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- "v.. ..- ' "J' nil i r-rrr.,!:.,:.... li . . - --- . ... ,,,. i
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iNL.- .. IK rt
art-- . -,..-.
''column to a department of
V a A rdterndt order. TAe
gcMHtWS 0 orj7f.r.Ku... ..-
raTr.... am a ivtAWsi-tf ti tiart trt
fi. . . .t..l.btA tihin
jpiujr ou .,...-." -,. . ,.
tft economic ana social u
cfmrotmti o do fc "',j8
cnntiof aft td interest a multitude
of readers, ...
Jn tJteo .ofttmn will oe printed
on Fritfa. 0 cA weJ a record
o MJ doings of the various tm-
tiiaHant fraternal eoetetiM reprc-
gn!ed in Philadelphia. Elections,
appointments Of ameers, kbm
fow, significant resolutions, items
of personal interest, au wu
noted. Whenever consideration of
spate makes it necessary to omit
news it will be printed m the next
issue, if available.
' Secretaries and others who may
send communications to this office
should be careful to write names
and titles legibly on one side of the
paper only and send on tho day
after meetings or by Wednesday
of each week, addressing tho FRA
Improved Order of Red Men
h l district gathering was held In the council
SM,mlrr of Wingohocklng Tribe en the Bleep
Icy ihiath sun, representatives being present
fr"oro Tribe No. 121. IM and S3. Tho re
fineries made wor appropriate, especially those
Jof.P tt Nsws. of No. 12L Great Senior Saga-
K more Samusl II. Walker. Great Prophet lUch-
ard, a. Tongle ana ureal iTiiei 01 iiecorus
' nomil K. Donnelly ipoko on behalf of tho
Great CounclL P. S. T. C. Berwick, of Mon
.aamln Tribe, poke on the work being done
;py tfce Allied Aieoclatlon of Welt Phlladel
L phis. The degree team of the association, un
' tier the leadership of D. O. S. James Warner.
ijhia been eonferrlnir th degrees In amplified
! Ifrm. and nroducod considerable Interest.
E iThji Allied Association of West Philadelphia
f-i making axtenslv arrangement for It
K"1""" "Ui -..""..., .' ..v."-?..'
on tn sleep of tho 12th sun oc cold moon, at
-.wnlch lime Great Sachem cnaries . K. i-ass
?WIII b present Tho degree team la at tuo
"6n tV.lee'i ffia 10th .tin Tallalula Tribe.
of Wllllamaport. admitted a class of 13 In tho
nrreraca of about 00 member... Tho deatee
vrork wa performed In an excellent manner.
and It U axpocted that during the next montn
a mora wiut
be adopted.
Ooncitoxa Tribe. No. .2S. also of W"a'n"r
port, at lta lat meeting auopiea two pai
facea and received five propoeltlona. It haa
got rid of a harmful element aim la now on
i WKDaugh Tribe, o Jerlay Shore, held IU
annual ChrUtmaa gatherliS In the council
chamber last night, . when tho roemberj and
their families partook of tho ajopd thuua and
iiTl.JX ii ntVtiiinnint that had teen pre
pared by tha committee In ctmrge.
Erie Ttlbe. Ko. 2K. In etartlng a campaign
to aecura 300 now memDcra, noa appoinuu
three captains with three teami. Erie is a
city of traternal men. and if .the trlbo a ox
ctatlona aro achieved. It will mako It tha
Urgrat order In that city. Great Chief of
Xtecorda Donnolley haa furnished them 10v
literature to distribute among the ellglblo
A'dUtrlct meeting waa held in the council
chamber of Klngseaslns Tribe, of West Phil
adolphia. on th sleep of tho 21st sun. Tha
-ifh.rinr was Well attended, members bring
I- ?"". TrlbA.?"-ii.Ui ""'i.-r.?
ioiiowmi. arcafc tm v;r v . , r
t;.T-. S.Amora Samuel It. Walker, Great
Prophet Hlchard E. Tongue and Great Chief
R 435.. 'Brother S arner.j tho 'deputy great sachem
' fndamlu'Trtbcfof Weat Philadelphia, ha.
followed out Its usual custom of presenting
tmaketa containing Christmas dinners to 25
desmlng famlllea In Ita vicinity. Tha tribes
In Jlenojing- havo also madou similar dlstri
fcullonT This la not connned U the families
5? 25nbri of tho order a one, but to any In
ITS tav."bYnDm. 3 to7h. chleri of VoVord.
Jfalltb tribes and alro to the active worker.
to tbe order. The. present to the tribes con-
PaUted of a cartridge pencil wiui u
"Work" printed on the side. To all the
Cnmt cMafa, rommtttroen vjind ,??",."!
'wchfnu gold ecarfplna emblematic of the or
"irtSf. mailed, being a reward fortho work
they had none ana n j"'l nir.Jir
forts during tho remainder of tha year.
On the aleep of the 17th soma of tho board
of great chlofa and delegations from Tribes
KoafllS. 3 and 373 trailed to pngwejloriwee
nlfe a'.coenlortorehln0
P. tSSJuT Great KeepeV -of Wimpum Joe Ferrer
E tSSi nreat Sachem Johnl?. Poore. q. P ot
iC Tbomaa K. Donnelly. District uepuxy wiii
tun StewartTof No. 116; Past Sachem Louis
z?2r -Vt i. -ot Rnhftm Hamlin, df
NoT S?5. ja-eac'hed "the gospel of redmenshlp
taurht by the teneU and virtues of the
SoHgVe. duruTir the settlement of our coun.
tS- The Wave and Means Committee, com
posed of energetic member., will neip to maao
SeTatxth anniversary of tbe tribe a heap
WJlenia',Trlbe"a visit to Mingo on last sleep
wiV the best district meeting held by the
lUd Men In the city. The talk, of Great
KS, n v n-nTi rtrat Chief of Ilecords
F Tbomii K Donnally. Great Keeper of Warn
E'. wikr. Great Senior Sagamore Samuel
Walker. Paat Great Sachem William C, Con
ley and Past Bschem. Klto and Xledfern were
itJ.siu .ninviwi. chief of Ilecorda Thomas
Rmith la always on the lookout for the welfare
be the tribe and his smiling countenance is one
rt 1l. ..- ! nnutv Great Saehpm
rSlonUeth U gettlne young in the real .pint
K. Of JOYBHT l""t: ....m.h .,, H.mlnnl.
rs?is; s'."SK.s.4n tried the vtizim
tor Schuylkill Tribe. Coral street nnd lhigh
,aitnu.. u-"'- '".'rr.V..... K.7--",hl
defeat of seyerai brothers of both tribes who
i.th!ht thw eouM Play the game
. j,.i.. Mma lanuarr a at 81 Qlrard ave.
nie and the warrtora degree on the 13th
Sattatwoct.ee Tribe, ts In lta ?rth. year rf
!lstenc It haa paia . out aw in aeain
-,r.nnta alae In ll mi n. montns Tne
ft "- M- B.a .m.n p m,m in va vn
trwni u'5"? -." '."-",?". "'.'.': -r. '
(Tperfomfnl all the work of the tribe In the
butea of Pennsylvania, New Jersev and Dels-
'ware And nerorr ini cnieia ot in" ureal- iuuiv
tSl o tba T'nlted States , .
' itohave Tribe has designated the 23th aleep
ialnreent Committee has Promised to make the
ThM Fnaeral Benefit nelmburslng Association
hue paased lta experimental stage, ther. belnr
11JCOO In the reserve fund. Two hundred
war admitted to membership on December
iVy la 1 thin 13 months. There are no lla
Wlttles The charter of ueorporatlon waa
-Yin-ad hy the eourta on Deeemher 18.
Tve meitlnr of tha board of director ot
ejM Red Men s Home, nem ai toe central
rTaitarters December ID, reported good suo
SlnlrinUreatlng tribes to connect with the
Mineral Benefit Reimbursing Aaeoeia
. MAAtvad lta ehartsr ot lncoreoration
nstMlatton ts crowing every inoon now
isri membersblo of re than eloo snd
L3 i.w. than 13.000 fathom. llavtne
-siaaagetment there U no doubt of the
nf this association, which will prove to
"b a. great benefit to the trtbee of the order.
T RST ft Brown of Nairn I Tribe, who gw
IHWfaMlM- "Tl". , ., ai. ,'VU , "
.T.-.,.. s ft.A .A.tiill.a In h-InnMfi ...
aian aua-restisr different Idea of se-
w membera. On the night of the
through the efforta of Pu q. S, Rarry
aatamght. wpo u ess ins bss ener
ifr In th order, Sapana Tribe had
tha pleanre of hMtlny arcellent W'1
amtaup whom wera P. B. pr.T. nawjJ.
I. C. 8 llenrr Anmtadu. of Manalnnf Trlb-.
and D. O. B. Albert Pfeffcrkorn.Tif Tioga.
Tribe. firtn Trlbo will eend "delegation to
Tuehahoo Tribe on tho aleep. o J,B?21rt,i?l
on tha oceaiton of the reception ot the rt
eachem and (trrat chief a at that wlwarn. The
annual am trail and araemblr ,' ". JJSEiJ
era n held on the Kth, and i a ljrre "?
of tha warrlom and ehlefa Pfftlclpated Amonir
tha capturea awarded wera turkeys, ducki and
chicken. f
I. 0. O. F.
Tha Odd Fellowa' Ornhanaeo. located at
OkoMi and Chelten atenuet. H keeping open
home thli week. Thera aro two Ireea for the
boy. and. alrl.. be.ullfuIlT trimmed and with
donlan jr..throuh Mrw njer. V.-
Remind Dawen renreientatlve to the ornnan;
age from tha Grand Kncampment. presenieji
each ehlll with a .beaullfu Chrlstmaa card:
Air n. Oatley. of Henry lllsston L '-"
sented dolls and drawing elates. Mr Chns.
a -- a iwtiesi nranvita flfln AlT.
Caldwell, of fry IOdg'e. doll; and candy.
TomotTow morning, at . 10,10. In the ""O"'
tortum. tho Orphanage. Junl0,'"-??1."''?".'
deavor Society will hold special Christmas exer
cises under the direction of, Mrs. T AKnoch.
matron, and Mrs. George. Instructor. The chil
dren will render "ngs. recitations, etc., wlih
apodal music by the I O. O. F. Junior Chris
tian Fndeaor orchestra. The Chriatrras lei
son rill bo conducted by Constance Maxwell,
assisted by 15 Juniors, who will tell In rectta
tlon form why Santa Clauscomei In Decem
ber, The public are Invited to attend this serv
ice. The Willow Grove (Glenslde) npute. No.
40. on Lehigh avenue, runs direct to the
"Atthrmonthly meeting of the board of
grand officers of the Grand Jalrt. held on
Saturday last, a dispensation was granted for
a new subordmnte lodge, to be locnted at La
porte. Westmoreland County. Forty-five names
ipneared on tho petition, and there o a num
ber of applicants to bo admitted aa aoon aa
the lodge is lniUtuted.
A dispensation waa also srantod for a new
Itibekah Lodge, to, be located nt Itatanwjn.
There are 34 petitioners, and SO npnllcations
aro ready for the new lodge. Wm.F. Dixon,
the secretary of the Committee on "."Anf
Kindred Charities and a prominent rnember of
rtoxborou.h Lodge. No, 60 Is the active or
ganlrer of th a new hebekah Lodge. Mrs.
llarr K. Joslyn. O. W.. haa been commis
sioned to act aa the Instituting, oftlcer.
Amertcan Star Idge will visit Arwamea
Lodge at Gloucester. N. J.. nuarjr 7. An
entertainment will be given at 21at and South
atreeta on January 11. A "'""l"T?n,P,,,i?
of Harry Graham, James. Warnock, Jr. . r.
Sherry. Andrew Flood. Albert Holler. Franklin
A. 8mlth. James Callnn and Joseph A. Itus
iell waa appointed to arrange for attending
the celebration of the 100th anniverearv of
Odd Fellowship in Italtlmore in WW. There
will be a past grands night on February IB
nVif, It wtteh S? effort will be made to In
crease the present membership from 318 to
'(phllanthropio Lodge welcomes to lta room.
In tbi Parkway Building Odd Fellows TtalUng
the city "ho cfeslre assfslance In U'lns de
sirable quarters or accommodations, or any
other service becoming brothers of good
"'SfiSSnlan Lodge raid a ylU lq Wlldey
Lodg.: Camden, on the 18th Alter in. ou.rj
niu meeting a banquot was ""J?- "' Ad
Brother Delamater acted aa i?"t'tr0V.of
grfev.MadMdlpre.,7eS $&
"Th'e0 .xe'iif.lvd of the Grjjd Encamp-
Srant? reprcV?ntatlve. wh. w. an acttve and
Kloved worker in the encampment branch. It
Is an unfortunate circumstance that three, or
the four grand representntlea ha-.o died with-
ofTanuary It expocu to Imitate a class of
Sidherllfo? P,p
M?'reHKioua Vervlee. at the . orphs .nage. Che-
It, Harvey li the secretary o( the lodge.
Patriotic Order Sons oi America
m nLLM rammlttM of the 13th
trtct held a reception at Commandery Hall,
231 South Oflth street, on the 17tb for tho
officer, of the State camp aim . ..--.-of
the Progressive Association ot the order.
District President Harry n. Sflne presided.
After music by tho bsnd of Keystone Com-
o,S.r"pi"rtf Vt'The'coun'tTy- &'u2S2v& A
mSSito tSd "othPrunSesfrabl Jmml'g
&B CSnf NonTcffirelt
:!fS3 at the thought. General Charles H.
bivfi who K'onVe? the most active men In
KiaiSL irf uniform, is the largest command.
i ihi T State, havlnr w meraoers ji
cornea from
which haa been done, by the Irogreis-
lvn Ai
'neo'lMT btUhV.er.'ln.tl..l. of the eel.-
D2Uw".fiBffiTKS S T "fte-Wt Stat.
P2 'EnfbeShl'p0 oHh. "TtW.
Ihfi befSi not June. State Inspector liar
SDi ste Camp Building Tru'toe fleltler who
P. alab district president , of the 14th dla
.J.ff and Brother Stone alao spoke.
trThi reruiar monthly meeting of the Dls
. A. PrV.ljiTnts' Committee was held at Lawn,
dale' Srap 'nI 17? on tbe lbth Ton o the
i HrimM i Wthe district were represented and
iffrowll waa in attendance. The 'aya
a-Sfttns Committee announced that the an
'. "vSriouet ; of tbe district would be held
nuJL2eire Camp. No. 630. District Presl
SintWMlam. mW 'that State Presld.nt II. A;
XtSKi Vifl mmlsed to be present at tha next
meeting' to fb? held at frlsslnomlng Camp.
&0ncinn,tMa dUtrtct are. with one or
.rViTeotlons. tn excellent condition flnan
iTSlv 5 Te membership runs from 48 to
Ml r'ThVcamp with the West membership
?ol- . rTu.t" a a naw lease of Ufa. lumo-
haa lateir .-- i h, 0. i.,... mo,, than 20
ih.vlna ; made appUcatlon to surrender Its ehar
i.rt to aTrnembersblp ot S. with eight more
loosltfcns to ac on. In lees than two
KrVlfwl It haa received U Proposition, so
S tie meeting to salute th dag and then
ft. msi urealdanl, as la deee at the openlne
Sd "ctollni exerciea. This camp'a delegated
tSS irSg thla new proposltkia before the
State Camp at tha next annual meet ng.
'namlTaaS reports excellent Progress in the
aariTof the order and i gradual Inareasa In
mambershlp. The camp has been Instrumental
Saucing three flaJTi b the charabea of the
district wlthlrl the last few month., and ex
pects to continue acUve along these lines, ine
camp will keep open house on New J
Wve and will not cloee, until M, ?Tf!,l?
the new rear A cordial Invitation la ex
tended to all member. , ... ,.,
Camn (170 I. preparing to celebrate K" "
anniversary next year. There were IB enar
ter mombers, and for a time the ounf gffw
to be the largest In Philadelphia. .There are
now 670 member., the largest number ever on
the rolls, since the meeting; of the State
Camp 41 have been admitted, with n number of
application, on hand The camp, la Preparing
to take an acme part In the demonstration
In needing next ear. . ...
Camp 8) has elected the following officers.
President, William T. Davis, vice PT'"t1j
Walter Beeckler; master of 'orrna. JTanK
Belchneri recording secretary. . William J
Forbes, assistant recording secretary, Andrew
Crothersi financial secretary. William Blue
menauert treasurer. Josoph Ilarneyi ,"2uct0.rJ
James Shields, Inspector. John Crothere, Jr.t
outside guard, William n S. .TTrt "l
Jacob Ducr Camp 30S has In the -last year
Increased Ita finances and membership, wnicn
Is now 43S. The camp expects to l"" i""
MO mark before the end of the next term.
There are many hustlers, and the by-word or,
tho camp is "Progress " VltUora nre Invlteil
to attend meetings on any Friday evening at
ltronil and Mooro streets On January 8 tno
first dart chamolonshln rnme ot the Bth dli
trlct will bo plajed at this enmo. wWch won
the championship of inn. The second Friday
of each monlli la fixed .for entertainment
night and all aro promised a good time.
Camp No s.13 reports continued Increase in
both proposition and Initiation of eandldatM
During the present memberohlp contest. hlh
beran November 2, 1 new membera have been
added and 10 more have been tnsod. Tpe
goal set Is 500 by December 2S nnl nomlnn -tlon
for tho camp's several officers In aetja
for the ensuing term having been made. elV
tlon will bo held at next meeting. This aP
extends a hearty welcome to 0"f;;fI,nn?,n
brother, when In tha city to America Hall,
lim North 27th street on Monday evenings
Camn 342. the largot cimn In n . 13th
district, continues, to arid new members at
each meeting, nnd Brothers Sanborn Davis
and the hustling eommltteo aro making a
"of 431 report. , the,, addition of three,
caused by the good "ests" eet out In eelebfj;
tlon of the 2.1th anniversary and the nermiailve
ability of Brothers Hicks and Ktrlngneld.
Camp WH. unorr me iriiur-i r.iii ut . -:"
Woodmw anrtnellly. Is making a pace In
progress which, at Present eeemii to hs in
nnaav race In the competition for Prl".
C-np 410 shows rtnewed activity by adllnr
n?w members and doing tho work "nidsed
Brothers Barker, MoBeley nnd Cllft nre urging
alCampB?.M.t0imdS?rt1,o leadership of JaHI. and
KCamp-10lsh0Wwgn'?xcellent result, from
the work which It tins been .doing, and
Scott and Hodxes are all smiles In enjoyment
of tho reult. of tho united efforts.
Camp 740. to whom so many look tor Jin
solratlon. gave up their room to the district
JSmtnlttee trV onteftnln the offlcera of the State
Camp and the Philadelphia Progressive A
elation This camp lv,P"rrJeaAm.Wi(
churches In West Philadelphia wllh Amerl-
C"c,ampB72 I" making good progress and with
Doctor Timbert, and Brother Preston nnd
klrby will be glad to citer to a large com
panof members, and tho.r .die. on th- oc-
cnsion oi mo jiuui.-. '-"", '""vil.a-
,The 13th district committee Is working hard
('ohm the district the most nrogreseUq and
harmonious In tho city.
Torestcr3 of America
The 25th anniversary of Court Nlmrod was
celebrated by a banquet, which was largely
attended by members and their ladles and
several Sipreme nnd Grand Court officers. A
tniMt enlovable ovenlng was PfS'ii.rPii.SItS
In discussing the menu, but nlro In listening to
remarks offered br mombers of tho court nno
its guests.and .the rendition of vocal aolee
t ons Among tHe many nleoslng features wa.
the presenfvtlon of a handseme desk and ctutlr
to Brother John W. West M D . and a brau-tlf-U
gold watch to Brother Hugh H. Bora
t n t,K.- Vi.m mm rhsrtrr membera of
t! court, who have hold the no.lt ant of
nhyslclcn nnd apothecary, respectively, since Its
Pnstttutlon The presentation, were made bv
tho toaatmastcr. Brother D V II Nardl. and
the reclnlents renonded In a most fitting man
ner, giving many Interesting reminiscences of
their 23 years of continuous service.
Court West Tnrk celebrated Its 22d nnnl
vefsary with a banquet which was largely
attended. Among thoso present were Supreme
T".tee John P. Donohue. Depntv Suprcm
rhlef naneer Ijiwrenre W. .Pilot. Grand
..- itrnri.H. n nnMn Tif n Grand
Secrrtarv Bobert ComrHr. Deputy Grand Chief
nVnger Edward A Kellv Past Chief Bamnpr.
Ham- Penney. Joseph n Parker and W am
J Nagle Tho Orand Treasurer Dr. William
D Bacon, le a member of thla court and hs.
fined as He physician for a number of Years
but owing to the Increase of other duties no
declined a rcnomlnatlon for the coming vear.
and a handsomely engrossed and framed set
of resolutions expressing the regret of th;
court at losing tho sen Ices of Brother Bacon
was presented to him by Supreme Trustee
Ennohue on behalf of the court.
Court Cross Keys meeting on the 21st had
a harmonious nomination of ofljccra there
being opposition for only one office ,,hat,5I
financial recretary. tho nominees being the
Srcsent IncumlM-nt. Krother John Bangs and
Brother William rilchardsjn. The Entertain
merit Committee postponed refreshments -until
the installation of officers Janu-iry 4. A com
munlcition of condolence was forwarded to the
Past rblef Bangers Association on the loss of
Its financial socretary Brother Isaac Do
Wolf Brother WMtworth e Court Dels
ware, delivered an Iddresa befitting the o-ca-rioiiT
The special attraction at the next meet
In K will bo tho semiannual election for tho
comnlete roster of officers.
Court West Philadelphia held a class initia
tion on the ISth Instart at Wth atreet and
Wyaluslng nvenue. when the degreo team ot
Court Ilaverford initiated a cla;s ot 10 candl
ifates. A large turnout witnessed the work and
listened to add esses by Brother Donohue, past
Orand Chief Banger: Brother Cowen of Coirt
Lfecum. Brother HlaKlns of Court West Phlla.
ilelphla: B-other McBlvarr. of Court Llecumi
Brother White, captain degree team of Court
Haverford! Brother Ondenhram. of Court Ul
ster, "nd brother Nau ty. of Court Paasyunk,
The cojrt holds election ot officers tonleht,
the meeting having been postponed from Frl-
dacoiirtKBobln Hood held Us annual distribu
tion of turkeys on Tuesday evening last. A
large delegation of Court 1-onfJao nlnochlo
slayers were present. The entertainment com
mittee wlshea all Foresters to attend the
monthly dance given by Court Pontlao and
Court : Ilobln Hood, at Convenient Hall 23d
ird Federal streets on the lust Friday of
every month. Novelties will be given to all
ladirr present. Important business and elec
tion of officers are announced for the 20th
Court Columbia dispense, with the meetings
of December 24 and Jt. A special meeting
will no an "" . .wco u, c..u. u.
officers, physician and druggist The com.
mltteo will then announce on what date tha
Jnnlverwry of the court will be held. The
rrzular weekly meetings will be continued on
Court Seymour' has elected the following
officer. C. B.. Geo. Parkhouse; S C. It.. S,
r-alne. treasurer, John Suttle; financial sec
retary. J. P- "I1" recording secretary, H. R
tloffman. senior warden. Jos. Shaw: Junior
wJlden, J. J. McDevlttl Sr, B , Jt- Calnei Jr.
Tt II Davis; lecturer. Fred Woodcock,
trustee. C. IM Blefkln. Doctor McDevItt was
aaaln elected court physician and Brother
Toolla. druggist. During tne last six montna
I".. '.,:.... ha ..nllr la arablna tin fni. m
substantial Increase In membership for tha
S.w vear. After the Installation of officers
January 5 a repast more elaborate than
..nil will be served by the social committee
r-ourt Hamilton nominated at last meeting
Jamea J. Noon for .financial secretary for the
twentieth time without opposition. In food
and welfare, the members were addrsssed by
a" H Qlttlngs, Jtmes B. Luttrell, Josenfa
:.V iui ui.rri McGuIre and Old Ch ef win
i.m. whe- organised the court. Chas MeCrea.
clt.. stated that he felt thankful hi tern.
m ovr and pleased because he bad a very
harmoruoua bw.
Jr. 0. TT. A. St.
Franklin Council. No. 1, ot Brooktyn, held
a claae Initiation, and 83 were) added to the
roster of that council. The Initiatory work waa
done by tba crack degree team of Franklin
Council, under the direction of Andrew J
Ruppel. The gueati ot the, evening were Na
tional Councilor A. D. Wllktn, Put National
Councilor Stephen Collins, both ot Pittsburgh:
National Secretary Martin M. Woods, Past
.... fminoUor Thoraas It. Walters and Na
tional Representative U. A. Ma ill I, 0 this
city all ef whom mada short addresses on the
Jiaattlons and prohoects of the order.
Enterprise Council. No. 1. of Haverhill.
Uaaa.. neld IU 44d anniversary, and It wis
node a. rally night for all the councIU In New
TSBftand and a recaption to the national coun-
ellor. A ronptlon wlut held In th Mayor
office for the Invited guest, and afterwarfra
meeting in the large auditorium, mors i than tW
being present.. The guests were National Codn
ellor A. D. Miller, Past National Councilor
S'ephen Coll ns, bo(h ot Pittsburgh ii .National
secretafy M M. Woods, ot Ph ladelphla and J
H Noyee, secretary of the National LeJ,a. ""
L.iiunilir;e iirpmcuu.u.va !?.. -;...,
every New Rngland State. Thla council he; I
the distinction of having among It. "
ihreo psat , naUofial councilor., floor;?. ,ft
Ortenman, J8S3 and lM3t Oeorge H Bartlet
1R90 and 11, and-W. L. S. Gllcreast, 1900
"At 'thUr. O. IT. A. M Temple. mUl-J"",;
Md . there was held tha Wgeat class Irdlatlon
ever seen In Maryland .(more lJns"'i,An,.
the work wa. exemplified by, the team of Mary
land Council. No. 5 (one of the oldest in tho
State) before one cf the largest audience.
ever seen in this city.
rer seen in tnis city. .. M .,n
Premium, have been paid for new councils
aa follows! Pennsylvania, Si west virgin.., .
Kentucky, 8i North Carolina, li Ohio, 2; Vir
ginia. 1.
Knights of the Golden Engle
Al the regular meeting of Sterling Cast,
No. OS. Tuesday evening, the following offi
cer, were elected! Noble chief, A. P. Jonesi
vice chief, Isaac Metcerj air herald, Edward
Street: high priest. J. Oraham i ';"'
hermit, John Kunkell clerk of exctiequ'r, Os
car B. Mover: keeper of exehequer. William
Jl Dempsey: tnaeter of records. IMward W,
Bartholomew! .representative to the .. fna
Castle, IMward W. Barthnlonew! a!ln,U';
Oscar fl. Moyeri trustees. Hatry L. Forr, El
wood D. Moyer and Thomaa Burgess.
Order Independent Americans
Mantua Council, No. S3, at 8038 Lancaster
avenue, waa conducted at last meeting by
Councilor Hunberger and Vice Councilor Eck
man Addressee were made by Then. I .,
George B. Cole. A. H. Wagner and Howard
A Hoffman. The annual membership club
banquet will he held In February,
Knights of Pythias
Becent visitors to the Grand Loilge office
have been Past Grand Chancellor II. Oscar
Kline, of Pittsburgh! Past Grand Chancellor
Thomaa & Thompson, of Philadelphia! Past
Orand Chancellor David P. Beese, of Ply
mouth; Deputy Orand Chareellor C. w. T.
Hoblnson, of Philadelphia, and Deputy Ornnd
Chancellor George Zlegler, of Montgomery
MSnr lodge, have been tlve In Chrtetmaa
affairs and prepared to look after the widows
nnd children ot deceased members and the
poor in the various neighborhoods.
The ersnd chancellor. Mark L. Garrett, oi
iDnlanare, reports some progress in nia uo-
Brolher W. W. May, of Connecticut has teen
visiting the Pythlans of ie State. Bj
raum. Jr.. keeper of records i and 1 sea , from
(Harrlsburg, was attending o his official dutlea
In msttera In thla city during tjA.wV01. fn.
Bouthwark LodgenomlMted offlcera for the
anaiiiHs- -t-aT.ne nn -niea-gnn-r izvriiiiin a.--
rear on Tuesday evening lf.-. "J0
rank of race en two nd'a,,''?i
ch the Social Order of Blags held
tiauii f -cus
eonforred rar
ltrmonhly gVoxIng. rubbing the , velvet .from
m.m .ihtali Um
the norns ot severs; ';,. 'if-, nlnochlo
freshments were being foiled the Pinocnio
corner got busy. The Enertalnment Com
mittee Is sparttig no effort to make the meet
logs interesting, tho members being ever ready
to dole out good fellowship i and a PffiJ
hand. Wllh rubber quoit., pinochle nna ciisck
ers there I. no Idle time epent. BV-ning
e,eDc,0ntheLOfo1fowin,g .rS'.'FS
Mojer Stelner: outer guard, Abraham Harris,
trustre, Mayer Stelner.
Boyal Arcanum
The degree team contest for which the vari
ous Philadelphia teams have been compel ng
for prlxes .valued at J10O. and donated by the
Grand Regent Arthur B. Eaton. Is now ended
Tlie members are anxiously waiting de
cisions of tho Judges to J'-un the' I ate. The
contest has been one marked witn great i
uros" the, attendance at the meeting has
shown In somo cases an Increase pt -:u" per
cSm "and nSver less th iBO, .The last of tho
SS'gfl PwSn0nChDee. ?&ncll .JS
i?"..rS i editable manner Many vis
itor, were present to greet tho Chester boys,
as veil as the Grand llegent, who comnll
mented the team upon Its splendw ahovjlng
it its first offense as contestora The Judges
at ttls affair wore Brothers Charles Gold
Jmlth. of Continental Council : Theodpro W.
Wallace, of Ionic Council, and Dr. F II. Bell,
'J Jiaverford Council A lunch was senct
Tha mlie degree team of Chester Council con
2Sta of lleiSSS ; Walton A. Jones. Vlco Ilegent
"I lltlam H. Bowen Past Ilegent SamuM W.
Forivthe. Orator Charles B.ljcwls. Chaplain
ohostcr A Baker. Ou de Walter, M,, Jones.
Warden Harry E Woodrow and kneeling
B5rcanla:narCo,un1c"imadded two more to It.
rolir on December 10. Thl. give. Arcanlan
Council the handiomi. net increase for UH
of 20 per cent Another aurprl-o was sprung
on the Philadelphia Arcanlans at thla meot
frur by oikdale Council doing Ste work of
"5a "ll J. rrn In letter tierfectlon. The
conipiiiii". --; ; , ,m-' h-, nnnther
crack ,
teams or I'nuaiiciDnia
., i. k eiii rnr nnnnra.
Kcgent John
n Mtseot deserves sneciai mcniion
Continental Council held a council smoker
at the headquartsrs. Mil Columbia avenue.
Sn December 17. A stirring address by the
and regent entitled. Halslnrj Men and
fiai.ing Dollars." was one of the best talks
heard Tn this council. The meeting adjourned
to Dutch lunch, emoxor and vaudeville entor
tSlmnH.tf Brother Goldsmith, fine hand wa.
reflected In the talent secured for the occa
.ton which wa. strengthened by the able
assistance of Brothers Thallelmer and Levy,
"ii contributed no .mall part of the evening.
'rTl'oga Council wa. honored on December
17 by Haverford Council degree team Never
before have Tioga Council membera seen the
Jjseric of the ritual conferred tn a more master
ful manner upon any candidate;. Secretary
5i F Gechler expects a verdict of 100 per
cent for the Haverford team for this work.
Tirief remarks and a luncheon followed.
Th most important 1U14 meeting of any
council in the juried ct on of Pennsylvania
tSik P ace in the'hall of Philadelphia Cojncll.
No all. on Tuesday evening. Aside from It.
rnsnv attractions more member, were Initiated
i?t this meeting than on any almllxr night for
a long time as thla Is the last meeting in
the cfntest with Corinthian Council of New
ark The Philadelphia boy. feel like victors,
hut the result cannot be ascertained until the
put iiic if-' . ,.- nttanrlanfa of manv
ini it. ."v ..- - - -.-: . - ..
lit oc Junuaii. . ,....-..---.-. ...
:r.,i.homes encourageu tne pia guara
old guard In
T.I. i.. .V.& nra,mrA Of t&A 1X1
. i.. .V.& nraaancfi or tno uarnaiion
aub wearing their club emblems added con
ifiHSaMn TVest to tho occasion. . The honor, ot
l1"," the rltnall-rtls work at thla lm-
iwrtiint occasion fell to tho degree team of
flaJerlordl Council, with the Carnation mem
bera MllnB as assistant guides. Thlrty.flva
candidates applied for admission to tba coun
cil? representing a fine cUss !f healthy young
men; Similar meeting, ara expected in tho
nnira'rdUCouncll. No. 1017, on Tussday eve
i2l JScted the following offlcera: Bepresen
ri?lve to the Grand Council, Cljarls. S Htm
Si IwrlghtV alternate. I. D, Maliej regent, V.
nJo Bolliau: vice regent. E. O. Thraai aee
Rt?rv I. D Malse. collector. Samuel New-.11-
ireaiurtr. Charles S. Hlmmelwrlght: ora
tori PT 8, ilcCaffrey: chaplain .Bobert B.
r.liTV.U.7ASolpVri.nM. Omtor p' B.
Mccaftroy ? & SSSISSS? "mE
."USh.' Smith M XckT Eddie Abbott
KemPtSnr.en.'lSmutl Niwell and Prof'.
Harold II. PCatf.
Artisans Order of Mutual Protection
Oak Lane Assembly, at lta annual meeting
on Tuesday evening last, admitted 13 new
members, making a total of -43 for the year,
which la remarkable work for an assembly ot
thla sl? and. It will no doubt wln tar them
tna prOaUCSrr Uiunw vwa w uaat li-
cellent master artisan. ...
Brother John B. Tialnor wa. elected recorder
of Weal Assembly on Monday evening last.
Thare waa a three-cornsrsd contest for this
position and three ballots were require.) to
4,Otd"lim.nl:ghta'T-.. csldbratJ Inn.idon
Aisembly on Monday evsnlng last. The feat
u of the evening waa the presentation, of a,
,.rtrilt of tha most axcsllsnt cashier, A. R.
FiSdinuVWn, to the assembly , Brother Under
Vow. lithe "grand old man" of ArtlsanshlP.
iS' wai initiated lait,," Asa.mbly"lit
16.78 withdrew In 1S to become a charter
member of Proneaalve Assembly, and In 187
Srianlsed Haidon Aaaembly and became tbe
S?,t master artisan. He served tt aesem
ki! many year, aa cashier and faaa been an
airnisf and unUrlng worksr. Artisan Hall
in which the asserobjy holds it. rosetlnga. wa
tullt by Brothsr Underdown for the use of the
.riimUy. and la tin Onset lodge room In use
assatii.... . ,, Tha Drascntatltri waa
SadeTiy F M. B M. A Charlsa A. Blchard-
siuthwestern Asesmbly came to the front
with the substantial class on Thuraday evs
nlig, Deeaafaer 17 A, delegation from Will
iam Patten Aasembly paid them a fratarnal
visit and brought a, candldats tor Initiation.
&v.-fc-? 2 JfcK &$&, K&n
KHhSta'taotfiBr workerTn Kr'$S?.
and la widely known throurrbou' JhJ HJ,
tatlon Ho ft frequently seen In the rioue
aeremblle. throughout thi city and nearny
towi s
Santa Clou. Bald a visit to h.;nilar!r" .;
a.a . -at
the member, of Harmony
..imhlv on Tues
aay evening last, -mere w"n .VTi a'ifiV hs
panyof lltfl on who received the aHJ'aDJ
hart to offer. A Chrlstms. tree irfor""- lns
There i
.. a llwalV COm-
room ami an entertainment P""!'iS:T. -t
One hundred and eighteen new immi were
added to the roster of (lefmantown AfsemDiy
on Saturday evening W, making a ljj,'h,'ji
283 for the year fhla energetle and amo ti
oua assembly plan, to hold another meeting
on tha 10th Inst. ,, .. nr-
St. John-a Assembly, a Mmpejiwr,' oer
mantown Assembly, has admitted IRS new
members at two meeting, held this i monttij
and they, too. will hold an adjourned meet
in en the 30th to further Increase their mem
bership. When Master .Artisan Brother w, w.
Pollock, at the. beginning of " rMii lnll
tute.1 a. his slogan 1BO0 members i by l"1.
which meant an increase of over BOO .for .tne
year, It waa looked upon as an enthusiast s
dream. St. John's membera' optimism and
hsrrt work were successful in aecurlng "'
dent number and on Tuesday evening tne
membership of St John's Assembly was "
A mighty shout from the throats of W.,nm;
bera present went up when thU fact wa.
announced. . .... ,i.,..
December, 19L1, produced 14T new Artisan..
Brother ll gglns asked that each J"on'J,n9t
the presnt year would better the wTPonJ;
Ing month of tbe preceding year and up i to
December this wa. done, but eyen he hardly
thought It possible to better 'h? mark rpr
December, tt the present wrltirg alreadT
4.10 men have been admitted and another .w
aro expected. Thla nil! bo tho greatest year
work ever done.
Fraternal Patriotic Americans
An official visitation was made last Satur
day evening to Flpersvllle Council, No. 620.
Jr. P. S. Brother Brwln Getter and D. B. a
Charles Hand, of Easton, Stato Council Sscre
tary Brother Georgo 8. Ford and State Vice
Councilor William 8. Bheneman, of Philadel
phia, being the principal visitors and rpcaker..
No fHo Is assuming the same attitude as the
various councils, namely, to help aacure tne
great Increaao looked for and for which the
best efforts of tho members of thla organltnllon
are being exerted. . .. .... nt
Last Sunday evening various council, or
thl. city attended two flag presentations. L.VJfJr
vary Methodist Episcopal Church, 48th atreol
and Baltimore avenue, and Tenncnt rresby
terlan Church. C2d and Arch streets. Although
weather conditions wore bad a yery creditable
showing waa made at both. ..nofer,:i2"rIw"
made to tho fact that Brother ItoraceD.Gaw
of Old Glory Council, No. 10, has brought thla
beautiful Idea from ihe extreme West, of pre
senting Old Glory to the various churchea.
A very pleasant and agreeable visitation wa.
made by the various councils of Camden to
Diligent Council, , No. 4 last Friday evening
Tast Stato Councilor Brother John It. McKel
vey. after reviewing tho remarkable prog-Tsa
of the council, presented to PC. Brother
Charles A. Faust a handsome rocking chilr
for 25 year, of consecutive service aa nnanciai
Loyal Order of Moose
The theatrical benefit given by Philadelphia
Lodge this week, although not coming uo to
the expectations of 'the- committee, waa never
theless fairly well attended by the member
ship. Bert Baker, tho principal comedian of
the show, la a member of (he Detroit; Lodge
.. ii,.. o,,,i ihrntiahnut tho performance.
hore hi. references to topics and .oersonnKes
connected with tho order and the local lodge
wero received with npproval. The benefit lastea 1
fo- e ght nerformancea. and no single one im
th-so wa. selected for an of Octal visitation
from the local lodge, hence then i wa. not .the
usual displays of enthusiasm thnt generally
accompany events of this character. Tne
pronts rising from the series of functions will
bo applied to the building fund J P connection
with the $150,000 nddlllon to the home of
Lodge No. IU. on North Brood street .
Many n home was made happr this t-nrist-rose
through tho bpnevolcnco of Philadelphia
lOodge. Scores of elabnrato Chrl'tma. hnakets
were rent to the famlllea of Poor or afnictsd
members. Not a slnelo anpllcatlon. which,
upon lmcstlgatlon. us shown to be worthy,
was refused, nnd if tho membership could
have heard tho grateful aentlmenta which jaero
de-lred to be com eyed to the lodge through
th.rolljf tewrti1rh32aLdwnt7,1wlffi0ll
lodge that puts Into practical operation tho
virtues which the ritual teaches.
Knights of Columbus
Tho Dining Club of Knights ot Columbus will
glvo the usual monthly dinner at headquarters,
1338 Glrard avenue, on December 30.
On Now Year's Day the members will aa
eemblo at 1.45 p. m., at 20th and Race streets,
n-A ma-h in ft hnrltf to the Cathedral Chapel.
whero a recoptlon will be given to his Orace,
Archbishop I'renaergast.. jsnm a. iiianu,
supremo knight, will make an address to the
Archbishop on behalf of the Order.
On Sunday, January 3, nt 1 p.m., the
Knlxhta will glvo a dinner to tho 151 orphans
of St. JoYeplfe Orphan Asylum. 700 Spruce
street, and at 3 p. m. the orphans at St Vin
cent'. Home, 20th nnd Baco streets, will glje
a reception to the Knights In return for the
dinner provided for these orphans on Thanks-
gOn"sunSa'y evening. January 3, lion. Hamp
ton L. Caraon, former 'Attorney General, will
lactuVa to the Knlghta of Columbus In. tho
auditorium of the a Iris Catholic High School,
at 19th and Wood streets. The tltlo of Mr.
Carson, lecture will be Pennsylvania." Phil
adelphia Council will furnish n musical pro
gram and the chairman of the meeting will
be bupreme Knight James A. Flaherty. On
the same evening Michael J. Slattery. Esq.,
will ffctiir. Tat Stf Elisabeth. Parish Hall . dd
nnd Berks streets, on "Mexico." Mr. 81at
terv has recently returned from Mexico City
and ha. passod through the many revolutions
In Mexico during the last fow years. On Janu
ary 0. at Commodore Barry1 headquarters.
Front and Norrla streets. Mr. Blattenr will re.
neat his lecture. These lectures will be under
the auspices of Philadelphia Chapter and ad
mission la free.
The Grand Fraternity
While the meeting of East Park Branch, No.
14, waa In the nature of a business session,
with the election of officers for the ensuing
lx months, the Installation of these at the
January meeting will be followed by a social
session: The officers-elect are: Commander,
tinward Holllngsworth: vice commander, Sam.
del Feldman. regent. Paul smith: marshal,
LI iwood C. Sharpe: trustees. .Harry B. Kill
tore, Henry M. Paxon, elective member tn
Executive Committee. ..Samuel Feldman. and
alternate Isaac M Miller. Joseph J. Louis,
fecorder! and Isaac M. Miller, treasurer, were
elected to succeed themselves.
Philadelphia Branch. No. 4, held n Chrlst
maa celebration, with n large tree, beautifully
decorated, placed ut ono end of the big as
eembly room, while festoona of holly and
Uurel were draped about At the proper mo
ment the doora were thrown open and Old
tenia with a half doxen assistants, came In
lofted down wlTh presents. These were dis
tributed to the members, with caih one', lit.
.ii rilculiarltles or fads In view, As the
wratri w"re removed and the gentle Ultle
"knock?" expoeed roar, of laughter greeted
th? reclolents. A handsome sliver loving cup
was presented to Fraler Anion, tvooarure as a
token of retard upon hbthaWnir completed 2S
vrs of membership. The presenUilon waa
Sad! by Vice President 8, D. C. Hay..
Oftlcers-etect wero installed by Superintend
... u w Itiliil aa followa: Past Com.
VHAir aeorgeW. Arnold. Commander Harry
ILnE?IklneceCommanderIlaymond Kra
it.r TtJient Albert Carter. Treasurer Joseph
Hi,,1, "tucorder 1). J W. Gibson. Marshal
fffilll'T ivevOulde Edward B. Lnkena. Guard
llSrry Etarf. Selitry vVllllani Fisher Trus
Se. Thomaa Burns, A. HarUn Elliot and
Mark Freas. A banquet, at which all mem
here oi thla brunch who have been prtcent
foiat leaJt nine meetings during the year
Will be i"tltm of honor, Is being plsnnsd for
mi1omBrnchnan7 Industrial Branch are
ola-m vSe rSSmblned meeting for Januarj 18.
V huffst luncheon will be one ot the features,
and sevsral vaudeville teatute. will appear
on. tnevrvs'-";-. -.,-.,.. -i. - hon0i.rv
iri:y,w,llItakV PT.S; somTtlm. U Ju'.
JJt wbX a nimlir of eligible candidates
fr bl weired by Initiation,
Order of 0-ood Tenvplara
a.. " I
Counsellor, Rev Hmeraoa IT. Jones of ML
Jewett. Orand Secretary Edward Coleman,
If of rnnaaeiDnn. "nw, .'1. .inwr.
inorenoe A Janney. of Phlladslphla. Orand
Buoenntendent Juvenile Work. Oeorge D. Tur
ner n Philadelphia. Orand Treasurer Harry
f, ' Utile MarshalW Del , ast Orand
Chief Templar J K , Jlauck Philadelphia,
hrlnd VesUtsnt, Secretary Mary, T Lilt e.
HIHUIUW ,.-.l. ". "l'f.imEa
A. Food Wilmlntton. Del j Orand
T lllta -t Ktt-Muin Wllrn.rirtnn Tt-t
Orand Sentinel. William Sharn. PhlT-delphlai
Orand Messenger. Luoy Wilson Philadelphia:
Zudora Is left an orphaff at ati i tarly (J;
Her father Is killed tn a gold ntne ne
has discovered. .Half nth0V.'"'-J,Mr.ri?
Ing of the.death of her husband. Zudora.
mother- light-rope walker with r. c rcua
Is seised wlfti vertigo, fall, and "?,,.
Zudora, and the fortune from the mine
which later grow, to be worth 20,0WjWw.
are left to the iruardlanship of Franx
Keene., a circus trAn and iln5,r0Li;;
Zudora'a mother, Zudora, ,g'T'" ,nrn,ig,
of great beau , teaches the age oris.
The uncle, who has set himself ;"
Hindu mystlo and is known a. Hasssm
All. decides In his greed that Z JhU
die before she comes Intp, Po"etlon of ner
great fortune, .o. that ft may be lett to
film, the hixt of kin. and he pMi'V.nda
the glfl toTeave her money In his nsnaa
three; "tar. longer and to say nothing to
any one about the fortune. ..
Haesam All sees an ,b,eB, '"- a
scheme. In the person of John -TgUerJ
yotng lawyer, for whom zudora "A"",1
5 fancy an" he commands the girt to put
the min out of her mind. Storm eomes
to ask Itassam All 'or the hand of w.
piece. At flrst the crystal t"r wl". G,I
Isten to the proposal, but f.udora Inswte
that If she cannot matTy Storm .he win
"WeirweT' said Itassam All. "If tou
take such a stand. 111 compromise. Solve
inv next 20 cases and you can m'T,r,n"S;
fall ln a single case and you must re-
""Sdori'uil'nB the knowledge gained .from
association wfth her uncle, Jnravels two
baffling cases, both at the risk of her life.
storm receive.. a letter from i his mother,
who Uvea In the South, Informing Ijijn
that her colored help waa A'clng from her
estates because en a hill back of her house,
night atter night, thero appeared the heroia
form of n skeleton hand with a 1""JESI
In the pslm aa if made by an enormous
bullet. Storm goe. home. to HnrR.Vi..,h2
mystery and writes. lo Zudora to corns to
hi. aid. Hassam anileavor. to dt.suade her
from going. . ,
Zudnra goea and become, nearly con
vinced that Hassam Is. at the bottom of
tha mystery. The hand appears euddenlj
on the side of tho house All the help
leave but a housemaid and a chore-poy.
Btorm .uspecta a half-witted youth of
causing the mysterious hand to appear on
the mountainside, and, moreover, believes
that Hassam Alt haa Inspired the youth.
Storm return, to the city and. going to
All', mansion, accuse, him of ""'"? 1"
trouble. All's servant trlea to kill Storm,
but Is frustrated by Zudora, who hurls a
vnro ki mo servant.
JOHN nuwr Hassam All from him and
faced Zudora.
"I am sorry, dear,, to havo a rumpuB
UkeUhts: but I lost my temper."
"And porhaps I lost mine." said Hnfi
sam All, recognUlnir the need of a bit
of diplomacy. "I had forbidden him tha
house Zudora. Ho pushed his way In
with throats of police."
"You wero wronff, John," said Zudora,
with no small diplomacy herself. "Thero
Event Will Bo Marked by Cabaret
The 16th annual Charity Boll for the
benefit of tho Hebrew Orphans' Home
will bo held In Mercantllo Hill, Broad
street above Master, on Monday night.
Tho benodt this year will be on a far
more elaborate scale man any ncia in
tho past. A ball and a cabaret enter
tainment will be conducted slmultane-
.....1., A mimhaa nP nrnfesalonalS haVO
uuoi. ..w...M w. . -
volunteered their services to mako tno
cabaret a success.
Tho grand march will be led by Joseph
Blberman, master of ceremonlts, and Mrs.
Blberman. They will be followed In tum
by Mr. nnd Mra. Max S. Apt, Mr. and
Mrs. Max Hereon, air. ana airs, -nax ..
Sladkln. Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Belbor, Mr.
.i T.r Tnaanh Tlnsprifeldt. Mr. nnd
Mrs. Harris J. Cohn, Mr. and Mrs. Mor
ris Apt, Mr. ana Mrs. unaries itnao, -ur.
and Mrs. Morris Haber and the other of
ficers and patrons and patronesses of the
The list of patronesses Includes:
.'dames Meadamea
B. Abrams B. U Lovlnthal
A. S. Belber
II. M. lallf
u, uuensoaura
I. Urod , , '
J. Ulumenthal
II. Clair
Myer Cravls
A. H. Caplan
A. It. Cohen
Nathan Cramer
J. Dombrow
Harry Daroff
A. Falkenhelm
Benjamin Flnbcrg
I. dartenlaub
William alaser
Jacob Greenspan
K. Qlttelmacner
Charles (Joldman
Myer Ilorovltx
Jacob A. Karr
--, ..ipsnuia
Max Slarkovlts
David Markovlt.
Ch. Mllgram
Harry Miller
I. I'erlberg
M, I'olln
Charles llaab
J. Ilelnlsh
J. Itosen
Joseph flnsenfeldt
Bernard Robblns
Charles Itpcovlta
Samuel Sacks
Samuel Schleln
Harry Sacks
Ab. Schneeberg
D. 3 Soltman
A, Bsltier.
Albert Stein
II. Tuttelroan
Eellg I. Wolfson
II 1 InaSur
W. Kls&ansxy
Sol C. Kraus
Joseph I- Jiun
F. Lesser
m, i- Mn twrmni favorite amonrf the
sailors and marines at tho Philadelphia
Navy Yora toaay mm wnuiwun -. .
Morgan, youngest of his rank In the
navy It was Captain Morgan who raced
the battleship Minnesota from Vera Crux
to this port In order to get his men home
tn time for Christmas, and he won. Hun
dreds who had contemplated a dismal
Christmas at sea were ,able to dash homo
for at least a few hours.
The holiday spirit will continue at the
navy yard until after New Year's. Then
the real rfgld training of tho advanced
reserve base will be taken up, with all
tho lessons taught by tho European war
to bo learned thoroughly.
Deputy International Chief Templar. F. M.
W0."of,thDe'lSo,.tMprea,,lng event, of the put
month waa the exercises Incident to cele
brating th 60th anniversary ot tha Initiation
talo Phlladslphla Lodge No. 18 of Past lnter
irl.innsl Vice Templar Annie Johnson Wsleh
Vin Initiated on November 14 IM. she
G never Ken out of office during this en
tire Serl-Jd.niler record of BO year. work and
achievement has been such at remarkable and
honorable one that Oood Templars from all
K?ta of the globe bad a share In the preren
PAion ana varied program. Address; of con.
atulatPon were made, by Grand Chief Tern
5if Ellwood i Nichols. Orand Secretary Edward
R-AL-r. J?. National Vice Templar Florence
a ' janney. Grand Treasurer jiwrrr a. j-nti
ond Superlntendsnt Osorg. IX "lrner an
Sraidertnlendsnt Osorg. IX -Turner and
pl No. HI, undtr th dirtctton of
TlOli ,F7. A" Vil s-VtaM.. T -wail
ilitt "Sid u5a 'n h rtsVnuTTchWr 7h.
Ambers ot North Star Lod. No. J34 on De
cetnbefsa. it St Paurp Church. Broad and
VTPoaVM'VUughout the JuriadlcUon ar.
J&laiiOin.ra. tp,vtba neUtloo for National
consmtitlonal Profilb tlon. and are forwarding
them to the national superintendent of tem
pr'ance .sgUlallon, Edwin C Dinwiddle.
VTbSlScta0radlr!avUn Orand Idg. of Pennsyl
vnnla and Delaware held their annual sea. Ion
I, warren and showed gains ln numerical
Ztreneth The executive officers elected were:
Orand ChletTempUr. C. A. Hallgren. Orand
Is nothing to prevent my eeeltisr ou
when and whero I will; but this Is my
uncle's house. He has ft perfect right to
deny you admittance if ho so wishes."
John swallowed hard, He was not ex
pecting a rabuko from such a quarter.
He npoloalaed again and left the hoiiie.
At his apartments a telegram awaited
him. The spectre had returned, nnd the
farmers wero patrouinB mo tuuiu- wiui
shotguns. A -carrier pigeon actiUatnted
Zudora with tho fact. Tho next morning
the two left for the south. ZudoTa hor
John referred to tho row with Hassam
' "Let me work hlone. The sight of yoti
may scare away this boy," she said.
"Alt right." ho ngrjed; but with the
mental reservation that ho would follow
her and remain within call.
Zudora found Jimmy Bolton i and
Jimmy Dolton found her, much to her
discomfort and alarm. Sho had gone far
opposlto to where the spectre hand
Usually appeared; nnd Bhe discovered In
a window of a shack, on tho opposite
hill, the Cyclopean eye sho had hitherto
hnntad fnr In vnln.
Without tho slightest hcsltance she
sought the shack, knocked Intrepidly, and
was suddenly dragged In and securely
bound, in the dim light she could see
mat Bolton was not untouched with
Storm had promised not to follow; but
she never went out at night without his
bring somewhere near. Ho,ftoo, had seen
Iho llnshlng eye A brief tableau of
Zudora struggling ln tho doorway was
enough. Ho was nearly as mad as poor
Jimmy Bolton. He used tho follow rough
ly and left him exhausted and thoroughly
coned In a corner, and then liberated
Zudora. , . . .
In the attlri of tho Bhack was a giant
stereoptlcon, capable of throwing a con
centrated ray n thousand yards or more.
rm. ainia nn I ne fori tvna roatlv nn X-ray
exposure of Bolton's hand, John threat-
a , ..l.tn' nn,l rtrnn nffnrpri mnnav
.- n.llnn IS tin Tvnulrl rnnfflSR who had fv
act Tilm up to this trick. But Jlmray If
refused to divulge his secret. Ho feared
the threats of Hassam All far more than
tho threats of his victim.
A week later the crops were being- har
vested r and Zudorn and John returned
to the city, each secretly wondering what
tho next ordeal would hold for them.
(To bo Continued)
Copyright. 1011, by Harold MacOrath.
Gifts Worth $15,000 Are
Brought to the Homes of
the Pobr by Public Ledger J
and Evening Ledger A 'tos
Supposo you had been a tiny little 1c K
yesterday morning, who all your Hto-
tlmo had been hearing things about a
wonderful pld gentleman who had his
home somewhere up 4n the heavens some
place. Suppose you had. been told -how ,
ho came down from the skies every 21th
of December laden with toys for all tho
little boys nnd slrls on this earth who
had managed to be aa good as sugar
candy throughout the year.
And suppose your prayer had been an- .
swered! Imagine your Joy and Inex
pressible happiness!
This la exactly what happened to thou
sands of youngsters yesterday morning. (
Thousands who had never in their little
lives received 80 much as a doll baby
na nn inal-mlflcnnt tov awoko yesterday
morning to find a beautiful Joyous Christ
mas present by their side, tho flrst testi
mony they had ever had that Santa was
a reality and not a myth after all.
Tho Public iXDOElt Santa Claus Club
was responsible for tho preserving of
their Illusions. Into the alleys and tene
ment districts of Philadelphia and thence
Into the overcrowded humanity-crammed
rooms of this city's poorer districts went
115,000 forth of Christmas gifts conveyed
thero by 68 Public LEliaEn and Eveh
incj LEDQEn automobiles. '"To the chil
dren from the children," that was how
the game was worked.
From all parts of tho city, and from the
State, too, and even from New York,
toys and dollies were sent to the store
house at CM Chestnut street when the
Editor of tho Public LEDciun'a Children
Page sent out the appeal For two weeks :
the gifts poured In like an avalanche and
MOO unfortunate children who would not
have had so much as a o-cent tin horn
otherwise received a package of gifts
which sent them into ecstasies of gles
and made the 25th of December a never-
to-be-forgotten one In tho meagre, calen
dar of their happy days.
, 1
Superintendent Juenlle Work, John K.
Htrandberg: Orand Counsellor. Alent I.und-
mark. Orand Becretary Karl M Hallgren, and
iiepuiy anicrut.i.ionai i.nicc --empiar u w.
The national organiser. August Brodln, of1)
aiinnesoua, is in i-nuaaeipnia ana wui wsu- .
tute sevsral Scandinavian subordinate lodiss.
Knights ot Malta.
Quaker City Commandery Installed It third
class ot S3 novices on the 11th. This com
mand.ry la only four years old, being the
baby commandery In the Phlladslphla district.
In its ranka ar. four prominent clergym.a
of tha . clt and sevsral other professional
men. At the last class the Boor work wa
under the direct charge of the assistant re
corder. Sir William J Drain, Jr., aa degree
master. The ritualistic -work was exemplIA!
by the rrand recorder. Sir John II Hoffman.
who also occupies the nosltlon of sunreme in
structor The .recorder. Sir William A Orel;
alnger. Is arranging for the Installation of
another class on the third Thuraday of Mlrci. '
to take care of those who were unabla la be
resent last time, and the outlook seams to
idlest that this will be tha UrgesrclaM
ever Installed tn the history ot thla commanL
It haa also adopted as one of lu customs thf
attendlng divines services once a month In "
ens of ih churches of lta clarrvmen. Tatal
meeting wa th comtnandery's lOOtb couv. fj
i .mi iiiii in ism's ii mi.atiiis mi iiwis f'"1 " " ' ' "'
tES.S.1 Ml St JH teaaQQLSn
I Wr& &'-mmtrsm . . Z'V eK 1 Jf0
ft III -' mid )lll fl f ii im I II III I I inwniiaii .i mifl ,, ' , tw., srv M e
mvr " in minis win hi mill m

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