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VOL I-rKO. 80
Coniianr.lOU.sT tn I'cjlio Limes Counm.
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; IS
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Commissioner Johnson Ad
mits Conference With
Representative of Carriers
Prior to Hearing.
Public Service Commissioner Emory n.
Johnson,. In ft-formalatntcment Issued this
afternoon In Harrlsburg, admitted that
the Pennsylvania, the Philadelphia and
.Heading nnd the Baltimore and Ohio
Railroad Companies were Informed In
'lubstance what (he decision of tho Com-
' mission would be In tho passenger rate
.Increait) caso on Friday night nearly 24
hours beforo tho Commission announced
publicly, Its decision in tho case.
Mr. Johnson also said an Informal In
tervlew was granted a representative ol
the railroads early In December, even
before' the formal hearing had been held
and at that time a fairly clear Intima
tion of what tho Commission would order
was given to the railroads.
,1'ftc new tarfrfa as they were approved
fcy the Commission, according to ,Mr.
Johnson, were .filed, by the railroads- with
the interstate Commerce Commission In
"Washington at noon, on Saturday, four
hours beforo the executive session of tho
yennsylvanlo. Public Servlco Commission
ended - in tho Hcllevue-Stratlonl.
Mr. Johnson also said thnt he under
stood from a representative uftho rail
roads that, tho full forco of employes
In tho rato departments of the railroads
were kept busy all Friday night Prc
' paring the tariff schedules nnd the tlckots
to conform with tho ruling which tho
eommlsston was to formally decide upon
the next day.
In defense of tho course of the Com
mission, Mr. Johnson oald that had tho
railroads not beon able to know the new
rates! prior to the formal decision they
would have been unabto to fllo tho tariffs
with the Commission In Washington, and
accordingly the. public might have been
compelled to pay the Increased fores for
a limited time.
The statement from Mr. Jqhnson was
Issued In reply to charges of tho attor
neys for the committers that the Com
' mission must have advised the railroads
Hi advance what they would rulo and that
In so doing they had not acted in good
'faith1 with the complainants.
In .part Mr. Johnson's statement fol
lows i .
"The numerous complaints received by
tho. Public Service Commission during the
latter half of November as to tho prppbf
d Incrohso In rmsscuKer fares were clas-
lfld and carefully studied by the com
mission 'and a. preliminary hearing was
' S JJ''Jd5lll-'ia.Ws?: -part. pfI"oVejjiber..,a,t
I ? irnleiiTaU'-porhpta-Irits 'wlshirfs 1ti pro
, eent their cases' wero heard. lijllowlng
'5 -' , that hearing If was apparently evident to
tho carrier that 'Concession .should be
. "jnade to tho public, modifying the tariffs
. " that'had been filed 'VI th the Public Serv
ice Commission at Harrlsburg, and with
the Interstate Commerce Commission In
Washington to become effective Decem
ber IS.
''Ah Informal Interview was requested
,py ir. jjixon, representing me earners.
4; with -a member of the commission. At
this interview the carriers wero Informed
' . that tho commission would probably con
4 sldcr the tariff that had been filed to be
' . . "unreasonable In several particulars, par
I tlcularly In the withdrawal of the 100-trIp
' 'J, ticket and the- increase, of the (en-trip
g ft ticket to a basis of more than two cents
8 fy .; a mile, and In the provision of the month
'J Sj, t lj". and school tickets which limited them
W tP Periods of the calendar month. Fol
lowing this Informal Interview the car
riers took up the same question with the
Interstate Commerce Commission, which
gave tho carriers permission to withdraw
- the. tariffs that had been filed and to
subatltutn new tariffs providing the new
tariffs should make the changes' which
Concluded on Fuse Two
Br-r-r-rJ This Is' real winter, Isn't It?
And if hera to. stay, too, tor a while,
for the weatherman announces that It will
t Juslaa frigid tonight. At any rata It
la clear and will stay tso for a tlma as
a welcome relief. So whether you plan
f tenlghtl to listen to "Celeste Aids," at
uroaa ana i'opiar or just hop around the
wnrnsi i Viak mnnUa .... 1
fc. tlMiS!?'5 10 the movies, wrap up warn.
m t ,5r VM"iw w iHBivjuwii, jtuu Know
For' Philadelphia and vtct'mty,-.
. f iiuw wyiitiiiucu i,uiu iuuay ana 10
nighiz ,
)' Observations at Philadelphia.
? -J t. ..wt it mlUs
fiKE'' !-. "'.im.m .01 ur cent.
Ulna UaiMntw . ... "
MixMSeto umvtnWt: .;,, ,,.;;,; it
' ' Alrnanao qt tho Day
10M a. a.
Uta&tr (lM(nw)
"ft a, m.
At a. ou
iir (twatmtm.
var itaMrw .. .
Bat tf (UuvmtoV i . . . .
Hi(k WMr
Ut itattt UO.I.01TOW)
Was nur immure)
3 5ft. 6,
lUs walw
Lour nlir itotaiscrMi)
. .4I
1? a. .
water O.aauitfv)
Man Dying In Hospital and His As
sailant Arrested,
After a chase In which several shots
were fired, Sablttnt Pagnutelll, accused
of having fatally stabbed Eltnordo Ap
pello, of 6020 Merlon avenue, was faught
this afternoon nnd held without ball. This
stabbing, which grew out of an argu
ment over a (to debt Appello Is said to
have owed Pagnutelll, toolt place early
this afternoon, the polica say, at AppellO's
home. Pagnutelll, who lives In the house,
returned at noon and demanded 910. Ap
pello said he had not promised to pay
today and catted Pagnutelll a liar, ac
cording to Maria Oo.VIto, who was
present. "
Pagnutelll picked' up a large bread knife
and stabbed Appolo through the shoulder
and right lung,' Marin OeVlto said, im
mediately after the stabbing she ran out
of the house nnd called Patrolman
Grimm, of tho Cist and Thompson streets
polite station. Aa Grimm started toward
Hie house I'agnutolll left It and started
tunning across lots to escape.
Grimm fired several shots nnd pursued
Pagnutelll to 49th and Lancaster avenue,
where ho surrendered. According to
Grimm, ho admitted having stabbed Ap
polo. Tho Injured man was tnken to
West Philadelphia Homeopathla Hospital,
It "was said he was likely to die.
"Mere Child," Jurist Continues, In
Keply to Criticism of. Court.
A curt lllng nt Director Porter and
his plan for a curfew Inw was Judge
Mayor Sulzberger's reply today to- the
Director's denunciation of Magistrates
and his criticism of .Quarter Sessions
Courts, as contained In a statement Is
sued at police headquarters yesterday.
Too many discharges from tho Quarter
Sessions Court when the prisoners de
served punishment. Director Porter had
said, was one of tho reasons why It waf
hard to enforce tho laws.
In his reply, Judgo Sulzberger called
Director Portor a "mere child" and an
"Ignorant .baby." Ho was asked what he
though of tho proposed curfow law.
""My opinion of Director Porter is such
that I do not feel Justified In recom
mending any plan he propos5s","-said he.
"I don't think his statements worthy of
u. miJiy. no is utionj- incompetent.
Director Porter had said most of the
magistrates were mere politicians. Of
this Judge Sulzberger snld:
"Thero Is no shallower criticism than
the one commonly Indulged In of calling
a man a politician by way of saying ho
In unfit, I always distrust such a critic.
You know my opinion of Director Porter.
If ho complains that women prisoners
have been discharged In court I can only
say that they have been discharged for
good and valid reasons."
Director Porter refused to. comment to
day on Judge Sulzberger's remarks. He
said he would have a statement tomorrow.
Polios, Conducting Invcstipatipn Ing,
Early Morning Tragedy .
Mrs. Virginia Obcrdorfer, 67 years old,
MSI Xorth Sth street, was foiind dead on
the. trolley tracks at Sth and Clearfield
Btreots this morning. The circumstances
are such that the possibility of foul play
Is being entertained by the police.
The woman's body was lying1 across the
tracks. The skull wns crushed and the
limbs mutilated., A handbag, containing
mur smaller nags. Holding In all $168,'
wns Intact. "About four feet from the
body were tho woman's shoes, which
were of tho elastic side type. Further
along tho tracks was a dented nsh bar
rel. Its contents strewn along tho road.
The body was found by ChaHes Col
trle, 2023 Korth Tjelthgow street, and Al
bert Steele, ZH2 North Front street,- milk
men, whc were serving their route.
On the theory that Mrs, Oberdorfer had
been struck by a car while crossing the
tracks, the police examined all cars on
the 7th and 8th streets division that
passed Clearfield street durng the night.
Murder Trial Halted Until Witness
Recovers Composure.
The father of Herman Fisher, the boy
murdered at Taylor Lane, Mount Holly,
July 11, whose alleged slayer Is on trial at
that town today, collapsed while testify
ing how he found the body of his son, and
proceedings were halted for nearly half
an hour until he recovered.
The father is Charles Fisher. Augustus
Fisher, a brother of the murdered lad,
also was called to th stand to .testify,
and while ho was describing how the body
was found Bdgard C. Murphy, the ac
cused murderer. Jumped to his feet and
shouted, "You mentioned some things
there" He was not allowed to com
plete the sentence
Murphy feigned Insanity when his case
first waa called tor trial a month ago
and proceedings were held up until phy
sicians had. time to examine him. All
certified that he was not Insane. Another
outbreak was expected today. The man
refused to dress this morning when the
time came for htm to go to the, court
house, and police forced the clothing on
him. Frank Cole, Harry Frank. Anna
Hnskat und Henrietta Enskat. all living
ill the vicinity of the murder, gave teati.
mony. Florence Wllhelra. said that alter
uui mm Kiuea nerman j'lener nad been
fired she heard some one cry outs "Oh
Iord. help, jne," Later on ah learned
jiwut neruian pao a one we calling. Anna
WJlhelm heard the appeals after the
Goeben. Also Beported in Bald on
Batum Port,
B3RC4N, Pe. u.
-Tha oWulal praas bureau today gave
out (be following!
j TurkJah cruiser Mjdlrl! (formerly
the Brartai) has twqtbardcd SebastopoL
The Turkish official bulletin a7yr?h0
large cruiser Sultan Sllm (the Goeben)
be intended Batum. Dectmber to, setting
are to ttw olty. The Ruaailan land bat
tarlM returned the 4r without guuewa
"CouaUnttnopU iarw authoritatively
that a Mihanua4aa ujtfWsg baa ocr
lurrad In th Cauaasiu. and "thai sau
stroimti bu&aJBti r--'- - na... P
Sght against the Ru?!B-"
" -" . N I nMK IRBT
twUaiuiM4 u w. th Isttt&UM of Criaua
In the fcU'-k Ha.. uwt U tti (LrtaJmJ
KuM,n u.val haM in tfcM waters. Th,
ami after Turkay bagaa hoatiUtlaaagaJust
Roitia, OttamaM bja bombarded tha
port. iHi) than Turklah aubwi.rini
hav ui4 U ntir t bartMM. d uu
uu uMaatoiB it waa teportad that a, ab
curu araa suuk.
isllllllllllllllHBilllllllHlssHHHiiir TaWULWkW&r jmmmfmf&SMXmMsSm'
White-wing Street cleaners and other public servants whose work kept them out in the open found it
hard to keep warm today, with the thermometer ranging: between 13 and 26 degrees. The weather man
held out no hope of more pleasing temperatures before Thursday. The city, however, was more fortu
nate than some of the suburbs, where the mercury fell to zero.
Mercury Falls to 13 De
(i ,-f -.j ,. ' I IHl llWlMOTII I . air,.
grees'dri ColdesUDecember
I j in 1 en i ears and oec
ond Coldest on Record.
STODAT'S' houbly
The, figures Indicate' temperatures on
the. street at Broad' and Chestnut
streets, as reported by -Ledger Cen
tral: Midnight II 9.a. m.... .11
1 n. m 19 10 a. m 14
S.&4 m 19 11 a. m ,.. 23
3 a.m. ........ 17 12 noon ,21
In. m. 10 1 p. m 23
S a, m. 15 2p. m 23
i a, m 14 3 p. m,.i. ...... 23
7 a. m 13 4 p.m :s
8 a. m... ......... 13
The coldest December IS in- ten years
and the second-coldest on record brought
death to two. men, injuries to several,
and Intense suffering to the poor of the
city today.
The mercury" between 7 and 8 o'clock
this morning registered 43 degrees above
zero, 5 degrees lower than tho mark pre
dicted by the official weather forecaster.
One of the dead men Is unidentified as
yet, and the other Is believed to have
been Edward McCovern, of 2025 "Winter
street, lie was found dying at Alle
gheny avenue and Wltte street, .and
taken to tho home of Benjamin Herbert,
1192 Welkle street, where ho died before
a physician could arrive from the North
eastern Hospital,
The other man was found beneath, a
Philadelphia and Beading Hallway
freight platform In American street,
above Berks, where he hod cravvled to es
cape the biting wind, and died. He was
about 45 years did and was five feet nine
Inches tall and -dressed In dark cloth
ing. His hair was dark and streaked,
with gray.
Local Forecaster.BHss predicts that the
cold weather will continue, throughout, the
day and tiSrught.' Trie same prediction, la
made at Washington, but' slightly warmer
weather for- Thursday la nromlsed. ,
John Went, of 157 Carlton afreet.'. a,
Trindrm-' cleaner, fill from' the third floor.'
of the Scott Paper Company dlant, at.
ll?f. ntrud, , onif niarrtrrrt QUAnf.B h fa
14.1. e.ivt ' wu H.inuvu W..V.J,..,, if.j
morning, .,wnen in.e com nuniDea nis
hands. lie was taken to Hamarltan'.Hoo
pltal. ;
Thomas guUlVin, 1933 3Quth JOth trt,
sustained a fracture of the skull when he
slipped on an ley sidewalk lti 19th street-
u is at Di. Agnes, iiospuai.
In inBy .points ,'ln 'the suburbs the
tnomcters, registers much. lower than I
this city, the low mark balcir nt.ut Hat. I
bor, whre the meroury dropped to.'a'n'
even zero, .
Tho cold was especially severo on the
poor. This waa evidenced by tha flood
of requests for aid reoyed by virtually
every charitable organization In the sjty.
Coal dealers found the weather to tatftir
liking because of hurry-up orders tot
coal. anl today their teams are working
at top speed trying to catch .(if wjtfi
orders. -
Piwnbera alao cam Into their harvest
time as the rtsuR ofNfrou plps,-e-'
psetaHy la the owUtrtag .saittoaa- Titer
HUHjwtsM at inany sulMubaa sswi
retterl far bjtow tltf eAhsial agure of
at pitdrtttti
The awall bay (Mir the Am occortuultv
to dare tb Utnw wiod'tU tnoralog aud I
taat Ute ifi f8TOii4g o pooda and pud- i
dlaa. StHHOd the waather uoutiuuo at
uw preaeat tMBeratur it iu meaa
luty of skatiog.
Pblldiu aud Peuiiaylvanu-got off
aaaily eoaapared to other potqu Tki
ujweury west ma U deTe lu It fymi
HHH' ?PBJlj j
Governors Took Action at Meeting
This Afternoon.
NEW YOItK, Deo. 13,-DeclarIng that
the crisis which existed July 31 when It
was created has passed, the committee of
five that has governed tho Stock 13x
chapgo since that time, today asked' to
be discharged. Tho board of governor,-
'granted tho ifqueat.'plncliiK tnIexchan;o
'bade on tho footing that existed prior to
tho war.
Tho board of governors also, announced
that all contracts that were suspended I
July 31 are now cnforclblc, subject to I
minimum price restrictions, ns were re- '
cently established.
Three Persons 'Hncl Narrqw Escapes
in Explosion Contractor Arrested.
A shower of locks hurled through the.
air for nearly a hundred feet by a heavy
cliargo of dynamite wrecked the home
qf Patrick Max.well, 167 Ttoxborough,
street, Manayunk, this morning and
slightly Injured one of the occupants of
the hou.se, while, two other persons had
ijarrow escapes rro'ni serious Injury.
Samuel ,Farke, 137 Jamestown- street,
Manayunk, the contractor who Is alleged
to have been responsible for the blasting.
was arrested -nnd arranged before Mag
istrate drells In the Manayunk police sta
tion and held under JM0 ball for a turther
hearing Saturday on the charge of violat
ing a city oidtnance.
When the charge of dynamite vras set
off, the sound of the explosion could bo
heard for miles, and huge pieces of rdck
woro hurled high Into the air.
A rock, estimated by the police or the
Manayunk station to have weighed two
tons, crashed against the front wall of
the house and sent a part of the lS-lnch
nail Into the parlor, smashing furniture
and knocking pictures from the walls.
At the same time a piece of rock weigh
ing 250 pounds tore its way through the
slda wall of the' house and dropped In
the kitchen. It was driver! Into the
kitchen wth such forco it pushed a heavy
refrigerator Into the middle of the kitchen
and upset a table which held the break
fast dishes
Anna Maxwell,. IS years old, who was
eating breakfast' at the time, and her
mother, Mrs. Patrick Maxwell, who was
working about tjio kitchen, both Jumped
out of the way to prevent being hurt,
Bersle Maxwell, another daughter, 12
jiesrn old, was in bed at the time of the
explosion, arid a piece of stone passed
Within a few inches of her head and
landed on a chair at the girl's bedside
rt maii.i rt
Director Porter and Mayor yill
Sanction Investigation.
Orders for! an Immediate tet of the
hose used by the ftre Department will be
1ud by Dlr actor Porter. The pireetor
and Mayor uianjcenburg today agreed to
wpnlt tpe tet following the request of
JJX Howhuyl, engineer of the National
ifoard or fire unuerwritera.
.In demawMBg the test, Mr. Hawjand
declared ha w4 at the opinion that at
least 44 per cent. f the high presajore
hose Ui use by the department was
taulty. Many of the engines alao were
faulty and a great number of tham warn
rof antiquated type, he contend. A plan
win u hvoito Jay pirecior rwier lor a
complete Investigation and examination
of the city's re agbtlug apparatu.
Kew York PnwmUssioa Sanction
$20,000,000 Sale of Stock.
ALBANY. N. T., Uec U jr'mel ap-
wvi waa ataated u4a t ttie Up
tat Pubttc Service CommUnlu tor the
Jurcha b the New York Cetitral of
te La IBtMce Mx;k
E. R.
v Himself? Deranged by
Father's Death Brother
Col lapses in Hospital.
Eugeno It. Knoblauch, one of the pro
prietors of 'the restaurant on tho train
floor of the Heading Terminal, shctt him
self through the right temple at 1:50
o'clock this afterr.oon, in a retiring room
of Broad Street Station. He died later
at the Hahnemann Hospital.
Gustave Knoblauch, Jr., a brother of
tho dying man, collapsed twice at the
hospital. He arrived thero a few min
utes after Eugeno Knoblauch had been
taken there. Ho also Is under the caro
of physicians, who say that his condition
Is eerious. Until physicians took him hi
charge he was pacing up and down the
corridors, wildly wringing his hands,
died lu Atlantic City August 2, and it
Is believed this preyed on tho mind of
Eugene. -Uuatuve Knoblauch said after
he had been treated at the hospital that
he could give no motive for Ills brother's
act. Ho declared their restaurant busi
ness was In a nourishing condition and
they had-no financial or family troubles,
Eugeno Knoblauch, however, had been
suffering a great deal for some years
with a nervous complaint. It Is thought
he may have been temporarily deranged
when he fired the shot.
After Mr. Knoblauch was sent to the
hcwpltal.a search of his pockets was made
by Detective Acqrn, of the Pennsylvania
Itallroad, and Special Policeman Tom
llson, of the 15th, and Vine streets station.
On a deposit, slip of the Girard Trust
Company' were written the following
"Overcoat In closet of father's joom.
Large doll, In parlor."
There were aleo a commutation ticket
to Sedgewlek, N. J., whleh was pur
chased yesterday, and a rouQd trip tloet
to Atlantic City. There was an empty
envelops addressed to Mrs. Bugene Knob
lauch, 58 South Jackson-avsnue, Atlantis
A Girard Trust Company book 'showed
that Knoblauch had on' deposit Jll,3l S3.
On thQ rigor of the wash room waa a
box of ahotgun sheila and S3 calibre re
volver cartridges.
Broad Street Station was srowded with
waiting passongers at the time of the
shooting. Knoblauch fired only one shot
Crowd of men rushed Into the room and
attendants found It Impossible to keep
them .back.
A aijuad of police was Nsent from the
llh gjid Vine streets station and Knob
lauch' was rushed to the hospital. So
far aa the police ccukl learn, no oat saw
hjm nut the revolver to his head.
fctogeve Knoblauch's home formerly was
at 3tt Manheim street, Gerraaatewn. He
moved a few days ago to a name he had
Just built at Cynwyd, Pa.
Jgr. Knoblauch's wife was not told of
tin frWVaV SUe tajewtvaieaeiiig at their
Cjnwy4 lHMiie attr aa operation, per
formed several Oays ag. and It U feared
that it ah were told at this tlou the re
sults would be eerloua. She baa two chil
dren. E P HUes, etiuruky for the Knutolu.h
brother saw Una fiiKuu that in lit
tl4oiun Kugiie' iuud aa unbalance 4
a the result of Ulae aiiU wuir u.ti
the cU-nUi ui ills xaLUsjf, 4uutu Kniib
lsuct. Tb elder KnohUnub left an es
tate valued at (JW.m equally dlvldd o-twt-ea
Hut bfuiheis. ana la bu Ui pru
vt4ed thAt the latter vvoUuue tha Ti
uib4J restaurant buabMa. Ar..tMV.
Jr., km ezetutor vf t eaUne,
The pursuit of the Itusslans In West
tiatlcla continues. As a result of en
counters of a more or less jerlous
imturo we have won ground lu a
northern direction. Dukla (In Qallcla)
Is again In cAir possession. Our col
uinp, advancing through the Car
pathlnnf, captured on Saturday 90M
prisoners nnd 10 machine guns,
Our offensive movement directed In
u southeasterly direction from the
lllver Drlna encountered, southeast of
Vnljevo, a gleatly sUpcritr force of
the enemy.
Our advance has not mctcly been
stopped, but wo are compelled also to
inako more extended retirements of
our troops, which for- many weeks
liave fought obstinately nnd bril
liantly, but with many losses.
The battle south of Belgrade, In
which three Austrian nrmy corps were
engaged, ended In n complete victory
for the Servians.
The enemy lied 111' great disorder
across the Danube and save, evacuat
ing Belgrade.
All Servian territory now freed of
the enemy with the exception of
Shabatz and Loznltza, in the extreme
northwestern corner of tho country,
tho deliverance of which Is Imminent.
The triumphal entry of the Servian
troops Into Belgrade was marked wjth
scenes of enthusiasm.
Theri -has been no engagements of
Importance on any of the fronts. In
the region of Mlawa we contlnuo to
foVco back the German troops, who
nie In relrcat.
In the roglon of Mount Buokla, Aus
1i Ian columns arc coming down the
northern slope of tho 'Carpathians.
Skirmishes with the Russians on the
border of Van Kuer continue In our
favor. Russian cavalry attacked .our
cavalry on tho Persian frontier.. Our
counter attacks were successful, nnd
the Russians wero repulsed nnd dis
persed. FRENCH.
Between Iho sea nnd tho Lys the
English havo captured a small forest
to tho weat' of Wytschnete. The
ground gained yestorday by our
troops along the Yscr Canal and to
(ho weat of Hollebeka has been held
desplto a vigorous counter attack by
tho enemy.
From tho Belgian frontier to the
Somme there Is nothing to report.
From tho Sommo to tho Argonne
there have been Intermittent cannon
ades, not very violent except In the
region of Crouy.
In the Argonne wo have made some
progress and maintained our advance
of preceding days.
In Alsace the enemy's artillery Is
showing great activity except at
Stelnbach, whero an attack by Ger
man infantry, starting from Uffholtz,
was able to gain a foothold.
Wo have maintained everywhere our
former progress.
Fighting has recommenced In north
ern France. A combined attack by
the Allies was made yesterduy on the
Several .German trenches and, a
nurnuer "of "prisoners we're captured. v
Substantial progress has been made.
The French yesterday made fruit
less attacks at various points. Their
attack on our position southeast of
Ypres failed, and tho enemy suffered
heavy losses. Two hostile attacks '
northeast of Sulppcs were also re
'puldcd by us. Another attack north
east of Omcs and ono northeast of
Verdun likewise; wero repulsed, tho
enemy's losses being heavy.
Threo attaclUKwere attempted by the
French In the neighborhood of Vlele,"
Southeast of. fit. Mlhlel the French
tried to tako aur positions by storm,
but their attack failed. They have
renewed their attack from the direc
tion of Fllcry, north of Toul,. with
out securing advantage.
Defiant Note Brings Order
for Infantry and Artillery
to Reinforce Bliss.
WASHINGTON, Dec. 15.-Three regi
ments of United States Infantry and three
batteries of artillery were ordered to
Naco, Arizona, lata tollay by Secretary
of War Garrison to relnforco General
Bliss. Tho orders were Issued after the
Secretary had discussed, in the Cabinet
meeting the situation existing Jn the
frontier town.
The movement Is accepted as an an
swer to the defiant declaration of Gen
eral Carranza to the State Department
that any aetlon taken by the United
States to prevent the firing of Mexican
bullets acroes,the International line would
be regarded by the Cajranzlstas "as an
act of hoatie-ty." jH
Secretary tajriscjijnuhed to discuss
the orders oilier tharit'to1 say that the
tioops were being sent as "a precaution
ary measure." The urgenoy of the Oi
however, gave rise to a report tleil
Administration's "watchful wultwg"
about to end,
There are new stationed oa tha boxder
lit pr near Vaeo It troop of cavalry.
These j-eoently were reinforced by three
batteries of field artillery!
Orders were wired bs General BlUs,
this afteroaott, by Secretary Oarrigon,
who said ha would wki tham public
after tfcky reachvd nua That the polky
adopted by the Preaioent and hie Cabinet
will not eotatl any dael) between United
State and Mexican foioes was stated
emphatically by Cablaet membura after
their meeting.
It la understood that an ultuutuu.
tre and forceful, will b etut tlie war
ring Mexican Generals, HUl aud Mayte
reew. Tbat it will be u uouefced aa t
compel ubqdieuce was oi Mentis aa
i ted b tfflcuU. The warulnx will' U
duic ilit the Uuited sitatea ha reecltMl
tbe i-d of its patiouce mid wdl uu luuaci
uiierut dm, a ibW tiii vouutt
Vkcie 1 uot the Uliteat duubt tkat
u.oat wi I. be buUet hich hew Uilea
er wouaded half a hundred persona on
AuieiKu soil ta i be tai seven week
b been rtr.d bj the troupe made. ".Jv
eiuoc MaytoMuu of Suawa, wbu Is ett
deavoriii4 t0 vtmlkMm Cariaruiista tareta
uuar ueerw
Wrests Ground Gained
in Upper Poland From
Teutons and Puts Foe
to Precipitate Flight
Across East Prussian
Frontier, Relieving
Warsaw From Threat
ened Drive on North.
Serbs Dash to Belgrade and
Thrust Austrian Garrison
From Capital Austrians,
' However, Score Victory inj
Galicia', Driving Czars
Column Fifty Miles From ;
In the, East victory attends the Al
lies' campaigns. The Serbs have
swept .victoriously forward to Bel-'
grade, which they have taken from the y
Austrians, whose force?' have been .
put to flight across the Prina and'
Save Rivers. The Rttssiahs, too, havo
expelled the invader from their soil.
the northern drive on Warsaw under
General Francois having been effect
ually frustrated and Upper Poland
cleared of the foe.
Austrian reverses in Servia, which
are for the first time frankly ad
mitted by Vienna, af.e compensated by-
successful continuation of, the drivel
against the Russians 'in western Ga--J
licia.. - jrhc-CiaKsiorcesvsoutheast of
Cracow ,have, been driven back SO
miles tj the Plain of Atlenthal.
The downward stroke" on Warsaw
from East Prussia has failed com
pletely, according to Petrograd re
ports, and the threatening German ad
vance north of the Vistula has been
effectually disposed of. This leaves
Grand Duke Nicholas free to devote
attention to the main German move
ment on Warsaw from the west .The
campaign there seems to be Rt $
standstill on a 'stationary' line from
Lodz to Lowicr,
The German position in Poland is
favorable, Berlin states, and the Rus
sians have been'obliged to assume the
defensive between the Warthe and 1
Vistula Rivers.
The fiercest fighting on the Franco
Belgian front now centres in the re
gion south of Ypres, where both the
British and French have made ad
vances that seriously threaten the
German lines. The British have suc
ceeded in driving the Kaiser's artil
lery from, a forest west of Wytschaete
(five miles south, of Ypres), while
the French have roanitained the
ground they won yesterday at Ho!-
Caqeluiltd on I'age Tout
Porte, However, Delays Amends for
Consul's Seizure.
ROME. Dec M,
The Turkish charge, d'affaires asewet!
the Italian Foreign Office today that WjJf
Government wcpld make a satisfactory
explanation of the recent attaok on th
Italian Consulate at HodelOa. Calling at
the Foreign Office for the second time
In 14 hours, he said that he expeotediu
Porte's reply to Italy reprasentatKw
within a short time.
Despite the delay or Turkey's rapto,-!
the belief is strong he.ro that the roatui
vklll be smoothed oveT' without war. Jt
Is known that Germany lias caerted its
Influence In Constantinople to preveuf -the
Ottoman Government from glvhi
Italy an affront tbat will lead to hoe
meau cas e a sajr uf ta
HMB &fih
Ulfiiyiii Ui (rt cJJ rW., .;
r t .
Xt thai "-- t-tii!
mua&mm Btmm&a a
hisutk. 1-.
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to ceaue. w'1
iyi4.j i ftjiji
Wil S.' mm
mm -Lj-fi sne
'"li". JJ
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jKxefea i t. . &
rWAr. fcj.Jf U
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l-t Mi ,
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