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ffii.es Charge That Admin-
gation Is rro-cngnsn.
feuton Sympathizers beek
ns Embargo.
BSiltNOTON, Jan. 25. - aermnn
i$' ..i n,1nv their flchl for
Jf Jfmlttins the President to place
IS.. nn ha cxnortntlon of arms
"ft, of Secretary Hrynn's declarations
-rSi nation could not ntter Interna
ML? . i.i. .M.Wt. Hibv held tlin.1
ISfn tmbarso would be entirely proper.
W'lti . iw on American neutral-
& .... nhonrhlnir tonic In nrlvato
IwttrB la
3S&tlon n Cowrrcus today. In a
2J. ..... . oanntni. Htnnn thn Honri
Can letter iv "
3ft.kmently denied the charje that
i-,initratlon was cither pro-Eng-
3finll-0crnmn or ontl-Austrlnn.
a. i,orimnn were not entirely
. ..u hi. rrnlnnntlona. but Brit-
rfia .li . iirtl.1 1m lind entabltshed
!Jo-i . jilBlv(ittnn 1fpnno nn th
Effiirty uWcct a clean bill of health
gfice of constant denials from the
Sflce Department, mo ou'j "-
,Sed mat i"err """ ""' -""'" -
Sting belligerents' treatment of
iS States mall aboard neutral es-
Efr But ho Insisted that Germany's cen
ikln id been as strict n England's.
ithtre had been no evidence of actual
Suction of mall nnd that generally all
p tmmaie'y iv.. ..
(Akes sunrnisiNG admission.
g wm quarters, Mr Bryan's admlo
5 that this country's record on con
ittnd matters In the past was not al-
Ert'free of criticism" was regarded as
Ewslnfr although both pro-British and
C-Genwrn contingents admitted the
K-il of hi) statement.
1 09 the point of an arms embargo, Mr
ksa contended that this nation could
E( itt aside International precedents.
i&Oerman lioveriiinem, iiu jiuuiieu uui,
to! jdmltted our right to ship nrms
,,r, nation. Moreover, Mr. Bryan In-
Kcd, Germany herself was supposed to
it to It mat sucn arms am not leacn
ijitnemles. If sho falls, then that la
to mlifortunc, Mr. Bryan Impllos.
'iutrlca's past record In declirlng cop-
contraband when uhe herself was a
iknirerent. Mr. Bryan said, mado this
Kitioo'i position so delicate that sho
Enid not now Insist on better treatment
ijtV product than the Allies are glv-
tl it-
Vr Bryan Incidentally followed the un-
("courso of giving out some real
km. He ehowed, In defenso of his con-
ijut the United States had protested
olnst March of an American vessel for
Swman and Austrian subjects.
That this nation had refused to permit
tola to ship arms through Alaska.
iThit objection was made to British and
(tfinfta vessels ljlng off Amerlcnn ports,
bJ fit these protests were heeded.
; That loans had not been made to be
Sfrenti since tho Administration stated
it position, although. It was admitted,
BtiWihratnt of credits for supplies In
bit country Is sanctioned.
Ilia snjwer to criticisms, Mr. Bryan
ula tho following polntsr
WjUnlted States has to censor wlre
feitcaUBe wireless can directly aid a
liferent. The United States protested
5Sply against British Interference
lift American shipping.
1 ti United States has not yet reached
'at conclusion wai petroleum nna ruDDor
ttjjnroneriy placed In the Allies' con
Waafl lists.
Xj, proof has been obtainable that
iM states concerns nre supplying
SSdunu to the Allies.
,i2j United StateB has made vigorous
SMiits In all cases of Illegal arrest In
Saajort matters.
; ijtrlea's Investigation of prison camps
'Saahown conditions to bo "as good as
jWrt Shows Record Attendance of
Sf uiHdren Last Year.
IJAd classes with greater regularity In
C ' " ever Deroro oecause of
gw r.urses. Through tho Increased
fjjues of the nursing department of the
gw system Inattention among tho pu
POas also apparently decreased
m TflB nn it. . .
kHT" "";" are msciosea in the annual
kw v i "uming service completed
ETj. " E Loulgo Johnson and pro
JpDr. Oliver P. Cornman, associate
-. -.....,. vi owiiuuia.
of tke Better Kind
Adam Library Suite. 3 pieces, solid Mahogany,
frames beautifully hand carved, cane back and
sides. Sofa 5 feet long, Pullman seats, covered
in best grade of silk velour, all the new shades.
One of our many Period specials. Price, 3 pieces,
$1 75. You will find our prices on fine furniture
about AOfo less than those prevailing at most
retail stores even during their "special sales."
See our display of Imported Furniture.
E. S. Eldredgfe
J'ormerl with Johx WanamaUtr
1015-1017 Filbert Street
Conaolfcfafed Furniture Manufacturers, Inc.
W$$k IS? $
mm ' 3w
Genial proprietor of the old
Southwestern Market, who be
lieves In the efficacy of poesy on
his signs.
Dr. E. V. Rupert Alleges Conspiracy
"Tind Discrimination.
TIIENTON, Jan 25.-A petition for tho
rcmovnl of Dr. Vernon D. Hood from
the New Jersey Board of Registration
nnd nxnmlnatlon In Dentistry was filed
today with Governor ricldcr by Dr
Reginald Wyo Rupert, of S10 South Broad
street, a grndunto of the University of
Tennsylv mla Dental School. Dr. Rupert
tells a startling story of the alleged efforts
of Dr. Rood to prevent his practicing as
a dentist in Now Jorsoy. Ho has nli
filed a complaint with tho Prosecutor of
Mercer County, accusing Dr. Rood of con
spiracy to keep him out of the profes
slon Dr. Rood lives In Morrlstown, N. J.
Dr Rupert, who was graduated from
tho University of Pennsjlvnnla In 1913, de
clares that Dr Rood "flunkod" him twice
In order to please an enemy of his. That
lite failure to pass tho examination, was
duo to spite was shown, Dr. RuperPae
clares, In tho result of another examina
tion ho took lntor under an assumed name.
In this test, unsuspected by Dr. Rood, Dr.
Rupert says his papers were certified as
correct. When Dr. Rood learned Dr.
Rupert had passed the examination he
grow nngry and declared Dr. Rupert was
unfit to be a dentist, It Is alleged.
Dr. Rood had chargo of the examina
tions in histology, nnatomy and physi
ology. Twice, after being examined In
these studies, Dr. Rupert's papers were
marked delllclent, ho alleges. In tho other
tests ho passed Then he resolved to try
to outwit Dr. Rood. In June, after mak
ing an arrangement with Miss Wllhel
mlna Do Mercicr, an employe of the Stato
Board, ho appeared for examination, hold
ing the card of a Now York dentist. Dr.
Rood examined his examination papers
and pissed him. Since then Dr Rupert
has been practicing In Trenton. He Bays
that he was forced to work for an auto
mobile tire company because he was un
able to get a dentist's license In New
Name of Injured Fieshman Mysteri
ously Erased at Hospital.
Sophomores responelblo for the Injury
of Roland Israel, a freshman, during a
hazing bee at tho University of Penn
sylvania Friday, will escape punishment,
as thero will be no Investigation.
This "was the statement made today by
Provost Kdgar T. Smith. There Is no
rule against hazing, Provost Smith said,
and Israel's parents were not anxious to
have the sophomores punished.
Israel fell two floors over tho banisters
In, College Hall Frldnv night trying to
escape from a band of sophomores who
had Just tied him with a rope.
An effort was mado to keep the acci
dent a secret. Some one erased Israel's
name from the accident book at tho Unl
versitv Hospital. Investigation today
showed that a scraping had been mado on
the page containing records for Friday
night, with tho result that one entry was
Illegible. On examination It was seen
that "U" and "I" remained ns the Initial
letters of the patient's name. Hospital
authorities professed Ignorance when they
were questioned about the erasure. Miss
Helen Hayes, the acting superintendent.
Insisted she would "not bo cross-examined,"
Dr. William Strode, tho resident
physician, said any erasure on the rec
ords would havo to hnvo been ordered by
the University authorities. Ho suggested
that they might know about It.
Provost Smith was then questioned. "I
don't know anything about the erasure,"
he said. "That Is up to tho hospital. I
didn't give any orders to take Israel's
name off tho honk. It must have been
done nt the hospital."
.MftliW H
Purveyor to Philadelphia's
Epicures Varies Business
Avocation by Courting
the Muse.
Product merchant In the morning nnd
writing poems In the nfternoon Is the
role played by George Washington Too
mcy, known ns tho "live wire" boss pur
veyor to Philadelphia's blue blood epi
cures. Mr. Toomcy Is known to thousands of
families. For years ho has been a pro
duce merchant In tho old Southwestern
Mnrket, at 19th and Market streets.
Recently Mr. Toomey stopped writing
poetry. Ho turned his mind to another
subject. Ho now Inscribes blhlllcnl
phrases on signs which ho places over
crates of peaches nnd other fruit
A crnto of vegetables arriving from
Lancaster County today had tho follow
ing sign:
"Praise the Lord "
Toomey, besides being a philosopher on
matrimony, has ghen various grades of
fiult and vegetables unique names,
loomcy calls strawberries "Juno Brides,"
whllo PonnsUvnnln impnrngus has been
christened as "aignntlc Stnlks "
Mr Toomey is In tho fifties, nnd lives
at 19J1 Chestnut street Ho has never
married Tor remaining single Mr.
Toomey gives tho following explanation:
"To tell tho public the whole truth
nbout me being a bicholor Is simply this
I never took the glorious tlmo to court,
always being fond of out-door sports In
my younger das, much to my sorrow
"If I had the golden opportunity to go
over tho samo course, why I certainly
would take tho paradise routo to matri
mony. I cheerfully ndvise my joung men
friends to hasten this sublime moment
Just ns soon as they arrive at tho ago
of manhood "
"Thcio Is no place In the wide, wide
world like a place you can call your own
sweet home Tho renson why I stay sin
gle nt the present Is because I am living
with n Bister, who is so good and kind
nnd takes the place of mother, but Just
ns soon ns tho Lord calls her away, then
a wife for me. No more single, lonesome
blessedness for mine "
During tho controversy between Doctor
Cook nnd Peary over the discovery of tho
North Pole, Mr Toomey expressed him
self on the subject In poetry. Tho poem
read as follows:
Who's tho llcoerer nf thn Pole?
Is the nuemlon nhlch achates mankind.
rtary's asuertlno plncp Cook In n hole,
But Cook's modemy Implies sunshine.
Children whose mothers patronize Mr.
Toomcy's fruit nnd honey stand know
"Sweet Mnrle" by heart The youngsters,
who take delight In reciting "Sweet Ma
rie," are lovers of honey '
"Sweet Mario" reads llko this:
On the bushes, long and deep.
The busy bees never sleep.
They're on the Job for keeps
To see that their honey goes to "3et Marie '
The Darling of the ne,
Dally klsseil by "Kate Sunshine,"
Grown expressly for the ho's
Oh! you darling 'baby Sweet Marie I"
For years Mr. Toomoy has been in tho
habit of going to tho wharves at midnight
to watch for Incoming boats carrying
products consigned to him. During his
career as poet and produce merchant ho
has filled thousands of orders brought to
him by servants employed In the blue
blood families of Philadelphia. Many of
the servants know Mr. Toomey's poem
by rote.
Director Cooke's Appointee Must Pass
Civil Service Test.
M. B. Do Putron, B841 Norfolk street,
has been named by Director Cooke, of
the Department of Public Works, as
chlof clerk In tho Bureau of Highways,
subject to a provisional appointment ex
amination to be held by tho Civil Ser
vice Commission tomorrow morning
De Putron succeeds Frank D. North
Ime, who becomes Asslstnnt Director of
Public Works, filling the vacancy caused
by nppolntment of WHIInm C Reeder as
District Surveyor In South Philadelphia
The salary received by Northlmo as chlof
clerk of the Highway Bureau Is ?2S00 a
Warrant aggregating approximately $24.
000 for tho relief work of tho Emergency
Aid Committee during tho last three
weeks will be Issued by Director Zlcgler
of the Department of Health and Char
ities within tho next few days.
Director Zlegler said today that all
vouchers were satisfactory to him and
tho warrants agalnBt the $50,000 relief ap
propriation of Council will bo Issued
when the tabulation Is completed.
BnHnm i i IIUII ,BBlr I I i , -ll
HF jj)jliitB H
fMssPMfisMssiMpP' M
.MsttsWBSHlSP &" ft lasa
"We don't use horses any more for delivery purposes," say C. J. Heppe &
Sdn. "Autocars have proved so much quicker and more economical that we
use them exclusively." Heppes have operated Autocars for several years so
they speak from complete knowledge. Any one interested in the economical
improvement and extension of their delivery service will profit by a visit to
the Autocar Sales & Service Company, 23d and Market Sts., Philadelphia,
or the works of the Autocar Company at Ardmore, Pa., where every oppor
tunity is afforded to inspect the quality of material and skilled workmanship
used in producing the Autocar, These cars are used in every line of busi
ness by oyer 2000 concerns.
Northlmo tTnlces H1b Place ns Direc
tor Cooke's Assistant.
William O, Reeder, who has been
transferred from tho assistant director
ship of tho Department of Public Works
to tho position of field engineer In charge
of tho development plans of South Phila
delphia, nasumed his new duties today.
Trnnk Q. Northlme, formerly chief
clerk of tho Highway Bureau, Jins been
appointed Asslstnnt Director of Public
Works, to succeed Reeder.
Director Cooke, of the Department of
Public Works, In announcing the shift
In the olllclnl status of his subordinate,
siild Reeder would represent tho co-ordinated
Interests of the Bureaus of Sur
vos, Highways and Water In the South
Philadelphia development project, which
Involves expenditure of almost $20 000,000
Tho elimination of railroad grade cross
ings In the southern section will cost the
city approximately $6 500 000, with the
rallroadB expending nbout $12,000,000
There Is $2,000,000 now available for tho
cltv's share of tho work, which comes
under supervision of the Bureau of fiur
Ves Tho League Island Park Improvement
contract, for which $500 000 Is avnllahlc,
Is now under way In the Hlishwny Bu
reau, nnd the Water Bureau will soon
begin tho extension of a 43-Inch wnler
supply loop around South Philadelphia,
for which $500,000 Is avallnblo In tho new
Boeder's ofllclat title will be Surveyor
of tho First District. Ho will have of
fices at Broad street and Snjder avenuo
Tho post hns been filled by Charles P
Puff, Jr , In connection with tho Second
District, since tho dlschnrgo of John M.
Nnhre, who was ousted by Director
Cooko nt tho time of the controversy
with tho Vnrcs ovor tho concreto work
nl Loague Island Park
Tho salnry of Reeder will remain $4000
n yenr, unchnnged by his transfer
Northlme wilt rccolvo $1000 Instead of
$2S00 a jcar.
First Tear's Report Shows Largo Ex
penditures, Say Critics.
Renewed criticism of the Municipal
Court's list of employes and Its expendi
tures during the first jcar of operation
followed today tho publication of the
court's first annual report The court ex
pended $223,303 12 nnd collected $175,652 16
In fines and fees, making the not cost
$53,650 06 To offset this, It Is claimed by
Judge Blown that the tribunal saved tho
city about $'i0,000 In Jurors' fees through
Its trlnls without Jury.
Tho report shows that tho court has 157
emplovcis, Including 41 tipstaves, exactly
the samo number as thero nro In tho
whole five courts of commdn pleas.
Tho Municipal Court disposed of 36,397
cases in the year, and out of 35D9 crimi
nal and civil cases tried and decided there
were but 33 appeals to tho higher couits
The greatest amount of work was done
by tho domestic relations and Juvenile di
visions of tho court, 15,300 cases . being
heard In the former, over which Judge
Brown resides, and 14,374 In the Juvenile
division. Judge James E. Gorman Is In
charge of this division A total of $315,
410 04 hns been collected In tho domestic
relations division through orders from tho
division and paid to wives within 24 hours
after the receipt of the money
In his summary Judge Brown declares
tho tlmo mny como when no dlvlrco will
be granted until the parties have sub
mitted to tho efforts of reconciliation by
tho courts.
About $2,000,000 will be spent by tho
court In carrying out its plans for now
buildings, approximately $1,000 000 for the
ground at 21st nnd Race streets and a
similar amount for buildings
Texas and New York Prison Ward
ens Expected to Identify Suspects.
Tho Identification of three pickpockets
by wardens of Stato prisons In New York
nnd Texas Is expected to tako place to
night before Magistrate Carson In Cen
tral station, when John Kelly, Henry
Franks and Charles Green are arraigned.
Wnrdcn Thomas Limner, of the Auburn
prison, who has been summoned, says
Kelly has served terms In Auburn and
Clinton prisons. Tho three men were nr
rested on Jnnuary 17 during a conerstone
laying at 6th street and Erie avenue
It was formerly tho custom to dis
charge suspected pickpockets, but an
nrrangement was reached last (Monday by
District Attorney Rotan, Magistrate Ren
shaw and Detective Captain Cameron, to
hold the suspects until they could be
NEW YORK, Jan 25 Onof re Betbcder,
Vlco Admlrnl of tho Argentine Navy and
President of the Argentine Naval Com
mission which has been In this country
slnco May, 1911, died last night at his
residence hero from heart disease. Dr.
Romulo Naon, tho Argentine Ambassa
dor In Washington, was notified of tho
Admiral's condition nnd renched hero
shortly before his death The body will
probably be sent to Buenos Aires,
Impressive Service at St.
Mary's Episcopal Church,
Burlington Bishop Rhine
lander a Presenter.
The Rev. Paut Clement Matthews was
consecrated Bishop of tho diocese of
Now Jersey In St. Mary's Episcopal
Church, Burlington, N. J., today Promi
nent clergymen and churchmen from all
parts of tho country attended tho cere
monies A largo delegation of Philadelphia
clergymen of the Episcopal Church went
to Burlington Among them were Ulsnop
Philip M. Rhlnel-uidet nnd Bishop Suf
fragan Thomas J. Garland, of tho dloc-ise
of Pennsylvnnlc. Tho former was ono of
Bishop Matthews' presenters
Rain brought disappointment to tho
crowds jvho gnthercd to witness tho pro
cession of 700 members of tho clergy
and laity nt St. Mary's Church Owing
to tho bad weather and slippery ground,
the masters of ceromonles ordered tho
erection of n closed ennopy several hun
dred feet long bctwoen tho Guild Houso
and west door of tho edifice nnd the pro
cession marched under this Inclusure
Bishop Hovd Vincent, of southern Ohio:
Bishop Wllllum Andiew Leonard nnd
Bishop Arthur I.lewollyn Williams, of Ne
braska, were tho conFecrators Bishop
Vincent presided, whllo the master of
ceremonies was tho Rev. Charles Smith
Lewis Tho presenters were Bishop
niilnelindcr nnd Bishop Joseph Marshall
Francis, of Indianapolis Tho consecra
tion sermon was preached by Bishop
John Newton McCormlck. Tho attend
ing presbyters wcro the Rev. Dr. living
P Johnson and tho Rov Dr. F. F.
Bishop Matthows Is well known to
churchmen here, though his nearest East
cm parish was In Cincinnati. He Is rec
ognized ns n high churchman. Ho wna
born In Glen Dale, O , nnd when quite
a young man was graduated from Prlnco
ton University with honors Ho thon en
tered tho General Theological Seminary
of New York. Aftor graduating from
thero ho apont some tlmo traveling
abroid. His father was tho lato Stanloy
Matthews, Assoclato Justice of tho United
Stntes Supreme Court. His sister mnr
rlcd former United States Judge Gray.
Bishop Matthews was ordained n dencon
In 1S90 nnd a priest In 1891. Tor many
j cars ho wis dean of tho Cathedral In
Cincinnati, hut of lite years has been
the head of tho Theological School at
Faribault, Minn.
Two Others Escape After Struggle
in Germantown.
John Curcio, 18 yenrs old, giving his ad
dress as 29th street near Race, captured
In tho net of "blowing" a safe In tho
Seiner paint shop, on Crowson street,
Germantown, was hold In $1500 ball for n
further hearing noxt Sunday. Tho pris
oned, with two other men, wcro surprised
nt work, tho police say, by John New
bauer, Jr., 6721 Crowson street, son of
tho proprietor of tho place, who aroused
his father and summoned the police. Be
fore the bluecoats arrived the alleged
yeggmen overpowered the two Crowsons,
who were only nbto to hold on to Curcio
whllo the other two men escaped.
Young Crowson noticed n light In his
father's plnco early yesterday and de
cided to Investigate. Not suspecting rob
bers, ho walked In upon tho Intruders,
who had broken off the knob of the safo
and drilled two holes In tho door. Tho
yeggmen were so engrossed In their work
they failed to hear Crowson, who called
his father and attneked tho criminals.
During the encounter a bottle of nitro
glycerine rested on tho edge of the safe,
needing only a slight Jar to knock It
over nnd blow up tho building and strug
gling men.
Our Jersey flock of selected birds are held
exclusively for retail trade Never more de
licious find tender than now Squab for In
dividual serving Everything In poultry,
butter nnd eggs Immediate attention to mall
and phone orders We deliver anywhere.
Ilim Kit, FdOS AM) l'OUT.TRY
Stalls SOU-008-010
nibcrt, SSIO-S'UJ Race, 1895
Consecrated Bishop of New Jer-
scy at Burlington today.
Negro Charged Also With Attacking
Mrs. S. XJ. Boncy.
Vlnle Forbes, n Negro, giving his ad
dress as H8 Market street, was arraigned
before Magistrate Harris In tho 32d street
and Woodland avenuo station today and
held without ball for knocking down Mrs
S. n. Bonoy, of tho Montorey Apartments,
4M street and Chester avenue, nnd steal
ing her pocketbook, Tho prisoner, who
was arrested In bed at tho Market street
address, said ho could prove an alibi
Torbes attacked Mrs. Honey In front of
4227 Walnut street at 3 o'clock Saturday
nfternoon The Negro after snatching her
pocketbood threw her head foremost Into
tho street Into her umbrella Mrs Bonoy,
desplto her experience said sho extricated
herself and obtained a good look at her
assailant before ho fled.
Ho was held on thrco charges, larceny,
assault and battery and highway rob
bery. IIo will have a hearing next Satur
day to glvo tho pollco a chance to look
up his record.
Several Hundred Visitors go Aboard
Great Northern.
Several hundred persons Inspected tho
palatial steamship Great Northorn, nt
Washington avenuo wharf, this afternoon,
ns guests of tho Northorn Pacific Steam
ship Company.
Tho vessel, which waa constructed with
her sister ship, tho Northern Pacific, at
tho William Cramp & Sons Ship and En
gine Building Company, is tho bost
cquippod vessel of her typo afloat. Sho
will leavo hero on Wednesday afternoon
at 4 o'clock for San Francisco via tho
Panama Canal, rivo hundred passengers
will ho taken on the voyage
The Most Important
Overcoat 'Event
This Entire Season
Started this Morning at 8 o'clock, and will end
Saturday, January 30, at 6 P. M.!
It Is the Once-a-Year Disposal of our stock of hand
somest Overcoats, that were $50, $45, $40, now $28; other
Overcoats, including all our most beautiful Balmacaans, that
were $35, $30, $28, now $17; and our popular-priced Over
coats that were $20, $18, $15, now $10 and $12!
Here are Overcoats that are the Pick of the finest fabrics
in the World! Overcoatings from England, from Scotland,
from Belgium, from Germany, whose likes will not be seen
again, maybe for many years!
Big, handsome, double-breasted Overcoats; conserva
tive single-breasted Overcoats; Coats with velvet collars or
with cloth collars; Coats with velvet pipings on the front
edges, with luxurious silk lining all the way through, or only
k in yoke and sleeves, etc, etc.!
Altogether, such an Overcoat Event that every man
who sees them should consider it a favor to have been
This Morning there were about 1300 Overcoats
Coats were
$50, $45, $40
289 ?$"28 now $17
743 iSrSwiLi now.. $io & $12
On account of Special Low Prices, none charged, none sent on
approval. Alterations charged for.
Mackinaw Coats, $5, $6, $7, 8, that were $8.50
to $15!
The finest go first! But, every one of them at its
Present Reduced Price is
Perry & Cof 4y.T.
16th and Chestnuts!!;
Fortunate Fifty Will Enjoy
Every Comfort in Trip to
Twin Expositions Cele
brating Canal Opening
Free trips to the Panama-Pacific and
San Diego expositions, with thoprlvllege
of stopping oft to view tho wonder spots)
of tho Intermountaln country are not
offered every day, nnd those who wish to
seo the marvels of tho United States
should lose no time entering in the sub
scription contest of tho Etenwo Ledger
and PtinLlo LErxiBn,
Thero Is no string to the offer made, hy
these newspapers. The CO -winners In th
contest will bo sent absolutely fre of
charge to tho great twin expositions of
tho West, held to celebrato the opening of
the Panama Canal. All expenses will be
paid and ajl arrangements mado by rep
resentatives of the papers.
The winners will not havo to go through
tho tedious waits for accommodations
that other tourists experience. They will
simply be called upon to pack their trav
eling bags on the day the tour starts
and thoy will find everything In readiness
for their comfort during the trip.
Tho work required for this wonderful
trip Is not hard. Any one can do It. All
contestants havo to do Is to secure sub
scriptions to the Evehino LnDain nnd
Public LEnann in accordance with the
terms set forth by tho Contest Editor
in tho advertisement Credits will b
marked up as rapidly as subscriptions ar
turned In.
It Is dangerous to hold subscriptions,
for the eubscrlbar who pays out his
monoy and then falls to get the news
paper naturally has good ground for ob
jection, bo subscriptions should bo sent
as eoon ns they aro received. If nt any
tlmo contestants dolro Information they
may obtain It from the Contest Editor.
If you hnvo not joined this great con
test yet, do so at once. Simply fill out
tho blank In tho advertisement and mall
It to tho Contest editor. Full Instruc
tions will be forwarded to you.
Avoid Baldness
hr uslnjr nur Kxtract of Can th arid m
Union the root-bullin nr deoil, rr
tnwcd ffrontli of hcnllhr Itwtroti
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Sflc, Postpaid to any address on
receipt of price.
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