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wt j- 'J "f " ' vPi ' ' -CTtrT-Ji '-j
m... d;j"
ernuiiiuii "
at the Broad Tonight
L.ta and BUch enterprising ladles
ypture romance again In theso ma-t-mAe
days, Tho stay-at-homo
... i... unllitnsr left but her
Sk, it must be said to the credit at
fcSth most Up-to-dato playwrlRhts,
&" that they are taklns care to
f' , tho case with "The Phantom
v io when Davia iieiasco prcsenieu 11
R Tork, andjt wilt probably bo
Mil true when Leo Dltrlchstein np
m'li iho Broad tonliiht In his ndapta-
fM 'Marshall was Bitrcly a stay-at-
UN2. . -.if.. rtt Mm rnllt,l nitvpr hlVA
Si th carplnjr Jealousy of her tuts
Sjlllasaw a "phantom rival" In every
SlwWnS man, nnd ho might havo
Tart in tho young Rimalnn they met
' jrJjtaurant If ho could havo known
SAuljstanco of hla wife's drenms. For
'."....ha turner! UD that night. Via
Jlktis as four different gentlemen be
M Hi 'dapper self. Years ago, when
EfcM eft America, micr an nrueni
Suhlp, he wrote tho girl who was later
hktcome Mrs. Marshall, n sort of scntl
2jU1 .syllabus of tho various kinds of
SlIu might bo when ho returned to
33 hM hand.
ftheat general, for Instance. Into the
STotlon hall of the Van N'em' mansion
iSlts tho commanding llgtiro that has
.. ....... I, n Hlonafrnlln wnr Hhn
Ieril ctcii " ' ..." ..
J.'SiMm. of courso? She has wnlted?
Iilu comet Then what docs a husband
siller? Tho general fronts and shames
afttera American business man. .
nVn Imncrlal diplomat Down tho ycl-
v'dream-stalrs to this dream-hall ho
m. nuatero In black breeches and rod
iritr, enaperuii" v iuo i.tuuiinum ui
iifjoifdered dream-footmen, powdered
da W the tips of their nosoi. She loves
uj Of courser ano nas-vvnuctlf nc mis
Si Then what docs .1 lumb.'ind mat
aKThey will be wed In Petersburg.
Ofift Sreui SII1KCI. iuwii inu ouuitiiHt:
fata a figure from 'TngHarcl." IIo
simot sing tonight, even for Mrs. Van
v-i.Hwholo checkbook. Hut for her 1
nj"fcoman Who has waited for him I
thi, fast, the broken tramp outside tho
, An arm gone In the war. But love
j)ita his heart. And In hers. Then
utkohu'band finds a man ho may fcar
tol? attack
Ira Marshall wakes to tho reality of
rail from the real sascna. no nas
iSttss Vlth the husband. IIo Is not
itftlc He Is only mildly handsome. IIo
rflJilmseK sarcly into tno commissary
Sjartmfr.t of tho army to escape tho
knias bf the front He la very much
Arbed with the excellent quality 'of
ttrkuJband's brandy Ho has forgotten
tie letter, and so, of course, Mrs. Mar
toll. Is very, vory happy to fnll back
Stite Jealous but securo husband.
Ijlt makes an Ingenious and interesting
lie, Some of It, tho dream and tho
jiskaung, Mr ileinsco tias recrcaieu
iiSh Ms old-tlmo freedom, Imagination
uijlnjenulty. Small parts fail. The
Stllett scenes of quarreling nre far too
rijjifjwni Mr. Dltrlchstein might well
Utfifruned them And while Laura
HoralCrews makes the very most of
iiri Marshall's romantic raptuics, Mnl-
toln Williams lays on n bit too neaviiy
till lie ftalousles. They become Irking
ailm to forget In tho supposed liappl
fiJadtfsWhcillatlon. ?)5Bt-here Is as Ilttlo criticism to bo
kkanched at Mr. Dltrlchstein's own Imper-
xijioa as at the general Idea and its
julIUip, His Sascha la a doligntiul
Rnhltatlon of esoteric piquancy, bo far
iijjrj&s go, and tho most humorously
imlceallty His tramp Is a grim Ilttlo
ijirehls Caruso, a gay, prattling vig
WJIth Just a dash of bitter satire. In
tlsweral and the, diplomat, ho gives a
jacSjet romance that our stago Badly
kdiylt Is not romance, as wo under
tett good looks, amorous languor,
el dash of dash. It is domineering,
tisNtjBubllme, In its assertion of superl
jljilft every other thing on earth. This
mtnee conquers Inevitably, the world
BltU as woman. Mr. Dltrlchstein car
ifflltj oft with a precision nnd finish
?lfJta rnl' ImnaMnnntlnn
i jram iuu j.rian jrinyoit
ihcaih the failure of Mr. Tyler, and
SUpa some other matters, keep the
i!f Players In Dublin this winter, they
kit, their emissary over here In Lady
fc'foryi Sho Is going from town to town
Souring two of her delightfully personal
tt-tiie on making a national thea
SJor America nnd tho other on tho
tierfc' aspects of Ireland by which
Kaea'a. clubs seem to set such Btore.
ItMy XSregory brings the very wel-
I'aewB that the season of her thea
6tJSDuWIn has been hardly at all at-.
t;3 by the war. which has cut Into
rthatres very badly. The company
JweaIns Us list of plays by a num-wf-
new Irish comedies and dramas,
yioblnson has written a historic piece
(JgytylW' Emmet. They have a very
A Sparrow Party
Bft little sparrows sitting 'round
! edge of a irnrbaeo can that
,91ri SOUnd miioh 1llr n nnrv. rinefl
M It was. Let me tell you about It.
HSwlnter morning Sir. Tommy Snax-
SLP&ked Un will, n vP nur fpolln,-
ai,. .1 ":;:" " -- -
j- uuuui mm,
TOb to mo I feel very different than
ji nwiii i" steep jasi nigni, i
SSt what can be tho matter?" he
4" nunself.
snmpea his feathers, he smoothed
til aiii i. s. .
Bi-i I ' tmta uincr purr9Wi gays
Sf PAirp p f0y, and then tettled
W dotan in ft. 4nm
hft AtA oil v,- ui it . . .
m ana then he U4 some roor
i ffleasKKA ..y -. v
m flne, I -wontler why J still feel
. -t " wouem Dout it solemnly
miUes aad then he remem-
WOy, of course. I feel qu,eerl"
- ua,vea i nact anyimnff
W,W to maSe a fellow tm
mg i
S' n.
- y v'? ''ell Uasw
A novel silhouette photograph of
one of, the starg of "Watch Your
amusing little pleco called "A Minute's
Walt," baeed on the dclnji Ct the Irish
rallwaj's, and showing a lutrothal broken
and niado over bctuoci trains. I.ady
Orcgorj herself Is nnlshln . long play,
dealing with tho diugglng ol a horso be
foro a race, dramiitUIng an Irish law
Court and ending with tho acquittal of
tho accused by tho Intervention of a
News Notes
Tho English Invasion continues In foice.
Phyllis N'cilson-Tcrry is to bo exhibited
this spring under now management in a
play ns yet unnamed, bin to bo produced
by that excellent English stage director,
Frank Vernon. Geitrudo Kingston, who
founded the first 1-ittlo Theatre In Lon
don, Is to make a tour of the Eastern
cities, beginning with an engagement nl
tho Toy Theatre In lloston. Sho will act
a triple bill of plays by Sliaw, Including
"Tho Great Catherine," a pleco reprinted
in America as "Overruled."
"Maternity" Is not yet to close. Tho
mitlnces proved so popular and profitable
thnt it will be continued In tho after
noons, while "Tho Ciltlo" occupies the
Princess Theatre, New York, In tho
For some reason or other, tho present
Is thouglit a good time for exporting dra
matic pioduets to London "Excuse Me,"
Rupert Hughc3' very amusing farce of
Pullman cars which, incidentally, are
unknown in England Is to be dono thbre
with Wilis T. Swcatnam in his oilglnal
part of tho omnipotent porter.
Tho European war, from a woman's
point of view, will be discussed tonight
by Mrs. Pethick Lawrence, of England,
at a meeting of tho New Century Club.
Mrs. Lawrence is visiting this country
for tho purposo of raiding a united pro
test by tho world's women against tho
ADCM'III-"Ttie Third Party," with Tailor
Holmes and "Walter Jones A boisterous
tsirce of the fnnllllar triangular variety,
openine tonight.
BIIOAD "The Phantom nival," with Leo
llltrlrhsteln nnd t.aura Hope Crowes. David
Belanco's production of Fereno Molnar's corn
ed of the wlfo who Creamfcjof tile return of
a former lover n n great variety of Interest
ing men. and then Ilnds the reality prosaic.
Heo review
OAItHICK "Tho JllRh Cost of Lovlne," with
Lew rields, the, German comedian, in a
HrnlBhl" farco, which deals with sundry
mlddlo-ngod gentlemen who And themselves
nil paying blackmail to the saino woman for
u 'iast" which never existed. Openlnff to-
KrHTli'S Henrietta Crosman, in "Thou Shalt
Not Kill." Kddla Leonard and Mabel Itus
eell and l.a llilo.
LYItlC "Orunuiy," with Cyril Maude. Tho
best of LuKllsh comedians in a dctoctlvo
play of suspense and amusement, which nar
rates the e)lnlts nt W) ot; an old criminal
lawyer who finds a crime committed In Ida
househild. Opening tonlghn
WALNUT "September Morn," A musical
comedy of Chicago origin, with a famous
model posing as (he original of the notorious
If you've over been that long without
"Hut why didn't he cat1?" do you ask?
Walt, and I'll tell you.
For three whole days tho ground had
been frozen so hard that even a very
Industrious sparrow (which Tammy was)
couldn't find a single scrap to eat not
a bltel
And poor little Tommy had scratched
and hunted and starved, till It was no
wonder ho felt queer Inside! Ho felt
hollow! That's how he really felt!
But Tommy was not one to sit around
and complain not he! He was cheerful
and Industrious no matter whether he
had anything to eat or not. So he didn't
sit down nnd whln3. Indeed no. He
Just started out hopefully for food.
Of course ho didn't flnd any, for the
ground was stilt frozen as hard as a
brick, and every bit of fpod had been
picked, up by the birds the days before.
Hut he chirped and scratched and told
himself that In a minute he would find
some very choice morsel.
But he didn't.
And the other little sparrows around
In the yards they didn't either,
Now Just at that very minute, when
Tommy (and three, nearby sparrows,,
too) were getting pretty tired pretending
that they would find something In a
minute, who should come out of the
bouse but a little girl. Maybe that
wasn't so very wonderful. But listen!
In her hand she carried a pan ot gar
bagenicy, hot, smoky garbage!
"Qlj, dear!" chirped the sparrows, all
at once, "If only she'd leave the cover
ott that old can, what a feast we would
have I If only she would!" (You see,
usually she didn't.)
But this time she was cold and hurried
and, well anyway, she just dumped the
garbage Into the can and ran scampering
back Into the warm house!
Tommy and the three other sparrows
gave one glad chirp of toy, and then they
settled down to a fast.
So that la the reason why four little
fc,jarrc-ws, each as gay as you please, pat
'round the top of an opan garbage can
and had a party.
Ceawgktt lH Clara Ingram Judson,
Two Organizations Display Ex
amples of Printing Salesmanship.
Advertiser nhd printer havo united In
bringing together the finest examples of
printing salesmanship in an exhlbltldn
which opens at noon today In the Art
Club gallery tinder tho auspices of tho
I'oor Itlehard Club and tho Typotlictao
of Philadelphia. Tho affair, which Is
under the direction of Henry Lewis John
son, editor of the Graphic Arts, "will con
tinue until Saturday.
Tho exhibition represents tho great do
vclopment In recent years in tho npptl
cation of historic ornament to design, so
that tho business llternture of today Is
said to bethc ilncst In tho ilcld of graphic
arts. The specimens being shown are to
bo carefully analyzed by experts, who will
glvo talks dally between 1 and 2 o'clock.
Tho exhibition openi today with an ad
vertising clinic by Mr. Johnson. Among
tho speakers announced for the week nro
Artlui- Wlcnnr. of the Lepic Hook Crnd
Association, A. C. Hoffmolster, of the
JJcck Tngrovlng Company; Director of
rubll' v. ,-rlis Mortis I, Cooke Fred
JJebster. or the American Writing Paper
Company. II. u. Hatch, of the lloynl
Llectrotjplng Company, and Itnlph Estop.
lack of Funds Will Prevent Aid Be
ing Given Needy.
Phllndolphlans having failed to respond
to repeated appeals for funds, needy and
deserving applicant"! applying for nld to
day at tlio headquarters of tho Kmer
gency Aid Committee, Lincoln Building,
nroad stieet nnd S-puth I'cnn Square,
will be Informed thnt nothing can b
dono to help them.
The homo relief division, which Is ll
trlbutlng sowing among more than RO
women, Is lacing n crlsK nnd unless
funds are obtained Immediately, will
h.iv.0 to discontinue the work.
Mrs. J Willis M.ittln, Mce president
of the tnni'iiltteo, decdnicd the headquar
teis would Vjive to be closed owing to
the lack of funds. Mrs. John C C.room",
rhnlrmnn of the division, Is of the opin
ion that upward of ?.SOOO a week Is needed
to maintain tho hcndqunitcrs nnd furnish
wurk to tho Women on the committee's
Scotch' Societies Commemorate Ayr
shire Plowboy's Birthday.
Scotch organizations in this city arc
today celebrating the birth or Hobcrt
Burns, tho Scotcli poet, who vvns born
January 25. 1759, nt Allovvny, Ajrshlro
Among other locnl associations composed
of the poet's countrymen are tho Tarn
o' Shnnters, tho Caledonia, tho Thistle
nnd tho Glen Cameron.
Most of the poet's boyhood days were
spent on farms. He published his first
hook of poems in 17SC, nnd It brought tho
author $100. A second edition sold for
I'adical opinions caused society, which
had taken up tho poet, to snub Burns.
He plunged Into dissipation and died in
poveity at tho age of 37.
Zudora1 is Ut an orphan at an early
nj7t. Iter father Is killed in a gold mine
he has tllscoicrrd, Half an hour after
Icaniinj; of the death of her huiband, u
dora's mother, a tipht roue tealfcer with a
circus, is seized toith vertivo, falls, and is
Zudora and tire fortune from the mine,
tchtch later grows to be worth (20,000,000,
are left to the guardianship of Frank
Kcene, a circus man and the brother of
Zudora'a mother Zudora, piling prom
ise of great beautv, reaches the age of IS.
The uncle, 1110 has set himself up as a
Hindu mpstie, and ii known as Ilassam
Alt,. decides in his greed that Zudora must
die " before she comes into possession of
her-vreat fortune, so that it may 6 left to
Mm the next of Mfi, and he irt rolls upon
(do olrl to liaie her money in his hands
three years longer and to sag nothing (o
any one about the fortune. Ilassam All
sees mi obstacle to Ms scneme in the per
son of John Storm, a young lawyer for
whom Zudora has taken a fancy, and ho
commands the girl to put the man out of
her mind. Storm comes to osk JIassam
AH for the hand of his niece. At first the
crystal gazer will not listen to the prar
pobal, tut Zudora tnjlsts that if she can
not marry Storm she will marry no one.
'Well, well," said Ilassam All, "if you
take such a stand I'll compromise. Solve
my next SO cases and you can marry him!
fail i a slnglo case and you must re
nounce him." . . . , .
Zudora, using the knowledge gained
from years of association with her uncle,
unravels a series of baffling mysteries.
TUEBE was something strange about
this man Ilassam All. There were
times when he seemed young, times when
he seemed old, careworn, broken. Zudora
thought nothing of these subtle changes,
hovyever; her mind was occupied with
other affairs. But Ilassam All's, servant
knew what It signified, and he hoarded
his savings against that day when ho
would have no master! For a Ions tlmo
he knew that It was not Ilassam All who
went forth from the mystic room, but
Ilassam All's double, and a very danger
ous double, had Hassam All known.
Tho man was fond of money, though he
was not quite the miser Hassam was, But
often, while In the mystic room, going
through the mummery he disliked and de
spised, ho could hear the real Hassam
counting his gold, which Balrd deter
mined some day to get hold of. He lived
In tho house directly back of the mystic
house, and there was a secret tunnel be
tween the two houses.
In the beginning he had followed out
Hassam All's orders without any particu
lar notice of the victim; but after the af
fair of Wu Chang, Balrd awoke to the
fact that Zudora was an extremely at
tractive young woman. Thus, his Interest
In doing away with John Storm began to
havo something more than a negligible In
terest, But Zudora! That was another
matter after he began to recognise that
his heart heat faster whenever she came
Into his presence. It was fortunate that
Hassam All was by nature cold and Un
demonstrative In the matter of bestowing
affection. Balrd longed to touch her, but,
knowing his part, dared not.
Hassam All's long black hair was, as
Zudora very well knew, nothing but a
wig. Except that Baird's skin was a lit
tle fresher, he and Hassam All might
easily have posed as twins. There yas
no occasion for Zudora, then, to look
upon this substitute for her uncle with
suspicion. She began to suspect seri
ously his attitude, but not his personality.
So Balrd banked the fires In his eyes
and endeavored to think of her as little
as possible. But thoughts are masters,
and they lead us whither they will.
One day he entered the secret chamber
at the foot of the shaft to confer with
the real Hassam All. who lay upon a cot
"How do you fel today?"
"Badly," said Zudora'a uncle. "You
have failed three times. "
I have done no better, no worse, than
you. if that fc what you mean," laid
Baird, without much, hunUUty. "I have
lit lids not been the custom of tho writer
of these notes to urge his readers to pat
ronize musical entertainments of any sort.
Obvious ns the reasons nro for such n.
position, tho reason for breaking the rule
ly oven moro obvious nnd more press
ing. Willi every assurance that the most
glorious opera of tho season will bo pre
sented tomorrow night, tho exhortation is
therefore mado to all music lovers to go
nnd hear "Boris Cloduhoff" at the Metro
politan Opetn House. The cast Is splendid,
the Bccneiy a mlraclo (for the Metropol
itan, and In Itself) and the music, tho
structure of the opera, tho drama behind
It, nre such things as cannot bo neglected.
Besides, this Is the moment of salvation
Tor Philadelphia. How can wo expect to
hear "The Lovo of Three Kings," if wo
will not go to "Horls?" And more than
that, how can we expect to hear "Horls"
ngnln, as we undoubtedly will want to
henr It ngaln, if do not make tho bring
ing of it n success?
Tho Opera,
From accounts published last March,
when the opera Imd Its local premiere,
the story of "Boris" should be moderately
familiar by this time. Briefly It deals
with the life of tho Boyard Boris Qod-
Will sing in "Boris Godunow"
tomorrow night.
told you that Zudora bears a charmed
life; luck Is always with her; and John
Storm stnnds at present In the light of
this lurk."
"You uro a fool, Balrd," snarled the
sick man "You are falling In love with
Zudora. I may be 111. but I am not blind.
She is not for you. Don't waste your
valuablo tlmo with any thought Uko that.
I tell you, sho must dlo! I hnto horl"
"You havo promised that If you should
die what you havo would become mine,"
said Balrd. "You havo promised to mako
me your heir I havo seen that will; but
wills can be torn up and rewritten."
Ilassam All rubbed his hands together.
"So they can," he said, "s,o they can. I
don't quito like the tono you use today.
Do you think I am moribund? Arc you
looking speculatively at my shoes? Jim,
If you make the least misstep I'll break
you ns easily b I could a church war
den pipe. Ahmed knows and my attorney
knows. If I disappear mysteriously and
don't return" . . . Hassam All drew his
finger around his throat suggestively.
"But If I rid you of this girl, what are
you going to do with nil that gold
millions? You're a miser, and we both
know It."
"Porhnps I want the gold to play
with," grinned Hassam All. "I had no
playthings when I was a child; I was
too poor. Go along; I've talked enough,"
"There Is another Ilttlo secret," said
"O, there Is? And what might It be?"
Ilassam All sat up stiffly. "What the
devil do you mean?"
"Zudora's father once had n partner
who went to Brazil. This partner found
brilliants of a high order; she has a
half Interest In this mine without know
ing such a thing exists."
Hassam 'All lay back. "I have warned
you. Now go nnd send Ahmed with my
Balrd returned to the mystlo room, his
mind awhlrl with a thousand schemes.
He played his little comedy with Zudora,
saw some patients, and later took the
ovenlng paper. Upon the front page ho
read a bit of news that Interested vfilm.
S FS f - fi jf
Subject to
Home of World's Creates t liiotoplajs.
(iennantuitn At.
ml Hrhool Ijine
LitKlVIAn lUWH and Mchool I-l.no
Hear tho Wunderful Orsan.
63d and
Hat grfnrrt At.
62 d and
fiSd and
Laniriowne Are.
Cayuga St. nod
Oermantown An.
6id St. and
Wyuluslne Ave.
Krno-iiKton and
AUrxtirnr Atc.
Manayunk and
Conarroo n
Krnklnitoa and
Frank furd Ave.
41t and
Lancaster Ave.
1031-31 Market
tmt- niT--"C Avenue 18IU St. and
THE RIDGfc Theatf HUlgr, Ate.
fcffmKff. &.
unoff, who made himself Czar by tho
murder of the legitimate heir of Ivan the
Terrible. Pursued by tho tyranny of con
science, nnd by the nppearahce of a pre
tender to tho throne, the gloomy and sol
itary ruler settles Into the dnrkness of
Insanity, coming forth In flashing mo
ments of strength! and falling nt last In
ah agonlrcd death. That, with Its Inci
dents (few purely operatic In character)
sketches the drama, which Poushkln
wrote. But tho figure which stands
throughout the play Is tho people of llus
sln, nnd It Is that which makes tho work
great. To present that 'figure upon the
scene, MoussorgBky gladly discarded the
common artifices of o)icrij. Tho people,
and not tenors, Bopranos and tho like,
are of first Importance. It Is shell n thing
ns has not been known before Mousaorg
sky. It Is said that Debussy visited Bay
rcutli In t&SO nnd became a Wagnerian.
Of this he was promptly cured bv a slnglo
reading of "Boris Oodunoff." So this op
era, when It Is heard, has the sublime ef
fect of Clrrek tragedy, that it can purge
us of all earthly Ills.
Annual Reception of Mary Command
ery Will Take Placo Tonight.
Many prominent olllclnls tf the order I
will ho present at tho fourteenth annual I
tournol nnd receptlqn of Mary Com
tnandery, No. 3H, tho largest connnandcry
ot Knights Templar in the world, whlcli
Is to bo held tonight In Horticultural
Tho entlro membership of the Grand
Coinmnndcry will bo In attendance. In
the receiving lino will bo Grand Com
nmnder Dr. A. Howard Thomas nnd
James II. M. Keller, eminent commander
of tho division, nnd his subordinate offi
cers. Among the guests will bo com
mnnders of several adjoining divisions
Tnd many line olllcers of the orgnnl7atlon.
Ono of the features of the grand march
vlll bo tho formation of numerous do
Un In Templar marching. Including tho
dalteso cross, passion cross nnd tho
iilnngle. The dance will bo the forerun
ner of the sixty-second nnnual conclavo
of tho Grand Commanders', Knights Tem
plar of Pennsylvania, which will take
plnco In this city next May.
Ml f
South Philadelphia Uutlncss Men's Asuocia
tlon, IlroTd and I'eileral streets
l'nlverslty nxtcnilon knture, Wlthenpoon
Hull of Majo Men's Association of Philadel
phia, Merrnntllo Kail.
Pr. P. n. Sparks' lecture, Central Young
Men'n christian Asuoclntlon.
Oerman-Amerlean charity hall, Academy of
Lecture. "The riuropenn War From a Wo
man's Point or View," by Mrs Pethick Law
em e. New Century Club
Presbvlerlan Social Union, ltellcvue-Strat-
Law Assc-intlon, Historical Society, 1.101
must street.
oOfltalul Avenue Huslness Men's Assocla
tl'in, "1st street and Woodland avenue.
Plays and Players' Club, 43 South 18th
Exhibition, WelKhti nnd Measures Bureau.
City Hall courts ard.
Knights Templar reception. Horticultural
Tho Van Wick child, heir to the Van
Wick millions, had been kidnapped des
pite all the precautionary measures to
prevent such a catastrophe.
"So they've done It!" ho mused "aloud,
"Done what?" asked Zudora.
"Kidnapped the Van Wick child. There
may be a Ilttlo work for us, my child; a
Ilttlo work for us. I think that I'll go
downtown nnd mako a fow investigations
before thoy come to us."
For one thing, ho wanted to get away
from Zudora. All these thoughts of her
were crowding dangerously near action.
A misstep at this tlmo would bring his
house of cards tumbling about his head.
He proceeded to a house situated in a
semlfashlonablo district and rang for ad
mittance. Tho servant ndmltted him
without question. This house was the
residence of n woman who called herself
Mmo. Du Val. Tho fall of her lato con
federate, Wu Chang, the hypnotic opium
smuggler, hnd not Implicated her. Sho
had made her escape before tho pollco
hnd battered their way Into tho Chang
Sho came Into tho draVIng room to
find Balrd, sans wig and make-up; In
fact, himself. Ho was in the middle
30s, and certain kinds of women would
call him fascinating.
"Yes. So you've accomplished tho feat
In splto of tho private detectives?"
"What do you mean?" Innocently.
"Come, come, Nora; between you nnd
mo there should be no secrets. I mean
tlfo Van Wick child. You've got him."
"So we have. And It will take a hun
dred thousand to get him back. I'm get
ting a little tired of this career. I want
enough to live In slmplo comfort In
France. Do you know, Jim, that you are
a Ilne-Iooklng man?"
Balrd shrugged.
"And that If you'll listen to me this
girl Zudora shall vanish so completely
that she'll be as hard to find as n puff
of smoke? And when that Is done, by-by
to Ilassam All, whom I've always hated.
He's as cold blooded as a fish. Millions,
boy. for both of us! Travel nnd luxury!"
She sat down beside the man. She was
undeniably handsome; but Balrd had
seen tigers equally as handsome. And
even ns he gazed upon her the dreamy
face of Zudora seemed to flit past.
"But there Is one man we roust get
rid of absolutely before we make any at
tempt upon tho girl," he said.
"Storm? You will never get him ex
cept through Zudora. With the girl ns a
lure, you can bring Storm Into any kind
of a spider web,"
(Continued Wednesday.)
(Copyright, 1014, by Harold Mcdrath.)
rouiiTit mo ivkek
Afternoons, 1 & 3 10c. and ISc
Evenings, 7 & 9 10c, lBo. inc.
3iarTuerlte nrLip PIJIIPIRIE'
Clark lu TIE. -lUlwIOL,C
lly Mark le I.uther
ELAINE No, 3 And Others
Home, Sweet Home wfiTfiSX It.
MASTER KEY No. 8 Others
ZUDORA No. 4 And Others
ZUDORA No. 5 And Others
tC?viiTifc3 nSi
0P UTTm R&m&3Sx
Some girls earn ?t a. day working In a
department store. Others mako even
twlco ns much, And JInry Pickford gets
$2500 a week, the highest salary paid In
the film world. No one on tho photoplay
staRo approaches within hailing distance.
It is truo that Sarah Bernhardt received
JSOOO a week, but It was for only six
weeks, whereas Mary Pickford receives
The beauty of the Universal films.
her great salary for C2 weeks every year
sho careB to work
John Bunny received $700 a week, whllo
film fnorltos like Mary Fuller, Ulaneho
S'vect, Clnr.i Kimball Young, Norma
l'lilllips, Jluth Stonahouso nnd Anita
Stewart get from t-M to JCOO n week. King
Dnggott, Francln X. Dushmnn, Arthur
Johnston, Maurice Costcllo, J. Wan en
Kerilgan and Cnrlylo Blackwcll range
from $150 to $100.
Of tho legitimate stars. Ethel Bnrry
moro received $12,500 for n single picture;
Mrs. Flake, $10,000, nnd Lillian Itussell the
same amount for "Wildfire." Pauline
Fredericks received $J0O0 a week for six
weeks nnd her c.penscs to Home anil
back for acting In "Tho F.tnrnal City "
Marin Dressier received $1,0,000 cash und
royalties which will bring the total up
to ?3O,0C0 for "Tllllc's Punctured Ilo-
mnnciv May Irwin got $,000 for ono pic
ture. "Mrs. Black Is Back."
Knuffmnn, Scenario Writer
Reginald Wright Knuffmnn, who Is a
former Philadelphia newspaperman and
who obtnlncd fame through his novel.
"The House of Bondage," has succumbed
to the lur of the movies. Tho Human-
ology Film Producing Company, ot .Mod
ford, Mass., has placed Knuffman under a
long-term contract to writo plays for tho
Mrs. Ruth Knuffmnn, wlfo of the novel
ist, has also been placed under contract
to net as scenario editor for tho Medford
concern. Mrs. Kauffman Is known as a
prolific writer of children's stories and
The first scenario to bo prepared by
Knuffman for interpretation by the Hu
manology players will deal with the situa
tion now obtaining In tho belligerent na
tions. Odds nnd Ends
Tho B. A. Ttolfo Photoplay Company
has signed a contiact with Walker White
side to do "Tho Melting Pot " Thorn Is an
Interesting story In connection with this.
Mr. Itolfe has been In negotiation with
Mr. Whiteside for a long while. When
Mr. Whltcsldo played In Kngland he
promlred Mr. Zangvvlll, tho author ot
"The Melting Pot," that tho first produc
tion he would ever do In pictures would
bo this play. After several cables a con
tract has Just been closed between Mr.
Itolfe nnd Mr. Znngwlll nnd tho play has
been turned over to Mr. Itolfe for plcturlz-,
Ing Mr. Whiteside will probably leave
for California In a few days.
"Trilbv," which ns a book and a play
had a great success In tho United gtatci
under the direction of William A. Brady,
who will make the film version, Is to bo
ottered as a photoplay In flvo parts. Who
will ploy tho title rolo and who Svengull
is not unnounced.
Mny Allison has signed a long-term con
tract with tho jJesso I,. Unsky Feature
Play Company, and will play the second
lend with Edith Wynne Matthlson In the
Iasky-Belnsco plcturlzatlon of "The Gov
ernor's Lady."
"Treasuro of the Louzats"
"Tho Treasure of the Louzats," with
Three Treats
In One Trip
Enjoy a winter in California and visit the two
great world's fairs at the same time all in
one trip and for one outlay.
You can start right after the holidays the San
Diego Exposition- opens Jan. 1st, and the great
San Francisco Exposition Feb. 20th.
January, February and March in California are
climatically ideal.
From Chicago go direct to"either Los Angeles or
San Francisco without change of cars, wilhoul
extra fare, on the steel equipped
"Pacific Limited"
Return in the spring via the Pacific North Cpast
and the "St. Paul's" scenic coast line the pictur
esque "Trail of the Olympian."
Milwaukee &
Seed fox Exposition literature
tor punning enure inp
G. J. LINCOLN, CqinmpSi Agent
818 Chestnut St., PhOatJelpMa, Pa.
f laUnrnriiimi
Ijydlft Quarnhta, the Cablrla of "Cnblrld,"
not only has n strong and unusual aloryi
with scleral clever twists, out it nlso ful
fils one of the chief duties of n motion
picture, that ot continually delighting the
cyo with beautiful and artistic scenes and
Charming scenes follow each other all
through tho picture, reaching tho eye
through the wonderful Italn photography,
which Is practically stcrcoscoplo In Its
relief, contrasting In Its lights nnd shades
und yet soft In tone throughout. Lighting
efforts nnd laboratory work are worked
out more carefully abroad than In this
country. More time Is taken In tho dark
loom. Tho result shows on tho screen
"Tho Treasure of tho Louzats" Is a beau
tiful motion picture, but Its strength lies
not alono In brfmity, for It has story, ac
tion nnd spectacle.
Maennerchors to Sing nt Twonty
cighth Annual Event.
The 2Sth German-American Charity
Bait will bo held In tho Academy of
MubIc tonight, under tho direction of the
Maenncrchor of Philadelphia. The pro
reeds of tho dance will be given to the
Citizens' Permanent Relief Commltteo to
alleviate tho suffering among the unem
ployed ot tho city.
In connection with tho danca an al
tercating musical entertainment will bo
given by tho singers ot the Macnnerchor
Society, assisted by tho singers ot the
Junge- Maenncrchor, the Hnrmonle and
tho Philadelphia Quartet Club. A total of
Iu0 singers will tnko part In tho chorus
work. A special promenndo programpwlll
bo played between tho dances.
Many Prominent Quests to Bo at
Irish Social Event.
Ono of tho leading Irish social events
of the season will bo held in Mercantile
Hall, Broad and Master streets, tonight
when tho Mayo Men's Association of
Philadelphia glvo a charity ball.
Moio than 2000 persons are expected,
tho Invited guests including Director
Porter, Lieutenant Governor Frank Mc
Claln, of Lancaster, Director Norrlp and
other city, officials, and members ot the
Judlrlary. ' Joseph P. Kerrigan Is chair
man of tho Committee on Arrangements.
The association, which Is non-sectarian,
lb composed of men from County Mayo,
Ireland, nnd their sons and grandsons
Among tho members are Cardinal Gib
bons, of Baltimore i Bishop Dougherty, of
tho Philippine Islands, and Monslgnor
Robinson, of Melbourne, Australia.
Announcement was made today that a
substantial sum had been realized through
tho observance of "Polish Day" In the
churches throughout the city yesterday,
In aid of stricken Poles In tho war-torn
sections of Poland. It Is estimated that
upward ot $100,000 was collected through
out the United Stntcs, an nppcal having
been sont out by tho Polish Relief Com
mittee setting nsldo yesterday as tho day
for donations. In this city $15,000 was col
Court of Common Pleas No.
photoplay entitled SAMSON
with William Farnum in lead
ing role at Locust Theatre,
52nd and Locust Streets, on
Saturday afternoon and even
ing,' January 23, 1915.
Belmont Theatre
52nd above Market Street .
Mon. Tues. Wed.
Jan. 25 Jan. 26 Jan. 27
Mat. 2.30. Evening 6.30 to 11
St. Paul M
iimiMiii mp ' I .
'vMiMMn V fill I 1 nl ml' I sir

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