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ft HFWBlBhr'
Oclsioh of Galitia to Czar
'and Bosnia to Serbs
'DeerAcd Impossible and
Overtures Cease.
nt?itNB, Dec: 15. Auntrla linn mide n
tehthtlvt ponce proposal to Ilussln, but
rtSimitoP between th,e two Govorumanta
Ity which Itussla made known the terms i
that -would be demanded were without
result. Swiss nowspnpors report today,
tii prettying to the proposal of Austria,
Russia, Indicated that tavete demands
rrotild he mnde when peace ultimately
H'Ab discussed Tho terms offered Aus
t(iaj(inrrn, the negotiations vrhlch Just
failed ,'neludcd:
".'ftie surrender-of Gnllfila ta Poland,
these two prolnees to form a King
tJftfrrt under Iturslnn sovereignty, the
slifrfoidcr of Bonln and Herzegovina
to Servla and Montenegro; withdrawal
ream tho alliance with uermany;
granting of a new constitution to
Austrti-Hungary, dividing It Into Fed
efrtl Stales and the granting of au
tdnbmy to Bohemia.
Austria, refused all demands made, by
& TtUHI.1,
UCCUUIUH vu ilia atuitva (juu-
K piled.
I Wavy Department May Ask New Es-
' ' Urantes for War Craft.
WASHINGTON, Dee. ltj.-Susplclous
similarity In tho bids of the only ship
building companies offering to construct
'the eight submarines which the Navy
is to contract for may lead to an Inves
tigation and the calling for new estimates.
The only two concerns mini? bids with
the Navy Department today were tho
Lako Torpedo Boat Company, of Bridge
port, Conn., nnd tho Ktcctrla Boat Company,-of
Qulncy, Mass. Bids expected
by tho Department from concerns In
Philadelphia. Fail Ittvcr, Mass., and
various other shipbuilding companies on
both the Atlantic and Pacific coasts
failed to materialize.
The Lake Company offered to construct
tho one sea-going submarlno with a dis
placement of BiQ tons for .$1,363,000; the
Electric Company, for a soa-golng ves
sel of 1066 tons 'displacement, bid J1.3C0.0O0.
In the bids for the coast defense sub
marines the figures covered various typos.
The lowest bid submitted by the Lako
Company was J37S.O0O for three of the
eftift 'for construction on thd Atlantic
tdast, and for the construction of from
one to- four of the vessels at Long Beach,
CpSlfprhJa. 1337,000 each. Tho Electrlo
Company bid for the construction of
tfiWti 'submarines was '$379,000 apiece.
John E. "Walsh Next Counsel to Dairy
and Pood Commission.
Republican leaders havo slated John E.
Walsh, 1507 North Tark avenue, miscel
laneous clerk In Quarter Sessions Court
ant) an attorney with offices In the Lin
coln Building, as counsel to tho Stato
Dairy and Food Commission.
Sir. AValsh will succeed Raymond Mac
N'Hlo; who recently was appointed a
Huntcjlpal Court Judge, Mr, MacNcllle
ttiul'flic 'secdnd attorney for tho Stato
Dairy anU Food Commission to go on
. 'ht Municipal Court bench, President
JUdga Brown for yeara having held the
post with tho commission.
Walsh Is a follower of David H. Lane,
Republican city chairman.
Grand Jury Begins Investigation of
Two. Companies In Delaware.
WILMINGTON, Del.. Dec. 15. The
Federal Grand Jury In session here today
began an Investigation of the Home,
Vmerican and Mercantile Flro Insuranc
Companies, of Dover, and tho Equitable
Fire insurance Company, of this city. In
the formation of which a number of
prominent residents of Dover are alleged
iq be "concerned. The Grand Jury ad
journed at 1:30 to meet again later In the
C,ay, and It may take several days to fln
.Ittff'tVa probe '
'Jt 1s alleged the companies were fraud
ulently Incorporated, and secured licenses
t4 write insurance through misrepresen
tation. They are sola to have written
yj.00O.0OO In Insurance, and collected JtO.ooo
in, premiums.
A5-I6OO Market atract; Pannaxlrania0""
Kil read station ivim
ft SdH-isw gth th stre.t. dwellln
m. 2 of. John 6lner..., .Trillin
fc eaWaublckon Crwk and Rldse
MS- avnu. i'hlladolphla, and Jicad-
lDff Itallwav atAIlm
ie;I0-Wl Soutn 2M atrtat. Untiling- of
yr aumon Tr1flf
??f1 Blradf ilurallfn.
. iri
I Official Forecast
, WAaHINQTON, Deo. J5.
yep eastern Pennsylvania, and New
Jerseys Fair tonight and Wednesday:
jmrmta coia; strong west winds.
(5? northeastern disturbance has
rVed from central over Main . .k.
Wfwer Bt- Lawrence Valley during the
npv 4,Mw, u,. ilia com wace from
t West overspreads the Atlantic States
The temperature also decreased In the
Ohio basin, while a reaction to warmer
i gtmtu.1 In the plains States and por
tions of the upper Lake region. Snow
tfuirtfMj covered raoet of Canada end the
3fcU mtns tha northern boMar r,
raliui are reported from southern
1. while fair wtathu. r..i,
ughout the remainder of the country.
Jf 5k Weather Bureau Bulletin
! ojP,t Ss.ni. Butsfa lime.
hit Riln
ttm.ii-i. "
Bs ape. Mjias ... 11 w ; ; jW 1? JsJU
r v $T B Wi Hlesjo. Ill . , 2 Jw C 3Wly
rII K9pSB5 o . J 0 at S it S-ff"4
'i it - W s wWKwub ' o 4 . fw A i&
BR WSsSntt '"! W if '"ss
KSS1B fctfta js. .- m . ciMr
WmFmur 92, " tI n w J f,
Omtlmied from Paige One
the Public Service, Commission might
order miyle at the conclusion f Its format
hearings on the question, which had been
set down for December 10.
'The hearln Which was held Decem
ber 10 lasted through December 11. Imme
diately linen, th nritaumtnent nf the
heatings on Friday afternoon, December
ii, me commission went Into exeeatlve
session ntid leeched a determination an
to the main points of the opinion to be
t-eifdered. Following that hearths, Frl
dftv evening, Mr Dixon, representing tho
carriers, called up n member of the Com
mission and explained that tho carriers
were obliged to file their now tntlffe with
tho Interstate Commerce Commission not
later than II o'clock Saturday, Decem
ber 12, ami asked what general decision
has bemi reached bv the Commission.
"Mr Dixon was Informed that the Com
mletrion had decided that the tariffs (is
filed In llarrlsburg must he modified, re'
storing the lfto-trlp tickets, and thai tho
Commission felt that a fair charge for
this ticket ought not to exceed l'i cents
a mil; that the monthly nnd school tick
ets nnd Unrtcrly tickets should be valid
from date of Issue and should not run
with calendar months, and that the 10-ti-lp
ticket should ho sold at a fare not
exceeding 2 cents a mile.
Mr Dlxun wild he would have his force
begin nt onoo Friday night to prepare
the Interstnlo eomincico tnrirfs to be filed
In Washington by V o'clock .Saturday,
and It Is understood that the tariffs were
prepared and tiled In Washington. Tar
iffs slmllRi' to those (lied In Washington
had to he prepared to file In HarMsburg
.Mommy morning December 14, and such
tariffs were filed in llarrlsburg as re
quired by tho Public Sen Ice Commission.
"Tho scslon of the Puhllc Servlcn Com
mission on Satuulay forenoon wns de
voted to 'the formulation In proper lounl
form of the opinion nnd older that tho
Commission had decided upon nt Its ex
ecutive session Friday evening.
"Unless this method hnd been followed
In the handling nnd disposition of this
case, It would have been Impossible to
have disposed of the case bv the loth of
December, on' which date tho proposed
Increases wore to become effcctlvo This
prompt handling of the enses prevented
the public from paying the proposed fares
even for a limited time."
Warcraft Ready for Voyage
to Canal While Cabinet
Threshes Out Question of
WASHINGTON', Dec. 15 -Denial was
made nt tho Whlto Ilouso that the failure
to send torpedoboat destroyers to Panama
Canal waters, as requested by Governor
Qoethals, was any reflection upon that
In discussing It, President Wilson said
that "further Information was necessary
before tho Administration could tako
radical action."
Both the War nnd N"ay Departments
also wore awaiting fuither advices from
Colonel Goctuals. Tho State Department
professed to have no official knowledge
of the affair.
In the meantime. It is announced from
Norfolk, the destroyers are coaled and
provisioned nnd awnltlug orders. They
are ready to put to sea at a moment's
After the consideration of Colonel Goe
thals' reriuest In the Cabinet meeting to
day. It wus stated that Secretaries
Bryan, Garrison and Daniels would con
fer this afternoon when Goothals' further
explanation Is received. If Goethnls
merely desires to regulate use of wireless
his request will be turned over to tho
Navy Department.
Secretary of War Ganlson is under
stood to be strongly baching up Colonel
Goothals. Secretary of State Bryan and
Secretary of the Navy Daniels, leading
"peace" advocates of the Cabinet, are be.
lleved to be opposing the request,
Tho President and his Cabinet today
threshed out the entire matter.
Boys Who Sell Evening- Ledger Ap
plaud Moving Pictures.
Lveninq LEnaun newsboys In Ken
sington, to the number of 2C0, are today
discussing the moving picture show
which they attended last night at the
Forrest Moving Picture Theatre. 913
Glrard avenue. The "newsies" saw a
nine-reel show, which Included "The
Masqueraders" and a four-reel feature
thriller, "The City Beneath the Sea."
Before attending the show, the boys aj
sembled at 3d street and Glrard avenue
under Street Foreman White and With
lots of red flro marched out to Broad
street and then returned to the theatre.
"Mickey" Qlynn nnd "Joe" Fletcher were
at the head of the procession carrying a
transparency on which the words "We
Are Eveninq Lsdoeh Newsboys" were
Charged With Concealing Assets of
The trial of four men, charged with
conspiracy to conceal the asstta of Philip
Miller, a bankrupt furniture dealer, of
Paseyunk aenue near HUaworth street,
was resumed before Judge Dickinson to
day In the United States District Court.
The defendants are William West, George
Dubln, Isaiah GoodBteln aud Miller.
A Qttb member of the alltged con
spiracy, Jaoeb Collins, pleaded guilty and
turned State's rtUaiice, and the Govern
ment depend larKfir upon his testimony
to get a convfctlfln of the other four
Woman in Critical Condition Follow
ing Fall From Ladder.
UADDONFiKLD, N. J., Be. U.-A fall
irom aw burning how, while dewendlns
a ladder sxtonded to the MoMd-story
wbi0W. rwsulled this aiUrnaoo in Mrs.
Fr4 Smith receiving bnlM go the body
ad prabbl internal Injuria. liar con
dition at th Cooper Hospital. Caqtdea,
it eaaaidered ciltlcul
Thai Smith home, a two-story frjuse
dwoitiutf, ltieauxl on a tana Just outside
of the town, was eaaijdately detroy4.
Soup wtU be distributed to aH worthy
parson who apy t tk haaattuarttM-s
of th aHirittf Ojurdts Souv Society. UW-U
Buucuwood atraet Aacti lamuy ) en
titled 10 pint " suup and (tu-4
loa J-f brd Th a-iet 'j, iain
iiaea 1 "ia tbrwuxh u i-mi. ..icut t
UMue tl. k IUs Whailoa i'atn;. iuilax
i,w las. i. iiii.'io it.v.a ..-. jica ihj bv
Plans to Amend Constitu
tion Conflict and Imperil
Transit and Other Im
provement Projects.
Too many constitutional amendment
may kill tho plans of the Itepubtlcan Or
ganization leaders for Hid Improvement of
the port and transit facilities of this city.
Two amendments offered nt the last Leg
islature, to bo voted on by tho next Leg
islature and by tho people nt the follow
ing election, nro considered conflicting,
nnd unless one Is killed It Is feared legal
difficulties will nrlso which will make It
Impossible to obtain nny money .for Im
provements for several morn years.. ,
The recond of the resolutions proposing
amendments to til constitution If passed
will permit tho city to Increase Its bor
rowing capacity from 7 to 10 per cent,
foi tho construction and Improvement of
subwn.vs tunnels, lallwnys, elevated rail
way and othor transit facilities; for the
construction and Improvement of wharves
nnd docks, and for tho reclamation of
hind to be used In tho construction of
whnrves and docks owned or to be owned
by tho city.
Resolution No. (!. Introduced by Sennlor
vnre, permits tho city to borrow J25,O0O,00f
for Improvement of whnrics and docks
the some to bo paid back to the State
within M yenrs
Tho Vare lesolutlon, In the opinion of
public men. should he defcitcd. as the
nrwt resolution nmvMra mniie.leni fnnrtn
for tho port and transit without It. The
Vnre resolution carries no appropriation
for transit Improvements.
I'nder resolution No. 2 tho cltv can
borrow about $C5,00O,C00. The Trnnsit De
partment can use StO.OOO.OOO of It nnd the
other $25,000,000 can be used by the De
pnrtmeht of Wharves, D661n'nnd Ferries.
This money wilt not be available untlt
hkpartml'nt iiUads iieticdnt.
Neither Director Norrls nor Director
Taylor would discuss the conflicting
amendments They said that they de
sired to learn more about the proposed
plans ol the Ilepubllcnn loaders before
commending or adversely criticising
them. '
Director Not 1 is said he would be de
lighlciL)) get the $1,000,000 appropriations
for port Improvements. Last year tho
LcgUl.iluie provided Jl.OOO.OOO. but Gov- j
ernor Tencr cut It to 1250,000. This wus
further decreased by the proviso that
310,000 was to be paid for the employment
of an engineer to icprescnt the State In
tho deprtmcnt. The remaining $2H,000
Director Norils has not jet expended, as
It wns too sniall for any of tho big pio
Jcctn that the depuitment ban In view.
It has been kept In reserve to reinforce
any smaller sums that might como along
or for the pa) ment of odds and ends.
More than $70,000,000 will be provided by
the next Legislature for rapid transit
for Philadelphia and for'the Implovement
of this port, according to tho agreement
made by Senators Penrose, McNlchol nnd
Vara nt a conferenco held Into yesterday
afternoon In the ofllco of Benator Pen
rose. Philadelphia's program of legisla
tion for the coming session ,w as discussed
at the meeting.
The three leaders decided to work haul
to have tho next Leglslnturo reapprovo
tho Constitutional amendment which will
iucrenso tho borrowing capacity of tho
city from 7 to 10 per cent., which la
necessary before the city can build n
comprehensive system pf subways and elo
vated lines. Under Director Taylor's plan,
these lines would "cost thn oily approxi
mately $10,000,000. Tho Republican chiefs
decided also- to have the Legislature re
approve the Constitutional amendment
authorizing tho city of Philadelphia to
borrow $25,000,000 for harbor Improvements,
nnd to urge a Stato appropriation of
$1,000,000 for port development.
The program for Philadelphia legislation
decided upon by tho three Senators la as
follows: r
Senator Vare will sponsor a bill for a
$1,000,000 State appropriation for the port
of Philadelphia, with the understanding
that tho new Governor will not slice it
to $230,0(0, as did Governor Tener.
The loapprovol by the Legislature of
the constitutional amendment authorizing
the city to borrow $15,000,000 for harbor
development This amendment can then
be submitted to the voters at the next
The reapproval of the constitutional
amendment to authorize the city to in
crease Its borrowing capacity from 7 to
10 per cent, of the assessed realty valua
tion, for transit improvements. The next
Legislature must approve this amend
ment, which passed the last session, be
fore It can be submitted' to the voters
and before Director Taylor's plana for
city-built lines can be carried out.
Senator Vara will Introduce a resolution
for a constitutional amendment to permit
the consolidation of the Common Pleas
Courts of Philadelphia.
The suasion will be short, with ad
journment to be fixed near April 19.
The fate of the plan for a small, paid
City Council of one body to replace tha
present bicameral Councils, was definitely
settled, so far as (ha three Republican
leaders are concerned.
Drifts Cripple Traffic on Lewishurg
and Tyrone Branch.
LBWISBUnO. Pa. Deo. 15 -After
working many hours, the big snowplows
on the Lewisburg and Tyrone branch of
the Pennsylvania. Itailroad. between here
and Bellefonte, wu cleared of many hun
dreds of feet of snowdrifts In some places.
It was twice as deep as (be top of a
bouse car. All wires wete down or
broken, and the lineman are daily work
ing In three elght-noer relays, with the
aid of lanterns at night, n order to get
them back In shape.
Man Comnjltted ou Charge of Steal-
ing $40,000.
NW YORK Pec lS.-Jude Maln in
rtjuiaral SwalQOS today committed Ntaho.
I la ArnateJ. yrhom the potte esil "The
Oruinai wamnytvru, m o lomba
fri in default of $15,000 balj on an In
leinumt charting grand larvxay.
t 1 charged that In W3 ArnaUln ob
tained mm from wmiaro 9, SUtoks, of
SpritarfleW. Mas, and a like sum from
Qterse if FairchTld. of Philadelphia, on
fraudulent rpreBtatlonj.
-t ' " ' ' "
Traffic Policeman Killed by Car
NBVV YUHK. etc. U-Jut ojm weeK
after arediiattns froan Uie Polio TrsJRc
nckaj, KdEMsd Lebaae, so duty ou nh
avenue UJ W trat, vul killed todaj
! Uw uicU-Otnia-o of trolU var ous
iiU-rt4ul bin kifua.l said .ruaha the
uiw 4HttwtA two sr (HvtllS la -puu.J
lt I
Ship Fails to Leave Port In 24 Hours
After Provisioning.
' WASHINGTON, Deo. 15. '
The German cruiser Cormoran, with
her crew, of i5 men and 22 officers, Is
Interned nt Guam unlit the, war ends,
Captain Maxwell, the Naval Governor of
the Island, cabled the NavV ' Department
this afternoon.
She failed to leave within the 24-hoUr
limit oftet applying for water and pro
visions. This disposes of the last Ger
man warship In tho Pacific.
A previous cablegram from Captain
Maxwell sAld;
"The German cruiser Cormoran entered'
the port of the Island nt 11 n. m. Monday,
ehoit of coal, provisions and water, and
requiring 1600 ton of coal to reach the
nearest Cfermnn ftbtt She was allowed
100 tons of coal to provide for Immediate
need or fresh water, and the commanding
officer was Riven the alternative of leav
ing the port within 21 hours or Intern
ing. Ho wns nliowea 'Jntu 10 n, m. Tues
day to decide."
Secretary Daniels approved the action
of Captain Maxwell, and In an official
dispatch authorized tho Governor not to
allow the cruiser any more con! or pro
visions than the island could spare.
Commuters a Unit In Condemning In
crease in Rates.
Proof that the 60-trlp commutation
tickets, which were withdrawn from sale
by tho Reading Railway Company at
midnight last night, are worth more than
real gold was r.hown on a suburban train
running Into Philadelphia this morning.
' Two ydung ladles, who boarded the
' train at Wyncotc. found whon they .
' reached tho Maiket otreet r-Mt of th I
Rending Termlnnl that they had loft their ,
i purees In the train. Hunylng back, they .
found tho purses llng open on the train
sent. Their money was untouched, but 1 " nerry canaie, iir muck nio ran.
the 50-trlp tickets which they had pur- , t',lt,l re. selling-. 3-)ar-nlds arvi up. 0
rtinROfl late last llleht hofoie the Inrivnin L"V011?"-- tlrefn. 10i. Dreyer. 18 to (l,
cirnseu inie last ingni oeioie mo incr, aso , too; tn 10, on; Meauiaont nolle, too,
became offcctlvc, hnd been tnken. I Smyth. .1 10 1 lo 1, even, arrond, I'oni Mai!
In Wjncote, us well as mnnv other ! '"?-, M,'iriJli. ., to 1, i to 1, even, third. Time,
suburban places, ah extra clerk was as- J.'1' ."V1!"1; 'v'!)"x.,aTllxy,,Mo,d.a,
signed last night to assist In tho sole atuTb$&?XSlr'Tll"lrltn,'mt- QUlclt m"'
tickets. Commuters mniln a rush for the sixth race. acliinr n.ea,.i,i. .,,1 ,.
tlcket window ns soon ns they left the
trains on their ttny home, and tho rush
continued Until the windows closed 11 1
As ench pel son who wished to use the
new 10i)-trip ticket must make the pur
chaso In person, In many cnsei whole
families lined up before tho ticket win
dows. Soino camo lu limousines, others
walked, but nil alike tried to take ad
vantage of tho old tickets before tlicy
were withdrawn.
Restive Over Expected Territorial
Demands If Allies Win.
P.OME. Dec. 15.
There Is a stiong desiro in Hungary for
peace. It Is well known there, says it
dlspntch from Budapest, that tho most
Important of the Carpathian passes are
In the hands of the Russians, Hint Hun
gniy may he invnded an day, and that
It will be to their advantage If posslblo
to hccuie peace before Austria Is com
pelled to make terms. Should Auitrln
be forced to cede Gallcla, Hungary feeH
Hint oho w-ould have more Influence In
the empire.
Servla, It Is foreseen, will lu the end
get the Servian speaking provinces of
AMbtrla, and, however painful the loss
may be, It is Iclt that It will inenn tha
temoval of 0110 disturbing element lu Uie
dual monarchy, and that this will also
help Hungarian influence.
The British steamship Fcrnnno arrived
hero today to take on a cargo of grain
for the relief of the Belgians. She will
be the fourth vessel sailing from Amorlc-i
to the Belgians with food supplies. The
cargo will be supplier" by the Amorlcan
Belgium Belief Association, which has
headquarters In New York.
Unwarranted concern Is expressed by
the people In this country In regard to
the firing of shots over the border by
the Mexicans in the opinion of L. V,
Navarro, Moxlcan Consul in Philadelphia.
Mr Navarro said today that he did not
believo the ehota were fired Into the
United States with hostile Intention
against this country, but were merely
Blray bullets from an engagement be,
tweeu the Mexican factions fighting In
Northern Mexico.
"All of my country," ho said, "desires
the best of amicable relations with the
United States. Though factions at home
aro fighting among themselves for su
premacy, they all join In good-will for
this country."
EL PASO, Tex.. Dec. 15. A delayed
message from Mexico City says that Min
ister of War Pobles has Issued a state
ment accusing the English of aiding Gen
eral Carranza in making plans for tho
defense of Tampico. The dispatch quoto
General nobles as saying: .
"Dispatches received here Indicate that
Carranza has sent 2000 men aboard a
British ship to relieve Tampico. Great
Britain's aid to the Carranza and the
Huerta rebels will not be forgotten by
the Government of the republic."
Paul p. Jahn. 3080 N. Droad at., and Edith
Hannatt, 3SUT Of. 12th at. -Mori
a famwt. ilaplawood. K. J and
on la lAwrtncc, "pti
Bdith r. Wcckcrlr. 258
nuore Caratalli. IW H. 8th St., and atovannlna
u-9 ... o.iiiu BV.
niMllAn. 773 H Sth at.
John Orn. SOO-J 8. Broad at . and Emm
Town. 2003 S Ilroad at.
Alom O. Caa. T034 Tulip at, kn4 Jana J.
Dirk. H'JIS Uarmantown av.
laratl Zaluav. 2124 ,8, Marahall ft., and Lana.
Vorkar. Sl 8 4th at. .
John Keys, Jr.. IBIS. B. 20lb at., and Jennie
wan?, it9 a iiMji at.
ana Mary
frman t.(
UD1U t
Jamaa C. Murtha, R04 X. 10th .St.,
Aiarsarci a xvbiv, tvajritv, -. a
tlllam Qala. 300 lllaUt ava , and Mula
Roblaaen. ZOO Jlurht a
Howard Dickinson. Jr., 8601 Locuat at., aod
Nellie Lavvla. SSS Irvlnr at
Aba Slltxrmau. 1420 N. ?tb at. and Qoldla
ItuUn. 712 Merria at ,
Tbwua A, iJtmb. ll w BomtraH at., arui,
Marr T. UeCvrtlnurb. 1 Loudan at.
laadon llltUj! 3lii N. 81st at, and Julia
Leaavatala, S1W N. Ttb at
uvuoa a "SfAJStT"- N Jd Vwr
at. ana usrjr
n J . Sad 1at mm
O. .
Hateid HalvMaULine TWa at., and attaa O
OtoMPpe lusa, toot s.
wi?Ttooa s, b at
Aaattmon fi9 ."j" n ..
b. n ac. aau uuu
UsMmet t. asd Maria
au, -
Wiravan !,
Mi Taflfltai '
iai IfaM Utat
Sua Skera, w Mw at. aa mu Ua
Horrm XWiAkSb . Mk Ja4kaan nut
imw ciiO4 jff JforrU t na Fjuu '
K4kMr - BjrrKD l i
'LiJlJ f 'nHWKO t
m C4a j
asa Aaoa, '
V SM.'
Pr $43$
h ltdta e
icM. m.1 wHiaitoi
hmh a
1 mi avmtx a &. wutsii
e a. aa4
s at KtrtUAB. we lUdiwu t-
aiovannl Bamnara vju ivtmiii at
ilarando. 62? Waableaton ava.
Andrtw O Cullcu, nil 10 Has
A .H. E rialtv. 2676 TUaeul
Americus Springs a Surprise
and .Lands First Race.
Dr. Carmen Comes Across
in Second.
CHARLESTON, s. C, Dec. 13.-Yengheo
won the third race here today In which
Big Dipper ran second and Cdy third
Only six horses faced the starter.
Americus sprang a surprise and romped
heme a winner In the oncnlna event.
l'ruver landed the place money and Pat
i.nnnon was third. Eleven others also
Doctor Carmen camo across In the sec
ond race, heating otit Valas. Boxer, the
I utvoriie, ran mini
I 1'lrat race, sflllnor. fft- l.vmr.ol,lA and tie.
,j r...inH.- . ...' ..t.. :r : . . a ;..
a. to 6. nan-. I'Mnei, 107, Phllllng. '-' to 1
4 lo .,, 2 to 3,.eeo,id, I'at lUnnon, 112, Con
nors, io o I, 4 to 1, V! lo 1. third. Time. 1 I".
Jdlcel. JutQtilrr. ToVWIIntf, Tmsl Mjlit,
l.on BMrk. rnrerno UuHn, Lord JtflMholl.
Molnant, -Plain Ann, Calethumrflan, J. II. Uarr
also ran.
Heeoiid rnee. 3-ear-oMs, 5s furlon-Ir.
Carman. 113, Lilly, r to 2, 'rrn, 0 to SO,
worn Vnlas, 101. Snlllln, .1 to 1, evn, 2 to
p, Meoiid: lloxr. 118. Nlekla.ua, ven, 2 to
r. out. third Time. 1-10. Anna How, Harle
quin. Ooltl Crest Girl, Change, Col. Tom Orn
iilao ran.
.Third race, felling. 0 furlonss Yenitliee, 114.
Pool, i to 8, 11 to 20, out. wort: Big Dipper,
IO,, Turner, 3 to 1, 11 to 20, out. second; Coy.
lit. lanoer.
10 to . oven
to .V third.
Time, i.lil '1-1.
Chnrfltr alto ran,
Hudson, York iJi'l.
Fourth race, selllns. 1-) car-olds. 1 mlif
Huihy. Head, I0U. J'ool, to 11, 2 lo 5. out,
won: Nash, 103, Mllj, 4 to I, 8 to f, 7 to 10,
reconil. KllJav, in. Murphy, 7 to I, 3 10 S,
ften.llilnl. Time, 1-4(1. ftahoy. Dal Fron,
mile and seventy anls-Coprrto"n, ltM.
MumlM. ft t 1. .1 tn 1 ot.n ttrtn. Tn ,.
,,,.. M. .. -.. - . .St ' z .. . J"..-
HeKuii, int. Drjcr. it to t. a to 1, even,
second, MiirHhon. lnV Turner, i to 1", evj.i,
1 to 2. thin! Time. 1 18 -.'-.I
Zander, Matter Jim. Milton B. Armor,
Rono"!-!)! Ilollov.aj, llanjo Jim, also ran.
lluaky Lad fell.
Mrsl race, purse .too. .1-jear-oido and up,
tflllnp, 0 Mrlunca-f-roniler, 101: Ul3i-hcr,
1(11; Mcadno. lei, -Uthel Uurg f 1.. 10(1;
Cooir. 100. Hilly smart, lou- Ortlx. 10-)
Jcfso Loulae. 100: Smeirtt. 114, Inspector I.cs
irnd", 114: Sir Fretful, 114, Colonel llroivu.
Ill, Woira JUth. 114. King lladfard. Ill: Sir
Marlon, 117. ,
Second race, nurse J.'l0O. 3-cnr-olda nnd u; .
Bflllnit. 0 furlonrs Stevr-tn. 101), Adn Ken
nedy, 10: Tranaformatlun, 100: illll Collln,
,n.i. Preston l.jnn, 10:1: nnquesne, 112,
"Knlnlii of tineas, its, Itodondo, 111"; Krfi
I.vy. US: KDtihn. ill: rlM. 114; Vi-nm
( Strnmo. 114: Aatrologer, 117; Vork Ljid. 117,
m-n ixjyai, xi.
Thirl race, purse $.100. all aaes, aolllnit.
liindlcap, 5 furlonfta Vllcy, 10; Squeeler.
Hit. llroar Path. irJ. t'r.daunted. 107: Aneou,
JOS; Vorkville. 110; II Sco It. 112; Shernool.
I ourth race, purse $."00, all aites. handicari.
rrlto and 70 vurH Tartlri. irxi; Ivan llarJ
ner. 100, cliff Field, 101: Crnis Uun. 10.1;
T'ojly It., 100, Working ld. 102, Hepubllcan.
rirth rate, purse $.100. .-,- earmolds and vp,
Mlllne, 1 mile Maater Joe. (13: 'Font, 101,
"Huztaround, 101: Htan, and Stripes, 102.
Mockler. 10.1; 'Loulre Paul, lot; Iloli II., IOC:
Frank Hudnon. 107: Illllle Halter, 10S; Ptrth
Itnck, ICO: retdtis, 110.
fililli raee. tune !ir,0 selling. .1- car-old j
nn.l up, marea and geldings, purse -nick's
1'et. 104. 'Cannock 104- Dakota 10",, Hilton,
100: Jllaa Ilarn llHrlior, 100; Queen. 10 1;
"Jllaa Jean. W. Humiliation. 100: Coreair
ols. Oold Cap. 114 Harta. 114; I.urU, 114;
llrartatone. 111, Spellbound, 114; 1'j.ilor llo'.
'l"lvo pounds allowance claimed.
Weather cltsr, track lor.
Flrbt race selling. .-J-vear-olda and up, ."
fin longs Hone lllnir. ni: -Dualo Dove, til:
llvenin. nil. Parcel Pool, ln.1; Nntlve Son.
lin. Sam Connor, 10S Cliar. .T. Hnrvci". Ids;
ll.itnmiftrrnn. 10M, Amtty. hi-i: Kid Nclfoii.
in"-. I.a CnMoro. 10"i. Aiurea 1US: I'arnell
Cllrl. IDS; Auto illrl. 1111, Common, 111
Second raco -elllnir, tArur-olda aiul 11 1 1
mlleB Caro Nome 1)S, Inaaml. Ifll; i:ilhrl
M'lcka. H'O. "Phllatlna 1(X: -Lartv Innonce
inn; -Polla. 100; Quick Trip, HWs nan .Mtiiito,
104: Durln 70.-i rirat Star. 10.1; IJave Mont-
gomcrj. in", ItockJale. 103; Leopold, 1U3;
rlaln. 10'.. Talioe )n-.".
Thlnl race, tclllnc 2-vear-olds. .-,4 furlonsa
Yallaha. inn- lien's Brother, 11KI, ainacowa.
10.-.; Type. 108: Carrie Onuo, 108; rilll.u Joe,
fourth race, aelllng, fl-jear-ol'la and up, fHj
furlonija Wood Dove, 100. Theodorl, 100;
Mater, 102: Ads Anne 101; Oaanle. 103; Char
niruae, 1C, Orb till Italcee, 112,
Hfth race, erlllnir, S-year-nlrla and up. fii,
furlonjn Auntla Curl, OS: 'Marty I-ou, n-vj
Auto Mild ln.1; Blir I.unux. lul: Haiti h .
101; Friul Dn-vv, irrt: California Juck. JHf.
linfon, l'f. .uuuy. i.ii .jitv tiiai ,vo, An
nual Intereat. Ills: Connaualit. ins- t.litht
Kiilaht, 110, Callcum, 111, Tlfiht noy 111.
Hlath race, salllnr. 't-year-nlda and up. mile
Thomas Hare, HI: 'lUrd nail. U4; Dryart. nil.
The Cinder 100: Wavering. 10.1; lllah
Htrret. lul: Dranda, 103; Dlack Mate, 10S;
Nannie McDee ion.
Aptirentice allowance.
Track, clear, fait.
Defeats Ablngton High School by
Score of 18 to 8.
Do Lancey School's basketball team
opened Its season with a victory by de
feating Ablngton High School by the
score of 18 to S this afternoon In the
former's gym. The score at the end of
tho first half was In De Lancey's favor,
4 to 3.
The line-up:
in Lancey Behoof. Ablnxton School.
Delawaniar ..... ..forward. ., , Canach
II, Martin forward Itotcha
V Martin centra , vmtama
Latta j cuard Ftneh
Johneon ..sviard. .. lemming
llettree Keougb, Vaan. Time ot parloda
20 minutes. ,
IuterclasB Indoor Baseball Contest at
Friends' Central.
Tho Class A girls of Friend's Central
won the lnterclass Indoor baseball contest
with the. Class C team In the school's
gymnasium this afternoon.
Tha nnal score waa 37 to It
The ssore by Innings follows:
Class A 8 3 9 6 H 0 1 x-37
Class C... I 1110 IIS S-14
Death of Testatrix Leaves $100,000
; Estate to JHer Sister.
A number of Institutions, including the
Protestant Hpicopal Chureh or the ifol
Trinity, of wMeh the Rev. Pr. Floyd W.
Tomklns la renter tb KplsooBAl end tb
Pnnaylvan HpapltaU will not share l
the 1100,000 Jt at Hi-ah Banners, who
414 In Ardioare a wseH ago. ,
By the tesrsw of th will, whlah ww
probatsd t (VwelMtawD. l.. to4ay, Mrs
Phoebe IJ. AtMHWS, ot Ardnioro a sw
ter of tUo. 4asd, wlH set the aetata
In Ita estljy. 1IU Beuttw provided In
the wHl that ttte cburehw ahauld gat th
tutate tt Mrs. Ahbrtg died befr aUe
dW, bt Mrs. AtibrUa Is atUl aJ4ve,
Mlta Binper u4 bor sister, fwrmeriy
llyed n Ami txt in thbi eltr asd were
numbers of the Chureb erf the IlcJy
Trinity. fletly taey moved to Anl-more-
$X$,QQO Cbristmaa Jfuad Distributed
lANCASTfcft P , le U Th C'hrtat
aa avla fuud oi tun 'idot Trtsi.
Cmmmny uiaulbucmi utU tu XiM
Aawrttors. ti-e auKint " PMNv
15, till-t.
Meeting CMled for Tomorrow Foot
ball Committee Doubtful.
President It. L Oeyelln, of the Uni
versity of Pennsylvania Athletic Asso
ciation, announced this afternoon that n
sr-eclnl meeting of the board of directors
tin.i kaav, aIIai fnr tnmdrrovv afternoon.
At this meeting olflcera will be elected for
the coming year and elections will also
be made to all the standing committee.
Slnco this Is a reorgailliAtlon meeting,
thero will be no othe- business trans
acted. "The chances are that nil the present
officers will be re-eleried. They are:
President, II, L. Geylln; vice president.
Dr. n. O. Torroy. nnd secretary, Robert
E. Lamhcrton. There Is the greatest
speculation ns to the composition of the
new Football Committee. The man most
prominently mentioned for chairman of
the Football Commttteo la Ilobert E.
Lamberton, ns It Is understood that Dr.
II. Q. Torrey, previously mentioned, would
At Inst night's nnnu.il meeting one of
the members asked why no report had
been made on association football, and It
was announced that under the new rules
nrsoclntlon football came Under the direc
tion of the nugby Football Committee,
For some reason -tho Football Committee,
which mado a very brief report on tno
Inst disastrous season, railed to mention
ntsoel.ttlmi football, In which Pennsylva
nia not only won tho championship, but
didn't lose n game. The opinion was
frrely expressed among graduates that
thl sport, on account of Its good show
ing nnd Inci easing Interest, deserved to
be In chnrgo of a special committee.
Lost by Woman at Twenty-first nnd
Spruce Streets.
A lost lorgnette In n red enso llgured
In n search brought about by an adver
tlement In tho Evening: Lr.DOEn "Lost"
columns, which ended In Its return
to Mrs. F. D. Stovnll, the owner, at
her home, 321 South Iflst street. But It
was no easy matter to restore tho lorg
nette Eugene Pedgovvlck, a Negro, of
1511 Houth 15th street, who found It In
Its red case at the corner of 21st nnd
Spruco streets Sunday morning, finally
lied to appeal lo Iledger Central for aid
after an Interview with the Stovalls Japa
nese butler.
Mr, Stovall lost her loignette Friday
afternoon, and on Saturdn) and Sunday
advertised through Lc-dger Central. Sun
clay morning, Sedgevvlck, wnlklng nlong
Ppiuce street, picked up the led case
and a little later lead the "Lost" ad. Ho
called at the Stovall homo nnd tried to
pxpl.tln to a .lapancse butler, but tho
hutlcr said ho didn't understand what
Scdgcwick wanted Thero was a rewatd
foi the lorgnette, so Scdgewlclt nppealcd
to Lejgor Central. Tho Stovall home was
called bv telephone
"Wu havo the lorgnette" was the an
nouncement. "The leward Is here as soon ns It Is ie
turned" was the reply. Thus assured,
Sedgetvlclc set out for 324 South 21st streel
and Inter left tho house richer thnn he
had entaieil it. Persistence and Ledger
Central hnd restored the lorgnette.
Continued from Pace One
nt Chicago, regljterlug zero late last
night. Omaha experienced seven degrees
below zero, and In northern Kansas many
polnte leglstercd as cold as IS degrees
At Ouluth the lahe winds forced tho
mercury to 17 degrees below zero. The
coldest point In tho country was at
Huron, S. D., with IS decrees below, ac
cording to official reports, but unofficial
reports from Norfolk, Nob., snld that the
mercury there had reached 21 degrees
Central Florida orange growers built
fires In theli groves to protect their crops,
the temperature reaching 2C degrees above
zero. Corpus Chrlstl, Tcx reported
fleecing temperature; Shreveport, La., rm
cold as this city, and Fort Smith, Arlc,
14 degrees above,
Tho high wind reached a velocity of
21 wiles an hour In this city yesterday,
blew with, the forco of a gala nt aca nnd
two ships ,wero carried ashore, the Brit
ish steamer IbIb of loua, two miles south
of Hatteras Inlet on the Virginia coast,
and tho three-masted schooner Ella Ivt.
Storcr, which waB wrecked behind Dog
Bar breakwater, near Gloucester, Mass.
Other ships aro hastening for safe harbors
today all along the Atlantic coast.
Vessels reported at various poits have
tholr masts, rigging nnd decks heavily
coated with Ice. Balling ships found tho
weather especially perilous. Sailors had
to climb ropes stiff with Ice. The spray
whipped oft the wave crests by the wind
froze as qulikly as it landed.
Man From the South Finds Life in
the Open Here Chilly.
Birmingham, the Pittsburgh of the
South, looms through its own murk sun
shiny, warm and beautiful today to WIN
I Ham Maxk, of the House ot Correction.
Mack Is a plumber, a cold plumber, who
Is at the Holmesburg Institution because
he told Magistrate Coward at the th
and Carpenter streets station today he
simply had to thaw out and that was
as good a any other place.
The plumber found work scarce In the
smoky Southern town and decided t
come to Philadelphia. When lie climbed
out from under a slde-deor Pullman,
known to the railroad officials by the
more accurate title ot box car, some
time early this morning he had ona small
dime and one large candle In his pockets.
Purchasing a loaf of oread and some
bacon with the dime, Mack went to Qrbe
Square at M and Rest! streets and started
to cook the bacon on a pieee of tin over
the candle. Special Policeman Cold caught
the apprising odor seVeraJ blocks off
and followed hjs nose to the outdoor
As Captain of "White Sox He WU1 De
vote Atteptioa to Sanje.
CHICAQQ. Hi.. Dee. U.-"SJdie Centos'
err baseUall player writer t-il-ifatae
with his acceptance of the a
talaey of the Chicago White Ssx. I ft
sure " said President Ban Johnson, of the
Aricn League, today. -iu a cow.
sattoo I had with him in Kew Ver-k be
seemed convinced of tbe basard of A.
tBojlnsr to write aad play tbe game at
h same tine and to realtx the dim
ewUy f iaiut justice both to tba uaws
PM( r4tf and to tha club owner eat
pbjyln Wm Personally I always hv
baeo oppoead to active players wrltlDv
fcr &ewptjv-"
Mi r.rifa M feral&ir
Tic&eiT ail4b"
a m AUca UulJ-lu.
r tti ? -
ngajR jl niiAiirsE- ' -J. --'-. J.i.tA.1 - feifc S
Civic and Business Bodies
Approve Evening Ledger's
Plan of Making Clear Of
ficials' Stand on Transit
Prominent citizens who have been Iden
tified In many civic movements, business
men who realize that real rapid transit
Is essential to actual progress, and mem
bers ot vatlous progressive organizations
Indorsed the Hvknino: Ledger's action In
placing every member of Councils on'ree-
ord on the Taylor transit plan.
Tho attitude ot the people's represen
tatives, many declared, should bo known
In advance, so their constituents might
learn whether thc wore being actually
lcprcscntcd. The Kvknino LcDoen's ac
tion In furnishing the people with an
Index to the local legislators' sentiment,
therefore, was warmly commended.
It was pointed out by many persons
who are active In civic movements that
Councils In tho past resorted to subter
fugo when asked to go squnrcly on record
concerning anything for the welfare ot
tha people.
Those who nrc still noncommittal on
the Taylor transit plan will be asked to
declare themselves, and should they re
fute steps will be tnken In retaliation by
business organizations In every part of
tho city.
It Is contended there Is no excuse for
any Councilman pretending to have the
welfare ot the people at heart to remain
passive on a question which so vitally
Interests the people.
In view of the clty-wldo enthusiasm on
tho subject and tho Hvenino Ledger's
poll showing that Taylor transit Is
favored by tho majority of Councllmcn,
many persons contend that no obstruc
tionist can stem the tldo at this stago
of the game.
Several business organizations will meet
this week nnd nppolut committees to call
on those Councllmen who are endeavoring'
to remain neutral. Should these members
of Councils still adhere to their passlyo
nttltude, steps will be taken to compel
definite assertions on the question.
In the Northeast it Is known that Bev
el nl organizations will go on record as
opposed to the continuance of John M
JIcKlnley, Jr., In Select, and Fred
Schwartz, Jr , as their councllinatilc rep-,
rcscntatlvet. These are the only two moil
who favored the Costello brand df transit.
Following ate a fow of tho views from
pt eminent men on the question:
Albert IJ. Turner, who has taken a
prominent part lu numerous successful
movements for civic betterment, snld:
"Tho Evenino LuDtiKit's tnovo wns
quite ns bright an undertaking its could
have been made. The paper hns done
n good piece of work in educating tho
public, which Is the real boss of city af
fairs. Where genuine public sentiment Is
inudo as fnr reaching ns this, thero can
he no doubt as to the result.
"No politician Is utrald of unintelligent
and sporadic sentiment," he said, "but
all politicians realtzo the effect of an
educated public sentiment. This Is lr
rcstlble. Those ,wbo ically believe this
can have an Ima'glhntlon to see an entire
new system an accomplished fact within
a comparatively short time,"
Another who warmly commends the
RvENiN'a LEDaca's action lu obtaining
tho Councllmnnlo Interviews on rapid
tumult is Judge James Uorman, of tha
Juvenile Court.
"It was a most excellent Idea for tho
KvNiN-a Ledoer to put the Councllmen
on record," Bald Judge Gorman. "By
this means aro the people enabled to
know how their representatives stand on
the question, Tho transit question la 11
matter of such vltul Importance to the
growth of Phlhrdelphla that 'It was a
laudable undertaking to gather the op!n
Ions of our law-makers so thut the people
might know what to expect.
"How do I stand on the transit ques
tion? For Director Taylor's plan nnd
opposed to Mr. Costcllo's. Mr Tnor
has studied and vroiked over the proO
lem and ho knows Philadelphia's trunstt
needs thoroughly. I hoard him speoi;
lost night before tlie Oak Je Improve
ment Association and havo rend his ni ti
des. I am In entire nccord with him
nnd his comprehensive plan, which em
braces every lection of the city, mid
whl-li, together with housing, hygienic
and other Improvements, will make Phila
delphia the jjrcqter city It Is going to be."
That the KVEXINU Ledoer had accom
plished a good work in putting Cojncll
men on lecord as to their stand on the
Taylor transit plans was the opinion ot,
former Judga Dlmner Jleeber, expressed
today, 1
"I think It was a very creditable thing
to do," said Judge Beeber, "It Is well
to know bow Councllmen stand on the
proposition. It Is always proper to learn
tho sentiment of perrons who will pass
on tho value of a proposition.'-'
"The transit question was a matter of
such public intetest that It was an excel
lent Idea to put the Councllmen on ro
prd," said J. B. W. Holton, piesldent or
the Jloritlmo IJxchange. "The people
must know the opinions uf the legisla
tors who are to decide the Issue."
"I have not studied the Costello ordi
nance, but uin in reasonable familiarity
with Ulrettor Tailor's plan, which com
monds itself very strongly! to me," Mr.
Holton continued. "'It covers the needs
of thk entire city, and Is In lino with the
spirit of progress, whereas the Costello
ordlnance'is not, having the objectionable
feature of sectional development In one
. .
Calls Negro's Acquittal "Qreat Mis
carriage of Justice."
Judge Brown, In the criminal branch of
tbe Municipal Court, today showed dis
pleasure because a Jyy acquitted Henry
D. Bsrry, a Negro, W FsJrroount ave
nue, of committing a murderous assault
W QAward BensoJet. white. SIS North
11th street- The court balanced tbe ver
dict of aot guilty by holding Berry Under
bail to keep the peace.
"lat Jury has seen, tit to acquit you."
said Jude Brown to Berrj. "tt fcas
bae a, great miscarriage of Justice I
shall held you under JJCOO ball Jo keep
the peace for one year, and you will
remain In prtsoa until bond is entered."
Last Oetebi the two num. white In
berry' house, became involv4 ha .a
argument The Negro Bw Uito a rage
aud drawing a .life slaahad BeaaoUt
anus tb stomach and back
Appointed Revenue Deputy
V AiSHlNt. 1UN tie.. Lj -Uavjial a
Uatea uf Little Buck A. k , .Ai- Jr
! appoiuLU D.puty 1 jiui,iUiol.7jJ Uj
isrual Ke.iiue e.ut tuunerli mg tv.
eiu iient tut tb,. 3tr.i A arfcasusL.
, He uu. voluml Wh 'AijSTit!

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