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' Bill?" Sunday's Sermons
Without Doub
Yesterday Morhin'g
r - elonsa from the Lord' I'rnyer,
t Klnndom Come.'
hy Kingdom Com' mean td have a
pv, in tho greatest business In which
rnce, an be engaged It means to bo Into
)w i rrshlp trlth Ood In the work of sav
in? e world. 'Thy Kingdom Come.' It
1 t 1o clear In the sentence which Itn-
m '. rely follows, 'Thy will be dono on
ft It IK In heaven,
' x tut the thought In concrete form.
T will bo done on earth as It Is In
he. i' rIvw a body to the desire we can
free' len we say, 'Thy KtnKdom Come.'
It iikes plainly evident what we nro
bit a for There le nothlnu hazy thero
Is ning uncertain about It.
ien Clod's will le done on farlh as
It t, i heaven, then this earth will bo like
he" i. and It was to crcnto this happy
co ion that Jeeua meant wo pray and
ro -
en ye pray, say, 'Thy Kingdom
Oerh ' The man who doesn't mean that
wl i ho prays la not praying Ho Is
lhV v exorrlslng hla vocul chords. Only
th nd nothing more.
"t pray Thy Kingdom Come, means
to nt everything to leave the world
thf ilnders the reign of Ood In every
Ilea. It mean to pray for right con
lu i decent living everywhere; to prny
for meaty, uprightness, square dealing;
It t, ans to pray for purity In public and
pri? e life. It means to stand against
Wli dness of every kind, Ho matter how
pre ihlo that wickedness may be, or
hoi eapectablo It might som.
" ly Kingdom Come' does not mean
em n our own heart. In our own home,
In own family, or In our own church;
bui moans 'Thy Kingdom Come" where-
tv tnero Is a soul that does not know
Ck ' It's easy for you to sit In the cush-
lorn pew In church and sing, 'Itescuo the
Ve lng,' and never stretch forth n
ha to do It. It's easy for you to sit In
thi trior or In the drawing room with
yoi cot encased In slippers toasting be-
Id nice warm fire and sing, 'Come. Ve
Dl isolate. Como to the Mercy Heat.'
' '1 can make diamonds out of
Jw: cd, twisted, crooked humanity, that
ne had a chance to be any different;
hut nlty that vns cursed In Us birth;
tht was poisoned from tho milk drunk
at i mother's breast, born of tho blood
of d lrunkard or i thief. Christ died for
the orsl an well as for the best. He
CI or the poor as well ns the rich.
id when you pray 'Thy Kingdom
of t
' that means to want tho kingdom
is world to become the kingdom of
our Lord no matter what It costs, what
eel" lenlal, what hard work, what sacri
fice To pray 'Thy Kingdom Como" means
tha we want tho Bible translated Into
cyi tongue.. It mians to hvo churches
an schoolhouses overywhi.ro. It means
not shirk our share of tho burden of
wc and. expenses.
' us never taught anybody to pray
for iio salvation of men who could bo
m jred by tho number of souare miles
tht they coverred The people of tht
Un d Btates cannot pray 'Thy Kingdom
Co In the land bordered on the norili
by nada and Ilrltlsh Columbia, on the
so by aiexlco and Die Oulf of Mexico,
on ic east by tha Atlantic Ocean and on
thr est by the Pacific Ocean. No. YV
pn ?or nobody unless we pray for every-
' t pray 'Thy Kingdom Come means
io I y that It will keep coming as long
IUI .ere la one unsaved person In tho
wo Thy Kingdom Como is a prayer
th. cannot be mado with both hands
eU d down Into your pockets. Wo can
no jrny right unless wo are willing to
gl light Tho trouble with some of you
Is at you nro too stingy. You spend
the ands on jour own pleasure and then
Co, to church and droo In n penny.
Yo -so homo singing, 'Jesus Paid It AH'
Or, ttlng the singer) Praying Is an ox
pe ve business when It Is done right, as
If, . ould be
""ie man who truly prays 'Thy King
do ,i Come' cannot pass a saloon and not
m himself tho question, 'What can I do
to t t rid of that thing that Is blighting
tn ivea of thousands of younc- men. thnt
is ecklng homes, and that Is dragging
m and women down to hell?' You can
Jioi ray Thy Kingdom Come' and then
h to the polls and vote for tho thing
Js preventing that kingdom from
g. You cannot pray 'Thy Kingdom
' and then go and do tho things that
the devil laugh.
w. for you preachers When a man
'Thy Kingdom Como' he will read
-Jble to find out the way to make It
The preacher who prays 'Thy
lorn Come' will not get all hla read-
rom the new books or from the
lines Ho will not try to please the
tows, and, In pleasing thern, mist
.msses. Ho will not try to tickle the
es of the giraffes and then let the
starve He will put his cookies on
jwer shelf. He will preach in tare
that the commonest laborer can
CO) i
CO- i
M ..
un',!' i stand.
i a sermon will be a reprint of the
31 , and not a reprint of the latest
ik rel with a text tacked on to it,
V i n all pray this way there will not be
a oon, a brothel, a murderer, a pcnltcn
t, r , or a festering spot on earth, when
w ' ray that prayer as Jesus wants us to,
V i an beat our swords Into plow shares
a sink: our battleships when wo pray
t! si prayer as Jusus wants us to,
tying a prayer Is one thing; doing
G q will Is another. IJoth should 1m
it nymous. Angels are angels because
t do Clod's will. When they refuse to
J ods will they become devils,
"- )rti men ere so busy trying to be
e 'is anjrebi that they forget how to be
I i. They are so busy worrying about
m Peter's ledger that tbey forget the
e r ledger They wprry o' much
i ' r the gold streets In heaven that they
j. get to shovel the snow off their own
i walks. When everybody prays Thy
i lorn Come- I'll settle all difficulties
r veto capital and labor,
Vomen come to me and say, 'Mr.
f ,rday, rm afraid you're working too
1 I. I'm worried about you, I'm afraid
Y'$"tt 6mSe down. I say. 'Sister, It
wot rifts me to see you loaf on tho Job.'
'A lot of ehureb member are praying
vsn, You should pray first, 'Ood .be
". ilfttl to me, a sinner,' and then "tUf
iV fdora Come.'
Afternoon and Evening
,ext "Rejoice, O yousg man in thy
"' lb and let thy heart er thee In the
n i o( thf youth, and walk in tbe ways
, chine heart, and tn the sight of thine
, Uui know thou ttett for all theee
i m QuA wttl bring tb Into Judgr
i iuL" JficUate xl. 9,
: t Jlvv4, 34 Is r)Ot iSAcked;
f i wier man towtth that shall
law rp " OaJaUnns . 7.
It HtlMl word, &f piti m you pleas,
iu f ttm want tu, if yo want to;
I Wi'm't ttip you tout He wilt hold you
mwsMh la II. etui Uu )WH m you
, uiitii tn e4 eomm n0 t you
u m.
u s is KyMi U tcnarajM ( what
i ai t at ! H a tot uot m isht
A l M mow tkttf b s
mm MfmiS J tat )wt-
pleasure soon has an end; nnd, second,
thero is a day of Judgment coming And
you'll get what'e coming to you. Ood
gives every man a square deal.
"If A man stood up nnd told me ho wm
going to preach on tho things I ntn this
afternoon, I'd want him to nrmwer me
several questions, and 1 he could do that,
I'd tell him to go ahead.
Tlrst Are you klndlv disposed toward
"Becnnd Are you doing this to help mo7
"Third-Do you know what you'ro talk
ing about7
"Fourth Do you practice what you
"That's fair. Well, for the first. Ood
knows I am kindly disposed toward you
Second, find knows I would do ntiylhlng
In my power to help you be a bitter man
I want to mnko It easier for you to bo
squarel nnd harder for you to go to hell.
Third, I know what I'm talking about,
for I have thr Bible to back me up In
parts, and the statements of eminent
physicians In oilier parts. And fourth,
"Do I practice what I nreach7' I will
defy and challengo any man or woman
on earth, nnd I'll look any man In the
eye nnd challengo him, In the 27 years I
have been a professing Christian to show
anything against me If I don't live what
I preach, gentlemen, I'll leave tho pulpit
and never walk back hero again
"Christianity Is tho capital on which
you build your character. Don't you lot
tho devil fool you. You never become a
man until you become a Christian.
Christianity Is tho capital on which you
do business. It's your character thnt
gete you anything Your reputation is
what people say about you, hut your
character In what Clod nnd your wlfo
ami the angels know about you, nnd know
you to ba. Many have reputations of good
being, but their characters would mnko
a black mark on a piece of coal or tarred
"What nre some people going to do
about the Judgment? Some are Just In llfo
for tho money thry get out of It 'I hoy
will toll ou north Is south If they think
they c.in get a dollar by It They Moat
get-rlch-nuick schemes nnd anything for
money I haven't u word to any about
n man who hns earned IiIh money honist
ly nnd Is using It to provide for his fam
ily and srx ndlng the mirplus for good
YOu know tin ro Is a hunch of mutts that
sit nrounil on stools nnd whittle and spit
and cuss nnd damn nnd say that every
man who has nn honest dollar ought to
divide It with them, while others get out
nnd get busy and work nnd sweat nnd toll
and prepare to leave something for their
wives nnd fa mil Inn when they die, nnd
spend tho rest for good
"Nnked you carne Into this world, nnd
naked you will crawl out of It You
brought nothing Into tho world and you
will tike nothing out, nnd If ou have
put tho pnek screws on tho poor nnil
pllid up a pllo of gold as big ns this
tabernncle you rnn't take It with you It
wouldn t do you nny good, If you could,
betnuse It would melt.
"Home Just live for booze. Some sny
'I need It It keeps me warm In winter '
Another says 'It keeps me cool In sum
mer Well, If It keeps you warm In
winter nnd cool In summer why Is It that
out of those who freeze to death nnd nro
sunstruek tho greater p.irt of Uriti nre
boozo-holsterM? Iery ono takes It for
the alcohol thero Is In It Take that out
and you would as soon drink dishwater
"llv'ry man hnB blood eorpuseles, nnd
their object Is to take tho Impurities out
of your sisteni. I'ersnlrntlnn Is for tho
same thing. Hvery time you work or I
preach tho Impurities como out Hvery
time you swent thero Is a destroying
power going on Inside. The blood gots
through tho heart ovcry 1" seconds O,
wo have a marvelous system. In
some spots there nro tm) pores to the
square inch, nnd a grain of snnd will
cover JO of them. I enn atrip you nnd
cover you with shellac, nnd you'll I,o
dead In 41 hours. Oh, wo are fearfully
and wonderfully made!
"Alcohol knocks the blood corpuscle out
of business, ho that It takes eight to ten
to no what ono ought to do. There's n
man who drinks, llere'a it fellow who
drives n beer wagon. Look how pussy he
la He's full of rotten tissue Ho says
he's healthy. Smell his breath. You
punch your finger In that healthy llesh he
talks about and tho dent will be there n
half nn hour afterward. You look llko
you don't believe It, Try It when you go
to bed tonight. Pneumonia has a Ural
mortgage on a boozc-hlster.
"Take a fellow with good, healthy mus
cles, and you punch them and they bound
out like a rubber band. The first thing
about a crushed strawberry stomnch la
a crushed strawberry nose Nature lets
the public on tho outside, know what Is
going on Inside. If I could Just tnke the
stomach of a moderate drinker and turn
It wrong side out for you It would he all
the temperance lecture you would need
You know what alcohol does to tho white
of an egg. It will took It In n few min
utes. Well, alcohol does the same thing
to the nervea as to the white of an egg.
That'll why somo men can't walk. They
stagger because their nerves are partly
"That's what booze Is doing for you
Isn't It tlmo'you went red hot after tho
enemy? I'm trying to help you. I'm try
ing to put a carpet on your floor, pull
the pillows out of the window, give you
and your children and wife good clothes
I'm trying to get you to save your money
Instead of buying a machine for tho sa
loonkeeper while you have to hot-foot it.
"Ily the mace of Cod I have strength
enough to pass the open saloon, but some
of you can't, so I oho It to you to help
"The open saloon Is tho hotbed of an
arUiy. It Is the Incubator of poverty and
crime and vice. It Is the spawning place
of degeneracy. When we get the preach
ers to do this and quit talking about new
Jerusalem, get the Presbyterian to preach
about this Instead of preferment, when
a lot of them haven't anything to prefer,
and the Itaptlats quit yelllngi 'Water,
water, wnttr, water!' and two-thirds of
their bunch going where you can't get a,
drop, we'll dean up this saloon-filled,
brewory-controlled community for Christ.
I'm going to skin 'em.
"You say you can't prohibit men from
drinking, Why, if Jesus Christ was hero
today ome of jou would keep on In sin
Just the same. Hut the law can be en
forced against whisky Just the same as it
can be enforced against anything else, If
you have honest officials to eiiforea It
Of course It doean't prohibit Thero Isn't
a law on the books of the State that pro
hibits. We have law against murder.
Do they prohibit? We have laws against
burglary. l,io they prohibit? W have
laws against arson, rape, but they do not
prthlblt. Would you Introduce a bill to
rpal all laws that do not prohibit?
Arty law will prohibit to a certain extent
If honest oltld! enforce it. Iiut no law
will absolutely prohibit. We can make
a. law against liquor prohibit as much
iuiy aw prohibit,
"Or would you Introduse a bill saying
If veil pay UGOO a yer yen ami kill
any one you don't like; or by paying W0
a year you can attack any girl you want
te, or by pay las U it rmkt yw an Ui
anything that suite you? that' what
you do with the dirtiest, rotten g&ng
tkttt side of UeU, You ay for so much
u. year you mb have $, tleense to make
tf;ering, rwllng, drunken t. nwr
derer od thieve and vrabu4 You
i gay, "Blii,' yeurwi te mm a tb
fWy I ai-t gr4. Hot on yw
fwwy-te year , I waUud 4m
stMat Ui CWeta; in OM)iUy with ow
pj pt$ WJ0 Wf$ ifOfff Jit t&i
world, Dome of them are dead now, and
wo went Into n saloon. It was Sunday
afternoon and we got tanked up and
then went nnd ant down on a corner. S
never go by that street Without thanking
Ood for saving me. It was a vacant lot
at thnt time We s.tt down on n curb
ing, Across tho street a company of
men nnd women were playing On Instru
ment horns, flutes and slide trombones
and the others were singing the gospel
hymns that I used to hear my mother
sing back In tho log cabin In lowh, nnd
hack In tho old church where I used to
go to Sunday school.
"And Clod pnlnted on tho canvas of my
recollection nnd memory a vivid picture
of the scenes of other das nnd othor
"Mnny havo long since turned to dust
I snblif.il nnd sobbed nnd a young man
stepped out and sAld'
" 'Ho nro going down to the Pnclflo
Garden mission, won't you come down to
the mission? t am euro you will enjoy It
You can henr drunkards tell how they
havo been saved nnd girls tell how they
hnvo beon saved from tho red light dis
trict '
"1 arose and said to the boys;
" 'I'm through. I am going to Jesus
Christ. Wo'vo come to tho parting of tho
wnys,' and I turned my bnck on them.
Sumo of them laughed and somo of them
mocked mo; ono of them govo me en
couragement, others nover said a word
"Twenty-eight years Ago I turned and
left that llttlo group on the corner of
State and Madison streets and walked to
tho llttlo mission nnd foil on my knees
nnd staggered out of sin and Into the
arms of the Saviour.
"I ment over to tho West Side of Chi
cago, wtyero I wns keeping company with
a Kir), now my wife, Nell. I mnrrled
Nell She was a Prcsbytcrlnn, so am I
it Presbyterian If she had been a Catho
lic I would havo been ft Catholic because
I was hot on the trail of Nll
"Tho noxt day I had to go out to tho
ball pnrk nnd practice. Every morning
nt 10 o'clock wo had to bo out there and
prnetlce I never slept that night. I was
afraid of tho horso-Iaugh that gang woulij
glvo me becauso I had taken rny stand
for Jesus Chrlnt
"I walked down to tho old hall ground.
I will nevi r forget it. I slipped my key
Into the wicket gate and tho first man
to meet me after I got inside was Mike
' I'p came Mike Kelly, ho said 'Hill,
I m proud of you. Itcllglon Is not rny
long suit, but I'll help you nil I enn. Up
came Anson, tho best bnll player th.it
ever played tho game, Pfeffer, ClnrkMon,
flint. Jimmy McCormlck, Hums, Will
iamson and Dalrymple There wasn t a
fellow In tho gang who knocked, every
fellow had u wold of encouragement for
"That afternoon wo played the old De
troit elub Wo wero neck and neck for
tho championship That dub hnd Thomp
son, Hlehnrdson Howe, Uunlnp, Ilunlon
and limine tt, nnd they could play ball.
"I was playing right field Mike Kelly
vins fntching and John O Clnrkson wns
pitching. Ho wus as flno a pitcher as
ever crawltd Into a uniform There are
some pitchers today, O Toole, Ilender,
Wood, Mnthewson, Johnson, Mnrqnard,
but I do not bellcvo nny one of them
stood In tho chiBi with Clnrkson.
"Cigarettes put him on the bum. When
he'd take a bath tho water would be
stained with nicotine.
"We hnd two men out and they had a
man on second and one on third and Uen
nett, their, old catcher, was at bat.
Chnrloy hnd three strikes and two bulls
on him Charley couldn't hit n high ball.
I don't mean a Seotcli highball, but ho
ruuk kill them when they went about his
"I hollered to Clnrkson and said;
" 'Ono more and wo got 'em '
"You know every pitcher puts a hole In
the ground where he puts Ills foot when
bo Is pitching. John stuck his foot In the
lK(lo and he went clean to the ground.
Oh, ho could make 'cm dance Ho could
throw overhnnded and tho ball would go
down and up like that He Is the only
man on earth I have seen do that That
bull would go by bo fast that tho batter
could feel the thermometer drop 2 degroea
ns alio whtezed by. John went clenn
down, and as ho wont to throw tho ball
his right foot ellppeii nnd the ball went
low Inslend of high.
"I s.tw Charley swing hard and heard
tho b.it hit tho bail with a torrlflo boom
Iiennctt hud smashed tho ball on tho nose.
I saw tha bull rise In tho nlr and knew
that It won going clear over my head
"I could Judge within 10 feet of where
the ball would light I turned my back
to the ball and ran.
"Tho field wus crowded with people and
I yelled, 'Stand back!' nnd that crowd
opened llko the lied Sea opened for the
rod of Mokes. I ran on, anil ns I ran I
made a prayer; It wasn't theological,
either, I tell you that, I said. 'Ood, If
you ever helped mortal man, help me to
get that bull, and You haven't very
much time to make up Your mind, either."
i ran arm jumped over the bench and
noouocement in the
the Aeto
For ill Nw Season
OW comes the only high grade six cylinder motor car for less than $1300. The Chandler! This identical car'
last summer broke sales records at $1595 and set the standards of the light six market. This same car, lacking
some ot its present reiinements and witn body design not nearly so beautiful, was a sensation two years ago
It was the pioneer light six. It opened up the whole light six market. Men experienced in the industry said then,
two years ago, that such a car couldn t live at $1785.
And yet here it is today, the class and standard-maker of the market, with the price for this season fixed at $1295.
How can Chandler do it when similar cars still sell from two to five hundred dollars higher?
The Chandler Company has made money from the day that first of the light sixes took the road.
The Chandler has pointed the way every step of the way. And now, with maximum production, with an overhead
expense so small that it astounds other manufacturers, with no old loads to carry and no old scores to wipe out, and
with our working capital of real money, we have set this record-breaking price.
The Chandler for the new season is identically and positively the same model the whole country admired so much at
$1595. We will continue it throughout the season at the new price. And there is no other car that, by the utmost
stretch of argument, can be considered as competing with it.
At this new price, the pioneer Chandler retains absolutely every
feature of construction and quality that has made it the leader
of all light sizes. You will find all these features on the
Chandler, and jnot on any other six selling for less than $2000.
Bosch magneto.
Gray & Davis electric starting motor.
Gray & Davis electric generator.
Enclosed silent chains for driving motor shafts.
Bosch spark plugs.
Mayo Genuine Mercedes type radiator.
Cast aluminum motor base extending solidly from frame to frame,
giving rigidity to engine mounting; providing pedestals cast
integral for magneto, pump and generator; and obviating
necessity for dirty, rattly sheet metal drip pan.
Rayflcld carburetor.
Worm-bevel rear axle.
Imported annular ball-bearings throughout.
Oiling system completely contained within the motor; no outtidsi
Genuine hand-buffed leather (not machine buffed, split Of?
imitation), h
Luxurious streamline body, with clean running boards. '
Goldo patent one-man top, with Jiffy curtains.
Large gasolene tank carried in rear.
Firestone demountable rims.
Motor-driven horn, speedometer and all the usual incidentals
"I thought I was close enough to catch
It. I looked back and I saw It going
over my head and I Jumped and shoved
out my left hand and the ball hit It and
stuck. At the rate I was going the mo
mentum carried me on and I fell under
tho feet of a team of horses. I Jumped
up with tho ball In my hand. Up came
Tom Johnson. 'Join used to be Mayor of
Cleveland, ifu'e dead now.
" 'Hero is !0, 'Hill.' Iluy yourself the
host hat In Chicago. That catch won me
11500. Tomorrow go and buy yourself
the best suit of clothes you can And In
"An old Methodist minister said to ma a
few years ago: 'Why, William, you
didn't lake the 110, did you?' I said,
You bet your life I did
"IJstei. Mike Kelly was sold to Bos
ton for JIO.OOO. Mike got half of the pur
than price. He camo up to me and
showed me a check for WOO, John I
Hulllvan, the champion fighter, went
around with a subscription paper and tht
boys raised over J 12,00 to buy Mike a
" They gave Mike a deed to the house
and they had U60 left and gave him n
certificate of deposit for that
"ills salary for playing with Uoston
was 11700 a year. At the end of that
season Mike had spent the fSOOO pur
chase price and the H70O he received as
salary and the $1509 they gave him and
had a mortgage on the house. And when
died In Pennsylvania they went around
with a subscription to get money enough
to put iiiro in the ground, and each club,
13 In all, In the two leagues, gave n
month a year to liU widow. Mike sat
there on tha corner with m 38 year
ago, whon I said. 'Clood.by, boys, I'm
going to jean t'nrist '
"frank Flint, our old eateher, who
caught for U year, drew MC0 a. year on
an average He caught before they had
cheat protestors, masks and gloves. He
caught bare-banded Hvery bone In the
ball of hie hajid was broken. You pevef
saw uh a band as frank had. Mvery
boae In his face was brokafi, and hi nose
and cheek Union, and the shoulder and
rib bad bn broken II got to
drinking. pi horn was broken up and he
went to the dogs.
"I've seen oUi Frank Flint slseplnjr on
a table in a stale beer Joint and I've
tiiriMH ruy iickis inlde out and d,
You're weletine to It, old psL' lie draik
ob and a and oaa day In wlntfr lie ta
tm$ out l m U1 Mr Joint and nU$&
m a t&tWft & wu 1J with a flt of
eewfMDg Vtui Mee4 BttwtmA Mil of M
CMlitA& 9 i"M Stria
And the Marvelous Chandler Motor Built in Our Own Factory
Weighs 2985 lbs. completely equipped. Average 10 miles or more per gallon of gasoline. 700 miles per
gallon of oil, 7000 mile per set of tires. Speed 3 to GB miles per hour on high gear. Climbs every famous
"demonstrating hill" In America an high sear. Five- and seven-passenger touring; bodies.
See the Chandler at Our Salesroom Noivl
We anticipate some skepticism, but the Chandler routed skepticism last year and the year before that, and it will rout J
any SKepucism tnere may ue mis year, we expect every man wno tmn,KS ot paying more than a thousana aonarB
an automobile to look the Chandler over carefully, The car itself wflj Tmake any argument on our part unnecessary, j
It won't cost you a cent to convince yourself that not a thing has been cut out of the Chandler, npt a thing in It cheap
eneci, not a aetau 01 us worKmansnip sugiuea.
N. E. Corner Broad and Race Sts., Philadelphia
WilKe8Barre, Pa, Allentown, Pa,
Chandler Motor Car Co,, Manufacturer, Imdmi? U S. A,

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