dsnea at Blpi Ifall on Friday uvenlns,
and Mrs. lilehard J. Mullen, nr nk..i.
It "menue. entottained th ,,., x.. ,t..i.
pB,jMub this week. The club, uhieh inirt.
IllflkUt 13 members, mprtm -,--. t Vtt.j
Mr lUght st a diffeent Weber's hnt.
rr.UAVlD-s-Mrs. Pk Weskerly and Mhu
Vekerty are pUig the winter with Mr. and
waiter xala on at Davtd'a rpa.d,
V aorg A. Shoemaker la at Oan,,i.n a
w a abort time
Jaianli S Plnrlf nf ll(.inuj
,. ,, , w9(MMt, venue,
ltttlfl in her box iistafcl, ,h, charity
liB Map nnH Ura ilar.n ,-it .
, . . ., -..-. aHwnjier aa9 jj,,
, jr, us. new xorn, wi at Mpkt a the
,, wwi
. S CUrk ha Joined a gumao j uty .t
, . w. ww win Bna ttyHMffet t.
I- HM e' "1 Mr Wajtw av,b
both of BetAdl ul a.irn on Had,,.,
t, fcltf4 Jt, if t uie gvvnt of mur
Bta, Mr sjlJ Uct ttnuuei UUauA Kowiaa.
tbr tcnlf 4fl Aim I4 Fkura.
Sdis Kotx, wti'i rtws u daiL ,. m
ii ill HMHn of tojw
M. sf'tr.fcj Mtm
VW WU.-ttto
nt a theatre party, followed by tea at the Belle
vue, for her nieces, Mrs. Prxsoii Deeter, Mrs.
McNeil and Mrs., Carl. Thaic will be 10 guests.
Another dinner will be given In their honor on
Saturday night. Miss Mlrlnm Kane has Issued
Invitations for dinner on Saturday night, De
cember 19, nt 'he Philadelphia Cricket Club In
honor of the young matrons.
On December 23 Mrs. Bonen will gle a.
dance at the Philadelphia Cricket Club In honor
of her daughter, and on Saturday December
2, Jtr. and Mrs. William Hendrlo Lloyd will
entertain nt dinner nt the Philadelphia Cricket
Club. The, last affair that has been arranged
Is the bridge which Mrs. Joseph Fleltas, of E919
Greeno street, will give to meet Miss Helen
Clements, whose engagement to William Hesse,
Jr., was recently announced on Monday, De
cember 2S.
Mr. and Mrs. William P. Denegre bave re
turned to their home nt ndal, after a month's
visit In Dallas, Tex.
. Mr. and Mrs. Denegre(wlll leave shortly be
fore Christmas for Toronto, Canada, where they
will remain over the holidays na tho guests
of Mrs. Denegre's sister, Mrs. Richard Kerns.
Mr. and Mrs. Ba(ph Morgan and their little
daughter, of Flushing, L. I., will arrive pn De
cember 23 to be the guests for about three weeks
of Mrs. Morgan's parents, Mr. and Mrs. James
J. Sill, at their .home In Wyncole. Mrs. Morgan
will be remembered as Miss Josephine Sill.
The Ladles' and Men's Auxiliary of the Oak
Lano Presbyterian Church will hold their,
monthly business and social" meeting Friday
evening at the homo of Mrs. F. W. AVhltney
at Oak Lane Park.
Miss Marioh Tyre, of Oak Lane, will be the
soloist and an address will be given by Harri
son Morris, a well-known Phlladelphlan.
Mrs. Jvohn Jacob Moffett. of Chestnut
street, will give a dinner in the Indian Room at
tho AValton Hotel on Thursday evening, Decem
ber 17. ' V
Mrs. 1$. E. Held, of 615 Spruce street, will
entertain the Hewing guild of St. Matthew's
Lutheran Church this afternoon at her home.
The members, who knit and bcw for the Bel
gians, and for the poor of this city, are Mrs.
Amelia Kunkel, Mrs. John Moore, Mrs. Mary
Engelman, Mrs. M, DeLong, Mrs. Henry F.
Seltzer, Mrs. Charles S. Albert, Miss Louise
Hcnnlng, Mrs. George Paul, Mrs. M. G. Kline,
Mrs. Frederick J. Chrlslman and Mrs. W. Gray
vllle. ,
I Mrs. Louis Barclay Boblnion, of 119 South
39th street, entertained at luncheon, followed by
bridge, (yesterday In honor of Miss Eleanor Weir,
of Now York. ,
Miss Loretta Cooke will entertain the mem
bers of herlcard club on Monday evening at her
home, 6103 Spruce street. A supper will bo
served after the game, Her guests will be Miss
Ella McDonald, Miss Margaret Hunter, Miss
Florence Blsch, Miss Mary Mooncy, Miss Ma
bel McCoach, Miss Margaret Mooncy. Miss Viola
Mlnter, Miss Margaret Hannlgpn. and Miss Clara
Cooke. If
Miss Anna DJorup will entertain tomorrow
afternoon at luncheon, followed by bridge, at
her home In the Glrard Estate, 2311 South Col
orado street. Her guests will be Miss Mary
Bennett, Miss Mary Christian, Miss Minnie
Endicott, Miss Catherine Turner, Miss Helen
Goodall, Miss Lavlna Weslej, Mrs. Kearna
Mullen, Miss Pearl Wescott. Miss Gladys
Monsalvage and Miss Jesse Dlttrlch.
First Lieutenant David McCoach, Jr., U. S.
A., who returned from Texas on leave of ab
sence, will leave with Mrs. McCoUch for Wash
ington tomorrow morning. They will be the
guests of Lieutenant Lampert, U. S.-A. Mrs.
McCoach has been the guest of her mother,
Mrs. Hugh Black, at the tatter's home, 2329
Wharton street.
A delightful little dancing class in the Qlrard
Estate meets every Friday evening at 1712
Chestnut street, and Includes Mr. and Mrs.
Ljiclus Beebe, Mr. and Mrs, W. .W Brlttaln,
Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. Davis, Lieutenant
Commander Tt S. Keyes, U. . N, nnd Mrs.
Keyes, Lieutenant Commander G. A, Bls-ett,
V- B. N, and Mrs. Blssett, Lieutenant C. A.
LuU. U. 8. M. C, and Mrs.Luts, Lieutenant
A. T. Barney, U. S N.,' and Mrs. Barney.
Miss Lane, Lieutenant Taylor, U. 8. N., and;
J, Parker, ,
MrA E. J. While, of 2134 North GraU street,
will give a luncheon, followed by bridge, today.
Her guests, who are members of her oard club,
will be Mrs. Nelson 's.ptncer, Mrs. Harry Dan
iels, Mrs. William Breltenbaugh, Mrs. Harry
Btnnerman, Mrs. Harry K Thompson, Mrs. A
E Primrose, Mrs. Harry Stabler, Mrs. Joseph
BJley, Mrs. Howard Park, Mrs. Norman Ste
vens, Mrs. If. H Rlchman. Mrs. Louise Hqrtell,
Mrs, Elmer Troth and Sirs Robert Mcormlsk
Mrs. Clara Myers, ol 1905 Diamond street, has
Issued Invitations for the marriage of her daugh
ter, Miss Miriam Meyers to Dr- A. Strauss on
Wednesday1 night, t December 23,' In the Hotel
Adtlphla. Miss Hejen Strauss, Dr Strauss'
sister. ,wl be niajd pf honor. Tha bridegroom
will have !TJr.-Loiils Jasobs for his beat man
The ceremony will b followed by a dinner and
dines fwthe relatives pf the couple. Dotor
and Mrs. Strauss will be at home after Feb
ruary I at vm Dla.rn.ond street l
Mr. and Mrs. lostl Bernsfaln, of tm North
Barobrey street,' a receiving awtgratulatlwu
an the birth of a.sb.
Mrs. Adam UlrWk. of ?i North tt 8ust.
will speqd he weefeejfck wlth friends at At
Uuitie tJlty. Mrs. Urtk was fofnitriy Mtw
Mabl l Francois
Mr Jams Thou, iftaj44 at tuneb
oa and cr4 y4ay M. Mr oouaUy place
Ui Frt Wajbtegtoia, Ur ufU were Mr. W
SteaMBei , Urt. w Uer lifti. Mrs Hoy Barry
Mis A i. Tt)ifa Mrs Jama Hogg. Mrs.
t'harl t, Hllewli Mis rretei ck JwmJaa.
M.t WiUMwa Cm. Mr. Uwiit Wwanaia. Mfg.
Cbrte RusmU vad Mrs, Wiillui Oaima- Mrs.
Ttwm.ou iMtttvly gawnt U w, liter at fcr wl.
4tM m WW TTiO wtum, tHtt U BOW &&
few wmM twee li tst Wasi um.
ill yw- ' Wkw iJ f. ' jt
f jg,' ;W'
Mrs. Coo uns Mis M'aric Wcstcott Young before her marriage. Mr. and Mrs. Coe returned this
week from their wedding trip. They will be at home on Wcdncidayj in January at 33 South 18lhSt.
Billy Ledgers
MUFFLED In luxurious furs from the fi
of her Jaunty llttlo toiitie to tho tips of
her tiny salmon-gnltered feel she was n pic
ture of plutocrntlc pulclirltude.
"Tne cost of living high Is driving me cinzy. '
he remarked, ns I joined hei. "l'xe just had
n perfectly good flsht with Jack because he
wants ma to gle up eating meat so that uo
.can snvo enough to buy n new set of tiles
for the limousine He snys It will help my fig
ure. Do ou re.illy think It needs It?" she In
quired anxiously.
I hastened to reassure her.
"But I pointed out," she continued, "that he
could sae twice ns much nnd nlso linproe
his by giving up cocktails and cigars Instead."
He cays, though, that If he did so It would im
mediately cast suspicion upon his credit. If
That man keeps on getting tighter eery day
I'm going to get Benoed and tewed that's all
there Is about it. and I told him so, too! But
the beast only laughe'd and snld that at last
1 had suggested a ienll feasible method of
swing money for hfm. '
"It's awfully nnnoy!n.s neer to be tnken seri
ously, don't you thlnkao?" she plaintively in
quired. I sympathized profusely.
. . .
"Come to market with me and watch me sae
my pennies" If you've nothing better to do,"
she suggested.
I accepted tun invitation with alacilty, but
douhtless showed some surpilee.
"It's the thing to do, nowadays, ou know,"
she explained, "One meets eeiybody one
knows! It's teally great fun All the new 1 weds
are doing It null 11 lot of older people, too.
Many of them have oodles of moneyj but I really
believe they enjoy inking at the things and talk
ing wisely to the butcher about cuts. Personally
the sight "f raw meat makes me III, but I have
an adorable .old butcher and we discuss babies
and philosophize oer vagaries of cooks. I tell
blm what I want and ha actually does send what
was ordered now and then. I can look at the
c;ame and poultry, although the thickens some
how seem so shockingly naked, but what I really
love Is vegetables."
"Aren't carrots artistic" She pointed them
put delightedly as we entered the scented
depths of the 1)1 building and she daintily
picked her way, skirts lifted, over the sawdust
covered floor.
"I love the contrast of the green and ted in
radishes, too, and the deeper tone In beets
You know some of the farmers group their
Jmf jHBBHaMg&o'ttCl
tHHHHHf? i3nLiflilllllHF
i taiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiHHSsfliiiiV"
iaiiiiiiiiiiV . gt fK
I111111111W ' latB
Man!; ,.. ... aBMUft 4
Wfc- i) rtlUj MltilJU
dssVilSXfK sit)..
Plit graph itf MarctiH
things awfully effectively, f always make It
a point to patronize the most artistic. It shows
they tnke pride In their produce and they are
generally pretty certain to hnve the best."
"I don't observe nny sublime heights of.
boaut In a potato." 1 mildly objected.
Ah. but look how they blend harmoniously
with the caullllowei, corn and turnips in that
stand," ci led she, pointing at a booth, the ar
rangement of which reminded me somewhat of
a Cubist's Idea of a summer sunot or my
gran Imotlier'H crazy qulllf.
"A second Turner," I ngieed.
Just then wp weic Joned by n giddily dressed
group of othor jouns mations nnd thereafter
rtir marketing nssumed tho general aspect of
nil nftcrnoon tea. BILLY LEDGER.
One of the Most Brilliant Affairs of the Kind
Held Last Night at the Acailemj.
Tho Jotli annual charity ball, which was held
last night at the Academy of Music, was no
exception to tho long line of successful affairs
which have been given by the able committee in
charge of the dance.
The feature of this year was the dancing of
four of the modern dances by large gioups of
young people, who represented the beneficiaries
of the ball. The dancers were trainej by Charles
Morgan, of Mask and Wig fame, and all of the
gioups gave most creditable exhibitions
The exposition of modern dancing by several
professionals was a delightful feature of the
evening, and Miss Leta Sullivan, the attractive
daughter of'Mr. and Mrs. James Francis Sulli
van, danced charmingly to Dvorak's "Humor
'csque." As nearly eery one was In tho vsilous groups
when the final rpaich was finished, and the gen
et al dancing began, the floor was already crowd
od. but gradually the greater number left, nnd
townid the end of the evening It was possible to
enjoy ihe dancing and to find one's friends.
From the balcony seats the floor presented a
magnificent kaleidoscopic appearance Brilliant
colors aie being used this year In the gawns
more than ever before. Mr. Warren Walker
had selecttd a striking gown of bright green
chiffon, which was made with a three-llet skirt
nnd bodice of shadow lace, Miss Katharine
Hobart Hare, who. with her fiance, John Conger,
danced in Mrs. Alteinus' group, wore a,, frock of
royal purple chainieuse, her mother, Mrs. R.
Emott Hare, chose a handsome gown of black
satln,and white lace, '
An extremely dainty girlish gown was selected
by Miss Marie Starr, a debutante of the season.
The fiock was fashioned of white chiffon, band
ed at the hem and neck with wide folds of deep
blue velvet. Jeweled combs were used In her
simply arranged hnlr.
Mrs. Charles Stewart Wurts wore n pale pink
satin creation, which was made With a black-and-white
beaded tunic. Mrs. Elllston Perot
Birsell was gowned In Hunter's green velvet and
point lace, A handsome gown of rpyaj purple
charmeuae was worn by Mrs. Harry Paul Bally,
Miss Cecils Howell chose a lovely ftock of old
rese taffeta, which was made with a draped
girdle of flowered silk. Black satin, trimmed
With skunk fur. was worn by Mrs William
Mrs. Joseph B Hutchinson, who was chaperon
of the University group of dancers, looked
charming In e. gown of brilliant gresn satin and
gold lac. Mrs. B. Dobson Altemus, another
chaperon, wore a handsome gown of black satin,
with the bodice of tulle. An army blus satin
ribbon was worn across tlie front of the gown,
whieh was given an extremely Freneh appear
Alice by the addition of a strip of pink rosea
above tba band
Mi Margaret Yok Batman! wore a gown
'of terra eotta. velvet Another velvet drs wad
selected by Miss BHiabth. Rowland; the eolor
of this gown was ash," of
Black satin awl U.,wj -mm, by Ms. Wil
liam Roberts Ueveh. atl the, s3me eemWaaUoH,
with an addition of gctW aee,twaa ckea) by
MIm Mary Ceatea, M May Ui vlnus wore
brilliant greaa chiffon.
Mm- A. FMx lu Pout eatsxUiiiMi Ut aitttt
at lar Uojoa at a. Uoc for Mia L4U
CtiliAeMMr, wbo U b.r gvt
Misa imi fe, du Foot and Mis W ijliam jack
i of abiaioii U C titui to Nw o,k
" to uu4 Uie Hoise Bbuw in M.Oisuu
fer Us4a, (Mid for ttm At iut so its
MW ens rw fM WMM am v
ON'E of the largest balls of the season Will bo
glcn at Horticultural Hall tonight by Mr.
and Mrs Alexander Brown Coxe, of Nawbeek,
t'aoll. In honor of their debutante niece, Miss
Ruth Coxe, daughter of Mr. nnd Mrs. lleniy
flrlnion Colic Theie will he S0O guests lhs
ballroom will be elabointcly decorated with
feins. pnlms. tmnging vines and tnrlous flow
ers The orchestra will be rntlrel hidden from
lew by n mass of greens nnd foliage and sup
per will he srcd In the fted llnoin. A num
ber of dinners will be given before the ball.
Mr and Mrs Samuel A. Crorei, of 2044 Lo
cust street, will give n dinner for Mrs. Croscr's
sister. Miss Hope T. Bcnle.
Mr nnd Mrs. James Francis Nulllvau, of
210D Walnut street, will entertain nt a dinner
of 20 covers.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Lnnghorne Bullitt Dick, or
Chestnut Hill, will entertain nt dinner In honor
of Miss Jean C liullltt
Mr. nnd Mis. John Shiple Dixon will enter
Air. and Mrs. AI. Horsetail, of 3116 We mouth
street, will give n party In honor of their sou,
Frederick l, on Saturday evening. Those
present will lie Miss Frances Hackell. Allss
Flo Schoppe. Allss Helen Black, Allss Miriam
Conmlre, Miss Dorothy Wells. Allss Marthn
Simon, Allss Mm tic Aleilr, AIls Bebecca Kor
man, Jllss Ella May Stevenson, Allss Nan
Snow, Otto Belser. James Alicrs, Bruce An
derson, Frank Belston, Edward Dalr, James
AlcPeak, Fiank "Willis. Ernest Craig, Harvey
Schoppe, James Alyers.
Mr. and Mis Louis Blngold, of 3030 Frank
ford avenue, will entertain n few of their
friends on Sunday evening. Those present will
be Mr. nnd Airs. J. Podolsky, All. nnd Mrs.
B. Podolsky, Allss Rebu Blngold nnd Louis
The Good Intent of the Daughters of Liberty
will celebrate their 8th anniversary with an
entertainment and danco on Monday evening
nt Tongue's Hall, Amber stiect and Allegheny
avenue. i
Allss Katherlne E. Boberls will entertain at
a musical this evening at hei home on Airott
street. Those taking part In the entertainment
will be Allss Nellie Scott. Aliss .Margaret Muiry,
Miss Pauline Butt, Joseph Hassen, Walter Burt
and Edwin Thomas
As a preliminary to the coming of "Billy"
Sunday's evangelistic campaign, many cottage
prajer meetings are being held In homes In
Frankford en Tuesday and Friday evenings.
Tho meetings are In the nature of, neighbor
hood groups, and will continue until the be
ginning of the tabernacle meetings at 13th
and Vine atiects, January 3.
Airs Albert Hood, of Bochelle avenue, enter
tained her sewing club at luncheon today. Her
guests were Airs N. Claire Botabaugh, Airs.
Frederick Stott, Airs. Frank Kenworthy, Airs.
John O. Struse, Alias Helen Behfus. Airs. Boy
A. Boblnson, Airs. Charles Weln, Allss Emma
Behfus, Airs. Orlando Petty apd Alls. Robert
Has. ,
Airs. Samuel A. Cochran, of Roiborough ave
nue, is spending tho early winter at Saranac
Lake, N. Y. '
Air. and Airs, S. It. Borer, of Ridge avenue,
have returned fiom Allllville, N. .1., where they
were the guests of Airs. A. L. Edler.
Allss Atny AlcKtuney, of Alanayunk avenue,
gave a "500" party last night for the members
of her card club, Her guests were Airs, Clar
ence K, Dengler, Airs. Ferdinand Davis, Airs,
Walter Fancourt, Mrs. Ralph Pope, Mrs. Mil
ton Smith, Airs. W Edward Shappell, Airs Jos
eph Rose, Airs, Clayton Thomas, Mis. Louis E.
Wagner, Airs Ella Shuler and Allss Gertrude
ONE of the most Important weddings of the
early winter will be that of Allss .Marls U
Welsh and Louis C Atauelrx, 3d, which will be
solemnized verj quietly at 4 o'clock this after
noon at the home of th bride's parent. Mr.
and Mrs. T Henry Dixon, 32d and Mill Croek
roads, Chestnut Hill.
The bride, who will be given in marriage uy
Air. Dixon, will wear a gown tit soft white
satin beautifully trimmed with old famll face,
and her tulle veil, also trimmed with family
lace, will be, held In plage by a eorenet of
orange blossoms She will carry a shower bou
quet of 111164 of the 'valley.
MU Hmlly P. WeJaii. who will aUAd ur
sister as maid f hetww, nitt wear a'ds4)ty
gown of pal pljtk eMffiMt. gsacefuUjr triijuie4
with erejm lae. Her hat will be ef i4k vel
vet auyl she will carry au armful uf KlUarMy
Persy C. Mad4ra, Jr, IH attMMt his brUr
as best man, sad there will be, tw ushr. Right
Itv. Moasjgnor WIHtaw KiavaB, IX U. t i.
Patrick's Churchy JtHtt and Loeust strt, wiU
psform tha erttfuRy, which will ba follow
by satstU recfstlitw tor the jamdit tam
Ui puil a. Uvy Uitlwats) frieads
Th brtt l U4X Ml tfe shvugbtar pf tbe
Vftl VMaVi Wei tjt4 a, )irW of Mr. Arcbi,
VvaU TttMsoA. Mrs. WWwn TiU Tttua jx1
l Rusa H- JatWsvB.
Sbt naeV taw tHfcttt two wister ago. ua
has boa a, vy mfukir Moht f the
oungr m
Mr. Madeira If tba Mat ol pn ' M4tri
HU motai, wko dlAat ssusu years S40, u.
Uim Url V, Msvrlt. l X" ' :
H ir. Iur4oc aUultjr. vfV bkwa kr atar.
rlstf o OctotMi 1 fi mm Mric V Haius
M4tdr AMai iti Mttjna1 DMfJltism luuro
ar an Rr. Ifcjdaa, wilt Hv D miH.
Jin f-i;f fffeffi
tain at dinner In honor of .Miss Mary Crozer
Page nnd her fiance, Joseph Msrechal
Brown, Jr. ,
Mr. and Aft. William Wilson Curtln, of i:iS
De iJincey place, will give n dinner in honor
of Miss Edith n. Ellison.
,lr. and Mrs. Marcellus Coxe. of 2221 I-ociut
street, will entertain nt dinner In honor of Mr.
and Mrs Allertdn Cushman. of Washington,
Air nnd Mrs. Morrli Lewis Clothier will
give n danner In honor of Miss Jean Newbold a
the Belletue-Stmtrord,
Miss Moll W. Rally will be guest of honor
nt a dinner glxen by Mr and Mrs. Charles Wlrtf
ter Hall) nt the Bellevue-Stratford.
Miss L'miM Ashlon'Dorr will be guest of
honor nt a dinner ghen b hei uncle and aunt.
Dr. nnd Mrs Thomas li. Ashtou, of 1824 Rlt.
tenhouse square.
Others who wit) eutcrtnln at dinner are Dr.
and Mrs. Albert Franclne. Mr. and Mrs.
Thomas Rldgwny, Mr. nnd Mrs William White,
Jr. -Air. nnd Airs. Joseph II Widener, Mrs.
Arthur Blddle.
A bridge party will be held at the Woodbury
Country Club on December 18, On New Year's
Evo there will be a dinner-dance.
Airs. Jlobcit Tajlor, of Colllngswood, recently
entertained a number of Camdch friends sit a
"thimble" pirty. ' '
The Louis Bergdoll Brewing Company's
Challenge to HOUDINI
JB OlDf.Vrhl"",e"hU' P"" Vtctmbtr ' 1BU
Chi or U.' f! Keith's Thea're.
Cliettnut bt. betwe-n 11th and 12th SU..
l'hlladelphla, 1'a.
Dear Sir:
We challenge jnn to mcjipc fioM one of our Urgs
raaks after we have filled ame, and our men have
locked j on In
If ou Adept. Il Is iinderslnoil that, you do no at
J""" 'mn rlak. and Hint we aro not to bo held rtspon
sllile In cflee of i,oldtnt, as we fully recotntz th
Yours Terr truly.
The Loult Jltrgdoll Hreuinp Coi.irnay.
Accepts the Above Challenge '
Teat Takes Place at
B. P. Keith's Chestnut St. Theatre
tf.so A ma suitRousDis'a show
Tonight Tomorrow
GERMANY auasia-
60c. 7Dv, it at lfeppa'a. 33c Academy.
BROAD Last 2 Evgs." ITomSw
Gillette Bates Doro
In Sardou's Masterpiece, DIPLOMACY
V UlVlVJllOi. Matinees Wednesday 4 Baturdar. '
s.r"Ma,.n.d 5Qc to $i.5o sa-ia $i"
On Sale at Heppe's, 1110 Chestnut Street.
nUnofrinf Qf OPEIIA I Home of vyeriit'i
UneSinUt OU HOUSU l aratst Photopl.
AftJ. 1 to 8, 10 and 15c. Evgs. T to Jl, 10. IS. J!
Tnlca Dally Afternoons 2:30. Eyenlnss 4:30.
Preceded by Dally Chanso First-Itun. Plctursc.
"protect us" 'ffasysaffi
.,. I Mrnaa. D 1 1 n n . pusiuna,
Ks ATFiA 6rka. MM Laruso, Aloat
nlr IS AiUA Ilw lUasL AuJUIo.
D IS. "-i-" Conrtutor Mr l-oticoc
fteatS tllWI l-BHIPUt ,, ....- Vww ' "jp
8.l jwwi'"'
c, 40. IfiO
Me. coc. 74u aad S1U0
t Wosk-TUB TUAFIflP-Nt Wert
rlllZATnl in 'TI:
CXmssWa "SH.K O
LUDIj8 iSgfittfe, ACTS
BBJtj By l Bwrws iy wses la
T.TTTT.F, "''iJ&ma
(. g J Mat Joatorii, . 1H,
--'-1"" nvu o;i.. T k. j
aJviMB tfll
W,. U, Join
TUHATBK lllBLjllVCtUUAfl,,,.,,,,!,.
raiUTisK ini?QHVKri3UJS.ola.
'aul4r JS ftS X)"" Wn-JSi "TTj.
GXRRICK "jLtlfi.T? ,1
Paajuur Prteo vVswstajf ljtfa. ivmi s.. t a
aVCADaSS. l t lalfc I J jl.SMata
PHILADBJHIA fir Tonior. ,rw
wnywre t i&
JXUtUUVVli. nuiiti.a.. ivaixahtw
t.ltMl viJ B itt.il,
t VTTr LA WRkvh W xi
JL, I fVlVj fc,iai k U Mt . ,-. 4. j
"HIGH JINKS'' fclV .. ....
EMPIRE lUnNfcii uitrti
DTI M rt laf V & W -"-1 liSll,i..:i
UU?H w ma m- m 3-rs.
alEtga 1TSJP lJCr j jfU.1 rJt.
Baaaaaaaaaaaaasiu IV lru
naaaaBfmACT '
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CAilil l te. tmi . J

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