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5 Walters- Tells District
Ktorney She ,Did Not
Iggret Till Babies
Rumed in Agony.
By roniC Jan. .-Mrs. Ida Snlffen
ifert related today to District At-
Martin, of Bronx County, her con
Sr? that the had poisoned hor two
fei and herself becauso alio .feared
'$?, Elton Bogcrs. father of the chll
Sfrwes about to leave her to return
P wife, She does not know tho chll
!n are dead.
.,, eyea of affection nro keen, you
H" io a1"1 wlth a I,R,f smllc "wh8n
'? long In love. I began to feel that
'" i ninB him. Ho had hinted to mo
2?i!W t times, as If apologizing
"VrfnrinB her name Into our talks.
rf Vis w"fl MM. Qlddlnss nosers, was
? . t Chicago to Visit her aged uncle.
ft? Fuller? ThC ho told me ho was
fe.SW.W had Bono and
HJ,,l. m! He and his wife. It flashed
$mv mind, had fallen In love with
rthen leaving mo ntono with tho
Andrea who did not know why thoy
different from other children, and
rJ.?llleL..i.i ninvn he dliTercnt from
would always be dliTercnt from
ho said.
?,', Walters volco had been strong and
av She turned her gaze toward tho
?nw and Bpoko more softly when she
n to tell how alio poisoned llttlo
.I! 8 months, nnd John, 2H years.
&s ane has been led to bellovo are
'"w'we're In tho bedroom," sho said.
KrHn' lay on tho bed: John on tho
oJrwas Playing with his toys. I tell
ffiithese lllo things becauso tho babies
S,o and I lovo them-moro so be
5$. they are Betting along so nicely
kicked I-orlda to Go first. I ground
Sk mercury tablet, dissolved It In a
SftoTwater and placed It to her lips.
hVdldn't Hko tho taste and coughed,
iri forced tho poison down her throat,
i'ljrlda was crying when I took a sec
fcublet and put It ,on Jackie s out
Slclitd tongue. Ho swallowed It and
nM .nd called to mo as I started t
iw!Mtchen to kill myself.
"-That was line, mother,
!. lv mn another one.'
"iwent to tho kitchen and took three
iblets. When I camo back Into tho bod
don Lorida was squirming In awful
irony on tho bed. Llttlo Jncklo was
irlsted up on tho floor, crying that his
tammy hurted Just awful.' I couldn't
sir. to see them suffer. I called Mrs.
Jams, the landlady, nnd sho sent for a
lIrs. "Walters' eyes went back to tho
Jiitrlct Attorney. Sho threw her arms
own by her sldo nnd sighed.
i'Do you know I jwfts afraid It wasn't
-5ns to turn out thlsNway both babies
retting well. I would have lost my rea
oa;lt they had died."
Kosers, who remains at Lebanon Hos
jftal'waj Just outside the sick room while
:heDItrlct Attorney was Interviewing
UnUWltcrs. IIe atjdrst Insisted that
lalte permitted to remain In the room,
withdrew on Mr. Martin's orders,
jpistrlct Attorney .Martin said today he
tould certamly bring Mrs. Walters to
fill for murder when she recovers,
"hijagh she Is not yet out of danger, tho
Utendlng physician regards her recovery
afalrjy certain.
Bays Measure Will Pass Both Ifouses
If President Vetoes It.
BlllS'OTON, Jfl. B.-npresonlatlve
B ,'Jinnmnn ot l o Commit-
Mil XZ.,a d'.nt vllson. asserted that It
i! JMldi'nl vlocd ,he Immigration bill
iZ JAt b .P??ed h sVcn votes more
9ena"e an CqUttl mnJorU'r ln lho
Representative aalllvan, of Mnesachu
setts, today asked President Wilson to
ft ft 'I?!111 l0 certain Jewish organiza
tions of Boston on the literacy test be
fore acting oil the bill. The request was
granted nnd a date will be fixed later.
Many negro organizations nro protest
ing "gainst the section of lho Immlgra.
tlon bill which bars negro Immigrants.
Czar's Army Greeted En
thusiastically by Ruman
ians, London Hears Ger
many Sends Aid to Austria
, .
Brought From Vera Cruz,
They Have Been Living
on Charity Served Army
of Occupation.
With papers tn their yocket. proving
their past services to the United States
army at Vera Cruz, Mexico, six Mexlcsn
refugees, who havo been living on charily
In this city for several weeks past, after
being smuggled out of Mexico to cscapo
assassination nt the hands of tho Car
ranza forces, left this morning for Wash
Inuton. where thev will present their
claims for remuneration to tho iWor De
partment Tho Inasmuch Mission has been tho
homo of tho refugees. They were penni
less when they were landed at tho Phila
delphia Navy Yard from army transports
and were recommended to tho mission by
tho officers of tho shlpn. By vlrture of his
superior Intelligence, Hafacl Pcrlz. for
merly osslstant chief of pollco nt Vera
Cruz. Is tho leador of the party. Ho speaks
English fairly well. After the occupa
tion of Vera Cruz, In May of last year,
Senor Perez was assistant to Major II. A.
Smith, SSth Infantry, provost marshal
general of Vera Cruz. Ho carries n cer
tlllcuto of that fact signed by Major
Smith, testifying to tho value of his serv
ices, nlso his Identification card with his
photograph on It.
Four weeks ago, ho says. Colonel Plum
mor, of tho provost marshal's forces,
tntrt Mm Hint If hn wnntprl to save his
hearted resistance. Tho Rumanian cor- I head from Carranza he had bettor sneak
LONDON. Jan. 6.
In view of tho reports of tho curly en
trance of Rumania Into tho war. spcclat
significance Is attached to the following
despatch from the Chronlclo's Milan cor
respondent: "Russian hosts nro making rapid strides
ln Austria's eastern provlnco, Bukowlna,
where they havo encountered but faint-
respondent of II Sccolo at Rosenthal says
that tho Invaders are sweeping down
along tho Rumanian borderland, whero
their patrols, composed ot Rumanians be
longing to Russian Bessarabia, are to be
found chatting amicably with the
Rumanian army sentries at the frontier
"The Russians are actually ln posses
sion of Suczawa and Klmpolung, both
within a few miles of the Rumanian
frontier. Their Infantry and artillery
regiments entered the former place on
Sunday after It had been occupied by a
mere patrol for a space of 24 hours.
"Tho bulk of the population fled to Bar
dujevo. In Rumanian tcriltory, but 1000
other famished refugees huddled together
In tho country districts awaiting trains
to transport them to Rumania. Largo
convoys of prisoners nro being continually
inarched through tho town.
"Tho Russian hosts aro preparing to
burst Into tho Austrian polyglot provlnco
of Trnnsylvnnla (southwestward from
Bukowlna), and yesterday wcro pointing
upon Dornuwdtra, Markanl and Jakobcny
(In Bukowlna, near the Transylvania bor
der). "It ennnot be forgotten, however, nt
this Juncture that tho Hungarian clo
mont played a very considerable part ln
egging on Austria to brutal measures
against Servla. It Is rnmored that at the
urgent nppeal of Vienna, Germany has
sent halt a dozen army corps In hot hasto
from Poland to try to stop tho Russian
Incursion Into TranBylvanla."
Weekly of Great Valuo ln Reporting
Student Activities.
Bryn Mawr College has a nowspaper.
The shouts of the newsglrls crying ex
tras do not disturb the studies of the
girls, as there are no newsglrls and no
extras. The paper, the Collego News, Is
a Weekly,' and Is distributed without the
aid of "newsies."
Many a, paper Is being read with much
less, Interest than that with which the
Bryn Mawr girls read the "weekly calen
dar," the general news, the "Aluirtnae
Notes" and the editorial. The paper has
proved of value In giving clear accounts
ot changes In student organization. It
explains the new system ot flro drill and
the plan for teaching gltls how to de
bate. The new term started today. Charles
Montague Bakcwcll, professor of philoso
phy of Tale, and former assaclalo pro
fessor of philosophy of Bryn Mawr. will
lecture before the Philosophical Club Fri
day night! "War ahd Women" wjll ho
the subject of a lecture by Frau Roslka
Schwlmmor, of Budapest, secretary of
the International Woman Suffrage Alli
ance, In Taylor Hall, Saturday night.
The Rev. Anson Pholps Stokes, Jr., sec
retary of Ynlo University, will conduct
the Sunday evening service.
Favorably Remembered ln This City
KB n Grand Opera Star,
NEW YOnK, Jah. 3.-Mtrfo. dervllle.
Reache, formerly leading contralto of the
Manhattan Opera House and who ap
peared In Philadelphia as a member ot
Hammcrsteln's company, died yesterday
In tho RooseVclt Hospital,
Mmo. dcrv!ltcP.cacho sane In a concert
In Boston Ave weeks ago, when her Illness
forced her to nbandon her tour, Sh6 was
taken to Itoosovelt Hospital nbout throe
weeks ago, and after a week was bo Inv
proved that sho was sent home. Ten
days ago she suffered a relapse and wns
taken back to tho hospital, whero two
operations of blood transfusion were per
formed In a futile effort to save her life.
For a few hours sho rallied, and then
camo the final sinking spell.
Mme. Jcnnno Ocrvllle-Hcache was born
In tho Basiiuo Province, France, less than
40 years ago. In tho summer of 1P07 Oscar
Hammcrsteln heard her at a charity con
cert In Pnrla nnd engaged her for the
Manhattan, whero sho .fntlo her dabut in
"La Oloconda" In Ino fall of 1907. Among
her bestrknown roles at tho Manhattan
were Amherl. Carmen, 1 NavaTtla,
Azuceha, the Queen ln "Peltc s and Mell
sande," the Mother In "La Trlncess d'Au .
berge," Herodlade and Clytemnestra. She
also appeared In Philadelphia ns a mem
ber of Itnmmerstctn's company! and Is
particularly remembered hore for her
work as Dalllah In Salnt-Baens' "Samson
t Dalllah," with Dalmores as Samson.
After the closing of the Manhattan
Opora House she became a member ot
tho Boston Opera Company. She also
sang last season with the Montreal Opera
Company and had been active In concert
work here and ln other cities. Sho mar
ried Dr. George Uibler llnmbaud, heAd
of the Pasteur Institute here, in Novem
ber. 1910, but their friends did not know
of tho marriage until several months
later. They have ono son.
Six Eligible to Appointment ns Real
dents in Hospitals.
A list of eligible applicants for tho po
sition ot resident physician In city hos
pitals at a salary ot tSOO to 0OO, Issued
by tho Clvl Service Commission today,
with tho averago attained by each appli
cant, Is as follows:
Alirsliam ixmteln. 12.11). North 7lh t., 13,1.
Adolph Cohn. 182? North Ttlist.l 7i.T.
Joseph 1. Iy. ias NoMh ! JJ-1'
iTl n. llnsk'ti. 4802 Tttcony t.: 77,:i.
tlay Parker, mito Oermantown rvo. i 70.0.
Warren T. O'Hara, rhllailclphtn. Hospital for
Contagious Dlac, "O.3.
.1, .1 Hi
Shipping Men Sny Treasury Plan
Will Not Protect Vessels.
Shippers said today Ihey were whumiS
by the announcement of tho Treasury
Department regarding certification ,fef
manifests of outward bound vessels. The
certification Is obtained by the employ
ment of a customs Inspector by Ihe ship
per, who attests to the completeness and
accuracy ot the manifest. This, shippers
declare, would not protect a vessel from
seizure by British -warships.
Inaccurate manifests, the Treasury Do t
partment notice Btatcs, makes all ships
liable to suspicion. Nothlrtft did more to
placo nil vessels leaving port under sus
picion, according to shippers, limn tho
order of the Trehsury Department con
cealing the manifests from public view
uutly 30 dnys after the veseoW had left
port. This ordor has not been rescinded.
It should be, it Is said, It the depart
ment desires to show Its sincerity In aid
ing shipping. ...
Collector Berry received Ms Instruc
tions nB to the certlllcntlon of cargoes
today. It Is not bcllovcd that tho plan
will bo feasible with general cargo ships,
as exporters will object to having every
case opened on tho pier nnd repacked".
Tho Inspector supervising the loading of
n vessel la not to bo permitted o certify
If any part of tho cargo la or IS not con-trbnnd.
aboard the transport San Marcos and
come to tho United States. He told his
family to Btay at Vera Cruz and ho
would como hero and get work. With
him on the San Marcos camo 8. A. Ca
denza, a former member of pollco at
Vera Cruz. They landed ton days ago
and went to the mission.
Awaiting thorn thore thoy found Molscs
Fuares, jonquln Magana nnd Miguel
Domlngucz, former policemen, nnd Vic
tor Rivera, a former 'employe of tho
Custom Houso at Vera Cruz. All six of
tho men went Into tho United States em
ploy to save their heads at the time of
tho American Invasion. The lost four
named nrrlvcd hero on tho transport
three, weoks ago and wcro taken in by
Superintendent Long, of tho mission. It
cost htm ?5 a day to keep them.
Perez Is tho only ono who speaks Eng
lish. A citizen took an Interest ln the
cases of the men nnd communicated with
the Wnr Department. Tho refugees say
they have not been formally dismissed
from the army sorvlco and hopo that
Uncle Sam will loosen his purse strings
and help them to Independence.
Zi-Hayor of Boston Denounces In
R cumbent as Insincere.
I&OSTON, Jan. 6.-Ex-Mnyor John E.
Fitzgerald, familiarly known to his intl
Mtfs as "Ifoney Fltz." walked Into the
xuuiive meeting ot the city council on
Monday and almost within ear-shot of
'hjofflce of the Mayor Curley told tho
chief executive what he thought of his
idmlnlstratlon. It waB the most spec
tacular feat ever performed by the
JUttle General." City Hall has not been
sSlexclted about anything In years.
Whs performance wns the culmination
ota long series of Incidents which have
multed In a bitter feeling between the'
PKjtnt Mayer and his predecessor.
ifho ex-Mayor who had been unanl
oly Invited to attend the meeting of
jnaj Executive Council, accused Mayor
yLrley of neglecting to carry out neces
lary public Improvements for which
money has been provided, charged that
&$4ys Inslncero in his treatment of the
ujjmployed, and baited the Council for
forcing the Mayor to take some ac-
jrten to the members, agdsp -with aur
J9f? laughingly remarked, referring
Qlwor Curley's attitude on the un
Wrfojed; JgConvtrsatlon doesn't fill hungry
iijQMas and, gentlemen, I wish to state
gp'SU that I am glad I have not the
St. """Hon on my conscience."
Kpjlowlns- this observation, the x
jor raised both his hands and smiling.
iSgow, boys, alt Join me in 'Tipper-
Itf all the boys Joined him. The
Ki! of tha 8onS carried Into the
: i omce Clerks In surrounding of
2i Oropped their pens, and ledgers and
SsTi?1 ,,. the doora f h Executive
mm. Heads ot departments dispatch
gler clerks to find out what was
Kn.wUh "WW In th" Council."
t I or,Curiey saw only the first act of
..""ofraance. but It was his own
IS ... .' he missed Fitigerald was
flm fo.Mr b?ar'" but Cut'' "'rained
ll.i.. '1? ,Mue w,th the doughty an
SSJil' .whom h8 defeated at the last
JgUon for Mayor.
5j$ Sound In Room With Bullet in
His Head.
IMINCJTON. DeL, Jan. e.-Arthur
,bi??" t the Hotel Stoeckle. at
SKl'tered at the hotel
gwojK. BirlnsrhlH residence as Tren-
2o,t" J?WIV na dld ot et "P at
4.-1"' worning. his room was
g! In his right temple.
note asking that Jacob Jack.
l ltS5 wlUch tho authorities did
. "essea to uui Bia mruDe,
h Clen CarUen. N. J. The roan
rta acq and of good appearance.
at olncara Narrowly JSscape4
M Besujt of Treachery.
' JAH. 8 -A IJIwAnt. .llA. Am.
w furnUhed tha Germans with
Tz?10 ha aerial raid upon
walla President Polncare was
executed lut ntrrtit on a
! qowts today the. President
'w ciape rrom deatn wisen
1 f-..- .1 i. .,1 .In II j !i
v&ters . n ,.irri dtj,tftii ft IrSil
Koman Catholic Kellef Fund Was to
Have Been Sent to Cardinal.
The arrest of Cardinal Mercler, the
Belgian prelate, by the Germans, news
of which arrived here yesterday In dis
patches from Amsterdam, has caused
much concern among Roman Catholics ot
this city, principally because a collection
was nbout to be taken up and Intrusted
to him for tho use of suffering Belgians.
Archbishop Prendergast nnnounced
through tho clergymen of the Roman?
Catholic churches last Sunday that a
sreclal collection would be taken up In all
the churches on Sunday. January 17. The
sum realized was to be turned over to
Cardinal Mercler for lusinouuon m ui
war-torn country. ..,,.
It Is likely that the officials at Washing
ton will bo requested to intervene, but
this qould not be confirmed. Tho charge
made- against Cardinal Mercler by the
Germans li said to be that he pleaded
with his people to maintain their loyalty
to the Belgian King and Government.
Indiana Senator to Entertain Presi
dent at Indianapolis.
WASHINGTON, Jan. 6.-Senntor Kern,
who Is to Play host to President Wilson
when the latter visits Indianapolis Frl
day. called at the White House today
and completed the arrangements for the
President's trip. The President Is to
leave tomorrow, arriving In the Hoosler
capital late Friday morning! will lunch
at Senator Kern's home and then will
address tho Indiana Democratic CluW
rnV-meetlng. (Immediately after the
Jtlnc the President Is to start on his
Tewrnlo Washington, arriving here-Sat-
ifoeveloloday that the President
",j ..tt Mt-mDoraneously. It Is
vnewn however, that his address will
Seal with international and domestic
Blares Xast Night and This Morning
at "Wilmington.
wiTMiNOTON, Del., Jan. 6.-Thrllllng
WILMINUmade ' M and firemen
feS, Tate Tast nlsht and early this
'" ! , At a "law tn an apartment
morning. At J 3 MfJB
flrT Ferrero. hi. wife and family were
rescued by the police.
Hundred Volunteer to Make Surgical
Supplies for Soldiers.
Moro than a hundred grndunto nurses,
who have volunteered to aid tho Red
Cross, will organize tomorrow under Hen
rietta B. Ely. chairman ot tho Red Croso
division of tho Emergency Aid Commit
tee, at headquarters, 142S Walnut street,
to mnko bandages, surgical shirts and
other necessities for wounded soldiers.
A workroom will be provided at head
quarters or In tho Lincoln Building. Sev
eral hundred nurses are expected to help
after the work begins.
"I believe the assistance the nurses can
give will enable us to do twice as much
work as we hnve been doing for the Rod
Cross." said Miss Ely. "And wo have
already been doing enough to earn Miss
Boardman's warm praise and thanks."
The committee yesterday received a let
ter of thanks for supplies from Mrs. Rob
ert E. Strawbrldge. of KnOBSlngton
Grange, Oakham, Eng., who Is head of
the American Women's Hospital at
"I nm so proud of Philadelphia," she
writes. "It has done wonders and has
been so helpful In all ways." Accom
panying her letter was a communication
from Mrs. E. Burd Grnbb, head of the
Brltlch Relief Committee of the Emer
gency Aid.
A motor ambulance has boen purchased
by Mrs. B. Dobson Altemus with the pro
ceeds of the sale of her automobile at
the "Made In America" bazaar. It will
be sent to England.
The committee of Philadelphia news
papermen which supervised the loading
of the relief ships Thelma and Orn sent
000 to Charles C. Harrison. Jr., & Co.,
treasurers of the Belgian Relief Fund.
This Is ln addition to s15,000 already re
Contributions in
Church in Qermantown.
A poor bor filled with money for the
poor of the parish and a Christmas box
which stood before a representation of
Christ's birthplace In Nazaieth were
broken from their fastenings In the
Church of the Immaculate Conception,
Chelten avenue and Magnolia street, Qer
mantown. last night and einptled.
The thieves threw both boxes Into a
vacant lot across the street. How they
entered the church Is not known.
I'M U m - v", i - "-T- . ,
nil jj i i i ' !' l rlf
i,i.rn Dancia-Tb COKTI880Z School.
lMOClSltnui Vet Phon.. Loou.t 3182.
RVt.l Vnrlr Drift?. Hot an coin runnlnit;
Otel YorK w.p. k.w York Ave. k Ben.
A Blizzard-Bound House
Warm and LomtortaDie
YOUR house. If you lay in a .supply of
famous Reading- Anthracite NOW.
This coal gives intense heat without
.mnke A ton in your coal bin is sure
nventlon against the coldest blasts of
jnfer Soli by ail dealers. Slow burn
jngHlhigh gracfe-most heat for the
n,onCy' MINED BY
The Philadelphia & Reading
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3S.SO Skunk
Hnccoon illaffa
20.75 French
Senl MutTm...
840 Skunk
January Brings Exceptional Values in
Girls' New Lingerie Frocks
They Havo Been Specially Bought for the White Sale
They're in the prettiest new styles for now and Spring.
1 QQ I 0.00 SO QQ I 97.50 SA QQ
1 .70 I Vnlura 0.170 Vnluca t.OO
'2s98 u.?:??.0. ?6.98 '10
Styles at H.0S tS.UH are sketched, Shea Q to 1 years.
Flue Persian lawnB, marquisettes and batistes, all
benutifully trlmmod with Ino embroideries, laces,
double ruffle effect, wldo ribbon sashes, otc
Alao 7..0 to 810.50 NET A QQ .t S,
nlw 'Tn
'4.98 '6.98
Winter Coats ForrS8a && H
7 io en
Valuea O.UU
9A oe
t-l.50 to S30 Values 8
80 c; QC
Values JtiJj
Well-tailored In. military cape style of zlbellno,
mixtures, broadcloths, etc., with .velvet collars and
cuffs, belt, patch pockets and fancy buttons.
Sale of
By Purchasing . Entire Surplus
Floor Stock of the
Famous Lion Knitting Mills
sweaters. ...
Theae are nil perfect, first quality,
with reinforced, unbreakable bat-
tonnoleal an ni"""'
Wool& Worsted
, .,., urAiivM neavy
Sbbed, knitted 'and f aThloned from
wool and worsted yarns. Borne
with extra-Ue shawl collar and
Knellah patch pockets; some V
JTlft 5a? stvle 'in lot. All colors
and sizes in
S6 Shaker Knit
Shawl Collar $3 QQ
Knitted In one piece,
with shawl collar,
knlt-in shoulders and
Invisible knlt-in pockets.
Of linest all-wool yarns
popular Shaker - knit
stitch. Navy blue,
dark Oxford, gray and
maroon. All sixes;
roomy and warm.
$7.50 and $8 Shawl
Collar Worsted $1 QQ
Sweaters ... '"
Shaker knit, with biff shawl collar,
knltted-ln pockets, double reinforced
border. Heavy, serviceable coat, In
navy blue, dark Oxford, gray and
$8&$10 Mackinaw Coats, $.75
BIc, roomy, iWKer ooats. well-tat-
ililiaiiSUl 1V
IrlutK '" ' IJ 'yP&
lored and finished
Norfolk atvle.
bis shawl collar and deep patch pock-
eta. JSXoeiienv yurioty 01 Bi, vvu-
sorvative patterns. All size
75c and $1 Club Ice OQr
Skstes, pair -
PelhamXMtes for Dressy Men
Many of Them at Half Price
8th and Spring
Garden .Sta.
makers of the famous Pelham brand clothlnir.sold us their entire
stock of this winter's suits and overcoats at about BOo on tho dollar.
Mr. Max Llverlght Is retiring from the firm, and the reorganization
necessitated the sacrifice.
The Season'? Greatest Bargain Event in Men's Suits and Overcoats
Men's $18 to $25 Sample Suits at $9
Thoy are beautifully hand-tailored suits of superior quality fab
rics, mado up In the very latest styles. Including double-breasted
soft roll collar models.
There are only two or three of a kind, but all sizes are In the lot.
Balmacaans &
Come in 4! and 50 Inch lengths; some satin
yokes or serge lining, and nearly all with
satin sleeve lining. All sizes.
In blur,.brovn and gray chinchilla, fancy
mixed (weed, blue and gray meltons,
black and blue ker.eja,
$12.50 to $15.00 7C
Overcoats -
116.00 & $18.00 $g 1K
Overcoats -
20.00 & $22,50 SIARn
Overcoats u,ou
$22.00 & $25.00 $1 1 7 c
Overcoats 1A,,U
$23,501 & $26.50 519 75
$28.00 to $30.00 $14 CJO
Overcoats , ifc-,vf
Men's HandfTaliored Suits
These are of fine fancy worsted fko(ca plalda, blue and black screes,
fancy cheviots and velours.
S? $7.50S '9,75fr '10.75
St? '12.751 S0"d'28J!0,lS.5O
BSCONO FLUOK SbVMTtt aimj Ai(tt"j'-ro!s-ae-ai
very much better merchandise than
other trading stamps.
We give double Yellow Trading Stamps
with each 10c worth ypu purchase here
before noon. Single Btamps in the
January Clearance Sale
la turning up aouie very unusual tnl
uea In our
Jewelry Department
$18 Watches Um
These are It-Karat gold, plain pol
ished, open face. Guaranteed movements.
$1.98 Riner Mesh Bags, 98c
Oerman silver, white kid lined; also
unllned; fanqy oxidized and French
gray frames.
$1,98 Vanity Cases, 98c
Oerman silver . combination coin.
vanity and
card cases, varua en-
$1.50 Pearl Necklaces, 98c
Excellent quality pearls, various
sizes, with fancy cluster clasps, rhlnc
stone and colored Btcno setting.
50c and 75c OCr S; CAr
Hat Pins, pair u ouc
Pearls, Jeta and various colored crys
tal hatpins; all small tops.
98c to $2,98 Silk Girdlea
and Sashes
50c 8c 08c
CUaraactfVuIe of mt entire stefc f r,
Silk jjrinUM. Mashe rud tlts Huim
trtpiun. fUOV ftamrad - U oa hUh.
" "" FiRtsT Mkcwm &tvjj
, ixx 0TaBs t, m eit w nxmmm x- w wiwik. ax wwsst: wmnmnmrn vqu
- .

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