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Mg baseball deals to
be completed this week
ChaVJey p.obm'S Fate Yet Unsettled Yankee Sale Expected
tci Be Consummated Today Barnstormers Meeting
With Continued Success in thc West.
With the ccptlon ot the Walter Johnson case this week may see the end of the
many baser-all upheaval which havo shaken the Armament ot the national past me
for the laat two months. Tho matters yet to be decided are largely of local im
portance, having td do with the disposition of Charley Dooln, tho decision of Hans
tobert and the selection of players by Mnnager Moran from .the Boston Braves.
AH of these, questions will probably be Bettled once for all by the end of the week.
President Baker, of tho Phillies, Is In the city today and la making: Anal arrange
ments for his conference In New Tork tomorrow or "Wednesday with his manager,
Mornn, and president James Oaffney, of the Uoston club. At that conference the
players Whom the Phillies Wilt get In exchange for Bherwood Magce wilt be named.
Although Manager Btalllngs, of tho World's Champions, will not be present, he has
been in close touch with the owner of the Braves, una ne nas nrauy !' -consent
for the trading of certain players from whom Manager Moran will make ma
final selection. It Is known that Moran would be pleased to add to the Phlliy roster
Whttted, the Boston Ihflelder, and Tyler, the left-hnndod hurler, who was one of tho
- mainstays of tho Braves last season. While It Is not known definitely whether
'Manager Btalllngs Is willing to part with Tyler or not, It Is almost certain that, having
ot Magee's signature to a contract, he will go tho limit to satisfy the comparatively
meagre demands of the 1'hlllles.
' In days of old, ' . .
When nights were cold,
And I was but n;
t spied a tall
. i , ." - - ' Just oft the trail . ( .
v ' ' And this Is what I dldt . -.;
," . I grabbod said tall
, ' And with a. flail
-.' I smashed his lid, , .
1 I smashed his trunk
r ! ; ' ' ' in 7?? m ??7
,r , ' . , . , . Bllcnce be It was a skunkl
.,'..' ,' . ' ,' .
It Is reported that the deal for tho Yankee ealo will bo consummated today. The
conference held on Saturday between Prank Fnrrell., HuBton and nupert Indicates
that matters are drawing to a head and if. the statements given out can bo relied
upon, either the Rupert-Huston deal will bo put through today or it will bo entirely off.
' While nil of the demands made by the prospective buyers have not beon made
'public It has leaked out In various ways that tho actual-details of tho purchase aro
agreeable to Rupert and Huston, except for tho specific value. If a figure can be
found which suits both the purchasers and tho present owners, tho transfer of tho
.. Yankees to now-hnndsmay bo expected bofpre'tomorrow morning.
'Where Charley Dooln will play this yenr Is a matter which Is extremely Inter
i estlng to. every one allied with basoball. Dooln has stated that he will under no
clrcumstancea remain with the Phillies. Tho local managemont wishes to trado or
sell the ex-manager, but thus' for thore haB boon no satisfactory agreement reached.
There s rio doubt that If tho Phillies would give Dooln, his unconditional release
he could easily get the contract he wants from a number of clubs in the
National League. But when tho purchase prlco is added to Dooln's contract figures
some of the owners havo balked. ., .
Nevertheless. It Is fairly certain that within a short spaco of time some disposi
tion will be made of Dooln, and the chances are that ho will go with some club
In Xhe" National League. Tho Federal Leaguo last year offered Dooln far more than
he hj,d,peon getting, with tho Phillies, but ho refused to leave organized baseball.
.Now organized baseball should, even If It does not, take care of Dooln. He Is still
ono of the ' best receivers. In the National League. With the managerial weight
lifted from his shoulders ho will lie even better than he has been during the last two
or three years with tho Phillies. Therefore It Is not only tho. duty of some club
to take Dooln, but It would bo to some club's best Interest as well.
- if "The real, reason' for the bewildering 'smashup of "championship teams." Bays Bert
""'Cunningham, star pltcher'of the long ago, "Is generally because tho veteran pitchers
Jaye, lost' their cunning or strength and do 'not realize 1L"
with his experience. hlB crafty skill, and, above all, his knowledge of tho
' "various batters, ho can go along and win a majority pf his games. Ho Is getting
hit a little harder than' before, and they are getting moro runs off his delivery, but
he uses the wise old head more effectively' than ever, and cornea to tho end of tho
season apparently unshaken. Then he goes against a club of strangers, fellows' who
, neither fear nor respect him, nnd ho gets the lining beaten out' of 'hl.m by men whom
he could have easily 'defeated a couple of years before
' "I well remember, when I wn Just going out, how I could get by with the older
batsmen, whose weaknesses I knew, but when a rrowd of newcomers attacked me I
was through. Buch has been the dope In most of tho big' series, and It Is only natural
that it Bhould be just that way,"
T- ''Ttf ohVndape, 5",Exporlence"s the best teacher," can often be as truly applied
7iH7bas.ball.M4aotherV;w'alksroj'-He,I'thou6h 11 lav.evldent from' Bcft'cmmlngnam'a'
statement that even experience will 'not rejuvenate worn-out muscles. ,
., . . . ':- i
Despite, the rumors current around National- Commission headquarters- that
,,. barnslorm.lng will be tabooed In the future by the highest baseball tribunal, the
success, of the AH American-All-National tour may dampen the ardor of the enemies
of this feature. Letters received here from the players who are now winding up the
tour Slate, that In every way th trip has been successful which means that It has
been a financial success. The trouble which arose soon after the teams bogan playing
on the coast served to be somewhat disagreeable, but It resulted In- better baseball,
-'' hence the fans of tho Far West flocked to tho games, knowing that a real game
hofslmplyan exhibition was to be seen.
-. ' C Ellis Williams, of Iowa City High Bchool, Iowa City, la.. Is to be congratulated
for having opened up a new avenue of- sport for women. His name will go down in
aUiirtlo history as the first toform a. girls' rifle team. He has. planned to give the
. "t girls b. thorpugh training In rifle; practice, and before many years he hopes to have
.!. leagus formed such, as tho schoolboys of the country now enjoy. Itlfle shooting Is
i.v'n-spprt In" which women should .excel. There are many famous women shots who
have" tf roved that they possess as much nqrve and skill as the men. Williams, who
''is a, cntck shot himself, In certain to develop a good team, and we hope that now he
has started the ball rolling a great wave of interest wU develop. It Is not unladylike
to handle a gun, and certainly there Is not a more entertaining pastime.
.v Jn recent cs.se in New York It was again clearly demonstrated that the State
- Boxing Commission Is a great Institution. In this Instance the boxer proflted. E.
Lelchtman, of the battleship Utah, who was not paid f?7 due him by the Irving
Athletic 'Club, received the consideration of the commission, which ordered the club
to turn Wfr thp agreed amount. At other times the commission' has brought the
boxer to task, so that the score stands "love all," The commission serves the Joint
i purpose' o'( protecting the promoter and the boxer as well. r
. John .Brown, West Philadelphia High's
' baskstball captain, will not be able
"to -Set Into the Orangey and Slue
Jltne-up this season because of his de-
'floUneJe In .scholarship;. When he was
'declared ineligible some time ago West
..Ppllitjelpuhla constituents believed that
he w'puld' pull up in bis studies before the
first of the year. However, h Is back
' so far that It Is almost Impossible for
' hlra o reach the required mark. Cieeland
' lias succeeded Brown as captain.
ThM- 'a week of recuperation for local
WilUS iwe ana l lr mr rw;,,
iit th axeeDtlott of the Camden-Brown ITen
biakatball.xame, oe athletlo event la scheduled
t- far the n fortnight. However, cage practise
- will start next, week In preparation, for tha
epeniag pi ue nnoiano'fcs.v vuvieu.
-. Coach 8ml m, of Southern High Bchoo). will
H truiW handlcacead for a little while be
snath handicapped for a little whll be
uu at fl.'fMe(uMi trm sustained laat week.
cause of a 'fractured arm sustained laat week.
He will be forced to watch his proteges from
- the aid lines Instead of getting Into the
scrimmages, as ha generally does.
' Central High School annexed five champion-
kld,( i, i fv
.' "wt .! '
nips this (Mian. The Crimson and Oold ath
letes escslled in In?0"' track, baseball, outdoor
track, the American rowing championship
event and ths cross-country championship ra.es.
The Oermantown Academy's basketball team
H.lLb,?"k.?,",1 rawbat by tha losa of V.
Cliffs, tha all-round athlele. Ha la convalescing-
now following an operation for appendl.
ciUan will ba unable to tak part In athletlo
competition for at least six months.
Yarns!!, a Swarthmore High School lad. la
making oulte a reputation la the basketball
cage. IJs ha bean displaying sensational form
en the floor and proven himself tha bast
shooter on tha team.
Hatch and Talbot, two of Brown Prep's
varsity baskelballera, are on the sick list, and
their absenca n the line-up Is a big handicap.
In tha tsam's play. Talbot will probably get
back Iq tha yams In two. weeks or so.
Tha George School soccer team closed Its
elson-wl'"! a remarkable record. The above
mentioned ven defeated ivy Philadelphia
schaol team, with thy ajeeuthja pf Northeast
High. In this gams tha nasi aOr was 2 to 2.
"Bob" Carr was re.electsd captain of the
team for 1MB. which will be bis third season.
aa the soccer leader at George School.
New Conches at West Phlliy nnd
Gntholla High,
When the schoolboys get 'back' to their
scholastic work the first Monday In Jan
uary, baseball gossip will run second to
basketball enthusiasm. All of the schools
entered In tho Scholastic Baseball League
will make a call for battery candidates,
and Indoor practice will commence about
January .
Dr. Malhow J. O'Brien Will again Coach
Central High's national pnatlmcrs, while
new tutors Will predominate at West Phil
adelphia High Bchool nnd Cntholto High.
Prbfs. John Alker and "jack" Qreer will
endeavor to develop star nines at tho
Orange and Slue and Purplo and Gold
Bolh Alker and Qreer have had much
experience In the baseball pastime. With
good material they Bhould develop a
brace of teams which should make a
strenuous bid for the Scholastic League
title, won by tho Central High team last
Tho nddltlon of the Philadelphia Trade
School to the circuit will make tho cam
paign a six cornered affair, tho other
teams In the leaguo representing Central
High, Northeast High, West Philadelphia
High, Southern High and Catholio High.
Colemnn Disposes of "Kid" Broad
and "Yank" Gilbert With Ease.
"Jim" Hooslo was to have met "Tommy"
Coleman at tho Broadway Athletlo Club Satur
day night, but ho failed to miiko his appenr
anca and Colemun agrenl to tako on 'Kid"
Broad and "Yank" Gilbert for three rounds
each. Colemnn proved an easy master over
both men. nroad was too fat to be any match
for Coleman, although ho was .always dan
gerous with his swings, which were' hard
pnough to ,have iput any one a.way had they
Ullbert boxed tha lnst threo rounds and ho
was never In the running. He was too slow
to do any damage nnd It was Coleman's fight
at all time,,. Prrtiiv, rvwH hi ..TA.nnw.
Mulltn as an opponent In the seml.wlndup nnd
so far outclassed him that the bout was stop
ped In tho fourth round In order to save
Mullln from a knockout. "Sailor" Tlurton and
"Seattle Kid" furnished tho best of tho night
In the third bout, which wont tho limit.
'Mlke" Ituscell was no match for "Frankle"
Rich, the former lnetlng only two rounds whon
ha was sent to tha mat for the full count.
"Johnny" Bradley quit to "Tommy" Jamison
In the first round.
, "Charley" White, the referee, sow
"Charley" White, the boxer, worked out In a
Kew York gymnasium yesterday and declares
that he Is n second "Kid" McCoy and has tho
fnmous McCoy "corkscrew" punch down to a
Qeorgo Stalllngs Is busy rounding up
the party of his friends that will spend a
week hunting on his plantation nt Had
docks, Go., just nfter New Year's Day.
Thoso who are almost certain to bo In the
party aro Jim Oaffney, owner of tho
Braves; John Jleydler, secretary of tho
National Leaguo; John Conway Toole,
chief legal adviser of organized baseball;
John darnel, manngor of the Bochcster
Club; Harry Cashman and Jim McBeth,
New York newspaper men, and Dick Bu
dolph, star pitcher of the Braves.
CHICAGO, Deo. 28. To protoct himself
against the possible failure of Boger
Bresnahan to pull off a. trade for a second
baseman, President Thomas, of tho Cubs,
contemplates giving Herman Schaefer, re
cently of Washington, a chanco to help
tho West Side team next season.
CHICAGO, Dec. 28.-A trade which It
was hoped would bring Heine Groh, sec
ond baseman of the Cincinnati Beds, to
the Cubs, may be closed today by Boger
Bresnahan, manager of the Chicago Club,
who left last night for the Ohio city.
SAN DIEOO, Cal., Dec. 28. Tho All. Na
tionals defeated the AlNAmerlcann hero yes
terday 1 to 0 In ths final contest of their tour.
The All-Xatlonala won 28 of tha 80 garaea
played on tha tour.
All-Nationals ISO
All-Americans O S 3
Alexander and Kllllter; Bush and Henry,
NEW YOBK, Dec 23. The Crescent
Athletlo Club hockey team, which de
feated Yale In Its first game of the sea
son, plays the Ottawa University team
tonight, at the St Nicholas Blnk.
Saturday was something of an off day In
soccer circles, for only SO games were played,
about 15 less than usual.
There were no Important changes In tho
various leagues, due to Saturday's games.
Only In the fhlladelphla League did anything
o( Interest occur. Textile loat their first gsms
of tha season, snd Wast End, by winning,
entered Into a three-cornered tie with Keystone
and Textile.
b The lowy Norristown team. In tha first
division of tha Allied League, has cause to
remember Saturday. The day marked Its first
Victory of the season. Kensington waa Ha
victim, and one reason for the defeat Is the
fact that the uptown team Journeyed to Nor
ristown with but nine playera.
The alleged superiority of tha Drat division
Allied League teams over the United League
teams Is still to be proven.. Of the nve games
played between clubs of tha two leaguee tha
bast the Allied representatives could do was to
draw three of them.
At tha end of the first half of Saturday's
game with Centenary. Bosemont Celtlo looked
like a 10 to 1 shot for victory, for they had
made rings around Centenary, and were lead
ing by a score of 3 goals to 0. Centenary
came back atrong in the second half, and as
Its play Improved tha Main Liners gradually
fell to pieces. Result, to 8, In favor of
Providence ahould.be aererely censured by
authorities of ths Allied 'Association for its
failure to appear for Saturday's game with
Puritan T. M. U Puritan gats the points, but
nothing tappans . to Providence, ordinarily,
unless drastlo action la taken.
Cardlnrton, tied with Feltonvllla for tha lead
In the United League, had tci play their beat
to win from CHsra on Saturday, rrle tied
ths sre for O'llara in ths closing minutes
nf a tnlstty good gams, and It. looked as
though the points would have to be divided.
Parrls, however, proved to be the roan of
,H fcAiir senrinK tha winning real for Card.
in ton just a few minutes before tha anal
fn rMt Too)
t I MlttW J s
'' ' -" CffflUTMAJ J
MftSi ObidM CVC JimmV lCTOA!'
Po&idbhj Beroja een lv?'5Z5, . , vv
, - Bett us. Gaas To f r I -1 .
diva him a TABieSPoonl- f f ""'y .
o" This poescmenoM I . S
bj Ths fojtwd 7Wo -"-" -""1 . -f
ULBS- IP THT fZ-ul-S???
IM'T tf0Rh-- f I XrSSte-L5
Jogs Home nn Easy Winner In New
York Event.
NEW rORK, Dae. 28. Running In great
form, Hannes Kolehmalnen, of the Irish-American
A, C, yesterday again demonstrated ha la
without an equal In this country as a long
distance runner, when he won from more than
S00 athletca In a GVi-mlle run conducted by tha
Bronx Homo News.
With little or no apparent effort, the little
champion jogged ovor the hard-bottom course
In 33:30, end ha crossed tha. finish ln SO
yards In front of hla clubmata, Tat Flynn.
Flynn ran a good race, and outdid by 80
yards Arthur Roth, of the Mohawk A. C, who
was third man to Hntsh.
Kolehmalnen nnd Flynn paved the way for
the Irish-American A. C. victory In the team
contest, which was very close botween the
winged Ostites and tho Bronx Church Housr.
the honors going to the former with a total of
31 points to 41 for the Bronx club.
At least rO.COU persona saw various portions
of the OH-mlle run.
Farrell and Buppert May Como to
Terms Today.
NEW YOnK, Dec. 28. Final decision
as to tho sale of .the New York- Yankees
was confidently expected today, despite
the many slips that havo occurred so
far. Frank Farrell and Bill Devory will
be In consultation with Colonel Buppert
ana captain uuston, the prospective
buyers, in Buppert's office, and if the
sale can be 'Consummated the franchise
will undoubtedly change hands betore
Buppert and Huston are optimistic
about securing control. Both declare that
the sole will either go through or be
dropped for good within the next two
Pittsburgh "Eeds" Seek Quarters
PITTSmmail. Pa.. Dec. 23. William Mc
Cullougn, bus Inesa manager of the llltsburgh
Federal League club, left thla city today for
a tour or the South In search of a training
camp. Rome and Augusta, Os.j Durham. N,
C, and Meridian. Miss., will be visited.
CHAMPAIGN, III.. Dec. Sa Coach Bob
Zuppke. of the University of Illinois, Western
Conference championship eleven, has been
signed by Illinois tor a period of nve years.
It was learned hers today. Zupnke's con
tract had another year to run, but Illinois au
thorities handed him a new one when It was
reported that other conference schools were
looking him over,
riTTSBUBQH, Dec 28. Jack Coffey,
manager and shortstop of the Denver
Club, who refused to sign with the Pitts
burgh Nationals after being drafted, un
less given n contract without a ten-day
clause, has been released back to Denver
by the Pirate management.
CHICAGO. Dec. . The Chicago Feds
are making a new play for patronage.
President Weeghman has Inaugurated a
'native son" movement, and announces
that there are more home boys on his
team than on any other Fed or major
team In the country.
CHICAGO, Dec 28. Jess Wtllard want
through a few fancy steps In a local gym
today and announced that during a week's
rest from theatrical engagements In Chicago
he wilt take oft, several surplus pounds In
5 reparation for hla rain at Juarea with Jack
ohnson. Wlllard now blta the scales at 35
founds, 10 pounds above hk lighting weight,
NEW YORK. Dsc. S.-Th annual tour
nament of the Triangular College Chess
League, with Cornell, Brown and Penn
sylvania competing, will start Wednesday
morning at the rooms of the Manhattan
Chess Club, The games will last four
Blchnrd H. Harte, Jr., May Capture
Four Letters.
CAMBRIDGE, Mass., Dec 28,-Unlces
tho advocates of restricting Harvard ath
letes to two sports prevent, Blchard H.
Harte, Jr., of Philadelphia, will tuck
away by next year a now record for ma
jor letters, being tho first man to win
the "it' in four sports.
"Tack" Hardwlck now holds tho crown
among the Crimson undergraduates, be
ing the proud possessor 'of three varsity
Inslgnlas, won In football, baseball and
But Harte, who has already tucked
away an "H," winning tho Intercollegi
ate tonnls championship with B. Norrls
Williams, Is now out to land the position
of goal tender on the varsity hookey team
and Dick's chances aro rather brlcht, as
tho Job la a freo-for-all fight.
Allentown Eighter Did Well in
Pacific Coast Battles.
ALLENTOWN. Pa., Dec 2S.-Eddie Moy.
Allentown's premier lightweight, has arrived
home after spending 10 months on ths Paclflo
coast, where he fought the best boys his
weight In tha country. He wilt start training
at once for hla 6-round bout with Joe Shugrue,
of New York, which will be staged at the
OlympU Club, Philadelphia, on January 11.
while on the coast Moy participated In four
20-round battlea. He fought Frankle Burna
twice, Mllburn Saylor and Bed Watson. Moy
also took part In numerous 10 and IB-round
encounters with Western aspirants.
Moy was under the management of dregory
Mitchell, Jim Coffroth's partner, while In tha
West. Ills Eastern representative Is Chappie
Gorman,, of South Bethlehem.
The antl-boxlng law which went Into effect
In California last week compelled Moy to re
turn to tho East, After hla battle with Shu
frue he will leave for New Orleans and
Chappie Gorman Is negotiating for another
match between Moy and Champion Kltbane.
Last -winter Moy fought the Clevelander twlca
nt Philadelphia clubs, although he weighed
but 120 pounds. Moy Is now a legitimate
lightweight and la willing to meet any one In
the world at 1HS pounds ringside.
Young Nell, of this city, has been matched
to box 10 rounds with' Cave Msn Laughlln. of
South Bethlehem, at the Lyrlo A. C, on New
Year's Day,
"Larney" Llchtensteln, who manages
"Jimmy" Clsbby. must ihlnk that all tho
money In the world Is In ths boxing-game, lie
waa offered 12000. with the privilege of taking
SO per cent, of the gross receipts, to box "Al"
McCoy ten rounds In New York, but sent back
an answering telegram demanding I8SO0.
Looks as though Llchtensteln la getting In
"Billy" Nolan's clsss, Nolan was famous for
demanding- big guarantees (or his fighters.
NEW YOHK, Deo. 23. Charlie White, of
Chicago, and Joe Shugrue, of-Jersey City,
have practically finished training for their
10-round battle at Madison Bquare Garden
tomorrow night, A Utile light gymnasium
work today and both will be ready for tho
bell to send them on their way. Shugrue
rules a 4 to 5 'favorite, but White has
plenty of backers here and they are grab
bing all the money they can get at these
odds. Freddie Welsh, the world's light
weight champion, hs picked Shugrue to
win. The Englishman has fought both
DALTIMORB, Dec 28. Final arrange
ments have been made for a 15-round bout
between Kid Whlttan, of Baltimore, and
Joe Thomas, of California, at the Holll
day Street Theatre, on New Year's Day.
CHICAGO. Bee a. Jimmy Clabby,
Hammond, Ind., Middleweight, will come
to Chicago this week to start training for
his bout at Milwaukee January 21 with
Mike Gibbons, of St, Paul
No Eastern League Games for Phllrt
tlelphlans This Evening.
With only one and a half games sepa
rating them front the leaders of the
league, the Camden five will tonight at
tempt to trounce Trenton and gain ti
halt notch on Do Nerl, Jasper's 31-19 trex
tory over De Nerl on Saturday night at
Musical Fund Holt vraa quite, an upset to
Manager Dudley's boys and a Joyful oc
casion for Beading and Camden, tha j
icui,i which Hre ugiiung to overuLao mo
flying loaders.
Da Nerl Is now lending Beading only
half a game. Jasper, the team that de
feated Do Nerl on Its own floor. Is yet
hovering around tho .600 mark, having
won and lost eight games. Greystack's
consistently poor .teamwork has given
that club a firm hold on last place, with
three games wbn and a dozen lost.
'Following Is the standing of the Eastern
League clubs: '
. W. L.P.C. TV, L. F.C.
D Nerl..,. 11 fl .(MT Jasper.. B 8 .BOO
Heading ....10 n .rfirt Trenton..... 7 a AM
Camden.,... 0 7 .BOS Oreyatock... 812 .200
Now Claim Championship ns High
School Befuscs to Flay Them.
The All-Saints', basketball team defended Its
chnmnlonehln title by defeating ths Darby
Methodists by n score of A3 to 24. As Darby
High School has- refused to meet tho Btilnts,
t:i Utter la claiming the undisputed cham
pionship. ttio nno-up xonowa:
AH Ralnts.
Ttarhr MAthndtsfa.
Tomllnson ..
Hnnlon ,....
lianham ....
Kckard .....
Edwards ...
forward ,. crompton
forward Shaw
. centra ,. ,,. Bird
.. guard , Itander
guard ...., BoCka
Starting January 6 nn Interclass bas
ketball league .will be started at Friends'
Central School. Tho wlnnlg toam will
be presented with tho Pawling Trophy.
The games will bo run on the same sched-
ulo as tho Indoor baseball series under
tho supervision of Doctor Chadwlck. The
senior classes of tho boys and girls sec
tions won tho baseball honors.
Two Friends' Central captains .were elected
last week for next year. Cooper, who "has
played on tho football team three years, was
elected to lead the gridiron warriors, while
ration, the soccer star, nraa honored with tha
election of captaincy of the soccer squad.
Catholio nifb School's basketball players
will start practlco again next week. Follow.
InK their, vacation, the Oreen and' Oold quin
tet's Initial fray will be with the Textlla nve
next Tuesday at Hallahan Hall.
Prospects for a winning awlmmlnr team ar
brisht at St. Luke's School. Ths aquatlo canal
datea ar under the tutelage of "Jackie"
Frost. Thus far, dates have been arraniad
with West' Philadelphia High and Haverford
School. St. Luke may also have a water polo
aggregation this year.
Columbia, Hnrvard, Yale and Brincs-
' ton Start Play.
NEW YORK. Dec. 23'. The Quadrangu
lar College Chess League, composed of
tho Columbia, Harvard,. Tale and, Prince
ton teams, started "their 23d annual cham
pionship tournament at tho Murray ,HIU
Ifotol this .morning, when four students
from each college took the .field. The
tournament will bo continued tomorrow
and concluded on Wednesday.
Metropolitan Junior Championship
Piay,in"NeV Tork.' ' 7
NEW YOHK. Dec. 28,-Play la' the first
Metropolitan junior Indoor lawn tennis1 cham
pionships In singles and doubles began today
on tha floor courts . of ths 7th neglment
Armory, when 83 of the beat schoolboy racquet
"fielders will compete In the-stales and more
than 30 teams will battle for the doubles title!
Thy schedule closes on Thursday evening, but
owing to the big entry lUt It Is possible that
tho flnal rounds will not be reached by lnat
time,' in which event the championship round
will bo played on Saturday afternoon.
lA-nv,mHf?,,of ,lne P''ers In the slnglocham.
plonsnlp will nlao compete In the doubles, ths
entries for which will cloaa tomorrow after,
noon, and the draw will take place at the
conclusion of the- first day's play.
BED BANK. N. J Dec 2S.-I!e yacht
ing, skating and trap shooting were the
tnreo sports enjoyed on the Shrewsbury
niver here. It as the first time trap
shooting was ever held on the Ice. and
the sport proved a novel attraction. Tha
trap was set on tho Ice and the con
testants stood at Captain Irwin's bulk
head, near the clubhouse property.
There wore five 10-bIrd events. Captain
Charles Irwin making the highest score,
CHICAGO, Dec. 28. Some surprise was
expressed here when It waa learned that
Coach Stagg had scheduled a gridiron
contest next fall between the TJnivrttv
of Chicago and the Haskell Indians. The
date Is November 8. This Is the first time
In several years that the Maroons have
gone outside tha Western Conference In
picking opponents.
NEW YOHK. Dec 2S.-ColumbIa'a haa.
ball team will carry a lighter schedule
next year, according to Manager Grant
Stone. Eighteen games will be played, as
against 23 on this year's schedule. Two
games have been arranged with Cornell,
four with Pennsylvania, one with Hatv
vard at South Field and one with Yale,
also at home. Bleven of the games will
be played at South Field.
MADISON. Wis., Dec 23. Students at
the University of Wisconsin are rejoic
ing In the prospect of a new concrete
athletic stadium, to be erected at a Cuat
of (53,000. on the site of the present ath
letlo field at Camp Bandall. The pro
posed stand will seat more than 10,000
i I',
LEXINGTON. Ya.. Deo. 2S.-Washlng-ton
and Lee, which was unbeaten on the
gridiron this fall, has arranged a game
with Indiana University In Indianapolis
on October SO, 1315.
wr l ii-t" -.i t" .
wouia runner 'jLsimn or re
vise Open Season&ftnh'
Birds and Beasts; Stronger
Penalties Urged; by Hjgi.
. . .'. . '
ACcopy of .the .suggestion? made by'Bed
retary Joseph Kaibfus, M the FennsyWa
nla State Game Commission, for tfie'lrl
terment of pondltlons In this, ssctlort will
be very Interesting to-EvBHtHa LSOWXR
readers. Secretary KaJbfus- write',
follows! . y j.-
"I would like an act to provide jfof.the
better prptectlon nnd preservation bf
game, game quadrupeds and game btl'as-it
in Pennsylvania, and prescribing pouSi
tlea for violation of Its several provision.
"Hare's how I would havo III s '"
"Sec. 1. lie it enacted, etc. That thejorea
season for tha fray, ths black and theJox
squirrel, wild turkeys, ruffed grouse, Vifslrile.
partrldw; commonly called quail, rinytneek
pheasants and lluntrarlari quail, weodtuVk,
shall be from the1' 1st day of November '.tJh
13th day of the same month, .both d'y jnV
chialve, ef each year; that tha open aeasoh Tor
ths rray rabbit and hare, shall fcs from Ttfja
lit day of November to the 18th day of sftoi
eember ntxt following1, both days IncluslvA -. of
each year. The open season for deer ihalLb
from tbar 1st day of December to tha IBtlt d
of the same month, both days incliulyesjof
Sec. 2. That It shall be unlawful foranr
to kill in one day more than oa wiia
J?AS:Vk " ."."X..!?. 0..iv?2S,i..?,r
mentions m flection T 1, of Mthlsr iel Sf.SSS
i. V. . ,i," .' """ r more men nve ,nt,
or to kill In any one Weak. conaldetlnatBia
jeek to begin on Monday morning aiuiricnd
HUL nif$ mo ,nn w d turkey or
more than So ,ruffed grouse, or more than 80
quail, or mora than 80 .woodcock, or mors ian
? 2 .'.he nblned Wnas of squirrel catted
In Section 1 of .thle act. or more than aoTaray
rabbits, or mora than SO hare, or to kllllKjny
one season mora than two wild turkarifcW
EST.. th,!!LlL8 ruffed; grouse, or more tban-W
quail, or nttr than woodcock, orors?tBao
n?-fSS.'1.0ilf,, ""blnsd kinds .nsmeojtn
Sertlon 1 of this act. or mora than' 00 Jry
rabbits, or mora than 80 harer or mora Shan
on, dttr' nh,ch In every Instance ahslt fee a
!. . .... .-. i ..., w. imt.
;"" .iin.iwrai or antiers azranuinr aot
"Sec 8. Except as Krovlded for bv th. 'lit.
of this. Commonwealth relating to the taMnar
of quadrupeds and birds under authorltr.ot
certlflcste .lasued by tho -Board of Game? Com
m ssionera. each, and ovary person Uklnscr
killing-, -or woundlnc. or attempting to take,
kill or wound any quadruped or any .bird
given protection bythte act at any time other
than that tine fixed aa tha open aauarufor
such quadruped or bird by this act shallZuscB
conviction, bo liable to penalty of jlOO forwach
deer taken. Jellied or wounded, or attempted, to
be taken, killed or wounded, at any tims bther ,.
thsnthst time nxed by this act. as the,-erert '
season for deer In this State, or that ToajP be?
of a kind the kllllnc ot -which Is not .Vpe
cineally permitted by this act. Each and exa
person vlnlatln spy provision of this scrHrB
latlnr to the taking of squirrels or rafthlc or
hare In thla State shall, upon convicUoarbe
liable to a. penalty of HOrtor each squlrral. r
rabbit, or hare, so taken, 'killed or wounded, or
attempted to.be so taken, killed or wounded,
and each and every person taktne. .kllllnjr or
woundlnr. or attemnttne- tn tav ttfi
f wound a game bird given protection brUCh's
act, at any time except during that time fUed
as tha open season for such gams blrabr
this act., or who shall take, kill or wound, sych
bird; In excess of ths dally, weekly or yearly
limit so nxed for such birds by thts act. ,br.fl
be liable to a penalty of IM for each bird
taken, killed, wounded or attempted to ba
'"".''"T11 or. wounaeo. ccnirarr to any.crd
vision of this act; each Defendant In .tiefr.ul t of
tha payment of the penalty Imposed mnhM
DX. thi M!tra;, Justice of ths -yeaiajr--ather
Coqrt hearing' his ease, shall, ,-sufiMil an
Imprisonment In the common Jail " of , jthe
county in which 'he may be- eonvloted'-.'iS'r a
period of -one day for each dollar of Penalty
(see. 4. All flirts and penalties Irnro'Sil-rinl
collected for violation' of any of tha provisions
of this net shall be paid to ths Stale Treas
urer, who shall keep the moneys thus,co..
lected as a fund' separate and apsrr, SAhlr
for the purpose of wild, bird and, some ptoieo
Hon, and for the purchase and propagation
and feeding of- gams under the supervlalWoi
the Boarf of (lame Commissioners, of the Cnm.
monwealth of Pennsylvania; The' Several 'rr
poses to which .the fund, jio received by -tho
State Treasurer, ahalj be applied, to be eftirly
designated by tha Legislature, in the central
appropriation act." T
The other sections will be printed latK&
NEW YORK, Dec S8. WUllanfla.
Hoppo will become tho owner of tht'K.J
balkllne billiard - championship troiihy,
which he won tn tho tournament otthe
Hotel Astor In November, 1911. anffninti
since defended. George S SloiJon'a tfaJ
lenge. Issued on November 21. wilf-ot
produce a contest. Hoppo Inslats-'lJmt
Clossoh play at Minneapolis on JanuKrV 8
or forfeit, Slosaon' positively refuses!! to
go to Minneapolis or to forfeit. , ,,&
NEW YOUK Dec 2Si-The Excgve,
Committee of the American .Pomeranian
Qlub by a unanimous vote has contributed
a goodly' sum to the Bed Cross ftrjtaof
the Belgian refugees, and tha proceed '
ot the coming annual show of-the -club,
to be held at the Plasa January KB.' also -will
be given to this charity. ' $'-
.1..,. fihja-- ,-'1,
..Eiretr?' "lllnY -year-old and up. pure
H00, 8 mrtonga'peare Court, 104; sfitaal-
7,T'o-.?l, rrr vrk si'.i'"-...1?!".
w, ,M Aim, UQ, wMW, 1
I0a; UlcH'clM,
Second race, aeuins, ff-year-olds aad nj? eat
irlonis -'Otranto. 03: No Uuunr. . ui.
furlongs 'Otranto.
Chaser, UOi Holland. 103, Madeline S. JM,
waitntumpian, in; nigaaoo, xoe; Masfes-oe.
lot: A. C. Ilale
lUtnx, 'S-year-olda, twrMttfa
GO. naLlu. T-aja. trlE
ANnWaf iwnavaV..TllTreCk W
viumoia aay. aui: -txnnocK. lus, l
108; 'Squeelsr. 108: Susan B. lOOi Pari
112; York-vllie. nl; Uniaunted. ill; (
Fifth race, selling. It-vetr-nldi
purs tiOu, rurlons CrootUr, W:
Cteks. 100: Bhadrach. V. Toddllns. 1
IousheHy. 109; Ase tr. 107! Trii
lit! Amencus i;i; .ran sport, ui.
Amertcuav, llliranswrt,
tlTrace. wiling. S-tear-o'
i, 1 mU-sflearbVt. 6-S;
la. 100: Stenter. 103: fitan
Kirtn nr& ibii or. XAMhAirt,
-- ' n-. .;-- T- . T - - !t"-" .,
103; 'Font, 101 Mr. uk, tea? J
Frank HuSson. 1M; . tnapaatof J,(
Vollhorp. ISO: Bob 1,. 5iit fe;
lilt1 Oabrleo, UU UlUU &Ur, lit
.pproUc allowance ciajTOaxJ,
! 44
Kor 38 ( Bfis
rW, m jteasa
ii l mi
- " win Hi? pwmo thb hXn was right whbn tm mmm rmm m to ba3 ' -i" wri ; -'-;;

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