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Local Indoor Club Not Apt
to Vote for Forest Hills in
Preference to Newport as
Scene of Annual Meeting.
Tho Indoor Tennis Club, of this city. Is
ono of tlia local organizations Interested
In the light being Waged by the West
Bide Tennis Club, of Now Tork, to secure
tho national championship tournament
this season. A meeting of tho Indoor
Club members has been called for tonight,
when the question of removing the all
comers from Newport will bo discussed.
The Indoor Club has been represented
as favoring a move from Newport and
is said to bo In lino for n change to
the West Side Club. Atbort V. Hosklns,
vice president of the national associa
tion, who Is fighting to retain the tourna
ment at Newport for ono more year at
least, will attend tho meeting today to
speak to the members. He Is a member
of the club and one of the organizers.
. Philadelphia has been represented as
favoring tho chango when It came to u
vote, but a poll of the clubs, as an
nounced by the association vlco president,
shows that 11 nre In favor of retaining
tho championship at Nowport In 1915 as
against 6 In favor of Forest Hills for tho
scene of the competition, night have
been claimed by Forest Hills, but of this
number two, It Is claimed, are doubtful.
In favor of Nowport and opposed to the plan
of New Yorkers to suite the pvont according
to the votes nnd promises announced by Mr.
Hoekln are the bltr club. In this section tho
Merlon, Philadelphia Cricket, Oermantown
Cricket. Philadelphia Country and Hunting
don Valley, all of the Interclub League or
ganisations. Other, Include the EnKleamero Country Club,
the Bar Harbor Bwlmmtng Club, represented
by Edgar Scott, of this city; tho Kebo Val
ley Club, tho rhlltnont Country Club, the
Atlantis City Tacht Club and the Ocean City
Yacht Club. Milton Stein represents Phll
mont. and his organisation, of which Bills A.
Cllmbel Is president, Is In favor of Newport
thi year nnd Philadelphia when the first
chant Is made. Harold W. Faunco, of At
, Jantlo City, favors Newport, as does Thomas
M. Scott, chairman of .the Tennis Committee
f the Ocean City Yao)it Club.
Clever Bantams Booked for Wind-up
nt Fairmount A. C.
Toung McGovern, of Richmond, and
Marty Kane, of Kensington, two clover
bantamweights, will participate in tho
.final fray of the weekly show at the
Falrmount A. C. tonight. In the star
bout at the Palace Club, Norrlstown, Ty
Cobb, of this city. Will battle Fighting
Bob Givlln. of Allentown.
Tho Falrmount program "follows:
Flrat bout-Jack Farrell, Kensington, vs.
Jimmy McBridge. 2oth Word.
Second bout nobby McLeod, Scotland. v.
Charley Rear, 17th Ward. ..,..
it.Til!Jdi.bi"it"J,?nnn Halpln. th Ward, vs.
Willie Boyle. Kensington.
Semlwlnd-up-Jlm Williams. Falrmount, vs.
Eajt.lng Jack Brooks. Shamokln
Wind-up young McOovern. Port Richmond,
Vs. Marty Kane, Kensington.
The Palace card follows:
First bout-Kid Allen, Allentown,
McLaughlin. Philadelphia (six rounds).
?. "Oftt-roung Jack McCarron. Allen
rounds)? ' FraBclsco (six
Semiwlnd.up Jakle Max, Allentown. vs
3'ZJy. Olubomr. Philadelphia (eight rounds).
v. ,'K"?fcrlgS.',n,c, PW a,vlln' Allentown,
vs. Ty Cobb, Philadelphia,
Al McCoy, the Brooklyn aspirant for
the middleweight championship, out
slugged Joe Borrell, of this city, In the
wind-up at tho Olympla A. A. last night.
Although the encounter did not appeal to
the spectators, tho principals put up a
hard battle, fighting fiercely at close
.?ei,.?!?0!!,,i,;Elte ?ummf ".e Borrell's body
5!J2.fc-?(1.w,t.h vlc'u left and right-hand
punches In every round. McCoy generally
?ioi,th,nlu,ln,y wltha traunt rint K3;
X?J!?,ledi,i,X ai,Ie'i to th. faE onl '"en fel
into a halt clinch, scoring heavily at close
Ths best bout of tho night was between
Freddy Kolly and Eddie MoAndrewe. The
Utter won by a slight shade alter six sclen
tlflo and Interesting sessions. r
In the other numbers Young Taylor and
Louisiana fought six hard rounds to a draw.
Jimmy Coster outclassed Patty Kimble so
much that the referee stopiwd the bout In the
5ff5, Tun? ana jonnny Mealy knocked out
JSddlo 'Oavlr. In the second round. N
Abe Attell. the former featherweight cham
pion, wa Introduced previous to the wind-up.
lie said that he would like to battle in one
more nxnt nerore hanging un the gloves for
good. The man he would like to throw fists
at Is Johnny ltllbane,
who annexed tho laurels
irom mm.
CINCINNATI, Jan. 26. The Methodist Min
isters' Association of Cincinnati went on rec
ord yesterday as opposed to the holding of the
Uunboat Bmlth-JIm Flynn boxing contest here
on February 1.
NKW YORK, JanTM. Willie Jones, the
battle-scarred featherweight, fought 10 even
rounds with Frankle Callahan, of this city,
at the Broadway Sporting Club last night. The
boat was marred by the continual clinching of
poth contestants.
BAN niANCISCO. "jan. 28. Willie Ritchie
has a new manager. Dr, B. F, Jeffrey, who
handled Ritchie when he was & novice break
ing into the four-round game, will In the fu
ture lock after the San Franciscan's business.
Dr. Jeffrey Is an osteopath. Ritchie has un
limited faith In the reducing process practiced
by the doctor and la willing to post a $1000
forfeit guaranteeing his weight of 135 pounds
at 5 o'clock for his 10-round bout with Freddie
Chicago Boxer Stricken on Eva of
Match With "Welsh.
NEW YORK, Jan. 28. The Freddie Welsh.
Charley White boxing bout, which was to
have taken place at the Qarden tonight. Is
eft. White is down on the flat at hi back
with a touch of pneumonia.
Woe for poor White, and Joy, oh, much
Joy for John the Barber, for Willie Beerher.
hi favorite pupil. Is to take the place of the
Chicago lad against Welsh, and tho doors of
the Garden will be thrown open just the same.
"4!y fire bad break." said Matchmaker
Jimmy Johnston last night. "We would have
had a 120,000 house sure. White Is a mighty
il;k boy. HI fever ran up to 103 yesterday
afternoon, 1 sent Dr. Frederick Flynn, my
own medico, to see him, and he assures me
tJiat the boy win be down for a couple of
weeks at least
"We've cut the price right in .halt so a
to give all the boy a chance to get in out
or n com ana sieet wein came over last
u,u. twu .jvwuvur.. n. i. ana ne
Udly over White's sudden collapse."
Appointment Cornea aa Quite a Sur
prise to Athletic Followers.
Ewartluaora College, which has turned out
many famous athlete in the paat. has te
mtti 'Bill" Roper, of Princeton. to?ocb
iit fall's football eleven. ThU smjounee.
went was mada yesterday and caused conall.
wable, .peculation and surpiUe in college sir.
els It haa been rumonxt that "Bill" Hellto
lick, loraeriy Pera Sttt eeoefc. would t
""VS. ia&r St G.t? JaUtutioa to tui
4 Fr4 attt "Buteh" Summer was con-
IJtied a another o,uujUut for the pUca.
Jto,?r H f "r Princeton tint,
vtreltv Advisory FooltM.fl Beard, but as thi
e&smittee I only rattad at th jti.H.
llcad CoacJt Bash, U I sot likely that Koper
will have additional duties to perform in
Still Dluousa Cup Kace
AtttH9rt lb mt lo Europe deprived tats
, wKjuaFfiM- a mm far ttw AwmIWi
j l.' ffr J t IMwwttfti; tj tan that
&mk !ri mm ssu u. rnthm aSWsaif,
s!3- J -v ) W , - WMS FOB To fjvEM THlrJGS AMG- YCJ KW(3vi T- ME vMO J ISc-KetiN F0 J
Concerning Trvo Pals
Good Luckf Not for a pal of mine;
I want no friend of that raw type
Who leaves you at a given sign
Or blows just when the game is ripe;
Who leads you onward with a boast
And ducks just when you need Mm
Hard Luckf You said a wtouttul
For here's a pal for any track;
TAI? old boy doesn't even care
If you've no shirt upon your back;
He'll one-step with you in the dance
Though patches crown your bally pants.
Good Luck sticks with the Winning
Hard Luck, enlisting in the rout,
Sticks only with the fading dream
Of those amid the down and out;
He isn't proud he'll stick as well
Across the other side of hell.
Good Luck brings fat and span of
But Hard Luck stands athwart tho
The greatest trainer on God's earth
To put a fighter into shape;
He leads the fighting heart to fame,
But drives the quitter from the game.
There are times when one can go a
bit stale on an overdlet of Hard Luck.
But in tho majority of cases it is the
only foundation extant for permanent
The Game's Travail
If a casual visitor from Mars or the
Moon should land upon these United
Btatea it would be his Immediate opin
ion that sport In this country was
swiftly speeding: to wrack and ruin.
In baseball he would see a wild smear
of magnates, players and lawyers' rals
Ing the well-known dickens; among tho
colleges he would hear a loud Wall and
uproar concerning summer ball play
ing; he would hear the charges of pro
fessionalism in golf and the track
game, attached to charges and counter
charges among members of the Tennis
He would hear the charges of com
mercialism In regard to football, con
cerning the employment of paid
coaches and the rearing of mighty
stadiums and Immense gate receipts.
"Sport In this country," he would say,
"Is going to Grandold Gehenna on the
Limited with all brakes off."
The Wherefore of the Turmoil
The present turmoil is sufficient to
Strong; Quintets Scheduled to Play on
February 3.
Wilmington High School will have It next
fcard basketball battle February 8, when it
meet its old rival, the Cheater High School.
Tb BaletUnum players, having taken a rest
for a week, will resume their baaketball work
tomorrow afternoon, when they will go up
against tha strong Brown prep team.
Friday night Brownson team will line up
against tha Da Keri, of the Eastern League.
iBrownaoo wlU pick it ttrongtit men for this
V Nrl will play Company 0, ot Dover,
Tebruary 2, and tha occasion 1 expected, to
bs a big event in Dover.
Babbits Will Be Plentiful
Sportsman in Philadelphia, and its vi
cinity will have plenty of rabbit shooting
nsAt fall A new shipment of tho ant
mala tmm tjesn released around Ion
Siwk, Bow Cretk aad Penrose Ferry.
TUe rabwts should be plentiful by tb
ttaw tb mxt mmoa wlft a rcu mi.
lead to this opinion, but after all It Is
only a natural development.
Twenty years ago sport in tho U. S.
A. wns a limited arrangement. There
were few tennis players and still fewor
golfers. Baseball was staged upon a
far smaller scalo. Most of thoso inter
ested In Bport were spectators. And
only a small portion of the populaco
were Interested to any degree even as
But within the last 10 years condi
tions have been overturned. There has
been a vast and sudden rush to sport
from every walk of existence. The man
today Is tho exception who Isn't at
tached to some game, cither as a parti
cipant or spectator. This now interest
has brought millions of dollars Into tho
game and tho wild rush of newly ar
rayed enthusiasm has upset the order
of things. Hence a readjustment was
due and a rearranging was in order.
Then and Now
At this Juncture fully $150,000,000 is
being spent on sport in America. The
change has been sudden and over
whelming. Borne time ago we were talk
ing baseball with a club owner who
held a major league franchise in 1890.
That season, he said there were only
13 men on his payroll and not a man
was getting over $2400 a year. Yet he
lost money and was glad to sell out at
a small deficit.
There were simply not enough fans
in those days to Justify any heavy ex
penditures. This club owner's payroll
was about 120,000 a season. Today the
average big league payroll Is over
In spite of tho fact that thousands
every year are taking up golf, tennis
or other games of their own, new fans
have been added and the rush of all
this money has naturally upset the old
arrangement of things. The player be
lieves each magnate Is making a mil
lion dollars. The magnate believes the
player is being overpaid and Is raking
In all the surplus kale. It was only
natural that a mix-up should follow,
hut readjustment Is now under way
and It will be only a matter of a short
while before the situation will be han
dled in the proper way. All that is
necessary is that the readjustment be
made as quickly as possible and the
tangle be unravelled without too long
a delay. But don't get it Into your bean
that Interest in sport is waning. It Is
only at its first rush. For the man who
once finds the great benefit to be ob
tained by a close Interest in some good
game Is a life member.
In First National Bank League matchea rolled
on Casino alley lait night Grays, the leaden,
made a clean sweep of their series with the
Reds, and Brown downed the Blue In two
game out of three, barely mining making It
three straight by losing ha second gam by
three pin.
Accounting, leader of Western EUotrlo
League, dowsed their nearest rival, the
switchboard squad, in two game out of three.
inspection ana Koyatty each made clean
weep of their respective series with ware-
luaa and Store.
Martin, of the
leaders, toppled
over tha
hlzhemi Individual eor
or the
nignt, get'
ting 1X7 pin in hi second gam. Apparatus
v. vamienanc ene was posiponoa,
NEW YORK, Jan. 24.-A new kind
of ball player has been discovered in
V. J. Cadore. the bltr youngster
drafted from Wilkes-Barre to pitch
for the Brooklyn Nationals this year.
A lotter was received from Cadore
saying that Federal League, agents
had offered him twice as much as he
is to get from the Dodgers, but that,
lacs Brooklyn Is his boyhood horns
and h! Ufetim ambition always has
bean to pU.y on tha Dodgers, Ua turned
deaf ear to all offers.
$75,000 YALE B0ATH0USE
Most Extensive Equipment of Any
University in America.
NEW HAVEN, Conn., Jan. 20. With the
complotlon of a new boathouso at Gales Ferry
on the Thames Ynlo has established the most
extensive equipment for Its crew training
quarters of any unherslty In America. Vale
has regarded Its rowing camp on the bank of
tho Thumes In a different light from that
viewed by most universities which have been
content to house their crews, while In train
ing (or their annual races, In temporary head
quarters, UHlng a boathouBe little better than
a largo woodihed. Tow American universities
on the training campy in which their crmva
and rowing equipment are stored during their
training season.
Yale has taken the Initiative In establishing
an elaborate and expensive genoral equipment,
which now includes a varsity and freihman
dormitory, a largo tract of land, capable of
accommodating two or three more buildings;
a large new boathouso nnd a clubhouse with
quarter fur about 2 alumni rootors and camp
Tho. present Yale . boat training plant at
unies i err is worth $5,H, dlstriuu
ted aa
ioiiowh iioathouse. Just compioted.
id. S13.000:
!5,00ui vnrsity dormitory. 420,000;
freshman quarters,
aiu.iw; land, sio,uw.
It Is Understood Grlscom Cup
Matches Will Be Played Here.
Although the selection has not jet been an
nounced officially It la understoood that both
the Lesley cup and the Grlscom cup competi
tions will bo played this year at the Merlon
Cricket Club. It Is Philadelphia's turn to
have both sets of triclty matches, so the
matter of selecting the courses Is In tho hands
of tho Philadelphia authorities, who are said
to favor Merlon for both tournejs.
The choice of Merlon will make It possible
to play the matchea over separate links If such
a procedure should reem advisable. lor Merlon
how has tWO 18-hoIa MiirHM nn thA pliih nmn.
erty, both of which begin and end at tho club
Both have the advantage of being modern
courses, as the club moved to Its present lo
cation only three or four years ago the olugr
course Is laid out over rather Hat nnd open
country and the new course Is hllllcr and Is
shut In by woods on nearly all n'Ues Taken
wether the two courses make n splendid 3U
hole circuit, and may be used In playing the
women's Kastern championship, which pro
oedes the Qrlscom cup mutches and consist
of .ill holes of medal play.
The Grlscom cup matches probably will be
laved early In June and the women golfers of
oston and New York will make a determined
effort to take the cup from the Philadelphia
women, wh won it at Greenwich last June.
Team from Massachusetts and Pennsylvania
will meet on the first day of the Lesley cup
competition, which will be played late In Sep
tember, and the winner of the first day's play
will meet the team of the Metropolitan Uolf
Association, the present holder of the trophy,
on the second day.
He Is under the management of
Jimmy Dwyer, who bi ought out
Tommy OToole, at one time a
featherweight championship corj
tender. McGovtrn is a pocket
edition of O'Toole and goes a bit
better by possessing a harder
punch, Mac boxes Marty Km
at the fftkmount Club tonight,
Meaning Gotch
And now the Wrestling King has
To join that club of famous men
Who in their younger moments reigned,
But knoio they never will again;
The club of men ivho saw the truth
Who realized and understood;
The club that steps aside for youth.
Its name? The "I-Am-Through-for-Good."
Jim Jeffries joined It, too, some years
ago, but he became a backslider. Ho
went back to it later, and it's a good
Guess he'll stay there. This is ono club
where they always come back to stay
Jess 'Wlllard's train ran Into a snow
bank on tho way to El Paso. And thero
Is a dark cloud ahead.
Hughie Jennings is a director of the
Traders' National Bank. Has this fact
been brought to tho attention of Um
pire Landls?
yes, Again.
Our sympathy to Farrell, and
To Huston and to Ruppert, too;
Their names'arc flashed about the land
For every little thing they do.
Much as they hate to advertise
Their business and their juggling
Those impudent reporter spies
Have learned they liaven't sold the
Imagine the chagrin of the three
worthies named when they see their
names In the papers again and realize
they may have to submit to columns
more about tho sale of the Yanksl How
they must hate publicity!
Why NotP
The date of the Johnson-Wlllard
scrap should be the ideal time for in
tervention. These two huskies ought
to be able to subjugate Mexico without
the loss of a single drop of blood.
Out Soon
First birds of spring the
Starting Something
Bince nearly every sport
Is deep within its "wars,"
What do the caddies think
Of golf indoorst
Captain Tas.well, of the Pens wrestling
team, has been suffering from an absceu In
hi ear for some llou, and announced jester.
day that he would be unable to compete In
the Fenn-Laiayetta dual meet, the first on tha
which will be held on February e
vuvuuis lur me lieu ana UJUe
.. p.oaII,f D' Pi!-? in' 2--Tn WIS foot,
ball schedule of thi Oregon Agricultural Col
UF.t' fJmo?St? yterday. Include a game
with the Michigan Agricultural College at
Lansing on. October so and on with fiyracus
Unlreralty hera on November 30,
NEW YORK, Jan. 84.-A new style
of slang for sport writers may result
from the baseball suit in Chicago. A
local "Colyummst" suggests the fol
lowing; "Merkla writ-of-rcplevined to deep
left, dowdy booting the habeas corpus,
ftcrkle, however, was caught between
second and third by Red Smith, who
tagged him with the statute of llmlta
tlons. Doyle attempted to score, but
was eajolaed at the plate Schmidt to
Evwe to Gowdy.
Bunny Again in Limelight
Latest news report It Is said upon
good authority that John Bunny will
challenge the winner of tho Kllbane
"Willlams fight. John will probably In
sist that the battle be made at .catch
weights. Don't Tell Us!
Dan McKotrlck, of New York, has
made the statement that in his opinion
Jack Johnson will be able to stop Jess
Wlllard any time he choosos. We think
so, too, but will not tell about It,
Yes, Jennings Is ON
Even Hughey Jennings has entered
tho popularity contest. He thinks our
own Wild Bill Donovan, who is to lead
tho Yankees, is a pippin. No, not First
Baseman Pipp(in), of the Yanks.
Hughey thinks Billy Is simply grand,
and says so, publicly like. "There isn't
the slightest doubt in my mind that
Donovan will be a successful manager,"
said Jennings. Quito original. Quite so!
Quito so!
Boper Bight Man for Place
Bill Roper at Sworthmore College as
football coach is a big feather In the
cap of tho institution, already far
famed for its development of wonderful
athletes. Roper, a Princeton man, has
had the necessary experience and Is
tho right man for the place,
Newport Is Best Place
If our opinion is worth anything, we
believe Newport to be tho proper place
for tho national tennis championship,
Newport has been selected as the
proper spot in the past, and the fact
that so many title matches have been
fought there without protest Is proof
Rulilclent that affairs can be conducted
successfully there. Why stir un
.What MoxtP
A dispatch from El Paso this after
noon conveyed the startling news that
whole armies were being. moved, one.
General Carranza's, to prevent Jack
Johnson, world's heavyweight cham
pion, from landing on Mexican soil, and
the other, General Villa's, to aid the
colored fighter. The port of Tampico
is being besieged by Villa, and merry
times are promised. We are not a bit
envious of Jack's position, for between
the two armies he is likely to come to
grief. The whole story is an enter
taining one and should advertise the
nght with Wlllard as nothing else could
have done.
Annual Meeting Was Held Xast
Night at Colonnade.
Tha annual meeting of the Crescent Host
Club was held last night at the Colonnade
Hotel, with vie President 8. R. Ross In the
chair. Tb vsrloy officers recounted to
work; of tha last seaaon, 'which has seen a
ubstanUal lncrea In the membership of the
Th following officer were sleeted for h.
coming season! Tl4Ht, j. u, Cralf vie
president, John o. Palattrj secretary, John P.
Roe: treaurir PHiin, i. ti.T.,-.' rir..r
C. W. Bray, cosswaln. Norman siij.ftfn.iSl
iWco?"waol,chrlM Search: naval delegaU
f n,!i'f .y..' frtaanc Committee, T. T. Bohi
fleld, Wtlllaiu C. Tuttl and A? d ilSSSS:
aw; siectiva committee, N. c. MacDonald,
Lawrence Schtnlc
Captain Jlalpa Weldi was not
tor rs-iltlon.
' "' " a"iiuir. imidq veiaiB ants
renc echenlt "
rorrest WJaa Oolf Oup
and the chi( cup In th Kev Year's soil
tournament went to II M. yorrt. o Lk
wood. ho defeated W Ty MaoBlng. Upf
MoBtiiaU', 8 ua sad I ta piajr, ia th U-hoi
Ban Johnson Preferred fa
Have Yankees Under 1
Owner and Managl
Hopes for Flag in N, Y,
NEW YOIUC, Jan. X.-oDi 0. tt. J
tori- of baseball fa, mjf Jg
!rtM & 3 rk'K L3S
ot tho Yankees 7
1 " U" 0t
Johnson rot a nraii..
the new owners. H0 v?uw
ball players. So anxious wis jVaL. St1
get the Ruppert-Husion cfefl
w.o "ujjpen-iiusion crowd ik ii
ownership of the YuJ: lV0.to thi
the American League to agrtf '
up the difference in ths prlc"th.t f"11'!
wanted for his club and thViSesMlS
the Ruppert-Huston faction lM
pay. " u
In other words, the American Lm,,
stood ready to pav 30.riM . rr,.?"
ts, slvo five, ball players and iSlES
nto a state bordorltur onToU.,
tho new crowd tho manager It V...S
gut It wouldn't ral.6 Its "an" tfi
Farrell In years jtona bv. a w l
4-i?BV. TO!". Jan. 20 -Captain t
ye.t.rday -very eptimtauo otV&. ,Jft',ll
come of the nrarilni.. r,. .?." .I?BD HtJ
that ho learned mors about bsiebili S5S5 1M
few days ot the hearing than to eSSuHrfl
learned any other mr in tin 5J?- & 9uM
Jtee owner believe that the Court's ttutehSi
times wh encouraging to the rlevi lllSt
ganlied baseball. nt" 51
Cailtaln lluetnn hrn. -. - . .. SJ
sent out from Chlcaeo 11,11 iMffi."!!
ale of the Yankees had not been conSbtii
He said that he believed that the iter? Ki
nt ot by the Federal Leagu, oSlclitS
order to show an immiM TSiu,2.Kr.1M
American In.T ira 111
Robert D. Ward, vice president of the ruj
sral League, also returned yesterday ua y
kvuu uiui aa Hia noming to any ntwiriiB
reporter in Chicago about the Tinkeeatssl
fctl Mr; ,lVard, lM tnst eonilfiS; iS
affairs of tho club none of his business? mH
"" lo "'. "nyimng aoout till procMJItsssl
TirflDflr tn rtlariisrs tha .. ,wu. 1 M .".
Sad been givin: "" """" " Bm!
Manager Pat Moran. of, the Phllllt &
Came to town vifirAnv wilt m.., B.T-tj.IT
Baker today and try to agree to thi eUjbssI
who are to coma to Philadelphia from BauM.
In the Dooin tratJ. """
All tho pl&yera have ben notlfltd vhtn turn
wtiaro to roport, ana a contract tiai fcea kj
iu y Mini ail aii, v jiu is reponea u) AlilH
Jumped to tho Feds. Milton Stock, th tttirfl
uuauiiinti buuui eu iiuiu nvw lOrlC M lew iniH
for Lobert, Is reported to rmva offend -wM
service! to the Feds on the frroundf that uH
contract with New York la void If he Is ttwSm
icrreu m tiny outer ciud. jioran fvyt U Etta
takes the hurdles, the New Tork club vti
havo to deliver another player la hU ;ltct,
Accord I nvr to Connie Mfteir Irrv TaWi
who will cover second baie for the AtblttieA
inis season, win not oniy auena trie tismalw
annunl bnnauot of the Stort1na Writers' AiriMt
elation, which will bo hold In the MtJ-rtM-
ioiri uciudj utciiuifc, rvuruarv iu, i n
of tho honored fruesta In company with Sm
Hill Donovan and Fat Moran. but wit I rtmmj
ma nousenoiu nxturcs rrom ieveiana aM it
como a permanent resident of PhU&dflphU yj
reoruary xu.
South Jerseymen Defeated 3S b 28 j
in Fast Game.
THENTON, N. J.. Jan 'ZfC-FIiilai Owl
uimuen iairue leaaers to a siananuu irtni
ton whKIod the south Jerseymen beiore cia
crown in tne regimental arena 1111 num.
tn 9fl Thn flrat hnlf nAeA with TrentOA
the lonr end of a 20-to-12 score.. In Uii.W
round the Tigers parsed the ball ell srouno v
vl.ltnm. Tt tn, nnlv th N-n.fltlnntl lhmtl&
of rirown that made the score look reiMcUblw
tre camaen guard lanaing tnree u a r" m
Camden was minus the service of "JiClttf
Adams, while Freddie Gels was MKnt
the Trenton llnc-up.
s W. I P.O. W L. P.CJ
jamaen ...in u .nw vesper , ."; ,w
Reading ...IS n ,(tts Trenton i..lj gBJ
Do Nert .,1412 ,M? CJreystock,. al ifW
Tomorrow night's schedule Jl,'l,u;tf
Camden, --MM
One of the biggest basketball rprui)ew
le season occurred yesterday. wBen ' fm.
Jasper club, 'chamolons of last jreaf ":"
mat u naa qui
throuKh for the suason.
.. ...a .An T-ha r-.lm.tltm 01 t
Tanar AarnA m B .! t,raH.A. IOf 11
IB DVBBU.l. . ".".. '..
thought that the club would finish theoWVj
although tho attendance throughout tMJfiWt
had been anything but eiMur"1"' .ifflB.
of thi came the desertion of Kuimjer, r
was probably thtjrud blow which Mieii-m
the club out of tholeague. 'ml
Tho Eastern League has called K-1K
meetimr to be held tonight at . the BMK
11..... ..,!,.- eell-n -BtMIl Ttft faiKCll UQ Vm
IIUUIC. -" ItVi Xt D.WHU4I ' .,-litm.mm
mould not
. ... il. i.1.1. shamnlnn. WlU IBS
with plenty of opposition in the thnj LJglm
oventa In wmen nc naa fc r XS'J ictm-
iiu (laiii-rit nisht. Amour toe r'h
for"th. too irt. in AW.! T WS?.
American A. C.. and Pete W hlte, "j,"
flyer of the Salem Crescent A. C. W 1"
Jump Gene Jennings and J-. nrlllS?rji its
tend the chlcagoan, while In the i:o-r'-
hurdle race ne win nv '""-nVi,iii M
.ce ne wm ittw . .iT: nVfclwi. s&
him at 70 ?rd. In tbe 1s
Drady and Hoe, of the ,B'
who beat him i
A. C
Burech, Drady
Harry alsslng. the best muJgllS
-J. .'.,.. ii.i,. Rtat-s before Ted 5i'"H3
will attempt to come back t the ,
the Brooklyn Diocesan union ' 'SJ.JfJiV. Bi
Regiment Armory, DrMklyn, on Wtuw
na neen irmining tur n- v. wHiiv eipt
tecnth Regiment Armory and on iwi
tho former half-mile. champion wkM j
has entered the three-quarter wjl .
. ,. -m j. ,iik.,n rssnv iriiusM ,
and will have a ahort mark row "'"f
Jones Piled up a J?-P'WklStl,S 1
lair in the first fO-polnt S6Mih.; I
three-cushion hllrA.,FSr Bi!
led Blair 00 to40 at tM .ffgm 1
.m. Isst nlgbfc lnMtogl.gr, f
n uam defeated In "1-7 " A
cently by Alfredo ,De Oro. ..,.. on t li
Btalr showed hi uuai aly :
bank hot. only h . did not get M i.
chance, a Jone took car m iT..tT.eM
Ject ball safe or in. a V""'"JS
g natural shot. Blair wJSturl
Hard luck, a several ot bit oaturao
a narrow margin. W ,
..v.. .rTIni.rd same U'tjffi ft
In w
I In a matched pocket billiard same i
at the Ihlgh Par or. Imttn Cwpe jm
James McCoy, th cor " " " 'M4 (
took the lead in th second fri ;
neer thereafter Iieaaea.
Anthony Oraet last nlrtt. Jlt?Pa'
ooni. took a pockt bllUrd(m r
lummer. the cor being 100 to S3.
.k.MlJd S 1
Walter a Hsgen,
rvild1 ntam uvhf) 1
igen, open . f?3, is I
United Statet, wlMPlans w .""JTrsisJ
North end Bouth.champlonsh
riortn ana nomn c."fc''"-r'j nrit fit
UtiTn March, will c gnjhJ' JUSTfiuiJ
to make a trto through the " ,w J
metrepollUn i optn tomlo mJ m
cae'a w'i iTt.ijf. ssJ
Kifruam who did well In VilU fc M
They will tart m tlm next "
Tom Anderwn, th. HHn.tCiniy?rSl
.9I1-.1 nn iuturdty on th Traw' ..
StotUnd. Anderson U Hnw r-j.
ione horn to enlUt,, H &
champion, ana a mi - -
on rwni 'aiuMw." r '
Ar.TSTAK SH01V--AIX-?tASrffl
Falrmount A. $&
v Xvvt 0b ea

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