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" wtywflilliliiiPiii mi mf 'llTO-'ftwifs
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Business Was Very Light
and the Supply at Present
Prices Appeared to Be
NEW YORK, Dec. 2S.-Tho attendance
on the floor of the Stock Exchange and
In the brokers' offices today was very
light and the transactions were small.
Very Ilttla Interest was shown In any
Issues, the attitude of the street In gen
eral being ft waiting one. Prices at the
opening were generally VU down from
the final on Thursday, but later In tho
morning a rally occurred and the mar
ket became strong. At no time, how
ever, w&a trading brisk, and business for
the most part was oonflnod to specialties.
The supply of stocks appeared to be small
at the present prices. The bond market
Attracted moro Interest than did Uie stock
Heading, after opening at HOtf, crossed
1UJ Pennsylvania touched. 104, up one
point; Bothlehem Steel advanced to 43H,
having opened at 4254. Union Paclflo
showed & gain of one point at US on tho
day's trading. Lehigh Valley reached
129H during the morning, having opened
At 129, compared with the closing of
12TU on Thursday. Reading general
mortgage 4s were a feature In tho bona
market, being strong at 83, up VI from
tho final Thursday. Wabash 4s reached
S an advahoe of SU. Based on the ex
pectation of a resumption of dividends,
American Beet Sugar mado a gain of
IK At 2H
Tho foreign supply of stocks, which
vas used as a disturbing Influcnco on
Wednesday and Thursday, does not senm
to lnatoriallzo either in tho stock market
or foreign exchange market. Today
foreign exchange was purely nominal,
With cables quoted at 4.85Ha.
U. B. Steel failed to respond to the moro
favorable reports from the steel trado,
and transactions wcro 'made at the mini
mum prlco of 48. In tho steel trade thero
aro predictions of an advanco In tho prlco
of bars, plates and shapes. Actual ship
ping orders aro sold to bo mora than
doublet those in tho corresponding period
in November. This is apart from con
tract business, of which there Is now a
large volume.
Favorable comment was mado of the
fact that the Bank of England has sold
Its first gold slnco August, the total be
ing 11,014,000. No announcement was
made of whero the gold was sent, but
It la thought that It wont to France.
Bank clearings of soron cities this
Week showed a decrease of 16.4 per cont.,
as compared with tho same wcok ktst
Rock Island was a strong feature, sell
ing up to 1Tb, up Hi from Thursday's
close. The low today was Tl. nt which
price it opened. The street had it that
there was a good-sized short Interest in
the stock, sales some tlmo ago having
been made on the idea that with tho
distribution of the stock of tho old com
pany the value of the stocks of tho
holding company would entirely disap
Reserves Decreased Over Eight Bul
lions Loans Larger.
A drop of 43,173,000 wub reported In tho
actual reserve of the New York banks
for the week, while loans Increased
Total loans now amount to 52470,630,000
with and excess reserve of '$121,874,610.
Dotalls follow:
Clearing Home members' average
Ixxuis, Increase t,3Ki,000
Deposits, increase 8.OSO.00O
Time deposits, decrease 81(1.000
Reserve, lncrcaaa 860,030
Clearing Home members' actual:
Loans. Increase , $711,000
Depoalta. Increase , 4,GOl,000
Tim deposits, decrease 278,000
llaeerve, decrease ,... 8,17(5,780
Returns for the Last Week Show a
Decrease of 16.4 Per Cent.
Bank exchanges (or aeven cities for the
week ending- today show a decreaae of 10.4
per oent., as compared with tha earns week
last year. The total this week was $2,367.
SSlSoS. agalnat S3.81U.04T.6S2 lait year.
Philadelphia was fourth In the Hit In allowing-
smal'er returns through tha Clearing
House, tha decreaae being 14.4 per cent.
The Financial Chronicle glvea the total ex
channel for thla week and the same week laat
year aa followa: '
1014. 1013, Per cent.
NW YOTlc.IOft1.327.130 ,I61,EI8,202 Dee. 23 O
Boston ... T9.42S.JrT 08.701727 Dee. IT 0
Phils,,..., 10(1.831.034 121.327,818 Deo. 14 4
Baltimore, 21.JB3.T31 20,041,238 Dio. 18 T
Chicago... 1IMI.I0.1.S4T 223,133.704 Doc. 13.3
St. Louie.. M. 075.417 OSiW,ni3 Dec. 10 S
;. Orleans. UJ.720,612 1T.8J1.TS3 Deo! 11.8
Call. Time,
New York ...
;hiu.ro .- ...: 6 je 5 tfsc
VrHtilf i paper, threa to six moattia; phlla!
nii7j a wd
Reserve Banks' Discount Ratqa
SO to
SO or
00 to
Ky Yorfe .. ,
PlllUtUlphla ,.MHtMM
jnneapollj t - ?
1 Wljr )'
yrancuoo ...,.,,,
ITiUa, Reserve Sank Statement.
The .condition of tha Federal Reserve Bank
of Philadelphia at the closa of buslseaa Do
cswber 34 was aa follows:
Gold ln and gold "' XH"-W-
certificates ...llT.687.8aS 110.893,630
Legal tender note, all
ver certificates and
subsidiary coin 2,138,631 2,543,311
Rediscounts and loans.. 140,450 2S3 674
All other sources 402,480 ...
Tetal i., 2O.260,T ..M..T
Total ..w&ijln ...;;
Bank clearings today compared with con.
spwdlag day last Itwo yeaca: ---
New York State Bank Call
..-.. , m Akd.
tejag a. jmio.....
Then a. llljh Low Closo
tfrroldMlne 4k i4M 24H 24M
Allls Chalmers. 8 8K 8W l
An-sLCorrer... ...... 0 f0 49H VM
Am.P.SDcar ..31 B2Jf 3M 32
Aip.Can ?4 'AM S3U HM
Am.Cst&Fdr. 42W 42M A2M 42M
Arp.CotlonOU 38M 39 30 30
ir.l'IdeALesther.... 8 H 4S AM
Am Loco 21N 22) 22X 22H
Am. Smelling.. ....... MM B'
Am.Tel.&Tel 110M 117 110M HUM
Am. Tobocco. 220 210M 220
Anaconda Copper ...... 24M -'" 24M 2A
rttt&Oblo 07 08 08 68
Baltimore & Ohio pref,. i- 09 09 GO
relrBtftt. 42K 43!i 42U 4H
Csllfornl&Pet. lHi 16H 1!U If
Cnadlsnrae......;...lMK 1RT 1MM 163
Cfrtnl Leather. ...... 30 3flM 36M 30U
CMno Copper 82 32 31H 32
CMrp),MII.St.Psol.. BSW W S4? W
ChlftGtWestpref.... 28 27 27 27
IUtllllersBee. 12 11M UH HM
Com rrodocts........ 8 8 8 8
File... 21 21M 21M 21M
Ornrrat Motor... 70M 70 70 70
International Taper 7M 7M 7M
Inflation 10 10 10 10
Kansas City Southern.. 21 20M 20M 20M
IrtlphValI7 127M 12PM 128H 127U
Mollno Plow pref. 100 100 100
Miami Copper 17 10M 10M 10M
Mlffouil Paclflc. 0M OH OH 0M
Missouri, Kanju&Toiu DM 0)1 OH OH
NaUonal lllKult 120H 120H 120H 120M
Nevada Con J1H UH UH UH
N.Y..N.H.AII..... 63 63M C3 63)f
New York Cen. 82 83 82 S2!f
Norfolk A Wcit 08M 08M 08 08M
Northern Paclflc. 07M 07) 07M 07M
I'cnna. 103 104 103)t 103H
Pullman Co loOM 160 150 160
NajConj 15 15 15 15
Ilcadinc 141k 142H 140M 141M
ncckliland 1M H l'
llock Island prof 1 1)( 1M 1M
rol'irlnc 81 81H 81 81H
SoPaciaeTr 02!i 02M 02M
leics&Pacirta..... 12 12 UH 12
IMrdArenuo 35 35M 3oK 35H
Toledo, St. Louis &W.. .. 2 2 2
Toledo St L&W pref.. AU Oil S CM
Li inn 1 nclno 114 115 114 114)1
U S Rubber 1st pref. .. .101 101H 101M 101M
Lb bled 48 48 48 48
Western Union 16H 8K 67M 58M
Western Maryland.. .. lSJi 14U 14H 14U
Total aaloa, 1 134,000.
2000 Amor Ice Its 82
KXHI Amer Hmolt Hoc 0a,.10ZU
170UO .Vnier Tel cvt 4Via.... 03 ii
6utM Atcnuon 4a til
0UUU do ov 4a 1031 WA
tVM do ov it, 1000 Wft
5300 Bait & Oh CV 4 Vis 8414
ilueo Halt tc o awn 3n.... SiC
BOOU Both Steel 3a VS&
10000 do rfd 3a 83
loot) Brook Hap Tr Ra 1918. VbYi
VMO0 Cent r.ic lit 4a...... WIS
1000 Chi k Nwn gen 4s ata 8MI
4UOO Cht 13 & Q 4a '!.
tiOUO Chi Mil A. St P 4s.... HU'k
114)00 Cht Jill aSIF Dlr 4s SO
7000 Chi Mil Ht P cp Sa.lUlU
1(000 Chi dill & Ht P CV 4ft DtM
4ULO Chi It I & P 4s 2441
8000 Cona a cv Ca. w I....100H
70UO Del & Hud lulO 4a ... tK)
3000 Hud & Man In 6a.... 23K
61000 Interb Met 4tta 71
0000 Interb R T ref 8a.... nmi
2000 Inter Mer Mar 4V4.... aok
1000 Lk 8h deb 4a 1028.... 00
1000 lAg & 11 T 8 Wk
2000 LorlUard Ca 100
HOO Mo I'nclllc Oa., 100i
f.KMi k -v n a it nua H)
Low. Clone.
W Dl
108y 100V.
1000 N Y City 4a 1030 W3W
(400 do 4Hs 1003 104W
.'OOU on 4Via May 1D07 iih
100U N Y Oaa II & I' 4a.... 82
1000 N Y Kwy 4a Tl
JflOll An Kfl . 81
1) N Y State 44a 108
1000 Nort & West cvt 4Hs. .100
17000 Nor Pao prior 4a 80
8000 Nor Pac Bon Oa 02(4
7000 Reading 4a 0.1
2000 Itepub Cuba 8a 03
2W)0 Rock Jaland rfd 4a... OS
2000 Seaboard A i, adj Oa.. US
6000 South Puo cv 4a...... my,
BIOOO do.cv ret f p Oa O'Ai
8000 South nwy 6a 0M
3000 Tcxaa Co cv Oa 88)4
8000 Tol reo & W 4a 40
1COO U S Btoel 6s..., 100
1000 Union Pac let 4a 03
3000 Union Pac 4a 03
lmoo WabBBh 4 .12
1000 Wat-aih 1st 8a 07 V4
8000 IVabaah 2d 5., 88
1000 Wab Equ ct ata 4a.... 23
a)00"Wct E3OCUI0 lit 6a.. 118'
2000 Woat N Y&'Pa lat 8s.. 101
Total salea, 23,400 shares.
Bradan Copper ,....,..
Ooldncld Conaolldated . ,
dreene Can
La nnse
Otis Elevator .,
do nraferred ..........
, 70
Sterling Gum
Tobacco Products preferred
United Clear Stores
do preferred ... .....
United Proat-Snarlnt" ...;..,...
Wlllya Overland ,(
do preferred 7i
Yukon Gold ,
. Rt
. 60
. 80
. 00
. 2H
' Bid. Aaked.
78 .80
02 .M
...... .08 ,10
80 .83
81 .40
16 .18
J.M ..rtH
Jim Butler ,
Mlzpah lxtenelon
North star ,
Tonopah Ilelmont
Tonopah Uvtenalon ...
ronopan aierser ...
.aa" .ss
Tonopah Minlnar ., 74 794
Wen Und 63 ,00
Atlanta 51 H ,82U
Blue Bull ,,..,...,........... ,03 .09
Booth ,.,,., ,10 .21
Bulldog , ... 03 .04
COD 08 .00
niamondfield I) B 0t .08
paliy , OT .09
Florence ,,.,,,.,,...,. .00 ,63
Oolilfteld Belmont , , ,01 ,03
ColdReld Cnmllldated Hi iu
Ooldtleld Merser ,.., .SS .40
Jumbo Eitenilon ,..,,,,,, .2!J .0.1
Kewanaa ,, 20 .80
JJre .,...,....., ,.,, ,18 ,18
Sand Keo ..,,.,., , 11 ,15
Silver Pick 13 ,13
"Nevada Hill 28 .31
Nevada Wonder ,..', .tH IlK
Cuba. Railroad Company, reanlar aeml-an.
nual 3 per cent., payable February 1 to atock
01 record December 31.
Brlttah Columbia 31ectrlo Railway, uiual
annual 4 per cent, on deferred ordinary atock.
Southorn California Sdlaon Company, r4Tiie.r
Suarterly 1V4 per cent, on preferred, payable
anuary IB to atook of reoord December 31.
Texaa Central Railroad Company, reaular
aaml-annual 2K per cent, on preferred, pay
able January 1 ta,atoek oi record December 24,
Qsnaral Railiraya Burnal Company, uaual
1V4 PJ "ent on oflramon and prefarred. pav
aula January i. Books cloaed December 24.
reooen January 3
Albany ami Suaquahanna Rallroail Comoany.
pelal dividend M payable January a to
atook of record January 2.
American Screw Company, usual quarterly
1V4 Dsr cent., payable Dacamb 31 to atock of
regard December 24 f
Dwtght Manuiacturlnr Company, 310, pay
aula January 1 to atock of record December
Naumkaaar Steam Cotton Comnanv rl
setal-apaual 8 or cent, nayable January 1 to
staafc at regprA December . .
OMrcla Railroad and Banktnr Company,
ureal quarterly 8 per cent. . payable January
15. Books olfae Dtctmber 81, raopett January
Bazle IVhlto Il Company, rexular Qliar
tarly 1Wpw etit on Dratarred. sy.jo
January It to statfc of reconl January 8.
w . i a, 1 1 1 1
TbW w EwJeosJc.. J,l4.eoO 1.0O3,OW
viia Heraratitr. . . SOJixOa
Crn jiy r.-... ........ wmn
ti .i mm w
takes to prevent
ou tha aetaad Kba,t at
ClIlCAtHl, II. HOua Baaelpt:
oU I aeXaa: butt. 7eV7
04 1 ' ' kii,u. w. aaaekat, ati
Ltva ITtM lu, am aad Ukn fi aeal
!!. JSf E . Taaas
(Jw J&uew?
Gonfcrnl Progress Being- Made in
rinftnelnl Eecuporatlon.
The railroad rate decision, the contin
ued ble; export of vrheat and other prod
ucte and tha colder weather, which stim
ulates retntt distribution, oxdrt the moat
Important Influence In the markets this
week, say R, O. Dun & do. In their
weekly review of business conditions.,
December, with Its holiday Interruptions
and Inventories, Is not usually a month
for largo developments In business nctlv
tty, but the recent progress In flnnnclat
recuperation, the rapid establishment of a
big balance of trade In favor of this coun
try nnd tho rate decision Riving a largo
part of the rollcf asked for from the In
terstate Commerce Commission combine
to create a favorable sentiment In busi
ness. Reports from the leading centres, while
Indicating no Important Increase In sates
this week, aro of one accord In foreshad
owing Improvement after the new year
opens. In Iron and stool the actual out
put Is reduced by the holiday Interrup
tions, but there are a number of favor
able developments, Including prospects of
larger railroad buying.
Railroad gross earnings In two weoks
of December decreased 10 per cent., but
It Is estimated that the Eastern roads
wilt gain about (30,000,000 a year from the
advanced rates. Nothing in tho business
situation Is moro striking than the re
markable expansion In exports, the for
eign demand for wheat being so great
as to foreshadow an ultimate exhaustion
of surplus supplies, notwithstanding the
record-breaking yield this year. Big war
and other orders from no road for cloth
ing and woolens are appearing.
Reserve Institutions of the Country
Now Hold $232,508,000 In Gold.
WASIIUfOTCW, Deo. 28. The reiource and
liabilities of the Federal Itfs-rvo Bnnka nt
the cloea of bualneaa December St, were aa
(told coin and certlflcatea, $2.12.8113,000.
Igal tender notea, silver certificates and
Jubalillnrv coin, 123,748,000, making a total of
Bills dlicounted and loans of maturities with
in 30 days were M.102.000: within 00 daye,
(2.730,000. and oth'r maturities wcro 11,700,-
000: making- a total of $8.832.000.
All other reaourcea nggr-jruted $4,818,000,
maklne; the total reaourcea $271,083,000.
Jsiir.u'. .. .,
Beservo dopoalta (A), $210,78(1.000.
Federal reaerve notea In circulation (B). $3,
37.000 Total liabilities (net amount), $271, 083,000.
Dold reaerve agalnat all liabilities. 01.7 por
cent.; caah reaerve ngalmt all liabilities, 101.3
per cent,
Caah reaerve agalnit llabllltlra, nfter "otltnsr
aalde 40 per cent, gold reaerve agalnat Federal
reserve notea In circulation, 102.8 por cent.
Thirty-seven railroads show a decrease
In gross earnings of $2,203,101 for the sec
ond week of December, the total earnings
being $11,008,619.
The Bank of England has sold Its first
gold since August. Tho bank sold 812,000
In foreign gold coin and 102,000 gold
bars. No official destination of tho gold
was announced, but It Is believed that
tho coin was French money, and that
the entire shipment went to France for
payment to soldiers.
The New York Cotton and Coffeo Ex
changes were closed today.
New York banks lost $126,000 to the Sub
treasury on Thursday, and since Friday
have lost $7,007,000.
Commercial failures for tho week (five
days) ending December 23 were 432, com
pared with 4C6 last week, and 283 In the
corresponding week of last year.
Twenty-four railroads report for the
second week of December a decrease In
earnings of $927,675 gross or 11.34 per cent.
William M. Barrett, president of tho
Adams Express Company, In reply to re
ports that tho company ts to go out of
business, Issued tho following statement:
"We are absolutely not considering re
tiring from tho transportation business,
becausue we confidently believe that
through a readjustment of arrangements
for oxpress privileges to meet the
changed conditions and from continued
efforts to reduce expenses tho result of
the operations will In the near future
be more favorable."
The Cleveland Stovo Company has
omitted the dividend on Its stock.
The Dwlght Manufacturing Company re
duced Its semi-annual dividend from $30
to $10, placing the stock on a 4 per cent,
per annum basts Instead of 12 per cent,
as heretofore.
The New York Stock Exchange an
nounced that. In order to adjust the price
of Central Trust Company certificates of
Interest In Southern Paclflo Company
stock to conform to the price of Southern
PaclQc Company stock, the minimum price
of the certificates Is established at 92
for full paid and S3 for part paid.
The visible supply of cotton this week
was 5,700,200 bales, against 5,345,329 last
week and 6,028,185 last year.
Tho Rock Island foreclosure sale Is ex
pected to bo confirmed on January 3, but
the 'pledged stock wilt not be ready for
exchange for collateral bonds until
January 7.
Proposals will be received until Decem
ber 33 by Perth Amboy, Middlesex County,
N. J for $11)0,000 1J4 per cent. 30-year
water bonds.
Ledyard,, Keokscher, manager of the
blast furnace department of the Alan
Wood Iron and Steel Company, has been
elected president of the Eastern Pig Iron
Need Not Consult Commission
HARrtlBBURO, Deo, 2fl. In the case of tha
Borovgh of Uettyrturg, tha lennay)vanla Pub
lic Service Commlwlon baa handed down a de
cision that a municipally has the right to
construct Its own plant to rurnlah eleo
trinity for Its atieet lighting, end not far
sale, without obtaining the consent of the
A publlo aervlss company that furnlthed
Gettysburg with lighting fllJ a proteat with
the commission that brought about tha de
New York commercial lar allver wa eiotad
at 4S)i per coat, today, unaaaaged,
ui 'ii. '
Eer 0-year-old Bon Badly Injured
Trying to Extinguish Fire,
NEW YORK. Pec 36-Mrs. Lillian
Ourtln, wife, of Coroner's Fhyilelan
Thomas II. Curtln, Is at the point of
death In tha FerdUam Hospital aa the re
sult of bums re)ivd when her night
dtss oaugfct Bra In an unexplained
manner early this inorniBg. She rubd
Into an adjoining room, where $ier nlna-year-o!4
son. Thomas If., Jr., ad4ad his
orams to hers. Ha tried to Wat out
tha flames whjoli wrapped Mrs. Curtain
and was himself burned painfully.
NaJgfebef roda to tie cries of
BKrthr bjp4 oUtd and Mrs. Curtln was
eartiad to the keapitai
i, up 1 1. 1 i
first Cotton Off for Germany
OALVHSTON, Da. K-Tbt first cargo
of gotten to Owrmany frost jni port of
SalvtMtaD. aaaao Urn European war bagm.
eUjuu-tftd yeuUtjrtltur for Brijten on tha
Aeoariovui woitmttln Pathsadar. TlW
ueu-gb la Km ble. TUu4 by the afcJpBr
4a 4K& Oaptate BuyUt. of tha Patn
ttudw. quite, i addition to hi utJaar
Btvtwa, aa wtt. tram tb. wwtg (feat lb
evce t MttUttf but eottoa.
Rise in Reading and Lehigh
Valley Due to Stimulus
of Cold Weather Brok
ers' Offices Deserted.
As can bo deJuccd from the day's total
sales of 1009 shares, a state of atmost
complete stagnation prevailed on the local
Stock Exchange this morning. Scarcely
any hundred-nharo lots changed hands,
tho trading being made up of blocks vary
ing from 1 to 90 shares. Only 115 shores
of United States Steel, usually the most
active Issuo In the Philadelphia markets
appeared on tho tape, while seven shares
of Heading mado up the day's total for
that stook. Tho price, however, was ad
vanced a point to 71. Naturally fluctua
tions wero devoid of much significance.
Steel remained at Its minimum figure,
but Lehigh Valley moved up over a point
on a few snles, and Philadelphia Eloctrlo
also hardened. Tonopah Belmont was tho
most active Issue.
About tho only people to be found In
brokors' offices, nsldo from the clerks,
wero a few newspaper men trying to
gather news. Brokors, however, pointed
out that the market looked to have beon
pretty well sold out on tho decline this
week and wero Incllnod to hope for hot
ter things next week. The strength of
tho nnthraclto shares was attributed to
the cold snap, which has stimulated a
brisk demand for coal. The mines this
week only worked four days and there
will be a similar holiday next week.
The Pennsylvania Ilallroad's fuel ship
ment figures for Novombor showed sub
stantial decreases from tho same period
In 1013 In bituminous and coke, but a
slight gain In anthracite The latter
totaled 1,017,9(2 tons, against 937,437 last
yoar, while bituminous shipments fell
from I,D09,375 to 3,667,333 tons. Coke de
clined from 1,223,514 to 353,412 tons.
close. Utah,
Low. Close.
001, Sfl'.j
47 47
77 77X
nil 52
So vo
23 23V4
4 T-10 4ft
10 10
Jjtrvr. Cloie,
73 7SV4
101 101
03 OJ
S Amal Copper . . ..
10 Bleetrta Storage 47U
7 Lehigh Nav ...'77 ,
bo Ihlgh val .... raw
67 'Penna 61
a I'enna Bnlt Mfg. OS
74 Fhlla Ulectrlo.. 2-lVi
T neaowr iu
BJB Tonopah nelmont 4 T-10 4H
An tTtilnn Traction. SO
61 United Gaa Imp tU
IIS V B Steel 43
10 War'k Ir A 8t. 10
Total Bales, loot anarea.
Total aalea, 1000 shares.
close. High.
COOO Kleo&Pe'pTMa 78 78V
4000 1'hlla Bleo Ba...l01 101
1000 Reading gen 4a. OS 03
Total calea. III. 000.
10 to 10.30 A. 31.
. 8 Penna
Bait.. 03 8 Penna MM
loo to;
DeL , -a ao oi.
ISO do 4ft 10 Union Trao.. SO
4 Phlla Eleo... 23 i
$3000 Eleo Sc Peop Tr 4a 78
10.30 to 11 A. i(r.
5 Phlla Eleo... S3H 25 Tonopah Bel. 4ft
SO U 8 Btoet.... 43 70 U 8 Steel.... 4S
24 Penna &1
11 to 11.30 A. M.
10 U 6 Steel
SO Tnn llel. .
. 4834 BO Leh Val...al 11-18
4 7-lB
GO Ton Bel.
4 7-18
10 Elec Storaxe. 47
23 Union Trao.
Z.O rnua iieo... iJMi
2000 E3eo Peop Tr 4s.
4000 Phlla Ho Sa
. 78H
11.30 A. M. to 12 M.
7 I-oh Nav
01 U O I ,
200 Tonopah Bel,
10 War I & 8...
BUS Bteel...
10 Phlla ata...
4(4 7 neadlnr ....
10 6 Am Copper. .
1000 Reading gen 4a
Bid. Aakod.
101H 10 1H
42 4241
K 4T
naldwln pref..
Cam Bteel ....
Kloo Storage
Gen Aan
do pref ,
Key Tela .....
do pref . , .
Lake Sup 0...
Leh Nav
do t c
Lehgh Val ...
Leh Val Tr ..
do pref
Phlla Kleo ....
Phlla Co
Phtla M T ....
do t o
Ton B1
Ton Mln ......
Union Trao ...
York Rwy ....
do pref
774 7SH
S1U A4
..... t
70 70i
4H S
',"'.', 88M SOU
M Ji,
Points Out How $70,000 May Be
Saved by Substituting Gas.
The delay of City Councils In passing
an ordinance which would substitute gas
for obsolete gasoline lighting systems
In several sections of tho city Is called to
the attention of the publla today by
Mayor Blankenburg In an open letter.
The ordinance, which was introduced on
March 6 last, provides for an annual
saving of 170,000 to tha city, together with
the acquisition, at the end of the gas
lease, of property amounting to 3500,000,
The Mayor urged passage of the ordl.
nance at this time because It would pro
vide work, for the unemployed.
Two thousand copies of the letter were
mailed. In it the Mayor points out that
he has tent four messages to Councils
since the Introduction cf the ordinance,
urging its Immediate passage.
The ordinance provides that the United
Gas Improvement Company shall connect
with the city's gas main system more
than 11.(00 lamps now burning gasoline,
and that this shall be done at no cost to
tho olty. The candle-power of these
lamps would be fully equivalent to those
they replace.
"The ruduotlon In price will result in an
annual saving of 14.39 for each lamp, or a
total saving of almost 170.000 a year,"
said the Mayor ia bis letter. "The ordi
nance provides that the maximum price
shall be 111 a year for the lighting of the
lamps an4 U a year for the gas con.
fumed. It U agreed between tho city and
be company that the lamps burn 3H feet
of gas an hour. They burn 400 hours a
year, which resulta In a oenjumpUon of
I lt0 fact, whioh, with gas at 1 per WM,
Piwwi t r9 . iivava w IU9 amy
of octets for eaah 1900 or 11W, Havlsg
a net charge for gas of 311. N. This flx-
ure, plus the IU tor lighting, makes the
net price W.H as against the sw.M the
city is now Bevytsur.
Taero aro wiUln ta city limits at the
prassjAt tin vr 1MW gasolUx tsjnns, a
Uiw nwralxr Uuvn oaa be found alto
gaUtar In 0 of tko targat ctttea of the
united Stat- This prows that Uutaa
UBap ar obJoiiHs asd that w shauld
anubmca any opartuiUty far gottlset
away ftom tUsjaa.
s Today'a
Bid. Aaked,
102 102J1
42 42(1
9 U
07 88
77 78
77H 78
fUU am
InU 18VI If'H
27'C 27 27i
SiaJ MJ1 52
23H 23U 2.1V.
84 83 84
114 11 12
W 11 12
U 70A! Tl
i JH
38? 8i"
83 82H
Pliiladelpliia Markets
WHEAT-rtecelpls, 70,885 bnah. There
w a fair stport demand and values were
welt sustained, quotations: Car lots. In ex-
port elevator No. 3 red, spot and Decembo..
$l.2SLHi No. 3 red Western, 1.3StJi.34i
No. 1 Northern buluth, 1.3SLS0.
CORN, Receipts, 20,8(3 bush. There was
a fair local Inquiry and the market ruled very
firm Under light offerings. Quotations: Car
lota for local trado, aa to loeatlon-No. 2 ol
low, new, 7tft7Bi4.l steamer ellow, new,
74Hc. No, 3 yellow, new, 738TnV4ci sam
ple yoilow, new, us70a, new tob, per 70
Iba, 078080.
OAT8, Receipts, 10,488 buh. Tho market
wee quiet but nrm, with auppllea of desirable
stock well under control, quotations: No. 2
white, W8c.: standard white, CUiesoe.i
No. 3 white. 04ff4He.
11VK. The market ruled firm under acaro
lty. Wa quote at U)8V1.1S per buah., as to
quality nnd location.
,FLOUIl Recelnta, 050 bbla. and 2,594,458
lbs. In sacks. Trade naa quiet, but mill limits
were well suauinod. quotations per 100 lbs.
In wood! Winter clear, Jl.oOfrSJOi do ,
tralght, 6.2S-ff.60! do., patent. .0o1ii
Kanaas, straight. Jute sacks, 15.8090.50, do.,
intent, lute sacks, I5.00tro,00i spring, first
clear, to.40S5.0X: do., straight, !5U3g5.l;
oo.. patent, 1890.20! do., favorite brands,
0 35cJ.ei city mills, choice and fancy patent,
10.860.05; city mills, regular grade-winter,
clear, 14 OOflC 10; do., atrnlght, 0.2Mr5.60: do.,
patent, f3.G5CN).
. 11YE FLOlin. The market aulet but firm.
Wo quote nearby and Western in wood at
wo quot
The market was quiet and without Important
change. Quotations: City beef, in sets,
smnkej and air dried, 2HfiJc.: Weatern
beef, In nets, smoked, 28ff2Uc.S do, city
Ibeaf, knuckles and tenders, smoked and
air dried. 20j30c.: do., Wtern beef, knuckles
and tenders, smoked. 2nanoc.t , beef hams.
M30.14! pork, family. 23.50a24: hams. S.
1', cured, loose. 1.1Hc. : do., aklnned, looie.
jSOWWc.t do., no., smoked, 13.flllo.: other
hams. amoHed, city cured, aa to brand and
aerae. 14U015C.: hams., smokod,. Western
cured, 14UQ16C.: do., boiled, boneless. 20tf
210,1 nl-nlo ahouldurs. S.P. cured, loose.
llUtmUc.: do., smoked. lSUBUUc: bellies.
In sickle, . according to aeraae. loose. 14UO
13c. I breakfast baron, aa to brand nnd aver
age, city cured. lSttlOc.i do.. Western cured.
MOlDc.: lard. Western, refined, tierces, 11W
llttc.t do, do., do., tubs. llOllUc: do , rure
city, kettle rendered, in tierces. llOllUU;!
do., cure city, kettle rendered, in tubs. Hi)
Trade alow aod prloea unchanged. Refiners'
Hat prlcea: Standard granulated. Be: fine
granulated, 4 USo.j powdered, 5.05o ; confeo
Uona' A, 4.85c; soft gradea, 4.101.70.
llUTTEIt. The uaual Saturday quietude
prevailed in thla market, but rece!ota wero
light and the market ruled nrm. Quota
tions: Western, froah, solid-packed, creamery,
fancy specials, 37c: extra. 33c. ; extra nrata. JJ
034c.; nrets, 1118 J2o.; aoconds. 27021)0.; ladlo
packel, 22U24C, sa to quality; nearby prints,
fancy, ,1hc,. do, average extra, !uii37c; do.,
flrita, 3.'lti!l4c . do., seconus, 2KS.tOc, Mpecial
fancy brands of orlnta jobbing at 4IU45C
KOGS. Thcrs waa a good outlet for the
llmltod rccelpta of fine new-laid eggs,
values of which were firm. Quotations;
In freo cairs, nearby, extras, 44c. per
das.: nearby (Irate, 312.60 per atandard case;
nearby good current recoluta. $12 per atandard
case: mixed held and fresh and ordinary stock.
310,20011.10 per case; Western extra firsts,
$12.00 per case; do., flrata, $12 per case, South
urn, tll-40i?12 pcr cue. lurrlgcrator eggs,
spring packed, aa to quality, 21&2Gc. pur dos.
fancy selected candled freah eggs were Jobbed
out at 4,tf4nc. per doi,
CHEKSn. Trade quiet and offerings mod
erate but ample. Trices unchangod. Quotations:
Ntw York full-cream, earlier receipts, choice,
10c.; do., do., current make, choice, 15c.: do.,
do., fair to good, 14ViifHc; do., port aklma,
IJVE. The market steady on fine dealra
cle.slzed stock, offerlnss of which only mod
orate. Trade quiet. Quotations: Fowls, 120
14c: old roosters, lOaiO'Ac. spring chlcl'-ena.
according to quality, lltflSc; turkeja. 158
17c; ducka, 13814c; gceae, 13SJ"10c. ; guineas,
young weighing 2 lbs. and over apiece, pur
pair, 00o.; weighing lUfflK Iba. apiece, per
pair, 50a65c; guineas, old, por pair, 40c;
pigeons, per pair, 15lSc
DltKSSi:r. Supplies fairly liberal and
market quiet and barely steady. Quo
tations: Turkeya, dry-packod Fancy, large,
near-by, lPBOc; do.. Weitern, 10620c.!
avsrage rocelpts. lOiClSc. i interior, 1-Jr
15c; No. 1, old, 18c. Fowls, .12 to box.
dry-packed, selected heavy, 18c.1; weighing
4HC3 lbs apiece, 17c; do.. 4(f4Vi Iba.
apiece. lOKc; do.. 4 lbs. apiece, 10c; do.,
OH Iba apiece, 14015c; do., 3 Iba. and
under. 12aJlSc. : fowla, bbla.. dry-packed
Weatern, dry-picked, 4Vifj5 lbs. apiece,
lOo.i do., 4 iba., 15c; do.. 3H Iba.
14c; do., S iba. and under. 12613c; old
rqoaters, dry-picked, 12 Ht- broiling chickens
Nearby, 1142 Iba. apiece, 204122c.: do.
fair to good, ieaioc.! Weatern. 1HCJ2 lbs
apiece. 20c. i do., fair to good. 140180.: roast
Ing chlekins. dry-packed, In boxes Milk-fed,
IS to 24 Iba. to dor. 22223c; milk-fed. 25 to
20 lbs. to dor , 10J21c; corn-fed, 18 to 24 lbs.
to doi., 20Q21c; corn-fed. 23 to SO lbs. to
dor., lSQlOc; milk-fed. 31 to 80 lbs to dor.
HHC! milk-fed. 87 to 42 lbs. to dos., llMi-.
milk-fed. 43 to 47 lbs, to doi., lSUc: milk
fed, 48 lbs. to dos., 17c: milk-fed, 00 lbs. and
over, 18c; corn-fed, 31 io 30 Iba, to dos., 13Vi
ft 14c : corn-fed, 37 to 42 Iba. to dor., 13 W "I
4c; corn-fed. 43 to 47 lbs. to dos.. H!1
15c; corn-fed. 48 lbs. and over to dos.. 17c:
corn-fed, 00 lbs. and over, lie: roasting
rhlclirns. dry-racked. In bbls. Western, milk
fed, dry-picked. 3 lbs, and over, 17c; Wester",
mllk-fpj, 4 lbs.. 10c, ! Western, milk-fed, 31
lbs.. 14 Uo.i Weatern, milk-fed, dry-rlclted
mixed weights. 14(114 Kc. Weatern, mult-fen
2H3 lbs.. 14c; Western, corn-fed. 5 lbs. and
over. 18c; Weatern. corn-fed, 4 Iba.. 15c
Western, corn-fed, dry-picked, mixed weights
14c; Western, corn-fed, 34 lbs.. 14c. ; West
ern, corn-fed. 2UQ3 lbs., 13Uc. Spring
aucas, ivisita. coring geese. it9iua.
Squsbs, per doxen-
weighlng 11 to 13
lbs. per doien. t4,15rT4.75: white, welghlngOto
10 lbs. per doien, 33 50iM, white, weighing
8 lbs. per doten, I2.W83: do., 7 lbs. per
dosen. $2112.50; do.. OKOH lbs per dozen, 11.21
CI 73; dark and No. 2. BOcOJl.
The general market quiet and without Im
portant change. Quotattors: Apples, New
York, per bbt. King. 23; Baldwin. 1 73'0
2.50: dreentng. 2f3; Spy, 11.7502.60; othef
good eating varieties. $1 7562.50; medium, JIW
1,50; apples. Western, per box. TScSl.50;
apples, Delaware and PennsyUanla, per ham
per, fXVJWc: lemons, per box, f2.r-)frl.60,
oranges, Florida, per box, (1 233; tancerlnes,
Florida, per strap, 1283; grapefruit. Florida.
per box, Ilft2; plnearples. par crate 1'orto
Kleo. (1.2303: Florida, 192 no- cranberries,
fan-y late varieties, per bbl., 3.T5tH-23; cran
beTiea. Capr Cod, early black, per bbl., Ul;
cranberrlea. Cape Cod, early black, per crate,
76o elLCO; cranberries, Jersey, per crate, 74c.
$1 25: peara. Nsw York, aj!er bbl. Seckel.
O.aJVKiU, uut""i eJs 44Uncitt faa.tfVj
other varieties, 203,
Demand only moderate, but rvalues gen
erally well sustained. Quot,Mons; White
potatoes, per bushel PennsyliSIla, c8GG2c,;
Nsw York, 45S50c: Hta potatoes,
.Tkntv. oer bakt.. 356400. Bweet notatoea.
latrn tuiore, per odi, vto. i, -.-. io; no,
2. SI 50(81.75. tfweets, Jersey, per bbl. No.
1 (303.50: No. 2. (262.23. Sweets, Jersey,
er bakt,. COOTBc.
choice, per bush,,
i0O75i. ; do., ordinary, per buah., tJ0$U6o ; do.,
cholca, per 100-lb. bag, 1.231.50, do., me.
dium, per 100-lb. bag. 85c.etl; do., ascends,
per lOu-lb. osg, curjinc. uaDoage. aomescic.
per ton. ISO", ao. umn, per ion, jiipn.
Cauliflower, New York, per orate, 75c 81 25.
Bplnich. N'orfolk. per bbl?, 1.21.. Kale,
'Arfnlk. cer bbl.. 604s7fio. Lettuce. Florida.
- . l-I 1 , .,AI .X. Jn Vnh n,Hlln. na
t.. 608760
USI..-. f ...UK l.l-l V"'. ,-Ut MHH y.1
Beans. Florida, per bakt., Ii
B4. Peaa. Florida per bakt.. 12.8003. Bgg
plant, Florida, per box
u cumbers.
r icrtoa. rr "a,
t.. It.75ff3.50. Squaah. Flor
.7393.50. Squaeh. Flor
ida, per bakt, 3102. Celery, New York,
per bunch, 2&S4BC. Muahrooms, per 4-lb. bskt.,
Immense Quantity Delivered With
out Congestion or Damage,
Mall carriers and postal authorities are
boasting; today of the greatest achieve
ment tr) the history of the Philadelphia
Postofllce. More mall than iever before
waa handled without the slightest sign of
congestion, a new system put Into opera
tion for the first time yesterday working
out even better than bad been axpeeted.
Bxsot figures as to the amount of mail
handled are not yet available. Roughly
estimated, there waa an Increase) of 58
par cent. In the letters over last year's
reoord. 100 per cent- more postal cards,
and 100 per cent mora paroel poet pack
ages. t?ot more than two out of the hUHatrads
of thousands of paroel p4at packages
handled were damaged, and these two
wero not correctly addressed. Carriers
left the various FestetBeo substations
early yesterday with part of the wall for
their districts, and the rest was relayed
to them from tkne to time- Tula saved
tkeja the work of currying heavy loads
and served to expedite delivery.
WASHINGTON. Deo M.-8evere earth
quake shocks, lasting U minutes, were
recorded en ttve inetruaaenu of the seis
mic observatory of Georgetown Univer
sity Thursday nlcbt.
Vbe Rev. F A Tonioif. dteeegar of the
orrJwry. stated that the shook -M
at tf a o'clock. The centre of tie
dUUtfbuiutt appiuU w4 about not
miles from Waabinartou Ihs asoat pro
aounoed nw,Uuii was Id as eintesjty aJad
weeterty dlreCUo.
Ex-newspaper Man Takes Boy rrom
INDIANArOLlS, Ind., Deo. 26. A sen
sational kidnapping, In which "Jerry" and
"Jack" Conway wero spirited away from
iho city by their father, E. Jesse Con
way, director of tho Committee of Mercy
of New Tork city, has baffled the In
dianapolis police. Conway formerly was
a prominent Indianapolis newspaper man.
Tho children wero taken from the sldo
of their mother on Christmas Eve by
their father. Mrs. Conway obtained n
divorce from Conway Inst September,
nnd tho decree (rave her possession of
the two little boys. The father camo
to Indianapolis Thursday morning and
told Mrs. Conway that ho wished to give
tho children a Christmas dinner at the
Claypool Hotel. When Conway found
that the mother had prepared to accom
pany tho two children, he Is said to have
objected. Mrs. Conway followed, but the
man hurried tho children Into the cab
and, getting In himself, slammed the
door In the fnco of the mother. It was
not learned If there was any ono else
In Iho cab.
Mrs. Conway has been employed here
In nn effort to provide for her two boys.
1,485,957 ALIENS CAME TO U.S.
Of These Publlo Health Services Ex
amined a Million.
WASHINGTON, Doc 26.-Aocordlng to
nn announcement made by tho United
States Health Service today, 1,009,S5 lm
migrants wcro examined at the port of
Now York during tho last fiscal year.
Aliens enter the United States through
80 different places, which Includo 25 sea
ports. They can embark from any one
of 23 foreign ports to como to this coun
try. Exclusive of the railway lines con
tlnuously bringing Immigrants over
United States borders, moro than 100
steamship companies carry Immigrants.
As certain steamship companies have ves
sels nrlvlng at from two to llvo different
ports. It has been found by calculation
that there aro 173 lines of Immigrant
travel to this country.
These transportation linos brought Into
tho United States during tho last fiscal
year 1,4S5,957 immigrants. Of this num
ber, 41,236 wero certified as having dis
eases either deportable or reportable.
Pardoned 17 President, Enjoys Day
With Sick Pamlly.
LYONS, Neb., Dec. 26. Charles Mc
Monlos, banker of this town, pardoned
from the Leavenworth Federal Prison by
President Wilson In order that ho might
spend Christmas with his sick wife and
their two children, reached here yester
day afternoon and hod dinner at his
Tho little girl, who was thought to be
dying, Is somowhnt Improved. Mrs. Mc
Jlonlcs, who Is suffering from pneumonia.
Is also slightly better.
McMontes was met at the depot by a
large number of old friend!, who escorted
him to his homo.
"It Is the most pleasant Christmas of
my entire life." said Mr. . cMonlos. "I
never know before what Chr.Btmaa really
meant. I know now liow to approclato
liberty nnd will moke tho most of It."
Doom in Connellsvllle Region After
Long Idleness.
CONNELLSVILLE, Pa., Dec. 28. Twelve
hundred coko ovens In the Connellsvllle
region that have been banked for some
time were relighted, and a report shows
an apprectublo Increase lu production for
the week.
Throe hundred and fifty merchant ovens
aro to be added to tha active list next
week, with the prospect that still further
additions will be made early In January.
Arrived DecembeV 25
8tr. Kronprlna Olav (Nor), Santiago, Iron
ore, J. A McCarthy.
Sir. Grecian. Boston, paasengera and mer
chandise. Merchants and Miners' Transporta
tion company.
Str. Mohican, Norfolk, mercbandlae, Clyde
Steamship Company.
Steamships to Arrive
Mum From. Date.
Kaverford TJverpool Deo. 10
Santa Itoaalta
1-rom. Date.
Ornskoldavlk ...Nov S
,"- ay - n
Genoa Nov. 19
.'.'.V.'.'Bhitida' ;;;;'.;;, Nov. 23
idler ices...,.aov. o
Uveroool Nov. 58
Cambrian King ......
Manchester Merchant
Karl of Elgin.......
West Point ,
Mexican .......,..
K. B. Umblrlcos ....
Manchester ....Dec. 6
Cardiff .........Dec 0
Crua Grande.... Dae. 0
..London ....
..Honolulu .,
, .Gibraltar ,.
..London ...,
..Santa Crus
..Rotterdam ,
...Itotterdam ,
..Honolulu .,,
..Dec. 10
...Dec. iu
,.,,Deo. 10
....Dec. 12
....Dec. 12
,..Dee. 15
...Dec 15
...Deo. 18
....Doc. 17
....Deo. 18
....Dec, 10
Steamships to Leave
......Glasgow ,
...... ..Liverpool
Carina slntan
Haverford .,
Loulalana ...
Peratana .,.,
Dec i J
i.,,, .Jan. 2
..... .Copenhagen ....Dec. 28
......Leith Dec. i
Itotterdam . ..,,Dc, 28
Blotenlvlr ......
West Point London Doc St
Mancheater Merchant. .Manoheater Dec, 31
Missouri .London ,,,Jan, 2
Amsteldyk .., Rotterdam .....Jan. 0
Crown Point ,. London ,,.Jan13
Mancheater Exchange. .Mancheater .,Jau, 13
Bualneaa in tha steam market ts
sun ra-
striated because of the dearth of carriers. Hates
arc mgn ana nrm. inquiry for sailing ton
nage for transatlantio trades la growing.
Farnfield (Br.). Baltimore to Bordeaux ca
st. Nasaire. grain. 20.000 Quarters, Ts, M-, op
tion part oats, Ss. Sd January.
Fernley (Br.). Baltimore to Bordeaux, St
Kaulra or Nantes, grain, 28,000 quarters, 7s.
6d . January and February.
Cloutaham (Br.), from the Atlautlo range to
Maraetlles. grain. 33.000 quarters. Ss., option
-Piraeus, 8s. 8d., or St. Naialre or Bordeaux,
Ts. sd., option oats to Bordeaux or St. fr'aralre,
os 94 January.
Clarssiont (Dr.), the Gulf to Froneh At
lsntie ports, grain, 91.000 quartan, Ts. W.,
rabruary ana iarcn.
SU.hr. John B. Manning, MS teas. Jaokionvtlla
to a port north et Hattaras. lumber, private
terms, coal out, Baltimore to Maport, pri
vate term.
Movements of Vessels
Str. Sun. Sabloe far PhiladetsWa. was 119
west of
iunugss a i p.
ia. Deoojn-
Btr Paraguay.
DO miles west of
PMIadalBhta tar Bablae. was
Tercugaa at 8 p. m. Pem-
bet .
Bir Toledo.., towtog scar Delaware Sua.
Sablae. for Philadelphia, was ten miles east et
Sabine Bar at 8 p so. December W.
waa 19 BUM soatbweat of Frytsg ran light
ship alT p. B. pecagabar M.
SlUr S-SwipaBt .ipanuia w. cwnwiwm,
aSUW M IJHI fc I f1 UL.
b (Br ). from FMtaaatsau, ar-
.w uacatnsr. a.
tor rua4
Bbla, staaiaed
arS. .
a Otbn
4vaS at Nor
insiiad. from
Artaur Decasabsr
PORT of rmw YORK
atamhlp AwrivlBg Today
United aaatas
PsasSm - .-absjsw Dm.
Ftsijatid . . . GtfcuJtsr $-4T
OasawvJji Uv'n-i . . tut If
t, r.ola. ,UKpaui
a -
was hwjjs
rived at Of
Sir. Lauaaton.
ati Haifa
no (w,l. rrem rvto
aak "" " as.
PMaaslsVUn, trrjred at
..,.,. ...
Plan Entails Opening o an
Additional Stretch of
Ground Work Progres
sing on Improvements.
Another section of the Parkway Is now
belnjr taken by the city of Philadelphia.
Hearings aro to be held before the Hoard
of Viewer early In January. The plan
entails the opening- of a part of the Park
way between Appletree street and Xttii
street. In the 10th Ward. The ordinance
covering- the plan was approved Julf
Tho properties taken entirely In this
section are!
Nos. U5-UM1B-U1-U3-125-U7 rforth 17tU
street and Noa. 163Y-16U-1GJH634.J693
Cherry street.
Tho properties partly taken arai
iJiPtl1' . Totl1 " bauara feet taken.
1J18 Cherry st. lfrf sq. ft 1(3 1-10 sq. .
JJ?0 Cherry at. 1748 sq, ft. 820 B-lo g?, ft,
?E? S,trr a. iM4 i- est mo o; ft.
J5HS ?,rrir 1M - 't. 1027 2-fo i, ft.
lj Cherry st, 1M4. sij. ft. 1S00 3-10 sq. ft,
The Friends' Solect School, Edwin P.
Sellers et al. trustees, which extend
from Cherry otreet to Race street and
from 16th street to 17th street, containing
114.03S square feet, loses a triangle on
the northeast corner of 17th and Cherry
streets, containing 530 MO square feet.
The Parkway at this point wilt be Ui
feet wide. It was authorized by ordl-'-nance
of Councils, June 8, 1909, and Waa
confirmed by the Board of Surveyor,
September 20, 1303. There is no change
of grade
The work of taking down these prop1
ertles or such aa aro In tho bqd of tho
Parkway has been assigned to con
tractors and Is now woll Under way.
Work has been commenced at the south
cast corner of 17th and Cherry streets and
Ave or six properties are nearly do.wn.
It will be recalled that this Is the sec
tion lying In the Parkway In which tho
assessments were advanced in ISIS It Is
almost the only Instance where the Board
of Revision of Taxes has advanced a
blook of properties after they have be
como part of the bed of a plotted street
or parkway. The advance did not ex
tend on Cherry street, between TSh atrot
and 16th street, and supposedly moro de
sirable for business purposes.
In that part of tho Parkway lying be--twoen
the west sldo of Logan Square and
22d street workmen have been extremely
busy during the last month, tearing down
condemned properties. Nos 233 and 310
West Logan Bquaro are down. All the
properties on the south side of Vln
street, between Logan Square and 2utH
street the east side of 20th street and
the south side of Vine street, west Ht
20th street, are now coming down rapidly.
In all, some SO or 40 dwellings have
boen raised to the ground. The only
properties to be spared aro the saloons,
which have a reprieve while owners and
tenants aro trying to have the licenses
A rather serious situation Is liable to
develop In properties on the south side
of Vine street from 2020 to 2033. These
properties are not all taken and will be
boarded up. From a real estate point
of view. It would be better to take such
buildings down at once, as by the time
the owners receive the awards there will
be little left of them.
This situation rather offsets the claim
often made by the city that portions of
buildings left in such a proceeding jnuit
be considered.
Mortgages for flvo business days of
record, including Tuesday, are as fol
lows: Loans made by Building aeaoelationa..t0".(!ag
Inana mada bv Individuals SAO air.
Loans made br truat companies ofl,8CM
Among tha large mortgages are the follow
ing: 113,000 H. a Holunger to A. U Walker
nerumeai corner na ana wginui
20,000 Tabernacle Bvangallcal Lutheran
Church to Protection Building and
Loan Association, northeast center
50th and Bprucs streets.
20.000 Armat Knitting Mills to Central
Trust and Bavlnga Compaj
cast siae or jtrrnai arret
123. IU
feet northeast OermaMown avenue.
20,000 J. Knoell to Robert Blunt nulldtng
Association, norurwesi aiae Kensing
ton avenue, 06 test southwest LeMjt)
The holiday Influence Is plainly felt and
little business will be done until after the
new year. The lists of auction sales to
take place during the next few weeks are
not as large aa usual.
Interest rates are firmly held. It is.
however, the opinion of real estate men
that all money needed will be forthcom
ing and that a t per cent mortgage rale,
flat, will bo obtainable early In the ne.fr
year. LESSOR.
Salon Slngera Were 'With Secretary
on Chautauqua Circuit.
WASHINGTON, Deo. M.-Offlclal Wash
ington Is enjoying a laugh at the expense
of Secretary of State Bryan, whose name
is being used to boost a quintet of vaude
ville performers at a local theatre. The
singers are billed for New Tear's wek,
and tha advance notice of their coming
appeared in the program of tha theatre
In the following fashion:
tub salon aiso&ms
Five Famous SoUst from tha
dreateet American Bands and OrehestrtJI
Who Last Season Co-atarrod With
In a Tour of the Chautauqua Circuit.
In the announcement tha salon singers
do not figure, as headlinars, but are) '-
most at the bottom of the bill
Stephens, of California, Saya They
Are Needed on. Pacific Coast
WASmNOTON, Dea Sd.-rUesata-tlve
Stephens, of California, will Insist
that the House naval program b ex
panded to Include 18 new submarine in
stead of eight, and eight new destroy'
instead of six, when the full membership
of the House Committee on Naval Affairs
meats next week to determine finally on
the naval program.
The California member says tuts -tra
naval vessels are needed to protect
the PaaiOB eeast.
NW YORK. Pec Si--Mrs. AUpa Sea
sett. -Who celebrated bar MtaJ IshrUidlav
anniversary Thursday at bar ism in
Wwstr a?ue, Ir the Parkyttlai aetk.
of BcedsVUrp. s4s' calebrtl CSrtfU-'i.-.
by caakwis t Chriit-a twiifty Hitin
aad aawistng bc affMiiVMUrsjsi jj
graat-gs'iiwirsiidrac with YulaUda twth.
9t IwJaiMa aa it was TO yesirs av.
LaM ANOKLK, SkMS st-HoaAl c--rM :
was ttva prlin eUeth at T. M c a
cafsaario. risjtv d.. -it-, ifcr ...
U0 persons wr e i . . , f swg uw Uj
Tbe ostrtca .. moiitftt .,,,
PfrsiMi fcr euoktag It wMttbjci
whs evr y oumnl
tn tt viijiaraUuii IX ,.-,... f
tag wf u4.

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