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tchison Only Issue Liqui
dated by European Hold-
erS i iuucio i-ivttiw.u
5llAction on Steel Dividend.
a a
ijKjV TOnK, Jan. . The Btock market
& ii a deposition nmcmB trader to
Mfjyt (he action on the dividend on the
g2lon stock 01 tno uraira nwui oicvi
SBoVatlon and tho publication of the
SJrt tor the December quarter after
.. of business today beforo mak-
any commitment. Around midday
Uf and trading became more active
tilt at y tlme lurlnB the ottrl' morn'
r; union.
ttets market closed strong, with soveral
rtiif iboev tho final of yesterday- Trntl-
Sfwa not active.
pKll In fact, the only foreign aolllnB
&E of a tow hundred shareo of Atchison
Mh opening, and the only selling orders
it- .t,mnd remaining In that stock on
n trokew' books around noon were for
Sfllv,.. at 86. Tho stock gained In
T. ..mnnii to 96. The December
Iuslaxs statement, issued today, showed
M Increases In both gross and net
in? uik In tho Street today was thai
.itd States Steel would maintain iti
- . ji..iji.hi1 if 5 nrtt runt. np nn-
mo. or H of 1 per cent, quarterly. Tho
JtocU changed hands around midday at
-After the close, of tho market It was
Hnounced that tho common dividend hnd
i.1-ssed. whllo tho regular dividend
fi,' declared on tho preferred stock.
i,i.iatlvc Intorest was again diverted
b the Industrial groups as on several
to,;, was proportionately larger than In
K,v Uaitlnir railroads.
ffTnlon Pacific did not make any re
ijne to the December earnings state--nint
Iitued around midday. The state
srtnt showed an Increase In net of over
wnM. while cross fell off. In the morn-
vthf an advance of was mado to 122U.
I'f EsTtrnl Important houses had good huy
jad'orderi! ,n American Sugar Refining,
-which rose VA to 10SW In tho first half.
' rfjthe day. This buying had for an in
oUve a belief that the report to be
,jrentcd at the annual meeting In March
flu, snow a neuvy increase in suip lis as
TrjMilt of the high nrlccs obtained far
jintaed sugar since the 1st of August.
fWutern Maryland sold at 21, against
M on January 4, when the low record
u made after the announcement of
Bocbuck made a gain of 6 points to 103.
" Chesapeake and Ohio rose 1 point to
C'tfH- Tn8 rlso waa attributed to tho ex
r.Kctatlcn of a big demand for coal In
ycottAMtJon with the prospective revival
Jjtfmahufacturlng business. It was also
htla that the heavy movement of grain
ouf'the road should help earnings con-
"Mtxlcan Petroleum was up 1U points at
tOne'cf the most active Issues In the
Birtit was Bethlehem Steel common.
AfUr TClng below the final yesterday
to tdyance" was mado to 49Vi. up from
tin final. In the afternoon It lost the i.
j, Call money loaned at 2 per cent. Tho
itf.foretm exchange market was Arm. with
'.SeibaniJ sterling U higher at 4.85H-
Elg Corporation Passes Quarterly
1 5 Tayment on Common Stock.
iThe common quarterly dividend of the
Wed States Steel Corporation was
Meil by the board of directors at their
Bftiillff thlfl nftArnnnn
flRThe previous payments had been V4 of
jil.Mr cent., or at tho rate of 2 per cent.
L'ptr annum. Prior tn thn wnr nn, .t.
f,Mi S per cent. The company declared
jMt.uual quarterly dividend on the pre-
ftnred stock.
f5 I. "-',""i-AIl B1TJCKB,
ia Botler .71
ilPh Bttenaion ...;...'.'JtIl:.".' 27
" ...:::. as
w Sup lfi
ijotopih Belmont ji
fjesotnh Eitensloa Sll-tS
j.vwjwui, Merger M
.Jmopali Mining M":..: 7
ftlnu 30
ttShouu os
fi8.:.::::::::: : : ! :: I
S?M"n Fraction ...;; lus
ifj; .00
i JSlI? Son""'daed I..!',.
I.SJWmU Merger 38
&" '..'.'.v.'.'.:::"::: .Vs4
JNt -ic ...,,,, , 00
Aim Artec 01
s Ivilj:: ..?5
g Tredino; less Active Today;
Market Featureless.
TORK. Jan. 26. Coll trnrilna- in
I 2?
pn thlo morning was quieter than It
Blfely featnr.l.o. rv.i i.a. ....
g9tat lower to 4 higher, and tho list
g tun or aoout i point In the early
1lf4'nt" abova Ia3t night's finals at
ftrf nf 1rt MtH..t t .,..-
(i " wimuvoa, Mnore was a iuuq
ffi'i110"? "'"ns wid some foreign buy-
y;r y;oence, witn the exception of
llSi hich waa ott 6 Po'its. Prices
,, - -v iu poinis at mo close.
EEGEIPTH nv rnivrn'Kr
5fel?5i Mj-ReeIpU of cottoa
- wuM lUUflWI.
junumry tuiai ay utrna nay
23. but wealc, Uet year.
IPu.-.-.-V': w-e -HJ 8
IkirtoK,,lu w. T.601 T.0S8
btn&v .W -T.823 S'.B09
ITl.T?"?' ..... 10,17.1 22.H1H B.OD1
tf""vm :... i;8i3 x.iHi
1S1m5!K,? ,odar comir4 with corre
g"" oay li.t two yearns
. 1U10. IVli. 1913.
t39.KeO.TT3 12S.1SI.S20 I2S.0-2fl.lC2
lSwLv- -J8."3!- S0.4.7So 28,Wtt.073
lWtKf W!L460,4TO 805.700.803 832,921,08
' .R),,MM Utf,ol.Uf 0.,4t,V.H
' 12,781,7a 4,ia3,l00 11,712,201
e& .,l ra
. . sum o
W ,gwr. mr ta eu taoathi.
.. . lt Mte. High. Low. Close.
Hold Mine 27 V8J. 27H J8
AllliCnalmers. ......, 10 10 in 10
Amalgamated Copper.. 60 87J BOH 67
American Deet Bugsr .. ?3t( ?. 34)1 34M
American Can.... 20 30 291f 29
i,0" Cat A Found 47M 47 47H 47U
Atnttlcri Cotton Oil.. 45H 40 48H 40
IS'nM'i"."""!' os , B7' B7 07
Amiilde&Leath. prof, 2iH 25 24W 25
" Ice........... 24 24 24 24
Am"lcn8raeltlaj .... 02M f!2 2K 02)1
AmBnufTCo noil 160 160 160
.2 B?Mr'i; I"7 K-8 107M 107H
AmercanTelATet....l20H 120X 120 120H
2 - n I0b8cco 230M 231U 230U 231
American Tobacco pre! 100 100H 100M 101M
Am Woolenpref .,.,,.. 79J 70 79 79
Anaconda Copper 27M 27H 2714 27)J
on 05H 00H 9M BOW
Atchison prtf 07 07if 07! 07
AtCoaitLlne 107 107 107 107
nadwln Loco 38)4 38 ?8 38
Da more & Ohio 73M 74W 73M 74)f
H 'l,m.owOMopref . 72 72J4 72)i 72K
Dethlchcm Bleol 48 49)f 48M 49)
5?lk.P' Commerce.... 170 17051108 100W
Sr??.kly? naDl1 Transit 87J 87JJ 87)1 87!f
Cafornlarelroleura... 17 17H 17)1 17)f
California ret prof 49 48) 48 48M
Canadian Pacific 104H 1BSH 105)1 10611
C'nlfjl Leather 34M 3451 34)f 34W
Cjra&Olilo 46J1 40J1 46K 40)1
CWnoCopper 30 30M 30 30)1
CJ cago Great Western 12 12)1 11 11)1
CMcaeo Mil A8t Paul. 02H 02)1 02W 02)1
CM Fuel & Iron 20 20)f 20)f 20H
DIstrlilen Securities.-... 13W la 13 13
" 22J1 23K 2211 23
grio 1st pref 30M 37)1 37 37
Erlo2dprcf 20J1 ZOH 30)1 ."OK
ConsolOas 121 110H 110K 119W
ComProducts 0J1 0)1 031 OH
Ccrn Products pref f.7)i H7K r.7 f.7
Cuban Am Buear 38 47 40U 47
Del Lac & Western . .. .425 422H 422M 42'')1
pcercsCoprof 88M 88)4 88K 88)4
Den & Hlo Grande pref 2)1 12H 12)f .2!
Rereral Chemical lOSIf lfi5H 105 lfi)l
OcnChcmpref looji 10S)1 108'f 108!f
General Klectric 144)1 114)1 144)1 144)1
Gen Motor 03 OiH 02)1 04
Gen Motor prof 05 06 Jl 05 05J1
Goodrich Co 3031 31H 31 :1
Goodrich Co pref 07 07)1 07lf 0711
Great Northern prof ...110)1 117 U0J1 110)1
tircat.orth Oro Cent . 33)1 34 33)1 33)1
Gusxenhclm 51)1 51J1 51)1 6D1
JlarrcstcrNJ 07 OO'l 00)1 00)1
Harvester N J pref 117 110 110 110
Intcrhoro-Metropolltan 12 12)1 12 12)1
Intcrboro Met pref .... 61M 52)1 61)1 62
Indian Steel pref 73 70)1 70 70
Inspiration 18J1 1831 18)1 18)1
Kanfias CItTRntithnm.. o.iu oiu oil oos
JKayscrCo 80 80 80 80
dorref 107)110711107)1
Lorlllard pref 118 118 118 118
Lchlch Valley 138 138)1138 138)1
L&M Tobacco pref.. .1114 110 119 110
Louisville & Nashville.. 120 11054 110)4 1101
Maxwell Motor 1st pref 53)1 6531 56)1 55)1
Mercantile Marine 2H 2)1 2 2
Mercantile Marine pref 0)1 0)1 0)1 OM
Minn & St Lou! 13 12)4 12 12
MStP&SSM.......114 116 116 115
Mexican Petroleum .... 05 00)1 05)1 OOH
Missouri Kan & Tex... 1131 1131 11M 11)1
Miami Copper 18)1 lOM 18H 19)1
Missouri Pacific 13 13)1 13)1 13)1
Montana Power Co . . . 45)4 -10H 46)1 40)1
Montana Power Pref... 100 100 100 10')
NatlonalLead 47 47 47 47
National Lead prof 1(8)1 HUH 107)1 107)1
Nevada Consolidated .. 13 13 12)1 13
NYNII&H MH 5451 64)4 5431
New York Central 02 02)1 02)1 02M
NYO&Wcst 23M 24 24 24
Norfolk Western prof. 85 85M 85H 85)1
Northern Paclrlc 105J1 100) j 105)1 106)1
Pennsylvania 107)1 107)1 10?H 107)1
People's Oas 110 110 119 119
Pittsburgh Coal 18 18M 18 1831
Pittsburgh Coal pref. . '5)1 7)1 r5 S7)l
Tressed Steel Car 34 34 33 33
Pressed Steel Car pref. .102)1 102)1 102K 102)1
PullmanCo 154M 164M 164 154
liay Consolidated 1731 17)1 17H 17)1
Heading 160M 151)1 150)1 151
Iicpubllc Iron & Steel. . 21 21)1 21 21)1
Rccklsland 31 1 31 31
Hock Island pref 1)1 1)1 131 131
Humcly Co pref 6)1 5 5 5
Seaboard Air Lino 14)1 16)4 14)1 15)4
ieaboard Air Line pref. 30)1 41 .'031 41
Scars Roebuck 187 101 189 10.')
St. L. .1 S. Fran 231 2)1 2H 2)4
St.L.AS. Fran. 1st pref. 10 10 10 10
C. T X,l Cran Vl nrnf 1 A A A ,
St. Louis and Bouthw pref 37 30 .'O 30
Southern Pacific 80)1 87)1 86)1 87)1
Southern Railway 17)1 17X 17)1 17)1
Southern Ry pref ... 62 81 0H1 0131
Standard Mllllne 47 40)1 4031 40)1
btudebaker 41)1 42 41M 4111
Studcbaker pref 04W 05H 05)1 05)1
Tennessee Copper 31)1 31)1 31 31
Texas Company 135)1 135)1 135 135
Texas& Pacific 13 13 13 13
ThlrdAvenuo 42)1 44)4 43M 44)1
Toledo. St. Louis &W.. 1)1 1)1 1)1 1)1
Union Dag & Paper. .. . 5W 6)1 5)1 5)1
dopref 25)4 20)1 20H 26)1
Union Pacific ,121)1 12231 12131 12131
Un Pacific pref 0)1 -1)1 M 81
united Rys Inv 1214 12)4 12M 12)1
United Ryslnv pref ... 32 33 ai 33
US Steel 51 51)1 51 61)1
USSteclpref 108 108 107)1108
Ulan Copper 5434 5431 54 54
Wabash 1)1 HI 1)1 IK
Wabash pref 3 3M 3)1 3)1
Western Union., 62K 03)1 02 63
Westlnehouse EIcc 71 72)4 72)1 7231
Western Maryland 10)1 21 20 2U34
Woohvorth 01 0351 03)1 0331
Total ale, 115,000 aharee.
Year ended June 30
aroi 121.T8I..1SO J740.14I)
Not ,. 7.3.10.Sfl S.no'l.OilS
Charges 7,020.000 R1B,H22
Suriilus 301,505 WO.W1
D&7ber.."..:::::::: tUftS! "M
s,A.r.n.,.h.':..fr?!':::::: "iM! tfiSSS
December STO.g &?iHS! f&'.'KS
Mat 2,118,024 250,573
Six months' ross..... 49,028,000 2,048,708
Net 10.168.472 504,600
(December grow M?1'J2 'fSH'J
Blx months' tm 01,101,03.1 3,104,770
Net ."...... ,.JT.!M '2,70S,1
NEW YORK. Jan, 28. The II, H. CUflln
Corporation has been Incorporated with I8.O0O.
000 capital. .... ...
The new corporation is formed under tho
reorganization plan or 8ptmbr ,27. It will
take over the profitable part of the whoU
aalo bualneii at the II. II. Clantn Company,
which ftlled June 25. Under the plan there
will b tranifcrred to tho new corporation
Bvprmlmately 10.000.000 of the aMete or the
old company In exchanse for capital stock,
all of which will be owned by the Mercantile
Hlorca Corporation, already Incorporated. On-lxth-l.O0O.0OO-
the stock of the II. B.
Claflln Corporation ! tote deposited to eecure
certain creditor! of the . H. claflln Company,
cloae. Illah. Low. Clou.
1 Alliance Ida ..18 lHi 15V4 15(1
4 Bald Loco pref .103 103 103 103 ,
815 Cam Steel.:.,.! H 43W 44tt
25 con Trao n j. ijh
tu Otn Atphalt pfd 87
21 Ins Co N Am., 2iu
10 Lebisii Valley., 08g
25 con Trac n J. it i'x
Dl vKra el
2lti 21$; 21H
BO 60 60
100 Mexican Petrol, ..63 8-10 63H 63K
so fonuern ucui., wji wJf ,B tf , ,,H
4 rorriowii ,,..wf W il'3 i4T3
-1 r. -- ';.T7i,.:
Fa II Jl bjk N lo-io dj la-ia oj u-iv
ju renna Dili .
4 Phlla. cum pref, 33
107 Phlla Elea .... 23 J4
US? n T tr ctf..104C
SO Phlla Tract.,,.. 78,
8 neadlng ,, 75U
100 tonopah Mil... 7H
100 United Q (..,, B
5U Q S Steel. .... gUJ
10 Union Traction. 36
20 Warwick I A B. Bii
Lat prev.
2000 Am O i E ts w
103 Cam St scrip... 87
1000 City 4a 1943. ...lOO
41 nil TCUs Al P lr la 77
loaoo lDtentate U 4. 6S
dOOO Market St SI 4s. B3i
10) l- conv 4J tu na
I 22 PWta
Shrti Phlla
Co scrip. 91
38 33 38
38 IS
78 IS 78
73K 75K 75
7 7"j5 7
SS 8lg UltZ
5H4 -81 3lfi
S9 36 30
nan. ww, vinu,
UU W 85U
7tt 07U 07m
& x8 1$
60 5S 50
Wk W s
81 t iT
MWi 78 78
lBCO PWlf, El B . . inn
000 JleadtaS o H
Financial District Interested
in Liquidation of Interna
tional Smokeless Powder
There waa little to be said of the trad
lni; on tho Philadelphia Stock Exchange
during tho greater part of today's ses
sion. Doth New Tork and local stocks
displayed a hesitating tendency until the
final hour when United 8tntes Steel led
ft slight upward swing. Cambria
Steel was heavy for a time, but
encountered support at the lower level.
Announcement of a change In the oper
ating management may have had some
thing to do with the early selling. United
Oa.t Improvement and Northern Central
weakened Mlglitly, while Lako Superior,
Philadelphia Company preferred nnd
Union Traction all sold at their minimum
prices. Keystone Telephono Issues made
no response to tho annual report, Show
ing 18.1 per cent, earned on the preferred
stock, against 16.6 per cent. In 1913,
Accumulated dividends exceed 63 per cent.
Bids for Ilnpld Transit found llttlo stock
offering nt going quotations. It l under
stood that the gross receipts of the com
pany are running almost J2O0O a day ahead
of Inst year nt this time. Lehigh Navi
gation failed to respond to the report of
earnings of tho Lehigh and New Eng
land, which showed an Increase of no
less than J391,e65 for tho Ave months onded
November 30. The net operating Income
Increased $2(0,750 to $530,950. These gains
nro particularly opportune In view of the
recent talk of n possible reduction in tho
Lehigh Navigation dividend.
Tho Street was very much Interested
In the news that the International Smoke
less Powder nnd Chemical Company was
to bo placed In liquidation. There has
been heavy speculation In tho powder
stocks both here and In New York, as
well as In Wilmington, and the various
Issues have scored astonishing advances
since the war began. Smokeless shares
are now quoted above 30 and du Pont
preferred around 80.
The du Pont de Nemours Company
owns a two-thirds majority of du Tont
International stock which controls the
International Smokeless Company, and
the latter has a contract, it is
understood, to obtain 28 per cent.
or tnp smoKeless powder bualness. In
normal times this was regarded as an
equitable arrangement, but with every
mill working night and day nnd unablo
to supply the demand, the International
Company has been mnklng enormous
profits, it is said, which the de Nemourn
people are Inclined to regard as bolni;
diverted from tho parent concern. It la
understood that tho du Pont International
Powder Company preferred stock will not
bii disturbed, but the bonds may be re
tired. There Is a clause which permits of
their being called at 105. Recently "thoy
have advanced from around M to 974.
nnd were bid for at that price today.
It was learned today that some financial
Institutions have been recently lending
money on call as low as 4 per cent., but
with the understanding that tho loans
may run for some little time unlesB busi
ness and monotnry conditions change
radically. The official rate, however, re
mains at VA per cent. Incidentally It la
understood that the amount of emer
gency currency outstanding by the na
tlonal banks of this city has been re
duced to less than 150, COO.
10 to 10.30 A. M.
10'Penna Salt... IX) 100 U S 8teel,.,. 51
80 Phlla Trac... 78 4 Ph Co cm pf 38
12 Pcnna ....M15-10 20 Warwick ..V. OX
45 do Kl 13-10 30 North Cent... 8sK
10 U 8 Steel.... 31 W 2 Gen Ap pfd. 67
100 do 51 50 U S Steel'... SIW
11 Penna ... .53 15-10 loo Hex Petro.... 0J4
00 Oen Ap pfd. 0R1 5 Ih Valley... 09
2 Tteadlmr 75 10 U S 8teel,.,. 51
100 Cam 8teel.... 41K 100 Phlla Elec... 2.TJ?
00 do 4.1U 3 do 23H
0 Ins Co N A.. 21V5 50 Ton 51ln....7 11-10
4000 Leh Valley Ken 4s ga
200 Am Oas & Elec 5a R3
150(10 Interstate Ilwy 4s ,s(4
500 Am Oas & Elec ss 85
200 Am Gas ft Wee 5s 83
10.30 to 11 A. M.
6U O I Bill 31 Penna ....5313-16
50 Ton Mln....711-10
100 Elec & Peop Tr 4s , SHi
200 Phlla Rleo 4s soil
1000 Phlla Elec 4s 78
1000 Beading gen 4a 01
1000 City 4l 1013 JOOH
600 Elec & Peop Tr 4 80
1000 Eleo &-Pcop Tr 4 77s;
11 to 11.30 A. K.
20 Penna .....11 11.10 2 Penna ....6315-10
1 do 5J 13-10
72 Cam Steel scrip 07W
22 Phlla Co scrip 01
lOno Interstate Itwys 4s , asu
40O Phlla Klec 4s 80
1000 Phlla Elec 5s 102
11.30 A. M. to 12 lil.
10 U 8 Steel.... 514 10 Penna ....63 13-19
12 Ins Co N A 21W
500 Interstate Rwy 4s , en
31 Cam Steel scrip. 07M
100 Interstate Itwys 4a &u
12 M. to 12.30 P. M.
1 Allls Ins.... 151 30 U G 1 83
4 Norrlst II R.lJliJ 100 U S Steel..,. 51U
10 U O 1 82 100 do,.. mil
5 Ins Co N A.. 21 10 Phlla n T t 0 10
41 euna ,.., 15-14 10 Ton Mln... ,711-10
) do 5315-16 3UO.1 81i
COCO Market St El 4i MlJ
1000 Phlla Elec 4s. , 78
1000 Heading; xen 4s... 04
1000 Phlla Elec 4s 78
SC0 Phlla Klec 41..,, , 78
1000 Phlla Klec la 78
12.30 to 1 P. M.
5 Ton Mln.... T 13-1
1000 Penna com U 1043.,.. OSH
1 to 1.30 P. M.
23 Con Trac N J 72 10 do 10U
60 U O IT:..... Hi 10 U 8 Bteel...; 51
35 Phlla RTIO 10U 6 Leh Valley.., 00
10 do 10U 5 Beading 75H
600 Elec & Peop Tr 4s SOU
1.30 to 2 p. ar.
60 Tonopah Mln. 7K 50 U B Steel,.., 51;
4 Phlla Elec.... Wi 0 do B
in Union Trac... 38 10 do Bl,
2 Penna ..,,5313-16
2 to 2.30 P, m,
1 Readlnr ,..,, JW 4 Baldwin Pfd. 103
800 Ton Bel,,..!.- t do,,,.. ,53 15-10
20 Penna ,,.,83 15-10
iruv km Has Elec 6s. ....
1000 Am Gas & Eleo 6s. ....,,, 8
1000 Am Oas & Eleo 5. ,,.,,.,, ,..,.., hi
2.30 to 3 P. St.
8"U O I ?2 . 10 Cam SteeU.,, 43J4
10 'Phlla II T t 0 10il 5 do 4SW
43 d ,.,..,.. log 10 Tonopah Mia. ig
A quarterly dividend (No .in of one and
tbre-qatera per cent. U4S) oa the Pre
fsrred Stock of the American Utilities Com
pany will be paid on February 10, 115, to
stockholders of record at 12 coon on Janu
ary SO. 1818.
' A. B. MILLER. Secretary.
Philadelphia. December 9. 1814.
Publle AcceoatatOi
The Burse. , , . .
Aadlt. IsrastlfatlosA naitcUl BUtaateata.
President of the Commercial Ex
change. Mr. Graff was re-elected
at the annual meeting today. He
is the head of the firm of L. G.
Graff & Son, Brain brokers.
Aunow T. DIco succeeded Theodoro
Voorheea na director of tho Now York
Short Lino Hallroad and the Mlddlctown
nnd Hummelatown.
Tho Now York banks lost to Suhtrens
ury yesterday $641,000, and slnca Friday
The annual report of tho Northern Ohio
Traction nnd Light Company ahowod 6.75
per cent, earned on tho stock, ngniiiBt 6
per cont. In 1913.
Twcnty-ilvo railroads report Kroas earn
ings of $7,471,162 for the second week of
Jnnunry, a decrease of $603,298, or 7.62 per
cent. Ton roads reported Increases ns
grcgatlnR SICO.BM, whllo 15 reported de
creases of $703,862.
Tho Fidelity Trust Company of Newark
has declared n dividend of 323 per cent.,
of which 275 per cont. will be In ensh
nnd 50 per cont. In stock of tho Public
Scrvico Corporation. An additional 50 per
cant, dividend, which will bring tho total
up to 376 per cont. Is proposed, optional
upon incroaslns tho capital from 12,000,000
to $3,000,000 at n meeting called for Feb
ruary 8.
Tho American-Hawaiian steamship
Company has ordered two large cargo
carrying steamships from the Maryland
Steel Company.
The city of Lawrence, Mass., will re
ceive bids until 12 o'clock noon Jnnunry
29 for tho purchase of $500,000 4 per cent.
Lawrence Central Bridge loan (act of
1907 bonds).
Most of the anthracite collieries will
only work half time this week.
John C. Wilson was elected a director
of the American Dredging Company to
fill an old vacanoy.
The 6 per cent, bond-secured notes of
the Consumers' Power Company, of Mich
igan, duo May 1, 1914, oeffrcd on 6V& per
bent, basis by William P. Bonbrlght &
Co., were spld as soon as offered. On ac
count of the demnnd for the notes It was
decided to Increase tho nmount to enough
to provide for the company's entire cash
requirements for 1915, nnd an additional
$300,000 was offered and sold.
Application has been made for tho
charter of tho Elverson National Sank,
of Klvereon, Fa., with n, capital of $25,
0000. N. L. Amster, chairman of the Rock
Island Stockholders' Protective Com
mittee says: 'Tapers will be filed this
week In the nult which It Is proposed to
instttuto to recover from tho nock Island
directors, nnd others the $7,600,000 lost In
tho 'Frisco transaction. Our counsel ad
vise that in their opinion thin money can
easily bo recovered for the operating
The Corn Exchange National Bank's
monthly publication "Tho Advnnco" hnu
a most Interesting article on the advan
tage of the port of Philadelphia with re
gard to the Panama Canal. The editorial
on trade conditions notes a general Im
provement In business.
Tho Pittsburgh Railway's report foi
TUpprnhnr n flAprnNA nf iW7M In irrn.u
but a not gain of $S008. For the nine
monrna me groan urcreose was 9Z3,63u,
with a net loss of $69,311.
Imperial Tobacco Dividend
LONDON', Jan. 20. It was announced today
that the dividend on the "11" deferred ordinary
shares of the Imperial Tobacco Company, Ltd..
will be 7W Per cent, for the hall year, making
15 per cent, for the year and a bonus of 4
shllllnas In addition. There -Has placed in the
general reserve 1,000,000 and 315,000 was
carried forward.
91,000,000 Auto Truck Order
OTTAWA. Ont.. Jan. 20. The Canadian
Government has awarded a contract to the
Kelly-Sprlnj-neld Motor Truck Company of
Detroit for auto trucks which will cost about
Corey Out as Bteel Director
NEW YOItK. Jan. SO. It has become known
that William B. Corey resigned some time aso
as a director of the United States Steel Corporation.
The Port of a
Thousand Miles
As a result of Panama influences, Philadel
phia the only seaport of this State, is made the
port for a great section of the country extending
as far west as Kansas City. Shipments are
being made daily and the volume is rapidly
Read The Advance, published for business
men by
. lllsh.
3000 Am Cot Oil 6s w,
2wo Am Ice deb ea 85
?oyw) Am Tel on 4 ,. so
13500 Am Tel cvt 4Ws.... . WHi
300W) Armour Co 4s 021.
uw Atchleon adj 4a sip.... fmW
21500 'Atchison 4s .,...:,... 03(J
woo Atchison evt 4s ins
1000 Atch A B Okla 4.., 1
1WX) Atl A Ch A L 4i4.
(fiono Atlan Co Lino clt 4a.. 87
2W0 Halt A Ohio 4s, 01)4
27010 Halt Sl Oh cvt 4MS.,.. 87(J
17O00 II & P U KAWV if. 83
7000 Beth Steel lit 6.. .100
2101)0 Belli steel rfrt 6s..... 87H
35000 llrooklln n T 6s 1D18.100
20W llusliTerm Bids; 6 88
21500 cent Leather 1st 6s.... on
8000 Cent I-ae 1st 4s B
tioiio Chea ft Ohio cv 4!ls.. 70H
irxz l11 nn isi oe
4(KK) Chi lit West 4..
400(1 Chi A Nwn ',4. .
.mK uni u A
Q 4s MH
5O0 do eon 4a,, , Vli
ISpOO Chi M A Bl P 14 4Vis 00
32(J) do CV 5 W I .10314
.(ionn in aw a
WOO do rrn i'
OOtlO Chi it I A
col 4s,
4OU0 do 4 24
jw wni u It M , V,
l.M tni Bl 1- M A a Ofl
A O 6e. ,10111
i 4s VOii
Ca w I. ...ill
wv ,.U1 K IMJUin
aiow uon USB cv
WW Uel A Hud 4s 1010... WW,
1000 Ien A Illo Or 4s..,. 77K
woo Den A ltlo Or rfd 6.!03
7000 Detroit Kdlion 1st 6S.102U
MOO Detroit United 4(ls... 71 W
lnm Die Becur Corp 6s... 65j
loooii DuIVnt Powd 4Hs... MK
1000 Krle ennv 4s Oer A., 03
now do convs Ber U 05V4
1000 do prior 4s 84
SWO Fla A East Co 4tts. . Bl
0000 Oeneral Motor 0 I01U
31000 Hud Man 1st 5a 2s(
7000 Hud Man rfd 6a 79
1000 Hock Val 1st 4Ms.... I5
IHK III Steel deh 4'to 8(1',
nooo Iowa Central 4s 43
20(10 Iowa Central 5s , 85
57IHX) III Chi Jt 5s HO
nnoo insp Cop ct fto on
150C0 Insp Cop cvt fla 1010. 071
6nooo Interb Met 4Hs 75i
170(10 Interb It T ref 5s.... OS
iO0 Intern! Paper cvt 6s. . 82
M 82
ion; loiu
iooS loo(i
41U 41iS
774 75(5
Dl DU4
02H i
02 02
10IM 10U4
12.11 121)4
MH 05'J
R7 7
no no
a,"4 w
101 101
101U t054
61 HI
m n'n,
07 07
100V4 10011
100 inovk
101 101
J0li I04W
i"cu interni rnpr Ca 101
."noo In Alcohol 3s 100
tooo In 8tm Pump 5 41
.8000 Japan now O sta lUs. 78
laooo Kan City So 5s nil-
27000 Lake Hh deb 4s 1028. 02V.
10(10 Lnko Sll dub 4s 1111. 02
"WO 1.1 A M T 5s I01U
10O0O Lorlllird 7 123U
7(100 Louis A Nash 4s 04
1000 Iiu A N At Kn 4s.... S7
50TO Manhattan 4 1)0
13000 Mo Kan . T 4s 7M1
1000 Mo Kan A T 5s S5
5000 Mont Power 5c IN)K
6(100 Mo Pac 6s 10i0 40
1000 Mo Pac cv 4s SHi
1000 Niagara Power 3s
2000 Nat Chat A. at L 5s. 105'
(((") .n y canal 4 11)02. .inou
10CO N
nt n
1000 n
5000 N
S00O N
105O00 N
2000 N
Y C" L 8 .Vis 71
Y C ft H 5H . . St
Y City 4s 1057..., WW,
Y City 4l 105H noti
Y City 4s 1050..,. 1)7
Y City 4'ls 10(..t0OU
Y City 4'5 limi..inoil
Y niv ML fn tT.tnt
2000NY citv lu, mv 'H7 mm
O00O NY City 44s Nov '67.105
5000 N Y Oas It A P 4s... 85
7000 N Y Gns II A. P 5s.... 10.1
0000 N Y llwy Os 55
10 N Y Tol ren 4Hs.... IH,
liri iu.
iunn, iNic en 4S june uz,l(u
win,, .-Nor )'ac prior s. .
5000 Nor Pac (ten 5s.. .
MKH) Ore Short L rot 4s.
.toon Tint Pow 5s
4iMK) Pacific Tel 5t
7500 Penna cv .IWs
2000 Prnna 4a 104S
5(K'0 Puhlle Hcrv N J 5i.
12000 Itpnillna- gen 4s 04VJ
7000 nep Cuba 5s 1014.... U4
SOOO Hep I A S 6s 1040... D2TJ
.Iikio illock Island rfd 4s... 70",
20OO St L I it A S 6S....100V4
1000 atand Gold 5s SOH
OllVm Senhd A L mlj 5s.... 7Pi
r.Oflo South Pac rfd ct 4s sta on
IOiOi) do cv In R1
2rn(K( dn cv ret f p 5a 00
11000 do rfd 4 RS1S
loron do ct 4 nss
lMno Pouth nwy 4s on
JdO) South Ilwy 5s 101
lfliio South Pac T 4i l)Sl
.1000 South rtwy Ok t c 4s 74
2000 Tenn C A lr (ten 5S.10U4
lono Texas A 180 1st 5s.. D5
11814 OIH
IOOT4 101
nsrf 0514
101H 101J4
7814 70V.
102 iin4
102 102
noH 0V4
00 00
00 1)0)4
52"i 52(4
illlJlHl 1KH3 UO CV US. . ., ... .11",
IIiumi Third Avo adl
200(1 Tol St L A AV 4s.
foo tJ S Ituhber lis...
3.1000 IT a Steel 5s
.".noo Union Poe 4s
2000 do cv 4s
.1000 do rfd 4
5000 1'n nwya 8 F 4a...
25) mo Va Os Ilrown Hros
2lVW) Vn Itwv .Is
.11 i
6000 Va Midland Ken 5s... W2
.1000 IVnbash 1st ref 4s....lOO
(joiio Wabash 1st 5a
iron Wabash 2d 6
4000 Wnb Cqu ct sta 4s
onoo West Hlectrlc 5s...
140O0 tYest Mil 1st 4s....
enoo IVost D A M cv 6a.,
1000 West Shoro rear 4s..
Total sales, $2,200,000.
101 mi
04 04
02 02
Duquesno Light Co. Sella Notes
The Duquesno Light Company, a subsidiary
of tho Philadelphia Company, has sold $2,000,
000 three-year 5 per cent, convertible e-old
notes to nialr A Co., and Laubcnburs;, Thal
maan A Co. The notes are convertible at anv
time until maturity Into 7 per cent, cumulative
preferred stock, par for par, and are dated
February 1. 1015.
Thrso arc redeemable as a whole or In part
at 101 and Interest, ou any Interest dale upon
r.0 days' notice, and are exempt from the
Pennsylvania Slate four mill tax, the same
'being paid by tho Duquesno Light Company.
Bankers are offering these notes at U7U and
Interest, to yield 0 per cent.
The Flnanee Committee of Camden City
Council awarded $100,000 414 per cent. .TO.ear
park bonds to the Camden Safe Deposit and
Trust Company, nt 104.40. There were 18 bid
ders for the Issue,
H-Tft St
10.1 10.1
54i 56
llilU IHI
102 102
H4W 04W 4V4
PI 14 1)1 14 OIV,
OIVj 0,-,t4 05t
1)7. OJH 07)1
no' on;; nut;
HS 08(J 1)H
RI) SI) 80
Oltt OIH
04 14
J2S 024
looti lon2
Rnj? 8Min
CAM 70
no on
8,1X4 RH4
mi. Asked.
.. OU 7
.. 1S UU4
.. 1014 inw
:: 2V" -
.. mg 70
.. 00 otu
:: $
.. 80 00
..on os
..107 115
'.'. 01W 04
.. 04 BO
..6 611
.. 3H 2lJ
Ilradrn .
British-American T old
nrltjuh-Amerlcan T new ....
Rol.lncld Consolidated
Oreene Can.
La Itose
Otis Klevator
Bterlinir uura
Tobacco Produet pref
United Cigar Btoree.....
United Cigar Stores prof. ...
United Proflt Sharing new..
Willys Overland
Villi) ws.... ......
Willys Overlsnd pref.
worm ".;
Yukon Qold ..
Btewert-Warner Speedometer Corporation,
quarterly 1 per cent, on common
Columbus Oil and Fuel Company, regular
quarterly 2 per cent, on common.
Municipal Service Company, regular quar
terlv lu4 Pr cent, on preferred, payable Feb-
"central Hallroad of New Jersey regular quar.
terly 2 per cent., parable February 1 to stock
of record January 28,
Corn Exchange
National Bank
20, 1915
MAY UP AT $1.46
Trade Small Owing to Cau
tion of Operators Resulting
From Feverish Condition
of Market. '
CH1CAQO, Jan. M.-Wheat waa Irregu
lar at tho opening today, with May up
ttc. at 11.48 and July off Mc. at $1.26H.
Frica change during the first half hour
were not wide. May then ehowed a loa
of Mc, while July remained unchanged
from yesterday's last prlco.
Trade was not largo. It appeared to
be dimcult to doal In May, and operators
were inclined to go glow wllh trading
In this position, owing to tho feverish con
dition of the market. The cash situation
continued strong, with small offerings
from tho country. Thoro wns considerable;
Important news, most of It bullish.
The visible supply of wheat In Europe
Is 73,292,000 bushels, against 73,781,000 bush
els last week and 81,000,000 bushels a year
ago. Tho quantity of wheat avallablo for
export In Russia Is placed nt 152,003,00)
Wheat at Llverpol was dull, with tho
steadiness In America offset by larger
plate offers and favorable reports from
Corn was Irregular at tho outset, with
May up at SO and July off U at ?0
to H. At the end of the first half hour,
both positions showed a loss of Ho. Of
ferings worn light and tho market was
The market at Liverpool was dull.
Date offers were smaller, but tho con
sumption In Great Britain has been re
duced. Oats were a little firmer, with offerings
Provisions was lower, with most of the
trade in ribs.
Leading futures ranged aa follows:
wheat Open. Hlsh. 1ovr. Close, close
May 1,40 l.eflH l.-inti 1,40V, l.i
July .2tl'i l,aiS 1.20Vi 1.31 1.20t
t-'orn (new dellvory)
May HO 80J4 70JJ SO JW
July 80 8lK W8 '8l 480)l
May n7W MJ4 5TJ4 S8H
July BI04 BOS wS Mk 'Wt
January ...10.M tl0.3T 0.1
May 10.NO 10.SS 10.72 110.82 .IK
July 10.80 10.07 10.00 M0.07 '11.00
January 0.87 11.80 0.87 0.H7
May 10 22 10.30 10.20 10.27 '10.27
July 10.42 10.00 10.40 110.47 10.47
January 18 27 '18.83
May 18.M 18.IX) 18.77 '18.87 '18.00
July 10.10 10.1,1 10.03 '10.10 '10.17
Did. fAskod.
CHICAGO, Jan. 20. 11008 Receipts, 43,.
000: market, 1013c. lower: mixed nnd butch
era, O.IOC0.or; good heavy, SUuogu.83; rough
heavy, ftt.XiStt.ZZ; light, $U.4327; plRs, f.".7i
7: bulk. rt.7ifffl.tKi.
CATTLn Receipts, 0000; market weak;
beeves. sntHMO' cows nnd helters, S.1, 30JI8.23:
stockers and reeders, t (.soft 0.50; Texans, !W
7.40; cahes. WllO.is.
SIIBKI' Itccelpis, 10.000; market, lOSKSo.
higher; natlto and Western, f.1.7uflll.SO; lambs,
CHICAGO, Jan 20 Following are today's
livestock runs at the various centres:
Hogs. Cattle. Rhrep.
Chicago U. S. Yards.... 43,000 0,000 10,000
Kansas City 13,000 10,0(JO 10,000
Omaha 17,000 4,700 12.000
St. Iuln N. St. Yards... 12,000 4,000 2,800
St. Joseph 11,300 L.tOO 4,700
Oklahoma City 3,000 000 ....
Forth Worth 1,300 2,000 200
filoux City 12,000 4,000 ....
NEW YORK. Jsn. 26. Tho code market
openo I easy with prices down 4 to 8 points.
Trading was oulet. March, fl.230Mc. ; April,
.:iOpo.4r,c; May. 0.400t).BOc.: June, .ll3fii
fl.43c.; July, 7.1l037.43o.: September, 7.30f
7.30c.: December, 7.0537.72. Bales, 1000
NEW YORK, Jan. 20.-RUTTEn. Market
steady to firm: receipts, 13,130 packages: ex
tra, 32Hc.; higher scoring, ratifMVic. ; Ktate
dairy, 31U.13C1 imitation creamery, 24H
"eOOS. Market weak; receipts, 10,040 cases:
extra rirsts, .ISSOOVic: Hrsts, 31ff34Hc; near
by whites, 30JMOc.: mixed color, 34S,3Gc; re
frigerator firsts, 2820c.
P, t- Replogle has resigned as vice presi
dent and general manager of sales of the
Cambria Bteel Company, Mr. Replogle leaves
to beoome Wee president and general man
ager of salts of the American Vanadium Com
pany. He has been with the Cambria Bteel Com
pany for 20 years In various capacities in
cluding the positions or superintendent of
forge and axle department, manager of or
ders, assistant general manager, assistant to
preildent, and for the last two years has been
vice president and general manager of sales.
Mr. Replogle assumes his new duties March 1,
on which date C. II. McElhany, who has been
assistant general managsr of sales, will suc
ceed to the position of general manager of
At auction the following securities were sold
by Samuel T, Freeman & Co. todayi
30 Inslnger 074
13 Cattawlssa R R 1st pref r,W
30 Phlla Traction 78
10 Columbia Ave Trust 173U
10 2d & Sd Sts rasa Ry 2OM
10 do 240U
JIOOO Fort Wayne & Wab Val Tr Ss 1031, 80
SOW YORK. Jan. 28. The foreign exchange
market ruled firm at the opening, with demand
sterling up H to 4.MH, Cables, 4.83 to U;
francs, cables, 3.18. and marks, cables, 87 7-la.
The market, closed steady. Demand was
quoted at 4.84: cables. 4.85U: 00-day, 4.K2V4:
IK). day. 4.81; marks, checks 87 3-10: cables
87HI francs. 6.17H and 8.1814. .
Bond Secured 6 Notes
Due May 1st, 1917
of the
Consumers Power Company
of Minnesota
Amount Authorized $3,000,000. Amount Outttanitng $934,500
We offer the unsold balance of the outstanding
notes and recommend them especially for security.
The Company operates electric light, power, and
other public utilities in more than fifty places,
including St. Paul and Minneapolis. V
The Security consists of general mortgage bonds
deposited with the Guaranty Trust Company of
New York as Trustee.
Earning exceed eighteen times the note interest
charges, and increased io gross and i7$r net
within the last year.
Price 99 and Interest," to Yield 64
UcrtJt'tva circular on application,
William P. Bonbrldit & Co. It M. Bvllesbv & Co
M0RR(8 W. 8TROUD, Jr,
ar chestnut street
New Ywk lloston Petrol
XM$m, 'William F. UontrUbt Co.
I Philadelphia Markets
. WHEAT tlecelnta. 87.478 bueh. The tnr
ket ruled steady with a fair demand from ex
porters jnd millers. Quotation"! ear.lot. in
export elevator No, 1 red, spot and JanGhtr,
1.5(J1.43 No. 2 red Western, tl.iaOl.Ml N.
1 Northern Duluth. I1.MJJI.M,
COItN, ttecelpts, 11.T09 buh, . Demand
ws fair and jirlcei -rere well maintained, Quo
tations i car lots, in erort elevatorHo. t2,
spot and January, T9KjW4e. ; steamer, t
7o. No, 3, 77ef8c. Car lute for locanrade,
an to location No. 2 yellow, new, 81SlMe,
steamer ellonr, new. SOflSOHo,, No, a "yellow,
new, 7778e. mmple lellow, hew, 720780. i
new cob, per 70 lb., HO&SJe.
. OATH. Iterelpu, 34.384 bush. The mar
ket ruled steady hut trade was quiet. Quota
tions: No. 2 whits. oOflnovio.l standard white,
SfrMlHo.i No. .1 white. WV4G50C
BYW was scarce and firm. We quote at
fl.12Ul.20 per bush., aa to quality, in export,
elevator; and at tlfil.10 for small Itiz,
nearby araln In bara.
. FI.OUn.necelpts, lflod bbls. and! 1,,
140 lbs. In sacks. The market quiet, but mill
limits were -well sustained, quotations per
llHi lbs. In wood! Winter, clear, 15.30O0S do.,
atrataht, 0 23QO.SO do., patent. M.SWTI Kan
sat, stralcht. Jute sacks, lo.fi0ild.7Si do., pat
ent Jute sacks, 0.737.10! sprinK, flrat clear,
ia.408O.0il! do., straight, 0.4UJI.7B do.,
patent, I0.7SO7I do., Invorllo brands, T,26
7.BO: city mills, choice and fancy patent, 17.24
i,wj tiir mini, rrauiar sraaee TTinier, tiefcr,
l.rood! do., straleht. Sd.Inn.nO: do,, natent.
4.S0S7. .,.-..-
KVK I'XOUII .In small supply and firm,
but quiet. We quote nearby and Western In
wood at fO.BOGO.7 aa to quality,
.The market quiet and without Important
change, quotations! City beef. In sets,,
smcked and alr-drled, 53tf2i)c.l Western beof.
In sets, smoked, 234720c.) do., city beef,
knuckles and tenders, smoked and alr-drled,
27f28o,; d0 Western beef, knuckles, and
tenders smoked, 27028c, beet hams, 3l32;
pork, family, t22.0r23i hams, 8. P. cured,
loose, 13U0l.lc.i do., skinned, loose, 1TAV
12c. s do., do., smutted, KHi5?m4c. ! other
hams, smoked, city cured, as to brand and
average, MtMiHc.j hams, smoked. Western
cured, HiiTllHc. ; do., boiled, boneless. 100
20c. ; picnic shoulders, 8. P. cured, loose, 10
Oil?, do, sniokod, llUOKo.! bellies, In
Pickle, according to average, loose, ViVRU:.
breakfast tacon, as to brand and average, city
cured, 17IrlMc; do., Western cured. 17W18e,
lard. Western, reflnfj, tierces, lUtlllicl do.,
do., tubs, llffimc; do, pure city, kettle
renljr'd. In tierces, HfrUM.i ; ilo pure city,
kettle rendered. In tuba, ItQlWo. '
List prices firmly held, but trade quiet, lie
nners' list prices: Standard granulated. Ik),;
nne crnnulated, 4 05c; powdered, a.OScff con
fectioners' A, 4.83c. ; sort grades, 4,1004,70c.
nUTTEH Fancy goods were soarce and
wunted at full prices, but the lower grades
mere dull, quotations: Western, solid-packed
creamery, fancy, specials, 34c; extras, H2o,r
extra, firsts, ale: tlrsts, 30a: seconds. 170280,:
nearby prints, fancy, 80c: average extra, S4w;
firsts, 3ljr:i2c.i secunds, 2MJ2l)c.; jobbing sales
of fancy prints, 40SI2c.
KtiClS. The market declined 00o. per
case, or 8c. per dozen as receipts exceeded the
demand. Quotations: In free esses, nearby,
extra, 3!c per doi. i firsts. 0.7S per standard
case; nearby, current receipts, $0.45 per case!
western and Southwestern, extra, firsts, .7A
Per case; hrsts, 40.45 per case; Southern, 0H
K...0 per caso; fancy selected candled fresh,
eggs lobbing at 378.10c. per dos.
CIIKK8I2. Trade fair and the marker
II rm under small supplies. Quotations Now
York, full cream, earlier receipts, choice.
1CC, do., do., current make, choice. lOWc, r
do., do., fair to good, UKOlDo,; do., part
skims, 8ffl3c. '
LIVE. Receipts lighter and market firm
and higher with trade fair. Quotations: Fowls,
1410c: old roosters, ltBllMe.; young chick
ens, I4trl5e.: turkeys, 14B17C.I ducks. 13
l(lc; geese, UffKIc, ; guineas, ss to quality,
per pair, 4,'iJjWc,; pigeons, old, per pair, 22(1
S3c.;. do., joung, per pair, 17C18C.
DJIKKSKI). There was a fair demand for
line desirable slied stock and values gen
erally were well maintained under moderate
offerings Quotations Fresh-killed turkeys,
dry-picked and dry-packed Fancy, ntarby,
2lc; do.. Western, 21c. j fair to good. 18If20c.j
old toms. 10c ! fowls, 12 to box, dry-picked
and dry-packed Selected heavy, 10c: weigh
ing 4Vtfn lbs. uplcce, 18c; do., 4U4H lbs.
apiece, 17Mc; do., .V,'jlf4 lbs. apiece, 1617c.
do., 8 lbs. and under, 12011c; fowls, bbls.,
dry-picked and dry-packed Western, dryt
picked, 4Uff.1 lbs. apiece, 17c; do., da , A
lbs., 10c, do, do.. :iW lba., 14c; da., do., S
lbs and under, 12013c: olJ roosters, dry.
picked, 13 Vie. broiling chickens Nearby,
l',!t!2 lbs. n piece, f01T22c.: do., fair to good,
lAUlSc; Western. 12 lbs. apiece. 20c: do.,
fair tn koo, Hftl8c. ; chlekcnn, dry-picked and
drj'.packed. In boxes Mllk-fed 31 to 80 lbs
to doc, 17c. milk-fed, 37 to 42 lbs. to dos
17c; mllk-fcd, 43 to 47 lbs. to doi., 17c; milk
fed, 48 lbs. to doz.. lSc; milk-fed, 60 lbs. and
oor. 10c; corn-ted, 31 to 42 lbs. to dos.. 130
lBVict corn-fed, 41 to 47 lbs to doi.. 10c;
corn-fed, 48 lbs. to dot., lie: corn-fed. 00
lbs. and over, 18c; chickens, dry-picked and
dry-packed. In hbls Selected heavy, 18c:
Western, corn-fed, o lbs. and over, 17c; West
ern, L'uniimj, i tua., .u,,u73v., ii,, vu,,,-
fed, 3?4 lbs., lBHc- Western, corn-fed, 2VV9:!
lbs.. 14B13C; clucka. extra, l317c: do.,
ordinary to good. 12JJ1KO.; geese, nearby.
12ttl4c: do.. Western, 10812c; squabs, per
due-White, weighing 11 to 12 lbs. per dot.,
H4 40HS; white, weighing 0 to 10 lbs. per doi..
.! 80t4.80: white, weighing 8 lbs. per doi,
t)S..10; do., do.. 7 lbs. per doz., I2.60-Jf2.fl0:
do., do. (1JJ(1H lbs. per do Jl.50fl2.10; dark
and No. 2. OOcW 23.
nhA market aulet and without Intnartint
change. Quotations: Apples, New York, per ,T
bbl.-GrtenlnB. S2O2.30, KInr, 22.75; York At
Imperial. 2t(2 SO: Hen Davfn. I1.0OO2: Spy, J
ll.73Q3.30: Baldwin. I1.73iff2.6uj other good 51
ntlncf nrltlAS. Sl.73fl2.30. medium. ItftT-.-.n. .rl
Delaware and Pennsylvania, per hamper, ROlr
(Vc; lemons, per box, $2J2.B0: oranges, Flor
ida, per box. 1.23e2.r0; tangerines, Florida
per atrap, 1203; grapefruit, llorlda, per box,
lr2; pineapples nor crate rorto nlco. ll.HOfi
2.73; Florida. fl2; cranberries, fancy late
vailetles, per bbl., $3.50a4.); cranberries,
Cape Cod, early black, per bbl.. llCfZ: cran
berries. Cape Cod, early black, per crate, 7Scfi
II; cranberries. Jersey, per crato. 7Scrl:
pears. New York. Kleffer, per bbl., flCc-S
strawberries, Florida, per qt., 23(f40c.
Trade slow and prices favored buy
ers. Quotations: White potatoes, per bush,
Pennsylvania. 03go3c: New York, aa to
quality. 45032c: white potatoes, Jersey,
per basket, 3n33c; sweet potatoes, Delaware
per hamper, large. $181.23; medium, &0ttoc.;
sneet potatoes. Eastern Shore, per barrel. No
1. 1282.73 No. -. 41.50W1.73; sweets, Jersey
rer barrel. No. 1. (3.253.30; No. 2, 92Q2.S&
sa'eets, Jersey, per basket. C30Oc.; ontone,
choice, per bushel. 80c; do., ordinary, per
bushel, TOttTSc.; do,, choice, per 100-pound bag
31.3001.00; do., medium, per 100-pound bar
11.23; do., seconds, per 100-pound bag, 1,
cabbage, Danish, per Jon, JI2BI3: cauliflower
New York, per crate, 73c.Sfl.33: spinach. Nor
ton", per barrel. Il.60a2.23: kale. Norfolk, pei
barrel, 73S00c.s lettuce, Florida, per batket
S2fN. beans. Florida, per basket fl.S0O8.30
peas, Florida, per basket. t2.S0iH3.o0; eggplant
Florida, per box, lt.B0O2t cucumbers. Flor
Ida. per. basket, l,73C3.BO: squash. Florida
per basket ll.SOBl: peprers, Florida, per ear
rler. t'Mt'i.m; tomatoes. Florida, per carrier
fancy, , J2G3.30; choice, fiei.SOi celery. Florida,
per criteV ll.23Sl.s4; do.. New York, per
bunch. 330 30c,; mushrooms, per 4-lb, basket,
In London bar sliver today waa quoted at
23ji ponce per ounce. New York commercial
was unchanged, at 48 cents.
Trinity Building, NewYrk
Contluaatul anil CoraniurcUr
Bask Building, CkUaso
IHJ fcI tUiJI.

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