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if r-;, ".-l-"
r L,r .ncnnement was nnnouncel yesterday of
Riles nna shflrP,esB TayIor nnd Frnnk
L(j Tnyior, lio Is " daughter of Dr. E.
Sallow Taylor, of Indian Queen lane, mtitto
Fmbef of dennarttown's most exclusive set.
Wallace, a scientific engineer", now of rltts
f nj Mass , Is the nephew of Mrs. Herbert Cas
: .' . iiltlmnre. Ho Is a irraduato of Cornell
1 &W,ty and a member of the Philadelphia
gantry UUO arm v.u.vi.
L n,.iniil Keen Ashton, the Mlscs Ashton
l&fjW Emma Ashton Dorr, of 234 South 23d
EJtt Will navo ukh ii "'""'
titsday. after 4 ociocit.
E.i intm klntr Van Itonsselacr. who is now
hns In NoW Torlt' Bavo a unlclle narty on
ffiorday evening in nonor oi irs. ivninryno
KB Itenssolaer Wyethe, her niece. Another
Sejt of honor was Uurton Donnoll Ihmlics, of
i city. Instead of dancing and tho usual
SUrWlnlnc. Mrs. Van Rensselaer had tho Seer
Jdama to speait to ner guests.
it- . nL.jnMA niinlittinti rMnli wilt nivt n r".
KTIIS I"1 "" - c--- --
Pj-iion on Friday afternoon rit tho clubhouse,
fyj DUrlchsteln and Miss Laura Hopo Crewca.
tte board of governors of tho club will re-
&. ...- ..to.. A,intin. ilinan nn thn linflfd
(19 ine huww' -....v.-m - - - -
ir Mrs. James Large, Mrs. Samuel Chew, Mrs.
Mortimer Brown, Mrs. Mnhlon Kline, Mrs. Ed
"..j Tiiwpher Flnck. Miss Frances Grlscom
Bij Mrs. Clarence Clark Zantzlnger.
f.r- tii n. Fltler. of 135 South ISth street.
JM leave today for Virginia Hot Springs. Mrs.
flltler was Miss Viola 'Watklns before her
gjrrlaga several yenra ago.
-n ir TTn1tlnfiViMfi. nnrnmn.inleil hv hor
IKNrs. "' -"" ' "
'K,Ujhter, Miss Janet Holllngshead, will leave
Waclnesday for California by way of tho canal.
WT2- TTnlllnnolinnfl on t i-f I n e.,1 nt rltnnnr
IJilSI jaL iiutimboiuu x...w ... -.
te'siturday night, followed by dancing nt tho
Riverton Country Club.
Mrs William Wiltshire will leave this week
fcr Cincinnati, where she will visit her parents,
'if. and Mrs. Weatherhead, for several weeks.
Mrs. IjOUIS LQ xioy liepuurn uruvtu in una
Br, and Mrs, Lewis II. Adlor, at tho Belgravla.
mmhooK-Mr. and Mrs. William H. Fol-
Wir, 2d, and Miss Dorothy Folwolr, GtlG Over-
BrooK avenue, win icavo ouuuy, jnuuaij' o,
for Lake Placid.
sdf. ana Airs. jeorKe wuwiti xuiimnu u .uioo
I Ttllldge, of 843 North C3d street, have issued
cirdj for a tea from 4 until 6:30 o'clock on Feb-
Taary n.
jiKBErtTIl Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Lalra en
tertained a children's party on Saturday In
loner tf their son Donald's birthday. Those
present were Miss Betty Hepler, Miss Janet
Sllepler, Miss Marie Montague, Miss Constance
Montague, Miss Helen B. Stokes, Miss Helen
5ler, Miss Virginia Harris, Miss Helen GU-
Wm JILss Constance Diamond, Miss Annette
Eellly, Charles tnain, w. ii vjooncy, noDerc
JBoUer, M. C McManus, Warren It. Italnear
ut jeremian uasey.
OffnfD Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Cobourn, of Ma-
flfand Highland avenues, were given a de-
mttful surprlso party Saturday night In tho
Kr of a dinner-dance. The occasion was the
tfoartteath weddlns nnnlversary of Mr. and Mro.
ootourn and also their joint birthday annlver-
The table was decorated with white sweet
Ms and ferns Those present were Mr. and
Jftj. Robert Stewart, Tr., Dr. nnd Mrs. Frank
Jitter, Dr. nnd Mrs. John A, Colgan, Mr. and
Jfra. George Clarke Gibson, Lulgl Rlenzi and
U Kill Schulpe.
Jhe Associate Members of the Cynwyd Club
jtil meet tomorrow at the clubhouso for their
Waal Tuesday bowling match.
IAYNE Mr, and Mrs. George F. Justice are
Uc$lTlns congratulations on tho birth of a son.
Rlr, and Mrs. Parke Shock have closed their
Jgsldence on Midland nvenuo nnd taken apart-
pMra, Arthur Beres, of New York city, was
g truest of Mrs. E. J. AVendell during the
Mrs, Reed A. Morgan, of Sunset and German-
tawn avenues, has been chosen chairman of the
Red Cross division of the Emergency Aid Com
$tee to succeed Miss Henrietta Ely, who re
Jtoed on account of Illness in the family.
JlT. Md Mrs. Frederick Rlmnnln. nt TUnn 1VII.
b drove avenue, spent the week-end In At-
Laac City,
4V ftnd Mrs. JTnhn TT Panlrntsl M nt Ww
j Stenton avenues, will entertain at dinner
y 8aturday evening,' January SO.
U?'. and Mrs. John Law riniinm nt w..
Ei avenue, are being congratulated upon
vM-vn oi a on.
l unusual number of charity affairs havo
lev iUTan"a ln Germantown, among: them a,
Man. Which too. !. o. j... .... it. .
aobUe Club, the proceeds to be used for
l BabUx TTn.r.U.1 v,r --.j
Wfti 77 wh0 t00k tab,es wero' Mrs. Arthur
g"-oum, Mrs. A. Brockway, Mrs. G, "W.
g'9rd. Mrs. J, b, Carnett, Mrs. William
g-M treeman, Mrs. Herbert C. Fisher, Mrs.
K. Roi Harper, Mrs. George F. Hodskln, Mrs,
& B4 Hoard, Mrs. John Humphreys, Mrs.
ffi H"y,lrJ Mr. -VIUIam H. Klngsley,
t 4'urwice uicknlan, Mrs. William H. JJn
?. Mrs. .Samuel 1?. Laird, Mrs. Albert S.
el, Mrs. Rtnni.. ir..i ,.. ... ,
i. -..., i "irs, iiuutri x.
K"Uni. Mrs. George ?L Pain, Mrs. Harry
.man, sirs. WlUlam T. Steel, Mrs, G.
omitn, Mrs. John 8. Sinclair, Mrs. AJ
W. TUUnghaat. Mlaa Hlsln Tiliin.i,..i n.r.
1? WoUtenhQlme, Mre. LeBarra'wiU
Mrs. William Wundm- Ar rt.o.i.. tr
Wjnan. Mrs. Charles 1L Skinner, Mrs, James
MUs Catharine Cooper Cassard, of 338 Pelham
Md. win ..- i x.. . ...
fi8HB . Hotehkls,. of Nw York, and MUa
!- rnaris, of New Orleans, a cousin of
vanwro. Mr and Mrs. Harry Lippincott
'M entertained tnformaUy yesterday for
sj """ cam l as Qatharlna
m jP ffejlna, ButtervHjrtli m ,.mH..,i
h Jjf T T i 11 I
kitchen shower on Saturday night at her home,
143 I'elhnm road, In honor of Miss Beatrice
Mood, whose mnrrlngo to Harry Buttenvorth
will take placo Wednesday
Mr. nnd Mrs. Charles Fisher King, of Wil
mington, will be tho guests of Mr. and Mrs.
Thomas S. Waters, Jr., of Washington lane,
Jcnklntown, for over tho Paint and Powder
Show on Thursday night.
Mrs. Truman Campbell, nlso of Wilmington,
will arrive on Wednesday and will be tho guest
of Miss Margaret Waters for several days.
Mr. and Mrs. G. Henry Stetson, of Juniper
avenue, Melrose Park, will leavo on February
1 for tho South, where they will remain for
about n month.
Mrs. H. Clay Dlngec, Jr., of , Washington
lane, Jcnklntown, left yesterday for Northum
berland, near Sunbury, Pa., where sho will visit
her father, Edward C. Lyon, for sovernl days.
Miss Gertrude Gilbert, daughter of Mrs.
George F. Lasher, of Itydnl, loft last week for
Atlantic City, where sho will romnln Indefi
Miss Ruth Hnwcs, of 5123 Lnrchwood avenue,
entertained the members of hor bridge club on
S.lturdny night. Those present were Miss Isn
bel Hubcr, Miss Mary Hudson, Miss Beatrice
Vnrney, Mls- Marie E. Smith, Miss Florence
Hudson, Miss Anno McKnlght, Miss Dorothy
Curbing, Miss Louise Lewis Myers, Mrs. Wil
liam P. Qulg, Mrs J. Edward Smith. Jr , Mrs.
Samuel Tnt6r, Harry Mitchell, J. Jones Hud
son, Jr.. Edward Ferr, Jr., James Wendell Phil
lips. ,4nmc5 WtlHrd, Jr., Hnrp.il Barnes, Tred
cilck Mofnt, Do E. L. Filklns, Clarence A. Hut
ton, William P. Qulg, J, Edwards Smith, Jr.,
nnd Samuel Tator.
Mr. and Mrs. William Deerlng, of 4022 Spruco
street, had ns their guests over tho week-end
Mr. and Mrs. Frank D. Creamer, of New York.
Mr. and Mrs. Karl P. Huf aro occupying
their new homo at E9th street nnd Baltimore
avenue Mrs. Huf was Miss Georgia Myra
Varney, of Wheeling, W. Va. Her marriage
to Mr. Huf, of 3021 Germantown avenue, n
well-known Illustrator, took placo on New
Year's eve. Both wore students at tho Acad
emy of tho Fine Arts a few yeais ago.
Mrs. George R. Jenkins, of 1422 Euclid avenue,
has Just returned from Atlantic City, where she
has been recuperating from a slight illness.
Miss Llda Lengert, of 110S Diamond street, has
as her house guest Miss Mary Hughes, of Cape
May City, N. J., for whom tho hostess gavo a
very attractive card party on Friday,
The January meeting of tho Roxborough Cur
rent Events Club was held at tho homo of Mrs.
Charles Frederick Miller.
Tho Interesting literary program was inter
spersed with music. Tho guests Included Miss
Elsie Davis, Miss Jessie Rawley, Miss Jessie
Morris, Miss Ethel Lush, Miss Iva Hampshire,
Miss Hettle Sheldrake and Mrs. William E.
Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Rudolph, of River road,
are entertaining their daughter, Mrs Plerrn
Smith, and her young son, of West Plttston, Pa.
ENTERTAINMENTS for the debutantes aro
becoming few and far between. There aro
only two listed for today. The most Import
ant, ono will bo a dance and supper given for
Miss Mary Stuart Wurts by hor paronts, Mr.
and Mrs. Chnrles Stewart Wurts, ln their home,
920 Pino street The guests will not be limited
to the debutante set, but will include a num
ber of friends of Mr. and Mrs. Wurts. There
will bo 150 guests present.
Miss Sara Beecher Flnck, daughter of Dr, and
Mrs, Edward Beecher Finck, will be tho guest
of honor at a danco to be given by Miss Rosalie
McMlchen, of Rosemary, Overbrook.
Mr. and Mrs. Edward F. Berllnger, of 3213
North 17th street, are receiving congratulations
on the birth of a daughter, Helen Burkardt
Berllnger, on January 23, 1915.
Mr. and Mrs. Irvln Stum Bchleslnger and
Mrs. Julia Rosenbaum, of New London, Conn.,
will receive after February 1 at their new
home, 3345 North 17th street. "'
Ralph Bingham, the well-known entertainer,
who has been visiting his mother, Mrs. Jennie
Bingham, of 3411 North 19th street, gave a re
ception last week for a number of friends,'
A delightful little musicals was given Satur
day evening by Miss Esther BInker, of 1661
Conklln street. Miss Anna Richmond and George
Jemllng, who are both from Ithaca, were tho
guests of honor, Mr, and Mrs, George Klrk
patrlck, Mrs. Charles Castar, B, Harrison
Knowles, Miss Edna J, Reynolds and Mr. and
Mrs. Reynolds were among the guests present.
Miss Alma Brown, Miss Eliza Brown and
Miss Sarah Brown, of S012 Frankford avenue,
aro at present vlslUng their aunt, Mrs, A, B.
Mansur, of Indianapolis, and will not return
for several weeks.
Tho marriage has been announced of Miss
Teresa M. Burke, daughter of Peter Burke, of
1438 South Broad street to Thomas E. Bruder,
of 140 North 60th street, last Wednesday morn
ins at 9 o'clock in St. Rita's Church, Broad and
Ellsworth streets, tho Rev. M. A. Sullivan, O.
S, A., officiating, Tho bride was attended by
her sister. Mrs. Jabn Stack, as matron of
honor, and Herbert Bruder, brother of tlje
bridegroom, waa best man The coupU are at
present traveling in the Southern States, and
will b at home after March 1 at 1433 South
Broad street.
1 -M m I I I I I'l ;, i i i i i ii ii,, - - i
PIP .irinn iiBWWKwumwuiuJ UJUiAU-utl!.Ji-i-iXJJJL"IJI ' ' "' sfc Hi i 'JJjj'U'i J I stimuli, jLJm,mmgaaMiiLHjLi,ii,a,4)iJ-JMUiuiMi'"ynr-
SIRS. CIIARLHS A. LUTZ '''""" hr M"'
Mrs. Lutz, who is the wifo of Lieutenant Lulz, U. S. M. C , riunrlniiiril last week nt her home, 2327
South 21st street, in honor of her sister, Mrs. 1'r.uicis Howe, il Chicago.
German-American Dall and a Concert Will Be
In the Program of Charitable Affairs Today
A concert will be given today ln Mrs. Wulter
Lipplncott's ballroom, ntt120 South 21st street,
for the benefit of thoso mado destitute by tho
war in France. Mile. Cccllo do P. Hlsuour,
Offlcler d'Academlo Francalso, hns arranged tho
concert, nnd tho program ls in charge of well
known artists, both amateur and professional.
A number of prominent women have inter
ested themselves In tho affair, and tho pitron
esses Include Miss Mabel Brico, Mrs. Strieker
Coles, Miss Helen Cndwaladcr, Mrs. Georgo
riltz-Chandler, Mrs. Stanley a. Flagg, Jr., Mrs.
C. C. Hnrrlson, Jr., Mrs. Arturo Heorcn, Mrs.
Robert M. Hogue. Mrs. Robert J. Hughes, Mrs.
Walter Lippincott, Mrs. Ernest LaPlace, Mrs
C. Clark Moore. Jr., Mrs. Joseph B. McCall,
Mrs Charles Mortlmore, Mrs. Beverly Robin
son Potter, Miss Fanny Rosengarten, Mrs. Jo
seph II, Rellly, Mrs. Edward A. Schmidt, Miss
Elizabeth Slnnlckson, Miss Mary Slnnott, Mrs.
Henry Gordon Thunder and Mrs. W. Reynolds
Arrangements havo been completed for the
twenty-eight annual German-American Charity
Ball, which will be hold tonight In the Acidemy
of Music. Tho proceeds will bo devoted to tho
Citizens' Permanent Relief Committee, to aid
tho destitute unemployed of the city. Tho boxes
have all been sold nnd the affair promises to
be a great success. Tho board of managers
includes Rudolph Blankenburg, president; Sam
uel S. Fels, Alba B. Johnson, Hugh McCaffrey,
George D. Porter, Edward T. Stotesbury, Char
lemagne Tower, vice presidents; Dr. James M.
Anders, Albert Baltz. Harry R. Baltz, Dr. II.
W. Banks, W. Bruce Barrow, Maurlco W.
Beckhnrdt, John Cromwell Bell, Abraham SI.
Beltler, Henry A. Berwlnd, Alexander Diddle,
A. J. Drexel Diddle, General AVendel P. Bow
man, T. Albert Caldwell, Harrison K. Caner,
Samuel Castner, Jr., Georgo Mason Chichester,
Travis Cochran, Thomas Do Witt Cuyler, Henry
M. Dechert, Dr. F. J. Dover, Frank Dlsston,
Louis H. Elsenlohr, George W. Elklns, Adel
bert K. Fischer, Caleb F. Fox, Edgar Fries,
Adam Gelbel, Jacob Glmbcl, Lincoln Godfrey,
Emit Guenther, C. C. Harrison, Wnlter Horst
mann, Werner Itschner, II. D. Justl, Georgo W.
Kendrlck, Jr., C. H. Krumbhanr, Jr., Dr. Louis
J. Lautenbach, Prof. Marlon Learned, Herman
Loeb, Joseph B. McCall, James P. McNlchol,
John F. Maher, Martin Maloney, L. Webster
Maltland, Richard Wain Melrs, Clarence B.
Moore, J. Hampton Moore, Dr. Joseph A.
Moore, Joseph Morwltz, Captain John S.
Muckle, Dr. Joseph S. Neff, Arthur E. New
bold, George C. Newman, S. Davis Page, Frank
Thorno Patterson, S. W. Pennypacker, Boles
Penrose, J, W. Pepper, Charles riatt, Jr., Colo
nel Sheldon Potter, Harry A. Poth, Earl B,
Putnam, A. Raymond Raff, Lewis A. Riley,
Frank M. Rlter, W. II. nookstool, Joseph G.
Rosengarten, Harry P. Sauers, Edward W
Schmidt, Henry P. Schneider, Walter M. Sharp
less, William A. Sinn. Charles P. Slnnlckson,
W. Frederick Snyder, John Stafford, Edwin S.
Stuart, L. B. Stong, Jesse A. Tllge, William S.
Vare, Emlle R. Walllser, Edward A. Walz,
Charles Newbold Welsh. Dr. James C. Wilson,
Robert J. Wlnsmore, Otto C. Wolf, Otto Wolff,
George R. Yarrow.
The Women's Permanent Emergency Asso
ciation of Germantown and tho ladles of the
Site and Rello Society have sent boxes No. 8
and No, 9 to the McAU Mission In France. The
box for little babies Is ln special need. Con
tributors are asked to send socks and caps.
The women of Oermantown are also urged to
Join the ranks of thoso who are sewing and
knitting on Fridays from 9 until 1 o'clock. Con
tributions of money, which are sorely needed
for material, may be sent to Mrs. Walter Penn
Shipley, 4TT Locust avenue. All material are
to be sent to the headquarters of tho asso
ciation, the Wlster mansion, Vernon Park.
The marriage of Miss Katharine Elizabeth
Ormsby, daughter of Edward W, Ormsby, of
Merehantvilie, N. J., to Joseph Atley Tlnsman, t
of Philadelphia, will take place at 9 o'clocK
Thursday morning. January 38, at St. Peter's
Church, Merehantvilie. The Rev. P. J Clune,
pastor, will officiate.
The bride will be given In marriage by her
father and will be attended by Miss Laura V.
Tlnsman as maid of fconor and MUs Marlon A.
Sieator and MUs Claire 8. Vanaraan as brides
maids. The bridegroom will have as best man
Charles G- Ormsby. After returning from their
weddlns trip, Mf- wd Mrs- Titwman will re
side in Hamsburtr, .
THE wedding of Miss Holm Trego Bradley,
daughter of Mr. and Mis. Walter Trego
Bindley, of 1602 North 15th street, to Colonel
Samuel Davis Foster, of Pittsburgh, will tako
placo tonight, nt 7 o'clock. In tho home of tho
brlclo's paients In the presence of the lmme
dlato families. Tho Rev. Dr. William Holloway
Maine, of tho Memorial Baptist Church, will
Miss Brudley will be attended by Mrs. Eugeno
S. O'Connor, of New York, as matron of honor,
and tho best man will bo Colonel Andiew Ber
ger, of Pittsburgh. A largo reception will fol
low tho ceremony.
Miss Bradley will wear a beautiful gown of
whlta velvet, mado with n court train. Her
veil will bo of tulle, nrranged with a coronet,
and sho will cany a shower bouquet of white
orchids and lilies of tho nllcy. Mrs. O'Connor
will wear a gown of heavy pink satin and crepe
de chlno and will carry a bouquet of Killarney
After an cxtenslvo wedding trip Colonel and
Mrs. Foster will bo nt home, 21 South Front
street, Harrlsburg, Pa.
Merion Dranch Met This Morning at Home of
Mrs. M. J. McMinamin.
The Mellon Brnnch of tho Emergency Aid
met this morning at tho home of Mrs. M. J.
McMinamin, corner of Old Lancaster road and
Highland avenue.
Since the organization of this branch, two
months ago, more than ?70 worth of sewing
hns been given out to unemployed women, and
within the last week several chlldien unable to
attend the University Settlement Kindergarten,
becauso of Insufficient wearing apparel, have
been supplied with now and warm clothes.
Recently ono of the members of tho branch
gave an Invalid's chair which had previously
been used by her little daughter. X silver plate
on the chair bears the Inscription "Phyllis'
chair," and In future Jt will become a com
munity chair to be loaned to any woman or
child In need of such a comfort In times of
convalescence and who Is unable to afford the
luxury of one.
Photo hj Cubut 4 Bicun
Mim Hackett is a popular member of the
younger set, who will take part Sn we of tho
chorute of Tad? and Fancies," which wH be
given on February 3.
Digest of
(i) Independent, "Women for Poace."
(2) Saturday 'Evening Post, "Th
Bravest of the Brave."
(8) Tho Bookman, "Clubwomen's Read
ing." (4) Metropolitan, "Good Money."
(5) Town Topics, "Tho "Widow on Pro
hibition," WOMEN
Woman's relation to tho wnr hns been tho
grimmest lesson of the present conflict. That
tho women who nre most holplcss In prevent
ing It should havo to benr Its heaviest bur
dens liaB been nn appalling realization. It 1b
tho women who drnln war's bitterest lees,
not only tho Belgian women, whoso homes
have been lcclcd to n great wnsto to make
n fitting setting for tho war, but tho waiting
women of England and Germany, whoso
homes are not yot Invaded, but who aro wait
ing In contrast to tho helplessness of theso
women. It li thrilling to read of tho construc
tive attlludo tuken by our American women,
while there Is still time, In tho formation of a
Woman's Pence Party, umlor tho presidency
of Jnno Acldams Tho Independent devotes
sovernl pnges to tho Woman's Peaco Move
ment, nnd Rpenklng editorially says (1):
On Sunday afternoon, Jnnunry 10, 3000
women crowded Into the ballroom of tho
Now Wlllard at Washington, D. C. They
formed themselves Into tho "Woman's Pence
niny, mo nrst in tho world. They Issued
a manifesto, unsurpassed, we think, ln power
and mornl fervor by anything that has been
Issued hero or nbroml since tho Great War
began They ndopted a platform rndlcal,
sound, Rtntesmanllke, conBtructle. Though
i not a lino about tho conference appenred
the next morning In five of the six leading
New Yoik newspapers, which found spneo
f(i devote (13 rolumns to tho man-kllllng In
Europo nnd tho alleged reasons why the
I nltod States should Inrrenso her army and
niiy wo think the conference bo Important
that we publish In full the final document
Issued by It, and we urge every ono of our
women renders to Join tho party.
Tho Peaco Party's "Declaration of Princi
ples'' says In part:
We women of tho United States, assembled
In behalf of world pence, grateful for the
security of our own country, but sorrowing
ior mo misery or all Involved ln the present
Btruggle. do hereby band ourselves together
I to ilemnncl that war should ho abolished.
I Wp demand that women bp given a shnro ln
deriding between wnr and peace ln nil the
courts of mwi debate; within the home, tho
school, tho church, tho industrial order nnd
I tho State.
I Protesting nnd Demanding
So protesting and so demanding, wo
1 hereby form oursoKes Into a national or
ganization to be railed tho "Woman's Peaco
Party." In addition to their platform, they
passed tho following resolution. "That we
denounco with all the earnestness of which
wo nre capable tho concerted attempt now
being made to forco this country Into still
further preparedness for wnr. Wo desire to
make a solemn appeal to tho higher attri
butes of our common humanity to help us un
mask this menace to our civilisation."
Tho party organization: the members
shall he: 1 Local groups wherever they can
be organized, each to pay $5 annually Into
tho national trensury. 2 Sustaining mem
bers, who shall Individually pay $1 annually
Into the national treasury. Until the ap
pointment of a treasurer, dues and contri
butions may bo sent to Juliet Barrett Rublee,
1105 16th street, Washington D. C.
Theso officers were elected: Chairman,
Jane Addnms; honorary chairman, Carrie
Chapman Cntt; vlco chairmen, Anna Garlln
Spencer, Mrs. Henry Vlllnrd, Mrs. Louis F.
Post. Mrs. John Jay White.
Among tho most powerful and vivid arti
cles describing tho war are those written
by a woman, Corra Harris In her "Bravest
of tho Brnvo" (2), sho has summed up very
skilfully tho position nnd temperament of
each of the various nationalities of women In
volved In tho war. Sho writes:
The Belgian women have been the literal
victims. They have been scattered to the four
winds of tho earth. They have been
trampled in the dust by the feet of an Invad
ing army. I have seen women who wero
forced to witness tho execution of their hus
bands, women who ran screaming with ter
ror from their burning homes Into a world
filled with German soldiers. I havo seen
not ono or two, but literally thousands of
them who were famished for water and
starving for bread. I have seen children less
than two years of ago who havo been with
out food for four days, young babes ln their
mother's arms, whoso breasts had been dried
by tho awful terrors through which thoy had
passed. I have seen women accustomed to
every comfort staggering Into a strange land,
without shoes on their feet nnd without n
centime In their pockets.
Ono must entertain the highest ndmlration
for the German women. In a sense, they aro
no less the victims of the Kaiser's army
than the Belgian women. They Impressed
mo as tho greatest women of Europe, the
most pathetic In their bondago to men. They
wero by far the most thoughtful, tho moat
capable, tho most helpless. They had tho
mournful sense of sibyls ln regard to their
position. They were not hopeful, they wero
only patient. . They had the brains of
scholars and philosophers, the seer spirits of
poets. Thoy wero tho slaves of the order
of thlng3 thero. This war Is tho great op
portunity for the women of Germany, And
they have met It with courage. They aro
filling men's places ln every walk of life.
They aro no longer at the bottom, but at
tho top.
Of all the women In the world nt tho pres
ent moment, what the French woman Is and
what she does are most Important. Of all
the women I have seen, she ls tho least self
conscious. Sho does not think of herself
nt all. She Is the last perfect stroke In this
torrlflo picture a little figure In tho back
ground, standing Ilka a spirit In the deeper
Bhadows, with dark oyes looking serenely
out of a set white face: with red lips firmly
closed, not smiling, never drooping, always
looking beyond the hour of this tragedy to
the France of her faith. She belongs, as Im
mortelles belong, above tho graves of tho
bravest; ns hope transfigures despair. Such
dignity and such repose havo never been sur
passed by the women of any nation Invaded
by a hostile army.
Clubbing the Clubs
An article which, thought It may not be
popular, ought certainly to rouse comment,
belabors "Clubwqmen's Reading" (3) with
tho entire courage of Its convictions. Jt la the
first of a series and ls called "The Malady,"
The other two will be "A Diagnosis'' and
"Tho Remedy." Mr, A. E, Bostwick appears
to bo more than a mere antl-suftraglst,
though just what ho Is he does not reveal
In this urtlcle, He seems, however, to ba
very frank, and quite brave.
Unfortunately, the horizon of our women's
clubs is that of the puddle Instead of the
ocean. When I assert boldly that at the
present time the majority of vague and
illogical readers are women, and that
women's clubs are responsible for much of
this kind of reading, I shall doubtless Inour
the displeasure of the school of feminists
who seem bent on minimizing the differences
between the two sexes. Obvious physical
differences they have not been able to ei
plain away that men and women should
have minds of the same type is a physiologi
cal impossibility.
Why the feverish anxiety of tho girls eol-.
leges to prove that their graduates aie mar
rying and bearing children? The fact is
that the problem of the education of the
sexes is not yet solved. Educating one sex
alone didn't work; neither, I believe, does
the present plan of educating both alike,
whether In the same Institution or spa-
Thero is forceful summing up of faots re
lating to the minimum wage question by
Bonla tvien. In "flood, Monty (4):
Has a. Stato the. right to ion: Its Industries
the Magazines
to pay its men workers a wago sufficient to
lead a decent nnd henlthv urn? Thin niinv.
tlon ls to bo decided in February by tho
United States Supremo Court.
What It Respectability
In a half-frivolous, hnlf-satlrlcal article;
"The Widow on Prohibition" (Gi, the, widow
gently chaffs nt the widely varying codes of
For Instance, at Houston, Texas, two ladles
at 630 ln the afternoon went Into tho Hotel
Blank for an early dinner. The order wf.s
given, nnd in finishing, tho hostess, a
stranger ln the town, said "Bring two cock
tails," and told the waiter how sho wanted
them made, Tho waiter hesitated and then
snld, "Very Borry, madam, but we are not
allowed to servo a cocktail Unless you havo
a man with you." The woman, as indignant
as amused, Bold Impulsively, "Oh, very welt,
order a man any man for whoso respecta
blllty tho manager can vouch--a bellboy or
porter until we drink tho cocktails." Tho
poor waiter wan so distressed that pity di
vided with Indignation. But tho hostess de
claring for personal liberty, and that thero
was undoubtedly some individual interpre
tation of a Toxns law, cnntoled tho order
for dinner. Down to tho ofllce they wenf.,
and nsked to see tho manager, Tho manager
was not In. Tho hostess, who Jind traveled
about a great deal, said to tho clerk that sho
had never but onco run against that rule
ln a hotel, and that was In Chicago, where
thoro had been n hotel and annex, designated
ns "Proper" nnd "Improper," respectively.
In tho "Improper" this rulo obtnlnod, nnd
ono time tho manager himself camo to tho
rescuo nnd became tho escort. Just then U
friend a man appeared on tho scene and
saved tho 'situation. As they turned away
to go to another dining place, whore mdrals
for women wore not gauged by with or
without a malo escort, tho would-bo hostess
was told that tho Hotel Blank had for Its'
manager tho former manager of tho "Im
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