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VOI I NO. 91
Vigorous Assault Gains
St. Georges, and Get
' mans Are Pushed Back
; in Region South of
Nieuport -Steinbach
: in Alsace is Invested.
'Advance Reported in
Allies' aggressive maneuvers, de
spite" severe storiris which are ragiriff
and difficult ground on account of the
show and ice, have rccultcd in decided
advantages 'in Flanders, while equal
vigor and results have marked tne
French campaign in Alsace. In the
(north the Allies have occupied St.
EGcorgcs by a two-mile dash south of
SfNieuport and an Alsatian drive has
tended with the investment of Stem
Ibach. The Germans have been ousted
from trenches which they seized re
gcently in the Argonne, according to
(this afternoon's communique from the
Paris War Office, which admits, how
sver, that Von Kluk's artillery is
Iviolently bombarding the French po
laitions on the main road from' Roye
3 Amiens. '
A German official statement denies
Iny loss ot advantage in tne vicinity
if Nieuport and .claims repulse of
Russian attacks at How and. Lodz in
'oland. This report virtually contra-
ji t''p Kfnrh communique.
The Austrian army in Galicia,
CUt in twain byjaRussian wedge point
t in tvain jjyjaRussian wedge
at Crdcow,nciWi is. fn disi
hat' k ,a
ed at Crdcow,inoWi is. fn disorderly
'Advances Made in Nieuport,. Hegion
4 and Alsace, fails Reports. ,
PARIS. Dec. 23.
A gain or more than two miles In Bel
i'glum, violent bombardment .by tho Ger-
imans ot tne Allies' positions alontr the
Condudnl on aice Four
One would have BUppos6I this morning
i that the pavements had the hoot and
. Jnouth disease or some other dread
! malady from the way pedestrians
..avoided them and soufeht refuge In the
Pireeis, n -was an amusing signc inaeeu
to see old Father Penn slipping. sUdlnc
jnd sloshing around In the centre of
jne car tracKs on nis way to worlc. nut
ho condition ot the pavements was
inore or less seasonable at that. It
vllt be some slipping going on that, to
say me least, won't do connneu- to icy
pavements. From, which there Is a moral:
I UvsntvA Tint tn vnnnlu
For Philadelphia and vicinity
Ifiain and alightlyy warmer tonight;
Wednesday cloudy, followed by clear
inn and colder in the afternoon and
night; freeh southeast winds shifting
ia yiorinwesi ntanesnay,
- . For details, tec, page S,
Observattpas at Philadelphia,
8 a, ir.
kU .-Ui ' " t
Tx. 'aTi Tito, " M.iri
JHreniAt . ' ma a
m H'cmoeratura ""' ' w.wi
IffiW :..;:&; s ctK,"
JT v. ........... Till In v
i'lPrlrinltallnn l.r i 1,. ""J2?
lIstiDlmum temperaturt. .,'..., ..;!:...., at
Almanac of the Say
un sets
film rises tomorrow.
.. Tgla, ot.
. . em ; m.
-.I0:!p. m.
-Wloon sets tomorrow.
sf1, lamps to Be Lighted
jAuJo Md Otb.tr Vehicle. '. . j.Wp. m.
The Tides
port RipintOjNp.
w ttr
rt Water tw liiiaES
7-11 n m
mirimm 'ItiaCaL
it tor t oaiwftw 3TjCS
water tsworrow JiWCS:
VJZ ::::::::::::;::;:::::; m-
Ur tomorrow i'JBJ.m'
tm-klf mile battk from ikje Co
kimbia avstiM idg and ram
(firitfd ie,tu btid&M. to PairHntuut
dtin; (Jumtine uttd Cancotir l.ksi
ia WrnMwt Purk, Mtmtbuf Pmrit
LaA v-i.J Crsskiin Villi 1 tk at
eHBHeis'MHI)riirw ' JWftStgv. JoaMBBM" wHHH &-&"lrJll3
jWBCSu '"j itiissTillPTHeMHsKr""HWW esaatsasiaaa fBBBwMWWw)Bg)WWte.?S?n R JlnSOKnMHBf&fr!'
Noted English Editor De
clares Teuton Militar
ism Must Be Strangled
to Insure Permanent
, Peace, and Such, He
Assures 'United States There
Is No Fear- of Japanese
Peril and Praises Ameri
can Attitude Thinks
German Government and
Army Are Powerful But
Senseless Machines.
(Copyright, 1014, by Th United Trtu, Enr
llih nights Iteaervnl.)
Oumr of the London Times, tho London
Daily ilatt and the London Evening Xews,
LONDON. Dec. 29.
The Increasing loquacity of the highly
placed Germans, the Crown Prince, Ad
miral von Tlrpltz, Dernberg and Com
pany, I regard as a sign of anxiety and'
weakness. Thls Is rot among the Ger
man people, from whom the facts are
even yet hidden, but among the ruling
class of Germnny, who, pf course, are
well aware that Oermany is fighting a
losing, war. "
You will notice that all -of these Teu
tonla spokesmen as-Is wopt with beaten
men alternately -whine an$ threaten.
We are content to let Von TIrplts. and'
the Crown Prince do the talking while
Lord Fisher. und General Joffre do the
shooting. v j
Pray do jjpt thnk that we underesti
mate the Germans. Many of us are of
the opinion that this qolgssal war will
go several years- Nona the less, Ger
many Is beaten and was Waten the day
U.j-etreated from Paris. Its. battle for
TJallls Urnoy-ln Its 80th -day, -and It Is
anoner .jmpcwsjoie epori. , its mercantile
rpsrtrie;jbltj6Tr wlPI .Ofrtlie,seas,. jNew;
Tork.'habpr-l9 Indicative of wliat has
happenedjirf.lherest of the world.
The yrhglftrprnsltial object of Gerjnany
has b'eeix .defcat&d. It Is now ever
wherebii.a. defensive," eixept Irt Bel.
Concluded on J'uso yonr
Amerfcaxplluntera Shot by CaitAdla'ii.
,. -Bqrof Patrol. ',
WASttljmTON, Dec. 38,-iAt the fV.
quest of the State Department the British
Ambassador t4day 1rd the Xlovenwr
Qanwal. uf Canada, requUng hlra toririve
k t. ..1 m .L . . . ' -
rwyi or e snooirog of Walter
M, Charles t)orch by the 4Jna-
att P4ir. The mw were 4uk
10 tfte Irtagara Rlvw 3wisr4y.
Albert Baker Keed4 Rt Boat
James W, Baker, of Jtf, Gtiy ?sj( av
aue. CpAimHfi lft' h& vk&r to
eaptaln of DMsoIJvoji OCrott .kkuc
brtn to lt his ojtpwTWJdft mm,
tf ctAue, wwl sj oUag, sw.
w nw in w om PMU4iPi, Re
quttt is m& to uf AlhesT sr to
retura horn at oace as bis liauahter haM
Just died -m ,
Wimmi W m Twitay 0,
WW CHKOTBR. Pa. n-. at ura
EUmbeia Henoeil. wife of Jeel 1'e.i-
nli, (ajeats in to i-Uuua Iran .,,d
Wel Cfiupattj plnSt Cmt4vttt, did .
fil f ,lf r' 4f,to , ear of!
: ,""'"' "" " w ,"" l(w
t"uiM-Jail jks.fr mjh ftatAuai.
Lord Northclifies
Views on the Wiar
Copyright. 10U. by United ITeis.
Germany is beaten and was
beaten tho day she retreated from
The horrors of Belgium will put
Cawnporc in the background.
Gertuanv will be strannled and.
&&&liW'"L&t 'tiarvalian and.at
of years ana not of pxontlis.
The Japanese have kept strictly
to tle letter of their dgreeinent
with the Allies.
Anericans aro well aware of the
size of the English navy and know
that for 100 year's it has been
friendly to them.
The Japanese are. abundantly
cognisant of the latent power of
the United States. v
It is fortunate that' the German
army und present German Govern
ment has produced no Bismarck,
no Von Moltke, no Von Roan,
The German army and. Govern
went is a superb machine with no
braini at the top.
Ship That Rescued Walter Wellroah
Lost In the Thames,
NEW YQIUv, Dec. 23. Notice was
posted on' the. Maritime Exchange this
afternoon that the Royal Mall liner Trent
had been sunk" at her home pier In Lon
dom Sanderson & Son, local agents of the
line, did not know, whether, the liner was'
sunk by the gal? which Is raging along
the EngIqh coast or by German design, r
Thi Trejit was the shjp that.v rescued!
Walter Wellman and his craw-. from "the
airsh'lpMn which they attempted.tp crojjs
the Atlantic. She was last in this port on,
November 21. having proceeded to' Lqn-
don by way of the West Indies. ? -
Change Affects. -Cost of Blkie.aitd
Buckwheat Shces. -ji'. " -
The price of rtce,jnI buokwlieat .sUes1
BJ steam cpal haa been advanced R cenfs"
a, Jon in Philadelphia fn the faxe;of thV
ivcui ucviaiun oi ine oiaic i-uoie aer--
vfee Commission reducing the cost ofibnr.nnv in iroJntf'frbm house to house
coal to the dealers after January 12;
This becama IJnojyn "bite thls.ftejryjonr"
after the Oeorka" 6. "Ne.wton CSBafCom-
iany,ompos,ed of a, soore aMndivhjuaV
cenejeros., and a Uoiejr "outalde" "tgaipAr
flilisr large etmunes, ot steam seal,, qf
th adyaase. , The ladeiendent .deale
have not Increased the prie and do riot
contepiplattt 4oViit a the "W-
Oftle.lals of. the .Kewton comply rer
fuied to dlscusa tjie.advahej,' jfWhen the,
rt4uctton In earryinjC rale btewnes a
reality, U wM be tUjie.epogk to dW
prlcM." said one oajdol of th cjonipa,y.
VVflrlam Bryant, on ttatleit dealer,
old th tnA?CA4At ceuoerns were asked
to Join the Nwtn CojBiaajr to sdvaoctoff
the price of rtwiu eur. hut sfsd. al
tkouvh toy dtt-iiot sxiwct tb reduo
Uom to trryii ehvwm. wbicU art
scheduled 10 bo Into ejfat January 1J,
w wvtwb ,ajH.u) nc a ysmr mx least
xvu uuiuyiiul TSaS HVOK
WeVS BXV&B hv U.
la . -- 4t - .. . "'
Z7'XU 7.? JZ.V?
ea tu llldlBhla had hM t.. t!Tr
0 wUttw h "toe comoln8 wu tweed
la iiiueua a. inuiu ' -,i ,h., TT.
deoJers .iHeMlt44 Uta the Nioj, Cuto
pop pobib, esaMrt it nr u-
vOJ is tut iot luevatovtuiert 4 h 1 1
ftftigt 4.s4v ti s rgffti tuiwt tH te-jMet
HHsHgB; I-- I.. .. . .. .-J.
BBBWBfiiBWiHff'ii fTn1 iTfniiiiiiriMF
BBBBBaaaPksnifaa IbvbVbS
:KnaBiiBB(ftganWMirWsr ;WiilBBuBHBBBi
Photos by Underwood anil I'nOern-ooJ.
Above, to the left, is a shop In Prospect Road, Scarborough, where the wife of the proprietor was Wiled
by a shell. On the right is the house of Walter Rea, Member of Parliament from Scarborough,
showing the yawning hole made by the Germans' 8-inch guns. Below are the historic ruins of old
Whitby Abbey, at Whitby, as they appeared after suffering a bombardment, of 20 minutes.
Distribute Pamphlets to Arouse Sen--.
timent Against Extradition.
Apenjs.fpr the Kraver Detective Agency
today .began their work of distributing a
flvp-poge' pamphlet, part of a plan to
creao"'serjTlment for' Harry" K. Thaw
with a view' to preventing his return to
th- JJatteawan Asylunu The circular
wUt.he distributed all oyer the United
Htates. .accordljg to agents for Thaw, and
laterIt Is proposed o Introduce a bill In
Congress providing for the return to their
homes "of crl6ijnallk.lnane persona aqult
ted' of crlmeln'thelr ojvn State.
liTiiB pamphlet" was written, by the late
btlfrBd'Henny.-Lewls.HtccordlnS, to Jay A.
HfjJKraver. of the' PKltad.tlpha ageney. It
Ts;.calfed "n Her 'xenth Year-th'e
Thiw - Case," and. 4eelarei that much
relevant evidence was suppressed at the
-Tliaw. trjals. Fifty meneraplQyed by tht
throjjghqj4t KhlladjsJphlajdistrlbmlng. the
pamphlet. 1 1. Is. planned ta lea V one in
evey home IhT'lillaaetiia." Norristown
and Chester.' fnVwoir. wm'take about a
':mopth, according ' t' HrsVer1 estimate.
i 1 , 4..U
Becomes the, Wifa o,f Edward M. Pa-
Society Is liitereajed.djjl the announce
sHUy)y r'.rew4H of the mar
riage. 9f Wr. 911 Iiaa,8oiji Wge
law to Inward H.. Hadelford, of in
oah and Nw. Yk. Mrs. H4glwys
dtaejsed hyHeMfm P- Ws&oyi. of Cbt
ejjo. early to thf fail o the grniiBij of
ffeeM :wcm twosWWiB of the Ami
tawiijft, a MntjUga DatUs tolgelow
a led A(Mn Wk1ow. The foirner is vmh
bar Matai and ibe uu j. atudvui at
Usg. PsaUUud is at daugbtec ef bugeue
$vda and staler 4 Chart A. Itord
ad atiiis $tory Hofda, uf the city. 8b
h 4tt ajuch t her time abroad. Re)
ativtw U04 WRiUm 94 til uW at
bt anki'imm t Hr. e-tHoni. o tU
hod ooi bfi iwMHd Th ujavr4j(i ik
i!U t'i a.kicud lUili Mlci ilitaw to
Astrology a Scie'iic?
Astrologu is not necestarttu char
lantrv. .1 ruling to this effect 61
o A'ei" Vorfc Judge lias cvused
somewhat of a sensation. tn.leaal pir
eles and constitutes the fcit.or, a
tlmelg article by
vAxae TiioupsoF .
to be printed on j10 eJitorfaj pqpe
0 fhe livening hedoet .,tomorroo.
Mr. Thompson's article tejls of some,
of the' famous astralauers.of Tl'tory
and their accomplishment's.
Order the Evening Ledger from
yoUr newsdealer earlg.
George Bliss and U. S. Weather
Board Differ as to Forecast.
Ts unottKi' cold wave on the way? The
"Weather Bureaus at Washington and
J'hllaUelplila are at odds on the pqlijt. An
olfiuidl forecast from "Washington an--
nnunced that rain and snow today and
ftnnlJVit In Iha irtriilla Mlnalafllnnl il
Iakii regions will be foljowedby, a. jcold
nau that will strike the Atlantic and
tvew Knsland States tomorrow afternoon
nr iitKlRr. told wave warriinea for toniirnt
hay, been sspsd generally from frags
to Wert Ttrglnla ana the North.
Lqeal Forecaster Bliss said rumors of
the oomlng ld wave ar grealj! ex
aggerated. The Philadelphia "wather
man" sa It will be sUgbtly warnjer, to
night and somewhat colder tomorrow
afternoon, but that the drop to tempera
ture will be very small.
Deputy Who May Bo .ttorao-y Qea
ral Meets QoyentQtvelMt.
ItARRtSPUOa. Pa.. TH- SCXesse B.
jp CiMrtieHpHam. deputy Attwmnr q
eml, pMNntnoBtly mMlMd as toe next
Attorney 0eerM DM'lMlMtl of tk
4ttate ttoaad at VdueaWsR, toft wttb tit
board today, hut CtovMsuHMect Bra
Uub. a. meutoe of toe haofd. would
net discuss his probble AppotaUueut,
It was a: a Mr. Cunningham as culled
I to the meeting mirtlx a a laatter of
MwBtaatad by tie Friist
WAJiHlNUTUN. Dec. --Th Vl-Mlt.
veday aent (he BAMntiiatious to Ui
Tu be Jltdej A IMatnt CutT vl
ALski. DIviik'B N'O. I ' fmtjltM . BtiC
aUj. ui J4, A-t,ei
ConmanT, 19H.nt tub rontto Mtnon Comtim,
Attorneys in "War ' of Wof ds At-
'tempt to Waive Hearing-.'
' There was a war of words between
John Jl, K. Scott and David N, Smyth at
.the hearine of JIrs; W.- F- Uonaldson, KKXJ
Gljea.triut street, and "h'si". French maid,
"annle . Blanc, In Magistrate Beaton's
Court today. They were accused of as
sault and battery by Mrs. Evelyn Donald
son., Sir. Smith, as attorney for Mrs. W. F.
Donaldson and her maid, waived a hear
lngr and the former was held under J6C0
and' th,e latter under $1000 for court. Mr.,
Spolt represented Mrs. Evelyn Donaldson.
'Jdrs, W. F., Donaldson arrived early to
avoid "a large crowd of curious persons.
She, wore black and concealed her face
behind a heavy black veil. Her mold
and attorney assisted her from her car
riage. Mrs. Evelyn Donaldson came In a
limousine and wore a blue broadcloth
. The only word spoken-by the elder Mrs.
Donaldson was in' response to a question
I jor ntr namB aml address by Moglstrafft
t 'v"- -' u immeuiawy asKea
that the case be sent to court, but Mr,
$cott Insisted that the case be heard so
f that appropriate ball might be fixed.
f onarp wprus passea owen the
e two
aUoroeys. when Mr. Scott, questioning
his client. "'Mrs.' Evelyn Donaldson, asked
It th jnald bod Mt testified " previously
Ttnat sne cquw jtraveuAer Mra. JtYolyii
Ponaldsp) to be a bad wenwn." -:
"No one knows better ' than ytm' that
i.uch & question Is improper," said Mr.
If you dtjn't wal6h.yimrjfJlf," ttod
Mr. Sookt, 'Vou will beeom as-hystsrhml
tBjrfWtd." r r-
. 'drafty mow q tjkn. ywi j
lwis geU" returnrd ,Mr. -Snth. A
Ward It war lng from Magistral Beaton
iltd toiusi.
Mrs.. Xviiyn IViagatoaa stald tier
pOtMhX, turn tw DBBnHeop rHiW,
H tfc auaWel twtvrwn herself, Mrs. W
P. DutsiiUac and th maid. hr vret
(Uid her attempt to compel her fomier
huebund. Iveith DoiiAUbuae, wbuw slut
divorced, to ms her sUimom. H lc
u! to pay hsr I1M a uiunto, u-l iwi
BeAi to - towyss, she) sUd. had uewd
iw forme.- rator-to-lW to tmeuw
ugerd and "she had kB4 her dauhtor
(rooi hr a puateMUuaet,''
At to? ti..iicluwu vt to it;fitttuiij Mr
Stuit iu-uMi Uuii titc mod he Keiu !..
MUgetaH haU iu pnvto he bete t ,t
IB JijLa4:al nea ti ii.i
1SJ .
Reading Official Admits
Move to Raise Tariffs on
Nearby Foodstuffs Ship
ped From West.
A further advance In freight rates gen
erally, Independent of the -5 per cent. In
crease granted by the Interstate Com
merce Commission In Its decision-of JJe.
cember 18 last, along the lines of read
Jtmm-nt suggested by the,' Commission, Is
now being planned by the Eastern rail
roads. The truth of this" report, which
came In a dispatch from Waahlilgtoh.'waa
confirmed today by a high offlcJhl ot the,
Philadelphia and Reading Hallway Coin.-v
The new schedules will pot bo estimated
on a horizontal Increase, as was the case
with the G per cent, advance,,' but ih
changes' wlll,be specific increases" on vari
ous, articles, which,-according to th com
putatlpn of the railroads, are at present
on a subnormal rate basis. A thorough
revision df all tariffs' of this basis is now
under yay,'and as tariff-on nany irliclea
will remain unchanged the proposed od
vanca cunnot fairly be termed general
The new tariffs will advance rates par
ticularly on live stock, grain, and. for the
most part, foodstuffs -transported from th
West. Ja effort wilt lie made to seek in
creases on various articles excepted nder
the recent ruling of the Commission.
The new rate?. If allowed, together with
the S per cent, already grunted, will
increase the annual net revenue of th
Eastern railroads by nearly 160,001,000.
the figure estimated as the probable re
turn of th original tariff advances sub
mitted to the Interstate Commerce- -Cqni. -mission
on May &, 1914, denied by the
Commission on July' 39 and subsequently
approved In part on December is.
The basis for the new rata advance,
thejrajlroad point out. ilea in two eug
gestlonV made by the Interstate Com
merce Commission. The first was made
on Jjdy It), whet) ki handing down the
decision refusing the I per cent, freight
Increase the Commission urged Out rail
road to examine carsXally tlMlr fretoht
rates, rule asd regulations with & view
to increasing raja tool are found tu
be clearly unwrUWrartve."
The Mdoad and supplemental suggestian
giv abjag with to stoal decision of
ttevambar toltowa "It is tid
that the ooiusti u--uve work suggested to
the erlgteal twort (July sl tor tfe fur
pes of eenarto nd MttaMtto4 th
itt tvnu ot rrtors generally wilt h
eajrcM forward wihOia imsn-upttoa."
JUttmad ofHcialS exuloto that tiw lirmi
Casetoded a rags w
liOes,' Aim M93FDL
Aid- WW Nt' ' AM
advertised ui tii Himiu Utjtra
I7-... wUl U Ibtwl tot ZQ
u to W t the kluia CWlit. !
ttiett u !' J- ? -ikj
&nm vmv -'. -. at-
rvsAfVtnC LKUit
I dfoto..:-y ' "
jBc ?
' SW'VjlSfJ41
C4f U Ui .
-sWiJ men
1 Mo)-n
UHI Moy anis
rA. mnmf nli 1
'- te;b-
iM IU4V u i'' L'v!'4j-.- ptl

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