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All Concerned Desire Early
Decision So That Plans
May Be Outlined and
Other Details Straightened
CHICAGO, Jan. 25. Hope was ex
pressed today by representatives of or
ganized baseball and the Federal League
that Judge Landls would make a de
cision soon In the latter's prayer for an
injunction which ho took under advise
ment Saturday night, after lawyers for
tho contestants had spent four days In
arguing the case.
Early settlement of the eutt as well
as the several pending agnlnst ball play
rs Is genorally wished for by managers,
that they may know In advance of their
trading seasons what tho make-up of
their squads will bo.
A majority of tho visiting magnates
and attorneys left town yesterday. Law
yers for tho defendants will spend tho
next three-weeks In preparing answers to
the Federals' original bill of complaint
Despite the court's action on tho prayer
for a temporary Injunction, the charges
of monopoly and restraint of trade prob
ably wM be tried within a month.
Bummary of Contention Is Made In
Fed Suit.
r2SSivli2, Lnn-.S-0W,,"cl Jeball. the
raoerais and an army of fans were husv vm.
trus? n?,'1! it?o,-Jope li VthehUbM
VlMH.nl !n,J t.h.8 I,,0X BCOrc" anie' ad
visement. Among the legal fraternltv th
SlJvSSlffl lW Tan:
crauSSSu of' dtho'"rlv1a0rfor.r,,toIa eST
Idered by Judge Lndis area" follows: Cn"
S?t Vi,"" baBall la a trust.
WWS fiEg"1 LCa:tl, Came tat0 urt
eolftaV.,8 '.SKerrug;:"4" ,n th8 "
lii H-."Jui?,Jeh the ".""""t form of con
, ?' .f .rlea" ,IJrer the end of
rSiJ.JS1?,;.,1?. miin of tho National Com
mission and tho effect of the national aifr.
neat tend, to make ball players staveTfor
That tho ten-day clause In tho Federal
JE5 cntc' ' only put In to prevent
tWganlS"1" bKm""1 a cha?"
players signed In many courts. against
rfiMni i$.ii',"le,ral League bettered the con
2i a whole p"l'"!rs Bnd benefited the game
That It has J3.50O.00O Invested In the game
.Thaf. "nleB a restraining order la leaned
It will be irreparably damaged.
That It Is not a truat.
That the. 1W4 contractile legal.
That It made no overtures to tho Federal
League for peace. -.-..
t JJKafiMery ,t'l1ler, wh had ,fnea con
tract belongs to the league.
That It has not harassed the Federal League.
That It was not a Federal question before
the court.
That tho court did not have Jurisdiction
That tho ball players are free to elgn with
any one after two years of service.
That ball players under Federal League con
tract aro bound to that leaguo for ten years
That organized baseball had made mistakes,
but haB reformed.
That tho Feda tried to become a major league
by resolution.
That the motion for preliminary Injunction
should not toa granted.
Cubs Star Third Baseman Charged
With Cruelty by Girl Wife.
?IyCV-jRn- 23 -Heinle Zimmerman,
premier third Gaseman of the Chicago Cubs
and umpire baiter, has been made tho de
fendant In a suit for separation begun by Mrs.
liJL cA"iT Zlmmerman, of 1303 Intervale
AS??,', e JSioax. It was learned yesterday,
Cruelty, abusive language and refusal to sup
EPT',8 'ho grounds alleged by the 10-j ear
old wife of the baseball star in her papers,
which arrived at tho Bronx County CourP
h0Ai,L'00,.,ate,.t he filed Saturday afternoon
,?.$& ttia wlf ftU'ges. Heinle Zlm Is
F,lT??wye!!r br th8 Chicago National
League Club for his services at the third sack
Rd In shepherding the goats of umpires, she
alleges he has not spent any money to support
spender" husbana ta "Puted to be "a good
.iJrStmmmenTian "J" 200 a month alimony
and BO0 allowance for counsel fees. At her
Home yesterday she said she had known Zim
merman since she was a child and had hoped
for a happy married life, but the romanco
bodbeen shattered, she declared, ""n"
..tT1.1? vIlcH!nB kiilt has " tP." he
fi2 h.home, 1303 Intervale avenue, yes
JfJ'V J?" ,haT,?, got J" .eparate before he
murder me. Ho likes the ladles and I cannot
stand It any longer
nAi "." ,be hw"2 b,,or5 J"tlee John J.
grady in the Supreme Court, Bronx County, on
21tna,ter'-'v,rno .B1U 'Donovan, of tho New
7.2,kn,Amncan"' '" rhllsdelphla e?da to
ajramj full managerial responslblfltles. (Sip
S5 TtJu Huon returns from Chicago to
day. Donovan -wishes to straighten out with
J&.n"' co-oPO'-ption a number of small
iSSS iSi'0?? .f'tthw out In company with
Bcput Joe Kelley In search of a suitable
StfUtbem training camp. wu"jib
Manager Donovan made the most of his
short respite In Philadelphia, In this city he
KL'.11 t0,uc5 with Catcher SchwertV the Vrnl"
the season with Roger Peckinpaugn. Schwert
baa shown a sllgbtdlspositlon to hold out. but
Donovan believes he has talked the young
man taw a favorable frame of mind J
'.i01"0- Ja 2a.-T1red Falkenberg, pitcher
im.h" vP?nt-w?onln IndUnapolii Federal
League ball team last year, will pitch for the
Brooklyn Federals the Sming season? aSord"
lng to an announcement yesterday by Lee
Slagee. manager for the Brooklyna. Maxee
also satt that Artie Hofman -would play first
base and that he would Play s?nd base hlS-
INDIANAPOLIS. Jan. 25, "There Is abso
lutely no cruth In the report that Fred Falken
J$r& WU' " transferred to the Brooklyn team
tff the federal League." said W H Watklns,
business manager of the Indianapolis Federal
League club last night. Other officials of the
club could not be reached. Falkenburg has
&'. ,0 pla,r un"r Wa "
NEW TORK. Jan. 25.-Frank Farrell and
lS2taP.ba',,ba ' f,uo- Tiat wa the sub.
R?,nc?, "4 the ."amission .made last night by
Colonel Jatob Ruppert, when questioned about
the assertion made In Chicago by Captain T.
L. Huston, his associate, to the effect that
they had only an option on the club.
CHICAGO, Jan. 23 Captain Tllllnshast
Huston, who, with Colf JacoblLTpwrt,
was reported , recent,, tq baV8 purchaseS
i$S&aJi&X " n?. bl '' n tie deal
alraply bold an option on the stock of the
luS,i- Jlr which they had paid tftOOoo. A
riunw that the option -was to expire February
J was true, according to Captain Huston,
Clarence Rowland does not Intend to man
age the White Sox from the beach next i
san. Instead. Jimmy Callahan's successor will
put on a uniform apd direct his charges from
the eoiihtp lines.
KANSAS C1TT, Mo . Jan SB -Jack LeUelt,
first baseman has been purcbaeed from the
cleitand American Association club by the
Kansas City American Association club, it
was anoued but night.
HOT SFRINOS Ark. Jan. 29.Cbarley
HesmhUl the former New York AmirieS
i.Uytr and JBt Louis Brown, back to bu pliy
tag wIght as a rveuit oi a month's wark
here, lft fur bis hpma in TouogMown, Ohio.
ytnUy llempblll Is a fre agent H Is In
fetMKit of offers from the Southern Asaoeia
Uan and Wsatera League, bat declares b
hapa to UnJ a Mg leagae engagement.
Bote to lKd Ball Team
TItK!o Kit
PhiUJjIriiU ;
ISDSd fcafcm&tl Bit th TlTdfe
Ijh sVhsol beaeball nis, was
ikil taetalot
i ,! i U;i taerslss. Rote U ose of tfe bast albletei
ai IM Vm. Fhiladeliibla wtoU snj
U very
Jwwilagii , Safc Director
-' -
itm uausn Jaifivt
wammm . -j
Camden rive to Battle Heading at
That Time,
With Camden leading the Extern Basket
ball League rate, the new owners have set
an appropriate lima to Install the team In
ft new homeland on Wednesday nlghl Heading
will meet the leaders In the Armory, For
the, opening attraction, the management could
riot have selected a better occasion, for the
"" teams are battling for first place.
The standings follow i
. w. l. r.c. w,
L. P.C.
uunnra,,, jo s ,bt Jasper 12
Heading.,, IB 0 .KBlTrenton..,. 11
De Nerl... 14 12 .MSklreystock.. 6
12 .COO
Tonlght-Camden, at Trenton.
Wednesday ntadlng, at Camden.
Thursday D Nerl, at Jasper,
rrlday Jasper, at Oreystock.
Baturday-Camden, at le Nerl! Oreystbck,
at Reading.
Although fit. Ludwlg ranks fourth in the
standing of the teams In the Northwest
'Daskotball League, of the dermantown Hoys'
Club, Gelger is easily tho leader both in
field and foul coals, h&vlnv In...! K1 nr th.
former and 104 of the latter for a total of 200
Mints, caulton, of the Brethron team, which
Is neit to the end of the standing, being
second, with 80 field goals and 150 from fouls,
totaling 810 points. Naturally, the leader In
the league. Temple, ranks first In club points,
with B71. Corinthian has so far made 448;
Bt. Stephen has 427; Qretna, 807: St. Ludwlg,
3S4 Brethren, 308; Beta. Delta, E14, and
Strauss. 207.
.All Saints' defeated Tulpehocken, 21 to 1C
The line-ups:
Alt Saints' Tomllnson, forward: Hanlon,
forward; Uanham, centre; Edwards, guard i
Lynch, guard) Br-kerd, guard.
Tulpehocken Ancott, forward! Ollllcs, for
nrardj Qlnruh, centre; M. Inery, guard; Crier,
Field goals Banham, 4; Tbmllneon, 1; Han
lon, Bckord, Edwards, Ancott, 3, Unruh, Orler.
Foul goals Hanlon, 6; Ancott, 0.
AH Saints' Reserves defeated Farkway Boys'
Club. 80 to 15.
NEW YOnif, Jan 2fl Francis Oulmet. the
national amuteur golf champion, nfter going
on reconl as opposed to winter golf as far as
he Is concerned, declaring that it did no
good for his game, has at latt responded to
tho call of the South lie plans a trip to Pine
hurst late In March for the purpose of com
peting In the annual North and South cham
pionships, both open and amateur. Oulmet has
not been playing for eeieral necks, believing
he earned a rest from his activities loBt sea
eon. He dislikes cold because It affects his
handi too much to suit him Late in March,
however, will be quite different than now. It
Is customary to run oft the three North and
South championships nt Dnchurst In succes
sion. March 20 to SS aro tho dates reserved
for the women's championship On March 20
the amateur-professional four-ball competition
Is schduled The open championship Is on the
card for March 27 nnd 2S. while the amateur
fixture Is set for March 20 to April ,1 Inns
much as Heavlew Is planning an Eastern tour
nament, probably beginning on Monda- April
B there la a possibility of Qulmot stopping off
there on bis way North. Oulmet will have as
a companion J. H Sullivan. Jr.
Two more championship courses will be
selected this week, as the New Jersey State
Golf Association will hold Its annual meeting
tomorrow and the Women's Metropolitan Golf
Association will meet on Thursday.
Tom Halpln, the 'Boston mlddle-dlstnnce
runner, Is performing an well ns ever now,
desplto his recent Illness The fiOO-yard rec
ord holder is not as strong ns he might be.
but ho Is gaining rapidly, and by the time
the senior championships tako place In Nnw
York In March ho should havo regained the
height of his form. On Saturday he ran 600
yards In 1.18 4-5 on the slow track In Me
chanlca' Hall. Boston. The Boston athlete
Is now devoting himself entirely to selling
Ollle De druchy Is the first athlete outside
of Tod Meredith to feci tho recent ruling of
the Amateur Athlotlc Union forbidding a col
lege athlete to represent a club and his col
lege during tho period from October 1 to June
1 De Oruchy Is now a student at New
York University, whero II. Von Elilng of tho
Mohawk A. C. Is coach, nnd he desired to
compete on a relay for New York University
on Saturday in the Urooklyn College games,
out he recehed warning that ho was liable
to a suspension if he Insisted In doing so
There was nothing for po Oruchy to do hut
remain out of the meet, and the entire New
York University team had to be withdrawn.
Don't' Shoot I
Organized baseball may Pepper the Feds
For making the pastime a scene,
But the outlawing crush will come back
with a rush, ,
For their Addlnoton lawyer is Keene.
Congrats, Etc.
Boston again hna upheld the best tra
ditions of sport In that city, this time by
working out a plan to have Ted Mere
dith run up there without coming Into
violent contact with an A. A. U. ruling.
This spirit is what gives amateur sport
Its following.
TJnsent Telegrams
To Judge Landls Can't you, or won't
you do something about the unp-balt-ing
question before the squabblers go
away and It's too late?
Friends of His, Perhaps
Beware, ye bush and major leagues;
Beware, ye big and little townsl
Branch Rickey he of dry intrigues
Has just turned loose a dozen Browns.
So Now That's Settled
Tho Phillies If you have been refus
ing to take the word of various officials
are not going to get Whltted. (We
take the word of Gaffney's business
agent.) He Whltted, not the B. A.
has signed a Bahston contract.
S'pose It "Were Nearer HomeP
iota ot encouragement for sportsmen,
amateur and professional, this year, The
Jaokson-"WUlard affair? Well, 'the
U. S. A. can't be responsible for Mexico.
Cawn't You Hear ThemP
Connie Mack, according to some ex
perts, can't be expected to make much
of a showing this year, But watt until
Jack Barry or Stuffy Mclnnes leans
severely against the pill some time next
But the echo of the swat
Will be not a thing to what
Will be done by those who so expertly
vie (
With each othef now in glee;
One and all, they'll swiftly flee
To the shelter of the age-old alibi,
"Oh, Precious Mercyt Girls"
Don't blame this on us; the Boston
Poft Express Is responsible i y. -
Kfrad this through and seUf-'you can
guess what character In realtufe or Ac
tion it portrays:
"A Um figure that belies the domi
nant personality that Um beneath the
auggoaiion nt a, steel aprlng underlying
his ratlier diicat ur yf, snap
ping wHh vigor sad rad- !tell nc
mouth, Hrm nd tndomitaM -etote, that
' .
J Down Ik The. DARK CELLAR Jj0'
I Whence The boogy mam vmill W-Z&
will sSTeal You and its illllsIlP
ZANESVILLE, O., Jan. 2C "Speak
ing of trading baseball players for pet
bulldogs, canaries and ball bats," de
clared Enoch Somers, voteran man
ager, "why, those were nothing com
pared to tho deals pulled In the old
"When I was manager of the Cat
lettsburg, Ky., team In the Ohlo-Vlr-glnla
League, we ran out of tobacco on
tho train one day while making a Jump
over tho Kentucky 'State line, and I
traded 'Golrtlo' Ayres, an outfielder,
to tho manager of the Huntington,
W. Va,, team for a package of to
bacco." of a Roman emperor, while a wide and
high brow bespeaks a mentality of a
high order features, clean cut as a
cameo strong but delicately molded
No, Blanch, it Is not descriptive of
the dashing Belgium hero, who stood
his ground against the oncoming thou
sands. Nor yet Is it some Alexander of
fox-trot nnd tango, for It chows tobacco.
Give up? Well, it's meant, by a New
Orleans sporting writer, to describe Tom
McCarey, promoter of those dreadful
ooxlng bouts I
Some of our city editors who nre
sticklers for news condensed would no
doubt have been literally tickled to
death to have come across the foregoing
copy. We can also imagine how it
would have looked after a copy-chopping
process. Can you beat It?
"Trinklng, Best Sport Vat Is"
Which brings to mind the yarn we
read in one our exchanges in which
Harley Davidson recalls some views on
sport in Russia as observed by his
brother John. Johnny discovered tho
great run of people In Russia had no
time or inclination for sport. They have
few opportunities, In fact, Tno leisure
class Is too tired to Indulge in any form
of physical exercise, and the others are
about as Interested.
You Missed It!
If our Judgment goes for anything.
It will be many a day before another
such fight Is witnessed as at the Na
tional A. C. Saturday night. From
tho opening round to the last there
was not a sportsman in the vast au
dience who was not thrilled at the
sight. More action was crammed Into
the Ktlbane-Morgan battle than has
been the pleasure of fans to see in
years. There was a thrill in every
round, and tho last one was enough to
satisfy the appetites of the most ex
acting. KHbaije has been censured In
other Appearances here, or exerting
himself "just- enough to win. Saturday
night he found Morgan a good pace
maker and the result was the clever
est sort pt a boxing exhibition. Kll
bane won all right, but credit must ba
given Morgan, who did all that was
possible to make the going Interesting.
It Is good news to know that they will
meet again on February 13 here.
Another One Coming to Him
Jess Wlllard guesses he can whip Sam
Langford. No harm guessing-. Is there?
Checkers is a game In which there is
no talking Therefore you will hardly
expect to nnd a nght manager taking
part in St. It's hard on the managers,
well admit
McNichol, of Red and Blue,
Tops Individual Scorers
With 63 Points Quakers
Second in Team Tallies.
Princeton Is showing Its heels to the
other contenders In the Intercollegiate
Basketball Leaguo raco thus far this, year
with a perfect percentage. The Tiger Ave
has won Its three games played so far,
defeating Penn In two matches and Dart
mouth In one Tho local university is In
next to tho cellar position, with only one
victory and four defeats,
Vf L. P.C. w L. P.C.
Princeton.. 3 0 1,000 Columbia. 1 2 .313
Cornell ... 3 1 ,7liO Penn 1 4 .250
Tale 2 1 007 Dartmouth 0 3 .000
Name. College. OamMPinvnTi
McNichol, Penn 5 a 57 11.1
Broun, Cornell 4"
Arnold, Yale t 3
Paulson, Princeton 3
Benson, Columbia 3
Stacltpole, Yale , 3
Williamson. Penn 0
Ashmead. Cornell 4
Klney, Yale 3
Calder, Columbia ,... 8
Lunilon, Cornell 4
Wlnshlp Dartmouth 2
Mass, Princeton . 3
Lee, Columbia , , 3
Seelbach, Penn 5
McTlgue. Princeton 3
Smith. Yale 3
Jackson, Princeton 1
Jandorf. Cornell 4
Eans, Penn 0
Welner, Yale 3
Wallace, Penn , 5
Dwyer. Columbia . . . . , 3
J. Pelletier. Dartmouth 2
Sutterby. Cornel I 2
Rector, Dartmouth 2
Trenkman, Princeton 3
Ilomsand, Columbia 3
Uurghard, Columbia a
Tatt, Yale 3
Khelton, Cornell 2
Ilaeberle, Cornell 4
Slsson, Dartmouth 2
Grant, Dartmouth 1
GUI, Princeton ., 3
nickfard. Dartmouth 2
nullltt, Penn ................ 3
Wilber. Columbia 1
Daley, Dartmouth 2
Wllllmas, Dartmouth ., 1
P. Pelletier, Dartmouth 1
Itahlll. Princeton ,.,, 3
HnTv'cr. Penn a
Hay, Yale ,...,,.... 1
tfajue, -ilnceion 1
Garfield, Yale 1
McElma, Penn ,,,,,,,., 1
Wotrener, Columbia 1
Walker, Columbia .,....,..,,, 1
Iltarln, Columbia , .... 1
Steele, Dartmouth ,.,, 1
Stokes, Penn .....,...,...,,, 1
Rhey. Yala .,,, X
Cornell ..... 4 111) Princeton ,
Penn ,,.,,,. 5 100 Columbia ,
Yale ,, 3 00 partmouth
... 3 81
..3 70
. , S 30
IsV ' sHsBssH
He is pone other than "Al Mc
Coy." who Bet the boxing fans to
talking following a one-round
knock-out victory over George
Chip, claimant of the -worloV
middleweight championship and
conqueror of Frank Klaus. Mc
Coy meet Joe Borreli at the
Olympla tonlf ht and it ahoul4 be
rattling good bout
For tho second consecutive season
Cincinnati will have the unique honor
of having tho only woman football
coach. Last season llrs. Carrie Burk
hart took hold of tho Price Hill School
football eleven as a coach, and she
has arranged again to teach tho boys
the game, 1
Mrs. Burkhnrt Is a Vassar College
graduate and an all-around athlete.
She made a study of college football
whllo In the East, nnd when she re
turned put It Into practlco by engag
ing to coach tho Price Hill School,
after she had convinced the school au
thorities that she knew more about tho
game than they did.
"The Days of Beal Sport",
or f
"When a Feller Needs a Friend"
(Splitting It 80-20' With Prof. C.
The Oood Old Days and when were
Not when I was a pop-eyed kid
And got a trimming every day
Or had to do as I was bid;
Or, bara of foot, raced over stones
Or splattered'' through some rocky
creek x
Had whooping cough Srofce seyeraJ
And mashed a toe" off once a week.
The Good Old Days and when were
Not when J was a gawking youth,
And had to earn my dally pay
(Three bucks a week to tell the truth);
Arising at the clockjs alarm,
To feed a Jiorse and milk a cow.
And then go grapple with the farm
Till foolish sweat adorned my 6rotov
The Good Old Days and where are
"llVien am gray, beyond my prime.
Will 1 dream $aak tigon this day
Of foolish verse and bush-league rhymer
Will J yearn for the grinding task
Of writing for the splritfs needs '
(A hunk of beef a HtfJe flask)
Where not one in a thousand readsT
The Oood Old, Days when we are dead.
When I am old and down and out;
Or, having frimmetf less wiser guys,
When J am old and have the gout;
And yet, as chirps the lark at morn,
I rise to sing them, heaven-sped
The Good Old Days ere we were barn
The Good Old Days when we are dead.
But, of course, wo are all wrong
about It, Haven't impassioned 'orators
fore and apt up to August 1 been
telling us for years that the worfa
nad reached the greatest civilization
ever known?
The Tennis Squawk
.The main thing to do In this pres
ent tennis situation is not to take, the
squawks of one oi- two not overly im
portant folks too seriously,
Regardless of any uUerance to the
contrary, the tennis ghawplon is for
the tennis-playing, tennUtloviner publlo
and not for any particular set or par
ticular organization.
Some particular set 0 patUeul&r or
fuqlz&tton nuty, make a oralnlsi at
tempt eantrul the situation and kp '
Seeks Lightweight, Welterweight and
Middleweight Crowns.
CHICAGO, Jan. 25. Packer IteFarlnnd set
out today on the road to threo crowns. If he
negotiates all the highways and byways along
which lYeddle Welsh, Joe Shugrue, Charley
White. Mike Gibbons and Jimmy Clabby liave
Ibullt fortifications and thrown up series of
trenches nnd barneo-wire entanglements,
king of tho stockynn
raoltnls nml wlftM thf
hopes to enter three
capitals nnd wield three soeptres, lightweight.
welterweight and middleweight,
weuerweignt ana miaaieweigm, somo in
twlthln the year,
ft Vtt
I'nokey nnd his manager, Emll Thlery, de
clared today they will ibegln preparations Im
mediately. Thlery was to write today to the
nnd his manager, Emit Thlery, d
of Lightweight Champion
Gibbons and ClAbb:
jy asking for matches, mo
Clahhr nr nllibons 20 rounds
Fnrland will fight Clabby i
and agree to make 143 pounds at 8 o'clock.
Ho snis he can make this weight witnin n
few days. Its believes ho can get down to 130
pounds within a few wocks by strenuous
training. , , ....
Manager Thlery claimed today to have two
offers for Packey to fight CHbbone. One Is of
110,000 from Jimmy Johnston, of Now York.
The other Is a MO.000 offer from Tom An
drews, of Milwaukee. The New. York offer
will bo accepted If the bout can be arranged
for late In February
Hans Will Have to Look to Puturo
for Promised Great Battle.
NEW YOItK, Jan. 25. James Johnson,
matchmaker of the Garden Athletic Club,
announced today that tho fight scheduled
for tomorrow night betwoen Frcddlo
Welsh, world champlun lightweight, nnd
Charley White, of Chicago, had been
called off because White lind been stricken
wlti a severe attack of grip.
There Is somo mystery connected with
the sudden canceling of tho bout at this
late hour. Humors that Whlto was sick
In bed with a high fever woro circulated
last night, but theso were denied today
at tho Hotel Apthorp, whoro tho Chicago
fighter has been stopping. It was stated
there nt 8 o'clock that Whlto had gona
out for a walk and would bo ready to
fight tomorrow night. At 10:30 o'clock,
howover, Mntchmakcr Johnson announced
that tho fight had been called off.
High Schools Kept on Qui Vive by
Basketball and TrackWork.
WILMINGTON, Del., Jan. 2B.-Though
tho basketball season Is on, tho "Wilming
ton High School Is getting Its track team
In shapo. Tho boys will bo trained In the
Friends' School gymnasium. Crew, Day,
Ely, MuhlhaUBcn, Chambers, Gabriel,
Shaw, Holland, Loose, Ewlng, Harring
ton, Sproule and Wise have reported for
On account of the day better sultlnit a ma
jority of tho members of the club, tho Nemours
dun Club, Wilmington's organlration of women
marksmen, will hereafter shoot on Thursday
Instead of Wednesday afternoons.
The WIlmlnBton lllKh School Athletic Asso
ciation has elected Karl Bwinjr. president;
Thomas IB, O'Toolo, vice president: Joseph
Harrington, socrctary, and Edward Webb,
Conference Academy basketball toam will
meet tho Newark High School team rrlday.
Friends' School will havo Its hardest contest
of tho season Wednesday, when It Plays
Swarthmoro Prep.
Delaware Boys' Club Wants Qamcs
The management of the Delawaro Boys'
Club Is desirous of arranging games with
first-class In or out-of-town teams, having
halls and offering a fair guarantee, and
would like to hoar from sucli teams as
Corley C. C, Salem Hooso, Camden High
and St. Rita's. Address either H. A.
O'Brien, 518 Ileal Estate Trust CBulldlng.
or I, D. Shuall, 211 South 3d street, Phila
delphia. it narrowed within its own borders.
It may even succeed for a brief spell,
But not for Ions. Tho explosion will
follow soon ooough, and when it does
those who figure a tennis champion
ship of tho XJnlted States is only for
the minority elect will be buried deeper
under tho debris than the mummied
sleepers of Pompeii.
Wo don't believe the Tennis Asso
ciation as a body feels this way about
it. If It does, tho ndmisslon should be
mado at onceJso tho fuse can be prop
erly adjusted for the comlnrr detona
tion. But one foolish squawk is not
yet the voice of the entire body.
Our Own Bosary
"O memories that bless and burn"
O meniaries that sting llkell;
To theb again-1 sadly turn
And rest beneath thy bitter spell;
O memories from ancient tracks
Out where the flag of sorrow waves.
Of kale I plastered on the Macks
To, slip a wallop to the Braves.
O memories almost forgot
O memories that hurt like sin,
Of how I pitched a mashte shot
Within 18 inches of the pin;
O memories that shout "Ahoyl"
O memories that lash and cut,
Of how J gurgled in my joy f
And then stepped up and missed the
If the magnate needs defending or
the ball player Is a down-trodden
wight what about the case of thosa
600,000 men anxious to work for a, bare
living but all out of obs? Who la
taking their case into court and de
manding fair' play?
Sir To settle a bet, who is now
welterweight champion? Gibbons. Mc
Nqoorty or Clabby? k, d. L.
Do' yo mean "to settle a bet" or to
Btart, an argument?
But What Can You Do With Half
a DogP
Blr--r suppose it la all right for a
ball player to be sold to another club.
But under such conditions don't you
think it la only fair that the player
should receive half the purchase price?
v J.H.F.
Why notget out an Injunction
agajnst gojf and havo the traps and
bunkers dissolved as a violation of
the antl-trust law? A dsep fcunksr
la one of the greatest mononellea on
earth. It t Mania to monotioll .two.
thlrdii of an afteraon '
FOR $6600 PURS
a. " " -
Champions Will
National Club
xl- : tri
"v.v.. hi reDruarv
Statement of J. McGuigal
Tho proposed Johnny Kllbane.ttM . Jl
lama bout, whlol, L. e4'?
nro for tho last few weeks b..H,,taY
been settled, according i T,aai
GuteBit, of 'the National V? M
city. Tho fentherwe ght and lhl?
weight champions wl I box "J1. llhH
and Catharine streets clSh VL&'W-
rourtli Wodncsday night In ivvf,7.w "''
24th, If roports bo true. T?
Bixty-flvo hundred dollars-thel.
purse KUarantoed for a alx-rSR?"
in Philadelphia since lflVK to ?i
even W betwenn Tnn,." ." "L sjlt
The fighters' respective masS?
Dunn and Sammy Harris have nita?
t 9 ih? frm. ortorea '$?$!&'
uiuiicr iucuuignn. T lo date h. .
will not be decided deflnUely' unM
n.irlv Hart ttu... .. unu Uli
weigh in at 122 pounds; ringside. W'a ""J
Tho National Club's promoter J
closed a return mntnh i,i,Im?ler u
Kllbane and Eddie Morgan the f?JsT
title-holder, to bo stagld V.JIK
ebrury ujl
flianagor Dunn and Jimmy
managor of Atorgan, signed artwuvl
tho fight directly after BrtUl&fii
encounter. "f,!
Phlladelhla Jack O'nrlen
Jack onrlen null ..A
"guest purse lor
oursn fnr n .!.,..,.. C:. 1. """ W
t- ,,,rtn'm...7. ' .. vi ."iitiimm rot Mirtn,'
in .urn xorrioio xeaay MCUoern rot tltflOnfl
his bout with Battling Nelson and thVi?,!0
rcceved 3000. Th mi,.; - "A lu'i
Th? '."r W pur, "'
nu ed
down In 1010
juii, nv th. I... t,t :' 9
ana Bam
Langford, each wuS'
". . ..u mie 6UBNW.S
,,.K ,d Williams' next fight will be win, juilf
Wallace at Brooklyn, .February 2. Th, i&
aro to welch In at 122. a wfil t Winiffifi
flrif attempt to work his way siioni W
hjgfer boys, with the ultimate Idea h'miSlf
formerly world's heavyweight "tS
ho is now matchmaker at New oft,
plon. who
leans, that $30OO villi
with rrankle Burns. Harris
tllA nPAnnslllflH t?.L..,. .. 4 a
ft'.J'."?. 'F..Mil
1 1 in i-umiainiif
U will And Wd
iiam." .T K..l'urW.,7 "..'. ""1 W-'I
1'nnl.v. Th hn 'm -,ii2u .""."".'.." !
Harris sais hi'," protege "will" &AuJFff
the Kenosha fight ""'" " "" '
Tho Internntlonnl f.nth.fnv.i.ht t.A,ti. . Hi
tneen Johnny Kllbane and Eddie Merrtn ti'M
...- .......,. .... ,, , huh.-,, ln9 Amencta
entry returned a victor, was one of the rst.
tlest and most scientific bouts witnessed la till 1
city for many moons.
Although there was no doubt as to th ClmS!
land champion's superiority. little 'credit cm" I
be taken away from thn nHtnn. it. ma ..' ,
thing that no other boxer displayed In combuli
i:riX'j"'"'.'"i:' .v" "n" ?p
v....,h,ui, uu in, iuus uirougnoui ine rtout ana
make him boi Instead of standing flat-fooul ;
walling for an opportunity lo cross his hiy.' '
With the exception of tho first round, which'
was even, Kllbane had a shade the better of
the boxing In the succeeding sessions. Hl
Crossed his terrific rlcllt.hnn.l nnnrh nn uA..4
gan's Jaw four times during the conteii, but!
none of the blows even rocked the EnrlliS-J
........ W..U1, t.ao ib w.iiiuk UUJter. A CiOff
quarters uiuugn ne tried to lie up his eppo-i
lent lncessantl
v. and
it was in the UT
cnncnes mat
scored most of t!
Not One Dunch landed hv T.PO Vlnr.nt In Hit
bout ilth Cap Wilson traeled more thin four!
incnes. ine Dions were directed ulth betotlful
precision and they had suiilcient stlnr UMsl
them to beat the Now Yorker In two milt.
The biggest surprise, puglllstlcally, toatlm
occurred hero for some time happened In til
opening bout when CJus Lewis, brother of,
Harry, was knocked out In fhe .ennd rating
by Joe Fischer, a little sailor lad. ;
Although Frankle MeManus, of Boston, ni
dropped for the count of nine In tin Bitii
round of his encounter with Jack McClosktr,'
tho former's advantage In the other PMtaii
earned him a victory. McMnnus possesses t lot
of artifice in defenslvo righting.
Wlllard on Derailed Train J
Oordo, N M the Golden State Llrnltoi). dua
at 1 03 p m , will not reach hero until tw
day. Jess Wlllard, who Is matched to meet
Jack Johnson for the heavyweight champioa'l
shlo of the world at Juarez. Mex.. March &?
Is a passenger, and Is accompanied by hl19
manager. 10m jones. ine tram rsq lavt r
h.Aw nnrkwt.nnlf. At thn flmA nt thn flfeldtilt.
It was running at a slow rato of speed Jfl
no one wan injureu. lilEJ
Mi&dleweights Box in Star Boul atj
Olympia Club. 4j
Tlrttt, At MPnv nt Tt-nnklvn. nnd Joe BOfrtll
of this city, reported to Matctimaicer ki.
' ." "V.-,, - .-. ..,". - . .
ahana thin r,in,nlnir tnn th.l- .nrmtnt.r At tUS V
it road and Dalnbridge streets arena tonlfnti ;'M
4119 IugUIIr lUllllM.Bl 'I.
First bout Johnny Mealey, Soutlvw.rk, Ttj;
Liaaio uaMn, boutnwarK. -
Second bout Johnny Nelson, Kensington, tw
Jimmy Coster, Little Italy.
Third hout Eddie XleAndrewe. FlUl 01,
R.hvllHll 1. nv.ri.1v lf.llv. Kleefown
Beml-wlndun Kid Taylor, New Tort, rw
Louisiana, this city, ,
Wlndttn Al AtcPAV. nt Hrooklytl. Tl. J
Dorr el I, of this city.
iest acal
-.hat.... at, Dn.lr,- ItnmmV VI
imett again at Baltimore, at 123 pounds rMJ
side next week.
.Ta.tr Tiniil,an mnnnv. nf Ssm RobidiA1
the local aspirant for I'ted Welsh's Ijon
announced thla morning that
nnr nt, ua. ..,v.
to terms with Jack Hanlon,
between nobble and Willie Hot'S
'Airy, at the Olympia A. A- ' MlBa
reisiivs- w;
match betwc
Mount 'Airy,
day night.
ir.-..l.. .....a f.a, innhMidi will Stt S
MkllUliail Ml, ,,.. ,.!., . ja,
guarantee of iKQ. fll
Aa semlwlnd-up. to ,tha , oWa'i!-,5SMi
Thomas both of Bouthwark, will ,nit.l'" I
return fight. They put up a sensations ""Sit
a week ago. -. 1
young ilcuovern. or fort ""if "t"Y tsiil
Marty Kane, of Kensington, will clufc JJ "J,
winq-up at ina esirmuuiu .' rfTilM Aia
night. In the star number at the P JpJ
f, XT.l.la.n HV. -nhh lt thlS ClT7. '"'iy
encounter Flgh'tlnV Itob aivTla, of -"
..: .r..... . .i...iM. with Jlauny .
Johnston, matchmaker of the Mai! J'JJ, 9
uaroen a. u,, w x.-,.- WtUa,
tween 6am llobldeau and Freddy nul0'
Harry Keck, a PWladelphlan 4 .1
crttlo of a Pittsburgh Journal, is of t"' gg,
inn thn, i,h,nv Wrflv . Rmokey Cty PAnrs
will be th next "Itl'' pound champion t-VB
-world, J$M.
Bowling Marathon Wednesday jj
. An' eight-hour Marathon 1 bowllsr ""A S1
b hel4 on Casino alleys Wednesd.y WBfimW
.t.-tinr t a o'clock and finishing at ntlutfa
Eight two-mMttama will compete. bo
fiiW con,inu"i.. iySSS t;W J
Some ot tne oeat oowim '""; "(uii. tsfl.
tered In this svent. which will Mr SJ;
'oren game" alleys, setond floor Jo "
Sloq will be. charged
Operate tTpon layileld ASflM
field, dnarterback on the J.bna Hw.klM pj
ball team. who neck was "ffWJi'fii
gam? with Lehigh, at South : Bet JlHi
00 ootoosr a, again ; ,l'"!rk", 11 ,
found that his spinal cord was not "
out tnat 11 waa oaoiy vr-
Physical Training fttH
npU"l0dltdua! limiSU
l BMlni. Wrestling, FtjJj
Wslght Btduclog Masssgs."jr:
... WArtrin Baths, Ntl"
iixK ft, B- tot JloolsMi.
OLYMPIA A. A. f."?fdTT,!
MMinnt g so SJL4KI r
Meet .aj;
Arch St.
Ads ?&. V W B"
A&A ' MftSF sggJJMJhMaDMlaaaaaSte I
i ---1L.H- .faaafcBB5SSaaJaaaaSaaaaifai,9j,ft--ll'JjaAarr 1 I iaWnjnffljlHffMMirmff3 TiTIln WL,JjL-, hlffiV Tm'- fValBlalSMittaAPBgJI-..,. kA TOjT lilBf

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