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4Diplomacy," With Bates,
Gillette and Doro
"Diplomacy" has lost nothing In all
thtto .years. No. lndetd; between English
aapianona ana American mouerniza
tions Bardou's old play has gained about
SO pounds. Xrfiat nlffht, at tlio Broad, It
Aras encrusted with three stars and any
amount of new dialogue. Dut since the
accretions had only to do with the humor
-et the piece, and consisted principally or
Jftuch Information as "There are no doge
Lin doje biscuits," they didn't do the play
or ma auoience mucn boou. xnis revival
or "Diplomacy" puts Bardou In the class
with TShakespeare: they know how to
fwrltojthelr plays better than the gentle-
;men who try revlalnc them.
' In Its pristine glory VDIplotaacy" was an
oxclttnc and remarkable play. It "held."
Dut. u It started at 8 sharp last night.
, there was mora action In the audience
than .In the first act, and as It ended
round) 11:30 & rood many people besides
tha critics wished thero hod been mora
Bardoji and a. little .less of this sort of
thine! "I shall be a nun." "A femalo
JmnnM" and "Ufa Is very hard!" Tcs, It
Is the hardest thine I have ever been con
nected with," Bpaced out by great wastes
r of Joke and jollies and klddlngs and
' f, allly-ass English boys, the "big moments"
fcfor which Bardou labored and by which
Lis triumphed seemed pretty far between.
' All the samo there were oases very de
lightful, refreshing ones. At their brim
mlnr font of theatrical excitement the
weary play-traveler drank his full. He
k watched tho net of circumstance, drawn
' by CyUntess Zlcka, the spy, close about
' tha jttung diplomat's bride and threaten
i to fasten upon her the theft of valuable
ecrtt papers. He watched the poor young
I thing; struggle blindly In the colls. In
(j criminating herself even In her hus
r'S band's eyes by every attempt at escape.
'file gloried in tha fascinating wickedness
: , . of SUoka and .the qually engaging readl
' . ne4s of the young diplomat's much more
t jfClplomatlc brother to extricate every one
r from; tho tolls by detecting whirrs or
' Zlcko-'a perfuma all over the place and
thy tricking tha spies with the simplest
nf Ifftljh rlf.V That aorfr nt thlnor fa
i ' Tery good fun now or 0 years ago.
, Ana It's also good fun, or course, to
see so excellent a cast playing so ex
pertly. If two of the leading men gave
'rather bad Imitations at times of the
nort of person that used to be called an
'enioOoiial actress," Mr. Gillette made
IP for It by being anything but emo
tional, lie went through even his "big
been" with the humorous nonchalance
that Is supposed to make a "character"
out of a stage puppet, and succeeded In
.being very amusing. Perhaps all this
'fun-making helped to divert the narratlvo
from Its old, swift course Into the mean
derings of "modernization." Dut, any
way, a Sherlock Ilolmes with a violent
aense of humor is rather good sport,
Jllnor figures in the cast stood out as
sharply Mr. von Beyffertltz as a spy,
with a Oetman accent that would land
any man In an English Jail; Norman
Than?, "allly-asslng" as usual; Jeffreys
Irttwl Jtffreya-lewlslng, and Bertha For
dyce making a portentous figure out of
& gapuung oia may uiai iravar wuuu
himself m'ght hava admired.
But two-thirds of the audience came to
zee Wis Doro and Hiss Bates, and two-
third of the audience had tneir wlsn.
Maris Doro looked as pretty as her name,
tated. with the appealing grace that la
hers tiy physical .right, and far outdid
any of her previous attempts at the dra-
Mue, Mis Jjates wnat aid miss nates
at do to carry off the evening's honor?
Q4ui wax a Zlcka of humor and dash and
'the prettiest of poise. She shaded her
jMonaUons and her smllea with the
-jfslnttHst bit of captivating malignity. She
wa we Deal of nign spirits masquerad
ing as sunning. If all ."Diplomacy" were
IUc Mlia Bates and all diplomacy like
JUcka, then any number of ovenlnga at
the Broad would be well spent and Eu
rope well lost to war-
Bnsht Bill at Keith's
KJ va Tanguay got so reckless at
jlt'j. yesteraay aiurnoon that she tore
jtnui i?iuie coamroa ia; least ana
, sua uiai, spot two innniuves
Half and raced uo and down the
itih ueh prodigious persistence
w fairly out of breath when
started to tell the audleae that she
fjttJt oare. The eudjeuso oared sum.
aT reward Miss Tasguay with it
aft appia.ua. WaM (be grted
multitude with "Helta!" and asked
n, "Kallu1 ' In tura she get It wllh
to adithusiMra, Her sosgs were
ojwut herself, frankly eritissi of
ysaclrman-- a&eerfaj and a. Jlttk
, tiui m om was maae up or so
MMl thing that UU Taaguay
h Um only star.
tiy aftar tin? mottsn sletiicM at
WW a Xhw stafat; at iwme.
VR ma K4HWtflrB
amaaJ afeuri lkc
t iTlnitair-a,f ifiirr n,tf,ir 4tt-
,,-s SN au; usb TW.w.afe.
Mrafct X-ACOCK
were the Lelands, with n lightning artist
trick, a dialogue by Harris and Manlon,
rather fimny, and "Alice Teddy," a bear
aald to possess "almost human Intelli
gence." Considering that the bear can
behave hlmaelf In select company, can
wreatlo nnd lako his boating like a man,
the statement Is too modest Besides, he
Is a funny bear, nnd many humans are
not funny. Tho song-dance-novelty act
which followed was of tho kind one has
learned to expect at tho Keith house. "A
j-ejcpnone Tangle" was strongly rcm
Inlaccnt of Elizabeth llrlco and her
"Hello Central" with tho Follies two
years ago- but Its complications wero
original and funny. Lane and O'Donnell
tumbled, with a sense of humor.
But the bright, shining hit of the after
noon wan Bert Fltzglbbon, an "original"
In vaudeville, with funny stories that one
about Washington, for example and an
exquisitely funny way of telling them.
He carries off everything and carries hla
audience with him.
"The Traffic " a Drama of Today
The Traffic, a "sociological" melodrama
In four acts, which Is tho offering at tho
Walnut this week, Is teeming with inter
est and sensational scenes. Purely a
"white Blave" play; It vividly depicts
the "great cause" for tho downfall of tha
women of the underworld.
Miss Bess Sankey, as Agnes Berton, a
i notary gin living in the tenement dis
trict of New York, Is lured to a life of
shame by her desire to raise money with
which to send her consumptive alster to a
sanitarium. After a fight against crush
Ing odds sho becomes resigned to her fate
until she finds that her sister, who is now
cured, has been smuggled Into the same
life. In desperation she kills tho man who
caused her downfall and, as tho police
rush In to raid the house, she sends her
slater away with a member of the Sal
vation Army whom she knew In the tene
ments. The play closes with a sensational
court scene. In which the great love of
a young physician overcomes the evils
that were forced upon tho girl.
John Daly, as a dope flend, and Leo
Llndhard, as the broad-minded physician,
take their parts well. King Strong Is
seen as Vic Connors, the white slave
agent, and he proved on Interesting char
In the fourth opera of the local season
the Metropolitan Company returns to the
Italian with the production of Verdi's
"Alda" toYilght. The opera Is almost as
familiar as the "Celeste Alda" aria In It
with which Caruso's name Is so Indls
solubly linked. The whole cast Is notable,
as Mme. Dcatlnn will sing "Alda," Amato
will a!ng "Amonosro," Miss Sparkes the
High Prlcatess, and DMur, Rossi and
AudlBlo the minor roles. Mr. Polaccd
will conduct. The ballet, with Miss
Boslnl Galll, will be complete.
ADBLPltl "Today," with Edmund Ilreaae and
Ethel Valentlre. Georre Uroadhurat and
Abraham Uchorotr'a ilow-movlnr drama about
a vrlli'i Intldellty, endlnc with a violent
"big acena" In which to husband chokes
her. Laat week.
BltOAD "Diplomacy." with William QUlettt.
uiancne uatea. Marie .Dora and a atrons
caat. Bardpu'a famous old play "modernlaed"
by Mr Glllstte. Set review.
roltIlErp-MI'lnafore " The rood old Qllhert
ti Bulllran elaaala produced a la Hippodrome
w,n. ihi n.ii tfuat ueugauui g.e aver.
aAHRICK ''Potaah and Perlmutter." Mon.
tarue uiaaa popular atoiiea of tha clothln
tmda mad per Into tha aeaeon'a moet
heartllr amualrr comedy
KEITH'S-Kira Tanauay, Bert
Telephone Tangle.1' and a
Fttiirlbbon, "A
diversified bill.
--- .., .,.... MMl
l.ntl. a...-., i
lTmP-"lrl Jtaka with Stella Ui.h..
and a toe
fooa caat. KUdolpb. rrlml'a rippling
borne on an in. rv .a ri r
ataomrdlipeUlnr perfume Iit week
3IWiw7 '" br ""be j5b"-
muaic .noma
Many stylas--;even
at five dollars, there's
V&mty f room for in
dlvmuality in the New
Boot SJiop.
wffjaa-. mOs tbo Us j gmt &&&&
- j
Pet Dog Show Develops
.Proportions of Menagerie.
Horticultural Hall a Hjve
of Business Activity.
A pet dog nnd animal show, plus tho
ambulance ball, which takes place to
night, will mark tho second day of the
brilliant "Made'ln-Amerlca" baznnr, now
being conducted at Horticultural Hall
under the capable auspices of the Emer
gency Aid Committee.
All day )esterday Mrs, J. Mauran
Bhodcs had more than sho could do at
tending to a number of persons who
called to enter their pets In tho contest,
and what had startod out to be a mere
dog show soon took on the proportions
of a menagerie, tip to the present tltnp
there nre many parrots, canaries, rab
bits, guinea pigs, to say nothing of SO
cats and twice as many dogs. The pots
will be on exhibition from 10 In the morn
ing until 0 In tho evening. At 6 o'clock
over 100 prizes will be awarded.
Three Shetland ponies of pedigreed
stock, donated by Miss Anno Vauclatn,
are among tha most' popular 'foatu res of
the bazaar. It was while Mrs, Rhodes
was busily engagod In getting' chances
on them yesterday that Mayor Blbnken
burg sent her word that rnming" was
against tho law.
"It seems," sho explained to those near
by, "that It Is perfectly legal to take tho
chances here, but the actual raining must
bo done In some private house," and be
fore she could explain further sho was
surrounded by a llttlo group clamoring
for chances on the Shetland ponies
iied cnoss melting pot.
The Bed Cross Booth, with Mrs. Wil
liam L. McLean In charge, has planned to
augment Its fund by placing a melting
pot In front of tho booth, Every one and
anyone In generous mood Is asked to
brfng In whatsoever of gold or silver he
orVhe has to contribute. At tho close of
tho bazar those things, the Intrinsic value
of which exceeds tho actual worth of
tho gold or silver, will bo Bold and the
remaining ones melted.
Tho Southorn country lunch room, met
amorphosed yesterday afternoon Into an
afternoon tea room, did a rushing busi
ness and a negro orchestra, which ren
dered plantation songs, made things even
Tho entrance of E. T. Stotcabury was
the signal for a general sortto In hla di
rection, and the air wns filled with tho
voices of earnest damsclB pleading In this
"Won't you have a chanco on an auto
mobile, Mr. Stotcsbury, a llttlo Ford?"
"Can I put our name down for a button-hook
or a pen-wiper, only 15 cents."
"May I enter you for a sofa cushion
or tho latest knitting devlcoT"
"Will you buy a whlto gardenia, a
packago of cigarettes, anything?"
But tho little Boy Scouts wero Hio red
hot tamalcs of the bazar. At every
booth one youngBter In khaki uniform
was stationed for the express purnoeo of
doing the bidding of those in charge, and
the floqr was dotted wllh them delivering
packages, carrying messages and making
themselves generally useful.
A feature of tho Ambulance ball to
night will be exhibition dancing by Miss
Ella Brock, Miss A. Beatrice Geyeltn,
Miss Anno M. C. Coleman and Mies
Frances Hoar, of Boston, and .Miss Anne
Williams, of Baltimore.
The ushers at the ball will be:
Ptrclval D. Taylor
loaaph Caraon
William 'A. Clark
J. llamllton Cheiton
tVlfllam . duOarry
Robrt r. Dechert
Qeorsa D. Fowla
tlotwrt P. Frailer
Johns Hopkins
Crawford C Madeira
J. Vaughan Merrick, 3d
Clnjton McMlchael
John I) Shober
C Kewbotd Tuvlor
Iloirer It. Townaend
Andrew van
raomaa liart
The committee In charge of-the ball
Mrs. Sidney V.
Urs. Georce
q. Hor-
II tu Ann M. C. Cola- Mra C. Hermann
man KrumDhaar
lira Ftti Eugene Mra. Stacy 11. Lloyd
DUon Mlsa Joiephlne Mather
lllaa A. Beatrice Oeya- Mlaa Mary W Mitchell
lln Mra. Arthur H. Now
Mln France! C. Orla- bold, Jr.
com Mlea Eleanor Kewhall
Mils Kranor Orubb Mtia Edith Ii. Towns-
Mlaa Katharine Harts and, chairman:
Fhiladelpblana' Cnhvnsses Find Favor
In Corcoran Gallery of Art,
Philadelphia artists trained nt the Penn
sylvania Academy of the Fine Arts are
well represented at the fifth biennial ex
hibition of oil paintings by American
artists at the Corcoran Gallery of Art,
at Washington,
Two canvasaei, "Waterfall" and "Hill
top," by W. Elmer Schofleld, are regard
ed by critics as being' the most Imposing
paintings In the exhibition. The portrait
of Mrs. Hanley Addlcks, by Thomas
Kaktns, Philadelphia, has been greatly
Bobert Henri Is represented by three
brilliant and colorful canvasses. George
Luks, Maude Dreln. Leopold Seyffert,
Blossom Farley, who won the (500 prize;
Fred Nunn and Redfleld, tha other artists,
with oils on exhibition, have been, with
out exception, lauded for the excellence
of their work.
Hearing Refused on Ship BUI
WASHINGTON, pec lS.-Tha Senate
Commerce Committee today voted down a
proposal to hold hearings on the ship
purchase bill demanded by Senator Smith,
of Michigan. The committee favorably
reported Senator Sheppard'a bill allowing
licensed officers to decline to serve on
any particular vessel so long as they
had not signed articles for that vessel.
At present the law has the effect of 'sub
jecting them to Involuntary servitude in
this particular.
Jy I
If 1
ArS -r I
Professor of political philosophy
In New York University, who nas
been chosen head of Lafayette
Legal Problem Develops From Fail
ure to Nominate Provisional
WASHINGTON, Deo. 15. A problem,
whloh Attorney Oenoral Gregory Is ex
pected to be called upon to untangle, de
veloped today over tho rejection by tho
Senate of the nomination of John H.
Lynn, of Rochester, N. Y., as United
States District Attorney for tho West
ern District of New Vorlc.
Tho question at Issue Is whether the
term of Lynn, who Is holding odlce'under
a recesa appointment, was terminated
immediately upon the refusal of tho Sen
ato to confirm his nomination.
Legal exports of the Government out
side the Department of Justlco say
Lynn's commission. Issued under tho re
cess appointment and which does not ex
pire until March 4 next, was not Im
paired by the Senate's rejection of his
subsequent nomination.
Senator Overman, of North Carolina,
chairman of tho Senate Ilulcs Commit
tee, who was at the White Houso today,
takes the opposlto view. Ho holds the
Senate's refusal to confirm tha nomina
tion terminated Lynn's recess appoint
ment Immediately.
Jewish Institutions Itccclvo Gifts
From Estate of Joseph Steidler.
Bequests of 100 to tho Jewish Foster
Home nnd Orphan Asylum, J100 to tho
Jewish Hospital Association and MOO to
tho Federation of Jewish Charities aro
contained In tho will of Joseph Steidler,
lata of Philadelphia, who died In Pitts
burgh, December 3. Tho rcBldue of the
estate, which Is valued at J7S00, Is be
queathed to relatives.
Charles II. Itccd, lato of 121 South 17th
street, left his cntlro $70,000 estato to his
widow, Joan L. Bced, whom he named In
his will as executrix.
Other wills probated today wero thoso
of Eliza J. 1'ntton, who died at Atlantic
City, leaving a J230O estate, and Barbara
Barclay, who died In tho Hahnemann
Hospital, 3J0O.
Letters of administration were granted
In tho 110,000 estate of Lydla S. Taylor,
Queen Lane, Daniel T. Schcuer, fS39 North
19th street, 17800, and Mary Carey, 1031
Taskcr street, tlGoO.
Personal property of tho estate of Clara
Llpper has been appraised at $31,197; Han
nah Ford, $3103.13.
Physicians Say His Chances for Re
covery Are Greater.
Tho condition of Judge John L. Klnsey,
of tho Court of Common Pleas, who Is
seriously 111 at his home, 1622 Spruce
Btreot, was reported as slightly Improved
tlilB morning. Dra. Arthur Newlln and
Walter Chrystle visited Judge Kinsey this
morning and sold his chances for recovery
were greater than yesterday. Judge Kln
sey was more restful last night than at
any time since ho became HI.
Judge Klnsey Is suffering from a com
plication of rheumatism and nervous
breakdown. He was In poor health all
last summer, and was seriously 111 lost
'What's DoingTonight?"
"Made In America" baia&r, Horticultural
Lecture, "Far Eaat and Welt," Hamilton W.
Mable, Wltherapoon Hall; a o'clock.
Poultry, pigeon and pet atock ahow, Flrat
neglmont Armory.
"American Ambulance Halt," Horticulture!
Hall; 0 o'clock.
Onem. "Alda," Metropolitan Opera Home;
S o'clock.
Lecture, "Tha Wondere of Canada." Dr,
Frederick W Johnson, Manufacture Club;
a o'clock.
Addreaa, "Kxrerlmenta with Vegetables,"
Orlrtlth Hall, Hl'O Cheatnut atreet. In connec
tion with tha Fapmera' Week,
Ttntarv CMuh Indies' nlaht at Kurlere.
Northweat Hume Men's Association, S33S
finlumbla. avenue Free
Fltty-aerenth Street Improvement Aaaocla.
tlon, ulrard avenue and "wth atreet. Free.
Lancaster Avenue Ilualneaa Men, 3930 Lan,
caiter avenue, Free.
A Xmas Gift
Merit and Pleasure
A pretty lamp gladdens
the heart and brighten
the home.
You can purchaie a
smart design as low as
$10.00, Deafens that aro
not hackneyed or com.
mon place.
The Horn & Brannen
Mfg. Co.
, Retitr Salroe3
437433 North Brwd St.
Shaft mtUi AiO$ 4.ma4r ?
do v
1 CTtWi
Affected With Measles,
They Are Driven From
Home and Nursery by Fire
and Exposed to Rigors of
Four little children, waifs who know
no home except the Mary J. Ball Home
anil Day Kursery, aro dangerously 111
with pneumonia bconuse Camden has no
hospital In which to segregate conta
gious diseases, according to Mrs. Stephen
Pfell, chairman of the WayB and Means
Committee for the home.
Tho Mary J. Ball homo In Camden
burnod down last Friday. At the time
oC tho tiro, according to Mrs. Pfcll, It
of tho 26 children In the home were suf
fering from moasles. They Bhould have
boen In a hospital, she snld. Instead,
It was necessary to carry them out to
thtf street nnd expose, children suffering
with measles to tho early morning cold,
"1 don't know wlint we would have
done If It had not been for the neigh
bors," said Mrs. Pfell. "Thoy put tho
children with measles Into beds with
their own well children to save them
from exposure It was nil because Coun
cils and the Board of Health, In their
squabbling over nppolntments and sine
cures nt the Municipal Hospital, had de
layed the completion of tho building, and
Camden now has no place to treat con
tagious diseases.
"Tho private hospitals rofused to take
the children, and had It not been for
Charles A, Reynolds offering us tho use
of tho building of tho old West Jersey
Homeopathic Hospital, I do not know
what we would havo done.
"Something surely ought to bo dona to
compel tho Cotincllmcn and the Board of
Health to provldo a place for the treat
ment of contagious cases without delay."
Among tho 14 children In the homo suf
fering with mcnslcs that had to be res
cued from tho Ilamcs were Hawkins
Berg, 0 months old, James Foster, 2 years
old; Margaret Foster, 3 years, and Doro
thy Hess, 1 year old. As a result of their
exposure they developed pnoumonla.
Dr. Emma Richardson, who founded tho
Mnry J. Ball Home In memory of her
mother, said tho condition of Hawkins
Berg nnd Jnmcs Foster was" critical, and
that Rose McKcon, another child, had de
veloped a high fever last night and was
Bhowlng symptoms of pneumonia.
It was further stated that when a case
ot diphtheria broke out In the Camden
Home for Friendless Children several
weeks ngo, It was necessary to keep the
child In the home, whoro It endangered
tho health of 59 other children, because
there was no hospital to which tho case
could bo taken.
Dr. Henry H. Davis, president of the
Board of Health, said work on the Mu
nicipal Hospital had been held Up because
It was necessary to secure special legis
lation to enable the city of Camden to
get funds to equip tho hospital. He Bald
there had been no delay due to dimcul.
ties In selecting men to fill tho positions
and added that the hospital was not
opened because It had not yet been fully
equipped. He ndmlttcd, however, that
the hospital wns heated and that a part
of the beds had been Installed,
Christmas Gifts
Traya nnd
TfiA fAmnnM ''AiVMlfiHftfin' th fnafnimnnf flint rf11 T.1A .
mjiwu,. - i - ii.
wuwuwi "
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to look like tha "Acaustlctm"
but that's all. The wonderful eclentlflo
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BLT"J1 IUCAlir.TrMrFlil MrsWu lHjria ... n- It .atma a -( lha V m T nnallaAII
a- a-- "f w w-ay) maa am ITM1. MTtvf W V"'-7 VVWyiM H M mW a-aITVtH.f tmvmmmmw
Fiiw TvitTyr s.!f?4sxs?pissicsf
,ub m m a.aa.Ta.Bsir &;
lait.-a. . -.
Hiriiif MTt tsgaay gm rg
Monaco, whose Prince has appealed to
the neutral Powers to prevent me "
structlon of his p&lnllat chateau near
Rhelms, which the Germans Wa holding
to mnsom, Is an Ideal republic. When,
four years agp, the Prfnce granted hW
people a constitution arid an annual In
come of JM0.0C0 for the expenses of the,
Government, tho greatest dlffldulty which
faced the executive -km how to spend
this sum. Under the rule of Prince Al
bert the lnluibltants paid no taxes, for
none wero heeded. Kvery possible ex
penditure bf. the mlnlaturo Stale was pro
viiioii for nt lat twice oVcr by the
profits from the Casino at Monte Catlo.
In face of ralnjnir bullets. Private Dan
Robertson, of thej&dfordshlre Regiment,
wont mil In Inlrh Hi n. wounded iCTKcant.
Just as ho was In the net of carrying him
nut n! fhn flrlnc lino, tlobertsan was Shot
down and died In the course of a few min
utes. "He died doing his fluty like a Brit
ish sold er." writes the commanding oni-
cer of the riglment, "and his death was a.
great blow (o us."
How a plucky drher, slnglo-handed,
prevented a battery falling Into the hands
of tho Uormans Is told by Signaler Ijee,
of the Royal Berks Regiment. During a
fierce encounter nt the Battle of tho Alsno
a gun's crew were put out of action, tho
men being either killed or wounded; but
the driver referred to obtained a team of
horsea nnd cnlmly walked them down to
the gun, with shells bursting all around.
Having reached tho spot, ho limbered up
and brought tho guns safely back, Neither
he nor tho horses wero hit.
Vienna messages state tho oldest re
servlBts who, since the outbreak of tho
war, have been guarding tho roads, rail
wnys and public buildings, have been
sent to tho front In Gallcia. It Is Illegal
to take reservists out of their own prov
ince, but tho Emperor Franz Jtfsef got
over tho difficulty by Issuing a proclama
tion: "In view of tho horolo dash of the
Austrian army tha Emperor has granted
the reservist also the honor of going to
fight for tho defense of tho Fatherland."
A London bank clerk decided after
many sleepless nights to enlist. But he
shied nt tho task of telling his fond par
ents, who live In the country, feeling suro
that It would break tholr hearts to have
him go to the front. Finally, after pro
found thought, ho wroto them. Imparting
tho momentous news as gently an pos
sible, taking care to point out that ho
couldn't resist the call of duty, Thrco
days later a postcard from his mother ar
rived, Baying: "Glad you'vo Joined the
diddle oo.
Hand Bag's Muff Purses
Vanity Boxes s
Card Cases Cigar Cases'
Cigarette Cases
. , Wallets - Hip Cases
Mounted in Gold
and Silver: .
Chestnut Street..
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Over 100,000
Three Times more Than
ana iomoas "Acousticon" the original tho world's most
of tha 'Acoasticon"
protected br oatents. Let tia dam.
jmttnte hsw th remarkable Indirect prtadpU aa exchulra
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mai, ueiicuveiy cservise nnj) UYns Tna iniouvo muscies uiu ujeiu-
cent deposit! That's how we prove absolutely at our risk that
that no other device even approaches it-no
for rich aad poor ii& to now iUrjlJrl.
. ... .. "v"" T1' "T T" "rw T TT. ' "
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army. It -will be nice change for you."
At Knocke-sur-Mer, on the Belgian
coast thero Is a young Belgian who
helped - number of British soldiers to
make their way to safety from the Ger
man lines. Asked by the British Con
sut wht ho wished for hla reward, he
sslil "Clothes and food for 99 poor Bel
nlan refugees." The Anglo-Belgian R,
lief Fund sent him Immediately from Lon.
don 90 enormous coses full of clothing
and supplies of every kind.
The estimate that to date well over
100,000 association football players and
officials have enrolled themselves In tho
British army Is modest Not merely hun
ArA hut thousands of amateur cluhn
have suspended operations this season be
cause they have not enough playing mem
bers to continue. Thero are numerous
Instances in which every member has put
on his country's uniform.
Tho Dutch havo chosen plennont places
for the Internment of tho English who
havo been forced to cross Into their neu
tral territory. Gronlngen is a. town of
fine houses and wide, clean streets, In
which enough 16th century houses remain
to give It an Old World nlr. Gardens and
promenades abound on tho north side of
tho town, and In tho ccntro lies a group
of open spaces, chief among them the
largo market square, in which tho French
Republicans planted tholr tree of liberty
In 17N,
"Don't forget thoso cigarettes you
promised me," wroto a British sotdler
to his wife. "By the way," he added In
a postscript, "th6 Germans Just started
shotting us. Tou may not have to sond
tho smokes."
Tells Investigators There Is Great
Need for Human Feeling.
WASHINGTON, Dec. 10.-Prcsldcnt
Wilson today rnado a significant address
to the University Commission on the
Southorn race question. He snld In part:
"Iiam very glad to express my sincere
Interest In this work and sympathy with
It. I think that men Ilka yourselves can
bo trusted to see this great question nt
every angle. There Isn't any question.
It seems to me, Into which moro candor
needs to he put, or moro thorough human
good feeling than this. I know my
self, a Southern man, how sincerely the
heart of tho South desires the good ot
tho Negro and tho advancement of his
nice on all sound and senslblo lines, and
anything that can be done In that direc
tion Is of tho highest value. It Is a mat
ter of common understanding."
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