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VOL. I NO. 89
Corrii3Jrr,10H,r raa rcsiio Lttnn Courier.
1 -
f i
n r,
I Bac
-- "
WS r
08,000 FOR
Talk of "Hard Times'
Routed bv Estimate of
( Sum Spent in Marking
: Holiday This Year.
Useful Gifts Prevailed, Beauty
Being Sacrificed for jytility,
According to Elated ' Shop-
' koopors All Stores Shared in
1 Profit.
Department stores
.... 553,000
Jewelers 1,700,000
Specialty (hops
Cigars .,
Candy .
Books . ,
Miscellaneous 3,000,000
! Tho citizens of Philadelphia put 21,4OS;0OO
Into their pockets and went forth to do
Ihelr Christmas shopping. And they spont
iyery cent of It. 'When they returned
homo their collective, wnllat was as empty
M Old Mother Hubbard's cupboard and
eg flat as a flounder the flattest of things.
Startling as this sum may Beem In the
face Of all the recent chatter about finan
cial depression, yet It Is baaed on a
careful computation, which had as Its
foundation actual figures furnished by
many of tho leading; firms, and In the
opinion of those experts who keep their
Anger on the pulse of Christmas condi
tions from year to year. It underesti
mates rather than overstates expendi
tures. , Mora than $21,000,000! And this, of
Tcourse. does not Include tho great sums
spent In foodstuffs nor for tho Christmas
liquid which cheers and also inebriates,
li'or does it take In tho Incalculable num
ber of money gifts which wero distributed
'or tho largo sums which big-hearted
people give away to charity at this time
Of the year. If all these, things wars
l-.";.- ...i in ihti.i.tnMiL PhHuitno.-hiut.
." r-J" "j " , -? S r? ' IZX'7 ,'.' 7Z 1
IJCfct ifc to iwii t , imiuMuuio .(, wjv
!5m would OXCCCO. $3V,UW,UW.
From the proprietor of the smallest
Chop in the most obscure side street to
the managers of the big department
stores: on Market street, all show smiling
countenances this morning, -which may
bo translated to mean that war, high cost
of living and such like bugbears bavo not
Concluded on Page Two
Ouch I
This cold gets to tho ears, doesn't ltT
'And there Is no reason why anybody
eshould bo ashamed of the reddest kind
of a nose either. Weir, it was nice hav
ing a white Christmas yesterday. Those
gloom members of the community who
(growl about snow, and the slush It brings,
and the dampness, and tho sora throats
and tonsllltls resulting, had to hang their
heads. It might have been that way,
t la quite true, but it wasn't. And didn't
you feel a bit cheerier and more Christ
massy walking around with the snow
crunching under your feet and the biting
air bringing real holly berry color to
a. person's cheeks Tou know you did.
There was Santa Cgaus, too. He did coma
In a sleigh with hlVelght reindeer, No
doubt about that,
) Hot this year.
4 For Philadelphia and vicinity
fair and continued cold.
Observations at Philadelphia -,,,
A. M.
Bsreraetsr , ,.
-"j-woMrmturs ,..,.,.... jo ateriw
..... V UIKHM
.North, la mllu
Humidity , ,.,.,,.,83 per cent.
ulmun tmprtur ,.,.l.,...rf
mimum iirapcrmiuro .,.,,,.,,
Almanao of the Say
Sttjl .............u. 4.40 n m
'jc rlMn iomomw.... 7:30 , m
, xioi a. in,
, T.il p. m.
Lamps to Be Uphtd
Jlutos BBd oti.ei' -enll tf5p. m.
TKa Tides
w w.Ur .,., Slilo.
h wtr (lomorr0w.. ............ 4iC
i water (temertyw) ......ioaio.
tr .
jh wmttr (touorrow)
wtr i
nBor ieui.no.
AW vsttr
...,6-4 p. a.
... JB. m.
WltSjT t't tE-
h j . '.- ,.,.-,::-v
k.3s! ? wlw iHMHsrnv)
"" "((p-" ' IP iiJiisi - P fM
Skating Today
Thf la ikatlna en fiuatl-a. Con.
pWR ..v..
fr inn ,M
. fit WMMAJtlekwa C: ftas) PliH at
2T 3lTf? hg
Whole Lower Section of tho City la
CIIEL3CA, .Mass., Bee. 26 The whole
low'er section o'f the city Is threatened
today by a fierce nro which started In
the building of the Popo & Cottle Lum
ber Compatiy, Ho Carter street.
An appeal for aid was sent to nearby
towns and tho flrebonts are on the way
from Boston harbor.
Victim Makes His Second Attempt at
' Suicide.
Temporary fns.inlt, caused by n kick
from a horeo four ears ago, caused Budd
Peters, 231" Starston street, to attempt
to end'hls llfiPthis morning in tho kitchen
of his home, according to relatives. Tho
man Is dlng In the "Women's Homeo
pathlo Hospital.
Peters was found by his wife, Mrs.
Letltln Peters, who had gone dowristnlrs
to prepare breakfast. The man had
wrapped an overcont about his head and
clinched Itghtly between his teeth was
a' rubber tube, connecting with a gas
Jet on the wait.
Only Kino Bmnll Blazes Reported in
City Yesterday.
Christmas Day, 1914,, will go down, In tho
fire department annals aa the most Bafe,
sano and sensible to date. Only nine
fires wero reported yesterday In dwellings
throughout the city, nnd In each case
tho loss was trifling.
Christmas Day. as a rule, Is a busy one
for the firemen. In former years 'iho
lighted candles on tho Christmas trees
and cotton decorations brought ruin and
death to mora than one family.
This year has been an exception and
speakB well for tho years to come. In
general, Philadelphia mothers, fathers
and children obeyed Flra Marshal Georgs
Elliot's Instructions. Electric lights took
the place of candles, the pretty but dan
gerous cotton trimmings wero replaced
by asbestos paper and Christmas .trees
were kept nway from gas Jets.
Fire Marshal Elliot cxpresred himself
this morning as highly pleased with the
"Instructions have been carried out,"
he said. "Incidentally, matches have
been kept nway from children and as
bestos paper trimmings have been used.
As far as I know, few accidents have
boen reported."
Barking of Half-starved Animal
dives Mournful Signal to Police.
In a beautifully furnished and lm-
macuiatpiy clean nousa at zwo Latimer
ret-lIvra'7Jlsi'r-SIary"T33usherty. A'
peculiar) and eccentric character, the
woman lived alone with only a pet
come as a companion. From tho nar
ratives given by neighbors. Miss Dough
erty lavished all her affections upon the
dog. One of the set habits of her dally
routine was to take the dog out for a
walk in the afternoon. Both were a
fixture on the 6treets of tho neighborhood
and every day the neighbors lookod for
tho woman, tastefully dressed, leading
the collie by a silver chain. The children
of the neighborhood knew Miss Dough
erty and her companion very well, hav
ing met them every day on their return
foe tho afternoon session of school.
Ever since lost Tuesday the neighbors
had been missing the pair. Various
rumors wore afloat. Somo Bald the
woman probably had gone away on a
trip. Others said that she had made up
with her brother, her only known rel
ative, and had frono to his house. Late
last night noma one heard a dog barking
In Miss Dougherty's house. The police
of the llth and Locust streets station
were notified, and Policeman Wretch was
sent this morning to make an investiga
tion. After receiving no responso at tho
door except the Increased barking of the
dog, ho- forced the door open and entered.
On the stairs, in an emaciated and
starved, condition, he found the collie,
who fought desperately against tho
policeman going upstairs. The latter
finally made hla way to the Becond floor
bedroom. He opened the door and. upon
the bed found the woman, dead.
The woman was pronounced dead by
Dr. John K, Walker, of 2033 Locust
street. Heart disease was given as the
cause. The body was claimed by a
brother, John D. Dougherty, of 2117
Spring Garden street. '""
Usual Gratuities This Year Par Be
low Average.
Christmas tip to hotel employes, ele
vator men, errand boys, ash men and
others who profit by the Christmas spirit
of giving showed a marked falling off
this year, and today members of tbe
professions named are peevish. Yesterday
In hotels was a day of giving, for all of
that- Tho employes may not hava as
much today on they had on Decembor .
last year, mit many or them are able to
start tidy bank accounts. Ilardly any one
who; had money held on to it. The letter
carriers fared well, in many Instances,
thus being repaid for having to work
narder on Christmas than any other day
pi the year.
n ii i ii
100,000,000 Parcel Post Packages
Delivered During Christmas Season,
WASHINGTON, Deo. to,-tanta CM us
dotyvertd lW.WO.CrM paskagea by pareel,
post during the Christmas season, ac
cording to early estimates, at the Fot
offlee Department today.
Boarder Ane4 t Shooting Couple
Jehn efeabJs, Negro, and hta wife.
Bidella, are Is the BelyellRlo Hospital to
day with right arms in llgs, and John
JansoB, who boawled with ttica at nit
Kater street, is in eU- Joosoa ajd
to have shot the oomu.lit ht ario;
an arguweat pver tbe otaount of IS
board WU Th Gh4 also oharge him
with tAkiwg Hi tima Mm antty oiW
lar aftsr he had dUtiUd tbui. He will
bs arxaigned MoUy.
a antral du Pout Xatd BUy
-WUJ4INOTON, PJ., Ca St-AcoorU-Ums
to telegr-BW nosived 1m mieht, Oea
Ml T- CoUma 4u Peat, wko rwftt
m wwaUen to at story's ewattal.
foeksMsr. sHna., Mt iwMurUbbi
4y s-tr4sjr. Hewt, hw t.
wty mmm eptWtep?
Ear Muffs Comfortable Af
ter Arrival of Severe Cold,
Which May Remain Sev
eral Days.
Hourly Temperatures
The hourly street temperatures
from midnight on were:
Deg. Deo
Midnight iij 8 a. m 10
1 a. m 14 9 a. m 10
2 a
3 a
4 a
m... 14 10 a. m 13
m 13 11 a, m , 15
m 12 Noon 17
;B a
0 a. m ,.. 10 2 p. m.. ...... 20
7 a. m... ....... 9 3 p. m, ....... 20
Todny is the coldest day of the winter
so far and the coldest December 26 In
the records of the local Weather Bureau.
The official thermometer registered 9 de
grees at 7 o'clock, but the mercury was
nearer the zero mark In the suburbs.
The lowest temperature on the day
after Christmas heretofore was 13 de
grees in 1303, 1S79 and 1878. The thermom
eter touched the lowest point this winter
until today at 13 degrees on December lis
and 16.
The cold wave reached here In full
force early this morning from the lake
regions. A storm moving northward from
South Carolina contributed Its share to
the temperature.
The intense cold served to thicken the
ice on ponds and lakes around Philadel
phia, The Schuylkill River la frozen over,
but the surface is covered with snow and,
until thorough tests can be made by' the
Park Guards to ascertain the danger
points, skating will not be permitted.
The near zero weather also makes no
slble sleighing at various points, for
while tho snow surface Is very light for
that sport it Is frozen hard.
While the Intense cold was welcomed by
sporting enthusiasts throughout the city
and suburbs, for many thousands it
brought a return of the suffering ex
perienced from the cold snap of a few
weeks ago
John Hlckey, 53 years old, 22 South
street, was removed almost frozen from
the rear of 512 South street. He was
taken to the Polycllnlo Hospital where
responding to extreme measures of re
suscitation. It is expected he will recover.
John Hurley, of Phoenlrvtlle, sprained
an elbow when he slipped on the Ice at
21st and Dauphin streets. He was taken
to the-Woman's Homeopathic Hospital.
John McDonald, of ttx Falrmount ave
nue, fell In front of his home and was
taken to St Joseph's Hospital suffering
from a strained left wrist.
S Ha v BtlckeL E5. of 1607 Brown street.
fell on an loy pavement at 23d and Green
streets this morning, breaking two ribs
and his right knee. He was taken to the
Garrftson Hospital.
Becord Cold tn Pittsburgh
PITTSBURGH, Dee, 2 All cold records
were broken In northweajern Pennsylva
nia, today when the mercury dropped
from 21 to 39 degrees below zero,
65 Below at 'lake Desolation
Gas aw Us and water pipes, are frozen
In this vtlage today, following the coldest
weather of the year. Thl morning the
tfearmameter registered. 44 degrees below
zero At BalUton Spa It was S6 below.
In country towns stMth of here the record
was 4$ below. The coldest reported was
below at Lake Isolation.
Poo; Persons In Baltimore Suffer
BALTIMORE Dec, It, Baltimore la
having Its eotflest weather of tha sea
oo today. At a. m. the thermometer
rgit4 8 dww above zero, having
4rMl T no is dwrfug tbe night A
-ib w aonotiHwxUd the sob and
cus juoh suXttitaK sinens tbe poor
of tb etty
"Coldest Day" la Naw Tork
NEW YOJRK Dea. SC-Ktw Yorkers
aro today te faee It cefatest day of the
winter. Frees, U degress above z-ro at
mi night Uu toarewy dropped to i 4
gnss above at t a. m. At o'clock tt bid
nwMUitwJ t 4 Jmv. entry avaiWri b
ot ttjjut w -! in Uts VMntssfftj
fcMMM H thw nflMag sbUsi
F HL,1MU . t O0V
HHEL m f 5s
A4f ' " .' " o.
aB ; jV . v Y
y7JBH--K - "' - :-x v
sBBBKl ".' A
n3k .'-- " , ? A
J--Pliwk - . "--vA
BHK9n "''pnux
HIH&DrKtBiPk ' "' '- i
l--Lliwwl' " - ,r: mV
'II E--Nf$ !. , lSm&. U;A
I IOBK-?!SinE. rb ' sImjSI?''1
I WasaHsHraiQk3yn iHh flWraF ' ' I
I Hnli WL J jSlji. ,
vOvssP iv i iiBlsKHW
vJy mI "v JmmBmi
nh t a, .irjLrfcjfssp.,.
S iB2esBS'
Today arrived with thexoldest feather of the .yeax.Jmparting a -hard ,,
glaze uiT1he 'fop of the Christrnas snotv which proved particularly
disconcerting to norses ana tea s. unvers naa a tiara day ot tt. ttut
the city's boys and girls found conditions just right for sledding and
they turned out on every hillside.
State Department Learns
Decisive Battle is in Prog
ress Ten Miles From City
and Beyond Tampico.
WASHINGTON,' Dec 26,-T'he real bat
tle for control of Vera Cruz Is believed
rhere today to be in progress. Late, ad
vices to the State Department say that
fighting between Carranzlsta and Vllllsta
forces was In progress 10 miles west of
Vera Cruz. The attacking columns were
reported driving the Carranzlstas back on
their main lines of defense.
There is also severe fighting reported
in the Btate of Tlaxcola and at Ebana
near Tampico, This series of conflicts, it
Is believed here, will eventually end In
success tor the convention forces, -who
outnumber the Carranza sympathizers.
Meanwhile, Provisional President Gu
tierrez Is completing his Cabinet, the
only vacant places left being the Minis
ter of Justice and ot the Interior. In his
appointments Gutierrez has been Impart
tlal between the followers of Zapata and
Villa, so that what might have proven a
potent source of friction seemingly has
been avoided.
It is known here to be the intention of
the convention leaders when the confer
ence reconvenes on January 10 to at
tempt to frame a comprehensive land law
which Congress will be asked to enact.
With such b. law In fore's the disbanding
of the army would be simplified, and all
factions are anxious that a strong civil
government be established without delay,
so that an appeal may be made to the
United States and the A. B. C. Powers
for recognition.
Money is needed for the affairs of
government, but every source of internal
supply has been exhausted and a foreign
loan is out of the question unless foreign
recognition Is fsrthoomlng. It Is because
they realize this that the convention
forces are anxious to either compromise
with or completely brush Oarranxa be.
fore January 10.
Couldn't Escape When, Pamlly Be
turned TJ&xpectedly.
The unexpected return of Mrs Delta
ToHxak, JU6 East Letterly street, and
her family from making Christmas calls,
late last night, resulted In the arrest of
Joseph Jozwlok, wlm was busy robbing
the house id their abaenoe.
Jozwlck bad bo time ts sacaps and
Md behind a piano. Tb police wer
summoned. wb wlry valusd at SS
was found mis-tag, and Simm .laj Osbow
Dunbar, of (be Treatos ascaua and Dau
Bfein yt stetson, Mgted Josjctok from
hU stacM htiHiig. Tbe loan was Mt
is fW bait fwr fcutfeet bearing before.
I II IL IS11SI" - I - III,
"Bryan Rsa? Vet Sotof to So .
W4SKWQXOM. Be. Je.fcoreia.ry of
Mat Boast Wis aa4n sm-4 a rumor
tt he. WuM to Hslgii u tk Cb-tawt.
Conflict in West Halted for
Brief Period of Christmas
Supplication, Then Battle
PARIS, Dec. 24.
For one hour on Christmas Day tho
warriors of the nations locked In deadly
conflict in western Europe ceased to fight
During that brief Interval the clash of
arms and the boom of artillery was halt
ed and hundreds of thousands of soldiers
knelt In prayer.
After the short truce had ended, how
ever, the mighty combat in tho history of
the world was resumed. Frenchman,
Briton, Belgian and German, all alike put
away the visions ot home tliat the day
had called forth and tools up again the
task at hand, the slaughtering of his fel
lowman. LONDON. Dec, 23.
London paid tribute to the man In khaki
yesterday and the whlo nation celebrated
what will long be remembered as a Mill
tary Christmas, Everywhere throughout
tho island men in khaki and In blue wero
the object of attention and admiration
London particularly was full of soldiers
Conspicuous among them were several
thousand Canadians from Salisbury raln.
Christmas in London is Sunday-like, be
causa al the theatres are closed and the
hotels and publlo houses keep Sunday
All ranks of the troops, at the front
and in the home camps wero loaded down
with, presents. Prineess Mary's fund for
Christmas gifts amounted to nearly 00.
000, while there were numerous fund
for tobacco, puddings and other luxuries
raised by newspapers and societies.
EVen the German military prisoners and
civilians In tfe concentration pomps had
Christmas tes and gifts front home and
from wealthy Gerwans In Bngland. The
German, Young Men's Christian Asso$la
tias and the Rnguafc Quakes devoted
special care to the prisoners.
Believed Broaden Has Been Engaged
by British.
VALPARAISO, Pee. 38.-J. wifeless
message fJPra tb ChtHan torpea gun
boat Toa rpoKs tbs SrUsib urulnr
-e-sU eaantumlHig sf satUs frm Val-Bai-ltH).
It is suepessd she has encaged
the Oarsoan cruiser Dresdan and .
verted crulsar Pri&ea SUel Priadrteh.
A British aaua4r and Japan war.
sbe ar known wfea eruMn? no far
ireem U4 port-
Tb Hswoastle is a psot-Hed erviMr of
tb An4 class. wltl two f-lnch guns in
Ul On battery 8b a u baa M t-tneb
a M- Tbs Drsdn ts ntted as a tbtrd
Jass omlr Bus bM 13 4-tncb gitaa.
) WfcW "lsW-WS'V P lPWsPi fl"n"sWptBt eisa
A knows, but, dV- b bM)f.
There was a light cannonade on the
front between the sea and the Lys,
Where a heavy fog obscured opera
tions. Between tho Olae and Alsne we re
port that during tho day of December
U a very severe German attack was
repulsed at Chivy, northeast of Souplr.
Two strong counter attacks by tho
Germans were rolled buck. During tho
night of December 21.25 (yesterday)
a now counter-attack, particularly
strong, wns mada on a front of 1C00
yards and with powerful troops, but
it suffered a complete check.
In the Argonne and between the
Meuso and Moselle there Is nothing
to report. In upper Alsace the day
was marked by appreciable progress
before Cerenay. Wo reached the edge
ot the woods on the hills to the west
of that town. We maintained, despite
numerous counter-attacks, our posi
tion. We now occupy the outskirts of
lower Anspach and the heights whlcH
dominate Carash to tho west.
In Russia tho Germans, who had
forced a crossing of tho Bzura to the
south of Sochaczew, have been thrown
back after suffering considerable
losses. All their attacks on Boltmw
have been resumed. In the region of
Inowlodz, on the Plllcn, and to tho
south bitter combats continue. Along
tho whole course of tho Nlda and to
the south of the Vistula the battle
Is going on under conditions favorable
to the Russians.
There has been no change on the
left bank of tho Vistula or In Gallcla.
The Qormana delivered attacks on the
day and night of December "t, prin
cipally In the districts of Sochaczew
and Boltmow, but all wero repulsed
with great loss to tho enemy.
Fighting continues on the banks of
the Plllcn,
Between Oltl and Id our troops
gained a decisive victory. The battle
Is being continued with fresh success
es. We have captured 0000 prisoners,
Including a colonel and a large quan
tity of ammunition and war triatorlal.
Fighting continued yesterday along
a greater part of our front. Our
forces bc.at back attacks of tho enemy
near Mngyag, In the Iyitourcta region,
with heavy losses. The enemy was
driven back toward Llsko.
Between Wlslok nnd Blala the enemy
attacked throughout the whole of
Christmas Eve and yesterday with
great Intensity. On the Donajeo our
front Is unchanged.
Wrecked Aeroplane Sighted
vfiu "'' fV'fiPi'V
roiiowmcr i-'annc rimnt
Near London British
Gunners Hit Mark.
LONDON, Deo. 21
The German aviator who tried to attack
the British naval base at Sheerness yes
terday Is believed to have perished. The
lighthouse keeper at Kentish Knock, In
the North Bea, northeast of the mouth of
the Thames River, reported today that
yesterday he had seen an aeroplane fall
Into tbe water about a mile from his post.
Gunners who fired on the German flyer
along the coast think that they hit the
machine and that the damage it suffered
at their hands finally resulted in its do
structlon. That all the German air raids over
England haye occurred In the daylight Is
the comment by the London papers this
morning. At least three times haye aero
planes appeared over Sheerness, in the
mouth ot tho Thames, 30 miles from
Ostend, It is believed, Is the base from
which the Gorman fliers operate. Yester
day the airman who flew over Sheerness
from the direction of Dover, had undoubt
edly passed over that city at such a height
that he was not seen, although the popu
lace and garrisons there haye been made
watchful by tbe two former attacks by
Tha Oerraan showed great daring In hla
attempts to ram tbe three British planes
which rose to give him batle. The anti
aircraft guns could not be used against
him for fear of hitting the Britons. The
Oerman rose rapidly to keep his attack
ers below him and mode hla escape. The
flight took both pursuers and pursued
rapidly out ot sight and three hours later
the three British aircraft returned with
the report that the enemy had escaped.
The prompt action of the British avta
tors in going to the attack prevented the
dropping of any bombs by the enemy, who
had hardly been righted before he turned
and began his flight.
An air raid over Harwlck Is feared.
Yesterday the Mayor of that city Issued
this notice.
"Although an attack by the enemy on
Harwich fortress is not anticipated at
the present time, and there Is no speolal
reason for anxiety among nonoombat
ants, it is considered desirable to notify
the civilian population that in the unex
pected event ot belligerent operations the
members ot the local emergency commit
tee and special constables will direct
every one as to the course to be pur
sued. All members of the clvtl population
are nereoy required io act strictly In ao
oordance with such directions. All per
sons arriving at Harwich will be required
to register."
The War Office Issued the following
statement last night
A hostile aeroplane was sighted to
day at five minutes, to 1 o'eloek. it
was flying Very high from east to
west aver Sheerness.
British aircraft went up In pur
suit and engaged the enemy, wbe.
after being hit three or four times,
was driven oK seaward.
A dispateh front Dover late last night
said It was repotted there that a der.
man areoptene firing at a great height
passed oyer the Uedway Rivsr and Hefw
Bay during the day. Aeroplanes and sea
planes were out on seoutlng hy for
many hours.
Kecovering From Effects of Surgical
Mrs Jeaut C BeU. wife of tb Attorney
0BreJ of PjnsyivaJ, h rnrng
from to eKeets of a srius ecer-uoa
which the ui-Wm wst recently la tb Lni
vrtr Hoptt
Although Vis. BU's esswUttoa bM bAeu
BMrd ortttcsl until today hsirsnas ut
aftBMM and urvoua, Ur Ed
wajnt UartsB ad Or J B Cart, wb
performed tb. or)tu bbesi ta.t ys
Hr4 WMirtWKI tb trig 5M-t i bar
Six Miles Gained by Drive
Through Christmas Day
Blizzard Foe Beaten
Back From Rawa Hills
and Forced From
Positions Along Rawka
Spirited Surprise Assault
Pushes Kaiser's Front 45
Miles From Warsaw at
One Point Victory Gives
Russians Control of Situa
tion, Dominating Zone
Between Bzura and Pilica
ThcKaiser's line in Poland has been
broken at one point. By a spirited
surprise attack through a Piristmas
Day blizzard a Russian column drove
the foe out of its Rawka River posi
tions and dislodged him from the
heights of Rawa, which dominate the
territory between the Pilica and Bzura
Rivers. The Germans retired to Je
zow, six miles from Rawa, and hence
in this field are 45 miles from the ob
jective of Warsaw, Victory here has
lessened Von Hindenburg's pressure
in a strategically important field.
Christmas brought no cessation of
hostilities in the Carpathians, where
...B ..-v. ,ii, jr n.u33jan lorces TU
Lisko, Between the Biaia and W1j
lok Riverj, further west in Gallcia,
Russian attacks of great intensity
were repulsed, according to the same
source of informaticfn, which admits
that heavy reinforcements are en
abling the Russians to attack the en.
tire front of Cracow defense.
The repulse of heavy German at
tacks north of the Aisne, near Soupir
and Perthes, is announced by the
French War Office, notwithstanding
that the Berlin official statement yes
terday claimed successes at these
The French also claim marked
progress in the advance near Anspach,
in Upper Alsace, but the official com
munique is silent as to the offensive
against Metz, and the reports that
the outer forts of that German srong
liold are being bombarded still lack
Heavy fogs prevented infantry
movements In West Flanders antl the
fighting in that region has been large
ly an artillery duel.
An official statement issued in Ber
lin says that an attack by French
troops was repulsed by the Germans
near Festhubert, the Germans cap
turing 19 officers, 819 men and 14 ma
chine guns. The Allies left 3000 dead
on the field.
Turkish troops have defeated the
Russians between Id and Oti, in Ar
menia, and captured 6000 prisoners, ac
cording to a Constantinople statement.
Fetrograd, however, declares this
campaign has been halted altogether
by severe weather conditions.
The German airman who yesterday
made a daring flight over Sheerness,
30 miles from London, is reported to.
Concluded on Page SU
large Squadron Sails Across North
Bea Toward British Coast
-CQ PBMHAOMN, Dee. U-A. anaa
squadron ot eoaiarabl sta ts rponeti
tv have sailed out into tb North &
early today, ptdtBg toward tbe coast
of Bngtand 'to give battle to tb British
j.oyp Ago gopyp
Sit Jc. .LfifVfSL
esa sis a ssec at the mi
" J . i - ' w ,si ! " ' . ' . .. " -..m"
I.-....-.. r.i. U..-.I.&I fk t .SS
brtMak. 1'ci.iML. HwHl
. .- pis u?j
SrMf tCM(SU.H& i. r
pevlfir rf
aitrlpt Us- t. e4 ts TV
TssMi4 j M f-ji fat 1
lSBP3sT1Vm51 of jltrtTiTMtiS. ,3i
Sfbw tfit0.-t sihj?iwffii..iaii-. w . -
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