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Lone Ottoman Warship At
tacks 1 7 Russian Ships,
ijays , j. uirusu iupuii.
ivBttum Shelled.
' "bONSf aKTINOPLB, Deo. 2S.
The Turkish fleet. Including the Ilaml
;, dish, railed through the Stack Sea and
'f, returned undamaged," an oniclal state-
meat Issued her today declared. "One.
W f -of -oiir men-of-war on llecember U met
p,)A.Jrtustan fleet, consisting of nv battlo
shlDs. two cruisers. 10 torpedoboata and
1 three mine layers. This meant ono Tur
kish ahlp against 17 of tlio enemy. Never
theless, the Turkish ship attacked nnd
korobardtd the battleship Rostlalaw and
aanfc lie two mine layers. Oleic and
Atho's. Two fllcer and SO marines were
saved sad made prisoners."
In the naval reoqrds there appoar the
sanies of no such Russian mine layers
m the Oleff and Athos. There Is a Rus
sian cruiser named Oleg, but It Is not
listed as a unit of the Block Bea fleet
At the name time other porta of tho
Turkish fleet successfully bombarded
Saturn, says' the statement. On Decern
tor to, two Turk ships tried to foroo
the ilusslan fleet Into battle, but they
preferred to flee towards SebastopoL
The Turklsht army continues Its vic
torious, advance alone tho Caucasian
front, according to tho report
The statement denies tho Ilusslan re
sort that the worship Homldleh was
torpedoed lit Sebastopol.
The Hamldleh was reported to have
t-een badly damaged by striking a mine
in the Black Sea on Docember 4.
( ROME, Dec a.
The. Turkish military authorities have
removed the troops and artlllory from
Adrlanople and are Bending- them to de
fend the Dardanelles and tho Bosporus,
luicordlnr to a dispatch from Athens.
Seventy ofllcers of tho Turkish army
were arreetea a weoK ago in onaioni
Jibple by the Turkish commission charged
with conspiracy against tho plans of
the war party, according to a dispatch
from the Turkish capital. They will be
None of the Powers has protested
against the Italian occupation of Avlona,
Albania, and the hope Is expressed by
many hero that no complications will
arise which will force Italy to abandon
PALERMO, Deo. 23.
Tha 10th Regiment of Bersagllerl (sharp
shooters) have left for Avlopa. Albania,
Where they will arrlvo tomorrow, and re
place tho bluejackets who wore landed
last week to restore order and protect
Europeans and the peaceful Inhabitants.
BERLIN, Dec 28.
The Official Press Bureau gave out the
following yesterday:
"Constontlnople reports that the action
against Datum Is proceeding favorably.
The holy banner of tho Prophet has been
brought Into Damascus amid great re
joicing, "The Homo newspaper Vita reports an
outbreak of rioting In Alexandria, Egypt
Three thousand men, with machine guns,
the paper says, wore necessary to sup
press tho disorder. Eighty-five Arabs
were .killed."
The Turkish army In the vlllayet of
Ereerum Is almost entirely officered by
Germans and the population Is fleeing In
anticipation of a Ilusslan advance.
The position of the Armenians, and es
pecially the Christian Armenians, is
perilous. The Turks are making hundreds
of arrests dally where the lack pt sym
pathy with tha Turks Is suspected nnd
execrations of alleged spies are made
very day.
Mohammed All Bey, the Syrian Deputy,
is marching with 5000 volunteers against
the British who are said to be advancing
against Bagdad, according to Constanti
nople reports reaching here today,
Tha Turkish reports tail of an enthusias
ts demonstration In Damascus when the
J?oly standard of the prophet was carried
through the. city. The entire population
turned out amidst the greatest rejoicing.
Tha Muftis and the military commander
of Damascus met the standard and tho
garrison was inarched past &ch man
saluting the holy banner.
Errrr Pasha, Turkish "War Minister,
has arrived In Armenia and will take
command of the Turkish troops In the
Caucasus It was announced today in a
statement reporting the repulse of tha
Assisted by tha Black Bea fleet, which
bombarded the shore where the Turks
were concentrated, the Ilusslan troops
drove the Turks from the Transtehovoch
district, the statement asserts.
PBTBOQJtAD, Dec is. Only 80 men
of the population of BuBhkara escaped
i from the Armenian town following a mas.
,'ocjo there ordered by the" Turkish pora
' wanders upon the approach of Ilusslan
: troops, according to stories told by fuglj
,!',' titrea from tha war region today. '
" Old men. women, and children were
slaughtered. It is declared. The homes of
Christians were, entered and the .occu
pant thrown from windows Into the
5 jtfrtet.
Famous Church Damaged by Flames
and Housea Wrecked.
CALAIS, Franca. Dec J.
Oeroaa artillery bombarded Inws vie
HfiUy yesterday Many bouses were
-wroakeA. Two, .fbil struck the Cjuih
( m, VaiWs and ut tt w fl, tmt
ttut Hams Wefe axttegiMhed by the SeU
St. WatMV8 was d-
ax at iJm llto en-
Jury and adleiu
kp 'BO of t Puross,
who spire was liullt is 1IM. Th Bet
Mtaa uUiitury awmwrtSM tu been t
rww tat sMat week.
WOUS. Deo. --Uucturs ITtoM a.4
ftxujwjwa. aald to Ui int or om x
M Hillfirtnt MS, hvc ba arrei-
wmmmm-t tmm Mau. oaii
Invaders' Offensive Wins
Ground on Flanders Line.
Both Sides Claim Gains
Along Coast.
PAIlia, Dec 2S.
Both gains nnd reverses for the Allies
nre announced In an official statement Is
sued here this afternoon. It states that
west of Lcmhncrtzde tho French have
gained n foothold among the sand dunes
along the coast on which the dermans
established their line of defense, but at
Hollebeke, south of Tprcs, they have lost
a section of Ihelr trenches.
Farther south In the neighborhood of
Lens, however, the Allies have offset this
loss by capturing WO yards of the first
line trenches held by tho Germans.
The official statement also claims slight
progress In the regions of Bhelms and
Perthes and reports the continuation of
the artillery duels north of the Alsne, In
Champagne nnd along tho heights of
the iMouse, whero tho Germans aro vigor
ously bombnrdlng Bt. Die.
Three of the forts In tho outer ring
defending Metx on tho southwest are be
ing violently bombarded by the French,
according to advices from the eastern
end ol tha battle front and German at
tacks against the French lines near
Preny have been repulsed with severo
losses. The German works under artll
lory fire arc Fort Kronprlx, north of Dor
not about a mile west of the MomHs
Hirer; Fort Graf Haeseler, on tho east
bank of the Moselle, between three and
four miles from'Arnnvllle, and Fort St
uiaise, about two miles south of Fort
Graf Haeseler.
French aeroplanes which flow ovor the
lines to establish tho artillery rnngo were
subjected to a hot fire from tho'Oerman
high-angle guns and wero compelled to
retreat Into the French lines. It Is said
that tho French may try to Isolate Mctx
by cutting oft Its communication.
Tha French attacks In upper Alsace,
Lorraine and the district immediate cast
of the Meuse have become so vigorous
that tho German commanders thero are
moving more men to meet tho assaults.
Botwcen the Alsno lino and the Moselle
tho weather has been very cold, espe
cially In tho Vosges Mountains. In nu
morous Instances wounded soldiers have
frozen to death upon tho battlefield be
fore they could be picked up by the Red
Cross men.
BERLIN, Dec. 23.
Warships of tho Allies have renewed
their bombardment of German ports
nlong the coast of Flanders. This has
resulted In no damage to tho Germans,
It was officially announced this after
noon, but some of the civilians of WesU
endo have been killed or wounded.
Tho warships shelled tho coast in co
operation with land forces attacking the
Germans at Nleuport. This attack was
repulsed. South of Ypres the Germans
captured a trench and a number of pris
oners. This afternoon's official statement was
dovoted chiefly to the operations In the
west and threw no light on tho opera
tions in Poland.
Continued from Face One
making attacks and counter-attacks. The
battle hers extends from Tomassow to
The Germans have made four unsuc
cessful attempts to cross the PUlca at
Inowlodz. The losses at this point have
been severo. in repulsing the fourth at
tack the Russians took 8u0 prisoners.
Along the Bzura River the Russian
artillery has driven the Germans from
their trenches on tha west bank.
The fighting In Gallcla la proceeding
with marked gains for the Russians.
After thrusting the Austrians back to the
Blala River, the Czar's troops crossed
that stream and reached the Dunajec.
They have reoccupled Tarnow, which
they were forced to yield before numer
ically greater forces of the enemy, and
are now moving up tho Vistula valley
toward Cracow, their ritht flank preceded
by tho forces along the Nlda River and on
the left bank of the Vistula.
Semiofficial dispatches from Lemberg
state that the Russian campaign In Ga
llcla Is now approaching a victorious cli
max, and that In the operations of the
last ten day tho Russians have taken
42,000 prisoners.
The recapture of Tarnow Is taken by
the military experts hero to mean that
the advance on Cracow Is now to con
tinue without further Interruption. They
believe that the Austrian resistance has
been finally broken.
Vienna Admits Betlrement Along"
Bymow-Tuchow Une.
An official report from tha Austrian
General Staff says that the Austra-IIun-garian
troops In Gallcla have boen driven
back by the Russians albng a 0-mlla
front from Rymow to Tucbow, It de
clares, however, that land and sea at
tacks made upon Cattaro by Monteneg
rin troops and by the French fleet have
been successfully repulsed.
The German advance on the Bzura haa
been halted and Is being held In check
hy artillery Are, while north of the Vis
tula the Germans h.ave been reinforced
along tha borders of West Prussia and
Bast Prussia, and are endeavoring f
advanoe again.
In tho Dukla Pass the Austrians are In
fall retreat while on the 'Vistula above
Cracow, tha Aitro-German fores are
being forced back.
The aermans'on Friday slackened their
hitherto frantic attempts to force a pass
age of the rivers wbleh mark the Rus
sian front. On tha left bank of tha Vis
tula they have now brought up a num-
ber of heavy calibre artillery pieces, up to
and Including U-lach guns
Franoh Genera First to Have Beat In
Aoadeay Slaea Napoleon,
PARIS, Pc X. The Fransh aewspapcr
Opinion says the aeademMans have de
tdtd to otter a seat to General Jotr. He
will be the rt eomraandtag gafs! to
nMWlv a seat amif the "imjeertalif of
the French Academy statee Napoleon.
Grew Saved Wb Graft cm
Scottish. Poast,
art ahpsvws. ifeMUMO, fete -a
PritMh twsedoboat lUstreyer west
ashore U.i swslng oa lee $t of
Kiugsoarus, sit fu'k senAsnaH t St
Andrews. Her crew was aavad by !U
. sh?h ? .
4Mm t it J'trth el , Mia
i 4ims and without bM feW
apt fear brica
... .
Warsaw Must be Taken and Stand on Strategic River
Must be Made, Declares Expert Shift
of Campaign Hinted.
WARSAW, Dec. 3.-The fighting for
tho Bzura Is a desperate and endless
Many days of seesaw battlo find the
Germans still pressing tho major part of
their military might against tho angle
made by tho Bzura and Rawka with the
Plllca River. Charge nnd counter-charge
has been tho order of the day nnd of
tho night
As nt tho Yser, the Gormans seem to
have staked all on tho crossing of the
Under cover of night they threw a pon
toon bridge across the river, but when
the troops appeared above the sharp
banks of tho yellow stream they were
swept away by tho Russian gunfire.
Following the lines of the rivers are
two parallel rows of trenches. The Ger
mans are on ono bank and tho Russians
on the other. Thoy stretch from north
to Bouth without a break. The soldiers
In these trenches pour an unceasing fire
Into one another day and night
South of Sochacaw the Russians let the
Germans cross the river at night until
thore were about 15,000 on the easr shore.
Then, with tho force of a flood, corps
upon corps of Russians closed In on three
sides of the enemy.
The entangled division fought with the
desperation of tha condemned, but when
morn again showed S000 German prisoners
wero marching dejectedly along the
Kallsoh roads toward Warsaw. The
Htream's bank was a shambles. Of those
not captured fully one-half were killed or
While the attempt to hold the passago
gained at Bollmof was at its height the
Germans were pushing through another
advance along the railroad line from
Skernevlce. The hope was to take the
point whoro the bridge stood, for the two
lines of railroad are of supreme Impor
tance. A new advance from south of Pilltza
has threatened the Russian left for two
days, but all reports now point to a Ger
man check.
Now comes word that columns are
headed south from Mlava once more,
which means the army wliloh was beaten
In that district hart week has come back
heavily reinforced.
LONDON, Dec. 28. Tio question dis
cussed eagerly today Is, Have the Ger
mans changed their plans? Both of their
flanking operations, one In East Prussia
and the other In the Carpathians, having
Aeroplane Patrol of Coast
Hurriedly Strengthened.
Heavy Damage Reported
Done to. German Naval
LONDON, Dee, a.
While England Is rejoicing over the
successful aeroplane attacks upon Cux
h&von and Brussels, it Is believed that the
Germans will make a quick reply, either
in the same manner or by a naval attack
upon the coast As a result seven more
aviators and their aeroplanes were added
today to the aerial squadron patrolling the
coast The aviators who Joined the
Royal Flying Squadron today have Just
finished their training.
The Admiralty statement says;
"Ou Friday, December J6, tho aerman
warships lying Off Schilling Roads, off
Cuxhaven, were attacked by seven naval
seaplanes, piloted by Fllgrt Oomroandeni
Oliver, Hewlett Soea and Kllner, Flight
Lieutenants Mlley and Bd ards and Sub
lieutenant Blackburn.
"The attaok was delivered la daylight,
starting from a point In the Yfeinlty of
Heligoland. Tha seaplanes were escorted
by a llgmt cruiser and destroyer force,
together with eubioart&M.
"Aa these ships were seen by the Qr
tnaaa from Heligoland, two Seppellns and
three oe four hostile seaplanes and V
era! hostile submarines attaofeed them.
"It was necessary for th British sbjpa
to remain In the nishbrhoo4 t flak up
the retutsiag airmen, ana a novel oom
JM,.! :2?. LT
sbaart y wft nauvrig the
Asy'a ubrtius warn avoided audi the
twa Zep9tHn earily Wit to AMrM hy
tha mas of txu Sftdaoated J Axettaeu.
The ueny' seaplanes stteesafled. In
dropping their haa ettr eMss, hut
it umm asr of thaw. Tha SHc-
1 "Z2rLJS2J'S5L
tit enemy ot iMthf uA fcefe? railed
to aay suw msw
strfc4 Shut ' O " With
..,., .. . - ,-..,.- -wnN-nltY3Ti!'n.
failed, they have been reduced In the last
ton days to frontal attacks, which caused
alarming losses all round the clock on
Christmas Day. On Christmas night they
kept hammering at tho Russian defenses
on the River Pilltza, miles southwest
of Warsaw.
At the same time the Austrians were
attempting to force tho passage of the
Nlda near Its confluence with the VUtula.
Here, In splto of the army of General
Dankl, which Is reckoned as Austria's
finest troops, a humiliating defeat was
Inflicted by the Russians, who took 4000
odd prisoners. Including 63 ofllcers.
Tha Russkt Invalid, the leading mili
tary organ, says the Austrian forces are
melting away. It considers the German
methods of discipline unsulted to an army
In which a large Slav element prevails.
The Slavs will fight only If their sympa
thies aro aroused and If they are treated
as men, not as machines. In this war
they prefer to surrender.
The Germans havo found the same true
of their Polish troops, who have now all
been sent to Belgium. This argues III for
tho new German appeal to the Poles to
help their liberators.
"The roault of the 'Germans' struggle to
establish themselves on the Warsaw side
of the rivers which the Russians are
defending has simply been to carpet tho
earth with dead. For all their sacrifice
of life no advantage whatever has been
"The character of tho fighting was forci
bly Illustrated by an attack near
Bollmovo, on the Rawka. As the Ger
mans advanced the Russians set flro to
a farm In a wood In their rear. Tho
Germans, silhouetted against the glow,
were an easy mark for the machine guns
of tho Russians, which were used with
ghastly effect. Several armored motor
cars armed with these guns ran up and
dow nthe road, which had been hardened
by frost and poured a deadly stream of,
bullets Into the Germans. The Russians
constantly changed their positions and
mado counter attacks on the Germana
which were a complete success. They
killed 1000 and took two battalions pris
oners. "What the Germans can do Instead of
making frontal attacks of a disastrous
kind Is not suggested, but the arrival be
hind their front of U-lnch guns may
point to a new development There are
no fortified places here for the Germans
to bombard. The next few days prob
ably will show whether or not Field Mar
shal von Hlndenburg has anything up
his sleeve."
their machines. Three other pilots re
turned later and were picked up by Brit
ish submarines which were standing by.
Their machines were sunk.
"Six out of the seven pilots returned
safely, Flight Commander Hewlett la
missing. His machine was seen In a
wrecked condition about eight miles from
Heligoland, and the fate of the daring
and skilful pilot Is at present unknown.
"The extent of the, damage ty the unt
Ish airmen's bombs cannot be estimated,
but all were discharged at points of mili
tary significance."
THE HAGUE, Dec il-Private advices
received here today from Hamburg state
that the British aviators caused heavy
damage In their aerial raid on Cuxhaven
and that panic prevails In several of the
coast towns of East Fresland, Holden
burg and Hanover as a result of the
attack. On their return flight to the
ships awaiting them off the coast the
British aviators threw four bombs upon
tha Island of Langeoog, northwest of
The official reports from Germany de
clare that no damage was done on the
Island, but unofficial rtporta state that
fortifications erected there were reduce
by the explosion of two of the bombs.
Hundreds of refugees say that the suc
cess achieved by the British filers will
result in another attack In tiw acq
GBNEVA. Switzerland, Dec -Infor
matlon received from German sources as
serts that two of the French aviators
who bombarded Metx were killed, they
being shot down by guns mounted on Fort
Masasteln, which occupies a height to
the west of Metz.
fi. saewage received here says that th
bombs dropped upon Fort KatseUr, one
of th forts southwest of Mets, near the
i!ollo .liver, killed an officer and 11
men, besidts Injuring a score of others,
Best Coal
l 1, Steve M, Cbsii 1M
Tieaitc Ave, Wemf ! ,
isMinriST inwnsrrairnnsisisrwntiispiisMTii
' " "
Manchester Chronicle.
Demands Further Submarine
Attacks Upon All Kinds
of Shipping Without Dis
crimination. LONDON, Dec IS.
The reply of the German press to tho
scathing comment of English newspapers
on the recent raid on tho Yorkshire coast
reveals the stato of mind at which tho
Germans havo now arrived, Tho Koel
nlscho Zcltung may bo cited as a char
acteristic Instance. This Journal Is one
of the organs of tho Foreign Ofllce, but
It Is Impossible to know whether the
articles In question are Inspired or not
The Koelnlscho Zeitung says that Eng
lish newspapers He, as usual, when they
declare that Whitby and Hartlepool are
not fortified places. The wholo world
knows, It states, that Whitby has a coast
guard station and a signal station, and
that Scarborough has a coast guard sta
tion. According to German belief all
coast guardsmen aro liable to be called
upon to servo In the navy, and tho Ger
man Journal adds that an enemy has con
sequently an Indisputable right to bom
bard such "military stations."
"Besides," continues tho organ quoted,
"what heed do the English usually pay
to the loss of Innocent lives? How' many
Innocent human beings, too, have been
butchered In East Prussia by the famous
Russian ptenm roller, which will pre
sumably shortly be placed with tho old
locomotives In a museum? How many
Innocent lives have been sacrifled In Bel
glum to the British policy, but for which
the war between Germany and Franco
would have been prevented at the last
moment? War Is war, and It strides
over tho dead bodies. When war has
been declared there can be only two ques
tions: 'Where Is the enemy?' and How
can I hit him?' "
Admiral .Schlleper, writing In tho
Lokalanzelger, complains bitterly that the
Germans In their conduct of war, and
especially of this war, have been far too
considerate. The purely humane side
of war receives far too much attention,
and they worry themselves about humani
tarian matters' when they ought to bo
conducting their campaigns with all
possible rigor. He agrees with Admiral
von Tlrpltx that German submarines must
develop still further their activity, and
torpedo everything British that comes In
their way.
"England Is choking Germany," he
writes "and under the circumstances
everything is permissible. England may
tnrot, up iter nanus and exclaim: 'Oh!
Those German barbarians!' and tho Brit
ish may accuse the Germans of murder.
But the Germans must not allow their
hereditary weakness of consideration to
slacken their firm purposes. German
submarines have already struck terror to
the hearts of Britons, Let them con
tinue this," says Admiral Schlleper "ami
make themselves a continuous terror at
all those points where Kngland is must
"Attack without discrimination war
ships, mercantile marine, troopships,
transports all are legitimate spoil. We
cannot bring the British Hon to his knees
by feeding him with cakes. When he
has a coupte of torpedoes In his body he
will be more amenable."
9,R. 19
North Carolina Made Prep
arations to Shell Turkish
Town, Returned Officers
Say. ,
NEW TORK, Dec .-The Untied
States cruiser North Carolina cleared for
action at Beirut, Byrla, during her visit
there In November. All preparations were
made to shell the Turkish town. Five
hundred men were fully equipped for
Bhorn duty. These conditions prevailed
for threo days, but at the end of that time
tho antl-forolgn situation became loss
Just how near the North Carolina came
to firing was learned today when four
naval officers returned on the liner Fin
land after being relieved I from f f
the North Carolina, which Is still In the
eastern Mediterranean protecting Chris
tians. Tho naval officers who reported
back to duty In this country were mem
bers of the aviation corps at Vera Cruz,
whero they had done scouting duty and
were picked up hastily and ordered on
tho North Carolina when that ship re
ceived orders over night to leave Carib
u..M ...ntAM nnfi nrorencl with the Ten
nessee abroad to deliver gold to the ,
stranded Americans. The four offlcers ,
. mr at T laiiiannnl 1'. .
wore Commander Mustln, Lieutenant P.
M. Bollinger, Ensign W. Cappart and
Lieutenant C. Saumey. unese lour b
In tho party that carried American gold
to Paris. After delivering tho money they
left with the North Carolina for Turkey.
One of them told this story of the Beirut
venta: . . j ..
"An we wore proceeding to Smyrta wo
passed the British fleet which consisted
of one dreadnought, three battleships,
seven cruisers ond two submarines, vo
afterward learned that one of tho sub
marlncn which came within hailing dis
tance of us was the famous B-ll, which
later dived under the mines In tho Dar
danelles and sunk a Turkish battleship.
Renchlnp Beirut we found tho mission
aries panicky, but with no serious cause
for alarm. We then proceeded to Smyrna,
arriving there about five hours after tho
firing of a shot across the bow of the
launch of the Tennessee.
"So serious did Captain Oman, of the
North Carolina, consider tho situation
that he sent a number of officers nshore
to look around. When wo returned the
decks of tho North Carolina wero cleared
for action. Five hundred men were
p'need on deck, all provided with three
dayu' rations and armed to the teeth.
Landing boats wero lowered with ma
chlno guns Ih them, while tho rapid-fire
guns on the decks were sighted so that,
at a moment's notice, they could rake
the shore. Tho president of the Ameri
can Collogo was supplied with a set of
signals so that ho could communicate
with the cruiser.
"For three days the men remained un
dor arms, expecting orders any minute
to go ashore and start n fight. However,
the situation calmed down nnd the four
of us left on the Vulcan."
Tennessee Carries Shipload From
Jaffa to Alexandria.
WASHINGTON, Dec. 23,-About EM
refugees of different' nationalities aro be
ing transported from Jaffa to Alexandria
on the United States cruiser Tennessee,
Captain Decker, commander, today re
ported to the Navy Department
Secretary Daniels gave out the follow
ing statement regarding Captain Decker's
action: "A cablegram, dated 8 p. m ,
December Zl, was received at the Navy
Department from Captain Decker, of the
Tennessee, stating that the Tennessee Is
transporting about COO refugees of dif
ferent nationalities from Jaffa to Alex
andria. These refugees were unable to
get pasnage from Jaffa by any other
means. Captain Decker states that hi
action was taken nfter requests from tho
Consuls hnd been made and approved by
Ambassador Morgenthau and after per
mission had been given by the Turkish
"The Impotence of the Christian Churches
with Respect to the Prevention of War"
This is the title of an address to be delivered by
Tuesday, December 29th, at 8 P. M.
The Unitarian Churches of Philadelphia Invito yotf.
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. J
Seizure of Aleppo Sen
Arouses Rome to P
. ntrrii a 2
Action Will Aid U,
Battleship Against JRj
Instructions havo been gent'"
Italian crulsor Calabria at Ijelratll
to assist tho United States cruise!
M ,1 , ,f.A ..MMnaal, .V....,ft -4i
uaroimt ii ina iisvuoaikjr suuuiQ stasia
the result of further demonitnJij
against the departure of EuropelSyja
TurKlsn territory. ib
News that tho Turkish authorluUl
elzed arid closed tho Italian mlt.i;
school at Aleppo has caused rrifM
dlgnatlon hero and revived the atiJ
about Turkey's delay In releMlnjTl
Pncllah rnnnlll nt HndplrfAh J-lil
lng Italy a promised reparations
impression prevails mai tn sm
could oventually assume threaten!
puruuiia. s
Tho Foreign Offico Bays th T
Ambassador at Constantinople hull
again Instructed to exact promMjl
fitment of theso promises. ini
A solution of this incident ahd'tjvn
1.mI. nll.ai.llnH ,. .... ....fl...., a Iti .. .
uuiiiuii Di.uutiuu ttio uviuiou hy m. (
est clouds on the Italian political liw
Tho nationalist press urges th rj
ment to assumo an energetic ttj
and take decisive steps toward 1W
The Italian Minister at AthtnTi
notified the Greek GovernmenUerji
nuuan uccujjumuu ui jiviunu. lie (
that tho occupation was provtttomtt
was carried out with tho consent ell
Entente Powers.
According to a dispatch from 'III
tho cruiser North Carolina rws
threatened to use her guns as tbdmi
of an Incident at Tripoli, SyrltlJ
cruiser, convoying mo AmericairKM
Virginia, ontored tho harbor $1$$
and the commander requested 'the T.
ish authorities to permit the BrtttitsJ
French consults to depart with lit!
tionals resident In tho city.
Number Covers Killed, 'TVouhdia
Kissing on Land and Sec
total of the Kaiser's forces wio.
been killed, wounded or aro mlsjlnjti
tho beginning of tho war Is 2,00VoVi
cording to adylces from Berlin.
Tho Pmislan losses total 7M,!
total of the German losses, exelWlnr
Bavarian nrmy, which has lost bill
effective fighting men, has been
killed. 4W.00O missing and 850,ow wero
The grand total of 2.000,000 Inc)ii4ff
Bavarians nnd tho naval forces.
Pittsburgh Surgeon Off to 'WmJ
PITTSBURGH, Pa., Dec. :&-Drta2
Crookston, surgeon of tho Hth IteztJjjjji
N. a. P., is on ins way to wjhjbb
today to receive formal assignment;
the Red Cross duty in Austria. Jm
Crookston will be In charge of sUfi
geonB nnd 20 nurses, comprising cn l
of tho American Red Cross.
ttz zrzrmk
mx r ouniains & fc.Bt?w?
Ask for
The Original and GenuIiHt
Tho Food-drink for All Age
At fMlillAnh Vill. anrl fntmfaM
Delicious, invigorating and .usUagft j
Keep it on your ideboaid al ncc&i
Don t travel without it. J,
A nnirTc lnnrli nronnrrr in IK
Take no imitation. Jut say ilQRllCgf
Not in May Milk ?3gfip
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