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"" rtiv.to...rr
Jiiblican Restoration
Came ith Landslide
That Showed Condemna-
. . ', '. .
ion of Wilson Tariff Act.
eerhplete political clmhgo In Perm-
'nyJvtilA marked the year's history In
politics in the State. During 1DH tlio
votsra of Pennsylvania repudiated ho
Wilson ftdmlnlntratlort, nnd thero was a'
complo,to rovulslwr from tlio tlitrd party.
movement which scpt. the .State In .18)8
. to an overwhelming Itcptlbllcan' victory.
,.f iuno or uie reaiurcs or mo return 10
- Republicanism was "the election of Boles
I'enr6e by popular voto for a fourth
successive term as t'nitcd States Senator.
Tho liquor Interests, facing a local option
IbsUc, spent enormous sums In one of the
riiest costly campaigns ever conducted In
Pennsylvania id help elect him. Added
to this support ho had tlio united assist
ance of thq manufacturers' of Pennsylva
nia, who blamed the Wilson administra
tion's low tarirt law for business ilcpres-
, lon;.tliftt gripped the Btato. The Itcpub-
','ItCAn) tidal wavo brought him nearly half
& million votes, In the face of an encrsctlo
campaign waged against him because of
his record and the system -of organization
polities which ho represents.
In Philadelphia and Allegheny Counties
Very Republican candidate, whethor a
locnl candidate or candidate for Stato
ofTlce, was carried to victory In the land
slide. All ot tlio State otllccrs .elected
wen? Republicans, and an overwhelming
Republican Legislature was elected. The
aftermath of the election wan that the
Republican Organization leaders In the
Stato lnnilo plans to mntntaln o. pcrma
ent machine In every county.
Senator Penrose Was nominated over J.
tienjarpln Dlmmlek, ex-Mayor of Scran-
ton,- In the prlmarlos on May 19. Dr.
Martin G. Brumbaugh, superintendent of
schools In Philadelphia, without deliver
ing .a single campaign speech, received
the Republican nomination for Governor
by an overwhelming majority, and car
ried the Republican Stnto ticket to vic
tory nt the election In November.
Representative A. Mitchell Paltnor, who
Jed tho fight to nominate Woodrow Wil
son at tho Democratic national conven
tion at Baltlmoro In 1912, won tho Demo
cratic nomination for United States Sen
ator over Ilenrv Budd. of Phlladelohla.
who, had tho backing of the Democratic
"Old Guard." Vance C. McCormlck, of
ttarrlsburg, reorganization Democratic
leader, was nominated for Governor on
tho Democratic ticket over City Solicitor
Michael J. Ryan", of Philadelphia. City
Solicitor Ryan tYub the 'Old Guard candi
date. Representative Palmer directed his fight
against Senator Penrose on Penrose's
record, and came iout openly as tho WH-.
son candidate. Wo received fower votes
on November 3 than did Glfford Plnchot,
tho Washington party, candidate for
United States. .Senator,
Plnchot was unopposed In tho primaries
and continued his campaign without a
let-up all through the summer, person
ally visiting every city 'and town In tho
State. Ho received 200,000 fewer votes
than Roosevelt did In 1912, notwithstand
ing this and 'the fact that Colonel Roose
velt .toured the Stato In his behalf fpr
four1, days Just prior to election.
One of the contribute? causes of .tho
overthrow of the Bull iloose movement
was a fusion deal between the Democrats
nnd the Washington party, whereby Wil
liam Draper Lewis, of; Philadelphia,, who
had won tho Washington party nomina
tion for Oovernor over Judge Charles N.
Brumm, of Schuylkill County. In the
primaries, withdrew from tho Washing
ton party ticket In favor of Vance Mc
Cormlck, tho Democratic candidate.
J.-J. Hurley to Build Brick Structure
of Colonial Design.
''The contracts for constructing a Ittw
brick wall of Colonial design around In
dopehdenc6 Square and removing the
present stone. Wall was awarded today to
J. J. Hurley for $11,000 by Director Cooke,
of the Department of Publlo Works.
The Various leetlntvi at thn n wll
will be four feet high, surmounted by r.
concrete coping and terminating at tho
various entrances to tho square In brick
columns capped with stone, Tho drive
Way cntvrlng the square from 6th street
will bo cobbled and bordered by cast Iron
posts between which will awing heavy
cast Iron chains.
Hotels Hard Put to It to
Find Room' for All Who
Want New Year's Eve
Tomorrow night Is Now Year's Eve!
Significant words for all alike are
these, for rich and poor, old nnd young,
men and woman, for heathen Chinese,
Eskimo and Pntagonlan significant
words; but oh, tho Joy and rovelry of
.them for thoio members of tho com
munity for whom the birth of a now
year means Nothing more (but nothing
lota) than Hitting In a hotel dining room
or restaurant bedocked In paper cap.
eating confetti-strewn salad, contemplat
ing a shining sllvor pall In the offing,
lox-trottlng all over a waxed floor and
somebody's nlco now slippers, nnd con
tributing a goodly uharo to a din that
would have mado tho yodellng at the
Tower of Babel seem llko a bashful
Pity on you If you oro not of thesol
No matter If tho day brings much of
happiness to you In tho contemplation of
another milestone past, and the conscious
ness of another period goile by of work
well done'; no matter how much may
mean to you the atmosphere of general
congratulation, tho, happy exchango of
greetings, the look ahead to new oppor
tunities and the accomplishment of big
ger and better things; no matter any of
these things, according to the dyed-ln-the-wool
celebrator, If you do not throw
care aside for the one night, go out Into
tho public places and give over yourself
body and soul to the spirit of carnival
that reigns on this one occasion as at
no other time, you have not tasted of
tho real flavor of tho dawn of Now
Year's. '
.i&is&i .t-T ', "
miffli BehnwnhUiht
'" t.t..sA z.J. iaJ'. 4-tif..-,n.A,,. tAra
i WW jnccirs m Turner !( mumpjiwc wim
iJSw iufctJEft $ vtantftto tMbffeftMff
4 . V . s. -..., iii - A ,-.. ,. .4 . .Vri
H?W3:"3 '
j ' '-4) 'tk & ,y
'0Ue?i. .!
ry : , i j sv ?,"(- i. . f. v ,
Mmjiimtwrtiti (uitftst(fcwy&ni&mfsi
I' .41 ...'? Vi' ' .?.?.&.. .,,' 'iiKl'.XV A
rwratt WW 3? '-Hc Zf&zuy4k,'tY
W" '
VtTti iX iJLA
This headstone is one of the curiosities in the cemetery of Old
Winchester Cathedral, England. It explains itself.
which he smiles again, and without tho
least shadow of modesty requests two,
three or flvo dollars, as the caso may bo,
deposit per each man right that very
moment. At Kuglcr's it coflts you ?5 per
four covers, and It works up to four
fifty apiece at tho St James. True, at
tho Rltz and the Bellevuo you can still
hold sitting room without depositing
anything but an Impression of respecta
bility. Which Is nice enough In Its way,
but tho bill In tho early hours of Janu
ary 1 will total (5 per person as a minimum.
Say Brumbaugh Plan Would Aid
Commerce With. South. America.
Approval of Governor-elect Brum
baugh's plan to Include the . study of
Spanish in tho public school curriculum
was heard "fcoday on oven' side of mari
time circles. Tho teaching" of the Span
ish language to publlo school pupils
would be a bond of closer friendship with
tho countries of South America and an
Inceptive for' 'promoting trade,- In the
opinion ot many shipping men.
It was pointed out that Germany owed
much of her commercial success In
Bouth America to the students of the
language so numerous throughout the
Fatherland. Even. In England the teach
ing of Spanish was. neglected and in' many
cases where concerns had .dealings with
South America they employed Spaalah
epealtlng Germans to conduct that end ot
the business.
Proposal to Convert Infantry Into
Artillery Beglmento.
The proposal to convert two Phlladel-
?hla regiments of the State militia, the
d and 6th Infantry, Into artillery or
ganizations and rqund out the National
-Guard of Pennsylvania Into a complete
division excited much favorable com
ment among National Guard officers here
today. It was said that an effort would
be made at the next session of the Legis
lature to revise the military code of the
State to permit the program which calls
for the expenditure of more than $1,
000,00a by the Government and will make
the State's; military fBrce second to none
In the" country.
If the Legislature changes the -code,
as required, it Is said that the Jd and
the 6th Regiments will be reorganized
as field artillery and coast artillery; re.
Bpeotlvely. Brigadier General Price has
been, named for the command of the new"
Sev. A. E. Barnett Says It Drives'
Worklngrmen Prom Chnrch.
The muzzling of ministers nn .mini
i.'of church vestries by wealthy m.n i.
i'the reason whr working-man nnf.i.
::labpr unions to the church, is the opinion
of the Rev. Er. Augustus E. Barnett,
sv wi i" tiBiormcq episcopal Unurch
of Our Redeemer, Kth and Oxford streets,
expressed today to a letter to the Rev.
Pr- Gor Chalmers Richmond.
The letter lauds Doctor Richmond fer
,fels stand against a brewer "occupying a
conspicuous position In tho Rochester
church." "While men of shady char
acter, rich with ill gotten gains." writes
liattor Barnett. "are permitted to control
vestries and attempt to muzzle ministers
fceeovse they know they have the power
to starve them out, worklngmen will con
tinue to. prefer their labor unions to the
hr:U and movements like tht of Billy
Bmaty will be necessary."
And what preparations Philadelphia Is
making, If your preforenco does run in
that direction, to welcome you with open
arms and give you the Umo of your' life I
For days hotel and restaurant managers
have' been racking their brains, for In
stance, over what would appear the Sim
ula Dioblem ot having room for vou.
Nover before Have they been troublod to
such art extent as this year, for never
before' havo there' beenso many demands
.for accommodatlqps. War Is war, of
course, and nil that, but New Tear's Eve
Is New Year's Eve, and there you are.
Should you wish to get Into tho fun
you go to most any food emporium of
class enough to boast an orchestra (and,
by the way, music with food Is tho divid
ing line botween high and low life, with
both kinds thinking they are on the
right side of the line) and make- a reser
vation. ' You are a .bit late now, you will
nnd, and at the mention of "New Year's"
the head waiter will greet you with a
smile that '-nay lack a slight element of
enthusiasm, due to the fact that In tho
last month or so It has been smiled in
exactly the same way several hundred
times. Maybe he will only laugh, which
means you are entirely too late.
Rut, perhaps, he will smile for you
nnd then you tell him how many, at
And all this depositing applies only to
food. Thoro Is tho wine, you must re
member. Not brew or cocktnlls or
liquors, you understand, but Wlno with a
big capital W. Of course, you can order
a Bronx or tho beer, or somo such ple
beian drink, but then the waiter In that
case will probably rcfuso to speak to
you ever again. Which, If you. are wise
In hotel and restaurant ways;? Is -varnlng
enough. And thon, too, the?!wno Is a
bit scarce, which does not,- (strange to
relate, mako It less expensive;. ' Undo
Sam, In addition, collects Ms. .little 20
cents per bottle. So thatljlf you give
up that pow limousine yo'ij fj were plan
ning to buy for tho children Ta mnflrat
vllttlo New Year's supper;pA't cost very
Of course, nobobdy will -wXnt td dance.
""v v . juu, mi in tuaa apmeciung
migni nappen, nna me impulse strikes
you, It has been nrraneg'd( Jhht a, fox
trot won't be played more' than every
three minutes, and walking ih any given
direction you must take at, least--half -
dozen steps to find a waxed! floor waiting
for you.' At tho Bellevue jjind the Rltz.
and tho Adclphla and tbfe'. St: James:
etc., up and down the list, , whenever
there will be a table, there, too.'wlir be
a tango concourse within rVacli ,' ';
And now you know nil ab6ut'lC father
Penn Is wide awake In this rcsperit," arid
for a new-born babe 1916 Is 'going .to
have some birthday. Only don'f forget
that a tasto of color of the underside of
chocolate eclair Is not an easy thing to
get rid of. and that you will have to be
at the office by Monday morning at tho
Mr. Blankenburfr and Directors Will
Greet Visitors in City Hall.
Arrangements for tho annual New
Year's Evo reception by the Mayor in
tho second floor executlvo offices In City
Hall have been completed. Tho big re
ception room of the Mayor's sulto Is be
ing festooned with evergreens, flags and
garlands of vari-colored electric lamps.
Visitors to City Hall tomorrow night
will bo received by Mayor Blankenburg
nnd Directors of the Municipal Depart
ments, who w!ll stand beneath a semi
circular canopy of spruce and holly at
the east side of tho room.
Tho reception will begin at 10 o'clock,
and will continue until midnight, when
the eleclrls lights on the rim of the hnt
of William Penn, high on the tower, and
on nil sides of. tho big building will bo
como aglow, announcing tho beginning of
the now year.
Members. of. Councils will be present at
the reception. Common Councilman John
,H,; Barley Is chairman otttio' 'joint com
mltiite, of Councils 'icliarge of the'
''jMnrtlclp'al celebration' Of.'ushorlng In tho
' Now. Year, Including the parade of tha
I "At'tlhe reception of tho Mayor, Hura-
Carpenters and Plumbers at
Work on Garb of March
er, "Who,Wili Add Solid
ity and Realism to It.
Soveral carpenters and numerous plumb
ers, too, are working Industriously on
thn capes of the mummer captains who
wilt parade on New Year's Day,
These capos will, of course, be seen In
the eomlo section, nnd In place of lace
and ribbons in many Instances there will
be nails and hinges. Incidentally, the
pages who carry these capes will have no
easy task. One captain expects to have
at least Its train bearers, As ho Intends
to carry the entire elevated and subway
system of tho city along with him also
a number of running trains and a few
stations filled with passengers his bur
den will be great.
Tho power which will be used to run
the road must be kept secret This capo,
with all Its hardware trimmings,' will
weigh narly tOO pounds. Rain will nbt
spoil tho costume, nor thoso of his pages,
who will be dressed as brakemen.
Another cnptaln, who hopes to carry
tho Panama Canal along with him, will
also have a strenuous time. In addition
to tho canal and the locks he wlU'haya
a few battleships of all nations on tlio
Bldo and a wireless system to tell the.
situation among tho belligerents. He will
bo assisted with this geographical- cape
by 100 pages attired as sailors.
Naval and military ideas will bo carried
out by any numbers of navies and armies
among the brigades In tho line ot march.
"What Ireland would havo donR If It
had been In tho war" will bo the subject
dealt with by ono of these brigades, and
a float will help to carry but the Idea In
moro picturesque fashion.
A decided contrast with these 'Will be
the terplschoroan offerings. The danco
wave of 1914 will be faithfully depicted.
A dainty dancing school in which the
Tango, tho Hesitation, tho Maxlxo, the
Fox trot and other artlstlo gyrations will
be shown, on a portable academy con
ducted by a frantic professor.
Tho fair dancers, regardless of weather
conditions, will wear dainty diaphanous
gowns and many of them declaro that to
be. In keeping' with thfi llmos 'they will
be barefooted. There will bo dances of
the Orient, of Greece and Sp'aln nnd of
every other country In fact, including-
Pnynble on "Actite". AceounU the
Bams las Other1 DaosUs
The thWs bnkf lri which are carrltd
"aeUre accounts" of municipal funds,
trll' be compelled to pay Interest at, a
i. At Mi MP r.nL cer year for tha city
money on deposit, as Is tho case. with
the other banks and' trust companies In
which the deposits are not subject to
continuous disturbance.
The ordinance recently paJ W
Councils lncreftslng the raid of "trV
that the banks must pay on niinlclpal
funds from 2 to i pef,ct. has ben
Interpreted by City Solicitor Ryan to
apply to tho "active accounts.'
About $300,000 Is Constantly maintained
In each of the following banks as check
ing accounts! The Market .Street Na
tional Bank, the Third National Bank
and .the Franklin National jtiann. r
merly tho accounts were exempt from
ii.ri. .h.tira. Tim ordinance! becomes
effective' about April 1. The interest oil
thq cheeking accounts win amount io
more than $20,000 a, year as : revenue
to the -.city. , .
Work Proceeding Rapidly
on Structures in Germari
town, South Philadelphia
and Northeast '
' - - J;
Lover of Bllenco Must V&j $112 and
Stand Noise In the Bargain.
Love of silence runs In the Maxim fam
ily. Therefore, Hudson Maxim, brother
of Hiram, who Invented the Maxim
sltencor, desired a noiseless heating ap
paratus in his Brooklyn home. The
Vapor VaoUum Heating Company, of this
city, agreed to install such a system, but
failed, according to Mr. Maxim. Then he
demanded that Leonard Elliott, the con
tractor, who ,bullt his home, enter suit
against tho company. It Is n New Jersey
Tho case was heard In the Camden
County Circuit Court, and the Jury, after
being out 24 hours, returned a verdict to
day awarding the company $113.
Mr. Maxim contended that the system
Installed) by tho company reminded him
of targot practlco off Sandy Hook on ac
count of the constant rattling and bang
ing of pipes. He was amazed at tho
Jury's decision, but did not say whether
he would take an appeal. Jt cost tho
county $300 to try the case.
mors veteran Jorps .Band will render tho
following musical program:
Coronation, larch from "The Prophet"
t Overturn. Stabst Mater ; I'hos.lni
,j?ancy buim. j-..Ivn Techakiff
, j. namuo p nonaay.
' 2. -coBiaek -itoyelt. ;,
3i Pelroo Dance." -
V4. Yl' Ituase,
Motives- from 'nichSrd Wagner's Opera
"Tnnnhauaer"- Wacnar
Pittrol. "The Blue nnd tho nm." ftSnSi
! Ballet -Minlo from "La Heln Do Saba",'douno.l
u-aiiwuiii vi . upuiar ponxii. Kellt
iDcacrlptlvo Novelty, "Chanttcler Cackles"
Selection from "Swoethearta" . . . Victor Herbert
"It'a a Long-, Long Way to Tlpferorv"
"When Tou Woro a Tulip and I WoroV!"amB
BlK Hcil Roe'" Wenrlch
dances ot the United States.
It Is promised In ndvanco that all will
be in keeping with art and good taste,
and there will be no cause for police in
Preparations are being made by those
who .want to bo suro of a good view ot
tho (mummera' parndo. Broad 'streot
hotels are receiving demands, for rooms
facing Broad street. Many of theso rooms
will be engagqd for tho day only and a
number of Nqw Yoar parties have ar
ranged to havo luncheon and witness tho
pa'radd at tho same time.
Numerous householders on North and
South Broad street have rented windows,
for the'ida'y from $1 to $2 a head. As ono'
w!ndpw' will afford a vlow for threo or
four heads It can bo readily seen that
thoso having four-story homes will reap0
quite a harvest.
Tho men and boys, who sell boxes as
Individual, grandstands, will also come In
for a sharo of tho Now Tear spoils unless
the authorities Issue an order forbidding
their use. , '
There will not bo nn office window on
North or South Broad street on Now
Year's Day without a head, and qvery
nook and corner" of City -Hall will be 'alive
with spectators to see the one big open
ing show ot the .year.
Will of Xato "vVllliant H. Coughlin
Admitted to Probate.
William H. Coughlin, late of 7021 Clear
view avenue, loft an estate of $25,000 to be
divided equally between his widow, Ii.
Minnie Coughlin, and his sister Margaret
H. Chevalier. His will was admitted to
probate today.
Other wills probated Include those of
Oscar P. Saunders, 1225 West Oxford
street, whose estate Is estimated at $3500;
Frederick Miller, who died in tho Friends
Asyium, ?82w; Charles T. Keoly, 49th
atreet and Woodland avenue, )77GO; Wil
liam II. Watson, 32 Dlsston street, f!80O;
William Sauer, 3.112 G-ermantown avenue,
$4000; John J. Taylor, 330 South 43d street.
J3O00; Salvatore Plpito, SIS Greenwich
street, $2500; Mary Campbell, 117 West
Hajnea street, 12308; George Griffin,
Samaritan Hospital, 3l20; John Dlmmter,
5915 Thompson street, J2000.
Personal property of Peter J. Colgan
has been appraised at JS7,70O,10.
Object in Girl's Throat; Use X-Bay
A foreign object Is lodged in the wind
pipe of Concetta Cessore, 18 years old,
451 Mechanto street, Gcrmantown, who
Is In the Germantawn Hospital. The girl
was seized. with a choking attack at sup
per last night. It Is not known what
It Is. An X-ray will "be taken. .
JMotlon to Dismiss Action Brought by
Philadolphian in Indiana.
.INDIANAPOLIS. Dec 30.-Dlrectors of
th) Gary and Intorurban Railroad Com
pany, a 5.000,000 corporation, consisting
of four consolidated railroads operating
chiefly in Lake and Porter Counties, have
presented a. motion in riiamtD. i, km
complaint filed in the Crlmln'nl rv,,irt ',,.
Josoph T. Kinsley, of Philadelphia. Tho
suit would dissolve the merger.
Tho directors' motion alleges that dis
solution can be brought about only by the
Stato of Indiana. In effect. It alleges
that the Federal Court does not have
Now 'Phone Alarm System
A checking system to prevent errors
In the receipt and transmission of tele
phone Are alarms has been" Installed by
Chief Clayton W. Pike, of tho Electrical
Bureau. The telephone In each engine
house Is connected to a new swltohboard
In fire headqqarters, Juniper and Race
streets. When an alarm Is given by
telephone the operator' connects the per
son, giving It with the fire operator, who
in turn connects tne proper engine house.
Employment Is being provided for lum?
dreds of worklngmen by the ere'otlon of,
three high schools and repairs and reno-
vatlons of school buildings throughout.
the city. An oven greater number of -la-,
borors nnd mechanics will benefit by the
projects to be undertaken In IMS for the
general physical extension of Philadel
phia's educational system. ,
Work Is now In progress on' the high
school at High street and Gcrmantown j
avenue, In Gcrmantown; at Broad street J
and Snyder avenue, In South PhlladeK.'l
phla, and at Oxford pike and.. Wakellng .J
Btrcct, Frankford. Progress In the erdc,
tlon of theso buildings has bee,n greater, '
thus far than tho school authorities had
anticipated, :
Each of these structures will cost op- '
proximately J700.000. ' it '
Property bounded by Cumberland,;
Coral, Firth and Amber stroetB has been. '
selected aa a site for n girls' high schftol,-1-which
will mcot tho needs of Kensington! '
While tho date for the erection of .thl"
school has not yet been determined byj'
tho Property Commlttoo of the Board' -of '
Education It Is exnected that this nrnteati
will soon be Initiated.
Tho new high school In South. PhttadeU
phla Will accommodate only girls. It wllb
adjoin tho Southern High School for'Boys,; i
which Is located at Broad nnd Jackson".
streotB. All of the property bounded .by';
JackGon street and Snyder avenue, Broad,' ',
.and 13th. streets has vboen "purchased tbyf
the Board of Education. West of' juniper"'
street, which intersects the square, there '
will bo tho two hlgh'schoolB wlthian ttdij'
ministration building intervening.' The '
latter structure will be Used by the p'rln-i'
clpals and faculties of both schools.
East of Juniper street there will be a
playground suited to tho purpose of' both' '
ioxgs and equipped with tho moat modi-';
ern jind complete apparatus. " '
Tho Frankford institution will accom'-'.'1'
modato boys and girls, but the building
will consist of two wings, each of which
will constltuto ,a separate, school;; Tho' '
wings will bo Joined by a common heating
plant. The Kensington High "School is in-
tended only for girls, tho Northeast High v'
School at 8th street and Lohlgh avenue
being now used by the boys of , that, see-,
tlon of the city. " '-'
Tho money to bo spent in the erection.".1-'
of the high schools will bo obtained from"' -the
loan negotiated last year and front, "
unexpended balances of previous loans'.. T
. Work will soon bo begun on v the- new ,
administration building, to be erected by' '
the School Board on Arch street between'
15th and 16th, on the llno.of tho'.Par'lcway.'
This building will hbuso' all , of thd "'
executive offices of the school system! Thfi'''
building cost will' approximate $300,000,""'
while the total cost, Including the ex
pense of equipment nrid the price paid
for the site, will be about' $500,000." The" '
administrate building will be orie of the '".
handsomest on the Parkway. " "" '
When completed the' HfwV .ttfi ; :. .
spared the- expense- df JJO.O00 .' year."" ':
........ .. ..w,. H,u ,i, ,C)ii. iur me suppr--;
Intendcnts offices in .thn ntv Tivv,ni
Building, and J500O paid annually tojho
Land Title Bulldlne- fnr cr.U. ?,ia , -1
by the Department of buildings. The",
Bureau of Compulsory Education, which '
is now located In an antiquated, aban
doned schoolhouso at 1520 Cherry street, '
will be Bltuated In tho how building. -1.'
Made Unconscious by (jas -John
P. Walters. 48 years old, of 1411
Enot Moyamenslng avenue, a watchman"'
on gMln boat No. 2, lying at.- Washing-'
ta.ldaVeth.?r- .Waa. f0Und uncon-fclofo-beslde
the stove In the hnn ..oiii.. .-!
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or Victor
HEPPE Victor Prices and Terms
in a Victrola
Victor prices are uniform all over the United States, but at Heppes you may
purchase any Victor outfit at the cash prices and settle by castor charge account
?5 our J?ntal-Payment plan, by which all rent applies to your tourchase, without
ayy extra interest charges for this privilege. We deliver free anywhere in the
United States. '
Patrons tell us that our-service is a great advantage in record shopping. ,
Hr aw niHf'nn1-fiP .i-i ;i.i- ,,. , - rv i. o .
w cww w4 wuiuia L.uiup1Ctc wun prices ana tne terms or ourTentakpaymen.t
VICTROT A TV ' ''' "..'"'"
6 10-Inch Double-faee Records ......
iotai cost .,,.,...,. Iioso
Pay $3 down, $2.50 monthly.
5 lO-inch-Donblc-face Records '..;.. .!.... .?...,.,' - 4.50
Record,, your leclon,,f,.,,,,.V...A"S":r,
.total cost ........
.... ... 975,00
Total cost
..... ...a.. ..... , ...,.,V,, (29.50
-' To Bury Unclaimed Bodies
51wa oxo two bodies in the Morgue,
hlcb. It not claimed within the next -H
niM. will ue hurled in Potter's Field.
Ttey r those of Puts Caput the man
.&o u.urdered Morris lUjuAan in thn
Ml "Mi rawtlr. awl Mma. SWtts, i
,ofWmmn. U. arisa eamm lure a taita f
Pay $4 down, $3 monthly, '
VICTRrtT.A VTTT i ' -i - ' -.
Records, your selection ...,,,..., ,,M.., ,4 5.00
Total cost ;.. a... .............. a...... ...r....... ? 4 5.00
(Special,), Pay $2 down, $3 rrjjinth.y j
vICTKOLA IX ,,.,,., ,,.., ,......., I; .',.., 950.00
Recbrds.jroMr, selection., ..,,," ,.,,'.,;......,.,. 10.00
Total roiF ' '' - i.'r . ' ' .
TO ff V 2m ""'Mil'liatitfaaia.
..' 1 Hovvn, ii rnortihiyi
. Pay S5 down, $5Tnonthly.
RefoTd0vml.il1.,ii'",,," " - "..I.. 9100.00
ttecoraj, your eIectjon, .,.,,., .....,, .., .....,,, ..JOXO
'pdVwnrnonVhly;'' 4"v-rM...tllM0
itecords, your selection .........?""::
Total cost ,,
;- . ,.. ....,.,.., .1150.00
....... 10.00
. . . ' . -.
pv ti n ' "o ' ' ' ' Vi.i .v w .-.... . . , . jdo.00
Records, ymu VlMt!o,a" '" "" 'I" 'M &
i t-
Wrte for Jarge lllustrted catalogues,
11174119 Chqstriut Street
6th and Thompson Sheets
Q;$1U&ttmtk - - J
-Pi n- 5 4vt
, enr .nf-. -r-

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