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GUOBGE W. ELKINS entertained at dinner
Inst night for the boaM of managers of the
Huntingdon Valley Country Cub, at the club
house, before the dance. Ills guests Included
the president, John "Worrell Pepper, Joseph B.
McAllister, George Harrison Frazler, Cameron
B, Buxton, Daniel B. Wentz, Walter L. Boss,
Joseph E. Wldener, Bobert P. Hooper, Morris
B. Bocklus, Edward B. Smith, Jay Cooke, Syd
ney Emlen Hutchinson, Theodore Voorhecs,
Charles E. Morgan, Henry Miller Walts, Percy
C. Madeira, James D. Merrltt, Alfred G. Clay
andCaleb F. Fox.
Others who entertained before the dance were
Mr. and Mrs. Owen Osborne, who gave a dinner
of 10 covers; Mr. nnd Mrs. Joseph 3. Bunting
entertained clghl guests, and E. Blttenfiouso
Miller had six guests.
Mr. and Mrs. Oswald Hampton Schcll, of 431
' West Schoolhouse lane, have Issued Imitations
for the marriage of their daughter. Miss Doro
thea Schcll, nnd Alfred Moorhead North on
Thursday, January 7, In the First Presbyterian.
Ciiuich, Germantown, nt 6:30 o'clock. Mts
Cladjs Edwards, of Carpenter street, will give
a bridge on Saturday afternoon. December 16,
In honor of Miss Schcll
Miss Ella Block, of 2101 Spruce street, has
had as her guest Miss Anno Williams, of Green
Spring Valley, Baltimore.
Mis. S. Naudnln Ducr's dancing clans held Its
Christmas German last night In the Koso Gar
den of the Bctlcvuo-Stratfotd. The cotillon was
led by L. Brook Edwards.
Society doings were somewhat on the wane
this week, as the Emergency Aid Committee
claimed tho attention of nil the matrons and all
tho buds nt tho Made-ln-Amerlca Fete. The
early part of no-U week will be rather dull, so
cially, for Christmastldo Is, in truth, upon us,
and those who interested thomsetves In charity
last week will be apt to think that "charity be
gins at home," If their shopping Is not tlnlshcd
Monday evening, Miss Bobcrta B. Downing,
daughtei of Mrs Robert W. Downing, will bo
jfucst of honor at a dlnner-danco th.it Ensign
Charles II. Mccum will give on the United
States steamship Connecticut.
Mrs. Harvey L. Elklno and Miss Ethel C.
ElMns, of 7S01 Creshelm rond, wU give a dinner
Jn honor of Miss Mary Ballard, daughter of
Mr. nnd Mrs Ellla Ames Bnllarfl.
Tuesday 'evening, Mr. and Mrs. Edward T.
Stotesbury will gtvo a dinner-dance at the Bltz
Citrlton In honor of Miss Cordelia Blddle, daugh
ter of Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Drexel Bld'dle,
and Miss Susan Bremmer Ingersoll, daughter of
Mr. and Mrs Charles E. Ingersoll.
Miss Charlotto Bush, daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Benjamin BuBh, will be guest of honor at
a dinner to bo followed by a theatre party given
by Dr. and Mrs Edwin Eldon Graham, and
Miss May Brlnton, daughter of Blnney Brlnton,
" - wlll'bo guest of honor at a theatre party, to ba
" followed by supper at the Bltz-Carlton, given
' ' by her father.
r' Mrs. Halhert Powers Gltlctto will entertain on
Wednesday nt a theatre party and tea at the
Bellevue-Stratford. In honor of Miss Mary Hall
Laird, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Warren Pow
ers Laird.
Mr. and Mrs. Charlemagne Tower will give a
costumo party at their resldenco In bono,- ot
their daughter. Miss Gertrude Tower.
Thursday, Christmas Ee, the "debs" will
probably be busy sending and receiving gifts
rather than attending teas nnd various func
tions, though Mr. and Mrs. Charles Winter
Bally .wilt give an old-fashioned Informal Christ
- was party at their home, "Bosslevyn," Straf
ford, In honor of their daughter. Miss Mary
Wood Bally.
On Christmas Day there will be only family
1 affairs. i
Mr. and Mrs. Beverley Boblnson (Potter will
give a. dansant at the Bellevue-Stratford on
Saturday afternoon In honor of their piece, Miss
'' Margaret Berwlnd, daughter of Mr, and Mrs.
" Henry Augustus Berwlnd, and Mr. and Mrs.
Jacob Steelman Dlsston, of Norwood Hall,
Chestnut Hill, will give a theatre party In honor
of Miss Pauline Dlsston, debutante daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. William Dlsston.
This evening, Mrs. Alexander J. Cassatt and
her granddaughter, Miss Lois B. Cassatt, ot
202 West Blttenhouse square, -will be at home
from S Until 11 o'clock. There will be dancing.
Miss Ada Lambert WetherJU, Miss Virginia
Wetherlll and Miss Helen Baldwin Gleason will
go to Flushing, L. I., next Saturday to receive
t the tea which will be given for Miss Viola
MacDougall by her parents. Mr. and Mrs. Mac
Dousall will give a house party over New
Tear's Day.
WaHKE-MIss Martha Walton will entertain
the bridge club of which she Is a member Wed
nesday, December 80, at her home In Wayne,
The club, which meets every two weeks. In
cludes among Us member Miss Marian Mul
ford, Miss Helen Bates. Miss Marjerto Inez
Morris, Miss Doris Wnterall, Miss Marguerite
Watklns, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Way, Mr. and
Mrs. Pennington Way, Miss Katherlne Yerner.
Ulss Frances Long, Kerro Knox, Warren Way,
Oarenco Woolman, C. H. Bawllns, Qeprgo
Arnann, Channlng Daniels, Mr, Wallace and
IJonsJd Lees,
Mr. and Mrs. Everett V. Crosby and their
family, of West Mermaid lane, will go oa to
Wow York next -week to spend! Christmas. A
family dinner will be given at the. Waldorf-Astoria
orj Christmas Day. .Arthur Crosby re
turned from Tata yesterday, accompanied by
seven of his ejassroatea, A. dinner of covers
wljl b given tonjjht at the Philadelphia
Cricket Club In their honor prior to the club
danca. The young men. who tnchid Edward
Thurston and Francis Bospra. of Chicago
Heaton Tready, Sidney Kelly and John
- ZHarwirtb. of Nwsr York. Albert Oisea ud aj.
tred M Phillips, of OUnbrook. Qenja vgy .
.jatala a the guests of Mr. andMtj. Cseafcy
m Tueaday.
Hta Oawttro HeKay, ffco faw fen the
Ht Mr d Mr HoUrt Wltmar, at flW KUig
fMatac VMHM. for avrf4 Jjs. baa returned
to her home, at U Wt ftteuat Koyal at taut,
ttot. IMm HeKr. who rlv4 t um
4kWte ta e Mim Hwh Wartr
M "l' war vb s ,5 wsc j ,(,, uK ri wsathsi wf the I " w Mr Key CUoaon. of mtt which, with tha Sower atut to th dtbaUntit, I woapor ana w nmr -" - t
t'M WsasttMte. w tfttd to twtety t ti! , jk i rth stroot, Jorw a vtrtuhto boor f Ary ?t- 1
First Monday german In Baltimore, on the 6th
of Decomber.
Miss Katherlne D. Collins and Miss Mary N.
Collins, of 6436 Vine street, entertained the mem
bers of their card club yesterday, at the Winne
flcld Country Club. Tho guests present were
Miss Ethel Somers, Miss Llllle Somers, Miss
Margaret Somers, Miss Mnrguerlte Carroll, Miss
Mlidred Hudson, Miss Henrietta Bellly, Miss
Eloaporo O'Brien, Mlsi Elisabeth O'Brien, Miss
Mnrton Garwood, Mlsa Genoilevo Carroll, Mrs.
Leonoro Doyle, Mrs. Charteo O'Brien, Mrs. Vin
cent Mngee, Miss Margaret Carroll,
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Button, of Cliveden ae
nue, will give a dinner followed by enrds to
night for Mr. nnd Mrs Laiclle Thornton, Mr.
nnd Mrs. Isaiah T. Bjnn, Mr and Mrs. Gcorgo
SHerman, Mr. nnd Mrs. Erwlh Simpson nnd
Mr. and Mrs. George Walker.
.Miss Anna E. McGurk will entertain this
eienlng In honor of Miss Allco Cassldy,
of Ovcrbrook, with a "E0O" party, followed
by auppcr, nt her home In tho Glrnrd Estate,
2103 South Gnrnet stteet She will be asshted
by Miss Laura Bean, of Fcrndale. Among tho
guests will be Miss Helen Hnrklnson, Miss
ridrenco Pennypackcr, Miss Mary Mack nnd
rrank Gdod, of Ottsvllle, Stephen nicbardson,
Joseph Fox, John McGurk, Howard New and
Charles Wuenderllch.
Mr. and Mrs William Lockcr, of Wash
ington, D. C will come to the city on Wednes
day to he tho guests of Mrs. Lockyci's parents,
Mr. nnd Mrs. J. Hnggerty, nt 1211 Christian
street Mr. and Mrs I.ockyer will remain until
ablut January 6. and sccral ery delightful
affairs have been planned In their honor.
The Wlssahlckon Canoe Club gaio a dinner
last night at the clubhouse. Park Betrcat, In I
honor ot the members who composo tho All-Star
Minstrel Troupe. Christmas bells, holly, ferns
nnd red flowers were mingled In tho very at
tractive decorations George Taylor, commo
dore, was toastmostcr. Those present were J"
H. Sowden, lco commodore; Fr.ink Hcnnessy,
Quartermaster, Mr nnd Mrs. Edward Wilson.
Mr. and Mrs Harry Fnrrand, Mrs M. Brown,
Miss Marlon Tow nsend, Miss Betty Burns, Mlsa
Angela Burns, Mlsa Louise Mejnell, Miss Sue
Meynell, Miss Ktty AVIngert, Miss Genevlee
Burns, Miss Vlney Walker, Miss Grace Hnuse,
Miss Betty Currcn, Miss Helen Hendricks, Miss
Pearl Albright, Miss Mildred Albright, MIis
Cecilia Anderson, Miss M. Dornhclm, Miss C.
Dornhclm, Miss Clara Mays, Miss Mary Kick
man, Sirs, Alfred Sowden, Mr. and Mrs. J.
Dornhclm, Carl Myers, Harry M Taj lor, James
Smith, Thomas Thrlng, Edward Thomas, Bay
mond Stout, Charles Sowden, William Lawton,
Kqnneth Snyder, Bedford Eastwood, Frederick
Bnnsford, William Massa, Elmer Muck, Herbert
Schelrer, William Benyon, Gordon Swayne.
Hairy Jennings, Harry Lewis. Joseph Genshel
mer, Bussell Thompson, Harry Barnhurst, Nor
man Sturgls, Hnrry Hause, George Frank, J.
C Smith, A. E. Sowden and Joseph McErlaln.
Miss Eleanor Gallagher, of 2606 Bhawn street,
has as her guest over tho week-end Miss Mary
McDonnell, of Atlantic City.
Miss McDonnell will be guest of honor at a
luncheon today at tho home of Mrs. William
Carrell. Covers will be placcjl for 27 guests, In
cluding Dr. and Mrs. Block, of Erie, Pa.
Miss Edna J, Bejnotds, ot Harrison and Mul
berry streets, will entertain at luncheon today
In honor of Miss Linda Phrefall, 1118 Klnsey
street. The guests will Include Miss Caroline
Altkens, Mlsa Mable Bell, Miss Helen WInnels,
Miss Agnes Abraham, Miss Esther Blnker and
Miss Edna Yarwood. Miss Reynolds is a noted
pianist, and will entertain her guests after the
luncheon with a little musical.
Mr. and Mrs. William II. Thompson will give
a dance the night after Christmas at the New
Century Club for Mlsa Helen Thompson, and
on the Monday night after Christmas Mr, and
Mrs. Hamilton M. Barksdale will give a dance
at the Country Club for Miss Ethel Barksdale.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank L. Connable have as their
guest Miss Mary Brackett. of Mlddletown, N. J.
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bVi is use -ii thi lun i.-.j.t.iii uu-iiibci4 y the i
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MRS. FRANK DAVENPORT Pk.t.iriph by Mire
Mrs. Davenport before her marriage was Miss Elsie Aluller Williams. Mr. and Mrs. Davenport
have returned from their wrdding trip and are living in Pittsburgh. They will spend the Christmas
holidays lyith Mrs. Davenport parents.
Fasbionablo Women Arc Adopting Fuller and
Daintier Gowns.
A FEW nights ago, at a fashionable charity
entertainment, n fascinating little New
York girl appeared In a costume representatlvo
ot tho early part ot the last century. Unless
Dame Fashion veers decidedly around, before
very long we shall be wearing this Identical
stile, for each day brings skirts fuller and
shorter nnd bodices more contracted. One of
the most picturesque frocks Is being worn by
Miss Ella Brock. The material Is pale blue
Pompndour silk, liberally sprayed with pink
rosebuds, nnd the gown has a snugly fitting
basque, the decolletage softened with cream net.
The skirt Is quite short, and Is shirred over the
hips and luted at the hem. An Inch-wide black
velvet bow, with long streamers, adds a finish
ing touch at the back.
Miss Eleanor Blspham wears a delicate frock
of pale blue satin, over which Is hung a tunic of
blue and silver bugles. The skirt Is In dancing
length. An effective gown of deep garnet velvet
was worn by Miss Kitty Penn Smith recently.
It w'ns hung qulto straight from the shoulders,
hardly defining the waist line, and was devoid
of trimming. Mrs. George McFadden Is also
wearing a Bmart gown of deep red velvet It Is
draped In Grecian fashion and filled In at the
decolletage with soft cream-colored lace. Over
this Mrs. Mcradden wears a. gorgeous cloak.
Miss Nancy Coleman appeared recently In a
girlish little gown of palest pink pussy-willow
taffeta. It was made quite simply, reljlng on
the draping for effect, and had a wide girdle
nnd an oversklrt of the taffeta. The tiny sleeves
were caught on the shoulders with rosebuds.
Miss Mary Evelyn Chew looks well In a danc
ing frock of soft white crepe ds chine, com
bined with black velvet. The skirt is of crepe
de chine, accordion pleated, and the short
walsted bodice consists ot a wide band of black
velyet without fulness, relieved by a little edg.
Ing of tulle. The latter Is also used to form the
The ever-popular and always practical black
gown Is holding Its own, and quite a number ot
the younger set have adopted them for many
occasions, Mrs. Walter Jeffords made her ap
pearance recently In a stunning all-black gown
of satin and net. The bodice was cut low over
the shoulders and held by bands ot let. The
young matron's only ornament was a string of
pearls Mrs. George Brqlen Starr la wearing an
original dancing frock of' black net over satin,
with a wide girdle ot black-and-white checked
Miss Edwlna Bruners statuesque beauty Is
well set oft by a gown of black satin, combined
with white, tulle and Jet
Mrs Churchill Williams has selected a smart
black satin dance frock, the skirt ot whteh Is
trimmed with a flounce of soft shadow laea. The
bodied has a ape etfaet qf the Iae, which alto,
forma the slwvea. Folds of tulle fill In the Y
shapad deaoflatago. The skirt ts made quite
Short tor dancing. f
Mr and Mrs. Charles K. Hagjlen have, re
turned to their horae in Haddonfleld from a
long motor trip.
Mr and Mr. Wyim Armstrong, ot Mr
ehantvtlle. are entwtaUUBg Mr. Armstrong
ruothw, Mta. WrtMaso. West
Mi Nam Northrop wtt) r4wn to har hoe
at W DMA ?M strt at weak frosn feet
at Pofefc-a Frry.
Mrs. Thoeaaa BwlAg and daughter. Mtaa
Hiu aiwia. have rtsrn4 to tfcfcir bona at
KluatMn. N I aAar btng scuttt foe a
fn&jM by air. aad Mrs ttojr CMhaon. of tfum
tJUi straat.
IT SEEMS as if today's gaieties for the
debutantes would make up for the compar
atively few affairs of tho early week. Miss Eli
nor Judd Bean, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
Charles II. Bean, will be guest of honor at a
luncheon at the Blts-Carlton, to be followed
by a theatre party to fee given by Mrs. Sey
mour Davis. There will be 12 of the season's
debutantes present,
Mrs. William Simpson, Jr, will give a lunch
eon at the Acorn Club in honor ot Miss Mary
Hall Laird, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Warren
Powers Laird.
The guests at a luncheon and theatre party
to be given by Mrs. Joseph Priestly Button,
In honor of her daughter, Miss Marlon Button,
will Include Miss Edith Earle, Miss Eleanor
Longstreth, Miss Christine H. Stockton, Miss
Carolyn Sheppard, Miss Mildred Sheppard,
Miss Margaret M. Perot, Miss Eleanor Bryant
Miss Helen Marshall and Miss Theodora Llllle.
Miss Roberta B. Downing, debutante daugh
ter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Downing, will
be guest of honor at a dinner to be given by
Miss Mary Ethel Davis, of 8819 Drexel road,
before the dance at Merlon Cricket Club.
cfMrs. George Washington Edmonds, of 154S
North 33d street, will entertain nt a theatre
party, followed by tea, with dancing at the
Bellevue-Stratford, In honor of her niece, Mlsa
Eleanor Edmonds, debutante daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. John Edmonds, of Germantown,
Among the guests will be Mrs. John Edmonds,
Miss Edith WaU, Miss Eleanor Walz. Mlsa
Doris Howes, Miss McDowell Miss Bay Fox
and Miss Adele Steele.
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Dorrance will give a
theatre party, followed by supper at the Bellevue-Stratford,
In honor of their niece, Miss
Eleanor Bournonvlllo Watt, debutante daugh
ter of Mrs. William C. Watt. The guests will
Include Miss Margaret Atlee. Miss Eleanore
Blspham, Miss Ed(th H. Dillingham, Miss
Dorothea Oberteuffer, Miss Helena Robinson,
Miss Frances Stougbton, Miss Rebecca A. Ly
cett, Miss Marjorle Taylor, Mlsa Dorothy De
H. Deacon, Miss Ethel Hastings, Miss Mary
Hall Laird, WlUlarn Bailey, Samuel Blspham,
George Boyd, 3d, Herbert Casey, Harvey Lewis,
William Maybarry, John Mears, powland Mel
lor, Wayne Robinson, Charles Service, Albert
Lucas, Thomas Robinson, Franals Reed and
Joseph Heatly Dulles.
Miss Helen Gray Murray, daughter ot Mr.
and Mrs. Ralph Lenford Murray, of Wynne
wood, will be presented at a tea this afternoon
at the home of her parents. Among those who
will assist In reserving are Mis Hejene As
bury. Miss Madeline Asbury and Mls Laura
Mis Murray nHt wear a DraU wed el ot
Saeh-eolored efaaraeuie, vetted tea efekfton and
' laa. The skirt has a deep ruffle of lace taught
wttb forgetiSHt'Aots, and 1 a8opd around the
4ge. The haaiaa wlH wear an Imported gown
of eietn of tvW, titsMMd wttb. creajn ce and
Tba bouse, with ita tetroa.ue grounds, forma
an admirable aotttas; for the young girts Intro
4ucio The interior of tho boum ha fee
banked with patta and csjruuua grots,
Which, with tha Sowers aut to th atonUnU.
lam a varUahi tevor
Citizens Atouecd By Councils' Fniltiro
to Comply With Director Porter's
Request for Funds to Increase Force.
Organizations Unite.
United action to force an appropriation from
Councils for more police In Germantown was
discussed today by leadlmr civic workers when
they teamed that Councils had ignored Director
Porter's demand for provision for E00 new po
licemen. Three Germantown associations will combine
In the new effort to get adequate protection.
,For several months there has been agitation
for more pollco as tho result of many robberies
In the Germantown section.
The three organizations are the Germantown
Business Men's Association, the Germantown
and Chestnut Hill Improvement Association and
the East Germantown Improvement Association.
A month ngo delegations from all three Inter
viewed Director Porter and urged the necessity
for more police In their districts. They pointed V
out the record of robberies In the section, de
claring the present force In Germantownyloo
small to meet the situation.
The organizations also sent many letters to
Councils asking for an appropriation for more
police, but the letters were Ignored. Tho same
falo befell Director Porter's request at Councils'
meeting Thursday. It was learned today that
members of tho East Germantown Improvement
League are talking of forming a Vigilance Com
mittee to keep down the number of robberies In
that section.
1 Like measures may be resorted to by mem
bers of the other two organizations. Besldents
of Germantown aro virtually In a state of terror
because ot the large number of robberies.
The Bev. Harle W. Hathaway, pastor of the
Coienant Presbyterian Church, of 21st street
nnd Chelten avenue, said:
' I cannot understand how City Councils can
remain passive when It knows what conditions
are In Germantown. We are virtually helpless
Wllllnm M. Emhardt, president of the German
town and Chestnut Hill Improvement Associa
tion, said:
"We shall certainly combine the work of the
Germantown -civic organizations. The lack of
police Is appalling. Not only do we need police
to prevent burglaries, but the main thorough
fares are the scenes of many accidents because
they are not properly policed,"
FOR SHARE OF $50,000
Councils' Appropriation for Unemployed
Attracts Unworthy From Distant
States "Some Good Pickin's," Beg
gar at Aid Headquarters Declares.
Attracted by the 350,000 appropriation for, the
unemployed, which was fathered by Common
Councilman John P. Connelly, hoboes and
members of the wanderlust brotherhood are
flocking to Philadelphia. Riders ot freight cars
and prof esslonal' beggars are eager to partici
pate in the appropriation.
Fifty professional beggars and widely known
charity seekers haie been arrested by detec
tives of the mendicant squad since Connelly's
ordinance became a law through the support
of Republican Organization Councllmen.
Men whose homes are In distant cities
crowded about the Emergency Aid Committee's
headquarters at H2S Walnut street today eager
to get cash. Many of the applicants frankly
admitted they had heard of Connelly's ordl.
Since the appropriation was made, no par
ticular method has been adopted to distribute
the city money. Four widely known charity
agencies have declined to assist in the distri
bution. It has been suggested by prominent
social workers that the danger ot bad politics
being Injected In the new movement caused
the four charity agencies to refuse to partici
pate in the movement
When the appropriation was made, It was
decided that the Emergency Aid Committee
should have charge of the distribution of the
city money. As yet not a cent of the 350,000
fund has been distributed.
"There ought to be some good plcktn's here,"
said a beggar as he stood outside of 1428 Wal
nut street The appearance of professional
mendicants who hae been loitering near the
aid headquarters the last two days has caused
residents to complain.
On file In the headquarters of the Society
for Organizing Charity are many applications
from total strangers who want a share of the
350,000 appropriation. Some came from Con
necticut, Rhode Island and other States. The
applications for cash aid were made at the
different substations of the Emergency Aid
Many suggestions were made today how the
150,000 could be spent. Social workers sug
gested paying It to men employed on the high,
ways. In parks and on boulevards An en
thusiastic war veteran, who saw the "hoboes,"
said a part ot the 350,000 should be spent ar
nlshlng and cleaning the statue of William
Penn on top of City Hall. A neighborhood
house where poor children can spend their
winter afternoons was suggested by a social
worker. This man said if such a house was
constructed work could be obtained for many
Max Herzberg, president ot the United He
brew Charities, said: "I do not think It Is a
good Idea to have Councils appropriate money
for unemployed. There Is always chance of
an Invasion of unworthy men from other cities
who might Impose upon the municipality.
"The heads of the parlous municipal depart
ments ought to ascertain just what Improve
ments are needed and then give work to the
unemployed," he said.
Eduard P, Bok to Resell $U0 Academy of
Music Seats at 50 and 35 Cents.
Orchestra and parquet clrole seats at th
Aeadeaay of Music for the Saturday night "
eerta of the Philadelphia Orchestra will be
thrown open to lover of good music who pan
not afford more than W eenta for a seat begin
ning tonight, through th generosity of Edward
W. Bek, Heretofore, when aH the lower priaxi
teat were sold out a long Hn was turned away
although many stats were vacant In th par
quet and orchestra.
Mr. Bk will seU parquet eitoU seat to tttM
who otherwise would be tnmed away -t M
nt, and the stat inside th orcfeir iU
at M onto- He ha mad agrmusmenti
up the Mats at U-H often- Many of th
already hav hn sold aX tho lowar uricaC to
mill girl la Konatagton. tkrouah tho Ut
hou. and to of tho Cnrtla PuMwfc
1ns Company. u th aotUoseont Muak swhoui
Wfcr and to rtrtw linn 4ate Chou
Civic Workers Plan to Establish Station
for Advice of Victims of Housing
Evils in Finding Thcrri Better
A renting bureau where Philadelphia's poor
can obtain Information relating to aanllnry
dwellings which rent for the same Amount thai
Is charged for dirty and wlndowtess tenement
will be established shortly by civic workers.
The plan is to educate the tenement poor and
urge them to, leave their present Insanitary
homes nnd move to other sections of the city
where there is no difference In the cost ot rent
Suppling 'residents of the tonements with
Information about belter homes was suggested
today by members of the Philadelphia Housing
Commission. It has not been decided where the
renting bureau will be located.
A study of various residential sections of
Philadelphia ha convinced civic workers that
there are many sanitary houses, with real win-
j0w, bathtubs, running water and other Im
provements which can be rented for the ahje
amount charged for dirty tenements,
Trained social Investigators will be assigned
to make tours of the city, locate vacant houses
nnd to ascertain Uie rents. Records of house
known to be sanitary will be kept at th
After n record of about 500 sanitary homes
where the rent Is moderate has been made. In
vestigators will be assigned to congested sec
tions where dirty and unventllated tenement
are. Residents of tenements will be told of tha
sanitary dwellings, where rent is no greater
than they pay for the hovels In which they
"There are hundreds of families In the tene
ment house section," sold one civic worker
today, "who could easily move tOUP-to-daU
houses In the northern part of the city. Many
houses thero charge the same rents that land
lords charge for tho unventllated dwelling
w hlch are living vaults nnd death chambers."
The action of Councils' finance committee In
Ignoring the appropriations for the new
Division of Housing and Sanitation was ai,-aln
condemned today In various parts of the city.
Voters, especially thoso who live In the 7th
Ward, of which Select Councilman Charle
Segcr is leader, expressed their feelings openly
today about his stand relating to the;
housing laws. Seger Is among the Councllmen
who have declared they were opposed to the
new Division of Housing and Sanitation. That
the attitude which Seger has taken in connec
tion with the new housing laws will Injuie him
politically was predicted today.
Common Councilman Connelly has twsen men
tioned several times as a probable candidate
fon City Solicitor on the Republican Organiza
tion ticket He has also expressed himself as
being opposed to the housing reform provided
by act of legislature, to enforce which Councils
refuses appropriations, because In his opinion
It Is too drastic.
Residents ot sotrle sections of the city sug
gested today the holding of mass meetings In
localities where the dirty tenements are located
to enlighten the poor on tho stand that Con
nelly and Seger have taken.
Marie SatterGeld Bride of English Army
ALLENTOWN, Pn.. Dec. 1. The marriage
of Marie Satterfleld, formerly the wife of Count
Henry von Larlsh, of Austria, to Captain Albert
Sanderson, ot the British army, has been an
nounced here.
Miss Satterfleld Is a daughter of the late John
Satterfleld, of Buffalo, N. Y., a Standard Oil
magnate, who left an estate at his death, 1$
years ago, valued at 310,000,000.
The marriage oj Miss Satterfleld to tho Aus
trian nobleman took place at Buffalo, In June,
190lf but several jcars later she dUorced htm,
following the Institution ot a suit against the
Count by a firm of German matrimonial brokers
for 350,000 for services In making the match and
In financing his suit for tho hand of tho Amerl.
can heiress. Tho pair have two bos, who are
now with their grandmother.
Count on Larlsh is a son of tho famous
Countess von Lsrlsh, of the Austrian Court,
who claims to be a cousin of the Emperor Frana
Josef ot Austria. Her memoirs, published last
year, created a sensation.
The Countess Is said to havo Introduced tha
Baroness Mario Vetsera to Crown Prince Ru
dolph, husband of Stephanie, now the Countess
Miss Satterfleld recently returned to America,
with her mother, but a few weeks ago sho
sailed for England. Yesterday her grariSmother,
Mrs. Matilda Martin, ot this city, wa sur
prised by receiving a cablegram nnnounclos th
Captain Sanderson Is a eteran of th Boer
War and is said to be very wealthy, owning
a large estate In Ireland. He Is In charge of
the recruiting department ot the British army
In London.
Usual Gilt rrogram My Not bo Followed by
Change This Year Becaute of Strain on Business
The best Christmas presents which many
bank employes will reoslye this year w llielr
positions, which were restored when tho Stock
Exchange resumed business about three -weejea
Bgo, tne exenanxo ciuacu uw -""7
indefinite period, and because of the wax
abroad clerks, stenographers and other -sentlal
for tho transaction or business wr
temporarily laid off. The salaries ot othwr
were out. In on ease 59 per oent
In former year It was tho custom of awea
banking nouso to give a percentage ot tho
buainosa don during th year to the omotoyo
Others set td an ailatmmt for dWUfhutian,
while still ether concerns rtinomborod thlr am
ptoyes by giving them a month's salary
This year thing? r different Th v
brought bvlnM to a standstill. j)M ha
lows wa dwve, but on oh a small Kfslc Wat
many broker's house did not rwnMn mm
for their Isur A broWi,' '
in was out down, aa wa tho banhir rotnra
on money reduotd.
Horotofoffo it ha boon Um am torn t -
Soar t lb Stnok Ssehnnf o t tnjw nf. , uoi -teogsa
for wntof ! WUrtir
at tho wrahamr. hnt whether th siiiitim f
bo toUowod UkVi yw 4M9- It,
tho dtstrtbattan to tho nsnfawmn. u ha
mn turn T for tho mnwfitrs to hoM oior.-.
mm fb. aA on tnooo oceaasoskB boa bma
in vil of uwdHon Mik-a nav uuv
blank or xfc BaM duurfcet ai f
uaaor wfcJnb oaa84sc and tut& a.rs
- rtisrf , M: may eU (h.v ao v. -jylUfWlKl
gtlw AU w tnWl i
i:ri m on-
1 fit' I o-Ja. a - . -,& Vrt -ft i JC ,- i-. JaftjW.1 -, daJ .tM&rtJg - . .fiTlmtf.- i -fa A -. .. ,J- SE-, .o,tmm4mm4if m' TffflflfcL -J - TCSQilmm-teamlte fL. . -mliffTn "llimmTll lllHItr'T T""- "
i bbwT -"?-$.&K F i-jtt --fii-iiiiiKii'EBev'w' - -jti3f'.i?iiia-zf,"& S id-ulviJFlfeiiiEv yAtfrri" "3m:T"i jjEciM ji ,gi jg j-riBiJti-JfcL frMBHFP i-f?t?j .j , SJ - cBMM'jJug?MSBBfc-sBftflttlBlBnMft- IIiiMBMBEiri HsmBsfc'lf irsfl JjtfBBBBsLlBgiigiJt'"JE TfnTSBBMBMBBsnHlBriBal1iaim. --. L, (- ,aMftM6lBtMBSmlsMhhfrT nilHriMV 'tfflnlMiBBKB&&BrlKEwttvTf?T

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